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Sunday, February 21st, 2021   |   222 comments

Unfriendly Fire: The Real Reason Behind The Facebook Ban? Morrison’s Lip Service To Stiffen Rupert’s Business End.

So now it’s come to this. And nothing like whipping up a faux patriotic fervour against a new ‘yellow peril’ in the form of starey cyborg Mark Zuckerberg. The man might be an ET without the lovability, but he’s not the real the villain, as The Magpie points out.

That and the Canberra rape scandal have to take up the first section of this week’s blog, but there’s still plenty of interest on the local scene.

The least surprising bit of news out of Walker Street – seems with have a FIFO CEO, after Prins The Prince Ralston takes his Brisbane home off the market. Is he a 5-day-week stop-gap CEO until Jenny learns her fate? Speaking of which, the latest chapter in the coming week … has she decided to plead not guilty? Could be.

The Magpie takes pity on Astonisher Iditor Craig Warhurst, and generously offers some free advice.

Why Canberra puts Sexpo to shame …. The national capital has the same problem as the Catholic Church; create a pressure cooker atmosphere of denial, and for the Church, there is hell to pay, but for Canberra, there’s just the taxpayer footing the bill. A personal reminisce from The ‘Pie.

And to lighten up the mood, a whole bunch of short irreverent bibs and bobs from the week, as well as a genuine test to see if you’re prone to Alzeimers  – re-run because you have probably forgotten you read it in comments last Tuesday.

But first …

Zapped By Zuckerberg! This Bloke Has Given Us The Ideal Motivation To Develop Nerd Immunity.

The world, and not just Australia, has been fixated by the Zuckerberg Affair. The Facebook cyborg chucked a Trumpian-size hissy fit over proposed paying for content laws, and stomped off with his bat and ball. Bentley was less than impressed.

zuckerberk SMALL

This berk has offered us the ideal opportunity to develop Nerd Immunity.

In today’s London Guardian, inestimable columnist Marina Hyde was in devastating form. Sorry to start out quoting someone else, but she’s just so damned good!

Hyde-Zucker Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 3.15.24 pm

Ms Hyde describes Zuckerberg as a man ‘whose smile hasn’t connected with his eyes since 2014’. In brilliant fashion, she then puts paid to rumours that he will have a tilt at the Presidency.

“We haven’t heard a lot of that talk recently, but it seems reasonable to believe that Zuckerberg has since realised the president is very much junior personnel – something Murdoch understood decades ago, as far as Australian and UK prime ministers were concerned. Never mind Iowa truck stops being for little people. Politics is for little people.”

And that last bit brings us to the nub of this matter, or maybe it is only The Magpie who thinks it is. This from comments on Friday, in reply to reader who bemoaned the lack of tax being paid by the Big Tech..

The Magpie
6,172 approved
Submitted on 2021/02/19 at 11:17 am |In reply to Nickster.Your points are valid but perhaps we are missing the real point here. The Australian Government … a conservative one …. has NO business stepping in-between two corporate giants (basically News Ltd + others v Facebook), fighting about a free market issue. Conservative governments are supposed to be about minimal political interference (theoretically anyway) as one of the basic tenets of free market operation. These are market rules that allow the Chinese Communist Party to buy up our ports, our land (and islands) and water rights, with minimal cheeping from the chickens in Canberra. All in the name of the almighty dollar (and without a doubt personal rorting gains by the the political elite … looking at you, Andrew Robb, you traitorous bastard), always a gain for corporations to the loss of the general population.Therefore, it was only at the behest of Rupert Murdoch’s insatiable greed and ruthless intimidatory threats to our elected leadership that the Government had entered into this ‘no win-no win’ situation. Fine if they want to go after Facebook, Google and the whole gaggle of tech tricksters to cough up a fair share of tax, but Canberra trying to force a multi-national to pay money not into the public coffers (tax) but into the coffers of an ill-adapted and often incompetent corporation and others in the same business is … and it cannot be put more plainly – simply WRONG. IT IS NOT THEIR MANDATE.Zuckerberg is a callous, uncaring c..t, endangering lives with a wildcat, unflagged action, but he isn’t the only one in this, you can add Rupert and Morrison into that mix, and none of the care about the wellbeing of the country or its citizens.And now we see the result – and it rests entirely and squarely on the shoulders of Rupert Murdoch.

But The ‘Pie reckons canny old walnut-face knows he’s in a win-win situation. It seems highly unlikely that Zuckerberg will make his FB bluff permanent for two reasons: one is money, more profitable to stay even if he does have to pay for content; and other is that Zuckerberg has probably figured out Rupert has seen a gap in the market if he locks himself out

 Rupert google alt Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 2.23.02 pm

But Zuckerberg Has Relented In Some Instances …

… including The Magpie’s Nest.

The ‘Pie was sort of flattered when a reader informed him this site had been taken down from Facebook. In fact, The ‘Pie was only vaguely aware that it was up there, since he pays scant attention the FB because it is mostly an echo-chamber of astounding ignorance, strangers having incomprehensible chats over the electronic back yard fences, and stultifying holiday snaps of people drinking brightly coloured drinks featuring little coloured umbrellas.

But nevertheless, the old bird wrote a polite letter to FB, explaining that The Nest could hardly be called a news site ‘Just ask the mayor or the local paper’s editor’ he advised) and that it mainly consisted of poor taste satirical comment on issues of the day. (The ‘Pie was in good company, apparently the great Beetoota Times was also nixed).

And lo and behold, it seems The Nest is back in the FB good books … at least the bit that affected the dashboard statistics about the blog readership and such matters that depend on FB affiliates to supply that information. Talk about a mangled, tangled web. Goodo if The Nest is back up on FB, wouldn’t know and don’t care.

But The ‘Pie has exclusive knowledge that there were two other complaint made to FB. This one reported by The Chaser.

Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 9.36.52 am

And someone else wasn’t happy either.


Gerry Harvey

And another blistering complaint was reportedly fired into FB from Harvey Norman boss Jerry Harvey.

harvey Norman fake newsScreen Shot 2021-02-20 at 3.08.35 pm

‘This is an outrage, what’s the Townsville Bulletin got to do with news?’ he thundered. “ This is an advertising tabloid that belongs to Harvey Norman, and we allow some people to write things to fill the spaces between ads. People only buy it for our bargains, and hardly ever read the other shit. This ban is an attack of free market capitalism.’

A FB reply is pending.

Brittany Spears The Prime Minister

But it was no gentle love ballad from the this Brittany, more an admirable version of “I Will Survive.’

Brittany Higgins Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 6.07.36 pm

Brittany Higgins deservedly roasted the bible-bashing hypocrite we sadly call our Prime Minister, after his less than convincing response to her totally believable allegations of rape. Indeed, it is hard to imagine that Ms Higgins would expose herself to this sort media scrutiny as some sort of ploy … she really has nothing to gain by it.

And when Smirko announces a full internal parliamentary investigation, why is it that HE is the one who gets to pick who heads it up, in this case, someone who has worked for him?

And while she has impressed with her dignified but harrowing story of a drunken night gone horribly and terrifyingly  wrong,  honestly stated and  plausible reasons for initial reluctance to take the matter to the police two years ago, we have heard very little of rapist … and The ‘Pie, having gathered information from several reliable sources, will break the usual protocols and drop any of this ‘alleged’ nonsense, and will pay the price if he’s wrong when he say this is your man, one Bruce Lehrmann.

Accused rapist KLehrmann  Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 10.33.52 pm


According to several sources, Lehrmann has form.  And when this story broke, would’ve loved to have seen the sweat beads form when he realised he can’t do a bolt for overseas. The ‘Pie is reliably told that Lehrmann had recently been working for British American Tobacco, but was frog-marched out of their Sydney offices at lunchtime on Monday.  As The ‘Pie’s droll informant of the tidbit said, how unpopular do you have to be when Big Tobacco wants to have nothing to do with you?

It’s a fair bet right now is probably shitting shingles, and stocking up on soap-on-a-rope for his future showering arrangements with Big Al and Little Vinny … and so he should be if the allegations hold up.

But he’s not the only one with the jitters. Little doubt that Morrison’s sphincter is getting a hyperventilating ‘5 cents to 50 cents’ workout around now, too, this could have some damning implications for him.

Oh, dear, just a moment … AND FOR US, TOO,  damn it, because will we then get Darth Dutton as PM?

Christ, we can’t get a bloody break, can we?

But good luck to Ms Higgins, she is a brave young woman.

But Good One, News Ltd

Credit where it’s due, and News Ltd has be lauded for their new policy of getting columnists to write commentary about areas in which they are deeply experienced.

Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 3.07.56 pm

Of course, News doesn’t see the irony of having someone who thought nothing of bonking her married-with-children boss taking some sort of moral high ground on recent matters. Anyway, one really has to doubt someone who hops into bed with a beetroot.

The Insults Keep Coming: Seems Our Newly Minted TCC CEO Is A Brisbane-Based FIFO.

Prins RalstonScreen Shot 2020-11-18 at 9.48.28 am

TCC CEO Prins Ralston

Prins ‘The Prince’ Ralston is a man on the move … every weekend it seems … and you’re paying for it.

From what The ‘{Pie has been told, The Prince, who earns the best part of half a mill per, flies out to Brisbane every Friday, and back on Monday mornings. At the expense of the ratepayer.

Here’s what we know: Since 2001, Ralston and either his wife or sister, own a five bedroom home in Windemere Ave, Sinnamon Park (Jidalee), which they bought in 2001 for $337,000. The house was up for sale for almost the whole of 2017, but it was taken off the market after no sale could be reached. Then, for four months from January last year, the Ralston property went back on the market for $1.2million, but alas, again, no one was willing to cough up that sort of dough. Then for reasons unknown, it was again withdrawn from the market, and that is where our Prince lays his head on his silken pillow on the weekends. Or presumably he does – but even if there is some other arrangement which is none of The ‘Pie’s business, he doesn’t spent his free time in Townsville. And there is no indication among the local estate folk that he is even looking around here for property.

It’s not as though he’s short of quid, even without the sale of Windemere Avenue … back in June 2007, when he already owned the Jindalee house, he bought a vacant block of land from his parents for $400,000 in 2007, and sold it 18 months ago in 2019 for $750,000, a princely profit all things considered. So unless he’s got a problems with ponies or some such,  he’s got no pocket book pains.

It is a little hard to comprehend that a man who CV boasts international positions, postings and consultancies (but nothing about local government experience) would want to make Townsville his home and hearth, so it tends to beg the question: is Prins Ralston collecting some sort of favour connected to his staff-gutting report implemented by Adele The Impaler Young,  and is a short-term CEO while waiting to learn Jenny’s fate?

Given business class airfares  $886 EACH WAY, taxis both ends, possible hotels, and any out-of-office dining and any other legal rorts he can access, Prins Ralston is costing us the best part of $100,000 per year in travel an associated expenses … and that’s before any other business he might gad about doing..

A regal and legal rort if ever there was one.

Is Jenny Hill Also On The Move?

Jenny Hill at accident scene Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 11.37.28 am

A totally unconfirmed rumour has reached The Nest that Jenny Hill’s driving causing death matter will or has been shifted to Brisbane because, says the informant ‘too many people know her here.’

On the face of it, The ‘Pie has his doubts, because the general and proper practice is for these things to be handled within the jurisdiction. The only reason it would be moved out of Townsville … and not necessarily Brisbane anyway … would be if she contests the charge (and that’s likely) and the matter goes before a jury or even a local beak. That could be given as a reason for perceived bias, and thus a shift would be made.

So the question is, has the mayor’s Brisbane-based legal team persuaded her to plead not guilty and face further proceedings away from Townsville? Well, unless there are further legal shenanigans, we will know next Friday, Hill’s legal team is due to again front Townsville Magistrates’ Court on February 26.

Les Memory Blank Walker Must Be Sweating Bullets This Weekend

Tomorrow ends the period when the CCTV footage of Les Walker’s Mad Cow madness remains out of public view. Tomorrow or maybe Tuesday, the media will be lining up to take a look at what actually happened.

And just when Les was thanking providence for all the other shit happening, he now founds that will again be boxed in by the media.

Poor bubba.

Speaking of Getting Things Moved

You may recall that this rusted out and dilapidated eyesore has been in situ in Bent Street, Mundingburra since February 2019.

86864363_129739011902665_271135281032200192_o 20210206_163301

Despite frequent requests of varying decibels from various angry locals, the TCC loftily informs complainants in the finest bureaucratic fashion, it cannot be moved because it is still registered … which, frankly, The ‘Pie does not believe.  After more than 2 years? C’mon.  And then it’s also a question of whose responsibility removing it would be, perhaps the cops (doubtful). but no matter, The ‘Pie has a solution which will make the vehicle and the problem disappear overnight. When no one is around, should someone graffiti the wreck in large letters down the side, back and bonnet, and presto, it gone within 24 hours, if not 4 minutes. Rego and plates or not.

All the graffiti needs to say is something like – multiple choice her – ‘Jenny Hill’, ‘Les Walker’ or ‘Aaron Harper’ Sux Cox … or alternatively, ‘ (your choice) … is a c..t.’. A taseful dick drawing would help matters along, too..

It will disappears faster than Aaron Harper’s credibility.

Crikey, They’re Quick …

Townsville do-nothing MP Scott Stewart is nothing if not a good sport who saw the funny side when he was a victim of the magical speed and skill of the city’s juvenile car thieves. ‘Gawd, their good,’ he told The Magpie ruefully, ‘ But the little bastards didn’t get everything.”

Scott Stewart car IMG_1775

Best Headline Of The Week

Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 10.09.14 am

Poor Old Council Needs A Morale Boost, So Townsville News Flash Is Coming To The Rescue.

 Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 9.34.15 pm

Best Reply Of The Week

 iorange what?mage022

Some Good News For Our Southern Friends

Finally … yes, finally, someone more competent to run the Victoria’s hotel quarantine program.

Vic faulty hotel team IMG_0065

The ‘Pie Shares A Personal Parliamentary Moment From The Past

Parliamentary knickers small

Some years ago, ten or more, a friend working in Parliament House gave The Magpie a personal tour of the building on a non-sitting day, so we were allowed to (legitimately) explore all sorts of nooks and crannies that visitors might otherwise not see, including the working media area. And also, to The Magpie’s surprise, up some stairs, down some corridors and through a nondescript door, the parliamentary chapel. Not sure if that was it’s official designation, some sort of non-denominational, out-of-the-way ‘quite area’. It was a space of several levels muted colours, a large picture window, all levels lined with restaurant-style banquettes, as plush as you please and designed in such a way to provide some privacy. My guide delicately explained that it was rarely used by the pious (‘we are in the Australian Parliament after all’) but was apparently a favourite spot of a little one-on-one (‘wink wink’) politicking. It was hinted that there was one cross bench senator who was more frequently ‘across the bench’ in the chapel than most. The ‘Pie politely declined to sit down for a quiet moment.

A Canberra journo I subsequently mentioned this to a few years later gave a merry chortle and suggested ‘If the cross-pollination of DNA from the stains on the ‘chapel’ upholstery were analysed and made available, there would be some robust exchanges and accusations of collaborating with the enemy in both party roomsSomebody would end up getting a different sort of fucked’, he chirruped.

A Small Editor’s Workshop For Craig Warhurst

Craig Warhurst Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 11.30.59 pm

Astonisher iditor Crag Warhurst

Mateeeee, matey, matey, matey … you haven’t been paying attention, have you?  Allow The ‘Pie o enlighten you – again.

The editorial of a real newspaper never includes the first personal singular pronoun, which is only ever seen in editorials when quoting someone. And it is never a personal ‘column’ … especially when the editor writes an opinion column under his own name, like you do, elsewhere in the paper.

editorial 'I was' Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 10.32.34 am

Since you’re a bit new to this game, Craig, here’s a bit of background. In real newspapers, an editorial is often formulated by an editorial board, a consultation between editor, publisher and manager, deciding the stand the paper wishes to present as representing the best interests of the public. While that doesn’t always happen now in smaller places like Townsville, an editor knows the general stance of his publisher, and writes accordingly. Sadly it has become quite clear that you know the stance of our mayor and write accordingly.

And just a small observation. You write, or someone dictated: ‘A concert hall development has long been on the wish list of the council and many in the arts community.’ You conveniently overlook, or probably just don’t know, that the very same council … well, the mayor, actually, there’s still only one shot-caller in Walker Street  … has blocked, sabotaged and otherwise sidelined that wish on several occasions in the past decade, at the bidding of vested interests in the business world (read former resident Laurence Lancini). If you don’t know what The ‘Pie is talking about, just look out your window at the hilariously named Cowboys’ Centre of Excellence … THAT should have been out concert hall/convention centre. But your paper never fought for it, just played the cowardly lap dog.

Now you want to look like a hero, with supposed insider information, which is really the mayor using you to bully the Federal Member into ponying up the dough.

But here’s the good news … in this town, no one takes a blind bit of notice of the Townsville Bulletin iditorial … except a retired and phlegmatic old curmudgeons who daily weeps for what might have been.

But Hey Don’t Go Away Craig, Here’s A Bit More

You need to go easy with your heady mixture of patronising bombast, arrogance, a childish lie or two, and in the end, embarrassing pleading. Like this twaddle from another iditorial during the week, spruiking the dreary Indigenous All Star NRL-Maori match at Total Tools Stadium.

“For everyone who lives in Townsville it is a privilege and honour to have such a great stadium to attend.
This will be a breakout year for the stadium, the Cowboys and the Townsville CBD. With the threat of COVID easing due to the rollout of the vaccine the region can now reset and go for gold. Queensland Country Bank Stadium is one of the best in the world and all of us in Townsville need to support the venue and the Cowboys.
It’s the only way the fruits of so much hard work will benefit the wider community.”

What quavering arrogant tosh you speak, you pillock!
1. It is NOT a privilege and honour … whether we wanted it or, it was built with our money, ratepayer and taxpayer alike. It is there for us to use as we choose as a matter of right, not privilege. And we certainly don’t need a blow-in iditor or a busted arse local politician telling us how we must spent our money to support our city.
2. ’… one of the best in the world’ is such childish ‘look mummy’ rot, and betrays a serious lack of even a passing knowledge of the world’s stadia.
3. If it was such a good idea, why do you demand that we ‘need’ to support it?
4. That last line can only have been dictated by Mayor Mullet, desperate to avoid the looming legacy that she almost singlehandedly, has destroyed the Townsville CBD.

If You Can’t Say Something Nice …

Rush Limbaugh, the US radio host famed for mocking people dying of AIDS, and also announcing when Bill Clinton was elected, ‘ Good news, folks, there’s a dog back in the White House tonight. Her name is Chelsea’, died a couple days ago.

Rush Limbaugh Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 9.55.52 am

The ‘Pie has been informed that one should not speak ill of the dead, and if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything. So moving right along …

In America, The Silence Is Golden

That doesn’t just apply to Limbaugh’s microphone.

Focus now has shifted away from the ex-Mobster President, as Joe Biden wastes no time in steadying the ship. One can almost hear the global sighs of relief. But major questions and tasks remain, for Biden, get the COVID vaccine out, for Mitch McConnell finding somewhere to hide and for the Republican Party to … well, they haven’t a clue where to from here.

mrz021221dapr lk021721dapr lk021621dapr 20210217edbbc-a 248660_rgb_768 wu210217 248657_rgb_768 248695_rgb_768 jd021821dapr cbr021821dapr sk021421dapr 248059_rgb_768 248408_rgb_768

And Finally, A Test To … Ah … A Test To 

… ummm, hang on a minute, be right with you.

Worth a re-run from comments, in case you missed it.

The Magpie
6,173 approved101.183.133.227
Submitted on 2021/02/16 at 10:59 amThe Magpie doesn’t’ usually publish or solicit this sort of information – plenty of other sites for that – but his available statistics indicate that the majority The Nest’s readership will find it interesting and many, like The ‘Pie, a relief.AnosognosiaIn the following analysis the French Professor Bruno Dubois Director of the Institute of Memory and Alzheimer’s Disease (IMMA) at La Pitié-Salpêtrière – Paris Hospitals / addresses the subject in a rather reassuring way:[ problems, he does not have Alzheimer’s.”

  1. I forget the names of families ..
    2 I do not remember where I put some things ..

It often happens in people 60 years and older that they complain that they lack memory. “The information is always in the brain, it is the “processor” that is lacking.”

This is “Anosognosia” or temporary forgetfulness.

Half of people 60 and older have some symptoms that are due to age rather than disease.
The most common cases are:
– forgetting the name of a person,
– going to a room in the house and not remembering why we were going there,
– a blank memory for a movie title or actor, an actress,
– a waste of time searching where we left our glasses or keys …
After 60 years most people have such a difficulty, which indicates that it is not a disease but rather a characteristic due to the passage of years …

Many people are concerned about these oversights hence the importance of the following statement:
“Those who are conscious of being forgetful have no serious problem of memory.”
“Those who suffer from a memory illness or Alzheimer’s, are not aware of what is happening.”

Professor Bruno Dubois, Director of IMMA, reassures the majority of people concerned about their oversights:

“The more we complain about memory loss, the less likely we are to suffer from memory sickness.”

Now for a little neurological test:
Only use your eyes!

1- Find the C in the table below!


2- If you have already found the C, then find the 6 in the table below.


3- Now find the N in the table below.
Attention, it’s a little more difficult!


If you pass these three tests without problem:
– you can cancel your annual visit to the neurologist.
– your brain is in perfect shape!
– you are far from having any relationship with Alzheimer’s.


Well, that’s another week gone without The Magpie becoming unexpectedly rich. But there’s always rich pickin’s for you in the comments section, feel free to join in the elite version of Facebook. And about that rich thing … after 11 years of doing this, The ‘Pie knows that horse has left the stable door well and truly swinging on it’s hinges, but a modest hand with costs associated with blog is always appreciated – and needed. The donate button is below. Thanks.

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  1. Mark the Jazz says:

    My parents always said we should only talk good of the deceased. Rush Limbaugh is dead, Good.

  2. Walkers Hill says:

    That car in Bent St should be easy to remove. The easiest way to get rid of something left on the street is to put a ‘for sale’ sign on it. It will be stolen by the next morning,

  3. The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

    In fairness, having the council’s CEO fly out every weekend allows Walker Street and the city generally to recover from the odious little Pric.

    He is the only thing that masks the smell of the water in some parts of town. People are complaining to me now that even twice filtered our “crap cordial” is still impossible to drink. It might be worth dropping into the Kokoda or Long Tan pools for a quick drink and fill up your fridge water bottles. At least it’s only got a managed amount of chemical and some pee in it, as opposed to the “Bangalore Beer” from the reticulation system.

    • The Magpie says:

      Due to subsequent information received, The ‘Pie has just updated the blog piece about the ratepayers generous support for TCC CEO Prins Ralston with the following:
      Given business class airfares $886 EACH WAY, taxis both ends, possible hotels, and any out-of-office dining and any other legal rorts he can access, Prins Ralston is costing us the best part of $100,000 per year in travel an associated expenses … and that’s before any other business he might gad about doing..

      • Prince Rollmop says:

        What also isn’t mentioned is that the foul smelling Prince is also on numerous Boards and has a Consultancy business. He spends time between Monday and Friday engaging in those ‘external’ business interests, on Council time. So below are some rough averages (estimates);
        – Salary $500,000 per annum
        – 232 work days per year (taking out public holidays)
        – Daily average $2,155.00
        – Hourly average $269.00
        – If the Prince spends 2 hours per day, roughly 5 days per week on ‘personal interests’ that means he is getting paid almost $63,000 per year by Council rate payers to NOT to do TCC work, but his own private external work. Also, some of that FIFO travel time cuts into his normal work day also.
        – Add to this, as the Pie mentions – Business class fares (and the Prince keeps all those FF points too) accomodation expenses, additional travel allowances, superannuation, corporate credit card use and his mobile phone and laptop including those expenses is also met by the ratepayer to the tune of $100k at least.

        Now these sorts of fiddles are not uncommon with bureaucrats and politicians, and that includes Mayors and Councillors who also make sure they do as little as possible for their generous ratepayer salaries. But you have to question value for money to the ratepayer, seriously?

        And the worst bit – this bloke doesn’t live here. There is no bigger slap in the face to a regional town or city than when you have Executives or the CEO flying in and not living locally. He isn’t attending local weekend events (if there are any), he is not engaging with the townsfolk, he is not spending his remuneration locally, and he isn’t living and breathing the communities issues, challenges or unique differences to a large city. The day that old stinky was hired should have been the day that the ratepayers stood up and led a coup against the Mayor and Councillors. What a fucking disgrace these elected fools are. They signed off on his appointment.

        • The Magpie says:

          Fools? Not the correct word for these shysters, they knew what they were doing.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Yes but this is what the people of this town voted for the gullible fuckwits, its not like everyone doesn’t know the form of these parasites, yet they were re-elected, getting exactly what we deserve.

          • The Magpie says:

            As the unofficiasl TCC slogan has it Serves You Right.

          • The Wulguru Wonder says:

            “Elections belong to the people. It is their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.”

            Abraham Lincoln

        • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

          Rollmop – would you really like him here on weekends? Running into him at the shops or the footy and having to pretend to not be made ill by his presents on your own time rather than the council dime?

          I feel safer knowing he is infesting Brisvegas on weekends.

  4. Mugwump says:

    Like him or hate him, the damning point Kevin Rudd is making about the Murdoch monopoly is clearly demonstrated here.

    • The Magpie says:

      The Townsville Bulletin headline makes matters worse, when they describe this sort of coverage as ‘diversity’.
      Laughable … if it wasn’t so serious.

    • Chepup says:

      After destroying his party federally for a decade, I thought Kev would disappear. Alas he’s back and more globalist than ever. Kev has a position on the 21st Century Commission, sounds kind of official. It’s a `future plans for globalists’ type offshoot of the extremely creepy Berggruen Institute. Berggruen is fully on board the global reset concept of Klaus Schwab and sees the future of humanity as combined with machines. They call it `Transformation of the Human’ catchy isn’t it? So don’t kid yourself, Kevin Rudd is pushing globalist agendas all the way. He doesn’t care squat for Australia or Australians.

      • The Magpie says:

        Strange that such a fan of ‘globalism’ has such a fighting hard on to knock over one of the world’s biggest globalist, the pickled walnut Murdoch.

        • Chepup says:

          Well, one possible explanation for globalist pawn Rudd going after Murdoch’s media interests in Australia is their editorial policy. Sky News Australia and The Australian, regardless of what opinion you have about their content, push a nationalist, anti globalist editorial policy. Sky News Australia is scathing about labor and the Greens pushing agenda’s that are not to Australia’s benefit (ie globalist agendas).

          Also, Murdoch is not and never has been `establishment’, he has mostly been an outsider after entering the world stage. He was the first newspaper owner to consider the Royals as fair game. I think Murdoch is too canny to align himself too closely to anyone politically and I suspect he sees `globalists’ as politicians trying to go big time at the expense of their own nations best interests..

        • Chepup says:

          Oh, one more thing. Have you ever wondered why K. Rudd is trying to do Murdoch now? I mean he could’ve done it as PM or anytime afterwards. Why on earth is he doing this right now? In my opinion Rudd is operating as cog in the wheel, part of a concerted effort worldwide to shutdown dissenting media. Yes it’s strange Murdoch has what are considered dissenting media assets, but it’s true. They don’t conform the lockstep global leftleaning news narrative.

  5. Mick Zukerbook says:

    I must be the only one reading this blog that doesn’t have Farcebook or Twatter
    or any other social media account….
    Must be a generational thing….

    • The Magpie says:

      Mark Zuckerberg has offered us the ideal opportunity to develop Nerd Immunity.

    • Kevin07 says:

      As nauseating as it is to see KRudd, aka Santa Clause, splashed across so many front pages, he is correct. I am not a fan of either him or that other sociopath Malcom Turdball. But they are perfect examples of how the walking corpse Murdoch has and does manipulate the media. The lamestream media empires and the social network empires have been and are out of control. Powerful people playing powerful games. But the sheeple are slowly waking up to this fact.

      The politicians both past and present have always been acutely aware that media outlets will make or break them, but they have been too scared to speak out or to take action. It would appear that the growing powers of the Murdoch’s and Zuckerbergs, who have been corralled into a corner and are fighting back, has got a lot of Governments rightfully worried. It’s time to slay the beasts.

    • Polythene Pam says:

      No, there’s at least two of us.

  6. Mike Douglas says:

    I can confirm that Prins was seen at open houses when he first arrived in the Ville with North Ward is his preferred area . Maybe now he has run his eye over the Councils financial numbers , career length as Townsville City Council Ceo 4 Ceos + acting in a few years he is keeping a foot in both camps the Ville and Brisvegas . Besides after the increasing online property search increases last week from 0 – $170 and extra $10,000 + costs to every real estate agency i would think he would be avoiding any interaction .

  7. Prince Rollmop says:

    Isn’t the smelly Prince also involved in company eNTITy1, who is angling for a large NT I.T contract with their Government? Either way, the Prince is so busy with all of these additional companies he is involved in that I imagine he spends his time in Walker Street sleeping!

  8. bovine spongiform encephalopathy. says:

    The TCC Prince managed to get his nose (no pun intended) into multiple government troughs because his father worked for government in the NT and was politically connected. I believe the father dropped off the perch in or around 2015. So it must be sheer coincidence that the Prince has been involved with eNTITy1 who just happen to be submitting a tender for a $21m NT government contract. These Labor affiliated mates, such as the Prince, certainly have a dream run don’t they?

    And I hope people scrutinise the background of every single person who gets hired by the Prince at Council over the next few years, along with every consultancy and contractor that is hired or paid to provide advice or services for training, I.T software supply or staff education. The Prince and his brother Adrian have their hands in many many pies, and where their hands are not physically in the pie they certainly know how to ensure that their ‘mates’ receive favourable mentions and jobs. It all pays off down the track I guess.

    As for him being at the tennis and watching those smelly sweaty tennis players that doesn’t surprise me at all. The tennis attracts many CEO’s, politicians and the rich so it makes sense that he would be down there.

    Footnote: Sorry for using the term ‘pie’. In no way am I insinuating that the Prince and Jr Prince hands have been up the Townsville Magpies clacker.

  9. Alahazbin says:

    Can any of the council spies on here tell me if ‘Policy Point’ is still sent to all supervisors and above.
    If they do, maybe Prins should read up on a few. Notably. ‘Conflict of Interest’ and ‘Ethics’ and also ‘Financial’. Would also be useful to look Corporate Credit card usage.

  10. Tenacious D says:

    I really hope your CCTV release information is correct.

    • The Magpie says:

      That’s what the wallopers said, and Ray Hadley said he will be on their doorstep on the dot.

      • Ralph says:

        Just wondering if there were any reports regarding Les Memory Blank Walker.

        • The Magpie says:

          Stay posted. The ‘Pie is not able to access that sort of stuff, but someone will ask.

          • Tenacious D says:

            Well this has not aged well.

            Tomorrow ends the period when the CCTV footage of Les Walker’s Mad Cow madness remains out of public view. Tomorrow or maybe Tuesday, the media will be lining up to take a look at what actually happened.

            Are they lining up yet?

          • The Magpie says:

            If there are any journos worthy of the title among them …

  11. Dave of Kelso says:

    Dear ‘Pie,
    I have learned from the attached link that the collective noun for the hairy nosed wombat is:

    Wait for it;


    A wisdom of wombats!


    What is the collective noun for the Magpie Nesters?

  12. The Waterboy says:

    Scotty from marketing proudly took his COVID jab today in front of the TV cameras. Personally I had hoped to also see him lobotomised. But it did get me thinking, Scotty mentioned there is a bad culture in Canberra, so will he order all of those who inhabit Capitol Hill to have Penicillin injections to help ward off syphilis and Gonorrhoea?? Barnaby first?

  13. Dave of Kelso says:

    With the rollout of the covid19 the anti-vax intelligentsia are more visible than usual. For everyone’s safety these people should address a far more dangerous compound in and around our homes. Link below.

    • The Magpie says:

      Had a quick beak around, but do you know what common household products … particularly various forms of insect and vermin control sprays … contain this chemical?

      • No More Dredging says:

        ‘Pie, stop “beaking around”. Dihydrogen monoxide is H2O – get it? It’s water. FFS Dave, we are dealing with the “unwoke” here. Or were you serious?

        • The Magpie says:

          Gosh, what an old silly is The ‘Pie, eh?
          Which puts us in mind of The ‘Pie’s favourite cryptic crossword clue:
          H I J K L M N O (5 letters)

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            Are you going to give us the answer next Sunday?

          • The Magpie says:

            Don’t be so wet.

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            Got it. Some times I’m a bit slow.

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            ABC TV news just gone.

            Re aboriginal children, stolen car, Upper Ross apprehension, police injured, court case:


            For Fuck Sake!

            A hideous pox on the Puddleduck, her cohorts and descends for ten generations.

            We have to suffer the pox the Puddleduck has spread upon our community.

            And yes, I am fucking PISSED OFF!

            And, no, I will not calm down!!!

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          I want to shake your hand and pat you gently on the back.

          The clue was, ‘ anti-vaxers intelligentsia.’

          Regardless, well done on your knowledge of chemistry.

          • The Magpie says:

            Iceman, your comment has been Zuckered, NMD may be many things, but assertions like that demand you return to Facebook and stop playing here with grown ups. There’s a few others that should take heed, too.

  14. Rowdy says:

    Magpie, you will be glad to know that Barry Taylors Beirut Building (Flinders St West) is getting boarded up with black formply.

    • The Magpie says:

      Oh, excellent … like Bazza himself, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.
      One thing The ‘Pie wonders … why is this virtually useless shell still standing? Surely making it into vacant land would be a better option, unless that attracts different unfavourable rates (as it is, this eyesore certainly meets the definition of ‘unimproved’). A terrible thought: don’t tell us that this is listed under some Hertiage lunacy, and can’t be bulldozed? But wouldn’t surprise.

  15. The Magpie says:

    In this week’s Nest, The ‘Pie headlined:

    So pardon the hubris, but respected economic commentator Alan Kolher agrees with The Magpie.

    In one of the most readable explanations of how we find ourselves in the current position – our forced move towards Nerd Immunity – Kohler, writing in The New Daily, puts forward many simple and clearly expressed killer observations. Like …

    Google and Facebook snuck up on all governments and their regulators, partly because it was peak neoliberalism and regulation was being rolled back everywhere, and partly because the people who were in charge only read newspapers and watched TV, and thought the internet was email.
    So the two businesses became monopolies, very quickly – simply because they are two of the best products ever invented.

    … and this …

    Old-style media monopolists like Rupert Murdoch know that you always keep governments either onside or afraid of you, and you always do it locally, never from a distance. You never know when you might need them to bring in a news bargaining code.

    … and …

    Facebook has torn off the mask of humble servant of the people and revealed itself as the unregulated, private, tax-avoiding, global monopoly villain it is, and has also shown that it can control what gets on its platform and take it down quick smart if it wants to.

    Kohler’s clear headed article, with no grinding of managerial axes, should be required reading those bamboozled by all the bullshit surrounding this issue.


    • Nana says:

      I have wondered about Alan Kohler’s independence of mind that allows him to give us the financial market news on the ABC with a slight tongue in cheek; and write ‘left of centre’ opinion pieces in The Australian. I would hazard a guess that he is independently wealthy, which would account for his happy air. But more than that, the man is a larrikin, with a twinkle in his eye. As for the fight between Murdoch and Zukerberg, it’s like watching an episode of Vikings: both protagonists are prepared to lay waste to the future just to settle old scores. But most interesting for me is that it happened in Antipodean Australia. One suspects there is an early election in the offing, which points to bad economic news in 2022.

  16. The Magpie says:

    It was good to see the folks out and about again on Saturday night, and enjoying themselves, despite interminable introductory foot stamping, knock-kneed dancing and tongue-poking raspberries and – c’mon, let’s face it – a fairly mediocre game with nothing at stake for the majority of viewers at home.

    But hey just can’t help themselves, down at the Astonisher, can they? Really why do they do it, take a perfectly fine ‘success’ story and then over-egg the cake with mathematical and economic fairy floss?

    A crowd of 20,206 was a healthy and heartening turn-out, but not good enough for the vested interests of the paper. But the Mathematical Magic Fairy sprinkled her usual (bull)dust, because on these number, that’s about $200 per person, man, woman and child (and those uncertain about their category). Take out the ticket price, and that $4M is just fairy floss.

    And instead of letting some mostly irrelevant and ho-hum stats about the stadium’s first year of operation stand alone, they had to dress it them up with childish and totally meaningless comparison statistics.

    Here’s one back at yer, Astonisher kiddies:
    In the last 12 months of operations, by the numbers
    * About 30,000 readers (that’s equivalent to a circulation of 5,000 copies daily)**
    * About 200 stories about the glory of the stadium (that’s equal to 200 Eskys of cow plop)
    * $3,570 worth of WD40 (to keep the staff turnstile working)
    ** Based on the Bulletin’s own claim that each paper is read by eight different people.

    And they wonder why they have less credibility than Aaron Harper … pffft.

    • AWOL says:

      Check my arithmetic … 1 V8 supercar = 1395kgs. 4 V8 supercars = 5580kgs. 5580kgs/1,7175 ‘large chips’= 324gms.

      So, a stadium ‘large chip’ weighs 324gms? Hell of a mouthful.

    • The Magpie says:

      And sounds like a paedophiles idea of a spa … ‘like a soft drink with your sweetie, sweety.’

    • Walkers Hill says:

      When they talk about how many $$$ are put into the community (I.e. CBD)when an even is held at the new stadium, do they offset that with the $$$ taken away from Thuringowa due to non use of the old stadium?

      • cobalos says:

        and the cost of all the traffic detours, traffic control police, closed parking, and inconvenience for those who did not want to attend the game

        • The Magpie says:

          …and parking fines for peoplke visiting friends in South Townsville.

          The clusterfuckery of planning never ends in the Mullet and Lozza show.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      When did we start measuring things in V8 Supercars, Spa’s and Harbour Bridges? Is this the official bogan measuring system? Why isn’t my softdrink being measured in wheelie bins? How come beer is measured as a length and not a volume? And are Stockman’s burgers made from Stockman? Bet they are gristley.

      • cobalos says:

        Because X is a unit of length (10^-13 metres) so XXXX = 4 x 10^-13 metres.
        And wheelie bins are for measuring corpses

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          Err nice try. x is an unknown variable. Much like the depths the Mullet will go to, to keep the Mayoralty.

          And in North Queensland we measure corpses in Crocodiles.

      • Swamp person says:

        And why isn’t the Mayors mullet measured in feet and her doona’s measured in kilometres????

        • The Magpie says:

          Hey, ease up on our beloved mayor, not only having to front up before the beak this Friday, but because of COVID, she has had to cancel shopping trip to New York, where she was after one of these for winter trips to Malta.

    • Grumpy says:

      12 major events?

      Anyone care to list them? Elton John (heavily subsidised), Tzu fight (also heavily subsidised), Maori v Koori virtue round (tab picked up by NRL) and….?

      Surely they are not counting regular NRL season matches…?

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      I cant offord $200 per game,

  17. Sir Drongo says:

    I understand council is about to do another cull of certain management positions. My contact there says much anus clenching was occuring all day today as people tried to make themselves look indispensable

    • The Magpie says:

      Difficult … unless they’re a prominent ALP donor … or union official (do they still have those in Walker Street?)

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Just wondering if Mayor Mullets position is considered to be ‘management’ ? Asking for a good friend !

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      It’s no good trying to make yourself look indispensable when you are only viewed as a number on an excel spreadsheet. The Prince has had a few months to sniff around and look for something he can produce to prove that he is worthy of the top job and ludicrous paypacket. No doubt a few heads will roll but he will likely restructure a few departments, load up managers and executives with additional work after culling some of the staff, you know, the usual ‘CEO placing his stamp on the organisation’ bullshit. And watch for the outsourcing of work. Prince Muppet is a big fan of outsourcing everything (except the CEO position of course) so keep an eye on that. He sure knows how to ‘create a stink’ in the workplace.

      • The Magpie says:

        No, especially the CEO position … it was outsourced to him.

      • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

        I have usually felt pretty safe from being Downsized or Outplaced or whatever wankery we call it because TCC only seems to cull the competent rather than we who just hide from the lights and keep our heads down. But the Rollmop is right that we are all just employee numbers now and there is not even a sense of vindictiveness in this, just a numbers game. I might have to go get a real job if they can prise me out of the filing cabinet I have made my home.

  18. Bushy says:

    Ok so the mullet wants to move her trial to Brisbane because she says too many people know her here. ( as a theory on the blog ).

    So does that mean because she’s the mayor that too many people know her or too many people know her in the wrong way because they have had bad dealings with council??. Is she just trying to get closer to anna so she can just text her to walk up the road with bail money?

    • The Magpie says:

      That’s all a bit wild, Big Beard, but yes … chortle … about ‘well known’ being a two way street.

      Everything said in the blog is surmising that she pleads not guilty (The Pie’s bet is she will, why not give it a whirl) and therefore requires some sort of further hearing, trial by judge alone or by jury. Then The ‘Pie agrees she quite rightly will seek a different venue. And the Mullet family can swell afford monetary bail, but it would be reasonable to believe… given COVID restrictions among other factors … she could never be a flight risk, and bail money would probably not be required. And even in this shocker of a Labor state, Anna is by now sidelined on this one.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Bushy, keep it straight and simple old mate – she wants the trial shifted so that she gets a fair go. Even murderers get that opportunity. SIMPLE, RIGHT??

  19. The Magpie says:

    Christ, what message does it send when even Craig Kelly doesn’t want to know you?

    • Captain of the Titanic says:

      That’s hilarious. Fat boy Kelly heading to the cross bench. I the world of politics this is a serious statement, even if Kelly is a fool. Scotty from marketing is presiding over a sinking ship. What a joke they’ve become. Malcolm Turdball must be pissing himself laughing watching all of this. Sitting in the sunshine on his deck at Point Piper, (reluctantly) reading the Murdoch news as the ant-environment newspaper gives the LNP a helping hand into oblivion. How awful is Sep/Oct going to be, it will be Morrison of Lickspittle Albanese. God help us all.

      • Achilles says:

        That is the problem with every major party both State and National; even if they are able to find a half-competent leader there is no depth of talent in wings.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Now he is free to push his QAnnon bullshit without restraint. The Libs certainly fucked up with his pre-selection.

    • Dave Sth says:

      Word on street in NSW it’s preemptive, the odious Photios faction making another move on his pre-selection trying to install the dripping wet hubby of the member for Holsworthy despite Craig increasing his primary last time. He’ll probably pull it off as an independent too.

  20. The Magpie says:

    WTF! Smirko and the missus off to a Hillsong Horizon rally – maybe … straight out of The Handmaid’s Tale. How apt.

  21. RockOn says:

    No surprises out of the NT that the Gunner government has a cocaine scandal. Anyone who has dealt with Adele Young and her mates knows they like a snorting good time.

  22. Polythene Pam says:

    Any sign of that CCTV footage ‘Pie?

  23. The Magpie says:

    Meanwhile, back at the palace …

  24. Chester the molester says:

    Pathetic, Senator Reynolds was taken to hospital following advice from her cardiologist relating to a pre-existing medical condition. Obviously she wasn’t stressed previously when a staffer came to her about sexual assault. But now that the Minister is under the spotlight for failing to act, she gets stressed!! Pathetic fool. What next, will she do a Pisasale and appear before the cameras in her hospital gown?

    • The Magpie says:

      That’s a pretty low and self-demeaning summation, attacking someone for a no doubt genuine medical condition. There is no doubt Linda Reynolds fucked up (and gabblegob Michaela Cash, too), but reynolds has a medical history in this area, kicking a person when they’re down is so unreasonable and unacceptable it says more about you than it does about Linda Reynolds.

      • Chester the molester says:

        Stop being emotional you old fart. Reynolds is complicit in covering up a rape. If that now stresses her then too bad. How can you feel sorry for her when someone was raped in her office. Get your priorities right Magpie.

        • The Magpie says:

          Not surprisingly, you are confusing ‘emotion’ with common decency. And perspective. Reynolds will be duly judged in due time, but you imply she feigned or deliberately brought on her medical condition in order to avoid any penalty – which won’t happen if she did. Which she didn’t. And it is only your scrambled thinking (and selective blind Labor-inspired virtue signalling) that could conclude that The ‘Pie ‘feels sorry’ for Reynolds. It is deprived troglodyte minds like yours that The Magpie grieves for … being yourself must be a onerous life long burden, a cruel trick of nature.

          But hey, Facebook’s back up, off you go and don’t stress yourself out around here anymore, you won’t have to struggle with lots of big words and larger moral conceptions.

        • Old Tradesman says:

          Hey Chester is it true that you will be putting your hand up to run for the seat of Herbert?

        • Grumpy says:

          Don’t talk about rape cover-up strategies without reference to Bill and the toilet block.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      That’s a pretty low comment CM. Unless you have proof of that you should keep your comments to yourself, you galah. You’re starting to sound like the Left during question time.

  25. The Magpie says:

    The Government’s Clayton’s Deal With Facebook.

    Quick question: why was the general tone of the media in reporting the government’s agreement with Facebook as ‘Facebook Back Flip’?

    It is anything but, the exact opposite is the truth. This is classic ‘emperor’s new clothes’ territory, – it was the government, the same government that kept vowing it would not change its mind and would not amend the proposed legislation, that has ‘back flipped’ – with an added pike and twist and a clumsy landing on the political mat. It would not be unkind nor inaccurate to describe the outcome as a complete capitulation by Canberra.
    This from The New Daily report on the deal.
    “It’s Facebook’s win for the most part,” said Axel Bruns, a digital media researcher at Queensland University of Technology.
    “It’s watering down the news media bargaining code in the way that it’s been designed. It essentially means that Facebook can’t easily be forced into any kind of arbitration it doesn’t want.”
    In other words, as long as Facebook has signed commercials deals with some “significant players” like Channel Nine, News Limited or the ABC, it will not be included in the code.

    There is no getting away from the rock-solid truth that Facebook and Rupert Murdoch have run rings around this Federal Government.

    Murdoch used barely veiled threats and the carrot of a big tax windfall to get the Morrison Government to be his personal instrument in a wholly commercial deal between his News Ltd and Facebook. And the other big Aussie media players were happy to let Rupert make the running.
    As Dr Tama Leaver, professor of internet studies at Curtain University, told The new Daily:
    ‘“The biggest winner is News Limited.”
    “That’s because they got what they wanted, which was finding a mechanism to get some money out of social media companies, which they’ve never managed to do before.”

    So the world’s most recognisable pickled walnut got his way yet again. And like pickled walnuts, some love him, some loath him, but all have to agree he is one of the smartest pickled walnuts in the jar.
    Way smarter than those in Canberra who think they govern us.

  26. Nickster says:

    This show how out of touch senior police are, Inspector Irvine you are indeed a goose, $100 buck buys you fuck all at Bunnings let alone a locksmith.

    The victim blaming continues from the Queensland Government, it is not the fault of the thieving grubs they broke into your house and stole your hard earned valuables, its YOURS because you didn’t spend enough money with a locksmith. What an arsehole you are Inspector Irvine.

    Inspector Irvine urged residents to keep their property secure.
    “If every person in Townsville decided to spend $100 at the local hardware store or a locksmith that would be the best insurance they are ever going to get,” he said.


    Looking forward to seeing the government give me some cash to help with my expenses.

    • cobalos says:

      And ditto for domestic violence. It is not the perps fault that he burnt you to death, it is your own fault for not demanding your triple-0 call be treated as urgent

    • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

      excluding renters, the elderly and infirm

      • The Magpie says:

        Small point, but renters are not allowed to unilaterally make such modifications even if they pay for it themselves.

        • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

          That’s what I was inelegantly getting at. Many are not allowed to make changes, some are not able to afford it, and some are just not up to getting it done for reasons of age or infirmity.

  27. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Here we go again, someone proposes a modest development in North Ward and some of the selfish local fucking low life’s don’t want anyone else to interrupt their life, the council should just ignore them and proceed with the development.

  28. Avogadro's Number says:

    Response to Nickster: Maybe Inspector Irvine is simply saying what the State Government wants him to say. An unintended consequence of the crime situation in Townsville is an increase in economic activity. Local businesses, hardware stores and tradesmen stand to benefit from the situation. All of those sensor security lights, deadlocks, padlocks, security chains, security door upgrades, CCTV cameras, door and window repairs, and vehicle repairs need an electrician or a locksmith or a wiring technician or a panel-beater. Maybe you could also add in more visits to the local GP for a Valium prescription to offset anxiety attacks (local pharmacies would like that). A city-wide crime-driven economic stimulus measure. Perhaps the State Government – through its local members could generate some positive mileage out of this situation after all. “Look at the economic benefits for local businesses”.

    • The Magpie says:

      You left out gun shops.

      • Guy says:

        People MUST take personal responsibility for their homes, we are trained to sit back and expect everyone else to do something.

        Instead of complaining start taking control of your life and do something known to be effective against thieves – deadlocks. Even very basic measures will help against forced entry, the bog standard door handles are being wrenched around with multigrips.

        • Guy says:

          The strategy against crime in townsville should be to foremost improve basic home security and secondly to impede and hinder enemy movement. Thirdly: why don’t we just try and make people happy by implementing small things to encourage psychological well being??

        • Grumpy says:

          “Personal responsibility “?????

          Fuck me, Guy. Were you not advocating just a little while ago for the government to subsidise the purchase of security locks?

  29. Old Tradesman says:

    Poor old Jenny the mare is upset will the member for Herbert, for having the audacity to question her on toilet taxes and rate increases, maybe he might also start asking what has happened to the $195m the state has taken control of for the water pipe line to nowhere, interesting times ahead. As the Astonisher states “More to Come”.

    • No More Dredging says:

      Tradie, you ask what has happened to the $195m (the state has taken control of) for the water pipe line to nowhere. Hasn’t the federal member got his snorkel in that trough?

      • The Magpie says:

        Look, rather the a smart arse answer, The ‘Pie seriously asks, what are you talking about?m Or is it some lame attempt to just be a good ALP foot soldier?

      • Little Rupert says:

        I don’t know much about politics, but I am interested to know just what ‘is’ happening with that water pipeline. When the funding was being sought, it was a huge deal and apparently a life and death type situation to secure water for Townsville. It all seems to have become unimportant over time?

        • No More Dredging says:

          Rupe, today the Ross River dam is at 67% capacity, up from about 15% when everyone was in panic mode knowing that the original pipeline could only just deliver Townsville’s Level3 water restriction demand – now a few years ago. Stage1 of the duplication is half complete – the large pipe is finished but the channel upgrade and pump station works are suspended pending a decision about Stage2 funding (which would make the channel upgrade and pump station at the Haughton River unnecessary). The Commonwealth appropriated $195m to provide the promised Stage2 funding but then revealed that it would knock some number, perhaps the whole $195m, off the annual GST distribution payment to the state. In other words, the Queensland government would actually supply that money after all. If I recall correctly, Queensland, noting that it had rained in Townsville (they held a flood enquiry) and there was no longer a water supply crisis (headline in the TBully), cancelled that funding arrangement, seemingly to work out what to do next. Meanwhile, the Commonwealth announced that the $195m had already been allocated and would be spent in Townsville in some opaque scheme overseen in some way by the Member for Herbert. Old Tradesman knows the details but has forgotten. $2m has gone to a shed on Castle Hill. Someone, sometime will FOI the Commonwealth about that money but in the meantime there are snorkels in the trough. And why not? Everyone else is doing it.

          • The Magpie says:

            And heaven forbid anyone might FOI the Queensland Government on the same matter. You remain blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other, comrade.

          • Russell says:

            So the pipe has been installed across the Herbert then NMD? Didn’t see any announcement but that doesn’t mean much I guess. Good news indeed.

      • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

        NMDrongo – you seem to not be aware there are two buckets of $195m.

        The first was the fed money which Queensland rejected and which young Phil is running around waving.

        The second is the state money which Anna and Mayor Mullet magiced out of the air to build Haughton Stage Two to replace the original fed dollars. A project which is strangely quiet for (as others have said) a critical/life and death piece of infrastructure.

        There is a growing stink around water supply for Townsville in more ways than one.

        • No More Dredging says:

          Quite correct, Engineer, I am not aware of the Queensland government having created a new $195m bucket of money for Stage2. But do tell, what is your evidence for this second bucket? Was there a public announcement, a big fat cheque handed to the mayor, some photo opportunity for a local member seeking re-election? If so, I missed it altogether.

          • The Magpie says:

            NO … the Premier and her chief financial Dick grandly announced that because of some unspecified possibility of Queensland GST being affected, they were knocking back the Feds already earmarked pipeline $195M and would provide that money themselves.

            … and The ‘Pie is not going to become your personal search engine, you lazy fucker, check it yourself, as you should have done before mouthing off in your usual deflective way, comrade.

          • Old Tradesman says:

            NMD, this pipeline is the biggest con job perpetuated on the residents of Townsville, it will never deliver water in it’s present state as the size of the pumps required and the costs to drive them will be prohibitive, and don’t tell me about solar and wind, they might as well seal both ends so that it does not become the home of vermin as was the case in the Bligh era with the water grid in the south east corner.The useless Anna/Dick so called Labor government is as broke as it is woke and about as useful as an ashtray on a motor bike.

  30. Crusher says:

    Hey coppers. If you park up a unmarked non- descript car on the Woollie’s side of Charters Towers rd between 1130 pm and 0030 most nights with a front and rear dash cam, you will catch out a hoon with a v6 or 8.

    If you do it over a week , you can have a number of charges leading to immediate crushing of his vehicle.

    He and others take advantage of the Mundingburra business hours to plant the foot .

  31. Avogadro's Number says:

    In response to Guy’s comments: I agree – And that was the point of my earlier comment regarding the installation of enhanced security measures. I was speaking from experience: The home of an elderly family member was broken into at night while she was asleep; The home of my daughter was subject to an attempted break-in, foiled by the deadlock installed after the earlier break-in at the first house. Four houses in our street (and it is a pretty short street) have been broken into or been the target of an attempted break-in. Across the 3 family homes in Townsville I estimate we spent close to $1500 on sensor security lights, deadlocks and security door upgrades to deal with the situation. The expense for us was manageable – though annoying, but one just deals with the situation in the manner that suits one’s circumstances. Apologies if my earlier comment (a clumsy attempt at sarcasm) was a bit obtuse in the delivery..

    • Sergeant Gunny Highway says:

      Invest in a firearm or boobytraps, or at the very least a baseball bat. When the fuckers break in to your home just whisper a veiled warning that they must exit the building, and then open fire. Self defence is what is needed these days, especially living in a crime infested shithole like Townsville. I am seriously looking forward to the day my home is broken into again, I am more than ready to react.

      • The Magpie says:

        Best check up on the law there, Gung Ho, in amongst all the requirements to be justified to defend oneself and one’s property, it takes a fair bit to justify ‘lethal force’. Shooting dead or even wounding an intruder, who might even turn out to be an unarmed young teenager – or even an armed one, just depends – will more than likely put you in the dock. For the simple reason that there is no death penalty in this country for any crime, and the law has to be satisfied you acted with reasonable force in self defence, and not anger. And here’s a tip my family learned decades ago from a NSW copper after a break-in in Sydney. Reasonable force can be used when someone is gaining entry, BUT if you shoot, stab or even chase and bash someone who is LEAVING the premises – in other words trying get AWAY from you – you can be charged with a variety of offences. Keep that in mind when you start taking pot shots at your stolen car as it drives off, … be sure you don’t hit any uninvolved person, or that’s goodnight nurse for a few years. The ‘Pie would … and does … stick with a baseball bat … and a can of Baygon by the bedside … spray that in their eyes and game over. Rather handy to put all sorts of vermin out of action.

        • Mike Shearer says:

          After a break-in a few years ago the investigating coppers (beaut blokes) said the only certain deterrent is one with teeth.

  32. Mike Douglas says:

    Mayor Hill keeping a straight face calling on Member for Herbert to stop using Townsville City Council as a Political Football with petitions on pedestal tax and recent rates increase is a show of arrogance and how the Councillors have failed business and the residents of their divisions letting the Mayor run her cartel . Its well known that the first time many Councillors hear of the Mayors latest thought bubble or increase in charges is when they read it in the Astonisher . Mayor Hill , what Philip Thompson is doing is democracy which doesnt seem to be in the Charter of “Team Hill” .

    • The Magpie says:

      Somehow Mayor Mullet doesn’t think it inappropriate to generously give of her invaluable advice to Canberra, even going to the expense of flying down with bullshit delegations for a jolly disguised as fighting for the region.

  33. Cantankerous but happy says:

    How’s the form on those freeloading parasites at Townsville Enterprise, instead of actually providing some substantial policies and programs to increase tourist business to Townsville, they decide to hold a workshop where members can listen to someone drivel worthless shit for a day, and pay $220 for the luxury, these people are nothing but corporate scabs.

    • Little Rupert says:

      TEL have never done anything to benefit my business. Their ‘go to’ is Tourism, but Townsville is the most un-touristy town in Northern Qld. At best we could become an overnight stop over location.

  34. The Magpie says:

    So the nightmare begins … and it’s anywhere outside the SE corner that gets the five ringed pineapple.

    Scary, scary stuff … but preferred or not, The ‘Pie’s money is on Qatar. Nothing speaks louder in the corruption game than money.

  35. Elusive Butterfly says:

    But, Mr. Magpie…Davy “The Dud” Crisafulli was banging on last week, that Anna had no legacy, no direction for QLD.

    Guess the Olympic Games don’t count?

    But…hey…we have that $300m blimp, courtesy of Campbell and his Local Minister “Dud.”

    • The Magpie says:

      Your right, the Olympic Games do not count … they will be be disaster, as said previously, especially for regional Queensland, draining away all sorts of necessary money for vital infrastructure to the SE corner. This mob that you are waving your pom-poms for a primary school gymkana.

      • Pole vaulter says:

        Another political distraction, absolute Olympic bullshit. Why do these Governments persist with these infantile fantasises which end up costing billions more than the revenue they draw in? Seriously, our economy will be screwed for decades to come, world superpowers are making moves against each other, COVID is allegedly here to stay forever and children are starving to death in third world countries. Fuck the olympics. They are just another outdated, unnecessary expensive exercise in dick measuring by shallow minded politicians with large ego’s. Woohoo, I can run faster than you, yes yes I can swim the quickest, oh the closing ceremony and flame being extinguished was awesome blah blah blah.

        They can stick the olympics up their ass.

        • The Magpie says:

          The ‘Pie is sorta in your territory on this, but you’re way off target in one aspect. Nothing wrong with the Olympics, great spectacle, weaver of sporting legends, awe-inspiring performances of both triumph and tragedy and a bucket list item of excitement for many.

          Where this truly noble sporting concept goes horribly wrong is that a corrupt ruling body has made it a travelling circus up for the highest bidder/briber, countries and leaders with monumental egos to match equally monumental bank balances and property portfolios woo, bid and bribe equally self-interested Olympic committee members. Whole economies have been maimed if not totally wrecked by these back-scratching grifters.

          The ‘Pie has long maintained, from as far back as his days as a TV sports producer, the Olympics should have a permanent home in Greece.

        • Alahazbin says:

          PV, The government shouldn’t start crowing yet. It’s 10 years away and the ICC are yet to collate all the bribes from China, Dohar, Indonesia etc.

    • NQ Gal says:

      EB – what is this $300m Campbell era blimp of which you speak?

  36. Dave of Kelso says:

    ABC TV news just gone. (Yesterday)

    Re aboriginal children, stolen car, Upper Ross apprehension, police injured, court case:


    For Fuck Sake!

    A hideous pox on the Puddleduck, her cohorts and descends for ten generations.

    We have to suffer the pox the Puddleduck has spread upon our community.

    And yes, I am fucking PISSED OFF!

    And, no, I will not calm down!!!

    • Mark says:

      Blame sits at the feet of the Labor Government who own the Youth Justice Act where they have the power to change it but choose not to.


      Not be mention by the Judge about impact or injury to Police which is sad.

    • Guy says:

      Which is why I keep saying, just make sure your own house has some basic security.

      That’s the problem with party politics, when your political party you’ve pledged allegiance to gets taken over by a minority of people that send a wrecking ball through society you have to stay quiet or face the wrath.

      When the liberal party or liberal affiliated individuals start doing stupid things ( the debt of 2008 – 2011, talking about paying for stadiums/ pipelines) everyone has to stay quiet or defend the indefensible. When the labour party starts doing stupid things like allowing criminals roam free with no check – well, likewise no one in Labor can censur anyone or any “policy”. With everyone staying quiet the problem ( whatever it is) just gets worse.

      The main structure of ALL bad managerial response is as follows:

      1: ignore the problem

      2: deny the problem

      3: shoot the problem ( it fails)

      4: rinse and repeat.

      We are locked in a spiral now, the best thing you can do now is focus on small things and get things done on a small level. In the meantime try and get deadlocks on your house improve security by making sure ALL doors are LOCKED when you leave. Keep your screen door LOCKED when at home, front and back, never assume that being at home will deter a home invader, never assume a home invasion is to just steal things. Many years ago I visited someone’s rented apartment and picked up something was off, turned out one of the previous tenants had been killed by a walk-in the street ( they never caught the killer).

      Always keep doors locked – front AND back.

      • The Magpie says:

        ‘(I) picked up something was of …’ Christ, Guy we knew it … your a PARANORMAL, which is about the only word including normal that could be used to describe you. Except abnormal.

        And you sure have missed your calling, you were born to be a politician, waffling on in meaningless gabble-gob crap of unsupported assertions. Particularly liked your suggestion that if someone is a member of .. or simply supports .. Labor, they have not spoken out against their crime policy in Townsville. All those people making noise, marching and writing outraged letters must be LNP/Katter/One Notion voters eh?

        Keep it coming, mate, the image of you in your darkened basement bedroom, two-finger picking away at the keyboard, tongue poking from one corner of the mouth and sweat beads upon the fevered Guy brow is most entertaining … from a distance.

        Are you mates with Pete Evans by any chance?

        • Sounds of silence says:

          Pie; Guy has “two fingers poking the keyboard in a dark basement, sweat on his brow, tongue flicking side to side”! Sounds more like Guy has been viewing some of those internet sites on the dark web that the Pope and his minions like viewing.

        • Grumpy says:

          No, ‘Pie. When Guy says that he picked up something was “off”, he meant that they had stored the unfortunate former tenant under the laundry sink.

  37. The Magpie says:

    So Jenny Hill faces a hearing to determine her careless driving causing death charge.

    At this stage, it will be heard by a magistrate alone judging evidence from j15 witnesses on June 17th (this year).

    Motorcyclist Darryl Lynch, 33, died after the car crash in Aitkenvale in January last year.

    Mr Lynch never regained consciousness after the collision on Nathan St.

    After a 9 month investigation, Mayor Hill was charged with driving without due care and attention causing death.

    Hill’s lawyers believe the hearing should not take more than a day.

    But of course, the rushed report – admirably swift by Ashley Pillhofer – wouldn’t be a Townsville Bulletin unchecked effort without a wonderful typo …

    “Brisbane-based layer Callan Lloyd of Gilshenan and Luton Legal Practice represented Hill who was not present in court via phone appearance.”

    That either makes Mr Lloyd a nest-sitting chook or an epic pantsman … and from what The Magpie knows of the legal profession, he could be either.

    • Hee Haw says:

      Does that mean that IF convicted and she has to step down as Mayor the timing would mean it was more than 12 months after being elected in which case the deputy would assume to role and not have to go to an election?

      As I seem to think the ruling would be an election if prior to 12 months and a successor after 12 months.

      • The Magpie says:

        Think your right. The Local Government Act will tell you.

        • Hee Haw says:

          After checking the ACT and the amendments which the government made last year to “fix” the Rockhampton debacle it now means that on the resignation of the Mayor there will be an election required to appoint a new mayor

        • No More Dredging says:

          ‘Pie, would this be what is called a committal hearing? In other words the magistrate hears the evidence and decides whether the matter should go to trial (likely in a higher court).

          • The Magpie says:

            This is where things get a bit tricky, and the issue is somewhat confused right now for those of us not fully versed on the arcane nature of proceedings. The Magpie’s opinion is that this isn indeed a committal hearing, where the magistrate simply decides if there is enough evidence for this to proceed further to trial. And surely reporter Pillhofer is in error when she writes:
            “Although the matter has been set down for summary hearing, the equivalent of a trial in the Magistrates Court jurisdiction, the third-term civic leader is yet to formally enter a plea.”, not sure that she is correct in saying it is a form of trial.

            And The ‘Pie cannot conceive that a magistrate alone would decide on any penalty for such a serious matter.

            Also wondering why there hasn’t been a coronial inquiry.

            Happy for help from you legal eagles out there, the Astonisher has been consistent in being useless with making the matter clear.

          • Grumpy says:

            Unless things have drastically changed since I tread the boards down there, if the matter was set down for trial in the Magistrates Court, then a plea of “not guilty” would have had to have been already entered. I assume that what she has been charged with is still an indictable offence, so the matter has to proceed to a Committal Hearing. These can be relatively simple – on the basis of a hand up brief where there is no cross-exam of crown witnesses, or the defence can make show of it and go all in in an attempt to persuade the Stipe that there is no case to answer and get all charges dismissed. This is risky business as , if you fail to get the charges dismissed, you have telegraphed your defence and locked your client in to whatever you put to the court. That means your client cannot adjust his story on the basis of the crown evidence. Of course, I stand to be corrected by some of the current mob. Christ, last time I was there, Sarah Bradley was a young slip of a thing and Bob Pack was chortling away in the robing room.

          • The Magpie says:

            Think you gave you’re creaking bones away when you said ‘stipe’ … think that’s out of fashion nowadays, isn’t it?

            But tell you what, Grumps, what chance a set-up, with a ‘stipe’ brought in from, say, Brisbane, because the locals ones might be ‘tainted’? And The ‘Pie will predict something else … if all charges were dismissed, there would be all hell to pay, and one imagines Mayor Mullet would be a dead duck one way or the other.

          • No More Dredging says:

            Therefore seems like a perfect time for the general public to appear at the Magistrates Court to hear the evidence for themselves. It’s completely anonymous, no one will ask who you are or what your business is, you can just walk in, acknowledge the magistrate with a nod and sit down in the public seating in the body of the court.

          • The Magpie says:

            From what The ‘Pie hears, that has actually been the case the other occasions, and that is apart from the family of the deceased, who have understandably been there every time.

          • TheOtherGuy says:

            This is a summary offence under traffic legislation, not the criminal code. It is not a crime or misdemeanor. Dangerous driving involving death is a crime but she was not charged with that. It is a summary hearing by a magistrate; no committal hearing; no judge or jury; no change of venue; no bail involved. Maximum punishment is one year imprisonment or a fine of less than $11,000. No fly in magistrate required. She may have obeyed every traffic rule but can still be charged with careless driving. To be setting a hearing date and talking about the number of witnesses she must already have entered a plea.

          • The Magpie says:

            OK, that all sounds informed, but if she has entered a plea, why have we been told that she hasn’t?

  38. Elusive Butterfly says:

    The Bully is having a mild orgasm this morning. I had to check the date to make sure it wasn’t April 1.

    “In a massive coup for Townsville, rock legends KISS will bid farewell to Australia at Queensland Country Bank Stadium.

    Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the blockbuster fixture will generate millions of dollars for local businesses and support local jobs.

    “Townsville – get ready to rock and roll all night,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

    “KISS are one of the most recognisable bands in the world. We’re bringing them to North Queensland for their last ever show in Australia this December.”

    Resources Minister and Townsville MP Scott Stewart urged people to book a holiday in North Queensland this December.

    “God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll to You but the Premier gave KISS to Townsville,” Mr Stewart said.

    “KISS will be one of the biggest acts to play in Australia in 2021.”

    Thuringowa MP Aaron Harper said he hoped KISS would deliver another strong crowd.

    “Pucker up for a great weekend on 4 December,” Mr Harper said.”

    • The Magpie says:

      Elusive Flutterby, add some sort of comment or viewpoint to your post, otherwise one may suspect you’re just trying to boost the proposed concert. Which is what it is anyway, could be fun for a certain sub-set, but the notion that Anna P is ‘bringing them to North Queensland’ raises all sorts of questions about taxpayer funded support for her electoral money sink-hole arena.

      Anyway, KISS is a most appropriate act for a venue widely known as Total Tools stadium.

      And BTW, the thought of Aaron Harper ‘puckering up’ is enough to put a horse off its oats.

      • Gene Simmons says:

        Yet another political stunt. Whenever there is bad publicity, the way a Government counteracts it is by publishing a distracting ‘good news’ story. So with the Mullet getting a mention in court over a driving death, Message Bank Walker hiding due to his drunken pub fist fight, the TCC under stage spotlight for wasting money, not fixing infrastructure and allowing water quality to reach the standard of the Ganges river, Labor comes out with a big deflection by announcing a concert. Nice try Anna, but those of us who are switched on know exactly what you are doing.

        Look on the bright side, Mayor Mullet already has a 1970’s haircut and 1980’s dress sense, so I’m sure she will get a back stage pass to meet the ageing old rockers.

      • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

        Someone suggested to me that the crabpot could be named the “Queensland Tree Bank Stadium”. The rest of the current name being in George and Walker Streets. I thought this was clever – in a juvenile and not fit for publication in such an esteemed place as yours.

        • The Magpie says:

          Hmmm … a tad laboured, no?

          • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

            Friday arvo after a long and fraught week. It was the pick of the “water cooler chat” for the week. No doubt with Crasher Hill in the spotlight now picking will be richer next week.

      • Old Tradesman says:

        One of the supporting acts will be Lights Out Les and his famous Liverpool KISS.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      4th December hey? That’s the wet season. Best you can hope for is a hot and humid night, but if it rains it will be good for the grass. Hope their makeup is good for a tropical summer.

    • Little Rupert says:

      KISS band members are so old they should do a tour of the nursing homes while they’re here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan, but do they really need to try and out do Rod Stewart?

  39. Elusive Butterfly says:

    As I stated Mr. Pie…I had to check that it wasn’t April Fools Day??

    The Premier and her three clowns that represent us here in Townsville are simply thumbing their noses at local residents by even contemplating that two 70-year-olds (original members) wearing bad makeup and playing 50-year-old, head-banging, crap music will be of benefit to the city.

    Regarding Harper’s and Stewart’s comments…I am lost for words!

    Surely, no one is that stupid??

  40. FIFO says:

    That’s a shame December 4 is a Saturday. The TCC Prince only works Monday to Friday (sort of) so he will miss out on the shindig!!

  41. Beetle Bailey says:

    Comment from the CCC’s MacSporran;

    “ANNASTACIA Palaszczuk had two private email accounts, the state’s corruption watchdog has revealed. And Crime and Corruption Commission chair Alan MacSporran said it could be argued that an email sent from Minister Mark Bailey’s private email to the Premier’s personal account in 2015 had a “component of government business”. It’s today been revealed Ms Palaszczuk had a second email – ‘email hidden; JavaScript is required‘. The Premier did reply from one of her private accounts to an email from Mr Bailey, however it was not to his email about the appointment of a director-general in 2015”.

    There is only one reason a politician uses their private emails or private phone to communicate with other politicians and it’s because they don’t want anything to be found on Government I.T servers. As usual, this Labor Government does not pass the pub test on anything.

  42. Strand Ghost says:

    Hi Tradesman, maybe Les cream puff might get up with Kiss and sing ‘’ Hit me with your next shot’’

  43. Anna cried Wolf says:

    So let’s just see how strongly the the State Labor Government believes in these strong words about wage theft.

    Looking forward to the State bring charges against Townsville City Council for the under payment of wages.

    My money is it won’t happen.


  44. Gumboot says:

    I see they have found more human remains on a beach in NSW only two days after finding a foot in a shoe which they have identified as Melissa Caddick’s. Looks like she went for a long swim and never came back. I feel sorry for the investors that this grub ripped off. Poor buggers

    • The Magpie says:

      Your interests and sympathies obviously range far and wide, somewhat out of our territory hereabouts, but answer me this … who goes swimming with their shoes on?

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Someone who;
        took a one-way walk into the water,
        was pushed in, or
        fell in.

        • The Magpie says:

          You’ve missed your calling, Colombo.

          • Polythene Pam says:

            And ‘Pie, more importantly, he doesn’t know the proper use of colon (:) and semi-colon (;).

          • The Magpie says:

            Oh, no you don’t, Polly P, you’re not temptingThe ‘Pie into making any colon jokes. Or, if interfered with by sharks, semi-colon.

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            Study Joint Service Publication 101 and you will find that I have used the semi colan in accordance with Australian Protocols and Proceedures. Two publications that I suspect you have not studied. Actually outside of government, bugger all would be aware of them.

            Should you ever want to know where to seat the principal guest in a car, and then their staff, Australian Protocols and Proceedures is the book for you.

            Also how to address clergy, royalty, and politicians via written correspondence. And much more.

          • No More Dredging says:

            And how to spell procedures?

      • Gumboot says:

        Pie, somebody who probably wants to make it NOT look like suicide. Suicide null and voids your insurance payout so perhaps she wanted it to look Sis. In most cases I would say that a foot in a shoe is quite suspicious, and I imagine this chick had a few enemies but the again she only disappeared after ASIC raided her home. But you are correct, it’s a bit off topic, sorry.

        • I’ll be plucked says:

          Gummy, are you on the turps, or the weed? This is absolute nonsense, unless of course you have first hand experience of what you are suggesting?

          Get a grip!

      • Achilles says:

        She was in a hurry, and rushed to “put her skates on”

  45. Les Walking says:

    Can’t wait for the CCTV release – old Memory Blank will be soling his smalls and doing all sorts to prevent it, no doubt.

    If you or a minion are reading this you disgraceful tosser, have a long hard look in the mirror, then resign from Parliament. If I ever see you down the street, I’ll be crossing over to the other side to avoid your stench.

  46. Mundingbird says:

    Congratulations on your hard work,200+ comments every week.You should be proud of your achievements.
    ps maybe you should run for Mayor!

    • The Magpie says:

      Encouraging words, received with thanks, but The ‘Pie will never fall for believing his own publicity … probably a quarter of those comments are his own replies to a small but growing band of feisty followers, many of whom love to put the boot into the feathered head, but that is what the blog is for. And given my lack of vocal chords, if The ‘Pie ran for mayor, he’d make voters a offer they couldn’t understand.

  47. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Mr. Pie…you disappoint me…

    • The Magpie says:

      Join the club. This ain’t Facebook. Your interpretation was just a complete misreading of the article, and biased drivel, without any new facts or evidence to support your view. Which is juvenile anyway.

  48. ScottMo says:

    Hey Pie,
    Is Jenny from the Shire actually Bruce’s cousin? Heard it somewhere else. Maybe you know?

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