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Sunday, November 29th, 2020   |   137 comments

Les Miserable: On The Parliamentary Stage, Les Walker Turns On The Waterworks During Maiden Speech

Queensland Parliament was tissue-central when our newly minted failure for Mundingburra, Les Walker, broke down in tears during his revealing maiden speech to Parliament. So what was the issue that brought out the sobs, was it juvenile crime, drugs, domestic violence? Come off it. The Magpie reveals all.

The Mullet’s mockery mocked: the community’s made a furious response to Jenny Hill’s canning of council’s traditional Candles By Candlelight. The outcry has been vociferous, and developments around this action during the week again raise the question: is the Townsville Council broke?

Emerging local independent newspapers filling the void by news Ltd cutbacks start finding their feet with immediate success … and, and to use an old Macunian expression, News Ltd has started to ‘kack in its keks’. Rupert’s men have already started a dirty tricks campaign to nobble one particular challenger.

Gore blimey … serial fraudster and all round despicable grub Craig Gore gets five years … but only has to serve two – damn it.

The outrage industry starts horsing around with equine names ….

And in the USA, Trump’s team Lunatic contines to do a political King Canute.

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Now onwards …

Tastes Better At $200 A Pop?

One thing about China, they sure aren’t trying to hide a Trumpian attitude to bullying when it comes to Australia. The latest in a string of tariffs has affected Australian wine exports, with the absurd notion that we were ‘dumping’ wine on the Chinese market. So Beijing has whacked on a tariff that ranges up to 200%, while it ‘investigates’.

as an effort to make Australia toe Beijing’s line, all this is about as subtle as a grenade in a bowl of porridge, and Bentley thinks diplomacy is required right at the top.

wine in China small

“Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls, Jenny Lies All The Way”

Jenny Hill

Mayor Mullet’s ‘covid restrictions’ reason for cancelling the traditional Carols By Candlelight has been massively exposed for the lie that it is during the week, and making it all the more urgent for her to tell us the real reason … is the council broke? She would’ve had more believability in citing the risk of candles starting bushfires than the utter tripe about covid restrictions. Her lie, and a whiff of possible official corruption, came to light over the week. This is the thread in comments.

The Magpie

November 23, 2020 at 9:53 pm  (Edit)

Want a mini-scandal in the making? Comin’ right up, sir!!


The timeline.

Last week, Mayor Mullet announces her big lie that there cannot be any Carols By Candlelight at Riverway this year, because of covid restrictions. This is, of course, utter tripe. Instead, making it sound like a big win, she simpered that her tech people have cobbled together an unappetising video-sharing event with Pricey to be enjoyed in your own home.

Now, we all know how woeful the Bulletin is with figures, but seems they can’t even put two and two together. Like, hey, reporter-types (allegedly), your own paper ran stories of outrage at the mayor’s inexplicable decision and her bullshit reason, it even prompted a timid, querulous editorial, evasively describing the no Noel ban as ‘rushed’ (wtf that means in English or actuality is anyone’s guess).

Then today, Monday, you regaled with a breathless but cheery Bulletin report – in a double page spread, no less – , ‘thousands of people flocked into the (indoor) Entertainment Centre for a big weekend rodeo event.’

Yes, thousands, and nary a mask in sight, and fuck all social distancing as folks cuddled up the photographer.

But the penny still hasn’t dropped … Mayor Mullet says covid rules forbid a traditional OUTDOOR family Christmas event , but ‘thousands’ are allowed to pack the Entertainment Centre for a rural hootenanny. Wakey, wakey, Bulletin.

But wait, there’s more, and this is where it gets even more murky, and maybe questions need to be asked about conflict of interest and possible official corruption.

Because this has bobbed up on Facebook.

After beaking around, The ‘Pie could not find any charitiable beneficiary for this decidedly unappetising event, so it appears punters are asked to pony up $120 for a small gastronomic Chernobyl of ‘food’ and listen to a local band of decidely indifferent reputation. So OK, the old rule of a fool and his money are soon partying or something like that. There doesn’t appear to be any limit on numbers for this private, profit-motivated event by a crowd of local party hire people Prestige Hope. But basically, nothing wrong with that, caveat emptor ya know. That is, if there was an even playing field.

BUT WAIT … even the Bulletin might like to inquire into this.

The local band Godfathers of Funk is the outfit run by this bloke, Jeff jimmieson, the band’s drummer.


Yes, Jeff has managed to organise an event for himself and his mates to make a few quid, but somehow couldn’t organise – or wasn’t allowed to – a Carols By Candlelight event free for the families of Townsville.

Conflict of interest, anyone?

The mayor is clearly lying through her teeth on this one, (TCC is obviously in deep financial do-dos), but normally, shit house rats are smarter than to let a council executive get away with an obvious scam like this. But then, it has long been rumoured that Jimmieson pretended to run for mayor in 2012, but pulled out after a deal with Jenny Hill, or maybe just ran dead, can’t remember which. Jenny then went on defeat Dale Last (now a state MP) and lo and behold, in a trice post election, there was this long-time loser installed as an a council events bod.

This really should be brought to the attention of the oversight authorities.
It wasn’t just the happy yokels at the Entertainment Centre who have been treated to the stench of bullshit, the whole city is permeated by it.

Soon after this was published, this invitation to a Free Christmas knees-up lobbed in our inboxes.


All the things the mayor said she couldn’t find or afford private enterprise says no problem, but she could somehow put together a most unappealing ‘council virtual carols site’ for us to all sing to the screen at home.

But didn’t the council provide for the much-loved family event in the budget? Let’s check … oh, what’s that, there isn’t a budget available yet? Really, why not, was meant to be almost five months ago? Ah, of course, covid and all that. Yeah, right. One reader summed it up when he wrote:

This is becoming a mockery with the Mayor suggesting the Council with a few hundred staff couldn’t control the event but yet now we have a
second private function . Possibly explains why T.C.C. cant build a $1.9 mil
demountable coffee shop on Castle Hill . 

Tick, tick, tick …

Local News By Locals Starts To Take Hold

There is a groundswell of local news sites, some backed by print editions, emerging up and down the eastern seaboard, after News Ltd announced the demise many a much-loved and long running papers in smaller communities. DUO magazine publisher Scott Morrison’s Burdekin publication has been selling out its print edition since hitting the news stands a couple of months ago, and The ‘Pie understands there is an Ingham site up and running.

Cairns Lcal News Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 8.51.56 pm

But the one of particular interest for Townsville to watch is the new Cairns venture, with the straightforward title Cairns Local News. The title brutally goes to the heart of why there is widespread dissatisfaction with News Ltd’s cynical carpetbagging FIFO style of operation. This model has treated local news as an annoying and costly distraction from the business of reefing as much money out of communities to be funnelled into distant counting houses in Sydney and New York.

But Cairns Local News is a direct challenge to an established and lucrative market that has not been prompted by any particular closures but with widespread dissatisfaction across the region with the Cairns Post. And, boy, has this new kid on the block put some ants in Rupert’s pants. (Actually Rupert wouldn’t even know where Cairns is, such is his operation’s cold calculating model. But he may soon.)

Peter McCullagh Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 9.16.29 pm

Editor Peter McCullagh

Editor Peter McCullagh says dastardly deeds are afoot when he spoke with The Magpie during the week.

“We publish issue number 11 this Friday. 40 pages at 48% ad content.
But it’s tough going, the Cairns Post are doing everything to get us out. They are putting pressure on our distribution points to try and get them to stop stocking it.
They have also dropped their real estate prices and hit us hard. They are now cheaper than we are, and our prices were 75% cheaper than their usual price. So they really do want us out.
We have some great stories each week and gaining traction and credibility as a paper.’
he also supplied the following quick facts:

Cover price.      FREE
Pages.     40 – 44 pages weekly
Publication date.    Friday
Frequency.    Weekly
Www.CairnsLocalNews.com.au.   Our news portal with NO paywall.
We upload our publication to our website each Friday am to people can read the page turning PDF format.  But we update the news daily.

People in Townsville should be closely watching the progress of Peter’s venture, because there is no reason his Cairns Local could not be a template for a similar start-up here in Townsville. What makes Cairns Local different from other ‘tolerated’ ventures like Scott’s Ayr paper is that it is a direct challenge in a large regional and very lucrative market – for a monopoly. The Magpie is sure that the Cairns Post won’t stop its bully and threats at just distribution points and offering dropped temporarily dropped prices (which will go straight back up and plus, again once any campaign against the interloper is successful): advertisers will be coerced and bullied – if they aren’t already.

The same obstacles can be expected to any Townsville start-up, but clearly, the rewards, both monetary and for a sense of community, are substantial. Especially with the timid Townsville Bulletin so totally compromised in any investigative reporting so sorely needed here.

It will take a fair amount of money, a lot of guts and an unshakeable belief in the need for a fair and balanced community voice.


Tears Of The Clown

As Effie used to say ‘how embarrassment’.

Les Walker raised the alarming possibility that he is partly dyslexic when he stumbled and fumbled through his maiden speech to parliament on Thursday. So incoherent in parts, at times, it was almost Trumpian, with one watcher suggesting he ‘made Frank Tanti sound like Cicero’.  (NB How the watcher had heard Cicero for a comparison is not known.)

And for the whole 20 minutes or more, you would’ve waited in vain for the member for Mundingburra to make a single, even glancing mention of such matters as juvenile crime, drugs or employment. To listen to all his mumbled guff, you’d think Townsville was a mecca for lotus eating sybarites without a care in the world courtesy of successive Labor administrations and the Townsville Council of the last eight years. (He actually thanked his predecessors, Coralee O’Rourke, Lindy Nelson-Car and Mike Capt Snooze Reynolds, which inadvertently does sort of explain why we are where we are now.)

Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 5.45.14 pm

So what or who was the subject that suddenly that turned things soggy?  It was his family, and his election team, that’s who. Indeed, he stood head bowed and wordless for a full 20 seconds as he unsuccessfully tried to control was his mawkish emotion. Check it out here  – click the agree at the bottom of the first page, and then whizz along to 3.52.36. Take note of the motherly ministrations of member for Mansfield Corrine McMillan, who could be seen urging him gently to ‘just read the prepared words’.

With this effort, Les has proved that his appointment as Champion of Hydrogen is well merited.

Now Some Cheery And Long Awaited News

Craig gore Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 10.42.19 am

Craig Gore

This genuinely uncouth and unpleasant grub, Craig Kieran Gore, will have to make sure he doesn’t drop his soap-on-a-rope for the next two years. The long-running legal saga of bringing this callous fraudster to justice (thank you ASIC) ended in a Brisbane court this week, when a judge sentenced him to five years jail, eligible for parole in two.

This is the bloke who more than a decade ago tried to con then mayor Les Tyrell into backing a canal estate development in the duck pond in front of the casino. He was told to piss off pronto (and this had nothing to do with the jailing … that came because of the $350,000 fraud on self-funded retirees). He is likely to be granted parole after the required two years, unless he cons the warden into a great little retirement scheme involving buying and selling distressed housing in the Dominican Republic. Or maybe Port Hinchinbrook. The ‘Pie wouldn’t put it past him.

But Justice Isn’t Always Served In Queensland Courts

This an outrage!!!

Jason Costigan

This is just so wrong …. Instead of having his assault charge downgraded to a misdemeanour, this bloke should’ve had his fine doubled and given six months behind bars … for not properly decking this fuckwit. Oh well, at least the voters did the job properly.

Quote Of The Week

“Governments in all positions make commitments to the community in order to curry favour. I think that’s part of the political process whether we like it or not.’

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s jaw dropper, pointing out that ‘pork barrelling’ isn’t illegal, and that when it came to grants, she of course favoured people who had voted for her. Gladys, dear, AFTER an election, that’s not pork barrelling if it hadn’t been an election promise, that is corruption.

And Queensland’s Quote of the Week.

The Magpie

A spokeswoman for Dr Jeanette Young makes a big announcement.

The Outrage Industry Is Back In The Saddle

…but it’s broken through the starting gates this time.

Racing authorities have always been alert to owners being a little too inventive and tricky when registering a horse’s proposed name. A standard industry joke (among many) is the attempt to get Hoof Hearted approved. It wasn’t. Australia’s diverse culture has also added some problems, with an Italian owner trying to name one Andiamo Fica, which turns out to be Italian for ‘Let’s Go, C—t.’ Similar was the Arabian owner who unsuccessfully tried for Aydee Fic –Arabic for the standard sporting and punting phrase ‘fuck you’.

But now the outrage industry has jumped into their ‘sorry sulky’, warning that someone, somewhere, at some time, may be offended by the recently approved name ‘Black Suspect’.

Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 12.06.23 am

Connections said the horse was named because it was a black colt sired by a US stallion called Unusual Suspect. But no doubt seeking a beat-up, the Courier Mail tells us A prominent Indigenous activist, who declined to be named for fear of a backlash, said the horse’s name was potentially offensive. But he also said it was legitimate to derive a horse’s name from its colour and pedigree. Typical really … a person who has a lot to say about what names we should be allowed to use doesn’t want to be named. And note the ‘potentially’, ffs.

So basically, no story to see here folks, move on …. But maybe the paper could whip some indignation in the gay/lesbian/whatever else community over the approved neddy’s name Stun On … because when you read it backwards, you realise it is a gelding.

So Why Did Lil Patty Hot Lips O’Callaghan Leave TEL?

This question is probably pointless because it is based on this from the Townsville Daily Astonisher.

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 5.02.16 pm

All other stories and the predicable farewell gush from the gal herself on the TEL website suggests some time ago she applied for the Gold Coast job, which she duly chosen from the 300 applicants (that does throw one into deep contemplation about the calibre and qualifications of the other raggedy arsed, limp-armed 299.)

But that Bulletin headline clearly hints at a behind-the-scenes ruckus linking the word ‘resigned’ with ‘major shake-up’. If Hot Lips was pushed (The Magpie really doubts it) it could be to make way for a new pal of the incoming TCC CEO, southern grafter Prins The Prince Ralston. The recently-ill TEL board chairman Kevin Gill is suddenly ineligible to remain in that position, having resigned as airport manager (you have to buy a seat on the TEL board through company membership), but it is difficult to see such a business dullard taking the CEOs job.

Worth watching.

But does the Gold Coast know what it’s getting? If they had any knowledge of Hot Lips’ tenure in Townsville, they would be alarmed to read this.
Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 9.40.24 pm

The Townsville playbook? That was The ‘Pie’s heartiest laugh of the week.

But the joke’s on the Gold Coast people if she means it.

The Modern Day American Gothic Is Grinding To A Close


The Trumpanzee is pulling more string than Harpo in his doomed bid to retain his failed presidency. Even judges he appointed are knocking back his deeply demented lawsuits brought by his legal ‘Team Lunatic’ led by the melting Rudy Guiliani.

There were plenty of ‘pardoning the turkey ‘jokes about during the week …


… but the genuinely startling moment was Trump’s Thanksgiving Media Conference, where he was seated at a child’s chair at a child’s desk.

Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 10.45.35 pm

It was inexplicable how this came about for a man so besotted by power and self-image, but there it was and the inevitable laugh fest on social media was instant.

Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 10.47.39 pm


It was just another cringe-worthy moment of the man so memorably described as ‘a turtle on its back in the sun, flailing around as it know its time is up.’ For satirists,  the mobster president is the git to that keeps on giving.

Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 9.36.34 am Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 8.43.58 am 20201121edhan-a wu201120 245827_rgb_768 lk112420dapr wpnan201123 20201122edbbc-a Trump a jeanius.EnVedfXW4AM10E_

\That last one is from a real interview, and sums up Trump supporters around the world.

Finally, When It Comes To Ambiguous Names …

It’s human nature to somehow mark a turning point in your life and to announce your new direction publicly. But caution is advised, especially when you want to announce via a number plate you’ve turned over a new leaf.

ANUSTART image000000023


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  1. Bushy Beach Boy says:

    Another top blog Maggie but I really think you need to put a barf bag required warning for readers who follow link to Walkers stumbling, mumbling, sycophantic maiden speech.
    Excuse me I think I’m going to be…. retch… retch…

  2. Mike Douglas says:

    Mark Molachino has already advised T.C.C. dropped $10 mil in 3 mths of COVID and $3.6 mil loss for 19/20 year but as you raise it will be interesting to go thru the expense lines . Whilst other Councils are disclosing the amount of ratepayers who can’t pay rates nothing from T.C.C. and why isn’t the Astonisher asking the questions ? . Based on Labor’s strategy on deception I will expect T.C.C. to update the Councils website with financials whilst the media is distracted by the Qld train wreck budget december 1 st .

  3. Worker's party says:

    Morning pie. I sent you a message a couple of weeks ago regarding our cancelled Christmas party fir TCC staff. Well still nothing as far as we know has changed. But I write to you today because apparently the rubbish bin at walker st chambers was full of empty high end alcohol containers on Saturday morning. Now im not 100% sure if there was a function on but even if it was a private event it shows that TCC high up staff may have had there quiet little gathering to hide fron us outside staff. Like I said in previous comment, i dont care about missing a free drink but when a more expensive free drink/drinks are flowing for the trough sniffers well that pisses us all off. Especially when you keep seeing work contracted out across the city.

    I wonder if the mayor was driven in in case she had an accident on way home like her predecessor his radiance all those years ago?

    • La Politika says:

      As a ex staff member I believe the policy covering alcohol consumption states all staff must not consume alcohol on premises. That’s why the Christmas Party was put in a tent at Reid Park. Councillors were excluded. Councillors were also excluded from drug and alcohol testing. However staff, including senior staff and the CEO, were not. (To this day I do not know how Adele Young was never done for drugs or alcohol. )

      But you may wish to rustle up your union mates and look into this further.

  4. Worker's party says:

    By the way my info was passed down to me at the pub yesterday from dump staff who heard it from 2 drivers. And for all you TCC wanks that read these comments trying to sack someone, they are allowed to say whatever they want its my choice to put it in public. Proud TWU member.

    • Ezra Pound Axe King says:

      “High end” alcohol, Worker’s Party? You mean like sometime out of a bottle rather than a tin? I like that your source is “two dump staff” who got the skinny from “two drivers”. Well, you’re all set to rival the Murdoch media in the field of investigative journalism then, eh? This is real hard hitting stuff! Maybe the Bully will offer you a job. The next editor, perhaps.

      • Worker's party says:

        You sound exactly like the management of TCC over the years. Are you going head-hunting today to find those nasty people who arnt allowed to say anything bad about your management of council?? Just remember when you do that there are alot of staff at the dumps. Alot high paid casual staff at that, very expensive exercise. Good luck trying to disapline them. Your comment belittling them just serves as a example of what we all have to deal with under this management style. High end alcohol dickhead is the price. You know exactly what im talking about. Want me to give you the brands so you can look at uncle dans for the price? We arnt talking xxxx gold.

  5. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Well done to Cairns local news, Cairns has had a couple of starters in this regard, Tropic Now has been going a few years and has some good articles. On the business and economic front Conus has provided some great content over the years, mainly focused on Cairns but spread far and wide and another site called Cairns Economy produces some interesting analysis and opinion. Meanwhile here in Townsville we have nothing but the mundane shit in the Astonisher from the poodle and rehashed shit from the Dudley’s and Chamber of commerce, who just grovel and crawl to the Mullet, it’s fucking pathetic, lucky we have you old Pie to provide a bit of perspective.

    • The Magpie says:

      Conus, run by a serious couple of highly qualified folk – is an highly regarded and trusted publication specialising in the financial, statistical and analysis field which is required reading for any serious student of the current business and economic climate of the region.

      And yes, Tropic Now has helped pave the way for independent journalism in Cairns but never made a serious direct challenge to the Cairns Post’s ‘rivers of gold’ property advertising.

      And The ‘Pie’s perspective – thank you, Cankers – is always just his own and always happy to engage in sensible jousting over it.

    • HBW says:

      Cairns had its ow version of ‘ The Magpie’, it was ‘Hillbilly Watch’. And it was fucking hilarious. However that fat tub of shit Warren Entche went after HBW in Parliament and the Poliies pressured Google to shut HBW down. A real shame. It was a hilarious blog.

  6. Buttocks says:

    The news of Patty’s appointment as CEO of Destination Gold Coast made my jaw drop quicker and lower than Melania’s knickers when meeting Donald in 1998, . Wow! Unfathomable. The most significant regional tourist destination in Australia and they give the position to her??? There must be more to it. Oh well, I hope she has the fortitude to deal with serious heat from some major players if she doesn’t deliver on her promise to “restore the city as Australia’s tourism capital within three years.” It probably will bounce back to this status but not because of her track record of success in Townsville nor because she is the “shot in the arm” the industry needs.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, given the higher level she’s starting from down there, she’ll do OK if she follows the Townsville playbook … take credit for all sorts of achievements she had nothing to do with. But apart from making empty, annoying speeches filled with buzz words and fridge-magnet philosophy, she is, The ‘Pie is universally told, quite a nice, pleasant person … TEL’s answer to Deb Frecklington. ’nuff said.

  7. cobalos says:

    Perhaps Prince Harry put in a good word for Ms O’C to the the GC gig.

  8. The Magpie says:

    KARMA PLUS … can’t stop cackling!

    3:10pm, Nov 28, 2020 Updated: 10:52pm, Nov 28
    Joe Biden gains votes in recount that Donald Trump demanded

    A recount in Wisconsin’s largest county demanded by Republican President Donald Trump’s election campaign has ended with Democratic President-elect Joe Biden gaining votes.

    After the recount in Milwaukee County, Mr Biden had a net gain of 132 votes, out of nearly 460,000 cast. Overall, Mr Biden gained 257 votes to Mr Trump’s 125.

    • NQ Gal says:

      I read somewhere that the Orange Ejit had to pay $3 million up front for the recount. A tick under $23k for each extra vote he lost by. Yup karma is a real bitch sometimes.

  9. Premier Young says:

    Messagebank’s tears were tears of laughter. Laughing at how such a useless carbon footprint such himself could end up nicely remunerated and sitting in a chamber in Brisbane ever so close to his beloved dodgy Polak leader. Laughing (and crying) all the way to the bank! Or were they tears of sorrow, sorrow at being 1,500 kms away from his beloved V8 driving, mullet wearing Townsville Mayor? Either way, for the girl like crying episode he deserves to win this weeks “Costo Award” – a giant dick on his forehead.
    Messagebank? You mean Messagewank.

  10. One legged tap dancer says:

    Here’s a conspiracy theory to consider: As part of Kevin Gill’s Townsville Airport chief operating officer departure package Queensland Airports agrees to keep sponsoring TEL on the condition that the “Dill” gets the vacant TEL CEO job.
    What a cozy little arrangement that would be.
    Here’s another one: Prins brings his partner in crime Rabieh Krayem back to town fill the TEL vacancy.
    Either way Townsville would be well and truly stuffed.
    As for the “Townsville Playbook”, spin like Little Pattie pumps out will go down a treat with the white shoe brigade on the Gold Coast.
    I hear one of her first big moves will be to invite Prince Harry to Surfers Paradise.
    Now, back to my wine cask.

  11. One legged tap dancer says:

    Just read Hillbilly Watch and its amazing that he hasn’t gone down for defamation.
    Shit, he makes the Magpie look like a sunday school teacher (except catholic, of course).

    • Dave Sth says:

      LOL just looked it up myself. Spot on about some in NQ. What a hoot. Never had a high opinion of Entch, Hillbilly must have really touched a nerve that Entch went apes$#t to the point that Parliament had to publish corrections though…

    • Buttocks says:

      Can’t find it. Could you please supply URL or PM The Magpie to pass on?

    • HBW says:

      I think he did. His blog just stopped one day, like a snap of a finger. Many went after him. A lot of his articles were very venomous whereas although The Pie can cut with his words, his articles are based around more fact rather than revenge. Fucked if I know, something like that. Anyway, the Pie is better reading than any of the recycled biased crap that Warhurst prints on behalf of Rupert Inc.

  12. Old Tradesman says:

    Speaking of the naming of racehorses, this one slipped through. It is called “Tooradin”, just don’t spell it backwards

  13. Keith Moon says:

    That photo of Jimmieson makes him look like a Poster for ‘Dodgy Used Car Salesman 2020’, he certainly doesn’t look the trustworthy type, just what TCC is filled with. So he is a drummer hey, that doesn’t surprise me as he plays to the beat of the Mullets ever command. Perhaps he sung some tunes at the Council Executives secret pissup?

  14. Jatzcrackers says:

    Talk about the Emperors new clothes. Miss Patty ‘hot lips’ going to the Gold Coast to reinstate their tourist destination #1 spot. Covid 19 has given most tourism areas a good going over and the Gold Coast, amongst other previous top destinations, will recover very nicely thanks to almost non event international travel. Gold Coast Christmas holiday rates have doubled in some cases, compared to last year ! I can’t find a list of the brilliant achievements that Ms Patty has been responsible for during her time in the Ville and she’s heading to a much bigger pond where the blow torch being applied by Gold Coast tourism operators will be nothing short of scathing ! Just maybe it’s all good timing from Ms Patty as she steps in as the Messiah with things starting to look up on the GC. Where did the 300 applicants figure come from for her new role ?

  15. Pat Coleman says:

    Could it be that Les’s tears were of relief at now having the joint power to pass laws concerning the CCC ??

    • John Holmes says:

      Messagewanks tears are called ‘trough tears’ as he is crying with joy about his access to an even bigger taxpayer trough. Finally, he has managed to leave his former position as Jenny Hills footrest and he can periodically breathe in the air from Brisbane as he fulfills this very important new position!

      • Alahazbin says:

        I wonder if son Kyle gets his training wheels in the forthcoming by-election, as did Liam Mooney.

        • John Holmes says:

          “Troughs of a feather, stick together”. The young kings often get to see what a well paid con job the public service is so I have no doubt that Junior will be guided but Daddy through the political process.

          • The Magpie says:

            But skipping Daddy’s bit about tucking in the Cleveland cherubs and failing in a pizza shop venture.

            But let us not visit the sins of the father and all that … perhaps seeing Daddy’s woeful performance has inspired junior to genuinely seek to serve the public.

  16. Mark says:

    Ooh Prince, the slutting assassin will be glad for fresh meat. Of course room will be made for cronies. Head of CMO gone, head of water gone.

    • La Politika says:

      Do you mean the Director, Moorehead? Or the Manager of Water Operations who left a few weeks ago?

    • Achilles says:

      If I may mix my avian metaphors, Daddy may well become an Albatross around the sons neck, rather than an empirical eagle

      • The Magpie says:

        Maybe, and there is no secret in Labor circles that Walker Jnr has his sites set on sitting at any one of the multiple troughs up for grabs from time to time. But leaving him out of commentary is the idea, until he himself pops his head above the parapet.

        • Alahazbin says:

          Or, here’s another conspiracy theory.
          The ‘screaming midgets’ partner and ex BCC councillor may be parachuted in again to stand in the by-election. It all went to shit last time when he and the impaler quit and she had to give up her spot on the hospital board.

  17. FullAnnualReportTragedy (FART) says:

    I am no Phillip Batty buy I know my way around an annual report and TCC’s is available on the Councils website .

    • T.C.C. missed their operating surplus ratio
    • T.C.C. missed their Asset sustainability ratio meaning they aren’t replacing old assets /equipment to target
    • T.C.C.  missed and are 50% higher on their total liabilities vs operating revenue

    The report is 149 pages long. Happy reading.

    • allgoodtillsomebodylosesaneye says:

      Perhaps a look at what Council outsourced to Peak Services Pty Ltd (Brent Reeman) would be a good start.

      A business run by LGAQ (check out their financials) that would have access to Local Buy data (even if they say not).

      Not a great deal of separation (via pub test) from interests held by the Mayor.

      Same goes for Propel Partnerships (Brent Reeman and Greg Hallam). Very Wayne Myers feel to it all.

      These folks in town are now so bold that they are not even trying to hide the conflicts and jobs for mates anymore. Thats what you get by letting them stay in.

      • The Magpie says:

        Well, according to Peak Services website, which makes no secret of their gouging capabilities, Townsville has no arrangement with so far. Since you brought it up, how about you check out if they have done a deal with the TCC. This is the current list, which gives you the flavour of how the lobby group LGAQ via Peak Services are slithering their way into local council’s coffers.
        Queensland Local Government Arrangements.
        Balonne Shire Council – Legal Services
        Charters Towers Regional Council – Training Providers
        Douglas Shire Council – HR Services
        Gympie Regional Council – Legal Service Providers
        Cairns City Council – Temporary Labour Hire Services
        Lockyer Valley Regional Council – Industrial Relations Legal Services
        Toowoomba Regional Council – Training Goods & Services, Commercial & Business Advisory Services and Infrastructure Services
        Winton Shire Council – Engineering Services

    • FART says:

      More goodies from our favourite readings.
      Mayor and Councillor wages & expenses +
      1 executive on $450,000 -$550,000
      3 executives on $350,000-$450,000
      Lot of Fat in Councillors expenses / executive wages

      • Lord Howard Hertz says:


        That first item under ‘facilities provided to councillors – Personal Protective Equipment’ (PPEs) – would suggest so.

        A Magpie mate well in the know suggested if that provision applied to a recent CEO, no wonder the council is broke. He added enigmatically, ‘The way she hit the bars, she thinks she’s a bloke.’

      • Adam Weishaupt says:

        No Council CEO is worth $550k. And 3 other trough swillers earning $350k to $450k! WTF??? And a Mayor on $230k!! Fucking outrageous. The average executive salary should be around $200k. These arseholes are taking the piss. I cannot believe that the general staff have not burned the building to the ground whenseeing those remuneration figures, while the frontline staff get shit on.

  18. last drinks says:

    NB: As previously stated, The Magpie discourages and deletes links to sites behind a paywall, because it only frustrates those who can’t access the further information. For that reason, the link included in this comment has been deleted, but anyway comment not bad as it stands.

    Interesting rant by Campbell Newman in a Peter Gleeson interview in the The Courier Mail today. Is Rupert coming for Scotty? Does Rupert need a bailout and is he putting the pressure on Scotty. Prime Minister Dutton anyone?
    Best line. “This PM never saw a hard issue or difficult decision he didn’t just walk past.’’

    • last drinks says:

      Sorry Magpie. Mind you, I am disgusted by the fact that I have a subscription to Ruperts rags, but the Missus wants a delivered Bully and if you get a delivery, you also get electronic access to the Courier, Daily Telegraph etc. Basically, every Murdoch paper except The Australian.
      This is ironic because for years The Australian was the only paper that I would buy. Back in the day, it had a more centred base and had the best national sports coverage going around. Sadly now a shattered remnant of its former self.
      But then, aren’t we all?

  19. Frequent flyer says:

    Campbell who?
    Yesterday’s dud.

  20. Mike Douglas says:

    Plannit Townsville good pick up . Peak services are part of LGAQ ( Mayor Hill is a board member ) and your link says the Peak Services person is Cairns based and done 40 recruitments for T.C.C. .

  21. Old Tradesman says:

    I see Townsville got another high score today, the capitol of suicides, 180. Also the poodle wants the state to cough up advertising monies for the elephante blanco. Isn’t the councils events coordinator doing this already?

    • The Magpie says:

      At the risk of being howled down yet agin, The Magpie reckons the Total Tools stadium would be a greater attraction for year round usage if it had been designed to accomodate cricket, athletics and … yes … AFL preliminary season matches. But no, one selfish man and one Magoo-vision mayor has lumbered us with, albeit very nice but mostly empty stadium. So the Astonisher Pet Economic Poodle advocates the begging bowl answer.

      The Townsville First/Jenny Hill gutless myopia has lumbered tis city with yet another missed opportunity.

      • Cajun says:

        The problem with using a stadium capable of holding cricket and AFL for a Rugby League match is the game ends up being played a mile away from the spectators. The great thing about Lang Park is the proximity between play and the crowd. It might not be good for anything else, but the footy is exciting.

        • The Magpie says:

          As a youngster, some of the best games The ‘Pie ever saw and remembers vividly (including Gasnier several times) were at the SCG. But that was then, and everyone trots that out to ignore the financial irresponsibility of of a one code stadium. Nowadays, moveable lower grandstand seating is more and more common. Too expensive? Say that in a few years time when the money sink hole starts people asking about the lack of vision.

        • Non Aligned Worker says:

          I went to a State of Origin at Marvel stadium in Melbourne (the one with the roof) The view of the game was fantastic. Steep tiers close to the field gave everyone a good look.

    • last drinks says:

      I would think that the presence of the Armed Services and the fact we have 3 Correctional Services Facilities would heighten those figures dramatically.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Armed Forces thank-you, not armed services FFS. A 40 year career in uniform makes me an authority in this matter. Thank-you.

  22. Adam Weishaupt says:

    Coal royalties are down, China is smashing our imports and businesses in the tens of thousands have collapsed. Well done Morrison you absolutely complete and utter fuckwit. You and your conga line of incompetent dross have, and are, causing catostrophic damage. And if that is not bad enough, we have the additional burden of Jenny Hill and now Prince Rolling’in’it locally. Townsville Townsville Townsville brace for impact cos there is more pain to come. Much much more pain……

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Ok Adam Madam, tell us exactly how Morrison fucked it up. Then tell us how anybody else would’ve handled it. Had Short one or Anal had the keys to the car, they would’ve crashed big time. And they wouldn’t have had any money to save what remnants were left after the Chinese fucked the world. The Lefty Trough Swillers would’ve scoffed it all down. Madam, like it or not, he’s the best chance we have of getting out of this Chinese Checkers puzzle so if you don’t like it……move to Victoria where Chairman Dan will give you your opinion. That’s my opinion as I drink some lovely red wine that was marked ‘return to sender’ from China.

    • Grumpy says:

      And what should have Scomo done about it?

      • last drinks says:

        Scomo should have shut up instead of jumping on the Trump bandwagon. That irked China big time. Don’t care much either way if China is pissed off. They, much like America, need a reminder that they are global bullies and to act a little better to smaller nations.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Not sure why you are worried about Townsville, it was dirt poor before this thing anyway, couldn’t get any worse than it is. What you should be worried about is how Puddleduck and the Dick are turning Qld into one big Townsville, but what else would you expect from two people from Inala and Woodridge, Qld The Feral State.

  23. Mike Douglas says:

    When I get to the few pages of journalism in the Astonisher insert in Harvey Normans newspaper following on from Townsvilles best looking criminals I see 1,000 sugar babies looking for sugar daddies in the Ville . It’s not safe to leave the house due to crime now it’s sugar babies seeking financial assistance . Is this a lead story for “ Townsvilles top 20 sugar daddies “ ? .

    • The Magpie says:

      Yes, the Townsville Bulletin seems to have gone completely off the rails.

      Last time, it was ‘ten hottest crims’, now it is ‘sugar babes and sugar daddies’, a thinly disguised prurient story advocating – apparently – amateur prostitution that could lead very young females into an extremely dangerous situations. The story, better headlined ‘Sluts and Trolls’ also does not take into any consideration that giving this approving publicity of an age-old situation – there is nary a word of possible downsides – encourages husbands and fathers to cheat, and tempt family break-ups. Sure that is the way things have always been for some, but now the Bulletin has given it’s seal of approval. Rupert’s moral code – i.e. none – reach out across his entire network and again give the finger to this community.

      Knowing how this paper works, The ‘Pie reckons it is quite possible that reporter Sam Flanagan was assigned to do a local angle on the dating site, and then conjured up a fevered scenario, written at home – alone in the privacy of his stained-sheet bedroom. Like an increasing number of stories -AND Letters To The Editor – this is ‘anonymous’ information, which puts such a rosy glow on a prostitute’s reasoning. And on it’s veracity.

      This story is published on the very same day that the paper incongruously reported this.

      For the dwindling number of you who support this busted-arse publication, The Townsville Bulletin can now share the unofficial Townsville council motto ‘Serves You Right’.

      • Achilles says:

        Soon they’ll have a “cherry” auction as the next level of low.

        • The Magpie says:

          Currently reading Big Little Lies – The ‘Pie was well into it before realising this is high-tone chick lit, but the writing is so good, he plods on. A minor sub-plot is that the 14-year-old daughter of a broken home auctions her virginity on Facebook as a protest and funding venture against chilkd sexual exploitation in developing(?) countries.


          That is, if there are any virgins in Townsville.

          • Achilles says:

            Virgins may – er – come and go, BUT finding 3 wise men …er em persons, no! fuck it, MEN is the greatest challenge; Has been for quite a while………..recent election results confirm this. 3 Wise voters is more in need,

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie hears you … he can’t find the other two and has been feeling lonely heh heh heh.

      • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

        “Townsville’s Top Sisyphus Superspreaders” perhaps? There might be a lot of crossover with the “Most Powerful” “Top Sports Heroes” and other lists already in circulation.

        Just thinking out loud.

      • The Realist says:

        It is amazing how often this story pops up in media. A quick google search indicates there is an article about the topic every 2 to 3 months
        I Suspect it’s a result of the pr by the website that promotes this activity

    • Walkers Hill says:

      Do you think there is a market for 50+ males to get a sugar mummy? Just asking for a friend.

  24. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Now I only did a minimal amount of court reporting while working as a journalist, and that was years ago, so am no expert when it comes to libel.
    You, on the other hand Mr. Pie, spent a considerable amount of time in court and a lot more recently.
    So, is the pathetic excuse for a newspaper, the Townsville Bulletin, in deep stook for publishing this…

    “Claims aired in Townsville Magistrates Court on Monday allege Rylee Rose Black’s mother, Laura Peverill (Black), and her new partner, Aaron Hill were watching a television series while the girl was left in a hot car to die.”

    This smacks to me that the couple, deliberately, left the child in the car to die.
    And just in case you weren’t too sure if that was the case, it was further emphasised eight pars later

    “He must reside at his Burdell home, which is where Rylee was allegedly left in the driveway to die.”

    I thought the charge was manslaughter…not murder??
    I have a feeling any half-assed solicitor could make a meal out of this sloppy reporting!!

    • The Magpie says:

      Get your point and you’re right, but in this case, where does the fault lie, with the Bulletin reporter or the prosecution? The words ‘to die’ – or actually just ‘to’ – are/is the problem, carrying as they could do an inference of the act being deliberate. And that would make it murder, but the police brief would have no way of getting a charge of murder up unless the couple confessed that they deliberately (planned) left the child there IN ORDER FOR HER TO DIE. With no such aforethought available, the charge of manslaughter (etymologically one of the cruellest words in the English language) was the only alternative. If the matter comes to trial … it likely will … that may be amended ‘to murder or in the alternative manslaughter’ for the jury to choose if they reach a guilty verdict.

      However you’re point at the present moment is totally valid … if the words ‘to die’ are an accurate verbatim quote on both occasions, it is the prosecutor that who has created any problem, there is no fault with the court reporter, whose responsibility and mandate extends only to reporting what is said in court – any summary must be able to be justified by direct quotes in the transcript. This is especially important at this stage in proceedings, because an apprehension of biased or inaccurate reporting can come back to bite the paper on the bum, because at a stretch, it could result in a very expensive process of moving any subsequent trial to a venue not tainted by the Bulletin’s likely readership from which a jury might be chosen. And BTW ‘perceived bias’ cannot be ameliorated by chucking in willy nilly the occasional ‘alleged’.

      A sad and sorrow business all round … there are other relatives and distressed friends grieving and angry out there … and it ethically requires the Bulletin to put aside its beloved sensationalism and insulting adjectives and report in a balanced and fair manner. The Astonisher’s record in these areas of journalism is not good – in fact, it stinks – so Joe Friday’s dictum ‘The facts, ma’am, just the facts’ would be a good one to follow.

      All that said, one or two Astonisher reporters have done court reporting quite professionally in recent times. If only the iditor would explain to them the frequent misuse of allegedly, which smacks of legal advice saying don it anyway. The above story shows the pointlessness of that.

  25. last drinks says:

    Alan Jones in the SMH today. In regards to the China Furore.
    “Prime Minister, never mind asking the Chinese to apologise.
    You should apologise to the nation and the world. ”
    I don’t think that this is behind a paywall. I think there are 12 or so freebies a month but Jones doesn’t miss his target.
    The second Sky News person to go after Scomo in a few days, following Gleeson.
    Is the “putsch” on to have Dutton as PM?

  26. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Many good points Mr. Pie…as usual.
    I do suggest re: your first point that the words “left in a hot car to die” were not uttered in court, but written by a second-rate journalist, with little or no court experience, in a misguided attempt at sensationalism.
    I could not envisage a prosecutor saying “to die”, but, rather “left in a car and died.”
    The second “dodgy” statement…”He must reside at his Burdell home, which is where Rylee was allegedly left in the driveway to die.”…has quite obviously been written by the author of said article, Ashley Pillhofer.
    Ms. Pillhofer came to the Bulletin via the Mackay Mercury after obtaining a Bachelor of Journalism from Bond University in 2018.
    Bond University indeed!
    God help us! She’s still in training wheels and covering major court stories.
    I doubt if there is anyone sufficiently qualified to cover court at the Bulletin, including the chief photographer…sorry…editor.
    They might make you an offer you can’t refuse Mr. Pie??

    • The Magpie says:

      Two points back to you: you’re ‘suggestion’ that that quote was written ‘by a second rate journalist … in a misguided attempt at sen sectionalism’, puts you on the same level as the jouralism we all complain about on this site. To plagiarise an old English saying ‘suggestion doth butter no turnips’, so if it’s good enough for us to wail and gnash our teeth about journalistic suppositions, we shouldn’t be committing the same sin ourselves, should we?

      And your last point: The Magpie is sure any such offer would be somewhat different to the one you envision, and would probably involve damp towels, a car battery and nipple clips. With ex-COS and now writer of boring white bread articles of no import, Bettina Warburton nee Giardina administering the rites, gleefully yelling ‘CLEAR’ as she turns on the juice.

      • Madam Lash says:

        Nothing wrong with nipple clamps and jumper leads whatsoever. For those on a budget clothes pegs or metal paper claps are a cheaper yet still enjoyable option. I’m sure the Astonisher or the the Bullshittin will have an article on exactly this topic in coming weeks.

  27. Alahazbin says:

    ‘Invitation to Comment’ on BFD raising of dam wall in today’s Astonisher, page 47. Anyone on here with the engineering clout to put in a decent ’Comment’ on the ‘Mickey Mouse’ scheme?

    • The Magpie says:

      That of course means they’d have to buy the paper.

    • Walkers Hill says:

      I thought it had already been raised as high as it could go. As a Flood victim who lost everything, the last thing I want is ‘more’ water in the dam ……

      • Ducks Nuts says:

        Burdekin Falls Dam. Not the Ross. Your dung heap is fine WH. Plans were made not long after the BFD was built to raise the wall. Even the land was acquired. Nothing was ever done.

        • The Magpie says:

          A question apropos nothing: the Ross Dam was built in 1971 for flood mitigation and water storage purposes. Where did Townsville get it water from before that?

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            Palma dam, Ross River, tanks and bores. There were a lot of windmills in Townsville once. My in-laws still had theirs in the early 1970s.

          • Walkers Hill says:

            A good question Magpie. On a side note, as a youngster all the homes we lived in had bore water. We used a lot of bore water for lawns and gardens, but I think as Townsville population has grown many of the bores pretty dry. I bet if bores became popular again the TCC would find a way to tax it.

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie’s brother had a mango farm out at Bluewater, then along came Clive, unzipped himself and the government did the necessary, mandating all underground aquifers in the area were his exclusively to use and farmers who had depended on them started being fined by state storm troopers.

            Think that – sort of fortunately – the state government would override the TCC on this issue, but the council would still sniff around for a bob or two.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            Paluma was the main source, not a lot of storage when you think about it. Years ago bores were common around Townsville in many yards, it has a wonderful underground aquifer that is very resilient, and the quality of water is quite good, although a bit high on a couple of metals that are easily filtered.

          • The Magpie says:

            Some things never change, there are still plenty of bores around Townsville heh heh heh.

          • Alahazbin says:

            You think the State Government would have the balls to recind the Qld Nickel Act, so people out Black River/Yabulu can have access to water again.
            Ever since that refinery closed down there is always water in Black River.

        • last drinks says:

          When the Magpie was a lad, the Town water was sourced from Willmetts Well somewhere around where Mindham Park is today I believe. I may be wrong. It was the early 1900s.

          • Boring says:

            I have a bore in my backyard that supplies copious amounts of water for the garden, a little too much calcium but with the proper treatment would be fine for consumption.

          • The Magpie says:

            Do you let her back inside to do the dishes?

  28. The Garbo says:

    Jimmieson has departed from the council.

    • The Magpie says:

      When? And why? Nothing The Magpie said, one hopes heh heh heh.

      • Critical says:

        Reliable source rattled off the names of 9 middle level TCC managers who have not had their contracts renewed since late August 2020 and many other contracted middle managers are busy looking for other jobs in case the same happens to them. Was Jimmieson one of these expired contracts? Is the 2021 North Australian Festival of the Arts going to happen as Jimmieson was the organiser of this festival or has the festival become another victim of financially broke Townsville. Is Jimmiesons wife still employed by council?

        Also told that numerous positions across TCC were not funded in 2020/2021budget and that if a person leaves then it’s a hard fight to get the OK to replace that person. Staff are becoming burnout and when they’ve complained about workloads, stress and burnout, some have been bluntly told behind closed doors that if they don’t get the work done then diminished work performance process will start will be taken. Apparently
        this process is brutal and most staff either get out or find themselves with the don’t come Monday slip.

        • Plannit Townsville says:

          2yr Contracts for senior staff are expiring and not being renewed.

        • Plannit Townsville says:

          And don’t forget, Bligh runs People and Culture so don’t expect any niceties from them.

          Which brings me to a question…where is Finlayson hiding these days?

      • Jimmy boy says:

        Where there is smoke there is fire. Is the Mullet getting nervous about the questionable planned Jimmieson Xmas function and decided to cut him off ASAP? Was Jimmieson’s companynp on the Councils Local Buy list and connected with Greg ‘Pizza the hut’ Hallams LGAQ mafia? Is anybody going to wake Stirling Hinchliffe and the CCC and send them North to have a poke around TCC’s books? There seems to be some glaring issues that even the dopiest investigator or auditor could unveil.

  29. One legged tap dancer says:

    Wonder how much the Cowboys stadium is costing the taxpayer.
    Only events booked for 2021 at this stage are the Cowboys games, and I understand that the club gets free rent as a trade off for the $10 million it is reported to have contributed to the cost of building Townsville’s magnificent white elephant, so no revenue at all for 2021.
    Of course, there are no less than three groups – TEL, TCC and an “activation committee” headed by Scott Stewart – which all have been working feverishly to get big events for the stadium.
    Result – zero. Who woulda thought?
    Scott Stewart leading an activation committee is surely the oxymoron of the year.
    When my kids see him on tv they call him Captain Underpants because he looks remarkably like the lead character in the popular children’s movie:

    • Achilles says:

      He’s a busy boy, I wonder what he’s paid for all of these commitee’s attendences?

      On several committees including the NQ Stadium Activation Group, Community Aviation Consultation Group, CBD Taskforce, Regional Economic Development Sub-Committee, Palm Island Economic Development and Palm Island Liveability Project.

      • The Magpie says:

        He’s a living reverse of the old saying, now updated to ‘If you want nothing done, make a man busy … with fuck all.’ Putting these chuckleheads in charge of anything is like putting Whelan The Wrecker in charge of Heritage Preservation.

    • Social Blowfly says:

      Hang on OLTD, I’ve had not one, but two breakfast functions in spacious members areas. Undrinkable coffee and a truck stop breakfast both times – don’t tell me they are not being frugal!

  30. last drinks says:

    And on the matter of water, I am not an Engineer but I have always thought that a Weir or two on the Black River seaside of the Highway would be good. Recreation wise it would make excellent sense. Stock with barra and Redclaw. Use excess water for City purposes, pumped especially into the reservoir from pipelines that run from the hill there, People swimming, canoeing along the Black. Properties there having water to access. It would also keep the aquifer decent after Clive did his best to destroy it.
    And if Yabulu does manage to reopen, there would be some water to sell.

    • The Magpie says:

      seems a good idea, although perhaps to think a couple of weirs would maintain a decent water level … Black River spends much of its time dry as a nun’s nasty.

  31. Political poultice says:

    Apparently Scotty from Marketing has a new nickname – Tin Ear. And E.T lookalike Peter Dutton is trying to slow bake ol Tin Ear with a view to making a move on him next year some time. And at the other end of the circus tent Albo is being lined up for the executioners gavel, sometime in the new year also some say Labor insiders. Looks like 2021 will be yet another year of internal political shenanigans while these conceited fuckwits concentrate on themselves rather than the Australian people.

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