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Sunday, April 29th, 2018   |   135 comments

Townsville City Councillors Say They Are Now Transparent – True, We Can See Right Through Them

While the council claims highly selective transparency, it is not where it really counts, The Magpie uncovers clear evidence that we are still victims of the council’s ‘culture of secrecy’.

The Magpie and his readers’ thoughts on Mayor Mullet and crew are well aired in this blog, but let’s pose a different challenge for ourselves … what would you do if you were mayor? The ‘Pie gives you special space to have your say.

The week’s most unsavoury headline …

And a wonderful coincidence from the wonderful world of words.

But first …

A Fine Bromance …

Time for a modern re-working of that 1930’s classic ‘A Fine Romance’ by Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields. It could be used as the theme music for a doco on the visit of froggy prez Emmanuel Macron to the demented carrot in the White House during the week. And while the French are famous for their kissing and hugging, Bentley reckons Emmanuel unexpectedly copped some of the attention Donald Trump is famous for.

french  fin

But what’s a little ear tonguing between friends.

From The Townsville White Shoe Brigade Files


You may have heard of the sudden closure those three posh nosheries on Hope Island on the Gold Coast and inexplicable abruptness of the closing down, leaving staff short-changed. You can bet there’s more to be heard about this little caper.

Wonder if anybody here in the ‘ville remembers this bloke, who was involved in those closures.

Randal McFie

That’s one Randal McFie, who a few years back had some less than successful dealings involving the Willows Golf Club. He also owned a Townsville pub. Mr McFie has a colourful history, as several local folk can attest. Doubt he’ll show up around here again, But then, Townsville seems to be a magnet for , shall we say, ‘innovative businessmen’.

Could It Be, Oh Lord, Let It Be …

News selling?

But then, maybe the devil you know …

What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

This Townsville council continues to try to make a virtue out of doing what it was elected to do in the first place.

First we had the ‘Basic Blitz’ nonsense , a feeble attempt to convince the pissed-off citizenry this council under the management of the Fright Bat Twins was taking decisive action, when in fact, they were announcing they were to do what they are supposed to do anyway .. fix potholes, mow public lawns, and fix leaky water pipes.

Now we have this attempt to make a virtue out of what by any measure they should’ve been doing all along.

Screen shot 2018-04-27 at 10.15.02 AM

Obviously stung by the official finding that this council has fostered culture of secrecy, once again, a highly selective sifting of priorities has been trumpeted in an unquestioning Astonisher re-write from a media release (c’mon Raggers, you should know better than that). But the measures are what any half-way decent LG administration would be expected to do.

But did Raggers or anyone address the elephant in the room … transparency about the elected council’s actual decision making? That is just as important as it is to make high minded comments that blame staff and not the executive for citizen dissatisfaction, frustration and mistreatment.

Such decision making by the elected councillors is where transparency is not only required but expected – but is sadly lacking. The closed meeting to make the surprise selection of the water pipeline material is just the latest example. Whatever the virtues and suitability of this material is, the first anyone heard that it was even being considered was when the successful South Australian contractor was announced.

This very point was made in comment yesterday.


This council wouldn’t know transparency if it jumped up and bit them.

This pipeline is going to be an on-going source of pain for Mullet, the funding isn’t lining up with her electoral timeline which means there will be borrowings and interest.

No doubt she is hoping the current top off of the dam will see her through the next election well and truly before having to deal with such thorny issues as pumping costs.

Then there is the type of pipe selected which is against the recommendation of the water taskforce.

The problem is now one of credibility, Mullet and Impaler have led us up the garden path on so many issues why would we trust them on this one?

It may be this is perfectly fine as a material, but where is the transparency on why it was chosen over steel?

As always more questions than answers, and of course the Astonisher isn’t asking any questions just breathlessly reporting press releases as fact.

  • The Magpie

    Exactly, S, particularly the transparency issue. The ‘Pie has been pondering why the decision for the plastic pipe alternative was taken in a closed meeting. Now, certainly, this is a rare occasion when commercial in confidence m,ay well apply, but that does not mean that the council meeting could openly discuss relative merits in public before closing the meeting, then clearing the gallery as they do in rape trials in court (see the similarity there?) and discuss sensitive pricing issues among themselves.

But within 24 hours of all that transparency blather in the paper, they were at it again, when we are treated to this patronising bit of spin, which raises more questions that reassures.


The first obvious question is why is IPLEX presumably paying the Bulletin for a full page ad, the substance of which has already been slavishly reported in the news columns? It surely invites the speculation that this was part of the deal for IPLEX to get the nod – if they did in fact pay the several thousand dollars for the page, and not the council – because the unstated value to Mayor Mullet is that it puts her in a good light as a can-do leader. It fits so neatly with her recently introduced smarm offensive to gloss over her innumerable cock-ups on this and other fronts, as the election nudges closer..

But have you spotted the alarming little inclusion in there, Point 3 about the water security solutions where transparency shyly hides its head behind unexplained buzz phrase Community Transition Package. Alerted to this by an eagle-eyed reader, The ‘Pie again asks just what is our suddenly transparent council hiding from us this time? It’s a fair bet our reader is spot on when he writes:

Are they softening us to lose the water allocation and introduce a full user pays system? The same system that the Mullet and the Angry Ant (Paul Jacob) opposed so vehemently when introduced by the Tyrell administration?

The issue here is not so much a change in the way we are charged for water, but why we suddenly get a mysterious mention of the possibility in terms which on the face of it actually means nothing in everyday English but authorities can later point to it and say they flagged it to the community. This looks like another ruling by fiat, a change presented as a fait accompli without consultation or debate. Without these puppet councillors getting off their well-padded and well paid arses and actually discussing the issue with their constituents.

Jenny HillThe Magpie suggests that the mayor, the council and the CEO for that matter can look forward to facing their own Community Transition Package at the ballot box.

Now It’s OUR Turn To Put Up Or Shut Up.


You will have noted that you get a special bonus blog this week entitled ‘If I Were Mayor.’

The Magpie is aware that there some ill-informed folk who believe the Magpie blog is just a negative, nagging opponent of the mayor – those naysayers obviously do not distinguish between negative whingeing and exposure of secret agendas, abuse of office, possible corruption and just plain dumb populist ideas.

So now here is the challenge. Have your say what you would do if you were the mayor today, right this minute. No abuse, no low punches, just your policies for the governance of Townsville. Please remember, if you have your say, IT IS ABOUT WHAT YOU WOULD DO, NOT WHAT JENNY HILL HAS DONE.

Since this could get unwieldy, to be published the following guidelines should be observed.

1,Make it brief, relevant and readable. No War And Peace ranting diatribes will be published.

2.No abuse of the mayor, the CEO or their policies, or anyone else. But by all means name those matters that you would change e.g. Halt the kerbside rubbish collection, or rescind the $18.5million gifted to the Adani airfield etc.

3. Don’t restrict your policies simply to reversing things you don’t like, suggest new initiatives to help our city chart a bright future.

4. AND MOST IMPORTANT: All such comments should be posted on the ‘If I Were Mayor’ blog (look down the list on the opening page, and click there.) DO NOT post them to this issue of the blog.

The ‘Pie is well aware that this sort of thing can get hijacked by self-interested existing power holders, but the comments need to speak for themselves, and all comers abiding by the above rules wlll be published. If you like the idea and have some livewire friends on FB and other social media pages, by all means pass on the the Magpie address www.townsvillemagpie.com.au . In fact, please do.

The best of the bunch will be published in next week’s blog and on the Magpie’s FB page.

A Sample Of Change From The Magpie

To give you a starter idea, The Magpie offers up the following of some – by no means all – ideas that he thinks will improve the governance of Townsville and point to a bright future.

If The Magpie were mayor of Townsville, he would implement the following changes and initiatives.

  1. All councillors will be required to sign a ‘councillors’ charter’ that pledges them to reply within 24 hours to all ratepayer inquiries with meaningful replies on the issue raised, to post that reply on the council web page, and their own personal social media pages. Councillors will also pledge to set aside one weekend morning per month, to set up a booth in a suitable location and meet with the residents they represent, and subsequently publish on social media any concerns that are raised.
  1. The money gifted to the Adani airfield would be immediately cancelled, even if there is a penalty involved. The KPMG report that was the basis for this move initially will be made public, except where genuine and clearly justifiable Commercial In Confidence concerns exist. These will be redacted, but the modelling will be published.
  1. When a council meeting is closed, it will be required that the media be clearly informed why the meeting is not public, in as far as allowed to adequately explain why it is being held in secret. This explanation will also be posted on the council website.
  1. Emphasis will be placed immediately on the efficient day-to-day running of the city, and the amenity and service reasonably expected by ratepayers and businesses will be the focus of each annual budget, and given priority ahead of exploratory ventures of hopeful growth of jobs and image.
  1. There will be an immediate move to investigate and restructure Townsville Enterprise, and the council’s financial support of the organisation. In order to qualify for the generous ratepayer support, TEL will be required to publicly publish its achievements each quarter until a suitable restructure is decided on and such a requirement is embedded its new charter. If necessary, the council will stop financial support and use the money to create a more meaningful program centred on Townsville alone – and not a wide net of surrounding ares which dilutes the effectiveness of such a program. It will be directly controlled by the council.
  1. Explore the feasibility of buying the civilian assets of the Townsville Airport, and operating it in the interests of the city.
  1. Offer substantial rate credits and other council incentives to attract new businesses to the city, with the proviso that such arrangements do not disadvantage existing businesses. All approaches to organisations which the council is free to publicly canvas will be reported with restraint and reality.

Get the idea? There will be a lot of ratbags, but there could also be a lot of good ideas – and don’t worry, Mayor Mullet won’t pinch them, because its well known that if an idea isn’t seen to be hers, beneficial or not, she won’t adopt it.

Other matters …

As if house auctions and property sales generally aren’t already enough of an ordeal. One could reasonably expect such property sales may prompt a thoughtful stroking of the chin, or a ruminating scratching of the head, but this?!?

Screen shot 2018-04-27 at 9.13.56 AMReally? How unsavoury.

The Wonderful World Of Words Continues To Amaze

The ‘Pie has long been fascinated by collective nouns, and indeed once ran a contest in the Bulletin to find collective nouns for nouns that hitherto had no collective name (The winner: a group of prostitutes – because they offer short term love in exchange for money, they are collectively Firm of Solicitors.)

And we’ve all heard of a murder of crows, and a parliament of both owls and –of course – magpies. But in his electronic wanderings during ther week, The ‘Pie came across a fascinating coincidence.

Screen shot 2018-04-24 at 10.57.15 AM

Now that’s amazin’, ain’t since, ‘coalition’ is also the collective noun for ‘cheaters’, especially those that live in this wild and primitive habitat.

Parl House Canberra

It’s A Different Problem In America

From the New Yorker

DC042618Well, maybe not really that different.

Finally …

While news terms enter the language all the time, there are some that are most unwelcome. Along them, revelations of ball tampering …


And believe it or not, there is a video doing the rounds that graphically features kiddy fiddling. Careful when opening this clip.


That’s for our double-bunger week, make sure to comment on your mayoral agenda on the special ‘If I Were Mayor’ blog, or anything in general on this blog, comments run 24/7. Nd a thoughtful donation to help the blog along and meet expenses will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Litewait says:

    Morning pie If i were mayor my first priority would be to instruct parks management to clean up every concrete medium in this city. Nothing screams out neglect than weeds, rubbish ect at every intersection in this city. When you travel around you see towns with absolutely no weeds or litter what so ever. Why can’t our council be more proactive in this area. My opinion. Cheers.

  2. SPQR says:

    As for Bentley’s toon, what else are you supposed to do with a bit of French pussy?

  3. A keen eye says:

    If iplex , a subsidiary of crane group which was a donor to both sides down south see http://democracyforsale.net/search-aec/ and type in crane- have paid for the ad , should that be regarded as a political donation worthy of disclosure and be punishable for non disclosure ? And on item 7 of your suggestions, if a rates deal is made for donors that’s corruption. There must be a verbatim transcript / Hansard and filming of proceedings. These days you can get a camera and tripod for a couple of hundred and if it came to it a YouTube channel costs nothing. No excuses not to !

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Iplex is now a subsidiary of Fletcher Group, along with Tradelink who were the other known brand of Crane Group but your point is spot on Keen Eye, there would have to be a substantial saving on pipe to convince TCC to move away from steel, and if so the costs should be made public, if the Mullet has managed to save ratepayers millions by using this option then where is the rest of the $215 million being spent, what are the guarantees and provisions with the contract, are Iplex required to pay a performance schedule upfront to cover any issues over the life cycle or will the future ratepayers of Townsville be fucked over once again, questions, questions, questions, and no answers as usual.

  4. Boho63 says:

    The ball tampering photo is priceless.

  5. Tailor says:

    Hi Pie,
    Found the blog interesting read today especially the award of the pipeline being plastic pipe. I am a former employee of TCC and someone who was involved in the design and delivery strategy of the pipeline. Find it strange that they have gone this way given when the design was being undertaken each of the major components pipeline material, pumps, pumpstation location, was determined using a multi criteria analysis (MCA) which the design consultant did and presented in workshop with TCC stakeholders to determine the best options. Plastic pipe was quickly removed compared to other materials like steel pipe.

    • The Magpie says:

      Thanks for that input, which makes an explanation of why this choice was taken even more urgent and relevant. If no coherent explanation is forthcoming, we are entitled to think quite seriously that there is some background corruption present. Please keep an eye on this issue for us, Tailor, much appreciated.

      • No more dredging says:

        “Pie, I had a look at the Taskforce Report to see how they dealt with the specific issue of the material for the pipeline. Whereas (seemingly) all other aspects of the taskforce investigation went into community consultation and focus groups and expert analysis and often summarised the various submissions that had been put forward, when it came to the question of the pipe material there didn’t seem to be anything. That is, if the word pipeline was used it was usually preceded by the word steel but there doesn’t appear to be any options put forward in the actual taskforce report. So I wonder was the taskforce actually asked to examine this question and if they were, where did they report the findings?

  6. Achilles says:

    Caption in today’s The Oz on line, “Labor to remove ‘tampon tax’”; with a policy like this, strings are sure to be attached.

    • Col Foley says:

      An issue that has my thoughts hovering around it being strangely relevant to Labor.

      But a bit weird, too;

      They save say, 60% of Australian women 10% of an expense of maybe $20 pm, $2. Of those, probably 10% would care about their $2, the others concerned only with the principle.
      Of those est. 6% who care about the cost and/or principle, I think it’s fair to say 70%, which is 4.2%.
      For what it’s worth, half of those, being 2.1%, would be Labor voters anyway, and the rest are probably Greens. They are trumpeting a gain of nil!

      BFD, as we used to say (last word is deal, in case you are struggling)

      • The Magpie says:

        The Pie would like to put it on record and in all seriousness that this is an issue that has angered him greatly. The F word that most applies to The Magpie is ‘Fairness’ and taxing female sanitary products (to use what is no doubt an old, fashioned term nowadays) unfair bureaucratic exortion of a defenceless segment of society. Why tampons and sanitary pads (are the still called that?) are subject to tax is inherently unfair – suddenly nature decides if you are to be financially disadvantaged for requiring a unique product that women cannot be without.

        It is simply wrong and always has been.

        • DivineMissM says:

          Thank you ‘Pie. That’s exactly it. For me, it not the money, it’s the stupidity of taxing an essential item. FYI – condoms are GST free.

          • The Magpie says:

            … and should be surgically attached and non-removable for certain classes of people … politicians come to mind. Which is a lame excuse for a joke: what do Barnaby Joyce and IKEA have in common? One screw in the wrong place and the whole cabinet falls apart. (Snurrfle, chortle, wheeze).

  7. One legged tap dancer says:

    Given the TCC references at the bottom of the full page ad in the Astonisher there is a 99.9% chance it was paid for by the council, ie ratepayers.
    All of the talk from the Mullet since the announcement of the plastic pipe has been spin, trying to hose down criticism that the major component of the project will be manufactured in South Australia and not locally.
    The secrecy surrounding the surprise switch from steel pipe to plastic stinks like dead fish.

  8. Achilles says:

    Another caption in today The Oz which implies that Trump is a lunatic, but that is history not news.
    Trump talks with Moon after summit

  9. Col Foley says:

    Let’s at least get the best out of the remainder of this mayor’s term and exact a bit of revenge.

    The only good politician is a scared politician, so ‘Pie, I propose you run a special blog inviting comments to follow:

    “Dear Mayor, (or a nominated other Councillor)

    I’m not going to vote for you next election because: … (<200 words. Keep it clean and concise)"

    I reckon it would be a cracker!

    • The Magpie says:

      Good idea, might do a ‘Dear Madam Mayor’ special blog down the track but will store it store it up until closer to the election … say 6 months out..

  10. Council Insider says:

    Following the fallout from the announcement of a plastic pipeline and the many comments from concerned residents on the WFTAG facebook page the Mullet went into damage control with the assistance of the Astonishers latest flunky Tony Ragget.

    In an effort to cover for this decision they dug up a bloke called Robert Saunders as a pretend expert to defend this decision. Saunders is a former Council engineer from the Mooney days. Piss poor effort really. It was clear from the outset in that article Saunders knew nothing about the plastic pipe. Also very disappointing was the complete lack of any serious question from Ragget.

    Ragget should have torn this guy up but instead let the Mullet off the hook. Judging from the WFTAG facebook page the residents are more that a little concerned about this decision.

    In a flash the Mullet was in Adelaide for a media opportunity. I can tell you the councillors are nothing more than rubber stamps. This questionable decision to go with a plastic pipe was made long before it went to the councillors who rolled over and played dead yet again.

    • The Magpie says:

      The’Pie is a bit confused here … when and why was Jenny Hill in Adelaide? Doesn’t sound right … in previous comments, others have said the same thing, one even referencing South Australia as the location of the photograph in Friday’s paper with head of Iplex Nicole Sumich and hole-in-the-air Coralee O’Rort (WTF has she to do with this?).

      The caption clearly identifies the location as The Bohle in Townsville at the re-booted Iplex plant.

      Look, The ‘Pie has said this before, but god knows Jenny Hill has enough spiteful demagogy, lying and trough snuffling sins to answer for without anyone making false claims that she will assuredly use to cast doubt on ALL claims, including legitimate ones, against her.

      By the way, Tony Raggatt, did it occur to you to ask why the mayor claimed she was not at liberty to to reveal the contract price? There may seem to be an obvious and genuine answer for you as an experienced business journalist, but the general reader, who has no such insight, again sees this as the mayor putting a swifty over on the general public, continuing the council’s ‘culture of secrecy’ which you yourself are complicit in dishonestly debunking through lack of professional questioning.

      • Council Insider says:

        I stand corrected on the location of the photo. However my comments about using a former council employee as a supposed expert to support the plastic pipeline decision was dodgy to say the least.

        • Mark Harvey says:

          Council Insider, perhaps Rob Saunders was chosen to speak about the pipeline because he is a senior water engineer with GHD, the company that TCC appointed to design the pipeline.

          • Linda Ashton says:

            Yes indeed a very experienced engineer.
            Mark will you please contact me? 0419713242

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      Rob Saunders is GHD Townsville’s Water Manager.
      GHD has won the alignment Design part of the Pipeline contract so it is appropriate that he has responded.
      We do need a response from council showing the reasons for the selection of this product above the numerous submissions.

  11. Council Insider says:

    On another matter Pie you have raised questions about recycling in this city. Less than twelve months ago a new contract was signed for the handling of recycled waste in this city and you and your readers may remember the great fanfare about the new recycling centre at the Bohle.

    Only months after taking over the contract the contractors have come back to council demanding to renegotiate the deal or they would walk away. The word around Council staff is the mayor has backed down which can only mean the cost has gone up.

    We have all become aware of China’s decision to dramatically cut back on the amount of recycled waste they are taking from Australia and this is a major factor in this debacle.

    However the problems run much deeper. The residents are in no small part responsible for mass contamination of the waste coming out of recycle bins. Grass clippings are a major problem. Items such as gas bottles, batteries and paint are just a few of the many things that should never be placed in a recycle bin but are arriving at the recycle shed in the council recycle collection trucks.

    The level of contamination is as high as 20% of the total waste collection. It is my understanding it needs to be as low as 3% requiring an excessive amount of work and cost to try to separate the contamination from the material that can be recycled. The separation process here is only getting down to about 10% and after shipping to Brisbane it is handled again to try to reach the 3% target. The cost of all of this must be staggering.

    Add to that the damage being done to the conveyor system by thing such as logs from trees and the cost of lost time and repairs is blowing out. Combine this with the China decision to drastically it’s intake from Australia and the contractors were going broke. The council is responsible for policing what goes into the recycle bins but is doing nothing for fear of losing votes.

    The whole service is a complete shambles and a sham. A very large percentage of recycled waste collected is going straight to landfill. The council is wasting ratepayers money. Ipswich council has dropped recycling for all of these reasons. I doubt very much this council will have the courage to make such a decision. They are already in so much hot water for so many other very poor decisions.

  12. Linda Ashton says:

    The WFTAG article in the TSV Bulletin this Tuesday raises some serious concerns about the process for selection of the GRP pipe product. I would really appreciate a call from “Tailor” ex employee of TCC.

    • The Magpie says:

      Perhaps you might get on the blower to Mayor Mullet and ask why she can’t reveal the contract price, or the savings over steel even in the most general terms. On this blog, this isn’t about steel v plastic, it’s about secrecy by someone who paints herself as the peoples’ champion but insists we just take her word for that.

      Maybe we should start calling her Joh Hill.

      • The Magpie says:

        And with deepest apologies to the memory of JOE Hill, who remained true to his labour roots until, as the song says ‘the copper bosses filled him full of lead’.

    • Council workers "shovel" says:

      Here’s an idea Linda. Just tell the useless fool that anything you both talk about is not commercial in confidence and everything will be printed in the magpie and forwarded to WAFTAG. pretty much asures you of an answer and what ever that answer is it willbe printed to people who follow you and the magpie. Should be interesting what she saysto that. Considering she’s taken your group for granted don’t talk nice just threaten her with it.

  13. Don the One says:

    Another great column Magpie…thanks! As for if I were Mayor…it’s naive because the ideas will contribute to re-election of this dud council, particularly the mayor. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I saw one of my ideas in Mayor Mullet’s next election manifesto. Better to just watch a useless mob go down in flames as inevitably they will!

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      I initially thought the same thing Don but most things any of us would like to see a Mayor won’t be ground breaking news , just common sense but I suspect a few ideas put up will be met with approval and as Pie says at some stage the criticism has to stop and some new ideas emerge. The fact is the Mullet is so on the nose in this town she could cure cancer and not get re elected, the level of deep seated resentment and disgust toward her is at a level hard to fathom, what will now be interesting is how many of the “gutless 10” councillors will now start to find a voice now we are on the downhill run to the next election.

      • The Magpie says:

        You right on all points but one … The ‘Pie has never suggested that the criticism of this deeply divisive and egocentric worst-ever mayor ever stop … she must be exposed at every turn for the shonk she is.

  14. Dave Nth says:

    Seems they are scrimping on everything. Rubbish in a public area of Summerland Dve now at the 3 week mark that no one has cleaned up.

    2 reasonable prangs in 5 days at the Deeragun Dve Intersection with Geaneys Lne that I have seen, Mrs says she sees the results of a few a week there. No works to slow down traffic on the straight section or even whats needed a roundabout. I will give credit where it is due & Cr Jacob has at least raised this within council but been ignored by his peers.

    Then there this plastic fantastic pipe. I know mine sites are semi permanent but if anyone has seen how these pipes leak out that way and how quickly the pipes start to perish let alone supposed UV resistant plastic performs in this part of the world or even SE Asia; I remain completely unconvinced this will not cause issues sometime in the future when all the spivs currently sitting in Walker st are well watered in the long paddock. This is an economic choice for political expediency & Keen eyes seems to be on to something else that doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    • funnytillsomeonelosesaneye says:

      Agree. If you want a great example of the crap vegetation management (mowing etc.) by Open spaces, take a drive down Beck drive and look at the quality of the slashing, and the brush-cutting around signs etc. that has been completely missed.

      Great example to all the folks from out of town that come to the Cowboy’s games.

      Even the presentation of major entries to Townsville from North, South and West are a dogs breakfast, reflecting the neglect of presenting Townsville to visitors.

      No wonder we need 4TO FM to run – why I love Townsville to boost our spirits.

      • The Magpie says:

        Those responsible really need to read Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘The Tipping Point’ – which we have passed.

  15. Mick says:

    If I was Mayor I’d support the relocation of Townsville Airport from Garbutt to a new location at 4073 Flinders Hwy, Woodstock QLD . This is the location of 2200ha of land acquired by TCC in 2002. This could be built in partnership with the same group that constructed and operate Brisbane West Airport. Could also generate earnings from rates. Queensland Rail could run “Railmotors” from Townsville to the airport and return, thus, saving the costs of a Light Rail.

  16. Mike Douglas says:

    Proposed changes to T.C.C. would include making the Mayor, deputy Mayor and Councillor roles part time and using the savings $ to improve internal management and systems.Why ?. It’s unlikely that any of our elected Council representatives could in fact secure a senior role in a large company or operate their own businesses simply based on ability and skill set and yet they have responsibility of hundreds of millions of rate payers $. It’s unlikeky that successful people would apply for Mayor or Council due to restrictions of full time roles and low salaries.Boards of most companies are part time and provide strategy and direction and by using this model you can select a skill set across a number of industries instead of the electorate falling for Mayor Mullets feeding of the chooks with what they want to hear and elect minions as Councillors.

  17. Gonzo says:

    Hi Pie, A great blog post. If I lived in Townsville, I would comment on “If I Were Mayor,” but I think it’s unfair for a non-resident who’s only been in the city once in his life. But transparency is important and I think the meme from Twitter about “A group of cheetahs is called a coalition” sums up what’s wrong with most politicians, including mayors! Cheers

    • The Magpie says:

      “but I think it’s unfair for a non-resident who’s only been in the city once in his life”.

      Didn’t stop Rupert Murdoch.

      Anyway, Gonzo, go Swannnneeesss!!!!

  18. A keen eye says:

    Gonzo and Magpie , if the donor focus pacific bloke who ADMITTED HE made the donation of 5k to team Hill https://www.ecq.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0019/62353/Team-Jenny-Hill-3.pdf who’s address on the disclosure was P.O. box 545 The Gap Qld was an out of towner , and he said in Tony Raggat’s story 10/4/18 “Stadium Hotel Row” that (1) There was no connection between the donation and the hotel stuff (2) That hill was the one going to turn Townsville around and (3) they would gain certainty for decisions made in the Townsville Priority Development area . A simple fucken question , if its good enough for Hill to say you cant sign a petition against the Adani 18 Mil for an out of town airstrip – if he’s told the Qld Electoral Commission on an official fucken document that he’s an out of towner , then what the fuck has Townsville got to do with him if not Hotel fucken profits and deals for fucken donor mates ?. You can teach monkeys to read electoral forms better than that ! The commission is aware of this.

    • Dave Nth says:

      Us ratepayers will be partly in hoc for the opulence on Ross ck for years to come but I am amazed at the size of donations from the last couple of years. Its not hard to work out who will reap a windfall from this Stadium is it…

  19. Grumpy says:

    Clive Palmer issued press release thanking Jenny Hill for her apology.


  20. Gazza says:

    Found out today that TCC has contracted a private company to mow, clean, etc Dan Gleeson Park. Current very small number of TCC employees that were working there have been redeployed to other parks.
    How much extra is this going to cost us ratepayers to provide the dosh to pay this external company??

    • WTF Fan says:

      was walking the dog at Dan Gleeson yesterday next to the council workshop at the back when a minibus load of workers arrived – in addition to the council workers i could hear in their hut…

  21. Critical says:

    Been told that Anna Alphabet and her bleeding heart mob have moved 6 problem families from Rasmussen into Cook, Mitchell Streets and other unidentified streets in North Ward. Also heard that Qld government has secured 4 double blocks of land that run from Cook Street to Warburton Street and are about to commence building 2 multi-level blocks of units for these low lives. Anyone seen the 3 level block of units being built in Albury St Pimlico (behind the former Walkers Corner Store) and the long term residents were virtually told to fuck off when they went to protest as the Qld government is exempt from TCC planning laws. Oh well at least the protected species will be close to Centrelink in Walker St, the bottle shops, Maccas, parks and so on. Looks like the lives of people and the crime rates in North Ward are going to get even more interesting And there’s nothing local residents can do except watch yiur property value decrease and your security bill go up.

    • Westie says:

      You elitist prick.

      According to you, the role of the good, hardworking citizens of Rasmussen is to

      (a) send their rates in to maintain your Strand, Jezzine Barracks, Sports Reserve, Perc Tucker gallery, Civic Theatre, Flinders Street reconstruction, Entertainment Centre etc etc to the level you deserve
      (b) keep the “problem” families so they don’t impact the sensibilities of the genteel, rich white folks of North Ward.

      A downside of the anonymity of commenters to this blog is that we can’t find out your address, and pass it on to the “problem” families to ensure you get a visit.

      • The Magpie says:

        That last comment says everything about you and nothing about others with an alternative view to you, who clearly believes in mob rule, criminal behaviour and stand-over tactics. It destroys your credibility as a responsible person in any discussion. Which is a shame since your previous comments have been a valuable voice here.

  22. Memory Man says:

    This is a visceral example of when reality and fiction collide. While the gilded few and their cheer squad in the Walker St Bunker and the dullards in Enterprise House crap on about green shoots and turnarounds, the reality is a flatlined building market …

    … it doesn’t matter how good you are, how many awards you’ve under your belt, when the economy does little more than splutter with the odd band aid applied for short term cosmetics, there will be many business victims … 

    • The Magpie says:

      And adding to those woes, the world has been told that even rooting is rooted in Townsville … it seems the business that specialises in spread-eagling is financially spreadeagled … two – not one but two – Townsville brothels are listed among six high class (?) establishments for sale around Australia. The Real Estate article claims they turn healthy profits, but this publication belongs to the same mob that talks about a mythical Townsville turnaround. Almost seems symbolic of the poor old town.


      • Old Moll says:

        Now we know the sort of establishments you Google.

        Seriously, business ain’t what it used to be.

        • The Magpie says:

          Actually use your excuse that there was business to be done at the adjacent motor registry, but unlike you, don’t find it necessary to go there on a weekly basis.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Very true Memory Man, building approvals at an all time low, 49 stand alone houses last month, roughly 2 a day starting construction in a town this size, just pathetic, but no analysis from the astonisher, just continue the same shit from Colin Dwyer and others that the economy is turning around, well plain and simple if youre not building houses you are going nowhere, residential construction is the best barometer of an economy going.
      Sorry to see Darren close the doors, but he has learnt like many that this town doesn’t generally reward quality and the latest innovations and features, of which he promoted in his designs, a bit sad really.

    • Kingswood says:

      This is sad. A really nice bloke and good quality homes.

  23. Democratic Dan says:

    As Townsville Mayor I would insist that Townsville local government elections are conducted on the basis of “divisions” (as in the different areas into which Townsville is broken up).
    Under the system dictated by council in recent years, residents cannot vote to elect a councilor to represent their area or “division”.
    We are forced to vote in block for councilors who are later allocated “divisions” by the Mayor.
    By running the election in divisions, it is the people who decide who will represent their “division” or area.
    Under the protection racket currently used by the Mayor, who has the right to choose to have the election decided by “divisions” or not, teams such as her current group of puppets have a huge advantage over independents.
    For example under the current voting system the Jenny Hill team of phony independents can call on the relatives and friends of 12 councillors (plus Labor hard liners) to man election booths across the city handing out how to vote cards which push voters to vote for teams rather than individuals.
    On the other hand, individual (genuine) independent candidates face the impossible task of finding enough supporters to man all the polling booths.
    A similar unlevel playing field exists with election advertising and media coverage.
    Teams are much better placed to raise funds to pay for election advertising (think developers and anyone else who wants future favours).
    The media also concentrates on the teams rather than independent candidates, which it dismisses as irrelevant.
    You can bet that Jenny will be sticking with her team system at the coming election, thus virtually freezing true independents out of the contest.
    But how democratic would it be if the next election were to be conducted on “divisions”, thus giving every candidate a fair go?
    Hell, we might even get a transparent council that acted in the best interests of the people, rather than the Mayor and her favoured group of donors.
    We certainly wouldn’t be slugged with that $18 million donation to a dodgy Indian billionaire to build an airport 400km from Townsville.
    Oh, almost forgot, I’d also get rid of the useless TEL.


    • The Magpie says:

      Your comment in published to allow The Magpie to demonstrate that even the grossly misinformed who have parted company with reality and facts can have their say here. Have no idea where you get your theory of how a council election is conducted, or for that matter, what your idea of democracy is, Dan.

    • Ronny Righteous says:

      “Democratic Dunce” would be a more appropriate handle.

    • No more dredging says:

      DemoDan, if you voted in the last local government election you would have received two ballot papers – one to vote for mayor and a second separate ballot paper to vote for a candidate IN THE DIVISION IN WHICH YOU ARE LISTED ON THE ELECTORAL ROLL AS A RESIDENT. Even if you wanted to you could not have voted for a candidate in any other division. This system of voting has been set down in Townsville for decades. The question is: did you vote?

      • Grumpy says:

        For once NMD, your scorn is well justified.

        I really had to read Demolition Dan’s post twice before I realised he wasn’t taking the piss.

      • Mick says:

        No more dredging, perhaps you are incorrect in stating “This system of voting has been set down in Townsville for decades.” There was a deviation to this in the first election after the demise of Thuringowa City Council.

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          Mick is correct.

        • Westie says:

          It depends if you count the old Thuringowa as part of Townsville or not.

          Prior to amalgamation, for time immemorial, Thuringowa had a whole of City approach- all citizens voted for the Mayor and all Councillors. The old Townsville has a ward system where citizens voted for the Mayor and one Councillor. Mayor Les T believed all councillors were responsible for the good governance of the whole City, not that their patch, and Ward systems led to petty politicking between Councillors.

          The argument for Wards was to give accountability to Councillors for something.

          There are arguments both ways.

    • Mundingbird says:

      You have got to be kidding , compensation for rioters….? The culprits should be jailed and sent a bill for the damage.

      • No more dredging says:

        Mundingbird, your ignorance is showing. The long and winding judgement in the Federal Court (if you can be bothered it’s available online at “Federal Court of Australia No 5 Wotton v State of Queensland [2016] FCA 1457) ends with a statement:

        “It has been said, in relation to the events on Palm Island on 26 November 2004, that: “To riot against the police service is an affront to the rule of law.” (R v Poynter, Norman & Parker; ex parte A-G (Qld) [2006] QCA 517 at [34] (de Jersey CJ))

        For those in command and control of particular policing activities, and for those in charge of a police investigation into the death of a person in police custody, to perform their functions differently by reference to the race of the people they are dealing with is also, in my respectful opinion, an affront to the rule of law. ”

        It might be painful and confronting for you to contemplate the possibility that the police officers who went over to Palm Island AFTER the riots and fires, might have acted in a way that was racist – that is, many behaved appallingly in that isolated community because it was an Aboriginal community. That is what the court found. That is what the state of Queensland, on behalf of citizens like you and me, has to answer for. We can’t rewrite that history now. We can acknowledge what actually happened (as established by the court), we can have the State say we’re sorry for what happened (which will come soon) and we can stop lying about the facts to paint a false picture. That last part is up to you and me.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          So NMD I would imagine you would have no issues with the state govt also paying millions in compensation to the officers sent to Palm Island that day and those stationed at the island at the time who had their lives altered forever by the events of that day. Virtually none of the officers serving that day had riot training or experience, not one single officer was given clear rules of engagement as we would get in the military, they were simply instructed to secure the police station where fellow officers lives were under threat. The state clearly failed these officers by ordering them to undratke duties they were clearly not trained to deal with and I for one would be happy to see a million bucks popped into the pocket of each police officer who was there that day to compensate them for the years of absolute shit they have had to endure including being labelled a racist by people like you.

          • No more dredging says:

            Cantankerous, hold your horses, old mate. If you would only suspend your flight of fancy and read the bloody judgement you would notice that it was the Federal Court, not me, that found that the Queensland Police Service walked all over the Racial Discrimination Act when its officers stormed Palm Island like a bunch of gangsters. The rioters have done their time, the families have done their mourning, the community is trying to get its act back together. Now it’s our turn to face up to our responsibilities. Don’t you hate it when the moral high ground you think you are standing on is just plain bullshit? Well, get over it.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            Not disputing the judgement NMD, it is now a matter of record, but disputing your steadfast support for the judgement which includes inferring every officer that went to the island that day is a racist , because only a racist would act in a racist manner, which is a disgraceful accusation and reflects on every single person who was involved that day, including friends and family of mine, who all were all so disgusted by their treatment from the state govt that most left the QPS and many left the state to find opportunities elsewhere where they weren’t instantly identified as “ officers involved with Palm Island” , just an absolute disgrace from a gutless govt and a pissweek Police Union who should have stood up for their members. I don’t begrudge the $30 million paid to the islanders, I hope they do some good with it, but many good people of the QPS were fucked over that day also, but I guess that’s alright by you, fucking hypocrite.

          • No more dredging says:

            Cantankerous, I’m not going to let you get away with your fabrication that I have personally accused “every officer that went to the island that day” of being a racist. I specifically wrote: “. . . that is, many behaved appallingly in that isolated community because it was an Aboriginal community.” I did not accuse each and every cop of racism and neither did the Federal Court (although the Court did name a few names – have you checked to see if you recognise any?). What the Court did do was accuse the QPS of racism – and I think you’ll notice that the Queensland government has decided not to contest that accusation. I await with interest your public denunciation of the “pissweak Police Union”, good luck with getting a hearing in any Queensland newspaper.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            Apologies Pie, the back and forth must be annoying on this but I will make one last comment to NMD. You can’t assign racism without assigning it to a racist, you can tell someone they are behaving in a stupid way or doing a stupid thing, but that doesn’t mean you believe the person is stupid, people do stupid things when excited or influenced by alcahol for example, but they are not stupid people. However you don’t suddenly became a racist and commit acts of racism on the spur of a moment, it is something that is present to start with, so to accuse a person, orginisation or whatever of racism is to accuse them of being a racist, the two can’t be seperated.

    • Terry Smith says:

      The State Government made the unsolicited settlement offer to the residents of Palm Island four weeks before the state election. The matter had not even gone to mediation, yet out of the blue lands this kiss on the arse by a rainbow. The government was in caretaker mode at the time but decided that the multi-million dollar offer was so important to the on going government of Qld that it couldn’t wait! Now I’m not saying that the State Government purchased the votes on Palm Island but bearing in mind that Scott Stewart won the seat by 214 votes, the 258 votes he got on Palm sure came in handy. Actually, wait, I am saying that they purchased votes, Sorry, my bad.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Watch out Terry, NMD will on your case.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Watch out Terry, NMD will be on your case.

      • Old tradesman says:

        What I find amazing is the fact that Triad can suddenly come up with $30m in the blink of an eye, but can’t find the money for TEARC, only half the money for the Little Stadium,only half the money to dredge the port channel,mind you, when they gave the full amount to the Cairns Port Authority. Can’t find any money for the Women’s Shelter. 447 Palm Islanders are to be compensated, what will the rest now want?

    • TweedleDee says:

      A sad episode in our history as a society.

      The state (through the agency of local police officers) murdered a local drunk by beating him to death. Facts are pretty much undisputed. And nothing happened to the perpetrators. Supported by the Poice Union.

      The local community rioted. Reprehensible. But you notice the police are careful not to kill people on Palm Island now. For now.

      • The Magpie says:

        As a court reporter who sat through the entire proceedings of Chris Hurley’s trial, it is personal conclusion that can be reasonably drawn from the evidence that Snr Sgt Hurley was guilty of the manslaughter of a drunken man much smaller than himself by ‘knee dropping’ him in such a manner that could be reasonably expected – especially by an experienced police officer – to cause serious injury, in this case, fatally. The knee drop was intentional, to stop Doomagee’s resistance (as evidenced by Hurley’s comment as he stood over his prisoner ‘Have you had enough now, Mr Doomagee?’) but the outcome was could not have been intentional and therefore the charge of murder could not be applied, therefore Hurley was correctly tried on a charge of manslaughter, and in my opinion, convicted. This was compounded by the lack of attention and care after the fatal injury, where Doomagee was left in a cell inadequately checked as required. None of this behaviour or the subsequent cack-handed and concocted attempt at a cober-up – successful as it turned out – can be justified … there is no legal death penalty in this country even for treason, let alone a drunk gobbing off to an indigenous copper prompting Hurley’s train of reaction.

        It is necessary to be aware of this background when making judgement on the riot that followed, and viewing video of what the police confronted they acted with commendable restraint – they were armed and they could’ve opened fire (that restraint and judgement does not apply to the dawn sweeps that followed by specialist squads flown in afterwards).

        And $30million ‘compensation’? Opinion will ever be divided but it seems to The ‘Pie a whole of community program backed by that sort of money would’ve been a better option if we had a government that wasn’t chasing a populist outcome … after all, Palm Island voters are the ones who tipped the balance to keep Labor in power in Townsville so many times … including to their shame, that pompous, self-regarding non-achieving waste of space, Mike Reynolds.

        • I'll be plucked says:

          Yes Pie, Captain Snooze and now Captain Cupcake (soft, doughy and absolutely no substance S Stewart) as ALP members for Townsville…….pluck me what a pair of political wasters. Harnessing the power of a $30m injection into the Palm community would have and still is a better option than splitting it up amongst the 447 or so receipients. Maybe this pooling/harnessing of the power of such an amount of money might still happen………….I doubt it – might be more to come too, with the rest on the Island taking action, who think they have missed out. One step forward, ten steps back – the way it has unfortunately been with Indigenous matters for many, many decades!

        • No more dredging says:

          ‘Pie, I too sat through several days of the trial. It was quite an experience crossing the police lines at the court house, especially on Day One. I couldn’t disagree with the jury’s finding of Not Guilty based on the evidence actually presented in the court. But we were much younger and smarter then, eh?

          Another person present at the trial was the journalist and writer Chloe Hooper who went on to publish a book about the death in custody and its aftermath – The Tall Man – an excellent account.

          • The Magpie says:

            Bought the book but found eight or so factual errors in the first chapter so didn’t bother reading the rest … I was over it by then anyway, a draining experience.

          • Grumpy says:

            Wonder what Levitt’s slice will be?

      • Grumpy says:

        Dickhead. Have you bothered to even read up on the facts, or are you just a part of the “Fuck the Police” brigade or the mindless BLM thugs?

        It was not “local police officers”. It was a police officer – singular. One with whom, I might note, Karma has finally caught up. I had met the man prior to this incident and took an instant dislike to him – not that says much, other than I am no fan and have my own view of what probably happened that Friday afternoon.

        The jury got it right – they saw and heard the evidence. It is beyond reasonable doubt, after all. Mind you, the CMC, the Director of Prosecutions and the State Solicitor-General had all previously warned the ALP Attorney-General that there were some real evidentiary problems with any prosecution. It was not until they wheeled that old Bolshie and Aboriginal Rights Activist Larry Street out of the crypt that they got a deeply flawed and biased recommendation to prosecute – if only to be seen to be doing something, It was never going to succeed.

        However, it is often said that a “not guilty” verdict should never be taken as a declaration of innocence.

        I believe the QPS are reasonably careful not to kill anyone, anywhere. They have a pretty good record so far as the use of lethal force is concerned.

  24. Old tradesman says:

    Totally agree with Mayor Lady Byron’s comment. Well done. A Paradise Lost.

  25. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Best Wishes,

    Miss Lou.

  26. The Magpie says:

    Slowly slowly …. it might be in slow motion, but the penny is dropping for Linda Ashton and her water group. She has just posted this worthy (no sarcasm, it is worthy) post on FB – please note item 2 from this apolitical outfit. WFTAG is political activism at its most constructive … apolitical means ‘not interested or involved in politics’ … it DOES NOT mean not adherent to a particular party or ideology.

    Linda Ashton
    May 2 at 10:04am


    There are a few in government who would like this group to put away their water pistols and leave things be now cos the water security problem is solved. We would really like to do that.
    BUT …

    • Rain saved the government’s’ butts
    not provision of timely new water infrastructure
    • Stage 1 of the pipe is for short term security not long term as every local politician has stated
    • The previous process for planning and provision of major urban infrastructure, until the signing of the 15 year City Deal, has been through a state-council arrangement. To date for our top priority of new water security there has been no change. What’s the point of the City Deal then?
    • The point is that all 3 tiers of government pledged to collaborate, put aside the partisan punch ups and improve the previous process. So far the Federal Government has contributed $0 towards the top priority. • The stadium was the result of a previous initiative called Urban Renewal and the Federal $$$ appeared in the weeks before the last election.
    • If Townsville is to squeeze any money from the Federal Government there are 3 ways to increase the pressure in the lead up to the next election. It’s likely to be this year.

    1. Keep reminding them that Herbert is one of the most marginal Federal seats in the country.
    2. Maximise the impact by increasing our membership ie. votes.
    3. Remind Council and the State that they signed this first deal and should be vigorously and publicly lobbying the Federal Government to match the $225 million under the City Deal.
    4. Not become complacent because the city is green and the dam is full. Anyone who has lived here for 5+ years knows the cyclical problem. Without stage 2 our kids and grandkids will be in the same situation.

    • Council workers "shovel" says:

      There is lots of talk going around my neck of the woods in regards to the buying of land for the new pipeline. I will say I don’t know all the people personally but some have been compensated for the laying of the pipe but there’s some not so happy campers around the farming areas and it’s got nothing to do with money. Worth digging around more as farmers are about to come out and expose what the mayor is trying to swindle them with in the construction fase. I think it has alot to do with direction of water flow or diverted water flow, which has a significant effect on water purchase and volume requirements. The mayor is doing the dirty on the farmers. No surprise really considering what the state is doing in relation to vegetation clearing laws. Why wouldn’t the mayor be doing her part. I’ll post more info when I get it.

      • Non Aligned Worker says:

        The choice of pipe material will change the load requirements over the proposed alignment, variables can include, select back fill cover (how deep it is buried), live load restriction (size of allowable vehicle axle loads traversing the pipe).
        None of these variables have been discussed by council to all supply bidders. (Previous costs were based on a 1290 diameter pipe).
        It will be interesting to see the feedback on the new restrictions that will be in place with this material.
        GRP is a viable product but there will have to be compromises for supply throughout the 36.5 km alignment.

      • Simon Templar says:

        Wait up there. How much of the pipeline transverses TCC area? Is not the the State Government responsible for acquisition and compensation? What has TCC got to do with water allocations in the Burdekin?

        I’m confused.

  27. A keen eye says:

    More strategic ads on p7 of bully today with gun shop ad. They used to have Halls guns sponsor the Monday sports liftout – like tobacco, going for a new generation. With the placement the Bully knows the crowd.

  28. Lord Howard Hertz says:

    NMD, they certainly are right to call you No More Sledging … as a request. Your take on Radical Bay is a totally addled hypothetical conjuring up class warfare on totally unfounded jealousy tinged daydreaming. Maybe best to stick to areas you know, which is also sometimes tenuous, but not so silly.

    • Grumpy says:

      M’Lud – you sound like my wife, bringing up old arguments…

      NMD had his arse well and truly kicked over that issue months ago.

      Why bring it up again? Unless, like my wife, just because.

    • No more dredging says:

      Duh? What do you know, Howard?

    • Alahazbin says:

      M’ Lord,
      If people like NMD had their way, they would the only people allowed to live on Maggie Is.
      After all, they are the only ones who know how to look after the environment. Apparently!

      • No more dredging says:

        Alahazbin, why should Queensland taxpayers let alone Townsville ratepayers, stump up the funds to reconstruct Juniper’s private access track (it is not a ‘road’ and it is not on a ‘road reserve’)? The conditions on the local, state and federal approval of their proposed Sea Temple resort proposal (dating from about 2005) are quite clear – before construction starts they must build an access road at their expense, incorporate all services (water, sewerage, electricity, communications) in a trench in the road and once completed, hand it over to local government. At the present time, local council vehicles and workers are not permitted to access Arthur or Florence or Radical Bay because the ‘access’ is a private track on Unallocated State Land. If you choose to drive your private car down there you do so at your own risk. From the Forts carpark onwards you are simply trail riding on state land. The Council has no jurisdiction whatsoever.

        • The Magpie says:

          You’re right, NMD, as far as The ‘Pie knows, that whole Radical Bay shooting match is under the nightmarish bureaucracy of the Queensland Parks and Wildlife poobahs. But here’s a question for all across the political mspectrum … if contracts like the Sea Goddess one at Radical are issued, they should surely contain KPI – time penalties and/or automatic cancellation if performance agreements are not met. This, at a stroke, would rid the state … and Townsville particularly – of those leeches whose only agenda is buy property, get the appropriate approvals and permissions for all sorts of bright shiny blue sky developments, then sit on the property until they can flog it off to another party, the price of which has now skyrocketed because of the approvals are in place. The buyer may then be just another ‘rent seeker’ chasing a do-nothing profit and further sit on on the acquisition. KPI clauses would be fair and put a brake on, if not an instant stop, to this ‘greed is good’ culture. This is a clear case where for the community’s sake, no development is better than no development with applications approved.

          • No more dredging says:

            ‘Pie, a few years ago, Junipers had a go at changing their approved plans for Radical Bay. They decided that a Sea Temple wasn’t going to work so they applied to TCC to subdivide the seven acre site into (I think) 24 house allotments – you know, a proper gated community. The Council knocked them back and I can’t remember what happened next but all along the same deal applied about the ‘road’. At the time Junipers were up to their eyeballs in getting the 79 storey Soul apartments finished on the Gold Coast (they just got started when the GFC hit) and were probably suffering badly but TCC seemed to be sticking to their guns. These days it’s hard to know who’d do what for/to who for what price. Wonder if Alahazbin or Vibrating Howard have any insights? Probably not.

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie has said more than once in this blog that the best option for Radical would be a medium/upmarket (no backpackers) glamping development running down boh sides of the valley. The beach would and should always be open to the public. And The ‘Pie doesn’t disagree that any developer should be responsible for the road to the standard already mentioned. A road to Radical woulkd benefit the entire island.

          • Mundingbird says:

            They could use the Picnic Bay Hotel redevelopment as a test case,been sitting in a state of despair since their builder went legup.
            It was only 12 years ago.
            I am sure NMD will have a view on this though……..

  29. The Magpie says:

    Ipswich on her mind? Or the CCC?

    • Mike Douglas says:

      If Councillors Veitch, Parsons, Roberts,Lane , Eddinghausen, Bloom, Roberts were fined a total $11,000 for not declaring conflicts of interest should Mayor Hill face the same judgement for failing to disclose a possible conflict of interest?.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      She’ll be shitting bricks and so she should be – how the pluck can you ‘forget’ to disclose a 22k donation? And look what they apparently got in return………pluck off Mullet, we’ve had enough of you and take The Impaler and the useless councillors with you!

    • A keen eye says:

      Schadenfreude I think , is the right word to describe my amusement at their joint and several predicaments at walker st

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘oversight’ of $22,000 today is more ‘karma’ considering her snide actions against Townsville First councillors for far lesser transgressions. This has to be taken further.

    • Council workers "shovel" says:

      I’ve heard along the lines that Wingate donated 35k to her election fund that was declared but also gave the 22k to a 3rd party. It only came forward because of certain things that have happened this week at ipswich just as you thought. So in other words it was deliberately hidden. Surly these dick heads at the CCC can see this.

  30. The old peterbuilt says:

    Just noticed on the Clive Palmer Facebook page he is claiming that the QN liquadators have had to admit under oath that they refused an offer from Palmer to cover the costs and entitlements of staff and transfer staff to a new entity that would have enabled the plant to stay open. He also says the liquadators have so far billed the tax payer $10mill. He then goes on to thank Jenny hill for her apology now that she has the facts. Anyone see her apology.? And why aren’t main stream media reporting this.

  31. Council workers "shovel" says:

    Ahhh yes this would have to go down as one of my better days working for TCC. Nows she’s in deep shit!!!! No more hoping and praying this will start the ball rolling. It goes up there with the first Monday after Tony Mooney was booted out. She gets caught red handed and now the ipswich solution to her council is gone. I’ve had so many texts today from former workers just laughing there arse off.

  32. Nonaligned says:

    The left look after their own! Shorten forgot to declare a large donation from the Union to help him get into parliament, Mayor Mullet seems to have suffered the same memory lapse!
    But her viciousness in attacking the Townsville First Councillors for not ticking 3 boxes out of 175 boxes on an excel spreadsheet was unparalleled.
    The bureaucrats in Brisbane were ultra left in their approach. Although it should naturally happen, it would be a miracle if they took action against the Mayor.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      Non aligned? You Must choose a more original moniker. Otherwise I may need to change my nom De plume to ???

      • The Magpie says:

        From the outset, The ‘Pie recommended that commenters include a code word/number with each post, which will be deleted before publication, but will allow The ‘Pie to create a file to verify that a nom de plume has not been plundered.

  33. Dutch Reverend says:

    In order to protect the Labor brand, the faithful have been rallied to circle the wagons and jump up and down and urge everyone (via the TCC town crier Facebook page) to look over there, nothing to see here. The headline of the mayoral and councillors “slip up” has been relegated to a lesser story and replaced by surveys of huge employment and business confidence. Not to mention the saviour in the huge solar farm to save the city. I’d love to see the ‘said’ surveys.
    I would imagine that Puddleduck is becoming increasingly annoyed with the Labor based councils in the State. Jenny must be shitting. I doubt she is going to get much more protection from her buddy in Brissie.

    • In the know says:

      The Premier and Deputy Premier and a few others have been looking for a reason to cut Hill loose since the Adani decision. This is the beginning of the end. Why declare this now? Hiding something much bigger.

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie will reserve his comments and publish same in the blog tomorrow night. Suffice to say that Mayor Mullet is probably on line right now shopping for SBL(Slight Bladder Leakage)undies … but she may need MBL (as in Massive) undies before this is over. Actually, probably the full incontinence style very soon.

  34. Mike Douglas says:

    Text to the editor of the bully Friday suggested T.C.C, are using a Brisbane based company Campaign Edge for their advertising agency.A quick google search reveals that agency does Queensland Labor party advertising.I suppose if a Council booked there media thru a local pr company who then passed the work onto a labor aligned agency the Council could say “ we are buying locally”.Surely with CCC breathing down Queensland Councils necks all councils would ensure their tendering processes are squeaky clean and ensure no “ jobs for the boys”.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Very true Mike, the ALP have turned funding their own various orginisations into an art form, learnt it from the old Nats I would imagine, we were very good at it ourselves back in the day, particularly with regional and rural councils. The big difference now is the union influence, it has now virtually set itself up for perpetual funding from various levels of govt, it is nearly to the point it doesn’t actually need members, across Australia at any given time at various levels of govt they have funding assured, smart when you think about it and whilst the conservative side of politics and media allow it to continue why would they bother changing it.

    • Tropical says:

      Mike Douglas

      Campaign Edge is an extension of the Labor Party.
      It is run by left wing looney rock solid Labor/greens supporter Dee Madigan.
      She and Campaign Edge create the TV adds for Labor. Produce advertising material as well as conduct focus group polling and all things election focussed.
      She used to be a regular on Sky News but I think they worked out she was more to the left than Keneally, and she disappeared from Sky and has turned up at the spiritual home of the looney left – their ABC.

  35. The old peterbuilt says:

    Clive Palmer is on Facebook again claiming he has been contacted by a core group of QN workers who want to take a class action against the liquidators and also claims the insolvency part of the practise has been transferred to PWC to protect the directors against legal action.

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