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Saturday, November 3rd, 2018   |   126 comments

Mullet The Magician: How Did Our Mayor Make $23million Just Disappear? Yes, Really!

The more it is delved into, the more the TCC Annual Report looks like a magical mystery tour, but by far the most intriguing aspect is what might be called the Abracadabra of the Disappearing Dollars … or more correctly, the Missing Millions. And speculation as to where that may lead could be Ipswich Redux.

But at least we can thank Mr Adani for ditching his airstrip rip-off agtreed by our mug mayor, saving ratepayers $18.5million, as reality slowly creeps up on our mayor and our paper … somehow, both Mayor Mullet and Bulletin Iditor Jenna The Jester have totally failed to mention that Adani now wants suppliers and contractors to provide much of the finance for a scaled down operation. It’s called ‘vendor finance’, Adani’s financial equivalent of ‘pull this finger’.

That crowing you hear in the background is that determined and dedicated (and lovable … almost) old chook Linda Ashton … hot off the press, a great win for her and her team of toilers … the Feds say they’ll pony up $200m for the stage 2 pipeline.

A phrase The Magpie has never much cared for is two birds with one stone, but has he got the perfect solution for the ineffectiveness of our Cleveland Youth Detention Centre … it is so simple, it will completely counter Townsville’s  poor image of late …

The ‘Pie cries crocodile tears over the Bulletin’s big miss of the week, but gives the paper a big tick for an intentionally clever headline …


But first …

Just In …

A great victory for Linda Ashton and her Water For Townsville Group … her post says it all.


Now we can say water security is assured for the city … unless Mayor Mullet has her eye on another airstrip or stadium. Linda would be the first to acknowledge her hardworking team of specialists, and make no mistake, if it wasn’t for them and her coordinating leadership, this pivotal and crucial funding wouldn’t have happened … but just watch our mayor, our paper and Townsville Enterprise take the credit. WFTAG probably won’t get a look-in.

Halloween: A Very Ho-Hum Event In Townsville

Halloween has come and gone, but the big question remains … how could you tell around here? Trick or treat is basically what you get when door-knocked during an election campaign, or when you read the Astonisher,  no matter which, you’ll get treated to a trick somewhere down the line.

Not everybody gets in the spirit of things on this imported American marketing exercise … Bentley has put it in perspective with some of the locals refusing to get out of their everyday clothes.


Oh, well, it could be worse.


But The Spookiest Thing In Townsville Right Now Is The Council’s Annual Report

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 8.50.26 pmSure ‘the devil is in the detail’ is a cliche, but oh so true when it comes to keeping a check on this council, it’s CEO and our mayor. The credo of the TCC’s famous ‘culture of secrecy’ as it has been officially described, is clearly baffle ‘em with bullshit and over-use obscure creative accounting terms that look good … and hide something.

Businessman Philip Batty

Businessman Philip Batty

Fortunately for us, just the man with the patience and skill to delve into this financial shadowland in regular reader and businessman Phillip Batty. And he has been truly startled by a couple of things he has uncovered.

Here is what he has to say:

Have a look at pages 70-72 of the annual report.


Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 6.16.32 pm

The councils equity in the Breakwater Island Trust in July 2017 was $23,818,000

In July 2018 this equity is ZERO, nada, zilch, bugger all.

In other words this Beneficial Enterprise has taken a $23 million dollar hit, remind you of Ipswich at all? Slipped though as an adjustment to equity and NOT included in the profit/loss. (The full report is here.)

I think this is as big as it seems particularly if you put in light of two comparatives.

1.                     Ipswich City Council apparently lost $80m in their “Beneficial Enterprise” which included a write down of asset value to the tune of 10’s of millions.

2.                     TCC were going to pour $18.5m into an airstrip for Adani for which we would not own anything at the end of it.

On this particular issue the value of the TCC investment into the  Townsville Breakwater Entertainment Centre Joint Venture was as follows:- (this is effectively on the balance sheet of TCC as an asset)

2009       $28,155,000

2010       $27,599,000

2011       $29,342,000

2012       $28,901,000

2013       $25,625,000

2014       $23,905,000

2015       $21,749,000

2016       $22,388,000

2017       $23,818,000

2018       ZERO

 To quote from the report “Council has impaired its net investment in the joint venture to nil at 30 June 2018.

So we “the ratepayers” had an investment in an entity worth 10’s of millions which now appears to have no value.

“We” have managed to lose $23,818,000 this year in this investment managed by TCC.’

Mr Batty has apparently come across some pretty serious stuff which may well attract attention from outside town … although you can bet there’s some fancy-pants double talk on the way to suggest all is not what it seems, that it’s all tickety boo and don’t you worry your pretty little heads about that..

But until that comes, The ‘Pie is thinking about the reasons for writing the value of the TEC to Zero.  Could it be that someone may get to buy this venue/asset from council in the next 0-24 months for next to nothing as it sits on the councils books now at zero. One could speculate as to who this purchaser may be too if one wanted to, like who would have a VERY vested interest in acquiring this desirable property? Right next door to the casino? Hmmm, let’s think now …

But Mr Batty Isn’t Finished Yet …

It would seem that yet another brilliant decision that has cost us dearly, one could say disastrously, along with implementing the Nous Report sackings and massive redundancy bill (second only to palmer’s closure of Yabulu in ripping us apart), then the council re-hiring some of the sacked people at much more expensive contract rates, the mayor’s Adani airstrip back-flip after it was clear this was an electoral liability (and on which Adani has now joined the gymnastics and ruled out as ‘not necessary at this time’), the stage 2 water security back-flip, the battery cum unicorn factory which is increasingly looking like a con to support a share price, and of course, the mayoral decision to call for a boycott on Qantas – that went well didn’t it, dearie, without a murmur from you, Ms Cairney? But how about this one, as our eagle-eyed examiner continues:

‘The Townsville Entertainment Centre is not the only disappearing act of public money down the plug hole. The Enterprise Centre, which I cannot find reference to what this is had its value impaired by $2,258,225

It would seem TCC bought a software package called Tech 1 which now appears to be not fit for purpose and a replacement is being sought. As a result, TCC impaired the value of this asset to reflect that it has to be replaced which incurred a write down impairment of $3,876,933!!!

Yet as recently as last year we were providing testimonials to Technology One for their system … and now we are dumping it.

Great decisions all round I would say.”

Indeed, Mr Batty, indeed. And nowhere that The Magpie can see is that new development corporation … AE2 Pty Ltd is it? … mentioned at all. And that needs to be VERY CLOSELY monitored.

But never fear, this will be all done over in greater details and indignation at the Daily Astonisher. go get ‘em, Jenna, give ‘em hel … oh, sorry what’s that, you’re on your tea break? And your chief reporter isn’t available, he’s  heard via Facebook that a bachelorette is in town,  and she needs to be advised of tyre puncture hots spots in the suburbs. Oh sorry, well, when you get a spare moment then.

But While We Have Your Attention, Dearie

The ‘Pie remains thankless but is flattered that you continue to act on his news tips, albeit with what seems like a distinct lack of enthusiasm. Like the glossing over of the reef rescue of four blokes dumped into shark-infested waters when their boat sank under them (The ‘Pie ain’t finished with that one yet, either, stay tuned). And this week, the motto seems to have been ‘in a while, crocodile’. As reported in comments on last Monday – and by you about 3 days larer;

Another Bird

email hidden; JavaScript is required

Submitted on 2018/10/29 at 5:26 pm

Over the past few days there have been continual sightings of a large croc in Ross Creek, in front of the Metropole Hotel, where fishermen and kids often fish on the water’s edge and people swim their dogs.
The Port was advised and warning signs (see pic below) have been placed in the vicinity.
But not a word in the Bully!


If someone had been nibbled, you’d look a right old Charlie, wouldn’t you, missy? Even sillier than you do with your constant peddling of false hope in the childish eagerness to tell people what they’d like to hear rather what it is a responsible paper’s job is to tell them facts. The Magpie was so frustrated with this during the week, he is ashamed to say that he had to resort to heavy sarcasm.

The Magpie

email hidden; JavaScript is required

Submitted on 2018/11/01 at 9:27 pm

Those Guardian swine!!!
They have the hide to challenge not just the management of Adani over financial matters – what would those knobthrottlers know, bunch of latte swilling inner city Green snowflakes – but they also actually challenge the balanced, well argued and compelling evidence of such an indisputable source as the Jenna The Jester Cairney, iditor of that journal of absolute probity, the Townsville Bulletin. Today, Ms Cairney, may God preserve her amongst us at his leisure – wrote:

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 9.10.30 pm

Her sainted view was amply supported by the front page, which suggested something may be happening somewhere about something, probably money.

NCTB_1_2018_11_01_thumb_bigAND ON THE VERY SAME DAY, these metrosexual mongrels at the Guardian have the unmitigated gall to publish this utterly fabricated rubbish.

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 9.04.34 pm

The odious level of the garbage in this report is spelled out in two outrageous quotes:
1.The report said high coal prices were not the result of a strong and growing industry. “In fact, they can be seen as an indication of just the opposite, heralding growing concerns over the industry’s medium to long-term viability.”

2. Renewables were now about half the cost of imported coal in India.

Bloody commies, they’ve really got it in for airstrip construction workers. Grrrr …

And just to ram the suppository of truth in a little more firmly, Jenna, we have this, this week,  from the Adani shysters ….

But The Guardian Refuses o Heed The Wisdom Of Jenna Cairney

… and this, just in from the Guardian again, with a couple of alarming but succinct quotes, like suppliers and contractors have been asked to provide “vendor finance” for a period of more than two years, effectively meaning payments for services or equipment for Carmichael would be deferred … that meant governments, suppliers and contractors risked non-payment if the project fell over’.

And a great summation to cap it all off:

‘Tim Buckley, the director of energy finance studies at the Institute for EnergyEconomics and Financial Analysis, said Adani’s Australian mining, rail and port operations were “a rolling series of financial shell games”.

Let The Magpie put this as simply as possible, Ms Cairney and Mayor Hill. Either you haven’t got a fucking clue, or if you have, you should be ashamed at peddling damaging false hope while pretending to be a responsible civic leaders.

OH, Sorry Sorry Sorry, The ‘Pie Has Made You Cry …

… so let him cheer you up with saying something nice about the paper … hmm, let me think … hang on, be there is a sec, UMMM …AH. Right, here we are. Clever and funny headline and story summary … we think it was intentional.

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.14.21 am

And to cheer you up, Mayor Mullet, The Minstrel has penned a song just for you and your councillors, to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody. Here’s how it was announced in comments on Friday.


The ‘Pie

Hello Magpie,

Its been a while. I’ve been off touring the world with my orchestra, The Cynical Senile Sextet and working on my upcoming album “The Minstrel Sings! – Dirges, Ditties and Dance Tunes” (out by Christmas on K-Tel Records and Cassettes).

Keeping an eye on my old stomping ground from afar, I have penned a little operatic rock symphony inspired by the recent release of the Queen/Freddie Mercury bio-pic.

With apologies to Freddie et al, here is Townsvillian Rhapsody. I’d suggest readers read this while playing the original along to get the phrasing and tempo of this masterpiece (Queen’s not mine.) 
Its long but hey, it is a rock opera (in Townsville’s case a tragedy).

The Minstrel.

Townsvillian Rhapsody
Is this the real life?
It must be fantasy.
Won in a landslide
No escape from this travesty.
Open your eyes
Look through all the lies and seeeeee.
She’s just a poor girl, no political destiny.
Because her ideas come, ideas go
Where they come from – no one knows.
Any way the party shows
Is all that really matters
To she.
To she…

(little piano bit – imagine Jane Arlett at the Steinway)
Just hatched a plan
Put a figure at its head
Independent so she said.
The spin had just begun
Their contempt for us just blows us all away.
Laborrrrrrrr Ooooh ooooh
The water crisis lie!
If they get back again next time – its sorrow
They’ll carry on, it is wrong.
It’s like we don’t really matter.

Too late. Their time has come
Pala’ whispering down the line
Midget screaming all the time.
Come on everybody – they’ve got to go
Gotta put them up to face electoral truth.

Laborrrrr ooooh ooooh (any way the spin blows)
They’re full of party lies
Team Hill was never inde-pen-dent at all.
(insert raunchy guitar solo here – maybe Cool Cat Kurt the Fireman)

I see a little silhouetto of a man
Mooney Who? Mooney Who?
The political fandango!
Thunderbolts and lightning
Adele is very frightening
Molachino Molachino?
Molachino Molachino?
Molachino?……where’d he go? (where did he go oh oh oh?)
He’s just a poor tool, nobody knows him.
He’s just a poor fool looking for identity
Spare us his crap and his overblown CV.
Easy come easy go, Jacob had to blow.
Impaler! NO she really runs the show.
(Let her go!)
Impaler! Will she ever go? (Let her go!) (repeat)
Never never never. Let her go oh oh oh ooooh. No No No No No No No
Oh, Vereeena oh Vereena, oh Vereena you’re not slow..
The party and the unions have a safe seat
put aside for thee
for theeeeeeee….
For theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
(big guitar bit – Big Les Walker in a silver jumpsuit on lead guitar)

So they think they can fool us and spit in our eye?
So they think they can bullshit, hide detail and lie?
Oooooh Baby. Can’t do this to us baby.
You’ll be thrown out
And this town might finally breath ahhhh!!
(musical crescendo – Russ Cook cutting sick on the drums)..

Oooh Oooh yeah. Oooh yeah.
But then
nothing really matters.
The plebs all love Jen-nee
Nothing really matters
Cause they just got
two dump days
For free..

(GONG – Mad F’n Margie).

Like The ‘Pie said, the bloke’s a friggin’ genius. We are all indebted to you, Minstrel.

When Opportunity Knocks …

A legal chum we shall call the Stealth Bomber (he likes to keep off the radar) is greatly concerned with the situation at the Cleveland Detention Centre, and its ineffectiveness as a deterrent to those vicious little snots who are dragging this town’s reputation down almost as much as our mayor.

He made a merry jest over lunch that got the old bird cogitating, and The ‘Pie has now come up with a solution of complete simplicity and a definite win-win. You may have noted that The Magpie believes no softly softly for these caught monkeys (white and black, settle down) and that they should do their stretch in a distant place, to remove them from the influence of friends and family, whose attitude probably got them into chokey in the first place.

So here it is … close Cleveland down and convert it into a childrens’ hospital and rehab centre. Then the great swap … we bring the Nauru detainee kids to Cleveland for some much needed tender loving care, and we sent the little local arsesoles to Nauru to serve their time. No visitors to distract them, no media to rush out if they decide to climb on roofs, set fires and wreck the joint … and the same media won’t be there to hear tales of hand-wringing woe about the summary justice meted out to keep them in line.

The cost in airfares would be easily off-set by the drop in crime. And Townsville would be seen as the goody two-shoes city of the north, so ably assisting immigrant kids who want to be good citizens, if given the chance. 

And it would be a real deterrent to our lawless, destructive and dangerous youth … unless Tony Abbott is actually right, and Nauru is a tropical paradise on earth. Who knows, the little bastards might want to stay there. Cathy Wilcox nailed it.


But we all know the odds of Wingnut being right.

So let’s do it.

And Finally, It’s Almost A Tradition By Now. Loved And Hated by Equal Numbers Of Readers … This Week In Trumpistan.

Three main issues pre-occupied ‘toonists across the world during the week, the ‘caravan of potential immigrants’ from South America marching towards the Mexico-US border and Trump’s deployment of 5200 troops to meet them with loaded weapons, getting people out to vote in the crucial mid-terms later this month, and the widespread discontent with the Megalomaniac In Chief’s role in inciting violence.

Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon - tt_c_c181101.tif 20181102edbbc-a_1 53_217580 bramhall_1020181029edwas-a Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 9.38.05 am peray_300 wolverton_10_0 darkow_120_0 mosher_1 sb110218dapr 89_217568 kamensky_530



That’s it for this week, folks, sitting on a couple of great simmering stories for the next couple of blogs, but in the meantime, make sure to keep checking comments during the, you’ll likely hear stuff you won’t get from the Bulletin or the TV kiddies. And doing all this is a delightful torture each week, so a helping hand with blog expenses – yes, there are a few – will help keep the Magpie swooping.

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 6.31.23 pm

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  1. Splasher says:

    Good idea for Cleveland Centre guests. Sounds nice a tropical island to stay on with buildings to destroy for some entertainment after all the TV’s are wrecked…….But I think this has been done before on another island off the coast of Townsville.

  2. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.


    Miss Lou.

  3. Boho63 says:

    WATER FIGHT HOURS after a poignant Bulletin front page calling for water security for Townsville, Prime Minister Scott Morrision has unveiled a $200 million plan. Cut and pasted ONLINE HEADLINE IN THE BULLETIN THIS MORNING. They cannot even spell the PM’s name correctly.

    • The Magpie says:


      YEP YOU’RE RIGHT … AUSTRALIA HAS A NEW PRIME MINISTER … At least according to the Townsville Bulletin this morning.
      Campaign win as Prime Minister announces $200 million plan to future-proof Townsville region
      STAFF WRITERS, Townsville Bulletin
      November 3, 2018 11:38pm

      HOURS after a poignant Bulletin front page calling for water security for Townsville, Prime Minister Scott Morrision has unveiled a $200 million plan. It follows years of campaigning by the Townsville Bulletin.”
      Trust the Bulletin to fuck up even an announcement of historic importance to Townsville. When you can’t get the name of the country’s leader correct, why believe anything else you say. Especially the lying imputation that this decision is because of Bulletin pressure … a paper that widely supported and prominently blared Mayor Mullet’s campaign slur ‘Water crisis? What water crisis’ back in 2016? There is no water crisis.’
      And while we’re about it, self praise is no recommendation, but Cairney, even when you’re painting yourself the hero-iditor, you can’t even get the correct words. ‘Poignant’? Evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret? The ‘Pie accepts that you being a Scot, Jenna, you learnt English as a second language, but c’mon, girl.
      Poignant? Bollocks.
      Although the origins of that word hold a clue , which is from the Latin ‘pungere’ … prick.

      • Tricky says:

        Spot on Pie, I truly can’t wait for the backslapping headline in our Local budgie cage liner tomorrow “We Did It” underneath a picture of Jen & Jenna in a sweet embrace. I mean surely they are not that delusional, or think that we are, that they could jump on the bandwagon at the 11th hour. This of course in total contradiction to their previous opinions & agendas, & to now have us believe they delivered Stage 2 funding commitment? Ha ha. Maybe they underestimated or are threatened by our dear Linda Ashton & WFTAG?

        I refer our ‘good lady’ Mayor & her Scottish sidekick back to this wonderful piece of work which of course screams absolute hypocrisy at its finest! Sorry Jenna in Australia we call it ‘backing the wrong horse’, you my dear lass are just collecting the recycled oats & chaff….


        • The Magpie says:

          Indeed, and by the way, that ‘dodgy’ report as the mayor describes it was written by Empower Economics, the principal of which is now … wait from it … the Mayor Mullet personally created City Economist, whatever the fuck that means. We never hear a word from him, sounds like a bullshit pay-off position on the public purse. Christ, this place reeks.

          • Tricky says:

            Ha ha yes exactly right, I had the same lightbulb moment tonight before I saw your reply. Tonight’s Dictionary Lesson for our dear ‘Empowered’ Mayor & her Merry ummmm…..

            Seemingly absurd or self contradictory.

  4. The Real Philip Batty says:

    Magpie, I wondered about the elusive EA2 Pty Ltd missing from the annual report so I e mailed Adele the TCC CEO to ask her about it. No reply so far but I will persevere as always and will let the Nest know the response.

  5. Bagwhan says:

    Great edition Pie, especially the Ministrel’s missive, gold dust! Enjoyed the pic of the swooping magpie, although one wonders what the very next frame looked like.

  6. Alahazbin says:

    The cost of ‘Tech 1′ to the ratepayer was$8 million.
    That was the figure employees were told when it was being implemented.

  7. sir ossis o'fliver says:

    Re the write down of TEC.
    Simple really. If it is on the books at $23M and is sold for say $5M, this results in a loss of $18M and howls of derision and charges of incompetence from black and white bird.
    Write it down to $0 and sell it for $5M results in a profit of $5M and claims of great financial management/expertise. Probably still derision/incompetence charges, but, a profit is a profit and will be reported as such.

    • The Magpie says:

      Sir Ossis, you ever work for Storm Financial? But very clever.

    • The Real Philip Batty says:

      My thoughts exactly SOOF , anything above zero would now show a profit. But 10 plus years of constant value suddenly goes to nothing is alarming.

    • Dutch Reverend says:

      I hate to say it, but these sorts of deals are always being done by governments. If The entertainment centre is written down and sold to Chris Morris, it would benefit Townsville immensely. God knows TCC & TEL couldn’t organise a bonk in a brothel. Chris sees the opportunity of most likely bringing decent headline acts to Townsville that would draw people from north and south of the city. Conventions and conferences which would fill rooms in The Ville let alone a splash of cash in the casino as well as boutique tours to the outer reef with Sealink. We will never match Cairns but we can still make it eventful for a so called event city. The thing that pisses me off is the secrecy and “commercial in confidence” from TCC. You never know…..if they were up front, we may just agree to it being a good idea.

      • The Magpie says:

        Of course they are … ands its people like us that have to keep an eye out to keep the bastards honest … that;’s what the Nest is all about.

      • The Magpie says:

        My initial response was written when only the first line of your theory was being displayed.
        But sorry Dutchy, that’s an appallingly stupid idea if you think about for it for two seconds. Mr Morris has done great things already for this town, while at the same time making a motza for himself. But that $23 mill is ratepayers money, and if a precedent is set that a private businessman can get a cut price deal, that is -plain and simple – a precedent and open invitation to massive corruption and shady backroom deals (Ipswich anyone?). Doubt the general community is interested in lining the pockets of an private businessman, particularly one who already owns his own private jet. No envy there, good luck and no doubt well deserved, but Morris paid for that with his own dough as far as we know, and not money derived from getting a valuable public asset in what would be close to a criminal cut price deal. Surely you can see the criminality in this scenario. But it is the sort of below the radar deal that our nincompoop mayor might dream up – there’s nothing as dangerous in politics than a stupid person who thinks they are clever.

        Suffice to say, Dutchy, an outrageous suggestion.

        • Dutch Reverend says:

          So did you properly read the last 2 sentences ? I would suggest not.

          • The Magpie says:

            Just the final one will do … and believe it or not, Dutchy, such a suggestion will never be considered a ‘good idea’ … particularly by the courts that handle this side of the law. As said elsewhere, if Mr Morris gets this favourable treatment, every single other business could reasonably either seek the same preferential treatment or challenge it in the courts … just what we need around here right now. Also see reply to Kenny Kennett.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            They could write the building off Dutchy, that’s not an issue and from all accounts it is good for nothing but scrap anyway but the land is a different story, to suggest a zero value there is rediculous and the Mullet is up to something, I smell a rat, or a Mullet, something stinks anyway.

          • The Magpie says:

            The TEC land was once considered, and possibly still is, one of the most valuable waterfront parcels on the entire Qld coast.

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        If the Casino gets their hands on the TEC it will become the Casino.

        • The Magpie says:

          And there would be nothing at all wrong with that … if the council, on behalf of the ratepayers, get a fair price. And don’t start any bullshit about the job creation effects make it fair that the price be cut … if Chris Morris gets such a deal, just about every business in Townsville could challenge the TCC . for special consideration, too.

          As said before, this whole place reeks to high heaven.

          • Concerned says:

            It is starting to read just like another Adani airstrip, giving millions of rates dollars to the wealthy.

          • The Magpie says:

            Yup, and a battery factory illusion … the quintessential ‘wing and a prayer’ scam.

          • Grumpy says:

            Seems to me that a few businesses in this town already get preferential treatment, so what’s new?

            Choo-fucking choo

    • DouglasDummy says:

      Surely if it is written down to 0, you have a loss of $23m as impairment and/ or depreciation is shown in the P&L Account as a debit?

  8. Mike Douglas says:

    Roll Up, Roll Up for the queue will be long for those taking credit for LNP,s $200 mil LNP commitment on water especially Mayor Mullet who in how many years in Council did nothing and as team Hills leader 3 yrs ago that water isn’t an issue . Where does that leave Cathy Ofoole who won’t comment on support of jobs with Adani and legal issues of $500,000 with Clive Palmer ?.

    • Peter Sandery says:

      Mike, Cathy would be reading up on the UN’s proposed Charter on Migrant and Refugee Protocol me thinks.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Mike, also Harpic from Gowa electorate and Corporal Cupcake (recently demoted from Captain for doing totally SFA) from Townsville electorate can’t claim ANYTHING here – fuck all, zilch, zero! Goes for the Federal Herbert screecher ‘C the Fool’ too!

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      Cathy only promised $100 mill. Looks like she has been trumped? So Cathy how about $300 mill?

  9. Splasher says:

    Love the minstrel’s composition
    This should be available on CD in time for Christmas

  10. Lady Byron says:

    Good morning Pie,

    I loved the cartoon of Abbot in the budgie smugglers outside the chain fence, and you attribute this fab piss take to Cathy Wilcox; but the signature in the corner is of that other amazing lady cartoonist, Fiona Katauskas.

    And I doff my lid to the Minstrel! An ode to the odious TCC that is worth a least the cost of the Adani airstrip.

    Laugh? My knickers are in the spin dryer!

    Lady B.

  11. Col Foley says:

    If the kids of illegal immigrants were taken from Nauru and accommodated in Cleveland Y D C, where would there parents be located?
    Would they be left on Nauru, to further up-skill the influx of NQ’s junior trash in cheating and illegal attitudes?
    Or brought here along with their kids, if not to inflict direct criminal damage on Townsville, to at least enjoy a life of sucking on the welfare teat?
    NB This group includes those who declined to go to USA because they would have to WORK!

  12. Gonzo says:

    Great one, Pie. The croc in the creek; the water wizard, Linda Ashton; and the Bulletin with a funny headline; the minstrel’s Townsvillian Rhapsody — all good stories! But my favourite is still Trumpistan, with his caravan madness (I hope the troops don’t emulate the Kent State massacre), his media hate, his inciting violence, his admission he’s a liar and his fake news et al. Keep up the good work and keep Trumping!

  13. Not happy jan says:

    Just some info if your interested about Clive palmer wanting to donate a large sum of money to sporting team in Townsville. I will try get more info but the deal was going through until the mayor found out and threatened the organization with withdrawal of government funding if they accepted the donation. Like him or hate him if Clive wants to give kids teams money, let him. Its a lot of pie drives and car washes these days to put kids into rep sports. Obviously he’s trying to get votes but I don’t see how this is dodgy, the mayors threat however can’t be acceptable. Would this amount to another complaint to CCC? Keen to know what you all think.

  14. Not happy jan says:

    Just got a text explaining my first comment. Sorry should have waited before sending. It was a basketball team/s in regurads to donation by Clive palmer. 50k. Just a coincidence that that was what he sued her for? Might be a long bow but maybe why she threatened to pull funding from them. I didn’t think any political party in power had the ability to do this without penalty. Is this legal? I thought it could be done in certain circumstances but not to stop a political rival from donations.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Is that for the Fire? If so, Jen Jen has certainly got a weapon to fight with. Season hire of The stadium, office space, etc is worth a lot more than $50k. But is it legal? Perhaps Palmer can lift the stakes to $200k?

    • No more dredging says:

      Jan, it might help to know exactly what you mean by “government funding”. Do you mean actual cash money from the state government? Or actual cash from ‘local’ government (i.e. the Townsville Council)? Or could it be the provision of sports grounds or facilities by the Council – and whether Council charges for these? Also, by what means did the mayor threaten to “pull funding from them”? Did she write a letter or are you repeating some unattributable gossip?

      • Basketball Parent says:

        Let me help to clarify the comments from Not Happy Jan regarding the behaviour of the Mayor of this city. The conversation I had was with a parent of a child who is a member of one of the two basketball teams involved. While Not Happy Jan did not outline the circumstances very well the gist of the story is very close to the mark.

        There are two teams involved a boys and a girls rep team. With Clive Palmer proving assistance for sporting bodies across the city, the coach of one of the teams made an approach to Palmer’s organisation seeking funding assistance to help cover there cost to attend their championships. He was successful in securing $20,000 with $10,000 to go to each team. The coach involved thinking he had a big win for the two teams went back to the parents to provide them with the good news.

        My children all played rep basketball and it is a struggle to fund their interest in the sport. Both my wife and I fund raised and I worked extra hours to find the money. You can imagine the parents of the players in these two teams were over the moon when the funding was secured. For them this is not about Clive Palmer it’s about doing everything they can for their kids. At the same time only a fool would knock back this money just because of Clive Palmer.

        Then came the threat from the Mayor. The threat came in a phone or phone calls to the president of TBI. The president was told that if they accepted the money from Clive Palmer she would withdraw Council funding for the sport. It is my understanding that the Council provides $20,000 to TBI for the state league program that is seen as part of the development pathway for up and coming players. I can’t confirm but I doubt very much the Mayor made this threat via an email. If the email got out into the public that she behaved in such a manner it would be political suicide.

        The matter was taken to a board meeting and a decision was made to knocked back the funding from Clive Palmer. A very disappointing decision that has many people at TBI up in arms about this disgraceful behaviour.

        The mayor would have us believe she loves this city and would do anything to support the people who live here. Why then did she shaft these kids and their parents for sake of her own bloody minded politics. There have been other sports who have accepted money from Clive Palmer and there are those who have knocked it back. I wonder if there have been any other phone calls from the mayor to other sports.

        Interestingly this all took place around the time that the mayor had to pay Palmer $50,000 to get out of a lawsuit following some very stupid comments she made about Palmer in public.

        • The Real Philip Batty says:

          Was the board meeting minuted?

        • Not happy jan says:

          Thank you basketball parent for clarify my comments. I apologized for vagueness but I only had limited info from the source. I’m actually seeing this person tomorrow night at our weekly fixture. I did have a name to post of who was concerned. I.e president TBI but was going to wait until I found out more. Plus I read that my comments have been labeled gossip and I believe in truth rather then name people in a lie. But you have now given a complete story. Thank you. Question now is this illegal?

          • The Magpie says:

            Extortion might hold up. if the Mullet had simply said we are withdrawing the funding because … etc … that would be a done deal and legally (not morally) OK, and different – very different – to saying IF you accept the Palmer funding, the council will cease its support. Making council support conditional on it having veto over any other funding source probably could be legally challenged, and would certainly invite investigation for corruption and extortion.

          • Andrew Gisinger says:

            It is not the policy of Townsville Basketball Incorporated to respond to anonymous social media and blog posts, however as the President of the association I find myself in the position of needing to respond to the untruths personally, as they are both a personal attack on myself and on the integrity of the Board of Townsville Basketball and that is neither acceptable to me as the President nor should it be acceptable to the readers to add comment based upon lies, second hand stories and innuendo. Note my name is in the post (and I am the apparent guilty party, however the accusers remain nameless) so if you wish to contact me just contact the association and they will be only too happy to put you in touch with me.

            There has been an anonymous posts on social media relating to Townsville Basketball Incorporated rejecting an offer of sponsorship from QNI/Clive Palmer. Certain information contained in these posts is not factual nor a true representation of what occurred. As stated above the association is not responding, I as the President of the Association (Andrew Gisinger) am responding as I believe it was appropriate to address certain untruths on this occasion, and would have been happy to call to clarify and discuss but there is no listing in the phone book for ‘not happy jan” or “basketball parent”, so I guess I am forced to reply here.

            Firstly let me clear this up once and for all – At no time did the Mayor make a threat, demand or request to myself or Townsville Basketball Incorporated, either verbally or in writing in relation to the potential acceptance of funding from QNI/Mr Palmer. As President of TBI I can confirm that the Mayor did not have any bearing on the decision made by the Board of Townsville Basketball and for those that know me and my political leanings would find me reacting to any type of threat or demand from the Mayor quite laughable.

            The decision, formalised via a Board Vote, to not accept the offer provided by Mr Palmer/QNI was based largely on the following factors:

            1. The sponsorship offered to two representative teams included conditional requests that the board felt was not in the best interests of the wider association. This included but was not limited to signage within the stadium, placement of a logo on our association website and letterhead, on all correspondence as Principal Partner of Townsville Basketball Incorporated.

            2. It was agreed that the specified contract conditions were not commensurate with the value of the sponsorship Townsville Basketball Incorporated currently receives from various organisations that already provide much appreciated support with less commitments.

            3. As an association we are not politically aligned and we felt that the conditions associated with the offer may create this perception.

            The truly sad thing about this whole event is that with a simple phone call your questions would have been answered and there would not have been any requirement to either slander myself or Townsville Basketball or the Mayor, but apparently it’s much more fun to do it in this arena when you can hide behind the anonymity of your blog “handles”. Whilst I understand that the Mayor is an elected official and this type of exposure comes with the job, it should not be levelled at volunteers just trying to do the right thing for sport and children in our community without firstly gathering facts.

            TBI members who have any additional questions please contact the association directly via phone or email and we will be happy to address these.

          • The Magpie says:

            Both right and wrong, Mr Gisinger. Thank you for that explanation, which The Magpie accepts unreservedly but without any apology. To you or the mayor. And as far as this blog is concerned, that issue is now closed to further comment.

            However, while it understandable that you are cranky and really pissed off with commenters on this site, and probably with the Magpie himself, allow us to point out a couple of matters.

            At no stage that The ‘Pie can see, was your name, or your position, or in fact the name of anyone associated with Townsville basketball mentioned in any derogatory way if at all (asking a valid question is not derogatory), so The Magpie can only assume you were mentioned elsewhere in social media.

            The whole thrust of this blog’s involvement, Mr Gisinger, was the fact that the rumours and innuendo and what you term lies WERE OUT THERE AND CIRCULATING, and no matter what your personal preferences may be, in this day and age of social media, you, as the head of an organisation which is greatly funded by the ratepayers of this city, have a DUTY to quash those rumours, to protect the non-political integrity of not just yourself and that of your board, but also of the wider basketball and general community.
            Listen sport, your huffing and puffing self-righteous indignation doesn’t wash here, it is part of your duty since you willingly hold the office you do, to protect, explain and take people with you to air and correct issues, wrong-headed ones especially. This is 2018, not 1918. There would not be a single person that The ‘Pie knows who would not totally agree with your reasons for the rejection of Palmer’s money, but a dismissive wave of the back of the hand and a ‘none of your business’ decree means you don’t quite understand your self-praising waffle about volunteers quote “…just trying to do the right thing for sport and children in our community”.

            Casting yourself as the victim of social media trolling is a self-serving and shallow cop-out of the otherwise selfless work you no doubt do for basketball, a sport which is one of the few gold teeth in the mouth full of rotting molars that is Townsville at present.

            And BTW if it had not been for the anonymous commenters here, Mr Gisinger, we would be none the wiser to information the community had a right to know, and you would still be in your self-constructed ivory tower giving questioners the present equivalent of ‘let them eat cake’.

        • No more dredging says:

          Thanks Basketball Parent for your helpful response. When you say, ” . . . the Council provides $20,000 to TBI for the state league program that is seen as part of the development pathway for up and coming players . . . “, who gets this Council money? Is it the parents (for their kids) or is it for officials, travel, accommodation etc?

          • Basketball Parent. says:

            The council money for TBI goes directly into the budget for the state league program. This helps to provide funding to cover costs for the men’s and women’s teams so they can travel and compete in a full home and away state competition. All of the travel from Gladstone north is by bus to keep costs down. The only time the teams fly is to play teams in the south east corner. Only coaching staff and players travel not any extra officials. The available funds are stretched as far as possible.

            Now to clarify the money offered by Clive Palmer was to support two junior teams about to travel to junior state championships. The state league teams are senior teams and not related to the offer of support from Clive Palmer for junior players fully funded by their parents. The state senior league partly funded by council is the competition directly below the NBL.

            It is my understanding that the mayor pressured TBI to knock back the offer from Clive Palmer by threatening to cut off the funding to the senior state league teams.

            Parents and coaches have always been encouraged to seek sponsorship for their teams going to state and national championships. If they are successful that funding has always been controlled by TBI paying costs on behalf of the families whose kids are members of the sponsored team.

            Ultimately the mayors actions have directly deprived these families of much needed support.

            On another matter any meeting held by TBI should have full and accurate minutes.

          • The Magpie says:

            Are they available for examination? This is a deeply serious issue, which could in fact be illegal, as in extortion with the threat of with-holding public money for political gain.

        • crazy in the coconut says:

          If this is all true it’s not very good political strategy, in theory all of those affected will now vote against Team Hill in the next council election.

      • Not happy jan says:

        Refer to basketball parents comment please.

      • Grumpy says:

        Watch the storm troopers form a phalanx around Our Jenny.

  15. No more dredging says:

    ‘Pie (or whoever), does the Breakwater Island Trust own the Duck Pond? Could its valuation have changed (it used to be about $25m)?

    • The Magpie says:

      Think so, almost certain, actually since the Breakwater Trust Act was involved in the abortive canal estate ‘special development area’ attempt by the mega-grub Craig Gore.

      • No more dredging says:

        ‘Pie, on the matter of the canal / ocean terminal proposal from back in the day:

        The project comprised the development of approximately 80 hectares of land under tidal water seaward of the existing Townsville Casino and Entertainment Centre, including:
        • a dedicated cruise terminal and wharf to receive cruise ships and naval vessels
        • reclamation of land under tidal water for a residential canal development
        • development of approximately 200 detached and 500 multistorey dwellings
        • marina facilities for general recreational vessels and visiting superyachts
        • new foreshore public open space areas.
        The proponent of the Townsville Ocean Terminal project was a joint-venture partnership between Tabcorp and City Pacific Limited. The project received not-very-favourable approval from the state.

        From what I can see, City Pacific Limited was not connected to Gore. Anyway, in August 2009 the
        Townsville Ocean Terminal developer went into receivership resulting in an announcement:

        “The State Government has made the tough decision to terminate a development agreement with TABCORP and City Pacific for the Townsville Ocean Terminal.”

        I just wonder whether there is any connection between this parcel of ‘land’ (nod, wink) and that odd valuation thing in the Breakwater Island Trust. Maybe nothing of course.

        • Grumpy says:

          It was Gore all right.

          Forget the details, but The Pie did an insightful expose at the time.

          • No more dredging says:

            Grumpy, don’t want to be pedantic but a Sydney Morning Herald article from September 2017 said:

            “The executives behind failed finance company City Pacific face a bill for $70 million after failing in their attempt to have a judgment against them overturned. City Pacific chief executive Philip Sullivan and other senior executives had their Federal Court appeal unanimously thrown out on Monday, a statement from Maurice Blackburn said. Trilogy Funds Management Ltd brought the case as the responsible entity of the Pacific First Mortgage Fund and Maurice Blackburn said it now had the right to recover $70 million from Mr Sullivan and the other unsuccessful defendants.
            The original 2015 judgment found four former credit committee members including Mr Sullivan, Stephen McCormick, Ian Donaldson and Thomas Swan were liable for the losses.”

            No mention of Gore. Perhaps there’s another City Pacific?

          • The Magpie says:

            Well, don’t know about all of that, but you may rest assured that Gore was here in Townsville promoting and pushing the development at the behest, it is understood of one Barry Taylor, who hired a well known ‘facilitator’ to wheel Gore around to the media (including the Bulletin where The ‘Pie was working at the time). The ‘facilitator’ later told The ‘Pie that he would never have anything ever again to do with Gore, he was such an obnoxious arsesole … echoed by a couple of local journos.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            Yep, all got very messy, Consolidated Properties and Mirvac were also tied up with Gore at the time in the Breakwater Quays project, it was one of them that actually turned on Gore and bought his world to a screaming halt not long after the GFC.

          • The Magpie says:

            Was that Lord Ashcroft or somesuch, of City Pacific?

          • No more dredging says:

            ‘Pie, found it. In February 2018 the High Court dumped on the executives of City Pacific:

            “The Court’s decision not to hear any further appeal is further confirmation that lending approvals granted by Mr Sullivan and his senior credit committee team, to companies associated with failed Gold Coast property developer, Craig Gore, were not in the best interests of the Fund, failed to follow the Fund’s own lending criteria and were in breach of the Corporations Act and the Fund’s own constitution.”

            Slippery eh?

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            No NMD, you do want to be pedantic, typical Captain Google who doesn’t believe anyone unless they can find an article on the web somewhere, really fucking annoying. You have 3 people here who remember grubby Gore being part of the process which actually started in 2004, and it wasn’t the Qld Govt who pulled the plug on it, it was Les Tyrell who didn’t want to create a situation where the business of the Port could be impacted by complaining residents next door, once rejected by TCC Anna Bligh had no choice but to withdraw state govt approval and the project died. Now you can go spend your Melbourne Cup day trying to dig up shit online from some obscure site somewhere to cast doubt on what I have said, have fun with that, I will be drinking piss and having a great day with some friends, tosser.

          • No more dredging says:

            Cantankerous, it always helps to have a couple of facts. You provided nothing. I demonstrated that Gore’s vehicle was not directly City Pacific. It looks like the mob that ran City Pacific were diddled by Gore and are now personally liable for $60m. If you saw the details of the Townsville Ocean Terminal project, particularly the reclamation plan for 80 hectares of “ooze” between 1-3m deep in the Duck Pond, you might have thought that a failed relationship with Gore might have been a blessing for Townsville. Putting 700 dwellings out on a platter with one access road right in the firing line of a cyclone and storm surge was one of the stupidest things the Beattie/Bligh government ever approved.

            But back to the point, is that site part of the holdings of the Breakwater Island Trust?

          • The Magpie says:

            Fellas, you’re entitled have your little hissy fits with each other, but this shadow boxing over long ago battlefields when the war has already been won profits nothing, the lesson about the white shoe brigade and the dreadful Beattie/Bligh legacy is there plain for all to see. A passing comment, sure, but bitch slapping each other is about as demeaning as … well, as using the term bitch-slapping. And therefore, NMD, would your time be not better spent answering your own question at the end, it can easily be looked up, and The Magpie’s google slave service along with his arse-wiping service was suspended long ago.

          • I'll be plucked says:

            Touché Pie for the bitch-slapping, oops I mean uppercuts to the shadow boxers!

          • Grumpy says:

            The lesson here, Dredges old chum, is that a Google search does not necessarily give the whole truth. Listen to your elders. They drink and they know things. It’s what we do.

  16. The Magpie says:

    The Magpie is a home-town bird when it comes to favoured topics, but Tuesday’s mid-terms in the US will have a ripple effect around the world, and that includes Queensland and the shift towards renewables and away from coal. And therefore that includes Townsville.

    The ‘Pie’s clear antipathy towards Trump is towards the vile, pompous and callous child/man personality, but even normally more reflective friends choose to ignore these aspects that have effectively trashed all respect for the most powerful office in the western world, and give Trump credit for a booming economy.
    So here is a very balanced and even-handed article from the London Observer on the issue that asks is it all Donald’s doing?

  17. The Magpie says:

    Coincidence of the Decade … our campaigning mayor at The Willows yesterday, exactly the same day that the stage 2 pipeline was locked in with the pollies. Spooky …. how does she do it?

    Oh, Really?

    Not ‘Townsville City Council’? Not ‘Our Water Initiative? Not even ‘Team Hill’?

    Nope, just ‘Mayor Jenny Hill’ plastered all over a ratepayer funded marquee for her to appear to be the sole ‘water wise’ saviour of the town. Actually, The ‘Pie may be wrong, and that expensive marquee was probably paid for out of the $300,000 allocated to the clearly absent Jamie Durie.

    Now try and tell The ‘Pie she’s not on the campaign trail.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      The gullible masses, no one has fucked the people of Thuringowa more than Jenny Hill, funding slashed, services completely withdrawn from the council building on Thuringowa drive, not one single significant infrastructure spend in the old Thuringowa area, what the hell are these people thinking.

  18. The Magpie says:

    hahahahaha … and we think Donald Trump is up himself!!!

  19. Dutch Reverend says:

    Didn’t Mayor Mullet have $18m that was already available in funds for the airstrip put aside when she decided ‘we’ would no longer be paying for Adani’s airstrip ? Or was this shown in some other area of the report ? So if this magically re-appears could this be the funding shortfall once you add the $5m to it and there you go, problem solved. The geniuses will have done it again. Hoodwinked the ratepayers once again.

  20. Peter Lucas says:

    Mr Magpie can please put out to your readers a plea to find someone who can put to music & words the Townsvillian Rhapsody and put it up on YouTube.
    What a viral hit that will become especially with the movie of Queen just released


  21. The Magpie says:

    Hey, I want one … a car with an accessory designed to have the last word in road rage incidents.

  22. Woodduck says:

    The Mullet is getting a bit of a shirt fronting on the Astonishers Facebook page, in regards to the water story and donationgate. Check it out before the comments get deleted.

  23. One legged tap dancer says:

    Things you won’t read in the Townsville Bulletin number 1632:
    If you are one of the thousands of boaties who use the Ross Creek boat ramps near the Maggie Island passenger terminal, you’re in for a shock.
    The Townsville Port “project” triumphed in today’s paper, if you go on the fly-through on the port website


    clearly shows that the ramps are disappearing to make way for accommodation (Honeycombes?).
    The Port has long wanted the pleasure craft out of the creek it apparently now owns, and can do whatever it likes because the State Government has conveniently declared it a priority development area.
    There is, of course, a period of time when you can comment (object?) to the port project.
    But good luck with getting any publicity for any dissent.
    Local media is beholding to the Port, Council State Government and TEL because of how much they spend on advertising.
    Maybe a protest rally is worth considering.
    Surely they couldn’t ignore that…..

    • The Magpie says:

      That would be Ross CREEK, you mean?
      And did you notice in that bargain basement (probably around $50K) fly-through, one of the actual shots they used was of the Max Brenner franchise on the Honeycombe estate … that’s gone belly up, which is probably a good indicator of a lot of this fluff. More beads and blankets for the natives while the invaders pilfer the wealth.

      • Hear Deah says:

        I notice all the clear high rise buildings, We will probably have a population of about 500,000 by then, so wold expect that this will all take about 40 years or more to be filled in with buildings. I think a big protest rally is a great idea. This has generally also been a great place for the little boys and girls to be taken to to do a bit of prawn casting when in season without needing a boat or to travel far, whether they get any or not. Would be a great loss to the community and coming out of the other marina adds quite a bit to fuel costs and safety for those wishing to to left rather than right out of the creek.

        • seagull says:

          years ago I was with QF8 TSV Coast Guard…….. aware back then that QF8 would one day be moved from the present site……. i was surprised to see the floating pontoon walkways installed along side the Ross Crk ramps 5 or so years ago……. parts of this conceptual redevelopment plan must still be decades away

  24. No more dredging says:

    With the passing of Ted Mack, a really lovely bloke, I’m hoping one day we might be able to have a truly independent mayor in our town.
    From the Guardian:
    “Mack was propelled into politics when North Sydney council approved a 17-storey office block by his back fence in the early 1970s.
    Mack was elected to North Sydney council in 1974 and became mayor in 1980. He promptly sold the mayoral Mercedes and bought community buses with the proceeds.
    More fundamentally, Mack introduced a radical system of direct democracy. Mack started by opening up council business, with the public able to see all files and reports and attend all meetings. Residents could also list proposals to go to referendum and over five years 40 were held, in conjunction with council elections.”

    No more fuckin’ ‘commercial-in-confidence’ pipeline plans. No more mates rates stadiums. No more secret ‘donations’. If Ted Mack could do it in North Sydney in the 1980s, why can’t we aspire to it in Townsville in 2019 or 2020?

  25. The Magpie says:

    FFS, how about examining your snivelling priorities, Townsville Bulletin.

    So this fine upstanding citizen, Sandra Richards, who has brought honour to Townsville and will be feted in Brisbane for her considerable achievements and service to the whole Queensland community, attained despite debilitating medical conditions, is worthy of this story in the Townsville Bulletin, A PAPER WHICH HAS NEVER MENTIONED HER CLAIMS OF BULLYING AND INTIMIDATION AT THE HANDS OF A NOW STOOD-DOWN BUSH FIRE BRIGADE OFFICER AND OTHERS. AIMED AT GETTING HER TO SELL HER PROPERTY AND VALUABLE MAHOGANY FARM CHEAPLY.

    All amply reported in this blog, which you read every week.

    Get a fucking grip you disgraceful bunch of faux journalists … BTW, your latest readership figures will be out tomorrow.

  26. Lois Lane says:

    HRH Prince Albert of Monaco was at AIMS on Monday – the paper missed that also.

  27. Alahazbin says:

    Pie, I always attributed the description of Flinders Street East “vomitorium” to you. But today I see that the tunnels that lead onto the field at the new stadium are called vomitoties. Very apt. I have always admired your use of the English language.

    • The Magpie says:

      Thank you for your kind words, yep, (eyes lowered modestly, claw shyly doodling in the dust) ‘Via Vomitorium’ appears to be one of the most remembered coinage from this blog, such coinages usually running to people, where mayor Mullet, His Radiance (former mayor Mooney) Les Messagebank Walker and Barry the Legal Foghorn Taylor are often quoted back. And Mike Reynolds once went into a puce, towering rage when one of his own people called ‘Snooze’ in a meeting.
      But can’t find the word you quote as it seems none such exists, so one assumes it is the Astonisher (another much quoted coinage). Can you point us to it?

    • Al says:

      Magpie the wordsmith. Tops. Fun with reverence. Sarcasm with a smile

  28. The Magpie says:

    That excellent little publication IQ Industry Queensland had this snippet in its latest edition.

    So why is that interesting? Well just compare Queensland Alumina Ltd’s boost to local suppliers with a positive community-spirited contribution to the local economy, and the recent begging bowl desperation of Adani seeking ‘vendor finance’ – that is, payments to suppliers and contractors delayed for TWO YEARS, to help fund the Carmichael mine kick-off. Definitely relevant.

    Christ they’re persistent, these shysters.

  29. crabclaw says:

    Who is this “Staff Writers” who

    seems to be writing an increasing number of stories for the Bulletin of recent?

    • The Magpie says:

      It means (seriously) anyone an anywhere in the News Corpse stable, and usually means ‘we pinched this from other sources e.g Facebook), it is a rewrite probably done somewhere else. Interested to see Sam The Milkmaid Healey had a byline that appeared in the Bulletin. Serious papers always name multiple writers if that is required. Never thought you’d hear The ‘Pie say it, but she’s a step up from the drongos generally on display around, and at least English is her first language. The Magpie cannot name one single journalist at the Bulletin he would consider a worthy enemy … those with enough experience under their belts are favourably mentioned from time to time, much to their dismay.

  30. Leslie Jogger says:

    The PM funds Hughenden irrigation scheme, Big Rocks weir and Hells Gates engineering work after Bob Katter held a gun to his head. All these projects coming to Nth Qld. Some will claim good lobbying (tel, bulletin, candidates, mps) but reality is it’s only from political luck (tightest seat in the nation and a minority government).

  31. No more dredging says:

    Leslie, Bob Katter’s seat (Kennedy) is not the “tightest seat in the nation”, although I s’pose you could argue that being next door to Herbert (which is the tightest seat) does give some flow-over effect. None of the PM’s latest NQ dam-building promises will effect Townsville’s water security and most of the credit for the new Haughton pipeline has already been claimed by WFT, the mayor, the premier and probably Johnathan Thurston – the list is quite long.
    But my question is: will Bob Katter be on the ballot? Born in May, 1945, Bob will be near enough to 74 by the time of the general election – he’s currently the second oldest member (after Sen. Hinch). In my opinion, it’s starting to show.

  32. The Real Philip Batty says:

    Credit where it is due and thank you to Matt Thompson the TCC CFO for answering and clarifying my questions regarding Townsville EA2 Pty Ltd which I sent to the CEO. He states

    Per the below email, Townsville City Council only conducted one ‘beneficial enterprise’ in 2017/18 being the joint venture for the Townsville Entertainment and Convention Centre.

    As the proposed joint-venture between Rockhampton City Council and Townsville City Council regarding the FIFO Hub for the Carmichael Mine Project did not proceed, Townsville EA2 Pty Ltd has remained dormant and inactivate since its creation, therefore this company does not have a bank account in its own name.


    Matt Thomson
    Chief Financial Officer
    Townsville City Council

    I am still waiting for the CEO to answer my specific questions on the matter of $23,818,000 impairment of the joint venture for TECC.

    Will wait and see but good to get some answers from Matt

    • The Magpie says:

      An astounding reply, in plain English, with nary a buzz word or demur in sight. Mr Thomson, are you sure you’re in the right job, for the right people? The ‘Pie fears for your longevity, but a refreshingly simple answer from which Mayor Mullet could learn much.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Mr Thomson is lucky this was posted on the nest on a Friday, the Impaler would have flown out last night home for the weekend, otherwise she will be in his office for a bitch slapping today for responding to ratepayers questions, that won’t happen again.

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        Congratulations to Phil on at least getting a reply from TCC.

        However, according to the TCC media release from July 2017…, “By establishing the development corporation, the city will have a dedicated public entity with the sole purpose of activating council owned land in the Townsville PDA and other strategic areas.”

        Nothing to do at all with the Adani Airport fiasco…..

        I thought that the PDA was powering ahead? So surely there must be some activity that needs to be reported?

        So is Townsville EA2 Pty Ltd different to the Townsville PDA and TCC land activation enterprise referred to in the media release?

        Just curious…..

        And as an aside, Section 41 of the Local Government Act reads:

        “Identifying beneficial enterprises

        A local government’s annual report for each financial year must contain a list of all the beneficial enterprises that the local government conducted during the financial year”

        I’m no legal eagle (thank God for small mercies) but my gut tells me that, perhaps asa matter of prudence, the Annual Report should still have listed Townsville EA2 Pty Ltd even though if it didn’t actually conduct any financial transactions for the year. Surely just actually creating the legal entity of the company structure for Townsville EA2 Pty Ltd would constitute “conducting” the enterprise? ……The legal experts may wish to venture an opinion…..

        Here’s the link to the TCC media release:


    • Plannit Townsville says:

      If I were you Mr Batty I’d ask Mr Thompson a few more pointy questions. You will find his not quite truthful answer, as pointed out by The Wulguru Wonder, will have been approved by the Impaler and Beckett. Nothing leaves the building without their say so.

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        I wonder if the $23M impairment/write down in value on the TECC has been a result of transferring the TCC interest to Townsville EA2 Pty Ltd as a equity contribution at no financial cost to EA2?

        Also note (but it just may be a conspiracy fear on my part) that TCC’s reply made particular mention that AE2 “does not have a bank account in its own name”…..has it been using another entity’s bank account to transact business?

        Just wondering……

  33. The Magpie says:

    The ‘Pie is well aware that there are many Nest readers whose world view does not extent beyond Yellow Gin Creek south of Home Hill, so here’s one for the grown-up readers. Especially those with a legal turn of mind and an interest in US politics.

    Another wounding in the US … Donald Trump shoots himself in the foot, and the wound may turn out to be fatal. Firing the Attorney General who refused to shut down the Russia probe is one thing, but the appointment of a replacement, whom the President thinks will fire Mueller, is entirely another. If ever there was a textbook definition of ‘hoist by your own petard’, this would be it.


    • The Magpie says:

      And the mention of shooting there prompts The ‘Pie to point out that the long-standing conventional use, ‘injure’ and ‘injury’ generally applies to harm done by accidents explosions and natural disasters etc, whereas ‘wounded’ and ‘wounds’ in the literal sense distinctly implies being shot, stabbed or explosions. wound carries an element of intent, injury does not.

      Or so The ‘Pie was taught as a cadet journalist, but what would those dudes know, they’re probably all dead anyway, eh?

  34. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    Hey Mr Pie…..Any news on the latest readership figures for the Astonisher, or will we have to wait for the weekend blog?

  35. Achilles says:

    The TB is deceiving read sensationalising with it’s alarmist headline regarding price of drinks skyrocketing. The price of the drinks are still the same, it’s only the REFUNDABLE deposit that has been added.

    I recall when this was first introduced in SA many years ago. It was a very successful move, we all simply saved our cans and bottles in sacks, until a birthday or Christmas occurred and cashed them all in to buy all the drinks for the occasion.

    Further more kids, wino’s and enterprising people would collect them from trash cans or those discarded at sporting events or along road sides.

    The effect observable almost immediately as there were hardly any cans or bottles discarded.

    No other State followed suit due to the petulant childish attitude that it was an SA idea. Nobody tried to investigate how successful it was and still is.

    • Dutch Reverend says:

      You are wrong Achilles. Woolworths at Willows did have Pepsi regularly for $2 / 2L bottle prior to the refund commencement. Immediately after, it was on the shelf for $3 /2L. It is now $3.10. That’s better than a 50% increase overnight. Either Pepsi is having a lend and gouging or Woolies are. Market forces will teach them the lesson. I didn’t buy any this week, when usually I do. I’m sure I wouldn’t be on my own.

      • The Magpie says:

        We’re building an interesting profile on you, Dutchy … bloke on a crazed sugar high, now suffering withdrawal symptoms … you’ll be spotted a mile away.

        • Dutch Reverend says:

          Sorry to disappoint Pie. I only drink Pepsi Max or any other sugar free variant. Type 2 sucks. But I have been naughty occasionally.

    • Grumpy says:

      Achilles – Queensland had refunds on bottles back in the 60s. I recall scavenging around the East Brisbane Leagues club grounds with my mates on Sunday. On Monday after school we used to sell them to the grumpy old bottle-o who had his yard right down the end of Cavendish Road in Coorparoo. Whilst we were arguing with him out the front, our mates would be around the back lifting crates out of stockpile to sell back to him on Tuesday. He never caught on. I think.

  36. The Magpie says:

    Another knife wielder in Melbourne, shot by police this afternoon in a brief stand-off in Bourke Street. Police haven’t revealed what kind of knife with which they were being threatened, but the Townsville Daily Astonisher has it covered, this is their territory.

  37. Lord Howard Hertz says:

    Crikey, Melbourne for a nice quiet holiday anyone?

    Well maybe better than Queensland where your beautifully alive one day, and perfectly dead the next.

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