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Saturday, March 31st, 2018   |   135 comments

EXCLUSIVE: Cricket Australia Gets A New Sponsor   … And The Sinking SS Townsville Loses A Rodent Overboard.

And Mayor Mullet may soon no longer be able to stonewall behind the coward’s castle of Commercial In Confidence. Her stand on the secrecy surrounding the Adani airstrip deal is eminently challenable, according to a legal think tank.

But hey, it’s a holiday weekend, so laughs will be the order of the day, but there’s still a bit of interesting goss about.

But how lucky can we be this Easter … maybe God sacrificed his only son in the year 30, but in 2018, he has gifted every front bar in the land an equally telling sacrifice … the crucifixion of a handful of erstwhile cricketing heroes. What else can it be but a rare gift when the words ‘ball’ and ‘tampering’ are so prominently linked together.

It’s Been A Week Of More Moralising That Aesop’s Tales

Warner and smith

For song of the week,   a re-working of Hank Williams ‘Your Cheatin’ Heart’ comes to mind …

You cheatin’ fart.

You made us weep.

You cried and cried,

But you’re still a creep

And sleep won’t come

The whole night through

Your cheatin’ heart has told on you.

Shall we go on? OK


When tears come down,

Like falling rain,

You’ll toss around,

And cry with shame,

But sleep won’t come,

The whole night through,

You cheatin’ fart, we’ve told on you.

The Magpie won’t waste your time with any unnecessary and lengthy personal dissection of this whole disgraceful episode, except to say that all three should be out of the game, globally and forever. They have betrayed the trust of an entire nation. And any subsequent offenders, too.

But the fine line of hypocrisy being peddled by politicians of all stripes – who openly cheat and lie every single day (and probably tamper with their own balls) is an added burden we have to bear. But hang on, Bentley thinks there may be a place for Steve Smith in Labor’s advisory ranks.

tampering copy small

But sometimes we lose perspective, and think this is just an Aussie sporting matter of little import or interest elsewhere. Allow The ‘Pie to disabuse you of that notion. If we still get justified jibes about the infamous and shameful ‘underarm bowling’ incident in 1981, get used to a regular onslaught of ‘ball tampering slurs’.

A story in London during the week, saw that haystacked boofhead Boris The Bore Johnson reprimanded by the speaker of the House of Commons for an alleged sexist remark (it wasn’t, but some other time …). The Guardian in London decided to make merry with two issues at the one time.

Screen shot 2018-03-31 at 10.57.09 PM

And of course, there’s been a fine selection of yukyukery on social media. Even The ‘Pie was overcome by the moment and suggested that Cricket Australia has seen a new sponsor step forward.


And there it is best to leave these particularly unlovable Easter Bunnies.

The Rabster Scuttles Off South

The ‘Pie has been told that one of Townsville’s most loved, respected, upstanding, intelligent good looking, dashing and philanthropic businessmen is leaving Townsville and re-locating to Brisbane.

Rabieh Krayem

Yep, Rabieh Krayem is – or has – upped stumps and headed off to Brisbane to continue earning incredible sums of taxpayers money with his innovative take on the federal government’s job placement program.

One trusts that some not insignificant unpleasantness regarding his similar business here in Townsville is now behind him. Several people contracted to run ‘training courses’ for him in this Charters Towers Road offices had a bit of trouble getting monies owed to them when Mr Krayem abruptly dispensed with their services. It is understood authorities stepped in and things have more or less been put to rights, although surely it would be unwise to think Rabieh’s relocation had anything to do with that. Or with other surely scurrilous allegations that he made his government money by advertising a single job, then telling ALL applicants that the job was theirs if the would just complete ‘this little course’. For everyone signed up for the course, Rabieh billed you, the taxpayer, for his efforts.

But what’s a bloke to do when his soccer team is taken from him (it surely can’t be right what they’re saying about mismanagement and ripoffs there). And what’s a bloke to do when two of kids are about to start at Nudgee College (reputed to be $1800 a term).

And boy, did The Magpie ever put a flea in the ear of a sacked contractor in Brisbane (Rabieh had been running his employment sca …err …scheme down there too) who made some very nasty allegations against his operational methods. Gosh, people are so base.

Anyway, no doubt we’ll all learn the truth about all that and many other matters when Rabieh takes to the witness box to answer all these sorts of questions when The Magpie’s trial for allegedly defaming him as a ‘dud businessman’ in this blog finally comes to court.

When That Trial Starts, The Magpie Will Be Locking Up His Legal Team’s Drinks Cabinet.

Just a precaution, mind.

The ‘Pie and his legal chums have often discussed the differences between Aussie law … based mainly on British principles … and US law practice. The guffaws have been long and loud. It would be most interesting if the this had happened in an Australian court.

We learn the lesson from all that is when making a  closing address scornfully attacking the prosecution argument, NEVER DRINK AND DERIDE.

Stacking The Walker Street Deck Continues …

David Lynch 3See old mate Dolan Hayes’s sometime business associate and bush-bashing buddy David Lynch has been appointed as Townsville City economist. Mr Hayes’s lobbying on Mr Lynch’s behalf was said to be a masterclass in the art of business diplomacy. Others say he merely gave his mate a reference. Anyway, Dolan is more than an occasional Mullet whisperer … those are the times she takes his advice and doesn’t fuck up, so he doesn’t do too much whispering nowadays, it is supposed.

But The ‘Pie wants to know why we need a ‘city economist’ when we pay someone a small fortune to be the council’s Chief Financial Officer. And if the mayor is an economic dunce, why are we paying both her and her CEO mate The Impaler somewhat larger fortunes.

adele and jenny

‘Now how do we put a smiley face on this?’

Mr Harvey, by all accounts a personable chap, seems to specialize in redundant positions … his last gig, also said to be gained through the good graces of Mr Hayes and TEL deputy chair Mayor Mullet, was the a totally unnecessary (and about the eighth) Hell’s Gate Dam feasibility study.

But Perhaps The Council’s Culture Of Secrecy Is About To End – By Law.

An alert commenter during the week sent in this MOST informative report titled ‘Identfying and Protecting Confidential Information’. It deals with the use of Commercial In Confidence edicts, which seem to be thrown around like confetti these days by all government bodies … especially the Townsville City Council.

It makes fascinating reading when taken in context with local matters, especially the $18.5 M for the Andani airstrip, the details of which the those funding it … the Townsville ratepayers … are not allowed to know any crucial details. There is more than a touch of Joh’s famous ‘Don’t you worry about that’ in Mayor Mullet’s wittering about this disgraceful matter.

But if any organization chooses to, the secrecy about the details of that airstrip issue can be challenged in court … and probably successfully.

Here’s the salient bit from the report (all of which is worth a read).


When consideration is being given to whether certain information should be treated as confidential information, an agency should also consider:

  • ‘public interest’ issues;
  • relevant statutory provisions prohibiting disclosure of certain information; and
  • relevant provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1982and the Privacy Act 1988.

There are limits on the kind of information which can be protected as confidential under a contract. For example, if an attempt is made to protect from disclosure certain Government Information as confidential information when an analysis of public interest issues leads to a conclusion that the information is not confidential in nature (‘inherently confidential’), a court may refuse to enforce a contractual obligation not to disclose that information.

Tests for Existence of Equitable Obligation

In order to establish that an equitable obligation of confidence has arisen, all the following elements must be present:

  • the information must be specific and not merely global;
  • the information must be ‘inherently confidential'; and
  • the information must have been communicated and received in circumstances which imposed an obligation of confidentiality on the recipient.

The elements are not satisfied by simply marking documents as confidential or COMMERCIAL-IN-CONFIDENCE.


The ‘Pie admits that is cherry picking, but on balance, this report from a legal think-tank clearly says the secrecy – Commercial In Confidence designation – regarding the Adani airstrip decision is challengeable.

But here’s the catch 22 (the legal system is full of ‘em). If a group of citizens representing the ratepayers were willing to put up the considerable sum to mount a challenge, the Mayor and the council could oppose them – using in essence ratepayers’ own  money to do so.

This really has got to stop.

But To The Lighter Side (Depending On Your Point Of View)

Making a quid out of Easter is nothing new, but someone in the States seems to be pushing the boundaries somewhat.

Screen shot 2018-03-27 at 9.37.10 AM

If that doesn’t creep the kids out, nothing will. But then again, parents could get a real rock and keep the kids in there for a couple days for a quite holiday break. That way, the kids are sure to find religion, or at least, they’ll sure be saying ‘Jesus Holy Christ!’ for a long time afterwards.

But we all have a little think about religion around religious festivals. Let’s remember, it wasn’t a bed of roses for the disciples.

Jesus heals

But if Jesus tries his magic tricks on today’s audience, he might not get the unquestioning belief he did back then.

Jesus PC

And matters more attuned to the modern era have been with us for a long time … even from the days of the ark.

Gay ark

And certain Christmas characters may have had their reputations somewhat exaggerated

wise man

Donald Trump’s New Wheels

The Prez has just had his first ride in a new vehicle ordered especially for him, to make him more recognizable on the streets. His Secret Service bodyguard is allowed to dress casually.

Screen shot 2018-03-21 at 9.04.29 AM

A Personal Observation

There was a moment time, after many an unscheduled Laundromat visit after a picnic in the park, when The Magpie believed this to be man’s greatest ever invention.

tomato sauce sachet

But perhaps that has now been surpassed with a new product … solid tomato sauce slices, particularly for hamburgers.

Dried ketchup Dried ketchup 4

dried ketchup 1

It has the unnappetizing name of Ketchup Leather, and is the invention of a (where else?) Californian restaurant. Needless to say, there is a furious debate on this earth-shattering culinary offering, best summed up by this article in the Atlantic magazine.

Helpful Crim Of The Week

This bloke …

Screen shot 2018-03-27 at 12.26.45 PM

… greatly assisted authorities not only identifying him physically, but giving a clue to his mental capacity. Having DORK tattooed across your throat would seem to rule out Mensa Membership.

Rube Goldberg Would Be Proud

Ever had a chuckle at those incredible drawings by Rube Goldberg of dreadfully complicated machines designed for the simplest of tasks … like this way to cool your soup,

Rube Goldbergg soup cooler

The idea has been updated to the YouTube age with this little doozy, which actually proves something … that the designer had waaayyy too much time on his hands.

Finally, From The Medical File

The ‘Pie was startled to see this story during the week.

Brain 2 Brain 1

The old bird was so fascinated, he made further inquiries and learnt when the patient regained consciousness, he sat up and said “ How long have I been out … has Qantas approved my ticket tax for Townsville Airport passengers yet?’


That’s the lot for this week, hope this fills a hole in what The ‘Pie sincerely hopes is a happy Easter break (don’t forget to let the kids out of the cave – if you must). Keep piling in those comments during the week. And what better time to succumb to your charitable instincts and make a donation to help keep the blog aloft. The How To Donate button is below.

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  1. Alacan says:

    David Lynch .. Pie .. this is his second lap at TCC .. youd be aware of that i take it .. not that that it has much relevance to anything apart from perhaps a seemingly prepardeness to restart ex staffers who never really strayed too far from the trough. He can finish what he started in being the mulletts gofa on the stadium project. .. maybe there is another project needing government funding to getup.. 2 yr horizon id guess.

    • Alahazbin says:

      And Alacan can I say. A very aloof fellow and loved his perks of the job.

      • Dearie Me says:

        Err yes… David Lynch… Money for Nothing should really be his theme song.
        Has he ever done anything useful? His old department at TCC was a complete void of intelligence and inspiration. I shall wait with baited breath at the ground breaking insights he will now provide as the cities economist.

        • The Magpie says:

          Pedants’ Trivia Corner: ‘baited’ breath is what you get if you eat a dodgy prawn at a BBQ, but if subsequently you’re waiting anxiously for the doctor’s verdict on your longevity, you are waiting with ‘bated breath’, this bated being the contraction of ‘abated’ – ‘to diminish, beat down, reduce’ meaning your holding your breath waiting for a decision. Willy Shakespeare used the phrase in The Merchant of Venice.

          • Dearie Me says:

            My mistake however in my defence Pie… I’m a council worker, we are all slowly being poisoned by the foul culture which is inflicted on us by incompetent management, dominated by the bottle blond psychopath upstairs. So although you are correct. I am baited and dying a slow and painful death by working in the foul stink hole that Council has become.

          • The Magpie says:

            My dear Dearie, it was not a reprimand (God knows, The ‘Pie himself just a day or so ago let ‘pendant’ slip through for ‘pedant’), just a harmless bit of merriment … which you’ll agree, we’re all in need of nowadays or we’d cry.

  2. Cantankerous but happy says:

    If Rabbi Crime is off to Brisvegas then surely he must lose his little earner on the board of Stadiums Qld as it was meant to ensure a voice from the North on the board.

  3. SPQR says:

    And so at Easter we reflect, as we should, upon the holy trinity of the captain, the vice captain, & the gormless youth. I noticed yesterday that media personality/ prolific author of crap & pretend journalist Peter Fitzeverything reflected on this Easter tale & congratulated Mr Smith of having raised a fine lad. A great outcome for assiduous parenting is our Steve, a stupid, cheating, crybaby.
    And don’t forget our Mary Magdalene of the tale, fair Candice Warner, who has suggested that the whole sorry episode is really her fault. I presume this is a reference to her infamous porking of SBW which led to Hubby not only tampering with the Kock, but indirectly with the ball. Now there’s a set of hot cross buns!

  4. Achilles says:

    Easter (resurrection day) on April 1st, coincidence? should be the same every year

  5. The Magpie says:

    For a while now, The Magpie has been considering starting a #SoBloodyWhat? hashtag, prompted by the increasingly unfair excesses of the hijacked #MeTwo movement, which has descended in many cases into petty revenge triviality, demeaning the very real and worthy beginnings. Which, incidentally, gave new meaning to the familiar Australian jingle ‘Go Harvey Go’.

    But now the old bird finds himself in the unexpected position of making his first entry on #SoBloodyWhat? actually in support of the aims and purpose of #MeToo.

    The issue here is Candice Warner. The bare fact is that more than 10 years ago, long before she met her husband David, she had a bonk with footballer Sonny Bill Williams. How can she be shamed for what just about everybody on the planet does when they’re young, unattached and full of life’s juices?Especially two super fit young athletes. Where is the relevance, or more succinctly #SoBloodyWhat?.

    Who was future hubby rooting at the time? No mention of that in this hypocritical raising of a low level crowd baiting chant, and if his sexual past was the subject of a crowd chant, it would probably be ‘Good on yer son, tip top you nailed one.’ And no mention of the lack of brains for Mr Warner, in thinking he had to defend his wife against any mention of the matter. Defend her against what, beyond saying she was her own agent at that stage and someone’s sexual history isn’t any sort of impediment to a happy and exclusive partnership at a later time?

    The hypocrisy is breathtaking, and the lack of mainstream questioning of this sidebar attack (which has nothing to do with her husband’s masterminding a shameful cheating tactic) – but if that was his motivation, then he deserves all he gets if for no other reason than sheer, chauvinistic, misguided macho madness … in itself, an insult to his wife and her freedom of choice before they met.

    So The ‘Pie sums up … #SoBloodyWhat?

    • Cynical Cricket says:

      Here here

      • The Magpie says:

        pendants corner, dept of:

        Here, here is for dogs, hear hear is for Magpies.

        • The Abbot from Oonoonba says:

          LOL !!

          • Mick says:

            All bullshit. Contrived and constructed for best coverage by (BUY) media. Candice blames herself???. Well Candice, don’t appear at a Press Conference for your husband and detract from his “Sorry statement”. Dur Womens Day on the way????
            It’s not about you. Unless you worry about your potential lose $$$$$$ from your personal endorsements. You and hubby stand to lose $millions.
            The big issue, and apologies to ” BIG ISSUE”, is the situation that two individuals have been , pardon the pun, “Caught out” by there own arrogance. The only sacrificial lamb in this is their Captain who fell on his sword. Mr Smith, I applaud you. You have done your duty. Now a clean sweep of CRICKET AUSTRALIA is all we should demand.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Sign me up to the #SoBloodyWhat? movement. The double standards applied to young men and women are laughable.
      Similar youthful indiscretions see females condemned and males applauded, which shows that our much-vaunted ‘liberated society’ hasn’t progressed far since the Victorian era.

    • The Wulguru Wonder says:

      Mick – could it be that she was simply there to support her husband?

      • Mick says:

        Wulguru wonder,
        No. She was there with the support of a PR expert.

        • The Wulguru Wonder says:

          Could it be that she herself also needs some support during this time? She is obviously distressed too.

          • The Third Reader says:

            I can see both angles in this but i agree that if Candice is distressed that is for another time. That should have been a press conference about cricket and his failings that have invariably lead us to this point, nothing else. The word i keep hearing is “staged” and that in itself is a failing, compared to the character that was shown by Steve Smith facing the media, and taking questions, at the first available opportunity to apologise. Nobody could doubt his sincerity and even though it was hard to watch, it was very obviously heartfelt. Proves to me again that good men make bad decisions.

          • The Wulguru Wonder says:

            #3 Reader I agree that Warner’s presser was a disaster, leaving lots of unanswered questions and a definite whiff of coverup and avoidance.

            I just uncomfortable dragging his wife onto the whole sordid saga when it really has nothing to do with her. I’m also very circumspect of making any assumptions of the intimate thoughts and motivations behind the actions of someone in the extremely trying and stressful personal circumstances in which she finds herself.

  6. The old peterbuilts says:

    An aquatinance of mine sent the following question to Colin Dwyer.
    Q. Colin this does seem to be a very large number. Is there no chance that there is a statistical aberration..
    A. Good question. There is a statistical error in this and a lot of other data. I think the best way to look at this data is a significant positive change in workforce trends in Townsville region. DS economics projects list there’s over 75 approved projects . More jobs to come around townsville.

    Stay positive folks but just be careful what you read in the astonisher.

  7. Sandgroper says:

    In Brisbane today (Sunday), en-route to Richard Robertson’s wake, and the town is buzzing in the lead-up to the Games.
    When in Brissie, I am always struck by the law-abiding and almost sheeplike pedestrian traffic. Apart from Adelaide, pedestrians in other Australian capital cities treat traffic lights in a very cavalier fashion and bolt across intersections whenever there’s the slightest opportunity.
    And it isn’t because the coppers are out in force. I didn’t see a single officer during a four-hour amble this morning through the CBD and Southbank precinct.

    • The Magpie says:

      But the behaviour of pedestrians outside Adelade and Brisbane may be a healthy disrespect for oppressive nanny state laws, and sheer common sense. Laws that state if at an intersection with a five block view every way and no traffic in sight, we still have stand like programmed robots until we are told we can walk is just begging for some sensible good old Aussie anti-authoritarianism.

      • Sandgroper says:

        My thoughts exactly, ‘Pie, and I tried to show them the Aussie way by giving a finger to the lights. But I think the crowds thronging Brisbane and the Gold Coast at the moment don’t contain many True Blues. There are a lot of very pale people speaking incomprehensible Pommy dialects, but the predominant languages appear to be Japanese and Mandarin/Cantonese.

  8. Ratepayer /Taxpayer mugs says:

    How long must the ratepayers/taxpayers have to be confronted by the huge “Ambo” political sign suggesting that Ambo is totally responsible for the multi $millions being spent on the widening of Riverway Drive between Gollogly Lane and Allambie Lane.
    It was erected at least a month before work began and while it may have assisted his re election to state parliament, enough is surely enough especially passing it after a meal!!

  9. Sir Cumference says:

    (Reply to Magpie’s comment beginning “pendant’s corner….”)

    And in the same vein, pendants are for swinging around One’s neck. The corner you were looking for would have been labelled “Pedants’ Corner”, I reckon.

    Love your work!

    Sir C

  10. Lady Byron says:

    To the tune of ‘Howzat’ by Sherbet
    (and my apologies to the upset Aussie cricket fans)

    Your grand plan had it all
    The only one to fix up the ball
    and for a time I believed
    your tales so tall

    The sandpaper was in my hand
    I tried to do it away from the stand
    But I came undone when
    adrenalin flowed from my glands

    How How Howzat!

    I messed about
    What a caper


    Fiddling with the
    bloody sandpaper

    Oh yeah.

    You only came for a shine
    Even though I know its a crime
    I didn’t think anyone
    Could see what I’d done

    I didn’t think it would be bad
    Smith & Co
    would be so glad
    But now I see the fool that I’ve become

    How How Howzat!

    I messed my balls about
    I sure got caught out


    Sandpaper stuck to my penis
    Embarrassment in extremis


    Goodbye, oh yeah
    Goodbye, career, oh yeah

  11. Miss Lou says:

    Happy Easter Pie.

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.


    Miss Lou.

    P.S. Rabs seemed a dud from day one?

    • Mick says:


      The link to the fees. A hell of a lot more than our local schools. But, the esteemed gentleman is perhaps putting his boys through the same school as a local infamous Solicitor did for his boys. The term fees seem to be a lot higher than $1400 per term.

      • The Magpie says:

        Holy Mackerel!! There are several grey areas in The Magpie’s knowledge of certain subjects, and school fees is obviously one of them. Seem $1800 wouldn’t cover a week’s tuck shop charges at Nudgee. Interesting to note when Rabieh Krayem first lodged his action against The Magpie, he was seeking a ludicrous $300,000 … no wonder … that wouldn’t get his kids even halfway to matriculation year at Nudgee.

  12. Memory Man says:

    The Mullet wants a return to this … it’s the only “economic development” she understands. Sadly, the violent cycles are more destructive of long term wealth than they are creators of it.


  13. Grumpy says:

    Maybe one or two many GN’s with the prawns and bugs yesterday afternoon.

    Woke up to that shrieking Suzanne Paul on the television. That woman’s voice could drill teeth. Takes the prize for the most irritating woman on television. Apart from the politicians, that is.

    For a laugh, read her Wiki entry. Self-praise is no praise at all. A reminder of how unreliable that site can be – which reminds me, is the Storm Financial site going to be amended post-conviction?

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, thanks a bunch for that Grumpy, The ‘Pie just had to look up Ms Paul to see what you were talking about, and he won’t stop shuddering for some time. She falls into that unfortunate category of gabby Pommy women who are so self-satisfied in their own certainty on every conceivable subject that they don’t pause to consider what sad fuckwits they are making of their whiney little selves.

      She could run for mayor of Townsville.

  14. TweedleDee says:

    Concerning your question on the difference between the City Economist and the Chief Financial Officer.

    The CFO is more like the City Accountant- pays the bills, banks the income, prepares the Financial Reports.

    The economist on the other hand develops projects that enhance the prosperity of the residents. For example, in his last stint with Townsville City Council, economist DL was the major architect of the reinvigoration of the CBD from a sad decaying precinct shunned by the population, to ……… a sad decaying precinct shunned by the population without shops.

    However the prosperity of the gilded few was enhanced.

    • The Magpie says:

      What? ‘… develops projects that enhance the prosperity of the residents’? Isn’t that what we elect our mayor and councillors for, who then may call on staff if they conceive a project? Do we need someone sitting around on a full time generous wage dreaming up schemes more aimed at making their job sponsor (in this case, Mayor Mullet) look good than actually achieving anything.

      Also Tweedles, you missed a crucial duty of our current CFO … to front the media about a ‘council culture of secrecy’ when the mayor ducks for cover when an official report criticises the council. (Also to throw in some lying waffle about the Adani airstrip deal is Commercial In Confidence’.

    • Dearie Me says:


      The CFO doesn’t pay bills!! Or bank income!! Or prepare financial reports!!
      He has a fleet of minions for that.
      However… If you ever want to play a game of Bullshit Bingo he’s the man.

  15. Jenny Wren says:

    Enough about cricket. Have you heard anything about the dispute between the TCC and the RSPCA that even rated a mention in the Bullie the other day?

    • The Wulguru Wonder says:

      Not across the specific details of the dispute.

      But I am very concerned about the potential outcome for unclaimed stray animals. Under the current arrangements any dogs and cats impounded by TCC that are not reclaimed owners by the end of the stray holding period (only 4 days) are handed over by TCC to the RSPCA to undergo their rehoming processes.

      Will the new arrangements mean that TCC will now be routinely euthanizing all the unclaimed dogs and cats after 4 days? (As happens at a lot of other local government operated animal impounding facilities).That could well be up to 300 animals a month or more.

  16. Alahazbin says:

    I just worked out how the Hard Rubbish scheme is done after a web chat with TCC Customer Service.
    You put your rubbish out on day one of your zone. It then sits on your footpath decaying and getting raided by the scavengers (if there is anything worthwhile taking) Then on the final day of the 2 week period, they come and collect it in one of the two second hand trucks. That’s if they are not in workshop being repaired.

    • The Magpie says:

      The’Pie has been pondering this question (not the least of which is a negligence to community health hazards) and – cost aside – can see only one way this kerbside nonsense could work. Forget all the malarky about Basic Blitz … distracting spin for the council doing what it’s supposed to do anyway – and put the dough into a one-two week ‘kerbside blitz’ program, with private contractors hired to do the collection up in a single fortnight. And widely advertise heavy penalties for anyoine having a second go after the initial collection.

      It would be cheaper in the long run, given the cost of vehicles and their repairs.

      • Rusty Nail says:

        With regards the Council and their Hard Rubbish Collection, ‘Pie, I can report that ours was picked up on day 1 at about 10:00 am. My daughter, on the other hand, who is in the same collection area as I am, has had hers out for two full weeks now with no sight of a collection vehicle within cooee. I am very happy with the service provided whereas the same most definitely cannot be said for her.

      • I'll be plucked says:

        Pluck that Pie, just give us back our farking dump vouchers Mullet and Impaler – we’ll take out own crap, which we created, to the dump when we can!

        Give ‘em back and put this hard rubbish collection in the wheelie bin where it belongs.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Fairly simple TheOtherGuy, Qantas response would be “ if you don’t stop whingeing at us about this shit we will turn Townsville into a Jetstar only airport like we did to the Gold Coast from 2008-2013” . Something I think is still a possibility today.

  17. The Magpie says:

    Picked this up at the weekend.

    Thumbing through it, there was reference to something startlingly called the Townsville Salon De Elegance, a bewildering and unexpected combination of words not generally known in this city outside possibly a hair dressing salon in Rasmussen. Turns out it’s a tent in Queens Gardens.

    But then The ‘Pie thumbed back to the introductory waffle from the pollies … Games Chairman, the old oilster Peter Beattie sounded like he’d road tested some of those forbidden Games village needles when he wrote
    ‘Festival 2018 is the perfect way to celebrate the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, where we witness extraordinary, diverse talent and we revel in the best of humanity’ – (MEDIC HERE PLEASE, OVERDOSE VICTIM HALLUCINATING). But then next door, our Simperer in Chief, Mayor Mullet had her say … and boy, you’ve got to hand her the Gold Medal for Gall (Unmitigated Division).

    Under this pic,

    … which actually proves there exists a Jenny Hill hairbrush, she had this to say.

    Wrong tense Jenny … first line should be past tense ‘boasted’, and indeed our city did have a rich heritage of arts and culture … until you drank the Nous Report Cool Aid and ripped the guts out of our growing reputation by inexplicably sacking Perc Tucker boss Shane Firzgerald, acknowledged as one of the country’s leading regional arts directors, and thus costing us not just millions in arts endowments but trashing Townsville’s hard won and growing national reputation in the arts world.

    You are without a doubt ‘the unbelievable Jenny Hill’ … and read that any way you like.

    • Grumpy says:

      Forget the hairbrush – how’s about the fucking airbrush!!!

      Whoever did was a bloody wizard.

      Get away with you, you silly little lassie.

  18. Achilles says:

    From todays The Oz https://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/latest-news/cultural-emergency-waiting-rooms-for-nsw/news-story/c6694a96129c59c66cf2bc142e920412

    Cultural spaces proposed for NSW hospitals

    Emergency departments across NSW will be encouraged to provide separate waiting rooms for Aboriginal patients under a new state government policy.

    What loony lefty “genius” dreamed this one up? If this goes ahead you’ll have the Muzzies demanding a sarau and prayer mats.

    The Greenies will demand an outdoor tree laden room, with a waterfall.

    I dread to think of the diverse demands from the LBGTUPYRBUM mob

    • The old peterbuilts says:

      Isn’t that apartheid.im half black half white where should I wait, in the pub

      • Sandgroper says:

        All too true, Top. There is a concerted effort by the very types of people who once vehemently opposed apartheid in South Africa to introduce it here.

        • Critical says:

          This political correct lunacy has hit Townsville too. Council has built special tables and stools with Indigenous art paintings for the Indigenous at the Evans Street cemetery. What a bloody waste of ratepayers money.

          • The Magpie says:

            Bit harsh … the majority of indigenous people are ratepayers, too. And the amount of money to create some goodwill and inclusiveness would be negligible next to say, painting whole building walls with murals.

    • No more dredging says:

      Achilles, somehow you managed to misquote the article you linked to. The article actually said: “While the document does not mandate separate waiting rooms for Aboriginal patients it calls for a “culturally appropriate space” within each [NSW] hospital to be identified.” Not sure how familiar you are with Queensland hospitals generally and Townsville Hospital in particular but there are many ways in which Queensland Health bends over backwards to accommodate the cultural needs and (sometimes) eccentricities of any number of minorities who pass through that rather forbidding steel and glass facility. Many out-of-towners, who may be from Palm Island, the Torres Strait islands or even Papua New Guinea ‘treaty islands’, sometimes arrive at the local hospital with nothing – no money, no family and possibly no idea what is happening to them or, more likely, their sick child or ageing parent. Our local hospital employs Indigenous Liaison Officers (ILOs) because there is a large Indigenous catchment area here. Just because Townsville locals have a home and car and family support doesn’t mean everyone does. People from the margins in our society have needs which maybe you can’t conceive of because you are not personally in that situation. We should be proud of the outstanding care and attention our health service provides to everyone, not just the well or well-heeled. Why mock something you clearly don’t understand?

      • Achilles says:

        NMD you seem to have a propensity to end your often well versed comments with a derogative, snide and surly note.
        Maybe you should change your NDP to No More Sledging?

      • I'll be plucked says:

        Yeah Built, what Dredge said! Let’s stick to mocking Mullet, The Impaler, the 3 ALP stooges (in particular, do nothing Captain Cupcake – doughy, no substance and full of crap – the ‘member’ for Townsville) and The Tool the Federal Member for zero, except begging and bagging!

      • Grumpy says:

        Well, Dredge, just how do you envisage a “culturally appropriate” space to look like? Specifics, please – not your usual cut-n-paste waffle.

        • No more dredging says:

          Grumpy, there are numerous “culturally appropriate spaces” already in existence at the Townsville Hospital. A “space” may not be a specific room or designated outdoor area (although they exist); it might be a set of engagement and communication principles or a process created. For example, a non-English speaking PNG ‘treaty village’ woman might be flown in to Townsville from Boigu Island with a seriously ill infant – say a burns victim or premmy baby. The mother (from somewhere up-country an hour away by tinnie) is needed to be in attendance more or less at all times to support the child but has nowhere to stay, no food, no spare clothes, no Australian money and knows no one. They could be here for weeks and the mother could have other children at home and family responsibilities there. We expect that hospital authorities will ‘sort everything out’ – and they will. But things won’t get ‘sorted’ just by saying so. It requires flexibility and nuance because above all else the hospital wants and needs that mother to stick around so that the best outcome can be delivered to the actual patient – the infant. So, connections are arranged with same-language PNG people in town, perhaps with a same-religion church group, accommodation arranged and the person perhaps shown how to use flushing toilets and electric appliances, perhaps taken shopping for culturally familiar foods. None of this is rocket science but it can appear to be way out of left field when seen in isolation out of context. Achilles asked what “loony lefty genius” dreams this stuff up? It’s not dreams, it’s common sense. The health system has to create a safe and supportive environment not some draconian welfare battlefield. Clearly the NSW government is trying to raise its standards for all of its patients, not just the English-speaking, Anglo-cultured majority for whom new fangled administration and bureaucracy is a commonplace and familiar experience. Never heard of Indigenous Liaison Officers or social workers? Welcome to the new world order.

          • The Magpie says:

            Everything you say in your example is absolutely correct NMD, but also totally wrong if you wish to address the question. Using an extreme hypothetical is a self-defeating debating tactic. As you will see here …


            … the key factor is ‘culturally appropriate’ waiting rooms or spaces, perhaps signified by displaying a few indigenous paintings. This is an appalling infantalisation of ATSI needs, and even indigenous leader Warren Mundine calls it for what it is … good ol’ segregation that drives yet another wedge between cultures and races. It silently endorses the popular tactic of spokespeople in the indigenous industry that all ATSI people are victims continuing to suffer at the hands of an Anglo-European culture that incidentally is the culture that built the ambulance or helicopter the patient arrived in, the hospital in which they will be treated and the magic medicine which will hopefully cure them. So they can go back to the boat with the outboard motor in which to go traditional fishing.

            Allowing avoidance of reality is the real sin of gutless self-serving politicians.

          • Grumpy says:

            NMD is going to replace the Cape Cleveland lighthouse.

            His virtue signalling will be seen for miles.

            What a pile of mealy mouthed tripe. What has looking after the needy in manner appropriate to their needs got to do with creating race exclusive areas within public buildings? Ask QUT how that worked out for their students.

            Mate, you are a fucking expert at obfuscation and hijacking the topic.

          • No more dredging says:

            ‘Pie, I have no idea how NSW hospitals are currently implementing this initiative apart from the one example given in the SBS story (which looks to have been based on the same press release from the NSW government minister which the Australian newspaper used, judging by the quotes). One of the apparent outcomes of: “A trial on the Mid North Coast showed a 50 per cent reduction in the number of Indigenous patients leaving early from emergency departments after cultural awareness training for staff was introduced.” Apparently that’s a good thing. I have no idea what information Warren Mundine had about this initiative, whether he was ever involved in the creating of it or what he might have been told about it before he went on shock jock radio. But if governments are looking for ways to ‘close the gap’ (which they want to remind us about with annual reports etc.) and they find one mechanism that is reasonably doable and has recognised runs on the board, why would we derisively dismiss it just because someone, who may or may not know anything at all about it, speaks against it? 50 years ago, men were not welcome in birth suites because, well just because. But the world turns around and in the case of approaches to health care for Indigenous and other minorities, like so many other causes, there are new ways of doing and seeing things that are so much better since different eyes and minds have been thrown at them. In their original post, Achilles mocked such initiatives as “demands” from minority groups (Indigenous, greenies and LGBTI) when in fact the story suggested that governments are searching for new approaches not succumbing to demands.

          • The Magpie says:

            The Pie’s concern is the ‘us’ and ‘them’ agenda embodied in this sort of initiative. You go to hospital emergency for one reason alone … to get treatment (usually for an injury, as suggested by ‘emergency’), and you don’t leave just because there aren’t any indigenous dot paintings on the walls. More likely because you’re drunk, high on drugs or petrol fumes and refuse to behave in an acceptable manner which does not endanger those trying to help you. (Just wonder what the stats are on the ‘white’ rubbish that leave early or assault medical staff … bloody sight more than indigenous one could guess).

            You being a regular and all NMD will well know that The ‘Pie is a sinful cynic, and believes governments are searching for new approaches all right … to get votes and preferences from other parties, cherry picking issues across a wide spectrum. This is one of them.

            Of course, all this puts aside the real point that so many indigenous people go to emergency wards because white – or light brown nowadays – Australia has failed dismally to address the root cause of so many of the injuries … not just domestic violence but aboriginal-on-aboriginal violent behaviour. And there has been precious little done by the black aboriginal industry to curb such ‘cultural’ behaviour which lingers in what was a fractured, warring multi-tribe population at the advent of white ‘invaders’ … note quotes, please. We’ll leave the question of booze out of this for the moment.

            Those self-interested indigenous leaders further their personal agenda and well-being with their divisive rhetoric, which feeds directly into the victim mentality, frustrations which help brother turn on brother (and some pretty disgusting sister on sister action, too).

            Noel Pearson, for all his faults and there are quite a few, at least recognises that indigenous people have make a bigger effort to meet governments … and society in general … half way. That said, it is surely true that the vast bulk of those claiming aboriginal heritage are happily part of the mainstream society while still honouring the fine things in their heritage. Sadly, we rarely see or hear their stories, which does give us a lopsided view of the overall situation, something that the self-centred aboriginal industry (who by the way are not all indigenous) never promote or even remotely mention. If those who have a foot in both mainstream society and their indigenous culture could be more prominently held up as examples that the two are not mutually exclusive, then some real progress may be made.

            PS to Jenna Cairney Townsville Bulletin editor: instead of all that self-promoting and risible malarkey about 100 readers that no one even scans let alone reads etc, why not run a series on the success stories in the aboriginal community. There will be no shortage of really uplifting stories out there, The ‘Pie could point you in the direction of a dozen among his friends.

          • No more dredging says:

            Grumpy, you apparently know everything you need to know about the “needs” of cultural minority patients and families being treated in hospitals . . . . knowledge wasted on you. Why do you bother?

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            NMD, “ culturally appropriate” or “ culturally sensitive” are the catch phrases of the indigenous trough dwellers who have arranged a job for life on the indigenous gravy train with little or no regards for the individuals they are suppose to be representing, it’s a favourite of Gracelyn Smallwood and others to pressure governments that the gravy train funding is the answer to all their problems.
            Culturally appropriate considerations are also responsible for complete failures in remote communities in particular who have been conned by the parasites on the gravy train that they are the only people who can offer an outcome to their mostly pitiful existences, this is of course aided by people like yourself who choose to ignore the neglect and abuse of these individuals by supporting these worthless and wasteful actions designed to do one simple thing, ensure the continuing flow of funds to keep the gravy train chugging along.

          • No more dredging says:

            Cantankerous, this has zero to do with the “trough” or Indigenous activists (Gracelyn Smallwood, Warren Mundine, Noel Pearson) and a lot, but not everything, to do with hospital authorities trying to find ways to get better outcomes for every single patient – not just the perfect queue-forming, ready to wait, happy to pay, law-abiding citizen turning up with an icepick in the forehead. It’s actually the cases at the extreme or the margin, the losers, the tossers and the wankers who test the boundaries – these are the ones where we really find the limits of the system. We expect that the system will cope and it will – even if it takes a dot painting or a taxi voucher or a second seat on the Flying Doctor. From my experience it seems that the fuckwits aren’t usually the deep problem. It’s finding ways to help the helpers, to keep the mothers, the wives, the brothers and sisters of patients supported so that the actual patient can get a satisfactory outcome. Most of these things happen behind the scenes, out of sight and out of mind. We and the media don’t hear about it because they are small things organised in small ways.

        • Grumpy says:

          Actually… I do.

      • Ando says:

        Because indigenous issues are an easy target, usually with plenty of cheerleaders here. (even on bullshit stories like this)

  19. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I see the Townsville begging society out in full force in the Begging Bulletin this morning, it is easy to understand why our economy is in the toilet with people like this running the place. The Townsville port is a state govt owned income producing asset, it’s s state govt business, why would the federal govt fund expansion plans to a state owned business. What the beggars should be asking the state govt is why won’t you fund the expansion and growth of your own business yourself, and if you can’t afford to fund and expand your own business they should sell the fucking thing, we just go round and round in circles in this town, it just defies belief.

    • Old tradesman says:

      Earlier in the rag we have the constant ad of the member for the Ville promising $100m for water. I fail to understand what the money is for and what will it be used to do. Suddenly O’fool has found another $75m on the back of the same financial postage stamp.That is the Labor way to run the economy. Pullachook will also take all the credit for the stadium, when if it wasn’t for the Feds dropping some dorayme into the basket nothing was going to happen. Townsville has become a Labor begging shithole. Gropes did the right thing and left.

      • The Magpie says:

        Small point, but to save Sandgroper the trouble, The ‘Pie points out he left when things were very good, including his own business as the gun media guru around town … he went west for family reasons and be near his grandchildren. Gropes is not the sort to cut and run.

        • Sandgroper says:

          I’d love to be still living in Townsville, but I probably left at the right time. Just did a quick check on the estimated value of my last house there and it comes in more than 30 grand under what I sold it for in January, 2005.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Divert the funds granted for the white elephant city stadium – we will get get very little from the Feds on top of the stadium money!
      If Labor wins the next Fed election we will probably get more, whilst having our arses taxed off to pay for it and watching the economy spiral into massive disrepair………

    • The old peterbuilts says:

      The plan is to use federal money to help the state owned port get its upgrade so that the state can get a better price for its 99yr lease.

    • Ando says:

      So the Feds reneg on funding and now it’s Labors fault?
      Remember, the feds fund many state owned enterprises all around the country. That’s what tax take is meant to do. There’s plenty of Townsville businesses hanging on the port expansion. Could be a win win all round.

      • The Magpie says:

        The point seems to yet again be that Anna Alphabet is playing a weird type of wedge politics, by announcing deals as done when she deliberately hasn’t bothered to formally request Federal participation.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          That is exactly the point Pie, Alphabet always funds half a project then gets the local beggars to hound the feds for the rest, the stadium is a classic example, and already we have an Advocacy Alert from TBL ( Townsville Begging Ltd) expressing their dissapointment with the federal govt decision, and Ando give yourself an upper cut, Alphabet is funding the full $120 million for the Cairns dredging project, it should fund the entire Townsville project also.

          • The Magpie says:

            We really should worry what this mendicant culture is doing to the reputation of the city.

  20. Grumpy says:


    The council says that ratepayers should not fund the RSPCA losses in maintaining an essential and humane service to our city.

    Yet the same council says that ratepayers SHOULD fund the Townsville Airport Limited PROFITS in maintaining a private enterprise, for which we already subsidise on a user-pay basis.

    Was not the CEO of the RSPCA a former journo?

    • The Magpie says:

      This whole thing doesn’t make sense … if a council spokesman says they’ll allocate extra resources when the RSPCA leave to ‘make sure the city’s animal management needs are met’, could not those extra resources go to this much respected and skilled animal charity. This is obviously another unreasonable penny pinching strategy which further see the delivery of service basics plummet further. There can be little doubt that this direction will end up costing the ratepayers much more in the long run … or have an inadequate animal control policy policed at dangerously low levels.
      And The Magpie, as always, asks the question, Where is The Mullet in all this? The ‘Pie’s guess is she waiting in the wings, hoping for general community outrage (nothing like dogs, cats and horses to stir the blood) then she will step in and play make-up with the RSPCA, raising her stock with the faithful. She hopes. If that happens, you may rest assured it has been all pre-arranged, with the connivance and/or ignorance of the Astonisher. Watch closely.

  21. The Wulguru Wonder says:

  22. One legged tap dancer says:

    The Mullet’s long range re-election PR plan to avoid negative issues and only turn up for positive announcements continues apace.
    She was conspicuous by her absence when the shit hit the fan over the council’s shameless treatment of the RSPCA, but nowhere near as shy in today’s Astonisher when claiming credit for the Commonwealth Games Festival which she has absolutely nothing to do with except that is is being partly staged in Townsville.
    The Festival is the State Government’s pathetic attempt to compensate those in regional centres for the millions being poured into the Gold Coast for the Games.

    • Alahazbin says:

      I see they a good report for Disaster Management Plan. I wonder if the Impalers melt down at one Disaster meeting was noted.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Haven’t heard about that one Alahazbin, what was the Impaler meltdown?

        • Alahazbin says:

          The disaster management team forms when there is an impending disaster/Cylclone at their headquarters and all have roles to play. As CEO she should know her responsibilities, she didn’t and went into one of her expletive rants. This was when Cylclone Debbie was approaching.

          • I'll be plucked says:

            Well then, she should rack off to the Northern Territory and get in some cyclone practise – bye bye Impaler, bye bye!

  23. Memory Man says:

    Interesting … this is funded by the council.

  24. Dave Nth says:

    Flew in to the airport last night, 3 weeks ago had to navigate the maze to get to the Qantas Club, absolutely disgraceful & petty.

    Well a couple of observations last night, brand new toilets that are a fraction of the size of the old ones in baggage claim, will be great when both Qantas & Virgin disgorge 737’s. Couldn’t find a hand dryer after washing hands or was I not looking hard enough…

    Also what are the parking inspectors doing in the pick up. People are just pulling in & waiting, well more than the allowed time. My ride waits down in Halifax st till I get luggage then comes up. I had to move 3 times in the time I was there to be adjacent to vacant space. All other airports I come across they get the minute or two, some grace then the inspector moves them on…

    How this airport could be in the running for any awards calls into question the awards themselves or whether some sort of mates favours were called in…

    • Kingswood and temporary Men's lavatory assistant says:

      Hi Dave, hand dryer is a sooper dooper concealed one near the soap and water that you wave your hand under with a teensy light indicating its presence. Found it last week after wiping my hands on my shirt for a bit…

      • The Magpie says:

        KINGY, YOU’RE BACK where’s ya bin (yes yes we all know the joke).

        The ‘Pie, a short sleeve guy, always used to us his pockets after a hand wash, but had to stop for the attention he gained when exiting said ablution block from both men in grubby gabardine overcoats and others in very official looking uniforms. Young children pointing and shrilling’Look Mummy, what is that man doing?’ would inevitably be next. So now The ‘Pie doesn’t shake any welcomers hand for a few minutes and if it a female there to greet, a firm but appropriate grip on the waist while doing the ‘mwah mwah’ thing does the trick.

    • Dutch Reverend says:

      Not sure if it has been fixed yet…. but last time I saw the super duper dunnies there was a vertical wall that hadn’t been finished properly. It stares you in the face as you walk out. Hope they didn’t pay too much. Any tradie worth his salt would never have let this go unfinished. Now that you know, you will notice it every single time you leave the loo.

  25. Bloodhound says:

    The irresponsible behaviour of this Council knows no bounds.

    I just found out that for well over 12 months now the RSPCA has had to hire a portable toilet block because TCC are refusing to repair failing drainage and plumbing at the shelter.

    And here is the kicker….AT A COST OF $105 PER DAY!!!!!

    Our elected representatives with their snouts in the trough are putting a not for profit community charity in this position because TCC refuses to accept responsibility for their own assets.

    And the Council have the sheer unmitigated gall to say the RSPCA is being greedy.

    This Council disgusts me.

  26. The Magpie says:


    There’s a job at the Townsville City Council for this bloke.

    The perfect bloke for the spin on the impending (some time this century) Townsville Bus Hub).

  27. Sandgroper says:

    I’m now back in the west, feeling decidedly ropey, after helping to give former Townsville identity Richard Robertson an epic send-off earlier this week at his home on Macleay Island in SE Queensland.

    Scores of friends and family from around Australia and overseas, including some current Townsvillagers, attempted to grant one of Rick’s final wishes and drink his cellar dry. We didn’t succeed, but gave it a bloody good try!

    It was both tearful and hilarious……a wake which will be remembered for the lifetimes of all there and which would have had its roguish and irreverent subject howling with laughter.

    The island folk turned out en-masse — the local bowls club provided the tucker and the Lions set up the marquees — and I was deeply touched to see a giant sign outside the fire station that read, “Vale, Richard Robertson.”

    Side-splitting and often-scurrilous tales were told, including one set in Cooktown when Rick, The ‘Pie, a certain local car dealer and myself brought gales of laughter to the solemn re-enactment of Cook’s landing when we loudly implored the Redcoats rowing a longboat ashore to “Piss-off, you Pommy bastards!” Another great tale told by Hamish, Richard’s son, recounted how he and his Dad had innocently devoured an entire “happy pizza” while on holiday in Cambodia. Twenty four hours later, thankfully still in possession of their wallets and in their hotel room, they surfaced with no recollection after their last bite. It was only later they learned that “happy pizzas” contain about three ounces of ganja and should be consumed carefully at no more than one slice per person.

    The tales began about 11am and stumps were pulled near sunset, with most participants extremely tired and emotional.

    It was a fitting farewell for a unique character who lived a full and colourful life.

  28. The Owl says:

    Can the Mullet or MessageBank please tell the ratepayers how much of their hard earned has been squandered on the over the top “live” stages in Queens Park and Jezzine, and upgrades to the Entertainment centre for the Commonwealth Games.
    I suspect we have paid a fortune for nothing. Without the visiting athletes and officials Strand Park would have been empty last night and ticket sales for the basketball at the Entertainment Centre are an embarrassment. But still the local media prints and broadcasts the spin that we are on the world stage with millions around the world seeing our city and jumping on planes to come here and experience all it has to offer.
    The reality is that TOwnsville got just 5 seconds of exposure on Ch 7’s opening ceremony telecast and the opening night of the basketball didn’t get a single second.
    Well done Mullet. You’ve backed another dud – with our money.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, not sure about that focus … that would’ve been government and Games money for all the hoopla and EC upgrades, and as mayor, The Mullet had no choice anyway but to be an enthusiastic supporter. Just how much it has all cost the ratepayer is a moot question, but The ‘Pie suspects not too much, and madam was happy to get a few more happy snaps in the paper.

      On TV numbers, The ‘Pie had a right old chortle when oilster Peter Beattie said in a pre-Games opening interview that it would take place before a billion and half global television audience. And he expected us to believe that.

    • Ezra Pound Axe King says:

      Owl, just to be clear- $1.65 mil was spent in Townsville for the cultural festivities, but that was state and Commgames money.

      This has always been known for more than six months.

      • I'll be plucked says:

        Ratepayers are also taxpayers Pound – either way we funded it!

        • The Magpie says:

          Ah, just a sec, mate, you’ve been plucked on your own petard or sumfin … if it’s taxpayers money and not rate money, unfair to pin that on Mayor Mullet. False claims will always give her ammunition to simper innocence while double dealing under the table behind your back on both sides of her face.

          • Ezra Pound Axe King says:

            My thoughts exactly, Pie.

            Owl and Plucked, please be aware that I am not defending anybody here, just keeping the record straight.

            Look at it this way- say Hill came out and said ‘nah, waste of money, lets say no’, that is $1.65 mil more to be divided up between the other festival cities. And they would happily spend it.

            It’s a no-brainer.

    • Mike Shearer says:

      Who paid for the big white 3D “Townsville” sign in the park near Victoria Bridge? And for what purpose? For visitors photographing the apartments across Ross Creek to add some excitement??

      Its appearance and placement suggests it was designed by the same inept person who was responsible for the ugly welcome sign on Woolcock St on the northern approach.

      • seagull says:

        looks great doesn’t it ! …….. am a bit surprised it hasn’t had the graffiti treatment yet …. & how about the kilometres of blue banner, cable tied all over the place at the mo …… off to land fill in 10 days time I suppose.. FFS

  29. Non believer says:

    Just talking about overseas interest in Australia. I have had the good fortune to travel extensively overseas over the last decade. Watching news services in the U.K, Europe, Canada and the US unless there is some form of natural disaster in Australia we don’t rate a mention.

    To suggest billions are watching an event the rest of world doesn’t care about is nonsense. I don’t believe the Commonwealth Games means a whole to Commonwealth country’s any more.

    • The Magpie says:

      As it doesn’t and never has to The ‘Pie. It’s the equivalent of two or three school bullies taking on all the smaller kids for their lunch money. Those bullies have to put up or shut up when they move on to the University of the Olympics.

    • Old Hack says:

      I’m also a non-believer about the value to any country staging the Commonwealth Games. There will be some return from exposure in our established tourist catchments, such as the UK, but the world sees this event as a second-rate sideshow to the Olympics.
      The ‘Pie’s analogy is spot-on, but I’d still like to see our bullies beat the others from our so-called ‘global family’.

    • Bean Counter says:

      It would be interesting to know how much participating countries contribute to our economy in support for their athletes, and what the athletes and their national supporters spend while in Australia.
      Add in the somewhat ephemeral value of media exposure and I’d guess, as a country, we’ll probably end up on the positive side of the ledger.

      • Alex DeLarge says:

        Not picking a blue, Beans, but I seriously doubt it. There are plenty of cities that regret ever sticking their hand up major international sporting events such as the current Vestiges of Colonial Empire Games. Many of the cost/benefit calculations come from your namesakes, who use such obscure and quixotic methods that are incapable of empirical verification.

        Personally, I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about the whole business, but, it is what it is and it does many people enjoyment and keeps them entertained for ten days. Cake anyone?

        • Bean Counter says:

          You’ll get no argument from me, Alex. Cities and states have been beggared in the past from this obsession with bread and circuses.
          And you’re right about some of the assumptions made by this new breed of so-called ‘economists’ who seem to be able to pluck figures from the air and apply some magic multipliers to make projects stack up.
          There’s been a fair bit of this fairy dust — and quite a lot of the bovine variety — spread around over recent years by TEL, the council and the Rat Pack developers.

  30. Bloodhound says:

    TV are out at the shelter this afternoon so no doubt the Astonisher will be running the Mullet spin shortly

  31. The Magpie says:

    NEWSFLASH (a real one)

    The Townsville City Council (via Mayor Mullet all of a sudden) has given the RSPCA three weeks to vacate its facility at Shaw. She is due to be telling the media about it as we write – RSPCA and council staff were told this morning.

    This is an absolute disaster waiting to happen, not the least being public safety and council finances … we won’t be able to have both.. Why? All will be told in tomorrow’s blog.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Smells like something The Impaler and her faceless honcho’s dreamed up with Mullet, Pie – let’s hope it’s her last brain fart and parting ‘gift’ to Townsville! Mustn’t be fond of animals……….Hey Impaler – rack off! WOOF, WOOF.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Pie, what a disgraceful way to treat a highly regarded national organisation (RSPCA). First the work force is culled, now animals in shelter, who’s next………left handed people, those over 60……???…pluck me this ‘Council’ is out of control under the current Mayor, CEO and spineless ‘Councillors’!

    • Scientician79 says:

      What a short sighted lousy thing to do to.

      Once again this council led by Mullet and Impaler are ignoring the responsibility to service the community.

      How is it we have the money to fund Airports and Hard Rubbish Collection, that no one asked for, but not enough out of the surplus to keep this organization afloat.

      What happens now to animals that need to be held for longer periods until they can find a new home?

      Maybe they can stay in the Council chambers, would certinaly get more thoughtful policy from cats and dogs than this group of clowns we call a council.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Not only is it a short sighted move by the Mullet but in typical style of her economic ignorant failings she has not considered the long term impact on council to provide the service. Much of the RSPCA budget came from state level and also local donations as well as council funding, the local donations will dry up completely as most will simply expect the council to pick up the tab, this is what happens when the council becomes so far removed from the general population and become a combative entity to most of its own citizens that people don’t even consider the fact that they are actually funding the debacle themselves.

    • Inside TCC says:

      Interesting to see the comments on Magpies facebook supporting the TCC and their RSPCA decision, most interesting that Connor (the TCC social media officer) is commenting from her personal fb account. Good to see the brainwashing of these new staff has been effective

      • The Magpie says:

        Well, at least she’s not hiding like the Mayor (sorry can’t talk, got a photo op booked for a biscuit bake-off) or The Impaler (sorry, all my comments are commercial in confidence … even pillow to pillow).

        • The Magpie says:

          Sorry Watcher, we leave family out of this unless relevant … and we’d need links to prove what you’d say (although The ‘Pie doesn’t doubt it).

  32. The old peterbuilts says:

    Does the rspca have paid employees? Oh well if so a few more lost jobs on the mullets or impaler long list of disasters is neither here nor there. Another boarded up building in ghost ville.

    • Grumpy says:

      11 – 18 full time and PTE jobs, I am reliably informed. Council not interested in offering them a job. So, what now? Filling the positions internally or will Krayem get another cash injection courtesy of the ratepayers?

      • The Magpie says:

        seems that waste of money has been solved with the Rabster off to fleece to vulnerable in Brisbane. Clayton Cook at TP seems to be doing things pretty well by the book. As far as The ‘Pie knows.

  33. Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

    Now if this is correct then we should stand back and ask why?

    Here is an idea that is well worth considering.We are aware that in the last week the Go-cart race track has been virtually closed down due to a decision by the Court that they were operating illegally, We can guess who was behind that little action.

    The RSPCA/ Council pound is not far from there and as it so happens not far from new real estate developments occurring in that area. Put 2 and 2 together what do you get?

    • Dearie Me says:

      I get the same answer you get Peter…

      The idea that Council could possibly run the shelter is ludicrous. They can’t even run the animal control area properly and to the letter of the law. And it is already understaffed and underfunded. Large animal management has been outsourced to Charters Towers Council for years. Stray dogs are often not collected for days. Fines for stray dogs are given out under an incorrect by law. And dog attack investigations are run poorly often letting dogs attack multiple times before they are dealt with.

    • The Third Reader says:

      Probably/possibly the same person who wanted the adjacent drag strip closed down two years before he finally succeeded and for the same reasons

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