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Sunday, April 7th, 2024   |   361 comments

Justified Boast Or Just Bullshit? A Vital Bit Of Info Mysteriously Disappears From Conman The Barbarian’s Media profile.

More mystery from our mayoral mystery man … it got two degrees hotter for mayor-elect Troy Thompson during the week.  And his apologists and enablers are out for Magpie blood.

But there’s an even bigger mystery in a Margie ‘Potty Mouth’ Ryder FB post.  The former councillor apparently reveals a bizarre medical secret … and it sounds like an interspecies problem involving her pooch and her pouch.

Maybe the Daily Astonisher should do a story on the former councillor’s condition … the Bulletin is obviously obsessed with animals and the number of Dad joke headlines they can think up.

A serious suggestion for iditor Gas Carvey … (The ‘Pie understands she always appreciates the insights offered in The Nest).

And in the US, the mobster ex-President has always caused many to embrace religion, or at least keep saying Jesus Christ, Jesus wept, and fucking hell!! Now he’s trying to make money out of it, selling a book he’s never read and which is freely available across the country.

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GG Stands For Green Gal …

Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 8.23.10 pm

Our new ceremonial ribbon-snipper, Governor General Sam Moysten is an environmental champion, but this woman is no wild-eyed zealot.

Former lawyer, businesswoman and equality activist, Mostyn is well known to political and corporate power players, having worked as a staffer to Paul Keating in the 1990s, to sitting on the AFL commission from 2005, leading Chief Executive Women and holding various board roles. She is the 28th person and second woman to hold this costly ceremonial position, which has been greatly downgraded in significance and power since – and because of – November 11 1975.  The role is such that barely anyone pretends it is other than a but political gift to a supporter of whichever mob is in power at the time of the appointment. No point in taking the ‘jobs for the gals’ line as a solely Labor trait, but Bentley can see the reasoning behind PM AnAl’s captain’s pick.

Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 8.32.30 pm

Mostyn is a biological female in the traditional sense – she is married to barrister Simeon Beckett  and has one daughter.  Which leads The ‘Pie to fervently hope that unlike the partner of the previous governor general,  Mr Beckett is not given to penning and singing ditties at his wife’s public events. Mrs Hurley was responsible for more tightly curled toes than any ‘enhanced interrogation’ expert in Putin’s Gulag.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Walker Street

The week has been a classic text book study in shooting the messenger, with the air around the Nest echoing with apologists – with the inane ‘C’mon, give the bloke a go’,  (what otherchoice do we have, boofheads?) and  an obvious cack-handed attempt at innocent but biased arguments about why The ‘Pie is wrong to inquire about Thompson’s lies. By and large, all this latter mob have done is dig the hole deeper.

When several on this blog went digging after a spurious claim from a Thompson troll that proof of his claimed two university degrees was private information not available to the public, things again started to fall apart for TwoNames. One reader inquired at the two universities claimed by TwoNames and they had no record of anyone named Thompson or Birnbrauer ever getting degrees, and certainly not in the years claimed.. The The ‘Pie himself refuted the claim that degrees were not available to the public – which of course they are, otherwise it would make a lot of job interviews pretty interesting. Because of the lack of a telephone voice, The ‘Pie was unable to make direct inquiries himself, but is satisfied with readers information and conclusions.

It was at this point during the week that  all claim to uni degrees disappeared from Thompson’s on-line information.

Now this in itself is not to say that Troy Thompson/Birnbrauer hasn’t got the claimed qualifications but it doesn’t make any sense to not just simply publish his proof of degrees on the website, and make lying trolls out of the Magpie and other sceptics. The claim to privacy from a person just elected to one of the highest public positions in this city just throws more logs on the slow smouldering fire. Especially when uni degrees wouldonly enhance, not detract from, the Troy Thompson story.

Troy, you mightn’t give a toss about all this (but you’d be surprised at who reads The Nest, and not just in Townsville) but let the old bird assure you this is not going to go away,  The Magpie isn’t alone in wanting a clear, honest picture of your background …because background often points to the likely future performance. Several southern media interests are looking at this as well, so your reticence to be honest will just end in more negative publicity for Townsville. Your promises of performing your duties and conducting council business with transparency and honestly ring hollow if you’re not willing to apply those same standards to yourself.

Anyway, life will get very interesting after next Wednesday, when our newly-minted litter have done their circling, sniffing,  and wet nosing after being sworn in. They’ll all be suckling on mummy government’s tit soon enough. Let’s just hope none of them decides to mark out their territory in time-honoured canine fashion.

Should We Send Margie Ryder A Hallmark Get Well Card?

If so, it is unlikely that Hallmark have one to specifically cover ‘pear-shaped’  private’s that attract the attention of pets.

We speak of this mystifying FB offering from Potty Mouth.

Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 7.43.43 pm

It is doubtful anyone wants to inquire further into this distressing ‘pear-shaped’ incident -let alone anyone describing it as ‘looser’- but is it reasonable to suggest that rather than ‘fishaholic’ as claimed on her shirt, Margie was at the time of writing a more traditional ‘aholic’.?

The Bulletin – A Real Dog’s Breakfast

Again, we wonder at the iditorial policy of the Bulletin, where one of its long running obsessions within its narrow band of interest is not just animal stories but repetitive headline puns to go with them. Prominent over the past few months has been a pun involving the words ‘paws’. and ‘cats’. This really is insulting kiddy stuff, and not harmless fun when the paper can’t report real news properly, if at all.  Here’s what we mean.

Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 10.49.19 am

Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 5.44.35 pm

Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 5.44.55 pm Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 5.45.22 pm

Sure that last one is a TCC release, but it counts since the Bulletin prints such handouts without changing word, and just adding a reporters name and more often than not, a spurious ‘exclusive’ banner.

But we also have the recreational grief yarns, we’re someone has a genuine heartbreaking loss (The ‘Pie knows from experience) where we are asked to wring our hands in anguish over an animal we don’t know and frankly, couldn’t really care less about. The owner’s grief is genuine, but this simply is not news of this magnitude for the general readership. especially when this particular fella died a whole decade after being a real news story.

Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 5.42.22 pm

Even interesting yarns do not escape without a silly childish pun.

Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 10.56.45 am

And sometimes the juvenile idiocy for this sort of pap loses all sense of direction, missing the point that a headline should A: make sense about the report,  and B: entice the reader into the story itself.

Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 10.51.19 am

The ‘Pie did read the story just to see if there’d been a typo or other cock-up.Turns out the headline reference is so obscure that it wasn’t immediately apparent – well down in a mildly interesting yarn, Aaron Harper was somehow involved in making a speech for bird project, where he said – hold back your uncontrollable laughter – he said his was ‘winging’ his speech.

For fucks fucking sake. And using Aaron Harper a source of intentional humour is a sick joke in itself.

This isn’t just recent and occasional … it is every fucking day, every fucking week. No doubt the iditor will just say that The ‘Pie is hounding the paper, and the staff will fall off their chairs laughing, spilling their morning babychinos.

Fuck wits! Just stop it.

One Positive Thing Cas Garvey Could Do …

… but won’t because of the source of the idea.  With the passing of the much missed Shari Tagliabue, the Bulletin now has a glaring lack of a local columnist to focus readers’ attention on current matters in the city. The ever laudable John Anderson is still going strong. but his entertaining weekly contribution is regional and country in nature … and has also been shuffled off into the Weekend Magazine, which is very much an acquired taste.

So it was with interest The ‘Pie noted this letter from a regular writer to the Bulletin.

Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 9.33.32 am

Now just to be clear, The Magpie does not know and to his knowledge has never spoken to or socialised with Barry Davis.  But he is one of two or three letter writers The’Pie always reads. Davies’ well constructed arguments – as above – are always tightly written and clearly expounded. The ‘Pie doesn’t always agree with what he says, but  his intelligent interpretation of various matters invites comment, approval, or disagreement.  As the letters section often indicates, he is a conversation starter.

Which is exactly what a columnist should do. 

So Ms Garvey, why don’t you approach Mr Davies and see if he is willing to grace your pages as a regular (PAID) columnist? He appears to be at least one person who would not shy away from being associated with your slowly dying rag …who knows, he might even resuscitate it a bit.

Trigger warning:  In he following headline,  there is a rude word introducing the next story which will either shock you or make you laugh … or both. Either way,  couldn’t care less.

Donald Trump And Religion: To Paraphrase The Life Of Brian’s Famous Line – ‘He’s Not The Messiah, He’s A Cunt.’

About the only thing you can admire Trump for is his ability to find new depths after you think he’s hit rock bottom. Now he’s started selling …. at $60 a pop … bibles, to raise campaign funds (read legal bills) which are freely available just about anywhere you want, or at least at a price untainted by this cynical political chicanery.

It was the start of a push to get the faltering Evangelical vote, an important bloc in the fruitcake constituency of American politics.

Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 11.03.06 pm

But in so doing, it’s a sure bet he has lost the Catholic vote,  by nothing less than mocking the Eucharist. In an interview trying to convince the world of a deep religious connection, this unhinged (a Presbyterian by birth) hoodlum said quote:”“When I drink my little wine — which is about the only wine I drink — and have my little cracker, I guess that is a form of asking for forgiveness, and I do that as often as possible because I feel cleansed,” he said. “I think in terms of ‘let’s go on and let’s make it right.”

Even then, the unhinged garbled mind was on display. But most alarming, there are plenty who will believe this crackpottery.

You probably couldn’t deliberately manufacture a more insulting, mocking and hurtful (to believers) line than that.  It’s well known that The ‘Pie has little time for organised religions, but all of them are entitled to respect for the good side of the things they do.  And mocking a figure central to their faith, as in this case, is a new low even for Trump. It was missed by American cartoonists, either.

Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 7.40.34 am

Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 10.04.25 am Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 10.03.28 am Screen Shot 2024-04-02 at 9.06.13 am Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 7.40.22 am Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 7.40.08 am Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 7.39.54 am Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 7.38.47 am Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 7.37.55 am Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 10.05.10 am Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 7.39.19 am Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 10.03.53 am Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 10.05.35 am Screen Shot 2024-04-02 at 9.05.35 am Screen Shot 2024-04-02 at 9.05.28 amScreen Shot 2024-04-06 at 10.01.10 am Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 10.00.54 am Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 10.01.35 am Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 10.00.19 am

Why Armageddon Will Never Happen, And Always Has, And Always Will

Now, for a moment,  there is something serious The Magpie wants to share.  With all the bastardy going in the world …  Gaza, the Ukraine, Haiti, and even America itself…Armageddon  has never really stopped for various groups, just travelled around a bit. But there was a truly enlightening moment for The ‘Pie recently (being serious for moment here, it really put me to deep contemplation) that put the lie to the authors of one section of the bible – the one dealing with Armageddon, the battle that ends to world.

(in the New Testament) the last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgement.
  • the place where the Armageddon will be fought.
  • a dramatic and catastrophic conflict, especially one seen as likely to destroy the world or the human race.

The refutation to that proclamation came in the excellent book Prophet Song by Paul Lynch. We’ll perhaps talk about the books literary merits – which are many and profound –  another time.  But towards the end of this irresistible dark story, Lynch writes (in psrt)  this: ‘ … it is vanity to think that the world will end in your lifetime in some sudden event,   that what ends is your life and only  your life , that what is sung by the prophets is but the same song sung across time. …. (but) the prophet sings not of the end of the world but of what has been done and what will be done, and what is being done to some and not others  that the world is always ending, over and over again in one place but not another , and that the end of the world is always a local event, it comes to your country and visits your town and knocks o the door of your house and becomes to others but some distant warning, a brief report on the news, an echo of events that have passed into folklore.”

For me, that phrase ‘the end of the world is always a local event’ has stayed with me and probably always will. From this flows the idea that there will never be one colossal ‘Armageddon’ just a rolling series of Armageddons from which what was is rebuilt again.

Let’s hope the Bulletin never gets to review this wonderful, ground-breaking book … if they do, The’Pie will bet that the headline will be ‘I’m Armageddon Outta Here.’

Finally, Meet  King Dork

The ‘Pie has no strong feelings about the British monarchy, he’s not given much to contemplating kiddy fiddlers who don’t sweat,  and others who have flights of fancy about being tampons in idle moment between sponging of the gullible populace. But now, Kingy and Mrs Kingy have expressed a desire to infest our fair land with a royal visit. However, it appears that even an education during his impressionable years of youth at Geelong Grammar failed to imbue Chuck with the Aussie approach to our environment and our lifestyle.  If there comes such a visitation, it seems unlikely he will get into the swing of the Australian mood.

Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 10.59.06 am

You’re kiddin’, sport, surely. Mate, your on a fucking beach. The missus in flowing, gauzy up-market beachwear and bare feet, and just far enough from the camera to be mistaken for a GILF attractive enough for a bit of unauthorised action with the nearest lifesaver behind the boat shed,  and you …well, you in suede brogues, a lightweight suit, business shirt and tie. ON A FUCKING BEACH, FFS. And the sunnies to make you like the local Kray twins  branch manager or an off-duty polo horse salesman.

Charlie,  mate, buddy, pal,  it seems you have almost achieved that famous ambition you breathed down the phone to Camilla all those years ago while still married to Diana … because,  like the object you wished to become on that occasion, you are now, white, up-tight … and as with all royal matters, there’ll be strings attached.


Enough for one week, where really, bugger all has been happening, given our new mayor’s Greta Garbo act, so looks like we’ll have to wait for something amusing to tickle our fancy. But have your say on any subject in comments, free to gabble on, and they run 24/7.  Massive computer problems linger in the background, so any support you can offer will be put to good use, the donate button is below.

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  1. Lefty says:

    Seems the Magpie has it in for Thompson. I read his socials, says, page under construction. Looks like it’s getting ready to change to Mayor Troy Thompson. Anyway, it’s the week of inaugeration for all councillors time to get ready, who’ll be deputy, my moneys on AMG. I reckon there’s some changes coming in the executive in council.

    • HeatherC says:

      I think it’ll be radio silence again, he’ll just put his head down and do what he has too now. 4 weeks in a row on him now. I’d rather watch paint dry, he does nothing for entertainment value. I’d rather know if the Townsville Fire, cowboys and TEL will get their collective sponsorship money, $1M+ doesn’t go well when charities are missing out. Fire would close, TEL would struggle, Cowboys don’t need $250k a year. Trading wheels will be on this week, for all new councillors.

    • The Magpie says:

      You make it sound like an unmerited attack, whereas the only real attack is on the refusal to answer straightforward questions. But you’re right, The ‘Pie’s long experience with the shonks of this world means he has it in for frauds, liars and dangerously dumb smooth talkers.

    • NetflixScout says:

      Twonames is definitely in the proverbial and a good candidate for a Netflix doco: Allegations of making up his military service, allegations of fake university degrees, statements of rubbing shoulders with those in very high positions in the world, DV charges that he simply did not understand the requirements of orders at the time, disendorsement evidence from One Nation (because he lied on his application), taking down all social media on the same day his University degrees were questioned.

      Walter Mitty eat your heart out.

      Twonames needs to show his degrees, have his military mates stand up for him (where are they?), or anyone who has worked for/with him to stand up for him (where are they?).

      He’s on the Netflix list of potentials.

  2. Rusted On says:

    Time for the shake up to begin. Walker street has been red for many years, ‘Team Thompson’ threw the grenade, and is standing too close, rookie error. I’m told Dolan is in his ear by a current councillor, Prins will go, so will the top layer. I’ll stay in my crew, watch the HQ implode, this new bloke kicked the hornets nest, and there all turning whistle blowers, time for the administrator to step in.

    • The Magpie says:

      Dolan in Thompson’s ear? Your info antennae needs some WD-40, Rusted On.

      • Rusted On says:

        Believe me, as a red ragger of many decades, Dolan’s in his ear, remember Jen didn’t agree with Dolan, Ryan or other advisors that she shouldn’t run again, so it’s a slap at the team too.

        • The Magpie says:

          If you’re suggesting Hayes advised TwoNames during the campaign, only two words are required in reply: get help.

          • Rusted On says:

            I’m saying afterwards! Speak to other Labor councillors they’ll confirm it too.

        • Bin Chicken 4810 says:

          Bin chicken concurs.
          Mullet is gone, and everyone is suddenly freindly and cooperative in team Red.

      • Southern Comfort says:

        Actually 2nd time I’ve heard that. Both interesting and frightening if true. I’ve also had 2 knowledgeable people deny it could or time wise actually did happen.

        • The Magpie says:

          It’s twaddle, take it from The ‘Pie. People love making up this stuff.

          • Not standing for Mayor says:

            Put a pin in your comments here Magpie. Hearing the same in my council circles. Dolan Hash (or was it Crack) is nothing if not a survivor. With his wife and daughter embedded in the Ville he needs to maintain a presence here. I hope you are right but I think you are wrong.

          • The Magpie says:

            Standing For Mayor, not published, leave family out of comments when it irrelevant, they have nothing to do with this issue. You surely know the rules by now.

  3. Easypeezy says:

    TwoNames was called out on ‘Everything Townsville’ for clearing all his social media accounts, to which he responded claiming that as the pages will become his official ‘Mayor’ page and will be run by him, it can have no campaign activities on it. He states other candidates may choose to keep their campaign account and allow TCC to run a new Councillor page for them.

    Sounds like a reasonable explanation, until like always, you do a bit of digging and realise he’s full of that brown stuff. A review of new and reelected Councillors and Mayors, both locally and in other towns/cities show that they run their own account and all posts during the campaign period are… to no surprise, still there.

    • The Magpie says:

      How is having two university degrees not allowed to be listed on official mayoral sites?

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      I’m wondering if we can have a copy of the policy/regulation or legislation that states that he needs to clear his page and that it can’t have any election material on it.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      And … I see Brian Venton defending him on Everything Townsville. I suspect we will see a lot more of Mr Venton and his troupe of nutters in the months to come.

      • The Magpie says:

        So who is he?

        • Dread Pirate Roberts says:

          My Place Townsville

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          A goat farmer from OakValley, MyPlace Townsville, a marriage celebrant, a fully blown conspiracy theorist. Who, along with Jeanie Zonta (another one) is unfortunately linked to a number of the successful councillors, an ex mayoral candidate and Twonames. Brian will be at the swearing in ceremony. One of the councillors has invited him.

  4. L. Ron Hubbard says:

    Armageddon started in Townsville the day that Hill was voted into office. The damage has been incalculable. And now we will have Armageddon part 2 as Twonames Thompson finishes us off.

  5. Mike Douglas says:

    3.5 full pages Council advertising in the Townsville Bulletin Saturday from a Council projecting a $3.54 mil loss 2023/24 . Saving upsides already from election as Jonte Vervey $150k + Mayors adviser has departed with his LinkedIn profile stating end of March . Hopefully our new Mayor won’t appoint himself to every board possible as well as new entities then maybe he won’t need a Chief of Staff like Mayor Hill . Forget the personalities Townsville voted for change and no Teams includ transparency . The political games played on Haughton stage 2 Feds contribution and Phil Thompson being stalled by now Premier Miles / Mayor Hill avoiding City plan meetings to sign off the project . The State fronted up to save the day , didn’t have the $ in the budget , Stewart + Molachino media leaning over the plan we then found out land hadn’t been sorted . Result ratepayers picking up $100 mil .

  6. Doug K says:

    Local sports followers who still have a memory might recall a reporter called Doug Gorrel, who covered everything from rugby league to racing in the good old days before the Townsville Bulletin resorted to printing media releases.
    Doug G returned to his home town of Wagga Wagga some time ago, and took up racehorse training.
    He was moderately successful at his new job, until last Saturday.
    At The Championships at Royal Randwick, Doug G saddled up Asgarda, the $34 winner of the $1 million Country Championship Final, and was featured on Channel 7’s racing coverage.
    His emotional and down to earth interview was a classic.

  7. Alahazbin says:

    Barry Davies as a paid commentator on the astonisher. Pigs might fly Pie. More chance of Steve from Town Common getting a gig with our Iditor.
    There is a persistent letter writer in the CM, Donald McLean of Figtree Pocket. He and Steve could be twins, but at least McLean puts his name to his opinions. As we all on here are not named, I occasionally write in LTE.

    • The Magpie says:

      Maybe, but the idea was filling the noticeable gap in the paper’s line-up.

      And not being named here is the decision of the writer… the nature of The Nest and the atmosphere in the city probably makes it necessary if anything is to be discussed.

    • OED says:

      Barry and you write for free, no need for the Bulletin to pay.

  8. Daily Planet says:

    Pretty ordinary missive this week Townsville Magpie. You running out of steam?

  9. Alfred E Neuman says:

    Mr. Pie, I was hoping to see the statue this week. You know, the Statue of Limitations.
    I appreciate that inspired creative genius cannot be forced but is spontaneous, so, perhaps some time in the future.

  10. Prince Rollmop says:

    Will Twonames release a ‘first 100 days’ document outlining how he will address kiddie crime, TCC’s debt, trim the bloated TEL (needs restructuring//boning/new constitution), restructure the TCC exec management team, and what the focus will be for the 2024/25 budget. All these areas need to be addressed and a solid and logical plan is required.

    • The Magpie says:

      Yes, basically agree, but first 100 days malarkey is an American media invention which is in fact meaningless. It’s an arbitrary length of time and is often used to apply unwarranted pressure. The ‘Pie is going to take this bloke one day at a time.

    • old tradesman says:

      Boning can have many hidden meanings in the English language.

  11. Bullshit says:

    Barry Davies’ analysis as an opinion columnist isn’t worth shit if he thinks for a second that Jacob would do a deal with the independents.

    Plus he obviously only gets his news from the Townsville Bulletin itself – calling the My Place crew independents, not a mention of anything dug up on this site – meaning that he has no hope of grasping what’s going on at Walker Street.

    Any column he wrote would only make readers less educated!

    • The Magpie says:

      See what The ‘Pie means …he’s got you talking, because you’re opinion opposes his. But the issue has been aired and is being discussed.

      • Bullshit says:

        Davies wrote a whole letter that didn’t mention the fact that the council has a Labor majority. He’s like the blind man and the elephant, struggling to piece together ideas on the basis of limited understanding. It’s not a matter of different opinions.

        Anyone can get people talking by writing a column that’s simply ignorant. There have to be writers who can put together an interesting column that also has some basis in the real world!

        • The Magpie says:

          Your opinion is just that, an opinion. See The ‘Pie’s previous reply on the subject.

          ‘Understanding’ something is usually a matter of opinion, based on facts … the new council having a Labor majority in the previous manner is NOT a fact.

          • Bullshit says:

            I didn’t say it was a Labor majority in the previous manner, but that’s beside the point, he didn’t mention it in any manner.

  12. Grumpy says:

    Two-Name’s FB page is up and running with the clear warning that all comments shall be subject to strict censorship. Any “negative” comments shall be deleted. Does that mean comments disagreeing with you or calling out your fictitious claims regarding tertiary qualifications? Obviously taking a page out of Harpic’s playbook.

    • Joany says:

      I dont think they do themselves any favours deleting. I’ve noticed Phil Thompson seems to allow all comments, sensible and otherwise, on his page and answers most questions and statements put to him with dignity and facts. A lesson they could all learn and can only earn respect. Of course it goes without saying that possible litigious shit should be removed.

    • Bullshit says:

      Anything pro fluoride or vaccination probably!

  13. Prickster says:

    Wait until the contract terms of the current TCC CEO become known.

    • Achilles says:

      I’m fairly sure that there will be a sunset clause, that if he is terminated or the TAC’s are amended, there will be a multi$ golden handshake.

      • The Magpie says:

        Whatever it is is not going to be altered by any outcry. And it’s highly unlikely there would be any messy move to give him the shove, that’s not the way these thing work.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Frau Mullet was a big fan of paying people not to perform or do anything for their money – TEL, Mullets 3 advisors, CEO Prins, ex Copper doing a 6-month ‘security/safety analysis’ etc etc. So Twonames has some cost savings available to him right from the get-go and that is punt the overpaid deadwood listed here.

      As for old mate Twonames monitoring his Faecesbook account, I agree that nasty and abusive comments should be moderated, however if he deletes comments that are critical but not abusive, he will be working in opposition to transparency and honesty which are two qualities he thus far lacks in spades.

      • The Magpie says:

        The clear problem with this bloke is his understanding of and instance against, ‘negative’ comments, which is another way of saying ‘agree with me or get bumped’.

        • Rusted On says:

          He is friends with a murderer…. Isn’t he? Getting bumped may well be his meaning.

          • The Magpie says:

            That’s an overblown connection, tenuous at best. But so what if he is, that is hardly a matter that interrogates his fitness to be mayor. Why waste time on things that don’t matter? Let’s just investigate those things we should know that make this accidental mayor highly suspect of unfitness.

          • Prickster says:

            As an aside: if someone commits a crime, is found guilty, then serves the sentence, should they be continually persecuted for the rest of their lives?

          • The Magpie says:

            Pointless and eristic question, because there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Dolly Dunne versus some drunk who broke a copper’s jaw? Shhoplifter Wendy from Wulguru v the Rassmussen Rapist? It’s a personal choice whether to shun someone under those circumstances.

            And – good heavens – sure surely not making a case for TwoNames Thompson are you, because if so, the question is an idiotic attempt at deflection from the past history of a leading civic representative. Something we have the RIGHT to know about, especially when it appears he has lied to gain office.

          • Prickster says:

            Agree every right to know with 2names, particularly with his transparency platform. Sentencing is complicated, I don’t want to see right wing Trumpian thoughts creep into the country further than they are. We can all provide feedback on sentencing here sentencingcouncil.qld.gov.au

  14. Inspector Clouseau says:

    Brain Venten/Ventin: Townsville; a marriage celebrant, goat farmer and milk vendor.

  15. Rusted On says:

    The way I look at it;
    DV lite offender (otherwise he’d have convictions)
    Mental health (Divorce / kids maybe)
    Military army reservist (no issue)
    Administration of company (worked for new buyer)
    Bankruptcy (can’t find that, other than a statement from administrator)
    Name change (prior to wedding / de-poll back, nothing)
    Academic (no evidence for or against, don’t care though)
    Killers mate (PBurdell)
    Qld Parliament ban (can be undone)

    The bloke has some skeletons, but nothing criminal, no convictions, I think. I do think he will get Prins removed under someone’s advice from the left faction, it’ll cost $600k+, sounds Dr Ralston knows from inside the walls, he’ll resign with a golden handshake. There’ll be a few to go, LGAQ will then step in. I’m thinking the Mayor will continue, he’s a local, liked by half the population, hated by the rest, it’s his to lose. I know of 6 people who are whistleblowers to him now too, so I’m thinking CCC will be called.

    Thats enough from this old bull, off to bed I go!

    • The Magpie says:

      You really area dumb bastard aren’t you?And just what has the LGAQ have to do with this? Suggest nothing.

      Sleep tight in the barn.

      • Prickster says:

        The LGAQ are nothing more than a member based (and owned) lobby group, no different than TEL.

        If things turn really bad at TCC, the Local Government Minister dismisses the entire council and appoints an administrator with an advisory committee.

        • The Magpie says:

          And he does so without any necessity to reference to the LGAQ. (But he will make a show of doing so in the name of votes.)

    • Not standing for Mayor says:

      Rusted On – wanna buy a bridge?

    • Local Yokal says:

      You’re kidding right, can imagine if this was about Jenny or someone in the labor party you’d be just as fine with it.

      – DV, two times, broke the no contact orders in both occasions more than 6 times. Which means he had to go back to court to stay out of jail.
      – CEO that went into liquidation, left $9m owing to creditors and was subject of an insolvent trading claim as well as paying his ex partner $35k the day before it went into administration & buying a $18k engagement ring on the company CC. All in the liquidators report of Ipro.
      – bankrupt personally, he’s denied this but it’s on the AFSA record from 2007-2010. Ten years before the company liquidation.
      – says he was in the SAS and two other squadrons when he was in the reserves (again not a crime to be a reservist, but in true Thompson form lies about it to inflate his past.
      – now caught out lying about his two degrees, again inflating his past.
      – says he worked for the US Stare department while living in Germany (bound to be another lie).
      – name change (says it was due to marriage and divorce but wasn’t divorced to that woman until 2015, 9 years after he says he changed his name, more likely around the time he was being chased by creditors before his bankruptcy.

      This guy hasn’t got an issue in his past he hasn’t lied about or tried to put a positive spin on. Again, so what, but the people on here saying there is nothing to see here would be the first to jump up and down if it was someone else on the other side of politics than them.

      Just have some conviction, wrong is wrong, dodgy is dodgy. The time to give this guy a chance has long passed, until he fronts up and admits to everything already out there.

      He could answer the army record, the academic record and the name change by just releasing the records (army service, academic) and dates of name change along with marriage, divorce etc.

      I agree Magpie, the major news outlets will now jump onto this stuff and they will never let it go until he deals with it. Until then it will haunt him (and Townsville) for his entire term.

      • The Magpie says:

        On the name change matter, the reason he gives for doing so is so spurious as to be laughable … he says the woman was the last of the Birbrauer line and wanted the name to be continue to their planned or actual child (not clear which), so he took her name. What a good bloke … what a dumb bullshit artist … because there would be no necessity, not even for marriage, for the child to carry whatever surname the parents choose.

        Old Sir Wally Scott was bang on target when he wrote ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive,’

      • Grumpy says:

        Local – you have my vote for best comment of the month.

        And, Rusted, you surely are an ignorant idiot – “DV Lite”?? Run that past a victim of any victim of family violence, no matter how “lite” you consider it to be. How many women would have voted for him if that he had known beforehand that he was a DV perpetrator? . No conviction? Moron. He WAS convicted. The Beak, for some reason (usually on the basis of a bullshit submission from a lawyer) after convicting him decided not to RECORD the conviction on his public record. Still can come back and bite him on the bum – like it is now. Further, to plead ignorance of the terms of a Protection Order is fatuous nonsense. The orders are always carefully explained to the respondent and are written in plain English that even a double degree University graduate should be able to understand. What part of “No Contact” didn’t he understand?

        The more we unpack this charlatan, the more there is to discover.

        • The Magpie says:

          There is a document in The ‘Pie’s possession from the head shrink where TwoNames had a recuperative sojourn to the local walloppers on the gold coast confirming Thompson was a ‘guest’ and woud notbe ableto fulfil his regular reporting to the police station.

          This raises the further question, if the breaches were so airily dismissed by our bloke as minor ‘just phone calls and things like that, innocently made’, why was it necessary to impose a reporting order on him?

      • Prince Rollmop says:

        Top marks! A great piece of investigative work to accompany the Magpie’s expose. Well done. Twonames should be renamed Twotales as he has a bullshit story to go with every questionable part of his background. Fuck me sideways, what a shonky bastard he be.

        Has enough been written in the Magpie’s Nest for Light-on Smith to now do an investigative piece, or is he too busy writing obituary’s and the lotto numbers for the paper?

      • Prickster says:

        Let’s get the liquidators report of Ipro and bankruptcy AFSA record published on the Nest, just to make it easier for the Astonisher to cut and paste.

        • KWalsh says:

          Yep, I’m a bit bored with the waiting. Don’t know how to paste a file into the comment box (I’ve seen it done, just don’t know how). But TwoNames Personal Bankruptcy record is available at the link below. It’s a Fair Use to satisfy public demand for this document. I do not know why we keep holding back.


          • The Magpie says:

            That document just confirms TwoNames has done his mandatory period (three years, isn’t it?) and is no longer bankrupt as of that date??

          • Southern Comfort says:

            Correct. That is the statutory discharge process. Not a “debts paid” discharge.

          • Rusted On says:

            So basically , he’s discharged from bankruptcy 14 years ago, or in 2010, like many the bloke has moved on now. KWalsh, aren’t you also the bloke who reported old mate to be a friend of PBurdell? I’m sure something about you and ‘alleged’ rape was bought up from school, be careful not to throw stones. And chief of staff is different to international banker mate. Either way, the blokes the Mayor now.

          • Not standing for Mayor says:

            Magpie, what this record does is to shut the door on those people saying Twofaces was never bankrupt and was simply the CEO of a company which went bankrupt. It is another small nail in the coffin.

          • Grumpy says:

            Yes, but it does show that he was a bankrupt – something he has either denied or refused to admit.

            Good work, Walshie – personally, I couldn’t be bothered to spend the $49.50.

            It’s a sad day when we have to rely on the likes of Mooney Lite to save us from this this inevitable catastrophe.

      • Rusted On says:

        As a current employee of TCC, I can say we are pleased to see Hill moved on and while old mate is at the helm, there’ll be a cleanse internally like a good dose of salts, not a bad thing to happen, the culture or lack of it is a big problem. With the hope of a new CEO, it could be very good. If our ex-mayor can get off an ‘alleged’ case of manslaughter, this bloke will not be bothered by the media. You only have to look at every politician currently, there’s plenty of stories out there. It’ll fade into the ether if he gets into his job and just gets it done, I must say, most of us here don’t care what he has or hasn’t done, from what I’m hearing not many really do, doesn’t affect us on the ground.

        Talking to administration they are ready for the swearing in ceremony on Wednesday and the new opening of the customer experience foyer today, I believe the mayor was there with his partner at the opening, even met with some of the executive directors too.

        • The Magpie says:

          That’s one of the better ‘I’m alright, Jack’ comments so far. But the perception that The ‘Pie wants to see TwoNames fail couldn’t be further from the truth, the old bird is too fond of this town to wish it more misery.

          But he will continue to seek clarity – you know, the much trumpeted ‘transparency’ our new mayor has promised, but not on a personal level apparently – because we have a right to know who is making decisions at the highest level on our behalf. To arrogantly say it’s none of our business is wrong, and does not bode well. But people always have the right not to care … and of you look at recent history, see where that’s got us.

          • Rusted On says:

            Thanks Magpie.
            It sounds like you want to have him removed, and while many may agree, or disagree, I’d rather see what he does in council first. People voted against Jenny, they were not going to go for Dr Patel, so this bloke got in. I just hope his nose will be clean moving forward, I don’t give a stuff what he’s done. A few people in admin I spoke this arvo said he was good, very clear and not a sour puss like the last one, that a bonus in this place. Hope he kicks goals, gets through the four years, there has often got to be a clean out person, maybe he is it, with new executives, we don’t need anymore bad attention on the council, that’s my hope anyway. I’ll give him a crack, and very short rope, it’s up to him. Have a good night mate.

          • The Magpie says:

            Seems The ‘Pie has to say it again …slowly, so you eventually get it.

            The Magpie remains indignant and suspicious of Troy Thompson’s past, and given what we do know, may contain other matters which may see us back in the voting booth within a year. And his reluctance to man up and make his own case – rather than just use blocking tactics and arrogance (‘none of your business’which it most certainly is) just adds fuel to a fire he could so easily put out. Why won’t he? Guilt, arrogance, con man or all three?It is just plain stupid to think that The ‘Pie would wish him to be a bad mayor, and continue the damage of his predecessor, such a notion is just rank idiocy of those who have some sort fog of relief governing their thing – such as it is.

            And RO, your statement that you don’t care about the past says everything about you and nothing about people who respect time honoured behaviour when running for public office. In that aspect, you’re an irresponsible dill.

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          Rusty you’re not very smart are you.
          When Jenny became Mayor there was an internal cleanse of TCC “like a good dose of salts” which got us the dysfunctional shit show we have now.

          And Jenny, as much as I hate to say it, had reasonably sensible advisors who weren’t sovereign citizen, My Place, anti flouride, crackpots. She also had years of local government experience.

          This bloke is an untested, unreliable, and seemingly untruthful element. So while I very much want the best outcome for Townsville, I’m expecting another shit show.

        • Not running for Mayor says:

          “Customer experience foyer” where the experience for customers is to be bent over a barrel, pineappled, and their wallets emptied. What a load of old shit.

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie has absolutely no idea what a ‘customer experience foyer’ means … it is buzz word obfuscation at its best, the longest way to say ‘Complaint’s Department’.

          • Alahazbin says:

            NrfM, Why they change names of departments amuses me. Should be Customer Service, Engineering, Health, Parks & Gardens etc etc.
            On customer service though, my dealing with the staff that handle my Enquiries over the last twelve months has been very helpful.

          • The Magpie says:

            Yep, The ‘Pie has no reason to beef about the people who do the actual work, but he sure does with the woke fuckwits who think up idiotic buzz word dept titles.

        • Generation Z says:

          Shouldn’t you be out whipper snipping around highway guide posts or changing the chainsaw engine oil? Get over it old fart.

    • Der Spiegel says:

      Rusted on’s brain cells have rusted away.

      • Rusted On says:

        Maybe, but I actually don’t give a stuff, he’s our mayor, and if he gets the job done now, it’s better than what was. That doesn’t mean he’ll have it easy, because culture in this place is poor.

  16. Beach boy says:

    Is Ponce Charles fucking for real? Wearing a suit and expensive shoes on the beach. What a complete wanker. Hence another reason why Australia needs to distance itself from this outdated regime. What an embarrassment. I hope an Irukandji stings him.

    • ABS says:

      He was near the beach and went down there impromptu. There are lots of reasons to oppose the monarchy but “king wears expensive clothes” is nothing to get your knickers in a twist about.

      • The Magpie says:

        Hahahaha … like you’d know, you slimy little toady. Were you there?

        King Chuck …. any of the royal menagerie for that matter … NEVER EVER do anything ‘impromptu’ … even taking a dump on the golden throne is as tightly scripted as a moon launch. And characterising a merry jape highlighting the a basic difference between Australians and a certain class of the English jerkerocracy is hardly getting one’s small clothes in disarray

        • Prince Rollmop says:

          Got to hand it to you Mal, you are the only voice of reason inside the Nest some days. Totally agree, King Fuckhead wouldn’t take a shit without it being scripted and somebody holding his hand (and probably holding his winky also). These pious, pompous, disconnected from reality royal fools are a scourge on society and the English taxpayers. The monarchy should be abolished and all of their wealth distributed to the poor. And in case people think I am being too harsh, I have restrained from calling for their heads! For now…

  17. Prince Rollmop says:

    My Council source who inhabits the water cooler informs me that Treasurer Dick was in Gladstone today for the launch of an electrolyser facility at Fortescue Energy. It would seem that yet again Gladstone is in the news when it comes to the expansion of the resource industry. Poor us, all we have to offer the community in Townsville is the potential development of our shitty old rail precinct. Wow. Well done Mullet.

  18. Mad Jack says:

    A bit harsh? It is all a matter of relativeity. Those are Charlie’s informal around the back yard and bumming around at the beach clothes. You aught to see him in his Glad Rags, and the funny hats he wears.

  19. Doug K says:

    If Troy Thompson is looking for ideas to save money (and actually deliver his promised rates freeze) here’s some suggestions:
    – Stop propping up the V8 Supercars
    – Cut Townsville Enterprise funding
    – Close down the struggling Landsdown precinct and sell it to a developer to create a satellite residential suburb focusing on providing affordable housing
    – Stop paying for unnecessary full page ads in the Townsville Bulletin. They’re a blatant waste of money on several counts
    – Sack the former mayor’s team of spin doctors
    – Dump the curiously named North Australian Festival of Arts
    – Stop wasting money on Townsville Eats events, which cost ratepayers a packet, take business away from CBD restaurants, and attract less than 10% of the population
    – Stop investing ratepayers funds in private developments, like the Flinders Lane flop
    – Stop wasting money on white elephants like the Castle Hill tin sheds and the boardwalk from nowhere to nowhere
    – Slash council expense accounts
    – Stop paying millions to consultants
    – Abolish council’s list of “preferred suppliers” and call tenders for everything over $5000
    If our accidental mayor can pull that off there might even be some money left over to provide basic services.

    • The Magpie says:

      Generally a sensible (and mostly do-able list) but a couple of points to head off the political pedants.

      The ‘former mayor’s spin doctors’ are already gone, and TwoNames will bring in his own (Fran may well be in the mix somewhere).

      Townsville Eats would be a roaring success if it attracted anything like 10% of the population … that’s 20,000 punters.

      Happy to be corrected, but don’t think the council actually put any cash into the boardwalk … but Hill would’ve had a big say in advocating the dead-end project, which may prove useful in maybe 20 years time.

      And one of the biggest and easy to rectify is theconsutancy roster, which was mainly a back-hander to Labor supporting companies.

      The first indicato for Te ‘Pie, though, will be Thompson and the council’s decision on the Concert hall .., AND NOT ITS LOCATION, THE FACT THAT IT IS A SMALL SPECIALISED AUDITORIUM THAT WOULD NEVER JUSTIFY ITS COST, NO MATTER WHOSE MONEY IS PAYING FOR IT. We need to listen to the sensible and selfless voices of those experienced in our thriving but frustrated arts community leaders.

      • Jenny says:

        Not sure exactly who you mean by our thriving but frustrated arts community leaders but I presume you are talking about the promoters of the Townsville Community Arts Centre (TPAC) concept. What they say is:

        “The only practical and cost effective solution is to build on the asset we have – the Townsville Civic Theatre and its recent extension – By creating the medium sized theatre in a CONCERT HALL FORMAT (my emphasis) we can also provide the right acoustics for music and voice and have a large stage for dance.”

        That means an 800 seat auditorium adjacent to the Civic. Is that what you think the new council should pursue?

        • The Magpie says:

          That’s just one part of the debate, Jenny … even if it is public money, there is a cost/benefit ratio that must be considered, and TPAC’s submissions that The ‘Pie has read cover a lot more ground and encompass a much wider vision that just that. What is annoying is that we seem to think we are stuck with a concert hall – that that is what we will get, an idea promoted by Jenny Hill and her ‘consultant’ toadies for her personal purposes, a stance that narrowed the issue down to just an argument is about where it should be.

          That’s wrong headed … surely the very word ‘arts’ demands an holistic approach, not the piecemeal short-time political hit that has characterised past plans remember how the stadium would be just Stage One of a cluster of you beaut community assets containing a theatre, entertainment venue and convention centre – arguments used just to block any dissent about Lancini’s vision of the stadium. Once Total Tools was over the line, all that was soon dissed and forgotten, with elements conveniently walked back in typical Townsville ‘too hard’ fashion-‘town not big enough for a convention centre etc.

          Facilities should be looked at in an overall and visionary sense before money is chucked around by the short term, vote grubbing thinking of politicians.

          Under the new council regime, and the contacts it makes with whatever government holds sway – Brisbane and Canberra – we as a city should just go back to the drawing board and start at square one. There absolutely should be a different and more mature discussion on this vital community subject. Decisions and whatever necessary comprises are necessary between the various stakeholders should be agreed in a timely fashion and a united non-political front representing the overall community interest should be formulated.

          Otherwise, we will continue to still be heading for that camel that at first looked like a thoroughbred horse. Perhaps a more graphic metaphor … our arts facilities, programs and plans will be like a dog’s dinner … all over the place.

          • Jenny says:

            The TPAC concept did go much further. I just picked out the relevant bit which had an introduction:

            “The Civic Theatre is heavily booked, often by productions that don’t need a 1000 seat theatre but there is no medium sized venue. There is no modern small theatre and no venue at all that has suitable acoustics for music or voice.”

            The main features of the TPAC design are:

            An 800 seat Concert Hall
            A 200 seat Drama Theatre
            A 2000 Seat Outdoor Amphitheatre
            The existing 950 seat Civic Theatre
            A large (seperable) foyer with stage area

            If it was all located around the existing Civic Theatre it would be adjacent to the stadium and potential future commercial/retail and high density residential including the North Yards – and shared parking. But all in one go would be too big a financial mouthful hence the idea of picking off one essential step at a time, starting with a concert hall which does not need all the stage machinery already available in the Civic.

      • Bullshit says:

        I think Jacobs is a TPAC supporter.

        “Rather than building a new concert hall and creating parking problems, he supported the Townsville Performing Arts Centre’s push for the refurbishment and the extension to the Civic Theatre.”


        • Jenny says:

          Someone is at cross purposes here. The Civic Theatre is booked out. There is not enough concert capacity in Townsville. That is why a ‘concert hall’ is talked about. That is a different thing from a ‘convention centre’. And again from an intimate ‘drama theatre’.

          Also, isn’t there a ‘study’ going on about this? Perhaps the new council can just release the study?

          • The Magpie says:

            The Pie’s comment, if you re-read it, Jenny, was a commentary of the shining lies of Mayor Mullet to get Lancini’s stadium dream up and running. And how these things get lost when a hidden agenda is achieved.

            And anyway, a convention/exhibition centre is hardly anything to do with any branch of the arts (except bullshit artists) and is a separate issue altogether. Best everyone make that clear before someone tries using it as a classic deflection from the core issue.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Pie, TPAC probably was the original stg2 of the Civic Theatre development as it still should. The V8 track should be abandoned and piss it off out to the DriveIt complex so Civic Stg2 san go ahead unhindered.

  20. Guy says:

    The one thing I noticed as I went around division 8 was the disparity between the rich and poor.

    The centrelink areas were generally fairly run down, the working class (I’d say essentially my demographic). The working class are the ones at the coal face of Townsvilles problems, whilst police copters fly around day and night they barricade themselves in their houses. Speaking to two people they nodded towards the problems in the street – “they broke into my mother’s house a few months ago”.

    The richer areas were more easy going , crime, house break ins, the council debt, rate rises didn’t seem to factor in their lives. My general impression was if fireballs were falling from the sky they would simply retreat their crimsafe screens and say nothing more.

    The centrelink areas seemed to be vaguely aware a council was happening, they were happy to listen but something told me they had problems of their own to deal with , the intricacies and bun fights of a council election wouldn’t really affect them one way or the other. Centrelink/ people on benefits seems generally to be a mixed bag. In kelso I’ve had people on benefits help me , dispelling the myth they don’t care – and then I’ve had others… ” excuse me sir, isn’t it terrible about the rates going up?” – silently takes my handout , then throws it straight in the bin ” I get my benefits anyway no matter who gets in”. I’ve learnt SO MUCH in the times I’ve made the effort running.

    As it turns out the years from 2011 onwards haven’t been kind to Townsville, the debt created by tyrell was never paid the council just took more loans as they paid others off; by rights the council has been treading water,vast amounts of money being spent on crap and once again the roads full of potholes. I’d vowed to not get involved again.

    As for the new council , see what happens. Before we start bagging troy just wait and see what happens. Many people don’t like Jenny Hill, many people DID vote for her. I saw her a few months ago now sat under the tent at cotters market, she looked tired hooded eyes gazing out at the passer-bys semi reclined ; maybe she knew change was on the way or figured with Fran out of the way it might be easier ( or harder , a two horse race improves the odds for the newcomer). I listened to her, she’s knowledgeable plans within plans I suspect. I warned her years ago with Mark that no matter what plans they might have long after they are gone the mandarins and public servants will still there – they never leave.

    It will probably take a few months for the new councillors and mayor to settle in and maybe shake a few trees. That’s how a democratic system works change is always in the offing.

    • The Magpie says:

      Really interesting comment from someone who clearly got in the action, albeit unsuccessfully.

      BUT AGAIN, The ‘Pie makes it clear he is not ‘bagging Troy’ by asking him to be honest about his past. Who knows, he might even to turn out to be a great mayor (the smart money doesn’t agree) but he has not been honest and open with his constituency, and that in the end will be a millstone around his neck.

      At least there’s one hopeful development … The Magpie has now heard from a totally trustworthy source that, yes, Thompson is likely to invite Fran O’Callaghan to join him in some sort of advisory capacity. We’ll be watching for confirmation.

    • Jenny says:

      Guy, which “Centrelink areas” are you talking about? You only mention one actual suburb by name – Kelso – but it’s miles away from Div8 which, according to the 2019 ECQ map, takes in Garbutt, Currajong, Vincent, Gulliver, Cranbrook, Aitkenvale and Mundingburra. Locals there would have little if any knowledge, let alone care about “the debt created by Tyrell.” Were you campaigning in the right place?

      • Guy says:

        You tend to find public housing nested in hot spots , I discovered this in division 8 ( though I discovered this well a decade ago in division 4) . If all things were equally and we lived in a utopia no councillor would have any problem living in boyes court ( boyes made it into the townsville monopoly game). So apart from from walking / cycling the streets and discovering hot spots I actually grew up in public housing estates / hot spots , I recognise them instantly.

        If I were the new council the two things I’d physically concentrate on is filling the numerous potholes and cutting grass ( and consider expanding the budget on basic maintenance). My background is maintenance on either individual machine or entire processes get the little things right and the compound interest of problems caused by lots of small things will go away and things will just go away.

        I’d like to see the grass cutting work given to lots of contractors, it spreads the workload and encourages them to do things just right.

        In general only the working class understand implicitly the value of not borrowing vast amounts of money. After a certain pay grade rising rates, rising food prices, rising inflation, rising house and rent prices, rising crime rates are a nebulous and abstract notion. Some people on benefits DO see the value of controlling council benefits even though they are in practical terms not directly affected. The working class have no “advantages” or “privileges” so to speak and no political party speaks for or worries about them anymore and they receive nothing more than lectures and facetious commentary on their lives and plight.

        • Guy says:

          Outside of the working class its a hard push trying to explain the value of money and reducing debt.

          And so it was evermore, Socrates complains about debt in an oblique way in ” the Republic “, he warns of the money lenders injecting poisonous loans into society, I’m fairly sure he blames the collapse of Athens and all civilisations on taking debt. Sparta a society devoid of money save in the form of split bars of metal cooled in vinegar (?) Doesn’t have the debt problem their strength is in a coherent military force ( though it’s brought down by internal ideological means).

          Now one phrase that’s always been on the lips of the elected is “sustainable debt” I’ve heard it for years back to tyrells time – even back in 2011 debt levels were far from “sustainable” – beware the bureaucracy they will tell you many tales. The damage to council finances was done in 2008 – 2011. In hindsight it makes me wonder if Mooney had been elected we might have had a more competent council ?

          Unless Australia starts paying back its private debt, federal debt, state debt and LG debt things are going to get worse. No one was listening in 2011 I doubt if anyone will be listening in another 4 years or 8 years Cassandra was touched by divine prophecy but cursed by the mortal psychology of no one believing her – I can imagine it must have been immensely frustrating. My impressions by 2011 was the debt taken was for all intents – unplayable.

        • The Magpie says:

          Guy, The ‘Pie is sure he speaks for all comment readers when he says we owe you a massive debt of thanks for losing the election. Four years of this stuff and the sales of razor blades would skyrocket around town.

          • Guy says:

            Shrugs shoulders.

            Unpayable debt is the kind of scary story I reserve for the strongest stomachs and those bothered to listen.

          • Guy says:

            When you start talking about council debt it’s like lifting a bloodied head out of a bag and saying “hey – remember this ?”

      • White Mouse says:

        Jenny the “Centrelink area” is roughly bordered by Pugh St/Leopold St/Nathan St & Ross River Road. All in close proximity to the large Centrelink office diagonally opposite Nathan Plaza. There has been a lot of medium density social housing built in the area over the last 10 years.

        • The Magpie says:

          So those who live there are presumably on the dole or some support pension, is that the idea? The residents there thankn you for your social commentary.

  21. Captain underpants says:

    Premier Smiley was also in Gladstone today and so was Health Minister Shannon Fentanyl. A trifecta of dickheads. It would seem that Gladstone has become the place of choice for new business and large investment. Perhaps TEL could invite a group of Gladstone’s key leaders to come to Townsville and explain how it’s all done?

  22. Grumpy says:

    Two-Names also has Two-Watches.

  23. KWalsh says:

    A few weeks ago TwoNames responded to a poster on his socials, who was enquiring when the first publicly accessible meeting would be held. Before he deleted the old socials/posts/responses, he responded to that person, that the first one or two meetings would be closed affairs to address some confidential matters. Don’t know why he said it, he just did.

    Just to confirm that the first post-election council meeting will be held this Wednesday 10th April 2024 at 1pm. Details of the meeting, and links to either the livestream, or the download later option are all available on the TCC website at the following link:

    I’m told it is also simulcast on YouTube. For that I suggest you Google a location.

    As i said, I don’t know why he said it was a confidential meeting. But it just makes me want to watch it more. It’s almost like he’s trying to hide something (else).

    • The Magpie says:

      So much for transparency … or any basic understanding of communicating.

      • Rusted On says:

        C’mon Magpie,
        You know better, the mayor elect is brand new to the role, not a 23 year veteran, so he deserves some leverage. I also thought the first meeting was not live, and I work here. There are a few items he’s asked to understand the process, so one would expect it won’t be smooth. I think we are not- picking on this matter. Either way, it’ll be a new beginning, less about one side and more about all sides of the city, something even us welded on are looking forward too.

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          Hey Rusty… when you don’t know the answer to something, you say “I’m unsure, but I’ll find out and let you know” . You don’t let hubris get in the way and provide some inaccurate BS, particularly when you’re in a position of authority, and particularly when you’re new.

        • Lickspittle says:

          Rusted On, you are quite in awe of new Mayor Thompson. Are you his partner? You seem to be quite close to Mayor Twonames, or at least besotted with him.

          • I’ll be plucked says:

            Yeah, Rusted, tell us just how close you actually are to twodicks, I mean twonames………

          • Rusted On says:

            That’s funny. If you come down to the working end of the council, you will find most are blokes, who have gone through some similar journeys. Breakup, or divorce, break down, dvo, breach then mental health, our work is rife with blokes down on their luck, broken, busted. Just perhaps people not so how to do see something in this young bloke. He’s still out supporting cafes, in things and shorts, he’s knocked back tickets to big do’s. Maybe instead of just focusing on the crap, and there’s a bit of that, then you’ll find a likeable bloke. Everyone who’s chatted to him has liked him in the place, Jenny gave no one time. I don’t agree how he goes about stuff, but I do think he’s better, if only for the next term, let him bring the broom in.

          • The Magpie says:

            Tritely stupid.

          • The Magpie says:

            MichaelJ, The Magpie reasonably suspects that you are trying to pull a swifty on the old bird, and make him the publisher of your totally unsupported and without any documentary proof, deeply defamatory spray against people who you claim have some sort of long running vendetta against your hero, TwoNames. That way, you hide behind a probably fake name with no contact, while The ‘Pie carries the can.

            Thanks for the insult of thinking The ‘Pie dumb enough to let your foam flecked spray through. Try again.

            Interesting that in your Paradise Outdoor Advertising summary, you failed to mention former councillor Potty Mouth.

          • MichaelJ says:

            Magpie, your suspicions are unfounded and based upon paranoia (or maybe dementia). It is plain to see that you are part of a cohort who are attempting to discredit the new Mayor. For fucks sake, just give the guy a chance to settle in and achieve some positive outcomes. After that, go for it, pick him to pieces. This blog is filled with nasty, angry old coots.

          • The Magpie says:

            Your understanding of English and frail attempts at words bigger than ‘and ‘ and ‘the’ would be amusing if not so pathetic. “Attempting to discredit the mayor’?? The ‘Pie’s takes that you mean do not question obvious discrepancies and even a few outright, exposed lies in TwoNames story? You have obviously been recruited to the cause with such a dumb arse outlook. And just how … on the evidence staring you in your bleary-eyed face … claim such concerns are ‘unfounded’? Oh, what’s that? Because Troy told you so? And suggested you send in a comment to that effect, and have a go at discrediting the whole readership? Oh, well, sorry, humble apologies. Mate, you’re a paid-up bewildered ratbag.

            As to the demographic of The Nest, it seems because the curator – The ‘Pie – happy and surprised to admit to have survived on this planet for 78 years, that all readers here are of similar age. They are not all, not even a majority, and that’s a fact, but we are mercifully free of any enlightened Gen Z Kings of the Universe. Whether The ‘Pie agrees with readers or not, they are in the main educated and literate … except the few we keep around as pets for a laugh. You see to be falling into the letter category – without the wit or laughs.

          • Grumpy says:

            Oh, Michael. The only person discrediting our new mayor is himself. I suspect that he didn’t really expect to win, so he thought he could say whatever he wanted without ever being subjected to scrutiny. He is an absolute shonk. And you are a window-licking, foil hat wearing, Sov-cit weirdo.

          • J jones says:

            I might be nasty and angry but I’m not old

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            With all those DVO offenders, breakdowns and mental health issues it does sound like council is a toxic place. Perhaps you are correct Rusty, bring on the broom.

          • The Magpie says:

            And the well got poisoned by Mayor Mullet, when she contacted a mob called Nous, commissioning a staff review with her pre-determined outcome for her own purposes. Enter Prins Ralston n(Nous report author) and Labour head-kicker Adele The Impaler Young, and the rest is a disgraceful and bloody chapter in the TCC corporate history. A disaster not totally unassociated with the current situation we find ourselves in.

  24. Jeff, Condon says:

    Just imagine if Twonames hadn’t received the majority of votes. There wouldn’t have been anything to talk about for the last three weeks.

  25. Mike Douglas says:

    An indication of Townsvilles issues is the Townsville Bulletins ” Future Townsville ” lunch May $1350 a table of 10 . No Lancini , Honeycombe , Holmes , Adams / Morris people / families who actually invested in Townsville . Speakers Editor of the Bulletin who has proven little financial / understanding our issues Council / State Government . Two other media people , CEO hospital , govt funded , Demographer . Interesting comment of how poorly some suburbs are looking . Rates / Insurance has sucked $ from households with many investors departing and selling assets at a loss .

    • Jenny says:

      Mike, not clear which bits of your comment are from the Bulletin or from you:

      “Interesting comment [from the TB?] of how poorly some suburbs are looking. Rates / Insurance has sucked $ from households with many investors departing and selling assets at a loss [your opinion?].”

      I only ask because this view is in stark contrast with statements from the real estate industry – likely table buyers at a TB talkfest:

      From February: “Townsville is tipped to lead property price growth across the country as local, relocating and investor buyers compete for a dwindling supply of homes in the NQ capital. Craig Stack, Knight Frank senior partner Townsville and Mackay said he predicted Townsville would soon see one of the highest price growths in the Australian property market.”

      A seemingly notable absence from the guest speaker list is anyone from TCC’s new lineup or from TEL. You would think they would be first in the queue. Perhaps the TB editor could offer the mayor and councillors a freebie to save ratepayers the financial imposition and start the reconciliation process?

      • Mike Douglas says:

        Jenny , May 2015 median house prices Townsville $355,500 – 2023 $376,000 + 5.7 % increase ( same period Cairns + 20 % ) . Landlord owners were getting low nett returns due to high insurance , average rents and wanted out for better capital growth + returns . Rental vacancy rate 2018 was 3.8 % vs .75 % . Did the alarm bells go off in Walker st with the large change of ownership with sales or is that outsourced ? ..Certain suburbs may achieve the increases quoted but I doubt it’s the ones with high crime . Regarding the speaker line up the demographer is nationally recognized .

        • The Magpie says:

          Re the demographer:no doubt he is nationally recognised, but what he is going to tell you for $150 that you couldn’t look up yourself?

          (Let;s not even contemplate what the Astonisher’s advertising manager is going to tell a room full of business people. And The ‘Pie cannot imagine what Cas Garvey is going to say that won’t embarrass her.

    • Rusted On says:

      Saw that, my understanding is the Bulletin is on the nose to many, perhaps the changing of the guard will fix this. I agree, it’s time to get things moving, but the lack of big developer investment speaks volumes

      • The Magpie says:

        An experienced editor and a couple of similarly experienced journos is just as vital to this city aa a new honest council. The Townsville Bulletin’s cynicism and down-grading of the paper has clearly identified the Bulletin as a major part of the problem.

        • Rusted On says:

          Magpie, is it true the Courier is moving in on the TB Patch, I’m hearing they are close to closing the doors as the numbers drop in circulation and subscription… any chance of a new paper?

          • The Magpie says:

            Your hearing voices, are you, Rusted? Don’t think your information is correct. And no one except a select few know the real circulation/subscription figures. but the print ones would be dire.

    • Burnt Brows says:

      Maybe they could get Kevin Gill to speak about his old times at the Airport? Surely that would be worth another $1.17 per table ……..

  26. Prickster says:

    If Townsville Future is “Join us as we discuss the Townsville region healthcare sector with a focus on Mental health, Indigenous health and Aged Care. The Townsville region already boasts an array of medical and health care options for its population, however there are gaps in care which can disrupt families and force them to seek specialist treatment in south-east Queensland” (https://events.humanitix.com/future-townsville-2024) , we are doomed.

    It’s really no different to the event in 2023 that promised – “how the city will become a North Queensland medical super-hub, equipped to cater for all medical conditions and treatments” https://futuretownsville2023.splashthat.com/

    Instead we got massive failures in paediatric audiology, injuries to dementia patients, compromised safety of nurses, misdiagnosis of children and the list goes on, and on.

    Its little wonder the Townsville people with real dollars don’t turn up or have left town.

    • Critical says:

      With the number of issues at the Townsville University Hospital in the past 18 months I’ve heard a couple of people with complex medical conditions take up the Darwin saying ” If in pain jump on a plane” and head to Brisbane.

      • The Magpie says:

        AHEM: Humblebrag here. The Magpie got into hot water at the paper way back when for coining that phrase ‘If in pain, catch a plane’ as far back as 2005/6. ironically, it was one Mayor Mooney who had his nose out of joint on that one, and now wins the irony award for presiding over the much more seroous issues at TUH as board chair.

  27. Burnt Brows says:

    If the new Mayor can address the concerns raised about inconsistency he has published about his history (e.g. educational qualifications etc..) and prove he told the truth, then I will give him a fair go. However, if there have been any lies then I would be glad to see him moved on immediately.

  28. Rotten Luck Willie says:

    Un-fucking-believable, the bullshit is getting too thick.
    It seems now a bloke can become a sheila by wearing women’s clothes, AND be taken seriously, at least by the High Court.

    A bloke in women’s clothes is a fucked up bloke, a cock in a frock, not a woman.

    Have a look at the link then I will tell you about my very fucked up motorcycle.


    My motorcycle thinks he is a bicycle. He dresses as a bicycle, hangs around with the bicycles, even wants to use the bicycle toilet. My motorcycle calls himself a transbicycle. As a transbicycle my motorcycle has set a new bicycle world speed record. 10 times faster than the old record. He is very proud of that but the biological bicycles are very unhappy.

    To my very fucked up motorcycle I say bullshit, you can have your own thoughts and opinions but you cannot have your own facts.

    So back to the beginning, it is time society call bullshit on these cocks in frocks and they have no place in the female space.

    Now, back to our new Mayor.

    • Bob Roberts says:

      Transgender is recognised by medical and psychological peak bodies around the world. Your motorcycle is an inanimate object.

      • The Magpie says:

        Like many who ride them.

      • Mad Jack says:

        FFS, so you are happy with biological males occupying the ladies sports change rooms and the little girls toilets.
        You say transgender is recognized by the medical and psychological bodies around the world. So what? So is narcissism and the plague. That is not a reason to promote or encourage the condition. Sick people need to have their illness treated, not to have their illness promoted as a lifestyle option to the determent of others.
        As far as that motorcycle goes, you are as thick as a brick to miss the message being delivered.

        • The Magpie says:

          There, there, Jack, stop clenching as though your bum is the Commonwealth Treasury and we’re all trying to make a deposit.

          Promote and encourage the condition? Encourage? Like the sun should be encouraged to come up every morning? Your foam flecked take on ‘ladies’ change rooms and ‘little girls’ toilets uses language (classist, elitist and patronising) that makes one turn away from imagining what delights emerge in the Mad Jack bedroom after lights out.

          But to be serious for a sec, there is a voice to be heard here when the rights of a tiny minority of the harmlessly different take precedence over the rights and possibly beliefs of biological women. It should be their choice, but that’s a bit hard when there is no universal voice to speak for them. Decency and empathy can’t be forced on people – nor should it, it would then just be fake, fostering simmering resentment – and rights are also a negotiated balance between two parties.

        • Bullshit says:

          If biological males want to commit crimes against women and girls they’re more likely to do it in the family home than anywhere else. They don’t need to turn their whole life upside down and live as a woman to do it.

          • The Magpie says:

            That’s simply weird …. if you think that’s the motivation for transgender behaviour, you’re the sick one, pal.

            Not being a three wheeler, The ‘Pie can only conjecture that your average female is not so much threatened as weirded-out and don’t willingly accept transgenders as one of themselves,more an oddity not easily understood.

            Like ‘forced speech’, ‘forced behaviour’ imposed by a woke minority is almost always self-defeating. This has long been known but lately ignored. 232 years ago, Mary Wollstoncroft famously wrote”
            “Convince a man against his will, He’s of the same opinion still.”
            Same goes for women.

          • Bullshit says:

            Read what I said again.

    • Achilles says:

      Take a look at the “gowns” and wigs the judges wear, and you wonder why they can so easily identity with a “cock in a frock”?

    • Jenny says:

      RLW, being so activated about cross dressing that you burst into philosophical banter with your bike is no excuse for ignorance about intersex. It is estimated that up to 1.7 percent of the population has an intersex trait and that approximately 0.5 percent of people have clinically identifiable sexual or reproductive variations. Pull your finger out.

  29. Jenny Wren says:

    From an email just received from the Townsville Bulletin:

    Paul Jacob seeks to nominate for Townsville deputy mayor role in first council meeting.
    Down in the article:
    “He had no regrets after watching Troy Thompson win the election by 2752 votes against Ms Hill, believing he would not have stood out to voters as a symbol of change which they had craved.

    “My relationship with Troy Thompson is going to be a very good one,” Mr Jacob said.

    “I won’t be going to Troy and saying ‘we’ve got to do this and we’ve got to do that’, no way.

    “I’ll be sitting at my desk and if he comes in and wants to discuss what’s happened in the past and confides me and says, ‘what’s your opinion going forward?’ I will tell him that this is what I believe.”

    He did not believe “one iota” that factions would be present within the council chamber this term, particularly those of Team Jenny Hill candidates. “

    • Rusted On says:

      Read that Jenny. Interesting times ahead.
      All the media will be at the inauguration, and I’m sure If elected Jacobs will be looking at his time in the sun. Just heard from admin that a new councillor advised them the mayor has shaken things up on the CEO very last minute, adding a few changes to the days meeting. Deputy Mayor may be an annual vote, not 4 yearly and has been suggested to be voted under a secret ballot, like the ECQ, and standing committees to be brought back to the chamber, not as they are now, to reduce the additional time and remove unnecessary chairpersons. All will have to be voted on.

      • The Magpie says:

        You seem remarkably well informed, Rusted On. You’re hearing voices again. Or are you just reading TwoNames wish list over his shoulder?

      • Ducks Nuts says:

        Hey Rusty, might be a good idea to stop talking to admin before they get sacked for leaking confidential council information.

        • Not running for Mayor says:

          Or for spreading rumours of conduct outside the provisions of the Local Government Act.

        • Rusted On says:

          Fuck Admin. They are too busy scrambling for their jobs, they are scared of Thompson finding out that they are overstaffed and not needed. There are many of us within TCC that are hoping that Thompson and the new councillors will put the broom through the mid-level and high-level deadwood that inhabits Wanker Street.

          • The Magpie says:

            It is becoming clear that The Nest has been graced with the presence of Troy Thompson himself, there are strong indications that Rusted On and TwoNames are one and the same, posing as a welcoming low level employee to semaphore your intentions when ensconced in office.

            You will no doubt protest loudly, but in consideration, make it brief, we have enough bullshit floating around comments lately.

          • Water Water Everywhere says:

            Well, it’s been some time since I felt the dispassionate urge to leave a comment… some disclosure: I spent 10 years at TCC in various roles in various departments. While it is no doubt true that upper and middle management are somewhat inflated and need a re-shuffle, and more importantly an improvement in recruitment to fill the positions with those who actually want to manage rather than those who want to earn a few 100k and do jack shit, the workers at the coal face in many areas at council are also hopelessly overstaffed, inefficient, unmotivated and without any fear of consequence for a job done poorly. The Electricians are a joke – making QR sparkies look like geniuses. The plumbers are helplessly disorganised and could not care less about the job they do, hiding behind unions if anyone ever threatens to get something done ‘out of house’.

            While Ray Burton certainly had his problems, at least the culture, professional development opportunities and moral in Council were actually a thing, not a thing of the past.

            Rusted On – if you, in your position,, think that the ‘workers’ are hard done by, you have spent too many decades in government roles without any clue whatsoever about what it means to do a good days work.

            ‘Give him a go’ yeah sure, because we don’t have a choice now – give him free rein without oversight? No can do.

            TwoNames will make a dick of himself sooner or later, will it impact council? Likely.

            Will it impact the standing of the Townsville Region domestically and internationally? Absolutely.

            Compulsory voting has a lot to answer for.

          • Alahazbin says:

            Rusty. HR is not your friend. BTW is it still called ‘People & Performance’ or have that changed it to som other fuckwit name?

      • Bullshit says:

        Secret ballot for deputy mayor seems like an odd policy for someone who ran on accountability and transparency. Another broken promise.

        • The Magpie says:

          Why would you have a secret ballot for that position? Councillors are meant to make decisions on behalf of and in the interests of their constituents, a secret ballot takes back to square one. A great divide and conquer tactic if someone is smart enough. Anyone know what the local Government Act says about that?

          • I’ll be plucked says:

            It wasn’t a secret ballot – Jacob 6 votes, Ma Greaney 5.

          • Jenny says:

            When council is making planning or other decisions I agree that transparency is paramount in the public interest. I don’t think secret ballots are proposed for that part of council business.

            Electing a person to a position in the executive is another matter entirely. It is a personal decision not a public decision. Coercion, intimidation, bribery and corruption can influence a vote when people are forced to reveal their position. So I suspect that the council can choose to use a secret ballot for certain votes (such as choosing a deputy mayor) and it would not be a “broken promise”.

          • The Magpie says:

            Maybe when you’re playing in the Main Game (doesn’t The ‘Pie remember when a Lib government tried to force secret ballots on the unions for the reasons you give …. they screamed like gays on a roller coaster). But disagree here on this particular vote as well as in general … those who voted someonein to represent them have a right to know how their councillor voted on such a matter.

            And cor lumme ‘Coercion, intimidation, bribery and corruption’ … all within a couple of hours … or has the Angry Ant been making midnight calls since being elected?

            Come off the grass, Jenny, or since you’ve misunderstood the local situation, perhaps the other Aussie saying ‘Get orf the table,Mabel, the money’s for the beer’.

          • Bullshit says:

            Jenny it’s not a personal decision it’s a public office.

          • Bullshit says:

            Pie if Jacobs is the Angry Ant is Troy Thompson the Bull Ant?

    • Mike Douglas says:

      Jenny W it gets better in the article where Messagebank Walker wakes up because there is an election saying pensioners have been calling his office worried about rates discount and calls on the new Mayor to urgently clarify . Nothing from Messagebank the last few years when Team Hill hit many of the suburbs in his electorate with 19 % rates increase 2 yrs + extra for renters due to differential rates . Messagebank gives Troy the tick of approval as he has known him for some time ”
      nah he’s alright ” . No thank you + best wishes for his ex Labor Mayor / deputy , Councillor mates .

  30. Prince Rollmop says:

    Another day, another win for Gladstone! This time Smiley and co help launch a $500m solar farm today. That would have been a nice asset for sunny Townsville. But oh no, we HAD an idiot Mayor who drove away business’s by the drove. Oh hang on, we got a bus shelter on Castle Mountain!!

    • Jenny says:

      And a bloody enormous solar farm out at Kelso near western end of the dam wall. You should get out more.

      • Prince Rollmop says:

        Ok fair enough, I left out the Ross Rover solar farm. But you miss the point, Jenny has scared away many many large businesses from doing business in Townsville over the past decade or so. There is a frenzy of green energy projects taking place in Queensland and Yownsville is missing out on them.

        • The Magpie says:

          Seems you need a new keyboard.

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          Rollmop there’s a wind farm and Battery Energy Storage System on Mt Fox that the cookers are actively protesting. We are missing out on these projects because of TwoNames’s ilk. Not because of Jenny.

          • The Magpie says:

            Bit of stretch, Gorgeous Gonads.

          • Inspector Clouseau says:

            Gorgeous Gonads, Pie??? Should we be concerned for you old mate? Have you switched? :)

          • The Magpie says:

            Hey what’ve you heard, whose been talking? And in which direction?

            Suffice to quote Winston Churchill’s response when told his fly was undone: ‘Dead birds don’t fallout of their nests.’

        • Div10Dave says:

          Prince Rollmop you got FOMO real bad eh? First its Cairns getting all the real estate, thanks to planeloads of Asian tourists, then its Gladstone getting all the industrial development, thanks to shiploads of coal and gas. Basically it’s about who gets hold of the government money first. Albanese has offered millions for hydrogen at Lansdown, Palaszczuk poured millions into vanadium or whatever in the SDA and when the Haughton Two water gets to Lansdown there will be some politician wielding a shiny shovel. Be patient, there’s not enough tradies around to build everything in a day.

  31. Prickster says:

    Another loss for political influencer Dolan with Toondah Harbour crashing


    Has the shine come off Dolan? Failed election campaigns at a Federal and Local level, now Toondah?

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Colon Hayes may wield a certain amount of influence within lower level Labor matters, but his power doesn’t usurp the big guns power in Federal parliament Can’tberra. A shrewd and slippery influencer he might be, but it would seem that his powers are slipping somewhat. Lobbyists like Colon will always pop their heads up for fresh air from time to time. I have no doubt that Twonames will be reaching out to Colon for some back room advice.

      • The Magpie says:

        Picking up on a small matter that slipped the mind, a very small and largely unwise decision by TwoNames is his FB mention thathe wantstonbe a Can Do mayor. He is possibly ignorant of how the term ‘Can Do’ resonants with Queensland voters, and the outcome of the last person whon carried that moniker.

      • proctologist says:

        I’m struggling with the image of twonames reaching out to colon for some backroom advice!

        • Jenny says:

          If this is the kind of advice the new mayor is looking for then we might be in for a wild ride environmentally:

          From the ABC in 2022: “Walker Group’s Toondah Harbour spokesman Dolan Hayes released a statement saying the EIS was “based on the indisputable evidence of 11 independent scientists giving their tick of approval to the new Toondah Harbour”.

          “Toondah Harbour is one of Australia’s busiest mainland passenger ports but is barely functional despite more than 1 million passenger movements a year,” he said.

          “Good design, best practice environmental management and smart mitigation measures are all outlined in the EIS.”

          Mr Hayes said “scaremongering” about environmental impacts on koalas, bird life and marine ecology was disproven in the statement.”

  32. Nostradamus says:

    As forseen, the ‘special’ council meeting was a disastrous embarrassment. Twonames didn’t have a clue, despite having a couple of weeks to prepare for the two basic angenda items addressed. This is good going to be a long 4 years! Jenny, as forseen there were only two nominees for deputy mayor. I got that one right too! Nostra.

    • Not running for Mayor says:

      For those who missed the meeting live there is a recording at https://townsville.civicclerk.com.au/web/Player.aspx?id=1594&key=-1&mod=-1&mk=-1&nov=0

      • Not running for Mayor says:

        Meant to say it was not the biggest train wreck that chamber has seen and if we could get rid of all the UMS and AHHS from the Littlest Prince meetings would be half as long.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Troy looked pasty, white, and like a stunned deer in the headlights. He needs to spend some time sunning himself on Castle Mountain. Prins was taking notes. Well, either that or he was doing some of his consultancy work.

      And ha ha ha ha loved how the Council was led through a prayer. Pastor Luke Isaacson could get a job as spiritual adviser to Troy, just like Mayor Tom Taint on the Gold Coast has on his payroll. So funny. But basically it was 30 minutes of dribble and unpolished waffling. Lots of administrative information to deal with. Anyway, while they were in the chamber it gave the TCC smokers an opportunity to puff on a few extra lung busters outside while discussing the new motley crew of Councillor inbreds.

      • The Magpie says:

        A somewhat early and rash judgement on the councillors, a reasonable person would think.

        But your mention of the prayer (hope the jewish, muslim, hindi and atheist citizens weren’t too put out) reminded The ‘Pie of another observation that has been niggling. In The ‘Pie’ experience around the world, blokes wearing bling have without exception been unsavoury in one way or another – cf plagiarist Peter Typo Gleeson’s heavy gold necklace and other assorted metals about his person … and it was (admittedly personal) prejudice made The ‘Pie note the ostentatious display of Thompson’s silver crucifix on a neck chain. Given even only as much as we know, this blokes track record makes the crucifix scream ‘con man out to make a pious impression’. He’s entitled to wear it, of course, and he’s entitled to his faith, whatever that may be (one imagines the Church of CONversion of St Thompson), but he seems to make it a fetish to casually display it when cameras are around.

        If Thompson is a religious person, one hopes he’ll respect the rights of others, and tuck Jesus away when on official duties.

  33. Ben Rumson says:

    Well, I watched the live stream of today’s TCC meeting.
    Given the outcomes I award it a solid So far, So good.
    I don’t know what the motivation was for the secret ballot for the DM, and good that it got rolled.

  34. Inspector Clouseau says:

    Townsville Deputy Mayor Open Ballot: Lazarus Jacob 6; Food Trucks Greaney 5.

    • Bullshit says:

      What was the breakdown of the votes?

        • Bullshit says:

          “Mr Jacob’s position was supported by Mr Thompson, Mr Rehbein, Andrew Robinson, Kristian Price, and Vera Dirou.

          Cr Greaney’s candidacy was supported by Suzy Batkovic, Liam Mooney, Brady Ellis, and Brodie Phillips.“

          That’s an interesting split. It’s not that Rehbein split from Team Hill. Liam Mooney split from all the other Labor party members.

          • The Magpie says:

            Not really surprising when you consider that Liam’s main advisor – his father – has proved to be one of the all time great Chardonnay Socialists.

          • Bullshit says:

            Even so, Liam presumably relies to some extent on donations and volunteers from the Labor rank and file. And with his surname he’s not likely to build a base of support from outside Labor.

            Perhaps he voted for Greaney out of personal loyalty to her or a grudge against Jacobs, or maybe he genuinely thought she was the best person for the job.

          • The Magpie says:

            Bullshit, old mate, your editor here. You keep replying to yourself, which will not guarantee your pearls of wisdom that drop of your behind will not be in the relevant thread. Please reply to the person as require.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            Rebhein will vote where he thinks the power is within the council. He thinks he’s a political animal, however he’s far too transparent as his primary concern is his own personal survival.
            Mooney has at least voted with his former team. I would check what Labor factions this new lot come from before assuming he has not voted with his Labor mates.
            I know nothing about the 2 new young blokes but I see Thompson madly courting their favour.

          • Bullshit says:

            There is no reply button under some comments so you have to reply to the last comment that has one.

          • The Magpie says:


          • ABS says:

            Ducks – Batkovic and Greaney are not Labor Party members even though they were in team Jenny Hill. Jacob, Dirou and Rehbein are.

          • The Magpie says:

            Reckon you’re right about Ma Greaney … the two or three times she’s been spotted at Coles NorthWard, she’s be tizzied up in what looks like a cocktail dress, on another occasion like she was due out of Gate 3 at a Star Spangled Rodeo. Not your average Labor punter.

      • Inspector Clouseau says:

        Food Trucks five votes: Geaney, Batkovic, Ribena, Mooney and Robinson.

        Lazarus Jacob six votes: The other five councillors plus twonames.

        • Easypeezy says:

          IC; you have that a little wrong.
          Food Trucks – Geaney, Batkovic, Mooney, Phillips & Ellis. Remaining 6 voted for Labor lefty left.

        • Prickster says:

          And there’s your voting pattern for the next 4 years.

          • The Magpie says:

            Yup. Not often we agree Prickster, but that’s the way it seems.However, who’ll be pulling on the spandex and be conducting the new aerobics class, the mayor or the deputy?

  35. Pickled Walnut says:

    Where is stenographer lightweight Leighton Smith? All the excitement in Townsville with a new council and a mayor that has been exposed as being more slippery than a sewer rat, and lightweight Leighton goes into hiding??? C’mon Jimmy Olsen, show yourself and actually contribute to some investigative or interesting journalism. Or are you still pining for mayor mullet while you write articles about Townsville’s favourite 100 pet cats?

  36. Prince Rollmop says:


  37. Critical says:

    At the end the new Mayor says that while he’s in Brisbane he’ll be talking to his advisers.

    I’m wondering who these advisers are, if they are based in Brisbane and if they have links to any of the organisations that he has been part of.


  38. Decrepit Mudpicker says:

    So, Ms Geaney got rolled by one of her own as Rehban backs Jacobs. Take a note of this. Jacob will be working behind the scenes to shore up his chance for the Mayoral Robes and Kurt has just put in his claim for the Deputy.
    Just remember boys, knife Twonames from the front and the back at the same time as befits this slippery bastard.

  39. I’ll be plucked says:

    Pie, someone(s), is/are posting under my moniker. I would appreciate it if you would ‘retire’ my moniker as a result, as you have done recently for DoK., via the post you made. This is regrettable, but it might slow down/stop the arsewipe who is pinching this moniker on a seemingly regular basis.

    • The Magpie says:

      Now, now. Happy to agree to your request if you can prove that the request actually comes from I’ll Be Plucked. If by ‘retire’ you mean ‘reject’ comments coming i under that name, thank you for your attempt at another time wasting nightmare.

      The ‘Pie remains amazed that regular commenters haven’t figured out how to make their posts hi-jack proof.

  40. ArtyB says:

    Interesting blog Malcolm. Certainly some thought provoking discussion amongst it. Mayor Thompson today became the 47th Mayor of Townsville. Interesting spin from some about the secret ballot, Both for and against were offered, as is usual in the chamber. Deputy Mayor Jacob was always going to win, as both were seen together a bit through the campaign.
    I suspect after seeing the shocked looks on faces Councillor Greaney did not get the support from Councillor Rehbien she thought she would, and the left faction would be furious with him. Though, I did note Councillors Ellis & Phillips stuck together again, opposing the new mayor.
    An eventful day in politics and one not lost to this blog either. The mayor changed 50 years of process when he voted to remove standing committees, with counsel Bligh lauding it as a cost saver and a favourable result. The the flip on the deputy mayor role, annually, and not an ex team Jenny hill member in sight. I would say a win for the people.
    Mayor Thompson has Brisbane ahead and a more aggressive media awaits. His advisors seem well schooled, and adding ex councillor Fran O’Callaghan to the list is a good move. The looks on faces when Fran sat beside Thompsons mother throughout.
    Today is a new day, I suspect, one more pivotal movement that’ll change the city, change people’s perspective, but Mayor Thompson has a budget to deliver, one that must fit community expectation and support the business, my humble opinion Malcolm, the CEO will go, Mayor Thompson’s advisory’s down south are pushing him to do so quickly. While nervous the live stream showed a planned and measured approach, that is a skill our previous mayor lacked in. Mayor Thompson speaks well, and will garner the support of the left and right as both head to the polls federally and statewide over the next 12 months.
    Interesting blog, thank you for your servitude to Townsville, I read a lot in retirement, I don’t mind this young Mayor, he will need to surround himself with the right people, 8/10 for yesterday.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, it seems he’ll have one advisor who is a straight shooter. But what a supreme moment of vindication for Fran, who put up with so much shit from the mayor and particularly her toady-in-chief Bligh (who survives like amoebas so often do). In one of the most cynical Hill moves, Bligh was suddenly given the title of ‘In-house Counsel’, which gave him a big bullying stick to continually bash Fran with. If Fran wasn’t such an ethical person, Bligh would ducking a stiff arm or two as they passed in the hallways. And if she officially becomes an advisor, she will be striding the halls of Walker Street to the background of grinding teeth from the Hill rump of supporters in the Prince’s office.

    • Joaney says:

      Councillor Rehbien, Div 7, has to tread carefully as Jenny’s primary vote was 2nd lowest in his div. Whether this was dissatisfaction with Jenny or as a protest because the voters didnt get an opportunity to vote for another candidate or if it was dissatisfaction with Kurt. Whatever the reason, he may be wanting to distance himself from “Team Hill” In Suzy B’s division 6, Jenny polled the highest.


    • Dis Troy says:

      Twonames, he’s too clever for his own good. He wastes far too much time congratulating himself on how well he understands people, how effectively he can direct the plot of his own movie — which might have as its working title Gollum City, and he’s cast himself as the leading man. Though he’s popping up in a few other roles here and there too. This movie is going to bomb at theatres near you, why don’t you just go and do the whipper-snipping like Gen z suggested? Btw, you just typed the word mayor eleven times, either that or it’s a word that pops up a lot in your predictive text.

  41. Jeff, Condon says:

    Well, it’s certainly been proven now that Twonames is a lying underhanded sneak. All the posturing about transparency and then the cheat tried to have a secret ballot for the Deputy Mayor. Fortunately the entire chamber turned against him, overthrowing his decision. Townesville’s future looks very bleak.

    What are the odds on a new election for Mayor within 12 months. Would the Mullet stand?

    • The Magpie says:

      Quite astounding. Con men usually aren’t as thick as that, but it all points to the fact that TWoNames really can’t believe the situation in which he finds himself, and by the looks of him, he’s not sure he likes where he is. He knows that sooner ratherv than later, details of his past will have tobe addressed, The Magpie knows that at least three southernn outfits with REAL investigative journalists are looking at him. And as another commenter said, Thompson visit to Brisbane will be interesting, where there is a particularly aggressive pack of baying journos. Not the least of which is News Ltd’s Courier Mail rottweilers, not happy with our mayor’s treatment of St Rupert’s Church of the Townsville Astonisher.

      • The Magpie says:

        And it seems we have another right wing fruit loop who needs careful watching.

        Division 8s Andrew Robinson showed his colours early, in calling for a secret ballot for Deputy Doo Dah. His background, not just ADF (thank you for your service) but a Duntroon graduate (here’s your blinkers, officer, wear them at all, times), betrays a mind set not conducive to open and transparent governance, a sort ‘do not question orders from your superiors type of guff – we’ll let you know what we decide when we think it appropriate’..

        But this turkey managed to look a total ninny when he tried to explain away his totally defeated secret ballot call.
        Division 8’s new councillor Mr Robinson advocated the secret ballot and said only the outcome of the council’s vote was what mattered.
        “Regardless of how the councillors vote, at the end of the day we will adopt whatever position the council agrees on,” he said.
        “And therefore to my mind it is irrelevant whether the vote is 1-7 or something else.

        Unless you smarten up, soldier, it will be you who will quickly become irrelevant.

        • Bullshit says:

          So he’s independent until the party line is decided on!

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          Similar response on TwoNames’s Facebook.

          ” it is the same process when electing a councillor or mayor, it’s to provide privacy, should it be required, the great thing about this was solidarity was shown in the response by councillors. I’m proud to have a democracy where the councillors were asked which is their preference.”

          TwoNames is also supporting an Assange statue, and investigating the Coat of Arms in Chambers in case it’s not compliant with the Commonwealth. FFS!

        • Achilles says:

          Is that his official pic? sun glasses perched on top of his head. It looks more like he should be holding a placard with his name and a number on it.

          What a Mug!

        • Correction says:

          I’ve run into Andrew Robinson many times during through our shared Defence service. I think he’s a good bloke with a sensible head on his shoulders. He’s no lightweight. I can’t see him blindly following the orders of the Mayor. Robinson has the ability to analyse and solve problems without direction from others (esp. if the others haven’t got a clue). I think you will find that he will develop into a very good Councillor. I wish he represented my Division.

          • The Magpie says:

            Well, he hasn’t started well, as pointed out. And solving problems yourself without consultation with other elected people … clueless or otherwise… isn’t helpful either. But let’s see how he goes, it wasn’t a hanging offence, just poorly thought out and disassociated from the transparency ideal.

        • Guy says:

          From my limited dealings with Andrew Robinson he came across as intelligent and thoughtful – its why I gave him my preferences. As mentioned andrew is an independent, my feelings are you’ll see more of these thoughts popping up as any independent might quite rightly put forward.

          Look on the bright side and thank your lucky stars you didn’t get me – I’m a lot more hard-core and would have no problems getting rid of “problems” / dead wood in council – fast.

          • The Magpie says:

            Andrew Robinson may be all that, but as mentioned elsewhere, an admirable military record that requires rapid, immediate and unquestioned decision-making does not necessarily make for a good collegiate mind-set. And the call for a secret ballot, and the very dark and silly reasons he called for it, must be noted. And has been.

            If anyone disputes this, please give us good reasons why the vote for deputy mayor should ever be a secret ballot.

          • Jenny says:

            Leadership ballots in Australian parliaments are often, if not mostly, secret aren’t they? (In fact, if I recall correctly, members can request a secret ballot). Rudd, Gillard, Rudd, Abbott, Turnbull, Morrison – all involved secret palaver in the party room, none of it considered the business of the voting public. How is local government any different?

          • The Magpie says:

            You’re kidding, right? Using the labyrinthian Machiavellian soft corruption of Canberra parties as an example of good governance practice is a novel and amusing idea. And you are. Talking of political parties only, which can make up their own rules, not the parliamentary body. As we move down the chain of governance, the LG level means much closer regular contact with those who voted for or against you, and secret ballots by the whole council, not just blocs, on just about anything at this level serves absolutely no purpose except offer a bolthole for the gutless.

            But Jenny, instead of making spurious comparisons, just tell us what value is served by such secrecy. (We are NOT talking about the occasional necessity of closed meetings, often because of legitimate Commercial In Confidence matters.)

          • Jenny says:

            Magpie, “bolthole for the gutless” is a perfectly good example of the kind of intimidation I referred to. Not about the consideration of council business but about the election to an office such as Deputy Mayor. The fact that there is provision for a secret ballot, even if it was not agreed to in Wednesday’s proceedings, is evidence of its occasional necessity. There is an informative YouTube about the history of the secret ballot called “The Australian Ballot – hero or villain?”

          • The Magpie says:

            For reasons known only to yourself, Jenny, you have blown out of proportion a virtual non-issue at council level. And your first sentence just doesn’t make sense.

            But OK, there may be some occasions when a secret ballot is preferable (union meetings are good examples), but that certainly does NOT apply to the selection of the deputy doo-dah bu a council group committed to transparency.

          • Jenny says:

            Magpie, you are absolutely correct – the secret ballot is a “virtual non-issue at council level.” But as you concede, there may be some occasions when a secret ballot is preferable (union meetings are good examples). In addition, apparently the democratic principles inside political parties dictate that they also have “some occasions” when they think a secret ballot is appropriate. If you think the secret ballot is morally or ethically or something democratically WRONG in the local government setting, how do you account for its presence there? Our council can choose to have a secret ballot under certain circumstances. Should it be outlawed?

          • The Magpie says:


          • Bullshit says:

            Could someone point me to where it’s written that the vote can be secret? All I could find was this which isn’t a set of rules but seems to say that all votes should be public.


          • ABS says:

            Good question, Bullshit, here’s the Code of Meeting Practice


            “Names in favour and against the motion will always be recorded in the minutes unless carried unanimously. ”

            Contrary to what Jenny said, there is no allowance for secret ballots. Troy Thompson moved to SUSPEND this rule.

          • The Magpie says:

            That’s an interesting point, but don’t quite get the last sentence, it reads a bit ambiguously. Did TwoNames effectively try to suspend this rule just for that particular vote, or in general moving forward? If had succeeded, he could invoke it as a precedent and try it on again in other matters.

          • Jenny says:

            ABS, nowhere in those linked procedures is there a section about the election by councillors of a deputy mayor from among their number – or at least I couldn’t find it. And I haven’t found something like it applying to councils in Queensland generally. In NSW however there is a specific procedure:

            “If more than one candidate has been nominated, the council must determine by resolution, the method of voting for the position of mayor/deputy mayor, by way of one of the following methods:
             Open voting – i.e. by show of hands
             Ordinary ballot – i.e. a secret ballot (place an “X” against the
            candidate of their choice)
             Preferential ballot – i.e. place 1, 2, 3 etc. against each
            The returning officer must ask for a motion to be put to the meeting by one of the councillors on the preferred method of voting for the election of a chairperson. This must then be seconded and voted on by the councillors.”

          • ABS says:

            It’s at 24 minutes here, and was just for this ballot, though as you said, could set a precedent.


          • ABS says:

            Jenny – the fact that nowhere in the document is anything about the election of a deputy mayor is further evidence against your claim that a secret ballot is allowed.

            In the video linked, but I think not published before your comment, section 6.7.6 is the specific rule that Thompson proposed to suspend in favour of a secret ballot.

            The NSW procedure is not relevant.

    • Bullshit says:

      I thought it was interesting that the pro secrecy votes were from the My Place aligned councillors – Thompson and Price – and Robinson, who wasn’t as far as I can see aligned with them but had a meet the councillors event promoted on their page.

  42. Jeff, Condon says:

    So Price, along with Twonames, is also tangled up with this conspiracy group, My Place with their wacky conspiracies about 5G and fluoride. Reminds me of General Jack D. Ripper in Dr Strangelove: “A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly, without any choice. That’s the way your hardcore Commie works.”

    With the My Place Duo, the Team Hill remnants and Jacobs Laborites, there’s a’goin to be feudin’ and fussin’ in them thar hills.

  43. Gill the dill says:

    Does anybody know if Jenny has resigned from any of her lucrative committees, board/director roles, LGAQ membership, TEL, Labor party etc?

    Message to Troy – cut funding to TEL. It is a women’s club under the dictatorship of Ms Claudia. They do no real work other than cut and paste from consultants reports. Cut it to the bone.

  44. Jenny says:

    You may have heard about a horse wandering onto the Warwick Farm suburban train platform at midnight recently. A NSW rail official commented, “Usually it’s cows we find on the train tracks”. Wait, what? He continued that we were lucky the horse didn’t try and board the train — indeed it stayed behind the yellow line the whole time. The unharmed horse was returned home to the neighhhhhbouring farm.

    • The Magpie says:

      Warwick Farm? It was probably the one The ‘Pie backed in the third race, trying on find the winning post.

  45. Pump it up says:

    De Brenni is up to his old tricks in his new Energy portfolio saying that the latest cost report for the Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project near Eungella won’t be released until after the October election.

    Already eyewateringly expensive originally at $12b the newspapers are reporting that the cost has already jumped to $18b for just the first stage and the latest report will show an even higher number.

    Even before a sod is turned folks in the engineering world are saying it won’t work and it is going to be just a monument to the back of a notebook policy and project planning of the ALP. Two big holes in the ground which just suck.

  46. bye bye says:

    And the Prins has resigned

    • Burnt Brows says:

      Interestingly he hasn’t updated his LinkedIn profile yet – however his educational qualifications are all still listed …….

    • Achilles says:

      That may help Armaguard’s financial probs, carting his severance payout pro-rota to his vault.

    • Jeff, Condon says:

      Did he fall or was he pushed?

      • The Magpie says:

        For all his many faults,Ralston is smart enough to be a dozen steps ahead of any goofs around here. Neither fell nor pushed, jumped sideways in a carefully planned move when he assessed the various scenarios month ago, no doubt having applied for some new lucrative post.

  47. Inspector Clouseau says:

    The smell has left the TCC building. Why did they call him Stinky, anyone?

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      And now we have a council full of flag bearing, tin foil hat wearing, “fully transparent” nut jobs, with no experience and no one to pull them into line. Let the festivities begin.

      • The Magpie says:

        The smart ones will become evident fairly quickly. The question will be if they are smart for us or for themselves.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Inspector, it’s because he stank of BO.

      Oh what a marvellous day this is. The Doctor knew his contract wouldn’t be renewed at the end of the year so he bailed before he got pushed. He doesn’t leave much of a legacy for his time here. TCC’s finances are a mess, morale is low, and the Prince doesn’t want to be around when the place falls in a potential heap under the oversight of Twonames. TBH, it’s a very smart move, regardless of whether you like the guy or not.

      Let’s hope we get a decent CEO who is familiar with local government and has experience in building organisations rather than tearing them down. And let’s hope we get somebody who will dedicate their day to doing good work for and on behalf of Townsville.

      Prins, don’t bang the door on your way out…bye bye

  48. I’ll be plucked says:

    The little Plucka Prins gone! So what happens next? Who’s in the saddle?

  49. Not running for Mayor says:

    And he’s gone! The little Prince, the Prick, the stinky midget.

    By by, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  50. Nostradamus says:

    Clouseau you bumbling fool!

    Stinky: Having a strong and pungent smell


    Unpleasant and disagreeable
    Take your pick Frenchie!!!

  51. ArtyB says:

    As discussed, the CEO is no longer, and it has triggered many others, probably the CFO too. The Mayor’s advisors have played a major role.

    Standing committees – gone
    4 year Deputy rule – gone (now annually)
    Public viewing lockout – gone
    CEO – gone
    CFO – going
    Bligh – going
    Ban at parliament – gone

    Not bad for the first week. Solid 8/10.

    • The Magpie says:

      When did the deputy’s annual review rule become actuality? Thought it was knocked on the head, but its been a confusing few days.

      • ArtyB says:

        Magpie, the Deputy Mayor was elected, the role is to be reelected or put to the Councillors every 12 months for re-election by the chair. Councillor Jacob is in charge for next week until the Mayor returns from Brisbane, let’s hope he keeps his head down. With regard to the CEO, it would’ve been suggested to him by the Mayor to resign, leave with dignity. One thing is sure, it’ will trigger many resignations, staff he will need to replace swiftly. I’d suggest the interim CEO is not from within, but short term CEO with the ability to control the narrative, remembering there’s a budget due and the first ordinary meeting of which the Dr Ralston will still be there. Interesting times ahead, be assured the cleanse of Walker street has begun.

        • The Magpie says:

          That’s an interesting development, the purpose of which isn’t clear. But what is clear … and not mentioned anywhere … is that this could be a divisive move which will spark all sorts of machinations, wheeling and dealing …none of which is likely to be either in the interests of the ratepayers or the mantra of of transparency. It could also offer unwarranted power to those who emerge as leaders of a voting bloc.

          Why? Simple answer … money.

          The Deputy Doo Dah get about $20,000 more (about $150,000 p.a) than a councillor (now $131,000).

          The following figures should be upped by 2% for the current rate.

          Effective July 2022, the Local Government Remuneration Commission decided to increase the minimum remuneration levels for mayors, deputy mayors and councillors by 2 per cent. Mayor Jenny Hill earns $212,247 annually, while Deputy Mayor Mark Molachino earns $144,328. All remaining councillors earn $127,347 annually.

          • Not running for Mayor says:

            Reading ArtyB’s second comment it proves he is just another Twoface fanboy or one of the many faces of Troy, Who is pulling stuff out of his arse to make the new mayor sound good.

            While the annual review of the DM position was raised by Twofaces in the meeting, it was not formally accepted or voted on and was just kicked down the road.

          • The Magpie says:

            Asexplained in a previous view, it should be kicked into the long grass and lost forever.

          • ABS says:

            It’s arguably good professional development for the councillors to give them each a turn. (Although that’s not what’s been suggested).

            On the other hand, it could arguably hobble potential 2028 Mayoral challengers by limiting their profile.

          • The Magpie says:

            FFS! Our council … any council … is not a kindy for wannabee politicians. It’s is largely a ceremonial and fill-in position, and by its very title, is filled by an ‘heir presumptive’ cf Frothy Molachino. And anyway, The ‘Pie assumes if a majority of councillors are dissatisfied with the deputy’s behaviour, the council can vote him/her out. We had hoped we’d got rid of silly and divisive power games that certainly do no favours for the electorate.

        • Dis Troy says:

          Control the narrative? Wink, wink.

    • Not running for Mayor says:

      Arty B, CFO and Blight going? Wishful thinking or are you in the know?

      • Toy Thompstain says:

        The only way that Bligh is leaving is if he is retiring. Nobody else would hire the stain. I’m more interested in knowing if the CFO is leaving. That’s the person who intimately knows where all the financial skeletons are. I reckon there is a pile of steaming shit that is about to be opened now that the Mullet has gone and and Prins is leaving. This could be fun.

        • The Magpie says:

          There is the consideration that if there are some reportable discrepancies in the council finances … and there’s been no solid proof there are, but there’s some smoke wafting about … then we will have to wait untilOctober for any reputable review and only then if Labor loses. And even then, we are assuming The Kid and the LNP crew will be interested, given the other more pressing matters faced by Queensland.

          • Toy Thompstain says:

            I know nothing about discrepancies, but what I do know is that Councils are notorious for fudging the figures and ‘massaging’ the numbers. I recall our former Mayor wanting to give Adani millions for an airstrip. I also recall a missing $750k. Plus we don’t want to forget the millions spent on a bus shelter. Very dodgy accounting practises.

      • Ducks Nuts says:

        Arty B cleat knows nothing. Bligh isn’t even the Chief Legal Officer and the Mayor can’t hire or fire any of them.

        • The Magpie says:

          Precisely. Plenty ofnignorant wild-eyed cookers supporting TwoNames, but The’Pie will cut our new mayor this much slack … he is probably now trying to work out how to get rid of them, after their useful role in his election. Every con man knows what is a step too far.

  52. Rusty zipper/yellow boots says:

    Farewell to the little prick Prins. More deadwood leaving council. How fucking good is this with Jenny, Prins and Mochaccino all leaving woohoo. Happy days. But Troy, be on guard mate because if you do a shit job we will all be reading bout it in the Nest. We are watching you!

  53. Toy Thompstain says:

    Why are all these people leaving TCC so suddenly. Rats deserting a sinking ship? There is definitely going to be a period of absolute disfunction within TCC with experienced Councillors and management leaving. The way Troy fumbled through his first meeting was an embarrassment, he absolutely didn’t have a clue. The magpies nest is going to have enough newsworthy fodder to last a life time!

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      I went to a number of Council meetings over the years and they all fumbled through, even the most experienced such as Mooney, Hill and Tyrell. Sure, TN has a chequered history which can continue to be scrutinised but give the guy a go with the new job. He seems to have arrived with a new chainsaw rather than a blunt axe and he’s already clearing the dead wood. Already there are smiles on many of the staffs’ faces as the trees fall, and the house falls from the tornado and flattens the wicked witch of the West and a handful of Team Hill Councillors. A change for the better (so far) as the door continues to close in ‘24.
      It could be worse, imagine if Harry and Guy got a seat at the table.

      • The Magpie says:

        Chainsaw maybe, but what’s a bloketo do when all he wanted was a new broom? TwoNames probably hoped Jenny would leave one of hers spares behind, but when he checked the mayoral parking spot, they’d all gone.

        • Jatzcrackers says:

          Speaking of the Mullet’s transport, does she own/get to keep her bogan chariot or is it TCC property ? Anyone ?

          • Alahazbin says:

            Crackers, in the day when council supplied councillors and mayoral vehicles they had to be returned to Fleet Services the day before the election. They are now leased, but I’m sure they are replaced with a new vehicle once the election is declared. I bet revhead Jenny won’t want to give up her juice guzzling V8.

          • Ben Rumson says:

            If the Mulett knew she would get to keep the car she would have ordered a Lamborghini or Ferrari.

    • Russell says:

      We must have watched different meetings TT. Like any of us could step in and run as well-oiled a meeting as Jenny did. Mayor Troy did OK all things considered.

      • The Magpie says:

        Mayor troy? Getting a bit pally there, aren’t we, Russ?

      • Toy Thompstain says:

        Russell, if you think Thompson chaired a good meeting you must have a brain injury. Thompson was completely lost and out of his depth. Mumbling, fumbling, continuously hitting the microphone mute button while he asked Prins questions. It was horrible. But he will adjust and get used to the unfamiliar procedures etc. Getting shot down over the secret vote was also an epic public embaressment.

    • Not running for Mayor says:

      Only one, the CEO, has gone. The rest are just wishful thinking from the Conspiracy Cookers backing Twofaces.

  54. Dirty Sanchez says:

    I have heard around the corridors that little Prins and Twonames butted heads immediately. And as much as the Mullet and Prins didn’t always see eye to eye, they had a reasonable working relationship. But that was never going to be replicated between Prins and Twonames, hence Prins resigning. There is no doubt that turmoil is going to ensue within TCC due to these changes and the changes that will come with a new CEO. Tick tock tick tock.

    • The Magpie says:

      Any comment that begins ‘I have heard around the corridors’ is immediately sus, and your fairytale is your sad attempt at relevance through fake analyse. As though an experienced person like The Prince would be cowed by TwoNames (who doesn’t have on the spot hire/fire rights btw). It was probably quite the opposite, rather than your attempt to make Thompson the tough guy, Then’Pie will bet his tail feathers Ralston posed for the group shot, then with suppressed glee, handed in his notice to the already discombobulated TwoNames.

      But thank you,Mr Sanchez, The ‘Pie is need of the all practice he can get with fantasists like you, god know there’s gunna be a million of’em.

      • Dirty Sanchez says:

        Get fucked your miserable old cunt

        • The Magpie says:

          Brevity is the soul of wit …or in your case, the witless.

          You old silver tongue, you. Shows the level of smarts of the average TwoNames pusher. Bet you’re a My Place cooker.

      • ABS says:

        Yes, claims that Prins was in any way pushed out are obvious fantasies. He stayed around to conduct the necessary post-election swearing in of the council that will select his replacement, then left at the end of the week. The very least he could do.

  55. Big Denny says:

    That is so funny – Toy Thompstain. Gold!! There are some folk on this blog that are creative with a great sense of humour. Very entertaining.

  56. C. Howett Fields says:

    One very big thing with this Prins guy was a borderline unhealthy obsession with safety. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big a fan of safety as the next guy or gal, but more than one council staffer has said that they have never worked for an organisation that pays such singular attention to it. It was enough to make me wonder whether there’s something in Dr Ralston’s past that happened on his watch and potentially put him on the hook for either serious damages or even jail time. Once a year he would insist that every member of staff be taken offline for effectively half a day so they could all troop out to Murray Stadium for “A Moment For Safety”. Listening to him haltingly mumble his way through his prepared notes made for one hell of a long Moment. And now he’s leaving, but not for a month? Just hand in your homework and go, Doctor.
    On another note, something else I’m really hoping the new council does away with are those “Welcome To Country” pronouncements at the start of seemingly every meeting (internal as well as external) and ceremony. I have never in my life cringed more than seeing 30 white middle managers in a room, all somberly nodding while one of them intones the same rote drivel, inevitably mispronouncing at least two of the tribal names along the way. Every time. It’s even, by decree, at the bottom of every e-mail that every council staffer sends, to everyone. OK, yes, we get it, dark skin good, white skin bad. Refer to people as Traditional Owners often enough and is anybody surprised when they start thinking they’re the actual owners? By the way, I also think we should dispense with the national anthem at the start of every sporting match. We know what country we’re in, just kick the damn ball.

  57. ziptied helmet says:

    Look at all the bed-wetting lefty ‘cookers’ on here, scared that someone, like Troy, who’s actually run successful businesses in the real world might have a clue on how to boost the economy in this town, vs a labor career politician who’s never had to actually produce something of value nor contribute to GDP which increases everyone’s standard of living. I’m talking mainly to the labor mob with their endless stifling bureaucracy and suffocating red tape, driving the down the economy along with our standard of living. btw, what’s with calling right-wing people ‘cookers’? It’s the stupidest, cringiest attempt at an insult because it doesn’t make sense. I think you’ll find the majority of crack smokers and drug users would more likely be far-left greeny hippies than someone like a productive LNP voting business owner or conservative farmer who holds ‘right-wing’ traditional views. For an insult to be funny, it normally has a hint of truth to it. The only ones holding onto that insult are the left, but time and time again we know the left can’t meme, nor do they make good comedians (Hannah Gadsby: Nanette and ‘dad’s google history’ to name some cringey ass examples).

    Troy wants to:
    1) Sell off unnecessary assets and get keen developers in to kick start development projects, which the former labor council kept blocking

    2) build more parking in the city or at least sort out the issue to some degree

    3) remove fluoride from the water (this, i completely don’t agree with, fluoride is necessary for a towns dental health and is harmless. the same ignorant people complain about this would have no idea of the other raft of chemicals that go into making drinking water safe. and i bet they’ve got no issues consuming alcohol which is far worse than anything like fluoride)

    4) Pull out of expensive projects like the (Lansdown Green Hydrogen Facility) which should really be funded by state or federal

    5) Get the council back to providing top quality, core services and cut red tape – this will encourage new businesses to the town and support the success of local ones

    Once the council is restructured to provide their services better, I think some of the other issues will solve themselves and then the council can look at growth opportunities. crawl before you run.

    And yes, I do acknowledge that there are inconsistencies in his past, and that’s why I can’t fully trust him yet, but he’s in now so we all have to suck it up and at least give him a chance. We can all still hold him to account and keep asking questions.

    • The Magpie says:

      Your chosen name says it all.

      • ziptied helmet says:

        the zippedtied helmet is to fend off angry Magpies, get it? haha.

      • Prickster says:

        Hard for TCC to pull out of Lansdown when they own the land and the infrastructure.

        Good luck to any local government councillors who thinks things like Belcarra are just bureaucracy and red tape, particularly when it comes to property developers. To save some time the phone numbers of the CCC is +61733606060 and Stuart gaol is 4430 5999.

    • Not Prince Rollmop says:

      Fuck me sideways, all the loonies have come out from under their rocks this afternoon Malcom!! Look at some of these comments.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      Run successful businesses. Hahahahaha!
      Please wait while I catch my breath…

      Sell off unnecessary assets? What unnecessary assets?

      Where is the parking going to be built?

      I’m skipping 3 that’s too fucking stupid for words

      Pull out of Lansdown… sorry buddy.. I’m.not sure that’s possible.

      Ooohh.. and another expensive, time consuming restructure. What a brilliant fucking idea. Because council workers haven’t been hindered by constant restructures every 6 months since 2017 with the aim of providing services better and cutting costs. That’s why they can’t do their jobs. Because dickheads in charge keep restructuring. But please tell me how TwoNames knows all the answers with his real life successful business experience.

      • ziptied helmet says:

        so what you’re saying is, Townsville is screwed for the next four years. I don’t like the sound of that if I’m completely honest. I mean those were some of the items he was talking about, however, maybe he really has no idea.

    • OED says:

      ziptied … no one is using the term cookers to mean right wing generally. It refers to conspiracy theorists like the My Place crowd who supported Troy Thompson.

      If you look at their Facebook group it’s full of antivaxx, climate denialism. World Economic Forum, Agenda 21, anti-fluoride, 5G, 15 minute city, sovereign citizen, etc. etc.

      • ziptied helmet says:

        Yes but I really don’t think cookers is the best fitting insult they could come up with, because the sorts of people who believe in those conspiracies aren’t usually drug users. I think you’ll find, on a deeper level, the people who tend to believe those conspiracies are doing so because it stems from broader concerns such as personal autonomy, informed consent, and the proper role of government in balancing the protection of citizens and restricting their freedoms. Some people are just sick of government overreach. Australia is a big nanny state. Those people want less government telling them how to think and act, and they want government to just stick to their core business which in turn is supposed to reduce the burden on businesses and citizens and help them be more productive. These days the government just want to reach into everyones’ lives more and more. We’re seeing it with their mis/disinformation bill and digital id initiatives – and they always frame it as, “we’re doing it for your safety, trust us”. The issue regarding NGOs, such as the WEF, is unelected elites trying to influence countries from across the other side of the world because they think they know what’s best for everyone. Why is that such a taboo thing to say? I’m just trying to give you my understanding of these things. I want to find out exactly how and why things are the way they are. Happy to be called out and have my understanding challenged.

        • The Magpie says:

          Very useful, thank you.

          A finely tuned, much-workshopped polemic of My Place goals and its wider agenda … the latter being the two-fold reason it almost wasn’t published.

          But it is, this once, because you are clearly on Troy Thompson’s staff (otherwise how would you have such detail about his intentions in published. previous comments) and Townsville voters should know the extent of the fruitcakery we face. Such future comments won’t see the light of day around here.

          First, stick to your own blogs and posts to do your recruiting amongst the developmentally delayed (we only have one or two of them around here, and we feel very protective of them – hi, Gunny). It’s not that The ‘Pie disagrees with your goals per se … in fact, he agrees with several of the issues raised, but like any other movement, it’s all in or you’re out. Try the TRRA, more your style.

          But it’s the second reason for this editorial decision that is important.

          The Magpie’s Nest was created to promote discussion and debate about Townsville and connected Queensland issues primarily, all other areas of politics and social matters are adequately handled by other media right across the political spectrum. As the curator of the Nest, The ‘Pie has always been careful not to let it be hijacked away from its original purpose.

          So this is the first and last time you will get a free kick for your mostly wild batshittery – which, it is noted, did not include some of your the more absurd beliefs of My Place, like 5G, sovereign citizen babble, and the illegality of the Australian coat of arms (like who gives a shit when it comes to our council FFS?). And even if other commenters wish to challenge your polemic (so easy, so easy) replies to you won’t be published, that would be falling for your trap of trying to dilute and confuse the primary purpose of this blog. No doubt you’ll try and use others in your group to offer ‘pretend’ soft opposing arguments which you can then cleverly ‘knock down’ and so on ad infinitum.

          Not around here, buddy.

          • ziptied helmet says:

            just to clarify again by the way, I absolutely don’t agree with 5G, sovereign citizen babble, and the illegality of the Australian coat of arms. That is pure insanity. I do agree with doing things to improve the standard of living for everyone in the town. But I am starting to think this will not take place with Troy at the helm.

          • The Magpie says:

            Good to know.

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie has adequately answered all your questions in his previous reply, and maintains his position. So your latest self-apologia was not published, as promised it would not be. When any My Place issue arise affecting council behaviour or agendas, it most certainly will be discussed here then, but challenging the list of grievances on a general level is not for The Nest … it just invites all sorts of ‘cookers’ (seems to be the popular term for slightly adjacent idiots) and opponents to an unsuitable battlefield.

            But thank you for your donation to this apparently now ‘pathetic site’.

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