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Saturday, December 9th, 2017   |   138 comments

Boy, Is She On The Run!! Mayor Mullet Has A Cack-handed Try ‘Redirecting The Narrative’.

And it again involves spending public money in the hope of buying votes, but it’s back to more modest beads and blankets for our business genius. But suddenly, the Astonisher is not letting her have it all her own way … still, The Magpie has to ask the questions the paper won’t.

And nailing Don The Berk Burke … one of the funniest skit videos you’ll play again and again … The ‘Pie is laughing even thinking back to it …. don’t miss the very last few seconds. And as an extra chortle, something that is funny but for the fact it is so close to the truth … the policy behind the Daily Telegraph’s attack on Geoffrey Rush … the ‘editor’ explains how the paper works.

… our mayor’s cunning plan to combat the high cost of power.

And all the week’s other doin’s from around the place. Bentley still on a break, so this week we start with some miscellaneous bits and pieces.

He’s Not Just Delusional, Now he’s Deadly

This week, Donald Trump stopped being funny … he went from dopey to deadly in a single moment of madness.

Steve Bell in the Guardian summed it up.

Trump Steve Bell

But the Republicans will never impeach the maniac …


Rush Of Blood

geoffrey rush

Geoffrey Rush

And for actor Geoffrey Rush, the Daily Terrorgraph also stopped being funny, if it ever was. Rush is to sue the paper for its claims about his alleged backstage behaviour.

Now The ‘Pie has a little passing knowledge of 1) News Ltd, 2) News Ltd defamations, and to a lesser degree 3) defamation law. And it seems on the face of it, the Rush matter a strange thing indeed all round.

It transpires that the complaint against Rush was concerned a matter two years, was made by another luvvie who did not and has not been identified by the Sydney Theatre Company and – astoundingly – even Rush himself has not at last report been told what he’s supposed to have done by the theatre management.

This was not lost on other journalists.

Screen shot 2017-12-09 at 6.09.50 PM

Seems just the sort of case for media hound and legal dilettante the lawyer Justin Quill – his track record as a solicitor suggests he makes a good living out of News by taking unwinnable cases (like inter alia The Magpie’s defamation action against The Australian), inevitably losing and then whacking in his eye-watering demand for services rendered. Easy pickin’s if you can get it.

But the Rush story seems to dovetail with Telegraph editorial policy, as outlined in this little vid.

I Am, You Are, We Are Austra …. Oh Hang On A Sec

What a jolly wheeze … all those grandstanding layabouts in Canberra missing the irony of warbling lustily about how we are all Aussies … funny timing to say the least.

 I am Aust ...

Not All The Gushers Are In Texas

There was an excess of them in Canberra, when the SSM laws were passed.

Now that the politicians have done what they should’ve done with quiet dignity in the first place, we now face a tedious media ‘follow-up’, no doubt seemingly forever. Get ready for regular photos of people of all sorts of persuasions publicly sticking their tongues down each others throats – in the papers at breakfast (whoops, there goes the Wheeties) and on the TV news at tea time.

The Magpie had his claws rapped from afar during the week for this in blog comments, when someone said they were ‘over it’.

The Magpie 

December 8, 2017 at 12:36 pm  (Edit)

While a worthy comment with which The ‘Pie agrees, lets not look sideways at the gay community (couldn’t be bothered with clunky, unattractive acronyms) – this whole waste of time was completely the fault of politicians, particularly the smarmy PM and his hardly credible conversion to peace, love and vegetables. In other words, this was a much needed reform that could’ve passed through into law with quite dignity instead of the three-ring political circus and expensive ‘survey’ it became. And at the risk of having his eyes scratched out, The ‘Pie believes the gay community aren’t that upset … the luvvies always love a party and showing off, and are the main group that loves both recreational grief (Princess Di … I’m so sad) and now recreational joy (gush gush). For Christ’s … and the country’s … sake, media, let us out of their bloody bedrooms and give it a fuckin’ rest, will you?

The ‘Pie has unreliable information that Mlcolm Talkbull has commissioned a portrait of himself to commemorate the occasion.

minor task

The Cynics’ Trope: Now They Can Be As Miserable As Bloody Straights

With all the singing and hoopla in the House of Reps this week, The’Pie’s thoughts naturally turned to Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard (didn’t everyone’s?) Soren was a bit of a gloomy gus back in the 19th century, offering often unwelcome and controversial viewpoints on a range of matters (a sort of Danish Magpie without the larfs).


Soren Kierkegaard

It is doubtful he would be jumping about clicking his heels at the SSM law just passed. Here’s what he had to say about marriage and other worldly tribulations.

“Marry, and you will regret it; don’t marry, you will also regret it; marry or don’t marry, you will regret it either way. Laugh at the world’s foolishness, you will regret it; weep over it, you will regret that too; laugh at the world’s foolishness or weep over it, you will regret both. Believe a woman, you will regret it; believe her not, you will also regret it… Hang yourself, you will regret it; do not hang yourself, and you will regret that too; hang yourself or don’t hang yourself, you’ll regret it either way; whether you hang yourself or do not hang yourself, you will regret both. This, gentlemen, is the essence of all philosophy.”

Elsewhere, he was far from a rainbow warrior, just basic black and white, suggesting if Christians really believed what they claimed, they would wear black to weddings, lamenting a life of tribulations (did he foresee snotty teenage children with mobile phones?) that lay ahead, and joyous white at funerals because the carked one had been released from this earthly hell, ascending to paradise.

He was as balmy as a coot at times. It should be noted here that kinky Kierky fell out of a tree as a boy (on his head – this is true, not a jest) and he had problems stemming from this all his short life … perhaps mercifully, he died of depression in hospital aged 42, shortly after wimping out of an engagement because of a never revealed ‘dark secert’.

Any guesses, anyone?

Canberra’s Other Biggy Of The Week

In a neat melding of two issues, the great Paul Zanetti put the week’s two big issues together.

Zanetti 2

But government calls for Dastyari to be sent packing from Parliament, and news laws to help him on his way, brought monumental political hypocrisy into sharp focus. Talkbull is thin lipped when the question of the highly questionable antics of former trade Minister Andrew Robb are mentioned.

Andrew Robb 2

Former Trade Minister Andrew Robb

Robb, the man who engineered the sale of the Port of Darwin to a Chinese Government controlled company, soon afterwards left politics and took up an $800,000 p.a PART TIME position with the same company. Robb is indignant – and probably shitting himself – at the very thought that there’s anything untoward going on, dearie me, no,  but if it walks like a duck etc. Like justice, the right thing not only needs to be done, but must be seen to be done.

Maybe Talkbull has backed the wrong horse chasing the despicable Dastyari (no, Sam, don’t again try suggesting that that is said because you were born overseas, it is said because you are treasonous weasel.) Another Pickering bullseye.

Sam and Mal - Pickering

Headless Chook, Anyone?

On to the local scene.

headless chook 2

In spookdom as in politics, there is a euphemism for steering away from something that puts you in a bad light:it’s the buzz phrase ‘redirecting the narrative.’


A liberal offer ... Mayor Mullet stuns us.


And the reaction from Mayor Mullet was pretty quick when the Chinese banks gave Adani the finger …

Screen shot 2017-12-10 at 1.30.04 PM

and this story about information sessions for Adani jobs were scrapped.

So a massive swerve in PR focus was called for , a classic ‘look over here, not there’ to distract we knuckle-draggers from dwelling the missing $18.5million of our dough (has it been paid yet, and to whom? Wagners the builder of the airstrip? Don’t remember seeing tenders called for it, BTW. Why aren’t we being told these things?)

So we were treated to a most embarrassing full frontal look at this ‘new direction’ during the week when Mayor Mullet ‘announced’ (that should be ‘repeated yet again’) that there was going to be a lagoon built along the Strand.

Screen shot 2017-12-09 at 11.25.53 PM

And guess what … she was gunna make sure, damn straight, it would be ready for dabbling tootsies by 2020 (you know, 2020, when the next council elections will be held.)

But it is yet again what wasn’t said or offered as information that had one of this blog’s best informed readers having a minor foam.

Memory Man 

December 8, 2017 at 11:22 am  (Edit)

‘Massive Lagoon To Transform The Strand’! ? !

There’s more spin here than Shane Warne bowling to Mike Gatting.

Poor old Donny Morris’ big idea – a swimming pool along the Strand – was little more than a lift job from Cairns. I guess that just confirms that when you’re out of ideas of your own, you emulate others. Mimicry is flattery, so Cairns should be pleased.

Funnily enough, when Mayor Mullet launches the “plan” today, she didn’t pre-release any “artist’s impressions”. The story trots out pics of The Ville. Perhaps she’s got the hint that as far as the good citizens of the North are concerned, artist’s impressions aren’t worth the Paper they’re printed on.

That said, Mayor Mullet says there’s money in future budgets and the private sector is ready to invest in the community. She also claims she wants the lagoon construction well underway by 2020. So, let’s have some real information if these claims are remotely true.

  1. What is the estimated capital cost of the lagoon?
    2. What engineering assessments have been done to give weight to the costings?
    3. What environmental impact assessments have been undertaken to address the obvious issues related to the State’s Coastal Management regime?
    4. What’s the business model for the lagoon? How is the private sector involved?
    5. What is the estimated annual O&M of the lagoon?
    6. How long is the construction program?
    7. What impacts will construction have on existing residential and commercial users?

We really are being played for suckers, but as they say, there’s none so blind as them that won’t see.

But Slowly Some Aren’t Blind, Or Dumbstruck.

This paddling pool thingy is hot on the heels of the council’s speculative spending of $2.3million on buildings in Ogden and Flinders Street for the bus hub and an access laneway filled with -what else? … coffee shops. The latter purchase not surprisingly has been heartily supported by those without an actual personal stake in the CBD, like leading member of the Gilded Few and fang farrier Darryl Holmes (speaking as chairman of the Cowboys Leagues Club) a venue which will lose nothing when our money goes tits up. And also not surprisingly , the purchases were slammed by responsible business owners. But the real gobsmacker was the Astonisher’s Tony Raggatt being allowed to report the naysayers, including trenchant comments about Madam Mayor (‘nothing short of ludicrous’ said one.)

Is this story a further welcome sign that the Bulletin is making incremental changes back towards fairness and balance? We can hope, and the tenuous benefit of the doubt remains.

And many business people have privately contacted The ‘Pie, dismayed with the conduct of the mayor. One of the best and cleverest barbs about the drum beating came in today (no names for obvious reasons).

It has been seen for what it is, just one part of the classic “let them eat cake” strategy that is currently in play – perhaps we are all to just take comfort as to how that originally ended up.

The same person later added:

Those who follow will have a mountain to climb. I believe there are a few out there ready to put their boots on.

You betcha.

Mayor Mullet’s Next Brainwave?


The Magpie had a dream … which became a nightmare.

Our mayor was looking very offended when she stepped before the microphone.

‘There are ill informed people out there who suggest I have the vision of Magoo and the business brain of Kevin Gill. Well, they can eat humble pie (ED: no they can’t – there’s no such thing heh heh heh) as I announce two new initiatives. My council is going to tackle high power prices with a world first invention, the wheelie bin hot water system, as illustrated here behind me.’

wheekie bin compost

‘Ratepayers can buy the specially constructed bins for $2500, and once plumbed in, hot water will be free. Well, the heat will be free, as will the manure, direct from council meetings, but water used in this system will attract a premium price to recover costs, which is only fair, you’d have to agree.’’

But she wasn’t finished.

‘On top of that, I am announcing that a new factory employing at least 3000 … possibly 10,000, maybe 20,000 people is to be built near the abattoir, to manufacture candles.  Yes, candles! Stands to reason. There is a lot of fat going to waste out there at the meatworks, which we can get for free and turn into candles to again tackle the power crisis in our homes. I have also personally negotiated a deal with a company owned by Barry Taylor and Rabieh Krayem to supply special bundles of wicks, but I am unable to reveal either the source of this red tape, nor its cost, because it is Commercial In Confidence. Now let them say I don’t have vision or business brains.’

With that sort cunning, whatever you do, DO NOT LET HER WATCH THE MOVIE SOYLENT GREEN.

True Snippet

Jenny Hill was so flustered at her announcement of the paddling pool that she introduced her deputy Mayor Les Walker as Les Tyrell.

If only … she wouldn’t be mayor, and he wouldn’t be deputy, you can be sure.

Vote Early And Vote Often, But Really …

Scott Stewart’s victorious return to parliament was a close run thing, but how could he lose, with votes coming from TWO seats … at least according to the Bulletin on polling day.

Screen shot 2017-12-09 at 11.35.07 PM

Finally, How To Grow A Sexual Harasser

Humour can be the greatest weapon to wound, rather than hectoring lectures (some of you feminists getting this) and the ABC’s new comedy show Tonightly has nailed not just The Backyard Berk of the moment, but all the others as well. Funniest thing done on television since Donald Trump’s last denial of something.


That’s it for this week, but the comments are sure to be coming in thick and fast, so don’t just keep up, but contribute your say too. And hey, a helping hand with the annual blog costs which are always coming due would be much appreciated … the how to donate button is below.

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  1. Mike Douglas says:

    Adani can’t take a trick with their media spokesman Ron Watson passing away suddenly after a function Friday night.Now to Anastascias new cabinet, proposed treasurer Jackie Trad will not be good news for regional Qld due to her south east corner centric focus.Any industry group who has had the rare opportunity to meet the Premier and Miss Trad (they normally fly in, meet the unions, do media stunts) have to submit 3 questions.The questions become irrelevant as Miss Trad takes control and lectures you about the achievements of the labor Qld gov and isn’t interested in feedback.The LNP could have rid us of Miss Trad by preferencing the greens but gave them to Miss Trad which resulted in her winning her seat.

    • Momentu says:

      Tim Nicolls decided on the placement of the preference vote and now he is on a down hill run and soon looking for a cushy job after deciding he needs to spend more time with the family. Is P Beattie heading to the NSW NRL as he always loved kicking the ball and ‘the games’ have just about started in the South East. A good contact here Tim, Jackie T remember me? wink wink! While everyone keeps pointing the finger at Candoo for the performance of the LNP, now Springborg and Seeeney are goooone that only leaves Langbroek with Bleijie behind the fence in those pink jumpsuits they ordered and more than likely wearing them around the hen house. Never did like mine as they were too tight under the arms.

  2. The Unbeliever says:

    Front page headline “EXCLUSIVE…….. REVEALED ” Harold Holt wrote a letter saying he was looking forward to a refreshing swim………..
    Half the population of Townsville probably have never heard of Harold Holt…and the rest don’t care… but a front page Saturday headline… WTF is the new editor of the Astonisher up to???

  3. Mangrove Jack says:

    Morning Pie, not necessarily for publication, just for info

    I got a”Page not found” when I clicked on the Geoffrey Rush Story video and then on the Adani jobs link, got a Member Subscription page from the Herald sun.

    Nice post today, keep up the good work

  4. SPQR says:

    Old Trumpy decides not to further waive the application of a law passed by Congress 20 years before, regarding recognition of Israels sovereign right to nominate its Capital. The so-called Palestinians and their Arab brothers elsewhere go bezerk and call once again for death to Israel, start launching rockets & shedding blood. And your Guardian inspired analysis is that Trump is the maniac!
    Have you become part of the club known as For God’s sake don’t do that you might upset a friggin Muslim?

    • The Magpie says:

      Deep, mate, deep. Now time for a little lie down.

      • Rusty Nail says:

        He shouldn’t have got personal but otherwise MJ is spot on. Palestine has been chucking rockets at Israel for a very long time and whenever Israel retaliates it’s “Poor Palestine- look how bad those other guys are”.

        • Water Water Everywhere says:

          Wonder how people would react here when a group of foreign countries decides to slice off a piece of the country and gave it to the Seven Day Adventists*. Then those adventists, massively supported by said group of countries wages a quick and nasty war to grab a larger chunk of the country. Followed by continued demolishing of the countryside for more development.

          I am sure we would all be singing Kumbaya and be happy, until they say that Canberra will be their Capital.

          Seems quite easy to forget how these ‘tensions’ actually arose.

          *Group chosen for no particular reason, can be substituted with any people, religion or group.

          • Grumpy says:

            You clown. That region has been the homeland of the Jews for over three thousand years. King Solomon built the first temple on the site of what is now Jerusalem.

            Palestine, on the other hand, is a modern day construct and a perversion of Filastine – used by the Romans to dispossess the Jews in biblical times.

            To what “quick and nasty war” do you refer? The Six-Day War? Yom Kippur? The 1948 stoush? Or perhaps even maybe the one about 1200 BC?

            The Jews were exiled from their homelands and persecuted and murdered for two thousand years.

            Interestingly – given your adherence to the Green – Far Left version of history, you probably support land rights for the original occupants of Australia.

    • Tropical says:

      Trump still has to sign the move waivers every six months as required by law.
      The embassy will not be moving for at least three years.
      When Clinton the rapist and that dud Barry O’bummer said that that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel nothing was ever said by anybody, even the terrorists in Palestine.
      Still when you quote The Guardian as a reference source you really are quoting fake news.
      I know who the maniacs are and it isn’t Trump.

      • The Magpie says:


        • Ezra Pound Axe King says:

          I think Tropical and SPQR need to start consuming a broader selection of media, their foaming commentary is sounding a little monocular for my liking.

          Trump is the pits. It boggles the mind knowing that people still support this self-serving dilettante.

  5. Ezra Pound Axe King says:

    Oh, that’s Dastyari. Thanks for clarifying, I thought that was supposed to be Mr Bean…

    • Dutch Reverend says:

      The Labor Party is quick to pull out the pub test when it suits them. Shorten keeps saying that Sam has done nothing wrong “legally” but would it pass the pub test that what this dick has done us nothing short of treason. In any sovereignty treason is unforgivable and absolutely punishable. Of course Shorten doesn’t want to press the issue because Sam is the Labor Party bagman and there is no way what he has done could pass the pub test.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Talk about dual citizenship. This bastard has triple citizenship.

  6. The old peterbuilt says:

    Had lunch at brothers rlc yesterday with a couple of current tcc mates. General consensus is that most have dropped their bundle because of the lack of leadership and direction due to the indiscriminate cuts. They were saying the construction gangs have been reduced by half and are taking to three times as long to complete works as before due to attitude and inexperience. Apparently one of the newly promoted supervisors is also the union delegate..? Can’t see that working too well but Hill, labour, Adele and unions seem to be in a love fest . Obviously the old rate payer is a fair way down the list.

  7. upagumtreeperson says:

    Magpie, loved the compost heating system. Da Vinci would have been proud of you. What next? A zip line from the strand to Maggie Island? Sounds cool, man.
    It is true that compost produces heat and the compost, when composted can be used on the garden to grow those precious veggies and fruit trees. Only one problem with the candles idea Magpie (as pointed out by she who must be obeyed), is that the ceiling fans would fluff out the candles. Oh I forgot, there will not be enough electricity to run fans or a/con. Silly me.
    What the nation needs to do is harness all the hot air that comes out of local council, State and the Federal Governments to be collected and put towards reducing the reliance on energy. All the hot air would be accumulated and used as a heating source to generate electricity for all. With no insult to you Magpie, this idea is no sillier than yours but then this is the age of silly ideas and even sillier politicians.

  8. Achilles says:

    There will be no Nativity Scene in Canberra this year.

    First problem, they cannot find 3 wise men

    Second problem, they cannot find a virgin, all the eligible ones have been inappropriately groped and have pending lawsuits

    Third problem, there is an over abundance of asses to fill in the background, but the selection committee cannot decide on which ass to promote this season

  9. upagumtreeperson says:

    Magpie, loved the compost heating system Can see Townsville as the capitol of engineering innovation. Keep inventing.

  10. Old Hack says:

    Sam Dastyari (henceforth known as Disastyari) should thank whatever deity he worships (probably Mammon) he’s not a Chinese politician.
    If he’d blotted his copybook there, the least he could expect would be 20 years of rigorous ‘re-education’ in a slave labour camp. More likely he’d be shot, with his relatives receiving an invoice for the bullet.
    Instead, Slippery Shorten is the one forced to take the bullet because he can’t afford to alienate the little turd’s business and factional backers.

  11. seagull says:

    saw this in todays AFR

    “Adani Australia was in shock over the weekend after its respected media spokesman Ron Watson, a former Labor staffer, died suddenly on Friday”

  12. The Lone Ranger says:

    The magpie has just been named Bird of the Year!!!!!
    An omen, perhaps, considering the ‘Pie’s coming leagal stoush with Rabieh Krayem and Bazza Taylor?

  13. The Magpie says:

    Kevin ‘Rhymes With’ Gill says QAL will not use any of its own profits to upgrade the Townsville Airport, and he and the Astonisher continue their now laughable attempts to bully the airline, with this sort of twaddle.

    “Back out’?!? ‘Not yet confirmed”?

    That suggests Qantas had previously agreed to a ticket tax but has now had second thoughts and won’t ‘confirm’ it, in what was a completely unilateral plan by Gill and co to enhance QAL’s asset portfolio without spending their own money.

    So Gill continues to yank the Astonisher editor’s chain.

    Qantas has from the very start refused to entertain the idea (bless ‘em!) and QAL refused the airline’s more modest proposal of cooperation and instead insist on their grandiose and lucrative scheme to slug airport passengers.

    At least the Qantas argument is well reported in the story … well down, where it simply states that if QAL want the upgrade they have dreamed up ‘they can pay for it themselves’.
    As said, ‘Bless you, Qantas’.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      What a brainless dickhead Gill is, just a rank amateur, although it would seem by the story he, the Mullet and little Patty have worked quickly on the new editor and got her on board straight away. If anyone thinks that projects like the casino resort development or any tourism related enterprises are going to put money into Townsville whilst TAPL go backwards is dreaming. I would hope for a bit of honesty from the likes of Chris Morris who has been quite critical of TAPL in the past and should do so again, he cant rely on the current crop of locals and those driving in from the west who keep his casino going to also provide revenue for any resort, that will take real tourists flying in, good luck with that currently.

    • Dr Who'ed says:

      Hi ‘Pie,

      This story from the South Coast of NSW has a lot in common with the Townsville Airport ‘dispute’. In this instance the airline is Rex:

      “Airport upgrade plans lead Rex airline to remove services”

      This is a lesson here for Mr Dil, but I suspect he can’t read, which is why I have included the video report link above.

      Yours in black and white.

  14. The Magpie says:

    Look, this is posted just because it’s Monday.

  15. 4810 says:

    So why are journalists now writing stories the day after the QLD election saying “Anna P has already broken one of her promises (Curtis Pitt no longer Treasurer.) So what can we do about it? Why didn’t these so called ‘journalists’ write of the myriad of broken promises leading up to the election????? Journalists really need to be held more accountable. It’s a bloody disgrace what they serve up to the public.

  16. upagumtreeperson says:

    Very funny Magpie, oh bird of the year! Two f….bucks sounds like the sort of coin we could adopt for our currency. Not very PC thou.

  17. Dearie Me says:

    So… I put in a request for some clean up work in my local park a week or so ago in the wonderous Basic Blitz that TCC is running. Not bloody done yet. Mostly because there’s no one left here to bloody do it and the parks contract is outsourced.

    Makes you wonder how many requests will actually get done and how many will still be languishing in a system somewhere in 3 months time.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Yep! Same here. A fallen tree on the bike way at Annandale. Been there a month before I put in the request. Not a peep from TCC. It’s still there.

      • Alacan says:

        Hell where does one start with the mtce issues preventative and reactive across the city

        Wounder how the fire breaks are on castle hill, the bicentennial parks mound (old queens rd landfill) , dead tree removal program, controlled intersection vegetation clearing ( trim the trees so you can see the stop and give way signs, fire hydrants and valve cleaning, .. linemarking etc etc etc .. you know just the little things of no glamour and that are examples of … what did impaler claim .. too much process .. wtf.. stupid stupid slayer … still we could have a basic blitz .. or heres another thought .. lets say .. mm an action gram .. remember that .. same stupid spin from the same side of politics.

        We could also spruce up the corner stores in the burbs, that went well .. look for the remainders of that stupid stupid program and see what u find. Yet we keep on returning the architects of such stupidity labour .. Yet .. the opposition keep on being not placeable in qld and our fading piece of paradise lost.

        Ahhh thats better .. better out then in .. still stinks and hurts on expulsion.

  18. The Magpie says:

    The Astonisher licks its wounds … and now like a naughty puppy who chewed the slippers, must now get back in the good graces of those it unmercifully bagged pre-election.

    And ‘stormed’ back into parliament? 280 votes for Stewart is ‘stormed’? 51% for O’Rort, the greediest power and pelf MP since Capt Snooze, and Harper home because of a sleazy One Notion opponent got him across the line, all this is ‘stormed’?

    The O’Rort result has one big upside … despite being scolded, bagged and eye-poked by our valiant ‘agenda setting’ paper for months, her win showed two things …. the Bulletin is a completely rejected as a believable opinion leader, and that these good folks didn’t win, their opponents lost.

    The lack of choice has us stuck with these duds for another couple of years.

    • Old Hack says:

      Yes, I also had a giggle at the overblown headline.
      Harper is now asking for “more responsibility” in the new government, but many of his constituents would argue that his primary responsibility is to properly represent them rather than wangle a seat for himself in first-class on the Puddleduck gravy train.

    • Old Mudpicker, the Radical Conservative. says:

      Stop being a denialist ‘Pie. I suppose the Pommies are losing the cricket. Its nothing to do with the Aussies ability at all.
      Anna, after starting slowly, came home with a wet sail and outperformed the opposition. The voting public looked up and chose the party that would move the State forward.

      • The Magpie says:

        As said elsewhere, there are none so blind as then that will not see … or perhaps more apt in Alphabet’s case, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king … hey that makes you king, they don’t come more one-eyed than you mate.

        • Ando says:

          “they don’t come more one eyed” than Muddy.

          Bold statement Pie; there is some pretty stiff competition in here!

          • The Magpie says:

            Aww, c’mon, be nice to Muddy, he deserves special recognition. All those LNP boosters are pussies next to his ‘my mother drunk or sober’ Labor cheer leading. Eagerly awaiting for his take on why it was unfair that Dastyari was done down.

  19. Hee-Haw says:


    I wonder who would possibly object on Townsville?

  20. The Magpie says:

    Well, the photographer tried his best for Townsville.

  21. Gonzo says:

    Pie, A great blog post, covering all the news of last week and beyond. But I have to thank you most of all for posting the video from the new ABC comedy show. Tonightly’s garden special really was special and very funny. Keep up the good work!

    • The Magpie says:

      Thanks, Gonzo, and special Christmas/NY greetings to you and the family … will let you know if I’m ever down that way, a beer or two may be taken.

  22. Craig Leonard says:

    Recieved this morning



    Check out how many people have signed this already.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Already spreading like wildfire. Sign on and make sure your comments reflect a personal commitment to Townsville, even if you are not a current resident.
      There is something deeply wrong if the CCC chooses to ignore this latest cry for help.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Excellent! Wife and I have signed. It will be interesting to see how much coverage this gets in the Astonisher.

    • Snoozer says:

      Hopefully this one isn’t swept under the carpet like the last one.

  23. Haysi Fantayzee says:

    Jerusalem was founded by the canaanites – it was a canaanite city , not a jewish city. If Jerusalem was so special why did someone else put the graft in and found it?? I could go on with more horrible “alternative facts” but it will only make you angry. People that challenge “facts” with regards to these matters have a tendency to end up dead.

  24. Doxie says:

    “..……..and (I) will remain a strong advocate for Townsville and North Queensland within Cabinet.” So saith Coralie O’Rourke in a Townsville Bulletin report.
    The term “will remain” is a tad confusing considering she’s actually done nothing for us in the past 3 years to “remain” anywhere doing anything. And it didn’t take Anna MkII long to realise the (dumped) portfolio was just not required at all – unless, of course, Mizz O had chosen to actually promote Townsville and North Queensland, which she didn’t. Our foreseeable future is certainly looking rather bleak – as it has been for some while now with those with whom we’re blessed to represent us in all levels of government achieving almost nothing for our northern region(s).

  25. Scott says:

    The new electronic disclosure system for political donations certainly makes for some interesting reading. It’s available via the Electoral Commission Queensland website. Looks like a prominent local developer has sweetened the LNP coffers by $75,000.00 between 2016 and 2017. I’m guessing he wouldn’t be too happy with the declared results.

  26. The Magpie says:


    Seditious Sam Dastyari is no longer in Parliament but remained an unrepentant rat to the very end of his self=praising resignation speech. he seemed to borrow of another ex-senator’s malcolm Roberts take on reality, when he said he left with his integrity intact.

    “I have always put the pursuit of the Labor cause first. Reflecting on the events which led to my decision, I leave knowing that I’ve always honoured my parliamentary oath. I’ve always acted with integrity, and I remain a loyal, patriotic Australian”.

    A craven liar to the end. Now let’s ask a few questions about that other bombastic, self-righteous Quisling, former Turnbull Minister for Trade Andrew Robb, who on the face of it, was and is more damaging to Australian interests than even Dastyari.

    • Old Hack says:

      Good riddance! Wonder who he’ll find now to pay his debts?
      Because he knows where the bodies are buried, he still has access to the halls of power and will probably set up as a lobbyist.
      As for Robb, at least he had enough sense to leave parliament before revealing his allegiances. Even so, it beats me why more scrutiny hasn’t been directed at him and those who let the Darwin sale through under the radar.

      • Ando says:

        Tip of the iceberg old mates!
        Let’s see where this story runs. I reckon Dastyari was following established Canberra protocol.

  27. The Magpie says:

    Surely Mayor Mullet must be getting the message now.

    Just how she’ll present this pig in a calico dress and plaster it with lipstick is anyone’s guess, but don’t expect any transparency on ANYTHING … today’s council meeting will discuss in secret two ‘confidential’ (what bullshit) and somewhat mysterious items – the North Queensland Stadium, and North Queensland Stadium – Focus Pacific.

    What the hell is she up to now … in our name?

    • Momentu says:

      That was worth a read Magpie. THE GUARDIAN
      And in that report it says Paddleduck ‘She has further vowed to stop all direct taxpayer funds going to the mine and its associated infrastructure’.
      Tax Payers funds. STOP. Would that include Townsville rate payers’ money? We may see the white knight, well a duck on a horse coming to our rescue. Great manoeuvre and outcome if SHE had first told our Tsv Mayor to keep the deal quiet and announce that airport /infrastructure will be paid by TCC / rate payers. Jobs you know, for the north, TCC rate payers will be ecstatic. We have to keep all those voters thinking WE the South East are not having dirty coal around here, NO Aussie loans either. Nothing to do with the Labor clean green team down here while Adani can find their own loan and cash bank. Best veto the loan and all would be good in the south east for those preferences and votes.
      Happy days ahead by the way, Thermal and Coking Coal royalties again expected to be a windfall of $1.8 B this financial year from the North. SHE can now just keep smiling and waving, smile and wave, plenty of cash to spend here in the south east. Oh Dirty Coal. Where is that horse?

  28. Old tradesman says:

    Momentu, have you forgotten about Margaret Strelow The Rockhampton mayor who also gave the same amount of rate payers monies to the airstrip, resigned to try and get into government, along with dickhead in the Northern Beaches who both failed and now have their jobs reinstated.

  29. Van Gogh's Ear Now Far Removed says:

    Out of curiosity, did TCC ever release, or could they be compelled to release under freedom of information, the names of those they counted as ‘Townsville residents’ from the initial petition? I only ask as some could then cross-reference to check they were counted. If not, a misrepresentation of community sentiment could be strongly suggested.

  30. Tokyo_Joe says:

    BOTY (ok. It stands for Bird Of The Year) why do you bother constantly bagging out the local rag when no one is reading it? It’s beneath your wings! Yep, you carry some scars. But SAB (Shit A Brick) it’s time to move on and focus on the political apparatchiks we have ruling over us great unwashed!

    • The Magpie says:

      Because unlike certain critics, The ‘Pie can walk and chew gum at the same time.Both matters, which are of vital importance to this community, are covered regularly, it’s the purpose of the blog. And no community can operate safely and democratically without an ethical and balanced news entity.

      Anything else we can help you with, CHFW?

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      The local paper is a joke, a disgrace, and an insult to the local community. In a previous life I worked with many folks who were posted to Townsville from down South for 2 to 3 years at a time. To a man and woman they were flabbergasted at what was passed off as a ‘news paper’.

      The Pie and those who care must keep up the pressure iot lift the standard.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Further to my last, the Southern folk posted here got the impression from the TB that Townsville folk were a bunch of simpletons incapable of following a complex argument. As a local (yes, by then I had been here long enough to be a local and I am still here) it annoyed me intensely.

        • The Magpie says:

          Agree with your point, up to a point, Dave. Perhaps they form their judgement when they see who we elect to council and higher government trough-seats. And then we are in an embarrassing position.

          • Peter Sandery says:

            You will be pleased to note that we are both of the same sentiment on that issue, ‘Pie. The more I research the subject, the more it is emphasised but I think it is not necessarily a Townsville-centric malaise but pervades the whole of Northern Australia, not just Queensland.

  31. Concerned citizen says:

    The pantomine put on by Mayor Mullet, Paul Jacobs and the other puppet councillors at yesterday’s council meeting would have won a Academy Award.
    Now she says the $18.5 million for the airport in the middle of nowhere isn’t going directly to Adani, but to the airport construction company. So that makes it all good, right?
    And we ratepayers won’t be handing over any money unless the mine goes ahead.
    Fair dinkum, she should be in the Olympics with all her backflips.
    Does she really expect us to believe all this twaddle?
    Sorry Mullet, this has killed off any long term career you were planning in politics.
    But she can always get a job in a circus.

    • The Magpie says:

      Ahem, cough cough … The Magpie pointed out that the money was to or has – she won’t say – to go to Wagners, which is obviously the ‘airport construction company’. This raises two questions, one which might interest the CCC … could be wrong, but don’t think we saw any tenders called for the job, which is required by councils, is it not/ And it might explain the nonsensical ‘bank guarantee’ flapdoodle …. maybe, and let hope it is, Wagners who have to give the BG.

      But for fuck’s sake, why not just TELL us?

      • Non Aligned Worker says:

        If Wagners have already been appointed the constructors of the airstrip by the council, which party is demanding the commercial in confidence? Very odd. Council tenders website says “Due to Local Government Legislative amendments as of 14 December 2012 only contracts valued at $200,000 (ex GST) or more are required to be reported.” I didn’t see the tender posted. There are numerous contractors in Queensland that have built airstrips so Wagners cannot be classed a single source supplier.

        • The Magpie says:

          But if The ‘Pie has heard it right, Commercial In Confidence is the excuse also for the non-release of the KPMG report.

          And that is utter bullshit.

          Your point about the tender is also correct, but happy for details if incorrect about tender.

          • Non Aligned Worker says:

            As per my last post the TCC website states -” Due to Local Government Legislative amendments as of 14 December 2012 only contracts valued at $200,000 (ex GST) or more are required to be reported.”
            TCC website lists all awarded contracts going back the last few years on their website.
            No contracts have been awarded to the Wagner group this year. The only contract anywhere near the 18.5 million mark to be awarded was 13 December 2016 to Optus Billing Services Pty Ltd for $18 million.
            Leads one to ask, does the council have a contract with Wagners or is it all one big porky that they have been caught out on?

          • Non Aligned Worker says:

            Also no awarded projects in Rocky re the airport.

    • Grumpy says:

      Hang on a bit there…

      Wagners get our $18M to build an airport. BUT if Adani doesn’t get to start their mine, Wagners will give the money back? Really? Everyone knows how the Wagners do business, right?

      But…all is OK. We have a bank guarantee. So…a bank is willing to bet $18M that a mine – which they themselves won’t finance – is going to go ahead. Yup. Makes perfect sense.

      “Unless the mine goes ahead”? Oh, wow. How is that going to be interpreted?

      The commercial lawyers will be salivating.

  32. Kelsonian says:

    From Herald Sun 13/12/17: Townsville councillor ‘goes rogue’ over Adani airstrip

    COUNCILLOR Paul Jacob has again gone rogue and spoken against Townsville City Council’s decision to fund an airstrip in the Galilee Basin after lodging an opposing petition.

    Cr Jacob, who rejoined the council after unsuccessfully running for Labor in Hinchinbrook, lodged a petition on behalf of Townsville resident Cam Leitch yesterday at council’s last 2017 general meeting.

    Cr Jacob (right) voted against the $18.5 million funding arrangement for the airstrip, which will service Adani’s proposed Carmichael mine, at a special meeting in both August and September.

    The controversial decision has caused significant community backlash with concerns there was no consultation and no documentation was made available. Cr Jacob said the local petition was welcomed as a previous electronic petition, lodged by Peter Newey of Townsville Ratepayers Association, had caused confusion with thousands of signatures coming from around the world.

    Yesterday’s document had about 220 signatures. [1350 @ 10am 13/12]

    “I sat down with Cam and Verena (Coombe) to discuss the best way to lodge it and who was the best person and I was because I’m against it,” Cr Jacob said.

    “It still adhered to a couple of the points that I said in my no statement.”

    Cr Jacob yesterday asked Mayor Jenny Hill why the KPMG report on the potential economic impact of the Adani mine on Townsville had not been released.

    “That matter is commercial-in-confidence councillor and we’ve always said that,” Cr Hill said.

    Cr Jacob said he “totally” accepted Cr Hill’s reason.

    The Mayor said there was confusion around council’s decision because of anti-Adani campaigns being run by conservation groups.

    “It’s been really difficult for us to get the message out there,” she said.

    Cr Hill said the council would not be giving the money directly to Adani and no money would be spent until the project was certain to go ahead.

    “Council is not paying any money to Mr Adani,” she said.

    “We will be funding the constructor of the airport, which will be John Wagner.

    “We’re not funding Adani per se.”

    So some good news – $$ are still with TCC.

    • The Magpie says:

      This is lengthy but vital to expose the tip of the swindle that is going on.

      May The ‘Pie suggest that Clr Jacob take a leaf out the Australasian Council of Auditors-General and challenge what is obviously an indefensible withholding of information from ratepayers by the political game playing mayor.

      Here’s your ammunition, Clr Jacob, which makes it inconceivable that an projection by an accounting firm which is used SECRETLY to justify what is, no matter how it is structured, a gift of $18.5million to a private foreign company, can possibly breach the meaning of Commercial in Confidence.This from the ACAG website.

      Commercial Information in Public-Private Sector Arrangements

      This accountability relationship between the individual and the State must perforce affect accountability for commercial dealings between the State and the private sector.

      The private sector must expect that, when it deals with the State, the disclosure requirements cannot merely be those that pertain to commercial transactions between two private sector entities. If the accountability arrangements are the same, insufficient weight will have been given to the need for the State to be accountable to the citizen.

      Commercial Information – How Secret Is It?

      Lastly, as a practical matter, commercial information cannot, in practice, be efficiently protected beyond a certain limited time, even if it always deserved protection (which it does not).

      A reasonable example of such practical problems is the development of a complex privately-owned urban toll road. There can be several parties to such a proposed transaction (including Government line agencies, Government regulators, financiers, owners, operators, developers, special purpose companies). And each party can have several advisers (lawyers, scientists, accountants, engineers, merchant banks) who work in substantial firms. By the time an agreement for the toll road has been executed, detailed knowledge about the agreement may be held by a very large number of people. In these circumstances, as a practical matter, any residual commercial sensitivity in the information is likely to be small. Any arguments advanced to restrict the disclosure of information in such circumstances because it is commercial in confidence should be challenged.


      Some private and public sector bodies are instinctively apprehensive and protective about the disclosure of any commercial information. But such views often overstate the implied risks to an entity that might be occasioned by the release of commercial data. After-the-event commercial information has significantly less value than commercial information concerning events that have yet to occur. But even where commercial information might have commercial value to others, there are often overriding obligations that require it to be released. This is so for commercial information held in the private sector and, a fortiori it applies to the public sector.

      Magpie note: a fortiori is Latin for ‘from the stronger argument’.
      It used to express a conclusion for which there is stronger evidence than for a previously accepted one.

  33. Dave of Kelso says:

    A question about the petition. Wife and I are Townsvillians currently in Brisbane for a few weeks. The petition did not ask for my residential postcode, or at least I did not see it.

    Will we be recognised as out-of-towners and dismissed by ths Mullet?

  34. Lord Howard Hertz says:

    Commercial In Confidence … the Coward’s Castle of elected officials. Jenny Hill is edging closer to being the personal subject of legal proceedings herself.

  35. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I would have thought that the most basic level of questionable conduct for the CCC to investigate is the commitment of $18million of Townsville ratepayers money by the deputy chair of Townsville Enterprise Cr Jenny Hill to construct an airstrip for reciprocal air traffic to the Adani Mine which would have a direct financial benefit to the business run by the Chairman of Townsville Enterprise Kevin Gill, CEO of Townsville Airport Ltd.

  36. The old peterbuilt says:

    Correct. Old bird. Lengthy and vital. Well done. Your research and comments and the comments above by others layout the extent of the problem for the mullet and others. About a decade ago I was undertaking a contract for a national company when it was disclosed that one of their officers was carrying out fraudulent activity on a considerable scale. As an outside observer it was interesting to watch the behaviour of other staff doing everything possible to distance themselves from said villain. My contact was an old seafarer who commented. The ships on fire watch the rats run down the anchor chain now. Me thinks Paul Jacobs could be the first on the chain.. one extra glass of red tonight for the old bird.

    • The Magpie says:

      One rat that will remain on the good ship Mullet is Mark Molachino. A resident, Laurie Boyd, wrote to him, asking pertinent questions about the 51,000 signature petition demanding a reversal of the $18,5m ‘airstrip money’, and so airily dismissed by Mayor Mullet and inter alia Molachino.

      Here is the reply from Molachino’s trough.

      Dear Laurie,

      I have answered your questions in the text of your email below.
      Mark R Molachino
      Division 4
      (Mr Boyd wrote and Molachino inserted his replies as follows:
      Dear Mark,

      It shall probably come as little surprise to you that I signed the electronic petition against the TCC funding the construction of an airport for Adani.

      I don’t need to get into a debate with you regarding the financial irresponsibility – and probable illegality – of this decision. Neither shall should it be necessary to point out the sophistry of the most recent pea-and-thimble argument that it is the Wagner family who will be paid the money, not directly to Adani. It is suffice for me to note that you have consistently voted for the expenditure of our money in such a way.

      What does concern me, is the published claim by the Mayor that only 636 signatures on the petition where from local residents. There were over 51,000 signatures on that petition. If the mayor refers to such a precise figure – and is being truthful – then it necessarily follows that an audit and/or forensic examination was made of the whole of the document.

      Would you please advise the following:

      1. Was the written petition examined to identify those petitioners who were local residents – by which I mean those resident within Townsville city?


      2. If so, who examined the document? If council employees were involved (and I have inside information that there were), how many employees were engaged and for how many hours?

      Staff examined the entire document.

      3. If so, how, precisely, were the petitioners identified as being local or non-local (those not residing within Townsville city? What criteria were used?

      Petitioners that identified themselves as residents.

      4. In order to give such an accurate number of local petitioners, a list was made. Has that list, or any copy thereof, been retained? Who is in possession of such list? What is going to happen to such list

      The petition is the only list we have received and accepted as per any other petition and will only be retained for the purposes of the petition.

      5. If the list is accurate, my name – and those of many of my family members and friends – would be included. May I have your written assurance that no retaliatory or adverse action shall be taken against those of us identified as being petitioners?

      The petition is a group of signatures on a point of view and is treated as that. It will not be used for any other reason.

      6. Do you honestly, hand-on-heart believe that there were really only 636 local people who signed that petition?

      Yes because that’s what the evidence shows.

      I look forward to your response.


      Laurie Boyd

      The ‘Pie thinks his last answer is one of the most craven to come from a councillor. Simply arrogant bastardy.

      • Scientician79 says:

        No doubt the councillors are sleeping easy with the thought that it’s “only” 636 people out of 170,000 odd. If they believe that I have a port to sell them at Abbott Point.

        Interesting to me though is the response around how the number was arrived at “Petitioners that identified themselves as residents”.

        So if when I signed the petition I provided only an email address I wasn’t counted as a resident? Or was a location of Townsville sufficient if it was provided against my name?

        As always the answers they provide don’t stand up to the most basic scrutiny.

      • Hee-Haw says:

        Ohh dear ohhh dear

        HE KNOWS
        I KNOW



      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        As someone who has known Molachino for many years and some dealings with him as a RAAF officer many years ago you’re characterisation of him is spot on Pie, the arrogance in his responses and dismissal of the questions fit perfectly with his view that he somehow sits a rung up the ladder than most around him, which is rather odd for someone who was essentially unemployed when he was voted in to council other than some piss poor attempt to run a handyman business in order to not appear unemployed, he is a small time crawler enjoying the trappings of the best job he will ever get in his life, we can only hope the unemployment queue is where he returns in a couple of years after the next LGA elections.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        The Mullet will apply this approach to the current petition. See my question above dated 13 Dec 10.33am.

  37. Alacan says:

    A staffer or even head of department would likely have populated this response and smacks of the level of arrogance held by not only the councillor but now engrained or inculcated throughout the management in Walker street.

    They are unrepresentative swill .. Think ive heard that somewhere before .. but i mean their approach, style, arrogance is not reflective of the inherent decency in the townsville community.. ring ins from another place, another mindset.

  38. Memory Man says:

    “We’re not funding Adani, the money is going to Wagners”. Puh-lease. The great mayoral fanfare a couple of months ago was all about a deal with the billionaire from India. And now, the Mullet is trying to re-spin it. Worse, the claim now is nothing will be done unless the mine is certain to go ahead. But, what ever happened to the “bank guarantee” that was needed “just in case”?

    Council is either funding the airstrip for Adani with some kind of “bank guarantee” (chortle, chortle) OR it’s not funding it until the mine is certain of going ahead. Which is it Madam Mayor?

    Shifting stories speaks of mis-truths, I’m afraid.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      A sub project on a mining lease has to go through the full EIS etc. Wasn’t there discussion that the airstrip location wasn’t finalized? These items must be backed up by public EIS disclosures. None have been gazetted by Feds or State. The whole airport thing is a flight of fantasy (excuse the pun) by our elected representatives. Time for our reps to admit it was a stunt that backfired.

  39. Memory Man says:

    This is an indictment on civic failure on the one hand, particularly from the Chamber of Commerce, and the craven but hollow boosterism from the Bullsheet and Mayor Mullet about the CBD on the other.
    http://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/news/townsville/online-shopping-frenzy-in-townsville/news-story/dfe638ec068f87dce83d9e5793e4504bThis goes well with the piece on online retailing from Townsville locals.
    Consumption expenditure makes up almost 2/3 of gross regional product, so when the place is leaking like a sieve, you can be sure it will reverberate across the local economy for many months to come. It’s also a kick in the pants for local developers who’ve failed to keep up to speed with the trends in retailing.

    With the canny multi-billionaire Frank Lowy selling his worldwide Westfield empire to European interests, is he again showing that he is a step ahead of the emerging curve. Would seem so when you read this.


  40. Old tradesman says:

    As regards to the Adani airport council funding saga the arrogance is astounding, it is easily summed up by having wall to wall Labour in Townsville thus no checks and balances. Townsville residents have themselves to blame. The present council should keep in mind what happened to Campbell Newman.

    • The Magpie says:

      ‘…wall to wall Labor in Townsville?’ Sadly, it goes much further than the city’s boundaries, or indeed our national border … The ‘Pie will expand with another ‘joining the dots’ exercise in Saturday’s blog.

  41. Memory Man says:

    Is this another case of Townsville Inc? An exclusive deal was entered into between TCC and a private developer, for a 50 year lease of public land. So, how this this little exclusive arrangement come about? Can not going to market be justified?

    How it came about was, without a doubt, a case of who you know. The developer’s principal is none other than long term fishing buddy of Dolan Hayes, a certain Michael Graham.

    So, what is now needed is a full public disclosure of all communications between Hayes, Graham, Councillors (including the Mayor) and Council officers in the lead up to the execution of the MOU which conferred exclusive rights to Graham’s outfit.

    Also needed is Disclosure of all Council reports, meeting notes and internal communications addressing the question of how an exclusive arrangement was justified and on what basis Council decided to not go to market. Even Ipswich Council at least pretended to go to market.

    As usual, the Bullsheet is dazzled by the glitz and is no longer capable of asking the much needed questions. The project may or may not be a good thing. The point however is whether it represents the best deal possible for ratepayers and there’s no real way of knowing that unless a public expressions of interest campaign was actually run. A secret deal for exclusivity simply smells.

    That stench is the rotting corpse of Townsville Inc.

    In her own words:

    “The MOU establishes an exclusive four month negotiation period to make sure it stacks up commercially and represents best value for ratepayers.

    “We will do all of the due diligence on the proposal and any final agreement will come back to council for formal approval.”

    Show the people the due diligence and how she confirmed the projects “stacks up commercially and represents best value for ratepayers.” What does the Mayor have to hide?


    • Alacan says:

      Suggest the question that needs to be answered is what part of the local government act provides for such negotiations and positioning

      Mullet is a seasoned campaigner, as horrible as she is, so she will have bases covered .. but it would be good to have council respond to such a question

      I suggest the next step is a formalcomplaint and there are parameters with respect to that .. if the answer to said question is deemed lacking under law and making of recomnendations and decisions.

      That will likely draw a blank so the next step is the local government association perhaps .. likely a blank as well

      Then the ombudsman if criteria is met .. things getting more serious at that point if approach can be justified and structured correctly but there will also be conditions and expectations that certain steps have already been made by complainant

      Then the CCC and I guess there are precurses ( intended spelling) such as the above that CCC would expect to have been satisfied before adding to their case load

      Who has the time for that .. and thats what they trade on

      Love to see the great strategy and list of initiatives that the developer speaks of .. but I guess that’s commercial in confidence .. and if said developer has been made aware of that as he says and it is not public document then it is likely an industry advantage that has been bestowed which is very very possibly a breach.

      Let’s see the list !

        • Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

          Updating the latest petition results as if Saturday morning at 10.30, the number of people signed is 3000 and still climbing.

          We have at TRRA received a reply to out RTI request and as usual, the Townsville City Council says that they are not going to supply the requested information on the Adani “deal”.

          So if you thought that democracy was transparent (LOL) then we can guarantee that it is definitely not the case.

          We have “shirt fronted” the Townsville Bulletin regarding the reporting of the presumably Dolan Hayes PR extravaganza on the 636 people claimed by the Mayor signed the petition and supplied the easily identifiable numbers that clearly signed the petition (you have t make it easy for them as they have no investigative capacity anymore) and have been continually fobbed of by the Bulletin reporter using words like “seeking legal opinion” and “still proofreading the text” which as we all know is nothing by delaying tactics at best.

          • Dearie Me says:

            Peter look into the complaints procedure regarding RTIs and follow it.
            Unfortunately what the Impaler and her cronies forget is that all council documents, from emails to post-it notes can be subject to an RTI.

  42. Achilles says:

    Kristina Keneally on TV this morning talking as if she’d never been to the USA her accent was pure Bullamakanka. Pure bloody plastic insincerity

  43. Concerned citizen says:

    So did Dolan receive a commission for arranging this “exclusive” hotel deal for his fishing buddy?
    And what was in it for Mayor Mullet?
    With the Mullet’s pal Anna Alphabet controlling the Crime and Corruption Comission don’t expect any answers these these and other questions regarding the $18.5 million Adani gift any time soon.
    Maybe we need a crime and corruption investigation of the CCC.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      At least the artists impression of the hotel has gained a few stories since the original Astonisher announcement. Glad to see they are paying attention.

  44. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    A very Merry Christmas to you and Bentley.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Miss Lou.

  45. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Some parents don’t think too long before naming their children, a reporter on the NT news website is Phillippa Butt, I bet she thanks them everyday.

  46. The Owl says:

    On Seven news last night the pathetic Mullet was talking up her latest thought bubble of “luring” Prince Harry to T’ville after he opens the Com Games on the Gold Coast. Looked and sounded like a gushing goose.
    Someone should warn Megan that she has some opposition.

    • Gazza says:

      I gagged watching that gushing from the Mullet!
      Townsville must be very high on the young prince’s list of must visits.

      • Mangrove Jack says:

        I think the only way Prince Harry would visit Townsville would be if there was an invitation from a local organisation that deals with ex ADF personel with mental or physical health issues .

        • The Magpie says:

          Well, join these dots … our mayor is or was for a long time an army reservist, and it is clear that she has some cognitive mental issues … plus some of her latest pix could lead one to believe there may be an early onset of health issues. So Harry just can’t get out of it now, can he? At least we will save the money of Little Patty O’C flying around in a chopper with a cardboard cut-out of him this time.

  47. Ozzie John says:

    Oi Maggers, hows it going Bird of the Year, However, anything The Gaurdian says has to be sprinkled with lefty bullshit. I think the Bin Chikken shoulda won beak down.
    Anyway, did ya see my boys, the KAP have started an office in Sturt ST. Bloody rite next to the AWU hall. Only time you will see KAP to the left of the union.
    I rekkon that tosser Muddy will be shaken in his steel toes. Were cummin for you soon Mudster.
    Anyhows see ya around the ridgers Maggers. I hope that your xmas stocking is fulla special things. Maybe old Hilly the mare will send you a life size autografed poster. Hubba hubba.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie has to employ a security firm to vet any packages – particulatly ticking ones – that arrive from Walker Street, Wishing Well House or The Tool’s office.

      Best for Christmas and new year OJ, may your banjo strings ever stay in tune (an oxymoron to this bird’s ear!).

  48. Memory Man says:

    These are Queensland Treasury guidelines on how to deal with market-led (or unsolicited) proposals, and requests for “exclusive mandates”. I doubt that any of these considerations were ever entertained when Council and the Mullet provided Dolan Hayes’ fishing buddy Michaël Graham an exclusivity period for the proposed Hilton Homebrand on Council (public) land. By way of background the Mullet was personally spruiking the site as a possible casino location from as far back as last year to any developer that would listen. But she never ever went to market to seek expressions of interest … and that is a very serious decision that requires substantial justification.

    This deal warrants CCC investigation.


  49. Ronny Rotten says:

    If QAL executives think the public supports its attempts to gouge QANTAS over the proposed airport upgrade, they would do well to read the comments by readers of today’s online story.
    “Fund it yourself, you greedy twisters”, is the universal theme.
    There is also a very interesting analysis by an obviously knowledgeable person about the airport’s income sources, making it crystal clear there is no need for the airlines ( read “passengers”) to pay for QAL’s grandiose plans.

  50. The Magpie says:

    “We’re not funding Adani, the money is going to Wagners”. Puh-lease. The great mayoral fanfare a couple of months ago was all about a deal with the billionaire from India. And now, the Mullet is trying to re-spin it. Worse, the claim now is nothing will be done unless the mine is certain to go ahead. But, what ever happened to the “bank guarantee” that was needed “just in case”?

    Council is either funding the airstrip for Adani with some kind of “bank guarantee” (chortle, chortle) OR it’s not funding it until the mine is certain of going ahead. Which is it Madam Mayor?

    Shifting stories speaks of mis-truths, one fears.

  51. Old Mudpicker- Anarchist says:

    Did you see Ms Freckletons latest shadow cabinet.

    David Crisafulli: Shadow Minister for Environment, Science, the Great Barrier Reef and Tourism

    Colonel Sanders: Shadow Minister for Chickens Welfare

    Ted Bundy: Minister for Women.

  52. Alex DeLarge says:

    …with Gropes money

  53. Sandgroper says:

    ??? Not much left, Alex. What the kids haven’t scrounged has been gleefully spent on fast cars and shares in slow horses. Close to my goal of leaving The Grim Reaper only empty bottles and a wallet to match.

  54. Old Mudpicker, the Radical Conservative. says:

    When you do shuffle off Oh Western Warrior, make sure there are a few dregs left in the bottle for all to toast you on your journey to Valhalla.
    However, your goal should be to spend all your hard earned and make your kids support you. That’s what a good socialist does.

  55. Grumpy says:

    No, gropes – that was the second part of a post. The original disappeared into the ether.

    Socialists AND their equally useless kids wants US to support them – all their fucking lives.

  56. Sandgroper says:

    No, Muddy, the term “good socialist” is an oxymoron. Anyway, unless you’ve been a union official or politician getting backhanders, your lot tend to rely on the public teat to nourish your declining years.

  57. Alahazbin says:

    That’s why you go on “SKI Trips”. ( Spend Kids Inheritence)

  58. Sandgroper says:

    As for my final journey, Muddy, I reckon the destination might be a bit more sulphurous than Valhalla.

  59. The Magpie says:

    Like Ma Thatcher used to say, socialism is fine until they run out of other peoples’ money.

  60. Old Mudpicker- Anarchist says:

    I raised my children to be capitalists Grumpy. I am not stupid. Both richer than me. I will enjoy my dotage thanks very much.

  61. Sandgroper says:

    Finally, a tacit acknowledgement that your ideology is crap.

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