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Sunday, September 15th, 2019   |   189 comments

She Just Can’t Stop Digging … But Has Mayor Mullet Gone Too Far This Time?

(Please note: Due to a Saturday night surfeit of AFL, NRL and cricket, the final subbing and amendments to this blog were done at 8am Sunday morning (yawn).)

Crikey, even the Bulletin thinks so, with the news that the widely criticised $350,000 contract with pretty boy knucklehead Jamie Durie has been farmed out to a private consultant …

Hell hath no fury like Pete Newey scorned … The Magpie has discovered why our favourite tin foil hat keeps ranting about his former mate Warwick Powell and the planned equestrian center for the northern beaches …

And could there be a late entry lining up for a crack at mayor Mullet? If letters to the iditor are anything to go by, you’d sure think so …

Plus some fun with signs of the times ….

But first …

STOP PRESS: A Welcome Change From The Astonisher, If True

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 12.13.46 am

One of The ‘Pie’s three Deep Throats at the Astonisher have rasped down the MagpieFone that the paper is taking seriously a whistleblower’s claims that a shopping mall owner dropped the proverbial brown paper bag of cash off to a – ahem – certain local government politician just before the last election. Soon afterwards, our aerobics class councillors knocked back a rival development that sought to build a supermarket and satellite shops on some footy grounds near the existing mall.

It is understood the CCC has been so cagey in replies to an Astonisher reporter’s questions that the paper is now digging in earnest.

The story is given some credence because suddenly The Bulletin is willing to give the ruling Walker Street junta the occasional back-hander, none more severe than the following.

Cash For Compost: The $350,000 Jamie Durie Contract Suddenly Disappears down the Commercial In Confidence Rabbit Hole.

Durie contract

And not only that, the cost to the rate/taxpayers of this particularly cynical wankery has been revealed to have almost doubled and all for no good reason. Well, not one in the public interest anyway. Bentley is totally underwhelmed.

TCC Sleight of hand fin

In one of the classic bits of buzz-word bullshit so beloved of this mob, a council spokesman told the Astonisher that the Durie contract had been ‘signed over in full’ to Carey Ramm’s AEC consultancy to … get this … ‘consolidate the delivery of the communications program.’.

Now while The Magpie makes no criticism of council’s oft-favoured AEC mob, he simply asks ….why? Especially when we also learn that AEC has already been awarded a $241,000 contract to roll out the Water Smart package.

C’mon, seriously?

Is this council now so bereft of competent staff, have they sacked that many,  that they can’t even run a relatively straight forward operation to give stuff away free in their Water Wise packages? And who else would claim that free giveaways resulted in ‘one of the council’s most successful campaigns ever.’ So far ratepayers have tapped into 19,137 cubic metres of mulch for more than 600 homes, 90,000 native “water-wise” plants”, 6649 compost bins and 2160 worm farms, among other items.’  Tough to get takers, one imagines.

Even Bulletin editor Jenna Cairney risked being put on the mayor’s now infamous ‘mat’ … where our strict but loving leader gives a good bollocking (she says) to those who displease her. Ms Cairney no doubt donned her industrial strength tartan undies when she went into battle with this editorial.

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 10.16.06 pm Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 10.16.35 pm

Quite so … golly, are we getting back to real newspaper? Wouldn’t that be nice.

This latest revelation about the Durie cost is now the longest running misjudgment at attempt populism, in a long list. It outstrips in irresponsibility of other missteps like … to name but a few … a ratepayer funded airstrip for a dodgy Indian billionaire, supporting the introduction of a tax on the Townsville air- travelling public (none of her business) a call for a boycott of Qantas (totally ignored – except by Qantas who were peeved), and big-noting how she was going to put charities ‘on the mat’ for offering food and laundry facilities to the homeless.

And BTW, that last matter raises the question of what was the outcome of that misguided little foray into public spanking, we haven’t heard and no one seems to have asked how all that went, Madam Mayor. Did they grovel?

What a blowhard.

But Our Mayor Is Getting Us State-Wide Exposure …

This from comments on Friday.

The Magpie

September 13, 2019 at 1:27 pm  (Edit)

Those bloody damn southerners, what the hell would they know about Townsv …. oh, wait a sec. Hmm … seems someone’s been reading The Magpie – for the last nine years …

Wardill CM 1

Wardill CM 2Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 12.50.17 pmWardill CM 3Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 12.52.31 pmAnd The ‘Pie is serious when he suggests the simplest and immediate way to start alleviating Townsville’s woes is to call in the administrators, unpleasant though the financial revelations are certain to be.

Speaking Of Unpleasant Revelations


A Peter Newey fan


Poor old Pete Newey – who goes by the collective name Townsville Residents and Ratepayers Association – has had a rough week of it. After his mention here last week, there has been an avalanche of information into the Nest about our fav conspiracy theorist. Our man also found the time to whack up a FB post of pure fantasy regarding The ‘Pie; the old bird was so alarmed and outraged that he muttered, ‘yeah, whatever, mate.’

The main emotion Pete stirs up in people is compassion, and the main message of criticism of The ‘Pie for last week’s piece was ‘leave the poor old bugger alone, he’s harmless’.


Well, actually, no he’s not, not when he uses the TRRA FB name, falsely making out that all ‘residents and ratepayers’ endorse and believe his grossly defamatory and xenophobic rantings. Townsville has enough trouble with the redneck tag, we don’t need this ‘reds under the bed’ twaddle and claims that his site gets tens of thousands of hits. Not reds under the bed, but maybe, as he takes cover from evil forces, he’s more unstable under the table.

But unfortunately, it’s Pete’s outright hypocrisy that is the saddest aspect. In innumerable posts, he has repeatedly attacked one Warwick Powell – whom he describes as The Magpie’s close friend (for the record, The ‘Pie has met Mr Powell exactly twice in the past four years, to examine drawings of the equestrian centre, which at that stage, was stuck in council awaiting state clearance and Mr Powell was unwilling to allow them to be published. There has also been the occasional email, often prompted by the common sense articles Mr Powell has written for DUO magazine.

Warwick Powell

Warwick Powell

So why hypocrisy? Well it seems that Peter Newey was himself chumming up to Powell big time and to William Sun, from the Chinese construction company CCCC,  clearly hoping for some financial crumbs to fall from the table into his wallet over a laughable and abortive bid to get the Qantas Pilot Academy to Bluewater’s airport. For just one instance, check out the names here …

Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 9.04.02 pm

All the while Newey was brown-nosing Powell, at the same instant the timelines suggest he was stabbing him in the back on the TRRA Facebook page as some sort of foreign agent, leading a Chinese and/or other Asian takeover of Townsville’s northern beaches. At the time of the Bluewater Airport’s amateur theatrics approach to Qantas (talk about feasible idea gone wrong) The ‘Pie had meetings with Newey, academic waffler Cameron Richards and real estate spiv Mark Dunsworth, an unpleasant little urger who was clearly manipulating Newey’s flow of FB tripe. Dunsworth was at the time of these meetings Powell’s business partner, but he insisted to The ‘Pie that Powell wasn’t to be trusted, although, despite repeated questions, he wouldn’t  say why. However, The ‘Pie has since learnt that apparently, Powell wasn’t keen on the way the bid was being approached, or with allied plans to make the airport an export hub for fresh produce to Asian markets. It became clear that what Dunsworth himself was angling for was to corner the rights of sale to properties around the airport site. They would be highly marketable if Qantas came to town. This is possibly one reason why Dunsworth, who saw that Newey was panting for relevance and was easily manipulated,  was keen to be a cheer leader for Newey’s defamatory attacks on Bluewater Real Estate’s David Wadley, in relation to other matters.   Soon after these meetings with The ‘Pie, the completely botched Bluewater bid to Qantas fell in a predictable heap, and Dunsworth severed ties with Powell, and although not confirmed, has now also had a falling out with Newey.

Then there is the matter of the Seafarms Group, which our Pete says is a front for corrupt Chinese/Asian money. The company, founded by a West Australian entrepreneur and company chairman Ian Trahar, recently initiated Project Sea Dragon, a large scale, integrated land-based prawn aquaculture project in northern Australia to produce high-quality, year-round volumes for export markets. (And incidentally, lots of jobs.)   Seeking a partner with extensive international, marketing, distribution and logistics expertise, last year, Seafarms entered into a $24.99 million equity agreement with Japanese seafood giant Nissui, which holds 14.99% of Seafarm stock. That makes Nissui the largest shareholder but far from a controlling interest. The ‘Pie was unable to find any evidence that Pete’s favourite targets, the Asian based RH Group, and the Chinese construction conglomerate CCCC, who are involved in the Bluewater equestrian venture, hold any stock in Seafarms, or that it is in any way involved with the company. But Seafarms has noted Newey’s attacks, and if he attracted enough attention to affect their share price, they could bring a criminal action against TRRA. And all those who are members, or are further disseminating Poisonous Pete’s lunar inspired droolings could also be financially/criminally liable. So one wonders if, like any other unincorporated association, Pete will make available a register of members, which associations are mean t to keep, a copy of meeting notices and minutes, a list of office holders, and last but not least, a list of those on his supposed advisory group that advises him on content.  Or if forced to by authorities, if he even could.

There’s lots of other reliable information supplied to The Nest, but it seems pointless to go on further. Suffice to say, when it comes to the charge of hypocrisy that Peter Newey is so fond of hurling at others, perhaps he should read his own ‘constitution he had to quickly cobble together when challenged to do so earlier in the week, and maybe recognise the absurdity of it all and laugh along with us, poor old coot.

CODE OF CONDUCT. TRRA Facebook Posts are considered extensions of TRRA meetings where the same code of conduct applies. Members should not abuse others, use obscene or derogatory language, nor make defamatory untruths or mere gossip which can’t be sufficiently supported or verified. Failure to observe these standards may result in temporary or even permanent expulsion from the Association and its Facebook page (as well as offending comments from TRRA Posts). Each individual member is legally responsible for their own comments and behaviour in TRRA forums.

Enough Of All That, Some Good News And A Few Laughs


The good local news is that Ming’s Dynasty Seafood restaurant in Flinders Street is open again, after a fire forced it’s closure for a couple months. Best Chinese tucker in NQ. And no, this isn’t a paid ad, it just happens to have been The ‘Pie’s favourite nosebaggery for the past 30 years.

From Brisbane, according to the Courier Mail, those damned perverts will do anything for a touch up.

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 6.08.33 pm

Is this lady angling to be our next Mayor?

Deborah Gibson

Deborah Gibson

Deb Gibson, last heard from out Pinnacles way., makes regular appearances in the letters to ed column of the Astonisher, always on politics with a touch of the Andrew Bolt’s about her, mostly reasonable if arguable, and has at various times confessed to approve of both Katter and Jenny Hill. Not sure how that squares up, but at least she looks like she’d be a fun mayor.

From Pommyland, this was noted by The ‘Pie.

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 12.58.31 pm

And if Boycott at the crease made a snail look like Usuain Bolt, seems one Boris ‘Bojo’ Johnson is going a tad too quick for some.

Brexit bomb 139_229475 225_229482

271_229609Also during the week, received a small collection of signs from the USA. We’ll start with one that we would advise our local legal mates not to adopt.

DLjmPqJW4AAOdpP funny-billboards-15 funny-billboards-4 billboards-8 Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 5.30.49 pm Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 12.17.36 am funny-billboard-replacement-2-e1522158836201

And The Week In Trumpsylvania.

We’ll start with the most appropriate one for all the world nowadays …


cjones09162019 sbr090619dapr 139_229473 20190904edptc-a73_229582 73_229647 lk090619dapr 139_229665 tt190913 mrz091219dapr

And Finally, Concorde Flies Again … Compact Economy Size.

Someone had a lot of time (and money) on his skilled hands. Three years to be exact.

 Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 12.03.41 am

For the tech heads:

Technical data:  Scale 1/6  Span: 4 m (13 ft.)  Lenght: 10 m (33 ft.)  Height: 1.85 m (6.1 ft.)  Weight: 149 Kg (328.5 pounds)  Turbine: 4x JetCat P300 Pro  Fuel Tanks Capacity: 4×6 liters (5.8 Gallons)  Gears: Pneumatic  Radio: PowerBox CORE  Receiver: PowerBox PBR-26D  Servos: 18x HACKER TD2612S  Air Tank: 30 liters  The fuselage and wings is made of carbon fibre sandwich.  Kit: Self made  1 year computer construction planning  2 years of building   Airport: Mühldorf am Inn, Bavaria, Germany.


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  1. Hercule Poirot says:

    For those that may be interested Alan Joyce Qantas CEO & recently appointed Paul Scurrah Virgin Australian Group CEO will Jointly be addressing The National Press Club at 1230 on Wednesday 18th Sept. Topic is ” The Great Australian Monopoly : Where Nobody Wins But The Airports” Generally Televised Live on the ABC . Will Townsville Airport rate a mention ?

    • The Magpie says:

      Well spotted. If The ‘Pie misses it, please send in a summary.

      • Alan Middleton says:

        I cannot understand why the Magpie and others continue to deride the Bluewater Airport and our ‘let’s have a go at building something in Townsville’ attempts. At least we (the current family and locally-based owners of Bluewater Airport) realise the once-only opportunity that exists in the valuable community asset that is Bluewater Airport. Would you, Magpie, have us not at least try and get the QANTAS flight school to Townsville? We tried our best as a group of five local and true Australian-battler and farming families with very little financial ability and no government support. What have you done lately, Mr Magpie, to justify ridiculing our best attempts that you did not lift a finger to support? Do you really think an aviation training hub of any economically sustainable size could be run only out of the Townsville Airport? We believe Bluewater Airport is Townsville’s only real contender for the non-passenger aviation industry to thrive within the Townsville region. In the good old not-so-long-ago days, Newey and Dunworth et.al. cooperated with Powell et.al to attempt to bring this reality to life. But now there is such an in-fight amongst those who would call themselves commentators within Townsville that they are missing the bigger picture: to come together as a community to realise the several grand economic opportunities that exist for Townsville and the Queensland north. These opportunities are focused upon aquaculture, freight logistics and the Equestrian Resort. Lose one and you lose the lot by way of a general capital strike against Townsville. Each of these projects is supported by very smart money and if one group stops, the others are smart enough to wonder why. This concept of a capital strike has been an observable phenomenon in Townsville for the last three years. As one example, Bluewater Airport has been subject to endless unfounded and, frankly, obviously ridiculous claims, as have many of the other great opportunities that are currently present. Who would invest in a dysfunctional social, bureaucratic and political climate anywhere in the world and if you, Magpie, believe such an environment exists in Townsville, then what are you and the other commentators doing to constructively fix it? I must also emphasise that the xenophobic commentary emanating from too many Townsville community publication and social media outlets is both sickening and frightening. How would any of us feel if we were of overseas descent and your children were visiting Townsville reading the diatribe currently being published? Grow up Townsville commentators, please. Else, you are all fighting to race each other to the bottom and you are bringing Townsville with you.

        • The Magpie says:

          Alan, your opening sentence is completely incorrect, at least as it pertains to The Magpie. In the past, this blog has championed the idea of the airport as an export hub for fresh produce and the like to Asia. Other disagreed, but mainly on the geographic and topographical features they said would limit the airports operation. Let’s not be diverted by the argument, which was a few years ago now. So just to be clear, The Magpie’s criticism was purely about the less than professional bid for the Qantas Academy. And frankly, Alan, in reference to what you seem to regard as The ‘Pie’s lack of advocating a ‘constructive’ fix to the dismal political climate around here, what the dickens do you think this blog is all about? … part of the ‘fix’ is to expose the self-interested spiteful political game playing, because the main community media organ, the Townsville Bulletin, does not, being in the thrall of those self-interests … indeed, they are one of them, which has hobbled them in serving this community as a paper should and being proper journalist-guardians of the public interest. (Admittedly, of late there have been some green shoots of hope in that area.)

          As regards the ‘sickening xenophobia’ you speak of, Peter Newey is a major and vicious exponent, and while he doesn’t have the credibility to do much damage outside Townsville, you might like to consider that he and people like the Dunsworth spiv and to a lesser degree Richards are the ones that have both damaged, hindered and been of great disservice to your genuinely worthy aspirations.
          In all my research, discussions and dealings on this issue, I have not heard one disparaging word about you and what you would like to see happen. But to suggest that I, as a independent journalist/commentator should have supported a Qantas bid that was so woefully lacking in expertise and professionalism is a silly accusation, the sort bullying that the Bulletin specialises in … not to mention our totally inept and self-interested scheming mayor. Good bloke that everyone says you are (even although I’m told you live in Melbourne), suggesting I am less for this community because I didn’t agree with you is an attitude that does not inspire confidence in any future business moves you may make, no matter what their merit.

        • T.MistIFID says:

          A shame you aren’t voicing these comments on the site I won’t name anymore that seems to be doing the defaming and racist prejudice against such projects you talk about i’ve never seen any such vomit here on the Magpie. Things will only change if the Townsville community stop letting these people have a stage and thinking this stuff is ok to voice in our name, even if they don’t believe it. Delete, unlike defriend and unfollow like I said last week.

        • Mike Douglas says:

          Alan Middleton, I have been involved in multi million $ projects in Townsville for over 20 years and havnt heard of yourself or the Bluewater airport pitch for the Qantas training academy . Can you fill in a few gaps i.e. who worked on the pitch to Qantas ? Finance secured ? Media on your pitch , links details and industry groups you spoke with and outcome . Support for your pitch local / State Government . There are billions of projects currently being funded by Government and private enterprise in the Townsville region so are you suggesting your pitch was better than the successful Mackay and Toowoomba pitches ?.

        • Touchy says:

          no need to be so touchy, Alan. The fact that some spivs undermined your opportunity should be taken as a lesson learned. The world’s not out to get you, even though the conspiracy theorists love to create a siege mentality. So long as the lesson’s learned. And that means being man enough to accept that you you let a few flea-ridden dogs into your project and showing that you’ve gotten rid of them.

    • Rainbow Airways says:

      Maybe they will jointly address their obsessive need to promote their airlines as being LGBQT compliant? Rainbow flags on planes, diversity speeches, emails and campaigns internally at the airlines. It never ends. The incessant push of gay rights has blown out of proportion and consumes everything that people do these days.

    • Genitalia Hill says:

      Gill and the Mullet are an embarrassment. Trying to muscle the Red Rat into paying $50m worth of terminal upgrades. No wonder the airlines hate airports so much. Gotta give Gill credit for trying. As for Hill’s
      Reply to the Rat and trying to push them into paying for the upgrades, what a fool.
      It was never going to work. Shows how out of touch and incompetent she is.

      • The Magpie says:

        Under normal circumstances, perhaps Gill could be viewed simply as an executive trying to pull a albeit legal swifty on the travelling public, but it is far from normal circumstances when this insidious goose is the board chairman of what is amusingly called ‘our peak tourism and investment body, Townsville Enterprise’, charged with inter alia making Townsville and attractive and affordable destination.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          That is the key point Pie, Gill isn’t the only incompetent dickhead running a business in this town, no shortage of those, but the airport and its connections are a key piece of the puzzle in offering Townsville as a viable place for people to live and work, and second as you point out he is also the chair of our ever failing TEL, the guy just seems determined to screw the people of this town on multiple levels, thank Christ he is not on the board of the Cowboys.

  2. Insider says:

    Magpie, too much red wine before posting your intro headline?? “Mayor Mullet’s” WHAT?

    • The Magpie says:

      Thanks, and please note the amendment at the top of the blog. And no, don’t like red wine. But will confess to a light beer in dashes over to the telly to catch snatches of footy and cricket.

  3. TRRA La La says:

    Oh what a twisted web is weaved when some folk try to deceive. Newey hides behind the association name. Now in a rush and under pressure he says it’s an unincorporated association. He hides behind a supposed committee of advisors and informants for his rantings. Looks like Dunsworth and Richards are the committee. The lack of incorporation leaves them all swinging in the breeze. Or will they now disavow their association with Newy? Neweys words are their words, and those of all the other members of the association. Are all these people really members? If they are, they’re all legally exposed courtesy of neweys admission that the association is unincorporated. If they’re not, they’d better make it clear that they’re not.

    • The Magpie says:

      Loved Poisonous Pete’s claim of ‘tens of thousands’ of hits on his site in recent times. Eat your heart out, Astonisher.

      • Arthur Itis says:

        Pie, they are repeated hits by those looking for the latest bit of scandal. It’s like a soap opera addiction, only trouble is they are watching a NQ version of “Groundhog Day”.
        Or maybe it’s False New(s)ey himself hitting the update button.

        • The Magpie says:

          Hey, don’t knock it, works for The Magpie heh heh heh.

          • Arthur Itis says:

            What, Groundhog day? :-)

          • Arthur Itis says:

            Oops more TRRASH diatribe now online.
            Alan, in case you are not aware, this all started out a few years back as a dispute between Cameron Richards and David Wadley over a fire at Olera Ck. It has since esculated into a vendetta by Richards with the willing assistance of Newey to incorporate anyone who has the slightest or even perceived association with Wadley or anything he is involved in. Realistically your project was buggered from the get go, you were merely a tool to be used….others need to take note. Stay well away from that TRRASH.

  4. Le petit fromage says:

    It seems as if our Mayor has hit a bad patch. Does anyone know if a credible opponent will step forward any time soon?

  5. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Deb Gibson a fun Mayor? That would be one way to describe it, she would never be boring that’s for sure.

  6. Shock Horror says:

    Now we know why Bluewater’s bid for a Qantas training facility went down the proverbial. Dunnysworth is above his pay grade here, that much is obvious. He’s just a real estate shill. Newey and Richards are just toxic for any project. I wonder how much their antics has set back the Bluewater airport? Want to get something done, stay clear of the asylum and the lunatics.

    • The Magpie says:

      The Magpie recognises with all due regret to giving oxygen to this issue, but felt it necessary for the record. There will of course be a lot of fanciful slime forthcoming from Poisonous Pete, but since just about everybody knows the probative value of that, this blog will try to let matters rest.

    • Mike Douglas says:

      Peter Newey states TRRA are a member of transparency international but transparency about who is behind TRRA and how they can make statements like “ we at TRRA know all about the local economy , Queensland , World “ and we have tens of thousands of followers when a simple look at likes , comments , shares you wouldn’t get 50 followers . 50 followers doesn’t represent the views of a city of 190,000 and TRRA are “ deceptive and misleading “ by not disclosing who are the “ we at TRRA “, an Association ? Minutes of Meetings ? Election of “ we at TRRA “ . Whilst Mr Newey seems to have high standards about exposing people who have simply been tagged on emails as possibly corrupt but have any of TRRA,s conspiracy claims been proven .You know the definition of posting the same conspiracies over and over again expecting a different result ? .

      • Country Lawyer says:

        TRRA isn’t an association in any meaningful sense of the word. It’s certainly not a registered incorporated association in QLD.

        Newey claims it’s an unincorporated association. That’s bad news for its members, if in fact it has any. Being unincorporated means members are personally liable for what the association gets up to. And Pete continues to rant “in the name of”, defames all and sundry, engages in incitement and online bullying.

        So if his defence is a lack of assets, that’s no defence for those who are members but with assets. By his claims, if you’ve liked his FB at some time or another, he’s counting you as a member. If you’re still linked to his FB site and have assets you’d rather keep away from defamation litigants, I’d suggest unliking and dissociating as quickly as possible.

        • Arthur Itis says:

          C.L. – and where do reckon you would find such a list of members? This bloke is nothing but a cyberbully backed by a couple of cowards hiding behind anonymity.
          A more fitting acronym would be TRRASH = TRRA Storytellers & Humbuggers, or spin & humbuggery, or my personal favourite – Sh….House(s).

          • Country Lawyer says:

            You’d be lucky to find a properly maintained register of members, although it is interesting to note that in the Newey website under the section TRRA Constitution the following is made clear: “those who choose to become a ‘follower’ of TRRA’s Facebook Page are also deemed to have elected to become a member of the Association”. If and when libel action is initiated against the Association one can rest assured that a Court order will be sought for the list of ‘followers’ so that they can all individually be joined in the action.

  7. Critical says:

    If a Cairns community on-line news blog publish a categorised list of major construction projects together, then why can’t TEL or the Astonisher so that the Townsville community knows what projects are happening, what projects are about to happen and what projects are still dreams etc.


    • The Magpie says:

      Well, in fairness, the Astonisher has done a couple of recent write-ups along these lines, but there are a couple of major problems here … the Bulletin stories are all over the place like gecko shit, don’t helpfully group the projects under those sensible headings of ‘Just Commenced’ , ‘Starting Soon’, ‘Ones To Watch’ and the brutally honest ‘Who Knows?’. The other problem … and The ‘Pie is serious and not being snide when he says this, no one trusts the Bulletin in this area one iota. It’s all could, maybes, and potentially, and all slanted bullshit to appease advertisers and the local power elite.

  8. Achilles says:

    “Boris Johnson walks his dog in his undies” maybe a comma would clarify or is this a euphemism for something more interesting?


  9. The Magpie says:

    It’s been a long time between drinks to see this sort of form, but

    And The ‘Pie has a vision of the start of the 2020 season … Seabold has been sacked, and on the first day of pre-season, the new coach makes it clear there will be some changes … and to sort things out, he asks the squad to take up their usual positions on the field, and the whole team goes and stands behind the goal posts.

  10. Dutch Reverend says:

    Hey !! Where’s Muss Lou gone? I Notice she has been around since Beckett left town. Maybe Beckett was taking the piss at your expense Pie ?

  11. The Magpie says:

    Who wouldn’t be alarmed to see a man armed with a samurai …. man? Would’ve been easy to catch, carrying home a mate who’d had too much sake.

  12. The Magpie says:

    Alerting all lesbian labradors.

    And then there was this, which unfortunately, some people took seriously.


    and reply …

  13. The Magpie says:

    This is the outcome of raising a generation in cotton wool who got a medal for just turning up. All the valuable lessons that losing can teach a young person suddenly collide with the real world down the track and we get this.

    The answer for the players is improve, take a lesson from your darkest moment and overcome it (cf Steve Smith), try harder, (maybe find a team with a good coach) … you can count on a constructive and restrained media to help you in your quest. But if you can’t do that, give it away, go and play golf … umm, hang on a sec, no, don’t do that, when that putt lips out on the 18th, the impulse to top yourself might be overwhelming.

  14. Le petit fromage says:

    Rumour has it that some members of the TCC management group fancy themselves as amateur plumbers. A few of them have allegedly been trying to fix some of the leakier sections of the organisation.

  15. The Magpie says:

    So what else don’t we know … what the hell is this, anybody?

    Adani Mining Pty Ltd v Office of the Information Commissioner, Townsville City Council, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
    Justice Daubney
    Court 14
    Floor 5 10:00 AM

      • The Magpie says:

        Genius, DN, it has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT. All this is news to me, and clearly to those super sleuth investigative journalists we hear about at the Bulletin.
        It’s a long document, but as a taster only, read from 130 to 150, and the at the end the decision being appealed, which is presumably Adani trying to prevent the others complying with the order directing the council to make the Adani airstrip deal public. This is going to REALLY interesting.

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          Well done. I look forward to a running brief on this one.

          With time and the dry weather, the dead cat odour eminating from the Mullet and her18.5 ratepayer dollars for ‘that’ airfield was starting to fade.

          Hopefully this matter will revive the odour of dead cat eminating from the Mullet and that it remains to the council elections.

          Will be interesting to see how the Assonisher tries to bury this story.

          “Happy days are here again”

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Indeed, what is most interesting is that RRC don’t have an objection, but TCC do, can’t wait to find out why.

        • Ouch, gotta hurt says:

          Well, well, welll. Won’t it be interesting to see what the ownership structure was meant to look like and then contrast it to the various, periodically changing, claims made as attempts were made to defend the indefensible.

          • Memory Man says:

            The immediate questions are obvious:

            1. What did the Terms Sheet say about ownership, and how does this marry up with the moving feast of public misinformation and evasion last year?
            2. How much was spent on submissions to keep the Terms Sheet under lock and key?
            3. How will the local media cover the story once the Terms Sheet is revealed?
            4. Why was the matter (appeal to the OIC) not covered until now?

            This is a sad, sad episode, no doubt.

  16. Ducks Nuts says:

    If you look at the timeline at the end, Adele Young finally buggered off at the end of November 2018. That’s about when TCC stopped obstructing the RTI and the OIC. Coincidence? I think not

  17. Genitalia Hill says:

    The plot thickens. Such a tangled web. Secretive contracts with Manpower studs, CEO departures, Council obsfucation, court action and closed door meetings. Dear oh dear. Of course the CCC is a season t, nothing to see here, move along.

    • The Real Phillip Batty says:

      I just read the whole court document regarding the Adani airport FOI decision.

      My God, some of the stuff in there!! I have to commend the Right To Information Commissioner Louisa Lynch, what a document and summation.

      I think this is coming out and we will know the facts.

      I wonder how much TCC has spent on legals so far trying to fight this release, there has been at least 4 submissions from TCC trying to fight this.

      Maybe I will ask them that one at some stage too.

      What a fucking document.

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie notes that the Batty comment comes from a man who spent two years and money trying to get the spinning filth of story straightened out, only it seemed, to be stiff-armed by a lumbering bureaucracy. Now, there seems to have been some beneficial effect of his dogged pursuit of this disgraceful episode, about which the paper – which, we are so tediously told, is all for us – has not said ONE SINGLE WORD. The Bulletin is going to look even more morally destitute if this leads, as it may well do, to sanctions against the TCC and of course, our mayor.

        • Lord Howard Hertz says:

          Indeed, well done, Phillip Batty. And the key point you make in your comment is the question of how much of ratepayers money has been spent on keeping ratepayers from knowing what was happening to their money. Those costs must be revealed no matter what the outcome of the court challenge. Seriously, things have to change.

          • Philip Batty says:

            I made two separate RFI applications both of which were denied, both of which I referred to the OIC and again denied or redacted beyond any use. I do not have the clout and legal recourse the ABC have (interestingly they lodged their original application after my interviews with 7:30 report on ABC) and good on them for keeping going with this. If they fight so hard to refuse the release I wonder what we will find eventually. I took this quote from the OIC report for the directions hearing today….
            “A document describing the mechanics by which two local councils propose to contribute public funding toward the construction of an airstrip, such facility to be used, and ultimately owned, by private entities, in an area outside of each contributing council’s local government area, and in the expectation benefits will flow to the community governed by each, is in my view information squarely about the affairs of government, ie, TCC and RRC. ”

            This to me is a clear indication of what we have all been concerned about.

            Better get the feed bags out as the chickens may be coming home to roost

  18. The Magpie says:

    QUICK, BETTER HURRY, FOLKS … only about 6000 to go before the ‘big prize’ (ha!) goes off.

  19. Critical says:

    Not the only community unhappy with its Mayor and Council. Anyone putting up their hand to print a few thousand “Unhappy Jenny” stickers but maybe add “and Team Hill” to get rid of the lot of them.


    • The Magpie says:

      Key quote:
      “Daintree resident Chris Beckwith is a member of a concerned group behind the creation of the ‘Not Happy Julia’ stickers, who are unhappy with the lack of Council’s community consultation and transparency – the core principles of Local Government”.

      • Critical says:

        Uhmm, maybe a typo and you meant Not Happy Julia stickers or were you salivating at the thought of thousands of Not Happy Jenny stickers plastered on cars etc around Townsville.

  20. Tuesday says:

    According to media reports today, the highest paid CEO in Australia is Alan Joyce of QANTAS with an eye watering annual salary of $23.88 million last financial year.

    This is about 275 times the average annual salary in Australia.

    Not sure what makes Mr Joyce worth that much personally. As far as I’m concerned no-one is worth $65,000 per day, seven days per week.

    Wonder if he gets a staff discount on air travel?

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Yes, and meanwhile here in Townsville we are subjected more and more often to being dumped into those shitbox all economy class 717’s that Qantas want to stick on the TSV-BNE route, so fuck him, I have started booking a few trips on Virgin. His salary is is way out of proportion to the profit generated and when compared to the CEO salaries of the banks for example, who generate 10 times more profit it is hard to justify his salary.

      • First Officer Joyce says:

        You think the 717 is bad? Try the shitbox Dash 8 out of Roma, Emerald, Longreach. Small seats, expensive fares, always late, always breaking down. Plus add an extra half hour to the trip for the planes parking a mile away from the Brisbane terminal and your having to walk or get bussed to the terminal. Same applies when you depart. A nickel and dime service run by a Mincer who is one of the most useless, overpaid and hated people in this country.
        Fuck him, I’m flying with the opposition from now on.

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          That’ll learn ya for wanting to go to places like Roma, Emerald and Longreach. Real travellers don’t fly there they drive. In 4WDs.

        • No More Dredging says:

          First Officer Joyce (surname Tick?), if you’ve had enough of Qantas and you’re going over to Virgin because the CEO is paid a tenth of Alan’s salary, and noting your homophobic bigotry, keep in mind that Virgin is more or less completely foreign owned:

          “Virgin’s share registry is dominated by major investors Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways, and Chinese groups HNA and Nanshan, which each own about 20 per cent of its shares, while Richard Branson’s Virgin Group owns another 10 per cent.”

          Qantas is limited by law to no more than 49% foreign ownership.

          • The Magpie says:

            Joyce Tick – luv it!!!

            But not sure what point you’re making here, Dredger, such a move by FO Joyce would be consistent with his views, since all those companies are controlled by states that share his views in homophobic views, up to and including chucking gays off rather tall buildings.

          • Parson Blossomnose says:

            Another version of airy-fairy?

      • Guy says:

        I don’t understand the whole complaint about QANTAS, I had a very reasonable seat as rear gunner recently.

    • Cappuccino in hand says:

      Qantas is one of the only airlines on this entire planet making a profit not propped up by an oil rich country or the UN. As a CEO, he has performed brilliantly. And he has never shirked the big issues to get our flagship carrier into top shape. Compared to the basket case banks that make a profit regardless of ceo performance he’s a megastar. And he obviously negotiates his own contract very well.

      As a shareholder (against the advice of Warren Buffet who says airlines start A’s basket cases and fall from there) I’m a fan!

      • The Magpie says:

        An so is The ‘Pie after hearing his compelling arguments today about how airports everywhere in this country are contributing to high air fares …. one telling point Joyce made: “Austrlia has five of the most profitable airports in the world, but not one of those airports are listed in the top twenty best airports in the world.’ Our business sector has a massive capacity to be rapacious. Oh, hi, Kevvy, luvvie, how are your bosses down in the Goldie going?

      • First Officer Joyce says:

        Buffet is right. Airlines are a crap investment. The figures are smoke and mirrors and Joyce (Tick) miraculous turnaround of International profits after grounding the airline is just another party trick. Oil is up over 15% after the Saudi drone attack and a war breaks out, which the Yanks have been trying to start for over a year now, then look out $100 per barrel. That will cause the worlds economy to tank. As for the airlines, well bye bye Qantas supposed big profits, and as for Virgin Australia, well bye bye completely. They are a basket case already and haven’t turned a profit in 7 years. It only takes one war or one act of terrorism to destroy an airline. As for Kevvy in Townsville and Maid Marion and her friends on the Gold Coast, they must be squirming watching Joyce tear the airports a new one. But does it make any difference – airlines and airports are all capitalist greedy pigs willing to do anything to turn a profit so that their masters can earn a bonus.

  21. Frequent flyer says:

    Love the Astonisher’s description of the prize for their 10,000th subscriber. Apparently 3 nights at the casino and a photo of a losing rugby league team is “epic”. On that basis the Mullet’s handling of the dam during the flood, and the Cowboys performance this year are both “epic”. The Astonisher used to have a duck race where the prize was to live free for a year. What happened to that? Did the ducks fly the coop?

    • The Magpie says:

      No the bloke who thought up thee wildly popular promotion, Doug Kingston retired, and one presumes he now raises the ducks for private fun and profit. (Oh, The ‘Pie does quack himnself up occasionally).

  22. Wednesday says:

    Labor is really on the nose.

    In Brisbane, former Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale has been committed to stand trial on almost 20 charges including sexual assault, fraud and corruption.

    In NSW, Kaila Murnain has been stood down as ALP general secretary after she revealed that she had learned of illegal donations from Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo in September 2016, but claims she was told by the party’s lawyer to stay quiet.

    In QLD, we have a Deputy Premier who half of the population thinks should be stripped of her role, due to her husband’s real estate dealings.

    Obviously, Labor has a problem with culture. The “whatever it takes” ethos is well entrenched.

  23. Dave of Kelso says:

    Any news on that court case yesterday, or alternatively, a web site that we can monitor for ourselves?

  24. Tom Darlington says:

    Cannot believe the Bulletin response to Kirwan High football success.

    To devote several pages over a week or more indicates a lack of suitable local news!

    Our city is currently in big trouble. Issues like employment, power costs, insurance costs, eco-terrorism etc.should be front and centre. Interviews of those organisations who make the news for all the wrong reasons never make the paper

    Well done Bears!

  25. Thursday says:

    Defence has announced plans to give all existing defence bases a “second” aboriginal name. The second name will reflect the traditional ownership of the site.

    Sounds like political correctness or should I say political crap.
    For a start, I don’t think Defence should mess with the name of Gallipoli Barracks in Brisbane. I think it would be extremely disrespectful to the memory of those that died in that campaign.

    What’s next? Perhaps a second name for other sites or places. Perhaps a second name for Australia itself. We could back that up with a second flag (oh, wait we already have three flags). Perhaps a second parliament (oh, wait that might be already on the way). Perhaps an aboriginal name for Parliament House. There must be a local word for “place where dung is piled”.

    • Kingswood says:

      We have 4. In all seriousness the rainbow flag has been added to a lot of state government welcome desks including the state library in Brisbane, have seen it myself

    • No More Dredging says:

      Yeah, Thursday, by your logic renaming Ayers Rock to Uluru disrespects the poor bludgers who died while they were climbing the thing?

      • The Magpie says:

        That comment is simply the most asinine and thoughtless words you have posted here, Dredger. Have you never heard of the danger of false equivalence?

      • Guy says:

        Operation “close down australia” continues

        Ayers rock is as it turns out just one of a multitude of popular places that are ear marked for being closed down for cultural reasons.

        Britain has a billion dollar tourist industry because they have opened most if not all interesting or scenic places.

        As for Australia they close things down in the name of culture or “safety”.

      • Grumpy says:

        Fuck me, Dredges – how did that one get past Brisbane?

    • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

      The Gallipoli diggers will still be acknowledged in that one instance by the fact that it retains its current name. The dual-naming is a nice way to also recognise the traditional owners who were extremely disrespected and died in the original act of dispossession of their land.

      A second name from Australia is unlikely because of the large number of Indigenous languages, but a better name for our tautological city would be an improvement. Cutheringa has always had a nice ring to it.

      • The Magpie says:

        Christ, spare me.

        • Sam1 says:

          Don’t be hard on him after all it is Steve from Belgian Gardens who is an expert on everything.

          • Alahazbin says:

            He can go over to the State School where the P&C have opened up a coffee shop and teach all the kiddies with his ‘one eyed’ opinion.

          • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

            Alahazbin, I’m very open minded, unfortunately few people are able to put together a logical argument.

      • A digger says:

        Fuck me, and we fought for you?

      • The light brigade says:

        Your identification of the Gallipoli diggers as a single instance in the history of this country is telling, somewhat telling of your ignorance of the importance of their sacrifice in the making of this country. The development of Australia to the state it is in today is the result of the sacrifice of many people’s, black and white.

        • Guy says:

          The problem with cultural Marxism is that it pulls down it’s pants and takes a big dump on everything that makes society cohesive.

          Why stop at renaming the army bases when they could make me a general ??

          • The Magpie says:

            Deep, Guy, deep.

          • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

            I’d suggest that reflexively resisting even the simplest effort to recognise the first Australians is worse for social cohesion than whatever you think the Cultural Marxist bogeypersons in your head are conspiring to do.

        • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

          If you read again you’ll see that the instance refers to the barracks. I was responding to Thursday’s thoughts on how terrible it would be if people started referring to Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera by an Indigenous and a non-Indigenous name.

          • Guy says:

            People are getting tired of the constant revising of history and in practical terms basic functioning of society? Can’t we all just try to get on with each other and focus on real problems rather than in most cases imaginary “problems”.

          • The Magpie says:

            The imagination of human nature is not imaginary.

          • Grumpy says:

            Fun Fact…Begian Gardens is now home to our very own Virtue Signalling, Latte Drinking, Armchair Socialist, Inner City, Sanctimonious Tossers

          • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

            Sometimes history needs to be revised. It’s written by the victors, as the saying goes, and we want to have a relationship with the first Australians that’s better than conquerors and subjects. That means recognising the reality of history and not calling for things to be frozen as they are while we’re in the catbird seat.

            If the issue is imaginary, why fight it? It’s a nice gesture that will have no impact on you whatsoever, but will mean a lot to Indigenous Australians, especially those serving, I imagine.

          • The Magpie says:

            ‘History needs to be revised’? Where have we heard that before?

            Have a little think before you start spouting that sort of loaded gibberish, Steve … this reasonable renaming isn’t revision, it’s recognition, an addition, and not a deletion which is implicit in the term “revising history’. A search for unvarnished truth is a very different matter and wholly laudable, but is often hijacked by narrow and detrimental interests.

            Watch your language, mate.

          • No More Dredging says:

            Belgian Gardens is a re-naming of German Gardens. Talk about re-writing history.

  26. Linda Ashton says:


    Today I sent an email to council, state and federal representative. It’s self explanatory.

    Dear Representatives

    Congratulations and thank you again for securing additional funding to enable the pipelines from Clare to be installed as a concurrent project.

    There have been no recent media releases from the state, federal or local governments about the welcome decision to fund the concurrent pipeline build from Clare.

    Residents assume the original plan to complete stage 1 with state grant money by March 2020 is to be superseded by this decision. We would appreciate an update about the intergovernmental collaboration now in place to ensure the concurrent build happens as promised. Please advise:

    1. What has been happening since the business case was overturned which led to the federal government approving stage 2 funding?

    2. Who’s in charge now of coordinating and delivering the concurrent project and what strategies have been put in place for the interface between the two different funding sources for the longer pipeline?

    3. Please summarise for rate and tax payers any deliberations about the new design and confirm that the route will bypass the Haughton Channel. More specifically, are the new proposed pump station, pumps and substation now excluded at the Haughton end?

    4. What are the revised dates for commencement and completion?

    5. What progress has been made on stage 1?

    6. How do the three levels of government intend keeping stakeholders informed about the revised plan and progress for achieving Townsville’s new water security infrastructure?


    Linda Ashton

  27. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Jenny Hill will be starting to visit the nest soon to get some more kinder comments than those she is receiving at the Astonishers Facebook today, absolutely giving it to her and her useless council about the waterwise contract debacle, can you feel the love Jenny?

    • Genitalia Hill says:

      I’m here Cantankerous! Yes, I’m looking for a kinder audience, the punters on FaecesBook are being very unkind. I am the Mayor, I deserve respect, admiration and acknowledgement instead of being exposed and outed for who I really am. People are even poking fun at my 1980’s hairstyle!! Please give me a safe nest to hide in. X

  28. Frequent flyer says:

    Noticed the Channel 7 so called “local news” has AGAIN completely ignored the Mullet/Jamie Durie scandal. Either the news editor is deaf, dumb and blind, or Ch 7 is more interested in getting a bigger share of the Mullet’s election campaign advertising spend than informing viewers about what’s going on in Townsville.
    Strewth they even ran a story about the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers (how local is that?) in preference to exposing the Mullet/Durie/AEC affair.
    The Astonisher appears to have finally realised that if you keep reporting bullshit and protecting the mayor you’ll lose total credibility (and readers). Ch 7 (slogan – “there’s news that needs reporting”) is next to lose total relevance.
    Take my tip and instead of tuning in to the waffle on Ch7, try WIN Local News for a change. They at least are reporting local news ( that needs reporting)

  29. Mike Douglas says:

    Frequent Flyer and Cantankerous, a true reflection on the culture that the Mullet has installed in Council is during the floods when residents and businesses could have been at their lowest T.C.C. is working on disaster spin and instead of using local P.R./Ad agencies T.C.C . spent $163,000 on Rowlands Communication Company based in Brisbane who flew to Townsville 4 times to assist with spin . The Jamie Durie $400k now $800k thru AEC is simply a sign of the arrogance of the Mullet who , if she was worried about facebook comments it certainly isnt reflected . As it appears we may not have a decent candidate to run for Mayor so is there any likelihood a change in Councillor base may at least make the Mullet more accountable so activities are challenged and not rubber stamped and surely our current Councillors are also complicit to the activities at T.C.C. ? .

    • The Magpie says:

      Don’t be too quick to fall for the Townsville Bulletin spin that no one will oppose the mayor, that’s one of the more cunning ploys the Mullet’s spinners have managed to pull off. As every different piece of deliberate bastardy and secret culture is dragged into the light, a viable candidate is more and more likely to emerge. Where are you when we need you, Gary Eddiehausen?

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Amazing to think that no one could want a $300k a year job of Mayor, but then again if you look at the USA it seems no one wants to be POTUS either and the Donald will win the next one also. I sincerely hope someone like Gary steps up and has a tilt at Mayor, we need good people like him back involved in this town if we are ever to turn things around.

  30. Friday says:

    It is good to see that TCC’s attempt to use disaster funding to pay for a Brisbane based media company has come to the attention of the Federal Minister, David Littleproud.

    When coupled with the reported blow out of the “water smart” package from $241,100 to $831,814, it is overwhelming evidence that this Council is absolutely inept.

    It is well and truly time to appoint administrators. Let’s see how the Mayor and Premier spin their way out of that course of action.

    • The Magpie says:

      Put that together with the ‘story that must not be mentioned in the Bulletin’ about the mayor’s four attempts toreverse an official decision that all details of the now defunct Adani airstrip agreement be made public, and our dear Mullet seems to have created the perfect storm for herself … shit storm that is. The Adani airstrip cover-up will be front and centre pf tomorrow’s Magpie’s Nest.

    • The Magpie says:

      Gotta give the council aka Mayor Mullet points for sheer arrogant gall. It’s not that they don’t get the outrage, they do, it’s just that they couldn’t give a tuppenny fuck about that. Mayor Mullet knows full well this isn';t about tardy reporting, IT’S ABOUT THE FACT THAT THAT OBSCENE AMOUNT OF PUBLIC MONEY WAS ALLOCATED IN THE FIRST PLACE, THEN GREATLY AGGRAVATED BY AWARDING IT TO PRIVATE AND FAVOURED CONSULTANCY IN THE FIRST PLACE.
      Today we read in the Astonosher:
      “The council also defended not updating the public document that states outlines details of contracts above $200,000 in value.

      The blowout of AEC’s initial contract, awarded in November 2018, has not been included.

      “Council updates its online register of contracts in accordance with the local government legislation every month — this includes details of new contracts awarded for a value of $200,000 or more and are published on Council’s website shortly after the contract has been entered into,” a spokeswoman said.

      “Contracts are then managed by Council officers in accordance with applicable statutory requirements and any applicable government grant acquittal requirements.”

      Complete and utter bastardy.

  31. Dave of Kelso says:

    It is a bit of a worry that PM ScoMo is to receive a State reception from Trump, only the second of his presidency. Does Trump consider ScoMo a kindred spirit (strewth) or are we begin lead into something that we will regret years later?

  32. Guy says:

    As I’ve said before, there are howls here to replace team hill but no answers on exactly how all of our problems will be solved. This is more of a litany of complaint. From my rates bill things seem to be very good, they have flattened out which despite lack of transparency means one thing – the council has stopped taking the unsustainable loans of the previous council. The previous council introduced a whole new tax on water to prop up the borrowing of money.

    • The Magpie says:

      …. and to avoid that, Jenny sacked up to 600 people.

    • Grumpy says:

      Starting to become a little predictable, Guy.

      …and a little obsessive

    • Election on the way says:

      You keep leaving out the truth guy, but we’re used to it now. How come your not down with the school kids protesting?? Maybe you can tell them the world is going to end because your jenny will he voted out soon not climate change. Speaking of loans wonder how 800k went to Jamie durie without rates going up. Gotta wonder

    • Dearie Me says:

      Guy how many millions has Jenny has from the state? I don’t know if you’ve noticed but those little purple signs on all the infrastructure works (parks,roads etc) around the city tell you it’s state funded. That is why your rates have flattened. Jenny isn’t spending any rates money on the city maintenance. She’s getting subsidized. And your rates are being pissed away on other shit.

  33. Water Water Everywhere says:

    I read with interest yesterdays media release by Council:


    In particular: “The Water Smart Package is one of Council’s most popular campaigns and is proving to become the most successful water saving rebate program in Australia.”

    Are these people this deluded?? (ok, poor question, clearly the answer is yes)

    What is being looked at here as the success criteria?? The uptake of free stuff???

    While time will tell if this really is a successful campaign, I am actually (and clearly naively) shocked, appalled and flabbergasted that politicians, senior management and however else is trying to peddle this as a major success, without having any data on reduction in water consumption.

    Congratulations TCC, you have managed to engage residents in accepting gifts.

  34. NQ Gal says:

    Ah, the school kiddies are demanding further action on climate change. While India and China in particular continue to build more coal fired stations year on year, no amount of reduction in Australia is going to make an iota of difference.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to give the kiddies a reality check though. Disconnect mains power to the schools and see what happens next. No lights, fans, air conditioning, smart teaching aides, computers… It would be a return to the 1960’s.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Absolutely NQ Gal, Greens and the rest of the hanky wringing alarmists will go to any length to push their agendas. Now the tapping into kids at school he probably believe the bills are paid by the Tooth Fairy ! Shut off their power supply at school will see the precious one revolt big time. Coal, power stations etc are a necessity in order to pay the bills, until a more reliable, cost effective system is produced !

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      The kiddies are naive and gullible, easily influenced, and have been given a “cause”. Their emotions will be manipulated and there will be bugger-all chance of talking sense to them.

      All this in an age where every-one gets a prize for turning up, and there are no looses.

      This whole movement is going to end in tears somewhere along the line, and all for nought.

      • The Magpie says:

        Same MO nas religion in schools … but that wore of pretty quickly.

      • No More Dredging says:

        “The kiddies are naive and gullible, easily influenced, and have been given a “cause”. Their emotions will be manipulated and there will be bugger-all chance of talking sense to them.”

        Dave, you reckon there are no “looses”, but this little rave sounds awfully like a loser’s whinge about the voting public of Townsville. So long as you think people are stupid (even school kids) you are out of touch. No wonder you can’t talk sense to anyone, you’re a snob.

        • The Magpie says:

          Goodonyer, Dredger, for that one, you win the Muddled Spray of the Week award … but there’s still a few hours to go, so don’t get acceptances speeches ready just yet.

        • Dave of Kelso says:


          Read it again, and read this twice to assist comprehension.

          I am critical of school (and others) culture that do not prepare young folk for the harsh realities of adult life. One example is school sports, or other competitive activities where every competitor gets an award. Everyone feels good as no-one came ‘last’. This is, of course, hogwash. There are winners, those who try and fail, and there are those who don’t give a shit and are satisfied dwelling at the bottom.

          These manipulated climate change kiddies will be ill prepared when the mega-economies of the Northern hemisphere ignor them and there protests come to nought. They will be ill prepared for failure, and some will not deal with it so well.

          • The Magpie says:

            Listened to a few interviews with these pompous little snots on ABC radio this arvo (where else?) and every one of them sounded like Chris Lille. You could almost see the hair being tossed.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      As much as I’m a cynic I find it great to see people gathering behind a positive cause. I doubt the kiddies are as gullible as you might believe. A new report out says there’s 2.9 billion less birds in North America in the last 50 years. That’s seriously significant.

      • The Magpie says:

        Ah, that explains the report that US masturbation rates are through the roof.

      • Jatzcrackers says:

        Who counted them ?

        • No More Dredging says:

          Jatz, I counted about 1,000 at the rally in Strand Park that went on for about 1½ hours. The rally broke up so that people could assemble towards Tobruk Pool to march back to Strand Park for the concert that followed. I’m told about 450 people were in the march.

          • The Magpie says:

            Two examples of modern spin: Townsville council gives away free and gratis gardening and water stuff away, and claims the 80% take-up ‘one of the council’s most successful campaigns’.
            Then authorities sanction school children truancy with giving them a day off classes with no retribution yesterday, to bore us with their teenage angst and ignorance, and hail the resulting twittering gatherings around the country a great success for the next generation. Mindless and manipulative activism at its shining best.

          • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

            I reckon the kids would be less ignorant than the older generations, judging from the amount of denialism out there.

    • Guy says:

      By rights coal is a defunct technology of the industrial revolution in Britain- Britain has coal and water. 200 years later we are still using coal and water. After working at Collinsville powerstation I quickly came to the conclusion that burning coal for electrical was a waste of time. Maintenance costs explode after day 1, then you have the ever problematic and ongoing problems with unions. Coal should be used to make diesel , fertiliser and other value added products.

  35. You know, I'd rather not says:

    From my time with Brisbane City Council, the Rowland Group always had a very strong relationship with ALP. When ALP was in power either in Brisbane
    City or Queensland they won every job they wanted had cash poured into their offices.

    Whenever ALP lost power they appointed ex-Ministers and their minders into senior “Advisory” roles until they found something better or moved back into government. Rowland was then hired by every ALP-aligned council and agency until they could come back in from the cold.

    Apart from the jobs for the boys I’ve always wondered what other ways the money flowed back to ALP when needed.

    I suspect what we have just seen in Townsville is Jenny indirectly paying back some money to her George Street masters through a trusted intermediary. Much like she has banked a bundle of cash with the “Bank of AEC” against future needs.

    Certainly this isn’t confined to the left side of politics, and the LNP has their own pets and bankers. Pity it’s all done with our money.

  36. Frequent flyer says:

    Guy, has it occurred to you that the city’s debt might have ballooned thanks to Jenny’s generosity with our rates and her multiple handouts to Pure Projects, AEC, Jamie Durie and Rowlands.
    Can’t tell you just what the current level of debt is because Jenny doesn’t want us ratepayers to know.
    I can feel a freedom of information enquirer coming on.

    • The Magpie says:

      Hey FF know where your coming from, but just to be clear … the AEC money, Durie money and Rowlands is from the state and/or feds, but administered by TCC. DSo it’s not coming directly out of the city’s coffers. So the message is, be outraged as a taxpayer, not a ratepayer (in thee instances anyway).

  37. The (Mostly) Civil Engineer says:

    Perhaps, as “rather not” suggests above, the source of funds is less important than the ultimate destination. If Jenny and her bruvvers are funneling state and federal funds into “friendly” hands from which they can draw come election time it is a pretty sad state of affairs.

    In related news there is much back-slapping in Walker Street to celebrate the Haughton pipeline reaching half distance (so that must be about 18 and a bit kms). My maths skills stretch to saying that, even if we allow for mobilisation and final design, it has taken at least 12 months to lay half the pipe, and there are only 6 months left to run before delivery deadline. We could play “bullshit bingo” with the list of excuses we’ll hear for non-delivery.

    • No More Dredging says:

      Engineer, there’s also the matter of the Stage 2 as outlined by Linda Ashton earlier. Stage 1 is quite a bit different now that there will be no pump station at the Haughton so some of the ‘goal posts’ will have moved.

  38. The Magpie says:


    Right on the heels of froggy canuck Trudeau showing his appalling bad taste in a lame attempt to have some harmless fun, why isn’t anyone taking the same yardstick of moral outrage to the tasteless work of Joaquim Phoenix … here he is, shamelessly exploiting racial divisions and bruising many sensitive at-danger people with his blatant use of ‘white face’. Totally outrageous!!!

  39. Le petit fromage says:

    Rumour has it that at least one of the scandals besetting TCC management may blow sky high. At least one job is on the line.

  40. Not a short un says:

    Love the headlines about the tens of thousands that took part in the climate change farce – just remember that it is the millions that vote that count, just ask young Billy Shorten

  41. Stillnotalocal says:

    Few things that the bully hasn’t reported this week, among them that .
    Mayor mullet currently in China with George Addison and John Chandler

    • The Magpie says:

      Any proof of the second matter, which has been deleted?

      • Philip Batty says:

        Does this help from the TCC Minutes

        To that end, I request approval to travel overseas from 15 September 2019, returning on 21 or
        22 September 2019 to meet with representatives from the Ministry of Defence in Singapore,
        Military support industries and other government agencies and to participate in the Changshu
        Forum on Culture and Tourism in China. “

        • The Magpie says:

          It does, thank you, Batman. You do realise that by providing this information, you have endangered lives. One in particular, that of Peter Newey, who upon reading this is likely to have a cardiac embolism brought on by explosive blood pressure and extreme fear. Some people die of yellow fever, Pete is in danger from yellow peril.

        • Achilles says:

          I look forward to reading her detailed account of this latest junket. We`re still waiting for the details of her mega (non) achievements in the USA, Singapore, India, China et al of the recent past.

    • Ducks nuts says:

      George Addison still around…
      Now there’s a scandal waiting to happen.

  42. Dave Sth says:

    In town for the weekend as some of us were pounding the pavements of Dili 20 yo & noticed something in North Ward. WTF is a smart bin compared to just a bin & how much is this new bs costing???

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