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Sunday, August 26th, 2018   |   172 comments

Crumbs, With Friends Like This … Labor Will Make Mincemeat Of ScoMo, according to Townsville’s Most Successful Lib – And He’s Right.

What a spray … ‘the government will lose BIG TIME’ … Prince Peter of Lindsay, the former Laird of Herbert, was about as subtle as a grenade in bowl of porridge when The ‘Pie sought his opinion of the Canberra circus. He also names his preference for PM.

While all eyes and ears were on Canberra, the Jenna and Jenny soap opera continued apace with the Astonisher honking on its unquestioning way about the mayor’s favourite unicorn, that battery factory … but oops! The story gave away a clue for the collusion.

And The ‘Pie welcomes another Impaler-sponsored snout into the Townsville trough … this join-the-dots is a slam dunk, it defies coincidence.

And the absolute best ‘gotcha’ out of the Canberra circus … apart from the party room vote.

Plus another bumper gallery of The Trumpet’s week.

But frst …

At Least We Didn’t Get A Prime Monster

So Darth Potatohead tried to be a bit too clever by half, and thankfully got his sinister, egotistical bollocks kicked by colleagues who wanted some slim chance of keeping their well padded arses on the Canberra plush come next election.

But this glittering prize nowadays has all the tawdry cheapness of a dance hall glitter ball – Scott ScoMo Morrison has a job ahead that makes herding cats look like a stroll in the park. But Bentley reckons he’ll give it a red hot go, even if he does have to borrow George Christiansen’s treasured disciplinary prop.

morrison small

And as it always is in the Canberra circus, faces didn’t change just at the top … the back bench is starting to look like a vegetable garden.


It is certainly true that politics makes strange bedfellows, and none stranger than former member for Herbert Peter Lindsay and … The Magpie!! After a couple of decades of (metaphorically only please note) pulling the blankets off each other, we have found ourselves in total agreement this week.

Peter Lindsay

Peter Lindsay

Prince Peter, who recently quit the Queensland LNP in disgust at their electoral ineptitude (he now bizarrely belongs to the ACT Libs), our Pete doesn’t feel any constraint on offering a free character reading to his former colleagues. After more than three decades of lying for living (every politician’s lot in life), he could hardly contain his glee when The ‘Pie asked him for his take on it all. Quoth he:

You will already know how I feel but for the record: This has been a very bad outcome for the government! Julie Bishop is the most popular conservative pollie with no baggage. She had the potential to lead the Coalition to victory at the next election. But she was overlooked. While Morrison is a very capable person, he will face a ferocious campaign run by Labor. They  will say he was the architect of the plan to give the big banks a $17 billion corporate tax cut and was 100% behind every toxic trickle-down policy of the Turnbull Government like: Cuts to penalty rates, Slashing funding to schools & hospitals and stablishing the ABCC and the Registered Organisations Commission that organised police raids on union offices. Labor will point to Scott Morrison’s record as Treasurer by saying wages are stagnant, inequality is at 70-year highs and 40% of Australians are in insecure work.

In my opinion, the Government will now LOSE the next election – Big time!

And to add a touch more venom to his opinion, he emailed George Christiansen’s full page ad in the Astonisher to his colleagues this morning.

chritiansen apology

Sometimes you wish that Trump’s twister-in-chief Rudi Guliani was right, that ‘truth isn’t truth.’ But we’re stuck with it.

The Best Gotcha Of The Week

Noted in comments during the early turmoil.

The Magpie

August 23, 2018 at 9:25 am  (Edit)

Best Comeback of the Year!!!

Screen shot 2018-08-23 at 8.58.01 AM

You mess with The Bishop at your peril … as that hole-in-the air Karl Stefanovic found out while interviewing Deputy PM and Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop, early on in the kerfuffle..
He never been too bright – Stefanovic tanked in the rating and nearly lost his job at the Nine Breakfast show earlier this year after a derogatory private conversation in a Uber was recorded and widely circulated in the media. So it was leading with his chiselled chin when, referring to Turnbull, the dolt asked. ‘What is it like talking to a man who is on death row?’
Smiling sweetly, Ms Bishop replied, ’Well, I’m talking to you, Karl, what are you suggesting?’
The ‘Pie would vote for her just for that … and so would most Australians for better reasons.

While We’re In Canberra …

A friend’s mum sent this to a Magpe mate. As if a social photographer’s job isn’t hard enough, now there are all sorts of foreign names they have to note down. Like these two ANU students.


More Baffling Battery Bullshit


There was a baffling story in the Astonisher this week about that blue sky battery factory that Mayor Mullet keeps honking on about, in the hope of saving her electoral skin. It has always been puzzling that a publicly listed company is seeking government funds for a feasibility study to decide if a ion battery factory is a viable proposition for Townsville. Public companies NEVER seek public money to explore whether an idea is worth their while, that’s what stock exchanges and venture capital are for. Normally, if they did ask, they’d rightly be to told GFY.

But we have previously been told that pipsqueak urger Magnis Resources will be the beneficiary of such an unusual move. Premier Alphabet is on record saying she will stump up $3.5million for a feasibility study to decide whether siting such a factory in Townsville would be a goer.

But will she? The wording of the government statement in the story is a bit strange. The story begins by telling us that the government has signed a crucial ‘assistance agreement’ for the proposed factory. Then further on, this: ‘The Government has also committed up to $3.1million for a feasibility study into the battery project. Ms (sic) Palaszczuk said today’s assistance agreement would support the delivery of the feasibility study.’

‘Support the delivery of ‘…? ‘Assistance agreement’? And then in the next sentence, the Premier says ‘… and by assisting the progress of the feasibility study of this project’ it would encourage private investment.

‘Assisting the progress of …’? Has there been either a change of mind, or some verbal sleight of tongue? And then, at the very end of the story, we have Infrastructure Minister Cameron Dick revealing that ‘following the feasibility study completion, we expect (consortium leader) Imperium# will make a final investment decision by mid-2020.‘

Gosh, mayor, that would be AFTER the next local government election, due in March 2020. So we won’t really know if it’s a goer until after you’ve been – you hope – re-elected on the promise of this jobs, jobs, jobs initiative of yours. Nothing to do with you then, if it falls over, eh?

Jenny Hill

From the outset. The ‘Pie has been of the opinion that this is a cruel deception of selling hope to a stricken town by a politician who will stop at nothing to remain in the mayoral office. The ‘Pie is aware that there are those readers who think this is a bit far-fetched , so it will be interesting to see what those doubters think of the latest join-the-dots.

More Trough Stacking

It appears for some reason, that our mayor needs a special consultant to advise her on the Magnis Resources battery factory proposal, other than the company itself – The ‘Pie imagines the advice would be along the lines of if she can get away with it.

Enter one George Addison. It’s all a bit vague, but The ‘Pie’s spies say that Mr Addison specialises in a fairly broad brush field of ‘government consultancy’, has been seen in and around the Walker Street offices of both the mayor and council CEO Adele The Impaler Young.

Now just who might be paying Mr Addison’s no doubt handsome consultancy fees, and for what exactly,  isn’t clear but as luck would have it, he needs no introduction in Walker Street. And why wouldn’t he want to see Ms Young, surely they’re old mates from days of yore in the NT, as clearly reported here.

This is Mr Addison’s CV.

Addison history

It would seem that his stint as Northern Territory ALP Party Secretary would be … ummm, let’s see, ah yes … that would be about the time a certain Adele Young was deeply in involved in party matters up there. So, gosh, you’d think they’d know each other, might even be friends.

And his two stints in ministerial offices would give him a good working knowledge of Labor’s backroom boys (although it isn’t mentioned which state the ministers were from –  although one must raise an eyebrow at the one month stint in Labor kingmaker Joe Ludwig’s office … maybe George didn’t get on with Joe, who knows.

The Magpie is led to believe that his constant popping in and out of Townsville is all to do only with the battery factory, which is receiving support from our Labor premier.

(Sigh) Gawd help us if this council development corporation gets involved in the battery matter, and is able to hide behind spurious Commercial in Confidence secrecy. Like they did in Ipswich.

A Computerised Comrade For The Townsville Hospital.

Interesting yarn this week about Townsville Hospital being chosen to trial a robot named Pepper in an actual clinical situation, providing patients with information and directions. But it’s a mystery why Townsville Hospital was chosen for the trial. Or is it? Maybe Pepper has spilled the beans.

Robot qualifications

On A Wing And A Prayer

Now this is a only a rumour mind you, rare for this august blog of truth, justice and The Magpie way, but the old bird hears that in a bold secret move, TEL has sought backing from the Adani group to start our own Townsville international airline! It is understood that Gotem Adani himself has agreed to finance the venture. This has all been super secretive but The ‘Pie has managed to get hold of one of the first photograph’s of Kevin Gill’s new pride and joy when he and Mr Adani took a number of dignitaries up for a trial flight.


Mr Gill has indicated that such a venture cannot be wholly provided by one group, and so he will be seeking a ticketing premium on the seven classes on each flight. These will range from top of the line First Caste through to Economy, Super Low Economy and the innovative Good Luck, Hang On class. There is also a class where people can smoke, on the roof of the aircraft … this class is called If You Can Light It, You Can Smoke It.

The Daily Astonisher has described the new airline a as a ‘game changer’ … if you’re game, it’ll sure change yer.

Wonder How Townsville Newsagents Feel About This

They’re at it again…

Screen shot 2018-08-26 at 12.03.51 AM

… hundreds of Weekend Bulletins available for free at the kids Saturday soccer fields. These had been largely ignored. About a thousand people go to kids soccer … there are about 700 papers. Wonder if the message is getting through.

And On The World Stage, Our Look At The Week In Trumpitania.

Trump dominos Trump guilt Trump tentacles Trump vice Trump felons Trump tarriffs Trump bigotry Trump Towqer 2020 Trump banana Trump not happening trump low bar Trump scream Trump he said he said Trump mirror

Worth Hearing

Rowan Atkinson on free speech – funny people can be thoughtful, too. 

And As If We Didn’t Know From Our Local Paper, Reading Isn’t Always Believing.

parking sign unnamed-1……..

That’s yer lot for this week, but keep an eye on the lively comments, join in, it’s there for you to have your say … and plenty are. And if you like the stuff here each week, feel free to show your appreciation with a donation to help The ‘Pie parry those constant costs associated with the blog. The donate button is below.

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  1. The Rolling Eye says:

    The elder two Mooney children have also both been given plum positions at council the last few weeks. Coincidence? One as Communications Support Officer and the other Special Events and Protocol. The swamp is starting to develop an odour.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie’s general rule is that uninvolved family members of those that come to attention in the Nest are off-limits unless there is a public interest. While Mooney’s kids are no doubt blameless in all this and will be competent in whatever it is that they do, mentioning their appointments is in the public interest, given the exclusionary networking in local Labor ranks and Mooney’s influence within that group. The ‘Pie is also looking at unconfirmed reports that Mrs Mooney holds several leases on retail outlets at the little shopping/food complex at the hospital.

      • Lucifer's love child says:

        I think larger companies know that being in Townsville requires employing the friends and family of “important” people, I mean you only need to look at “TAIHS”. The Townsville hospital quite wisely fell into step and employed Mooney’s kids , that’s how Townsville works. If you don’t want to put money into the tribal chiefs’ bank accounts then you can do what other people have done … leave.

        • The Magpie says:

          The info was that the kids were employed by the council … it would be stretch even for Mooney and the old boys network to directly employ his kids where he is the board chairman. He just wouldn’t do it, not through ethics, he just knows he couldn’t get away with it.

          • Beehive says:

            Dont forget the easily evidenced employment of Honeycombes family members . That family was a big donor . Then they went over to the LNP

    • Inside TCC says:

      Both positions report into the screaming midget, and of course his wife is on the hospital board so the kidlets got a job to return the favour.

  2. Bentley says:

    Jen of Arc must think we’re so gullible. It’s ‘insult and battery’.

  3. Cantankerous but happy says:

    The reason Magnis Resources won’t spend the $3.5 million is because it doesn’t have $3.5m. It is a pissy two bit business that had a loss of $9.3 million last FY which is actually a good performance compared to the $12m and $13m losses the years before. Typical of the Mullet to team up with industry lightweights who sit neatly in the begging position she is so accustomed to. The real story here is that none of the other interested parties, Moss, Kodak or Seimens who have some cash want to stump it up either, just happy to put their names to the process on the very slight chance these other dickheads actually make this thing work.

  4. LeakyPipe says:

    The George Addison you are looking for is the one pictured here… along with a delightful photo of our lovely Impaler


    • The Magpie says:

      Great spotting, LeakyPipe, have amended blog accordingly and removed previous related comments to avoid confusion … thanks, citizen journalism at its best.

      BTW if your nom de plume is self descriptive, there are special SBL undies you can get for your faulty pipe.

  5. SPQR says:

    Whilst Sir Peter, Grumpy, & yourself may get a bit moist about the Bishop, the fact is that it is your remnant & redundant testosterone that’s talking, not your brains. As quipped through the week, the Bishop is simply Turnbull in a dress. The dire need to get rid of the Poseur was because of his lefty policy position on critical issues such as that Paris bullshit. Replacing him with Madam Lash would not have changed that one iota. To say she was overlooked is just silly. She ran & lost thank goodness. Whilst ScoMo may not be ideal at least we’re rid of that treacherous, egotistical, international bum licker & sycophant.

    • The Magpie says:

      The’Pie was commenting …as one imagines Peter was … about electability. We in Townsville know only too well about the capricious nature of voters. The thought of Prince Peter getting moist is a meal killer, and as for The ‘Pie, he enjoys a dotage of testostergone. The only thing he gets up nowadays is his dander.

      • Ray Purchase says:

        Was surprised to hear nothing of the resignation from Team Hill this week. Any insights, ‘pie?

        • The Magpie says:

          Afraid not, that’s why the subject wasn’t broached … just watching because, as Jacob may hope, there won’t be an official Labor ticket run in the council election while the ‘independent’ Mullet is still there. Of course, if the party did decide to sent in a bunch of card carriers with ALP blessing, Jenny would have to resign from either the party or the mayoralty. But why would they, she’s a Labor gal through and through. With Palmer in the mix and more moderate folks like Michael Brennan yet to make up their minds, this election is going to be a doozy.

          • Linda Ashton says:

            14,500 in WFTAG watching with interest. The Division 4 “Council in the Community” event was a bit special. Supposed to be Cr. Molachino’s time to shine. Someone dimmed his lights on the night. Just a bit.

        • I'll be plucked says:

          G’day Ray, who gives a peking-duck about the resignation of one Labor hack from the quasi-Labor TCC. It will make no difference to how these snouters behave in the immediate future, or probably long term. 2020 is the next opportunity to move on these creatures, IF the electorate sits up, takes notice and votes em out!

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie is trying to pin down fairly reliable reports that two, possibly three other councillors, are ready to jump ship, but are waiting for a contender so they can put their names forward for a new team. But virtually none of them comes with a high recommendation, given their unanimous craven capitulation to Mayor Mullet’s muddled-headed maunderings (ah, The ‘Pie love the smell of alliteration in the morning).

          • Ray Purchase says:

            Well, plucked, consider me one of the many taking notice. A bit of change around here cannot be anything but healthy.

  6. One legged tap dancer says:

    Hear that Mayor Hill has upped the ante on that goat track she named last week in honuor of our local legend Johnathan Thurston.
    Still red faced over her latest bungle and the Cowboys Island fiasco, our Mayor has decreed that the new ferry she plans to run from the casino to the new Cowboys stadium will be named the JT Express.
    She explained that getting the boat to float over mudflats won’t be a problem because JT can do anything, apparently.

    • Linda Ashton says:

      Since when is a really nice guy who can kick a football, campaign squid in a hook? JT for Mayor if the shoe fits.

  7. Mike Douglas says:

    No provision in T.C.C. budget to pay down debt because jobs are the priority. Failed to mention the jobs are for Labor aligned “ jobs for the boys” funded by Townsville ratepayers.

    • Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

      Correct, keeping the jobs in the labor party local government circle is jobs for the boys and girls regardless of performance and accountability and you wonder why the performance of the Council at core responsibilities is falling.

  8. Lady Byron says:

    I nearly choked on my soy latte cap. with a twist, when I saw our old pal, Roger Rogerson, poking that piddly little robot.

    Was he let out of the Big House to go to the hospital?

    Slack security at its best.

  9. Scotty says:

    hmmm, TELair, very similar to Talair, aka CrashAir run by the late Sir Dennis Buchanan of Flight West fame, and others

  10. Linda Ashton WFTAG says:

    So, after the spill, what will become of the City Deal? Will this infrastructure initiative that first impressed new PM Scott Morrison in the UK, be superseded less than two years after it was awarded to Townsville? Could the Federal government contribute any less to our top priority of water security? Nope.

    Adelaide won the major contract to manufacture the FTP pipes. 14 months after the WSTF interim report, there are no pipes in the ground. The two stage project is at risk when council and MPs regularly state that the first stage provides long term security. We’ve had ground breaking and sod turning ceremonies and a substitute piece of plastic touring the city, with the cardboard cut out of a football player, but so far no pipes in the ground. Transport, storage and installation will carry damage risks for the more delicate plastic type than for steel. The overseeing must occur by certified expert at every hour of installation, to ensure QA.

    • Dearie Me says:

      Ah but Linda … are you not astonished by the wonders of the show? Has the Mullet and the Impaler not wowed you with their impressive display of finery? Have you seen the lady with the beard? The circus midget and the worlds fattest man? Surely they will impress you…

      • Linda Ashton says:

        I wish blogs would allow commenters to add graphics. It’s 2018!!!! We have some doozie jpgs by and on WFTAG. Many have been shared on TCC site, Twitter @wftag and bully. I will email a couple to the bird of prey and he might just pop them in here.

        • The Magpie says:

          Call him choosy about his doozie, but The Magpie sees them all but prefers to remain aloof from the likes of the TCC, certainly the Bully, and perhaps even wftag … like them, The ‘Pie runs his own race.

    • No more dredging says:

      Linda, your comment that:

      “Transport, storage and installation will carry damage risks for the more delicate plastic type than for steel. The overseeing must occur by certified expert at every hour of installation, to ensure QA”,

      . . . . suggests that, in your opinion, there is something inferior about the GRP pipeline product compared with steel. As if there are no installation or maintenance or longevity issues with steel. As if GRP pipelines are some new-fangled unproven technology. Yet it seems there are Australian and international standards for this product and it has, according to its manufacturer, already been used in major Queensland infrastructure projects including the Kogan Creek power station without any ‘issues’ being raised.

      As far as I can ascertain the water task force never assessed various pipeline material types. The question was never raised in public submissions. The Report of the Taskforce simply proposed that steel would be used – not as a result of any inquiry or evaluation process, but, seemingly, as a matter of course, as if it went without saying. Does WFTAG have any specific information (not just run-of-the-mill gossip and opinion) about installation or price or longevity issues with GRP pipeline which could inform this conversation?

      • Non Aligned Worker says:

        Canterbury NZ look it up and see what can go wrong. …and what went wrong.

        • Dave Nth says:

          Agreed, seen enough leaky pipes usually at the joins on minesites to know plastic is a cheap temporary option at best. The guys/gals that decided this will be well fed in the longyard by the time the problems manifest and even then the Bully would probably run top cover for them…

        • No more dredging says:

          Non-aligned, I looked up “Canterbury NZ” which is the region around Christchurch where the earthquake/s occurred. I looked for some scandal around plastic pipes but couldn’t find one in my limited search. I did find a reference to a 2.5m GRP pipe (manufactured in Australia) being installed in an irrigation scheme in NZ and there was a reference to some research around damage to underground pipes caused by liquefaction during that earthquake around Christchurch. I couldn’t see a scandal but I did find this:

          “Liquefaction was a major consequence of the Canterbury earthquakes and little is known about buried pipe performance during this phenomena. Our collation of data provides a useful snapshot of pipe failures in liquefied soils.”

          Brooks hoped the research would be used in Christchurch when decisions were being made on what pipe materials should be used in network reconstruction and maintenance.

          “The older, more brittle pipes present in the Christchurch wastewater network – asbestos cement, cast iron, earthenware and reinforced concrete – suffered higher amounts of damage than the plastic pipe materials, polyvinylchloride and polyethylene,” she said.”

          Obviously you were not talking about that. Perhaps if you could provide a reference for what “went wrong” in Canterbury NZ we could follow your logic.

          • The Magpie says:

            While The ‘Pie is happy to let this issue rage on here rather than it’s more correct home of the Water For bTownsville mob, he is moved to observe that the real problem with the plastic pipe contract is the secrecy and reasoning behind the selection – and why we aren’t being told. The plastic stuff may be perfectly OK, but why has local manufacturing been left out in the cold … and why is the Qld Govt sitting by while jobs go to SA. This council really is a Hermit Kingdom answering only to its own shady self, and to a complicit Labor government in Brisbane. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

          • No more dredging says:

            ‘Pie, I think we are all paying for the pleasure of about five years of yelling at each other, of crying wolf, of threats and promises and ultimately of lining up a $200+ million water security slush fund just before the rain came and the urgency was almost completely dissolved. Suddenly, what had been a front page tabloid crisis for months no longer rated a mention. It could all be put on the back burner. No one needed to spend millions setting up a (steel or plastic) pipe manufacturing plant in Townsville any more and the whole program, including raising the undoubted slew of loan money, could just be put off until everyone had calmed down. No doubt also that the timing will be much more attractive for both state and local government to reap political benefits at the next election. That’s just pure luck. But the madness is still around. Bob Katter is still frothing about a Hells Gate dam as if that really is a priority. I guess he’s got electorate relevance deprivation problems too. Unless the CCC comes to Townsville with a vengeance really soon, I imagine the Council’s development corporation will grow like topsy and local government ‘welcome to country’ statements will be immediately followed by all-encompassing ‘commercial-in-confidence’ pledges. How else to satisfy the rent seekers?

  11. Hee-Haw says:

    This morning 26/18/18 I heard at least a full minute advertisement on 4TO by little Patty from TEL talking about how “we WILL” be taking a delegation to Canberra, how “we WILL” be putting the case to ministers etc etc etc and how we have “set up” meetings with the powerful people and “we WILL” be putting our case to them.
    FFS this delegation is over, it has happened, it is no more as they say…this parrot is dead.

    What a complete waste of money but the biggest problem is the stupidity of how this makes our development group look. Useless as tits on a bull

  12. Curious Curlew says:

    Heard Youngest Mooney part owner of sushi place @ JCU. Googled & there are 2, Phat Boi’s in The science place & Miss Sushi in Education central.
    Phat boi’s confirmed as Young Mooney’s on FB.
    Miss Sushi JCU comes with a review that praises Cecilia as the backbone of the place.. Miss Sushi’s are independently owned, but when you FB Miss Sushi Medilink (hospital centre), a customer picture shows Cecilia Mooney in uniform behind a Miss Sushi counter… Miss Sushi medilink, Miss Sushi jcu & Phat boi’s all seem to share promo photos & sell the same cupcakes, that the northtown & domain Miss Sushi don’t…. Joining dots………

    • The Magpie says:

      The only thing that may bear looking at there is Cecilia’s involvement in a lease that may be under the control of the hospital administration and therefore Board, of which her husband is chairman. Probably all technically OK, but not really a good look or demonstration of probity … like Mooney would care!

      • Not Withstanding says:

        G’day ‘Pie. Unless the ownership has changed in recent times, the small strip of shops at TTH is privately owned – ie, not owned by THHS.

        • The Magpie says:

          That may be so, but the question raised here still remains … the private owners are beholden to the hospital (board) on what businesses are deemed suitable … and that opens up all sorts of possibilities for deals. Al that is required here is a bit aof transparency and a declaration in the public interest … but that is hardly likely from Tony Mooney even if there is probably nothing untoward … too arrogant. He is quite happy to let the public estimation of our ‘power elite’plummet, like all good Labor trough snufflers, His Radiance loves to hum the old anthem
          The working class,
          Can kiss my arse,
          I’ve got the boss’s job at last.

  13. Hee - Haw says:

    TCC meeting agenda for next weeks council meetin.

    Confidential Items
    28 Infrastructure Planning, Assets and Fleet – RPS00060 Register of Prequalified 47 Suppliers for Building Washdowns Recommendation

    Anybody shed any light on this and why it would need to be confidential?

    • Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

      A standard tactic used by almost all Queensland Councils and recommended by the LGAQ to keep information inside a tight circle that can easily go missing when need to. Hence TRRA has been fighting for Transparency and accountability all this time. This was also covered in the QLGRA Seminar this last weekend along with many other issues.

      • The Magpie says:

        That’s a massive call Peter, what evidence can the QLGRA and you provide to support that claim – which The ‘Pie can imagine to be true. What he can’t imagine is any document recommending such secrey and certainly no document or evidence that would suggest that information go missing when convenient. That certainly does happen, but if that is the the LGAQ’s official recommendation, that is CCC territory big time. Please supply suitable documentation for The ‘Pie to publish.

  14. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.


    Miss Lou.

  15. Woodduck says:

    Bad timing for the new PM, with them asylum seekers getting loose at the Daintree, Labor and the rest of the rabble are going to grab this with both hands and run. The up side for him is it will give him a chance to trot out Labor’s record on immigration.

  16. J jones says:

    Hello Pieman.
    What do you do for fun?

  17. The Owl says:

    Council’s waste of ratepayers money continues apace. As mentioned a couple of weeks ago TCC has been running very expensive full colour ads in the news pages of the Astonisher instead of where they belong in the much cheaper public notices in classifieds pages. My guess is that it’s part of a cunning ploy to buy protection for our hapless mayor. In Sat’s Bully there were two such ads in the news pages. Meanwhile Burdekin, Charters Towers, and Doomadgee councils had similar ads in public notices at a fraction of the cost. I’m keeping a tab on what this is costing us and to date it’s more than $25,000. Imagine how much the waste total will be by the next election.

  18. Pat Coleman says:

    Today , 27/8/18 , The Townsville Bulletin proves it has full knowledge of who is behind the Ronmar Rural Cattle yard proposal for Oak Valley Townsville. They know its the Dixon family associated with donors “Wellards” and known former donors Pat Brady of Premise Group and Milford who’s previous job was for developer donors. . They were forwarded my submission, which I sent to council. There are only 2 possibilities, after all this time they were to lazy to look, or they know and are trying cover for Wellards to avoid the political donor links . There would have been more submissions had the bully got in earlier with a story.

    • The Magpie says:

      Pat, if you will be kind enough to email an editable copy of your council submission, which contains valuable investigative work, The ‘Pie will be kind enough to edit out the legally unacceptable and abusive parts that your lack of discipline has allowed you to include, and which is totally counter productive to being taken seriously. No, no, don’t thank me, just send it.

  19. Gonzo says:

    Hi Pie, Peter Lindsay’s comments that Labor will win the election is so obvious it’s hard to believe anyone would doubt it. The Newspoll today has the Coalition behind by 12 points in two-party preferred and even has Shorten as the preferred prime minister. It will tighten up in coming months, but Labor is a sure bet to win. Love those Trump cartoons. Please keep them coming. Good blog as usual.

    • The Magpie says:

      Will be concentrating more on the fate of our favourite red and white birds … what a time for Buddy to lose form … GWS will give us a good work-out.

      Down in the local Canberra league, Dutton and Abbott have both been picked for prime positions … left right out.

  20. Cantankerous but happy says:

    There is little doubt that Forehead Shortern will win the next election and frankly like the dickheads in Townsville with the Mullet maybe Australia needs a good case of Shortern to remind everyone just how bad things can actually get. The challenge for the Liberals is not so much winning or even the poll results it is whether they can even muster enough support to man the booths and run an effective campaign, the party is on its knees, which makes one wonder why banning and suspending long term members is in any way going to help, brainless tossers.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie has always disliked the manner in which the media hypes polls, and no one seems to notice that polls become self-fulfilling prophesies, snowballing a few opinions into many simply because the many had heard the opinions of the few in the result of a foregoing opinion poll. The ‘Pie ventures into this thicket of logic simply because there is still much time left for anything to happen … let us not rule out some scandal or a disastrous mis-speak by the Short Un or one of his team. Of course the same goes for ScoMo, but given the events of the past week, at least the Libs and Nats should be on high alert … let’s see how their discipline holds up.

    • Achilles says:

      That should be Foreskin Shortun coz he’s a dickhead personified

  21. Critical says:

    WTF is going on at Qld Fire and Rescue. Emergency evacuation of Northtown on Flinders Street yesterday and fire brigade took over 25 minutes to arrive because it had to come from Kirwan as this was the closest vehicle. No trucks at South Townsville. Luckily it evacuation was a false alarm but what would the consequences been if this had been a real fire in Northtown or any of the other multilevel buildings in the CBD or the private hospital in Wills Street.

    • The Magpie says:

      Excellent point, Crits, but The ‘Pie can see an upside if the Council Chambers caught fire … give the flames time to do a good clean-out job. (Probably started by the mayor’s pants on fire.)

  22. No more dredging says:

    ‘Pie, now that we’ve got a federal government back at work and a major construction site in the middle of town reminding us of the complex financial relationships between levels of government, is it worth looking at the City Deal our council has with Canberra? In today’s Conversation, an article examines City Deals with specific references to Townsville. Should we do more of these when opportunity knocks (and the begging bowl is empty) or should we avoid them like the plague.
    “Spills and City Deals: what Turnbull’s urban policy has achieved, and where we go from here.”

    • The Magpie says:

      Link please.

        • The Magpie says:

          An excellent and timely article by Professor Burton. At last The ‘Pie doesn’t feel so isolated in his insistence that the City Deals deal and the creation of a council development corporation is at best a convenient cloak of secrecy and at worst, and open invitation to outright corruption. Especially with the slippery twisting, hopelessly compromised mayor, council and senior executive strata firmly infiltrated and directed by (it appears federal) Labor.
          A sample quote, but just one of many pertinent ones from Professor Burton:
          ‘This goes to the heart of the deal-making approach to urban policy, or indeed to any central or federal government policy initiative based on deals. They tend to be opaque and to hide behind commercial-in-confidence clauses that deny the public (whose tax dollars are at stake) much insight into who is getting what from the deal’.
          Exactly. Don’t go to sleep on this one, folks, just lie back and think of Ipswich.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      NMD, Waste of time in Townsvilles case, our basket case economy does not result in the urban stresses that these city deals are meant to eleviate and we only have one local council here, not the multiple councils in Sydney and Melbourne that these deals are meant to coordinate. Second any deal whether in Govt or Private enterprise is only as strong as its weakest contributor so in Townsvilles case it was never going to rise any higher than complete failure representing the level of your mate Jenny Hill.

      • The Magpie says:

        Oh CrankyPants, you’ve set the alarm bells off in the Nest … multiple councils, regional benefit and all that? … in that case, will we see Federal money involved on the Townsville-Rockhampton Adani airport?

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Good point Pie, all set up with a cosy deal including the Mullet, numbskull Gill, TEL Air or their low cost subsidiary Catapult Airlines.

      • No more dredging says:

        Cantankerous, I thought Townsville was supposed to have incredible urban degradation problems that have resulted in the appointment of an ex-soldier to examine the issues, the rapid expansion of the youth detention centre, any number of citizen vigilante Facebook brigades and constant calls for more cops, more work creation, harsher court sentencing, less migrant resource programs etc. Without mentioning the water ‘crisis’.

        The only other City Deal referred to in the Conversation article was Launceston which, I gather (but maybe I’m wrong) has some similar issues. Townsville is not a basket case. But we have to be realistic about what it actually is.

        • Concerned says:

          Anyone that stands up and backs the way Townsville is currently being torn apart by our ALP mayor and State government is either seriously ALP blind or is on the take.
          Townsville should be thriving, we have the largest defence base in Australia, the main port for North Queensland, we have the main hospital in the North, we have the main jail in the north, we are surrounded by agriculture, we have a beautiful coast line and Island just of shore, we have a large airport, basically we are the hub of North QLD.
          But yet we are setting records for all the wrong reasons, unemployment, youth crime, car thefts, break and enters, property prices crashing, our streets are lined with for sale, for rent signs, businesses closing down and leaving town.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            Concerned your words should be printed out verbatim and hung over the door of every polling booth in Townsville at the next elections at all levels of govt, might make the brainless dickheads of this town think actually think about how they vote.

  23. Old tradesman says:

    Watched” The Tool” on Q&A last night, how embarrassment.

    • No more dredging says:

      OT, “embarrassment” can be relative can’t it? As soon as Pauline Hanson opened her mouth last night I was reminded of the words from her maiden speech in Parliament in 1996:

      “Arthur Calwell was a great Australian and Labor leader, and it is a pity that there are not men of his stature sitting on the opposition benches today. Arthur Calwell said:
      Japan, India, Burma, Ceylon and every new African nation are fiercely anti-white and anti one another. Do we want or need any of these people here? I am one red-blooded Australian who says no and who speaks for 90% of Australians.

      I have no hesitation in echoing the words of Arthur Calwell.”

      Then as now, Pauline Hanson believes she speaks for “90%” of Australians. She’s not even wrong. She’s just plain arrogant.

      • Grumpy says:

        Jesus, NMD, I hope you have unlimited downloads.

      • Old tradesman says:

        NMD, I do not give a rats arse what Pauline Hanson said in her maiden speech, as I do not agree with her rubbish policies, but last night she was looking at the total Tool in total dismay, the Tool is probably your cousin, and was throwing money around like wedding confetti, money which is not hers to allocate, simply because she is not in power. As for Katter, I think Mossman Hall needs to be opened up once more, and the inmates would include all of the above plus Walker St, TEL, QLD Airports, Three Stooges, and throw in Larissa Waters then Townsville might stand a chance of becoming a sane place again.

        • Cockie says:

          I had a chuckle when O’Tool got up Tubby George for not crossing the floor to vote against the plenty rates bill, George said he did and he was backed by Mad Hatter Katter. Is she a fool or a liar or both. She also forgets the recommendation to remove plenty rates comes from a recommendation by the Fair Work Commission, which was introduced by the Rudd, Gillard, Rudd government.

          • The Magpie says:

            Is that ‘plenty rates’ a typo, or a comment from business pwners point of view?

          • Cockie says:

            My typo Penalty Rates, trouble with being caught between can see with glasses and can’t see without, no red underline so she’s ok !

      • Al says:

        Nmd. Have you learned to spell? CALDWELL ok wanker?

        • Mal Orthographobe says:

          It isn’t Caldwell, it is Calwell,


        • No more dredging says:

          A1, if I wanted to write CALDWELL I would have written it. As it turns out I didn’t need to write anything because I could copy/paste from an Australian parliamentary site which spelt the name of the Australian Labor Party leader as CALWELL. Look it up yourself and learn something, for once. Since you clearly know nothing about the politician Calwell, the education system, or the meaning of the word ‘wanker’, I suggest you get back in your box.

          • No more dredging says:

            A1, if I wanted to write CALDWELL I would have written it. As it turns out I didn’t need to write anything because I could copy/paste from an Australian parliamentary site which spelt the name of the Australian Labor Party leader as CALWELL. Look it up yourself and learn something, for once. Since you clearly know nothing about the politician Calwell, the education system, or the meaning of the word ‘wanker’, I suggest you get back in your box.

        • Ando says:

          Maybe it was one of Hanson’s trademark *mis-speaks.*

          Laughed at her “everyone’s missing the white elephant in the room” comment on Q&A.

          • No more dredging says:

            Ando, no one has to make up excuses for Pauline Hanson. She says what she means and means what she says and plenty of people agree with her – whatever dumbfuck drivel she says. It’s irrelevant who votes for her, what counts is where their preferences go. So I expect Old Tradesman and the twit A1 will throw her a bone but down the bottom of the ballot paper they’ll put the LNP ahead of the ALP because they have no principles – just blind commitment to tired old conservative paternalistic Tory cronyism. Geezus, after last week’s wrecking, what more evidence does anyone need?

          • The Magpie says:

            Good question. I know, lt’s ask Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard … and then Kevin Rudd again. Wouldn’t feed any of the mongrels of any stripe.

      • Linda Ashton says:

        We fell off our chairs at her appropriately coloured gaff (only Pauline could say this) …. in the context of racism …. “The WHITE elephant in the room that nobody is talking about” blah blah. Didn’t hear the rest. Couldn’t bear to. Time to close parliament, lock the doors and throw away the keys. Eventually they will burrow out but it will be so peaceful until they do.

  24. Cajun says:

    So channel 7 news is reporting our beloved council voted today to increase debt levels from $30m to $60m (if I heard correctly) …. Only one dissenter.

  25. Kingswood says:

    Is this for real???? Is that a human bone pictured on p2 of the TB from the missing person that hasn’t been id’d yet? Marked piece of wood….wtf?

  26. Mike Douglas says:

    Always entertaining is 38 vote margin Cathy Ofool on Q+A Monday night stating the issues in her Herbert electorate were Electricity, Ergon one supplier regional Qld, schools and hospitals. It would help if Bill Shorten explained to Cathy all these items are basicly under control of the current Queensland Labor Party.

    • The Magpie says:

      Yeah, it’s criminal … hahhaha … see what The ‘Pie has done here, criminal, Townsville, crime … geddit geddit … oh forgeddit. She has.

    • Old tradesman says:

      MD, Tim Mander was up here yesterday to discuss the LNP plan to give Regional Queensland a basis to create competition in the energy market, which at the moment is monopolised by Ergon, the only mention in the Astonisher is a small article telling us how Labour are going to give people interest free loans, that they will have to pay back, so that they can install solar which really is the main cause of high power prices in the regions, after they have ripped 2 billion out to prop up the bottom line of Trads Cross River Rail budget. WTF.

      • Ozzie John says:

        Tim Mander, bluddy hell, he was a footie ref. How can you take notice of anything he does or says. Even a pollie is an upgrade from a ref. Stop it.

        • Ando says:

          So if they bring in more players to the QLD energy market, we lose our regional power rebates. Makes one wonder if power would end up any cheaper?

          • Old tradesman says:

            Ando, looks like Mr Choi a great employer of people in Townsville hit the nail on the head this morning by saying they need a lower power price to expand the refinery, this can only be achieved with more competition in the market that the regional areas do not have, or building a reliable base load power supply. The huge solar farm they have had installed, all subsidised by the tax payers of this State will do diddly squat to run the plant, all it does is give the greens a fuzzy feeling and more preference votes for your beloved left wings.

          • Ando says:

            Subsidised by the taxpayers of this state? How much did this cost us?

          • Ando says:

            From an old media release….

            Sun Metals Corporation chief financial officer Kathy Danaher …..

            “The project will be funded totally out of Sun Metals’ cash and the project has not been subsidised by any state or federal funded renewable scheme,” Ms Danaher said.

          • Old tradesman says:

            Ando, my apologies, you are correct about the fact that Sun Metals paid for the solar farm out of their own funds, it produces 29% of their current power requirements during the day when the sun is shining. However, to increase their factory they are asking for a cost reduction in price as they are seen as an anchor power user as they have had to absorb huge price increases in the last 2 years. What do they do, find another spare 130 acres of land around the refinery and spend another $200m of their money to complement their power consumption for stage 2 of their plant? Solar is not reliable. A lot of what ifs can also come into this equation, such as the price of zinc falls, a commercial decision as took place over at Uncle Clives could result and they pull up stumps. The government owed generator would then have to increase costs to residential and other users to balance their budget. The 50% renewable target by 2030 is fraught with danger as SA experienced.

  27. The Magpie says:

    RE the comment headed OPEN LETTER FROM MALTESE SPEAKING VOTERS TO JENNY HILL. Folks, it’s in Maltese, which The ‘Pie does not speak or read. Think about it, if you are under the misapprehension that The ‘Pie is going to publish (and therefore become the legally liable publisher) a lengthy comment in a language he doesn’t understand – a comment that could be saying anything from outright praise to accusations involving small furry animals and baby oil (both distasteful views) – you must think the old bird is madder than he actually is. Small legal risk there, wouldn’t you say? The Magpie will be happy to publish the message in English if it doesn’t cross any boundaries.

    • tenacious D says:

      copy and paste into google translate? then edit?

      • The Magpie says:

        Yes indeed, but why should The ‘Pie do so … the writer obviously speaks and writes English, so it is up to him/her to do the translation. The ‘Pie has plenty of other matters to occupy his time.

  28. Old tradesman says:

    Another great headline today how Townsville students are languishing behind others in the State, Captain Cupcake Stewart was amazed. So what does Grace Disgrace do, gives the teachers a pay rise. Sure to fix it.

    • Linda Ashton says:

      Old tradesman. Often tests don’t measure what is important or relevant. The NAPLAN is a dinosaur in this regard. Farmers use GPS for furrowing. We don’t handwrite except for signatures of occasional posted envelopes, google has surpassed 1970s Encyclopaedia Brittanica but national testing is still firmly rooted in the 1960s. Weighing the pig doesn’t make the pig fatter. The diversity of literacies and numeracues to master in 2018, is expanding so rapidly. I doubt many here would complete a pretty ordinary year 7 interactive website construction task or a coding challenge. How many here can compile a 2 minute mp4 with a set text and random digital images? Who can list 5 specific strategies that see some product packaging much more successful than competitors’ through the text, layout, colours and associations? How do kids learn to interpret the subliminal intent of advertising and online seduction? The national tests aren’t designed to measure what kids can do and need to know in their morphing literacy contexts. Teachers now only work with kids who’ve never known a non-digital day, a blackboard or an atlas. At the same time you have to prove to the doddery baby boomers that kids can cursive write, work out at age 7 all of the “ough” variations in the English language, flip through a tattered dictionary for meanings and regurgitate a Shakespearean monologue. That’s 32 kids in a class and parents who think schools are the primary carers. Most people would last 10 mins in charge of a contemporary classroom let alone get all kids on task and achieving for 5 hours a day. Enough with the name and shame testing. Let teachers teach.

  29. The Owl says:

    Buried on page 7 of today’s rag is a story from Raggatt about TCC doubling its “borrowings” for this year – $30 million now $60 million. Council’s chief financial officer said the need for the extra $30 million “had emerged with the closing of the 2017-2018 financial books”. That should have happened two months ago but ask any accountant and they will tell you the CFO should have been aware of the perilous state of council finances even before that. We don’t just need a new mayor and council, we obviously need a CFO with some accounting expertise.
    Only one councillor voted against this outrage, Paul Jacobs, who Raggatt described in the story as a “new renegade”. So Tony, does that make the mayor an “old renegade”?

    • Hee-Haw says:

      The matter of raising the borrowings provisions was not on the agenda for the council meeting yesterday, it was slipped in as a confidential matter as an Addendum which was not added to the website prior to the meeting.

      Nice way of both slipping things in to avoid attention and also to keeping them confidential so none of us plebs know the truth.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      I have no doubt this is to cover the councils cash flow problems bought on entirely by its own decision to cut the discount for paying your rates on time, I know many who are happy to lose the now pissy discount and put council rates on the bottom of the pile, there is little action the council can take in the short to medium term to enforce payment so fuck them they can wait, just another dickhead decision by Queen Dickhead Jenny Hill.

    • Linda Ashton says:

      How much was saved by awarding the pipe contract to Adelaide manufacturer? $30 millionish? What has emerged from the $10 million from the state in June 2017 for the Water Transition Package (community awareness re conservation). What did Jamie Durie do for the “alleged” $360,000? How much is it costing for the parading of the JT endorsed pipe (not actual product) around the city and why? What’s with the duplicated $654,720 payment July 2017 from Thuringowa Library? (Eastbrook complex).

  30. Old tradesman says:

    Cronulla Sharks are being investigated for possible salary cap breaches. the chairman is named Dino Mezzatesta. Mezzatesta translated means half a head. Sounds like some of the luminaries in the Ville.

  31. The Magpie says:

    Jenna Cairney, hang your head in shame, you disgrace to editorial responsibility. Don’t you ever think anything through, you callous dimwit.

    Your paper, madam, The Townsville Bulletin, which honks on endlessly that ‘We’re For You’, is apparently only ‘for’ people with bright kids. There surely cannot be a more divisive headline promoting deep and unmerited rifts in a community – from children to parents – than this from the online Bulletin …

    Worst!?! Really-worst!?! For a paper that specialises in parroting political and business euphemisms , you could’ve done better, surely.

    Australian kids across the nation have forever been urged to self-esteem by their schools with claims of superiority through religion, sport and, yes, academic achievement. But now, using a flawed method of testing, the Federal Government has institutionalised childhood those light sabres of prejudice that can have lifelong effects. Using the adjective ‘worst’ in relation to schools is a totally irresponsible action – BUT THEN YOU GO AND NAME THE SCHOOLS!!! So what can a parent do if little Jimmy or Jemmima do when their child’s self-esteem cops a blow like this, which will be repeated socially on the streets by the little snots who came out on top (and who will get their heads punched – or these days much worse – for their trouble). Change school? No way, not allowed even for the bright in the ‘worst’ schools, and even if they could, the kid would face the gauntlet of where he/she came from. The Bulletin fronter headline was fair enough and certainly needed reporting.

    But ranking the NAPLAN results so as to name some schools the ‘worst’ – why not ‘under performing’ to soften what is a real blow to the kids involved — is thoughtless, genuinely damaging, and in this overly touchy-feely age, will be a great boost for the incomes of professional counsellors.

    Ms Cairney, you owe this community an apology . Yet again.

    • Old tradesman says:

      I notice that St Margaret Mary’s College does not even rate. Isn’t that where 5 of our present City councillors went to school?

    • J jones says:

      Worst editor yet

    • Linda Ashton says:

      I responded to old tradesman on this.
      Agree 100% Pie. Even in the numerical the average “score” was 86%. Fair go.

      Scenario: grade : A child is learning to read and has been since prep. Her family moves with military placement. Her yr 3 naplan reading score is “poor”. The family moves mid yr 4 and her yr 5 result is strong. Is it the child joining the dots since prep, or a literacy supportive home, a particular teacher, getting prescriptions reading glasses in year 4, having a heavy cold on the day of the test in year 3 or no sleep the night before with DV in the home, being an immigrant child whose English has become more fluent in 2 years, or being trained up for NAPLAN tests in the yr 5 school? Add socio economics to the mix and it’s like dropped pizza. There are so many variables and arbitrary attribution to the particular school and teacher for the day of the test is absurd. That’s not how learning occurs.

  32. Kenny Kennett says:

    The Labor machine has poured a 44 gallon drum of oil on its cogs in Melbourne. The red shirts have just released plans to spend 50 billion on a rail system into the future. It seems that their back room have done the figures and it stacks up but they neglected to run it past Infrastructure Victoria to get their expert commentary. It’s due to commence construction in 2022 and the first train will toot in 2050. This all of course announced just prior to the State election in November. Question: by 2050 will this form of travel (in its current form) be obsolete? Will trains tweet rather than toot by then? Most commenters on this blog won’t be around to see it. And Dan the Man Andrews has said he’ll get federal funding so this bullshit project will also carry over to the federal election too. So Mullet, the sky’s the limit to Labor promises so let’s hear your next Pie in the sky. Perhaps a plan for Townsville to buy Cairns??

    • No more dredging says:

      Only $50 billion? That’s less than the billions Turnbull and Morrison were prepared to forego in tax collection to buy off the big end of town. Do you remember that $17 billion of that was to buy off the banks?

      Fortunately, the next election coming to this town will be a federal one. We’ll get to hear how much dough Morrison is prepared to spend on Herbert to buy up the most marginal electorate in Australia. Whatever the number is, you can bet it will be matched by Labor and no one will be complaining.

      • Ando says:

        Haha, all the usual rightards will be complaining loudly and regularly. Right here.

        • The Magpie says:

          Indeed they will Ando, right alongside all those complaining loudly and regularly about ‘rightards’ complaining. The Nest is pretty democratic, no?

          • Ando says:

            Indeed sir, I just get frustrated when the nest resembles the comments pages of The Australian. The view seems pretty one eyed here recently and some are keen to cut down any differing opinions. (ie: non lib)

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie takes your point, but of course the old bird has no control over who chooses to air their opinions here, and the preponderance does seem to be those frustrated with the powers that be at the moment, and they just happen to be at this time all Labor. And the only editing or deletion of comments is done on grounds of legal liability, relevance or personal attacks on uninvolved people in issues under discussion. Left or right is not a consideration for publication. The Pie’s own opinions are in the blog or his own comments, while the comment section is for debate amongst us all BUT BECAUSE THEY ARE PUBLISHED HERE DOES NOT MEAN THEY REFLECT THE MAGPIE’S STANCE ON ANY ISSUE.

        • Grumpy says:

          No, Ando. Most of the posters here are complaining about perceived corruption, favouritism, nepotism, secrecy and abuse of power. Not specifically Labor. Turnbull and Abbott were generally regarded with some scorn.

          The Left is hardly in a position to complain about intolerance – Antifa, Getup and those infantile Young Labor clowns.

          Trouble is, those of us who regard themselves as centre-right are willing to admit when our people get it wrong. Not so those ideologues on the extreme left. Like our very own unlamented Muddy.

          • Ando says:

            I think Muddy was trolling here in the last couple of years. From my perspective, the blog was less partisan (mostly) before then and differing views would be discussed with out personal attacks and name calling. As this changed, so did Muddy’s posts, to the point where I’m sure he was just baiting people.
            I completely agree with calling out the behaviours you mentioned.

          • The Magpie says:

            The comments section has certainly evolved over the years, but along with the now absent Muddy (sad) we shouldn’t forget the large positive contribution from old Magpie mate, the late Ron Bairstow, or to us here, Sandgroper, Gropes and Rotten Ronny. He even,one suspects, slipped a few into the ribs under another name. I miss him in every way.

      • Old tradesman says:

        Lets have a look at something NMD, I wont even bother with Ando he can head out west and look at some heavily subsidised windmills that will only kill birds, lots of galahas out there. But getting back to you old mate, for a start I am a born and bred Aussie not some pommie like you as you seem to mention the Tories who don’t exist in Oz. As for the tax cuts for the top end of town and the banks, well they are not happening due the unrepresentative swill that didn’t let it go through, thus making us very uncompetitive in world markets, but more to worry about is the fact that if your hero the Shortun is successful then the retired pensioners will be slugged in their super, and guess what they are not the Top End of Town

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Indeed Old Tradesman, and the short sighted lefties will be left screaming “you are all a bunch of bastards” when companies and individuals start taking action to mitigate the tax changes and high company tax rates. As it looks more likely a Shortern victory will occur many are preparing for Labor and have contingencies in place to deal with the fallout of Labors policies, so the real losers will be the Austailian economy as billions of dollars in investment dries up and billions of dollars in company taxes earned overseas will be declared overseas and Australia won’t see a cent. As I have said maybe Australia deserves a dose of Shortern to realise just how bad things can actually be and get a reality check.

          • No more dredging says:

            OT and Cantankerous, you will recall the election of Clive Palmer (from the big end of town) when Tony Abbott took government. Clive promised to support the elimination of Labor’s carbon tax and did so – apparently reaping himself (or QN) a windfall of $70+ million – soon spent on fast food or cars so that the nickel refinery went to the wall.

            Meanwhile, the considerable revenue that was already being raised by the carbon tax could have been used to fund projects like Snowy 2.0 and other pumped hydro (even in NQ). Plus battery systems to sit alongside the numerous wind farm and pv arrays that will be built in Australia regardless. Instead we have nothing – except spiralling prices and investment uncertainty. No policy, no vision, just abandonment of the very basics that would drag Australia into the low carbon electricity future that (nearly) everyone is aiming for. This is neither left wing or right wing philosophy. We should being doing everything possible to avoid building another coal-fired power station in Australia. Instead, some are promoting lazy, expensive carbon emissions that just prolong the pain of conversion to a low carbon future. What is their point?

          • Grumpy says:

            NMD – You really believe that the money would be thus spent?

            I got a bridge to sell you.

          • The Magpie says:

            Yeah, location … Genoa … second hand, needs reno. Cheap but must do own pick-up.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            NMD whilst I appreciate your complete ignorance and can’t differentiate between a carbon tax, only directly effecting a selected group and income tax, which effects every person with a job and every business making a dollar you miss the point. Money can pack up and move anywhere as opposed to a business effected by a carbon tax, which had limited options to reduce its impact. The reason why Paul Keating dropped the rate of company tax years ago was to allow Australian companies to be competitive in a global economy, the goal posts have shifted again and now Australia stands out as an expensive place to do business. If a company earns $100 million profit in the US they will now declare those earnings in the US and instead of paying $30 million company tax here they will pay $20 million to the US govt, and Australia gets fuck all, and you can multiply that through many tax jurisdictions throughout the world. Individuals will move their investments around to limit the impact of franking credit changes but in some cases it will increase risk and create unnecessary costs but people will do it, have no doubt. So what you rampant lefties still don’t seem to be able to get your head around is it not your money, it’s not the governments money, it’s their money and they can do whatever the fuck they want with it.

          • The Magpie says:

            Mate there’s a job waiting for you at the AFR (where they still have subs to check your adjectives).

          • No more dredging says:

            Cantankerous, which companies are either leaving Australia or not coming in the first place because, as you contend, “Australia stands out as an expensive place to do business”? On my observation, foreign companies are falling over themselves to buy Australian energy assets, farm land, resources companies and damn near anything else they can get their hands on – business seems to be pretty good if you’re a big multinational like Google, Amazon etc – especially if you pay virtually no tax anyway, regardless of your earnings. Listening to prime ministers past and present I gathered that the biggest reason the government wanted to lower corporate tax rates was to produce the magical ‘trickle down effect’ which would shower hardworking Australians with wage increases. We’re all waiting. We seem to be in some sort of drought. Or there’s some illegal theft going on upstream. Any ideas?

          • No more dredging says:

            Grumpy, if the money comes in it will be spent – some of it on subsidising low income people’s power bills for example – that was already happening with the carbon tax. But if you don’t have that income (because you cancelled the tax with a promise that everyone would be $550 better off, ha ha) then you have to borrow to build infrastructure like Snowy 2.0. And if you don’t raise tax money through an increase in the Medicare Levy you don’t have money to properly introduce the NDIS – which is happening right now though maybe it doesn’t affect you or anyone you know.. Back in the day PM Abbott enthusiastically signed Australia up to the Paris climate change initiative. But he had already dumped the carbon tax and had no money to pay Australia’s way. Now he wants to welsh on that ‘contract’. And remember his ‘promises’ about increasing female participation in the workforce? He promoted an expensive but quite revolutionary maternity leave entitlement (which I strongly supported) until he was elected and then just dropped it because he had already spent the money or the political capital or both. Typical. These past few years have demonstrated that neither Liberal or Labor can claim the high ground on management of the economy.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          NMD you answered your own question in a way. There are many corporates wanting to operate in Australia, most incorporated overaseas where a generous tax advantage doesn’t saddle them with the ongoing liabilities of those incorporated here, and many of the industries you identify are backed by money from China and the Middle East where a very favourable tax regime operates for those companies. In regards to businesses from here who will benefit greatly from declaring profits overseas think any of the banks but in particular Macquarie Bank but all of the financial companies will be looking at options, also the likes of Boral, Origin, Bluescope, Cochlear, any of the large property players, Westfield would have been a prime contender before its takeover, any business with a growing overseas market presence will be looking at options now that the company tax rates in Australia will not be lowered.

          • No more dredging says:

            Yeah, well, “looking at options” is fine by me. We all do it, all the time. Looks like the Liberal Party doesn’t have many options left to look at, eh?

          • Grumpy says:

            Can’t resist that final zinger, can you? Typical Leftie tactic. No doubt at all now that you are an ALP troll sent here to disrupt and divert.

        • Lucifer Morningstar says:

          Fuck me. Mr Google never shuts up, does he?

          Last Word Tony.

          • Concerned says:

            So you want to point the finger at people that have fucked over Townsville.
            A free tip for you, the people DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for Townsville and Queensland are our Mickhead Mayor and our Mickhead Premier.
            It is really as simple.as that if you take your blinkers off.

      • Alahazbin says:

        I don’t think Herbert is that ‘marginal’. It’s just that labor are better at getting dead people to vote.
        And rember their slogan “Vote early, Vote often.

  33. When its obvious says:

    Peter Newey appears to have been either bought by Palmer or is angling for it. Just go through the stories on the ratepayers facebook site.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie put this to Mr Newey, who agreed it could look that way but, quote ‘ You are wrong on that account, I am not a Palmer man – what I have always been for is jobs, economy and tracking down and removing corruption actually in Townsville.If Clive has the money and wants to spend it here, then great, we get jobs and an increase in our economy. If this keeps going Townsville will be unrecoverable financially.’

      Apart from that totally uncritical assessment of Palmer which wilfully ignores the man’s trustworthiness and personal agendas driven by ego, Mr Newey also defends his totally pointless ‘survey’ and their spurious results that would also support your theory that he is a Palmer man.

      But he’s not. He says.

  34. Pat Coleman says:

    There are enough media statements from PUP people who , thinking its normal , have said Palmer is paying for people to “come over” as candidates or is paying candidates to support him .

    Its not a crime to fund a campaign unless your donations are.illegal. When you pay for support or for someone to be a Candidate then its a crime under s 326 of the CTH Electoral Act http://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdb/au/legis/cth/consol_act/cea1918233/s326.html it’s called Bribery. Same as paying people to hand out HTV’s and forcing them is a crime under s28.

    When you announce you are running this makes you a candidate.

    There are now criminally actionable reporting rules and sanctions for lying under 3 jurisdictions. CTH , State and Local. The CTH act covers bribery for state as well and the Local government electoral act has specific provisions http://www.legislation.qld.gov.au you have been warned.

    If you think ASIO is bad , have a look at the unused investigation powers.

  35. Honkers says:

    Gerard Nelson is the first rat to jump ship, or was he pushed? He was a great ingratiator, heading up the laughably acronymed DevOps pretending to be a leader in council’s smart cities strategies, policies or what have you over the past few years (the results speak the truth), and was for sometime the Impaler’s chief whipping boy and gofer, and – of course – a hander-outerer of ALP how to votes … and now, he’s off presumably to Brissie. He was either too good for the council or … well, I’ll leave that to your imagination …

    • Better the DevOps without you says:

      I’m sure whatever poor bastards have hired Gerard Nelson will be regretting their unfortunate decision in no time. I believe you will also find he’s the ‘architect’ behind some giant waste of ratepayers money projects such as the miserably unsuccessful implementation of ServiceNow. He is also the reason council has been declared a hostile client by organisations such as Optus and Adobe. And he has been heavily involved with some ever failing money pit dashboard project, which has been contracted out to an organisation called GWI. Mr Nelson has left a legacy of power games, backstabbing, undermining, insults, scheming, interfering, obstruction and wasting money. It is unfortunate he was walked out of Council 2 years too late.

  36. Pat Coleman says:

    Was on ABC 7pm tv news that a southern beak refused to strike out the asic criminal charges for Clive.

  37. Pat Coleman says:

    Bully p5 today says Terry Browne is now a full beak in Townsville. At the Shepherdson Inquiry into electoral fraud public hearings the media showed him and Terry Betts representing Tony Mooney. http://www.ccc.qld.gov.au/research-and-publications/publications/misconduct/the-shepherdson-inquiry-an-investigation-into-electoral-fraud.pdf.

  38. Kingswood says:

    That Rock pool closure; algal bloom – Orlando Bloom…

    …get it, get it???

    Champagne Journalism…

    Although whether it was a cunning and witty media release from TCC, we’ll never know.

    • The Magpie says:

      ‘Cunning’, ‘witty’ and TCC … now there are three words you don’t ever see in the same sentence … unless it’s a cUnning and witty comment on the council.

      But this paper will print anything, it just doesn’t care …

      • Kingswood says:

        I really miss Ian Frazers stuff. Its definitely gone down with the new editor.

      • Critical says:

        Apparantly the screaming midget has declared that all council staff recieve every media release sent out by his propaganda section. I hear the propaganda releases arrive by email from the screaming midget and that many staff are trying to block his emails with the media releases and that many council staff see this as a political stunt promoting the hopeless Mullet regime.

        • The Magpie says:

          Well, bit hard to agree with any premise to block such an information flow – gawd knows there is so precious little of that with this council, as you will see in this weekend’s blog tonight. And if it is called out as out as propaganda, no harm and no one is fooled – but they are informed what the executive and mayor are spinning.

          BTW speaking of propaganda, what’s the go with Tony Simpo Templeton? Haven’t heard of or seen his name for ages?

  39. Dave of Kelso says:

    I have just returned from the land of No Network Coverage, and have been catching up on the blog.

    Seems to me that much of it has been occupied by a couple of old bald farts arguing about hair care products.

    Gentlemen, play the ball not the man.

  40. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    Almost choked on my Cornflakes this morning when reading the Astonisher article about a ‘feud’ between WFTAG’s Linda Ashton and Deputy Doo Dah & new Water Committee Chair Les Walker.

    Les is complaining that “She has never called me on the phone” rather than try and sort things out.

    If this is the case is would be because she knows you that trying to call him would be a complete waste of time and effort. He is notorious for never answering his phone, and never returning calls, as I personally know from past experience ….that’s how he got the moniker of Messagebank!

    • The Magpie says:

      Ah, Messagebank, one of the the monikers The ‘Pie is most proud of. All started way back, when Les’s constituents were always send through to messagebank when they rang, and he rarely if ever replied. So some complained to David The Kid Crisafulli, a then TCC councillor, who fixed several of their problems. The Kid let the then Bulletin Magpie know about it and thus was created the nickname that arguably created the most rage in its recipient … with nicknames, truth is the great wounder when allied to satire, and the all-time champion nickname – the one that still sends the recipient into a foam flecked rage if it ever mentioned in front of him – is our old mate, Mike Captain Snooze Reynolds, up there among the great do-nothing nest-feathering preeners of all time. As said, truth hurts.

      • Happy says:

        When I worked at Council you couldn’t shut him up in a meeting. We christened him “The Ghost Who Talks”

      • Charlie Wulguru. says:

        Good memory Magpie. It was me who phoned The Kid regarding rubbish being dumped in a Park in Wulguru (not the Kid’s ward.) ‘Bird-brain Walker’ still hasn’t got over it.

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