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Sunday, January 12th, 2020   |   259 comments

Is It The Double Tree Hotel Or Is It The Double Talk Hotel? The Proposed Hilton Is As Whiffy As Stilton … Will The Stadium Dormitory Actually Happen?

Maybe Not. This shape-shifting proposal for the stadium precinct leaves many unanswered questions, including two vital ones – like no one, at any time,  has mentioned any figure about how much it will cost. And the frazzled looking white shoe twit from Pure Projects white shoe urgers tells us an unbelievable statistic. The Magpie shares his suspicions with you.

Something old, something new … in the form of the highly popular former Townsville First councillor Trevor Roberts announcing he will run as an independent for council in March.

Our Analytical Man … no, do NOT call him AnalMan for short  … gives us some info on local employment figures, the sort of breakdown that you’ll never get in the Astonisher.

And The ‘Pie presents another thing you’ll never see in our kiss-coit paper. The name Adani is known throughout Australia, and corporate chiseller Gautam ‘Gotem’ Adani one way or another has cost us tens of millions  as a divisive presence. But no one seems to be interested in following what the man is up to in India … and little wonder.

AND the video which will send shivers up your spine, it is genuinely eerie and cannot be dismissed as a bizarre coincidence. Is there a convincing argument that Donald Trump used a Stephen King horror novel of the 1970s as his virtual blueprint to gain the White House? Even if you’re among the few that are passe about this blog’s faithful reporting of one of the planet’s seriously dangerous dingbats, this is a must see.

Plus, nicknames .. we’ve come across one of the biggest rib ticklers of all time.

But first …

Palaszczuk Figures Nero Wasn’t The Only One To Fiddle While Homes Burn

Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 12.22.09 am

It’s another classic Palaszczuk clusterfuck, Nanny State Big Brother bureaucracy threatening the well-being of those of us living outside the magic circle of the south-east megopolis. THE State Government has backed off sacking firefighters without Blue Cards this summer, after entire brigades threatened to quit in protest.

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 5.42.31 pm

The Courier reports:

Barely a third of Queensland’s rural firies have met the January 1 deadline to get a working-with-children check, forcing Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to grant a three-month amnesty during the worst bushfire season in living memory.

But brave volunteers will be kicked out of rural fire brigades and fined up to $6500 each unless they apply for a Blue Card by March 31.

And Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) will refuse to give new uniforms to volunteers until they have applied.

“The deadline to apply for a Blue Card has been extended (to 31 March) due to the bushfire season,’’ a QFES spokesman told The Courier-Mail.

“QFES personnel who refuse to apply for, or are unable to hold a current Blue Card, will not be eligible under law to continue their work, volunteer or undertake a practical placement within regulated roles at QFES.’’

The government was forced into this temporary backdown, they say, because of the unprecedented fire season, but that is rolled gold, nickel plated political bullshit. For one thing, the bushfire season in Queensland has so far been nothing extraordinary as is being experienced further south. And add to that the fact that the blue card requirement has been met with massive resentment by volunteer firefighters, to the extent that of Queensland’s 21,378 volunteer members of the QFES, few more than a third – 8,039 – have applied. Just 26 of these applications were knocked back due to criminal records for serious offences, and then not necessarily anything to do with the absurd contention that an active firie was likely to indulge in child abuse while on the job. More likely, he or she will be saving children’s lives. Past offences that will deny a Blue Card include murder, rape, kidnapping, burglary, supplying dangerous drugs, and of course, sexual abuse of children. This thoughtless insult, that so many selfless, outstanding citizens have to go through all sorts of pointless bureaucratic palaver because some legal lunatic has designated them ‘health workers’- FFS!! – now threatens our well being here in the regions. Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland boss Justin Choveaux says whole communities could be left undefended if entire brigades quit in protest against – not his words but what he meant – this utter bullshit.

In a dispiritingly  familiar refrain, Mr .Choveaux summed up ’No one thought this through’. And guess what? Knowing the sense of community duty and sacrifice the average firie displays, they will fight fires without a blue card if they have to, save what lives and property they can, only to be hailed by this busted-arse government as ‘lawbreakers who will get fined $6500’.

Heros fin small

As Shambolic Policies Go, This Gets The Biscuit – It’s A Tax On Working

Now before any of the shadow-flinchers, unthinking sheeple  and policy parrots out there start yelling about child safety being paramount -  ‘well, duh! – this has absolutely NOTHING to do with the issue, it is purely an incompetent, policy-deprived government facing certain electoral defeat this year and is grasping at a virtue-signally campaign straw.

Here’s why.

It’s redundant: Anyone wanting to become a member of the Rural Fire Brigade in Queensland already has to undergo a criminal background check. This make s a nonsense of the whole flapdoodle anyway. But let’s say that requirement didn’t exist.

Cost: First and perhaps foremost, although no volunteers in any sphere in Queensland have to pay the $92 application fee, neither should anyone else, Blue Cards should be paid for by the by the government as a contribution towards a safer society. And anyone who is trying to sneak through the checks and is flagged, can then be hit with  a penalty for making a time wasting application in the first place – but one doubts there’d be too many dim enough to try that on.  Surely in a society crying out for answers to two particular social ills … crime and lack of jobs … needs every possible incentive to find employment. As it is, this government Blue Card policy is imposing a tax on people who want to work.

Checking: With that in mind, in the case of firies, the brigades would have enough information for the bum-polishing checkers to look into current and intending members backgrounds with their initial history info. Then action to deny membership can be taken, rather than tarring greatly affronted selfless citizens with the same brush and requiring them TO PROVE they are not child molesters.

Offences Meriting No Card: (Only in the case of firies) Burglars, some drug offences, even kidnapping where it was a domestic squabble matter, should not be denied rehabilitation opportunities for those who want to move back into society and pay a debt in a most practical, and often dangerous way. And working in a bush fire brigade serves many purposes -instilling discipline, teaching skills, building self esteem through chances to show courage,  and comradeship. One would think this was a no brainer for a Queensland society experiencing the two biggest social problem, crime and job opportunities. Fucking sight better policy than crash-pad bail houses, one would think.

The current background checking  regime is estimated to cost up to $2million a year (the government’s claim, can’t see it personally, in this age of computers).  $2 million can hardly be a problem for a government that splurges $100million a a sports stadium, and then just shrugs at a cost overrun of $50million,  or thinks nothing of throwing a lazy million or so at a ‘Regional Parliament’ political campaign exercise. Or untold and as yet untallied hundreds of millions at a jumbled Brisbane-Gold Coast transport plan. And should we mention shouting a gaggle of mayors and hangers-on a jolly to India to talk to their favourite corporate swindler (more on him shortly).

And finally, can anyone one single example where a member of the Bush Fire Brigade, or any FB for that matter, has been charged let alone convicted of a child molestation offence while working?  Did someone in the act of saving a child’s life, run out of a burning building carry the child in an ‘inapproporiate manner’ – a phrase that can mean any fucking thing in this rooted nanny state sick society.

The Incredible Shrinking Hotel – Is The Double Tree Venture About To Disappear Completely?

No one would be happier than The Magpie to see the new hotel proposed next to the Total Tools Stadium open and thrive, but sadly, he suspects we well may have been taken for a ride on this one. Yes, again!! And we don’t even know what we should be hoping for, this is a shape-shifting project that smacks of uncertainty. Like this variety that has been served up over the past year or so.

Which one will it be?

Double Tree 13ee2f4c35bfd6b785bf7e3de3b95b74 Double Tree 2892e95d5cf28d2e73ac801d335fced4e Double Tree 3GF5NEQn Double tree 4CmyJUoA

Announcements about this project all have an air of hopeful pleading by someone out for a quick quid, but leave many of us scratching our heads.

Here’s a biggy to start with … an extensive search cannot turn up anywhere a projected cost of this hotel venture. And that is strange, because asses like the mayor and her deputy doo-dah are forever tossing off big dollar number like like fleas off a swimming dog. Contrast this with the excellent about to be realised proposal, led by the Honeycomb Group, of the revamped ferry terminal with hotel (and would you believe, an actual car park building). The cost of the ferry revamp has been up and down like a bride’s nighty for three years, but a cost has always been there, starting with $55million back in 2017. But the Hilton Double Talk? Not a single reference in sight that The ‘Pie can find. And that is possibly because this whole thing involves a white shoe middleman, in the form of Michael Graham, from a Brisbane mob called Focus Pacific.

michael graham MD Focus Pacific Australia

The ‘Pie is advised that it is not unusual for a crowd like Focus Pacific to find the site, do the build and then lease it out for 50 or so years to an arranged client, in this case, Hilton Hotels.


Mr Graham, who has looks and sound a bit like a young gabbling Woody Allen, recently as the past week has admitted that finance is yet to be finalised, a rather startling admission at this stage of the game. And truthfully, this bloke has never seemed to be on top of his job; in this TV interview a little while back, he said the 14 to 16 months construction job would create work for ’70 odd people’. Michael, mate, they’d not only have to be odd, they’d have to be bloody hard multi-skilling workers, considering  a smaller 138-room hotel at the Adelaide Oval required 450 workers during construction – and 120 jobs when operating, as versus Mr Graham’s 90 positions if his bigger crash pad is opened.

Significantly when the deal for the council land was signed off during the week, surprisingly, Hilton refused to make any comment on the crucial move. One wonders why.

And Hilton’s attitude seems to be one of carefully waiting and watching without any concrete commitment.  On a Hilton website we learn : Hilton Hotels are renowned for choosing quality, marquee sites…’ so it’s hard to see the business case for this hotel … overlooking deserted and apparently deeply contaminated railway yards one side, a blank wall stadium and mangrove mudflats on the other and a charmless footy training centre close by.  The views may questioned but the business case also falters because of its location in comparison with its competition … way too prominent to become a high end knocking shop like the Ridgemont motel (not sure about the ‘high end in the motel’s case, although it certainly seemed to provide punters with some  ‘high ends’.) and for the businessman and tourist alike, none of the tropical laze-by-the-pool-with-an-almond-daiquiri vibe. Add to that that only half the rooms will have in-house parking, the rest will be adding to traffic problems in surrounding streets due to a council dispensation with normal requirements because, in the ludicrous words of our ludicrous mayor, ‘total in-house guest parking won’t be necessary because of the hotel’s mproximity public transport (what?), walkways and the planned entertainment precinct.’ The woman is demented.

Observers on other websites are also highly dub ious about this project. Here’s a sampling from one thread on the Skyscrapercity site 

GBRGB Same here, bit of a non event at 7 storeys, would like to see 10-12 storeys and a smaller footprint, but I still struggle to see the commercial viability at this location, it is over a km walk to Palmer St and mall and 2km from the Strand, 12 games of footy a year and a few days for the V8’s but that’s it, considering Townsville has an occupancy rate under 60% its a big commitment.

WEZZA (Nov 23) Did anyone happen to read the comments on the Bulletin’s FB page on this story? No wonder a lot of development doesn’t go ahead in this place.

GBRGB I am not on Facebook so didn’t see the comments but could imagine it’s the same as most I talk to as I get around town, not exactly the most positive place at the moment, I think the issue with this particular project is the link between the Mayor and developers and a lot of people don’t trust anything involving Jenny Hill.

GBRGB  The height is very interesting and may be why the hotel was this design rather than the taller version. The low points of the V sections of stadium roof are 26 metres above ground, the high points reaching a few metres above that, if they allowed the hotel to be any taller it could overshadow the stadiums visual presence in the precinct.

This project even falls short of Colin Dwyer’s eager schoolboy ‘look,sir,look’ estimation of having ‘a high confidence of proceeding’. And w haven’t even touched on the interesting businnes/old pals club links within the council.

Now For Some Good News

You can expect some sort of empty rhetoric about this doubtful venture , and the battery factory, between now and the council elections at the end of March. Any official cancellation of the projects will be planned to made when and if  Mayor Mullet is back safely on the Walker Street gravy train.

Trevor RobertsScreen Shot 2020-01-11 at 10.14.15 pm

But her fellow passengers on the train this time around may rein in her more grandiose idiocies. And one of those pulling the reins may well be former two term councillor Trevor Roberts, who announced his candidacy on Facebook this afternoon. The slick video presentation reflects Trevor’s long years as a favourite TV newsreader in these parts back in the day, written in straightforward understandable terms, very to the point and a remarkable lack of ra-ra bullshit.

As a reporter and columnist with the Astonisher, The ‘Pie has had a few small dealings with Trevor Roberts when he was in office, and in those matters and general observations of his performance, he was always honest, direct but friendly and polite, very approachable and always got back with a reply to any query. He was deservedly popular, and ultimately lost to Verena Coombe by just 477 votes out of the 9839 cast, or about 4%. Roberts fell victim to the Townsville Bulletin-Jenny Hill inspired hatchet job on TF generally, which argued that a unified team was what Townsville needed. And we all know how that has worked out. Roberts will be a fine addition to whatever council we end up with.

And maybe Trevor’s announcement may act as a further spur to get the immensely popular Ray Gartrell back into the arena – he lost by just 49 votes to late team Hill ring-in Maurie Soars. he has been pleaded with by scores of people to put his hand up again. Maybe he will.

Corey DavisScreen Shot 2020-01-12 at 12.55.15 am

And school teacher Corey Davis, who will contest Division 9, is being well spoken off in some quarters that The Magpie haunts.

But Whoever Gets Elected Will Face Some Inconvenient Truths

… not that you’d known it from the Astonisher. This lobbed into the Nest during the week.

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 10.19.06 pm

The charts are particularly interesting, see the whole thing here.

The ‘Pie showed it to his chum Phillip Batty, whose eyes lit up … our Phil loves nothing better than a few crunchy numbers with his bourbon for breakfast (sorry just kidding – he doesn’t get up until midday).

Here’s how Phil demonstrated that you can get stats to say anything you like …. mainly by quoting selectively.

Batty spinScreen Shot 2020-01-11 at 10.26.28 pm

Clever lad, our Mr Batty, and he just couldn’t resist that kick in Townsville’s cods with the last Negative.

Aussie Media Interest In The Adani Empire Ends At Darwin – It Shouldn’t.

The name Adani is known throughout Australia, and few are neutral when they hear it, they are either opposed to the I’ndian mining shyster’, or for him as someone who will bring an very moveable number of jobs to Queensland. 

Shyster? Well, that’s been The ‘Pie’s long held opinion and his only objection to the Carmichael mine – apart from the small matter of Mayor Mullet handing him the key to the ratepayers coffers for her infamous  airstrip deal. Simply, The Magpie does not believe this corporate crook is to be trusted, and that’s because the old bird gets frequent reminders of what he is up to in his poor benighted homeland, matters that do not seem to concern our mostly shackled media. For instance, haven’t seen this anywhere, certainly not in the Astonisher.

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 2.15.34 pm

And The Greenies will splutter in their herbal infusion tea when they read things like this.

adani deforestation in. india

But he’s a canny bugger is old Gotem … seems he’s bought into a business that may give him a distinct advantage in handling those pesky protestors.

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 11.17.40 pm


The Golden Wristy Statuette For Wanker of the Week…

… goes to the ABC radio reporter who last Monday told us that a woman had been injured in an ‘unprovoked ‘ attack by a shark. As versus what other sort of attack?

Best Nickname of the Week.

Aussie’s have always been good at the nickname, and its a style that is flourishing. A mate reckons he calls his wife Harvey Norman … ‘absolutely no interest for 36 months.’

Best Jewish Joke … (they have the best jokes and best bagels …always)

Rachel calls her mother and says” I’m divorcing Nathan. All he wants is sex, sex and more sex. My vagina in now the size of a 50 cent piece, when it used to be the size of a 5 cent piece.’

Her mother says:

‘You’re married to a multi-millionaire businessman!

‘You live in an eight bedroom mansion!

You drive a $250,000 Ferrari !

You take six vacations a year!

You a $2000 a week allowance!

… and you want to throw all that away over 45 cents?

Tasteful Facebook Post Of The Week

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 10.58.23 am

Spooky Video of the Week

While some readers chide The ‘Pie for his continued weekly reporting of the foibles of Tangerine Anus in the White House, a video arrived a couple of days ago that is truly disturbing.

Stephen King. Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 11.17.44 am

It is a brief interview with horror author Stephen King, and brings forth the very real possibility that the Trump strategy to reach the White House used the exact plot idea of a King novel of the 1970s. This is not a joke video, and it certainly won’t leave the more thoughtful among you laughing.

But as usual, there were plenty who have decided that there is little left to do but laugh until that fateful day when this deeply deranged psychopath finally gets access to the big red button. Our weekly gallery.

cjones01062020 233491 20200108edbbc-a Trump Iran strategy mrz010720dapr 233677 233703 233505 cbr010320dapr cjones01082020 233573_rgb sbr010720dapr 20200106edwas-a wpnan200106 lk010720dapr tt200108

And One Last Clever One .. From The UK



Enough for this week, with sincere thanks for all those folks who send material in during the week. Keep an eye on comments, that’s where many a good yarn first comes to light, and you can have your say there, too. The ‘Pie continues his plan to give the blog and his whole communication mode an overhaul in the coming weeks, and if you feel you can  support the effort with a donation, it will be a great help. The donate button is below.


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  1. Linda Ashton says:

    And you thought “cofveve” was a sign that Stillson still stalked. This clip isn’t a rib tickler Pie. It’s a bit that King edited out of The Dead Zone because there wasn’t a rating back then for comedic horror documentary.

  2. Mike Douglas says:

    Pie , thanks for clarifying that volunteer fire fighters already face checks and the blue card push the same Labor State Government thats mining safety committee couldn’t meet because they didn’t have gender diversity . Back to the stadium , I believe 12,000 season members have seats for the Cowboys vs Broncos game 13th March but the nrl won’t let tickets go on sale for non season members until 18 th Feb ? . If that’s correct, that’s less than 3 weeks for out of towners to try and access tickets , accomodation , airfares . For those that drive , sounds like they need to arrive a few hrs earlier and then there’s exiting .

    • The Magpie says:

      In all the hullabaloo, there is little doubt the stadium will be packed out for the opening game, a traditional rivalry and a moment in history. After that, well, it will simply depend on the Cowboys performance … keep winning and numbers will remain OK, lose and ….well, we all know how fickle a cash strapped public can be.

  3. PeterPan says:

    Re the new stadium hotel ,here is a bit of an angle for you.

    Firstly…the number being thrown around is $40mil.

    At this price…and knowing what hotels do in this city it just does not stack up. Hotels are trying to understand what deal has been done on the land to help make this project viable. TCC were questioned on this some time ago and informed the accommodation sector that this will be fair market value, but what is it? Has a dirty deal been done, have we given up prime real estate for next to nothing to get the build across the line? Something is not passing the pub test on this one.

    • The Magpie says:

      Although we are entitled to know what deal was done, there is little doubt that commercial in confidence will be invoked because the deal is with the hucksters Focus Pacific, not Hilton, one assumes … the middlemen won’t want the amount of the lease repayments known while they now desperately shop around for finance. Given Michael Graham’s personal connection with some within TCC and within Jenny’s circle of supporters and advisers, this is starting to smell like a campaign stunt.

      Here’s a conspiracy theory … the hotel deal falls over, the traffic is complete chaos for games and events, so a re-elected Mullet announces the land previously earmarked for the hotel will instead become … a car park

      Don’t laugh.

  4. Polka Dot says:

    The emergence of some quality independents in the Council race is promising and actually reflects the mood of the ordinary, dare I say, quiet Townsvilleans. Hill knows she’s on the nose. The inclusion of Radeck and Suzy in Team Hill are more about Hill, than the candidates. Hill needed the “glow” from someone else and to “look” inclusive. If Cox messages 3 core things he is in with a chance.

    • The Magpie says:

      And those three are?

      And sadly, Radeck and Batkovic’s declaration of allegiance to Jenny immediately brings into question their motives, their awareness of the needs of this city and dare one say, their political gullibility in being used as ‘trophy’ candidates. For once, the inflated councillor salary and perks doesn’t feature with these women, both have been successful in their own fields, but that doesn’t translate into public service.

      • Fishframe says:

        I think Batkovic’s run for councillor and her connection with Dan Ryder and his push for Illich Park redevelopment is interesting timing.

        • The Magpie says:

          It can’t be ignored, but proves nothing as yet. Just a bad look, but hey, in a crowded field of bad looks on Mayor Mullet’s scorecard, nothing will come of it.

  5. upagumtreeperson says:

    Magpie, hope 2020 gives you a new look into today’s ratty, idiotic society in Townsville. I recently signed up to Beyond Blue as one of two Townsville speakers. I did not object to signing a blue card form because we may at times have to deal with those under 18. However, Beyond Blue reimbursed our cost (about $75) for the blue card so all is well. Blue card mania is everywhere and assumes that we are or can be guilty of criminal offences. That is the way of the world but what the Queensland Government should do is to pay the registration for volunteers , renewable every three years. Volunteers or others cannot buck the system as that is what it is. It is a pity such a blue card system was in vogue in 1956 when I was sexually assaulted by my choir master. (Today, apparently we cannot trust anyone as a volunteer or work associate.) I doubt at the present that firies anywhere have the time to stop fighting fires and protecting lives and fill out a form and pay their money. Governments suck. I wonder if Anna Alphabet has a blue card?

    • No More Dredging says:

      Treehugger, whilst “Blue card mania is everywhere”, I remember when some government employees went to great lengths to deceive and defraud by lying and cheating about their qualifications and, shall we say, ‘history’. In particular, there were doctors, or seeming doctors, who made up all sorts of phoney documents and had officials in foreign places get real slack about qualifications etc. From the government’s perspective, it cost serious money in compensation and loss of reputation. I dare say there are some ‘engineers’ in the dam designing and building field whose CVs have come under increased scrutiny lately. I suspect that ‘volunteers’ present a particularly tricky legal quandary – work for the dole is another such area.

      • The Magpie says:

        Up and about a bit early again, Dredger? The main difference you don’t mention in your little homily (you sure your not related to Guy) is that in the case of the Blue Card, the government is the body holding all the information, police, judicial, and so on. They are not a professional association which, no matter what they say, does not enjoy the level of information or manpower of a government.

    • The Magpie says:

      On the point of being required to have a Blue Card, does this apply ton priests and other clergy? Would your grub of a choir master have been required to have one, should they have existed then, or would the church resist such ‘interference’ in its fairytale sovereignty?

      • Fishframe says:

        Agree. That was what I was getting at in the last topic.

      • upagumtreeperson says:

        No Magpie back in 1956 there was not a requirement to have some form of blue card.

        All intercourse (working with others) was conducted on a trust basis. The choir master and his trusty organist (one who played the church organ) suddenly disappeared to Tasmania. This would have been after a choir boy mentioned interference to his parents. I never told my parents because they would not believe me. Churches and Institutions must now pay big-time compensation.
        At least the Blue Card may go some way towards preventing molestation of the innocent. One maybe surprised what is kept on file by big brother!

    • Hondaman says:

      Absolutely! the word is VOLUNTEER, and any group needing help should be willing to pay for the Blue Card accreditation, good help is hard to get, and this small impost – if it enables a work force to be mustered buckshee. I, along with others of the ‘ville hold Official tickets from an Australian motor sport body, who were only too happy to cover the costs, given the benefit to the Sport. The Queensland Govt. should definitely cover all volunteers such as Firey’s, etc, to not do so is blatant stupidity!

  6. Just Say'n says:

    Bottom line up front – I agree with the requirement for blue cards for the QFES.
    The points that you raise all ignore the issue that you can have minors joining the RFS. That means that the firies are working WITH minors of both genders (ie under the age of 18). For this reason, they should have blue cards.
    I have seen the same rules applied in lots of workplaces where minors are employed. Their supervisors require a blue card.
    Same rules apply to cadet organisations, sporting teams and non-teaching staff who visit schools to host talks.
    Regardless of all the arguments for and against the simple matter is that the government has to push on with the proposal. In last week’s column “Wulguru Wonder” provided the following link:
    In this legal opinion, the following comments were made:
    “If QFES accepts that a blue card is not required, but the unthinkable happens and the matter ends in a court and the court holds that a blue card should have been required then QFES may be criminally liable and will be condemned in the court of public opinion.
    If, on the other hand, QFES accepts that a blue card is required and later a court holds that this was not the case there are no legal implications. There is no harm in having a blue card if you don’t need one; there is not having one when you do.”
    The author also makes the comment:
    “I do understand that volunteer firefighters and SES members in other states and territories have working with children checks so the Queensland position appears to be consistent with other jurisdictions.”
    All of this makes sense to me.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie’s information – perhaps incorrect, since it came from the Courier Mail – is that other states do not have a blue card system for firies … this is evidenced that the Qld Government arrogantly issues, apparently without checks, temporary blue cards to not only interstate volunteers, but also defence personnel. The Feds may have something to say about that.

      Child abuse is like climate change in one aspect … both are real and happen, but both have attracted a level of hysteria that verges on medieval religious fervour. And both issues need calm rational measures to achieve safety.

      And The ‘Pie is yet to hear of A SINGLE INSTANCE where an on-duty firie has been charged and prosecuted over a child abuse, either with a victim or a junior colleague.

      • No More Dredging says:

        ‘Pie, it looks like other states have all sorts of different arrangements. I looked up the Victorian CFA which stated:

        “All new volunteers are required to complete a National Police Check through Fit2Work.
        It is preferred that all volunteers hold a current Working with Children’s Check. It is a requirement to have a WWCC to undertake roles that interact with young people, which may include Junior Leaders, Fire Safe Kids presenters and schools programs.”

        It’s not clear to me what the administrative difference is between a ‘police check’ and a ‘working with children check’ as you’d think each would use the same data base.

        • The Magpie says:

          The word ‘preferred’ makes a big difference here, whereas other careas of interaction, are, as they should be, mandatory for the Vic equivalent of a Blue Card.
          And yes, the difference in ‘criminal’ and ‘Blue Card’ checks would be interesting to know. Is this bureaucratic and expensive double up make-work.

          No wonder the state budget is overloaded with thousands of new bum polishers.

          Good info, Dredger. And boy, wouldn’t The ‘Pie like to see some nerdy little Queensland pipsqueak challenge an ADF Sergeant Major when the army lands to fight fires and are told they can’t because they don’t have Blue Cards. Something would be blue very quickly and it wouldn’t have anything to do with cards.

      • No More Dredging says:

        ‘Pie, in relation to your appeal for a SINGLE INSTANCE of a firey up to no good – I easily found a reference in the Geelong Advertiser (behind a paywall) which opened with:

        “Oct 6, 2019 – A former Geelong volunteer firefighter is facing child exploitation charges. … charged by detectives from the Sexual Offences and Child Abuse …”.

        Plenty of American ones too.

        • The Magpie says:

          Yes, but was he on duty fighting fires at the time of the offence? having a Blue Card to fight fires is idiotic, because it nwon’t stop what grubs do in their down time.

  7. Fishframe says:

    Yay! A new story, thanks Magpie. I said in a previous blurb that I didn’t feel good about the Double D Hotel going ahead when the developers said it was subject to the Cowboys HPC being approved and going ahead. I can’t see why that would matter if everything was stacking up. Further, another 4 Star is now apparently approved to go ahead with the redevelopment of the sun ferries site along with Honeycombes. We would have that right next door to the 4 Star Ville and I don’t know what that would do to the bean counters projections on he Double D. Negative impact I would suspect.

    • The Magpie says:

      Indeed, what possible relevance could a training field and some sort of hyped Centre of Excellence would have on the viability of a 166 room hotel, unless the cunning plan is to become a dormitory for visiting jocks and jockettes. You can bet London to a brick Hilton is nowhere near signing off on this, which is evidenced in their silence about what must be a gift land deal.

      Oh how we wish there was a Centre of Excellence in Walker Street!

  8. Strand Ghost says:

    Hi Magpie
    Just a little more info on Corey Davis that you spoke about today, he is a long time teacher at Ryan Catholic College and they think very highly of him that they invited him onto the board of the Ryan School, and also spends a lot of his own time Coaching kids after hrs in Football and Basketball in his school holiday time and is very highly regarded in the Catholic and Townsville community and has the backing of 3 well known Townsville business people and there is a lot more starting to jump onboard.
    He might just ad a little spice to this council election.

  9. J Jones says:

    What do we need another new hotel for anyway? Are all the others constantly full up? Anyone

    • The Magpie says:

      Guess the answer is that’s it’s a free market economy … unfortunately in Townsville, it means ratepayers are free to throw their money towards any shady shonk that comes along.

  10. Jatzcrackers says:

    ABC News on line today asks, amongst other questions, why do we even need local councillors. It’s a good question ! With so many businesses now being run remotely via electronic communication etc, it’s probably a fairly accurate call that today’s elected councillors rarely get out from behind their computer screens except for intermittent door knocking around election time. 100 years ago councillors where needed just like bank employees and we all know which way that industry has been heading this last two decades !

    • The Magpie says:

      All for Big Brother, eh, biscuit?

      • Jatzcrackers says:

        Well, I’m all for less politicians at all levels of government, pay the ones we elect more money but make them more accountable for their wages ! Bit like business, which is what today’s governments are! We all want governments to manage the treasury better and most big business CFO’s get paid a hell of a lot more than even our Federal treasurer does. It’s all simple thinking from my end but if a CEO and CFO don’t perform they get sorted out fairly quickly!

  11. Dave of Kelso says:

    Hey everybody, Harry’s in the shit!

    Would have lost his head 300 years ago. Who wants to be the fly on the wall?


  12. Strand Ghost says:

    Hi Magpie
    I don’t know what he think’s of Hill’s policies why don’t you ask him ,I know he reads your site.

  13. Trevor Roberts says:

    Hi Malcolm, thought I’d drop into the nest. Thank you for your comments about me. I appreciate them. I remained an interested observer of local politics over recent years but have until now chosen to stay out of the public arena. The city looks an eyesore in all divisions not just division 6. We’ve had endless announcements about would be, could be, might be projects that after four years have amounted to nothing. The project at the ferry terminal at last looks like something we can believe in.

    As a flood victim I have concerns about the dam management during the floods. I have twice seen stolen cars being driven dangerously in this city. Does someone have to be killed before something is done to take these criminals off our streets. Crime is not a council issue but it should be for every elected official as a matter of principal. If I’m elected I am going to be very loud on this subject. I have heard nothing from the Mayor and councillors on this very serious matter. Whenever there is a hot issue the mayor sends out a council spokesperson instead of fronting up to speak to the public. If I’m elected that is going to change. I won’t hide from you.

    I have waited to see if anyone was going to run but so far candidates are a little light on the ground. You can either whinge and complain or you can put your hand up. So my hand is up. To answer a question asked on your blog, no I am not running with Sam Cox but fully support him as a mayoral candidate. I have known Corey Davis for many years and if my recommendation means anything I recommend him to the people of division 9. The people of Division 2 cannot go wrong with Sue Blom. Good luck to those guys. If anyone out there is thinking about running in the election please do. I am running as an independent candidate funding my own campaign. Just the way I like it.

    • The Magpie says:

      Thanks for your input, Trevor, feel free anytime.
      Any brief summary from ANY candidate is welcome here. Jenny?

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Careful Pie! She will repost the end of that dart throwing video clip as her contribution.

      • Fishframe says:

        I am probably not Mayor Mullet in disguise, but if I were I would like to say that my next car will be purchased locally in Melbourne, your rates will be spend vigorously, rubbish collections to be once a month and I don’t plan on buying a second dress.

    • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

      It would be great to see you around Walker St again Trevor. All the best – I have only one vote but it’s yours.

      The sad reality is that many people who would otherwise run know that if Jenny and her clique are returned they may as well pack up and leave as they will be frozen out.

      I sometimes wonder where Dave Donahue ended up after Chiodo fucked him through the Haughton Pipeline. Being fucked through a pipeline has a certain inelegance.

    • 75 Days says:

      Good to see you back Trevor. You have been missed. Corey seems like he has what it takes. But we need candidates in other divisions.
      AMG is an insipid trough swiller.
      Kurt Ray ban has sucked up so many arses I think he’s forgotten which one is his. And he’s still mates with Adele the Impaler
      I do like Russ, but he’s been a spineless wonder. So things must be fucking bad in there.

    • Annie Barton says:

      Good to see you back in the arena, Trev. We’ve missed you. How about you drop the typical political BS though? The people are sick of it. It’s clear that you’re running with Sam Cox and will announce a ticket with him before too long. So why the smoke and mirrors? It didn’t do you much good last time. Smart money says former TF councillors Gartrell and Parsons will also announce before too long. Anyway, best of luck mate.

      • The Magpie says:

        To understand that Trevor supports Sam Cox is a given, considering the alternative, but that is a long way from being on an official team ticket with, especially when he doesn’t have to to get same outcome (hopefully). There are also some very tricky new electoral regulations that may make life difficult for that idea, and may well make life difficult for some of the newbie Hill muppets, it looks like they’ve already broken several laws.

        And Clr Margie Ryder may have the CCC on her tail soon, given her antics and soliciting for freebies and using her council Facebook page for a weird call to promote some highly questionable business deal. And unlikely though it may be, even if these examples are not technically breaking any LG laws, it is a bad look for a town that is sick of self-seeking foul mouthed drongos like Ryder.

        • Annie Barton says:

          Fair point, Pie. Hopefully they all get across the line, though I don’t see Jenny getting turfed, as much as I’d love to.

          Margie is certainly on thin ice. Don’t they give these people ethics lessons when they join council? Appalling stuff

          • The Magpie says:

            They do now, and it would be interesting to see if Ryder has done the mandatory course, which you now have to do whether a sitting member or a nominated candidate.

  14. City dweller says:

    Pretty simple statement there, no bullshit!! I agree council has nothing to do with police numbers or policy but I can only remember once in 4yrs this halfwit mayor saying anything to state government. Even when the whole troop was in Townsville as you have pointed out in the blog. Not one fucken word mullet!. If your the mayor you have a certain power of authority to fight this issue, not have your hand out to fix footpaths. Where did that 22 million go Anna gave us? With all due respect to Sam Cox, I have been critical of him, if you now have better candidates running around you you better use them and address the hard issues we want to hear about. Floods floods floods not underwater art galleries and unicorn factories. Trevor have you lost your calling and perhaps aiming to low? I can only imagine you can’t take on the top hub rather then want to. I say good luck to you both as well as the others mentioned. Hope someone runs against greaney.

  15. Dave of Kelso says:

    Dear Pie,

    Any hint when Tatty Townsville (TT) will be up and running?

    I realise the aim is to expose Council neglect.

    Another expose’ might be Ratty Townsville Residences (RTR).

    While looking for valid TT contributions I am overwhelmed by the number of dwellings that would qualify for RTR. I just love the places that have indoor furniture in a front yard that is festooned with empty drink containers, a destroyed letterbox, and car wreck down the back. It makes you proud of the place.

    I assume Townsville has no minimum standards?

    • The Magpie says:

      Aiming at sometime this week, frankly bhave been waiting until numbers climb back a bit from their traditional drop over Xmas New Year. And yes, council has powers to make people be responsible around their homes, and already among the dozens of pix send in, several feature grubby neighbourhood front yards that look more like rat-infested tips that urban yards. They will be included.

  16. Empty Swamp says:

    I agree with Jatzcrackers, WTF do we local Government for anymore? The CCC can’t keep up with the amount of investigations they are undertaking, policies and procedures now make it impossible to chat 1:1 with a Councillor in the pub over a beer, and most councillors these days are rorting grubs with their hands in the cookie jar! Fuck em, get rid of the lot of them. Useless dross.

    • No More Dredging says:

      Swampy, as a matter of interest, how would you like to organise the supply of water, sewerage, streets, drainage and garbage services in your neck of the woods? Like the rest of us in the village, suburb or town, you pay rates or rent to have this work done for you. In some collective fashion we all agree to contribute money and make decisions. If we don’t like some particular proposal or would like to propose something that isn’t on the agenda, it is very easy to get a meeting with a councillor or even the mayor. They are paid by us to be at our disposal. If you think most councillors are “rorting grubs” and “useless dross” I suspect you’ve never met one. Ho hum.

      • The Magpie says:

        Ever met Les Walker?

        • Why is it so? says:

          It is common knowledge that you don’t want to meet Les Walker, if he doesn’t like the questions you are asking. He can be a very nasty piece of “work”. He shows no respect to his employers, the ratepayers. The latest example is his disgusting treatment of the Woodstock industrial land protestors ….. How does he get away with it, even becoming Deputy Mayor and acting Mayor. What hope does Townsville have? Townsville has less than 75 days to find quality candidates that will loosen the Team Hill chokehold on Council. Voting for Team Hill has proven to be an unmitigated disaster for Townsville. Voting for a “team” in local elections should be illegal, it kills democracy….

      • City dweller says:

        As usual NMD you have no idea. Every time I’ve wanted to talk to my councillor I get a message and it goes to a assistant. Emails are the same. It is still run like it was under the last CEO. None of them are allowed to speak with the public until it goes through the mayor. You know that’s a fact! What ever legislation you read to tell us this means nothing when you have a mayor who controls everything within. To assume empty has never met one, well how can he? I’ve met les walker pie, it was when his now disappeared council funded trailer with his face on it was paraded on railway ave. Wonder where that trailer is??? But I didn’t speak to him personally just his picture. I got more sence out of it then his message bank.

        • Snitch says:

          To answer city dweller question about where the trailer is … it’s sitting in the back yard at 159 Racecourse Rd Cluden. You can’t see it unless you are in a high vehicle and even then can only see the top and part of Walkers head. It’s been there for more then 6 months I believe. More wasted ratepayers money to get re-elected

          • The Magpie says:

            ‘…can see the top and part of Walker’s head’? An empty space, you mean.

          • City dweller says:

            Are we allowed to post pictures of that house if the trailer is in veiw?? It’s in public interest of ratepayers money being used? And I would say its being hidden purposely. Or is it illegal? If not I’ll go take it for the tacky Townsville webpage.

          • The Magpie says:

            Well, two ways of looking at this. Why? Doesn’t prove anything and no, there is nothing illegal about taking a photograph under proper circumstances. The ‘Pie published its whereabouts just to emphasis that The ‘Pie’s readers have eyes everywhere. No point, and it doesn’t matter who owns the property, unless of course someone stole the trailer hahahahahaha … just joking, no one could be that demented!

            But on a point of law, as a journo, The ‘Pie has always understood that so long as you are public land, you can photograph just about anything (but don’t try it anywhere near Pine Gap).

        • No More Dredging says:

          City dweller, I do have some idea because I’ve had email correspondence with and met with my divisional councillor on site, I’ve met with Trevor Roberts and another back in the day and I’ve had no difficulty speaking with the mayor on the occasion of regular public functions in my suburb. Same for my state member.

          Whether I got what I wanted, or even halfway there, is another matter.

          • The Magpie says:

            Fair enough, and ‘getting what you wanted’ is neither here nor there … your ability to put forth what you want is the crux of the matter.

          • Kenny Kennett says:

            Why were you meeting with Trevor Roberts, NMD (aka Lorna) when you live on Magnetic Island? Was it pre Divisional Councillors?

          • No More Dredging says:

            Kenny, good question. Roberts must have been the chair of some Council committee or other but honestly, I can’t remember. Same with Vern Veitch back in the day. The point I was making was that as a councillor, with name and address in the directory, he could be contacted. Recently (last couple of years) that has still been my experience (No, ‘Pie, I haven’t tried to contact Messagebank). But maybe I haven’t been wanting to harangue the councillor about the fucken this or the ratshit that. I imagine they cop a lot of that and so they employ a filter.

          • The Magpie says:

            Oh, I see. That makes it Ok then.

      • Mike Douglas says:

        No more dredging , never had a problem meeting or calling my previous Councillor Trevor Roberts but Team Hill Councillors are micro managed and rarely return anything in writing and your lucky to get a call . Urban Qtr lack of consultation bus hub , battery plant Woodstock , walking tracks Mt Louisa , the list goes on .

      • Empty Swamp says:

        Herr Dredger, little do you know. I have had more dealings with Councils, Councillors and Council executives at a very close level than you would ever realise. I stand by my word – most are crooked, incompetent, useless self serving twats. There has been the odd one over the years that have started out genuine, even remained that way, but few and far between.

  17. Punter says:

    Hi Magpie

    I’ve had dealings with Corey Davis over the last 4 years and he appears apolitical to me. It’s all about Townsville which he appears to have an overwhelming affection for along with its citizens. And as a long term teacher at Ryan who is also heavily involved in kids sports he’s ideally placed to know what’s needed to improve infrastructure and amenities to engage the community. It’s always good to see someone like that having a crack at local politics and the more non-party affiliated people on council the better.

    • The Magpie says:

      And the good thing he no doubt already has a Blue Card, so he will be qualified to deal with kiddies like Mayor Mullet and her Secret Seven, which may be down to Famous Five after March(apologies to Enid Blyton for dragging her youngsters into this).

  18. The Magpie says:

    THAT’S ILLEGAL … why was this kid eating a turtle? Will he now be prosecuted? Classic new clickbait cockup …

    • Achilles says:

      When I first red this confection, it begged the question “if” he was holding a turtle, and the Croc came from behind, how was it able to snatch the turtle from his hand which would have been in front?
      Also I presume the turtle was dead, because I doubt very much this boy would be able to grab a live one.

    • Turtleman says:

      Did the reporter for this story have a Blue Card, so they could interview this kid?
      Might as well let the kid have a turtle as I’m sure he has never touched a clam before.

      • The Magpie says:

        There’s a hell of a lot of ‘croc(k) in yarn.

        There seems to be – let us be generous here – a touch of juvenile ‘exaggeration’ (and Astonisher gullibility) … with this story. That a croc would be as selective as described is a bit of a stretch surely, preferring to do in its dentures on a clearly already dead and eviscerated turtle (see pic) rather than a juicy teenage idiot, who despite the story’s implied noble intentions of rescuing an injured turtle, probably just wanted the dead shell for a playground boast trophy.

        And you tell us, does this from the story sound in the least plausible: “After the crocodile ripped the turtle from Coree’s hands, he bolted back to the shore, but seconds later he was back in the water to bring the turtle ashore”
        So young Coree immediately headed back into waters where he had just encountered a two metre croc – that line alone leaves us with the stark choice that Master Coree is living proof of the Darwin Theory – in which the most feeble minded strengthen the gene pool by getting themselves stupidly killed – or he is a budding Astonisher reporter eager not to fuck up a story with facts.

        And that turtle was long dead and gone, no gizzards in sight in the photo, so it had clearly been on the menu long before it caught Coree’s eye.

        • Fishframe says:

          The spot where it supposedly happened is known to harbour a couple of large grouper. Living on the Strand and being a fisherman, I reckon it was a grouper that shot up. Given their size and colour very easily mistaken for something else under the circumstances.

  19. The Magpie says:

    This is news to The ‘Pie, and there’s no mention of the headline claim in the story itself of what would be a major first in fighting the bushfires … foreign troops on the ground in Australia! Peter Newey can’t be far from intensive care.

    Which allows the Magpie to ask a question that he has pondered during this dreadful time; we already have American and Canadian fire fighters helping in the battle, and the SMH tells us New Zealand, Singapore and Papua New Guinea have all offered military support and French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday he had called Prime Minister Scott Morrison to offer operational assistance.

    Perhaps The ‘Pie has missed it, but nowhere has he seen even a message of condolence let alone an offer of practical assistance from the one country that has the biggest chunk of investment here … China.

    Not a dickey bird.

    • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

      I’m reliably told that a detachment of PNG Army guys (nominally attached to 3 Brigade Australian Army) are having their normal exercise in NQ turned into a “humanitarian operation” and will go down to NSW and VIC with our guys to help out.

      Not quite a foreign invasion and nice to see our closest neighbour giving.

    • Chairman Mao’s nephew says:

      Pie, Pie, Pie. You really don’t read mainstream media do you??? China own most of Australia….Australia and other countries are fighting all of the fires….Why would China offer to help put out these fires on properties they own when we are doing it for them and it doesn’t cost them a cent??? Silly boy. Now be careful, when Xi Jinping finishes buying the rest of Australia he may allow all of us to live on a 100 acre allotment out near Barcaldine if all 22 million of us behave.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      And it is China, and India’s green house immissions that continue to rise.

      Australia could return it’s economy to the stone age and the green house savings would be nullified in 3 weeks by the continuing increases from India and China.

      Any reductions made by Australia will be insignificant and meaningless on a world wide scale. Sure, the drought is bad and the fires worse, but there is bugger-all Australia can do about it as an individual country.

      The bloody greenies should be ranting at the mega economies of the northern hemisphere, rather than a soft target, that being a political party they see as their ideological enemy.

      • The Magpie says:

        And wouldn’t it be nice if we stopped selling off our country to every two bob corrupt foreign grifter who comes along and knows a sucker when he sees one. And to the first fuckwit who yells ‘But what about the jobs,’ why don’t we create them ourselves, starting with a value-adding policy across the board, particularly for steel and other minerals (we already do it with zinc, nickel, bauxite etc).

        • Turtleman says:

          WTF did you say? “Value adding”? Now there is a concept that’s Australian Politicians have never tried, let alone heard off. Sounds like a good idea but heavens above our poor overpaid leaders could not possibly understand that concept let alone implement it.

        • Dave of Kelso says:


          Once upon a time we built cars, light aircraft, armoured fighting vehicles, precision optical equipment, the Jindivik, small arms, rolling stock, and motion pictures.

          Now we are becoming a nation of timid, thin skinned, politically correct, nervous, anxious, beautifully groomed baristas.

    • Achilles says:

      They probably consider themselves as joint owners, so expressions of sympathy might be interpreted as self pity.

    • No More Dredging says:

      ‘Pie, just before Xmas China and Australia had a slanging match which was reported in The Australian thus (in part):

      “China has reignited tensions with Australia after Beijing hit out against “fake news” criticism of its human rights record and flexed its economic muscle by claiming credit for Scott Morrison’s budget surplus.

      Beijing’s top offic­ial in Aust­ralia, Cheng Jingye, launched a stinging defence of Xi Jinping’s crackdown on ­Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang and ­criticised media outlets over their coverage of China relations and the Australian-Chinese community. The Chinese ambassador also revealed Australian citizen Yang Hengjun remained in custody without charge, despit­e being held since January on suspicion of espionage.

      Mr Cheng’s public intervent­ion sparked an immediate res­ponse from Foreign Minister Marise Payne, who refused to back down on Australia’s concern­s.”

      That was about three weeks ago. The Chinese will probably wait a little while and then sign a Condolence Book (or some such) as they did about ten years ago after a similar disaster. Relations with China aren’t all that great at the moment. They are far better at ‘messaging’ than we are.

      • The Magpie says:

        All you say is correct and reasonable assumptions, but the Chinese have missed an opportunity here to steal a PR march on Morrison by at the very least offering help … what’s a few million (people or dollars) to them, they would then have the moral high ground, as well as protecting their billions of dollars of their investment/ownership of Australian farms, mines, ports and water rights.

        But YIKES! did they actually START the bushfires … note ‘reignited’ and ‘sparked’ in the report.

    • Mike Douglas says:

      Pie , I thought TRRA checked “reds under the beds “ for any Chinese investment / support in Townsville ?.

    • Mike Shearer says:

      Well, of course not! There’s no bushfires on the Chinese-owned agricultural land which is predominately in WA and NT. The Port of Darwin isn’t threatened, nor the airfield in WA, nor any of the 9,170,000 hectares of their agricultural land. Apart from which they own 732 gigalitres of water, more than any other foreign country, but it’s too far from the fires to be plundered for fire fighting, so why should they be bothered?

  20. Sunshine&Lollipops says:

    NMD, my emails sent to my Councillor were responded to with an extra recipient cc’d in. email hidden; JavaScript is required. Why our Councillors get paid over 100k for someone else to reply for them is beyond me.

    • City dweller says:

      Exactly what I got sunshine on multiple occasions. NMD talks about contacting Trevor Roberts with issues, well that was 4yrs ago not now.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        For what it is worth, last year I left a voice mail message with my local bloke. Got a phone call later that day and a confirmatory email the next. It was a minor matter, but he did respond.

    • 75 Days says:

      This councillor support bullshit was introduced by the screaming midget. Because the current host of councillors were fucking useless and couldn’t find out information without a guide dog.
      So it was put under the care of a certain Teisha Peterson who now runs the customer service department and a team of people are paid to answer your questions and then the councillors are supposed to respond to you.

      • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

        Close, the process was designed to ensure that the “loose cannon” Councillors (read “anyone who might interact with the voters”) might give the wrong messages out so the responsibility was taken out of their hands and given to the PR drones so that only meaningless platitudes rather than any concrete advice was given.

  21. Generous Joy says:

    NMD .. an interesting hat that you wear !! I HAVE met with my Councillor a couple of times. She neither took notes nor listened…..in fact she spent ‘my’ time on her mobile phone discussing her children’s activities. Rude, inefficient, lazy, disinterested and ‘entitled’ – many in my suburb echo my sentiments. Let change be delivered by an ‘Independant’ in Division 3.

  22. Cantankerous but happy says:

    We made this list twice, only bettered by Outback Western Australia, just the sort of thing Townsville needs splashed across a finance page,I would like to see the Astonisher or some of the gullible tossers around this town put a positive spin on this.


  23. Time4change says:

    Hello Pie….longtime reader but first time responder
    I personally would love to see Corey get in. I played junior sport against him and I know he comes from a good family. I’ve been following his Facebook page and I honestly believe he has the best interest of his division at heart.

    One of the the things that really sturck a cord with me was he wants to improve infrastructure and Amenities at local parks to engage the community. This city is lacking proactive leaders that care about the city and the residents more than a pay check.

    I believe that Corey is an honest hard working local that will hold the a Mayor accountable for some of her outrageous decisions.

    • The Magpie says:

      If she gets back in. Sam will talk to and work with people like Corey and Trevor has a wealth of experience.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Your opening line seems very familiar ‘Change’ – might be time to change it, if you’re going to present us with multiple personalities!

  24. I’ll be plucked says:

    ‘Hill calls on PM to rethink disaster plan’ – headline TB online. Plucker calls on Hill to genuinely stop the secrecy and money wasting at the TCC.

  25. The Magpie says:

    YOO HOO, ARE YOU AWAKE, SAM COX? There’s gold in that thar Hill.

    What an embarrassing hide this woman has.

    What the fuck has this to do with this city and its burgeoning problems? FFS!!

    This is exactly what this city DOES NOT need … Mayor Jenny Hill, who can’t even run her own city anywhere near competently, arrogantly and patronisingly telling the Prime Minister (Federal) not to have a ‘knee jerk reaction’ and that the Queensland (Labor State) government has the best Disaster Management plan around.

    Are you hearing this, all you folks who still can’t get back into your homes a year on after they were flooded ‘for the greater good’.

    What the fuck has this got to do with you, Mayor Hill? You think this will win you votes, you lumbering nincompoop! This is precisely what voters are fed up with: you letting things slide for the ratepayers while you vainly seek higher office, like the Senate. But even Labor won’t touch you with a bargepole, no matter how much of this coit-kissing you do while your own city festers.
    Good luck. girlie.

    If you had a shred of decency, you’d resign.

    • No More Dredging says:

      ‘Pie, I’m keeping a jaundiced eye on the PM’s response to the bushfire crisis. A report in Crikey today says:

      “Prime Minister Scott Morrison will consider more than 100 new renewable energy technologies as part of a forthcoming plan to reduce Australia’s carbon emissions. Set to be released later this year, the draft investment paper predicts renewable energy in the electricity grid will double over the next decade.

      Technology to be considered includes carbon capture and storage, lithium production, biofuels and waste-to-energy. Morrison on Sunday signalled his intention to cut additional carbon emissions and suggested the government may not need to carry over its Kyoto credits to hit its 2030 emissions reduction targets, The Australian reports.”

      The reason I’m curious is because those ‘things’ being talked up at Woodstock (lithium battery factory, nickel-cobalt-graphite ‘refinery’) might just fit the PM’s recipe book. And if the Feds decide to throw money at something (to make it happen better), especially in a newly won marginal electorate . . . .

      • The Magpie says:

        Anything’s possible in Circus Oz. But on the subject, the nickel-cobalt-graphite project looks fairly solid, with real firms and money behind it, the battery factory does not. None of which argues the suitability of the site or the jack-booting of residents in the manner they’ve received so far.

      • 74 Days says:

        Waste to energy

        Looks like a job for the Mullet

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Yep, wake the fuck up Sam Cox, get on the front foot with this shit, there are photo opportunity galore in Idalia! Oonoonba, Rosslea of hundreds of homes that haven’t even been touched yet. Whilst on this subject if I see Philip Thomson standing in the background like a little schoolboy again whilst that feral Mullet takes over a press conference I will throw something at the TV, you are a federal member of Parliament Phil, you control the agenda, what is said and who the fuck turns up, not the pissy Mayor of Townsville, who the fuck is running the LNP in this town, rank amateurs.

      • The Magpie says:

        Whew, pill time, mate, the face is all red and purple. But well spluttered.

      • George Gently says:

        Yes Tanker, I agree. Mr Thompson, our Federal member is behaving like a subservient powder-puff at the moment! I voted for action, strong leadership and a no nonsense approach – let’s hope he gets better quickly, or we’ll be dispatching him too.

      • Fishframe says:

        PT is verrrrrrryyyyyy close to ScoMo. I suspect his actions are a strategy.

  26. Julian Timmins says:

    That Corey Davis bloke has got some real get up & go about him, I reckon he’s the go!

  27. Hills Hoist says:

    Unbelievable! Is this woman serious??? Slow down PM, don’t rush things? Let Queensland Labor manage disaster response?? If you’ve lost your home in a flood, fire or big ass thunderstorm don’t worry, Mayor Hill advocates your living in a caravan or tent for two years because we can’t rush things. These are the words of a Princess never before affected by tragedy and she is a person with no idea. I mean, can you imagine if just the shitter wasn’t working in the Council Chambers for two years, she would have a meltdown!!! Vote her out, she has to go, we need local representation that is in tune with the real Townsville, not some giant pink doona with legs who has no understanding outside of life on Walker Street. If ever there was a time for candidates to step up and make a run against her, now is the time.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie will never look at his pink doona in the same way again!

    • Dave of Kelso says:


      You are correct, but I am glum. Folks on this blog are aware but many people in Upper Ross, Heatley, Vincent etc are not aware and mostly disinterested. The Mulett will smile at her sheeple and they will flock to her.

      I wish Sam Cox every success, and I wish I was hearing more from him.

  28. Snitch says:

    14th of January 2020 and finally the Christmas tree at nth shore skate park is being taken down. Probably because easter is nearly here I guess.

  29. The Magpie says:

    Cartoon of the day.

  30. Dave of Kelso says:

    Today got to see what I am told is a regular event at the Rasmussen Woolworths.
    At 2.35 PM about 6 aboriginal children in the store making their way to the deodorant shelves. Very quickly many shop staff appear and coral them in an isle. Much noise and back chat. The children then scatter in different directions generally making for the exits. A couple of customers, including self, remain in position in respective checkout isles forcing now high speed children to exit by the store entrance (with the inwards swinging gates). As child approaches we take a step sideways into path of child and then tell them, “don’t you bump into me!” forcing them to exit the longer way around. Naturally all got away making lots of noise. It is estimated that only one girl was able to shoplift something flat, that was under her shirt.

    Staff advise that this is a regular occurrence, with one female staff member looking on the bright side that, at least this time, no one was spat at.

  31. Rusty Nail says:

    My wife and I witnessed something very similar at Coles Express, Nathan Street a couple of weeks ago, Dave. The woman staff member tried get in their way so they knew she was on to them but made no difference to them. They got their lunch and a drink and walked off laughing.

  32. The Magpie says:

    Good to see the Astonisher is cutting down the time gap between itself and The Magpie, only two days to catch up with the Trevor Roberts story from last weekend. So let’s see if you can improve on that time lapse with this one, sleepyheads:

    The ‘Pie is reliably told that former Townsville First councillor Ray Gartrell is set for another run for Walker Street. Gartrell’s undoubted popularity with punters is evidenced that he lost to last minute ring-in Maurie Soars in the Hill mudslide of 2016 by a piddling 49 votes (out of 9000 approx.)

    Why not give him a ring and ask him, Astonisher, you can’t lose … he says yes, you’ve got a story, he says no, and you can give The ‘Pie a sneering finger.

    • The Magpie says:

      Like Townsville needs a hole-in-the-head candidacy like this.

      This is Palmer the cat maliciously toying with his Townsville the half-dead mouse – and Greg Dowling is no life-restoring saviour, just a Palmer puppet. Great player, sure, great bloke, probably, but this sudden resurrection of a public figure is just so bloody cynical. Anyway, all he’ll do, if anything, is damage Sam Cox, whose invisibility is damaging himself.
      Anyone noticed how Trevor Roberts has already starting saying, in concrete terms, what he intends to do, not just parrot chanting empty slogans.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Certainly not a gig that suits Greg Dowling, TCC is a no smoking building, he would have to spend all day in the car park puffing on his cigars, but you are right Pie, it will just dilute the anti Hill vote which is what Sam Cox is relying on.

      • News Conference says:

        Journo: Mr Dowling, if you were elected would your first order of business to be withdrawing the legal case for non-payment of rates for the QNI Refinery?

        Clive Palmer: I’ll answer on Mr Dowling behalf. As the mayor, my greatest priority is the creation of jobs in this great community. As you well know, once I have the refinery started, it will provide 800 direct jobs and many more indirect jobs.

        Journo: Mr Dowling, Mr Palmer just referred to himself as the mayor, are you going to be his puppet?

        Mr Dowling: Um, Clive?

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        What are Greg Dowling’s qualifications and experience for this job?
        This move by Palmer is flabbergasting given QNI and his flippant attitude to his responsibilities when a federal MP.
        Palmer has money and ego but not one shred of ethics. This can only benefit the Mulett.
        Sam Cox must prove that Greg Dowling is a gullible stooge and do it quickly.

        • The Magpie says:

          Don’t think Cox has to do anything in that area, that should be filed under Enough Rope, Dept of. But it would be a novelty to see Sam doing something. Please advise if The ‘Pie has missed some activity of note, he hasn’t laid a glove on the Mullet yet.. (Note Trevor Roberts, four days into a campaign, has said solid things about what he will do … some policies will remain out of focus until the race tightens up. And remember, unfortunately, what we are looking at here appears to be Mayor Mullet against a block of decent councillors. As said here before, the Astonisher, at the direction of Mullet, promoted the false idea that the Townsville First majority of councillors, exercising their legal mandate from the voters was a disruptive, in-fighting group that was holding Townsville back. She argued through the paper that a united team was what we needed, and we got it. And we all known how that aerobics class has gone, and what a bullying standover merchant this toxic leadership is, and what a tragedy it has been for in this city.

    • 73 Days says:

      Please tell me this is true Pie. Garters gets my vote over bloody Maurie Sores. Mauries claim to fame is his ability to drink and do one handed pushups. After that it’s all pretty vacant.

      • NQ Gal says:

        Maurie Soars has been about as effective as wet toilet paper.
        After the last election, I knew that Garters had lost, but (being to lazy to look it up) I think it was 18 months (and a TCC community newsletter later) before finding out who the new councillor was. You never hear about him having any community engagement, and even the newest newsletter didn’t have any pictures of him at events.
        Garters used to hold meetings all over the place – including a couple in the afternoon down at the local parks. Even if you didn’t stop while your dog took you for a walk, it was good seeing that he was available.

        • The Magpie says:

          A five minute walk along the Strand with Ray would take about an hour, so many people pulled him up for an almost always friendly yarn. Not hios division, but always happy to engage.

  33. City dweller says:

    I think Greg Dowling stumped us all. I had no idea this was coming. I thought Clive had forgotten his promise to run a team. Let the contest begin. Jenny must be shitting herself now? Her vote will he split making it hard.

    • The Magpie says:

      The one to suffer will be Sam Cox, anyone who is going to vote Hill sure ain’t gunna switch to Dowling (read Palmer)..

      • No More Dredging says:

        It does get curious with a Palmer candidate and preferential voting. But I think I agree with you, ‘Pie – any new candidate with any sort of public profile or a big fat advertising budget will be bad news for Sam. It will take a big name and/or big bucks to get Hill’s first preference vote below 50%, especially when half the electorate don’t recognise the names of the candidates (with the possible exception of Hill, thanks TBully).

  34. The Magpie says:

    Re cricket and the Aussies wiping the floor with India in an 11-wicket romp. From the SMH:

    ‘Shikhar Dhawan – who provided a rare bright spark with 75 – insisted his team had been beaten but not broken in the flogging.

    “It’s just one bad day at office,” Dhawan said. “We just analysed where we went wrong and mentally we work on. “It’s a new day, so get ourself back and get the positivity going. We guys have been playing (terrific) the whole year, so one bad day in office fine.’

    But the SMH cut out Dhawan’s final comment, which was:
    And I would like to thank Bill Shorten for writing these comments for me.’

  35. Pat Coleman says:

    Of Course Ol’ Clive wants his man on Council . Take a look at by-law 3 , part 3 and 5 https://www.townsville.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0015/6603/LL3-Community-and-Environmental-Management-2011-prepared-28.11.11.pdf

    and its regulation subordinate law 3 , part 5 s 10 https://www.townsville.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0019/6616/Dec-2011_SLL3-Community-and-Enviromental-Management-2011-Copy.pdf

    That’s the council powers to enter his refinery without warrant .

    We’ve had cloth ears and tin ears and now – Clives getting Captain Cauliflower to run for Mayor ?? Bah Ha ha .

    Last January , They Gave Lancini an AOM for donating to both sides. Before Clive started running he donated to both sides and its January again …………….ooooohhhhh spooky !

  36. Frequent flyer says:

    Greg Dowling for mayor? Shit, are we that desperate?

    • The Magpie says:


      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Sam Cox will do for me. Palmer is playing a spoiler game, but for what purpose??

        • I’ll be plucked says:

          To annoy the living ‘be-Jesus’ out of Mullet Hill, Kelso. Preferences from Dowling will flow to Cox at this stage me thinks.

          Palmer seems to have a red hot dislike of the current Mayor! Remember when she had to pay the 50k for the defamatory remarks about Palmer? At the time he said he was going to use the money to buy his wife a couple of nice dresses! He has a lonnnnnggggg memory………

          • L Berry says:

            She paid it?

          • No More Dredging says:

            L.Berry, in a 21 August 2018 media statement from TCC the Mayor stated:

            “Had Mr Raggatt, or anyone from the Townsville Bulletin bothered to contact me, my office, or Council’s media officer, they would have been told the settlement was fully paid by the Local Government Association of Queensland’s insurers.

            I have been advised by the Editor of the Townsville Bulletin this untruth will be immediately removed from the online story, and that an apology with clarification will appear in tomorrow’s paper.”

  37. Critical says:

    Another major project, this time in Cairns, that’s likely to have massive budget blow outs because of the QLD ALP new Industry standards.
    I notice that three out of these major projects are privately funded and aren’t dependent on government handouts like in Townsville.


    • No More Dredging says:

      Critical, thankfully for Cairns and Townsville we have state and federal governments very willing to do ‘handouts’. But what are we to make of this suggestion about the government job in Cairns that sounds similar to the stadium job in Townsville?:

      “It’s very difficult for projects to be feasible if you’ve got elevated sub-contractor costs, some feasibility studies wouldn’t stack up.”

      If they are still doing ‘feasibility studies’ it sounds a bit like the Double Cross motel.

  38. Hee Haw says:

    Council race “lowered to Bully boy tactics” says Jenny Hill.

    Is she for real?

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Yes Haw and on 7 local news tonight she was ‘lecturing’ Dowling on the rule book around declaring donars to assist with the election!!! WTF??? She was in breech of the that rule last election – what a loser she is!

    • The Pink Doona says:

      Seems Jenny is getting a little twitchy? Time to don the Pink Doona dress and so some media stunts perhaps? Although Palmer is a muppet and his cigar chewing candidate an even bigger one, there are some interesting candidates now starting to pop up and we could almost say it is ‘game on’. Townsville voters, it’s time to impale this mullet headed freak once and for all and vote her out of existence!! 73 days to go!

      • City dweller says:

        Her donations are safe, there all from unions and hard working members who don’t have any control where there fees end up. Sad world. Don’t worry jen your premier will save you, NOT!!!!

        • City dweller says:

          The story has disappeared from the Townsville bulletin Facebook page. How surprising. Before it went there were no good comments for Jenny.

        • No More Dredging says:

          Cd, Jenny Hill’s biggest benefactor in the local government election is the LNP Federal government. For the last year or more millions in federal pork barrelling has been tipped into the seat of Herbert, showering down on the Hill council. The pink doona just soaks it all up, no worries! By the time Elton John leaves the stage (possibly in pink) and JT and the Cowboys have had a run on the field, there will be only one real short term beneficiary of all the hoo ha. And that sure won’t be Clive Palmer or Sam Cox. They will have to buy attention at the full rate, no discounts. Jenny Hill just has to turn up – by bus if necessary.

          • The Magpie says:

            Unintended benefits of an incumbent. It was ever thus. Whatever you had fior breakfast, Dredger, have a second helping, that’s your most perceptive comment for …for …for … well, a long time.

  39. Kenny Kennett says:

    In defence of Greg Dowling, he’s got a lot more business sense than the Mullet. He may have struggled at times (according to rumour) but he will have learnt from his experiences. Apart from separating farts in a laboratory pre politics, the Mullet has done nothing but tow the party line and lie, loot and neglect in the line of making herself enough moolah along her path of destruction. As the old saying goes: take with one hand, take more with the other…and reward your comrades by giving them a cushy job, irrespective of their qualifications. She’s gotta go no matter what the circumstance.

  40. Frequent flyer says:

    Given that the Astonisher will back anyone who spends big bucks on advertising it will be very interesting to see how much Clive spends on Dowling’s campaign (and how he does it within local govt regulations) and who the Astonisher backs in the crucial final stages of the election campaign (remember the story about Jenny’s rival on the eve of the last election). For example, will the Mullet’s big spend on running council tender ads as full colour expensive displays in the front of the paper (instead of the usual cheaper classified ads) be enough to give her the edge over Big Clive’s backing for Greg “Too many scrums” Dowling? This is starting to get interesting. No wonder Jenna pissed off to Hobart. Which raises the question: who is in charge of the Astonisher editorial at the moment. From what I’ve seen in the paper in recent days whoever is in the chair is a breath of fresh air. If this keeps up I might even renew my home delivery instead of walking to the local shop every other morning.

  41. No More Dredging says:

    ‘Pie, you’ve recently been spitting chips about the Cowboy’s excellence facility (or whatever it’s called). Now the news is out about the government’s pork barrelling before the May 2019 election where $100 million was thrown around in the so-called Community Sport Infrastructure Grant program. The Australian National Audit Office has studied the entrails and made a few observations that explain quite a few things. Our old mate Critical will no doubt be corresponding with the newly elected Liberal member to protest this biased process:

    “There was evidence of distribution bias in the award of grant funding. Overall statistics indicate that the award of funding was consistent with the population of eligible applications received by state/territory, but was not consistent with the assessed merit of applications. The award of funding reflected the approach documented by the Minister’s Office of focusing on ‘marginal’ electorates held by the Coalition as well as those electorates held by other parties or independent members that were to be ‘targeted’ by the Coalition at the 2019 Election. Applications from projects located in those electorates were more successful in being awarded funding than if funding was allocated on the basis of merit assessed against the published program guidelines.”

    Apparently the Double Cross motel was hanging out for confirmation of this largesse.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      As it always has been NMD, nothing new here, Labor target the bogan filled suburbs and the National Party target regional towns and suburban fringe, all under the guise of many types of grants etc. You should have seen some of the bridges we built in the 80’s, strong enough to take armoured tanks, but most days only had a handful of cars go across them, that was of course when the National Party in Qld still existed, and we knew how to win elections.

      • George Gently says:

        I have wondered where you sat politically Cantankerous and now I know, courtesy of you.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          You mean I actually had to spell it out for you to know George, most stop wondering a long time ago.

          • George Gently says:

            Thanks Cantankerous, I’m newish to town and playing catch up with local issues and personalities like yourself. :)

          • The Magpie says:

            Christ, you’re not the new Iditor of the Astonisher are you, George? That’s what they usually spent the first three years doing before being whisked off somewhere else.

      • No More Dredging says:

        Too right, Cranky, but look who’s targeting the ‘bogan filled suburbs’ now. I really can’t see how any amount of money spent by Palmer is going to push his man to the top of the froth when the incumbent is already bobbing around on a doona full of state, federal and rugby league largesse for which she hardly had to lift a finger. With the flooding and dam management now ancient history (cough, cough), in due course she’ll be feted around the stadium by the PM, Premier and local member/s (on different days for different TBully photo ops of course!), carried onto Elton’s stage by a posse of leotard-clad Adani FIFO coal contractors and who knows what the Cowboys will do with or to her at the opening game of the NRL season. And then it’s just a short stroll across the new state-funded bridge to election day.

  42. The Magpie says:

    London hooker Mandy Rice-Davies’ famous courtroom reply ‘Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he?’ has come back to visit us in Townsville.

    For all the hoopla in the Astonisher about this cynical candidacy, replete with meaningless, unspecified slogans about ‘restoring jobs and prosperity to Townsville’ , no one, least of all the candidate, mentions what business he is in. Does anyone know, because average punters, including The Magpie, didn’t even know Dowling walked amongst us.

    His trained parrot recitation of idiotic and empty slogans – ‘enough is enough’ has already been around the block with Sam Cox – add nothing to the sorely needed concrete suggestions to fix this city’s considerable ills. We need something to actually vote for, not unquestioning faith in heroes from a the sporting arena. And calling yourself ‘a straight-shooter’ is a judgement that can only be left to others, and is just embarrassing public self-stroking.

    And here’s something from the Man Who Would Be Our King.
    “ (Dowling said he) doesn’t understand the “council’s beef” with QNI, once the largest private employer in Townsville.
    Townsville City Council has taken Queensland Nickel to court in a bid to recover $2.5 million in unpaid rates and water charges.”
    And that’s not a beef, mate? Clearly in this high octane race, the grid orders are ’Start Your Idiots!’
    Mr Dowling, The ‘Pie predicts this is one scrum you will rue ever sticking your head into.

    • J Jones says:

      I think he had a burger place at The Willows for a while and was also chief executive of Northern Pride rugby league in Cairns
      Also seem to remember he was a Maccas franchisee at one stage.

      In a city of 250000 there has to be suitable candidates somewhere

      • The Magpie says:

        He had a Macca’s on the tablelands that went belly up … you really have to try hard to fail in a Maccas.

        What a pigeon pair …. Dowling and Walker, who had a bad business experience with a pizza place somewhere in the burbs.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Scrum or scum ?

  43. City dweller says:

    Has there been a preference deal done?? The mullet is clutching at straws calling hetselfthe underdog all of a sudden. When it was just Sam she was parading around thinking I’m in!!! One things for sure she won’t get her big advertising around because Clive will buy up.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Good point re the advertising ‘City’ – this would be a good strategy to adopt in an attempt to ‘strangle’ her potential vote.

      • City dweller says:

        I too am disappointed with Sam Cox and his very slow campaign. It’s such a sleep deprived catch 22 we have here now. Hate the mullet with a passion and know she’s corrupt and fucked this city. Greg might have been ok if not for yellow submarine behind him stalking. And Sam who has some vision to unfuck what mullet has done but not going near the issues Townsville people want to hear about. Floods and debt and how do you fix services that have been cut?? It’s going to cost alot now mullet got rid of them. After all that who would you vote for. One thing I’ll back Clive in is what jucy shit he’s going to plant on her in the next few weeks.

  44. Nephew Mensink says:

    I’m hoping Clive’s mass advertising campaign is at least entertaining. Hopefully he will use pictures of the Mullets mullet, bad teeth, pink doona and other assorted horror images we have had to endure over the years. Who knows, there may even be a bikini shot from her on The Strand in that bunch of photos!!!

  45. Piggy Willy Pork in a barrel says:

    Pork barrelling is the norm. Even the odd pork swording takes place (Barnaby). All parties do it, nobody is immune. As for the ANAO audit, it’s just another slap on the wrist with a wet lettuce leaf. Our crafty politicians know how to play the game without getting their fingers burned, after all they wrote the rules and they pay the wages of the ANAO! Frau Jenny will be doing her own pork barreling (and I’m not talking about rolling down the street in that pink doona), she will be ‘promising’ many good things for the folk of Townsville at the big business end of things, to ensure she gets their vote.
    It’s game on peeps!!! Now where is my list – beer, popcorn. Let the games begin.

    • Fishframe says:

      Mayor Mullet would win many votes if she were to announce a multi million dollar redevelopment of Santa Fe, along with 2 Hour Free Parking within 50m’s of the front door. In similar vane to the Astonisher’s front page headlines – TCC proposed development plan to create a potential 15 jobs (strippers) for Townsville and a place for the unemployed to network.

  46. Sam1 says:

    Went to the Police Academy Induction Parade this morning and guess who was the last person to arrive and late. Yep..the Mullet.

    • The Magpie says:

      ‘Fashionably late’ is the term she prefers. At least then, she is fashionable in something.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        And why is she invited, how has this town let this parasite attach herself onto every single event where the news cameras are, when the council isn’t even involved, she is like a disease, you can’t get away from her.

    • No More Dredging says:

      Police Academy? Is that the Copper Refinery? It’s a fair way out of town. No wonder she was late.

      • The Magpie says:

        Tres droll, tres droll.

        • City dweller says:

          Slot of her labor supporters are banging on at Sam Cox and Greg Dowling that council can’t do anything about crime. If that’s the case why are you going to a police academy parade? If news cameras are there then that’s am opportunity as mayor, to hit home about what the city needs. For once Greg Dowling made sence, please I’m not smoking or drinking yet. He said in ABC with Michael Clarke that we run Townsville not state government. Point being this cop out crap she can say everything in surport of the ratepayers. She’s screaming the joint down at feds about water money but leaves old labor alone.

  47. Dave of Kelso says:

    Dump vouchers anyone?

    • The Magpie says:

      see Sam Cox is calling for an examination of the dump closures. That should be a vote winner for him, including the return of dump vouchers.

      • Bloke says:

        Magpie, Ahh the good old days. The return of dump vouchers would get my vote.

        • City dweller says:

          While Sam’s at it find out what the fuck the $30 waste levey is for?? It’s cut the cost of my waste and recycling charge but all together it still the same as it was before the levy. It’s on the rates notice? Where a that $30 going? How can the waste and recycling be cheaper then 3yrs ago with the city growing?

  48. Frequent flyer says:

    Greg Dowling has been living in Townsville for more than a year. He bought a fast food shop out at Willows Shopping Centre (not sure if he still has it) and lives in an apartment in Palmer St. A mate who lives there told me he is known by neighbours as Mr Grumpy.

  49. Critical says:

    Some interesting information about the 2020 elections at this web address.


    • City dweller says:

      Has team hill registered there group yet with ECQ? Phil batty this ones for you old son how do we know they have registered and when? They have to before Jan 20 by the group laws if I’m reading correct. When she announced last year had she disclosed??

  50. River rising says:

    Reading the paper today, the mayor says only 5 per cent of flood reconstruction money has been paid to council. That would suggest severe incompetence from either council or the state and federal disaster departments. I’d put my money on council screwing it up

    • George Gently says:

      My moneys on the Qld State Govt, River. According to the Feds the money was given to the Qld Govt way back.

      • Critical says:

        Information that I have is that TCC screwed up and got caught out trying to claim funding for works which were already funded to be undertaken in 2019/20 or had planned funding through the TCC budget process, projects which weren’t really impacted by the floods, claimed for projects which really only needed maintenance and submitted highly inflated quotes/claims for $ so QLD government now going through everything. Her buddy Anna will probably make a grant announcement in the near future before the local government election so that Jenny and the three useless clowns can make political mileage out of it claiming what it will do for Townsville and how many jobs it will create but they’ll forget to mention that they’re short term jobs but I suppose better than no jobs.

        • The Magpie says:

          OK, name the projects please, this ain’t the Astonisher, mate.

          • Critical says:

            Told that some projects are the reconstruction/resealing of streets that were scheduled to be done through councils maintenance program but are in the area that got flooded such as Watson, Lowth and Welsh Streets in Rosslea, Kelly Street in Mundingburra and other streets in the older part of Oonoonba and some in Railway Estate and replacement fencing at Murray Sporting grounds. Can’t get information on other projects though. Mind you much of the claim would be legitimate but you just don’t try to sneak in items and hope you don’t get caught out and then have everything gone through.

  51. Sir Rabbittborough says:

    Has Chef Danny Mears who has been on the tele for Clive for a year now made life uncomfortable for the staff at the Watermark Kitchcen ?

    The online job sites started advertising weeks ago for one person , now its “urgently hiring staff”

    Spose its guilt by association and all that . Who would wanna work there. Be like the government saying take work offered by the catholic church or Scientologists or you get cut off . Just that low down creepy feeling and dread every time you get up for work .

  52. Cantankerous but happy says:

    So the stadium open day is really a guinea pig run for the stadium, not an open day for fans to drop in and have a look at what is a public facility. First you have to go online and secure tickets from Ticketmaster, create an account with credit card details and everything, then park and ride from dedicated points, scan your tickets on the way in, who the hell would be bothered going through all that crap.

    • The Magpie says:

      And to see what? ‘Gosh, shucks, maw, thems a lotta seats and things, and crikey, look at all thet grass.’

      Well, at least there’s one visit you leave disappointed at a Cowboys loss.

    • No More Dredging says:

      Cranky, any candidate for the council elections who doesn’t spend the whole day showing off their face inside and outside the stadium doesn’t have a clue. This is a totally free advertising space in front of (probably) thousands of local family types fully primed and now starting to take an interest. No doubt all the local media will be covering it for days. It’s one-off. I wonder if the bar/s will be open?

  53. The Magpie says:

    Oh for fuck’s sake! Really!

    Perhaps true, but so what?
    Key quote:
    “Professor Howden said while Australia’s emissions were “almost flatlining”, when the drought finally broke livestock emissions would likely rise by 4 million tonnes a year. “Farmers will as quickly as possible build up their breeding herd and this will result in a rapid increase in recorded greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.
    “During drought animals’ feed intake is likely to have dropped and that further reduces emissions. When it breaks cattle are likely to eat a lot more and increase emissions.”

    So now we are meant to kick the shit out of struggling farmers? That’s the tone of the headline and slant of this shamefully puffed story. Probably written by a vegan who buys Gwyneth Palrow ‘vagina scented candles’.

    • NQ Gal says:

      My brother is one of those vegans. The amount of methane he releases after a big meal of chickpeas and lentils would make a cow jealous.

      • The Magpie says:

        At least that might block out the smell of the candles.

        • George Gently says:

          Pie, I believe the methane created and passed via the vegans diet is quite putrid and collectively (all the vegans passing wind) would contribute to global warming/stenching, as cows do now. I wonder what the vego’s think about that? Probably don’t give a shit!

  54. One legged tap dancer says:

    I see in the Astonisher that now we have a third mayoral candidate, Jenny Hill says she’s become the underdog.
    Common sense indicates that Gerg Dowling will dilute Cox’s vote, thus advantaging Jenny (remember Jeff Jimmieson’s optimistic run for mayor in 2012).
    But could there be more to this than meets the eye?
    I love a good conspiracy theory so imagine this – Jenny gets Clive to nominate Dowling, Jenny wins another 4 years, then the council’s multi-million dollar law case against Clive is settled out of court for an undisclosed sum (commercial-in-confidence, of course).
    She wouldn’t be that cunning, would she?

    • The Magpie says:

      Naw, can’t see her being that sharp.

      And remember Clive said when he got the ratepayers(LGAQ insurance) $50,000, he said he was going to buy his wife a couple of new dresses with it. Wrong woman, one would think, if he’s actuallky backing Jenny. And $50,000? Bed, Bath ‘n’ Table have a wide range of doonas for a lot less.

      • No More Dredging says:

        Clive’s saying in the TBully that he’ll put the ratepayer/insurance defamation $50,000 from Jenny into Gerg’s campaign. I suppose he thinks that’s irony and I can see a certain symmetry. I wonder if Gerg gets to spend it on whatever he likes.

  55. Tuna fish says:

    Pie, you are very naughty; “Probably written by a vegan who buys Gwyneth Paltrow ‘vagina scented candles’“. Perhaps The Mullet will start selling … oh, never mind.

  56. City dweller says:

    I havnt googled the TCC waste levy yet as my girlfriend NMD said I should do. And I intend to now after my neighbor saw the post and googled himself. The first thing that appeared was the TCC website link to the QLD state government levy on waste not what is on my rates notice. You pay the QLD gov levy at the gate when dumping. So my question still stands, what is the rates levy for on my rates?

    • The Magpie says:

      And that remains a very good question indeed.

    • No More Dredging says:

      Cd, I’m taking a calculated guess here – the ‘levy’ you pay when you take rubbish to the dump is being collected by TCC for the state government. It might be $75 per tonne (don’t quote me). TCC itself is charged the same ‘levy’ by the state to dump our kerbside waste in landfill. So when the garbage compactor picks up your wheelie bin and dumps it in landfill 52 times a year your tiny share of the ‘levy’ is calculated to amount to (currently) $41 per year.

      • City dweller says:

        Then why have I been paying it for only 3yrs since 2017? And how can the waste and recycling be cheaper? The city still grows, cost increase.tje only thing I’ve seen change is a useless hard waste collection that was advertised as being free!! So where is the money going and what’s the levy for?

        • No More Dredging says:

          Cd, FFS, so many questions. Go find one of your old rates notices from 2017 (or whenever) and look at the actual name of the ‘levy’ you think you’ve been paying. The current state government imposed levy was only introduced in 2019 in response to the recycling crisis when China refused to take any more of our ‘contaminated’ recycling.
          There have been other, different ‘levies’ on council rates notices before for Ambulance services and in some places for rural fire brigades. Perhaps you have misremembered something?

          • The Magpie says:

            And perhaps you have misremembered something, too Dredger. The Ambulance Levy was introduced onto power bills by that political deadweight, Mike Capt Snooze Reynolds. Doin’t think it was ever anything to with councils, doubt it would be allowed, as it is wholly a state matter.

  57. Arthur Itis says:

    Vagina scented candles????
    You’ve got to be kidding me, the smell would be ‘ova’powering.
    What are they made of, recycled depilatory wax used in “Brazilians”?
    (Mite be a big selling though with ‘Sussex Royal’ branding.)
    Bloody Sickos!

  58. Dave of Kelso says:

    Does Sam Cox have a web site?
    Can’t find one myself. Only Facebook in which do not indulge. I am keen to know what he is up to, and what he has to say.

    • Scientician79 says:

      I guess there is an assumption that everyone is on the book face these days?

      Personally don’t have it, never had, and neither do a large number of my family and co-workers but fully prepared to conceded we are the minority.

      Still I would think a political candidate running for Mayor might be more inclined to have a dedicated website.

  59. Mike Douglas says:

    We are used to Mayor Mullet putting her foot in her mouth with many announcements like “ don’t fly Qantas “ and her comments stating Greg Dowling would use bully tactics has resulted in Clive announcing the $50k paid by the Councils insurer to settle the defamation claim would be donated to Dowling . Tonight on channel 7 the Mullet dumped on her Labor State mates saying Olympic Games $ will benefit the South East Cnr and not regional . Desperate times for Mayor Mullet .

    • The Magpie says:

      Actually, clever and right (well, a stopped clock is right twice a day).
      Most folks in this town will view the wasteful efforts and unlikely chance of the Olympics coming to Queensland as a massive waste of time and priorities. The Mullet has caught this mood, but she still is losing out by wanting to stride the big stage instead of just simply doing her job.

      And let The ‘Pie remain consistent as he has over the years on this subject … the Olympics should be held once every four years … IN GREECE. Thus ending 90% of the corruption in world sports, and the criminal results of grandstanding governments on the less fortunate in society. Now for FIFA.

  60. Frequent flyer says:

    Late at night after a few too many glasses of red but Clive might be on a winner with Dowling, even though he will run last in a three horse race. Think about the Tap Dancer conspiracy theory. Clive pays $50k of Jennys money to help her get elected then saves millions in his council court case. Not a bad deal and one he’s pulled off before down south. Truth is Clive is way smarter then Jenny, On TV tonight she looked like a scared rabbit. The next few weeks are going to be interesting, very interesting.

  61. Raging Robin says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more pathetic campaign than what is coming from Sam Cox. He’s not even acting like he wants to win. Nothing for weeks and now an “iron clad guarantee” to build a convention centre. With what money?

    • The Magpie says:

      Sadly, any objective observer would have to agree that we have an Invisible Man running for mayor. So we now will end up with either:
      1.four more catastrophic years of Mayor Mullet in her pink doona and irresponsible economics, or
      2. Sam Cox, a mayor who has shown little commitment and even less political nous, getting in because he was the lesser of three evils,
      3. Clive’s ‘celebrity’ candidate, failed burger flipper and the-day-before-yesterday’s footy hero Greg Dowling, who is way out of his depth in this scrum.

      But The ‘Pie sees there could be some salvation come the election … he will reveal more of his cheery outlook in the Magpie’s Nest blog later tonight.

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