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Sunday, March 17th, 2024   |   392 comments

The Old Gray Mayor Ain’t What She Used To Be. In Fact, Looks Like She Is Off To The Knackers Yard.

Screen Shot 2024-03-17 at 12.25.04 am

Yup it looks like we’ve swapped crooks and have a new mayor … but the great thing is, bless his heart, the final result looks like being decided by Harry Patel preferences.  The man had a go, and will now have the honour of having made a difference. While it seems a ‘frying pan into the fire’ outcome, it will be even more interesting when we look at the make-up of the councillors.

UPDATE: Sunday morning. 

So, unless there’s a Trump-like happening with pre-poll votes, which are being counted at the moment, it seems Troy Thompson is to be Townsville mayor.  So here’s a early message for Mr Thompson from The ‘Pie: the very first thing you have to do, Troy, is address those matters raised here about your past criminal, DV and fraud history. There may be another side to them, and since a major part of your platform was openness and transparency, you should now come clean with voters. It is untenable that the civic leader of one of Australia’s largest regional cities should have unanswered questions like these hanging over his … and the city’s …  head.

When the dust settles and the make-up of the new council is clear, it is going to be great sport watching the circling around, sniffing of bums and licking of balls as councillors try to judge each others abilities,  ambitions and motives.  

And The Magpie is happy to award his Gold Statuette For Comedy to this comment that came in this morning. Tres droll.

Screen Shot 2024-03-17 at 8.59.55 am

But hey, congratulations are in order, so The Magpie offers his heartiest of congratulations …. no not you, Mr Thompson, you are just this moment’s  Stephen Bradbury of local politics … no, it is this woman who should be congratulated.

Fran quits Screen Shot 2024-02-02 at 2.08.12 pm

Former councillor Fran O’Callaghan

It was councillor Fran O’Callaghan’s courage in standing up to bullying, personal ambushes and snide whispering campaigns and shunning by colleagues that has led us to this outcome. Despite an orchestrated campaign of bullying over years at the hands of the Mayor and her toadies,  – councillors, CEO and particularly the TCC legal weasel Tony Bligh – Clr O’Callaghan refused to buckle and stared down the all threats. Despite personal health challenges, she continued on and rather than be seen as someone who was a talker and not a doer, decided to run for mayor herself. Which she did at considerable personal and financial cost, until circumstances made her retire from the race.  Clr O’Callaghan is a very private person, so perhaps we will never know the full extent of what she was subjected to, but anyone familiar with Jenny Hill’s  vindictive nature, no one can doubt her guts. She would’ve been a difficult but brilliant mayor.

Fran, your calls for decency, transparency and accountability in the public arena resonated with a constituency starting to see the dictatorial regime for what it was. Townsville owes you big time, Fran.

Now to the remainder of the Nest, as she was writ. 

The pre-election fairy dust reached blizzard proportions during the week. But what magical heady stuff it is – until it hits the ground and melted into the usual bullshit.

Including – drum roll please  …A MAGPIE EXCLUSIVE REVEAL: the latest industry Mayor Mullet quietly signed up for Lansdown just before the election.

The Bulletin stops pretending, giving us a full-page Vote For Jenny and Her Team disguised as a news story.  And a major reason theY give for this suggestion is a hoot.

That royal photograph … what’s the problem, The ‘Pie wonders how anything seems wrong.

And from America and heading our weekly gallery, the quote of the decade – a zinger for the ages.

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It Was A Jelly Beans V Liquorice AllSorts Kind Of Election

The sugar hit was always going to be brief, the chance of rot almost certain.  Bentley saw it for what it was.

Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 1.17.31 pm

Poor fella, my city.

The Bulletin Confirms It Is Part Of The Problem,  Not The Solution

If Jenny Hill got a short sharp reality check from Townsville voters. one wonders if the Bulletin realises what a finger from the public it has got out of this election. The weekend Astonisher ran an uninspired front page reminding us of the bleedin’ obvious.

Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 9.23.21 am

But it was when we went inside, it was wall-to-wall ‘vote for Jenny Hill’.

Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 9.23.42 am

It was a Team Hill fest, and not a single pic of either other mayoral candidate, and just two independent council candidates, either. To compound this total lack of journalistic independence,  we were treated to a year-8 foot-in-mouth ‘analysis by blow-in butthead Chris Burns, who wen it comes to local politics and community, clearly could not find his own arse with two hands. Even if you threw in a torch.

Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 11.45.34 pm

While his opening line in this excerpt is, in Sir Humphrey’s word ‘courageous’, that second line is undeniably an insult to this community by an ill-informed bloviator way out of his depth. The, using the totally irrelvant media concoction of ‘the first 100 days’ – what fucking relevance is that?, Burns the coyly insinuates that anyone new to the job would be wasting time finding out wherethe toilets are and the CEO’s first nam

Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 11.46.21 pm

Christ Chris, you make Light-on Smith and Gas Carvey look like Woodward and Bernstein.

But The Magpie thinks he’s gone a tad too far with his criticism of you, and believes you have indeed found your own aperture.


Porkies About Porking For Pay

The claim was akin to the scare tactic when  Indigenous Land Rights was first mooted – a friendly neighbourhood knocking shop could open next to your family home – and there’s nothing you’ll be able to do about it!! That was Jenny Hill’s dire forecast when the new report further decriminalising Queenslander who hawk the fork for a living landed with the state government during the week!! That was Jenny Hill’s dire forecast when the new report further decriminalising Queenslander who hawk the fork for a living landed with the state government during the week.

Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 4.52.54 pm

Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 4.57.04 pm

This was in Friday’s paper, so it’s fair to assume this was Team hill’s managers (maybe Dolan) traditional last minute, a-scare-the-pantsoff-‘em ‘shocker’ that is too late to allow a response … but make no mistake, this was an out-and-out campaigning lie. Here’s what madam had to say, which, in typical Bulletin style, was knocked on the head in the very last line.

Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 7.26.24 pm

First, the false equivalence … residential care homes aren’t businesses, they are government run and funded as part of the youth justice system- and Brisbane was smart enough to make sure local councils could not be subject to local NIMBY consideration from constituents about their location. (Thanks, Anna.)

Then there is the utter tosh about special rights for sex workers, (‘ the government says they will be treated like any other business’ ) and that a brothel could pop up on a neighbouring property without any warning. The only wrinkle yet to be ironed out is existing provisions that allow work-from-home businesses … at the moment only personal yoga instructors work with the knees next to their ears.

Interesting that residents in those posh Walker street Tower block opposite the council building haven’t complained about living across the road from what many regard as the city’s biggest brothel.

SCOOP! The Magpie Can Exclusively Reveal The New Manufacturer Mayor Mullet Has Attracted To Landsdown

“US company Bernard Food Industries has chosen Lansdown for its first Australian factory,  subject to (almost guaranteed) state government funding of $50million.  My council will commit a further $10million to the project,” the the mayor told both reporters at a packed media conference.

Screen Shot 2024-03-10 at 9.50.23 am

“This pioneering concept has created a billion dollar industry in America when it was bought by Donald Trump – his MAGA followers can’t get enough of it. I expect Australians – particularly Townsville residents – will make it a hit, too,’ the mayor simpered, batting her lowered eyelashes shyly.

She said if cleaning staff were included, the new factory is expected to employ at least tens of people.

But the question must now be asked, has Jenny Hill been hit by another swinging door. Her prize Magnis replacement, QPM isn’t looking too hot just now, shares are about four (4) cents. Go here and click on the link ‘see all risk checks’.

Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 9.40.17 pm

But of course,  the are other matters for the council to consider, like how much to pay an executive to manage an outfit partially owned by the ratepayers.

Screen Shot 2024-03-10 at 9.54.05 am

A Worrying Trend

It seems there is some unrevealed agenda going down surrounding Claudia  (Ms B-S) Brumme-Smith. The TEL boss has been voguing around the place quite a bit lately.  Like this.

Screen Shot 2024-03-09 at 9.50.48 am

While that seems to be a legitimate boast – although The ‘Pie wonders what youngsters could learn from this busted-arse burden on the ratepayers – Ms B-S has earned the nickname ‘Blister’ because she only turns up after the hard work’s been done, forever hanging on the coattails of the achievements of others. But this rehashed, recycled, one is a doozy. a dishonest and  flimsy castles-in-the-air bit of wishful thinking – it really amounts to some half-baked excuse for a free shopping trip to Canberra – is dishonest ‘news’ from the Astonisher.

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 9.32.21 am Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 9.34.51 am

NASA of the reef? FFS, really, what does that even mean?   And that $500m vision guff is one of the smelliest, blurriest, back-of-the-envelope brain farts our ‘visionary’ elite has ever foisted on us. Because, when you read the details such as it is, in the unlikely event that in today’s social climate the government would come up wit the hundreds of millions needed to fund the stalled project, then it will attract $500million of totally unspecified investment to Townsville.

No doubt the timing was slotted to fit Jenny’s re-election campaign,  but it was Ms B-S does the chest beating on this one with the absurd idea that TEL has designed a ‘re-imagined’  complex centred on the previously excellent aquarium, and she’ll hop down to Canberra to get the feds to cough up for the stalled project.

But this story completely ignores the previously announced reason why Labor hasn’t moved on the project – Morrison and co were wildly out in their costs of $80m, and Labor isn’t in the mood to be coerced into funds to tidy up a coalition hangover.

THIS IS EXACTLY THE SORT OF BULLSHIT THAT HAS SEEN THE MULLET GET AN ELECTORAL HAIRCUT THIS WEEKEND And Cas Garvey and the Bulletin probably don’t even realise what a kick in the cods this is for their inept mis-reading of the community sentiment. IN SHORT, THEY’RE SICK OF IT FROM ALL OF YOU.

WasThe Boardwalk To Nowhere Flooded By The Recent King Tide?

Short answer, no, but the question was raised by this pic floating around social media.

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 12.24.01 pm

While it seems part of the boardwalk may be under water, the impression is caused by a dip and bend in the design at the point below Wickham Terrace. The ‘Pie was interested enough to go and have a look for himself, (admittedly after the event) and he can categorically say there was no residual evidence that the tide breached the boardwalk.

Wouldn’t have mattered anyway, plenty of time to rectify it if it was at risk before the boardwalk actually goes anywhere – like Ms Brumme-Smith’s newly designed NASA hub. Or The Hive development site, which is currently being flogged around the globe by the other blight on Townsville, the snake oil salesman Mark Tonge.

Quote of the Week (global)

The Joe Biden campaign, after listing the current President growing and impressive record over the past four years,  ramps up humour in the hope of bringing on a Donald Trump seizure.

“Meanwhile, the only helpful thing Donald Trump did for the American people in four
years was lose the 2020 election to Joe Biden – and it’s the one thing he won’t take
credit for.”

The big news for many was Trump’s appointment of Lara to head the Republican National Committee, raising strong suspicions that he will be raiding the party’s cookie jar to pay his legal bills. A great Paddy’s Day present.

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 8.56.05 am

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 8.54.57 am

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 8.53.56 am Screen Shot 2024-03-15 at 10.38.31 am Screen Shot 2024-03-15 at 10.35.28 am Screen Shot 2024-03-15 at 10.37.37 am Screen Shot 2024-03-15 at 10.37.10 am Screen Shot 2024-03-15 at 10.36.00 am Screen Shot 2024-03-15 at 10.37.22 am Screen Shot 2024-03-15 at 10.38.01 am Screen Shot 2024-03-15 at 10.36.28 am

Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 8.43.23 am Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 8.43.40 am Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 8.43.59 am

How The Hell Do They Spot These Tiny Discrepancies?

Hats off to those eagle-eyed  tech guys. The ‘Pie just thought it was a charming royal pic, can’t see anything wrong with it.

Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 4.08.44 pm


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  1. On Two Wheels says:

    Well done Townsville. It might have been a choice between Syphillis and Gonorrhoea, but you broke the cycle.
    So happy now, floating around a Norwegian fjord.

  2. Prickster says:

    The biggest loser is the Astonisher, rolled by a low budget social media campaign.

    Advertisers take note your money with the Astonisher is wasted.

  3. Hugh Jars says:

    What a wonderful time to be alive. God bless democracy! Pie perhaps you can use your journalistic sources to find out if the unreported rumours that Team Hill had a late venue change last night for their post election party from the Centen to Morleys Memorial Chapel?

  4. Ergon Community Notice says:

    Customers are advised that Ergon is aware of a sudden spike in demand from the vicinity of Walker Street in Townsville.

    Investigations have placed the demand spike on a sudden increase in industrial shredding late last night.

  5. GST SHAM says:

    Oh no what will the Mulletin write about when it’s not drip fed stories from Jenny? Dare I say we will get unbiased reporting that reflects community sentiment. Nahhhhhh.

  6. Mike Douglas says:

    Townsville voters gave Team Hill and Labor a clear message ” we don’t like your policies / decisions / direction / lack of transparency .” Mayor Hills 3 advisors cost of $.5 mil didn’t do a good job . Hope the CCTV is working at Council chambers re document shredding + removal . To the Labor Trolls who criticised the nest seems the Pie and commentators were more in tune with the Community . What does Labor State do with Aaron + Les . The fact that Aaron’s glowing Facebook tribute to Mayor Hill with photos of them days before the Council was removed within 30 mins says even Labor locally see him as baggage .

  7. Doug K says:

    The mayoral election result is looking good, but it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.
    From what I can see Hill has polled poorly in the outer suburbs but a lot better in the city, so whether she can pull back Thompson’s lead depends on what booths are left to be counted.
    But in any case, Team Jenny Hill has 8 dozen bottles of Whispers Sparkling White wine for sale at $1 a bottle.

  8. Alahazbin says:

    Looks like a few top Exec positions becoming vacant at the ‘Walker St Wankery’. CEO Prins can start packing up now and all the other labor plants should start looking at the LGAQ site for situations vacant.
    On another note we may get a sensible decision on TPAC location and what of Landsdown.

    • The Magpie says:

      Might be a reasonable assumptions but for one thing … Troy Thompson.
      The man shows he is a shape shifter, and like most smooth-talking conmen, can reach all sorts of closed door accomodations. Hope he’s smart enough to know the whole town in watching – except maybe the Bulletin, who will bend whichever way profits them (they think).

  9. HiBeam says:

    There’s a light in the valley,
    There’s a light in the valley,
    There’s a light in the valley for me,
    And no evil will I fear,
    Now Jenny’s demise is so near
    There’s a light in the valley for me

  10. Prince Rollmop says:

    Still too early for a declaration but it’s a stunning turn of events. Firstly, it shows that Townsville folk have finally woken up it would seem. Secondly, if Hill scrapes in she will definitely bail before the next election, and half strengthen Mocaccino will take over part way through her term. Anyway, so far so good and I can’t wait for the final results. Who knows, maybe some other deadshit Councillors will also get turfed out!

    • The Magpie says:

      Yes,it';s not overyet, but the message is crystal clear.

    • Alahazbin says:

      PR, Frothy is in a bit of strife. Trailing in the vote count.

    • Alfred E. Neuman says:

      I agree that things are looking up, but the fat lady is yet to sing.

      While I wait with bated breath I am reminded of the wise saying,

      “Don’t hatchet your Counts before they chicken.”

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie hears you, Mad Man, but even if this disaster is reversed into a worse disaster, even an up-herself like Jenny cannot ignore the message, she won’t need it tattooed on her forehead.

      • Pat Coleman says:

        You mixed your methathingies. Its

        ‘You can lead a horse to a camel, but you cant make it drink its chickens through the eye of a needle before they hatch’

        …dont you worry about that !

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      Rollmop it looks very much like Molachino has also been booted. Such a shame for him. He’ll now know what it feels like to be made redundant.

      • The Magpie says:

        If we’re going to start playing that game, The ‘Pie likes the look of Kurt Rehbein as a replacement. Stands out as a quietly sane councillor.

      • PoliWatcher says:

        He’ll be back. My guess is Frothy might run for State, but he will probably leave the ALP to do so. I’d put $10 on him running for the KAP in time. Ingham lad. Might even run for Hinchinbrook. Dametto might have a crack at Federal and maybe even Herbert. Who knows. But one thing is for certain, the political landscape is changing, and will change even more in the North come October.

        • The Magpie says:

          Tend to agree generally, but you seem to be missing a salient point, with both the Mullet and with state Labor … voters aren’t running towards anythingbtangible, they are running from what exists.

  11. Ben Rumson says:

    If there is a change of mayor, and I hope there is, I am sure it will have all of the grace and style of the Trump to Biden transition.

  12. Observer says:

    The low circulation numbers of the Bully shows the paper is not having an impact of the councils advertising and press releases on the Townsville community.

  13. Shallow Nostril says:

    Just as the democrats running HILARY Clinton in 2016 was the cause for the election of Trump (Americans were so against the born to rule candidate that was on offer), so too is the election of Thompson.

    The people of Townsville were so over the Jenny-show that they went for a new mayor who had spent time in the looney-bin, has dodgy business dealings and breached DV orders.

    Just like in the US, we should look at the reason the people were forced to elect the seemingly crazy choice.

    • The Magpie says:

      And on that, an interesting question has just landed could Hill use Thompson’s shady past, including bankruptcy, to have him disqualified?
      Do you know if this is legally possible? Don’t know if DV matters count, but there seems to be a distinct aroma of fraud around. The ‘Pie has voluminous correspondence on this, and will try to to find the time to sift through it.

  14. Boot Hill says:

    Is Jenny going to my place? Could Moccachino be close behind??

  15. Division 2 says:

    What’s good about the results are that we will get a majority council against her by the look if she wins by preference. Thank you Townsville, now let’s sort out the state wankers. Have you had any correspondence from Jenny’s plants magpie? It’s very quiet in Belgium gardens isn’t it?

    • The Magpie says:

      Hey, sleeping dogs and all that, please.

      But re preferences, Jenny must be regretting her pre-election cockiness of not doing her usual stunt of secretly funding a stalking horse mayoral candidate.

      • Division 2 says:

        Yes I remember well when she trotted out Jeff Jimmeson. He was nice enough to send his preference to her and all of a sudden he’s got a nice job in the council a couple of months later. Incidentally his wife already worked for TCC and I thought still did. Stalking horse already had a stable on the strand with that guy running.

  16. Kenny Kennett says:

    Greaney, Armstrong and the uncontested Divisions look like the only safe Hill trough positions at the moment. As for the Ipswich bi-election, there is a huge message being sent to Queensland Labor.

    • The Magpie says:

      Last i saw, Ma Greaney was romping in, and as these things go, seems fair enough … there’s seems to have been plenty of upgrades and general business around the Northward/Belgian Gardens area. Although it will be interesting to see how the booths went on Maggie Island … Hill and by association Greaney were on the nose big time over there.

      • Scientician79 says:

        Looks like the protest vote in Div 3 is split between the 2 alternate candidates. If there had only been one Greaney would be in the same trouble as some of her other colleagues.

      • Div10Dave says:

        Think you’ll be mistaken about the Maggie Island situation. A-M Greaney showed up at numerous public events, with or without the mayor, copped the flak from locals and ultimately delivered millions in roadworks and upgrades – if that is what counts. Mayor Hill is another matter.

        • The Magpie says:

          The Nest has received some fevered messages of discontent, but agree with you that it is mainly directed at Hill. And yes, Greaney had the grace and fortitude to face the anger generated by her boss … don’t know about the extent of the benefits you mention as measured against some of the other claims of neglect. Cats and dogs decisions by council figure largely.
          The ‘Pie lives in her division on the big island and yes, there’s been considerable works and initiatives in the area (this of course includes The Strand, but other less prominent areas haven’t been neglected). With the one major exception of leaving a sheer cliff in Leichhardt Street unfenced against a possible vehicle accident, she seems to have reaped the benefit of council decisions.

          • Div10Dave says:

            And as it turns out, the council’s cat decision, specifically and only applying to Maggie Island, has not been delivered anyway. Dog control on the Island is identical to the mainland but seemed to be raised as a bullshit non-event by one of the also-rans, who got nowhere.

        • Maggie Moggie says:

          The money for upgrade of road works on the island came from the State Govt from their Disaster Assistance Fund for the 2019 Townsville weather event. There still seems to a problem with $120K bus stop in Arcadia which TMR will not sign off on.

          Re: Cats and dogs – RTI were done with the state govt and some interesting information came from those. The issue is not over…

          The two other candiates running in Div 3 were not strong contenders. Had there been a strong contender the votes would look very different.

          Mayor Jenny Hill did not win on Magnetic Island, Mr. Thompson won by 28 votes. Incumbent MA Greaney has not reached 50% of the votes.

          The neglect of Picnic Bay is a disgrace, there is no point of Ms. Hill and Greaney saying they are going to do a major upgrade, when there have been demountable toilets there for over 3 years. No new sewerage connections because the TCC has no where to release the excess dry water. And the list goes on…

  17. Sandpiper says:

    This is an extraordinary council election result I believe many hoped for but did not expect, including the pie. It will be interesting to see how harry patel’s preferences flow but my thinking is many people will not have allocated preferences, meaning much of patel’s votes will be exhausted and troy Thompson will be the new mayor. On a quick reading Team Hill could get between 3 and 6 councillors, making the two uncontested divisions crucial to the outcome. While many likely sympathized with the plight of Fran o’callaghan, I think the major reason for the result is dissatisfaction with Labor and the unchecked crimewave. Second is hill’s record for organising to pay millions of dollars (much of it ratepayers money) to consultants for reports over quite some years to delay investments in much needed infrastructure like the mythical concert hall.

    • The Magpie says:

      One aspect we are yet to fully consider … when the payb packet loyalty factor to Jenny Hill is no longer a consideration, will we see some councillors grow a spine and start to be useful members of the community? The ‘Pie is betting that some timid souls will suddenly become lion-hearted. And the Team Hill with the Hill part is no team, I’ll bet. Hidden ambitions will start to be acted upon … speaking of which,how’s Margie Potty Mouth Ryder doing?

      And on the matter of crime, Jenny got caught in the wringer of Labor politics … given her vaulting ambition for higher office, she found not willing to make any sacrifice for her community hard to stand up for the community against the totally lost-in-the-wilderness George Street rabble. While there are clear limits on what local government can do about crime, her added reluctance has certainly revisited her ample bum for a big chunk.

      And the answer to a question yet to be raised in this myriad of permutations: if Troy Thompson falls victim to his past and is disqualified, Harry Patel will NOT become mayor …. if it happens within 12 months of this weekend’s vote (and such a reversal would have to be rapid and well within that time frame) according to the ECQ, there will be another election for that role.

      • PoliWatcher says:

        Margie “Potty mouth” will probably look for a run at State with the KAP. She must have really been on the nose in Div 1 as Jacob’s campaign was light on. – No social media and just a trailer being bandied around the division. A Pretty inexpensive run and clearly easy pickings for him. As they say, it’s the quiet ones you’ve got to watch and by that I mean the voters not Jacobs. Margie deserves to be booted. – all noise and no action.

  18. Alahazbin says:

    I wonder if all Councillors vehicles were returned to Fleet Services before the election as required by the LG Act.

  19. Justice says:

    So the mayor has been bowled over like a bike rider at an intersection. Good bye !

  20. Drovers Dog says:

    Toy Thompson (to quote him in a comment he sent on a Bulletin story yesterday) probably shouldn’t pat himself on the back. To paraphrase what Bill Hayden famously said that “a drover’s dog could lead Council to victory, the way the city is”.

    People voted to dump Jenny Hill and would probably have replaced her with road kill.

    But we have what we have so it’s time for Mayor Thompson to step up and fulfil his campaign pledges.

    • Bob Roberts says:

      With Hill shown to be a (news)paper tiger, a lot of people will be kicking themselves that they didn’t throw their hat in the ring. Troy Thompson will be a one-term mayor, the sharks will be circling from day one.

  21. Ben Rumson says:

    I have been refreshing the ECQ web site and that is reflected in the data box at the bottom of the page but there have been no changes to the vote count.
    Are they counting votes on a Sunday or celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

  22. Drovers Dog says:

    PS. By my calculation the score as of 1pm is:-

    Independents – Jacobs, Phillips, Ellis in (possibly Price and Dirou as well but too close to call)

    Rabble Hill – Greaney, Batshitcrazy, Rehbein, Armstrong, Looney in (possibly Frothy and Cook as wellbut too close to call).

    So somewhere between 3 – 7 and 5 – 5 for Councilors.

    Curious that the higher profile incumbent councilors got shown the door while the real lightweights survived.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      It appears that the defeat took some of Team Hill by surprise. Ryder can’t believe it. And Shari Fabbro has had an undignified spray on Facebook attacking Sue Blom who has retired from council.

  23. Woodduck says:

    I see Harpic has taken leaf out of Townsville Enterprises book and is running around with a cardboard cut out of pink, probably dry humps it in his spare time.

  24. Doug K says:

    Astonisher updated its election story saying Thompson was still leading Hill, but didn’t provide any figures.
    Is the editor in denial, in mourning, or just hopeless?

  25. Conspiracy Theorist says:

    No update of election figures on the ECQ website since late last night. Hope the Mullet isn’t doing a Donald Trump and asking a friend to “find” her a few thousand votes.

    • crabclaw says:

      Looks like the count resumed about 1800 and Troy pulling ahead. Talking to some booth officials this morning, most people indicated preferences and not just a 1 so it appears a big protest vote and Patels amazing performance. State ALP strategists in for some sleepless nights after this weekends result.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      ECQ has been updating all day under the section ‘Official First Preference Count’

    • Trix says:

      After seeing some of the crapola that has gone on over a decade in this town I am now at the tin foil hat stage wondering what is going behind closed doors. I have the bubbly ready for the celebration/comisseration. How long does it take to count votes in this town?

      • PoliWatcher says:

        I wonder if they are investigating the claim that some of the mayoral ballot papers only had Thompson and Mullet on them leaving off Pattel? This is only a rumour, but the rumour is more than one voter noticed. Apparently Pattel has contacted the ECQ. Imagine for a minute if this claim becomes fact. We’d be voting for a mayor all over again.

      • Jeff, Condon says:

        Last time it took about a month.

  26. In These Times says:

    We have already covered that bosses are vicariously liable for the acts of their employees. And that under s180-184 of The CTH Corporations Act it’s an offence for directors (bosses) to exercise their powers to act dishonestly or for an improper purpose. https://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdb/au/legis/cth/consol_act/ca2001172/

    You have a right to ask workmates what they are getting paid under s333B-D of The Fair Work Act. Pay secrecy is illegal. If it comes to your attention that your workplace rights are adversely affected under s340-344 https://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdb/au/legis/cth/consol_act/fwa2009114/ and you talk about this and get “adverse action”, this is illegal . Pay Particular attention of the definitions of adverse action. Its also illegal for managers purportedly acting for bosses. The high court recently reaffirmed the adverse act provisions. You are protected from unfair dismissal under s382 -s385 If that action if illegal, dishonest, unreasonable or unconscionable etc.

    You will see under the act, pay slips must be given, they must match the time records . Records must be kept by the employers and its an offence to hide or destroy them . Everything is reported to the ATO . This must match company records. To enforce your rights, You can subpoena yours and others pay records to show service, pay, and who was hired and fired at any given time.

    • The Magpie says:

      Not sure where you getting this from – You have a right to ask workmates what they are getting paid under s333B-D of The Fair Work Act. Pay secrecy is illegal.

      Everyone has always had the right to ask what a colleague is being paid, but the colleague has always had the right to tell you to mind your own business. Are you saying the person who is asked must answer? The secrecy surely only applies to the company who refuses to divulge figures if asked. There is nothing fair about that sort of intrusiveness and surely if asked, by an equal colleague, cannot be challenged to prove it with a payslip or bank statement. Only one short sharp answer to that in a democracy, comrades.

      • Working Class says:

        Everyone has NOT always had the right to ask what a colleague is getting paid – pay secrecy clauses in employment contracts have only recently been made illegal in Australia (thanks Greens and Labor). Dec 2022 for new contracts, and June 2023 for all new and existing contracts, to be exact. Until then, employers could – and did – ban employees from asking another colleague about their pay. Just one more of the fun ways that corporate interests and corporate-shilling governments have been keeping wages down and weakening collective bargaining powers in the massive power imbalance between employer and employee (thanks again so much John Howard, for royally ****ing all of us over with individual contracts).

        So no, the new Fair Work Act amendment isn’t about forcing someone to disclose their pay when asked, it’s about not getting fired for checking if you were completely screwed over compared to the guy working next to you.

        • The Magpie says:

          The ‘Pie takes no moral rights stand on the issue itself, but he is mightily disturbed by what you failed to pick up in the comment …. no one has ever broken any law by asking a question if it didn’t not involve threats or bullying. The person who is asked is the one with the rights here … including to tell the asker to fuck off.Pie is wrong in this … and it is purely a matter of free speech, what little we are starting to have … then we have gone down a very dark path.

          It is akin to the widespread misuse – now being rewound out – of woke sexist language laws.

          • Working Class says:

            What I didn’t pick up on was actually which part of the blog conversation OP “In These Times” was contributing to with their assessment of workplace rights against pay secrecy, so perhaps this provided some important context clues and perhaps your point was about whether or not such business records can be forcibly exposed using these laws (are we talking about Troy Thompson, or did I miss something in the blog post?).

            Anyway, despite missing this point, when I saw your reply on its face I had to clear the air that such rights have not always existed for workers. Sure it’s true that you aren’t breaking any law and can’t be thrown in jail for asking about a colleague’s pay or disclosing your own, but until the recent Fair Work Act amendment you could certainly be legally fired for either of those things as a breach of your employment contract, if it had a pay secrecy clause in it (which most did). And your right to earn a living is also pretty important, not just your right to free speech, so I’m glad both freedoms were improved with this change to our laws. We both agree that people still have – and have always had – the right NOT to disclose their salary should they choose not to.

            I can easily provide sources if in doubt, but perhaps this has cleared up which rights and consequences we may have each been referring to? It’s just never a good thing when hard-won rights are taken for granted and people dismiss what others have been up against because of blind spots, hence me sticking my head in. But fear not cos since you’ve now brought up the word “woke” unironically I think I’ll be sticking my head right the hell back out again. Only dropped by in my effort to find something out about the election candidates since their internet presence is woeful, so cheers for that.
            (Y’all’s old-timey language is near-indecipherable to me anyway).

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie would be interested to see proof of an incidence where someone was fired for asking a mate how much he earned.

            And the thread about workplace pay was in no way linked to anything to do with Troy Thompson.

            Decipherable enough for you?

          • Acton on Instinct says:

            Guess the other commenter must have held true to sticking their head back out, but just wanted to note that dismissal over pay secrecy is a very real occurrence.
            Happened to a mate of a mate of mine, but since you probably wouldn’t just want hearsay, this article discusses one that is currently being tested under the new laws, and also mentions one from as recent as 2022 where (before these new amendments) the dismissal was upheld. Who knows how many don’t get taken to court/fair work as well – these two recent cases alone were pretty quick and easy to find with a google search though.

          • The Magpie says:

            Good old ‘mates of a mate of mine’ scenario,more or less as true as ‘just asking for a friend.’

            However, a murky issue on both sides … it is understandable that employers may wish to reward an employee that they regard on an path of advancement and wish to retain and encourage that person …. and therefore that the pay issue remain confidential (employers do have the right to decide who is doing a better job than others). And it is also reasonable that employers understand the disaffection and unrest discussion about such arrangements would cause if publicly discussed among staff. (Why on earth would this person discuss it in the first place is a different matter for another time.)

            But on the other hand, The ‘Pie has always believed this secrecy requirement to be an intrusion of ‘forced speech’ i.e an enforceable restriction in this instance. on to an individual’s right to free speech (as far as that sometimes mythical concept goes). As I see it, it should cut both ways …. the employee should not be gagged, but neither should they be required (bullied) by say a union to reveal their remuneration details. The latter would only be to cause spiteful disruption to increase the union’s power over workplace disputes. And increase union membership because the whole issue devolves into a ‘so what?’ if there isn’t a Labor based Fair Work Commission to pronounce judgement.

            The informative article you linked does come from one side of the argument, and it would seem likely that this case will raise many other side issues, particularly contractural, and involving our old mate, Commercial In Confidence. The reason the eventual outcome is unlikely to be a benchmark is that the employee DID sign a confidentiality agreement, and broke it. Perhaps if she felt so strongly about the issue to break such an agreement, she should have refused to sign it in the first place. Would’ve taken courage, but what doesn’t nowadays in this tangled world where giving your word no longer means anything.

            Worth keep tabs on.

  27. Omnipotent one says:

    The ALP is definitely on the nose. Wakey wakey Albo, you will be on the chopping block next year with a likely win by Voldemort Dutton at the next Federal circus. Queensland is speaking loud and clear.


    • PoliWatcher says:

      The State ALP are doomed. Not long now until Crisafulli realises his dream.

    • Hondaman says:

      Absolutely correct, if Lying Albo were to face a Federal election anytime in the near future he would be searching the employment classifieds! Its sort of hard to believe that Darth could unseat him given his personality disorder, but the people have had enough of liars, and cheats running the country! The local election and references to the ‘ drovers dog’ statement shows the ground swell is rising against these shonks!

      • The Magpie says:

        Cynical jokes are poor sport, The ‘Pie concedes, but ‘people have had enough of liars, and cheats’? Have you seen who Townsville has likely elected as mayor?

        Look, it was a Hobson’s Choice election, and who knows, Thompson may make a good first of the top job – the ‘Pie will offer him the same fact based scrutiny and analysis he did Jenny Hill – but getting elected doesn’t obliterate the past, about which Mr Thompson has been very shady. The sooner he clears all that up, the better he can get on and represent our city in the highest office which will no longer be our perpetual embarrassment.

  28. Prince Rollmop says:

    Nice little ABC article. Certainly cost-of-living and juvenile crime is one of the reasons behind some incumbents copping a flogging. As for Hill, well the bully and narcisist has done nothing for Townsville over the past decade.


  29. White Mouse says:

    The other story of the weekend was the two by-elections in ALP heartland seats where the swings were between 17 and 21%. Harpic, Messagebank and Private Cupcake are well and truly on notice for what’s coming in October.

    • PoliWatcher says:

      Ha, you might see Margie “Potty Mouth” run against one of them. Word is she hates Messagebank. Stabbed him in the back a few times. Wouldn’t that be cheap entertainment if it happens.

      • Not running for Mayor says:

        I would pay money to watch Potty Mouth up against Slugger in an ALP grudge match :)

      • White Mouse says:

        Margie’s only chance of nomination by head office will be playing the gender numbers card. She would then have to move to the other side of town if she wants garner any tiny sliver of credibility with the Mundingburra punters. No way know is she going to Brisbane.

    • Prickster says:

      Based on 2020 election results and the swings on the weekend Scott, Aaron and Les are gone;
      Townsville margin = 3.1%
      Thuringowa margin = 3.2%
      Mundingburra margin = 3.9%

    • Jeff, Condon says:

      You can bet Harpic has been to the ambos to upgrade his qualifications, same as he did last time. Scotty would qualify as a teacher’s aid and Rocky can go back to Cleveland.

  30. Doug K says:

    Can you believe this: The Townsville mayoral election in the balance and the Townsville Bulletin’s lead online story tonight is:
    “North Queensland Cowboys supporters left ‘disappointed’ over cancelation of the Push Up Boys”.
    The Editor on Trainer Wheels never ceases to amaze.
    Tomorrow morning it could be:
    “Revealed – Townsville’s best posthole digger operator”.
    Cas, it’s time to throw in the towel. You’re out of your depth and a total embarrassment.

  31. J jones says:

    Further proof the Bulletin is a joke….and the new editor is possibly the worst of the bad bunch….is the website tonight has a lead story of the XXXX push up boys at Cowboys games being relieved of their duties
    FFS a long serving mayor is being turfed out

  32. In These Times says:

    We have already covered that bosses are vicariously liable for the acts of their employees. And that under s180-184 of The CTH Corporations Act it’s an offence for directors (bosses) to exercise their powers to act dishonestly or for an improper purpose. https://www.legislation.gov.au/C2004A00818/latest/text

    You have a right to ask workmates what they are getting paid under s333B-D of The Fair Work Act. Pay secrecy is illegal. If it comes to your attention that your workplace rights are adversely affected under s340-344 and you talk about this and get “adverse action”, this is illegal . Pay particular attention to the definitions of adverse action. Its also illegal for managers purportedly acting for bosses. The high court recently reaffirmed the adverse act provisions. You are protected from unfair dismissal under s382 -s385 If that action if illegal, dishonest, unreasonable or unconscionable etc all the way through as a course of conduct. https://www.legislation.gov.au/C2009A00028/latest/text

    You will see under the act, pay slips must be given, they must match the time records. Records must be kept by the employers and its an offence to hide or destroy them. Everything is reported to the ATO . This must match company records. To enforce your rights, you can subpoena yours and others pay records to show service, pay, and who was hired and fired at any given time.

  33. Mike Douglas says:

    Most productive day Council Chambers Walker st in years as SOS ” save our souls ” Labor aligned and Mayors pick highly paid advisers / carpet walkers look for jobs and send out resumes . Jenny Hill Ratepayer funded Labor care + training centre is closing down . Even if Jenny gets back in there will be more independents who can rightly claim they have the community mandate for change . Has anyone seen Prins the CEO at any event in the last few months ? .

  34. Kenny Kennett says:

    Anybody who didn’t bother voting in Division 5 because they didn’t think their vote would make any difference, should think again. Russ Cook has a 16 vote lead ONLY. Once the votes are checked and bundles of 50 are recounted as 48 or 49, we will have a real cliffhanger. To those who drew a dick or made some disgusting remarks on their ballot paper instead of casting a vote, you could’ve made a difference.

  35. Boot Hill says:

    Looks like Bootlegger Alf is back in the Mayor Chair on Palm Is. Thirsty anyone???

  36. Common Sense says:

    There will be nothing to celebrate if the redneck Troy Thompson gets in.

    It’s funny reading everyone’s comments and making jokes about “paper shredding at the council”… however you do realise this man (Troy Thompson) is the biggest criminal of the lot. He has been done for for fraud, DV and his business went into liquidation…. Seriouslty..?? He shouldn’t even be allowed to run.

    You cannot expect him to be capable of running a city. Townsville is well and truly screwed if he gets in.

    • The Magpie says:

      Mr Thompson’s ingenuous smarmy interpretation of his departure from a business that collapsed on some local whacko’s fellating 2 hour ‘interview’ – read ‘oral fluffing’ – is far from convincing. People have come down hard on The Magpie - ooh, ha, ouch, stoppit, it tickles – for an uncompromising demand for transparency from this fella, but here’s a little prediction: there is a high possibility that the southern media may take an interest in Mr Thompson and his new role when the news cycle calms down a bit.

      More positive exposure for Townsville, eh?

      • Prickster says:

        I’m trying to find substance behind the fraud, DV, insolvency claims etc, yet my searches have found nothing. A voluntary liquidation in a business isn’t a bad thing and is commonly used as a self-imposed windup and dissolution of a company.

        • Common Sense says:

          There is hard evidence that he got the boot from One Nation, due to his past. Not that it was a voluntary decision. He also lied about his past…. ok that in itself does not give a very good merit of the man.

          He also lives with his mum, of whom his mum and partner both funded the marketing for his mayoral campaign and that is FACT. That in itself provides more evidence of bankruptcy, not hard fact though of bankruptcy but smoke for the fire.

          He also released some weird news paper, that fell apart relatively quickly, that his justification and goal for it made little to no sense. More substantive evidence that he can’t run a business.

          DV is true, held by court order. However, it doesn’t mean physical violence, and yes can merely be a misunderstanding, i’ll give you that.

          There are also the weird ass claims he made that he was chased by the Townsville underground crime….. what the?? Ok, so, if that is any bit true… then, firstly, why is organised criminals chasing you?? What have you done?? Probably involves money i bet. But who knows if that is true or not in the first place, didn’t realise Townsville was Lygon Street.

          At the end of day, Townsville needs a change, yes. However, there needs to be people standing who are sane and normal. Sane and normal!! Is all I ask

      • Prince Rollmop says:

        I hope Troy realises that if he wins he will meet the ire of an enraged Jenny Hill. Jenny is a sociopath and a narcissist and won’t bow out quietly, should she lose. She, along with her support network of Labor faithfuls, will turn over every stone to gather as much dirt as possible on Thompson. It’s time to stock up on beer and popcorn, the show’s about to begin.

    • old tradesman says:

      So what you are saying is that Alf Lacey needs to de disendorsed due to his previous dealings and convictions.

  37. The Magpie says:

    Chris ’Inserta Capo Rectumus’ Burns writes in today’s Astonisher ‘According to the official tally on the ECQ website on Sunday afternoon, Mr Thompson, on first preferences was narrowly ahead by about 500 votes’.

    The ‘Pie could not find any update on this highly ambiguous statement on the Bulletin site … did it mean Thompson was ahead by 500 in just the preference count or in the overall tally?

    Well, it seems certain Mayor Mullet was never ever near only 500 votes behind, at any stage. This is the latest from the ECQ just after 10 this morning … overall first then preference. Seems maybe the Bulletin well known maths deficiency was at work again. Or just trying eke out a little more drama into a situation that doesn’t need any help.

    • The Magpie says:

      The election has attracted some strange suggestions. Someone just asked if a rumour was true that Patel had done a secret preference deal with Hill.
      What? How do you do manage that, this isn’t some big party poll. So if Harry did (which The ‘Pie doubts) and it was secret, then voters wouldn’t be in on it, and wouldn’t know about his preference. He may have mentioned it somewhere, but The ‘Pie hasn’t seen any such urging. And even if there was, it apparently isn’t working … it is getting close to a declaration in with Thompson stretching his preference lead to more than 6%. This just a few minutes ago.

      • Mangrove Jack says:

        Spoke to Harry earlier today, and there is no way he did a deal with Hill, in fact he said straight up that he only ever wanted Hill ousted from Mayor.

  38. The Magpie says:

    Umm, no sorry Jatz, let’s not go there … not to protect Jenny’s sensibilities but to avoid readers having visions making them want to scrub their eyeballs with a wire brush.

  39. Blue Oyster Cult says:

    This local election has been a fascinating game to watch. Without Fran, Hill thought she had this one in the bag. She did very little networking or politicking during this campaign as she was so confident of a victory. Hill is an egotistical numpty who thinks her shit doesn’t smell. Well Cr Hill, if you survive this election it will most definitely be your last.

  40. J jones says:

    From the Bulletin website:
    Chris Burns is a general news reporter who taught history in South America, was a bartender in a Gold Coast secret tequila bar, and reported in Mount Isa, Bundaberg, and Collie.

    He’s certainly not an election analyst

    • The Magpie says:

      There’s something cognitive missing when someone who wants to be taken seriously as a journalist offers that sort of information – well, the bar bit anyway. But the life experience certainly shows in his maunderings.

  41. Local Pothole says:

    I wonder if Troy Thompson’s first purchase as Mayor will be a hotted up V8?

  42. On Two Wheels says:

    The former mayor will have to “ get off her friggin’ arse and get a job”.

  43. Ben Rumson says:

    It is happy hour at my place and I find myself comfortably (?) on the knife’s edge looking on the www for any clue where supporters of Hary Patel would send their second preference, without success.
    A silly question, and it has only been two glasses of plonk thus far; What are the political leanings of the people likely to vote for Harry, and in what direction should we anticipate their second preference to go?

    • The Magpie says:

      Pretty sure this election had little to do with political leanings … if you look at previous mayoral results over the past decade, it was rusted on Labor that got The Mullet home every time – usually very easily.

      That is what this election it about one person … Jenny Hill … and it’s clear it’s not just old timers like Then ‘Pie who are over the Hill.

      • Not running for Mayor says:

        People I spoke to voted like this and I did too. Put Mullet last as a protest then pick the least of the other two evils for spot 1 and give 2 to the remaining. So for me it was
        1 Pattel
        2 Thompson
        3 Hill

        If that is the usual pattern then the Mullet is well and truly gone.

    • Scientician79 says:

      Given this was optional preferential it’s possible there won’t be any preferences to flow through from Harry, or very few at least.

      It was interesting that all the how to vote cards from the candidates I saw instructed you to Vote 1 and provide no preferences.

      • Ben Rumson says:

        At my age there are few perverted pleasures in which I can indulge, and optional preferential voting is one, especially for the Senate.
        With wheely walker parked to one side and own sharp HB pencil I address the, usually, half metre Senate ballot paper.
        With glee I vote down the column for the mob I support, or at least detest the least, and then my fun begins.
        I start at the bottom left and continue to number EVERY box horizontally, to the right, continuing on in a horizontal fashion moving up the page.
        It must be a pain to count but it fucks-up those smarmy bastards with their how to vote cards and, more insidiously, the coalition of ultra minor parties and their cross preference algorithm deals.
        Tutt tarr for now.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Nah Ben, Voted for Harry and didn’t give a preference. We will just have to wait & see what the city admin will be like for the next 12 months.

  44. Doug K says:

    Back in August 2023, in announcing the “exciting” news that Pink would do a second Townsville show, the Townsville Bulletin reported that tickets to her original show had sold out within 16 minutes.
    But this week the promoters have been running ads on tv, and you can still go on the Ticketmaster site and buy tickets to both concerts in as many as 30 different sections, even in front of, or near, the stage.
    To see how many seats were actually left, I tried to buy the maximum 10 tickets and could have got them in a prime area near the stage.
    So what’s happened?
    Did some punters decide not to go, or were we fed bullshit by the Bully?
    In case you think I’m joking, here’s the link:

    • Rusty Zipper/yellow boots says:

      The TEL and Team Hill have tried to claim the secondment of singer Pink to the region as being of their personal doing. BULLSHIT. There are some loyalists to Pink who have been working tirelessly for up to 10 years, trying to get the singer to come north. Those people, every day fans, who worked so hard should be congratulated. It had nothing to do with Hill, Claudia Bullshit Smith or Harpic and Co.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Well Doug, are you actually going to the Pink Concert, or are you just monitoring who might be going, the numbers etc? Hope you enjoy it if you go and with respect, so what if you don’t!!!………

    • White Mouse says:

      DK – I’ve just looked at Ticketmaster. A lot of resale (ie people trying to offload tickets) and restricted view which look like they are behind the stage area. There are also a few final release which would have been held back. I did try and get tickets when it opened, but by the time I got through there were only expensive seats left- I don’t like her enough to spend almost $450.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Doug, near the stage is the mosh pit which is standing and will be fucking hot!! Particularly if these extra tickets are in fact additional and for squeeze spots only. I might add that the Pink concert is the best concert I have ever been to and I’ve been to lots.

  45. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Am I looking at the wrong site? 66% counted by Saturday night and only an extra 9% extra counted to now. Site says the numbers are updated on a time line but the numbers counted don’t change?? https://results.elections.qld.gov.au/2024QLGE/072

    • The Magpie says:

      What The ‘Pie hasn’t been able to see is the definitive number of eligible voters in Townsville? Last time around,95,000 voted, but it accepted that many didn’t bother then, it really was a done deal. Anyone know how many? The site The’Pie is using seems to suggest that count is all over, with 101,000 accounted for.

      • Mangrove Jack says:

        At the bottom of the ECQ page

        Voting method: Attendance ballot
        Voting system: Optional preferential voting
        Percentage of enrolled electors counted: 71.45% counted
        Enrolment: 141,424
        Last updated: 7:38 PM on 18 March 2024

        • The Magpie says:

          Thanks, Jack, missed that.

          But that doesn’t seem to square up with the method of percentage that says something like 96% have been counted. Further education for The ‘Pie please. Anybody?

          • The Magpie says:

            Nothing like a bit of fatherly advice about smart(arse) politics. Wonder which losing candidate will get … oh, let’s say, an all expenses paid vacation, or some other untraceable bauble for being a stalking horse to get sonny home.

          • Scientician79 says:

            The % in the table relates to the % of formal votes out of those counted.

            When I look now (10am) 96.59% of the votes counted are formal (102,326/105,943).

            74.91% of 141,424 votes have been counted (105,943/141,424) in total.

          • The Magpie says:

            Good info, thanks.

          • Watcher says:

            Perhaps, but it could be a risky game to play. In this case it looks like Mooney is in real trouble, with 64% of voters voting for one of his opponents.

            If the reason they voted against him is disaffection with Team Hill (or with him personally), then many of them may be motivated to exercise their preferences against him as well.

            I would say Mooney could be gone.

          • Jenny says:

            Magpie, viewing the mayoral results around 12 noon, the ECQ site says that of the 141,424 enrolled voters, 105,943 votes had actually been counted so far – that comes to 74.91%. It is unlikely that 100% of enrolled voters will have actually voted.

          • Jenny says:

            Hey Watcher, bit daring forecasting the demise of Liam Mooney with only 46% of the vote counted and no idea how the preferences are or will be flowing. Mooney has a handy lead over all the rest. We all might have to wait a while for the result but if you are offering odds I’d put my dough on Mooney. Who is your money on?

  46. Dazza says:

    Stories re the Brisbane Olympic Games. Spending a bit here, less here trying to sell it as cost savings etc.

    Here is the best idea to save Olympic cash. Hand them back. Saudi Arabia seems to want sports, let them re bid.

    Queensland is too broke to pay for Brisbane’s games folly. A pity John Clarke isn’t here, the games series 2 are writing there own scripts!

  47. Kenny Kennett says:

    At 7:38pm, Russ Cook is 2 votes ahead in Division 5. Molachino closing the gap, so too are Greaney’s and Mooney’s opponents. I’d swap a successful Molachino for a failed Greaney and Mooney. Preferences could play a big part.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Armstrong has also slowed dramatically.

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        Could Guy’s preferences play a part in the outcome? Did Guy give them to the Labor gal, or the true independent…or did he think he had a good chance of taking the win and just promoted the one only?

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      BULLSHIT Kenny! You either can’t read, or you don’t know how to interpret!!! Right about Cook, the rest WRONG!! :(

  48. Doug K says:

    ECQ website hasn’t changed since 12.30pm Monday and the Townsville Bulletin says tonight the result won’t be known for up to a week.
    Is the fix on?
    Jenny? Dolan, Tony Mooney? Anyone from the ALP?
    Hope Thompson has got scrutineers watching what’s going on with the counting.

    • The Magpie says:

      Agree. There’s something starting to be very Jeb Bush smelly about this count … and remember, you’re in Queensland, the Moonlight State.

      • old tradesman says:

        Reynolds will turn up with 2 unopened ballot boxes that they found lying around and they will somehow favour the Labor candidates, I have seen it before. Remember that the ECQ closed a booth at Ipswich West at 5.30pm.

        • Alahazbin says:

          Remember when O’Toole won the recount in the Fed election. Won by 17 votes. The EC didn’t bother with the soldiers on exercise in SA and those in hospital whose votes weren’t counted.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      I don’t know where you are looking but at the time I checked last night it was the 7.38pm update. It has since been updated at 7.48am today. To clarify, there are three tabs at the top; unofficial preliminary count – where the initial ballots are put into piles of 50 then as a second step organised into first preferences for each candidate in piles of 50 and informal ballots are also separated. These votes are counted then passed onto the next stage normally starting on the morning of the day after the poll, which is Official first preference count. This is where the piles of 50 in first preferences are checked again and recounted. Then the third stage (which hasn’t been done yet) is Official distribution of preferences count. This is where lower performing candidates are deleted and their preferences are distributed as to the number 2 vote. I don’t think there will be as many as people think as the majority of people voted with the 1 vote only. But time will tell. Yes I do know how the system works Duck breath.

      • The Magpie says:

        Apart from all the inevitable crossfire going on around here, The Magpie is njoying learning a lot (of facts) he didn’t know.

  49. Mike Douglas says:

    Purple doona lives on with Aaron Harper ditching bright red Labor colours for purple . Aaron dismisses its about distancing from struggling Labor in NQ . Thuringowa MP,s print ads ” coalition of working families ” . ” I will always listen to workers and working families ” which is interesting as he blocked access to his Governmrnt paid Facebook account to many . It’s going to be an interest 7 mths leading up to the State election .

  50. Pat Coleman says:

    Go to the http://www.ecq.qld.gov.au site and go to the disclosure page and scroll down. Click on the archived returns link. Pick state elections for 2012 and candidate returns . Pick Crisafulli and Hathaway’s return. Remember, he was going straight to the local government ministry with it’s approval powers and that’s what the money from the Townsville mafia’s usual suspects was for. Guilford coal there became Terracom . Mooney and Lindsay were on the board.

    As for this woke word I’m an old fashioned lefty. I prefer the company of lefty feminist ladies as apposed to dumbshit rednecks cos they don’t mind that I reject the traditional bloke rituals enforced like religion such as your footy/ gambling mafia for instance.

    If being woke means I’m disgusted by misogynistic and racist behaviour that will make my mates upset, then I accept woke.

  51. Doug K says:

    Plucker, White Mouse, and Kenny K, the point I was making is that the Townsville Bulletin last year said the first (Saturday) Pink concert sold out in 16 minutes.
    That fact that you can still buy tickets in 30 different sections from moshpit to the main grandstand suggests that someone was telling porkies about the sellout.
    I won’t be going to the concert because I’m more of a Rolling Stones/James Taylor/Paul Simon fan, but when I received an email from Ticketmaster last week telling me there were still plenty of tickets left for both Townsville shows, my curiosity was raised.
    And before you start saying I’ve got too much time on my hands, I agree.
    Now retired, my only obligations are doing the shopping, cooking some of the meals, picking up the grandkids from school occasionally, studying the race form, and trying to keep Jenny Hill honest.

    • The Magpie says:

      Good luck with the last two.
      Surprised at your musical choices, The ‘Pie always reckoned you for a Gladys Moncrieff/Harold Blair groupie.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Hey Dougie, I’m a Bob Marley and The Wailers fan. :)

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Doug, firstly I am jealous; I wish I was retired. Secondly I share your taste in music but Pink was really fantastic. Having been to Phil Collin’s, CSN, Neil Young, James Taylor, Van Morrison, amongst many others, I highly recommend you get to see Pink one day. She is a real entertainer.

      • The Magpie says:

        Just for the record, The ‘Pie has not seen any derogatory comments about Ms Pink herself – that is, apart from The Pie’s own lukewarm comment – it is about the ticketing circumstances of her show and the parrot-like mindset of the Bulletin. And the claimed benefits to Townsville business will speak for themselves when the dust settles.

  52. crabclaw says:

    ABC said this morning that Jenny was leading the postals so unsure where they are getting that info from. Jennys scrutineers I expect. Seems she is still dictating the wording of news stories and keeping that positive spin going in the face of something she doesn’t seem to realise she hasnt any control over now.

  53. The Magpie says:

    The BIGGEST story of the year, and she manages a typo clanger in the headline of her own iditorial.

    Bet Bulletin iditor Gas Carvey suffered an involuntary soiling of her granny pants when she opened the paper this morning to check her daily homily (called the iditorial).

    Of course, perhaps this is a new policy and trick to test the readership waters, inviting everyone to insert their own word into ‘who —- will us’ for the next four years. ‘root’, ‘rort’, ‘lie to’ are a few that spring to mind.

    That said, the Astonisher has been forced into a corner to play the mayoral election issue with a straight bat.

    Having spectacularly backed the wrong horse, courtesy in part to self-examining proctologist Chris Burns, they now have to revert to responsible and sober reporting, and hope no one notices.

    But we did, you muppets, you have decidedly inserted yourself as part of the major problem in this community.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Pie, She is probably running around the office looking to kick the proofreader up the arse. Oh that’s right they haven’t got one.

  54. Rotten Luck Willie says:

    Away from the local election for a while; In the 1960s and 70s in the USA there was the Peace Movement. Anti Vietnam war. Eventually it was discovered that the Peace Movement was funded by the USSR via a complicated route to obscure the source. Any thorn in the side of the US Government is a good thing for the USSR.

    Let’s think, if Trump does come up with the money at the last moment, what will be the source? A triumphant Trump will be a good thing for Russia, don’t you think.


  55. Swinging voter says:

    What’s happing with the mayor vote count. Figures havent changed for 24 hours. Went to the pub for lunch today and all the talk was about how slow the townsville vote count is. A tradie who calls himself Singlet reckons its to give Jenny time to clear out her desk. Anyone who works at the council seen anything unusual this week?

    • The Magpie says:

      Nothing is dodgy, it is as always that the ECQ – quite rightly – wants to see all votes in (by cut-off 26th) counted and checked again before making a declaration. But if somehow Hill gets up from her current position, well, as the kamikaze pilot said at his mission briefing’Any flucking questions?’!

    • Southern Comfort says:

      I wouldn’t worry about the ECQ count process. They made it clear that postal votes have a deadline of being received by 26th March. So they cannot really land it until then. ECQ have had a massive issue with staffing the local elections this year across the whole state. Even the booth I attended on Saturday in Brisbane had queues out the door as they were so understaffed.

      Worth reading the process they have to follow.
      Stage 1 – Saturday night is an informal count, as much as they can do inside 5 hours. Only the 1st preference counted
      Stage 2 – Started Sunday is formal count, again of first preferences. This will be done at “best speed” until postal closes on the 26th.
      Stage 3 – With preferences, probably won’t start in earnest until Stage 2 completes.

      I know everyone has a rumour or a story. The only factual thing I have seen is low staffing levels. Even my youngest daughter, first year law student who likes her part time jobs, couldn’t be bothered with this as a temp job, because it was only local government election.

      Given how contentious and close it is, I’d say they are being extremely cautious with everything they release. They have too few staff, and a smallish budget this year, to end up bogged down in recounts. So my guess is do it right, even if that means slow, the first time, through the process above.

    • The Magpie says:

      Yes,indeed. When The ‘pie first arrived in Townsville circa 1990 and started working in media, he met and became friends with John. Apart from his fame as the man who rode a horse into the Bulletin foyer demanding the paper reinstate The Phantom comic stripJohn was a serious business thinker, and he very nearly pulled off a great coup for Townsville when Qantas was seriously considering backing an jet servicing business, with the city ideal geographically to attract Asian airlines to use the proposed facility. Didn’t eventuate (for reasons unknown to the ‘Pie), but John’s enthusiasm was infectious and his friendliness ever present (I cannot ever remember seeing him with that crinkled-eyed smile everyone knew so well).

      A sad departure. My condolences to all his family.

  56. crabclaw says:

    Kurt must be breathing a huge sigh of relief that nobody ran against him. One of the poorest division result for Jenny and largest win by Troy. And by far the largest division


  57. BOOT HILL says:

    We are busy preparing plots for Hill, Moccachino, Ryder and Cook. Welcome business, even though in part surprising! :)

  58. The Magpie says:

    Didn’t make sense anyway Bootster.

  59. Not The ECQ says:

    A few gripes and comments on here about the election counting progress in the Ville. All is going to plan, the ECQ has numerous procedures and protocols to comply with hence this one may take a little time due to the closeness of several candidates. Be patient possums, all will be revealed in due course.

  60. Villified says:

    This is just a random but has anyone considered
    Clive Palmer got smarter and Troy Thompson is
    his puppet candidate..
    have you received any intel indicating this ..?

    • Local Pothole says:

      Clive is smart. Smart enough to have used someone who he knew the background of prior to launch. No way Clive backed him in my opinion, way too many (alleged) skeletons.

  61. Not Troy says:

    Troy appears to have addressed the various allegations on his FB page, Troy Thompson for Mayor – no idea of how valid his explanations are, but at least he has attempted to address them, and locked out the astonisher

    • crabclaw says:

      Is it possible to cut n paste Troys explanations on here for those of us without fb?

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie declines to disseminate posts from Mr Thompson’s FB site when he chooses to selectively block others out. Besides, they are not explanations, they are vague generalisations lacking in any substantive detail. There’s hardly a straight sentence in them , and certainly doesn’t include the expected ‘I have never been bankrupt’.

        Besides, although perhaps a bit pompous, The Magpie believes he is still part of the media and Mr T has resolutely said he does not want to talk about the past. Just the future. The fact that past actions tend to govern future performance so people can make their own judgements seems to lost on him, or avoided.

        • The Magpie says:

          Crabclaw, you really do think The ‘Pie is eight years old don’t you? It is clear that you are at the very least an apologist for Thompson and disingenuously suggests a course to spread his views to others ‘who don’t have FB.’

          FFS, who the fuck doesn’t have FB? If there are those who don’t, and want to be informed of Thompson’s views, they can easily get it. Much more easily than accessing second hand cut and paste on this blog.

          But since you clearly have his ears, Crabclaw, The Magpie will happily publish Mr Thompson’s answer to … well,let’s just start with four questions:
          1. Were you ever bankrupt? (Just yes or no, to save you unnecessary embarrassment).
          2. Why did unnamed ‘Townsville underworld figures’ threaten your life and run you out of town – and if that’s the case, why did you come back?
          3. How did you expect to make a $12million profit in the first year of operation of a proposed (but fortunately failed) scheme for a recreational hub including pokes in a Townsville park? (As reported in the Townsville Bulletin interview in circa 2020.
          4. Are you in fact a Townsville ratepayer, or does Mum pay the rates where you live with her?

          Happy to publish Mr Thompson’s replies … but only from Mr Thompson himself, which will need to be verified.

          The Magpie guarantees to publish the answers unedited.

    • Ben Rumson says:

      Locked out the Astonisher from his FB.
      That does not bode well for a cordial working relationship in the future.

  62. Doug K says:

    Lead story on the Bully website tonight is Frothy Molachino conceding defeat.
    Oh the joy – the sheer joy – of seeing a puppet lose its strings.
    But Frothy, ever the helpful type, has offered advice to the newcomers.
    Fair dinkum, the man is delusional.
    He must be wondering what happened: Mayor in waiting one day – looking for a job the next.
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke.

    • Pistol Pete says:

      You beauty – the first scalp to be offered up. Bye bye Frothy, time to get a job in the real world. The Mullet isn’t that far behind you. The people have spoken. Townsville residents are sick of the incompetence of the current mob. Failed promises, bullshit excuses, out of control and unmitigated crime. Read it and weep you fuckwits. And in October it will be the three State blind mice. I’m loving this.

    • Inspector Clouseau says:

      Well, what did you expect him to say, Doug?

      ‘I fucked up, was under the thumb of The Mayor and I apologise’???

      Or, signing off with what he said in his Facebook post?

      I’m glad he’s gone and that she’s gone too, but they can sign off in their own way, old mate! Just be grateful they’re gone and move on.

      • The Magpie says:

        Glad you brought that up. The ‘Pie does not intend to let comments become a kickfest laying into the defeated. Deserved or not, losing your job in these circumstances is punishment enough without any help from us. Comments need to have a point, and a reasonable one at that.

        • Jenny says:

          Looks like mayor-elect Troy Thompson won’t be taking any more shit from the Bulletin either:

          “As we get to the end of the election, I have made a concerted effort to be fair, and reasonable with media. The Townsville Bulletin continues to try and defame me at every turn, even attempting to involve and harass my family.
          I find it interesting that these Reporters want to live in the past, instead of looking forward. So until further notice, I won’t be communicating with the Townsville Bulletin Newspaper, until they show decency.”

          • The Magpie says:

            From one point of view, that is one of the most densely stupid statements for a mayor elect could make. Not because it might get the no-longer mighty media offside, but the reasoning raises more questions than answers. It demonstrates a deep ignorance of how politics in a democracy operates …. Mr Thompson, it is not your job to be ‘fair and reasonable’ with media, it is your sole job to be truthful … or at least not lie outright … to the constituency, and you are obligated to do that in the most efficient and open way … i.e through the media. It is called being held to account – in a democracy.

            And the sheer bombastic, running-conman idiocy of the statement ‘I find it interesting that these Reporters want to live in the past, instead of looking forward’. For a start ‘forward’ isn’t fact, it’s intention, and the ‘past’ is fact, which informs the likely future.To take that to its absurd lengths, perhaps had Ivan Milat been released and ran for mayor, he could legitimately complain, by your standards, he should not have his past examined?

            Mr Thompson, if the Bulletin (or this blog for that matter) has defamed you, you have the right to seek retribution under law. However, on your careful verbal gymnastics so far, one doubts you would want your past examined in the strictly controlled and regulated exploratory processes of a court before a jury. It is noted that in shrugging off the bankruptcy issue, at no stage have you simply stated prominently ‘I have never been bankrupted’. That’s what done what anybody else falsely accused would have done.

            If this is how you handle the pin-pricks of the local pricks, this does not bode well for your incumbency wider afield. And that damages all of us. Especially if News Ltd, or worse for you and the town, 4 Corners, 7.30, or one of those adjectival-laden blizzards of commercial sensationalism on 7 and 9, sent up some a real investigative reporters to dig into your background. Including your Batman delusion as a targeted crime fighter who was run out of town. (Givvus a phucken break, mate!)

            It is reasonable to believe that you had bad advice – or more likely no advice – about the standard practice of getting out in front of an issue and controlling the narrative … full disclosure on your terms well before the poll.

            So unless you come clean in a non-belligerent and reasonable manner which befits a senior representative of this city, there are those who will remain convinced and others who suspect you are just a conman who struck gold through a rare set of circumstances.

          • Not running for Mayor says:

            Serious question: what happens if the newly elected Mayor is either found legally unfit to serve or jumps and runs during his term. Is he replaced by one of the other Councillors or does the ghost of the Purple Mullet rise again?

          • The Magpie says:

            As The’Pie understands it, the law recently changed after that joke candidate Pineapple Hooper (was that his name?) debacle in Rocky saw him installed when the incumbent walked. Now if the mayoralty becomes vacant in the first 12 months of a term, there is another mayoralty election, after that, the councillors vote one of themselves as leader until the end term.

            Happy to be corrected on this, but think that’s how it now works. BTW many other states have the very sensible rule that you elect a council who then elects their leader i.e. mayor.

          • Bullshit says:

            FFS we’ve elected Troy Trump

          • The Magpie says:

            Well, not sure we should go that far, but we are now on high alert.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            The Courier Mail has already written an article about the various dodgy Mayor elects in Qld. Mr Thompson had want to hope he can prove all his claims, because there’ll be some journalists out there looking for an exposé. And just blocking the Townsville Bulletin on his Facebook page and refusing to talk to them, isn’t going to prevent that.

          • The Magpie says:

            Rather than prevent, more likely to invite.

        • Jenny says:

          “That’s what anybody else falsely accused would have done.” Yeah, nah. It’s like he was asked if he is still beating his wife. If Troy Thompson refuses to be further drawn into the ‘bankruptcy’ discussion and no one, including the Magpie’s Nest, can deliver some sort of gotcha from the public record, then his ‘up yours’ seems fair enough.

          • The Magpie says:

            Not from a putative mayor, it isn’t.

            And as unfortunate as your analogy is, beating your wife is a crime, being bankrupt isn’t.

    • Jeff, Condon says:

      Doug K, he won’t be too concerned. Frothy and hie ex-boss will have lucrative positions created for them by The Party.

      And, after 27 years on TCC, some of those as Deputy Mayor, she knows where a lot of bodies are buried. Yes, she will be well looked after.

  63. Doug K says:

    Sad to learn of the passing of John Lyons.
    He was one of a kind – a true blue Aussie character who always had a smile on his face.
    The story about him dressing up in his Phantom costume and riding a horse into the foyer of the Townsville Bulletin building to protest against the paper dropping The Phantom comic series (and yes, the comic was reinstated) was a classic example of some of the tricks he got up to.
    Like making a killing on the blockbuster Crocodile Dundee movie.
    The story goes that before production started a mate talked him into buying a heap of shares in the movie, which John intended to sell off to his friends and clients.
    But after passing on a few, he put the rest in his office desk drawer and forgot about them.
    The rest is history.

    • The Magpie says:

      He also build Phantom Retreat south of the city … remember playing a memorable social cricket match there more than 30 years ago.

    • Charlie Wulguru says:

      Douig K… You are right, and he told all his mates to put their money into his company, Avago Holdings. And the rest IS history.

  64. Prickster says:

    The biggest challenge yet to face the Nesters is labels for the new Mayor and Councillors to replace The Mullet, Frothy, Potty Mouth etc.

  65. Alahazbin says:

    Given Spielchequer’ synopsis of why Fran won’t beat Jenny Hill in the Mayoral election on a previous Magpie blog. I am waiting for his opinion now that the dust is settling. It was a damn shame that Fran was unable to contest the Mayoralty for health reasons. Thompson only got in by default if the polls keep heading that way.

    • Not running for Mayor says:

      I think the ALP nester crew will be too busy polishing their CVs and looking at Seek to be able to respond. Also how do you respond when everything you prophesied was wrong.

    • Inspector Clouseau says:

      Not true Bin; if Fran had in fact run, then the vote could have been split 4 ways, instead of the 3 (Lazarus, Hill and Patel). That could have gone The Mullets way………doesn’t matter now though, does it!

      • The Magpie says:

        Sadly, that is exactly correct … although Thompson would at least have been an also ran. It is likely that a chancer like Thompson and his shadowy backers thought they could build not just on Mayor Mullet’s unpopularity but on Fran’s truth=telling about the mayor.

  66. Pistol Pete says:

    Magpie, if Hill gets turfed out of her Mayoral role, what happens to her LGA board positions and other board roles such as with TEL? Does she also have to resign from those positions? I guess I’m wondering about elements of her gravy train and if she still gets paid in those positions.

    Also, I understand you not wanting to post people’s negative kick in the pants comments about those Councillors who are getting turfed out, however there is a lot of joy to be had in watching some of these idiots, who have either done nothing for our town other than hold back progression, finally getting the boot. Surely you can allow a little leeway for a week or so?

    • The Magpie says:

      On the first matters, there is no reason why she should remain on the TEL board, thought you had to be a business exec for a spot.But tell you what, the sudden recent lifting oif Ms B-S’s profile hints that the CEO spot may be vacant soon. (Shudder!) As for the lGAQ, haven’t checked yet, but don’t you have to be a mayor to belong there on the board? That wouldn’t stop the LGAQ appointing her to a paid position.

      On the latter matter, The’Pie has ditched some of the more vicious comments, which benefit no one and are akin to a coward’s punch. Mildly humorous ones might get through, but as said, when someone loses their job, even deservedly, that’s enough satisfaction for a decent person, beyond a general ‘don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.’

      • Norris Sharter says:

        I don’t think many on here are happy that these councillors will be unemployed. I think the joyous elation is simply due to deadwood being removed from council. That really is a cause for jubilation. If the Mullet goes she will be fine, has plenty of coin behind her to see her off into the sunset comfortably.

        • The Magpie says:

          In a word
          Schadenfreude is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, pain, or humiliation of another. It is a borrowed word from German; the English word for it is “epicaricacy”, which originated in the 18th century.

    • TheAncientOfDays says:

      I expect it’ll be a case of ‘be careful of what you wish for’.
      Good luck.

  67. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Re: Thompson and “outa the frying pan into the fire” Mr. Pie!
    A further quote from his FB page.

    “I’ve run global companies successfully, I have worked with some of the largest companies and Governments around the globe. That is my qualification!”

    Not bad for a former gas fitter??
    The plot…or is that “ploy”, thickens??

  68. The Magpie says:

    Something away from politics for a moment.

    This is a serious question from The ‘Pie. We are used to weak puns in the paper’s headlines, but this head has got the old bird stumped.Does anyone have a clue what they are trying to say? Seriously, does anyone get it?

  69. Inspector Clouseau says:

    Nickname for Thompson: Since he is claiming to have overcome and /or recovered from an imposed bankruptcy, mental health challenges, DV misunderstandings etc, could we refer to our new Mayor as LAZARUS? :)

  70. Erica says:

    Isn’t it interesting, Jenny Hill will not concede, and yet there is paperwork leaving the precinct, Ryder, Molachino, Cook, Hill and Mooney have visited multiple times… surely, they weren’t that comfortable. I understand the left are gunning for Mr Thompson, I am a fan, he speaks well, and actually wants to improve Townsville.

    I think Townsville should give him a go, his past is his to own, and there are many with much worse, Mooney, Hill, Ryder, Batkovic, let’s see what he can do. I’m hearing he wants Bligh, Ralston, and many others gone, a clean out is a clean out, the next four years may be the most active we have seen in 20+ years.

    Mr Thompson, if you are reading this, ignore the negatives, and remove the corruption, the poor performers and let’s move on from the dark ages of Hill.

    • Local Pothole says:

      I would only correct you on one point – in Politics the past is not your own. It is, and always will be, in the public domain. Skeletons in the closet have always been the curse of anyone stepping into the world of a public figure. And fair enough in my opinion.

  71. Poonami says:

    A lot of Wulguru voted for Thompson. Hill and her posse have had ample time to fix the sewerage issues locally, and failed. Hopefully Prins Ralston gets boned by Thompson and the new look Council. That little toad needs to go.

  72. Eye Witness says:

    The paint is blistering off the walls at the Rasmussen shops.

    First, Police wagon parked on the footpath near centre entrance.

    Second, The eloquent poetical musical voices of agitated, animated, agressive aboriginal women, six in number, vicinity of Cafe 63, offering violence and character assesments to another group of agitated, animated, aggressive aboriginal women, 4 in number, inside the shopping centre, who with equally eloquent poetical musical voices, offering violence and character assessments to the mob outside.

    Meanwhile two hapless police officers are attempting to keep these charming first nation role models apart as staff try to clean up smashed broken glass and strewn contents of condiments from the cafe tables thrown by the outside mob.

    Third, Supermarket employee advised that this was round three for the day.

    Good luck to the Police officers.

  73. Local Pothole says:

    Is Troy Joseph Birnbrauer, the same person as Troy Thompson the Mayoral candidate?

  74. Prickster says:

    Oh the fun and games have started with a stenographer from the Astonisher asking soon to be Mayor Troy question about an awkward photo of him with 2 former Broncos players………, and a convicted murderer too. I bet he doesn’t even drive a V8 too.

    • The Magpie says:

      Where was this?

      • Prickster says:

        The Astonisher online.

        • Prickster says:

          I see the letter emailed from the Astonisher is on 2Names FB page.

          It’s hilarious the Astonisher stenographer Bates can’t even get the year of the murder correct. It was 1988 not 1998 ???? https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/101967795

          Two Names Thompson/ TNT is somehow managing to blow up the Townsville cabal that has ruined this city.

          • The Magpie says:

            This city has such a lively arts scene, perhaps there’s someone out there who could knock up a local version of West Side Story, with the Over The Hill Gang and the Thompson Terrors shivving and prancing around each other while the southern insurgents the Bulletin Bullshitters dart in and out of the fray. Could the love interest be that leader Mayor Mullet and Twonames Thomson fall in love, and elope, only to perish in a car crash caused by a local pothole?

            And righting a egregious wrong of the original musical, where barely a dark-skinned person was to be scene, we could correct that with a final scene where Gracelyn Smallwood is elected mayor and imports Alf Lacey as CEO, Procurement Officer and CFO.

  75. Alfred E Neuman says:

    At the moment it seems Troy Thompson will be our next Mayor. I am inclined to cut him some slack and give him my support as Mayor until or if it gets to the stage where he loses trust and support. The bloke is going to inherit a council financial and governance can of worms. Give him some time. At least he had a go where others wouldn’t or couldn’t.

    Which brings me to Fran O’Callagan. Fran deserves a special place in our thoughts for her work as a councillor, suffering bullying and administrative harrasment from the Mulett. Further her campaign for Mayor of Townsville until ill health intervened. Thanks Fran, wishing you good fortune. Who knows what could have been, for you, and for Townsville.

  76. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Mr. Pie…Townsville Mayoral/councillor results/story off the Bulletin’s website at 6pm.
    Not a dicky bird!
    You wouldn’t read about it?

  77. Who Would Have Thought says:

    Inevitably the fix has started. With Jenny Hill on the verge of oblivion, and the ECQ delaying the inevitable for 3 days for reasons unknown or unexplained, the Townsville Bulletin has stooped to new lows (if that’s possible) quoting a “source” to denigrate the bloke who has robbed Herr Hill of another 4 years of TCC mismanagement.
    I’m no Troy Thompson supporter but if he is not eligible to take the position of Townsville Mayor, surely that is a matter for the ECQ, not the Townsville Bulletin.
    Any newspaper that tries to denigrate the result of an election on the word of an unnamed “source” clearly has a conflict of interest (could it possibly be advertising revenue).
    In any case, didn’t the Townsville Bulletin have dirt on Thompson well before the election? If so, why is it only being brought to the attention of the public now?
    For goodness sake Jenny Hill, surely you get the message that the majority of Townsvileans have had enough of you to vote for an unknown.
    It just doesn’t get any more embarrassing, both for Hill, and the Townsville Bulletin editor.
    Any corruption involved here?
    Just asking.

    • The Magpie says:

      Reasonable opinion, I suppose, but you are incorrect in one area … the ECQ has clearly stated why there is not yet a declaration, in fact there can’t be one with the current numbers (improbable as a reverse may be) until the 26th, the last day to receive postal votes. That has been stated here and in the MS media including the Astonisher. Even The Magpie was dubious until the ECQ made the very succinct and reasonable statement about timing and process. The old bird now feels a bit foolish about that, becaus ethe ECQ is hardly likely to give a fuck about one election at LG level in what they see as a hick town.

      But then again, we may well be a hick town, given how the Bulletin is going to JKK Assassination lengths over the visit of a second tier pop star.

  78. Lab Rat says:

    I was worried for you Pie. After 500 consecutive editions where you have lambasted Mayor Hill, I feared you would have no more windmills to tilt at.
    Along comes Troy Twonames and says “hold my beer”
    Enjoy this one. He has basically just issued a challenge to the Murdoch Press. Now Twonames, there is no gutter low enough for your adversaries to wallow in. Good luck with that ploy.

    • The Magpie says:

      Not definte just yet, but Twonames is leading the nickname charge.

      • Lab Rat says:

        Yeah, Twonames Thompson works as well.

      • Southern Comfort says:

        Pick this, pick this!!

        I like TwoNames as his name. Has an old school throwback to DC Comics and Batman’s arch-villain Harvey Dent/ Two-Face.

        So now we can have a new comic battle between Magman (Magpie on steroids) vs. TwoNames, the duplicitous weasel who returns to Gotham (Townsville) from having led the Business world (where to, we do not know, it just all lost solvency, like a software company, or his own personal bank accounts) to battle Jenny as Harvey Thompson, until he throws acid in his own face in a horrible workplace accident to appear as Thompson/Birnbrauer aka TwoNames (or also sounds like a cheap law firm). Where he plans to rule over the criminal underworld that we don’t know exists, but he does. All whilst having A Current Affair film him recovering his nephews stolen bike from where it arrived in a chop shop in shadowy Kirwan.

        • The Magpie says:

          The Magpie demands to know who told he is on steroids …his medical past and present is none of your business and we need to only look at the future. In fact, being responsible for having published your revelation, The Magpie will now have to block himself and have no further communication with himself until he shows some decency.

        • over ice says:

          bit early for a tipple?

        • Sergeant Gunney Highway says:

          Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young goes by the nickname of ‘two mums’ in Parliament House due to having two kids to different fathers. So maybe ‘two names’. Is a good one for Troy.

          • SECOND TO NONE says:

            If you had spent even a day in the military Highway you would know that “Two-Mums” or “Two-Dads” is the nickname for someone with a hyphenated surname. You really have no idea and have never served.

      • Inspector Clouseau says:

        What about this Pie? MT (for Mayor Troy). Say it………MT (emptee)!!! What ya think?

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        TwoDads sounds better to me

      • OED says:

        Twonames doesn’t seem as clever enough it just says that he has two names. A good nickname should build on some personality trait and maybe need a bit of an explanation.

        E.g. the Judge, handles a case a day. Clouds, when he fucks off it turns into a nice day. Blister, turns up when the hard work is done.

        “Bradbury” for the fluke win is pretty good. Compare the following:

        “We call him Bradbury because he skated over the line when everyone else fell over”

        “We call him Twonames because he has two names”

        • Bullshit says:

          What about Alias as in Troy “Alias” Thompson.

        • Dis Troy says:

          I think TwoNames is an excellent nickname. It goes right to the heart of the man. I just watched a news clip of him doing a vigilante stunt outside the home of a woman with kids.


          Oh, he had evidence. And he chose first to threaten a young woman, then to go to the police with it.

          Birnbrauer does the dirty, Thompson does the apologia. Watch out for this Modus operandi…

  79. old tradesman says:

    The Bulletin seems more infatuated with what is happening in Mt Isa than in Townsville.

    • The Magpie says:

      Noted that, quite bizarre … so much more brave where they sell on a few papers. They really discombobulated cowards of the first order.

  80. Bin Chicken 4810 says:

    ‘This is the succession that Townsville had to have.’

    It’s an almighty reset. Just goes to show that dickless community leaders should take polls more seriously. Easy to complain from the peanut gallery. Mullet could have been unseated long ago. We deserve this.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, perhaps, but an easy conclusion when up against a well oiled, well funded politically clever machine. The argument making the victim the offender only goes so far.

  81. Sergeant Gunney Highway says:

    Well, if the Mullet is out of a job she can always return to the armed services as a reservist. Our defence force hierarchy are hiring all sorts of dimwits and retards these days, so a Mullet would fit in perfectly. She already walks like a soldier and is manly.

  82. GST SHAM says:

    One has to wonder what is behind the hit job of Townsvilles possible new mayor? What are the motives of the Bulletin? looks like Mayor Mullet is still pulling the strings. In their editorial on Tuesday 19th of March still peed off at the results they wrote “Democracy is a funny thing, with change inevitable. But at some point you have to ask, are we changing for changes sake or because it’s the right move?
    A simple google search on all mayoral candidates would have told voters everything they needed to know ahead of voting day from previous stories published in this newspaper over the past few years.”
    Then it continues to make disparaging comments about Troy Thompson.
    Newsflash Bulletin .. you have no sway on the voters of Townsville you pushed hill and her candidates down our throats without picking up the mood of the community you are supposed to represent. Move on. Voters went into those booths with an anyone but Hill motive! The voters never get it wrong

    • The Magpie says:

      Even more cowardly is the tenuous smear about Thompson’s supposed criminal ‘friend’, which is flimsy stuff at best, but can be seen only as a pouting hissy fit BECAUSE THE PAPER HAD ALL THAT INFORMATION FOUR TO FIVE DAYS BEFORE THE ELECTION. Why is appearing only now.

      The Townsville Bulletin is part of the problem not part of the solution.

      • Prince Rollmop says:

        It is called capture. Grub reporting from a grubby newspaper. Hill has a stranglehold on the local print media. They are linked by the same interests $$$ Nothing short of Presstitutes.

        • The Magpie says:

          That hold has now disappeared, and the paper is having a hissy fit because the new bloke hasn’t danced to their tune.

      • GST SHAM says:

        Anything the Bulletin prints about our possible new mayor moving forward I would have to now view as total bias. It would be hard to view it any different with their views on him made very clear from their reporting in their editorials AFTER the election and the hits they have on the way. Very cowardly move indeed.

      • Achilles says:

        Q: Why is appearing only now?
        A: Because the Bulletin is ALWAYS a few days late!

      • Bin Chicken 4810 says:

        Description Twonames provided about who made the remarks about his school friend to the Bully made it pretty easy to figure out.
        The spouse of someone super tall and sits in a safe seat.

    • Not running for Mayor says:

      I keep thinking back to a media training course at work a few years ago when the presenter said the media were like sharks and if you were bleeding in the water they had a right to take a bite to see if you were worth cleaning up.

      Reckon what we are seeing here is the media doing what they do when they are not afraid or being bent over a barrel.

      Young Mr Thomson is not making things any easier for himself with his evasive and halfarsed answers.

      • The Magpie says:

        As a journo, The ‘Pie replies to that basically correct assessment of training on handling the media with the caveat that the ‘blood in the water’ that reporters smell is when spin language avoids answering reasonable questions, and is seen as an evasion hiding something. An infuriating example was the pompous Scott Morrison haughtily repeating on many occasions that he didn’t comment ‘on on-water matters’. Never once explaining why, until perhaps people realised the babies overboard scandal.

        With Troy Thompson, The ‘Pie feels like he’s walking through the local blood bank.

  83. Doug K says:

    Interesting that the Bully’s smear story on Troy Thompson, quoting an unnamed “source”, did not appear in today’s print edition.
    Cold feet, or cock-up?
    By the way, the ECQ website has updated the figures, with Hill pulling back a couple of hundred votes from Thompson, who still leads by 3000+.
    From what I can make out all the votes from the booths have been counted and only the postal votes are left to trickle in.
    The ECQ says only about 70% of the electoral roll have been counted but they told me in a phone conversation this week that thousands just don’t bother voting.

    • OED says:

      The story was published online at 7.38pm last night, long after the paper was put to bed (judging from the content, this happens just before lunch each day). If it’s not in tomorrow’s issue then questions should be raised.

  84. The Magpie says:

    Sounds like a free tour of Flinders St East on Friday nights.

    • Hammer barn says:

      Ha ha, pick up tools? Yeah right.

    • Mad Jack says:

      In the very early 1980s there was a program to train and provide a career for Palm Island Youth.
      Two career paths depending on aptitude,
      A. pilot training with the intent to service, initially, Palm Island, then where ever there career took them, and
      B. Aluminium boat construction (tinnies) on Palm Island.

      After 3 years the program wound up as unworkable regardless of the dollars spent as;
      A. none of the student pilots could achieve ‘safe solo’ complacency, and
      B. two training project tinnies were built, under instruction, for a cost of a bit over $100,000.00. Never going to be economical given the work ethic encounted, and that was the end of that.
      All reported in the Townsville Daily Bulletin, a black and white board sheet at the time, I think.

  85. Been there says:

    This blog has gone right off the rails.

    It has invested the last 12 years picking apart the Hill era, with mostly correct assumptions and observations of these dark years. I totally agree that Townsville was stymied by an unregulated, simple minded, autocratic regime. But …

    Then along comes Troy Thompson in 2024. He puts his hand up to run for the job. Braver than most. A person just as qualified (or unqualified) as other current or aspiring Mayors in Australia. Skeletons? Haven’t we all. Independent. No other candidates on his ticket.

    He and his team run a superb campaign, using social media on a shoestring budget, targeting locations and demographics, relying on a strong “it’s time” electorate, all the while flying under the radar of the Labor heavies who, in their, reckless overconfidence, don’t see the threat to their reign building. In fact, no one outside of Thompson’s team can see it.

    Magpie himself takes a swipe at Thompson’s past, right out of the Newscorp playbook that he trashes weekly ( you can take the boy out of Murdochville but …). It’s a blog pile-on for Thompson. (Thankfully) the young, aspirational, financially tested, swinging voters of Townsville, not rusted on to any deity, don’t read Magpie or the Bulletin. They instead engage “under 50s” social media and it’s short, to the point, messaging. This is the world of Troy Thompson and his team. And what a success they made of it.

    So the Magpie bloggers, having stood idly by these past couple of months, will soon have a new mayor to replace dictator Hill. You would think Magpie and his acolytes would be happy and supportive of Thompson. He has achieved the seemingly impossible. And the divisions are now much representative of Townsville. This is GREAT news!

    However, the Magpie train and all who sit behind in the carriages, haven’t finished trying to tear down anyone with enough guts, determination and intelligence, who steps forward to take on the rotten establishment, and actually wins! This is a person that Townsville needs.

    This is a derailment that can’t be fixed.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, now, that biased, selective and blinkered twaddle doesn’t deserve any response, it is a simple statement from a simple mind. But it must annoy you that you know you can’t bring The Magpie and Nest readers to heel with your bloviating selective rot. And you must be worried sick by your own admission that The ‘Pie has usually been right about things.

      But before you get exhausted by your circle jerk of self-congratulation, Thompson won by two factors, one known and one unknown at the outset of his campaign. The obvious one was Hill’s worsening stature within the community, the other was the health-forced retirement of Fran O’Callagghan from the race. Had she not pulled out, the figures now available clearly show that Jenny Hill would’ve romped home because of the split vote of her opponents. So Thompson won by both default and unplanned good fortune.

    • Local Pothole says:

      Thank you “Team Birnbrauer‘s chief of staff. As much as I would be happy to see the mullet go, let me remind you that the final count is not yet over and really it could go either way. I haven’t been so excited since Kevin Gill left Townsville Airport as COO …………

      • I’ll be plucked says:

        Jeeze Pothole, you’re not real good at maths and mathematical permutations are you? Could go either way? Troy boys been elected and by a substantial margin (in the thousands).

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Jesus, 250 million sperm cells, and you won !

    • Not running for Mayor says:

      Oh dearie me, don’t you know that party political statements need to have a tag on them? And the least you could do is pay for the space you used in the Nest if it is an advertisement.

  86. old tradesman says:

    It’s official, we are now looking for Townsville’s cutest dog.

  87. old tradesman says:

    It looks like the results of this LG election are going to take longer than the results of the unfortunate accident in Nathan St.

  88. J jones says:

    And as the lead story this Thursday arvo on the Bulletin website we have this free as from Lighton

    A boutique Mexican restaurant has sprung up in City Lane, offering diners a unique shared dining experience, comparable to offerings found in Melbourne and Sydney’s dining districts.

  89. Alfred E Neuman says:

    A Matter Worth Follow up, perhaps

    A previous commenter stated that most of the votes have been counted and now waiting for postal vote cutoff.

    That the low % of votes counted to enrolled electors indicated low voter turnout, regardless of voting being compulsory (which it should be). 72.27% only at this time.

    The follow up on;
    1. the fines issued, if any, and
    2. analysis of voter disengagement and/or disillusionment in the process, or the choice of candidates.

    You can bet that such fair and fearless analysis will not appear in the Astonisher.

  90. Doug K says:

    The Labor hit brigade has finally realised that their poster girl, Jenny Hill, is on the slippery slope.
    Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Bully smear story quoting an unnamed “source”, tonight he have Arron Harper using the protection of parliamentary privilege to make accusations about Thompson,
    Wow, they are REALLY worried about what might be revealed when the council books are reviewed.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      Doug the good thing about all the articles in the bulletin is that TwoNames is now doing a fancy dance in response. Despite his claim that he won’t engage with the bulletin he is responding on his own page with his own, far more entertaining weasel words. The latest being a copy of an “apology” to the ethics committee claiming all behaviour was alleged. Honestly it sounds like he works for the bulletin (allegedly)

  91. Trix says:

    OMG what is next? Just read this Bulletins FB page……….MP Aaron Harper has delivered an emotional address to state parliament tonight, accusing Townsville’s likely new mayor of harassing and intimidating his family and urging him to “come clean” on a number of issues.
    I refuse to pay to read the whole story but this is from a bloke who blocks people on his FB page that disagree with him. I wonder whether the thought of losing Jenny Hill is just to much for him? Is he so delusional that he thinks he will actually win votes with this carry on?

    • Division 2 says:

      I and think plenty of people would like to know if hill is attending pink tonight or tomorrow as mayor or regular Joe like all of us? Betting she isn’t in the cheap seats and I wonder if she is with harpic? Fly on the wall

      • The Magpie says:

        Look, we often gets comments like that when there is a big game or event on the in the ‘ville. But The ‘Pie finds it an illogical and petty jealousy. Of course civic leaders, often entertaining other out-of-town notables as guests, get to some events gratis, usually courtesy of the promoters or the NRL, at no cost to the rate/taxpayer. And why not? Only a hillybilly town would expect otherwise.
        Of course there are some notable exceptions, like the SuperPests, which our soon-to-be-former mayor used as a favour-bestowing exercise on dozens of those from whom she wanted something.

        • White Mouse says:

          Glad someone will be enjoying Pink gratis. I heard that Nanna Anna provided cash or kind in the vicinity of $5m to the promoters to get the concerts up here. Even when you’re not paying for a ticket, you are still paying for it.

        • Division 2 says:

          The only thing I’m jealous about is that the mayor gets to do all that on the public purse while the rest of us keep paying for it. I lost my job on charters towers road after the pipe burst flooding everything. It’s not the pipe burst that I’m angry about it’s the lack of accountability from TCC and the mayor directly in the aftermath and we were left to ourselves and insurance companies. She and her legal department are corrupt and I’m a direct result of my employer closing down because of it. No compensation. I don’t find my comment petty in consideration of what I and many others in this town have delt with because of her.

          • The Magpie says:

            Understand your anger but you The ‘Pie’s point … such freebies do not cost the public anything in most instances, and are sometimes but not always used to host valuable contacts.

  92. Lab Rat says:

    Harper lets loose on Twonames in Parliament. He tables letter from One Nation showing that Twonames was disendorsed by Pauline. I think Twonames is being two faced and speaks with forked tongue. Oh what a tangled web we weave indeed.

    • Doug K says:

      Nothing compared to the secret tangled web the Mullet has weaves for the past decade.

    • WeArePlucked says:

      Two-names is two-faced. From frying pan to fire pit, it’s going to be a pluckered 4 years. I reckon there’s more to be released about two-names.

  93. Woodduck says:

    The Mullet has been very quiet since the election, has she gone into hiding or on a bender.

    • Maltese Cross says:

      Woody, I think she is very busy organising and directing her ‘smear team’ against the Mayor elect!

      • The Magpie says:

        Jenny may be a very cross Maltese, but she hardly has to do anything, given the stuff coming out of the woodwork, and Thompson own known history.

    • Grumpy says:

      Reminiscent of when Mooney Snr got the boot. Chucked his toys out of the cot and locked himself in his room for months.

    • Not running for Mayor says:

      The Mullet is planning and executing her revenge

      • The Magpie says:

        No she’s not … she doesn’t have to do anything, TwoNames is doing it for her.

        • WeArePlucked says:

          100% Pie. Two-names has the majority of TSV are thinking the ALP is on the attack, but it’s only a matter of time others will come out of his history to reveal his character and past. Can a leopard change its spots? He is as cunning as the proverbial. Plucker-up TSV. You ain’t seen nothing yet. One thing is for certain, The Magpie has increased its readership. Kudos to you for some quality journalism.

  94. Jeff, Condon says:

    So much hate and hostility you guys. At the moment you are firing shots at everyone. Time to take a big breath, sit back and see what happens next.

    • The Magpie says:

      Jeff, let’s hope that comment is an ill-considered one-off, because otherwise it stamps you as a lazy, unthinking dullard. Sitting around waiting to see what happens could be the city’s theme song for the past decade, and now we are being manipulated by an apparent conman and financial incompetent who is depending on our relief of ridding our selves of a damaging and dictatorial rule to make him acceptable. Well, he’s bloody not acceptable under the present level of transparency.

      Folks like you are blinded to the even greater danger Thompson may pose. Sure, there’s plenty of politically motivated ‘hate and hostility’ (gosh, really?) entering the argument, but we should not wait and see what happens, we should be demanding answers about ‘fitness for office’ of someone with a history that raises more red flags than Red Square on May Day.

      The time to fight is NOW, before this wounded sparrow of a city suffers more damage, not later when this apparent conman is entrenched in an office that he won because of who he wasn’t, not because of who he is.

      • Jeff, Condon says:

        Okay, okay. That’s why I didn’t vote for him, but gave him second preference.

        I don’t have any verifiable evidence against him so don’t know how I can do anything. The best time to do anything, was prior to the election and now should be done before the anointing. Anyone who has solid evidence of his corruption and chooses to do nothing is just as bad.

        I reckon Harpic would have used his cowards’ castle if he would have done so. Like Trump, he doesn’t like the democratic process, either.

        • The Magpie says:

          You may rue that last statement when you read the Magpie’s latest post in comments. But OK you weren’t to know.

  95. Division 2 says:

    When is she going to concede? She can’t pick up 3000+ votes now.

    • Inspector Clouseau says:

      Divi, does she HAVE to concede? It is accepted practice, however I’m not sure she has to………

      • The Magpie says:

        A concession is admitting before all numbers are in that you’ve lost. Waiting for an official declaration isn’t a concession, it is ‘oh, shit, fuck it’. And that’s that unless you’re Donald Trump.

  96. Mike Douglas says:

    It’s all about Aaron . Aaron Harper using Parliamentarty privilege to attack Townsville possible new Mayor . Aaron should know but probadly doesn’t there are numerous State / Council funded entities and projects currently operating so he is putting jobs and the City at risk . Aarons all class abusing crime victims at a crime rally and the Cities business community questioning why Townsville had to comply with Brisbane COVID restrictions when the reported cases were 1400 klms away . Aarons not happy about Jenny losing Mayor but he says he will have to live with it .

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      One of Harpic’s many weakness areas (and there are plenty) is his emotions. He simply can’t control them. From abusing victims of crimes, to posting emotion riddled comments on his Faecesbook page, to removing any post that does not glorify him, to his angry verbal defence every time he is questioned, he is an emotional idiot. That said, we only have to put up with this dipshit until October. After the state election he will be gone, and so will cupcake and the bar room brawler. Thank fuck for that.

  97. Maltese Cross says:

    The Mullet is obviously very cross and upset that she has lost her job as Mayor. It is interesting to watch her acolytes/supporters denigrate the Mayor elect on a daily basis. Harpics Parliamentary attack is gutless. This is not going to make any difference to the actual ECQ outcome.

    I wonder when/if The Mullet will step down with grace – we wait and wait and………

    • The Magpie says:

      There will eventually be a gritted teeth admission of the close of ‘a glorious career as mayor’, and then she will retire to spend more time with her money.

  98. Grumpy says:

    Two Names is a dead ringer for Ronnie Kray. Hopefully, not quite as crazy.

  99. Jenny says:

    With Ross River dam at 100.5% and Lansdown start-ups in limbo, does anyone know what is happening on site at the Haughton 2 pipeline project? We’ve seen reports that construction work started months ago but then nothing. TCC 2024 updates are silent, local tv media is empty and the Townsville Bulletin seems incapable of anything without a press release or a taxi voucher. Any grey nomads in the Clare area?

  100. The Magpie says:


    Magpie Note: The following was received in The Nest this morning, and The Magpie can reveal, done with his permission, the identity of one of The ‘Pie’s major informants, one Kieran J Walsh. Mr Walsh provides some historical content in what follows. And while The Magpie’s own inquiries makes it clear that Mr Walsh falls on the Labor side of the fence, but his motivations seem to stretch beyond a political dimension – seems the enemity started way back, right here in Townsville. So while what he says may have a deeply personal motivation, so far, his facts are just that … facts. Mr Walsh is almost certain to be the same informant the Bulletin (eventually) used.


    It’s 99% probably my fault. I don’t know, have never met, spoken to, or been in contact with Aaron in my life. I did however go to school with his wife Amanda. She was in Kirwan State High School Class of 1988 with me, Troy, Peter Burdell, and about 200 other people.

    I wanted to reach out to Amanda this week to see if she would help as a “second source” on another story. With no means to do this, I asked a family friend and mutual connection to assist via Aaron. I had passed some information that Troy had published on his old Thommo’s Tales Facebook Page (see attached) after the elections in 2020 to this mutual connection. I had always thought this had made its way to him, or he was some other way aware of Troy’s corruption allegations. It turns out that the attached screenshots didn’t make it to Aaron back in 2020. But they did get passed on in the last 48hrs.

    Aaron didn’t stand up as a favour to Jenny Hill. He stood up because he’d honestly just seen Troy’s accusations against Amanda this week. So he is actually genuine when he says he is protecting his family.

    I honestly passed on in 2020, and didn’t hear anything back. So that was that for then. I only brought them up this week to point out we had a mutual foe. I didn’t know this was the first time he’d seen them.

    Here is an enlargement of the allegations made above.

    So as much as you and your readers may be right about Aaron 99% of the time (like I’ve said, I don’t know him, and have had little visibility of him except during Troy’s 2020 campaign). However, I would ask you advise your readers to be a little less sceptical about his actions this week. Because he felt genuinely blindsided with what I he had passed to him this week. This wasn’t for Jenny, this was for his wife. And it was me that accidentally stirred the pot. Albeit with genuine copies of claims from Troy in 2020.

    Troy has been making enemies for a very long time. It’s not just me. And I will give you an answer to my motivations once I can breathe a little. This week has wound up being insane.

    Kieran J Walsh

    • Russell says:

      So are we saying Troy was factually incorrect in 2020, or just that he pissed people off?

    • Jeff, Condon says:

      It beggars belief that Harpic was unaware of Thompson’s allegations made in 2020. Mr Walsh said he forwarded the allegations to the CCC and the Ethics Committee. Along with those departments, Palaszcuk would have known, the Speaker would have been informed as well as the Chief and Deputy Whips. Without contrary evidence and the absence of any action taken against Harpic, it seems the allegations were deemed baseless.

      Thompson shows his penchant for stirring shit and had he been serious, would have presented them to the appropriate authorities.

      Undoubtedly, Harpic was genuinely blindsided when rhe issue, he thought was buried, resurfaced, especially when he is lagging in the polls and an election looming. He will concerned that no matter how much shit you hose off, some always sticks.

    • Local Pothole says:

      Politics is dirty.

    • Jenny says:

      So you are saying Troy Thompson is a whistleblower, or was back in 2020? A whistleblower about a Labor government politician and the appointment of the politician’s wife to a senior public service position – in a way that is being perceived as a job-for-the-girl? Isn’t this stuff regulation grist for the Magpie’s Nest mill? Has the boot slipped from the hoof?

      • The Magpie says:

        Hey, Jenny, you on the juice? Where did you hear about the possible charge of nepotism regarding this appointment?

        Would’ve it have been somewhere here in amongst the grist of the Nest?

        And since you are generaly sensible in your comments, one sincerely hopes that you aren’t suggesting that Harpic alleged transgression being exposed by TwoNames makes absolves Thompson of culpability for past matters. That would be like Mussolini calling out Hitler for being an arseole.

    • Boston Bruce says:

      So what a surprise that is, a politician getting a family member a government job. Who would’ve thought? Will the CCC investigate Harpic’s role in getting his wife the job? There seems to be some obvious pub test issues surrounding her appointment. Hopefully team Troy can do a bit more ground work and highlight this blatant jobs for the boys, or in this case wife, appointment.

    • Grumpy says:

      That stuff about Harper and his wife has been doing the rounds for years. Don’t for a second believe that he hadn’t heard the scuttlebutt prior to this week. The controversy with the location of the ambulance centre was publically discussed at the time. The allegations of nepotism are not new either – I heard them at least several times years ago and I am certainly not in Two-Names or Boofhead’s circle. Surprised nobody has mentioned Morteon Bay Bugs yet. Or generally obnoxious “Don’t you know who I am?” type of behaviour.

  101. Beige says:

    Idiot Harper put a post on his Facebook 4 hours ago. He is promoting the Pink concert and he is wearing a pink outfit and looks like a Kansas city faggot that is slightly retarded. He really is an immature dunderhead isn’t he? Have a wonderful concert moron. Hope your car doesn’t get pinched or your home broken into while you are at the concert.

    • Local Pothole says:

      Who would have thought that homosexual people with disabilities would be living in our community?

      • The Magpie says:

        ly accordng to dullshaded inmformant they don’t live here, they are visiting Kansas City, where, as we knowcourtesy of Oklahoma, every is up your…sorry, to date.

  102. Wing nuts says:

    Did you enjoy the Pink concert, Pie? You must have been able to hear it from The Nest in North Ward! :)

    • The Magpie says:

      Tell you what, The ‘Pie was out and about late afternoon yesterday, and there were people and cars everywhere … indeed, a great buzz about the place. Not just kids dressed up in pink themed outfits. It was clearly going to be a great success, and tonight’s probably be a repeat. Be great for the town.

  103. Alahazbin says:

    “MP skewers new Mayor”. Todays astonisher. They never even had the guts to credit to the story.
    “Staff writers”. How low can they go?

    • The Magpie says:

      Staff stenographers would’ve been accurate. What sort of hell to do we face with a mob of liars being reported by a mob of liars?

  104. Jeff, Condon says:

    Astonisher is running a story on Thompson this morning. Looks like he’s involved with a mob called My Place Australia who have a coven here titled My Place Australia.

    This ratbag mob runs platforms on “health effects and risks of untested 5G networks” and “Toxic fluoride being added to our town water supply at ratepayers expense”. They also prey on paranoia with conspiracy theories about biometrics.

    Thompson is alleged by the paper to have lauded them as being a wonderful organisation. With the hostility between the Mayor in waiting and the Astonisher, they won’t be ignoring underhanded activities by the TCC during this tenure.

  105. Erica says:

    Once again there is more stuff about Mr Thompson in the news. Surely, they have more to do than this witch hunt.

    He will win, he has a lot to prove to Townsville, but Jenny Hill will soon be gone, and that’s good, back to Victoria.

    Word around town is everyone is on tender hooks as he looks to do some upper and middle management cuts at TCC. TEL is in his sites, Lansdown, the housing development at the old rail yards and sponsorships are all under review.

    Speaking with his friends today, he’s keen to get into it, and to get the councillors working the same way.

    I’m actually looking forward to see how all this evolves now. I think he’ll at least be an approvement.

    • The Magpie says:

      You’re an idiot … if you’re the best Thompson’s got, we’re in bigger trouble than first thought.

      A few points. You simply do not address any of the myriad concerns surrounding this out-and-out conman, which is not doubt because you’re in the same bag. It’s a ‘let’s get on with it’ deflection and ignore evidence of past incompetence willinevitably point to future failures.

      Then your deeply misinformed idea of how council appointments are managed … mayor’s cannot as a matter of course pick and choose their public servants, nor can they sack, promote or demote them. That can only be done by the CEO, who had better be on side … and the current isn’t likely to put up with any amateur-hour nonsense from this crooked chancer. Prins may be many things, but a business idiot he is not. And it highly unlikely a person the likes of Thompson will be able to attract some like minded crony to the position should it become vacant … a position that also goes to a council vote.

      And how do you know what is under review …such matters are debated and decided by the councillors and mayor together? Then voted on. Your boofhead’s arrogant Trump-lite boast that the councillors are ‘coachable’ is a massive indicator of the clear misunderstanding this fraud has about LG. What the fuck does ‘get the councillors working his way’ mean? Even Jenny Hill wasn’t demented enough to make such a claim – she went about in a far more opaque way than this fucking galoot. Councillors are not elected to work in anyone’s ‘way’ other than their constituents.

      Let The Magpie enlighten you … if, Mr Thompson, you think that your ‘my way or the highway’ approach will be met with meek bonhomie and goodwill by politically experienced folks like Paul Jacob, Ma Greaney or even the Mooney kid (who has access to better advice than you will ever have) you are in for one big big fucking surprise. You will suddenly find that you’re the coachable one.

      And you’d better bone upon the legislation regarding motions of no confidence and their outcomes … an area we sadly appears to be headed because of your bombastic, simple minded and ignorant attitude to your role.

      And just for the record, Dumbo Erica, it’s tenterhooks.

  106. old tradesman says:

    What is forgotten in this whole result is that as Twonames ,or whatever , is that nobody else in the community put their hands up as they were scared of what the dictator would have done to their businesses if they had gone against her and lost.In hindsight we are all brilliant with our feelings and what could have happened if I had put my hand up. The big noters didn’t, lets see who is the eventual winner.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      I believe Harry Patel put his hand up. So no one really has an excuse for protest voting for TwoNames.

      • The Magpie says:

        Well, yes they did … lack of information, particularly information held by the Bulletin but not published before the vote. At that stage, he just appeared a harmless goof just right for an ‘anybody but Jenny’ vote. It was a Hobson’s Choice election. But some people were a wake up, as reflected in Harry Patel probably best performance ever.

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