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Saturday, September 12th, 2020   |   235 comments

‘I Don’t Make The Decisions’: The Mistress Of Shade, Anna Palaszczuk Resigns The Premiership In All But Name (And Salary)

No need to be clever about this, she actually said so herself in exactly those words: ‘I don’t make the decisions.’ And so she surrenders not just her elected authority, but her right to any credibility in the future. The Magpie looks at how the pandemic has become just one big campaign gamble in the COVID casino, and how Anna is doing her arse.

Another plummet in readership for the Bulletin’s flagship weekend edition … and … perhaps understandably … they still won’t reveal their online subscription numbers, god know what they tell advertisers.

And hey, it’s not just maths baffling the Astonisher, words continue to pose a big challenge … this week, we got a dose of both problems  in one go.

Also, the woman who inspired more impure thoughts than a cart-load of choirboys at a priests picnic passes on … but Mrs Emma Peel’s memory will live on for those of a certain generation who remember. As a wistful ‘Pie does.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Bentley is still on a break, expected back next week, thanks to those who asked.

…. And there are a number of comments from the week included in this week’s blog. Some of you will have seen them already, but the readership numbers available to The ‘Pie show that the vast majority of you miss out on the fun of comments and will not have seen them. If you have, bear with us on this.

So, first ….

Another Diana That Captivated The World Has Left Us

Rigg 5176

Diana Rigg

Actress Dame Diana Rigg has died of cancer this. She was 82.

To a current generation, she will be best remembered as the aged, witty political mastermind Lady Olenna Tyrell in Games of Thrones (such was her character’s wit and scheming, she was dubbed the Queen of Thorns.)

But to another generation, we Boomers, she will forever be Mrs Emma Peel, arguably the first overt sex symbol of the – at the time – relatively tame world of television. Over 53 episodes of British spoof drama The Avengers, clad in leather, driving like a laconic demon in her Lotus Elan and having her Kung Fu way with dastardly miscreants, Mrs Peel’s public television antics gave rise to many a private male fantasy – perhaps women’s too, not that any would be admitted to in those days.

She was an icon of those heady 1960s of social and sexual revolution. But like her character, Diana Rigg was no dumb dolly bird, and was among the first women to challenge equal pay issues when she held out in contract negotiations for equal pay of co-star Patrick McNee … although castigated in the press, she won out and for her final season was paid all of $450 a week. (Not to be sniffed at in those British economic conditions of the 60s – for five years in the early 70s, The Magpie, as a middle ranking journalist, earned the princely sum of 60 quid a week, and live reasonably on it.)

Although her achievements and awards were across a whole range of roles, she will also be remembered as Tracy, the only Bond girl to become Mrs Bond in 1969s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,  opposite Aussie George Lazenby. (A story at the time reported that Rigg so disliked kissing Lazenby that before each romantic scene requiring it, she would chew raw garlic.)

Dame Diana Rigg also managed a feat rare in the plastic world of screen celebrity … from famous beauty to lively older age, she managed to age with dignity and grace, and became even more compelling for it.

Rigg Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 2.02.58 pm


Welcome To The COVID Casino, Where Politicians Place Their Bets

Care for a hand of pandemic poker? A spin at Rona Roulette? Or put your chips down on Border Closure Blackjack? Like all casinos, the outcome will be weighted against the punter.

So the most popular political ploy has been ‘let it ride’ or ‘double down’ on the same number … never changing the strategy, despite changing odds and opportunities to spread the options. But this casino is so far into Daniel Andrews store of goodwill that he has little option but to keep punting and hoping, no matter how the scales continue to tip towards utter and lingering economic devastation of Victoria.

In NSW, Gladys Berejiklian is playing a more flexible game, easing back here, plunging in there – counting cards to make her next bet , in fact – and the situation seems to be under control for the moment.

Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 9.36.06 am

But Palaszczuk’s game plan is a bit like an impromptu game of backyard cricket, with rules being made up as the game goes along (‘over the border on the full is out’) – all because she has decided on a re-election campaign strategy based around ‘keeping Queenslanders safe’. Not once has she considered the growing body of evidence that shows that laying waste to the state’s economy is going to wreak greater social havoc than more flexible pandemic control measures ever could.

This is now starting to backfire spectacularly, with with scores of stories of personal heart-break caused by unreasonably harsh exemptions refusals for border passes. And the selective nature in applying the rules has seen anger growing against the premier and her government.

Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 11.02.31 pm

But seeing this gambit going all tits up, with businesses and employees alike reacting predictably to having their arses handed to them on a plate, our premier has astounded everyone by making herself out to be a victim, citing an emotional toll and personal loss … her grandmother recently died, whom she no trouble being able to be with near the end. Which is of course regrettable, but no more than anyone else’s loss. And in her position, totally irrelevant.

And then came the real bombshell statement of the week.

Quizzed about the apparent highly selective exceptions granted in relation to quarantine orders for celebrities and sportsmen and women, the premier came a massive gutser when trying vainly to distance herself from the callous and off-hand manner of refusing several perfectly feasible, non-dangerous visits to attend funeral or dying people. ‘I don’t make the decisions’, she said, again using the her scatterbrained Chief Medical Officer Jeanette Young as a human shield to deflect criticism. She repeated her stance that the decisions on exemptions were up to Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young.

To characterise this as a cringing, cowardly shirking of leadership responsibility is no exaggeration, because we foolish people believe we elect figures like premiers to do exactly that … make decisions on our behalf. We DID NOT elect Jeanette Young to do so.

 But Wait, There’s Even More 

Then Dr Jeanette Young reinforced this weird state of affairs, when she was asked why Tom Hanks got an exemption but just as deserving applications from ordinary Australian citizens just across the border did not. The good doctor simpered that it was ‘economic’ because movies made a lot of money for the government. Doesn’t sound like something based on medical evidence, does it?

What has a scientist, in the form of this medical doctor Jeanette Young, got to do with deciding what brings economic benefit to this state? Surely those decisions are made solely by those whom we have elected to run Queensland

And The ‘Pie wasn’t going to let Dr Young off the hook on another bit of bullshit reasoning, in regard to  giving one woman an exemption to attend her father’s funeral.  This from comments:

The Magpie 

September 10, 2020 at 5:30 pm  (Edit)

You’d think Queensland’s CMO was Dr Goebbels, not Young. Not a shred of sensible humanity, a disgraceful bureaucrat. She had the hide to say this afternoon the exemption was refused because funerals were ‘a dangerous place for spreading coronavirus!’  And this from the woman who gave special permission for 80 people to attend an indigenous funeral in Mackay at a time when the limit was 10. This is a very ugly, callous and unnecessarily heartless authoritarian ruling, where the ultimate call should have been with the Premier, anyway. But the increasingly isolated premier is proving to be a cowardly shirker, hiding behind the highly selective criteria of a discombobulated medical person.

There is a massive melt down underway at the highest level in this state, and one wonders if this has had anything to do with the slew ministerial resignations during the last week. (Except Anthony Lynham’s, he was shafted under a deal he had agreed to with unions before his election: under their agreement, they pulled the plug for him, to get a more suitable Labor forelock tugger into parliament.)

Ya’know, Donald Trump recently urged some of his supporters to vote twice in the upcoming Presidential election, once by mail and once in person. But here in Queensland, some of us are wondering why we would bother even voting once, if crucial decisions – even non-medical ones – are being made by unelected medical doctor and faceless, box ticking bureaucrats.

But don’t worry, Anna, we will all vote. Just the once. We most surely will.

The ‘Pie Is A Sucker For Satire … So He Tried His Hand At It

 The Magpie

September 9, 2020 at 11:27 am  (Edit)

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 11.19.56 am

Premier Palaszczuk says it is not time for people to become complacent and just be ‘alarmed’.
“We must maintain our blind panic with every few mild cases we announce,’ she said, warning Queenslanders not to be distracted from the virus by other irrelevant matters, like budget blow-outs, economic ruin, corruption and crime. ‘I’ll get around to those matters when I’m re-elected,’ she promised.


Then there was this.

The Magpie 

September 9, 2020 at 11:01 am  (Edit)



Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 8.40.22 am

The others involved in the disaster which has severely injured Mr Harper – the people of of Townsville – remain critical.

 Small Mercies And Big Worries In The Bulletin’s Latest Readership Numbers

The good news is that over the past year, the Astonisher’s weekday readership has gained a couple of thousand readers, according to the latest Roy Morgan survey. But, whoa,  hold the champers, the flagship weekend edition is in dire trouble, shedding a further 14.6%, down from 41,000 readers to just 35,000.

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 8.54.07 am Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 8.53.41 am

Here’s the full national list.

And while the big players down south all now make their digital subscription figures available, News Ltd resolutely refuses to say how many have signed up for the online paper.  And you can bet, if they were barrelling along quite nicely, we’d be hearing about it to the point of tedium, so one assumes things ain’t too flash.  Perhaps the following might be a pointer to a systemic problem.

That Maths Fairy Has Been Sprinkling Her Magical Moon Dust Down At The Astonisher Again

From comments.

The Magpie 

September 9, 2020 at 10:46 am  (Edit)

MEMO TO TOWNSVILLE BULLETIN STENOGRAPHER CAITLIN CHARLES (please do not call yourself a reporter when you parrot stuff like the following.)

One of the first rules cadets used to be taught was that if you don’t understand something someone says, in person or in a media release, it is certain readers won’t understand it, either. So it is your job to question statements that do not clarify what the speaker means. Otherwise, what’s the point of publishing it.
Example is today’s story:

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 9.41.16 am

Just for starters, let’s not carry on about, or it would be mocking the afflicted BUT 25 minus 17 equals 8. But you claim otherwise, in both the headline and the story itself, so let it pass, let it pass.

Mislan Sam Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 9.19.59 am

Palm Island Mayor Mislam Sam

However, in his media release which you lazily just transcribed for your ‘story’, Mayor Mislam Sam says in part:

‘The council (will) work towards raising more revenue, rather than relying on grants, which were used by Aboriginal shire councils that could not collect rates. There is leakage on the island, (there are) contracts that are being awarded that we can possibly deliver on. We are trying to get enough contracts where we can self-generate a lot of income.”

‘Leakage’? What does that mean?

And ‘ … we can POSSIBLY’ deliver on’? That phrase makes one suspect you may have misquoted Mayor Sam – did he perhaps actually say ‘that we CANNOT possibly deliver on’. Otherwise his voodoo economics statement makes no sense, suggesting his council would seek projects that they might only ‘possibly’ be able to fulfil. And self-generate income with what appears to be government money? What balderdash.

Your job is to clarify by asking.

Oh, and another helpful hint, and in real newspapers, it is a rule, Ms Charles – when simply rewriting media releases and adding a bit of file background, NEVER put your name to it. It is both dishonest – you did no work to create the content, it could possibly leave you personally – and not just the paper – open to any defamatory imputations made in a media release, and it can also leave you open to the foregoing type of criticism.

What’s that? Oh, think nothing of it, you’re welcome.

From The International File. 243019_rgb_768

Meanwhile, In the Trumpanzee’s Pandemerica


Did Donald Trump call America’s fallen military men and women ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’, as claimed in an article in The Atlantic Monthly? The article quoted four anonymous sources for the quotes and subsequently, we had the strange situation of several respected journalists (not by Trump of course) confirming the quotes, saying they confirmed knowing from whom they came, but still didn’t name names.

It was no surprise … or help … that Trump has denied the claims, but his track record on the military lends credence to it, especially when he said many derogatory things about the late Senator John McCain, who spent six years  as a Viet Cong POW, saying he was no hero because he ‘got caught’ –  (McCain was in fact shot down, while Donald was nursing the bone spurs that kept he from serving anywhere.)

But whatever the truth of the matter, the pile-on was on by the penmen and satirists, some who are generally a little more circumspect appeared to take the attitude that even if the story isn’t true, why not play the Trumpanzee at his own game of spreading outright lies.

Nick Anderson cartoon 243200_rgb_768 lk091020dapr

243030_rgb_768 090820vacciner 20200908edshe-b 3_curry_1 jd090620dapr Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 9.24.19 am A24636 lk091120dapr 20200910edshe-b cb091120dapr cjones09132020 And Irony Corner


And given that Trump allowed himself to be extensively interviewed by Bob Woodward of Watergate fame,  and to whom he admitted -on tape – tha he purposely downplayed the seriousness of coronavirus, another question was raised: why would someone in Trump’s position have 18 interview session with a journalist who was instrumental in bringing down two presidents?  What next – David Borowitz in the New Yorker thinks he knows.

Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 9.15.03 am

 Just To Leave You Laughing

Just in case you can’t bring Nanna over the border for burial, keep her fresh.



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  1. Cry baby says:

    Steven Miles has come out swinging and telling people to stop bullying and trolling the CMO. Seems Queensland is becoming a dictatorship like Russia and China and you cannot question anything someone in a Government position says, otherwise you are labelled a bully or troll. What a joke of a Nanny State we live in.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      He’s a real Labor man that one. The same campaign is being run in Melbourne. No doubt Albo and crew have instructed the red army to shift the blame to the Feds. Kim Jun Dan and Anna Putin are leading with the same left Bower. The only difference between what they’re playing and the card game (500), one’s a red liar and the others a red joker.

  2. Arse Hole says:

    Well, let’s vote these oxygen thieves out of office come October and see if the next lot can actually SERVE our community and not their southern masters and mistresses!!

    The current crop have proved, beyond doubt, that they are in fact political Arse Holes!

  3. CEO of Crap says:

    Outside of being one of the ‘Elite’, it appears those freezers may well be the best option for people wanting to get into Qld.

    • Grumpy says:

      They also take all the work out of being a serial killer.

    • NQ Gal says:

      My rural NSW based sister has bought a property and moving back to Qld. She has had her exemption paperwork in for 4 weeks and haven’t heard a word. They are now seriously considering booking a 2 week holiday in the NT, and coming in from there, rather than spending the same money for 2 weeks quarantined in a hotel room. There haven’t had any cases in their area, but are still subjected to the stupid blanket ban policy from Nanna Anna and Jelly Jeanette.

  4. Tick Tock says:

    Almost half a million Aussies will have to start paying their mortgages again later this month. Plus protection for renters from landlord evictions ends this month. Combine that a reduction in the amount of Jobkeeper and Jobseeker and you have a shitstorm of enormous size approaching.
    These fucking morons running this country and the states have really done a wonderful job of completely destroying life as we know it. I hope Hillsong Scotty has been praying for a miracle because we are going to need one shortly when the true magnitude of this global catastrophe unfolds. Tick tock

  5. Gaz. says:

    The Labor Party have been on the slide for years as Unions sell out members everyday, and loyal members get pushed aside for people only interested in using union members as stepping stones for their political career. So not really surprised that Anastasia and the Chief Medical Officer have prioritised money over people, they always do it to union members

    • The Magpie says:

      Not quite right, one fears … Anna Palaszczuk, using Dr Young as her scapegoat, has wrecked the economy for years to come. Others may not have done any better, but there can be no argument this is being driven by October’s election.

  6. The Magpie says:

    When it comes to politics, all doctors are all trainee proctologists, poking around in noisome areas looking for things they don’t fully understand but know they don’t like.

    So, as there’s no show without punch.

    But let us fervently hope this AMAQ President Dr Chris Perry knows more about medicine than he does about politics and campaigning.

    AMAQ President Dr Chris Perry was wheeled out today to defend on of the their own, the under-fire CMO Dt Janette Young. In doing so, Dr Perry dived into another area he appears to know or care little about – democracy.

    First up, he had this obvious and quite reasonable statement:
    “The AMA in Queensland, we have a very, very straightforward policy. We believe in the science of the Chief Health Officer. We believe that Queensland should follow the advice of the Chief Health Officer and if she says the border should stay closed, we think they should stay closed.
    “I know she is under stress. Queensland Health has given her more support in staff to take the pressure off.”

    Now it would be somewhat startling if Dr Perry and the AMA believed anything other than this policy, of course doctors, staying within their narrow band of expertise, have every right to believe that the CMO should unquestioningly be obeyed. But others outside that bubble have every right – democratic right – to question those directions, especially when the CMO has been wildly inconsistent and politically motivated to make exceptions.
    But then Dr Perry, maybe a good man in other ways, showed he was just another box ticking medico who does not give a social fuck about anything else. He apparently suffers the misplaced hubris of many in his pompous colleagues and believes anyone who exercises their democratic right to question medical authority automatically becomes a ‘bully’ and a ‘troll’. OK, if personal abuse is involved rather than simply strongly expressed private opinions, there are limits, of decency if not law.

    But this begs another question, especially since Dr Young has extra help now. Why does she even see any online opinions, abuse or general fuckwittery. Why does she even look?She can’t be looking to get some valuable hints or insights, and she has minions to monitor such messages for dangerous content, leaving her free for the serious stuff. One would’ve thought she’d be way too busy carrying out her professional monitoring to worry about social media … or had she been hoping for the sort of adulation that might lead to a tilt at politics?

    And Dr Perry showed a fine streak of political smartarsery when asked about the lack of compassion regarding funerals, when he glibly said ‘We would prefer to have fewer funerals than have more people at funerals’, which must get the award for the evasive, pointless and false virtue-signalling answer of the week.
    Then AMAQ Vice President Dr Bav Manoharan weighed in, and asked a question that The Magpie is happy to answer. Dr Manoharan asked,” So we really need to say, what are we weighing up here? Are we weighing up the interests of the tourist industry and other industries, or are we looking at the health of Queenslanders?”
    The answer is simple and obvious, Dr Manoharan … you (the medical profession) should only be concerned with the ‘health of Queenslanders’. Nothing else. You then pass on this information THAT IS THEN WEIGHED BY THE PEOPLE WE ELECTED TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE INTERESTS OF THE TOURIST INDUSTRY AND OTHER INDUSTRIES. THEN, NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTCOME, YOU, THE DOCTORS, SHOULD SHUT THE FUCK UP.
    A Premier and her ministers – if they had any courage of character – would then make the necessary balanced decisions.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Well said! Have you sent a copy of this to Dr Perry as I suspect he has not heard of the Townsville Magpie, let alone read your blog.

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie just puts it out there for our folks to scoff/jeer/applaud/(send a donation, too if they like). But feel free to forward it yourself to whomsoever you think deserves it.

    • Y-Fronts says:

      One point to add Pie, these docs are also citizens of Qld and Australia and wouldn’t be alone in being vociferous about anything and everything, including the obvious connection between the virus response (medical) and the economy. I think you are correct calling out the inconsistency though, re decisions Dr Scarecrow has made in Qld.

    • Critical says:

      So QANTAS, Virginia Halloworld and Flight Centre are running have their online surveys / poll up and running asking people to sign etc demanding that Queensland open its borders. Aren’t these companies game enough to ask the question “Do you want the Queensland borders to be kept closed” because they might not get a response in their favour.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Pack of self righteous turds, doctors aren’t suffering any financial pain from these border closures, fucking hypocrites should just shut up, treat people who are sick and stay out of politics.

    • Tony Moon Barrister says:

      To The President of the Queensland AMA Chris Perry.

      I should have preferred to send this email to the President, Chris Perry directly but was unable to find his email address on your web page. Perhaps you could forward it to me so that I can take this up directly with him.

      According to an ABC online news item published today, the President has spoken in apparent defence of the Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young concerning criticism of her about decisions recently made and not made, in relations to applications for exemptions from the Corona Virus rules, by persons wishing to enter Queensland. The report suggests that the President describes those responsible for the criticism as “trolls”. I do not understand what a troll is. Perhaps the President could explain what he understands and means by the term. If he is suggesting that there is something “inherently wrong” with members of the public voicing their concerns and worries about the exercise of bureaucratic power by, bureaucrats then let him say so. Of course, such a positions would display a poor understanding of the public responsibility and accountability of paid public servants and bureaucrats, whether they are medical practitioners of not.

      Jeannette Young’s decisions, there are numerous, denying deserving, extremely low risk persons permission to enter Queensland from other State for very good and compelling reasons and then distinguishing her decisions to allow VIPs, actors and footballers exemptions, because the income is good for the State, is abhorrent in the extreme. It amazes me that if she was taking proper counsel she would ever have considered saying such a thing in public.

      If the President is suggesting that in doing so the Chief Health Officer is conducting herself in a proper and appropriate manner, then he is clearly wrong.

      I invite the President’s personal, not PR managed, response so that I can present this discussion in the public forum.

    • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

      Only days before this snivelling display, the CMO was happily barging into economics and tourism. Both of which I am pretty sure were not in her medical degree and are well outside her area of expertise, but that didn’t stop her.

      So we have the premier playing doctor, the doctor playing god, and little Stevie Miles apparently playing with himself.

  7. Matt says:

    Is it true that the messagebank ( he doesn’t deserve the use of a capital) is going to run in the state election? I thought you and your readers would be having a field day if he is.

    • The Magpie says:

      We’ll know tomorrow, so they say.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        If he is it will have all the makings of a child’s story book;

        Messagebank Goes To George Street.

        Once upon a time, in a very small and neglected sand pit, there was a very lazy boy.

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          No, No! What have I said?

          New title,

          Messagebank Fails At George Street.

          Same opening sentences.

          • I’ll be plucked says:

            Get back on the bed and have a lie down Kelso! With respect, how about we all await the nomination then get stuck in?!!

          • Grumpy says:

            I was at the Angel Paws walk today with my Border Collies. Messagebank was there. Boy, was he there. Handing out personalised drink bottles and hand sanitiser and cheesy smiles. Did not react well when I said, “Thanks, MessageBank”.

  8. Bushie Chris says:

    I just can’t wait for the “great debates” to happen in the good old USA. Should be fascinating watching Trump dance around like a Muhammed Ali on speed and Sleepy Joe knocking the shit out of him. One lives in hope that Trump’s admiring, sucked in followers, may actually see the orange man for what he really is “a rat with a gold tooth.”

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Sorry but regarding Trump’s admirers, as the saying goes, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

      • The Magpie says:

        That’s a bit too eloquent for that lot.

        • Achilles says:

          While on things USA, much as I sympathise with the losses in their bushfires and recent tornado’s. I cannot comprehend why they consistently rebuild with timber.

          It’s as if there are no building codes such as we have in Oz that are relevant to climatic expectations.

          I have been to the US on many occasions over the past 35 years and am speaking from personal observations.

          • Not a yank says:

            It depends where you go, there are some who are as thick as two short planks, end to end, I’m talking midwest, the california failed greenies, but there are others who are amazingly sharp and responsive – these tend to be on the east cost, usually north around New York, Boston etc. And then there is Hawaii, they are a totally different group.

          • I’ll be plucked says:

            Hey Ackerman, did you ever see a movie called Deliverance? Tune in to the banjo plucking, deep south plucking confederates and you will answer your own question!

  9. Cry Baby says:

    Oh great, now Dr Perenium comes out to defend the CMO. What a complete suckhole. He is just another ambitious political footstool who is happy to be the gum on the CMO’s boot if it means he wins some political points. The medial fraternity is filled with egotistical, self opinionated fuckwits. I still remember when Dr Charlie Teo, who is a brilliant surgeon, was crucified because he didn’t fit the mould of a tweed jacket/brandy sipping cockhead, instead he rode a motorbike and listened to heavy metal!

    • Achilles says:

      Yep, I agree, after all they spend a great deal of their time/expertise sticking their fingers into other people orifices.

      The majority soon acquire an aloof patronising demeaner within a few years of graduating and their heads swell coz the are no longer called mister.

      A bit like the clergy with their fuckwit ridiculous titles straight from G&S farces.

    • L Berry says:

      Ducatis even.

    • Pat Coleman says:

      For brain surgeon, TEO isn’t to smart. He’s a liberal donor.

  10. Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen says:

    Holy shit, what a collection of misfits you have on this site Mr Townsville Magpie. An Arsehole, a Cockhead, a Heel, a Weeper, a Grump, a Plucked, the list goes on and on. Have you lost editorial control, or don’t you care who comes on and what they say? You wouldn’t cut it at the Daily Planet at all.

    • The Magpie says:

      Nice to know you’re paying attention. And The Magpie doesn’t tell people what to say (or name themselves) and just doesn’t publish the more irrelevant idiocy. You only just squeezed through.

      • Perry White says:

        Keep up the good work Pie.

        Freedom of speech and Freedom of thought are rare these days.

        Maybe reach out to Aaron Harper who deletes, blocks and removes any comments from his Facebook page from people who ask questions or offer a different point of view.

    • #wankerseverywhere says:

      Don’t forget NMD and ECQ. Now that is scraping the barrel……

    • Clark Kent says:

      Don’t listen to anything Lois and Jimmy tell you. Word around the Daily Planet it that they are on together and there’s rumours they are being poached by the Astonisher.

      • The Magpie says:

        Oh, clutch my pearls, the Cougar and The Cub. But won’t be welcome at the Astonisher, it’s already got that situation at a slightly higher level – like iditor and Chief of Stuff.

  11. Contributor says:

    Well, what a passel of wingeing, whining old misogynists you all are! Someone told me to have a look at this blog… no wonder Townsville has gone to the dogs. You all seem to particularly hate women leaders (female Premiers, CMOs, Mayors, journalists and CEOs), and doctors who have the temerity to stick up for them. Half the blog consists of Trump memes/cartoons lazily copied from other sources without attribution; and there’s lots of juvenile sniggering about bodily functions. I was hoping for a genuine, intelligent alternative to the local newspaper…God knows Townsville needs it. But not to be.

    • The Magpie says:

      And never designed to be. If that’s what you want, do it.

    • Clark Kent says:

      You are way off the mark ‘Contributor’. For all you know some of us used to be women.

    • #wankerseverywhere says:

      Dear ‘Contributor’, really, we are misogynists? You need to look further than your own thin skin and haywire hormones and see the big picture. You see, the females that you mention are disliked not because of their gender but because of their incompetence and inaptitude. Now, maybe they, as women, are out of their league, who knows. But the Pie’s blog also talks about an assortment of male wankers too – Trump, Harpic, Messagebank and the Mooney(s) just to name a couple. So you think about that while you are kneeling under the local Labor politicians desks today. Cheers

    • Achilles says:

      Contributor or is that contriver?: You sound like a re-run of a few previous “contributors” such as the Mayor’s “daughter” starting your diatribe with alluding for seeking enlightenment (go to mountain) and then after reading the blog you blatantly display your narrow minded and intolerant bigotry of anyone who holds contrary views to your own childish blabber.

      We oldies (whom you denigrate) have still got freedom of thought and can share opposing opinions that don’t need your sterile conditions of sanitising thought by NOT offending.

      Try again when you grow up and have had a taste of life free of faeces book and the like and actually form your own opinion and acquire freedom of thought.

  12. Mike Douglas says:

    So Mayor ( 30,000 residents living in the Cbd , zip line , cafe on Castle Hill , Technology Precinct , Railyards , wave pool , arts are a priority ) Mullet is worried Phil Thompson’s committee will take too long on projects to spend $195 mil ?.

  13. John Hathaway says:


    From my FB post.

    Why did Mayor Hill feel it necessary to enter the fray of blantantly partisan politics today with the story in TB p5 (14 Sep 20). If this is such an issue why hasn’t she called out her local Labor buddies (MPs) to be fighting for the same given they are currently in government and holding the purse strings (or rather the $102,000,000,000 overdraft).
    Instead the Mayor thinks it more important to contribute $1,500,000 dollars of rate payer’s money in concert with our State Labor members tax payer dollars of $6,500,000 trinket money to non-productive shiny display Weeping-Willow, Misting Solar LED XMAS Trees.
    Yes that’s $8,000,000 of NQldrs money that could have been better spent on both a kidney transplant unit and a da Vinici robot surgery machine (SEQLD has16 of these and Cairns has one already) and still have about $1M in change!!!! Money spent saving NQldrs lives, patient travel and enables lifesaving surgeries to be conducted on NQ patients close to their families and support base.
    (PS It would have been nice had the TB even bothered to seek comment from those named in the story)

    You may care to visit my facebook to look at a post re Mayor blatant partisan politics (yes I know who’da thought)

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Wholly shit, someone woke up John.

    • History says:

      While we are talking about projects from TCC. Can anyone tell me what was the last major project TCC actually did themselves??? Stadium dosnt count, neither does bus hub. Mt low parkway and bridge on dalrymple rd are all i can think of. Everything else is state government. Why do we need a council?

      • The Magpie says:

        The bus shelter was a major project? C’mon now.

        And suggestions from other sources that all those new pipes and stuff in the CBD is a major project is nonsense … that is simply expected maintenance, in this case decades overdue.

      • NQ Gal says:

        History – Was the Riverway stadium/pool etc council funded? That would be about the last major thing I could possibly suggest.

      • Jenny Wren says:

        Hi History, I tried running through a list and got stuck on the Museum of Underwater Art. Though I think this is funded by the state government, I was wondering why there has been so little publicity about it. Evidently the John Brewer Reef part is finished and yet it has had only a couple of mentions in the Bulletin. I wonder about its viability in a cyclone prone area but it is an admirable attempt at something different in the way of tourist attractions.

        • The Magpie says:

          Couple of things about that project that has always bothered The ‘Pie. Why ever put the thing out in such a difficult and time consuming distance? And expensive distance, too. There seems to have been planning and bureaucratic obstacles all along the way to ensure this doesn’t work, which is a shame. As it stands, it cannot be any spur of the moment thing for those travelling along the Bruce, it needs to be planned, including the additional cost of accomodation in Townsville – while desirable that local businesses benefit, you can’t bully people into undertaking such a difficult scenario and many passing along the coast will certainly give it a miss.

          And it is not enough in itself to attract tourists flying in once that eventuality returns. Surely, if the boffins stopped their usual circle-jerking and progress-blocking daily chaining, a suitable area adjacent to say Maggie Island would have been more economically feasible in several ways … easy access and a boon to island tourism. Even now we’re not sure how you access the underwater displays, and if there is a regularly scheduled boat service out there.

          Then there’s the possibility that Palm could use the idea to create an indigenous underwater colony of images which would be a great advantage to the island’s prosperity..

          Indeed when this will surely go tits up, the powers that be should actually consider relocating it to near Maggie, if they are willing to admit they’ve fucked it up. Note that word ‘feasible’ … love to read the ‘feasibility study’ so beloved of our mayor and all her blood sucking consultants that has lumbered bus with this one.

          And another thing … it is not unique, there are other similar project existing (one at Airlie Beach) or planned.

          Very short sighted yet again. Perhaps TEL can provide some stats to prove what a mistaken whingeing old bugger The Magpie is.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            50,000 visitors a year according to TEL bullshit at the time, doesn’t sound like a lot until you break it down, 1000 people a week average, take out all the shitty days when it’s blowing a gale, like now, it’s a lot of people. At the moment only 2 boats travel to the MOUA a couple of days a week, approx 20 on each boat, so currently about 80 people a week can get to the reef and visit the MOUA, 4000 a year on current capacity, not far off the 50,000.

          • The Magpie says:

            No, no, no, Cankers, you are not in complete possession of the facts, dear chap. What you haven’t factored in is the undoubted runaway success of TEL’s ingenious counter to the corona virus … of course, exact numbers are not in the public domain because they are commercial in confidence but their foresight will see us inundated with snorkel-bearing art lovers by the tens of thousands in the near future. Don’t you remember …

  14. The Bodyguard says:

    Poor old Jeannette Young has supposedly received death threats and now has police protection!! Now, I am not a heartless person and death threats are not acceptable. However it highlights the growing frustration and the fact that people are fed up with this bullshit. Nanna Anna has also had a few punters towing banners behind aircraft saying ‘she is heartless’ and ‘vote her out’. It’s been said before that ‘when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it’. Well, people have had enough. FFS, open the borders, let us go about our business and let us deal with the virus as it happens. No more ridiculous COVID sanctions that are destroying us and our lives. The so-called cure is worse than the disease. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

    • Just curious says:

      How very melodramatic.
      I am curious though. How are these sanctions destroying your life?

      • The Magpie says:

        Wha ….?
        Are you just out on day release, and have been incommunicado in the secure facility for the past couple months? Your suggestion that life as we used to know it hasn’t been largely destroyed (loss of income, loss of prospects, businesses destroyed, unprecedented restrictions on basic freedoms for much of the country) suggests your day pass should be revoked and therapy recommenced immediately.

      • The Bodyguard says:

        “Just Curious”, you wouldn’t what the slowdown effect of these sanctions have done to me because you don’t know me personally and I don’t have to explain jackshit to you. You are most likely a wealthy political donator and receiver of politicians favours which puts you close to or within the 1% of grubs that are ruining our country. Or perhaps you are related to a grubby politician who is Erving or has served? Anyway, I really don’t care.

        • Just curious says:

          Be careful how hard you spit that dummy or you’ll cause a pothole. And dear old Aunty Doona is spending all the money on bread and circuses and won’t be able to fix it.

    • The Magpie says:

      Since this is so highly politicised now, there is surely a question over even announcing that Jeanette Young has had death threats, even if she actually did (it’s probable but oh so easy to say even if it isn’t). In fact, what does this matter of threats add to the debate in any meaningful way? This in so easy to do as a political weapon in a debate, throw up something that isn’t provable (even showing online messages would mean nothing, doesn’t prove whether the anonymous messenger’s motivation was menacing or mischief or who sent them). Casting further doubt on all this is that the only original source of this information is that pompous ninny from the AMAQ, Dr Kenny, who himself is clearly politically compromised. He has not added a single bit of extra understanding from the medical point of view except to say it is right. So why butt in unless it is for political purposes?

      • Not the ECQ says:

        By the same logic, if Deb20 doesn’t want the premier to politicise the border issue, as she has said today, then why is she going there? Why doesn’t the opposition leader open up some new front (it’s not as if there’s nothing to campaign on)? Oh, of course, as the Magpie’s Nest is demonstrating, there is political mileage in taking up the cudgels on the border issue. A month ago it wasn’t worth it but now it is looking like a good bet, strengthened by the intervention of the PM. So it’s on for young and old, there’s few holds barred and hang the consequences.

        • The Magpie says:

          So your private hotty Anna isn’t using the issue fo political ends, eh?
          Still your quivering bottom lip, ECQ, you’re shuddering like a dog hearing thunder.

          • The Magpie says:

            By the by, you’re the sort of chap that follows these things, ever eager to advise The ‘Pie of his errors.

            So, search as I can, it appear NO ONE has directly mentioned that Jeanette Young received death threats … the one and only direct reference comes from the pompous posturing self-promoter Dr Chris Perry of the AMAQ. If The ‘Pie is correct, why isn’t anyone else saying directly that she’s been threatened? Even Dr Young herself said she feels safe and secure with police protection, but never once saying why she has the protection.

            “Young has been the victim of online trolling for months and, due to the nature of her role, has been offered police protection when in public. With Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk repeatedly insisting Young is responsible for border restrictions, the Chief Health Officer has been exposed to intense criticism and claims of double standards in quarantine exemptions”.

            Something’s on the honker.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Well, sort of Whitney. You see, just stopping and opening the borders to all per se, is not on. What is on is exercising common sense at the very least (e.g. the medical examples from NSW, the recent ruck around funerals, or seeing relatives that are terminal).

      Unfortunately common sense is not common with the current decision making, hence the obvious frustration.

  15. Resident @ says:

    I dont feel sorry at all for the premiere or cmo. They fucked it up now there crying because it backfired on them. Typical left Labor, cause havoc amongst us then call bullies on those who stand up. Ive lost a good friend because of this bullshit. These pricks wont even care if you went up and told them his name because 5sec later they have a press conference to say that someone said something nasty about them. Nobody can tell me that there was no other way. Its been said that money is very important to qld. Only if you have plenty of it and can donate to Labor. I hope they loose there jobs come Oct 31. Have they lost any income during this period? R.I.P. salvo

  16. The Bodyguard says:

    Looks like the “Contributor of nothing” is a spoilt Gen X, Y, Z or whatever they call themselves, who is a young government employee who is abitious due to spending much time licking the soles of his/her managements shoes. She obviously has an appreciation for climbing the ladder by buying favours and doing crooked deals and backstabbing others. I think Contributor needs a banner about her to be towed behind a plane which says “I AM A FEMINIST FOOL”.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie thinks there’s a good chance it’s Liam Mooney.

      • Contributor says:

        Pleased to see that I’ve ruffled a few of the old bird’s feathers with my criticism. Must have stung…the expected nastiness has followed. Happy to disclose that all your assumptions about me are way off the mark, and that I have already attained the Bard’s “three score and ten”, along with a modicum of wisdom along the way. Would love to see a bit of wit and intelligence here instead of the usual turgid replies.

  17. Strand Ghost says:

    Hey Pie if it is Liam Mooney it would have to be written by his Mother!

  18. Leigh Sales Rocks says:

    Annastacia Palaszczuk got ridiculed and exposed as being gutless by Leigh Sales tonight on 7:30.

    With class and poise Leigh calmly states Annastacia Palaszczuk has been invited several times over last 6 months to go on 7:30 and continues to decline, while the Premiers of NSW and Victoria have been on numerous times.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      AND, Palachook pushes the scarecrow CMO and the child-like deputy premier forward and goes into hiding. Has she had a breakdown? Just wonderin??

  19. The Magpie says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to know when the ABC is being dumb or just puckish. Sometimes, one wonders if they are as lax as the Astonisher in letting FB comments through. This one is GOLD … and The ‘Pie, with breat trepidation, invites you to submit your suggestions (only really funny ones will be published.)

  20. Lois Lane says:

    I dumped Jimmy, he’s too wet behind the ears. I think I like you after all Mr Townsville Magpie.

    • The Magpie says:

      Umm, ok. I think.

      • Magic Mike says:

        Oh Mr Magpie, seems you have a lady fan in Loris Lane. I wonder if she will put on a purple doona and woo you into the cot??
        You big brute you…….

        • The Magpie says:

          The ‘Pie needs subbing rather than rubbing, editing rather than bedditing.

        • Lois Lane says:

          Hey there Pike, I mean Mike. My name is Lois, not Loris. I am a proud lesbian too and whilst I have no interest in Mr Magpie’s nether bits, I do admire his tenacity on a range of issues (and managing the wide swing of ‘personalities’ that bob up here).

          • The Magpie says:

            Phew, that was close!! But we do share one thing, Lois, The ‘Pie has long lost any interest in one of the two functions of his nether bits.

  21. The real Dr Fauci says:

    ECQ, the Freckle doesn’t have anything to campaign about, just like Anna. The response to COVID has fu#ked our economy good and proper. There are no jobs going to support Queensland’s now unemployed, businesses are going bankrupt, people are losing their jobs and families can’t visit dying loved ones. All hope has been lost. Anything that comes out of a politicians mouth at the moment is utter shit and we’ve all had a gutful. The only people benefiting from this crisis, as has been mentioned previously, are the 1% and the Politicians. For everybody else itbis BOHICA – Bend Over Here It Comes Again.

    • Not the ECQ says:

      Dr Fauci, why doesn’t the Freckle have anything to campaign about? She wants to build the ‘New Bradfield Scheme’ so why not promote it in the several electorates around here that will be the direct beneficiaries – presupposing of course that there will be benefits. Or talk up the benefits to the local electorates from the state/federal funding of a thermal coal export facility ie. a stockpile and ship loader, at the now-expanding Townsville port? The only people that can’t visit dying loved ones in Queensland are ‘foreigners’ from interstate – surely a low priority given that it is a decision delegated to the Health Officer. No, I think we’re in the middle of an anything-you-can-do-I-will-do-less-of election campaign and it’s anyone’s guess what people will be voting for.

      • The real Dr Fauci says:

        Herr ECQ, a true Labor loyalist to the bitter end. The Magpie’s final comment to you was pretty much perfect.

        You just keep on enjoying the benefits of being in the back pocket of your local Politicians and enjoy yourself. I just hope for your sake that when the economic climate finally collapses, and it will, your safe underground bunker is nice and secure.

    • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

      Actually we who beaver away in largely meaningless public service jobs are coasting along just fine through this – people “working” from home and boasting about binging on Netflicks, KPIs out the window along with the expectation of any real productivity, the rest of us collecting our pay regardless and just keeping on doing what we can.

      The only people who seem to be doing it tough are those who are not on the public purse in one way or another – taxpayers I think they are called – those who create the money to pay the rest of us. They are truly bent over a big barrel.

      I’ve been wondering where my income will come from when there are no ratepayers and it looks gloomy – a true socialist paradise.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Indeed, and even before Covid the expanding cost of public servants from all levels of Govt is a burden the country can’t afford, not to mention the generous superannuation benefits that have to be covered for decades after they have retired, and Covid has compounded that even further. The haves v have nots is being redefined in this country, with public servants fast becoming the largest group who have, and will continue to have for a long time, even when they stop working, a socialist country we certainly are these days but as you point out it will have to end one day when the money runs out, that will be entertaining.

        • Not the ECQ says:

          Yeah, right Cantankerous. All those nurses, teachers and cops laying back sucking on the public teat.

          • The Magpie says:

            Seriously, ECQ? Seriously? You cannot even make a sensible comment on a debatable question? You are now officially considered as a Labor troll on this site … you will continue to be published (under certain conditions) but your comments may well carry a suitable warning.

            idiotic, self-defeating overkill.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            ECQ, ignorant as usual, and whilst the Pie is right and you are spitting out the Labor shite and spin so I generally ignore your remarks, and you deserve no further qualification from me about my comment, I had to reply. You take my comment as a criticism, rather then an observation., the first sign of an ignorant dickhead. Before going into business many many years ago I was an ADF person myself and enjoyed the privilege of a taxpayer funded pay packet, and the perks and security that went with it, as did my father and my grandfather who both served, and one of my sons serves today. We have 2 more members of the public service in our household today, including the cook who clocks up 20 years this year on the public purse. To deny the privilege that comes with a public service job is just ignorant, the security that it provides and benefits reach far beyond the fortnightly pay packet to the point where balance has been lost when comparing it to the rest of the working population, and this imbalance continues well after the retirement morning tea. The swelling ranks of the Qld public service and non frontline positions is a disgrace and at some point in time the imbalance has to be addressed, because the current situation is unsustainable in the long term, and you are an ignorant tosser if you think it is.

        • WTF says:

          Queensland’s public service workforce has grown by 35,697 since Labor returned to power in 2015 and the state’s wage bill has increased by a half a billion dollars this year alone.

          Sorry ECQ this info came from the Fairfax press, remember that The Brisbane Times was launched in 2007 by Premier Peter Beattie…..

          • The Magpie says:

            Sorry to point this out, WTF but you’re playing ECQ clever little game (perhaps accidentally). These figures are meaningless without context … if there has been a massive surge in police, nurses and ambos, and teachers etc to name a few, then there can’t be any problem, in fact, it should be applauded. Let discriminate from now on and find the numbers of the bum polishers and red tape johnnies, many of them are the real burdens on the public purse.

  22. Dave of Kelso says:

    Puddleduck grandstanding, pure and simple. This suggests to me she is aware that the electorate has had a gut-full of her inconsistant decision (or non-decision) making.


    • The Magpie says:

      With defeat looming but not a foregone conclusions, perhaps she is having a brazen two-bob-each-way and looking to her legacy, and in defeat, wants to be known as the noble steadfast leader of principle betrayed by both her party and electorate.

  23. Dave of Kelso says:

    This is the sort of Puddleduck bloodymindedness that hopefully lose her the election. Compelling and compassionate cases should be sympatheticly considered.


  24. Polythene Pam says:

    ‘Pie, sad news for the Townsville medical and legal professions – Dr Wilf Richards, long time Townsville psychiatrist, died on Sunday morning. He was 102 years old so a “good innings”. Wilf was one of the good guys from the Ward 10B imbroglio many years ago. RIP. Nothing so far in the Astonisher but that doesn’t surprise.

    • The Magpie says:

      Wilf Richards was a trusted ‘professional’ witness in dozens of court cases, both here in Townsville and throughout the state over many years, and his expert opinion was pivotal in many cases. And yes, The ‘Pie, who covered every single day of the Ward 10B inquiry, had nothing but admiration for him, he stood out like a gold tooth in a mouth of rotten teeth. And he was more than an upstanding member of his profession, The ‘Pie has personal knowledge of his integrity in business dealings, where literally, his word was his bond.

      My personal condolences to son Frank and his family.

      • Cleaver Greene says:

        Vale Wilf. I was acting for a proper dropkick on serious domestic violence charges way back in the early 90s. He intended to nod the nut and Wilf was to do a pre-sentence report. In the report, Wilf said (quite rightly) that the accused was a violent, narcissistic misogynist with zero impulse control and who little chance of redemption. He also said that the bozo was delusional and, as an example of his delusional state, quoted a belief by Prince Charming that the only reason he was charged was that the arresting officer was having an affair with his wife and they were conspiring to get him out of the way. Of course, it would have nothing to do with the fact that he beat his wife so badly that she was flown by the air ambulance to hospital, where she spent nearly a week in ICU. He eventuality got a decent lag. I found out over a year later that his by-then-former wife had left the Townsville district almost immediately after idiot went to prison and had set up house on the Sunny Coast with…guess who?

        • The Magpie says:

          Not sure what we conclude from that, except that the god doc was an accurate witness. And dare say you wouldn’t make such inferences in court, the liaison may well have come AFTER the fact.

        • I’ll be plucked says:

          Holy shit Cleve, the defendant sounds like some of our pollies, although this is probably a coincidence? Maybe………

        • Polythene Pam says:

          Cleene Greaver, who did she set up house with on the sunny coast ?

          • Cleaver Greene says:

            Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent. As if I would tell you in the first place. And, Plucker, he was nobody of note – just an everyday POS who is probably dead now.

          • The Magpie says:

            Err, one moment.

            You didn’t use names in the first place. You were not asked for names. You were asked to identify about whom you were talking, clearly trying to be a smartarse with your guess-who game, but hinting it was police officer supposedly having the affair with the wife. Subtle as a grenade in a bowl of porridge.

            And yes, places have been changed (there never were any names to change) so the phrase ‘got a decent lag’ would suggest your an pommy incompetent who is nursing an old grievance over a scotch or three.

          • Cleaver Greene says:

            Nope True story.

          • The Magpie says:

            Son YOU say.

      • wildcolonialboy says:

        Hello Pie, greetings once again from the deep south. Just wanted to add my support to Polythene Pam’s gracious comments about Wilf Richards. I never met Wilf but am certainly aware of his outstanding contribution to the medical and legal fraternity in Townsville and, indeed, Queensland as a whole. I know his son Frank and he is cut from the same cloth. Condolences to Wilf’s extended family.

  25. Dave of Kelso says:

    Seems the Puddleduck and friends like a drink or three. Nothing wrong with that, except we have been paying for it. $60,000 last year alone. Wonder what the drinks bill is for our very own Three Blind Mice.


    • I’m not as think as I drunk I was says:

      One wonders how much was under the table? Many moons ago I used to get taken to lunch by IBM customer engineers, the dudes in blue suits and ties. Alcohol could not be listed on any receipts, it was all food – IBM was a Mormon company.

      It didn’t stop us drinking, and in the 80’s some of those lunches ended up as dinners :)

  26. Psycho says:

    I think a significant number of contributors to this blog have mental health issues. Townsville Magpie, please encourage them to seek assistance, there is plenty of help on offer.

    • The Magpie says:

      Th ‘Pie regards the comments section as therapy.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      You are probably correct. For more or less of us we have had a working life of duty, scrutiny and responsibility . Those of us in retirement are now able to be as mad as we wish. It help with the mental health. For myself, as many of the regulars already know, I am a very stable village idiot.

  27. Bugs Bunny says:

    Seven local news tonight Mayor Mullet and the piece from TEL made comments. Their teeth were whiter than a new born polar bear! Have they been eating plenty of apples or carrots, or have they had some work done? Nearly had to reach for my sunnies to shield from the glare.

  28. Dutch Reverend says:

    I haven’t seen anything much in the way of campaigning by the LNP candidates for the 3 seats in Townsville. So, are they being lazy, ignored by the local media, or don’t they want to inherent the mess that would be left by the current State Government. God help us, get off your arses, I couldn’t stand another term with that grinning, dim witted, man child, Harpic.

    • Mike Douglas says:

      Dutch Reverend , do you follow twitter , Instagram , Facebook ( even the pie is on Twitter ) because the 4 Lnp ( includes Hinchinbrook ) have been United , active and more profile than the 3 local Labor MP,s . Treasurer Dick closed 84 state govt accounts recently which will save $380 mil which indicates how much spin Governments put out .

      • Old Tradesman says:

        The question needs to be asked how many ex journalists, due to the digital age, are now employed in the Premiers Spin Department. Maybe you old journos could investigate and come up with a figure.
        Headline just in from the CM, Anna has spent $538,000 to find out the reaction from the public about her border restrictions. How many hospital beds could that have supplied?

      • Dutch Reverend says:

        Mike Douglas, No I don’t follow Twatter, Instaflam and Facebook is for family only. Not everyone does use these platforms, so that tells me there is a gap in getting the message out. I haven’t seen any other candidate posters along Riverway drive other than Harpic’s.

        • The Magpie says:

          One does wonder if the LNP strategy is that of Napoleon’s dictum – Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.

    • Old Tradesman says:

      Pastor or priest of Holland, the three are out there everyday engaging, unfortunately, the great Astonisher only will write up the stunts of the Katter Party. They have been told that letters from the candidates will not be accepted. What a paper.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Yes I did see John Hathaway door knocking in Railway Estate the other day, something I know he doesn’t enjoy, like many candidates these days so at least he is out there makIng contact. The lack of coverage in the Astonisher is not as key as it once was, few read it these days anyway so fast becoming irrelevant, but the LNP have always struggled to get a run in the paper, except for when Max Tomlinson had his brief stint as LNP Thuringowa candidate, plenty of coverage then, funny that.

  29. HiBeam says:

    How much did the page 2 Sunday Mail propaganda spread cost me. It certainly cost the government nothing. They neither reap nor sow they just bludge on me. The continual wastage of my money is sheer mismanagement of money that has been gauged for other purposes. Another fail for the most useless pack of Neanderthals ever to hold public office.

  30. HiBeam says:

    Just thinking about my last comment. It says underneath; Authorised by the Queensland Government. Does this include the opposition too, or just the ruling junta? Just asking.

    • NQ Gal says:

      Hi Beam, you will be pleased to know that just shy of $500k of our money is going to be spent taking the AFL Premiership Cup on a milk run down the Qld coast (ably assisted by various Labor figures facing re-election) and then setting up big screens in suitable locations so that that we can all watch the game together – socially distanced of course.

      This is on top of the almost $1m to tart up Brisbane for the event, which of course, is a week before the election. Nanna Anna is dearly (literally) hoping that sport and politics really do mix.

  31. Swinging Voter says:

    Clive Palmer has 2 full page ads in today’s Astonisher attacking Anna and her Labor Government, but given his reputation and the standard of his candidates like “Grumpy Greg” the ads will probably do more good to Labor than harm.

    • Jenny Craig says:

      Migaloo Palmer doesn’t have the trust or respect of the people and nobody he puts forward as a contender is really worth two shakes of a squirrels dick. However, he does appear to have loads of money so his continuous litigation against Government(s) and his cranky advertisements are good value and often amusing. Beer and popcorn stuff. The only ones not laughing are Labor and their footstools such as ECQ and NMD. But that is to be expected. Hopefully there will be some fireworks and even a few meltdowns in the final weeks of the campaign.

      • The Magpie says:

        And the Palmer people have been quite clever, emphasising the emotive case against Palaszczuk and keeping their own chest thumping to a minimum.

    • Preference wisper says:

      only preference deals will determine government not primary. Lets see if the LNP are awake to this.

    • CEO of Crap says:

      I’m not a Clive Palmer fan. However, the ‘idiot’ persona is a brilliant facade. He is incredibly intelligent and everything he does has a purpose which I can tell you often succeeds.

  32. Soap on a rope says:

    Nanna Anna has responded angrily to being outed for blowing $500k of taxpayer coin on a Consultancy to do a silly COVID survey regarding the governments actions! (Let’s face it, the arrogant Premier will do whatever she wants anyway, regardless of what we think). In typical BS fashion she spun the story and said the survey will have no bearing on the election and the survey was because she cares about how we are affected!! Ha ha. And the only thing equally pathetic was the Freckle’s weak and feeble reply to Anna’s spin.

    These ‘women in politics’ really are a pack of weak numpties. Bring back Keating or even some Wilson Tuckey for a bit of excitement, not these lame females!!!

  33. The Magpie says:

    Mayor Mullet Furious With Cairns

    A fired-up mayor Jenny Hill says she always fight for Townsville, and says her city is a far better positioned to ensure the safety of this program.

    ‘After all, we would be a much safer choice, everyone knows we have nothing that would tempt those in quarantine to sneak out of their hotels to look around, ‘ she said.

  34. Master Bater says:

    Clive Palmer is great man who has poured millions into our community. What about all those cars and holidays he gave away to his workers, does that count for nothing?

  35. Achilles says:

    Barbados to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state. Probably had enough of wear the fox hat?


    • Andrew E. says:

      Achilles, great link. The Windsor family should be assigned to the history pages. Monarchs my ass, more like pedophiles and freaks. Their lineage goes back centuries in which Royals have burned heretics alive, been philanderers, murderers, buggerers, rapists and kiddy fiddlers – it’s in their lineage and intheir blood. Modern society has no place for these grubs who freeload off the taxpayer and contribute SFA to society. This is 2020 not 1600! Kudos to Barbados

      • Achilles says:

        Andy; To me the greatest irony there’s not a drop of English blood in any of them, Liz is German and Phil is Greek. They’ve been interbreeding and crossbreeding for centuries.
        Before WW1 they were Battenberg’s, but swiftly changed it to Mountbatten and Windsor, to try and cover up the fighting was based on a family squabble by 3 of Victoria’s Grandsons..

      • Betty Windsor says:

        Andrew E – I’m taking it that your own lineage is pure as the falling snow and if someone did a complete family tree over the past centuries they wouldn’t find any pedophiles, freaks, philanderers, murderers, buggerers and rapists?

  36. One legged tp dancer says:

    You know you’re reading the Townsville Bulletin when:
    the Top Pick in the television guide for Friday is “The Real Housewives of New York City”

  37. Karma Farmer says:

    Good to see Annastacia Palaszczuk went to Tim Mulherin’s state funeral this week with a sore throat.

    Looks like there are exemptions to Queensland Health advice after all. This is all useful fodder for potential class actions and legal cases against the government.


  38. The Magpie says:

    Word is we should know who will be filling the (very) empty space left by Coralee O’Rort a bit later this afternoon, around 5ish.
    Will the right’s grinning goof, Messagebank Walker …

    … get a left uppercut from nurse Simon Mitchell?

    Seems it’s going to be close, but not in any conventional 51/49 sense. Because the left control the ‘electoral college’ (based in Brisbane of course) Les needs 65% of the  local ALP Mundingburra  electorate members vote to win.
    Mitchell only needs 35% of the vote, as The ‘Pie is told from Brissy deep throats the majority of electoral college will support him as he is member of the left faction. O’Rort has been desperately doing a factional ring around, trying to boost support for Mitchell.
    That information came with the tart comment from a Labor insider ‘…her time could’ve been better spent ringing vvictims of local crime’.

    The Magpie has managed to establish that Mitchell’s run was worked out weeks before Coralee made her ‘surprise’ retirement annoucement. And it seems that there was method in the madness of the lateness of all this, it seems this was no last minute scramble; it was publicly a last minute bit nof factional madness for we which we all love the Labor Party – late in the hope that nobody else would nominate – or Brisbane would say it was too late for a plebicite and they would arbitarily appoint a candidate of their choosing (Mitchell).

    Jenny will have her fingers crossed, she’s counting on him winning both the nod and the seat, she has been heartily sick of him for quite a time now, and has her own local empire building bricklayers at the ready.

    ‘The final word on this must go to another Labor realist in the Richo mould …’ Of course, you can never guarantee how someone will vote even if they say they will support you. … in all politics, the only votes that come with a guarantee are the ones that say they WON’T vote for you.’

    Who needs circuses when we’ve got politics.

    • NQ Gal says:

      Anyone who remotely thinks that the ordinary person gets a say in Labor political appointments has rocks in their heads. It’s all controlled by the unions who control the factions and the unions with the most members, get the most say on whose tushy gets to warm a $200k seat. There may be an interesting battle brewing for NSW senate spots, featuring “Nobody’s girl” Kristina Keneally.

      • Eddie O’weed says:

        NQ Gal, “Nobody’s Girl” is currently trying to score points against the Libtards by grandstanding about the Ruby Princess debacle in the Senate, with her goal being the unseating of E’T lookalike P. Dutton. ‘Nobody’s Girl’ is more hungrier for political power than she has ever been. I wonder how her Master of Arts in religious studies is helping her during her ascention to the loft ranks of the Labor party?

        • I’ll be plucked says:

          Hmmm Eddie, well if she gets the boot from The Senate, her ‘qualifications’ might get her a job sorting out the Catholic Church and the pedo-clergy??!

    • Alahazbin says:

      I heard that all 3 cabinet ministers resigned so as to distance themselves from all the shit and corruption that is likely to be exposed when labor get kicked out of. Office.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Just what we all need, another sniveling socialist, hope messagebank wins preselection, ( can’t believe I just said that), but then he loses next month.

  39. Union basher says:

    we had a visit this morning from some union reps to our depot. (TCC depot for the story) put simply when they asked if anyone wanted to join all there answers were from the crickets and the willywag tail chasing them for breakfast. These pair of dickheads showed up all smiling trying to make jokes and be one with the workers. I don’t know the outcome of what happened when i left but the comments wernt pretty that i heard.

    ” you dumb c#$nts took our unions fees to support the bitch in walker street now you need more”

    ” you screwed us with EBA agreements in the past and your delegates were useless”

    ” why should we join back up when all the unions dont give a fuck about what happens to the workers knowing the management are yes people handpicked by the mayor”

    The best was during the EBA talks a few years ago the unions took a proposal management, under les tyrell, and they didn’t bother reading it properly. When management looked at it they said yes we will go with it. Not realising that if was more efficient and it meant less vehicals and would also mean new positions would not need to be advertised and a roster would be in place. So the umions ended up scrapping the whole idea because management at the time caught them out. Pretty much it was a case of a union making demands for a new agreement but not supporting the agreement, go figure. So why am i telling you now?? Well state election and one thinks Labor are in the shit big time. We haven’t seen a union member at our yard in 3yrs. Why else would they care now. Anyone out there who will vote for these scumbags (labor) deserve more crime. Jenny your workers cant stand you dont send your cronies.

  40. Minnie The Moocher says:

    Barilaro Dep Premier NSW, is on a months mental health leave. I think this is what the remaining two ALP Townsville member stooges should do, before the electorate deals them a hammer blow in October.

    • Dave Sth says:

      Unsure of what is going on in the Nats but Barilaro was stupid. Tried to pull a shifty with the Westminster system, wanted all the trappings of Cabinet but was refusing to participate in said government. I have no time for the Photios puppet in Gladys but she was right to stand her ground on the Ministry positions, this Koala legislation well that is something else.

      I now live not far the otherside of the boundary of the Upper Hunter electorate, solid Nats for many years till the former member retired 2015. The recent Nat, Johnsen never was able to command the popularity of his predecessor Souris. SF&F stood a candidate last year & straight up won 22% of the primary. Nationals doing themselves no favours with the likes of Trevor Kahn a green tinged Lawyer who tried to join Labor among their ranks.

      There is a deep distrust round these parts of the Nationals being another arm of Macquarie st, Barilaro probably in a very clumsy way tried to draw a line in the sand especially seeing the Nats supported this Legislation late last year. Either way the sharks are now circling.

  41. The Magpie says:

    It’s Messagebank for Mundingburra!!

    Les Walker gets the nod to take over from Coralee O’Rort, beating off the challenge of nurse Simon Mitchell for the honour of going down with Labor on Oct 31.

  42. HiBeam says:

    Too good for the Ignorant Idiot. Thrown to the wolves. Should get the Nurses Union offside too. Fare ye well my own true failure! C’ya Puddleduck.

  43. Dave of Kelso says:

    I have stated that foreigners residing long term in Australia must learn to speak, read and write the English language in order to participate in the wider Australian society.

    For this I coped some critisism.

    In these CV19 times and in normal times it is important that people know what is going on around them. Non english speaking foreigners being informed by their pig-ignorant peasant relatives in their backward country of origin via facebook is worse than unhelpfull.

    Listen to the whole radio clip. I stand by my view that all residents must be able to speak, read and write English.


    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Thanks for sharing that Dave. In some regard I respectively disagree. There are many of our society who will simply never be able to achieve the levels of English you demand. Even those (Italians, Greeks, etc) who were very prominent in building our country in the 50’s and 60’s still can’t read or write English and can barely speak the broken language. As for Casey, that’s another story. Some older gens may not speak English but are well aware of the rules and many choose to ignore them. You’ll find that a portion of the freedom fighting security guard lookalikes reside in that area and deliberately ignore all orders. The answer is simple, close the hub until they abide by the law. But Kim Jun Dan won’t do that as it is one of his remaining strongholds politically. On a side note, it is also this area where many of the likes of Uber and Taxi drivers reside, and use this to avoid the 5km and curfew restrictions.

  44. The mesiah has returned says:

    Good luck les walker. As a long time voter in your division I look forward to having you in state parliament. Your abilities will now be rewarded by the public for all your hard work after all these years. I will now outline why I look forward to you getting voted in:

    1. Your experience in not answering your phone for so long automatically qualified you to be the member for mundingburra. The last minister never answered hers ever so I believe she was an amateur compared to you there.

    2. You were front and center in the building of a useless bus hub nobody wanted. As the former member was also front and centre of an equally useless $300 million white elephant thats not far away, this puts you ahead of her there too.

    3. What would a nurse know about politics???? You’ve been nursing all your political life, its a hard job listening to all those phone messages.

    4. You have previous experience in covering up a major flood event. Just like your soon to be colleagues in Brisbane.

    5. You have been there always for us, the generous public, to hear all your brain fart ideas, underwater museum, wave pool, zip line, wave pool ( thats was your best idea), bus hub, wave pool, Jamie duries gardens, wave pool, battery factory in your division, wave pool and the list is endless.

    Once again les walker i hope you have a great election campaign.

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