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Sunday, April 24th, 2022   |   151 comments

Unemployment At 4%? Don’t Kid Yourself, New Data Shows It’s Almost Double That …

… and this is no whacky theory, see the facts for yourself.

Political kryptonite: the issue we’re not hearing a word about, but we should be, because it makes the outcome of this election almost irrelevant.

Where do they find’ em #1: fringe parties often manage to find chucklehead candidates, and The KAP has found a doozie for Dawson.

Where do they find ‘em #2:  down on the Gold Coast, mayor Tom Tate loses the plot but finds God. Rumours are that God’s not happy about the situation, but neither are the punters.

And with Anal Albanese off the scene with a bad cough, Labor’s campaign is going smoothly … in fact, way too smoothly, damaging the Labor leader in a totally unexpected way.

The weekly begging Bowl ad: orright,orright, two long weekend’s in a row, and no one’s got any dough, so won’t try wheedling a few bob out of you this week. Enjoy the break from harassment.

So, onward …

First Up, It’s Only A Rumour But …

Like they say, karma can be a bitch sometimes, so here’s hoping …. a Magpie mate grinning like a Cheshire cat, accosted the old bird yesterday and said he’d heard, but not confirmed that our old mate Barry Big Bazza Taylor is being sued in a civil action involving millions of dollars. Can’t find any papers filed on the matter in the Brisbane court,  but will be keeping a beady Magpie eye open for this one.

Looks Like Early Voting Started In Brisbane During The Week

Early voting Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 3.47.16 pm

What Do Smirko And Anna Alphabet Have In Common? They Both Think Integrity Is The Latest Model Honda

Yes, yes, used that one before but it’s a ‘Pie original, so enjoy it again …

The egg shell issue of integrity, or more correctly, the lack thereof,  in the body politic has everybody at all levels tiptoeing around gingerly, buttocks clenched and mouths closed just as tight. And when an issue gets a pollie close their mouth, you just know something is wrong.

Sure, there’s been a few half hearted calls for a Royal Commission at both state and federal levels, but it’s a murky subject full of trap doors as Bentley points out …


… and is treated like an afterthought. And the lemming-like media is too preoccupied with infantilising other issues and reducing all talking points into punning headlines to look beyond the brown paper bag issue. But they should, because the real issue that no one talks about here in Australia – despite clear evidence that it’s a fact overseas … is ‘state capture’.  Extreme examples have been seen in Asia, and most notably after the collapse of communism in Russia. Private interests donate funds and establish big businesses to the extent that governments daren’t oppose any of their self-interested wishes … In fact, state capture gave rise to the popularity of the word‘ oligarch, from the Greek meaning ‘few rule’.

The principle of the state capture tactic is best outlined in a recent non-political example given by Gerry Harvey on Perth radio recently. He was asked that given the massive amount he was spending on newspaper advertising, why didn’t he just the papers involved instead. His reply was instructive, and was along the lines “Why would I want to buy the papers, if I spend the amount of money I do on advertising,  they’ll do what I tell them to anyway.’ Interestingly, there was absolute silence from one sector of the media on Harvey refusing to return fraudulently obtained JobKeeper millions.

This brings the integrity spotlight to focus on the highly unethical lobbying industry, the message bearers from large corporations and multi-nationals.

State capture Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 6.51.43 pm

The Australia Democracy Network has produced a compelling report on the dangers and likelihood of state capture going up to the next level here in Australia. It’s scary reading, but offers the remedy. Or will we be next to join the likes of Russian oligarchs, the American Republicans and any number of bamboo republics in Asia and Africa? A ruling unelected elite here of Ockergarchs?

Fibbing Figures: The Lie About The Unemployment Numbers

 There’s good evidence the Australian voting public has been sold a pup on the unemployment figures that so befuddled Albanese. And what a mongrel that pup turned out to be.The trustworthy Roy Morgan survey shows that unemployment is almost double the official ABS figure

Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 10.46.51 pm

And this is not a wet finger in the wind finding, but it is all about the way interested parties define ‘unemployment’. Make up your own mind with the research here and here. But The Magpie finds it more than irksome that some oily politicians, none of whom missed a single pay check during the covid restrictions, forced millions out of work, then, after a grossly mismanaged and miscalculated pandemic management campaign, lifted the restrictions, people went back to what they were doing before, and the politicians, state and federal, hail themselves self-proclaimed champion job creators. They view the world from afar through their monocles. Pricks.

 Labor’s Campaign Derailed By Their Leader becoming Albasneezy? Far from It , But …

Smirko Morrison, love him (doubtful) or hate him (probable), he does know about campaign tactics, so it was a smart move to  make this election a ‘me or him’  presidential-style campaign. Albo’s no silver tongued devil, and suffers by comparison with the glib flow of snarky personal attacks from Smirko. So there were many jokers who suggested with Albo temporarily off the hustings for a seven day covid iso, things might look up a bit for Labor.

Well, in fact, they have,  and perhaps a bit too well. The media sheeple following the two leaders now had to actually cover other shadow spruikers who they would not have otherwise given the time of day to. And what a performance the understudies have put in so far, with Marles,  Chalmers and in particular Jason Clare hitting targets smoothly and consistently, cutting through the fog of one-on-one bickering that has carried a permanent shroud of triviality and personality.

But maybe it might be going a bit too well for Labor, because there is more than one person asking now why Albanese in. the leader in this seemingly winnable campaign. In fact, Jason Clare, easily the most articulate person on the campaign trail on either side, was actually asked at a media conference why he wasn’ t party leader for the election. Clare laughed it off with good grace and no faux indignation, but reiterated that Albo was the man they backed.  But while Clare was no doubt sincere in his fluid, witty reply that segued skilfully back onto message, there is now more than one Labor supporter asking the same question, the contrast being so great. And more than a few LNP supporters glad that he isn’t, they’d be toast.

Seems Labor has trouble winning – even when they’re winning.

Candidate Without a Clue


The Katter Australia Party has selected mining labor hire manager  Ciaron Paterson as their candidate for the Federal seat of Dawson. It’s the second time around for this first loser, who was trounced in the b2020 state election.

Announcing the selection in Ayr during the week, KAP state leader Robbie Katter left no cliché unturned when he told the media (two people) said “We’ve selected a candidate who is a man of the people, he’s what we would describe as a quintessential Aussie bloke,” Mr Katter said. “He has that authenticity that we desire – we don’t look for politicians in the KAP.”

It would seem fortunate that in this instance, Mr Katter was not looking for a politician. Mr Paterson does not seem to have learnt much from his previous outing for the party.

Mr Paterson said he had proud working class roots, starting work at 14 in a bakery.

“Since then, I’ve worked in manufacturing sheds, been a concreter, landscaper and I’ve worked on fishing boats and on cattle stations up in the Gulf, I was a boilermaker apprentice and then I got in to mining.’  That doesn’t sound like working class roots as odd jobber. One is tempted to ask why he couldn’t hold down a job, but no one did.

But there was a stumble at the first political fence for the knock-about Mr Paterson, who told journalists voters were tired of the political in-fighting.  “With the major parties bickering amongst each other right now, making all these promises, people are fed up with certain promises not being delivered. So I see a great opportunity for a minor party such as the KAP to stand up and be a voice for the Dawson electorate,” he said.

But he had nothing to say about any specific projects or benefits he would push for Dawson, he only spoke in broad brush statements from the KAP platform. reprenting locals on local issues seemed a bit beneath this ‘quintessential Aussie bloke.

It was a slightly less damning repeat of his major gaffe when running for the state seat of Whitsundays in 2020; when he was asked what projects he would like to see achieved specifically for that electorate that he wished to represent, Mr Paterson was lost for words, and just shook his head, and  thought briefly before replying  with an embarrassed grin, ’Sorry, I’m lost, sorry.’ He was unable to suggest even a single one issue he would be pushing, and it was a similar situation this time in Dawson; he just stuck with the big picture party line of KAP’s objection to selling off land to foreign owners ‘which we would then have to rent back as tenants’.

Despite his candidate’s lack of any material contribution on specific projects for  the electorate,  Robbie Katter was upbeat about the party’s prospects at the poll. “We will do well, we’ve been here for ten years now. We’ve got three state MPs and one federal MP. If we get one more, we can do some pretty big things for the state seat of Dawson, and we think we can do that with Ciaron Patterson,” said Mr Katter. But Mr Katter also failed to share any vision for a sparkling future for Dawson.

When Mr Paterson stood for Whitsunday in the last state election, he got 6.7% of the vote. Somehow.

What is It With Long Serving Mayors Losing The Plot?

Around the ‘ville, we well remember the Looney Mooney phase of His Radiance’s final couple of years, when he started goose stepping about the place, going with an ace of clocking then state MP Mike ‘Capt Snooze’ Reynolds in a bitter disagreement, unilaterally overruling planners,  and generally panicking about forced amalgamation and the ultimately successful challenge of popular Thuringowa mayor Les Tyrell.

Now, there appears to be a similar late years melt-down underway on the Gold Coast.

While the Coalition has its own pet potato head in Peter Dutton, on the local government level, the LNP on the Gold Coast has Mayor ‘’Tom Taterhead’ Tate. But the reference to spuds in Tom’s case is internal, not external.

tate Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 8.36.07 am

Tate is aiming to win a record fourth term as GC mayor next election, and despite comfortable previous wins, this time Taterhead is seeking to get God onside.

Enter demented religious fruit loop Sue Baynes, a noisy babbler of the demonist Seven Mountain Mandate Church- a cash seeking spinoff of the American (where else?) exploitive nut farm bible belt of the southern states.

Screen Shot 2022-04-24 at 12.30.41 am

Apparently, Ms Baynes started whispering in Taterhead’s ear – a cauliflower ear no doubt – as far back as 2007, when he heard her explain the seven mandates of her church. As the church’s name implies, it’s modest ambition is to  place people under the control of society’s seven major institutions – namely education, religion, family, business, government, entertainment and the media.

Baynes claims when she explained this grand plan to Taterhead, he said ‘I want this, I want you to help me do this.’ Tate has not denied the comment.

Their relationship was mostly below the radar stuff for years, including Baynes baptising the mayor, …

Tom Tate baptised Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 11.07.38 am

… and it may never be known what influence she exerted on previous council decisions.

But last month her cover was spectacularly blown when Taterhead suffered severe brain blight, and put her on the council payroll as the city’s ‘spiritual adviser ‘. And that started folks looking more closely at Batty Baynes background … which included inter alia declaring the much lauded Gold Coast Home Of The Arts (HOTA) was a ‘demonic stronghold’.

Just how Taterhead intends to maintain this farcical appointment remains to be seen, and his spiritual guide isn’t helping. Ms Baynes grasp of democratic principles is about as firm as grip on reality, and is airily open about undermining the current LG processes. “When you have an assignment from the king, that assignment might be covert or it might be overt, other times God leads you to something that’s quite covert — it’s kind of under the radar, it’s a little bit hidden, and for me that’s been my story with Tom.”

Refreshingly … if inadvertently … open. But with locals going thermonuclear and the rest of the bemused country looking on and mutter ‘Only in Queensland’, this is far from over.

The Penis

The Magpie’s bet is that in the end, the only spiritual adviser Taterhead Tom will need will be the bloke in charge of the Scotch section at his local Liquorland.

TEL’s Ms BS At Her BS Best


Claudia Brumme-Smith gets this weeks Magpie Award for In Depth Analysis.

Making her usual irrelevant, spare wheel appearance in a matter that is no concern of Townsville Enterprise (is anything? but in this case, coal mining), she followed the News Ltd/Townsville Bulletin script and was all for it and sod those nasty Greens. But then she went off script and said this:

Screen Shot 2022-04-24 at 12.27.35 am

Really, Ms BS? Like the market did for uranium. And cigarettes. And land rights.

What empty-headed gum-flapping flatulence … fyi, lady, we elect governments to run and regulate our economy, our business and social equilibrium, not ‘the market’. The market is subject to government regulation, rules made at the behest of and in the interests of, society generally. And if the market does decides things as you say, why does your outfit and the Townsville Council attempt social interference in the parlous state of the CBD, the fate of which fate was indeed decided by the market.

Insanity Corner: Our Regular Gallery Of The Week In The USA.

Move over, Jenny Hill, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has upped the ante on the commercial in confidence shield for dodgy decisions. A list of maths books have been banned in the state’s schools because they – apparently – contain Critical Race Theory … yes, maths books. But when asked what was it in the books that led to the ban, DeSantis said the actual offending material couldn’t be made public because it was ‘proprietorial’ and ‘commercial in confidence.’ The satirists had a field day.

Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 8.30.52 am Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 8.56.10 am Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 8.56.28 am Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 8.58.12 am Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 11.57.29 am Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 11.58.44 am c5d2ac41-f40c-4daa-b9ac-377b8ee0ffc0 Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 12.00.39 pm Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 8.23.51 am Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 8.24.36 am Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 8.23.32 am

And Finally …

Being allowed to remove masks in America confused at least one person.

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 8.21.26 am


That’s the week, and if you have anything to say on any subject, drop a comment in, 24/7. Until next week.

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  1. Rabieh Crayon says:

    Bazza Taylor being sued for millions?
    Who would’ve thought?

  2. Unhinged says:

    Tom Tate has lost the plot. What a complete plonker. Yet another religious freak (like Scomo, Joyce) in charge of a government organisation (Council). There is obviously a ‘nut job tree’ out there somewhere and it’s dropping these fucking idiots like seeds onto the ground, they are popping up everywhere. Scary shit.

    • Tropical says:

      I take it you had no problems at all with that religious nut KRudd when he was PM.

      • The Magpie says:

        Tropical, far be it from The ‘Pie to provide you with English instruction, but one must point out that ‘religious nut’ is an oxymoron. No exceptions, with the emphasis on ‘moron’.

  3. Tom Taint says:

    Thanks Pie, I needed a good Sunday laugh. Tom Tate hey? What a moron. Seriously, this deranged fool is responsible for ratepayer money. How can that be? He should be locked up in a psyche ward or in the basement of the Gold Coast Hillsong building.

  4. Prince Rollmop says:

    The unemployment figure of 4% is hosrseshit. In those figures those who are employed include people working 2 hours per week. That is hardly ‘employed’. Also, thousands of people lost their businesses during the COVID lockdowns and not all of those people have gained a new job. If you were to include just people working 38 hours per week or part timers or casuals on say 20 hours per week you would see the true state of our nations employment.

    Anyone naive enough or stupid enough to believe any data that is produced,
    published or commissioned by our deceitful and crooked Government, are living in cloud cuckoo land.

    • Nickster says:

      Data cuts through the dross on unemployment rates

      I’d suggest Nester click on the “Max” button on the graph to get some historical perspective, then scroll down the the actual metrics.

      • The Magpie says:

        And now you’ve given us bthat, how about a brief comment on the Roy Morgan figures, and whether we should believe them?

        The ‘Pie understands that many, many people who are judged to employed if they work just one hour a week might not find the keyboard time in their chock-a-block work week to join us.

        • Nickster says:

          The same Roy Morgan who predicted the Labor landslide in 2019. They are a polling/surveying company who say unemployment is “A person is classified as unemployed if they are looking for work, no matter when.” So a person with a job looking for work could be unemployed?

          On key attribute of good data is it’s statistical consistency. I’ll go for the ABS over a private company any day. Should we be questioning the BOM data if doesn’t fit a narrative?

          • The Magpie says:

            Nice try at deflection, Prickster, but both the ABS and the Roy Morgan mob declare the parameters of their conclusions, and then, as The Magpie suggests, it’s a matter of which set of measurements you are will to believe. And c’mon, ‘one hour of work a week’ is employed? Bet when you read that, you nodded in agreement so vigorously, your monocle fell out and your top hat fell off.

            Leaving aside the issues of underemployment and working multiple jobs, the point here is the spin politicians accept in these figures, which allows them to slide away from a major socio-economic issue in this nation. There’s an noldm saying that this government has twisted viciously regarding fair wage growth: it used to be that you don’t make the poor richer by making. the rich poorer (in fact, yes you do, but never mind) but that mantra in Canberra in recent years has been that you make the rich richer by making the poor poorer.

          • Nickster says:

            Pardon me, do you have grey poupon?

          • The Magpie says:

            You’re apprently talking to yourself, Prickster, or at least replying to yourself. What is the relevance of mustard or babies got to do with anything?

          • Nickster says:

            Relevance is important in statistics, and the definitions of employment have not changed depending on whatever government is in power Labor or Liberal. The ABS Labour Force Survey has run since 1960, with no change to the employment definition.

            The ABS have a good explanation – https://www.abs.gov.au/websitedbs/d3310114.nsf/home/labour+force+explained#:~:text=The%20ABS%20defines%20people%20as,be%20compared%20with%20other%20countries.

            How employment is measured: The one hour rule

            Less than 50 people in the sample of 50,000 report they only work one hour. That works out to be 15,000 people out of around 12 million employed (or 0.1%) and movements in this number are not large enough to affect total employment.

            The ABS defines people as ‘employed’ if they work one hour or more in the reference week. The vast majority of part-time employed people work more than 15 hours.

            The ‘one hour rule’ is used internationally and allows employment figures to be compared with other countries. It has been used in Australia since the Labour Force Survey began, enabling comparisons to be made over a long period of time.

          • The Magpie says:

            That’s a ‘GOOD’ explanation?

            The Magpie apologises for recent jibe of call you Prickster … it should have been Trickster … and not a very good one at that.

            You extrapolate the 50 who claim to be on one hour a week, make it a percentage of 50,000 and claim … again adjusting your monocle and straightening your cravat … that that is only .01% of the workforce, ‘a number not large enough to affect total employment.’

            What an exercise in self-serving mathematics and statistics to justify an ugly and growing truth in Australia’s ‘egalitarian’ society.’

            That ‘good explanation’ deems that someone working 15 hours a week is ‘employed’ … in other words, making the reasonable assumption you are on the lowest hourly rate because you are a casual, ($20.33 + 25% casual loading = $25.08) that you take home $376.20 ($25.08 x 15).

            It is inarguable that there is a deliberate framework being created to establish a ‘working poor’ class in Australia, just as has been established in the United States.

            The Roy Morgan figures refuse to play that glossing over game which seems to have you in such a panic, but those wastrels on $376.20 a week should count themselves both lucky and important that they are an international statistic which allows some local shiny bums (all of whom are on $120k+++) to make a comparison that allows Australia to come out of that bucket of shit smelling of roses.

            The Magpie isn’t advocating for those extortionist and blackmailing standover claims of some unions that make outrageous claims – that’s just as unfair and ruinous as your ‘let them eat cake’ stance, but what the old bird does advocate is that Smirko and crew live up to the real implications of their much bayed ‘you’ll get a go if you have a go’.

            What’s wrong with everybody earning a fair wage, And not be penalised by lying, voodoo economics?

        • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

          The Prickster’s spirited defence of the less than 1% who work only one hour a week conveniently ignores those who only work 2, 3, 4, or even 5 hours a week – – we call it “adding up”, my little prick.

          My school-age daughter delivers pamphlets for about two hours a week, and does one afternoon shift a week at a friend’s shop for three hours. I suspect from this means that she is counted as two “employed people” for the sake of the stats.

          This of course leads on to the sham of “Construction Jobs” where every toothless wonder who wanders onto a worksite to sweep a floor is counted as a new job. There was a TTE in the Bully today which summed it up well in the context of PV installations:

          Australian Conservation Foundation what you fail to mention in your research is that each of the new construction jobs
          from solar is only two days long. Any chance you could add how many effective full-time construction jobs would really be created, and how
          about how many ongoing operation jobs are created? Once the ACF did good work saving animals, now they are another political group out to
          make money and scare people. MF, NOME

          • The Magpie says:

            And don’t forget, the ABS survey covers 50,000 people (not sure how they’re chosen) and so lots of folks will slip through the cracks. And while 50,000n is a reasonable size sample form this sort of calculation, in the case of your daughter, Barely, her activities would only be known if her ‘employers’ were surveyed … don’t think kids get asked what they do when employed like this, but employers will claim them as a tax deduction.

            Then there are anomalies like McDonalds, a big nationwide employers, half of whose staff could be described as underpaid … or have they stopped that rort/

            And of course, no one mentions pensioners doing cash jobs to try and make ends meet.

          • Nickster says:

            Continue the outrageous slurs.

            My point is the ABS data is consistent, and a relevant comparator back to 1960.

            Unless we believe the public service has been co-opted by the government.

          • The Magpie says:

            So what? So history forgives the sins of the present … and should continue to do so? No alternative was available way back when. The a question for you Nickster is simple: do the accurate Roy Morgan figures command respect as a valid reflection of the employed/underemployed situation in Australia regardless of the political implications, and the questioned raised about socially fair analysis? Let’s forget the comparisons, and give us your view on that.

          • Nickster says:

            All I can go on is my first hand experience, and there are more good jobs, than good people. Talk with any business that has been around before more than 10 years and it is really hard to find good people, regardless what wage you play.

            For sure there are the unemployed, how many are “really” unemployed. I have uprooted my family in the 80s & 90s to move to find work, and I’d do it again. Life is too easy for too many people these days, and not may people are prepared to go without to make ends meet. I know I’m a troglodyte who has 1 TV, a 8 year old car, bugger all debt, where I am thankful for living in the great country we live in.

          • The Magpie says:

            Good people? You means people who are skilled in the positions that didn’t even exist 20 … no, 10 years ago. of course there’s going to be a dearth of them. And why? Because the transition of the workforce is an issue that has not been effectively planned and supported by governments … lots of talk, nowhere near enough vision or intelligent support.

            And to suggest that someone without a job … ‘really unemployed‘ … is a bludger really nails your colours to the mast. Ignorant and asinine, and really does make you a Prickster. (Cue outrage from snowflake fascist.)

          • Nickster says:

            it must be a privilege to talk in absolute values, good luck comrade

          • The Magpie says:

            The unsurprise comment of the week.

  5. Sir Rabbittborough says:

    Recently I saw Liberal MP Ross Vasta on the tele nodding gruesomely behind Scummo . And his own smile or smirk seemed to trigger a memory. I couldn’t for the life of me think of where it was I had seen that fella before.

    But then it clicked, I hadn’t seen HIM before. I had seen his dopple-ganger double.

    Has anyone else picked up on the uncanny resemblance of the face of Ross Vasta here …

    … to THE ACTOR who played the butterfly man that Clarise was after in The Silence of the Lambs

    Fucking Uncanny heh?

    • The Magpie says:

      Not really.

      • I’ll Be Plucked says:

        The butterfly man is our very own retarded Elusive Butterfly. And for the record I think butterfly man looks like a young Angus Young.

      • The Impudent Digit says:

        The chinese threat

        Before Australia starts mouthing off…

        Do we make tanks?
        Do we make missiles ?
        Whens the last time we made a submarine?
        When is the last time Australia WON a war ?
        Do we make ammunition for machine guns and artillery ?
        Do we make our own field kit webbing, camouflage, etc ?
        Do we make our own service rifle ( the steyr – made under licence)
        If sea lanes are cut and flying supplies in becomes risky or impossible how much FUEL do we MAKE from local sources ?
        Exactly what do we make here without overseas supplies / manufacture ?

        How long will the regional cities and major cities last if the switch stations and water treatment plants get zapped ?

        With NO diesel being able to be imported in a war that means limited fuel to farm or do anything. Australian has two big refineries – what happens if they sustain a hit ?

        We don’t plan

        We don’t prepare

        We don’t organise

        We’ve lost any future war because we’ve not won a war since the 1950s and we are a very stupid people who have very stupid managers.

        We worry about China and still allow hundreds of thousands to migrate here, set up and give allegiance to China.

        I say we don’t bother with building and buying anymore weapons – the war has already been lost

  6. Critical says:

    Before everyone gets whatever they wear in a knot, let’s look at how unemployment is measured in Australia


    • The Magpie says:

      And while we’re looking an this handy information about how the jobless are measured, let’s remember who set the rules of measurement … which, ultimately, would be generations of politicians interested in the rosy picture. And while you’re looking at the info, do not miss this classic callous let-them-eat-cake line: Employed – includes people who are in a paid job for one hour or more in a week.

  7. Scomosexual says:

    Well I thought Morrison was bad enough, but some of the fools being put forward by One Nation, KAP and PUP is just downright laughable. It’s like a scene out of The Greatest Showman with circus freaks and complete fools vying for our vote. Lord have mercy on us.

    • The Magpie says:

      Not sure why you rstricted that to the fancy dress fringe parties … have you heard about the Deves woman standing for the Libs in Sydney?

  8. DAWE says:

    An insider just told me that the Department of agriculture, water and environment staff locally are falling apart at the seams. People have been screwed out of promotions, newly promoted managers are wankers, and industry is receiving poor service. The Department Secretary (nicknamed Jabba the Hut) will be made to walk the green mile if Labor get voted in.

  9. I’ll Be Plucked says:

    I quite like Tom Tate. If we had a more religiously minded Mayor in Townsville we might have much fewer social issues.

    • The Magpie says:

      But … but … we already have a strong religious element in Walker Street, with our own oracle promising to take our hand and lead us we unbelieving sinners to a land of untold riches, prosperity and lots of sports events if we just follow her prophecies? Shortly, proof of the city’s conversion, annual rte notices will be henceforth known as ‘Your annual tithe’.
      And, Plucker, haven’t you noticed, her vision is slowly being realised, in that more and more people are wandering around proclaiming their belief, and muttering over and over ‘Jesus Christ Jenny.’ There is a comma missing in their chant, no one knows where is has gone, some say St Dolan stole it for himself, but God moves in mysterious ways.

      • Upagumtreeperson says:

        What a lot of bulldust. And a message to all those who deride politicians, why don’t you stop whinging and run for government? Eh! Could you do any better?
        Come on show us how good you are. You’re to scared!

        • The Magpie says:

          So what do we take out from that, Tree Rooter? There is a world of difference between ‘derision and whinging’ and ‘legitimate criticism’ – the former a legal choice and the latter one of the great freedom’s of democracy. So it seems you advocate some sort of ‘comment tribunal’ to distinguish which is which, and those that don’t meet the criteria are to be branded scared and cowards. And we daren’t have a bit of a laugh at the likes of the fringe fruitcakes? Clive Palmer, the MegaPHON and the BobKat will love you for that.

          As for your rhetorical question, could you do any better, you have to be kidding. There are plenty of people in Stuart, Long Bay, Pentridge etc who could do better … the only difference between the grifters on the plush and them is their criminal incompetence at getting caught.

          Your comment is a bit ambiguous, too … not sure who you’re actually replying to, The Magpie or Plucker.

          • Scomosexual says:

            It’s obvious that the tree rooter (upagumtreeperson) respects philanderers like the Beetrooter, narcissists like Rudd and Turnbull, honorable politicians like Craig Thomson and seat sniffer Troy Buswell. But some of us who pop into the Nest on occasions simply don’t worship these less than honourable twats the way you do. So what. Personal opinions are exactly that, personal opinions. Pull your head in tree rooter.

          • Upagumtreeperson says:

            I’d be plucked.

      • Mike Douglas says:

        She who demands ( from Walker st ) that Phil Thompson matches Labors $32 mil election promise for NQ Spark but as ratepayers have learnt her prophecies in finance and project management are failures and defy logic . Like empty Flinders Lane the Defence department have not committed to taking any space in NQ Spark and Phil Thompson hasnt seen the business case ( like Lansdown ) . She who must be obeyed is Chair of NQ taskforce who also promised her holy land affordable living , safe and mentally healthy city , jobs + + + .

        • The Magpie says:

          You forgot to mention the TOTALLY UNNECESSARY $300k she has commanded ratepayers stump up for this Spark enterprise, which has fuck-all to with the council if she wasn’t such a glory hound. Why not just support it as a council, and perhaps stump up by foregoing some headworks charges, this Spark endevour – whatever it REALLY is – doesn’t need that sort of chump change from ratepayers, which isn’t chump change in the city budget.

          • Alahazbin says:

            Beat me to it Pie, Why is council getting involved in defence issues. Stick to the 3R’s Jenny, you muppet.

          • The Magpie says:

            That would Rortin’, Rootin’ (the city), and, if we’re lucky, Retirin’.

            Christ knows she with her various little side hustles (LGAQ etc) and her stock market playing hubby have enough now to buy Malta

      • Pat Coleman says:

        Q. Why do religious schools always pop up in new developments years , even decades before state schools in Townsville? Were there any church donors we don’t know about?

      • Jatzcrackers says:

        In that case, I’m really looking forward to Our saviour Jennys event, turning water into wine ! I just flicked off an email to her office requesting it happen this Friday around 5:00pm.

    • The Impudent Digit says:

      Near to church

      Far from God

  10. MC says:

    Whilst getting my weekly dose of Magpie musings, I got thinking about something I spotted that was quite odd a few months back; it troubled me but others thing distracted me.

    Driving down Queens Rd I spotted a Southern branded (Beaudesert from memory) Turf Truck with at least 10 pallets off new Turf heading into the new Bicentennial Park Riverbank walkway upgrade.

    At the time I wasn’t sure what was going on there so maybe just pulling in to work out deliveries but my mate who daily walks his dog along the area has been flagging poor & shoddy TCC works in this ‘upgraded’ riverbank area recently.

    So I got thinking & exploring & it appears as though a massive amount of turfing has been done in this area in a TCC/State Gov funded upgrade recently. So a question to fellow Nesters: how hard do you think it would be to find out where the new Turf was sourced from under the TCC? Was it purchased from some southern turf farms & trucked up by TCC? Or maybe a local operator has purchased a southern branded truck? If the former, this would be a monumental ‘fuck you’ to local suppliers by the TCC, who are still getting over Jenny’s bullshit action …sorry inaction … on Long Term Water Security for Townsville.

    Anybody know what’s going on, I’m not too hot at accessing council contract records?

    • The Magpie says:

      Turf from the south somewhere is certainly a possibility under the LGAQ and Townsville Council-accepted scheme of Local Buy, which is anything but … it is an the flawed economic theory that the cheapest price statewide is best for councils, completely ignoring the benefits and community contribution of local contractors, even if the tender comes in a bit over others. The weighting system in favour of local businesses … and the definition of local business … needs to be beefed up – transparently, too.

      Not likely though, as Mayor Mullet is a $50k p.a board member of the LGAQ’s rip-off commission-based system.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      MC, there are numerous possibilities as to why this has occurred. Some possibilities, are as follows, but not limited to;
      – the construction firm doing the walkway upgrade sourced the turf from Brisbane as this was a cheaper option than sourcing it locally. So in theory the construction company did the turf sourcing, which they are permitted to do. No rules broken.
      – Local buy was simply not the cheapest option, so Council sourced the turf through LGAQ who put forward the Brisbane turf supplier as the cheaper option. I’ve seen turf, fencing and construction work given to non-local suppliers/providers due to the local suppliers/providers simply not being the cheapest.
      – I’ve also seen local providers miss out due to Brisbane providing a cheaper and nastier alternative.

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie repeats his opinion as given to MC.

        And there were no suggestion that rules were broken, that would be a different can of worms … this is about ethics and balancing not just monetary costs but including community benefit. But, Pickled Herring, are you in a position to tell us whether this was outsourced beyond Townsville? This has serious ramification for Mayor Mullet’s frequent claim of being a loc al champion, but when caught out like she may be on this one, she will she will creep back down the dead end burrow of ‘responsible fiscal management by the council’.

        • Alahazbin says:

          Pie, At present there are 5 private contractors doing mowing and landscaping maintenance in the southern areas of TCC boundaries. I know one company carrying out this work hails from Mareeba.
          My source was the councillor for my ward, who I must say represents her constituents well.

  11. Dave of Kelso says:

    How long can turf stay on the back of a truck before it dies?

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      I give up Kelso, how long?

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      DoK, it can vary. I just made a phone call to a Superintendent for a construction job that we did for a Council in central Queensland. The average life span is around 3 to 4 days. So the turf is usually cut, rolled and palletised on day 1 and often despatched by road that afternoon or evening. So by the time the turf has been loaded in Brisbane and trucked to Townsville it can be as little as 2 days. That leaves a further 2 days to lay it before it starts to die off.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Thanks for that. Clearly feasible for Southern contractors to operate although fuel prices might bite. Regards.

        This issue of laying turf reminds me of a joke, but I will send it to The ‘Pie by email for acceptance or otherwise.

  12. Bang bang you’re dead says:

    Mr Potato Head Peter Dutton has marked Anzac Day by making a statement regarding the threats of China and Russia, comparing it to a “period very similar to the 1930s” when Nazi Germany pushed the world towards World War II. He said the only way to preserve peace was to now “prepare for war”.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      I believe he has been referred to as the Offence Minister by Michael Pascoe


    • Dave of Kelso says:


      Long term Nesters either know or have sussed’ my background and I will leave it at that.

      Peter Dutton, like or loathe, is correct.

      UNDERSTAND PEOPLE The greatest threat to Australia’s security is to articulate that there is no threat to Australia’s security.

      Our time in the land of the candy coloured rainbow unicorn is over (The Greens are you listening? ) , harsh reality is now biting.

      • Westie says:

        You could be right Dave.

        Just wondering though. Why does Peter Dutton make a public statement about this on ANZAC day? Wouldn’t this make it more difficult for the diplomats to try to achieve non-violent solutions if there are problems? And would not the place to address it be in the budget that just come down? I did not notice any big increases in defence spending.

        Secondly if there is a good reason to make a big public denunciation of our militarily and economically superior neighbours that I don’t know, why now? Why did Peter Dutton not bring it up 3 months ago, or wait three months in the future?


  13. Long suffering ratepayer says:

    When listing Jenny Hill’s stuff-ups don’t forget to include her chairmanship of the Townsville Disaster Committee. Look at what she achieved with the Ross River Dam. Impressive!

    • The Magpie says:

      So many jokes could be made abnout anyone chairing a committee with a name like that … but they’ve all been made before.

      But here’s a bet … The ‘Pie reckons it might not be long before the name is changed to something less ambiguous. Any suggestions?

      • Jimbo says:

        I thought the actual name was the Disaster Management Committee. Anyway it used to be called that once upon a time. The Committee is the LDMG, the Local Disaster Management Group.

        • Jimbo says:

          Sorry, just re-read that and it’s a bit confusing. The committee is made up of the representatives of the various agencies that belong to the Local Disaster Management Group. It gets shortened to ‘the disaster committee ‘

        • The Magpie says:

          Maybe it still is, sound sensible … but given the chair’s performance overall, no wonder folks have unilaterally changed it.

  14. Achilles says:

    I’m no expert on climate change, but does anyone have constructive info on the possible positive effects of this massive dousing of our region by the current super cool Southern rain may have on coral bleaching.

  15. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    My temper flares when they show no flair for correct spelling and word usage….

    • The Magpie says:

      And The ‘Pie’s nostrils flare (difficult for a magpie) when this sort of tosh is rated as a news … for the likes a dented heads like Phil Gould and NRL fans in general – of any club – to suggest there are now supposed to be rules of etiquette for barracking at NRL games shows the mindless depths of irrelevance to which the media has sunk.

      • Grumpy says:

        The Canberra snowflakes pinched the concept from the giant-killing Icelanders’ soccer team in 2016.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Pie, Some journalist asked Ricky Stuart during the after game press conference what his thoughts on the Viking clap during the game. His reply “Fuck me dead”

    • Achilles says:

      Viking Clap? sounds more like a Scandinavian venereal disease

  16. Potato Peeler says:

    Love him or hate him, Peter Dutton is most definitely correct when he asserts that the drums of war are beating louder than ever. China and Russia have both become very confrontational and have clearly had enough of NATO and the West. They are making their move and they sure are rattling the nerves of the West. But a word of warning to the imbecile Solomons PM, you are doing a deal with the Devil, cockhead. China will eventually expect all favours that it hands out, to be returned with interest.

  17. The Real Elusive Butterfly says:

    Mr. Pie, good to see Townsville has turned on very un-welcoming weather for a visit from Moron-son.
    Very apt!

  18. Lab Rat says:

    When we go to war with China, where are we going to store the POWs? There will be an awful lot of them.

    • The Magpie says:

      Don’t think this will be a ‘we’ problem, that will be the Chinese’s problem … after the one-day takeover, they’ll probably just lock the country up and not let anyone out.

    • Addled says:

      Lab Rat, there would probably be a large number of Chinese-Australian internees compared to actual POWs. During the second world war thousands of Germans and Italians, many of whom had lived for generations in Australia in places like Ingham, were locked up ‘down south’ for the duration, while our lovely welcoming Australian society spread fear and loathing about them being possible traitors and saboteurs. I understand there are about 1 million Chinese-Australians. It really doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

  19. No More Dredging says:

    I’ve enjoyed having Scott Morrison visit Townsville. A true man of integrity and honesty. He walked the beat and met numerous local businesses and seemed genuinely interested in doing whatever he could to provide assistance to our region. The man gets my vote.

  20. Scomosexual says:

    So ‘fastest fingers Morrison’ got busted texting during the ANZAC Day service. What an arrogant and rude prick.

  21. Achilles says:

    Remember the (Sun Tzu} maxim : Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake? Well our leaders (so called) of all creeds and colors are doing exactly that.

    The knee jerk panic reaction (hysteria) of taking the bait of China’s potential military imposition on an insignificant parasitical archipelago is amazing. Taking the bait hook line and sinker.

    China is a master at intelligent tactical camouflage, they already have complete duplicity control of The Philippines, I saw it happen over the past 7 years living there, in Makati entire imported Chinese families have been shoe-horned in and whole apartment blocks of locals evicted.

    The “immigrant” Chinese are all employed by POGO which is an offshore gambling (money laundering) institution, they pay no taxes and only Chinese speakers are allowed on their premises. About 1/20th of the Filipino “elite’.

    China is the master of tactics and we have been sold the dummy once again, and swallowed it totally.

  22. Swing Voter says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and on this blog at least everyone gets a run, within reason.
    But for goodness sake can we give the election and Labor vs Scomo a break.
    I read this blog religiously but I’m starting to get bored to death with all the political claims and counter claims, which in the washup will not make a scrap of difference to the result of the election.
    So for now I’m clocking out.
    Unless the Pie decides (it is his blog after all) to ban all election comment, I’m going back to listening to the Roy & HG podcast.
    Let me know when the election is over – PLEASE.

    • The Magpie says:

      Have a nice break, see you on May 22nd.

      God, I’m jealous.

    • Jenny’s girl says:

      Enjoy your holiday Swing Voter. Perhaps you can go and read the Courier Mail. Please swing by the light switch on the way out, and didn’t bang the door as you exit. Bye bye.

    • Grumpy says:

      Swinger, are you in the Qantas lounge?

    • Addled says:

      SVoter, you say you are ” . . starting to get bored to death with all the political claims and counter claims, which in the washup will not make a scrap of difference to the result of the election.” I recall the 1972 election when Gough Whitlam promised Labor would end compulsory conscription for national service (with threat of two years jail) and of course to pull Australia out of the Vietnam War. There was nothing boring about the monumental campaign which preceded the election when so many young voters had skin in the game. The voting age had just been lowered from 21 to 18. However, the seat of Herbert stayed Liberal and remained that way for another decade.

      This time around, new young voters have different priorities but the same skin in the game. They believe, as I do, that their voices in the street and around campaign functions does make a difference – but only if the media runs with the action and broadcasts the voices. The Magpie’s Nest is part of the media and can (does actually) make a significant contribution to the democratic process. So I say ‘keep it up, Magpie’, and let the swinger go. He’ll be back when he has something to whinge about.

  23. Addled says:

    Magpie, yesterday you observed that the Ross River dam had hit 58% capacity (rising from about 47% a couple of days before). As of midnight the dam is at 65% and no doubt still rising. This is excellent news as it means there is no longer any pressure to complete the Haughton2 pipeline in some sort of disorganised rush. It also means the city’s gardens and streets are set up for the coming ‘dry season’ with creeks and wetlands still overflowing in May. A week ago we were looking at dust and potential water restrictions by the end of the year.

    • The Magpie says:

      Yup, some genuinely excellent and buoying (pun intended) news. If interesting to see what it ends up at, have no idea of the lag time of water entering the measurable area. The ‘Pie’s desert roses and tumeric palms are pretty happy.

      We now await the the breathless media release from the Townsville Disaster Committee chair about how she bravely managed, against her better instincts, to keep the dam gates SHUT. She lives and learns.

      • Addled says:

        I don’t think the water level has reached the floodgates yet.

        Searching around this subject I see that on 7 April 2022 the local rag had an article (or press release from TCC) behind its paywall explaining how the federal government was causing delays to Haughton2. I am not a subscriber. Does anyone know what this was about?

        • The Magpie says:

          Why don’t you check TCC media releases, they’re free (at the moment)?

        • Old Tradesman says:

          Addled, would it be fair to say that the $200m that our esteemed Premier, Palachook, donated to the Wagners for the Wellcamp White Elephant fiasco, was the money that had been allocated for the pipeline?

          • Addled says:

            Tradie, from what I recall the Queensland government budgeted $85m this year for work on Haughton2. Presumably they will allocate more money in next year’s budget. Not sure why you find this so mysterious? There is all sorts of work to be done on land acquisition, access and cultural management which I suspect had already been done along the Haughton1 route.

          • The Magpie says:

            Hahahaha … presume away, old son.

          • Addled says:

            Magpie, over the past decade or longer it appears that government money just falls out of the sky without any limit. When the Morrison government budgeted $180 billion for Jobkeeper and other Covid schemes they soon admitted there was a miscalculation of $60 billion – either too much or too little, it didn’t seem to be any bother one way or the other. The Queensland government knocked back $195 million from the Feds over some GST wrangle and TCC is up for $80 million (or something) over the same Haughton2 scheme and everyone just keeps on spending and promising and spending as if the money is just endlessly available on Afterpay or whatever. There doesn’t seem to be any logic at any level of government – if they want something they just get it on the never never and no one gives a fuck. New case in point – Hells Gate dam. $5.4 billion and already the strongest proponents reckon it’s all a crock. WTF?

          • Addled says:

            At 7pm the Ross River dam had reached 67% capacity.

    • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

      Dear scrambled, rather than “complete the Haughton2 pipeline in some sort of disorganised rush” the internal TCC project team, once they gave the good people at Premise the heave-ho, have been wandering in circles for a couple of years without meaningful progress.

      In about the same time it took the first project team to scope, design and construct the 36.5km line these guys have managed to stumble through the design and are “poised” to send the construction out to tender in the early part of this year.

      This rain has been a temporary get out of gaol card for the Mullet, but with the schedule slipping, the budget surging and no leadership this project shows all the signs of sinking into the mud just in time for the next Council elections.

      • The Magpie says:

        Sounds informed, but the question remains: what was the argument blaming the Feds?

      • Addled says:

        Barely Civil, no question that this last dump of rain has been a get-out for TCC and the State – and all of us Townsvillains for that matter. But I think it’s a bit of a stretch to compare Stage1 planning (minus the multi-million upgrade of the Haughton irrigation channel and pump station to be able to supply the extra water) – on the existing ‘old’ pipeline route – with the completely new and unprepared alignment for Haughton2. 12 months ago TCC put out a media release stating (in part):

        “Private and commercial landowners have been consulted on the options for the pipe alignment and three landowner access agreement have already been agreed.

        “The project team has also engaged with the traditional custodians of the land along the proposed pipe alignment options and entered into a Cultural Heritage Management Agreement.”

        Past experience suggests that some of this preparatory stuff can take ages to organise, especially if the proponents are short of dough and have the luxury of time on their side. They’ve just been handed another 6 months or more of dither time so I won’t be holding my breath.

        • Old Tradesman says:

          Addled , I know that $85m was allocated in this years budget, is that the extra that it is going to cost the ratepayers of Townsville as there is an overrun of $80m as we are told by our mayor, why would the mayor say that the pipeline was completed when this is not the case especially when the mayor stated that Townsville didn’t have a water problem, why would you start a project without the access conditions being finalised. We still haven’t been told how much it is going to cost to pump this precious resource. In other words heads need to roll and flushed down the pipeline to nowhere. Townsville conned again by the likes of Dolan and his sycophants including the mayor and the Labor councillors.

          • Alahazbin says:

            Tradie, The original $195 mil that the Feds granted and the state refused because of some trumped up formula by the ‘Dick’. Which by the way was never proven.

          • Addled says:

            Tradie, call the $85m whatever you like. Haughton2 is going to cost a motza and we taxpayers are going to pick up the tab either in local government rates (or Council services no longer delivered), in state taxes and charges (or services no longer being provided in health, education, police etc) or by way of federal government expenditures locally on stuff we (or some of us) think is a waste of space like the shed on Castle Hill or some millions devoted to Lansdown.

          • Addled says:

            Alahazbin, you are correct that the GST racket thing was never proven but it was also never denied. What you could do though is find out from your impeccable sources whether the $100m grant from the Turnbull government for the NQ Stadium was ‘clawed back’ by way of a reduction in the GST allocation to Queensland that year. That matter should be on the public record now but I have no idea how to find it. This is exactly what Treasurer Dick was carrying on about when he suggested that the $195m allocation for Haughton2 would be subject to ‘clawback’.

        • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

          Scrambled, you might find that the previous stage also had a lengthly period of option analysis and assessment. I think it might have been our friends at GHD which did it. To determine whether the previous route was the best in light of what was learned since then.

          But perhaps you can’t see that from under the desk in the Exec Offices/

  24. Prince Rollmop says:

    Addled, don’t forget Paul Keating’ slow roast of John Hewson, which was very entertaining. And then of course the bipolar actions of Mark Latham almost ripping John Howard’s arm out of its socket! Very entertaining stuff. Unfortunately Albo and Scomo are about as exciting to watch as two turtles fucking, I have been hoping that Pauline or The Mad Hatter Katter would throw a few looney grenades out there!!

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Do you have a YouTube link to the turtles?

      • The Magpie says:

        Try googling Frolicking Fauna, might get something. Hope the turtles aren’t in slowmo.

      • Prince Rollmop says:

        I’ve got all the videos – turtles, snails and sloths fucking. It’s entertaining stuff, much better than listening to our political spin masters boring the shit out of us with their campaigns of lies and deception. And to really knock your socks off I can also supply (at a small cost) videos of paint drying, wind blowing curtains, and stars blinking. Riveting stuff.

    • Addled says:

      I think Clive’s already doing that. But can anyone make sense of his stupid ads?

  25. Prickster says:

    Looking forward to Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, where he believes that freedom of speech is a fundamental right and that it is a necessity for a free and democratic society. It’s hard to disagree with his view. To use Musk’s words, Twitter’s “behind the scenes manipulation” has fomented hate and division.

    Can’t wait to see the flow on impacts he reverses the decision of Twitter (like Google & Facebook) who banned scientific research and/or world-renowned epidemiologists, virologists, and cardiologists from their platforms during the pandemic, considering them all to be in the class of “misinformation.”

    • The Magpie says:

      Yup, the social media genie is well and truly out of the bottle and not going back in.

      Best the Magpie can do is recommend subscribing to Snopes, it’s free and invaluable – and it doesn’t take sides. It has even pointed false claims about the likes of Trump et al, although The ‘Pie cannot think what claim about Trump – apart from the ones he’s made about himself – could be false.

    • Count de Money says:

      Musk is an idiot, albeit a rich idiot. Twitter is perfect for an Asperger’s sufferer like him because you don’t have to look people in the eyes and communicate like a normal person does, you just type shit and post it. Bit like the Magpies Nest ha ha. I’m sure that other freak with the eyes too close together, Greta Thunberg, is also a Twitter user.

      • The Magpie says:

        As you are.

      • Prickster says:

        Musk is very successful idiot too, just have a look at what he’s built to date:
        Tesla (worth $1 trillion) – the world’s most successful clean energy company, SpaceX (valued at $100 billion) – the world’s most successful aerospace company, Boring Company (valued at $5.7 billion) – the world’s most innovative boring company, Neuralink (valued at $2.1 billion) – on the verge of a breakthrough for brain-computer interface technology.

        One successful venture could be luck, but 4.

  26. Kenny Kennett says:

    I just read an interesting article which was sent to me in hard copy so I don’t have a link I can share. Apologies. It was written by former Cairns Mayor Kevin Byrnes and it appeared in the Cairns Post. He very succinctly explains with facts what Australia has contributed to the Solomon Islands and goes on to say China’s clear motives. He takes a big dig at those who are critical of the Government on this matter and explains why negativity towards the Government is unwarranted. It is well worth a read and I would ask that anybody who has access to a link to please share it with this column. Well worth it. Again, apologies for not having a link.

  27. Mike Douglas says:

    Is pressure building in Walker st with Mayor Hill demanding Phil Thompson cough up for another one of her pet projects NQ spark .Today in the Astonisher ” Hill lays down the Law ” which in itself begs questions based on the Mayors antics of ” commercial in confidence ” political lobbying costing the rate payers $79 mil on Haughton stage 2 and being a Director of LGAQ that receives a % of deceptive LGAQ ” local buy ” $ on contracts from T.C.C. . Appears the Mayor isnt happy that the independent Councillors are asking questions on the costs of projects that are “commercial in confidence ” , Councils debt , spending , basicly acting in the best interest of ratepayers . The Mayor has advised Council staff to cut off their microphones if they dare speak above her and will eject them from meetings . Also noted a Council funded entities manager at a lot of John Rings media events and in his facebook posts . Surely Council ratepayers $ arnt being channelled to Rings campaign ? .

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      Sieg Heil
      Heil Hill!
      Ve shall not qvestion your mesods in public fowums.
      Very vill ony ask nice powite witty qvestions in pwivate wooms.

  28. The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

    Interesting article buried on page 14 of todays rag talks about council changing the rules for entities it owns or controls. This is the entire snippet.

    New policy for council

    TOWNSVILLE City Council has developed a Beneficial Enterprises and Controlling Entities Policy, which will apply to the council’s beneficial enterprises.

    These bodies include ones that are controlled by council, and are reasonably expected to benefit the whole or part of Townsville.

    “Council owes a duty to the public to ensure high standards of governance in the establishment and management of such entities,” the policy says.

    You can be pretty sure that when we say “owes a duty to the public to ensure high standards of governance” we are working to shovel the shit under the carpet.


    • The Magpie says:

      Love to see the ‘transparency’ section of this policy. And what’s that about ‘benefit the whole or part of Townsville’? We could start there with Mayor Mullet’s mewling about ratepayers $300k to the NQ Spark company, which she says will be returned to council as the projects progress. What, no interest? On a ‘loan’ that is not required anyway, was just made to make the mayor look like she was actually doing something? But by the time anything might happen remotely resembling a return on the TCC loan, it will be lost in the mists of time, and don’t waste your time hoping that any diary file will be kept by the Bulletin; the paper will have had a 500% turnover in staff by that time, and anyway, the Bulletin will just be an a couple of insert pages in the Courier at that stage.

      Our glory hound mayor will run us into the ground … if she hasn’t already.

      • Alahazbin says:

        And Pie, the TCC credit rating is “sound”. The third best and classed as “developing”
        Gawd! How long has it taken her to put us in that position?

      • Hee Haw says:

        I wonder why the TECC has disappeared from the TCC annual reports? Ever since council “impaired this asset” from $24 million dollars down to ZERO it has not been there however it still trades and can incur profits (more likely losses) to TCC and therefore ratepayers but there is now no mention of it in the reports.
        I feel a deal has been done with the Ville which no one knows anything about. I said at the time it would be sold in a couple of years for nothing to someone close to council.
        Wonder if i was right

        • The Magpie says:

          Anybody? Someone know the current status? Wonder if building safety or health laws are all tickety boo. Recently noted that the Harlem Globetrotters are scheduled there shortly – should be a great night, great entertainers.

          • Beaker says:

            Pretty sure that is the case. It’s not unlike a number of other buildings around town eg. clubhouses, Headspace building, Rockpool restaurant etc where TCC owns the land or holds it in trust for the State then negotiates a lease on the in-situ building with another entity, ensuring the building is no longer classified as a TCC asset. Covenants are stated in the lease agreement limiting what the lessee is able to use the building for and the lease must be reviewed at specified periods. Maintenance and building upkeep also reverts to the lessee. TCC should be able to provide a copy of the lease or confirm ownership on request.

        • Jatzcrackers says:

          Hee Haw, extremely high chance that a deal was done with old mate The Ville Casino. A look at that peninsula shows that Morris would be the only one with any interest (and $$$) to redevelop the site in the future.
          He snagged the prime site North West of his casino for not a lot of money when the original developer was asking $55M after the shit hit the proverbial at the time of the GFC.
          We’ll never know if a deals been done with Mullet until it comes out in a media release that Morris is planning a new addition to Townsville’s biggest money earner !

        • Kenny Kennett says:

          The Casino does and always has underwritten losses for the TECC. They have the ultimate say on the budgets of the property not the TECC. Despite this, the Mayor is the Chair of what used to be called the Breakwater Island Trust. Hence, it’s fucked!!

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      Why on earth does TCC feel it needs a policy in beneficial enterprises when this is already covered by the Local Government (Beneficial Enterprises and Business Activities) Regulation 2010.

      Is it just busy work?


      • The Magpie says:

        Good question. Wonder if the Bulletin will ever ask it?

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          Oh come on. That would require an actual thought and a follow through. More chance of a fart and a follow through.

      • Prickster says:

        Despite all of the rhetoric, and legislative hurdles the fact remains TCC has failed to deliver anything, where essential services are even on the slide.

        One thing is guaranteed that if the current trend continues the only legacies that will be created are distinguished careers will be turned to dust.

  29. Addled says:

    Magpie, if you are into entertaining election commentary might I suggest today’s Crikey with Guy Rundle on the Gold Coast, Campbell Newman, Tom Tate and more.

    • The Magpie says:

      Wasn’t thinking about it, although Rundle’s a top flight writer, despite wearing his political heart on his sleeve. However, if they’d all been published not much point in on-passing … as the latest catch phrase has it ‘Google it mate’. Happy drop in a link or two, but trying to go back to the roots of The Nest and find local stuff. Election stuff is wall to wall out there, prefer we only go for actual issues … and of course, funnies.

  30. Dave of Kelso says:

    The Italians have not thought this through. Children to have surnames of both parents. Let’s look at the next generations.

    Bill Esposito-Greco and Mary Bianchi-Colombo have a child,
    Mick Esposito-Greco-Bianchi-Colombo.

    Wayne Ricci-Marino and Sue Ferrari-Bruno have a child,
    Kate Ricci-Marino-Farrari-Bruno

    Mick E etc and Kate R etc have a child,
    Tony Esposito-Greco-Bianchi-Colombo-Ricci-Marino-Farrari-Bruno.

    Etc, so on , and so forth.

    Silly bloody Italians.

    • The Magpie says:

      Sounds like a variation on that game of a few decades ago of creating marriages among popular movie stars … The ‘Pie’s favourite – and he’s even ngiggling now as he writes it … is if Tuesday Weld marries Frederic March The Third, she be Tuesday March the third.

      • On Two Wheels says:

        And if Claudia Schiffer and Brains from The Thunderbirds had a child, would it’s surname be Schiffer-Brains?

    • Achilles says:

      Wog do you mean by silly bloody Italians?

  31. Strandboy says:

    Just saw TCC are doing kerbside collection of whitegoods in an Avis rental van. Old fridges dumped on the kerb and council collects … why residents are no longer responsible for their own rubbish … ?

    • Guy says:

      In Sydney councils DO have white good collections – its standard fare for a functional council. You see old fridges, washing machines stuck out on the kerb, even old lawn mowers ( I found 3 victa lawn mowers thrown out to make one working lawnmower and used it to start my own lawn mowing business.

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