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Saturday, February 3rd, 2018   |   181 comments

Why Some Townsville Investors Are Heading For The Hills, Shunning A New Prime Site Development On The Strand

You’ll never guess who’s scaring off investors from buying into the planned apartment block next to the Seaview. As if Townsville doesn’t have enough troubles, it seems the Council is just begging for more with a  welcome back to someone who left town in disgrace, and with a few diddled punters howling for justice. And in this instance, do we get two for the price of one? A Magpie EXCLUSIVE!!! (Just love sayin that!)

Also, more secret womens’ business down at the Walker Street Wankery … has Mayor Mullet and The Impaler, ignoring the lesson of the corrupt Ipswich council and Jenny’s bestie Paul Pissale, snuck through their own Development Company without bothering to tell us. Looks like it. See Magpie comments for this report.

And we talk rubbish (insert your own joke here) … the kerbside collection gets off to a rocky start.

But first, let’s dispose of offshore matters (which is where Bentley is, on another brief break)

It’s a rare day when The Magpie will agree with Donald Trumpet, but today be that day. That is, agree with his words, but not his meaning, when he intoned in his serious little girly voice ‘I think it is disgraceful what’s happening in America today’. Amen to that, brother, but OK, you were talking about your latest attempt to avoid being questioned by that Mueller bloke about how maybe you used the Ruskies to rig your election win. But along with a hoked-up and selectively quoted FBI memo – fake news if ever there was – The Trumpet, according to The New Yorker, also released another doctored document, heavily redacted but clearly showing him in his real light.

elly rosen

Kuper in The New Yorker

Also The New Yorker, Elly Rosen can see where this is all going … the Prez is going to the wall.


“I’m really looking forward to talking to you—just give me a minute.”

But are we sadly misjudging and wronging a man so clever we can’t see it. We really should appreciate him more, there are those … well, one person … who believe there’s ample reason to.

fir and fury

At the moment, The ‘Pie is reading with alarm THAT book, Fire and Fury, which is greatly overwritten and padded out for length but author Michael Wolff has clearly been sneaking around some interesting corners in the White House. Some say the book is baloney, but if only one tenth of it is true, we’re in strife, all of us.


But Now To The Leaky – err, sorry – Leafy National Capital

Play Skool starts again in the Big House this week, and PM Talkbull will be looking to improved economic figures to boost his stocks. But during the summer break, Larry Pickering saw some looming problems from the Opposition when Big Mal took to the northern waters.

on Barrier S

But both sides will be lying low over that astounding security secrecy breech, when a self-described ‘bushy’ found two filing cabinet loads of classified documents in his bulk buy from a government second-hand furniture warehouse. Both sides have to shoulder some responsibility, it appears. Some should … and are likely to get the boot over all this, but as they say one door closes another opens and a new job is created. Paul Zanetti reckons he’s got just the man for the job.

Zanetti on leaks

Is Persistance A Vice Or A Virtue?

That depends entirely on who’s doing what, and why, so The ‘Pie will allow you, dear readers, to reach your own conclusions in the following matter.

Recently, this glitzy sign went up on the long vacant prime block next to the Seaview boozarium, ballyhooing an apartment development on the site.

South Beach

The apartments sound very desirable, and like all come-ons in these sort of developments, the blandishments of the brochure are lavish and much to be desired. And you can register an expression of interest by plonking down a returnable $5000.

But what’s this?!?

Several folks have ponied up the readies, but at least two have demanded and received their money back, wanting nothing to do with the venture. And other interested parties might bear some looking into, as well. A little bit of detective work soon shows why. The sign went up soon after a company called Moon Shadow Pty Ltd was granted an interim development order by the Townsville Council.

Moon Shadow, eh? A simple search perhaps explains the reason why some potential buyers – those with good memories – suddenly became gun shy.

Screen shot 2018-02-03 at 10.40.44 PM

This is the sole listed shareholder.

Yup, our old mate from Watermark Restaurant days, Michelle McCracken.

michelle McCracken

She and her husband scooted town a few years back, leaving in her case unpaid debts, which later saw her go bankrupt for a period.

Screen shot 2018-02-03 at 10.41.54 PM

And husband Jarrod proved to be a man with the business brain of a Rugby league player, who inter alia left some of his shoddy work on the Watermark apartments as someone else’s expensive problem. McCracken too went bankrupt and still is, although didn’t stop him breaking the rules and helping set up Rambutan in Flinders Street East. for which he is in court again, as well as leaving the country without permission from his trustee. Described as a ‘consultant’, McCracken’s track record in The Street was less than stellar, forced out of the execrable Consortium, in the process reported to have thrown a bad tempered and very damaging farewell party on the last night. There are unconfirmed stories that in his pique, he poured cement down the toilets.

But given their history, it is fair to ask that if Michelle is into this market again, hubby ain’t far away, eh? He obviously doesn’t give a hoot about pesky things like the law. And may even angle to build South Beach himself for a tidy sum, with a nod from the missus. Might not be so easy, because it is clear there is other NSW money involved somewhere.

But here’s an even more interesting wrinkle in our join-the-dots roundabout. The application (according to the Bulletin, so make up your own mind) was lodged by Peter Cardiff, of Brisbane-based Cardiff Law, and a former Townsville City Council town planner. It is reasonable to believe he has had dealings and knows of the McCracken’s previous exploits under the previous regimes.

Here’s is an overview of a keen local property watcher.

Hi Magpie, 

My info is Mrs McCracken purchased land late last year for $3.8M with 3 month settlement and nonrefundable 10% deposit obviously put up by backers unknown. McCracken only purchased 3036m2 of land which has frontage to the Strand but doesn’t extend through to Mitchell Street, where the remainder of the site, still for sale is a further 3036m2.

Seller to McCracken was ISENAD investments of Erskineville NSW who purchased the total 6072 m2 (Strand through to Mitchell St) site, back in December 2013 for $3.08M.

McCracken will need 33 of 40 units (80%) unconditionally sold with 10% deposit on each, held in trust account, before any Australian banking institution will provide any funding for construction.

Normally larger main cities get away with 50% unconditionally sold to get finance to construct however regional towns, particularly towns doing it tough, need minimum 80%.

I’ve heard there may be a couple ‘under contact’ with the project spruikers indicating 11 or 12 EOI deposits paid however most of those may be project backers trying to falsely inflate the ‘strong interest’ in the project. At least two local EOI have got their money back after delving into the background.

TCC have given a DA on the project which is gobsmacking given McCrackens track record in this town and his latest foray to appear in court for breaching ASIC bankruptcy laws involving Rambuttan in Flinders Street. But…we’re not dealing with a full deck of cards in Walker Street are we…or maybe they’re plain bloody desperate and happy to be part of throwing local potential buyers under the proverbial McCracken bus !!

Let’s see where the forever honking Townsville Bulletin goes with this one.

But Wait Just A Moment There ….

Jenny Hill

So if there are to be tears before bedtime for this project, and if the mayor knew of the clear risks to investors, has she again put her own personal political ambitions ahead of the well being of the city’s reputation, as she was elected to do? Did she , for some reason, not the counsel prudence with this application? And if she didn’t know about Mrs McCracken’s involvement, why didn’t she? She must know Peter Cradiff.

It is irresistible to suggest that a nice glitzy new development like this would not be ready for a year or more at the earliest, and that would be just in time for some simpering lies about turning the city’s fortunes around singlehandedly in the 2020 council election campaign.

Just sayin’, ya know.

Let’s Talk Rubbish (again, insert your own joke here.)

street rubbish

Early days, but seems the unpopular kerbside hard rubbish collection is off to a stuttering start. That is because, claim some council insiders to The Magpie, the council is in such a financial nut squeeze that the best they could do was buy four clapped out second-hand trucks for the job. On the first few days, only two operated because the other two had to go in on the first day for extensive overhauls. insiders are claiming cheapskate economics. (More on this in comments sent to last week’s blog.)

Then in the initial suburbs like Kirwan, there were quite a few residents who didn’t even bother. But one guesses plenty did.

But guess what …

Street rubbish 1

… old fridges were not taken away, the truck’s design couldn’t handle them. Will the money be found to make a second run with a flat-bed or something to get these things off the street? Residents are awaiting developments.

But one thing is crystal clear, people everywhere want their free dump passes back. And The Mullet had better mull this one over, it isn’t just a few disgruntled ‘keyboard warriors’ on this site. Talk to anyone anywhere, madam, and they’ll tell in pretty direct language.

Will you listen? (Oh stop it, ‘Pie,  you clown.)

Bad Timing Of The Week

What with the trial of mega-grub Larry Nasser in the United States for his unspeakable crimes against national gymasts in his care, it was impeccably bad timing for the Astonisher to make this typo, quoting a local (male) coach about one of his (female) stars.

Come typoHope ‘Brooks’, whoever that is, sues, or at the very least, gets an apology.

But hey, they don’t care, haven’t for years.

God Bless Phillip Batty, He Keeps The Council’s Legal Monkeys Dancing.

Screen shot 2018-01-20 at 11.31.13 PM

Fellow keyboard warrior (and proud of it) Philp Batty remains an unhappy and dissatisfied chook. He continues to question Jenny Hill’s probity in declaring ‘hospitality gifts’ from Adani during her trip to India.

He at least forced the chief dancing monkey from the council’s Legal Department to admit to a website cock-up, which appeared to be fortuitous in the selected material that was deleted temporarily. This  personage then provides us with a legal/administrative rationale which, while no doubt correct, deserves the Sir Humphrey Appleby Award for official double talk. (As Jim Hacker said: But Bernard, this speech doesn’t say anything! Bernard: Oh, thank you, Prime Minister.)

There has been a long exchange of emails betwee Mr Batty and the legal department’s chief dancing monkey. Here’s a flavour, which would be hilarious if it wasn’t so embarrassing.

From: Philip Batty [mailto:philip.batty@bigpond.com]

Sent: Monday, 29 January 2018 7:58 PM

To: ‘Graeme Finlayson’ <email hidden; JavaScript is required>

Subject: RE: Statement of Interests.



Lets just say we disagree on the interpretation.

Interestingly this transcript from the 7:30 report also seems like a change of position from the Mayor.

PETER MCCUTCHEON: Both the Townsville and Rockhampton mayors have accepted hospitality gifts of up to $1,600 from Adani. Mostly in airfares, during a trip to India with the Queensland Premier in March.

Earlier this year you accepted more than 1000 of hospitality gifts from Adani?

JENNY HILL: No, let me clarify that. Yes, we did. (Talk about Jim the yes/no talker in the Vicar of Dibley!) We accepted a gift to fly from Mumbai to see their solar plant because Adani are very keen to set up solar facilities in the North.

That was myself and I believe about seven or eight other mayors who are interested in those projects.

PETER MCCUTCHEON: In hindsight, given that you’ve signed off on this $18.5 million deal, was it wise to accept that hospitality?

JENNY HILL: I don’t think there’s an issue with that. It’s been properly declared and the community can see that – can find that on our website.

Thanks again

Philip Batty


Graeme Finlayson

Chief Legal Officer

 <email hidden; JavaScript is required> wrote:


Thank you for responding presumably on behalf of the CEO.

I strongly disagree with your interpretation of schedule 5 of the Local Government Regulations 2012 regarding this benefit but your position is noted.


Philip Batty

From: Graeme Finlayson [email hidden; JavaScript is required] 

Sent: Monday, 29 January 2018 5:02 PM

To: Philip Batty <email hidden; JavaScript is required>

Cc: Adele Young <email hidden; JavaScript is required>

Subject: RE: Statement of Interests

Dear Mr Batty

Thank you for your e-mail of 29 January 2018 raising some queries in relation to the update to the Mayor’s Statement of Interests dated 17 January 2018 and published on the Townsville City Council web-site earlier today.

My enquiries indicate that in updating her hard copy Statement of Interests, the Mayor has not removed any reference to any of the hospitality benefits previously contained in her Statement of Interests, including those relating to the benefits she received from Adani for the solar farm etc site visit in 2017.

Unfortunately, an inadvertent user error has occurred in the Council making updates to this section of our external web-site. As a result, the information previously contained in this section of the on-line version of the Statement of Interests for the Mayor was accidentally omitted from display. We have now updated the on-line version of the Statement of Interests and it should now display the information previously recorded in it for this particular section.

In the meantime, we take this opportunity to note that the hospitality benefits recorded by the Mayor from the trade mission in India in 2017 were not required to be included in her Statement of Interests as they did not meet the definition of ‘sponsored hospitality benefits’. The benefits were received by the Mayor in her official capacity as Mayor. Like a number of other regional mayors, these hospitality benefits were received by the Mayor in her official capacity as Mayor during the Premier’s trade mission to India last year.

Accordingly, these benefits do not fall within the statutory definition of ‘sponsored hospitality benefits’ under Schedule 5 of the Local Government Regulations (2012). The Mayor has chosen to voluntarily include these details in her Statement of Interests, notwithstanding these particular hospitality benefits were not required to be included. Based on the on-line Statements of Interest currently published for the other Mayors that also attended the trade mission in India and that went on the Adani site visit, Mayor Hill appears to have been one of a small number of Mayors to have disclosed this particular hospitality benefit in her Statement of Interests.


Graeme Finlayson

Chief Legal Officer

If we had real TV in this town, it would make a great series.

 And A Final Note …

… with which The ‘Pie can empathise.

unRetirement acct jpg……………………….

That’s it for this week, but comments are likely to be as lively as someone walking into a cobweb in the dark. Feel free to join in, more and more are doing so. And if you’re in a generous mood … or if The ‘Pie saved you $5000 this week heh heh heh …  you may weaken and offer a small donation of appreciation to keep the blog blundering along. The how to donate button is below.

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  1. Cockie says:

    While enjoying a cold drink with a couple of friends, the topic of the “Community Champion” was raised, one acquaintance stated they had heard from good authority, that he was being paid, $100,000 per month. What we were collectively fuming about was the refusal of the current government to listen to the community. Combine the crime forum held at the Mercure in 2016, the community crime committee set up by the local Police, countless letters and e-mails to the state members, and the message still cannot be comprehended by the ALP government. One must wonder if the retired MG is getting payback for deeds that have benefited the ALP from his time of influence over a large workforce.

    • The Magpie says:

      That figure would be complete bollocks, but however much this quite worthy man is being paid, it is too much – or it should come out of the pockets of our three stooges, because it is supposed to be their jobs.

      • Alacan says:

        Spot on Pie

        Cockie is correct regarding the forums and submissions and there are any number of portals that traction should be able to be gained — but is not — which is a sorry indictment of politicians and the bureaucrats.

        I attended the crime forum in 2016 as an observer and there were heartfelt voices ( with multiple solutions proactively proffered) from a number of elders at the point in the forum when a particular topic of youth crime was openly discussed.

        It seemed to be a State driven forum given the make up of those on the podium

        Not sure what came out of it and must admit never followed thru websites etc

        The wheel just keeps turning — whilst “they” look for the non extent holy grail — as those charged with actively working the topic at a policy level are seemingly bereft of answers and work ethic.

        I left convinced there was a groundswell of good will and willingness to engage by the community and in particular the aunties and uncles that are trying their utmost best at the street level ..but they too are aging and seemingly lacking a real listener and inherent governmental “champion”.

        We now have a bolt-on in that regard and lets hope that the eminent person can make a difference. I hope one of his recommendations ( if his remit allows that) is to apply the blowtorch to the hand that will be feeding him.

        • Old Moll says:

          Love the idea of a blowtorch, Alacan, but reckon that might be a bridge too far. Your insights into the 2016 crime forum are enlightening and highlight the laziness of so many politicians and bureaucrats.
          Cockie made some good points but is fantasising about the scale of remuneration and any thought of ‘payback’– and The ‘Pie is right when he says the three stooges should pick up the tab.

        • Rusty Nail says:

          I certainly don’t have the answer but I wonder whether those charged with making a difference should be made to read Elizabeth Russell’s books on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. The existence of FASD is not entirely accepted by the medical and allied professions, but if it DOES exist then surely some work needs to be done to determine whether any correlation exists between mothers of recidivist offenders and the recidivist offenders themselves.

        • Sandgroper says:

          Don’t think there’s much debate about the existence of FASD, Rusty, and many think it is a significant contributor to juvenile crime and lifelong behavioural problems.
          My friend and one-time neighbour, Dr John Whitehall, now Professor of Paediatrics at Western Sydney University, researched this subject intensively when Director of Neonatal Intensive Care at Townsville Hospital. He was appalled by the numbers affected by FASD in North Queensland and passionate about the need to educate mothers about the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.
          Rather than just imposing increasingly draconian penalties on young offenders, government at all levels should be paying more attention on ways to mitigate the effects of FASD and educating the public about this growing scourge.

  2. two bobs worth says:

    grapevine news is that Laurence Lancini is leaving town – relocating to Brisbane where he can keep a more watchful eye on his business interests / developments in the south-east. Has he lost confidence in the current Council or is it that he got his stadium and therfore his work here is done so to speak?
    It could be seen that the void left by Lancini is filled by the returning McCrackens………mercy mercy.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      He is not the only one, whilst they don’t leave town entirely the focus certainly shifts south and keeping a tidy unit in Townsville whilst having their main house overlooking the river in Brisbane is becoming common amongst those who don’t see Townsville as a long term place to be, but have investments here that aren’t easily disposed of but easily managed from out of town, we have very few genuine business people in this town, losing them does not go well for the future.

    • The Magpie says:

      Nice try Pat Coleman, but The ‘Pie has enough on his legal plate at the moment, ta moochly. Links good, commentary in between seems that you are willing to load onto The ‘Pie the problems of a defamatory publisher. But you knew all that with your legal training. Thanks a bloody bunch, mate.

      • Sandgroper says:

        That name brings back memories. Does Townsville still have its Speakers’ Stone, which was reputedly placed when the Tree of Knowledge withered and died?

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Righty’oh Dear ‘Pie,

        You lead us on with honest trifles only to betray with the greatest consequence.

        Tell us the juicy back story. I seem to remember the name of that bloke you mention and the term, “serial pest” going together, then, after one small stint in the slammer he went all quiet. Or I could be confused, it was a while ago.

        • The Magpie says:

          The ‘Pie knows not of that which you speak. or, as they say nowadays, WTF are you on about?

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            What was Pat Coleman on about?

          • The Magpie says:

            If The ‘Pie could’ve been bothered, you’d know, but suffice to say that it was a disjointed and legally highly dangerous piece of Colemanania, which may or may not be true. It was also about the length of War and Peace, so Mr Coleman can start his own blog if he wants to broadcast his fevered assumptions/conclusions/delusions.

        • Alex DeLarge says:

          “Raving Looney “ more like it.

          …and a complete fuckwit.

  3. Snoopy says:

    Mayor Mullet seems to have a soft spot for bankrupts.
    Local tradies and suppliers well remember a NSW developer who declared bankruptcy a few years back leaving a multi storey apartment block half finished and sending several local businesses to the wall.
    Despite that the Mullet cut all sorts of corners and bent a few rules in giving another development approval to a company involving members of the same family. There were suggestions at the time that the NSW developer was a silent partner in the second project, despite his track record.
    Two subsequent bankruptcies involving the same family have done little to dampen the Mullet’s enthusiasm for dodgy builders.
    Now the McCrackens have been welcomed back for another crack.
    Perhaps the Griffin Group should take note, declare bankruptcy and then apply for a full approval to build its multi million dollar project down at the Queens Hotel site on the Strand.

  4. The Magpie says:

    The end of the line for Adani?

    From today’s Guardian.
    ‘The Adani Carmichael coal mine will not receive federal funding from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility for a vital rail line, a Turnbull government minister has said.

    The announcement by Karen Andrews on Sunday is a major blow to Adani, which has sought a $900m concessional loan for rail to link the Carmichael mine to port – and could spell the end of the project entirely if it can’t secure private finance.’


    And the master of political expediency, Bill The Short Un, has also nixed federal help if elected (all because he’s in a battle with the Greens in Batman.

    • Ronny Righteous says:

      Hasn’t it taken a long time for the penny to drop with both the government and opposition?
      Our politicians are thicker than the idiots who fall for Nigerian scammers.

    • The Magpie says:

      Something is fake, that’s for sure.

      No, Clare Armstrong, Adani doesn’t ‘hit back at fake jobs’, the Bulletin takes asks not a single question and assumes it’s usual reception position of Adani’s dissemination of information (known as the praying Muslim position) and simply regurgitates an Adani froth piece without actually rebutting anything about their outlandish jobs claims over the months.

      A clear case of artificial dissemination.

  5. Grumpy says:

    I see that Soy-Boy Molachino snuck in a fake text-the-idioter yesterday. Obviously, he now realises how much he is on the nose in the Upper Ross.

    Useless little cuck.

  6. The old peterbuilt says:

    I know a couple of lance is office staff a Nd they are relocating from garbutt to the recently refurbished Woolworths building or should I say remodelled opposite the Herbert hotel. Lancini may well be moving south as many have done. Once a month on the Sunshine Coast ex townsvillians get together and you will see people such as Geoff Pickering, Hughe urquart and the like. Townsville must become too small for their liking. Personally I would prefer it smaller.

  7. upagumtreeperson says:

    I tell you what Magpie that Mrs McCracker is a real cracker of a sort. Oh, perhaps that’s sexist. Perhaps I should have said, ‘ She is a charming beautiful woman of high repute.”

  8. J jones says:

    Question – what was Mayor Mullet before she was a councillor? How did she get to the city’s number one job?

    • The Magpie says:

      Perfect training: she was lab assistant or something which presumably involved training rats. Which answers both questions.

      • J jones says:

        Her whole life is an experiment

      • TheOtherGuy says:

        I think she must have been a lawyer – there are some things even a lab rat won’t do.

      • Tasteless says:

        I was told she was a blood sucker for Queensland Health. What has changed?

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        What was Anne Puddleduck’s profession / job before politics? I heard that is was early childhood education, but I cannot believe that could be correct.

        • I'll be plucked says:

          I think Puddleduck is a trained lawyer who hasn’t practised much, if at all. Pre her election I believe she was groomed by the the ALP in office type jobs, due to her father Henry’s influence/contacts, Dave of Kelso. O’Rort, one of the three Townsville State Stooges was in early childhood – not sure as what though – in charge of the sandpit maybe?

          • The Magpie says:

            Thanks, featherless one … look, The ‘Pie tries to avoid being a scold, but there’s no point in sending simple questions like the one about Anna Alphabet, when your Google button is as good as anyones. The ‘Pie has other things to keep him occupied, and looks forward to RECEIVING information rather than needlessly chasing it.

  9. Mark the Jazz says:

    The file footage that accompanied the “Man allegedly damages woman’s car with knife and exposes himself” story in the Bulletin may be a joke to the Paper but I doubt the victim saw the funny side. If I was her I would be speaking to a solicitor. Although this is the journalistic standard that has been present at the Bulletin for a decade now. I don’t expect the new Editor will be any better,

    • The Magpie says:

      And in this climate of heightened awareness of sexual offending, what sort of busted arse irresponsible publication uses (on-line at least) a staged pic of a flasher and the two young females laughing at the sight. It’s all a big yuk yuk yuk to them. Laughter might be a real reaction, sure … just before the arseole knocks them on the head and maybe rapes them … because of the laughter.

      Still haven’t got a clue, even under a female iditor. But then, being the weekend, it was probably Adolf Tomlinson in charge, so it figures.

  10. The old peterbuilt says:

    Off overseas for a couple of weeks. Try to sought this council out and the wet season by the time I get back. Cheers

  11. Memory Man says:

    Flicked through the Bullsheet’s online edition this morning, and what a sad indictment it is on the non-leadership of the city.

    We’ve a pathetic puff-piece on fundraising for the $2b battery factory, in which the proponents are in talks with government. Sounds like another bunch looking for a handout. Oh yeah, they got one from the State before the election … and that’s despite boasting luminaries like ex-Millionaire’s Factory Alan Moss and Kodak-Eastman as part of its team. Kodak recently jumped onto the blockchain stampede and saw their share price boom 80% or thereabouts. Surely, these guys don’t need more taxpayers’ gifts.

    Then we’ve the Indian Billionaire moaning about the “attacks” getting personal. Gee, the Bully is really scraping the bottom when it needs to run this kind of crap from a man who graces the North in his private jet, and rapes the community of $18.5m. (And the rest.)

    And then, we have the water debacle … first, $10m down the gurgler on Jamie Drurie. It was a stupid idea from a bunch of desperadoes … the punters knew it was a waste of both time and money. Then, we’ve a dose of a Bullsheet hypocrisy with the report on the millions already spent on the pumping of water … what do these idiots think is going to happen when there’s a second pipeline? Somehow that there will no longer be a need to pay for pumping? They are fools.

    Walker St is full of idiocy, led by the Idiot in Chief and her merry bunch of Court Jester-Hacks. Wee Dickie, Little “I’m not in denial” Beckett … all sucking up to the Impaler in her “clean desks” only Den on Level 3 …

    It is just a slow train wreck.

    • The Magpie says:

      That said,has the worm turned?

      Many a person … not the least Mayor Mullet and head-kicker mate Adele The Impaler … were mouthing a quiet ‘WTF’ when they saw this on-line this morning.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        A direct result Pie of too many fingers in this whole water fiasco. The original funding from the state govt was to do with cutting back water consumption across the Townsville network, including councils own parks and gardens. At the time of the water taskforce gathering pace “ demand management” became the phrase of the moment, but up steps Brad Webb at the first public meeting and declares the taskforce will not be considering demand management and the very generous allocation each Townsville household received will not be part of the taskforce considerations. So we have someone with jackshit nothing is regards to water industry expertise suddenly removing consumption from the discussion, I know people at Townsvile Water were dumbfounded that the councils own long term water strategy, that they had been working on for quite some time with various industry providers was suddenly thrown out the window by an unelected novice who is not even a council employee, the whole things a complete circus.

        • No more dredging says:

          Cantankerous, could it be that rather than regulating demand by reducing allocations and having inspectors patrolling the streets and people dobbing in their neighbours and the whole town generally becoming sprinkler nazis, the Council has instead adopted a much lighter touch with little apparent policing and obtained the desired result – daily consumption around 100 mL?

          • Grumpy says:

            Sorry, NMD…but who are you giving credit to?

            Don’t know where you live, but up until fairly recently, the water cops were regularly out in force in my suburb. They even challenged me in my front yard as to why my little bit of lawn was relatively green. When I pointed to my bore, self-important little jerk tried to scold me for not having a “Bore Water” sign – and sulked off muttering threats when I asked him for the law that said I had to have such a sign.

            And I can assure you that there are plenty of people who trawl the streets looking for people to dob in for breaching the watering laws.

            Nothing low-key about a big stick being waved about.

            Oh, meant to take issue with you on this as well. Last week, in relation to that silly Walkden woman, you said, “Council did not “wipe” the bill. Council was ordered by the court not to collect the bill”. That’s not quite right – as you probably well know, you sly little Greenie, you.

            Council’s problem was that they did not enforce the amount owing under the Taxation Order before the limitation for doing so expired. Chuck Brabazon refused to give the council leave to start enforcement proceedings after the statutory time for enforcement expired. Nowhere in his judgment did he make reference to ” the scurrilous actions of certain councillors and the malicious incompetence of council”. Unexplained delay, maybe, but nowhere did Brabazon J make reference to malice. He did note that there would be nothing to be gained by effectively sending Walkden into bankruptcy as she was broke, so what’s the point? You are suggesting that His Honour somehow re-visited the original costs order and set it aside – untrue.

            As a ratepayer, I would ask, ‘How was it that council and its lawyers were so incompetent that they allowed the limitation period to expire? What were the real reasons behind such desultory attempts to recover (some) of council’s legal expenses in proceedings that were doomed from the start? Was it deliberate?” .

            If council would have done its job properly, Walkden would have been fighting a bankruptcy petition.

            And what were you saying about “empty-headed pompous fabrications”? I think you owe Alahazbin an apology.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            You are half right dredgy, most members of the public are community minded so advising the public to cut back usage usually gets the desired result across the network, and frankly the inspectors are irrelevant anyway, hard to police someone dropping a hose on the ground and letting the water run out over an area. A drop in consumption is vital to any long term water strategy for a growing population and the best way to achieve that long term is to scrap the allocation system entirely or cut the allocation itself considerably, lift the price of the allocation and then divert those extra funds back into lowering the access fee on the water watchers plan, which would encourage more to convert to that plan, that lifts the value the consumer has in the product when they have to pay for each kilolitre they use and the only good thing about the prolonged dry spell currently is that is has certainly lifted the value of water to many in Townsville anyway, so half the job may be done.

          • Sceptical Sally says:

            The more you comment, No more dredging, the more I suspect you are a council stooge.
            In its current form, the TCC resembles a headless chook running aimlessly in circles until its inevitable demise.
            I have no doubt there are competent people in most departments, but they are unable to develop long-term strategies because they are being undermined by political blow-ins, southern shysters and well-meaning but unqualified amateurs.
            Brain-farts have become policies, with dodgy assumptions leading to millions in ratepayers’ funds being gifted to the unworthy or wasted on schemes designed to resurrect the dead-horse CBD.
            The people of Townsville should buckle their seabelts and assume the brace position because we are heading for a mighty crash.

          • No more dredging says:

            Hey Sceptical, stooge or not and with or without sprinkler nazis, water consumption is hanging around 100 million litres a day. Since the mid-2000s when the Ross River dam at Kelso was converted from a water storage (solely) to a flood mitigation device – resulting in a 70% reduction in effective long term storage capacity, the Haughton Channel to Toonpan water pipeline, bringing water indirectly from the Burdekin Dam, has assumed a massive increase in priority. If Townsville is lucky or unusual and has non-extreme weather, we get almost free water from the Ross River. But if the weather/climate is ‘normal’ for the Dry Tropics our averages are all over the shop – and we just have to pay to pump water. We might have to get used to being the Really Dry Tropics. It won’t be that hard but it could be noisy with complaint.

          • No more dredging says:

            Grumpy, you say: “As a ratepayer, I would ask, ‘How was it that council and its lawyers were so incompetent that they allowed the limitation period to expire?” Can I suggest it was the scurrilous actions of some councillors and the stupid advice that someone must have given to our council’s most honourable and respected lawyers. Then as now, they’re happy to do as they’re told. But hey, who cares? Someone got their malice/vengeance/told-ya-so rocks off and ratepayers paid. It’s nearly 30 years ago and the whole thing is archived in meticulous detail in the North Queensland Collection at the JCU Library. Help yourself, man.

          • XWaterworker says:

            I am not sure who you are, No More Dredging, but you certainly are dredging up the bullshit. I don’t know what you are trying to achieve.

            The Ross River Dam Upgrade project began in late 2005. It did not convert the Dam to Flood Mitigation (it always was) and it did not decrease the storage capacity by 70%.

            The AUD$110 million civil infrastructure construction project brought the dam up to current Australian National Committee on Large Dams (ANCOLD) safety standards.

            Key elements of the upgrade works included the strengthening of the existing 8km embankment, a major structural upgrade of the existing spillway, installation of three new radial gates on the spillway crest, construction of a new control building, roadworks, landscaping and fencing.

            The project also increased dam storage capacity from 219,000Ml to 235,000Ml.

          • Mark Harvey says:

            No More Dredging has it all wrong in regard to Ross Dam. It always has been and will be a flood mitigation and water supply dam. When the flood gates were being added the spillway was cut down, which temporarily reduced the capacity. Once finished it had about 10% more capacity than it had previously.

            In regard to the restrictions, the aim was that everyone equally followed the restrictions to help get us through the drought, not to just hit a target. The 100 ML “target” was actually my estimate of what we should get down to if most people followed the rules as written. Getting that target to match the applied restriction is particularly difficult as there are so many variables to consider.

            Obeying water restrictions in time of drought is a legislated law. Hitting a target consumption is not. Restrictions are specifically written in a way that makes them enforceable because there will always be those who think the drought is not their problem. Failing to actively enforce restrictions is unfair on those who do the right thing.

          • Grumpy says:

            I have a personal memory of that period during which I was a very, very bit player., with a toe in both camps at one stage or another. I have also taken the time to actually read the judgment again (which I didn’t see in that meticulously detailed collection).

            So what was it, “man”? Was Walkden saved by incompetence of council or some conspiracy within? I have no doubt that a deal was done and Walkden was let off the hook. It died down rather a little too quickly for someone not to have pissed on the fire.

            My recollection was that there were dastardly deeds a-plenty. On both sides. Lies were met by bigger lies and the whole charade was muddied by greed and ego. Saint Julia was somewhat dim-witted, easily led, lacked imagination, totally humourless and loved being the centre of attention. Ummm – remind you of a current Prima Donna? On the other side, some were just plain evil, devoid of any sense of public duty and took avarice to new heights.

            One thing for sure, council was never told by a court not recover the costs order, as you have us believe.

            Ah, the good old days. If the truth is not supportive of your narrative, then lie, distort and dissemble and when that fails, resort to patronising epithets and insults. I had an absolute ball.

          • No more dredging says:

            XWaterworker, I’m more than happy to be informed about the practical aspects of the Ross River dam ‘upgrades’ that took place in the mid-2000s. I followed with interest the lowering of the spillway (by about 3 metres I seem to remember from personal observation) and the subsequent installation of the radial gates. I do not contest the point that the maximum capacity of the dam has been increased – that is a fact. But practically speaking, it is extremely unlikely that the dam will ever be maintained absolutely full, especially during a wet season, because the ability to absorb another cyclonic rainfall event – i.e. to mitigate a flood – will be lost. You cannot practice flood mitigation when the dam is full. That is the purpose of installing the gates, so that water can be released from the dam in quite large quantities over a number of days without causing flooding downstream. The original 1970s-era spillway had only a single small diameter outlet which was never designed to reasonably quickly lower water levels in the dam to create capacity for flood mitigation.

            So the question will one day arise at the Ross River dam when we get a good wet season and the dam is filled to the top of the radial gates – maximum capacity – and it’s still only February and the cyclone season has a couple of months to go. The planners will want to lower the water level so that if a cyclone comes the likely consequent rainfall can be stored in the dam and not just flood over the gates at whatever rate the flood happens. This is what was supposed to happen at the Wivenhoe Dam when Brisbane got flooded. Townsville is quite capable of getting 20 inches of rain in one day – that happened in 1998 during the Night of Noah. So enough space has to be created in the dam by a controlled release through the radial gates to get the level down. Some people might think this is a waste of good water but that is the price we have to pay in our unique situation if we want to have flood mitigation capacity. If the water level in the dam is brought back down a metre or more (over several days or even weeks) there will be no downstream flooding but there will be a significant reduction in the amount of stored water – perhaps 30-50% – depending on how much of a gamble the ‘planners’ want to take. Gambling at Wivenhoe didn’t get a great outcome. Townsville residents will be merciless if the same thing happens here. That is what I meant when I suggested that the long term ‘working capacity’ of the dam is far less than it was when storage was the only possible function (without gates). The radial gates make active flood mitigation possible but in order to work well the dam must never be allowed to remain ‘full’ during the wet season.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            NMD you are a dickhead, you are obviously a Google and Wikipedia armchair expert who just can never admit you know fuck all and then argue with people who actually worked on and designed the dam wall upgrade. You obviously have lots of time on your hands so go and reasearch the difference between storage and flood mitigation capacities, the height of the old spillway, the height of the new spillway, the height of the radial gates and the 100% storage height and somewhere in amongst all that you will have an oh shit I look like a dickhead moment.

          • No more dredging says:

            Cantankerous, I have no idea what’s on Google about the flood mitigation capabilities of the Ross River dam. I have been there a few times. I note that a full dam cannot act as a flood mitigation device – therefore the old dam with its fixed spillway was NOT a flood mitigation facility. Perhaps you know better. I’ve told you what I know.

          • No more dredging says:

            Julie Walkden was saved by the incompetence of Townsville City Council. Did they do it on purpose? I doubt it.

          • No more dredging says:

            Mark Harvey, you wrote: “It [Ross River dam] always has been and will be a flood mitigation and water supply dam.” Would you like to explain how a dam wall and spillway without gates can mitigate a flood? That’s exactly what is built at the Burdekin Dam. When that dam is full and overflowing, as happens most summers, if there is then significant further rainfall in the Burdekin catchment there will be significant flooding in the lower Burdekin and absolutely no capacity to ‘mitigate’ that flooding. I believe you are simply wrong to claim that the Ross River dam was a flood mitigation dam before the radial gates were installed. In fact I would suggest that the reason the gates were installed was for the precise reason that no one could control and manage the flow in the Ross River until the gates were installed. The best example of that lack of mitigation capacity was demonstrated in the 1998 Night of Noah featured recently in a series of photos in the TBulletin. The dam overflowed and the Ross River free-ranged over the low-lying suburbs and CBD. The radial gates and associated ‘management plans’ are designed to prevent that kind of event ever happening again.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            NMD, sceptical Sally must be spot on, you are obviously a council stooge, I simply cannot believe anyone is actually as stupid as you make yourself out to be, you obviously are here to stir up a few people and get your jollies and waste people’s time, get a life.

          • No more dredging says:

            Cantankerous, you said yourself you can’t believe it, so don’t believe it. Your XWaterworker expert authority seems to have left the forum on the subject of the ‘flood mitigating’ Ross River dam and you haven’t actually contributed anything so what is left to say? Maybe this: Despite the mid-2000s engineering works adding (excellent, much-needed) short term flood mitigating storage capacity to the Ross River dam, water storage capacity for Townsville’s supply is actually reduced, and by a considerable amount. If Cantankerous can find something on Google, Wikipedia or other sites to contest these opinions then let’s hear about it. Name calling says something about ignorance and adds nothing to the debate.

          • XWaterworker says:

            Mark Harvey is the real expert on these matters, so this is my last word.

            Read this. It explains the principles of operation of the radial gates. http://www.northernwatermanagement.com.au/linked/a_review_of_ross_river_dam_gate_operations_to_improve_downstream_flood_immunity_2012.pdf.

            Using data from a network of rain gauge monitors throughout the catchment, weather forecasts, and a computer model, operators know days in advance the level of inflows into the reservoir.

            They use the gates according to a pre-calculated protocol to selectively release water over the spillway to

            (a) ensure the embankment is not overtopped,
            (b) ensure the outflows down the lower Ross River do not exceed limits that would cause severe flooding levels to the town, and
            (c) ensure that at the end of the rain event, the gates are closed, and the level of the reservoir is standing at 100% (or more) for water storage purposes.

          • No more dredging says:

            XWaterworker, excellent contribution – thank you for supplying the link to a very informative paper. I did not realise that it was the intent of the management plan to attempt to maintain near-100% storage, regardless of the consequences. What this means of course is that there will still be occasions when downstream flooding cannot be avoided. That is, if the dam is full and a cyclone comes along there appears to be no intention to create capacity in the dam to hold the potential rainfall event – which may or may not occur. I wonder if the parameters for this management regime have been affected by the findings of the Inquiry into the Wivenhoe Dam and whether new knowledge about aspects of climate change and its impact on the frequency of extreme weather events has tempered any of these parameters. Surely also, if the possibility of downstream flooding is considered a second order priority after water storage for Townsville’s supply, the insurance industry must have an eyebrow raised?

          • Mark Harvey says:

            NMD, This is not what this blog is about, however you seem determined to be proven wrong.
            A spillway allows a throttled flow out of the dam. If the spillway is too large, the inflow from the catchment flows straight out so there is no mitigation. If the spillway is too small then the water level may rise to the point of overtopping the crest, which is very very bad. What you want is for the outflow to be much smaller but for a longer duration than the inflow, hence reducing but not preventing downstream flooding. Gates simply allow you to change the effective size of the spillway – smaller during the early parts of the event and then as the water level builds, the gates lift out of the water leaving you with a fixed spillway.

            From the Ross Dam EAP which is available on the web: The Full Supply Level (FSL or 100%) is 233 GL. The flood storage capacity prior to overtopping is 1,200 GL which is over 500% relative to FSL.

            Ross Dam has had a number of flood events since the gates went on and they all occurred whilst I was the responsible Manager. The peak event was in 2012 when we reached about 165%. This is visible on the TCC dam level page.

            The difference between Wivenhoe and Ross is that Wivenhoe has a flood storage compartment and the operators have choices in gate opening strategies depending on the nature of the event. The Class Action is more about the selected strategies rather than pre-releases. Ross operates on an EAP, not a Flood Manual – once the gates reach trigger level there is no choice as the opening profile is fixed.

            A small pre-release is of no consequence in a large event. To make the decision to do a large pre-release you need precise rainfall predictions well in advance of the event – an unlikely situation. The Qld Flood Commission of Inquiry noted that the concept of pre-releasing before a rainfall event was attractive and
            consideration could be given to the circumstances when a pre-release might be employed. They did not make any recommendations in regard to pre-releases.

            I do not have access to the records but as I understand it, Night of Noah was primarily a flood event caused by rainfall directly on Townsville rather than in the dam catchment.

          • No more dredging says:

            Mark Harvey, thank you for persevering. I finally do get it.

      • Achilles says:

        Maybe he’s laying (lying) low as he wants well clear of comrade in soil? Burk’s back hard.

        Nah! just like Jenny he’s hoping for a cyclone to fill the dams and the plebs will just go back under their rocks. and he’ll claim mission accomplished.

      • Alahazbin says:

        And the ‘Dilbert’ comic strip in the same day sums it up brilliantly.

    • Droopy draws says:

      So has the $10M already been spent??
      On what? I thought it was to be for an education campaign on water safety measures…
      I don’t watch much telly but surely I haven’t totally missed it?

  12. The Owl says:

    Last week The Astonisher gushed that 800 pylons had been erected/driven at the Lancini Stadium site. Drove past today and it appears that only about 50 are in place. Shades of work starting on the pipe dream pipeline?
    Fair dinkum, the Townsville media would believe anything.
    The new editor says every Astonisher staffer has been allocated a suburb to “champion”.
    Can the “champion” for the stadium area please do a pylon count – with a calculator, and not rose coloured glasses?

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      O, each driven pylon is around 12 m long. They drive each one into the ground until they hit rock. Sometimes they have to drive one on top of the other etc. sometimes it can take 4 or 5 until rock isn’t hit so 4 driven piles may only equal one visible one. This may (or may not) be of concern to the.project managers. We never see an updated project schedule so good luck in actually knowing what is happening against budget.

  13. Jafo says:

    TCC continues to hemorrhage staff.
    Word is 3 managers and 2 coordinators resigned last week ahead of restructure number 5.
    Apparently, just after the last council election a CFMEU hit list was posted on the notice board at the Cranbrook depot which had 11 names on it. Only 3 remain.
    I should get them to pick my lotto numbers.

    • Critical says:

      Apparantly restructures are now realignments so they dodge a pile of requirements under the Council’s EBA and industrial legislation and can’t be easily challenged.

  14. J jones says:

    Tomlinson is leaving the Astonisher

  15. Pat Coleman of an address known to police says:

    Right of reply?
    MAGPIE NOTE: Readers, Mr Coleman’s plaintive cry has been mildly edited, and please be aware that these three words are all that are left of the approximate (didn’t count) 20,000 rambling words and links telling how great he is. Cruel as it is, you’ll just have to imagine how great Mr Coleman is, unless he starts and you read his own blog.

    • The Magpie says:

      There is no right of reply in the Magpie parliament. This speaker has ruled your comment out of order. End of story.

  16. The Astronomer says:

    Oh dear, Mayor Mullet … but hey, what the hell, it’s only the environment, not likely to bother someone who boasts on YouTube of killing native wildlife.


  17. Memory Man says:

    Last Friday’s Bastion of Left Wing Ratbaggery – the Australian Financial Review – ran this piece …

    … which shows that the coal lobby spent $4.9m in 2016/17 on campaigning. That’s almost 6x what GetUp! Spent ($821,000).

    Bet your bottom dollar this evidence-based story wouldn’t find its way into the Bullsheet. While Adolf Tomlinson parades himself in the hopes of picking up a Fox News TV show of his own, the citizens of the North will continue to be served up unadulterated ideological tripe

  18. Memory Man says:

    At least Townsville isn’t the only place to cock this up. Brisbane’s major Graham Quirk has been big enough to own up.


  19. Miss Lou says:

    Always refreshing,
    Always good.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Miss Lou.

  20. Ando says:

    Hmmm…council hierarchy seems to have misunderstood the concept of hard rubbish collection.
    It’s not supposed to be this friggin’ hard!

  21. Kirwan Resident says:

    To all Councillors and the dopey bogan masquerading as the Mayor.

    No-one mentioned at the last LG election that the hard waste collection was to be at the expense of the tip vouchers.

    Don’t for a moment think that your deceptive sleight of hand has been forgotten. Every time a picture of rubbish strewn streets appear somewhere it serves as a reminder.

    Wait until we have a cyclone watch. Watch the big panic about stuff on the footpath. No doubt that will be the headline news item. Who was the Einstein that decided to start delivering this service in the middle of cyclone season?

    Next election I will vote for the mob who promises to bring back tip vouchers and to get rid of kerbside hard waste (better called footpath dumping).


  22. One legged tap dancer says:

    Another blow for Mayor Mullet.
    We’ve all seen her on tv gushing about inviting a “royal” to Townsville during the Commonwealth Games.
    News on southern websites yesterday suggested that Camilla was unlikely to attend.
    Has our fair city been robbed of the opportunity to see the Mullet and Camilla arm in arm walking through Kelso to inspect the city’s latest attraction – do it yourself rubbish dumps.

  23. Memory Man says:

    This was the Mullet’s Signature Dish.

    What a dog’s breakfast. Poorly conceived. Poorly resourced. Poorly executed. C’mon folks, it’s about collecting rubbish. If they can’t keep the streets clean, what can they do?

    Unsurprisingly, to indulge a Magpie Humblebrag (deserved, I might add), the right royal mess that is the hard waste collection has been pointed out by the Pie and his readers for the past two weeks. The Bullsheet is really stretching its credibility, coming on the back of the Pie.

    • The Magpie says:

      In fact, The ‘Pie and the Nesters have been saying similar things since the daft campaign promise all those years ago. Townsville First had the numbers and gumption to block it, but then the petulant rusted on Labor rump and little old ladies in print sun frocks (‘oh, Jenny’s such a nice person’) put a Trump-like incompetent in charge of city and the chickens are coming home to roost in numbers that make Charters Towers bats look like a trifling inconvenience.

      And better late than never for the Bulletin … trust they will now consider a major campaign towards the Walker Street Wankery to re-issue dump vouchers, as are being demanded by a VAST majority of residents.

      • Dragnet says:

        What about the editorial today, suggesting that the residents were 3 weeks premature in putting their rubbish on the footpath. I quickly looked at the council’s website and the earliest they can expect the clean up to happen in Kirwan is the week starting March 12, that’s closer to 5 weeks lady editor not 3 as you suggest.

    • Alahazbin says:

      With past Council administrations. Hard rubbish collection was done over weekends. Residents were asked to put their hard waste on the kerb side and crews allotted to a Council tip trucks usually with the tailgate removed and it was all done and dusted over a couple of weekends. The boys at Construction & Maintenance were happy as they got the O/t. To stop any rubbish falling from trucks the crews usually used a bed base or something similar.
      I suppose the lawyers stopped this because of vicarious liability. Something MIGHT fall out.

    • Sir Ossis O'Fliver says:

      Hey hold on!!
      That is not hard rubbish out for collection, that is the aftermath of last Sunday night’s Bogan BBQ. It’s all good stuff.

  24. Dragnet says:

    Interesting couple of stories in today’s Astonisher. One about water and the other about the hard rubbish collection (and maybe it is too hard). My interest is in the replies from the councillors in both of these stories.

    The water story sought comment from angry ant Jacob and low and behold he is back on leave after taking 6 weeks off during the State election campaign and having time off in January, he really is enjoying suckling on the ratepayers tit. Can only imagine what Jacob would have done if the previous councillors had done this, mayor mullet would have kicked him into action to make a big fuss about the unavailability of his local councillor.

    The other yarn about the amount of rubbish on the footpaths in Kittyhawk Crescent (nobody saw that coming), chased a comment from the divisional councillor Russ Cook. Surprise, surprise he was unable to be contacted as well.

    What are these councillors being paid to do beside nod their head and put their hand up when the mullet says so.

  25. Council workers "shovel" says:

    3 days and 3 front page stories that are bad for the mayor. What’s going on at the bullsheet. Laughed at today’s pictures of all the streets full of rubbish. Lol that’s only one street try the whole city. Guess what happens when a big storm hits??? Us poor barstards that arnt involved in the hard rubbish collection have to clean it up. Our boss told us to prepare for weekend overtime if something happens. What a joke. She can’t hide now. Pie you said in a blog recently about someone who might run for mayor well he/she has 2yrs of reminding people now so why wait until 4 weeks out. Hit her hard now. Just a thought

  26. Dave of Kelso says:

    Greetings All,

    Re the Too Hard Rubbish Collection – Kelso;

    This morning the remaining white goods, thus far left behind, are no longer on the foot paths. Nor are the car tyres or the one car battery from around the corner, both of which are prohibited items (PIs).

    Did the diligent Kelso folks take them back inside or did the TCC take the PIs to atone for the sin of incompetence? The latter I suggest.

  27. Council workers "shovel" says:

    I also see that bill shorton yesterday talking about adani and how it’d wrong to be helping a billionare who asked for help that lied about all the jobs that were to be created. And dear Jenny is disappointed with his comments. Everyone knows he’s trying to save the seat from the greens coming up but he’s the federal leader of labour. Jenny just a pimple. So who’s telling the truth? Why are we still giving 18mil to adani but now both state and federal, no matter what reason, both say no. But it’s ok to spend ratepayers money. Are there 10000 jobs says the mayor, or are they fake jobs to inflate there proposal says bill shorton. Courier mail reports today.

  28. Cynical Cricket says:

    Just went for a drive down Glenrock Drive, Rasmussen; and counted 6 piles of rubbish (1 was just a single fridge).
    After looking at Google maps, it appears there are about 71 blocks along Glenrock Drive.
    Therefore 4.3% of Glenrock Drive residents are using the kerbside collection service.
    It’s good to see that the majority get to dictate policy as always.
    P.S. I will update figures as the collection goes along.

  29. Dutch Reverend says:

    I fear greatly that the Mullet is getting some ducks in a row in time for the next council elections. They apparently will commence the museum under the sea around June which TEL say should take 12-18 months to complete. That takes us to 2020. The stadium should be completed or near completion by…..you guessed it, 2020. Wait to see what else will be rolled out that will be on a roll by 2020. Her or one of her flunkies will go to the next poll bragging about what they have achieved and delivered for Townsville. The electorate will then forget the previous 3 years of flapdoodle, sackings and lies and give this bunch of boof heads another crack at giving us another one fair up the clacker.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie is booking his glass bottomed boat to personally watch the publicity hound mayor open the underwater display … without scuba gear. By then, it will probably double up as whale watching.

    • Alahazbin says:

      I see she is also trotting a different councillor to announce some scheme or brain fart (with photo in the Astonisher) to keep the unwashed informed.

    • Scientician79 says:

      Dutch I fear you are right.

      Council was announcing on twitter today the pipeline tender is being called for completion by end of 2019, another one that will line up.

      Of course the tweet boasted about securing our water supply, I just shake my head thinking about all the unanswered questions documented on here over the last several months.

      Of course knowing Mullet’s luck the Ross will probably be filled by a rain event between now and the next election so none of these tricky questions around pumping costs, Burdekin allocations, and on-going water restrictions need to be answered.

  30. Non Aligned Worker says:

    FYI expert from the council website.
    Townsville City Council is seeking to appoint up to three independent directors to the Board of the Townsville Development Corporation.

    The Townsville Development Corporation will be a 100% owned subsidiary and beneficial enterprise of the Council. The Townsville Development Corporation will play a vital role in helping to shape the implementation of the City Deal and economic activation across the City of Townsville.
    Who is putting their hand up to be a director?

    • The Magpie says:

      Ratepayers, allow The Magpie to introduce to a company you didn’t know you had – or needed. The opportunity for corruption and political obfuscation is rife, and don’t be fooled by the call for ‘independent directors’. Somebody from Pure Projects, perhaps, maybe blow-in Don Morris, already reefing a pointless quid off the public purse, or maybe a total political independent like, say, old Magpie mate Dolan Hayes. And don’t rule Mooney out either. Not they’re going to tell us more than legally required about the gig, and then we’ll have to try to dig up the public record for ourselves. Well, don’t worry, The ‘Pie remains at your service.

      This is gunna be interesting.

      At the moment, Jenny Hill is the only listed director. BTW Mullet, why was this all done behind closed doors? You might be bunking with your mate Pissale yet.

      • I'll be plucked says:

        Mullet why are you a sneaky, behind closed doors, I’ll do what I want and I won’t tell ‘em anything kind of Mayor? What have we done as a community to deserve this sort of treatment from you?

      • The Real Mr Batty says:

        Pie, contrary to some thoughts I have not left the fray, just quietly biding my time and waiting for a few dominoes to drop in the right way. I will definitely keep you posted of course. The directors for the company we didnt know we had or needed are:
        Name: MATTHEW ALLAN THOMSON 5E4622484
        Address: 6 RESOLUTE COURT NEWPORT QLD 4020
        Birth Details: 19/01/1977 REDCLIFFE QLD
        Appointment Date: 23/11/2017
        Address: 103 WALKER STREET TOWNSVILLE QLD 4810
        Birth Details: 25/11/1970 COOROY QLD
        Appointment Date: 23/11/2017
        Name: JENNIFER LORRAINE HILL 5E4622484
        Address: 18 GRANDE PARADE DOUGLAS QLD 4814
        Birth Details: 01/09/1960 MELBOURNE VIC
        Appointment Date: 23/11/2017
        Name: GRAEME ROBERT FINLAYSON 5E4622484
        Address: 56 ROBERTS STREET HERMIT PARK QLD 4812
        Birth Details: 14/03/1968 MBALE UGANDA
        Appointment Date: 23/11/2017

        CFO lives down south and CEO must live at the office (i doubt it)

        • The Magpie says:

          The ‘Pie believes that a council Development Company is mandatory on the better Citys federal scheme (or whatever its called). While this could’ve been simply explained somewhere (prominent) it was not and the dates of the appointment of directors was well in train as far back as last August – these things don’t happen overnight – but it wasn’t deemed appropriate to tell us about it.

          What it does mean is that with these four turkeys (who’s Thomson?) about to be joined by three ‘independent’ directors (purleese, givusabreak), the mayor and unelected council executives can make whatever decisions they like with the Federal money on offer no matter what the ‘independent’ directors think or say, and it will be rubber stamped by this compliant council.

          Somehow, the electorate is left out of the loop on the absolutely true basis that they are actually represented by the councillors they elected. (Laugh when you stop crying.)

          Ever tried to get hold of any of them, or attend a public meeting to gauge the feelings on the street? The opportunity for jackboot corruption has just gone up a notch or two.

          • Kenny Kennett says:

            Where will they get their funding from? Are they paid Directors? Is this just another method for Hill to syphon our money into her and her friends grubby hands?

          • Sandgroper says:

            It would appear that ‘The Voice Of The North’ has a severe case of laryngitis when it comes to this subject.

          • Mangrove Jack says:

            The advert for the Independent Paid Directors is in todays Bullsheet

  31. I'll be plucked says:

    Hey there Mullet, Impaler and the useless mute Councillors………give us BACK our dumps vouchers you bunch of waster pluckers!!!

  32. Bizoid says:

    One of the reasons Townsville has had businesses close of late is a drying up of discretionary cash very much due to the increase in Qld household bills of 35%.

    My two sources:

    – An ANU survey stating Qld Living standards are falling for the first time since 1980s …
    – Kantor TNS survey that states 1.3 mil Qlders are overwhelmed by the increase in household bills

    Who is to blame?

    3 levels of Government but mostly State as they control electricity, car rego, stamp duty which is worse for North Qld as our policies are so expensive.

    The State Government has pushed the pendulum too far and it needs to be corrected urgently.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      The three ALP state members will do NOTHING – O’Rort, Harpic and the member for Townsville Captain Cupcake (soft, doughy and absolutely no substance) are bereft of ideas and will do as they are told by the Premier, which equals a zero for our community.

      The Qld Govt. have even ‘employed’ a FIFO to ‘listen’ to us about out of control crime, cos the ALP Townsville state ‘members’ can’t do their job, a further example of financial waste – like I said, bereft of ideas and all a waste of time and space. Pluckers, the lot of ‘em.

    • Doxie says:

      And how will it ever be corrected while Labor is calling the shots? They’ve been in Government for 17 of the last 20 years (or so I’m led to believe). Not much chance of change while this tenure continues!

  33. Non Aligned Worker says:

    What is our Federal member Cathy O’Toole have to say about the Adani project?
    I am personally in favour of the project as a self funded enterprise. However the roadblocks put in front of it by the very professional and well funded green supporters (yes also co funded by Anna) have probably made it too hard. I have vtisited the Adani Townsville office and can confirm that it probably employs nearly as many people the were let go by TCC.
    It would be fairer to let Adani run under their own steam, be accountable to the environmental guidelines that all other mines have to comply to and the enforced regulations that the other miners have to comply with as well.
    The current smear campaign by all seems contrived.
    Cathy should show her colours on this project and not be silent. Cathy?

    • The Magpie says:

      No, no, no, mate, not buying that bill of sale … The Magpie’s problem from the outset, clearly stated here many times, is that Adani twist and turn in order to get taxpayer funds for what they themselves boast they could pay for themselves. This blog couldn’t give a rats about whether the mine goes ahead or not, but these imported robber barons should not be getting any public monies for anything, they’ll be making billions anyway. That includes the co-cost of a fucking airstrip on the spurious and unenforceable grounds that it will be used by hundreds of Townsville-based FIFO workers. What utter insulting tripe.

      And fair dinkum, you don’t come across as seriously demented … just mildly on the evidence of the above comment … but you don’t dare venture an opinion why NO ONE … that is NO ONE … is willing to finance this enterprise. Which is The ‘Pie’s second abiding problem … if this ever goes ahead, this is all going to fall apart in a year or two with defaults and all sorts of nastiness … and massive job losses. And the angst will be double what it is now.

      Simply put, Adani are liars and you’ve believed them. Like The Mullet.

      • Non Aligned Worker says:

        As I said, I am in favour of it as a self funded enterprise…did you miss that bit?

        • The Magpie says:

          Refer to ‘second abiding problem’ in the ‘Pie’s response.

          • Rusty Nail says:

            All good stuff ‘Pie, however my understanding is that NAIF moneys are for investment in INFRASTRUCTURE (e.g. railways) in NORTHERN AUSTRALIA (e.g. between the Galilee Basin where a number of new mines are being established and the Port of Abbot Point). Obviously the money is a loan to be paid back so the borrowing organisation must be able to demonstrate a capacity to do so.
            At this point, though, everything we are seeing and hearing is 100% politically motivated.
            I might be missing something but I don’t believe I have ever heard that Adani will not be provided with NAIF money due to its inability to pay the money back – and simply stating that every bank in the world has said they won’t fund the project is actually irrelevant here. Likewise it has never been stated that the infrastructure project under consideration is not a worthwhile project, just that thermal coal is bad so anything associated with it is bad by association.

          • The Magpie says:

            OFCS! … if no bank in the world will fund the project, that means the financial experts have deemed it unviable and doomed to failure, and, Rusty old chum, ergo, an inability to pay back monies owed. So how can the rail project be worthwhile if its principal user collapses?

            If the other mines out there want to argue for it, different matter, but they haven’t been too prominent in pushing for NAIF funding, not in the hysterical, hand-wringing Uriah Heep way Adani has been. Listen, mate, they’re crooks, short and simple, the evidence is everywhere. Or put another way – coal OK, Adani not OK.

          • Non Aligned Worker says:

            Agree 100%, but funding has been hard (now virtually impossible) to get, not just because of their business practices. There has been too much interference from politicians and lobbyists. The way this is going no one will be willing to invest in Australia except the players that are already here (Rio Tinto, BHP, Glencore etc.)

          • Mike Shearer says:

            Have a look at http://www.news.com.au/finance/business/mining/analysis-reveals-possible-financial-motivation-for-adanis-carmichael-coal-mine/news-story/0019c1ae76f482f93ff508765ed8ef8f

            It’s just one of many many sources of information available on line that don’t just question the Carmichael Mine as a viable project, they condemn it.

            Makes one wonder whether politicians can read…

      • Ando says:

        Oi, “massive job losses”
        You haven’t drunk the cool aide too have you Pie?

        • The Magpie says:

          Not sure what your commenting on, Ando, can’t find the relevant comment, but if the mention was of Adani falling over after a year or two, of course there would be massive job losses. Silly comment coming from someone who presumably lives in a own where QNI wholesale sacked almost 900 and the city council Labor hierarchy sacked a further 300-500.

          • Ando says:

            It’s your own comment above.
            Yes, every job in Townsville helps, although If Adani’s own statements in court last year speak to 1400 or so (extended, ie: the local pie shop has to hire more help etc etc) jobs expected in the QLD community; we wouldn’t exactly see “massive job losses” for Townsville.
            One of the arguments that the mine boosters use is the 10,000 jobs figure, which is of course…crap.

            I’m well aware of the QNI disaster. When Clive took over QNI, one of the first things done was to get rid of all the contractors from the site, which accounted for about 600 from memory. Also set up their own hire company which would have hurt local jobs as well. The disaster started when BHP sold it.

    • Westie says:

      I have just read an interesting book called Burn out by Dieter Helm. It explains why new thermal coal mines (not just Adani) can’t get finance. Nor can new or replacement coal fired power stations like Liddel owned by AGL and Hazelwood. It is straight economics.

      Renewable power plants like wind or solar cost a lot to build, but have zero marginal cost to operate. Fossil fuel plants on the other hand have to pay for every ton of coal they put in the boiler. In a competitive market where generators bid in an auction for every Megawatt they supply to the grid, it is obvious that the coal generators must bid at least their marginal cost, and that the renewable generators will always bid one dollar less.

      Investors in renewable plants are guaranteed they will always sell 100% of everything they generate for at least just below the marginal cost of the coal generators. Coal generators will only sell what is left over after the renewables are generating at full capacity. And renewable investors are flat out building more capacity- why wouldn’t they?

      Currently they are building daytime capacity. When they have all that market, they will roll storage (battery, pumped hydro) capacity which also has zero marginal cost for night and cloudy time.

      Renewables are becoming baseload, and coal plants will be peaking plants. And coal plants are technically poor peaking plants. Rapidly coal power plants (and their feeder coal mines) are becoming stranded assets, and won’t repay their financiers.

      This is world wide. And the banks know it.

      • Non Aligned Worker says:

        They have figured out to charge for water that falls out of the sky. Not a big leap to charge for sun and wind.

        • The Magpie says:

          That brings to mind the old slur against yachties who are forever complaining about chandelry prices: ‘The think because the wind is free, everything else should be, too.’

        • Mike Shearer says:

          The charges are for the infrastructure that gets the water from where it falls to your taps, and any treatment needed to make it safe to drink by eliminating nasties and chemicals it’s picked up along the way.

  34. One legged tap dancer says:

    The clangers continue in today’s Astonisher.
    Story on page 5: “Tools were used to STEELE numberplates of cars”
    Headline on page 17: “WIFE SUFFERS BARNABY BROADSIDE” (the story below has it the other way around, with Barnaby’s ex-wife giving him a well deserved gobful)
    The new editor should spend more time getting it right than chatting with readers in the hope of picking up a few local stories.
    Memo to anyone prepared to have a chat with the new editor: demand a commission for supplying story leads.

    • Alahazbin says:

      And NMD won’t be happy. Looks like the Port Autority may start the widening of platypus channel when the Feds cough up their share of the funding.
      Ah progress! Don’t you just love it?

  35. Alacan says:

    Well well well, the member for thuringowa breaks his silence on the programs emanating from the crime forum 2016 , and other programs .. today’s bullsheet.

    Much print space is used about the what .. which seems at face value as an active program of work of some value ..

    The minimalist approach however about real metrics regarding results so far is reflective of the inherent laziness I have spoken of in earlier blogs and suggest a data vacuum around the programs of work .. exists

    the actual deployment should form the bulk of the story I suggest but … maybe just maybe we could hope for a volume 2 which would be better and more meaningful insight.

    Then again .. We can be assured fellow readers, that all is good so far because Aaron tells us in one sentence that .. it is working ., contempt and disregard by the spinners for what really counts .. report card on results .. they are arrogant enough to think that the chooks have been fed and job well done ..

    I suspect said member has probably gone searching for results, not found too much to report and then bulked the “good news story” as we see it . Score card 3/10 my man .

    • I'll be plucked says:

      The ‘member’ for Thuringowa is nothing but an empty headed plucker who has NO idea what is going on – poor Harpic was touting himself as future Ministerial material a short while back – yeah right!

      His boss has appointed a ‘Community Champion’ to talk to us about and report on the rampant crime rate in Townsville because he can’t be trusted to do his job! Neither can those other two state ALP member lemons. WASTERS as ‘politicians’ the three of ‘em!

  36. The Magpie says:


    Mayor Jenny Hill has back-flipped and now says we will not be giving any of our money … i.e. $18.5M … to Adani for an airstrip. Well, she didn’t use those words, but unless she really does want to expose herself as a craven liar, that’s what she has announced in the the Astonisher today, quote: ‘ … the Adani project needed to stand and (sic) fall on its own merits. If they get financial close (sic) and they start, that';s great. If they don’t get financial close (sic) and have to walk away, that should be up to Adani. WE SHOULD LET THE ECONOMY DECIDE.’

    • Memory Man says:

      Oh, how sticky that web of deceit is. The more one wriggles, the more one spins, the harder it is to become disentangled. And so this is how our Mayor, the Mullet of Mumbai, has found herself.

      Here she is claiming to the world that she’s always believed the Adani coal mine should proceed on the basis of the economics and that it should stand on its own merits. Does that mean she now no longer believes the gift of $18.5m of ratepayers money is warranted?

      The Mullet is cut straight from the cloth of Tammany Hall. Union bosses would secretly sup with the bosses, cut backhanded deals that lined each others’ pockets, and pass on public subsidies all in the name of the working class.

      Tricky Jenny just can’t untangle herself from that messy web of deceit that she and her coterie of suckholes have so assiduously weaved.

    • Scientician79 says:

      “She said Adani had created 300 jobs so far with the prospect of more to come”

      And where have these 300 jobs been sourced from?

      Weren’t there reports late last year that not a single role had been advertised locally?

    • Achilles says:

      So does this mean that Got’em is now free of the deal he had with TSV/Rocky and hire and FIFO workers from anywhere?

      Probably direct from Mumbai on 457’s he’s the winner either way, Nice try!

      Jenny, remember when you lay/lie with dogs you’ll get up with fleas, these shysters are the professionals, you’re out of your league kid, along Addled Young

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      And what will this, now spare, $18.5M be used for? Debt repayment, the Townsville Performing Arts Center, or preparations for the 2020 LG elections?

  37. Dave of Kelso says:

    Check out ABC News website. Magpies in large groups are smarter than those in small groups. Must be true as evidenced by this blog, and the ABC.

  38. Memory Man says:

    Folk from Asia can smell a desperado from a thousand miles away.

    First, Gautam Adani stung the ratepayers of Townsville $18.5 big ones by exploiting the desperation and stupidity of the Mayor. Now, it’s Singapore coming. The good folk of Surbana Jurong (SJ) inked an MOU with Her Worship, and as usual, the reportage is light in detail and light on questioning.

    The side story is about how SJ has been on a mop up run through Australian infrastructure engineering firms, and hope to treble revenues in the next few years. Hmmm, one wonders what commercial privileges are included in the MOU (which should have gone out to tender)? What will SJ get from the Mullet to go through the motions to talking up the prospect of direct flights?

    Watch for SJ’s subsidiaries picking up a swag Council development company gigs and possibly some PDA land on the quiet.

    It’s time, perhaps, for our intrepid Philip Batty to extend his brief to probe not only the integrity of the Adani gift, but also –

    (a) the secret confidential deal on the Hilton development site conferred upon the company headed by Mullet Whisperer Dolan Hayes’ fishing buddy, Michael Graham. A 50 lease was granted on an exclusive basis, without seeking public EOIs, running a tender or some such transparent mechanism.

    (b) the commercial privileges that may be behind this MOU with Surbana Jurong. All SJ companies should now be declared on a public register.

    Combined, these represent three significant sources of stench soiling the reputation of this great city.

    • Achilles says:

      Here’s SJ’s release, interesting that they seem to have secured the second pipeline contract?? via their subsidiary SMEC.


      The devil is in the detail.

      • The Magpie says:

        Yup, sixth par down … but in fact, nothing untoward about that if all required protocol’s were followed. And even with this stumblebum mayor, there is no reason to think that she and The Impaler are collectively stupid enough to play silly buggers with such a high profile contract which so easily could be found out.

        Look, let’s hope these Singapore links work out (the airline flights are simply flights of fancy, even the story quoted the airline and suggested that would be a stretch – if flights to Bali have gone whoopsie-daisy because they are profitable, we sure as hell can’t justify and fill flights to Singapore short of the airline doing some sort of subsidy, which it won’t. Except maybe for Singaporean troops whipping home for a weekend of afternoon delight. Gill will be all around the place making a noise, but one gtes the feeling everyone has woken up to him by now, and treat him as the irrelevance he is.

    • The Real Mr Batty says:

      Thanks MM as much as throwing burley in the water would have me thrashing around like a starving shark my cup runeth over with the airport and disclosure matters.
      I can see a “no case to answer” response coming from regulators as the deal will be over before it begins, not that this would negate the initial conduct of the TCC but I am looking forward to the findings of the Enquiries which are underway.
      I suspect there are many things we could turn our minds to and poke around but as I have been pecking (no offence Pie) at this one for almost 4 months now it would be soul destroying.
      Interesting today though to see a distancing between Premiere and Mayor on the front page, maybe setting the stall out for letting it all fall down.
      Let’s wait and see

      • The Magpie says:

        Yeah, when shielas fall out and a slap fight is in the offing, just get the beer and chips, sit back and watch the fun.

  39. Sandgroper says:

    It’s sad that Barnaby’s done the dirty on his missus, but I don’t remember the same level of media outrage when Bob Hawke and Bill Shorten did the same.

  40. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    From ‘Jack tbe Insider’ in The Australian….

    “These days shit sheets of this kind are fruit for the sideboard for angry bankrupts banging out blogs while living in circumstances so impoverished, there would be little or no point in suing them for the outrageous claims they publish.”

    Surely he can’t be talking about The Magpie?

    • The Magpie says:

      You’d be excused for thinking so, but The ‘Pie ain’t bankrupt – not yet anyway – and what does he refer to ‘shit sheets of this kind’?

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        The ‘shit sheets’ he was refering to are the rumour and innuendo scandal sheets that he says are regularly passed around in Canberra about political opponents or rivals. The article was in relation to the Barnaby brouhaha.

        • The Wulguru Wonder says:

          However, I would be interested to hear your view on the whole matter of reporting of a pollie’s private life, Pie.

          Is a marriage breakup and new relationship with a former staffer a public or private matter?is it in the public interest? If the press gallery widely knew of it (apparently) prior to or around the time of the New England by-election, should it have been reported then?

          • The Magpie says:

            The fact that Vikki Campion was a staff member would only be relevant and entitled to public airing if – as Barnaby asked by Leigh Sales – if public money had been used for transport, accommodation, food etc, solely for the relationship. Barnaby says no public money was involved, and that detailed searches had found no such links.

            His marriage bust up is his matter alone, as it would be any other citizen, but things get murky on a couple of fronts. Note Mrs Joyce’s comment that she had welcomed Campion into her home with friendliness and trust. That means Campion was in the Joyce home solely because she was a staff member. And then there is the matter of the timing of the root that led to the pregnancy (let’s talk barnyard here, it is after all, a national member involved, or more accurately, a National member’s member). If Campion was guesting in the Joyce home while having it off with the boss, and/or visited said home in the early stages of pregnancy, that, apart from being basely grubby in the extreme, leads us to the next consideration.

            In both matters, it can be argued that the question goes to the supposed higher standards that are supposed to be met by our elected representatives who make the laws of the land under which we live (which of course is tripe … power and sex are forever intertwined and the cross pollination of semen in the national capital would make a DNA scientist go cross-eyed. As an ABC reporter on AN said’If you brought a blue light (which makes semen traces glow) into Parliament House, it would light up like a Jackson Pollack.’ (It’s actually known as black light, but poetic license and all that.)

            As to the feminist fancy-dress fringe yapping about he had the boss’s power to seduce Campion, well, that’s just serving a separate agenda in The ‘Pie’s opinion – The ‘Pie knew Vikki Campion when she was working at the Bulletin, she was a gal who knew what she wanted and how to get it in no uncertain terms, often dressing to … shall we say … titillate, which she made sure two of her most prominently displayed features always did … so it could be argued that the constantly eye-batting Ms Campion, no ditz she although a journalist of just modest talent, was not going to be seduced by anyone she had no interest in, the boot would have been very much on the other foot.

          • Grumpy says:

            Compare the current brouhaha with the almost deafening silence by mainstream media when that sleazebag Tony Burke dumped his missus for a staffer – who he then took her on an expensive overseas jaunt (business class, of course).

          • The Magpie says:

            Or how suspected rapist Bill The Short Un publicly dumped his missus … he invited her along to an AFL match and in the crowded box, told her he was sick of her and was off to canoodle with the GG’s daughter. Classy.

        • Grumpy says:

          Much like how Keating dumped poor Anita – over dinner at friends’ house. There are a lot of glasshouses out there…

  41. Critical says:

    Wonder if a similar early emergency warning system about the Ross Dam is to be installed and TCC hasn’t informed the community about it.


    • Achilles says:

      No need mate, there’s no water in the bloody dam, if it did burst the Ross would have a quick flush and that would be that.

  42. The Owl says:

    Anna Alphabet, Bill Shortun and now even the Mullet have finally woken up that Adani are shonky, but the Astonisher continues its PR service in today’s rag, talking up the number of Adani jobs in Townsville, printing a photo of just 5 of them, and claiming there are 200 in Adani headquarters in the ville (noting that some of them actually work for a different company). Not one 457 visa Indian import in sight, despite the fact that they regularly sit outside the building puffing on cancer sticks.
    But let’s play their game. If there are 200 jobs in Townsville, where are the other 600 Adani claimed to have in current employment earlier this week.
    Raggers must have forgotten to ask.

  43. Memory Man says:

    The blathering from Adolf just gets worse, as is the case with today’s Bullsheet opinion piece. The poor bastard can’t see how the hand-out mentality so often puppeteered by his rag has left NQ at the mercy of national political winds. It’s people like him, who’ve promoted a culture of demanding-cum-begging, that has rendered the North apparently vulnerable. 

    Of course, things aren’t anywhere near as grim as one-eyed Adolf would suggest. Regions have incredible natural assets, which can form the basis of a vibrant 21st century economy. A vibrant Services industry, food production, a bunch of smart tech anchored by the uni’s, opportunities to grow a large Aged Care industry in a pretty good climate …

    Mining itself will increasingly automate, so even if Adani could find a sucker to bankroll their dud project, they’d only be able to do so on the back of the mine etc being automated. That’s actually what Adani CEO Mr JJ promised us in a moment of candour back in 2015.

    Left to Adolf, when Clem Jones sewered Brisbane in the 1950s, Adolf would have been the champion of the shit carters … you can always bank on a reactionary to have his eyes firmly set on the (rose tinted) rear vision mirror.


  44. Achilles says:

    Breaking news re Adani’s expected rail line funding from today’s The Oz

    Aurizon halts NAIF funding request

    “Aurizon has withdrawn its application for federal funding to build a rail line in Queensland’s Galilee Basin after failing to strike contracts with proposed mines in the coal-rich region.”

    Full article https://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/latest-news/aurizon-halts-naif-funding-request/news-story/ea3a450a3c89cf42c24e34011957408e

    The bell tolls ever louder

    • Alahazbin says:

      Isn’t Aurizon basically labor orientated board? QR Freight was sold off in Anna Bligh’s day.
      Maybe they have been nobbled by the hierarchy.

  45. BARNaby says:

    Leave me alone – stop looking in my bedroom window – I’m a good guy and you are not! I fight the good fight for our country – in parliament, in the trenches, on the land and in the bedroom – my upcoming child is not a Kiwi either and will not be hanging around sheep! Leave me……..

  46. Lord Howard Hertz says:

    Independent MP Cathy McGowan wants to formally ban politicians having sex with their staff.


  47. Sandgroper says:

    The way things are falling apart for the council– on multiple fronts– there won’t be enough perches when all the chickens come home to roost.

  48. Memory Man says:

    Will someone call the ambulance?! My sides split when I saw this piece of tripe this morning, from our back-peddling, tricky, and ultimately dangerously, arrogantly stupid Mayor. This is the same fool that berated all and sundry who questioned her $18.5m gift to Adani on the basis of, amongst other things, that the project didn’t have Financial close and the gift was both unnecessarily and unjustifiably wasteful and seriously at risk.

    Now, she’s trying to jump on to the bandwagon … Jenny, you are shameless, but the people see right through you. Give it a rest.

    • Old Moll says:

      She’d be an Olympic gold medallist if there was an event for cycling in reverse.

    • The Magpie says:

      It puts one in mind of the poor old Ronald Ziegler, Richard Nixon’s press secretary who had to front the media when his boss was caught out flagrantly lying. Ronald, who had vigorously denied that Tricky Dicky had been fibbing, would go well in the current White House, with his timeless piece of classic ‘alternative facts’.

      He told reporters’All previous statements are inoperative.’

    • Parson Blossomnose says:

      Just seen an ad on Gumtree:

      ‘One pink plastic hair brush. Never been used. Contact Townsville Mayor office.’


  49. Achilles says:

    Apparently, according to the TB, Townsville is in Holland.

    ATHLETES are paying tribute to a Townsville-based champion javelin thrower who died suddenly overseas.

    Jarrod Bannister, 33 — who won gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi — died suddenly in Holland where he had been living, according to reports.


  50. Cajun says:

    Ha ha … Magpie, please read the first substantial comment, the one by Mathew Smith … substitute a few names and it reads exactly like something you could/would/should write should Jenny have all her dreams come true!

  51. The Real Mr Batty says:

    Why do we have an “acting CEO” at the council? Don’t tell me Adele is on leave again.

  52. Alacan says:

    Dare i say it .. GO CLIVE.. if the law suit issued as reported in the astonisher is correct

    Even if he losers, the current investigation of her and her ways and now a law suit to contend with and .. i know what i am about to add is just plain silly .. a city to run .. you can see why there is no time to apply the pink hairbrush.

    Far cry from the basics of basically providing basic services .

    As Ellen is apt to say ..Anyways !

  53. I'll be plucked says:

    So Clive Palmer is having a crack at suing Mayor Mullet for 10 mill; who picks up the legal bill for Mullet – not us ratepayers surely…….pluck me, tell me we won’t have to, please!!!

    • No more dredging says:

      I’ll be Plucked, it won’t be any other way. The mayor of our city, in our name, has poured scorn on one of the saviours of our town. After he handed out the 50 Mercedes bonuses there were hundreds, or maybe thousands, who would bend at the waist if they were in Clive’s presence. He only needed to fart and there would be a general drawing of breath, especially in the media. Plenty of people not only took it in, they swallowed. The electors of a southern province, Sunshine Coast, voted for him as if he was giving away free champagne – and he was elected! Our Mayor has been applauded for acting tough by none other than our Organ of Repute. So of course the full resources of the Council’s legal glitterati will be massed before some star chamber in Walker Street. Why? Because Clive’s gonna make Townsville pay and whatever the result, ratepayers will pick up the tab – for both sides. Thank you linesmen, thank you ball boys.

  54. "Waste" OFTAM says:

    Just wanted to let you know that all 5 trucks involved in the hard rubbish collection have been sitting in our Depot since Wednesday. They have a 2 week window to finish there zone. Apparently they finished early so all the workers (casual) were sent home no pay until Monday. They originally singed up for 5 10 hour days 42 weeks but have only been working 7.6. The reason for sending them home was because council hadn’t sent letters to zone 2 yet. So it didn’t match there timing. So far the guys have done a great job but they have already gone back to streets they have already done. Contradiction of council rules with the collection. These guys won’t last long if they keep getting sent home. Not sure if you want to print this because it might show who I am but I thought I’d leave it until late in the week if you wanted some information. Thanks

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