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Sunday, July 18th, 2021   |   194 comments

What A Pain In The Arts: Our Mayor Appears To Have Openly Lied About The Cancellation Of An Annual Cultural Event

Not a good week, for the arts aficionados in Townsville and North Queensland. We have just learnt that COVID has claimed the prestigious annual Festival of Chamber Music. Unfortunate but unavoidable, but earlier in the week, our mayor did the city huge reputational damage by trying to ‘reverse ferret’ out of a responsibility for another major arts cancellation..And she is so dumb she has condemned herself as a liar in her own weasel words.

At the time of writing, Queensland is teetering the knife edge of a disaster … will the Premier break her own rules and travel to Tokyo to push for a Brisbane Olympics in 2032, or will public pressure keep her at home, and likely miss out on getting the nod for the Games? Disaster looms if she goes … and so gets the Olympics for Queensland.

Oh, for fuck’s sake, TEL, put away the begging bowl and do something constructive for a change … and a golden opportunity has been staring you in the face. for some time now.  Stumped for smart ideas? Allow The Magpie to help.

And if saving your life and restoring Australia to pre-COVID times wasn’t enough incentive, there’s a proposal that seems guaranteed to make many doubters bare arms in the war against the pandemic.

All that plus our regular American gallery, a couple more clever ads and a few laughs to round off.

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Now onward.

A Race It Would Be Good To Lose

The ‘will she or won’t she’ see-sawing of Anna Alphabet’s proposed racing off  to Tokyo is much, much more than the immediate political damage she will suffer whatever decision she makes. On the one hand, the greed and glory mob in the south-east corner will come down hard on her if she fails to make the Tokyo trip and lose the Queensland bid for the 2032 games for Brisbane. The rorters and grifters of the IOC have more than hinted darkly that her ‘no show’ will count greatly in their final decision. On the other hand, there will be those who agree with Bentley, that, although puts us all through unnecessary privations,  there is one rule for her and another for the us, the Great Unwashed (and mostly unvaccinated.)

Olympic junket small

Just love that Olympic logo.

A successful bid for the 2032 Olympics will be an easily foreseeable disaster for Queensland rate and taxpayers. The sugar hit of a massive economic influx will be preceded and followed by the taste of ashes in the mouth do years across the whole state,  as the cost of momentary glory becomes obvious as vital community projects in the regions are delayed or shelved as money is poured into the required infrastructure build.  Jobs and more jobs you say? Yes, that’s for certain, but they will be in the south-east corner, there will be no Olympic infrastructure projects of any note outside that bubble … and those jobs will be filled by skilled tradesmen flocking in to Brisbane the Gold Coast from guess where? That’s right, from the regions, including Townsville, where tradies are in short supply already for a variety of reasons. The need will be so great that interstate workers will gravitate to the Queensland capital, which will put a brake on population and skill growth in regional areas. An apt housing and building metaphor is that we will quickly see confidence go through the floor and costs through the roof in areas already feeling the professional pinch.

And it’s a generational thing, too. In much the same way that Baby Boomers are being pilloried for perceived ‘selfishness’, so will those behind this wrong headed seeking of personal glory … it will take decades for this binge spending hangover to be paid for, long after today’s current decision makers are cursed in their graves and the history books damning of their stupidity.

The crumbs of a couple of weeks of daily activity at Total Tools Stadium is a laughable carrot that only a deeply compromised civic leader would try to promote.

The Magpie’s bet is that in a world changing at warp speed in so many areas, the Olympics are already well passed their use-by date. Greed, politics  and idiotic administration has already diluted the once hallowed Olympic dream, and it is now just an all encompassing four-year festival of increasingly irrelevant sports – if you thought golf and tennis were redundant contests in this context, what are we to make of ‘gliding’ teams are being considered … no, not the flying of engineless aircraft, this gliding is the name given to the American-inspired pastime where a Frisbee is used instead of a football.

Marbles, finger wrestling and two-up will be next – if the IOC mobsters can find a way to get a back-hander out of it.

Our Hillbilly Mayor Strikes Again – Somebody’s Lying, And On Form, We Know Who It Is

 Jenny Hill

And again, it is both Townsville’s reputation and economy taking the hit.

This is simple tale, told in a series of media releases, one of which raises a very serious financial question.

First, earlier this week, this message hit our in-boxes, announcing that a special 40th anniversary program of the prestigious national Australian Concerto and Vocal Competition, due to be staged at the Civic Theatre, had been cancelled at the last minute.

Dear Supporters of ACVC,

I am writing to you to express some devastating news. I was advised late yesterday that the main alternative venue offered to us by the council is in fact not available. As we currently have no suitable venue in which to hold our event, we are left with no alternative but to cancel the ACVC for 2021.

This is a heart-breaking decision for us and one that we have not taken lightly.

Kind regards,
Dr Mark Smith
Australian Concerto and Vocal Competition

Then, after silence about the cancellation for more 24 hours, our mayor drew circles in the dirt with her toe and whistled while looking at the sky in her very best ‘nuthin’ to do with me’ style.


Date published: 12 July 2021

Townsville City Council shares the community’s disappointment that the organisers of the Australian Concerto and Vocal Competition (ACVC) cancelled the event, which was to be held from July 16-20.

Following a decision by Supercars and the Queensland Government to host a second weekend of racing at Reid Park, and the associated road and traffic closures necessary for this to happen, it was not possible for the entire ACVC to be held at the Civic Theatre as was originally planned.

The Civic Theatre was available for use from July 19-20. Alternative venues were required for July 16-18. Council officers were working with competition organisers to identify alternative accommodation and were confident that venues could be found.

A number of suitable venues had been identified and one was all but locked in. The Mayoral Reception Room at Council’s administration building on Walker Street was also available. Council had also started working to hire additional pianos for the event at Council’s own cost.

Mayor Jenny Hill said she and Council officers met with event organisers on Wednesday July 7 and made it clear that if there were any issues they should contact the Mayor’s Office directly. At that meeting, competition organisers acknowledged and thanked Council officers for their efforts and commitment to ensuring the competition could go ahead.

“Despite the positivity of the meeting and the expressed desire to work together, competition organisers acted without Council’s knowledge or involvement to cancel the event on Friday,” Cr Hill said.

“After receiving an email alert from ACVC advising of the cancellation on Friday, I attempted to call organisers to discuss, however I was unsuccessful. Unfortunately, my call has still not been returned.”

It says volumes that the mayor took the ill-advised step of saying anything, but when she did, not a single apology to the competitors from around Australia who had booked and paid for not just flights and accommodation but also paid for the transport of many large musical instruments, costs that cannot be recovered. And suggesting the Mayoral Reception Room as a possible venue for a competition where a suitable acoustics are essential FFS!!  That’s an insult of ignorant bogan dimensions in itself, and confirmed she really is our Hillbilly mayor.

Jenny boganeceived_1356940157806446

But then, Jenny Hill sank deeper in the mire of her own hubristic making when it soon appeared that she was lying in version of what took place. Because the organisers of the competition, which has been held regularly in Townsville for 14 years, was having none of her dishonest bullshit.

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 9.01.56 pm Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 9.02.39 pm

So Mayor Hill DID know about the situation, and to suggest it was a high handed unilateral action by the event organisers is simply unforgivable. But hey, this is Townsville, the most forgiving and stupid electorate in Australia.

Interesting that the council – look, it’s the mayor start to finish but let’s say council just for form’s sake – suddenly decided that honouring previous bookings of one of their venues was important, but didn’t apply to the ACVC, who had booked the Civic Theatre more than a year in advance.

But Wait, There’s More

The Magpie has a question for Clr Hill. M’dear, you say :

“Following a decision by Supercars and the Queensland Government to host a second weekend of racing at Reid Park, and the associated road and traffic closures necessary for this to happen, it was not possible for the entire ACVC to be held at the Civic Theatre as was originally planned.”

Since you state that this decision did not include the Townsville City Council, can you confirm to the Townsville public that you did not allocate a second tranche of money to the Supercar people, for such a disruptive week 2, and you will be seeking restitution for the cost of the road closures forced upon you for an extra week?

But if you did pony up more ratepayers’ dosh for week 2, ,could you tell us why? It was in the interests of the SuperPests gougers that the second week of racing be held here, at our inconvenience – surely THEY should have been paying US. Especially since it appears week two was even more sparsely attended that week one, and bugger all people would’ve travelled here to give us the untold millions you claim this circus brings to town.

While We’re Talking About Events

This was quite disheartening, threatening more of the same old, same old.

TEL scheme Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 10.27.36 am TEL scheme Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 10.18.17 am

‘A rebrand of the destination’? And 18,000 visitors is cloud cuckooland. So what is the ‘hook’ to get punters to choose Townsville for a holiday? Any ideas, Ms Brumme-Smith, Ms Woolfe, beyond vague rebranding ideas, and some possible short term quick fix solutions.

NOW is the time you should be looking ahead to next year, although looking ahead is something TEL has been laughably inept at in the past – the biggest hoot was your ‘Pay Now Holiday Later’ promotion just at a time when people didn’t have any money and the COVID was threatening their livelihoods. bCare to tell us how punters came in for that brilliant idea? But while you can all witter on about ‘tough times, please help us out, Anna’,  a big dollop of self-help – and a massive reality check – should be top the to-do list.

So Try This

stadium latest

It has been a mystery to The ‘Pie why there is so much hoopla about our new stadium, and the supposed bright shiny economic benefits it will bring just by being there, but nothing tangible has been done to enhance that perception, it seems to be everyone’s belief that just by sitting there, like a giant toilet seat in the sun, …

toilet stadium

… the expected benefits will flow. A concert here, a bout of fisticuffs there and a dozen footy matches a year are all random events of fleeting value if they aren’t used as a central starting point for a rebranding promotion.

So here’s The ‘Pie’s suggestion for your consideration (no charge, the old bird’s contribution to the city).

Starting right NOW, first talk to one of the airlines about a guaranteed weekly block booking of say, 100 seats at a discounted rate, on a flight originating in Sydney with a stop-over in Brisbane. Paid upfront with tourism promotion money. At the same time, seek the cooperation of the NRL to schedule all Cowboys home game to be played on a Saturday night or on a Sunday.

When an arrangement of that nature is locked in, begin a marketing campaign NOW with all NRL clubs, seeking team supporters to holiday in Townsville for one week – they will fly out on the corresponding flight the following weekend, and the tickets cannot be transferred to other flights.   During their stay, they will see their team play at the stadium. But the real hook here will lie with TEL members and anyone else in the business community who wants to participate … with each airline ticket and game ticket sold, the traveller is offered a package of incentives, which could range from hotel offering to include breakfast in the room cost, restaurant’s offering a free bottle of wine or dessert, free or discounted vouchers for travel to Magnetic Island, Billabong Sanctuary or a day excursion to Paluma,  get sporting clubs involved, like discounted green fees for golf, even bowling clubs could get in the act for those of that pastime. A bottle of champers for those who choose a twilight sail is always an enticing winner, and any legal offering the casino can cough up would always be attractive.  Look, the list is endless, but that whole deal could be packaged up to offer a genuine saving and enhanced experience beyond an ordinary holiday, prompting people into considering a wider variety of activities.  Across all participants, the cost could be small, or subsidised even with grant money if that is available from some government bucket. There’s always a government bucket of dough floating around for the most unlikely of causes.

But that’s just the start … the whole scheme could marketed under a general slogan … ‘Take-off For Townsville’ or something more catchy, and could be swung into place instantly for special events like the V8s, the annual rodeo, another big boxing match or a entertainment headliner at the stadium, Strand ephemera and the Chamber Music Festival. Specific audience can now be economically targeted on social media and general advertising.

Be proactive and try to initiate other events, like get some pollies on board and see if a sky show along the Strand could be organised, they were wonderful in past years and massive crowd pullers. An in-water boat show used to be a winner, too, and perhaps the scenic flights like the old Red Baron seaplane could be enticed back … and where have all the parachutists gone, they used to be practically elbowing each other for space on the way down?

The Magpie’s point is instead of appearing to stand around with your thumbs up your bums asking for vague wads of subsidies, present a saleable package to the powers that be for them to buy … and to your members, who will derive the most benefit. You already get three quarters of million bucks of ratepayers hard earned from the council, and the Chamber would no doubt come in on any viable scheme.

The Magpie will leave you with a bit of fridge magnet philosophy which will spell out whether you can go down this path instead of the usual mendicant way … Losers let things happen, winners make things happen.

But Perhaps The Bendigo Example Should Not Be Copied

Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 1.48.28 pm

The advice of activity after a tipple is interesting …. indeed that’s what so often happens after one too many, tipples and not just down laneway, or on a rooftop,  also in the back of Volkswagens, toilet cubicles or garden beds. In other words, just like another night down at Via Vomitorium.

On The National Stage, Incentives Are All The Rage At The Moment

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 9.35.41 am

“Economic modelling showed rather than costing the country, a national lottery could actually save Australia billions of dollars in productivity and welfare payments lost to widespread lockdowns.

Incentive schemes have been used to boost vaccination rates in several countries, including Russia, Serbia and the US, where a $US5 million state lottery saw vaccinations rise by 49 per cent.”

Makes sense in a country that is so obsessed with gambling we are reputed to bet on ‘two flies crawling up a wall’.  And there’s a wonderful element of fighting fire with fire in the lottery proposal. Because the other side of that coin in that there are plenty of irresponsible, developmentally delayed hesitater or out-right anti-vaxxers willing to gamble with their own and others health or even lives by their self-entitled stand. But the chance of easy money might win them over.

Hey we could do a local version, a mini lottery, offering as first prize, a dinner date with Jenny Hill and Aaron Harpic.

Second Prize … two dinner dates with Jenny Hill and Aaron Harpic.

Meanwhile, In (Sigh) America …

Interesting bit of trivia came into the Nest during the week, which made it seem like the man who penned The Star Spangled Banner more than 200 years ago was somewhat of a Nostradamus. Few are aware that the first stanza of the American anthem end in a question mark, presumably because it is hard to sing a question mark.

O! say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,

o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

The author, Francis Scott Key, put in the query because the verse was describing the treacherous English attack on Fort McHenry in Baltimore, on September 13 1814, which he witnessed from the harbour,  and it was unclear if the Americans would prevail. And although they eventually did, it is fair to say that there must have been some unconscious premonition of today’s situation, when again, all the good and just things about America are under attack and may not prevail. Our gallery of today’s USA.

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 9.43.16 am Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 9.07.27 am Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 9.06.10 am Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 9.05.49 am Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 9.06.42 am Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 7.51.25 am Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 1.15.13 pm Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 9.21.55 am Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 1.17.24 pm Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 9.08.08 am Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 9.22.32 am Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 9.22.17 am Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 9.23.39 am Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 9.34.49 am Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 9.42.32 am Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 9.41.36 am

More Clever Bits Of Advertising

advertising 1d53eda6-3434-4b6f-b1df-6bc6610e033c Advertsing 93b9547a-7eba-4892-9723-373f300f3a80

Some Good Advice

Bald guy image0

And Finally … It Figures, It Figures



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  1. The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

    Funny comment of the week, right off the bat, goes to the Magpie, “ seek the cooperation of the NRL ”

    • The Magpie says:

      Guess The ‘Pie has to agree with you, but the old bird was a bit of a dope about that aspect. It doesn’t matter when the game is, because if it’s on a Friday or even a Thursday night, then the package starts the PREVIOUS Saturday, and the punters are still here for their week and still see the game. The ‘Pie admits he can be a bit dopey some of the time … or make ‘very’ and ‘all of’.

  2. Dave of Kelso says:

    The Mulett is a Bogan rev-head embarrassment who has ZERO interest in the arts, putting her own values (such as they are) ahead of the good for Townsville.

    A mayor who cares for the life of the city would have offered the V8 Super Pests free parking at the back of Reid Park for a week or so letting the city continue on as planned, including the Australian Concerto & Vocal Competition.

    This sort of thing will see Townsville lose events. Victoria has been trying to lure the Chamber Music Festival away for a while. The actions of the Mulett can only assist those elsewhere who would make such events welcome.

    • The Magpie says:

      The mayor seems to compiling a highlight reel of her arts kicking …. she inexplicably sacked one of the best regional gallery directors … and by far the most successful … at the start of her second term. That caused outrage in the national arts community and cost the Perc Tucker Gallery and associated organisations an estimated $10million in sponsorship.

  3. Mike Douglas says:

    Its refreshing when elected representatives like Phil Thompson , Fran O`callaghan out the Labor protection racket between the Mayor , deputy and Team Hill and our 3 local State MP,s which has been a detriment of the very same people they committed to serve and protect . Crime , development of the region effecting property values , failure on the arts community says a lot for “Townsville the mentally healhty City ” (only if you like V8,s and Rugby League ) . Community pressure on the Mayors inaction on crime forced her to suggest a program in another region of Australia but crime isnt a big enough issue for the Mayor for Council or State Government to fund she is seeking Phil Thompsons $ he secured for the City .

  4. Vilified says:

    Re the ACVC cancellation.
    The AFCM is an amazing event we are lucky to host.
    Amazing arts cred with hundreds returning every year
    abliet with their walkers..
    Who would’ve thunk Tsv had too much going on in one week to accomodate …V8s violins and voices..
    Townsville in July Jezzine Barracks with seating
    Could have been a great amphitheatre for this event.
    Add a light show .. I believe the tech is avail and the acoustics.. it’s an amphitheatre ..
    Jenny maybe responsible for a lot of things wrong
    However this I believe is guilty by association .
    Tsv in July is pretty bloody special..

    • The Magpie says:

      Yes, it may well have been, but your last three lines simply don’t make any sense … there is no question that Jenny Hill was directly responsible for the cancellation with her off-hand approach – and then LIED about it. …. imagine if it was the V8s cancelling … she would’ve expended every ounce of her incompetent energy to save the race. yet the modest ACVC has undoubtedly done more for the Townsville economy and reputation over the years than the SuperPests ever will.

      • Mundingbird says:


        I was at the V8’s last weekend with work,have not been for a couple of years.

        To say the crowd was almost non existant,would be pretty close to the mark. The only crowd of any minor significance was in the ‘Corporate’ boozatoriums,of which I can personally vouch for.

        Have you seen any actual attendance numbers,they would make interesting reading to see just how much this clusterfuck actually costs !

        1 weekend,OK,I can live with that,but 2 in a row is just plain stupid,except for some.

        • The Magpie says:

          But a great time is being had today, by the looks of the TV coverage. At one stage, it got so exciting the crowd got to his feet.

    • Jenny Wren says:

      To Vilified,
      I may be wrong but it sounds as though you are thinking AFCM (Australian Festival of Chamber Music) and ACVC (Australian Concerto and Vocal Competition) are the same thing.
      They are totally separate organisations and AFCM actually runs over 10 days after ACVC running for 4 days. Sadly we have lost weeks of wonderful music. The AFCM cancellation was due to COVID restrictions making the travel of musicians impossible. ACVC cancellation was due to the lack of a venue after the Civic Theatre was blocked by the car racing.

      • Contributor says:

        Yes, important to distinguish between the two. The AFCM is truly an international event and couldn’t therefore proceed due to COVID. The other event (the one Magpie is going on about) is a glorified short Eisteddfod with lots of local yokels. They cancelled last year too.

        • The Magpie says:

          ‘…glorified short Eisteddfod with lots of local yokels’? That just about sums the attitude … and DOES NOT address the fact that the mayor did us major reputational damage with all those ‘yokels’ Australia-wide, who are extraordinarily widely connected, when she blatantly lied and tried to shift the blame onto the organisers. And gosh, wonder why it was cancelled last year … honestly, are you a base fuckwit or what? But The ‘Pie forgives your knuckle-dragging view, the old bird understands your frustration that the ACVC folks knocked back your application to perform a banjo concerto, with Jenny Hill on harmonica.

        • Russell says:

          I’m sure I read where the AFCM was going ahead this year with only Australian artists, due to restrictions on International travel. The current cancellation is due to panic by various Premiers shutting down or threatening to shut down State borders. “Due to COVID? . . . maybe, maybe not”.
          Doesn’t alter the fact that the Australian Concerto and Vocal Competition was shut down due to a motor vehicle race taking precedence, which says everything about the sophistication of our Local Government representatives and their attitude to The Arts.
          This is the same Local Government that put a Rock Concert on next to the TheatreiNQ production at NAFA. They just have no idea.

      • Westie says:

        One issue is that a booking of a venue is a contract. TCC had no right to unilaterally approve the car event without the agreement of AVCC, and would now be liable for damages. TCC relies on the community group not having the resources to litigate, wanting to preserve the future relationship (for what’s that worth), and the decision makers within TCC not being personally liable for their misconduct- the ratepayers are.

        TCC is so unprofessional, no-one really would want to deal with them if they had a choice. Their word is worth nothing.

        I had not heard of the Office of the Independent Assessor, where Fran O’Callaghan is being investigated for misleading the community. There seems to be a clear case here of the mayor misleading the community, and approving illegal and unethical conduct of deliberately breaking a contract. Should the mayor be referred to the Independent Assessor?

        • Amanda Reen says:

          Great point. You can bet your left one that if the shoe was on the other foot and the organizers decided to just not front, TCC would be suing for breach of contract.

      • Vilified says:

        Tks I was aware they are different events however venues have to be changed all the time ..could the event have being held at jezzine ? I mean without any detriment to the quality of performance . With the appropriate equipment.

  5. Old Tradesman says:

    Interesting letter to the editor by Ann Marie Greaney last week blaming Phill Thompson for not building the Concert Hall, wasn’t she in the same council with our esteemed mayor and Giggles Miles, who didn’t turn up for the meeting.

    • The Magpie says:

      Quite a contortionist, is Clr Greaney, she can brown nose the boss while toeing the line with a straight face. The ‘Pie felt sad when he saw that letter, here was his own local representative, who has been very cordial in the couple of exchanges we have had, sacrificing herself on the altar of the One-Eyed Political God … no mention of the massive systemic failures and total imbalance of priorities under our Bogan Boadicea, who whips her chariot through those opposing her, the sworded wheels chopping them off at the knees. There can be no doubt the letter was a dictated statement from the mayor. Clr Greaney will be very keen to retain the extra thousands she gets as a committee chair, and you don’t do that if you decide to cheek the mayor.

      • Old Tradesman says:

        Once upon a time there were people in council that were visionary, they gave us certain things like Lavarack Barracks, yes they might have had some self interests, even his Radiance gave us The Strand and has to be congratulated for that, however this rubbish has to be consigned to the bin never to be recycled.

  6. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Another complete fuckup from Townsville council who decided to close the pedestrian bridge at Rooney’s bridge for a month forcing pedestrians and cyclists, including school kids, onto the skinny main bridge with barely enough room for cars, let alone anything else. No traffic control,, no reduced speed limit, no extra lighting, just a neon sign that says look out for cyclists, a disaster waiting to happen.

    • The Magpie says:

      Got a pic?

      • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

        The pic was in the Bullsheet with a smiling Frothy in front. To be fair, we did propose pedestrians could walk to Bowen Road or Nathan Street (a long walk is good for the heart) rather than chance the road bridge.

        We also decided it was a good time to replace the surface of Victoria Bridge in case it was too easy to get to the stadium and Reid Park.

        Despite sensible voices suggesting a delay on these projects to get away from peak event time, the TCC Intelligencia went ahead anyway.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          That’s a cop out, traffic control, extra lighting, reducing the speed limit to shared zone, traffic control before and after school times, it’s not hard, sounds to me like TCC just didn’t want to pay to do things properly, it’s a disgrace. We nearly cleaned up some bloke walking across at 11.00 pm last week, luckily the misses was driving slow and had plenty of time, many others driving across there don’t.

    • Joel says:

      Cantankerous but happy, not surprising safety is such a disgrace with the idiot in charge of safety at council. Said person only had 1 year of safety experience looking after grounds maintenance crews for Fulton hogan. Its easy to get a job when it is who you know.

  7. Prince Rollmop says:

    Our Mayor is nothing but an immature baby. Failing to acknowledge Phil’s funding work, dobbing in Fran for supposedly making false comments about fanciful budget numbers. For fuck sake you imbecile – grow up! You are being ‘called out’ for your incompetence and bullshit spin and lies on an almost daily basis. One could say that you are like Top Guns Maverick and you are writing out cheques that your body can’t cash. Obviously Prince Ralston is your ‘Goose’. For what it is worth your time as Mayor is done. It’s your last hoorah. Hopefully we don’t have to wait a few more years for the next election, yes hopefully the courts may rid us of a Mayor that has accrued a massive debt and achieved nothing.

  8. Interested observer says:

    Totally agree that Cr Greaney is taking one for jenny Hill with her damage control letter in the Townsville Bulletin.
    It’s a familiar formula – Hill is front and centre when the news is favourable, but when the shit hits the fan she sends in her puppets like Frothy Molachino or Goody Two Shoes Greaney to cop the backlash.
    When things really turn pear shaped she uses a “council spokesperson” to avoid questioning, and editor Warhurst is happy to go along with this farce.
    Cr Greaney isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer but she survives by doing what she is told, even if it comes to telling pork pies.
    I’ve caught her out a couple of times by asking questions about questionable council dealings.

  9. mr jinks says:

    This week coming the AOC have booked alot of radio and TV time from thursday onward. This is to announce bid for the 2032 olympics has been won by brisbane. So the rubbish that the premier and the other 2 libs going over to make sure it wins is bullshit. There isnt any other city bidding FFS!!!!. none of them need to go, its called a phone or skype like we all had to use because they looked us down like sydney. One other point I hear alot is how good will the olympics be for the covid recovery, evry fool interveiwed on the street thinks its happening next month. its 10 bloody years away and probebly 3 state and federal governments. the pollies really have the sheep following well.

    • cobalos says:

      Totally agree with the ‘Pie that the olympics are past their used-by date.
      Many of the top athletes are not going due to COVID, and those are going will not be at their peak due to restricted training regulations. Even the ‘gold’ medals are less than 3% gold. Winning a medal in 2021 will not be tantamount to winning one in previous years, so why bother… Oh that’s right – money and vanity

  10. Achilles says:

    Genius: Maybe he should have been more explicit? Please go outside while he reloads.

    Three people were shot outside a baseball stadium crowded with thousands of spectators in the US capital on Saturday, causing the game to be abruptly halted as fans were ushered out.


    • The Magpie says:

      The shooter was lucky he didn’t choose to take target the SuperPests in Townsville today … he (or was it a she) would’ve had to be a good shot to any spectators.

  11. Interested observer says:

    At least the Superpests were certain to get one spectator – their major sponsor Jenny Hill.

    • Guy says:

      As I’ve said before, go carts instead of super cars would be more interesting. You could have hundreds of contestants on thr existing track and extend it if need be.

      I would be sure to tune in to watch this spectacle given the fickle nature of fate.

      • Alahazbin says:

        The council was approached years ago by the cart club to hold the national championships on a street circuit in the city precinct. This was when Barry Stanton was City Engineer. They were laughed out of the office. Not long after that Tony Ireland and his cohorts approached the council and get a favourable reception for the V8’s.

        • The Magpie says:

          While The ‘Pie understands what you are saying, it would have saved the city a lot of trouble and tales of mythical gain if Tony Ireland had suffered the same exit.

  12. Harvey says:

    The media just proved COVID is not harmful to everyone.

    So the Sydney removalist knew they had COVId but continued to work, and their work is moving houses, hard yakka that you couldn’t do if you had what pollies and the media always describe as a scary, dangerous, boogie man disease. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/sydney/removalists-travelled-from-sydney-to-regional-nsw-knowing-they-had-covid-19/ar-AAMfFdA

    The real truth of COVID is if you are over 80 not in good health, and have other medical issues and you get COVID you’re probably fucked, but you probably have a high chance of getting killed but anything else too.

    Everyone else get COVID, you might feel a bit crook, but harden up, grab 2 other mates and go move a house or 4.

    • Achilles says:

      Harvey, you confound your own argument, Firstly breaking the law is advocating anarchy, or is at least juvenile and selfish.
      Secondly your analysis may be correct for robust people, BUT the lock-down is to protect the elderly, infirm etc.

      • Harvey says:

        Archie, not advocating breaking the law just stating facts.

        With life expectancy in Australia about 81 for men & 85 for women, people in their 90s know there pushing the averages and they are going to cark it sooner rather than later – everyone dies.

        I have plenty of retiree mates who are sick and tired of being cooped up, and just want to live their life.

        Everyone knows life is not fair and sometimes you get a shitty hand, so you just play what your dealt.

    • Westie says:

      Well done, Harvey Range removalist. A shaft of light through the fog at last.

      I don’t know why epidemiologists and doctors waste all those years at University, and keeping up with the latest scientific papers, when they could just ask you.

      I’ll bet overseas governments, like those in Indonesia, India and UK have had you on speed dial to guide them through the crisis.

      (By the way, how’s your mother?)

  13. HiBeam says:

    What an abject disgrace The Qld government is! What a bunch of dickheads the Novotel directors are.
    The displacement of pre-booked guests to the Novotel Sunshine Coast so that a bunch of Covid rule breaking thugs from NSW could be accommodated to generate funds for the corrupt Qld government is nothing short of criminal.
    Novotel never got rich from my patronage but it will never see another red cent of my money. I imagine that I will have a lot of mates too!
    Now that we have got these morons safely ensconced in other peoples beds how long will it take for them to start breaking the rules and spreading the (wildly over reported) virus?
    Now that the entire NRL is safely over the border how long will it take for the border to be closed? How long will it take for another lockdown in Townsville due to an NRL tragic bringing the virus home?
    Nothing gives me the shits but this managed to!

  14. Tokyo Rose says:

    So Anna Alphabet quietly departed the country along with Stirling No’stiff and John Hoax, bound for Tokyo to pitch to them how Queensland needs to embark on a fruitless Olympics from which we will be saddled with extra billions of debt. What a bunch of egoistical and narcissistic wankers. And of course they have thumbed their noses at the COVID issues as they are above the rest of us.

    Seriously, we do not need the Olympics. It’s outdated, it’s rigged and it’s a complete joke. The Olympic steering committee is as honest and honourable as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. It’s a con job where bribes, payments and other enticements are used in paying for the privilege of holding the Olympics.

    • Smiling assassin says:

      How will the Milky Bar Kid, Acting Premier Stephen Piles, handle the ongoing growth in COVID numbers across the southeast? Will he smile and grin while speaking to the media? Will Junior be able to handle a Queensland shutdown while working from his protected ivory tower in Brisbane?
      Stupid asshole of a Government. Shutting down our state, limiting activities, destroying our economy. Now they want to load us up with more debt for the stupid Olympics.

      • The Magpie says:

        Well, what can The ‘Pie … seems you’ve said it all for him.

        • Nickster says:

          Can we not refer to Stephen Miles as Acting Premier as it seems a massive overreach.

          I think Pretend Premier Stephen Miles might be better, and will also help fit other tags including Pretentious.

    • Cajun says:

      And you know that they are going to appoint Peter Beatty to organise it all, because he did such an excellent job with the Commonwealth Games! Sigh! God, please spare us. What has QLD done to deserve this?

  15. One legged tap dancer says:

    The double dose of V8 Superpests could actually have a silver lining.
    Yes, the bumper-to-bumper traffic that normally uses Boundary Street was disrupted for more than 2 weeks, and the Australian Concerto and Vocal Competition had to be cancelled, and Townsville High students had to enter their school through the back door.
    But look on the bright side. The crowds for both weekends were practically non-existent so unless Jenny Hill agrees to an even bigger subsidy, the V8 owners will be looking to find another sucker to prop up their dying event.
    Who knows, we might be rid of them forever.
    I for one would be happy to pay a fee to encourage them to piss off.

    • George St says:

      I though the back door entry in Townsville was a much loved Townsville tradation especially favoured by the council when dealing with residents

  16. The Magpie says:

    Email to the Iditor:

    Morning, Craig,

    Looking forward to the response you get when you ask the mayor if the council paid a second tranche of money for the second week of the V8s … and if she did, why? We were doing them a favour, not the other way around. A second week of great inconvenience for the majority of citizens to help out the millionaire owners of the SuperPests (and by a quick TV head count, around 50 ticket paying rev heads) surely is payment enough.And even if she won’t respond with specifics, you can point out you are asking if she did, not how much, which would be covered by CinC.

    BTW will your paper be publishing crowd figures for the two week hootenanny? Go on, we need a good laugh with your colleagues wrestling with single digit maths. Or do you only publish figures when you you think such information will be looked on favourably by the mayor and influential advertisers in the automotive industry?

    Go get ‘em Tigger!!

    Malcolm Magpie

  17. Interested observer says:

    Oh Pie, you silly old bird.
    Surely you know that the Townsville Bulletin doesn’t ask questions that may embarrass their advertisers.
    Especially the big spending ones like Jenny Hill.
    Haven’t you heard about the paper’s new package deal.
    Sign a contract to spend a bucketload of money on ads and you get the guarantee of no negative stories, no questions asked, and a certain number of positive stories.
    For example, spend $100,000 and you get 10 positive stories, or spend $200,000 and get unlimited positive publicity.
    They call it the Hill Package, named after the advertiser who came up with the idea.

  18. Alahazbin says:

    So on page 7 of the Astonisher today we learn that “Bone issues are brewing”. Just in case you missed it, on page 11 “BONE UP ON COFFE RISK”
    Oh, they are funny at News Corp.

  19. Jenny Wren says:

    More pain in the Arts:
    A few comments on the Council’s proposal (AKA fait accompli) to move the Thuringowa library to Riverway.
    Here is the document in full:

    A few points, although you may notice more, “Is the new library watertight and going to be safe from flooding?
    Extensive work has been done to repair the Riverway building. The space being used for the Library was not flooded in the 2019 Monsoon event.”

    Further on, “What is happening with the performing art space at Riverway Arts Centre?
    We acknowledge that some individuals and groups in our community will be disappointed that the relocated Thuringowa Library will take up the space that was previously a performance space. However, there are plenty of other performance spaces across the city that these groups can access. The State Government has recently announced funding to deliver a new performing arts facility at Pimlico SHS.”

    Now my memory may be at fault but I thought the Riverway ‘performance space’ was closed due to flooding in 2019. The new building has no history of flooding as it has been built since 2019.

    Yet another space for the arts lost.

  20. Achilles says:

    I was flicking through the TV Channels and landed on The ABC Drum, I thought it was Crufts.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      I landed on it a couple of times. It was dripping in wokefull PC social activists.

      It did not remind me of an international dog show from the UK. Is there another Crufts meaning?

      • Achilles says:

        DoK, sometimes I’m unsure if you are naive or aloof. I’ll give you a clue it’s not Crufts, but the competitors.

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          Ignorant. I did not know what Crufts was so I looked it up on the web. Dog show in England, which did not make sense.

  21. JasonT says:

    Looks like the Media has killed another person, or at least contributed to the death.

    The Mother of the removalist twins in Sydney who did from a heart attack was fearful that she would see her sons go to jail for COVID breaches. She was harassed by media, where friends raised concerns about her welfare, only to have found dead.

    The family is lawyering up to sue the media and others, including reports she died from COVID.

  22. Dave of Kelso says:

    You might want to rethink your post of the 18 July, re effect of Covid and the removalists. It is a bit more serious than you suggest.

    The mother of the removalist, in her 50s, found in the family home, dead of Covid. Bummer of a homecoming for the knowingly infectious travelling removalist.

    • Harvey says:

      DoK you poor frighten little man.

      It is people like you trying to reach impossible targets and failing to consider it will be painful and pointless.

      Zero is impossible, and only has a home in political rhetoric Zero tolerance? Zero carbon? Zero Covid? Zero chance……

      Maybe its genetic for you DoK still thinking we are still a penal colony.

  23. The Magpie says:

    TWEET OF THE DAY (so far)

    Jeff Tiedrich
    Donald Trump demanding endless praise for the vaccine he now demands you don’t take is all the proof you need that the family of raccoons living inside his head have finally chewed through the wiring

  24. Madam Lash says:

    Won’t it be awesome if the Mullet goes to jail over the motorcyclist death? It would be very very good for Townsville. She would fit right in with all the other misfits and bogans. I’m sure the fools Steve from Belgian gardens and NMD would visit her. They would be overwhelmed with grief for her and provide wonderful comfort and some contraband.

  25. Mr jinks says:

    Everyone panic we’ve got a Covid case in Mareeba. Fully vaccinated as well. Our CHO says the risk is still there even though you are vaccinated. No shit!!!!! The moral of the story is get vaccinated but when you get crook don’t get tested because being vaccinated like the premier Anna has said will get us our freedom back until they say so. What a fucken joke. Why get vaccinated if you will be locked up. No wonder nobody wants the jab

    • Tenacious D says:

      Mr Jinks

      I have had both doses of Pfizer, as soon as every person has had the opportunity to get a vaccine, and we are not there yet, then open up everthing. No more contact tracing or quarenteen, we will have less inoculated than the UK.

      So lets see what happens there in the next 2 weeks?

  26. Phil's bitch says:

    The mullet’s clumsy attempt to blame the feds for the postponing some tone deaf “singer” was embarrassing to say the least.

    Phil’s got more class in his pinky than you’d have in the entire doona madam mayor.

  27. Mike Douglas says:

    Gotta love the response from our local labor pollies on Phil Thompson’s proposed projects for the further $140 mil . Our Mayor, residing over $400 mil debt and borrowing another $70 mil is worried about Phil’s numbers and our Member for Mundingburra , deputy Mayor that took 6 years on the cbd bus hub is wondering on how long the projects will take .

  28. The Magpie says:

    The Kippin family deserves better than this tawdry effort by the Bulletin.

    This is where thoughtless reporting is no longer a joke, this is simply callous and unthinking. The person responsible for this should hang their head in shame.

    When words and pictures are deliberately placed together, especially in an emotionally raw matter such as this, context must be carefully considered.

    The casual observer would believe that the last words a defenceless and no doubt terrified Beth Kippen heard were those quoted in the headline … there is no reason to believe otherwise in the ordinary reading of this. But the fact is that those were the words in testimony of the alleged killer’s drug addled girlfriend, who told the court he said these words to her as he tried to stab her to death before he went on a drug fuelled rampage in Wulguru.

    Editor Craig Warhurst, you do not come from Townsville, but the Kippen family have been here for decades and are highly respected and productive members of this community. It would be the right thing, if only a private call, to apologise to Beth Kippen’s still grieving relatives for this thoughtless bit of unprofessional callousness.

    • Tropical says:

      Who cares?

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Do let us know the sentence when the time comes.

      • The Magpie says:

        It was an appeal, Dave, he’s already in chokey. He was whinging about the five years to serve two before possible parole, saying the initial judge got it wrong. The appeal judge said his colleague got it right.

        He’ll be out in 2022 if he behaves himself and doesn’t complain about what happens when he drops the soap in the showers.

  29. Interested observer says:

    Have to feel for poor Jenny.
    Phil has given her $25 million less than she demanded for her Landsdown fiasco.
    She was on tv last night stamping her foot, but surely she knows by now that Phil Thompson doesn’t respond to her brand of bluster.
    Here’s a tip Jenny – stick to bullying your Labor councilors, who don’t have the guts to stand up to you, and leave Phil to get on with the job.
    You’re out of your depth and your constant whinging and meddling is becoming boring.

  30. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Your blog got a mention on the Qld Economy Watch blog, regarding your piece on the Olympics and it’s effect on regional Qld, seems many support your view, even the number crunching economists.

  31. Scomosexual says:

    A desperate Scotty from Marketing live from Can’tberra earlier on almost begging for people to take the China Flu vaccines. What a complete wanker. Stop the lockdown you moron. Stop it now! Christ I wish there were Federal and State elections happening right now as each of these dickheads closing States and borders would vote their sorry asses out of office. “Off with their heads”.

    • Grumpy says:

      What lockdown is Morrison responsible for?

    • faux outrage says:

      ummmm, the feds don’t impose lockdowns, it’s the states, mostly labor ones, although gladys ha hee hand forced.

      Do you feel silly yet?

      • Scomosexual says:

        Hey faux, didn’t Pastor Scott mandate closed international borders last year? Didn’t Pastor Scott mandate reduced a reduced number of international travellers?
        Didn’t Pastor Scott prevent Aussies from returning from India? Technically they are lockouts not lockdowns, but Scotty has more than contributed to Australia’s misery.

    • Tenacious D says:

      As a fully vaccinated person i agree with your comment, but don’t you think it would be fairer to allow all those who want to be vaccinated to get it done before you open up?

  32. Sashay away says:

    Just to lighten the mood, it seems not all is lovey dovey in the Tasmanian LGBTQIPA++ community, with lesbians and transwomen having their collective smalls in a twist over who can and cannot attend lesbian events. The lesbians requested that “women who tuck” be banned, but, it turns out, that is gender discrimination. Now the lesbians are feeling discriminated against because they believe that “natural sex” should override “gender preference”.

    • The Magpie says:

      perhaps one thing and one facility they all have is an arse up which to disappear. Tedious, truly tedious.

  33. The Magpie says:

    OK it’s official … WE’RE FUCKED. Or more specifically, you are well and truly rogered, possibly for life, if you, at this moment, are a teenager or someone in the your early 20s.

    • Achilles says:

      She’s bringing home Pandora’s cash(less) box.

    • Marie Celeste of Kirwan says:

      Its the problem of voting in destructive or stupid people, democracy as we know it is a failed system – the lowest common denominator votes in the worst politicians. Criminals and people relying on handouts vote in people that will create a system useful for their voters. The Olympics will make money for contractors and supporters of the governing class , the plebs can go to hell. The stadium will never make any money, no stadium ever makes money. NSW sydney smashed up a stadium not even considered “old” to build another 1 billion dollar stadium.

      When they arent building things no wants or ever makes money they buy subs that will enter service decades in the future. The China scare is getting money thrown at the military – I bet they don’t buy ONE bullet. The university system became a sausage factory to feed the most stupid people into government which in turn wrecked the country.

      Things are only going to get worse. Predicting a government response to any problem, think of a reasonable response and turn about 180 deg and move in the opposite direction.

  34. The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

    This just on the Bullsheet webslight:

    “Pre-pandemic, Townsville usually would see around 145,000 fans pass through the gates over a three-day Supercars event.

    While Supercars Australia were yet to provide an official crowd figure – citing the impact of Covid – Townsville City Council said the NTI Townsville 500 and WD-40 Townsville SuperSprint events drew a total crowd of 120,000.”

    Maths is not my strong point, but 145,000 people passing through the gates over 3 days = a smidge under 50,000 a day.

    120,000 people going through the gates over 6 days looks more like 20,000 per day.

    Hardly a glowing result.

    • The Magpie says:

      They must’ve been bloody camera shy, the Tv pix we depend on to give us an idea of the truth show they would be pushing 5000 on two of the days if not all of them. It is without a shadow of doubt, spin and lies.

  35. Interested observer says:

    I went to the Superpests one day of the first weekend (free tix) and there is no way the crowd figures being quoted are anywhere near accurate.
    They are telling porkies.
    Unless they are factoring in the ratepayers money Jenny Hill gives them and converting that to attendees.
    Don’t laugh, that’s the sort of thing they do to justify their existence.
    It’s time Townsville City Council stopped subsidising this dying event which was doomed to fail when Holden pulled the plug.
    Maybe we would be better off paying for Jenny Hill to go to every other Superpests race in the country instead of paying them millions to come to Townsville for her enjoyment.

    • Tropical says:

      Did you personally count those in attendance at the V8s?
      Prove your claims in your post with facts.

  36. AstraZeneca Anna says:

    The Palasczuk government is a complete joke. Anna and Dr Baglady have enforced border closures which have cost our State billions of dollars. Now Anna has successfully lobbied for and won the Olympics which will be the cause of future losses to our economy by way of billions of dollars. It’s only a small minority of people jumping for joy this morning. Why? Because those of us in the real world have lost businesses, retirement funds, precious time with family and friends due to Politicians. It’s an absolute joke. The only person who stands to gain from winning the Olympic bid is the Premier who can put it on her CV which will come in handy for her life outside of politics in a few years time. Shame shame shame.

    • The Magpie says:

      Th ‘Pie’s been wondering if David Crisafulli has met the news with unalloyed joy and deep foreboding. Of course, the upside fo him will be free tix to all events and a moment on the world stage as the (still) premier of Queensland. One can safely bet that The Kid’s missus Tegan is already designing her Olympic millinery collection.

      • Tropical says:

        Crisifulli will be entitled to free tickets. He will be Premier, and you will not be around to throw shit at him.

        • The Magpie says:

          ‘…throw shit at him’? Seriously, you really haven’t been reading this blog, have you?

          • Tropical says:

            Cutie Pie
            Yes I do read your blog but not for very long as it is the same repetitive crap day in and day out.
            I am sure you do not know the the word variety and an interesting array of topics.

          • The Magpie says:

            Givvus your list.

  37. Interested observer says:

    One thing is for sure – Tegan won’t be buying her Olympic outfit in Mackay.
    Remember, that’s where she said all the ugly people live.

    • The Magpie says:

      And mackay hasn’t forgotten … and it would be a good guess that Tegan hasn';t forgotten either, believe The Kid, even then an aspiring to higher office, had a gentle word or three with her about the realities of being a politicians cheese and kisses.

    • Critical says:

      And looking around Townsville shopping centres and the Strand lately, Townsville must take first prize in Australia for fat people. And to make it worse, high cut tight shorts and clingy T-shirts don’t improve the image either. Who knows how they describe themselves on these dating/hook-up for sex sites.

  38. NQ Gal says:

    Brisvegas was such a sure bet for the Olympic circus that there was a 30 page souvenir liftout in the paper this morning . It was lifted out and put straight into the recycling bin.

    I don’t think the upper levels of News management would have authorised the lift out, which presumably went into all the Qld papers at the very least, without them knowing the outcome of the vote.

    • The Magpie says:

      100% correct. Admittedly sometimes, papers have always prepared alternate front pages – especially around elections – but not 30 page supplement. expensive exercise if they had to pull that amount of work not to look silly …. but they are so used to looking silly that it probably wouldn’t matter to them anyway.

  39. O Dear says:

    Princess Anna firmly put in her place by John Coates……

    Watch the video in this new article, surprised John didn’t mention some like “oh do you hair and wear something nice too”. What a misogynistic pig.


    Looking forward to the The Crime and Corruption Commission’s (CCC) review of the Olympics – state fund going to a developer/promoter.

  40. Never forget says:

    Looks like everyone has forgotten about John “Whatever It Takes” Coates




    How much was “paid” to get the Olympics to Brisbane – we will never know as it is probably commercial-in-confidence.

    • The Magpie says:

      No, as with all the Olympics and just about every single official in the ruling body, it is Confidential In Brown Paper Bags … in the Cayman Islands.

  41. Former tcc says:

    I want to pass on this information that was given to me just yesterday but I wanted to try verify it with a couple of others still in tcc first. Unfortunately for one of city works truck drivers he broke his ankle on-site this week. It could have happened anywhere but I believe it was at the Stuart dump, not sure what part him being an employee would probably be where public aren’t allowed. That was bad in itself but the real issue to do with this incident is the ceo prins roleston and his assessment of it. First he said there were no accidents in life so this wasn’t an accident apparently. This is after sending everyone an email saying how upset he was hearing of the incident, not accident, and he will always put safety first. He wasn’t very pleased about the incident and demanded action. Then in a meeting last week he openly said to everyone that there aren’t enough employees in tcc. We’ll scoop I was one of your employees that your company nous got rid of. And the reason I’m writing to magpie is because I was in health and safety and received one of your recommendations for redundancy. Since you fucked the place and accepted 8million in fees to do it with nous I believe you need to sit in your own shit for a while. There is a lot of bad smells around tcc at the moment. One would hope Fran keeps digging

    • Soulless eyes and black hearts says:

      Former TCC,

      Sorry to hear about another injured council worker. Good luck getting any action from safety at council.

      The current head of safety only had 1 year of safety experience looking after gardening before being hand picked by the director of business services – there wasn’t even a position description created for the position. This is in breach of the EBA and councils own policy of fairness in recruiting and merit based selection principles and this was done by the director of business services.

      When is somebody going to sue the arse of them? Council will never get serious about safety, it is only lip service to them.

      Council saves buckets of money by being a self insurer and will chop n change the self insurer assessors who approve this status. This is done so that they can hoodwink the next assessor into saying they will improve safety but of course never do.

      Council will take every opportunity and every illegal trick in the book to fuck over worker compensation claims, especially psychological.

      Once you lodge a claim for worker compensation, council only has its own interests at heart. The safety investigation will not show councils fault, the rehabilitation and compensation people are not your friends either. And don’t think that the legal team don’t run their soulless eyes and black hearts over everything in your claim in order to ensure council won’t be responsible for the damage that they cause.

      My advise is that anyone who lodges a claim for worker compensation PSYCHOLOGICAL, being bullying and harassment, sexual harassment, nepotism, favouritism, work stress ANYTHING like that, is to seek urgent legal advice first. DO NOT lodge any forms with council without legal advice and when it gets to the investigation stage, have a lawyer present with you.

      We all know the place is broken and the psychological impact this has on staff. I understand that plenty of staff are experiencing difficulty in this area and claims under the director of business services need an audit.
      Council easily writes off claims for physical but not so for psychological.

      I agree that Fran should keep digging, she will strike gold.

      • The Magpie says:

        A colourful summation (some personal descriptions edited out you will note, see previous Magpie guideline on that) but there is the flip side to this. Ratepayers are entitled to passionless examination of all claims made against the council, because ultimately, it is on them the ratepayers (well, their wallets). Your starting point seems to be that all claims are legitimate and the council will unjustly and unfairly try to dodge responsibility – with the extra insidious tool of legal defence, that the ordinary Joe or Josephine (or it/they/them) can’t afford. Most claims probably have some, if not a lot, of merit, but we have to face it, exaggeration just short of outright lying has been known frequently in these matters among the more crafty (and dishonest). But The ‘Pie is willing to accept that the council … particularly their legal drones … always start from that view, and sometimes cannot let it go, even in the face of clear evidence.

  42. One legged tap dancer says:

    John Coates won’t be winning an Academy Award for his contrived performance in insisting Premier Anna attend the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony.
    Anna always wanted to go to the ceremony – it’s right up her alley – but needed to save face with the Australian public locked down in covid restrictions, so it looks to me like she and Coates cooked up a very pubic excuse for her to attend.
    Anna’s whole visit to Tokyo has been a farce. She said she had to go because not to do so would insult the IOC and could cost Brisbane the 2032 gig.
    But Scott Morrison didn’t go to Tokyo, instead making his speech to the IOC by Zoom, or something similar.
    And NQ Gal is dead right. Everybody knew Brisbane would get the nod. FFS there was no opposition!
    It was a walkover.

    • The Magpie says:

      And the fact that there was no opposition (well, some very lukewarm stuff from Doha, and Hungary was it and some other place) says volumes about Anna being sold a harbour bridge. And John Coates (John Who?) is in no position to start telling anyone let alone a state premier, what to do, so The ‘Pie is willing to go along with your theory.

  43. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Mr. Pie, you are such a jester.
    I haven’t laughed so hard for quite awhile.
    Crisafulli “still” Premier in 2032?
    Mr. Pie, he won’t last past the next State election

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      And you Elusive Caterpillar are not a jesters bootlace! Stop looking at your crystal balls and come up with something more sensible than that remark!!!

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      So if not Crisafulli, which member of the LNP will be the Qld Premier?

      • I’ll be plucked says:

        Mayor Springborg from Goondiwindi might make a comeback??? :)

      • Tropical says:

        Crisifulli will be premier. He has just got rid of the insidious LNP backroom club.

        They can no longer wield influence in the LNP. They are now toothless tigers.

        • The Magpie says:

          Ahem … which is what The magpie has been saying for years now … you may or may not have noticed.

          • Amanda Reen says:

            All the LNP have done is change the names on the clown suits. If they think that Natalie (I lost to Aaron Harper in the midst of a crime wave) Marr is the answer, they are asking the wrong question. Unless the question is “ who could be worse than the knuckleheads he have got?” If brains were dynamite, the new crop of wannabe LNP movers and shakers, couldn’t blow their noses.

          • The Magpie says:

            Haven’t seen anywhere that Ms Marr is running anywhere? is she? (Serious question, not a jibe.)

  44. upagumtreeperson says:

    I am totally disgusted with the Matildas the poor example of an Australian Olympic women’s football team. New Zealand too. The Matildas took a group photo with the Indigenous flag in the front. This is outrageous and I am disgusted with the Matildas. Who do they think they are? Commonwealth, State and commercially sponsored silly tarts who put the Indigenous flag ahead of our own! They beat poor little New Zealand by one goal. Big deal. Wait until they meet the powerhouses of soccer. Bam! NZ took a knee what ever that means. “Black lives matter!” Oh I have just remembered ‘All lives matter!” I think this was atrocious too.
    I hope Sweden wallop the Ozies when they meet, say. eight nil. Show the Ozzies what they are up against. No Indigenous flags or knees please. Disgusting and immature. The other thing that gets my goat is that players are identified as a member of such-and-such a clan. I disagree with this. Surely we are all Australians? Surely all equal. Let themselves privately identify but please do not attempt to make white male Australians like me feel guilty or obligated to the first peoples. Guess what? We are all Australians! Dah! I have had wonderful neighbours of mixed Indigenous and Islander races including Chinese who were a joy to live next door to. Some white Aussie neighbours were disgustingly rude and contemptable. We are all Australian.

    • The Magpie says:

      Lot of dead branches in the upper levels of your gumtree. But the only part of that little bit of stream of unconsciousness is the bit about ‘clans’. Whe the Poms arrived here wasy back when, there were (it has since been determined) somewhere about 350 different ‘tribes’ with their own areas. Co-existence was sometimes peaceful, sometimes not, like anywhere else, but aborigines tended to identify with their own particular areas, like anywhere else, and hence they name themselves as descendants of the holders of the area name.

      And your waffle ‘please do not attempt to make white male Australians like me feel guilty or obligated to the first peoples’ is a tad mysterious. Why ‘white male Australians’? White shielas exempt from your perceived guilt?
      Silly clumsy attempt at virtue signalling.

      • upagumtreeperson says:

        Mr Magpie, I identified my gender and race so as to confirm who I am. White and male. I hate the term virtual signalling and like many others, what does it mean. Do not demean my meanings as I am sincere in what I wrote about the Matildas. Magpie, you did not nor did any else comment about taking the knee or flashing the Indigenous flag. I thought I made that clear? I am not trying to make myself look good but simply expressing my annoyance about the action of the Matildas and the New Zealand Football teams. I am upright and moral so why should I not express an opinion about the mentioned incident? I am not as intelligent as the all-knowing magpie but I am entitled to express a point of view. Is this against free speech? Long live free speech in this magpie column or do you have your own definition of free speech.

        • The Magpie says:

          What the fuck are you talking about? All comments that appear here are on-posted by The Magpie, and if he has his reasons to not post something, then it is deleted. You weren’t deleted, your comment was printed in full, as you are entitled to do. But your addled and rushed reply misses the bleedin’ obvious … by being published you have been entitled to express your point of view. So what you are in fact saying, whether you mean to or not, is that if The Magpie comes back with his point of view about your point of view, your point of view is that The Magpie is infringing on your freedom of speech.

          And what’s more, since we’re here, you singled out ‘white male Australians like you’, which is kinda inclusive of every white male Australian, many of whom do not share your point of view.

          Freedom of speech on this blog is based on common sense and hopefully common decency, and since it is always The ‘Pie’s call – it is his blog after bloody all – he simply will not tolerate those who try to hijack the comments section with fake defence of the indefensible like, say, Trump and his dangerously lunatic and unhinged supporters.

          Your comment didn’t breach any of those guidelines, and The ‘Pie was just saying he thinks you carried on like a headless chook somewhat.

          Apart from all that, have a good night.

          • upagumtreeperson says:

            Thanks for your reply Mr Magpie. Oh I had a good night and today I got a good laugh from your reply. I said I was a white male but was I truthful? I could be a mixed race male lesbian cross-dresser! ( Sorry, my medication has kicked in. ) If I am white and male that does not exclude others of different races from thinking as I do. I loved your comments to my ‘stream of unconsciousness.” This is very clever comedy Mr Magpie. Your comments remind me of lines you might hear from the BBC series Yes Minister. Actually, how do we know you are a male magpie? I thank you for the chance to express a point of view. I loved the reference to, ‘running around like a headless chook.’ You should write comedy Mr Magpie. I hate the idea of virtue signalling and the over use of phrases and words by the media. Does every thing need to escalate? I am sick of the word escalate and escalation. Have a good day Mr Magpie and thanks for the chance to express my feelings. Keep up the great blog.

          • The Magpie says:

            Dear Tree Rooter,
            You’re welcome,

            I/he/she/they remain your faithful servant,

            The Magpie

  45. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Mr. Pie…this “First Nations” thing is totally out of control…you’re either Australian or not?
    How naïve do I sound?
    However, as soon as you use the word “they”… as against “us”… you’re a racist!
    Be you black, white or yellow!!

    • The Magpie says:

      That division of ‘they’ and ‘us’ is most strongly propagated by the self-defeating element among the black leadership in this country.

  46. Olympic ring master says:

    John Coates is totally out of control. Who the fuck is this arrogant sod to tell other people such as the Premier, what to do? Really? It’s time to put this egotistical clown to pasture. His ego is exploding beyond his actual value. Another embarrassing dipshit wanting to be the big man on the world stage. Waffling on about processes and tradition blah blah blah. Coates old mate, your Olympics are shit. They really have little relevance when you consider what the world has morphed into in 2021. And you are proud that an opening ceremony cost $75m? Tell that to the starving kids in Africa and Ethiopia. FFS.

  47. The Magpie says:

    There is something off, something somewhat distasteful about this media herd ‘demand’ – led mainly by the ABC and the usual noisy claquers of the left-leaning media – that Scott Morrison say the word ‘sorry’ … not apologise, not say he takes responsibility for any errors (and there have been plenty) but to say he is ‘sorry’ … they want that word, like an insistent finger wagging mother with a naughty child in the corner. It is right that he owes the Australian public a mea culpa ‘apology’ for his multiple fuck-ups and blame shifting, and he has done so in various forms of words, but the juvenile insistence that a single word – sorry – be employed by him it is so hypocritical coming a from a media that has awarded itself land rights to the moral high ground, each acting as Sherpa to the others as they strive for unelected, self-awarded heights of probity, while all the while ignoring their disgraceful roile in sensationalising and hindering the vaccine roll-out.

    The other thought is that at five letters, ‘sorry’ is an ideal headline word.

    This is not reporting, this is populist politically motivated bullying through empty, sophomoric semantics. This has been the attack mode for the past 48 hours, and even when the PM used the term ‘sorry’ with his own qualifiers, it just wasn’t enough for some. Rather than just get on with reporting all the lies and back-tracking, the general media insult us saying by inference we the great unwashed cannot grasp the reality of Morrison fuck-ups without opinionated assistance, nor are so unsophisticated as you think that we cannot see grandstanding standover tactics seeking a cheap headline … as though there weren’t enough of those available 24/7.

    Who the fuck do you think you are, seriously? Just report the facts and let us make up our own minds.

    • DTC says:

      The ABC are just one part of the entire public sector that have failed Australia during this pandemic.

      Remember whilst it might be the politicians that pass the legislation, it is the public servants than must deliver, and they have not.

      At the end of June 2020 there were 2,041,200 public sector in Australia (246,000 employees in Commonwealth government; 1,609,100 in state government; and 186,000 in local government) with a total public sector cash wages and salaries in 2019-20 was $174 Billion.

      Not one of these public servants has lost a job, nor gone without a wage during the entire pandemic, yet they fail to deliver. In fact, they received pay rises.

      It is the role of the public servants to coordinate, cooperate and deliver. ScoMo does not order 1 vaccine, ScoMo does not deliver 1 vaccine, and personally I am glad ScoMo has fucked up it shows he’s real. As Albert Einstein said, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”. Nobody alive today has ever faced a pandemic, so its obvious mistakes will be made.

      The best way to impact the ABC is to complain in writing (I have), the more of us that complain the more action they will take. Best to complain by referring to editorial standards/policies – https://edpols.abc.net.au/policies/


    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      All very true Pie, but Scomo has bought this shit on himself, not through anything to do with the vaccine rollout or other decisions made in regards to policy, but for being naive and letting the leftist socialist low life’s hijack the whole process and trusting the fucking vermin, starting with the premiers who have played him like a fool. This whole national cabinet thing was always going to screw him, anyone could see it coming a mile off, they started running the agenda, he was left as the limp dick PM paying for it all, as gullible as it gets these people.

  48. Sam1 says:

    According to the Astonisher Queensland got the Olympics because of the Townsville stadium. So now we know.

    • The Wulguru Wonder says:

      Word on the grapevine is that Les Walker is lobbying to have Townsville host the boxing….at the Mad Cow.

  49. Over it says:

    Time to Make the ABC subscription only.

  50. The Magpie says:

    Please correct The Magpie if he is wrong but is this a massive front page fuck-up, with the police also culpable?

    Putting aside the totally juvenile and lazy ‘House Of Horrors’ comparison to mass killer Fred West, the paper has named the charged man. front page no mless, as swell as the inside story.

    Perhaps some hard and fast rules have changed since The Magpie’s time of loitering around the courts with intent, but the police naming, and the Bulletin printing the name, of the man arrested for alleged sex crimes before remand is itself against the law. The rule is – or at least used to be – that a person arrested and charged cannot be named until remanded in court. In this case, that doesn’t happen until today, Friday. No matter that the police may have either inadvertently or over-enthusiastically provided the name, the rule applies to publication of any names until remand.

    As with legal matters, there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip, and should the wallopers have somehow got it wrong (it’s been known), or applied the wrong charge … any number of spanners are available to chuck in the works … the legal ramifications can be immense. As can claims for defamation against the paper from a wrongly accused.

    To believe, as The ‘Pie reasonably does, that the bloke is good for what the cops claim, is not good enough. The rules are there for a reason.

    • upagumtreeperson says:

      Well said Mr Magpie. I am not sure if the Universities are training journalism students the pedantises of law reporting. I think the standard of journalism has slipped.

    • The Magpie says:

      Townsville Bulletin editor Craig Warhurst has sent a courtesy email advising that the entire story was checked by the paper’s lawyers before publication.

      That means one of two things … things have changed and The Magpie is in error (eeek!!) or the Bulletin needs to change lawyers.

      • Ben Matlock says:

        It is unlikely the world will stop spinning and the Pie is wrong.

        In Queensland, section 10 of the Crimes (Sexual Offences) Act 1978 protects those charged with a sexual offence from having their details published until they are committed for trial or sentence; in other words, until their cases get past the local court stage and are referred to a higher court for trial, or they are found guilty. It is an offence, punishable by a fine or two years imprisonment, for anyone to publish their name, address, school, place of employment or other information that could lead to their identification.


        • The Magpie says:

          Indeed, and this is a crime of a sexual nature and it is not yet know if identification will lead to victims being exposed.

          But the rule for ALL folks waiting to face the beak for the first time were not to be named until remanded. Can’t find it anywhere one way or the other.

        • Polythene Pam says:

          I’m not sure that he has been charged with a “prescribed sexual offence” within the meaning of section 10 (1) (b) – but I could be wrong and stand corrected if I am.

          • The Magpie says:

            But The ‘Pie’s point is that nobody on any charge should be named before remand, a lesson The ‘Pie learnt more than 20 years ago from the former excellent night editor of the Bulletin, Belinda Humphries. You may remember her, Poly. but whether that is – or was – just a news Ltd rule of the law, cannot be ascertained.

  51. Alahazbin says:

    Went along to have a look at Strand Ephemera this morning starting off around Gregory St where there was one installation called Corporate Snake, but wasn’t there due to COVID. So decided to go to C Bar for breakfast. It turns out the display must have shifted inside, for there was Mullet and her regional mayors all tucking in and paid for by the ratepayer.
    Talk about ‘Corporate Snake’

    • The Magpie says:

      Maybe a farewell function before her court case.

      • Jenny Wren says:

        Magpie, is there a firm date for the court case?

        • The Magpie says:

          Going only on memory only, Jenny, because a Google hasn’t turned anything up beyond the date last month when the matter was kicked down the road further, the matter is due to be heard in Townsville Magistrates Court around August 17 or 18. But could be wrong about that. sometime in August anyway.

    • The Magpie says:

      This isn’t Facebook, and unfounded and unsupported allegations of personal conduct outside the workplace (or in it for that matter) will not be published here, especially in the childish schoolboy dribble you’ve employed. The Magpie appreciates solid commentary based on reasonable knowledge and assumptions – a risk yes, but necessary in this town – but schoolyard crap does no one any favours.

  52. Prince Rollmop says:

    It has been mentioned earlier in this weeks blog comments but the Townsville part time CEO – Prince Ralston, is indeed pissed off with the shortage of staff and funds at TCC. It seems that Mr Stinky would be better off remaining as a Consultant as they get highly remunerated to make decisions they won’t have to wear in the future. It would seem that the Prince is struggling and has had several tanties. Oh the poor possum. What’s the matter Prince, are you having to work more than 12 hours per week for your half a million dollar salary?

    • Tiny tim says:

      Easy fix, get rid of the director of business services, as staff under her are smothered – things should settle down then.

  53. Cafe le Skank says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the Mullets little coffee shop party was indeed one of her final outings funded by the ratepayer purse? Could we be so lucky?

  54. fwyp says:

    Hi Mr ‘Pie,

    I have no legal experience, but there are two things which disturb me about the “House of Horrors” article. First, in addition to giving the name of the alleged perpetrator, there is a close-up photo to really identify him to everyone who buys the paper, or sees this photo in the newsagent, or on the Internet. Imagine the claim if he was eventually found to be innocent (not that that appears to be the case).

    But, what was Evan Morgan, the alleged TB photographer, doing there anyway, at the time of the arrest? Do the police normally invite a press photographer to an arrest, and allow that person to take photos, almost inside the car as they take the photo?

    Scary stuff?

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, not unprecedented, journos and cameramen have been taken along on drug raids and other stings etc, and generally nothing wrong with that, the police and politicians are always eager to show what they are doing with taxpayer dollars, when it suits them. As you will see in the front page photo, a TV camera was there too, so it wasn’t just the paper. But that the arresting officers didn’t arrange to make their collar unidentifiable – whether by design or accident – is the problem that you raise.

  55. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Mr. Pie…Phil Thompson’s full page ad in the “giggle paper”
    But, should’ve demanded a right-hand page!

  56. Cop It Sweet says:

    Seems our Mayor is caught in a pincer movement. Fran on one side asking
    questions and Phil Thompson on the other, using a full page in today’s paper highlighting where has the commitments and $ have gone, questions the paper have for some reason declined to ask. seems Rupert believes democracy comes at a price … per page.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      As I am still on the road far from Townsville please put the Mulett’s full page response, Monday’s Astonisher I expect, on the Magpie’s blog. Thanks.

      • The Magpie says:

        Hmmm, The Magpie thinks he could give you a bit of a multiple choice Mullet answer. Mix and match these phrases in order you like
        * I don’t respond to red herrings (bit rich coming from a mullet)
        * Mr Thompson should stop playing politics
        * It’s time for Mr Thompson to come clean about the City Deal and the $195m I want so badly
        * I cannot make any comment as it is Commercial In Confidence
        * I am a visionary and only I can see the wonderful benefits of the Lansdown Eco Precinct
        * I am going to make a complaint to the Office of the Public Doo Dah about Mr Thompson behaviour
        * It’s none of Mr Thompson’s business, he is a Federal member and has no right to interfere in council matters
        * I want him to give me his money, no questions asked.
        * What’s life in jail like? Can I choose a cell mate who isn’t a Liberal or Katter Party voter?

  57. Amanda Reen says:

    Natalie Marr has been elected as Regional Vice President of the LNP.

    • The Magpie says:

      Ah, right, missed that. Not that The ‘pie necessarily agrees with your colourful character reading.

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