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Saturday, February 10th, 2024   |   177 comments

Welcome To The Lunar New Year – Or, As We In Townsville Call It, The Looney New Year.

And what a hand-waving, eye-rolling festival of looniness it promises to be. A year with three elections cannot be otherwise, as we watch the council election next month have the hobbles again put on Townsville’s progress, at state level, Queensland will surely make a move towards hope and confidence, and from afar, we can but watch the one election that could bring all other elections undone, if America dumps democracy. Looney indeed.

Recent times haven’t been good for Channel 9, sloppy overconfident reporting has brought them undone on a number of fronts. And really, they have no excuse. But then again, they never have.

Of course, it’s never a looney week without someone at the Bulletin putting on the clown shoes … lazy journalist/stenographer Cameron ‘Master’ Bates got embarrassingly  tipped out of his hammock during the week. And the matter also raises the question, how much privacy ya gunna get for $20,000 a night. Not much really, thanks to the outstanding egalitarian law in Australia.

It’s back to the drawing board for the scamming Bega family’s attempted takeover of the management of the Solarus Apartments on Palmer … you’ll be astounded at the stunt Mathew Bega tried to pull off.

And a funny thing happened on the way to the TCC election … a fine example of citizen journalism that spooked some candidates into action played out in Nest comments during the week. The Magpie summarises.

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Coming Or Going?

Like the rest of us, Bentley doesn’t know.

Screen Shot 2024-02-10 at 10.55.48 am

And as far as memory goes, The ‘Pie can’t remember a bigger circus than ths one. We look at some startling developments and a wonderful insight in the MAGA madness a little later.

On The Local Scene, A Couple Of Outcomes During The Week Suggests All Sorts Of Folks Read The Nest

But this is not humblebragging by The ‘Pie because it was two cases of sorely needed citizen journalism by others that have had a bearing on two matters.


First there’s the matter of the ethically challenged (at the politest) Mathew Bega. who, in the old vernacular, has got more front than Clive Palmer at Oktoberfest. He and his family almost sank the Solarus Apartment project on Palmer Street during construction, and when all sorts of dodgy dealings were exposed, father Peter took one for the family and his business went belly up, leaving a group of local businesses  and tradies to carry the financial can. His mum was reportedly forced to sell their Sydney home after a related court case. But still, they carried on their machinations with Allure development next door to Solarus. Much of the action surrounded the intertwined activities of the Bega vehicle South Townsville Developments Pty Ltd.

This excerpt from the Magpie’s Nest Dec 9 2018 sums up the low life shenanigans.

“In simple terms, when Peter Bega went bankrupt and was  forced to put the Solarius Apartment project into liquidation (it was finished by another group), he did some fancy financial footwork and managed to transfer the adjacent Allure Apartments to another company controlled by his son Mathew, but in which he clearly had an interest, despite being bankrupt. Consequently, through illegal stacking of Allure’s body corporate, Mathew Bega, acting as the letting agent for Allure, effectively  appropriated the common area of complex – an area which in any such development is there for the use, benefit and enjoyment of all unit owners and tenants.  Bega – converted it into a function centre which they operated for their own personal gain.

Now, old mate The Adjudicator for the Commissioner (etc) has comprehensively knocked that on head, ruling that all the Bega family members and associates, who were not transparently linked to each other in their dealings in this matter, were  not eligible to sit on the Body Corporate committee and has made null and void the whole scheme.”

And this is the link to whole article back then.

Then there was also followed a mysterious involvement with the short lived pub on the Solarus ground floor, which was ‘managed’ by a mob of Sydneysiders who, when it came to the hospitality business, couldn’t find their own arses with a torch and two hands.)

But despite all this pestiferous behaviour, this untrustworthy turkey is back like a dog revisiting his own barf.

Astoundingly, in recent days, fully ive or six years on, Mathew Bega has been in negotiations to buy the management rights to Solarus (that would effectively make him the letting agent for investment apartments) and get this: as part of the take-over, this little cherub wanted to install electronic locks on all apartments, which he could control and access 24/7.  It’s understood some similar arrangement may be in place in Allure. Mate, seriously, you’ve gotta get some award for chutzpah.

Anyway, when apartment owners were advised of this, they not surprisingly and overwhelmingly rejected the idea and Bega has backed away for the moment, in part because of the publicity provided by Solarus residents to this blog. Like many of his ilk , he didn’t like the light being shone into his rat infested dark corner. But given the brazen ‘up you, Townsville’ attitude of this noisome twerp, we now await with interest to see if he has another run at management rights. Nothing would surprise.

Too Much Info

Businessman Philip Batty

Businessman Philip Batty

The other matter which had an immediate effect and was brought to light was the dogged and persistent work from the blog’s old mate Phillip Batty down at Airlie.

Some background: Over the past couple of years or more, Phil has been a waging a battle with the Whitsunday Regional Council over its response to his proven allegation that Mike Brunker had flouted campaigning rules at the last election.  Brunker was subsequently admonished and fined, but although Phil proved his case, he was mightily affronted by the council behaviour and attempted manipulation of facts in relation to the matter. He took on the perfunctory and unsatisfactory nature of the ‘independent’ external investigation, which itself raised questions of both probity and integrity. Phil’s meticulous research and refusal to be fobbed off ,guided through labyrinthian bureaucracy, and the matter is now still on going, with some f Phil’s key questions yet to b answered by the CCC.

Mike Brunker has now announced his retirement (no reason given and no loss) and suddenly WRC mayor Julie Hall says she won’t stand again (friends are reported saying the pressure of the investigation has proved too much.)

That was then, now to the past week. there was a long running battle in comments started by some paid wanker calling him/herself ECQ Anon (aided by another paid disruptor Spielcheque) made the grave mistake of challenging Phil Baty’s comment a few days ago that all the sitting councillors were breaking exactly th same electoral rule that brought Brunker undone – that is, while they had created new FB pages for campaigning, they had included their council phone numbers as an email addresses for contact, a clear breach of the rules. Not one to be baffled by bullshit from paid haranguers, Batty said he could prove what he said. And did.

Margie Ryder Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 10.12.09 am Molachino Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 10.12.48 am Russ Cook Kurt Rehbein Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 10.14.20 amThere followed a deathly silence from his critics, and little wonder. Because hey presto, within 24 hours, the illegal contact details were gone from from most the sitting councillors’ campaign FB pages … for brevity here’s just a couple.

Screen Shot 2024-02-07 at 10.07.42 am Screen Shot 2024-02-07 at 10.09.01 am

All The ‘Pe can say is that Mayor Mullet and cheap shot cut price legal bullies like Tony Bligh can thank their lucky stars that Phil Batty doesn’t live in Townsville any more.

This has ben exhaustive stuff, but that is a realistic indication of what is needed to challenge authority, authority that goes out of its way to make such bureaucratic sleuthing possible.

This is a shining example of what citizen journalism is all about, and yes, The Magpie is proud that he provides a unique platform for the people of Townsville to be informed about things that media indifference would shield them from.

Bulletin Stenographer Cameron ‘Master’ Bates Is A Plagiarist

… but he’s unlikely to sued. That matter at hand is this little free ad for the Morris Group.

Pelorus Island Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 4.59.12 pm

Now the problem here from a news point of view is that if you are transcribing word for word a favoured client’s  promotional guff, you never, never, ever claim it as your own and put your name to it. (This is a lesson The ‘Pie learnt the hard way many years ago).  Master Bates has not and never will be within cooee of Pelorus Island resort – that is clear that all the photos accompanying the story are credited “Morris Group”.  So he just transcribed in good faith (ha!) what he was given. There was a time when real Chiefs of Staff existed, confronted with a request to run this sort of stuff,  would’ve replied ‘Fine, when and where does out reporter/photographer catch the helicopter?’ But that was back in the Dreamtime of news.

But hey, no harm done, stop whining, Magpie, the old bird hears you say. No one around here here ever going to cough up $20k per night to enjoy what north Queenslanders have always enjoyed … free access to wonderful beaches. And therein lies Master Bates second blooper, not a twinge of a question about the word ‘private’ in relation to the story.  Which was most certainly The Magpie’s first query. It apparently took some ‘concerned citizens’ to ask the question and one hopes Bates was red faced and chastened when the paper was compelled – at Morris’s request, no doubt – that there are certain things a reported and highly questionable 20 grand a day can buy.  Of course, we’ll never know if that tariff is just chest thumping bullshit … because it’s none of our business, is it.

Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 9.09.35 am

Screen Shot 2024-02-07 at 9.49.46 am Another reason it was strange oversight by Bates in the first place is that the one thing that greatly offends Australian travellers who believe in their mythical egalitarian lifestyle is the concept of private beaches in so overseas countries. Because, with rare anomalies, usually defence related, there are no such thing as a private beach in this country. The public has the right to sun, sand and water right up to the annual high tide mark.

So a group of Palm Island revellers from across the way or an end of year footy club outing can front up on Mr Morris’s beach and add as much Aussie colour as they like. Where’s King Billy Cokebottle when you need him?

Quick Question Without Notice

Screen Shot 2024-02-10 at 11.09.25 am

So will we be able to publicly name this woman? If not, why not, what right dos she have to anonymity when she has been judged to have made up her (w)hole  story up? Should Beale not have a balance of public justice in all this? If this woman who for whatever reason dragged Beale’s name through the media mud with outright lies , cannot be named, then current moves to change to the relevant laws need to be expedited, where NO PERSON, accused or or accuser, can be named in sexual offence cases.

Even some feminist groups do not oppose the current federal moves in this direction, but where the states stand will be interesting.

Like They Say, Karma’s A Bitch


Listen, you really don’t wish this to happen to anybody, but the irony must be mentioned.

The Much-Vaunted ‘American Dream’, Where Anybody Can ‘Succeed’, Is Exposed As The World’s Biggest Ponzi Scheme.

And more irony, guess whose left at the bottom of the pile in Trump’s universe? Yup, these folks …


Our regular cartoon round-up of all matters American always offers sharp, grim laughter at the often inexplicable shenanigans that are turning increasingly sinister and dangerous. But many, including The Magpie,  haven’t been able to fathom what the hell is going in the minds of MAGA morons.

Until now.

Screen Shot 2024-02-10 at 10.47.59 am

This article, by the consistently intelligent and measured writer George Monbiot, offers the convincing view that Donald Trump isn’t the originator of the looming crisis, he is simply the opportunistic effect, a symptom of a hitherto dormant vein of … well,  of special looniness that has always existed courtesy of the selfish mantra of the American Dream. Now, that dream is being exploited by the ruthless oligarchs of the Republican Party , and turning the United States into the biggest and most unstable Ponzi scheme ever conceived. And like those who supported Mr Ponzi, MAGA people are supporting the very person who will destroy them.

If he doesn’t destroy himself first.

Screen Shot 2024-02-09 at 9.06.41 am Screen Shot 2024-02-09 at 9.07.12 am Screen Shot 2024-02-09 at 9.08.30 am

Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 8.42.47 am Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 8.43.36 am Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 8.43.51 am Screen Shot 2024-02-06 at 8.54.17 am Screen Shot 2024-02-06 at 8.51.34 am Screen Shot 2024-02-06 at 8.52.51 am Screen Shot 2024-02-06 at 8.53.21 am Screen Shot 2024-02-02 at 10.21.32 am Screen Shot 2024-02-03 at 10.22.37 am Screen Shot 2024-02-03 at 10.23.43 am Screen Shot 2024-02-02 at 10.20.20 am Screen Shot 2024-02-02 at 10.18.57 amAnd One The ‘Pie Has Saved For Last ..

As they say, many a truth in jest. Only it an’t that funny.


That’s the week that was, let’s hear what you’ve got to say in comments, lively, irreverent but above all, informative and thought provoking.

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  1. Bright Spark says:

    Oh no Mr Pie, you have set the comments bar very high with your final paragraph of this week’s excellent blog, part copied below.

    “let’s hear what you’ve got to say in comments, lively, irreverent but above all, informative and thought provoking.”

    Lively, irreverent, informative, and (good grief) thought provoking? I think that counts me out, and I suspect some others too.

  2. Kev Arlett says:

    The link to the article from George Monbiot doesn’t work, here is the article. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2024/jan/29/donald-trump-americans-us-culture-republican

  3. Mike Douglas says:

    Is there something in the water around Walker st . Should they be boiling it before drinking with Councillors backslapping themselves on the back on what a great job they are doing . Now the editor of our paper quotes ” Townsvillle isn’t just open for business but flourishing ” . Out in burbs households are burdened with the latest Ergon bills up nearly 40 % increase of $400 for some families , rates bills highest increase in Qld including + 9% on utilities and whether they can afford to insure cars and houses due to increases based on risk , a flow on effect from failure to address crime . 8 mths out from State election Treasurer Dick FIFO claiming an open chequebook to fix crime issues .

    • The Magpie says:

      The latest Astonishment from the Bulletin that daily finds ways to go below the bottom line of credibility they reached long ago. And some of the iditorials verge on the bizarre.

    • Motorist says:

      Townsville flourishing?

      Next time when driving around town, and not just the main arterial roads, but the back streets of suburbia, note the growing number of un-mown unkempt lawns. IMO an indicator of how people are going financially perhaps.

  4. Legal eagle says:

    The saga involving the Bega family and Townsville council (ie Jenny Hill) needs to be investigated. How the hell did the Begas get council approval to change the Allure common area meeting rooms into a function centre without need for a material change of use application? And if the body corporate meeting that approved this radical change was illegal why is it still operating as a function centre. And maybe Metthew Bega can enlighten us as to whether a catering kitchen has been installed in the function room and what approval was given by council to do so. Throw in the $190,000 that council paid to the Begas instead of the Glen Alpine liquidators (which was recommended by TCC department heads and should have been passed on to the subcontractors and suppliers who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars when Peter Bega’s company went into liquidation owing $10 million) and the stench is overpowering. Surely they can’t be allowed to gat away it.
    Cas Garvey, Leighton Smith, Caitlan Charles should be all over this unless of course they part of Jenny Hills puppet theatre.

  5. The Magpie says:

    So what if he has? None of our business and certainly not yours, that’s a private matter.

    • Not standing for mayor says:

      I am trying to work out who you are talking about, and what private matter is being discussed.

      • The Magpie says:

        For some reason, the nom de plume of the commenter The ‘Pie was replying to didn’t show on The ‘Pie’s response, which it normally would. It wasn’t you, and doesn’t concern you, The Magpie or anyone apart from the parties involved, just an annoying troll spreading scuttlebutt.

        BTW noting the coincidence of order in the comments, the reply had nothing to do with Barnaby Joyce testing the footpath inner springs.

  6. Prince Rollmop says:

    Another quality publication this week Magpie. Good investigative journalism. Maybe stenographer Bates and stenographer Leighton could learn a few things from you? I also found your Magpie’s Nest link back to the 2018 article quite interesting. I noticed that old mate North More Dredging aka Elusive Butterflog was active posting war and peace comments back then.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      No More Dredging, not North More Dredging. My bad

      P.S Where is the (barely) civil engineer? Did his Council masters catch up with him? I hope he is ok. Cheers

  7. Doug K says:

    Four full page council ads in Saturday’s Astonisher: pages 8-9 promoting Townsville galleries, and pages 22-23 enlightening voters to all the good work council is doing.
    Can anyone explain how pages 22-23 are not election advertising and if they are, who paid for them – ratepayers or Team Jenny Hill?
    No mention, of course, of all the potholed roads around town, nor what’s happening with the continually delayed Concert Hall project.
    Last year the Federal Minister said the report on what should be built and where would be available in 2 or 3 weeks, but Mayor Jenny Hill seems to be stalling on making an announcement.
    Come on Jenny, now Fran is out of the race surely you can come clean on whether the Townsville performing arts community is going to get shafted in favour of a single purpose concert hall.

  8. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Oh Mr. Pie, such a negative article about the Bega’s. Did they rip you off in a former life? Your article seems to be quite personal. My understanding is that the Bega’s proposal will add value to the community, so how can that be a negative thing?

    • The Magpie says:

      Yeah, The ‘Pie has always had the journo thing about being negative about scammers and wide boys. The Bega’s record speaks for itself, and therefore casts doubt on your motives for support.

      So you tell us how you reached the ‘understanding’ that the proposal under discussion will add any value to the community. Go on, make a goose of yourself, we all need a laugh.

      And no, never met any of the family, but have certainly had reason to report on them before.

  9. Smeg says:

    My source, who hangs out regularly around the TCC water coolers, has told me that there is a very strong chance that the TCC part-time CEO is very likely to bail once the local government elections is done and dusted. Thats the word around the corridors. Let’s hope the rumour is true. You never know, maybe he will get burgled and have his car stolen also and that will be his tipping point?

  10. J jones says:

    A good old friend from the past Clare Armstrong trending on Twitter today after an ABC appearance
    The Queen of self importance and spruiker of all things Rupert

  11. Beetroot head says:

    Did the Beetrooter have a big night out in Can’tberra on the taxpayer dime? One could certainly presume so.


  12. Barnaby’s love child says:

    I’m still chuckling over Barnaby being spotted laying on the footpath while on the phone. He really is a nut job. I still remember him being interviewed on live tv a few and claiming that the cause of the Australian drought was because people had turned away from God! Anyway, at least he wasn’t rooting Vicki on the footpath.

  13. Spielcheque says:

    So typical of Phil Batty to be arguing over semantics. Phil may be a data savvy analyser of facts, but the facts remain that he was outclassed politically. And to be honest, outplayed as well, by a long shot in fact.

    • Spielcheque says:

      I am the real Spielcheque

    • The Magpie says:

      You’re ‘the man not the ball’ specialist aren’t you, powderpuff? Somehow you have managed to avoid ANY mention of the deletion of the illegal information on your beloved TCC councillors campaign pages, and instead talk about an election far far away … almost as far away as your beloved mayor’s proposed Adani airfield.

      Mate, seriously, you are truly incompetent at your job as a disruptor. It’s like watching a kitten with a ball of wool, the tangles are hilarious.

      But we love you, sweetie.

    • Phil Batty says:

      Blank Cheque
      Semantics, interesting word, I would call it the law but seems the candidates would say they are semantics but once they were outed they quickly changed the semantics of their facebook pages to comply with the law.
      As for being outclassed politically I agree, politics was and is never in my wheelhouse I think I am too honest. But if you are referring to the 2022 by election for Mayor of the Whitsundays I was making a stand for the community against a high rise development here in the Whitsundays (which now seems to be going ahead) in much the same way as i took a stand against the Adani Airport in Townsville some years ago, remember how that one ended?
      Outplayed yes but not a game, the custodianship of local government should never be a game and those who play that game should be held accountable. Maybe you should look in the mirror at ECQ Anon and accept the fact I was Right Right Right on this occasion.

      • The Magpie says:

        Live in hope, Mr Batty, Spielcheque is deep in the Labor mode of lacking a shred of graciousness.

      • Spielcheque says:

        Magpie and Mr Batty, you are / have been having a conversation with a fake Spielcheque. Unlike ECQ Anon and the fake, I never had a dispute with Batty over his interventions down south and don’t now dispute the observations about Team Jenny Hill. I’m interested in the group registrations and what groups are allowed to get up to and I say here and now, more power to Batty.
        And I note that Paul Jacob’s group has added new candidates in three divisions so there’s competition. All good!
        I also note, looking at the financial disclosures, that Labor, Liberal, Nationals and Greens parties are all dumping thousands of dollars into the Queensland local government elections.
        I’d be interested to know what your view is on the ongoing development of industrial land at Lansdown? I know it’s had a chequered history but generally speaking I think it’s a good idea to diversify the land use in that area and to find a sustainable use for the raw water made available by the new Haughton pipeline – a multimillion installation that might otherwise lie idle for years like its predecessor.

        • Tezza says:

          Blankcheque, you have so many questions to ask of the Magpie and Mr Batty. If you are so passionate about the region, Landsdown, and our wonderful city, perhaps you should run for office? After all, you wholeheartedly offer support to your Labor lovers via this blog every week. C’mon, show us what you are truly made of. Although I think we all know that you are made of shit.

          • Spielcheque says:

            Tezza, the “ball”, as the Magpie would have it, is the Lansdown industrial estate. I think, in principle, it’s a good idea. It bookends the next big region of Townsville’s expansion and, if the ducks can finally line up, will combine solar-powered pumping of raw water from the Burdekin River, no-tailings-dam metals refining, hydrogen production and potentially numerous spin-offs (including a back-up for Townsville’s unpredictable water supply).

            If we ignore the Haughton2 funding pipeline schmozzle for a moment, most of the seed money for Lansdown has come from the Morrison and Palaszczuk governments. PM Albanese announced more hydrogen money the other day. Yet I can’t remember a single mention of Lansdown from the state LNP. What do you make of this? Do you expect the state opposition to have a big picture plan for diversifying Townsville’s industrial development or will you settle for less?

          • The Magpie says:

            Yeah, let’s ignore the $74-80million the ratepayers got stiffed with because of Labor’s incorrectly reasoned go-it-alone chest beating by Dick By Name. And trying the childish diversion of the LNP’s wise decision to nothing too much about Lansdown is because – like the Olympics – the misjudgements has passed the point of no return. Why would the LNP not follow Napoleon’s dictum of ‘Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake’?

          • Spielcheque says:

            If Lansdown is left to wither on the vine because it has passed the point of no return (on investment?), the Haughton pipeline could become a water supply to nowhere. Having spent around half a billion building the thing and getting it operational, the pipeline may lie idle for years, even decades unless it can be put to some use. Governments had no choice but to build the thing after the 2016 drought; it would be madness to sit and watch it rot – like the original did. What’s the problem with Lansdown apart from Jenny Hill’s involvement with it? Is it a ‘man’ thing or a ‘ball’ thing?

          • The Magpie says:

            Good God. You really did fall out of the Stupid Tree … and hit every branch on the way down.

            Let Uncle ‘Pie explain, but, hey, slowly does it, don’t rush and confuse yourself.

            The ‘point of no return’, as understood by anyone with year 8 English, refers to any project where so much public money has already been spent, including some headworks, Lansdown cannot be abandoned by politicians of any stripe now, including the LNP.

            But while Mayor Mullet is floundering about and you are playing the kitten with her ball of wool, the place is looking like a certain money sinkhole unless some less ‘cutting-edge’ industries are quickly included in the mix. The ‘Pie has never opposed Lansdown per se, just the timings and lack of real planning and purpose that have all been caused by a vail-glorious person seeking ‘a legacy’ for what history will see as years of a disastrous and possibly corrupt period of petty dictatorial control by an egomaniac.

            Lansdown is an ideal position for future industrial growth in that it is well outside the immediate footprint of any significant urban spread, but the idiotic dream of one woman is failing to coherently materialise after almost a decade of misjudgements and pigheadedness.

            And the question has never been adequately answered: why Lansdown anyway, when even after considerable and welcome recent growth, there is ample and suitable space along the new(ish) port road for any of the industries touted for Lansdown. Just its location alone makes it more attractive environmentally and a cheaper option for necessary headworks.

          • Spielcheque says:

            RE: “necessary headworks”. You seem to overlook the fact, raised by the water Taskforce years ago, that Townsville’s future is seriously constrained by lack of water security. It’s the one issue that could not be avoided no matter who was in government. Having decided to build a much bigger pipeline and eventually take it right back to the Clare weir on the Burdekin River, no consideration was given to how else the potential water supply might be used in the periods between droughts. That was not the function of the Taskforce. Unless someone got their shit together the Haughton pipeline would end in a big tap next to the Flinders Highway with no apparent function until the next drought – which might be two years or decades away. The intersection of the Giru road and Flinders Highway at Woodstock is also a rail and road transport, high voltage electricity grid (including the now state-owned CopperString), gas pipeline and now bulk water supply point sitting next to 2,200 hectares of Council-owned land . . . the perfect opportunity to join the dots. If the dots are not joined, the half billion dollar infrastructure investment in water not only looks like but actually is a stranded asset. Time to play the ball. What to do?

          • The Magpie says:

            Why didn’t Mayor Mullet explain this rationale (if it is true) when she suddenly started jumping up and down about an coHub at Lansdown? Indeed, she would’ve had good reason to, because in the end, Jane Arlett’s pipeline policy was adopted after the fact and despite the mayor now being famous for saying ‘There is no water crisis.’

            But you’re saying your boss was genius for thinking to have an offshoot here or there for other projects to make the pipeline worthwhile. Listen Zippy, a pipeline even if used exclusively for supplementing this city’s water supply during frequent droughts is worth every cent on its own. You’re talking about the largest city, significant port and military base in northern Australia, apart from ratepayers right to a modern water supply(Let’s hear you say it’s not, readers are already lining up with baseball bats on the keyboard). Saying the pipeline would not be the worthy of the investment without last minute bright ideas about off-shoots to marginal users in yet-to-be conceived industries says everything about the nonesense you and your boss promulgate.

            And we’re in for another four years of this inanity.

            We’re fucked unless enough intelligent and truly independent councillors are elected to stop this egomaniacs rampage.

          • Elusive Burreefly says:

            Mr Pie, I think that you and your Nesters are losing the plot. Has the reality of Mayor Hill’s impending victory what hurts all of you the most? I’m just curious.

          • The Magpie says:

            No, just continuing to reveal the plot.

            But why do you think we are losing it, Flutterby? Yes, it’s a lay down misere that we are faced with four more years of Jenny Hill’s unique style of governance? That doesn’t bother you?

          • OWL says:

            Not to mention the cheaper, greener daily commute for the thousands of new employees.

          • The Magpie says:

            The Bohle development ditto.

          • Speilcheque is a goose and not even very good at it says:


            Please refer to a few media releases from your pin-up gurl Jen about the Haughton Pipe. You will see no mention of industrial development. It’s all about the water security, baby.

            Spose this was an election or two ago so the dumb voters are supposed to forget previous promises and focus on whatever rubbish you apparatchiks put out.

            Can you help us out mate but telling the world which time the Jenster was lying?




          • White Mouse says:

            I’m still betting on the additional funding for the Houghton being announced as part of this year’s State pork barreling, sorry budget.

            Also – happy to see some other people put their hand up for Council. Until I saw this, there was only one team hill candidate in our division and no way known was I going to vote for her.

          • Russell says:

            Not to mention that every one of the proposals for Landsdown is based on new (read unproven) technology.

          • Landsdumb says:

            Wetcheck. You will probably find the LNP are just letting the bureaucrats get on with the job of sensibly developing the two exiting gazetted industry estates around Townsville. Both the Bohle and especially Stuart (TSDA) already have the planning and environmental approvals in place, road access to port and all highway directions, potable water, power (electric, solar and gas), east access to workforce and most importantly Coordinator General support. The only thing they do not have which the other silly thought bubble does have is land ownership by the City Council. Have you ever considered doing some research.

          • Landsdumb says:

            Wetcheck I see the State Government is supporting the building of a jet fuel ethanol factory at Landsdumb. Oh sorry I meant not at Landsdumb but at the Cleveland Bay Industrial Estate. So even the pie in the sky operators are abandoning Jennys dream.

          • Spielcheque says:

            Landsdumb, the proposed jet fuel plant appears to be a niche operation in a relatively niche industrial park:

            “The Cleveland Bay Industrial Park (CBIP) master-planned industrial estate, will provide 125 hectares of fully serviced freehold industrial lots for development either side of the Townsville Port Access Road in the Townsville SDA.”

          • The Magpie says:

            Niche? FUCKING NICHE!!

            1. denoting products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.
            “other companies in this space had to adapt to being niche players”

            You’re either a hypocrite or a half-wit, Wet Check, and it won’t surprise if we stop hearing from you soon when you get Jenny’s jackboot up your coit and out the door.

            So it’s no big deal, eh? 1000 construction jobs, and 100 on-going …. and your boss Jenny Hill not seen or heard from in the story!!! Only TEL’s Claudia Coattails one final line wanting some undeserved reflected glory.

            Just because it is on government and not council land shouldn’t obviate the mayor saying something welcoming, like maybe ‘Well, good on Qantas, I now withdraw my standing call to boycott the airline’.

          • Spielcheque says:

            Magpie, within the big picture of the Townsville State Development Area, Jet Zero will be a niche operation. The 4,915 hectare Townsville SDA currently comprises:
            Aurizon Stuart intermodal facility
            Aurizon locomotive and rolling stock maintenance facility
            Glencore Xstrata copper refinery
            JBS Australia abattoir
            Origin Energy Mt Stuart peaking generator plant
            Pacific National rail freight terminal
            Sun Metals zinc refinery
            Townsville City Council landfill
            Townsville correctional facility.

            Elsewhere within the 4,915 hectares a small portion, 125 hectares (~2.5%), is divvied off for the Cleveland Bay Industrial Park (CBIP) and within the CBIP 20 hectares is being set aside for Jet Zero. Which is excellent news but nothing to do with Lansdown.

          • The Magpie says:

            So this ground-breaking project is not worthy of ‘Big Picture’ Jenny. While what you say now is no doubt true and reasonable, your initial effort bto downgrade vit so Lansdown didn’t look like an also-ran was beneath even you.

            As I’ve said before, you’re simply not very good at your job … so you fit right n with most of those surrounding Jenny. (Hear Dolan has fuckd off back to Brisbane a few weeks ago, this stuff is small beer for him, one imagines bored shitless with it all.)

          • Big Denny says:

            Ha that is so funny Spentcheque, a ‘niche’ market. Are you one of our dodgy realestate agents? Fucking niche. You’re too funny cobber.

          • Afterthought says:

            Oops, Dud Cheque, you failed to mention 10 hectares Powerlink purchased for hub as well as state Government critical minerals demo hub $75 mil next to Copper refinery. I drove the Port Access rd last week and Silos in place , further warehouses being built for signed leases . Spielcheque should stop being a keyboard warrior and go for a drive . Major increases in land values Cleveland Bay industrial park last 12 mths .

          • Jeff, Condon says:

            That’s right PITCHIOU, as opposed to Lansdown that has only attracted Quinbrook. I’m not saying its dodgy, however, for all all the bullshit, it hasn’t achieved anything overseas. It’s Australian branch office address and phone number belong to another company in a shopping arcade on the Gold Coast. Quinbrook’s Australian front man owns a boutique whiskey distillery in Byron Bay NSW. This…, after four years?

            Jenny and her acolytes should concentrate concentrate on roads, rubbish and water, all of which have been neglected.

          • Alahazbin says:

            Jenny’s Boy, All those businesses were operating out their way before it was called an SDA.
            Just a vote catcher for the gullible.

          • Prickster says:

            Claudia Coattails outdoes the tag for her I heard yesterday – Blister (appearing after all the hard work is done).

            If I could be bothered it would be an interesting exercise to total up all the jobs promised in all vacuous announcements and press releases. But I can’t be bothered as it would be too depressing to find bugger all has been delivered.

        • Spielcheque says:

          The Paul Jacobs group, called Change, now (since 9.2.24) consists of:

          Paul Thomas Jacob (Division 1)
          Jai Nelson Philpots (Division 2)
          Vera Emily Dirou (Division 5)
          Guy Bryant Reece (Division 8)
          Jake Farrell (Division 10)

          • Easypeezy says:

            Jake is div 3

          • Spielcheque says:

            Easypeezy, say what you like but according to his handwritten and signed entry in the Register on the ECQ website, Jake has nominated for Division 10.

          • The Magpie says:

            It seems Jake is registered with the ECQ for Division 3. One day Dud Cheque might get something right

          • Spielcheque says:

            Touche on the nomination front. Meanwhile, over in the groups registration section, Jakey-boy has signed his name against a note saying he’s in Div 10. Does he even know? Will the ECQ investigate?

          • The Magpie says:

            Will you tell them? Or have you already?

          • Prince Rollmop says:

            Blankcheque gets so much wrong it’s palpable. Perhaps his senses are clouded by the musky smell that emanates from under Mayors Hill’s desk?? Then again, Blankcheque would be fighting Elusive Butterflog for brown nosing time under there.

          • Elusive Butterfly says:

            Gee, that’s original Princess!
            Can you ever post anything that’s not mentally or physically abusive towards people?
            I think you should post a photo of yourself so we can all see what a perfect specimen looks like?

          • Prince Rollmop says:

            And here arrives the spellcheck police (no, not Spielcheck). Butterflog, everyone has a different writing style. If you don’t like what I write, then just scroll past my comments. I mean I could have told you to fuck off or I could have mentioned the name Crisafulli, but you are obviously having a difficult day today dealing with your moral compass and mental health and I don’t want to add to your burden.

          • The Magpie says:

            EB, you should see what doesn’t get published. And you yourself run pretty close to the wind sometimes, but The ‘Pie does his best to let everyone have their say.

          • ECQ Anon says:

            The confusion is understandable. Paul Jacobs and some members of his change team lodged this Team registration on 25/10/2023 showing Jacobs in Division 1, Jai Philpots in Division 2 and Ann-Maree Beningfield in Division 10. Here is the link.


            Then Jacobs’ Change mob lodged a change of registration on 02/03/2024 with a few new members, Vera Dirou in Division, 5, Guy Reece in Division 8 and Jake Farrell in Division 10, in addition to Jai Philpots and Jacobs.

            https://www.ecq.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0027/66186/20240209-App-to-change-Group-membership-CHANGE_Redacted.pdf. Here is the link

            Then Mr Farrell seems to have changed his mind and nominated for Division 3 as part of the Change team. All a bit of a cluster really.

            Of course what is interesting is that at least three of the members of the Change team are paid up members of the Labor Party. That is more than the 10 Team Hill councillors. And the word on the Street is that Messagebank, who no doubt still holds a grudge for being stripped of his Deputy Mayor role in 2020 is throwing his full support behind Jacobs , whose daughter works for the pugilistic Member for Mundingburra, and team. Quite the conundrum for the cabal of LNP voters who swarm across this blog. There is of course a few independents running but having met some of them, they are scary bad hombres coming towards us wearing tin foil sombreros

          • Alahazbin says:

            ECQ Anon,, Do work at a polling booth on voting day. My experience with some ECQ workers is that they are pretty pal’s with labor candidates and sitting members. You are certainly flying your colours on here.

          • Kenny Kennett says:

            So Guy is back in the race. I thought he said he’d never stand again but good on him. He’s really bought the ticket to the right circus. I’m surprised they didn’t get Harry Patel to head their circus as their Mayoral ringmaster.

  14. Jeff, Condon says:

    Does anyone know anything about the latest proposal being touted to have tourists flocking into Townsville? I refer of course to the floating bar/restaurant to be stuck in the Ross Creek, reported in the rag on Sat.

    Scotty Stewart said Govt had approved it and it should be almost finished in 2025. No mention of the project operator, whether there are Govt (taxpayer) subsidies, or if the TCC (ratepayers) will will be forking out funds again.

    Were the questions asked or is it C in C?

    • The Magpie says:

      The Magpie deliberately ignored that story as so much putting the toe in the water.

      But The ‘Pie did have an idle thought as to whether the Wagner family, who built the boardwalk and also bought and have done up the Metropole on Palmer pub (fantastic job by all reports) have a hand in the proposal. As a projected going concern, the idea will need a lot ducks to fall into line, and one of those major ducks – the Hive development – is in the hands of a Gold Coast blow-in wide-boy, Mark Tonge.

      The floating noshery suggestion has all the hallmarks getting approval applications from the council and the port authority (i.e state government) and then on-sell to the eventual developer. Usual pattern around town.

      • White Mouse says:

        I have seen 2022 DA plans and concept scope for “Townsville’s version of the Howard Smith Wharves development (excl. hotel)”. There is a pre-existing lot number covering the creek, most likely from when Burns Philp ships used to tie up at the building. None of the paperwork mentions who the proponent it, but all the documents are from Brisbane based firms.

        • The Magpie says:

          And therein lie all the questions.

          • White Mouse says:

            Snooping around TCC site and the owner is “Flinders Street Wharves Pty Ltd”. Not sure if anyone with more nous can determine who are the directors of this outfit.

        • $6.9m boardwank says:

          It is going to be hard to find ways to sink $30m into this project.

          A wander through maritime for sale websites shows brand new built 76m Deck Cargo Ballast Tank Barges for sale for about $2m. $1m for delivery and fit out: yes it would have to have gold plated taps for that.

          Maritime lease seems to be in place already.

          Add another $1m for the beer garden and even $1m to grease the already greasy palms of the ALP lurvies.

          Still leaves about $25m in the kitty unaccounted for.

          Stand by for the Wagner family to get the contract to build and perhaps even operate it. The unfortunate bastards will have to go bed shopping as they could not possibly hide all their loot from the state government under the few they have.

          It would need a better investigator than I to find the financial link flowing from Wagners to the ALP but it is there as surely as the sun rises.

          • The Wulguru Wonder says:

            $5.9m boardwank…..Wagners have heaps of mattresses in the taxpayer funded Wellcamp complex to stuff with all their cash….

  15. Doug K says:

    Re the blatant election advertising by Team Jenny Hill on tv and in the Astonisher – if Batty doesn’t report it to the Electoral Commission, I know someone who will.
    As for Hill’s promise to keep Townsville safe, it isn’t safe anymore thanks to Hill’s Labor mates.
    And I’m sure all the people flooded when Hill’s disastrous committee opened the dam gates on high tide don’t feel very safe when it rains.
    Anybody who believes any election promise from Team Hill should take note that before the last election Hill promised to be more transparent. How did that go?
    Cheers dud cheque, hard to catch insect and ECQ nobody.

    • The Magpie says:

      Why don’t you raise with with the electoral commission, Doug?

    • ECQ Anon says:

      So, what’s your beef here Doug? If Team Hill is a registered political group, which they are, as the back and forth with the Batty one has shown and the advertising $$ have been declared to the ECQ, what is it that needs to be reported? Doug, even though you had plenty of detractors and few haters back in the day, you presumably had some purpose. Now you’re just a sniper on the edges suffering from relevance deprivation and Hill Derangement Syndrome making claims that you can’t even back up

      • The Magpie says:

        Interesting as a Mullet supporter that you have commandeered the Trump slogan ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ that backfired so badly, suggesting as it does to the casual reader people believe Trump is deranged.

        Like Trump. Jenny Hill’s record is out in the open for all to see, so it’s not so much derangement as dismay that is the overriding emotion for any intelligent person who cares about Townsville. But one guesses you’re all OK with all that, you win so you’re right, eh?.

  16. Maggie Moggie says:

    A local Magnetic Island resident has put ‘The Cat amongs the pigeons’ on the island, pardon the pun.
    Seems a RTI to State Govt regarding the proposed new animal laws on the island has opened up a can of worms.
    Not only are TCC intent on banning cats which have to be kept indoors , but while their at it why not slip in Koala Conservation Zones which means NO DOGS.
    So all it will take is spot a koala in a back yard and hey bingo we now have a Koala Conservation Zone.
    I can just see all the looney lefties out with their binoculars after all Magnetic Island is World Heritage Listed just like Hamilton Island.
    We are now called Yunbenun???

    This Council could not lie straight in bed.
    see link https://www.magneticcommunitynews.com/post/letter-to-the-editor-9

  17. On Two Wheels says:

    From memory, The Iwasaki Resort near Yeppoon claimed they owned the beach as well. Apparently it was patrolled by security until someone blew it up.

    • The Magpie says:

      Years ago when The ‘Pie had reason to look into this issue, he seems to remember that one of the rare anomalies was a beach somewhere up in tropical Queensland that was owned by the Catholic Church. Seem to remember it was part of a church property and the beach rights had been historically granted before 1901. Can’t recall where the article was.

  18. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Hey Leighton, got a scoop for ya, if you’re keen!
    First of all, dust off your treadly, if you’ve got one, and take it down to Sherriff Park in Mundingburra and started riding along the river towards Riverway.
    Oh, and take your camera.
    You’ll find the walk/ride pathway totally cut in two places…almost three weeks after Kirrilly hit!
    You’ll also find many large tree branches hanging precariously over the pathway, waiting for a small gust of wind to bring them crashing down on someone walking or riding underneath.
    One of these total blockages is 200 metres from Aplins Weir, and, the only way to access the other side of the pathway is down and then up a very steep, slippery bank.
    Leighton, it should be pointed out that a great many older residents and young mums pushing prams utilise this pathway and it is now very dangerous for all concerned.
    You will also note, Leighton, the amount of tree debris littering, not only the pathway, but also the Sherriff Park carpark, adding to a hazardous 18-km return bike ride or walk.
    The council’s total lack of attention to one of the the city’s major walking/bike track is breathtaking!
    To put it mildly, Leighton, it is a fucking disgrace.
    Over to you Scoop!

    • Green Waste says:

      I will probably need a stiff drink and a lie down after this episode of defending TCC.

      Council has been focussed on clearing the green waste from residential footpaths through the city. If you had a look you might see that council parks and green space are still pretty ordinary but will be got to as soon a practical.

      If you want to help grab you Snap Send Solve app and let council know.

  19. Opaque says:

    I wonder if Mayor Hill will bring the flabby arsed singer Pink to Townsville again, as an election distraction? Or perhaps Hill will build some more $4m bus shelters around Townsville’s highest pieces of realestate? Surely she has considered doing this so as to enhance her prospect of winning the election.

  20. Doug K says:

    Strewth, don’t tell me there are TWO Dud Cheques!
    On the subject of reporting blatant Team Jenny Hill election advertising to the Electoral Commission, I’m on it.

  21. Maggie Moggie says:

    On another Magnetic Island issue.
    Seems our Cr. Ms. Greaney’s husband has leap to the defence of his wifey.
    At last Saturday’s MIRRA ( Magnetic Island Residents & Ratepayers Assoc) meeting he appeared. When asked by member if he was going to attend? He replied “I wouldn’t attend one your meetings and watch my wife being abused.”
    Now there is a Huge difference between criticism and abuse.
    For some reason Ann-Maree gets all huffy and then refuses to anwer any more questions. She is clearly not up to the job.
    The meetings are run very well and I have never witnessed any abuse.
    Personally I believe she get off lighly, considering the incompetence of the council and I can sadly say she is the laziest councillor Magnetic Island has ever had ( in the past 40 years or so).
    As for her and her hubby there’s an old adage ‘If You Can’t Stand Then Heat Then Stay Out Of The Kitchen’…

    • Easypeezy says:

      Her hubby looks after the administration side of Hill’s campaign

      • Maggie Moggie says:

        If Ann-Maree, her hubby or for that matter Mayor Hill genuinely cared about the constituents of Magnetic Island.
        They would of ensured that Picnic Bay had new public toilets ( not 3 years of demountables), the Picnic Bay road was fixed, people could connect to the sewerage plant at Picnic Bay and the Horsehoe Bay foreshore and parks didn’t look like something out of a 3rd world country.
        And don’t even get me started on the closure of the road to Florence Bay.
        Instead this council has focussed on trying to Ban Cats and now have their eyes on dogs, giving huge grants to weed pullers, paid co-ordinators, indigenous weaving work shops and no more plastic cups.
        Is Ann- Maree’s hubby’s role a paid position as Hills campaign admin – if so then they all have their snouts in the trough?

  22. Jatzcrackers says:

    Taylor Swift wins the Super Bowl ! Nex minit…Hello Ms Swift, this is Jenny from Townsville !

  23. Alahazbin says:

    Councillor Suzy Batkovic is unopposed in Div 6.

  24. old tradesman says:

    Dud cheque you mentioned that the pumps to pump the water would be solar powered,I nearly choked, maybe you haven’t read the Jacobs Engineering report which states that it would be uneconomical to use solar, also the pump station has to be built. Dud cheque methinks you are a Labor bullshitter.

  25. Doug K says:

    From today’s Astonisher website:
    A third challenger wants to be mayor of Townsville.
    Nurse Harry Patel has come up short in his quest to be a councillor before, but right on the deadline to nominate has put in his papers to be mayor, running as an independent.
    “I have contested in previous council elections and feel Townsville could be a better place to live,” Mr Patel said.
    “I have been speaking to people in our community in the past and present and have made a decision to stand for the council election.”
    His key issues are crime, stopping rate rises, concentrating on water, sewerage, roads, parks and transport, and council transparency.

    • The Magpie says:

      It would be a bigger surprise if the well-meaning Harry didn’t have his perennial shot at mayor, and again, he will need a lot of luck to get his deposit back.

      If Harry was serious about making a difference, he would’ve run as a councillor, he knows, as we all do, Mullet or no Mullet, he hasn’t a chance.

  26. Easypeezy says:

    Pie, don’t forget authoriser M Ryder still using her ‘candidate’ page to post Councillor related content including her work email to boast her ‘email database’
    Door knocking on ratepayer time? Driving in which vehicles? Using which phones and laptop?
    Hill can’t even have councillors and candidates who live in their own division, not a requirement no but still poor

  27. Mike Douglas says:

    Someone urgently check the water around Walker st as the editor of our paper ” talk is cheap ” regarding nominations for Mayor and goes on to explain Leadership is about backing your abilities . Talk isn’t cheap as our Council is splashing for up to 4 full pages on Saturdays as well as full pages during the week for an entity budgeting to make a $3.54 mil loss this financial year . $600 mil + in debt , will the current Mayor run a full term if re-elected , will Council improve transparency and support disclosure on $200,000 successful tenderers . Some investigative journalism to the people that buy your paper would show some Leadership .

  28. Achilles says:

    Watching a number of overseas News Channels, following up on an item. It was interesting to note that the “tick-tack” sign language person is in a head and shoulders caption box at the side of the screen. Yes, including hands!!!

    Whereas here, they are often front and central of the actual speaker ergo very distracting.

    I’ll probably get castigated by some, who will take offense where there is none and throw in a few “labels” to boot.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie has long said much the same thing, in this blog and elsewhere. It is nothing against deaf people, it is the scale to which they are accommodated, to the point as you say, distracting from the person they are interpreting. And occasionally, the facial expressions of the interpreter sometimes add an unintended comic touch that can be both disrespectful and callous towards the subject matter.

      And in modern communications, closed captioning (CC) can be made universally available, obviating the need for the hand signallers entirely. You’ll notice that the translators are virtually never used in a Q & A situation (thank god!), and all the matters they iterpretare written speeches, which goes further towards their redundancy … CC can be 100% accurate, even if given to CC operator a few minutes before the speech or statement is given.

  29. GST SHAM says:

    Anyone else have a chuckle when no one at the Bulletin put their name to todays editorial?

    • The Magpie says:

      Has never been the practice to do so in Australian newspapers, it is the editor’s approved opinion (whether written by the editor or not) and generally regarded as a balanced often alternative view of a given subject. The Bulletin’s are often written down south as a News Ltd blanket editorial stance, but today’s was more a wounded whimper moaning about the paper now under the unaccustomed spotlight of criticism of its many shortcomings.

      Such juvenile nonsense, because those entitled to a view in a democracy have every right to say what a politician is doing wrong or poorly or not at all … by your screwball mantra, there should be a couple of thousand noms for mayor and council.

      If this is iditor Gas Carvey’s word, The Magpie can only say that he is flattered for the attention drawn to his merry band of commenters, and also that Ms Garvey is a rolled gold, nickel plated hypocrite … by her reasoning no one is allowed to hav an opinion or a view without running for office.

      So, Ms Garvey, did you miss the deadline for your own nomination, you have plenty of kiddy-like keyboard opinions? Given your paper’s problem with deadlines, it wouldn’t surprise that you missed out. Bet you’re devastated … like we are.

      • Not running for Mayor says:

        It is just sloppy editing which left off the signature block for Steve of Goobungarunga or whatever the hell it is. This editorial was dictated to the Bulletin by Coumcil.

  30. Doug K says:

    Beware Magpie, Jenny Hill stooges are threatening to destroy your blog.
    Can’t speak for everyone, of course, but I’m sick to death of Dud Cheque, the Butterfly and ECQ no name.
    I no longer read their comments – it’s all Jenny Hill defensive drivel.

  31. The Magpie says:

    A little Valentines Day selection for you.

    • White Mouse says:

      Yep, my oh so romantic husband gave me “a bunch of flours” years ago and still thinks it was a great practical joke ever.

      • The Magpie says:

        How long was he in hospital? After being battered hahahahahah?

      • Alfred E Neuman says:

        True Romance.

        Flowers from Malpara cost a bomb, wilt, and get the fling.

        Being the thoroughly modern well balanced man of this new century the sensitive gift of Valentine flowers comes from the fruit and vegetables shop outside Woolworths, at the Willows.
        Colourful dainty edible flowers and, at least last year, $8.00 a punnet.

        After bubbles, cheese and biscuits, spread flowers over the chest and tummy of the love of your life, or whoever you could drag home last night, and commence to nibble.

      • Motorist says:

        Yes, and if is those sort of memorable antics that keep relationships alive.
        My wife has an engraved set of kitchen mixing bowls from a birthday in 1989.
        I eventually recovered from my injuries, we still love each other and the bowls are used almost daily.
        I like the idea of the edible flowers. Now to get her undressed?

        • White Mouse says:

          The coppers still got a slap on the wrist for being “culturally insensitive” when delivering news of the deaths to relatives.

          How do they break this news sensitively, even to us apparently “non-cultural” folk?

          Not sure about anyone else, but if the police knocked on my front door at 4am, I would immediately think they are there to break bad news, not for a social chit chat over a cuppa & biscuits.

          • The Magpie says:

            See your point, The ‘Pie did wonder what the hell that ‘sensitivity call’ meant. You’ll notice bit wasn’t explained.

            But Pale Rodent, you are off the mark when you say suggest a copper’s knock at 4am is to break bad news … for a certain section of the community, it is to return a loved youngster home to the bosom of his/her responsible, loving family.

  32. Rotten Luck Willy says:

    Humm, it seems this stingray has achieved the desire of every motherhood minded lesbian.


  33. Kenny Kennett says:

    Groovin’ the Moo which was very successful in Townsville, was moved to the Sunshine Coast a few years ago as demand was greater. Announced today that due to low ticket sales, it has been cancelled. Which State member will say they are boomeranging back to the North?

    • White Mouse says:

      KK – ticket sales were slow Australia wide for the festival, so it was canned. I’m thinking that a lot of young’uns this festival was aimed at, had already spent their discretionary dosh on Taylor Swift tickets/flights/accommodation/merch.

  34. Doug K says:

    Strewth, if Messageblank is backing them I certainly won’t be asking Sportsbet for a price.

  35. Bright Spark says:

    Mr. Pie,

    Some of your ex-military Nesters will be interested to know 300,000 veteran’s medical records held by DVA have been shared, without permission, with the SA University for ‘research purposes’. Been going on for 20 years. Only stoped last week. Everyone with a DVA health card is affected. Have a listen.


    • Sergeant Gunny Highway says:

      I hope the bastards didn’t pass my personal information over.

      • The Magpie says:

        As a beloved Nest commenter, Gunny, The ‘Pie would like to reassure you that you are not paranoid … they really are after you.

      • Bright Spark says:

        If you had a DVA health card in 2004 the University of SA and their ‘researchers’, who ever they are, know all about your annual AIDS tests, vasectomy results, the progress of your hideous fingernail fungus infection, your suspect liver function, and a curious tattoo that never sees the sun. Your tormented dreams of angisity relating to your service that never leave you are also juicy bits for the ‘researchers ‘ of the University of SA. Your compensatory behaviors for your artillery, and gas turbine Induced deafness will also be of interest to the researchers.

        But SGH, you are not alone.

      • SECOND TO NONE says:

        As your service record is only in your head there is not much risk that it has been leaked unless it dribbled out of your ears or mouth.

    • Jeff, Condon says:

      Un-bloody-believable! First blame lies with the University Human Ethics Review Committee who oversee research applications of this nature. Without stated informed consent protocols, the research should never have been approved at university level. Second blame belongs to the arrogant bastards in DVA who permitted release of the information without securing consents.

      DVA staff have long regarded the department as a step up the PS step ladder. Govts feel the same as is demonstrated by by the frequency they rotate junior Ministers through the portfolio.

      Many of us felt real fear when we get mail from DVA because the first thing that enters our minds is, “What are they going to take away from us now? ”

      For info: I am a vet and I served five years as a voluntary member on a University Human Ethics Committee.

  36. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Just for your information Mr. Pie, there is someone else using the name Elusive Butterfly and posting drivel.
    He/she even copies my style of writing and addresses you as “Mr. Pie” as I have done from day one.
    BTW…your blog does attract TCC interest…as you know!
    The total blockage of the Ross River walking/cycling track near Aplin’s Weir has now been cleared, but, unfortunately the track is still blocked closer to Riverway and the dangerous, hanging branches are everywhere!
    An absolute joke!

    • The Magpie says:

      Pinching other aliases is so tedious and juvenile but not much that can be done about it, and The ‘Pie certainly doesn’t have the time to check the codes accompanying comments.

      BUT if you send your next comment with a code word (which the ‘Pie will delete before publication) I believe I can check that its from you and we’re back on track.

    • Tezza says:

      Butterflog, get over it cupcake. It’s a blog and the posters are annonymous with made up names. Unless your name is Elusive Butterflog in real life, who gives a shit. Go back and kiss some Labor powerbrokers asses you clown..

      • The Magpie says:

        Well, that’s not quite right … many posters have been with the Nest for years, and have developed distinctive voices and take predictable stances on issues. So although under an alias, people get pissed off when others views are attributed to them. Sad little disruptors love it.

      • Elusive Butterfly says:

        Well, Tezza, as Oscar Wilde said…imitation is the greatest form of flattery.
        But I’d suggest, if that totally unnecessary and abusive post is the best you can do, no one is gonna imitate you!

    • Alfred E Neuman says:

      As for the the cyclone clean up, the teams were in my street today. Bloody professional and industrious in hot weather. Many were Kiwis.

  37. old tradesman says:

    Try posting a comment against Labor in the upcoming Local Government Elections, something like saying that Jake Farrell is a fully paid member of the Labor Party, which by the way he is, comment deleted in 30 seconds.

    • The Magpie says:

      Are you saying that actually happened? Where?

    • TheWatcher says:

      Jenny, Mark, Liam, Shari – Labor.
      Anne-Maree, Russ – LNP.
      Margi, Ben, Suzy, Kurt – KAP.

      • The Magpie says:

        Mark, Liam, Shari – Jenny’s bitches
        Anne-Maree, Russ – Jenny’s bitches
        Margi, Ben, Suzy, Kurt – Jenny’s bitches.

      • The Phantom says:

        That’s odd, I was assured by reading this blog that the entire council was Labor. Don’t tell me the Magpie is actually a goose?

        • The Magpie says:

          The entire council is Labor controlled, although several councillors are not members of any party. The ‘Pie assumed the Watcher was referrinbg to class strata leanings of those named. The Magpie’s reply was far more accurate and explanatory.

  38. HiBeam says:

    Pardon my ignorence BUT who is Guy Reece and where can I find out what he plans for Division 8 now that the last useless councellor MS by name and nature has run away?

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      Guy Reece is a serial pest. Has run for council a number of times, and originally popped up with Jacob.

      However the other option in Div 8 is Rachel Armstrong who worked in customer service and then the Mayors office as an assistant.

      • The Magpie says:

        Some choice.

        • Kenny Kennett says:

          Rachel is a very nice person and puts everything into what she does. Also done a lot of volunteering. Pity she’s a Labor gal. You could do worse…hey Guy?

          • The Magpie says:

            The problem is that a decent person by all reports, she will without doubt a leadng member of the aerobics team, not daring to question Dear Leader’s edicts.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            Exactly Magpie. She’s already been in a position where Jenny and councillors told her what to do, she’ll be easy to push around again.

      • Tezza says:

        Gay Fleece is a pinhead. Like previous attempts at a Council role, this one will fail. He needs to give up now.

  39. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Well, Tezza, as Oscar Wilde said…imitation is the greatest form of flattery.
    But I’d suggest, if that totally unnecessary and abusive post is the best you can do, no one is gonna imitate you!

    • The Magpie says:

      EB please resubmit that to include to whom you are replying. Otherwise the comment does not join any thread, and appears without any context.

  40. Afterthought says:

    Note in the floating restaurant announcement Scott Stewart mentions meeting with the developer a few times, and that he supports the development . Miles Government have knocked back requests for financial support from food businesses without power and having to replace perishables etc . The same financial support they provided Cairns / Northern Beaches / Gold Coast / Hinterland .

    No $$ for CBD police or upgrades but it appears Scott Stewart is behind the floating restaurant receiving mils $ in State Government assistance .

    Mayor and deputy Mayor caught up in this because of their Labor alliance and the fact they wont push and support the business community effected by Kirrily .

    • Achilles says:

      Cancel this nonsense; and go for the bargain alternative of the visionary $Mega of the boardwalk with vending machine tucker,

      It will provide an alternative to the swill from the Vomitorium, direct to the ocean.

  41. Elusive Butterfly says:

    That was me Mr. Pie.

    Many thanks…

  42. Easypeezy says:

    Shari Fabbro – Hill’s puppet for division 2 has moved out of the division in the past few months. Similar thing happened in 2020, except it was 5 weeks not a few months

  43. Tropical Cyclone says:

    oh deary deary me a chilled water pipe bursts in the hospital and creates a duck pond on 3 floors. Luckily we still have the facilities engineer, services director and Kiran keys on a mop. What happened to the 50m that was going into chilled, aircon maintenance? I feel a mould coming on, or should I say more of a mould. keep calm and hope they all go back to sleep.

    • The Magpie says:

      This does indeed appear to be a major infrastructure fail, but if you believe the Bulletin (as if!!) it’s criminal …. since the have put the story in their section labelled True Crime Australia > Police & Courts Townsville.

      • Tropical Cyclone says:

        It may be a crime if you think about the money that has been spent and the result. Imagine a senate committee investigate, I would love to see one, i think if the directors read this hahaha.

      • Hospital staff says:

        Just like to say that this is a pipe that was under pressure (water) so it could have burst anytime. I’m not an upper staff member just a lower level and the Engineering staff have done a very good job fixing it in under 20 minutes yesterday. Yes there’s a considerable amount of damage to 3 floors but it could have been worse. I would dearly wish that I could say this is a political issue but if anyone wants to put on a story about failing health services it needs to be pointed at the multiple levels of management that are not needed below mr keys. I personally don’t know kerion but he’s overseen a clusterfuck that needs clearing. The amount of overtime being paid because staff don’t turn up or they bring their unions in because someone said you actually need to work to be paid is just as big a problem as ambulances ramping every day and the overload of ER. Bring on LNP victory and a big broomstick.

        • The Magpie says:

          Strange concept, that a pipe subject to water pressure could burst at any time. Guess they don’t build pipes like they used to … like, you know, the last couple hundred years. But sure, the finger cannot be pointed at the engineering staff, who have not been tasked with checking the condition of the literally hundreds of kilometres of pipes running around the hospital complex.
          And The ‘Pie must point out that the agreed multiple levels of unnecessary bum-polishing staff is wholly a political matter … Labor everywhere in Australia has been stacking the public service with make-work positions throughout the various bureaucracies to a degree that rectification will take another Campbell Newman.

        • Tropical Cyclone says:

          Interesting concept, pipes just burst without any sign? You can’t tell that corrosion has affected pipework, with preventative maintenance? The age of the pipework should give an indication of what condition the pipework would be in. Maybe the millions allocated towards the chilled water system repairs/upgrades have been used in another area? My main question is, when is the management going to be held accountable for the failures in the areas they manage? If Kiren is managing a clusterfuck (your words) is it not of his own making. As for the workers, it is impossible to work in a system that does not allow you to do so. I suggest you chop the snake at the head and keep working down, but like most labour /liberal sound horns you will of course start at the bottom and not get much further. It is a paradox of our time that those with no possibility of making decisions are held accountable by those who are, Whilst those who are responsible for making decisions are never responsible for the eventual outcome.

  44. Ben Rumson says:

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke. Extract and link below. It still falls short of my fervent desire to see the possible leader of the free world behind bars.

    In the ruling, Justice Engoron wrote that Mr Trump and the other defendants in the case “are incapable of admitting the error of their ways”.

    “Their complete lack of contrition and remorse borders on pathological,” Justice Engoron wrote.

    “Instead, they adopt a ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ posture that the evidence belies.”


    • Tezza says:

      Speaking of Psychopaths, with just a few short weeks to go until elections, Mr Putin is making sure that he has no competition whatsoever. Putin ‘finally’ nailed his man. I would recommend that any other person wanting to run for office check that their dinner hasn’t had a sprinkling of Novichock flavouring added to it. What a disgraceful human being is Putin.


      • Ben Rumson says:

        Yes, and Pol Pot, Kim Jong Un and his father before him, Starlin, Hitler and friends, a succession of Argentinian dictators, and the current leader of Hungry is a bit suspect too.

        As illogical as our system of government is, head of State being Charlie III, and all that, Australia seems to be doing OK by comparison.

        • The Magpie says:

          Yeah, that bastard Starlin was hungry for Hungary at one stage.

          As regards your final sentence, see what you think if Dutton the Mutton ever gets to the Lodge.

          • Tezza says:

            Well, Kim Jon Jen will be back in the saddle as Queen of Wanker street after the election next month. So we will retain our own despot leader.

          • Ben Rumson says:

            Yes, but with considered voting strong and independent minded councillors may be elected who will keep the Mulett under control, I really do.

            Oh look, there goes another pink flying elephant. V

  45. Alahazbin says:

    That photo in today’s Astonisher says it all.
    The clowns are running the circus.
    Little Patty Puppet. Ms. BS, Private Cupcake & Memoryblank acting like idiots. But where’s Wally (Harpic). Is he that much of an embarrassment?

  46. Spicyjane says:

    Looks like lil mate Mooney is being stepped aside on Team Hill in favour of Ben Fusco.

    Ben fusco was the Katter Australia Party’s Mundingburra branch president and is a current member. Top bloke

    Clear jen is in bed with katter..

    And looking at ben, robbie and nick, I wouldn’t say no to being in bed with them too. All 3 of em hunks

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