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Sunday, July 26th, 2020   |   203 comments

More Shunting at the Old South Rail Yards, But Nary A Train In Sight.

The totally confused future of the prime CBD sites has been shunted onto the market, and all the fuzzy snake oil guff surrounding its sale spells continuing disaster for the CBD and for Townsville itself. The Magpie glides in for a closer look.

A Townsville investor whinging about his investment property rates has the mayor and councillors running for cover … but it’s a bit hard to see why, and raises another question about Walker Street’s Hermit Kingdom habits.

A Magpie exclusive: a failed Townsville restaurateur will soon face serious fraud charges alleged to involve disability money.

…and a wonderful little vignette about the early days of this city’s greatest sporting export, Greg Norman.

Also ‘lights, camera, acti … ‘, umm no, it’s ’ person, woman, wombat, eleph … no, it’s .. it’s … oh, we’ll let The World’s Most Cognitive Genius tell you about it.

But first

Border Boofhead Prompts Quote Of The Week

Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 9.26.46 pm

A young police officer from a rural station doing border duty has provided the world with an exemplary demonstration of good, patient policing, even when faced with a complete whack job. All that, and a very ‘woke’ quote that has gone around the world.

The 33-year-old truck driver was pulled over after he drove off without providing ID. When pulled over, Bozo then started to insist the copper had no right to pull over, borders don’t exist except ’12 nautical miles off shore’. The unnamed officer politely explains the reality of the matter, and that ID is required by law (as it or your name is at any time it is requested by a Queensland policeman). Bozo then starts asking ‘Am I a man?’ and when the officer asks ‘What do you identify as?’ , Bozo insists that is bullshit and says ‘It’s a yes or no question, am I a man?’ to which our man replies” It’s 2020 mate. What do you identify as?”

The confrontation, and particularly the quote has gone viral after starting a Reddit thread.

The century-challenged dim bulb was eventually turned off when he finally got out of the truck, and soon became clear why this constitutional genius tried gabbling his way out of it … he was issued with with a notice to appear in court in relation to obstructing police, unlicensed driving, driving an unregistered vehicle and contravening a police direction.

The only criticism that an otherwise admiring ‘Pie has of the officers is they let this bloke drive off … given his sovereign independence claims, it could not be guaranteed which side of the road he would use.

Somewhere, a MacDonald’s is missing a mascot.

 But Worse Is Yet To Come

With the dangerously deranged anti-vaxxers now threatening some problems even when a vaccine is found, Bentley reckons it will be pay back time border idiots.

Soc Dist Hypodermic small

On a local note, a Magpie mate reckons the Cowboys face no threat from corona virus … ‘they can’t catch anything’ was his summary.

When a Question Is Presented As An Answer.

The CBD’s worst empty eye socket, the dust-swept South Rail Yard opposite the Total Tools Stadiums and the proposed Double Talk …sorry, Tree Hotel, is on the market.

South Rail Yards Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 8.50.34 pm

The yards were put to market last week by a no doubt heart-broken Peter Honeycombe, who had promised such a glowing future for the land he picked up for a song when Aurizon moved to Sturt almost four years ago. Although we are yet to learn what tragic circumstances have brought about the off-loading, the handsome profit from any sale he will make on the deal if some fool actually buys it … somewhere in the paddock of $9m +… will be of little consolation for Pete’s shattered vision. Back in 2017, tears of pride and determination glistened in his dewy eyes when he outlined his plans for the site he had picked up for a ‘commercial in confidence’ song.

Our vision for South Yards includes a diverse mix of residential, retail, commercial and entertainment – we’ve already had interest from national businesses.” 

Peter Honeycombe 2017

There was a lot of other stuff said at the time, too.

But wait a minute, Pete made no mention of it becoming an industrial hub, so it came as a surprise that his first major tenant, Wulguru Steel, had plans to convert the whole shebang into exactly that, right in the CBD And (gasp) a notion Pete fully endorsed with gusto.

Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 10.20.18 pm EXCERPT:

Wulguru Group director Bob McKay said the company was tendering and negotiating contracts for local and national projects.

“Having our new South Yards operation has been instrumental in us securing these opportunities,” he said. “The size and location of the South Yards site further improves the capacity of the Wulguru Group and will assist in attracting further work.”

“We know that our clients could source out of town based contractors and it is great that in working with Honeycombes we are able to secure the work for Townsville, thus helping to develop skills and generate more jobs for our city,” he said.

Honeycombes managing director Peter Honeycombe said the location of South Yards and the opportunity for industrial businesses was key to stimulating the economy.

So, well, then, industry, and semi-heavy industry at that, right to the centre of town? Well, why not, it worked for Newcastle in NSW in the 1950 to 2000. Err, didn’t it? But somehow, the boundless boy scout enthusiasm left the proponents unprepared for the enthusiastic indifference of anybody of note wanting to set up in South Yards.


So this week, we got take 3. And more confusion. And in an industry known for its starry eyed dreamers, the market placement brought forth some of the best property wet dreams possible. The top prize in this category went to Colliers Investment services manager Samuel Biggins (an unfortunate name for someone in an industry renowned for telling ‘big uns’). Inviting readers to try not to ROTFLYAO, Mr Biggins quoth:

“The South Yards site is intended to be the natural expansion of the Townsville CBD and represents a huge opportunity for a forward-thinking investor, developer or land banker,” Mr Biggins said. Notable comparisons can be drawn to renowned urban renewal projects such as Brisbane’s James Street and Southbank precincts, Lend Lease’s Barangaroo project (in Sydney) and Docklands in Melbourne.”

All of which would tend to suggest that Mr Biggins has never visited Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, or was very drunk when he did. Or was when he wrote that.

And BTW, The Magpie being no expert in these matters (clearly), isn’t a land banker someone who buys land and lets it moulder away undeveloped until the market is right with ripe suckers?

So maybe there’ll be a buyer after all.

A Little Exclusive-ette

We hear that a certain lessee of a now defunct Townsville restaurant will shortly be charged with multiple counts of fraud.

Seems times have been so desperate that our lessee misappropriated as much as $300,000 from monies received by a close NDIS relative to prop up the ailing nosebaggery. But it is said this is not a sudden occurrence caused by that wonderful excuse for all sorts of natural arse-uppery, the corona virus. The offending is said to be over a number of years.

More on this when it comes to light.

Transparency Corner

This will become an occasional feature for council and government obscurity, especially the secrecy culture of Walker Street. Feel free send The Magpie any examples you come across.

We kick off this with this story from today’s Weekend Astonisher.

Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 12.25.35 pm

The story invites readers to decide if the bloke whinging about his rate rise on investment property has a legitimate beef, or if the council side of the story is reasonable. You can choose your side for yourself, but here’s what The ‘Pie is (yet again) miffed about.

Look at the council’s response.

A council spokesman said as part of the 2020-21 budget they implemented revised ratings categories to level the playing field for some property types.“There is no change to the rating for owner occupiers, but there was an anomaly in how council rated multi-unit residential properties,” the spokesman said.“Non-strata multi-unit dwellings will now be assessed for rates in the same way as strata-titled units, eliminating a loophole that meant the owner of a block of investment units, such as the ratepayer the Bulletin is referring to, was paying only a fraction of the rates paid for an identically sized strata-titled complex.”

The spokesman also dismissed claims suburban ratepayers were covering for those in the city’s CBD and emphasised Townsville’s rates were reasonable. “If anything, suburban ratepayers have, for many years, had their rates subsidised by CBD ratepayers,” he said. “The rates premium that used to be applied to properties in the CBD has now been removed, with those properties now paying the same cents-in-the dollar as a similar property elsewhere in the city.“The urban legend that Townsville has some of the highest rates in Queensland is simply not true.”

“As part of its rates recategorisation, council benchmarked itself against 19 other councils across Queensland to ensure consistency in how we levy rates. Different councils invoice their rates and utility charges differently. When comparing councils that invoice ratepayers in a similar way, Townsville comes out favourably.”

Apart from that last bit sounding highly selective, here is the point. The council’s ‘rates recategorisation’, (recommended in a commissioned report from, if The ‘Pie correctly recalls, Carey Ramm’s AEC mob) was a matter included in Mayor Mullet’s budget and voted on and passed by the Walker Street aerobics class. So it is the Mayor’s, and elected councillors’ baby, so why do we have some faceless and NAMELESS council spokesman responding to legitimate questions raised a ratepayer? Ideally, a councilor involved in TCC finances could calmly explain the issue (which in fairness, the ‘spokesman’ does), or even better, the Mayor herself, because she no doubt instigated this change.

But if they are gun shy at copping some of the famous Townsville ratepayer wrath, THEN WHAT IS WRONG THE SPOKESMAN HAVING A NAME AND TITLE. The community being fed information from behind a veil of bureaucratic anonymity is not only arrogantly insulting, but smacks of political dodgery. If a public servant is empowered to speak to the public on matters that directly concern them, then the public should be empowered to know his/her/other name.

There’s Some History On This Matter

The Magpie ain’t alone is this … he well remembers in the dying days of the Mooney era, when the then mayor was sinking further in a demented megalomaniacal state, Bulletin editor Mick Carroll (who seemed both alarmed and delighted at Mooney’s increasingly erratic behaviour) published a similar ‘anonymous’ statement on some matter, but named TCC’s then head of media Dolan Hayes as the spokesman. Dolan went thermo nuclear on the phone to Mick, who calmly advised Dolan that from now on, the paper would require a name to go with such council statements. That made the normally professionally placid Dolan even more livid, ending with the most ill-advised thing to say to the editor of what was, back then, the town’s most trusted news source. : ’Right! If that’s the fucking way you want it, Mick.’, and hung up.  An empty and undefined threat.

Mooney lost the amalgamation election soon afterwards.

And While We’re Talking Rates And Council Secrecy

A commenter dropped this into the Nest during the week … and sounds quite possible, given the overall circumstances.

It appears the only way to get our Mayor to disclose any information is to out her and the Council . I have heard from a number of sources that the amount of rates that are in payment plans / deferred / in arrears is getting above a third . Townsville ratepayers were just recovering from the Jan 2019 floods then Covid -19 . 21,000 people on jobkeeper .

Perhaps The Astonisher might like to ask?

A Totally Unconfirmed Rumor Just To Hand

Porn research.  Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 9.34.53 am

It is understood the study went over time and over budget because almost all the researchers called in sick every second day, citing ‘intellectual exhaustion’. And much info was lost because the pages of their research notebooks kept sticking together.

One For The Diary … At Last

Craig Gore

Craig Gore

Believe it or not, after a couple of years and more than 20 deferments for various reasons, career grub and alleged mega swindler Craig Gore goes on trial in Brisbane tomorrow (Monday). He is facing quite a striped suntan if he is found guilty of the numerous swindling charges involving millions.

 From Not So Humble Beginnings

Norman lodge capi_8cea1d8459f5bcbc05399476651edee4_a47f9e4a7b4d3e831d6175683294ff98

Seems former Townsvillean Greg Norman has put his $US 8million Colorado ‘hunting lodge’ home on the market. When the story hit the internet, Rollingstone resident Sue van Wald had a tale to tell about the GWS. Sue wrote:

I saw the this article recently on the internet and it reminded me of my late husband who was, for many years, Deputy Headmaster at the Townsville Grammar School.  Burke taught Greg (Norman) for quite a few years (and I played golf with his Mum at both  the Townsville and Rowes Bay Golf Clubs). Greg was very spoilt and overly indulged, making him a very difficult student.  At one stage, during the years of longer hair and the heralding of a newer, more entitled era, Burke had occasion to redress Greg in his office over his attitude, his manner of personal presentation/appearance, and his lack of attention to his studies – Burke tells this story at his own expense  J.  He advised Greg to get some manners, to refrain from being such a smart alec, to (literally) pull up his socks, tuck in his shirt, clean his under his nails, cut his hair to the required (school) length, and to pay a deal more attention to his school work because that would get him somewhere in life whereas spending so much time on the Rowes Bay golf course would bring him little. Burke often told that story……”really got that one wrong” he would finish, in his flat mid-western American accent:

P.S:  Burke was Captain at the Townsville Golf Club at the time, so it wasn’t that he was maligning the game. He loved it although he only played off a 9 handicap.  Greg’s Mum played off about 6 or 7 and I was off 4 at the time, so golf was just about our life. It wasn’t Greg’s playing he didn’t want to see, it was just he felt more was needed attention elsewhere!!

The ‘Pie has just gotta love that line ‘only played of 9′. He wishes. The ‘Pie is a C grade player only because there is no D grade.

Send In The Clowns? No, The Clown Sends In … The Troops

Trump as JokerEGMtkCcW4AAxpgx

Not since The Joker strutted the streets of Gotham has someone gone from amusing, to dangerously threatening to outright deadly. Many responsible people now believe that America could be just days, if not hours away, from having President Donald Trump, without any even remote justification, declare martial law. No point talking about it, but a lot of folks should be ready to – as the Yanks say – kiss their asses goodbye.

The ‘amusing side’ of this Joker, unintentional and gob-smacking as it was, came during the week, when Trump continued to boast about ‘acing’ a cognitive test (which quite frankly, The ‘Pie does not believe he even took). The thing he was most boastful about was that he was able to recall five words – ‘person, woman, man, camera, TV’ he read early in the test, when asked minutes later. The initial disbelief that the putatively most powerful man in the world was jabbering like a five-year-old who had just received a gold star on his forehead, soon set more than social media alight with delight. No less than Vogue magazine rushed out the must have T of the year.

Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 11.51.30 am

Twitter has been all a twerp with spoofs. And the penmen of America were, as usual, in a target-rich environment.


cjones07242020 lk072220dapr jd072220dapr 20200722edshe-b screen_shot_2020-07-21_at_10.04.30_am Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 9.11.31 am 241628_rgb_768 IMG_0059 wpnan200723 20200723edshe-b 20200723edbbc-a cjones07212020 Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 8.43.25 am cbr072220dapr 241646_rgb_768 20200722edbbc-a

And Finally, With The Lock Down Easing

… perhaps the result of enforced hibernation should be treated with caution.



So given all that, The ‘Pie hopes, with waning conviction, that we’ll all be here again next week … no guarantees of anything these days, except that comments are open 24/7, pop in for a laugh or make your feelings be known. Any assistance for the costs associated with the blog will as always be greatly appreciated, as they are certainly needed. Donate button is below.

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  1. Peter Sandery says:

    Appropros of council rates, in particular the differential rating system used by the TCC and, I am informed by most other councils in this State, I once tried to initiate a dialogue with the Townsville Council’s lawyer by stating that in my opinion, irrespective of what state legislation might say an impost levied on the potential revenue raising capability of a property is an impost on revenue, not the value of the land and thence comes under the definition of a tax, not a rate which under our current laws can only be levied by the Federal government, Mr Fraser’s kind offer to give back some taxing powers to the States having been soundly rejected by them. I also threw in for good measure that the same argument could, I thought, be made of the manner in which Queensland and Western Australia levied mining royalties, which are supposed to be calculated volumetrically ie so much per tonne, cubic feet etc but for some reason in the aforementioned States are levied on an ad valorem basis, this time straying into an impost on a non-volumetric matrix. Said lawyer explained the council’s reasons that they were following the State law and that he was not going to get into a legal argument on the matter.
    All that said it would not surprise me if some time in the future, a disgruntled developer of land or mining resource will see an advantage in pursuing this anomaly.

    • The Magpie says:

      OK, if you say so, but perhaps the fatal weakness of your argument is that if a valid challenge existed which would be to the advantage of the mining industry, it would’ve been made long ago. Long, long ago.

      • Peter Sandery says:

        Not a fatal weakness in my argument, ‘Pie, more of a comment on how bastions of the economy, so called business leaders and their political counterparts, are prepared to turn a blind eye to the philosophy and history that is supposed to underpin our legal system., one of which is consistency.

        • TheOtherGuy says:

          The fatal weakness in your argument is that you are wrong. Other than customs and excise duties, states can tax anything they want, including income tax. Rates are simply a property tax. Think of payroll tax and stamp duty levied by states – they are taxes. The power for local government to tax their property owners is simply a power given to them under local government legislation.

          • Peter Sandery says:

            Definitions and their operational accuracy come into play here, don’t you think TOG? I could make the argument that a payroll tax is an impost, not on revenue but on costs for example, and an impost on stamp duty an impost on a financial transaction, not revenue it really does come down to how close you are to the Queen’s English I suppose but then that would perhaps make me something of a survivor of the old school that subscribes to the idea that words should be interpretted as they are not as they might be implied by the febrile imaginations of some. I am not here implying that your comments fall into that category as my whole aim in this is to elicit a discussion rather than a witch hunt.

          • TheOtherGuy says:

            Who said taxes could only be on revenue? What do you think the license fee on your vehicle is? That is also the weakness of your argument. The reason developers and mining companies haven’t challenged your anomaly is because there is not one. Said lawyer was correct in not engaging with you. Did you claim you were a “sovereign citizen” as part of your argument and that rates are illegal? What part of the Queen’s English are you struggling with? If you don’t want a witch hunt, don’t be so emphatically wrong.

          • Peter Sandery says:

            I presume the “licence fee” you write about in relation to cars, TOG ,is the registration fee, an impost levied to ensure the safety of those who not only drive the vehicle and travel in it but others who use public roads on which said vehicle travels, or does it relate to compulsory third party insurance? Either way it is not a tax.

          • TheOtherGuy says:

            Go and learn what a tax is. Then I might not think you are an idiot. Or, just stop digging.

          • The Magpie says:

            The Magpie’s definition of an idiot is someone who comments here, replying to himself, so no one knows what the fuck he’s on about. Try take two, sport.

  2. veteran55 says:

    just found your news site recently and i have enjoyed reading about local issues. how ever i read the first article this morning and to my dismay you completely disregard our constitution .any one who has read it knows what was said by the alleged lunatic driver is actually true, anyway its your paper say what u want im a big supporter of free speech but the fact is your statements are constitutionally incorrect.im not going to post references its a waiste of my time but if anyone is interested in our countrys highest authority check it out for your self ps the anzacs are rolling in their graves .i served for 13 years.

    • The Magpie says:

      One of the major elements of making definitive statements such as your bush lawyer conclusion on constitutional law is staying up to date. This is a plain language (well, as plain as legal speak can be) explainer https://www.kells.com.au/insights/local-government/state-border-closures-and-the-australian-constitution-are-they-legal/?utm_source=Mondaq&utm_medium=syndication&utm_campaign=LinkedIn-integration

      And a salient passage from it:
      At first blush the laws enacted by several of the States and Territories in light of the COVID-19 pandemic would appear to clearly offend section 92, in that they obstruct the free movement of people across borders (subject to limited exceptions).There is no “freedom” of interstate passage.
      However, in a string of decisions since Cole the High Court has held that States and Territories may still prevent entry if the goods or people coming in are likely to injure the citizens of the State.
      For example, in 1992 Justice Brennan said in Nationwide News Pty Ltd v Wills that where the true character of a law:
      …is to protect the State or its residents from injury, a law which prohibits or impedes movement of the apprehended source of injury across the border into the State may yet be valid.:[4] (emphasis added)
      In light of that the Court now would likely consider the severity of the restrictions and assess whether they are needed to ensure the protection intended by the State Governments. If the States can show that the restrictions are:
      1. in place to protect the health of the public;
      2. appropriate to achieving that purpose without being unduly restrictive; and
      3. apply only for so long as the crisis persists,
      then it is likely that the High Court will uphold the laws.
      The medical evidence relied upon by the State Governments when the laws were enacted will likely prove critical if the States are to succeed.
      That said, as the ultimate Court in the Australian legal hierarchy, the High Court is not bound to follow its previous decisions or precedents. It can (and does) overturn its own earlier decisions when it considers it necessary to do so.

      • The Magpie says:

        And Vetran 55, since you are new to this site, allow the ‘Pie to point out that suggesting that you do not need to valid or justify your claims on any subject on which you make comment because it is a ‘waiste (sic) of my time’ suggests that that type of cocksure hillbilly ignorance makes you better suited to Facebook.

      • veteran55 says:

        thats right the virus is that deadly you have to test for it to know u have it and the high court only gloats about the constitution when it suits its agenda, thakyou for allowing my opinion and i wouldnt poke fb with a pair of jousting sticks

        • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

          The stupid line: “the virus is that deadly you have to test for it to know u have it“ has been all over Facebook so you must be a case of community transmission.

    • L Berry says:

      V55 – if you identify as a Sovereign Citizen, you, sir, are a fucking looney.

    • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

      The Anzacs, at least the ones who returned, happily lived through the influenza pandemic that prompted the last state border closure.

  3. Cantankerous but happy says:

    The irony in the Mullets latest rates grab is that it will be the people who voted for her that will pay for it, the battlers in the burbs. Any rates rise will simply be passed on to tenants in the form of rent rises, I am expecting a rates rise in the 4 pack that I own a unit, and that rise will be margined and passed on, about $20 per week per unit. Perhaps the people who always think that council rates aren’t their concern because they are renters should pay a bit more attention in the future and there is no hiding from the horrible Mullet, she will get you all at some point in time.

    • NQ Gal says:

      There were a lot of duplexes built in The Village as part of the NRAS program. The owners there are just getting over the flood damage to their properties and now this.

    • Critical says:

      Live in a complex of 14 units owned by one landlord and all tenants have just been told that their rates are going up by $20.00 per week because of Mullet’s change in the rating system. Thanks a lot Mullet and some tenants lost jobs or are on reducing hours because of Crovid-19 and are now looking to have to move.

      • Old Tradesman says:

        I live in a complex of 50 or so units, lots of them are now Airbnb, so these people who own them, good luck to them, are paying ordinary rates but owners of motels have to pay excessive pedestal charges and commercial rates. Does this make building new hotels like Doubletree unviable, or has Jenny and the Motley Crew given them commercial in confidence rates?

        • The Magpie says:

          Well, she already has waived the number of car parks required, meaning some guests will ahve to be on the street. be interesting to see how the parking wallopers are instructed in this matter.

          • Grumpy says:

            No need to worry about the brown bombers: they will be nicked within the 15 minute grace period.

        • CEO of Crap says:

          The pedestal tax is crazy. I may have a solution, I have designed a single pedestal which seats seven people at once. I think it has merit in this town.

          • The Magpie says:

            Here’s a better idea …. make two five seaters, set a table between them and call it Council Crapper. … a single throne at the end of course, with a modesty panel to hide the lowered granny pants.

      • George Patton says:

        And how is it fair that the landlord who owns 14 investment units on a single strata title only has to pay the same rates as an investor the owns a single unit next door while receiving 14 times the income?
        These 14 units will use all the same services that Council provides but were only paying 1/14 of the rates as other investors.

    • Not the ECQ says:

      Cantankerous if the Mullet knew that she had picked up you, Critical and the Old Tradesman in one shot she’d probably double it again.

  4. Mike Douglas says:

    T.C.C. using a commissioned report by AEC which they claim is “ commercial in confidence “ won’t go away . Inexplicably , the State Government increased land values across vacant industrial , commercial , shopping centres which is being appealed by the landlords which impacts rates increases up to 17 times cpi and simply not conducive to Townsvilles current situation . A further example on how bereft T.C.C. and our 3 local MP,s of ideas is their choice to spend $7 mil on rain forest lights on the walk to the stadium instead of upgrading lights for AFL and losing games / teams to Cairns .

    • The Magpie says:

      Those rate increases will then have had a major effect on the holding costs of the South Rail Yards. More heartbreak for poor old Pete Honeycombe.

      it’s a cruel world. Especially if he can’t find a mug.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Exactly, mugs might be hard to find, considering Leightons and Devine used to own the now stadium site for many many years waiting for Townsville to turn, and then the council bought it for the stadium. What are the odds it won’t be long and the Mullet will announce a plan to buy it from Honeycombes as a new arts/ entertainment precinct and then beg Anna Alphabet to pay for it in the lead up to the election, this town is really a cesspool.

  5. Strand Ghost says:

    I got a call Friday from a guy who seems to know whats going on in town, he told me that the New/Honeycomb/ Sealink Terminal is just that Terminal, as Sealink don’t have the money and are blaming the Coronavirus.

    • The Magpie says:

      Crikey, mate, you’ve just caused a pants/panties-wetting panic among the hard questioning investigative journos down at the Astonisher.

      • Seadog says:

        No shortage of cash at Sealink they just won control of all of the Brisbane ferries and city cats to add to their SEQ network.

        They just have better places to invest in than Townsville.

    • Rowdy says:

      In 2018 it was a 56 million dollar project with 45 million for the development and 11 million for 2 new boats. Tax payers were providing 15 million as part of the federal regional growth fund. State government then chipped in 3.5 million.
      18.5 million of taxpayer funds. One-third of the project. Maybe we could use the empty hotel rooms for public housing or a half way house.

      In 2020 excerpt form TB, “The land-based section of the Townsville Marine Tourism Precinct is set to cost $52.5 million, and the entire project, including five new ferry berths and two new high-speed ferries, is expected to cost $71 million.”

      Sealink just bought a 7 million dollar ferry for Palm Island.

  6. One legged tap dancer says:

    The proposed sale of the South Rail Yards by Mullet mate Peter Honeycombe once again begs the question: Why wasn’t the land used for a public car park to service the stadium?
    Come to think of it, why didn’t it become the site of that you beaut Entertainment and Convention Centre that was sidelined to make way for the Cowboys so-called Centre of Excellence?
    Mayor Mullet? Sue Blom? Three stooges? Anyone?

    • The Pink Elephant says:

      Good questions Leg Up! Bottom line, no money in it for TCC if it became a car park (headworks on developers, future rates and other things that could have been squeezed via contracts). Current state govt and TCC are busted arse broke, so no convention/performing centre (the Stadium was it for a fair while). Will no doubt try to beg this one out of The Feds with not much chance in the current economic climate.

    • CEO of Crap says:

      I am prepared to purchase the old rail yards for a $1.00 on the basis that I propose to spend $400B on redeveloping the site into the most amazing CDB extension the World has ever seen. Small print : I may change my mind after settlement.

      • I’ll be plucked says:

        SOLD to you, Crapper. Now old mate don’t break your promise, otherwise they will………do absolutely nothing to you!

    • Cappuccino in hand says:

      OLTD I can assure you Honeycombe is no fan of Mullet.

  7. Villeified says:

    Don’t Honeycombes now own the terminal building ?

    • Not the ECQ says:

      Ville the link doesn’t quite say who “owns” either the proposed new or existing old building although clearly Honeycombe is in there:

      “Honeycombes Property Group, SeaLink’s development partner for the Townsville Marine Tourism Precinct, has attracted $15 million in financial support from the Australian Government’s Regional Growth Fund. The development proposed is on Port of Townsville land within the Townsville City Waterfront Priority Development Area.”

  8. Desperado, out riding fences says:

    G’day All! Reasonably quiet out here on the fence line, but travellers of the grey-haired variety are everywhere on the roads surrounding properties. Hopefully none of them are Virus spreaders (well of CoVid anyway)!

    Plenty of zero/minus mornings with the change in weather, but beautiful days, until about five ‘ish in the afternoon. Keep it coming all, enjoying the banter and the read when I have a signal.

  9. The waterboy says:

    The whole idea of a Mayor and Councillors is ridiculous to start with. I’ve worked for Council in a different State. The council management executives and CEO do all the grunt work, balance the budget (or not), make all the decisions and come up with the strategies. If a decision or idea works out well – the Mayor and his/her minions are trotted outnin front of the camera and receive all the glory. If the decision is a shit one – rate rises, lack of infrastructure or a colossal fuckup then the Council CEO or a minion is trotted our to face the firing squad. It’s a process as old as time itself. It’s all bullshit. The Mayor and Councillors do SFA and no real work. Anyone who things different is living in la la land.

  10. Oompa Loompa says:

    The moment the Orange Man decrees ‘Marshall law’ will be the day America is finally finished as a nation. The place has been on a tenderhook for years and that will be the spark that ignites the meltdown. The people have been at breaking point for a long time and the amount of private armoury concealed in bugouts, under beds, in ceiling cavities and everywhere else in preparation for Marshall law has been accumulating. Grab the beer and popcorn kids, the show is about to commence!

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, a civil war won’t be anything new for them.

    • Marshall Plan says:

      Shirley you mean martial law unless you are thinking of getting General George C Marshall involved :)

    • NQ Gal says:

      We went to a gun show during one of our trips Stateside – strictly as a cultural experience! Ex military hubby reckons there was as much ammo on sale there as is stored at Lavarack. The weapons on sale went from 6 shooters up to Uzis and everything conceivable in between.
      The right wing militia nut jobs possibly didn’t think they would be taking on a right wing government though…

    • Achilles says:

      You may be sort of right OL but your comment regarding the hidden weapons is way off beat mate. In the USA you can own firearms that many third world dictators relish. Take a look at this mob at a peacefull rally, down the road the police are holding back a simililarly armed white mob.


      Civil war was supposedly about equal rights for blacks, well they’ve got em now along with the arsenals. Hard to tell if this was what Abe Lincoln or Martin Luther King were proposing?

      • Oompa Loompa says:

        I’m not 100% if a civil war is on the cards but perhaps an uprising is very possible. ‘When people lose everything and they have nothing less to lose it, they lose it’. History tells us that a Government can only push the people so far before they revolt. Sometimes it’s a half a century in the making. The asutue Americans, a minority class at that, have seen it coming for decades. The 1% comprising the rich, famous, politicians, the white shoe Wall Street brigade, central bankers and the owners of the Federal Reserve have been raping people of their money to thenpoint that there is no more money to plunder from the middle class back pockets. Tick tock.

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          If an uprising occurs it will be a bloody mess that will not resolve the driving issues. 100s of heavily armed individuals does not an army make. They will require an established and practiced command, control and communication system. A resupply system for rations, and ammo. A medical support system and individual discipline. And what is the end game plan? Destruction, revenge, murder, or constitutional change for the better.

          Their grievances may well be real but an uprising will result in intergenerational grief and pain. To make my point it seems that grief and pain is still being felt from their civil war how many years ago. To top it off they have a bloody idiot for a President who is Lilly to light the fuse of this explosive situation.

          • The Magpie says:

            It will come down to the leadership, and The ‘Pie would back any commander who opposed the deranged fruit loop who started it all.

          • The Magpie says:


          • George Patton says:

            Think you got your numbers out there Dave. In America over 50% of the population own firearms. So it won’t be 100’s it will be 1000000’s if any civil conflict take place.
            And even though they aren’t trained there is enough to bring the entire government to its knees, even if they lose.
            You also need to considered that if you use the military to suppress the population especially in a country like America where they swear oaths to the defend the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic there will be a fair portion that won’t follow orders to shoot at Americans.

  11. Kenny says:

    I’m surprised that Mayor Mullet hasn’t hit each household with a shitter tax (oh dear, I meant ‘levy’) the same as what they do to hotels and motels? With around 83,000 dwellings at say a generous average of 1.5 shitters per house at $25.00 per shitter that would be an extra $3.1m for our sub-standard community leaders to piss away on ollie jollie’s and donations towards the LGAQ!

    • Achilles says:

      Kenny mate, don’t give ‘em ideas. (they can’t have any of their own). They’ll engage a “consultatnt” to invent a shit-o-meter to be installed in the sewer outlet and we’ll be charged per kilo of turds and litre of piss.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Kenny, Kenny, Kenny, WTF are you doing old mate??? Mullet and her minions read this blog and you’ve just given them their next idea………

      • Dorfus says:

        Kenny et al

        TCC is already onto this. For those properties blessed with high tech water meters, each flush of the loo (big and small) can now be detected (though it us usually said usage is only monitored weekly). Much like the case where no flushes of the loo indicate the property is not your principle place of residence.

        Sorry, those letters challenging property owners of a few weeks back still ring in my ears.

    • Peter Sandery says:

      Good to see you increasing your English lexicon, Kenny

    • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

      Nooooo – I now have visions of the great unwashed bringing their plastic baggies of waste to a Walker Street Forecourt drop off site rather than flushing and paying a new levy.

      This place stinks enough already.

  12. Critical says:

    Looked at the Astonisher Facebook page at around 3.30pm and they report that young people killed in tragic accident in Gold Coast Hinterland were from Townsville but any further information hidden behind paywall. Look at ABC mobile site and names and pictures of all killed are there. Fuck how can this useless rag be so heartless and why can’t it show sympathy in times of such tragedies and forget their bloody paywall so that the community can read the facts there and then and not be left wondering who was involved in the accident or having to search elsewhere for the information.

    • Sad says:

      I know a couple of the poor kids. Really we have lost so much in their passing – smart, dedicated, respectful – they had it all in front of them. I logged on this morning to an email from one of them sent to me Friday. Here and now gone far too soon. Sincere condolences to all the family and friends. Let’s be kind to each other.

  13. Avid Reader says:

    Whoever the anonymous Council spokesman quoted in the article is should really consider the language he uses. The statement comes across as snide and condescending. Another example of the contempt this Council hold us all in. Transparency my arse.

    • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

      I thought the spokesman came across very well, clearly outlining the rationale for the change, which made it more perplexing that they’d be anonymous. It probably comes across as snide because it hoists the quotes whinger by his own petard so efficiently.

      • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

        Steve – do you work in the media section at council full time, or just freelance?

        • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

          I appreciate well-reasoned arguments wherever they’re found, and the one in the article was a good example.

  14. Kenny says:

    Achilles and Plucka, all is good. They would’ve already considered the house shitter concept. Problem is they may have to charge themselves for all of the shit that flows from Walker Street. Besides, they may yet bring in the following fees and charges;
    – an hourly fee of $0.80 per hour per person when the UV rating is above ‘low’.
    – an hourly fee of $0.80 per person for breathing oxygen
    – a $1.10 per hour fee per person when the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius
    – a lawn mower tax of $3.00 per hour any time between 0400 and 2000.
    And so the list goes on……

  15. The waterboy says:

    Good to see the law catching up with ‘Craig Gore you’. Silver haired shonk has ripped off countless people, businesses and communities with his snakeoil business activities and smooth verbal shit.

  16. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    I read that Townsville Enterprise says it’s ‘extremely disappointing’ that the AFL has not included Townsville in the next round of fixtures, instead opting to base 3 teams in Cairns and play games there.

    Perhaps the AFL just took the widely reported declaration of TEL Deputy Chair and civic leader Mayor Mullet that “if you come from Victoria you are not welcome here” at face value.

    • The Magpie says:

      Or, as someone else has noted in these comments, the TCC refused to provide lighting for Riverway to enable both footy and crickey 9particularly Big Bash) games. The usual Magoo vision.

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        Or, the logistics are just too hard. Proper Accommodation, insufficient change rooms at ground, proper transport, flights in and out of Townsville, security, training facilities. With the V8’s, Horn fight and other Cowboys matches, there is no way Townsville could cope. Cairns is a lot better prepared.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      No great loss, any sporting events economic impact at the moment is mostly worthless anyway, it’s not like there will be masses of people going to fly anywhere to watch anything at the moment so it’s just a few people who are participating in the event staying in town for a couple of weeks, worthless really.

  17. Achilles says:

    I had to get a new laptop (last one couldn’t swim) But I noticed that when I typed in “Comments” to the Pie, any typos were ignored.

    So I broggled about and found if I right click on the comments box I can; a) select the correct (Oz) English, the default had of course been a fabled creature called US English; and b) select spelling check, I now get error tags with options to the correct spelling as before.

    It couldn’t find a spelling for broggled tho’……..

    • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

      All I got that was useful was “translate to English” which seemed appropriate for some Magpie commentators (and for the Bird In Chief when his comments are made late in the evening) ;)

  18. Frequent flyer says:

    I’m relieved that the AFL teams are going to Cairns. Anna and the Mullet have already set us up for a covid-19 outbreak by inviting the V8 superpests and the Hornet to Townsville for a couple of weeks.
    We dodged a bullet when the Townsville Show was cancelled, saving us from the usual winter wave of sickness but the stakes are a lot higher with covid-19 and the V8s and Horn fight.
    Surely anyone who wants to watch them could do so on tv.
    Only good news is that the fight tickets aren’t selling too well.

    • The Magpie says:

      Have heard the fight tickets cost a motza, anyone know how much?

      • Critical says:

        And like the Elton John concert they’ll probably be giving away free tickets in the days leading up to the fight, and probably the V8’s, to fill the Stadium and V8 seating to create the illusion on TV of the enthusiastic Townsville crowds.
        Still wondering what Crovid-19 health restrictions/practices are going to be put in place to avoid any potential spread of the virus, let alone how they are going to police adherence given the nature of the event and crowd. Maybe Mullet can wear a face mask as an example to her followers.

      • Not going says:

        Ringside is up around the $900 mark, but they do go down to around $30 for the cheap seats. There is also some mob that are trying to flog off corporate packages.

        Why anyone would pay to watch people beat each other up is beyond me.

        • Fight Club says:

          Agreed Not G; you can watch fights for free at most of the Townsville parks on many days of the week, in particular, for a few days around the Federal Government social security pay weeks.

      • The Devil Wears A Doona says:

        Of more interest to us ratepayers Mr Magpie, is HOW MUCH the TCC and the State Govt have tipped in to snag the event for Townsville. What about the V8’s too?

  19. Chy Nha says:

    More fun and games in the USA with numerous reports of people receiving unsolicited packages from China full of seeds.


  20. The Magpie says:

    In 99 out of 100 instances, The Magpie tends to fall firmly on the side of the coppers in their daily tussle with the anti-social and criminal elements in our community. Even more so with the extra onus of virus restrictions.

    But here’s that 100th instance, which must rate near the top of the Snowflake Index.

    The Ingham Magistrates Court was told that during a visit to an Ingham home to check on a suspected breach of COVID gathering rules, the old and frail woman, sitting at the kitchen table, spoke aggressively and waved here fists a couple of times. Then when the police were escorting her out, she elbowed one of them in the ribs ‘causing no damage but momentary discomfort’.

    Oh, petal, you poor officer, our thoughts and prayers are with you. The trauma of knowing you’re just a short step away from a helicopter mercy dash to ICU in Townsville. Your police union secretary Ian Leavers will no doubt issue a statement shortly that you have been scarred for life and should retire forthwith on a full pension.

    Magistrate Mosch managed to keep a straight face when he told the chuckling woman that an assault on a police officer is a serious matter. He fined the woman $350, no doubt knowing that being a elderly disability pensioner that the fine would be flicked straight to SPER and never be paid.

    Looks, fellas in blue, the old duck is was possibly ‘unpleasant’, but pressing a charge like this makes you look utterly ridiculous. And spiteful.

    Grow up.

    • A says:

      The police officer should have tasered her. And the judge should have given her 20 years in prision. Its time people who cant behave in a slightly decent way towards others are punished. Its this turning a blind eye and limp wristed judges that have created this terrible society we live in. She clearly has no respect for anyone including the police. So when her kids break into your house and steal your car, or crash the stolen car into an innocent civillian. Dont complain about the police not doing enough, or the parents not controlling kids and all the other shit about bad upbring, homelife and so on. Look after the small things and the big things follow.

      • The Magpie says:

        20 years for elbowing a copper, eh? But of course, we all turn our adoring eyes to you for guidance ‘slightly decent ways’, you seem to have a lock on that. Muppet.

      • I’ll be plucked says:

        Hey there ‘A’, is your last name Hole by any chance?

        • A says:

          If thats your fancy than fine. But no one has the right to hit another person in most situations. Obviously in boxing and other contexts both parties sought of consent to it, but even then their are rules. Just because their a police officer doesnt mean they should be assaulted in doing their job. And while they often deal with people under a lot of stress or have illnesses and the likes this may explain their reaction but shouldnt be used to exclude or lesson punishment

          • The Magpie says:

            This is PC bullshit at its shining best. Relax those clenched buttocks, officer, which is something that comes with age and experience … or doesn’t. Same goes for both a sense of proportion and a sense of humour for those in charge of their own emotional well being, both desirable qualities in those with power over us in so many ways. Also a sense of the ridiculous might be too much to ask? And being North Queensland, and the woman being indigenous, could there not be a touch of exasperated racism involved here?

            And while on this subject, we all know a policeman’s lot is not a happy one, as G &S pointed out more than a century ago, but The ‘Pie has long been concerned with the wrong sense of entitlement police officers are urged to adopt by their union rep, Ian Leavers, a man in the Peter Dutton mould if ever there was one.

            Staring malevolently and maniacally at the cameras, he tediously keeps trotting out the total falsehood ‘Police officers do not go to work expecting to be punched or shot, and like any other worker, they have the right to safely go home to their families.’ The one word ‘expecting’ gives away the sense of entitlement. … because that is EXACTLY what police officers should expect and should be alert to, THAT IS THEIR FUCKING JOB. Of course, it is not right, powers are given and punishment rightly follows. But unless they just fell off the back of the turnip truck – as the occasional one has – realistic coppers do ‘expect’ to get snotted or worse, because when not raising revenue, they have to deal with the lowest of the low in our society. For which we thank them, but a bit more stoic dignity from their cry-baby leadership would be greatly appreciated.

  21. One legged tap dancer says:

    Horn fight tickets range from $895 for a ringside seat in the first few rows (only available in a package that includes drinks etc) down to $29 for a nose bleed seat (bring your own binoculars).

  22. Achilles says:

    A take on the “Chinese/Wuhan” virus, Pat is usually more circumspect. but this one a few months ago seems to have motivated him to a new level.

  23. Salty Dog says:

    A civil war is unlikely but Trump may settle for a small war with China if his polls keep falling. Hopefully the military would stall it.

  24. Dave of Kelso says:

    More on the farce that is the Dis-United States of America.

    Threats of violence if Trump, God’s appointed to lead, looses the election.


    • Tropical says:

      Threats of violence if Trump, God’s appointed to lead, looses the election.

      Your evidence? That crap was penned by that ABC left wing moron David Lipson, who is as sharp as a bowling ball.

      • The Magpie says:

        Well, if you are serious, try Trump himself lighting the fuse by saying on the record that if he loses the vote, he may not accept the outcome. And this idea is far from Lipson’s invention or scoop … the first time The Magpie saw it was 6 months ago on Colbert, closely followed by Bill Maher. There have been multiple articles about it across the political spectrum of newspapers and magazines canvassing the opinion of political scientists and Constitutional lawyers on the possible outcomes of the ultimate tantrum, almost all of which have included interviews with various types of chimps and gorillas toting military-grade weapons who have promised to back up Trump in that event. Here are just the first three top of the long list that turn up if you got off your arse and googled it.




        So it would appear that Mr Lipson isn’t the only one penning crap, but at least he was informed of what’s going on out there in the world.

        By all means, have your opinion and it will be published here, but the rule is keep up or keep out.

        And please note, guys (that is, just about everyone) …. it’s LOSES, not looses, FFS. Irritating recurring error, almost as bad at the Bulletin with using ‘hone in’ for ‘home in’ (twice in one week earlier this month).

        • Tropical says:

          This what Trump said when asked by Chris Wallace on Fox News: ‘No, I’m not going to just say ‘yes’. I’m not going to say ‘no’, and I didn’t last time either.’
          So where did Trump say he would flat out reject the election result?
          Trump is trolling his haters and as usual they bit.

          Besides it is legally impossible for Trump to reject the election result. Period.
          Using Colbert, The Guardian, The Atlantic and Newsweek as reference for your assertion is ridiculous. All are renowned Trump hating publications along with 95% of the MSM.

          The Dumbocrats supported by their propaganda arm with bylines the MSM have done nothing since Trumps election but try to evict him from office. But being Dumbocrats their incompetence is astounding. Never mind justice is coming for the corrupt Obama and Biden.

          • The Magpie says:

            You poor mutt … help is available, you know.

          • Tropical says:

            I am not the one with a severe dose of Trump Derangement Syndrome.
            By the way are you calling me a dog?

          • The Magpie says:

            No way! That would be a step way to far up the food chain. As to the faux Trump Derangement Syndrome, read this, you will be none the wiser but far better informed.

          • Tropical says:

            Actually the Dunning Kruger Effect is a perfect description for you. There is no such thing as faux TDS. It exists in 95% of the US MSM, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo.
            It also exist through out the ABC, Nein Newpapers and that crap online idiocy The Guardian.

          • The Magpie says:

            ROLTFLMAO … QED, mate, Q, E bloody D my analysis.

            PS What the fuck are Nein Newspapers?

          • Tropical says:

            Nein Newspapers is the deceased Fairfax.
            The term Nein is used by on line posters at reputable blogs because Nein Newspapers like your ABC and Guardian is conservative free.
            Unless you are in lockstep with their opinions and views the chances of having an opposing view published is zip.

          • The Magpie says:

            Oh, got it. Like Sky, only on the other side.

          • The Magpie says:

            Just for a moment, Tropical, let’s you and The Magpie put aside our opposing ‘prejudices’, and give us your view on this impartial point. Over the past three years, there has been a lot of reports from voters on-line and in the MSM (of both sides) and as far as the Magpie has been able to see (and God, does he see enough every bloody day, it’s almost as bad but more entertaining that corona virus), not one person quizzed about voting intentions has said they are switching sides TO Donald Trump. But there are anecdotally tens of thousands (at least) switching AWAY FROM Trump. The movement is clearly in travelling in only one direction.

            Happy to hear a hopefully reasoned and fairly calm (for you anyway) response, but simply saying it ain’t so won’t be good enough. Over to you.

          • The Magpie says:

            PS, away from the computer on a minor medical mission for a couple of hours, so please don’t think The ‘Pie is dodging, delaying or even refusing to publish any reply you might send in.

          • Tropical says:

            Good God.
            Voters quizzed about voting intentions is a joke.
            The pollsters target non registered voters. Nobody knows what methodology is used. Nobody knows how the polling questions are framed. The polls are in fact next to useless and beyond.
            Your evidence that tens of thousands are moving away from Trump does not exist as far as I can tell. If you are using polling to make decisions about Trump you making a big mistake.
            Remember Clinton, every poll had her romping in and she got a flogging.
            And spare me the popular vote argument, that was California. That is the reason the Electoral College was created. To stop Democrats having a permanent seat in the White house and to give voters a choice in presidential elections.

          • The Magpie says:

            Ummm, not really, or at least a very selective and simple reading of the functions the electoral college. This is simple straight explanation of what the Electoral College is, how it came about and why.
            And the following is a very instructive excerpt.

            From time to time, there are electors (the term for members of each state’s electoral college) who do not vote for the candidate who won their state.

            They are called “faithless electors”, and there has been a fair amount of wrangling over whether they can be penalized. There is nothing in the Constitution that requires electors to vote a particular way, but there are a number of state laws and party rules that require them to vote for the winning candidate in their state. It is not clear that the penalties for being a “faithless” elector are even enforceable under the Constitution (but we should know soon, as the U.S. Supreme Court recently took up the issue.)

            (The real question is, “Why was such a convoluted system designed?”
            Like many things in our Constitution, it was a compromise. Some of the Framers were worried about possible collusion and corruption if Congress chose the president. Others were worried about democratic perils of popular whims. And some were concerned that ordinary Americans would lack the information to make an intelligent choice among presidential candidates. Remember, this was before the Internet and a 24-hour news cycle.

            The Electoral College was a compromise that created what was thought to be a council of experienced and knowledgeable statesmen who would be independent from both Congress and the passions of popular opinion. Ironically, the way we use the Electoral College today ignores the last concern. We have popular elections in each state, where we trust that the people are indeed wise enough to choose.

          • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

            Tropical, polls don’t only “target non registered voters”, and they make that information clear along with the rest of their methodology and question framing. Some polls are registered voters, some are likely voters. This is pretty basic stuff and your ignorance of it seems wilful.

            The last good national poll for Trump was in February. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_biden-6247.html#polls

            Compare to 2016 when he was winning some https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_clinton-5491.html

          • Tropical says:

            Soon as I see anything posted or text TTE by Steve Thunberg Belgian Gardens the scroll wheel comes immediately in to play.
            Quit wasting my time you are irrelevant. I and others have better things to do than read your crap.

          • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

            I guess that confirms that the ignorance is wilful.

        • Tenacious D says:

          Bill O’Reilly? think you might have meant Bill Maher?

  25. Back to the drawing board says:

    The Council’s grandiose cafe at the old Panorama site is no longer – the Feds have set aside almost $2m toward it’s construction, but it was going to cost way more. Time for that grand vision to be scaled back a bit…

    • Old Tradesman says:

      Maybe they wanted it free of GST.

    • CEO of Crap says:

      The issue lies with the Mayor. She wanted a zip line from the cafe down to her council chambers office. Unfortunately there was too much push back from residents under the zip line worried about looking up under her doona.

    • The Magpie says:

      Why is The ‘Pie not surprised in the least? This vague, fuzzy ill-conceived idea was problematic for a start, and apart from some of those problems dawning on Mayor Mullet as electoral poison (the Strolling Meanedrers’ Lobby who use the road is a powerful chunk of the electorate), perhaps this snippet from last weekend’s blog, quoting a commenter, might be considered relevant.

      It appears the only way to get our Mayor to disclose any information is to out her and the Council . I have heard from a number of sources that the amount of rates that are in payment plans / deferred / in arrears is getting above a third . Townsville ratepayers were just recovering from the Jan 2019 floods then Covid -19 . 21,000 people on jobkeeper .

  26. Sargent Bacon says:

    I’m an ex NSW cop. Started the job at aged 21 and got out 10 years later aged 31. Why? The money is absolute shit for working nights, weekends and dealing with fuckwits on a daily basis. Simple really. I am now 36 years young. Having lived in Townsville for 4 years I agree that we have some ‘A’ grade grubs in this pllace.
    But as a former cop, I concur with Mr Magpie that Cops DO expect to be verbally abused and at times physically assaulted on a fairly regular basis. Unless you are a softcock working in a storeroom or a greasy pole climber sitting under the Commissioners desk, you are on the frontline. Is it ok to assault a Cop? Of course not? Do most Cops enjoy physical assault? No. But do most Cops expect to be treated like shit and like a punching bag? Yep, they sure do. Look, some Cops are assholes, let’s be honest. And highway patrol Cops in particular. Even within the force the Cops hate the highway patrol Cops! But think about the Detectives working the kiddy fiddler cases, and having to view the video footage of babies being molested, think about the good Cops busting open cold cases and putting shitbags away finally, and think about the Cops attending to a break-in at your house and then putting up with the victim of the crime threatening you, the Police, and calling you a c#nt and blaming YOU for the crime rate. It’s a thankless job that the majority do with patience and fairness. Not all, but most….

  27. Mike Douglas says:

    On a serious note , the Council cant get a Cafe (must be lightweight building ,transformable for other use , dissembled when required ) built for under $2 mil for Castle Hill ? . Based on the fact the Tobruk Pool was months late , other Council projects the same . Federal/ State / Council Future Cities projects are behind plan and Townsvilles two biggest investors , Lancini and Tapiolas say their are issues with Councils leadership and planning department . T.C.C. has many very highly paid bureaucrats as well as a Mayor and 10 Councillors . It seems we arnt all in this together .

    • Old Tradesman says:

      In regards to the Tobruk Pool renovation, Council advertise it as an $11m job, Jackson Semler tender $7.3m, replacement of smaller pool $1m, where is the rest of the money?

      • The Magpie says:

        Sunscreen for photo ops?

      • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

        It is usually called “project and consultancy costs” within council. Essentially the price is inflated to the maximum value of any available external funds, and whatever is left after contractors and subbies are bled white ends up in Walker Street as a donation to general revenue.

  28. The Magpie says:

    Ticket sales for an event not going well? Oh, crumbs, what to do?

    The answer is ring the iditor of the Astonisher and brain storm a beat up story (read: free ad) featuring the world’s most unlikely hero … the Boxing Promoter As Philanthropist And Battlers’ Champion.

    Today we got this ROTFLMAO yarn.

    What was getting Mr Lonergan’s jocks in a wad was a crowd called Ticketblaster, whose site had Horn/Tszyu tickets at mega-ripoff prices. Looking like his groin guard was a tad tight, our jut-jawed

    hero told the paper, “It’s just not right. I really hope people stay well away from this site. They deserve to watch a quality fight at an affordable price.”

    Mr Lonergan is clearly the Harvey Norman of the boxing world.

    But there may be a nasty counter-punch coming for both the paper and Mr Lonergan, who have directly accused Ticketblaster of committing offences under the state’s Anti-Scalping Laws.

    Because right down in the story, the usual spot in this paper where storms in teacups fizzle out into damp showers, Ticketblaster explained it was the sort of Gumtree of the ticket world.
    “Ticketblaster is a ticket exchange/marketplace. Our trusted platform allows people who can no longer attend the event or trusted resellers to price tickets at ‘market value’ based on a price they wish. This is may be below or above face value. In this instance, where an event is not sold out and sellers set their desired price above original cost, it is unlikely that their tickets would sell on our site”.
    In other words, its a free market economy, and Ticketblaster does not appear to be selling anything. Has anyone got up Gumtree on the same basis? Ticketblaster has removed the event tickets from its site, but they could well argue they have suffered unfair reputational damage by this story, and lace on the legal gloves.

  29. Cantankerous but happy says:

    So we now have a Townsville North Qld Defence Strategy 2020-2030, lead by Townsville Council, Townsville Enterprise and Townsville airport, I didn’t bother reading anymore after that, good old Townsville, still backing losers.

    • The Magpie says:

      All form appearance sake. If the Feds and Defence listen to any of this mob – as if – this country would really be fucked.

      • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

        Thankfully it seem Defence ignores most of the local spruikers and just gets on with doing what they do. With not much fanfare they keep letting contracts and upgrading infrastructure at both bases and training areas. This seems like a great way to spin any further Defence spending as somehow the result of the lobbying of the sheeple who put this together. Hopefully it will not deter Defence from spending locally because of the potential for every decision to be seen through a political lens.

  30. The Magpie says:

    And the cop’s name would have to be DICK TRACER!?!

  31. The Magpie says:

    Animal cruelty corner: Flogging a dead horse … and talk about giving the game away!

    The real point of this story is that the philanthropic Mr Lonergan is in deep shit, failing to whip up a financially exhausted local populace to fill his coffers to replace all those Melbourne and Sydney punters who can’t now attend. The giveaway is in the last line of this second ‘advertisement’.

    The August 26 fight will have a capacity crowd of 16,000, and Lonergan said all ticket categories were still available.
    “No category has been sold out yet. We’re still be making tickets available for all categories, including the cheapest ($29) tickets,” he said. It’s a quality fight and we want to make it affordable for all spectators.”

    Isn’t he a peach?

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Any promoter worth his boater hat and stubby cigar know that not all high quality spectaculars end up in the profit margin ! This event and the lead up to it, have been on the nose from the start ! Surely they would have attracted a larger crowd in the SE corner as apposed to Mulletzone !

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie is not willing to knock the event at all, but there must be some very real concern when the council will not disclose what involvement they have committed ratepayers to. Given the dodging and weaving on the V8 council costs over the years … and the risible attempts to justify the benefits with fiddled attendance numbers … surely the mayor can be upfront and transparent about our contribution to the Horn fight. Can’t she?

        Even more pertinent, why can not the Bulletin ask that plain and simple question, and just print word-for-word her answer?

        • I’ll be plucked says:

          Agreed Pie! Hey MULLET, how about it then, let’s have the numbers as part of your renewed, transparent self!!!

  32. One legged tap dancer says:

    Anyone who believes spin from a boxing promoter would also believe that pigs fly, and Jenny Hill is a stickler for transparency.
    Just hope that Jenny hasn’t done one of her Elton John deals, resulting in ratepayers paying for tickets to be given away to make the fight look like a success.

  33. The Magpie says:

    So the selfish empty-headed tarts who evaded quarantine after visiting Melbourne have been caught and are possibly facing a different sort of quarantine of a few years for their brain idiocy. But all that aside, The Magpie now lays himself open to charges of ‘they all look alike to me’ racism, or female stereotyping, or just being a dumb ol’ dinosaur , but although the paper claims it is two of the women, there is no way they aren’t two pics of the one person. Surely. Seriously, two people could not have been that unfortunate.

  34. Gunnery Sgt Carter says:

    News coming through on the defence wire that one Private Cupcake has been dismissed from rank and service absolutely. Reason, there is no lower rank than Private (once a Captain I believe) and the force had no choice.

    Who is this Cupcake and what is his offence?

  35. Strand Ghost says:

    Is it me or has Scott Stewart the new mouthpiece of labor in town, 3 different stories on Ch 7 tonight plus in Bulletin nearly every day, maybe they don’t won’t Harpic and O’rourke any where near a TV or a reporter, if the Bully had one??

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, if you’re right, there’s the story of how deep they are in the shit when you make this booze bloomed parrot your go-to man.

      • The Stasi says:

        Just checking Mr Magpie; is booze bloomed code for a red face/head (A la B. Joyce) and a profile shot the image of a old light bulb (or onion)? We’re not up with you’re slang. TS

        • The Magpie says:

          Beetrooter is an extreme example but usual term for the medical condition of broken capillaries is ‘spider veins’ or ‘ thread veins’. Generally believed to be a feature of the over-enthusiastic imbiber.

      • Kev says:

        Party talk is the Gowa and Burra are gone and they need to sandbag the Townsville seat. Internal polling is shit across the state with tourists area under pressure and need to save seats like those in the Cairn area and Shorten lead shut down of the coal mining industry still in people’s minds. It’s going to tight election won or lost in SEQ. TCC staff constantly in Brisbane annoying people isn’t helping.

  36. Mike Douglas says:

    Our poor deluded Mayor with fun and jokes down at Club Walker street whilst Townsville burns . The hundreds of forgotten families still not back in their houses from the January 2019 floods , over 10 % of the city on Jobkeeper , businesses closing weekly . Will it take non payment of rates , cashflow issues at T.C.C. , more businesses closing for serious Jenny to appear and the begging bowl to the State and Federal Government .

  37. Frequent flyer says:

    Interesting that Jenny Hill is on the front page of the Astonisher today screaming that the 2 boxox criminals should “rot in jail”. If local police ever decide what caused her collision resulting in the death of a motorcyclist she could be keeping them company.

    • The Devil Wears A Doona says:

      Agreed Flyer. Mayor Mullet has now self-appointed as Sheriff of our city AND Chief Judge! What a pathetic attempt to appeal to the masses, whilst tossing the odd bread crumb around.

      Might be wrestling back the limelight after Cappachino’s almost daily coverage whilst she’s been away/on leave/ill/who knows???

      • The Magpie says:


        Mayor Mullet wins the Hypocrite’s Gold Stiletto Award with this quote in today’s Astonisher story:
        “We live in a community, for once we have to be thinking about the community not about us as individuals.”

        ‘For once’, Jenny??? What an inadvertent admission, Madam Mayor!!!

        You also grabbed your Judge Jenny gavel and called colourfully and embarrassingly for the the two COVID breakers to ‘rot in jail’ if it was proved they had caused any death through careless actions.

        YOU ARE FUCKING KIDDING, JENNY HILL, REALLY. The double standard is breath-taking. The parents of motorcyclist Darryl Andrew Lynch, who died in a collision with with your turning car earlier this year share your sentiment about prosecution of those whose careless actions cause death. But they will have to wait a lot longer than the Covid Kids to learn the outcome of the clearly politically tainted police investigation of their son’s death.

        • Rusty Sheriffs Badge says:

          The Hill vs Motorcycle saga needs to be referred to the CCC for investigation if it hasn’t already been done so. She is a public servant, Mayor of a Council and a public official. This matter should be treated as such. It is very serious.

          • The Magpie says:

            ‘Go home, Jake, I’m doin’ you a favour. Forget it, Jake it’s Queensland.’

  38. I’ll be plucked says:

    Apparently the two/three ‘beauty queens’ who falsified their border declarations are part of a handbag thieving syndicate and we’re doing what their ‘handlers’ told them too!

    I’ll be plucked! The plot thickens………

  39. DG says:

    There are some high profile people around the world ducking for cover right now with all of the court exhibits related to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein made public.


  40. Dutch Reverend says:

    Mullet has to be kidding showing herself using hand sanitiser. Public toilets that I’ve had to use at parks around town don’t have any soap in them to properly wash your hands. However, Burdekin -Yep. Hinchenbrook -Yep. Cassowary Coast -Yep. I would say that makes this council near enough to as irresponsible as the COVID tarts. Well done TCC,

  41. Jatzcrackers says:

    Heard from a sports media mate last night that the Horn fight Is pretty much sold out. No corporate boxes left, seating on the field all gone and a few surrounding seats left to get to the 16,000 limit.

    • The Magpie says:

      Let’s hope that’s right, but gosh, what a surprising thing for a ‘sports media mate’ to say.

      • Jatzcrackers says:

        Well he’s not linked to the profit makers for the event and my interest level was purely as a punter for the fight result. He commented that while the young fella will put up a good energetic showing, the smart money (lot of it) is on Horns experience to win the marbles. Still, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the nose. Time will tell !

        • The Magpie says:

          Yep, will be a good stoush. Tszyu pedigree stands him in good stead, but to remain standing is a key to ring success, isn’t it?

  42. The Magpie says:

    Credibility Corner:
    You can bet the adrenaline was really pumping over at long-established and well known Townsville business Adrenaline Dive when they grabbed this weekend’s Astonisher … but not for the thrill of the adventure, more the exasperation of misadventure.

    This would have been a great free ad for the company, a front page splash (no pun intended), but for one wee problem … they got the name of the company wrong … on the front bloody page, no less.

    Adrenaline Drive!?! So …Dive Right In, after you ‘drive’ right out to the reef, eh?
    As age old tradition has it, a careless front page fuck-up makes you wonder about the level of care and honesty in the rest of the rag. Send answers in on the back of your favourite tourism postcard.
    For your future reference, turkeys, cleverly hidden in plain view on Facebook).

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Only Townsville could go to all this effort and have a sculpture of someone sitting on the can taking a dump at the entrance to a tourist attraction, what are these people thinking.

  43. Forrest says:

    Townsville city council now owns castle hill pcyc ! What r they going to do with it. Would be an interesting story . It needs to be repaired and reopened !

  44. Terry Who says:

    Re sale of old railway South Yards. What about the huge amount of asbestos that still exists therein. I thought there are state laws that all asbestos had to be removed before a property can be sold. Must be wrong again.

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