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Saturday, October 14th, 2023   |   217 comments

They Don’t Think Things Through, Do They? Does A Townsville Council Media Release Give The Game Away.e

Talk about they protesteth too much … the council hilariously raises unintended questions when it goes to great lengths to explain that they are … are … well, are just doing their job. The fact they’ve made the claim raises some interesting questions.

This week’s prize bit of buffoonery from the Bulletin – it’s a ripper, a mystifying Seinfeld of a story, missing two or three  key elements usually demanded of a regular yarn.

Scott Stewart thinking of walking the plank.

The Greek Chorus of professional wailers tunes up, as the Yes vote does a Hindenburg. But the NO vote victory isn’t the end of it, just the beginning.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em? The ‘Pie talks tatts.

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The Voice Referendum : Moving On

Yeah, like hell.  Bentley brilliantly says it all.

Bentley boxing Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 5.08.29 pm

Albanese’s epic misread of the mood of the people was the biggest bit of poor judgement since the 14-year-old  Magpie made an ill-advised and ultimately excruciatingly painful move on Prudence Moore behind the bike shed in high school.  The referendum was just as painful for many, and not just the Yes camp (including an almost incoherent and bileful Thomas Mayo), but also the Aussie taxpayer, who has been stiffed a handsome fee for Albo’s glory chase.

Screen Shot 2023-10-14 at 9.31.26 am

The Yes vote went down faster than Lidia Thorpe on her bikie boyfriend, all over in little more than an hour (the referendum I mean). But it was a result that Thorpe in fact welcomed, because as she made it clear on TV on Saturday night,  it would not have delivered enough for her folks … she wants a treaty – there’s an even vaguer suggestion than a Voice  – and not only reparations but also a sovereign indigenous state. FFS, it goes on and on – and ALL the adjustment seems to be required of the  97% of the population, with nothing from the rest.

There will be plenty on this all over the place in the coming weeks, months  and maybe years, but The ‘Pie is pretty much over this one sided hootenanny.

Last word to Senator Jacinta Yangapi Nampijinpa Price:

Jacinta Price

‘We must step away from grievance, fighting our cause through grievance has got us nowhere. We need to stop listening to academics and inner city elites, and listen to the people we really need the help.’

Gosh – she must’ve been reading this blog for the last year.

Purging The Ranks 

Screen Shot 2023-10-14 at 5.24.11 pm

No sooner are we over the Voice nonsense than we now face the far more entertaining spectacle of Queensland Labor indulging a different sort of cage fight. Anna Alphabet, perhaps in a moment of Chianti hangover following her Italian sojourn,  has ordered a loyalty check from her troops to stop a likely mass desertion from the battlefield. Rebellion in the ranks over her pong in the polls is now no secret, but it’s not that any serious leadership challenge is in the immediate offing. Many Labor MPs hear ghostly echoes of Gough’s ‘It’s Time’ but not quite the way he meant it. More like a klaxon alarm to the rats on board MV Palaszczuk.

As detailed in this most informative ‘Feeding The Chooks’ column in the Weekend Oz tells us,  she has ordered that her MP’s publicly  kiss her ring in fealty by November 10, or they can bugger off … or more correctly, prepare to be buggered off early by madam herself. She’ll then look for new playmates to join her at next year’s defe … sorry, election.

And once you get through perusing that, there’s a second item which is well informed but for one glaring error.  The matter concerns the hasty  assembly of a ‘look like we’re doing something after all these years’ parliamentary committee to investigate youth crime. Feed The Chooks in The Oz reports:

Some noses were put out of joint in Queensland’s Labor party this week.

The kerfuffle was over who the Left and Right factions would put forward as their nominee for a special new parliamentary committee tasked with investigating the youth crime crisis.

Cop-turned-Labor-backbencher Melissa McMahon was the hot pick for the Left, and Kim Richards had also nominated, but Chooks’ spies say Townsville-based MP Aaron Harper “insisted” he be selected.

A Left source said Harper, a former ambo, had been very outspoken and had worked hard on the issue, and the committee needed someone from Townsville, a hot spot of youth crime and where Labor MPs are nervous about btheir re-election chances.

The final call was made by Deputy Premier Steven Miles, who Chooks hears was keen for a regional MP to be on the committee.

There was plenty of drama in the Right too, with former school principal Corrine McMillan, ex-staffer Jimmy Sullivan and Les Walker – who worked in youth detention for 18 years – overlooked for Hervey Bay MP Adrian Tantari.

What an all-round early Christmas present for Kid Crisafulli,  he must be wetting himself in a jig of joy.

But Hey Harpic Is Up For The Fight …

…spruiking his credentials to investigate youth crime.


 Do They Realise What They’ve Just Said?

Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 10.12.33 am

Have a full read of this bit of flummery before The ‘Pie asks a couple of questions.

The first question is about the headline, written by head of TCC media Captain Obvious. .  One would hope so, it would be a very different story if it they weren’t so will we get next ‘Council Approves The Sun Rising In The East’? But the real question is … why mention what the community assumes and hopes you are doing anyway, Clr Ryder? Oh, dear, don’t tell that Clr Fran O’Callaghan has finally got to you with her pertinent but unanswered questions about big chunks of cash being shifted about inexplicably. Fightin’ Fran has pointed out on more than one occasion that the thimble and pea movement of cash on certain occasions seems as though council finances – under the eye of Margie Ryder – hi, Clr Potty Mouth – is like the inexplicable operation of an ouija board. Two knocks means yes,  three means ‘I dunno’ sort of thing.

So was guilt is the reason Clr Ryder felt compelled to tell us what a fine, upstanding and squeaky clean community champ she is?  But whatever, that’s cleared that up then, can’t argue with her explanation.

Or can we?  The word ‘independent’ features in this release somewhat, a word under suspicion when borrowed from Mayor Mullet’s tedious claim that her councillors are all ‘independent’. But hang on a sec, maybe that ‘independent’ Audit committee falls under the loose use of the  term to describe ‘independent councillors’. So The ‘Pie had a beak around to find out just how independent these scrutineers are, and this is what the TCC tell us.

Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 10.19.47 am

Two councillors, eh, and the rather rubbery ‘up to two’ external members, one being the independent chair. Under this mayor’s spiteful reign, not too many ‘independent souls out their crunching numbers. But then, this …

Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 10.17.52 am

So the mayor and her tame CEO have this independent audit team by the balls or pussy as appropriate. So that makes The ‘Pie wonder even further, why did Clr Ryder find it so important, and with no connection to any issue they have addressed, to bring up the matter in any case.

Chalk one up to mayoral candidate, Fightin’ (and now Frightening) Fran O’Callaghan.

But Hang In There TCC, Help Is On The Way

The Magpie got all hot and bothered when he noted this job ad recently.

TCC Job  Screen Shot 2023-10-06 at 9.04.46 am

The Magpie wasted no time in letting Clayton Cook how lucky he was that the Magpie was suddenly free to help out.

Hi Clayton,

I reckon I’m a lock for this gig.

As you will see, my experience speaks for itself, but let’s start with a clinching factor – I have not included any CV, because I regard it as Commercial In Confidence – and that alone is a qualification much prized by the TCC and at which I am skilled at applying. It is a skill always required by the council. And another plus you’ll appreciate is that I have none of those la-di-dah uni qualifications with letters behind the name that you say you require. Being a switched on bloke, you no doubt have to include that only as  pro forma, but in your heart know that most of the problems in Townsville .., indeed across Australia … are caused by those boofheads bum-polishing buggers with pointless letters behind their names. (I could offer a few acronyms to better describe them but don’t want to waste your time.)

On the second point, 50 years in journalism, 20 of them with News Ltd, has certainly equipped me with knowledge of diverse, multi-disciplined thieving, fibbing operations of organisations that know how to keep a secret.

Heaps of experience in HR and industrial management, admittedly usually from the other side of the desk, but all quickly smoothed over once I mention I have mates in the former Painters and Dockers Union.

And have done my share of delicate union negotiations, telling union thugs to GFT.

So as you can see, I have the required exceptional communication skills.

And finally, ‘High-level proficiency in HRIS systems and Microsoft Suite’ … well yeah,  sure, whatever they are, I’m a quick study.

Hourly rate a bit skinny, but will do to start. Billable hours have always been a favourite creative art for me. So when do I start?

Malcolm Magpie.

PS Probably should mention that cancer took my voice some years ago, and could make union negotiations a bit tricky, but I’ve developed some innovative and unmistakable sign language to cover all scenarios.

Speaking Of Mysterious Writing …

… The Magpie is serious when he says that he is at a complete loss to understand how this story got into the paper … or from where for that matter. It breaks a cardinal rule of journalism that stories should contain the four Ws .. who, when, where, and what. The first is totally absent, the second pretty vague at best, the third somewhere in half the state, and the ‘what’ seems to be the only  w meeting requirements.

Screen Shot 2023-10-10 at 9.51.24 am

Spooky, eh possums?

And the quote of the week goes to the reporter doing a vox pop about the then approaching referendum, and came up with this gem of utter bullshit.Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 10.33.40 am

The kid then went on to discuss his views on dialectical materialism as it affects the patriarchal approach of socio-economic interveners like Noel Pearson. Apparently. He was against it.

But alas, for some reason, his views were not reported.

In Passing, And Apropos Nothing Much …

There are some love/hate subjects that raise passions so high that there is no middle ground…. Donald Trump, coriander, the Voice referendum, pineapple on pizza, The Magpie’s Nest blog … indifference is not a choice.  This week,  The ‘Pie looks at one such matter when he talks  … tattoos.

Excessive skin art automatically raises questions in most observers minds about the background of the proud personal gallery, but gone are the days when this sort of thing was the sole preserve of sailors, crims and bikies. In fact, many in these categories bemoan the day that their one claim to difference has now been deemed ‘cool’ by all sorts of tossers.

But area that has been overlooked is the therapeutic value that tattoos can offer, when the inkman has original creativity and the subject wants to show a sense of humour for practical purposes.. Here are some of the best in this category … The ‘Pie’s favourites is the last one, he burst out laughing at first sight. Brilliant birthmark transformation.

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 2.30.21 pm Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 2.31.22 pm Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 2.32.16 pm Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 2.32.34 pm Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 2.33.29 pm Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 2.38.17 pm Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 2.35.07 pm Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 2.36.00 pm Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 2.37.12 pm

In America, Sharp Queer Humour Topped The Week’s Chortle List 

Slyly uber-talented Randy Rainbow – he’s been featured here before – has again proved himself one of the great parody artists when he decided he had enough of serial liar, fabulists and nutcase Senator George Santos.  Super clever production and wicked lyrics.

Sadly, the rest of the week wasn’t at all funny.

Screen Shot 2023-10-14 at 9.05.33 am Screen Shot 2023-10-14 at 9.05.20 am Screen Shot 2023-10-14 at 9.04.05 am Screen Shot 2023-10-14 at 9.03.41 am Screen Shot 2023-10-14 at 9.11.31 am

Screen Shot 2023-10-13 at 8.31.06 am

Screen Shot 2023-10-13 at 8.30.31 am Screen Shot 2023-10-13 at 8.30.19 am Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 11.24.23 am Screen Shot 2023-10-13 at 8.29.39 am Screen Shot 2023-10-13 at 8.31.28 am Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 9.51.34 am Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 3.31.25 pm

Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 9.53.10 am Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 9.53.27 am

Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 9.52.30 am

Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 3.31.03 pm

And In A Couple Of weeks, It’s One Of The Many Times Of Year Known As ‘Dentists’ Delight’

Another imported Americanisation of a bastardised English festival is upon us, a marketer’s dream for confectioners and pumpkin growers. But door steps are getting a bit crowded during this celebration of virtually nothing.

Screen Shot 2023-10-13 at 11.27.18 am

And For Those Like The ‘Pie When it Comes To Computers …


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  1. Roadworks says:

    I’d like to point out a very serious issue after seeing the picture of Harper standing proudly on the newly opened beck drive.

    I frequently drive at night along the new highway and have had the unpleasant experience of having to drive through many black spots where the NEW street lights have been installed but are not turned on!! It’s fucken dangerous in simple terms. Avoided dead kangaroos for a start and having to deal with oncoming traffic with there high beams on because both sides of the road have the same issue. No lights on in big sections. Very difficult to adjust the eyes when driving from dark to lit and dark again.

    So now what? I’ve had my whinge so I’ve now sent 3 complaints in a week to main roads and no reply. I’ve said I’ll send one every day until the problem is resolved, why? Because I feel it’s a very big safety issue. It’s an accident waiting to happen. Why am I so pissed? Because that fuckwit harper and the rest of labor say how good they are but they cut corners on safety to the public in order to get their picture taken. The road completion was opened in fanfare on the queen’s birthday weekend but I ask since then these safety issues of basic lighting have been not addressed. They have been off since then. In my complaints I asked, who signed off on the inspection report that everything is working in good order before taking down barricades and speed reduction signs to allow traffic to go 100km/hr ? I don’t think this is a small issue especially when it’s only a matter of time before a big accident occurs. And so I wasn’t just blowing up over a couple of lights I’ve counted 148 that arnt working at all in different sections both old and new on this stretch of highway. Maybe Harper can stand on the highway and smile at me while I’m driving so I see where I’m going???

    • The Magpie says:

      There ya go, Leighton Smith … an ideal story for a Bulletin reporter known as Light-On.

      • Roadworks says:

        Here’s a list of the areas what to look for Leighton because you’re obviously blind to the way Jenny hill leads you around. Be careful there too if you drive with or in front of her while you investigate.

        New entry from Shaw rd to highway – lights out
        Old exit from highway to Harvey’s range rd – out
        One half of the little bohle bridge south side – out
        Section from Ross river bridge to entry into Douglas that continues through under overpass of riverside boulevard-out
        300m up from that section lights out on main highway to exit ramp to hospital-out
        Southside of old overpass from Angus smith dr to joining of university rd to lavarak barracks-out

        Let’s go the other way?

        Same overpass I’ve just mentioned heading north now because both sides over Angus smith drive out nearly all the way up to the overpass at riverside boulevard again. Then the northbound side of vickers bridge that leads to off ramp onto river way drive.

        Good luck. Light-on

        Let’s go the other way?

        • The Magpie says:

          Christ, Leighton, that’s most of your work done for you … now just a phone call to round out a topping yarn.

          BTW, you don’t ride a motorbike, do you, mate?

        • I’m also Scoop says:

          Disclaimer: Don’t shoot the messenger before reading in full…
          If you’ve reported it multiple times, I’d suggest ringing your local state MP’s office.
          I know… I know… but hear me out.
          There are actually procedures in place for this kind of thing to be escalated to Senior Boffins by staff in the office.
          If not your local MP, may I suggest one that you think would act.
          It’s sad I needed a disclaimer but such is the risk of even referring to any of Townsville’s 3 Pillars.

          • Roadwork says:

            Can’t do that because I have been deemed inappropriate content because I asked on Harper Facebook page about the voice recently and I’ve been blocked. Yes I see your point but there’s your answer. It’s no point telling them because anything getting to the boffins isn’t working either just look at youth crime.

      • Mundingbird says:

        Remember,Jimmy only ‘networks’ trolling Shitbook for stories, that’s the best he’s got!
        Your leads are way out of his league, and they are against the party narrative.

  2. Dave of Kelso says:

    Well, it seems that the cricketers need grief counselling and I do not.

    This Voice thing is not going to go away, no, no, no. More horrors to come.

    Soon to be released: The Voice The Movie

    And in a year or so: The Voice The Musical coming to a theatre near you.

    But seriously now, last night listening to the Yes camp reminded me of that rather tasteless joke from the 1970s.

    Q. How do you know a plane load of Pomme migrants have arrived?
    A. The engines have stopped but the whine continues.

    • Inspector Clouseau says:

      Stick to following garbage trucks Kelso. Not in the least bit funny, in fact quite sad; you may well suffer from a relevance disorder – perhaps a checkup might help?

  3. HiBeam says:

    The Voice
    567,528 ATSI population according to AEC on 30.6.2023
    $364 600 000 cost of referendum
    $642.43 per head
    Money well spent?
    Family of 4 would have received $2569 a useful amount to spend on the necessities of life.
    Good onya Albo, you couldn’t organise a public shithouse, you would run out of paper and water.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      If an indigenous family had received that money directly you would have all been calling for investigations into handouts and demanding audits and demanding those families have welfare cards.
      If you want to make a significant difference to our society campaign for the modification of stage 3 tax cuts.

      • The Magpie says:

        You’re really hurting, aren’t you, Pumpkin?

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          Magpie you know what I said was correct. If the money was given to the aboriginal families you’d all be screaming for an inquest of some sort.

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie wouldn’t be, for one . For the very reason that one way or another, many indigenous people actually do get those sort of handouts already. What is lacking is self determined programs to eventually make that kind of support unnecessary.

            But The ‘Pie is generously indulging you here, with the conflation of indigenous welfare with tax cuts … the comparison was not under discussion and you show – like many others here – not a shred of inclination to stay on topic. You are babbling on about an initial comment quoting an example that was aimed at highlighting the amount wasted on the referendum.

            When you’re reading the minds of others, it would be handy if you’re literate in that area.

  4. Over this Hill mob says:

    Hi Pie,
    Source https://www.townsville.qld.gov.au/about-council/council-meetings/other-groups-and-committees/audit-committee

    The Audit Committee Chair is Ms Renita Gerard (former Australian hockey player)
    The other independent member is Ms Carolyn Eagle (sits on the JCU Council and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia)
    The Councillors on the committee are Councillor Jenny Hill and Councillor Margie Ryder.
    The alternate member is Councillor Maurie Soars.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, we know who plays mummy in that cubbyhouse.

      But to be clear, The ‘Pie was positing the potential for coerced outcomes because of the framework and selection process … he in no way has any indication Ms Gerard and Ms Eagle have been party to any jiggery pokery, and has no reason the believe that they behave with anything less than professional integrity.

      Can’t say he has the same confidence in the other two – worth remembering that Ryder certainly has number crunching experience – even though fully employed on council, she also was the salaried finance boss of her hubby’s manufacturing company (which The ‘Pie believes has subsequently been sold.)

  5. Mike Douglas says:

    Albo , his front bench misjudged the Australian people . Commentators / No Campaign mentioned the Canberra bubble and stop listening to Academics and Indigenous elite and listen to First Nations . Labor copped a hiding in N.Z. losing 31 seats and Government . Aaron Harper continues to misjudge Community expectations with Herbert electorate No 75 % / Yes 25 % . The indigenous elders who paid for a full page in the Bully would have been better off spending the $ helping their community .

  6. No means No says:

    Time for Albo to be given the elbow

    Also time for corporate Australia to get on with their business and stop playing politics.

    • ABS says:

      Why would Albo be given the elbow? The Newspoll Federal 2PP from two days ago has the ALP up 54-46, which would translate to the biggest electoral victory since 1977, when Malcolm Fraser gained a 48-seat majority.

      • The Magpie says:

        The Voice result was one day ago.
        Almost unanimous rejection in Labor seats.

        And The Magpie is happy with his predictions which were howled down at the time, especially when he said the immigrant bloc will kill the Yes vote stone dead … they didn’t get this far by being mugs.

        BTW anyone done a mental wellbeing check on Steve from Belligerent Gardens?

        • Ma Kelly says:

          Stevie is busy fixing the coin slots on some of the machines, and cleaning the lint out of the filters. I will let him know that you enquired about him.

        • ABS says:

          The referendum had no impact on the 2PP to this point, why would it start now?

          • The Magpie says:

            Who said it would, gabbler? The ‘Pie didn’t suggest the fact that the Voice was rejected in almost all Labor seats would translate into an electoral equivalent.

            you really are a dill … and not even entertaining. You’re officially on the ‘Pie’s watch list for time wasters.

        • Lab Rat says:

          Yes Pie, but in all the Teal Seats, the vote was a unanimous YES. These are the seats Spud must win back if he ever hopes to be PM.

          • The Magpie says:

            In that case, let’s hope he doesn’t. Besides, he may not be at the helm if polls start ruling the party room as the election gets closer.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      More importantly, time for an Australian Government to start managing the Treasury correctly and stop the rort/rot of playing politics to benefit only their own lives and financial futures !

  7. Doug K says:

    It takes something special to ruin my Sunday morning breakfast but those tattoo photos certainly did the trick.
    There is no more revolting sight than a beautiful, fair skinned young woman with black tattoos scattered over her legs and arms.
    Perhaps the Pie could publish a photo of an older woman with a wrinkled tattoo of what used to look like a rose on her breast to give the younger generation a heads-up on what they’ve signed up for.
    The term “seemed like a good idea at the time” springs to mind.

    • The Magpie says:

      How is the missus, by the way?

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      You have not been kissed by the Tattoo God so you do not understand and criticism cannot be heaped upon you.

      Those who have been kissed consider what they want, find a tattooist who has artistic qualifications and the technical skill to apply the ink. It becomes part of you through your life’s journey. You grow old together.

      Consider this:

      In the prime of your life you find a special person also in the prime of life. You are beautiful together. Many years pass, wrinkles appear, bits start to sag, or stop working. And then there is the hair, crook back and dodgy ankle. You have grown old together but you can still see the beauty in each other.

      It is a bit like that with good tattooing.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Doug, that’s a bit out of left field to read your horror at tatts on tits etc ! I think if you have a look at Pies pics (see what I did there) you’ll see that the offending tatts cover up scars/bits hacked off/bits sewn back on etc to individuals who’ve suffered in the unplanned body remodelling department ! Besides, when the lights are out one certainly can’t feel a lovers tatts !

  8. Jeff, Condon says:

    I can’t believe it will all be over with the the Voice being skittled. But questions remain unanswered.

    According to the Statement three processes were to be set in place – Voice, Treaty, Truth. Linda Burney has resolutely refused to answer questions on the second two, reading from a prepared script in the House. She became badly tongue-tied without her script on Q&A, Mon night, when asked if there could be a Treaty without a Voice.

    Another question is what will be the fate of the mysterious Makarrata Commission, set up to moderate negotiations between Govt and the Voice over all the lovely lolly they were going to get through the Treaty? No Voice – no one to negotiate, ergo no need for the Makarrata Commission.

    Burney has, so far, refused to answer any questions on this, although $5M public funding was provided just to set it up and a large chunk has already been swallowed.

    If anyone has a qualified answer, I would like to read it.

  9. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Well, thanks very much, Mr. Pie!
    Prue Moore is my ex-wife.
    Now I know why she abhorred sex!

    • The Magpie says:

      Ummm, The ‘Pie made it clear that he was unsuccessful with his attempted panties incursion, so you might have to look closer to home.

  10. Bentley says:

    Perhaps now some pragmatic, courageous, politician with a smattering of common-sense, will propose an audit into the allocation of the tens of billions of
    taxpayers’ dollars already directed to our indigenous needy.

    • The Magpie says:

      You really have your moments in humour mate – ‘pragmatic, courageous, politician with a smattering of common-sense’ … gasp, wheeze, chortle, snurfle, hahahaha, very droll. Unfortunately, your desired pollie is occupied down at his unicorn stables, scooping up the fois gras and caviar that they shit.

      • Bentley says:

        I do admire a healthy dose of cynicism ‘Pie. However, listening to folk like Price, Thompson, Mundine, Roberts, and a few others, I have a glimmer of hope, now and again.

    • Bentley says:

      Thank God the voting public have a bit more sense than the average politician gives us credit for. I think Albo was universally seen to be frivolous with the truth about the Ulooroo , Oolooroo, Uloorue, (Ayers Rock) Statement.

      • Ray says:

        But aren’t we all dickheads and dinosaurs?

        Time for has been legends in their own lunch hour “celebrities” to STFU.

  11. Prince Rollmop says:

    The reason TCC have uploaded that financial explanation on their website is a preemptive strike against Fran. So far, the only issues Fran has been raising are financial ones. She has hung her hat on good financial governance early in the peace, the platform that she is running on. Therefore, expect to see more articles from Team Shrill pushing their agenda of good financial management. Fran needs to campaign on much broader issues than just good financial capabilities.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Applies to Trump too.

    • The Magpie says:

      …. and boy, doesn’t this complete fuckwit know how to read his electorate,eh, which voted 75-25 to reject the Yes campaign. And Aaron, mate, some friendly advice … boasting that your a Kiwi as though it’s some sort of step up from being an Australian looks doubly stupid since your fellow kiwis have just booted Labor out over there – comprehensively.

      • Pedant says:

        Extraordinary. The man has a tin ear with the strength of armour-plated carbon fibre.

        And I am sure it’s just a typo from Harpo, but I don’t think any of us want to share anybody’s wind or waters… my own are spectacularly odious on their own, thanks very much.

      • Inspector Clouseau says:

        Hey Harpic, you’re a bigger idiot than me and that’s saying something you total fool!!!

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Dear ‘Pie, I am not on Facebook so I ask the question to those who are.
        Are there any other Qld labor politicians with similar posts, which would indicate an orchestrated campaign, or is this Harpic, on his own, exercising wisdom, judgement, and what is left of his initiative?

        • Mike Douglas says:

          Dave of Kelso , Aarons 1 am facebook post was before the Premiers spin doctors put their gag on Ministers + MP,s interviews on the Yes campaign results . Premier Palaszczuk didnt attend the Yes campaign evening function . 12 mths out from an election I dont think Labor Qld want Albo involved in the campaign . Other Qld Labor Ministers/ MP, posts were subdued and didn’t mention Albo .

      • White Mouse says:

        Good on Harpic – which of the 200 or so aboriginal languages does he suggest we use in the national curriculum? According to NAPLAN results, most kids are struggling with one language already. I also heard Linda Burney in a speech last night add another 5000 years to the longest continuous culture claim. Before you know it, we will be back to 100000 years.

  12. upagumtreeperson says:

    Dear Mr Magpie I do not know what you are on this morning but I want some of it!
    I do not mean to be fascitious just friendly but today’s Magpie nest is a corker, beautie, rip snorter and all the rest. You have given me some great laughs and a good star tto another boring day. What ever happened beteween you and Ptudence Moore should remain behind the shelter shed. I wish I had been so lucky. She does not sound very prudent. Loved the referrence to the senator lady going down on her bikie. Very biting analogue Maggy. But the best bit was that as a magpie you lost your warble, a pity, but I am sure you are a mater of sign language.
    Can you and your tallens give us an indication of different types of sign language?
    Too rude to mention here. Congratulations to Bentley who never fails to nail the situation spot on. A briliant artist. Maggie, you have really made my day and that with the NO campaign winning I feel ten-feet tall. Keep up the great blog.

  13. Dave of Kelso says:

    (Magpie note: Not from Dave of Kelso).
    PR, TCC cannot even get their garbage truck service correct, let alone provide good fiscal management over other Council services.

  14. Doug K says:

    Quote of the week, courtesy of comments on news.com.au:
    17 hours ago
    Good sense prevails. Now, lets get on with all of us being Australians.”
    So far 909 people have agreed, which must be close to a new record for news.

  15. Crybaby says:

    Boohoo Albo, shedding a tear. What a fuckwit. I know I know he was brought up in housing commission by a single mum. We get it. But for the last 25 years he has been a millionaire. You are an abomination Albo, your referendum has unearthed a lot of racially divisive feelings and caused Australia to regress 50 years. You are a moron mate. Well played.

  16. I’m also Scoop says:

    Magpie nothing to fear… your scratchings are, and always were, more dangerous than your beak, unlike your namesake.
    With Tsarina Anna demanding obedience, you mentioned Scott “Alf” Stewart walking the plank.
    One wonders if this is wishful thinking or based on something the old bird spotted from the nest…

    • The Magpie says:

      Just a willingness to believe the authors of feeding The Chooks were well informed (they mentioned Cupcake was probably thinking about it).

  17. Dave of Kelso says:

    To Ducks Nuts:
    Dear DN,
    Do you own a distinctive trailer with wording on the right lower corner suggesting to me that it might be yours. And if so where you outbound on Riverway Drive where the lanes merge from 2 to 1 on Friday afternoon when an arsehole in a black SUV tried to run you off the road.
    I say well done to your superb driving that put this arsehole on the wrong side of the road forcing him/her to back off.
    This arsehole cut me off with a sudden high speed lane change some 300m before he/her had a go at you.
    If not you, please disregard.

    • Achilles says:

      DoK! By Trailer do you mean Camper-van, Caravan? By SUV do you mean FWD (Four wheel drive)?

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        The trailer is made from the back end of a Ute or similar, and at the time of the incident was carrying a small motorcycle. The SUV is a 4wd or all wheel drive 5 door sedan or something like that.
        Why do you ask?
        Good heavens no! Do you own a black SUV?

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      No Dave. I don’t, and I wasn’t.
      I’m glad to hear you weren’t run off the road, so you’ll still be able to monitor and report on the garbage trucks.

      • The Magpie says:

        Just to be clear, Numb Nuts, since you seem to be somehow fixated on Dave’s mild observations about garbage trucks … so you think he shouldn’t be reporting on perceived council failures to complete required services because of staff/equipment failures?
        Failures that are in fact …. ta da … council failures.

        And exactly the sort of comment this blog is most useful in airing, because no one else will.

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          Did I say he shouldn’t report on garbage trucks?
          Get a grip Magpie. You’re delusional

          • The Magpie says:

            Delusional? Should hope so, helps when dealing with folks like you.
            You’ve been sneering your sarcastic derision about the trucks from the rooftops

  18. FWYP says:

    Noticed a small comment in the latest Spectator.

    During the Allied invasion of Italy in 1943, it mentions that the British PM had a Strategic Adviser.

    “His job was to help the prime minister see the big picture and concentrate on the decisions that really mattered”

    I almost feel sorry for Albo, fluttering around the country like a butterfly, even out to Ayers Rock, while the rest of the country is suffering under a host of problems.
    He really needs a good strategic adviser.

    Unfortunately, I believe that this was mainly about Albo desperately hoping for eternal adulation like his idol Bob Hawke, for a massive job well done.

    • Not PC says:

      Albo has delusions of grandeur. Too much time spent in the Can’tberra bubble. He thinks his shit doesn’t stink. Too many suckholes telling him ‘great idea great idea’ and patting him on the back when in reality the voice is a completely fucked idea and it failed miserably. I doubt that this will be the last monumental fuckup by the Can’tberra think tank. I eagerly, and reluctantly, await Albo’s next instalment.

  19. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    So Clover Moore, the Lord Mayor of Sydney, has announced that the Aboriginal flag will be flown at half mast from all council buildings for the next week to “stand in grief with Indigenous Australians in acknowledgement of the mean and ungenerous No campaign.”

    Some people really dislike the concept of democracy. The problem for the “Yes” camp was that they equated making the majority of the noise with getting the majority of the votes. Democracy doesn’t work like that, thankfully.

  20. old tradesman says:

    Sunferries need to be advised that this city is called a garrison city due to the fact that a few soldiers live here, so why is the aboriginal flag flying on the left looking at the building where the Australian flag has to be?

  21. A Voter says:

    Albo needs to stand down – his hubris and arrogance has caused division within our great nation. Palaszczuk needs to stand down – she has crippled Queensland with mounting debt. Scott Stewart STAND DOWN – you have down NOTHING for this city. Labor are gone at the next election. The people are rising up,

    • The Magpie says:

      We have regular uprisings of the people in Australia … they’re called elections, under the rule of democracy.

    • Elusive Butterfly says:

      That is the most sensible comment that I have seen in the Magpie’s Nest in ages. Congratulations.

    • Jeff, Condon says:

      I hope you’re correct, however, we thought that last time. Trouble is, so many ratbag candidates sign up and they drag votes away from the LNP. Then, all these nutters (coincidentally) give their preferences to the likes of Harpic and Co. It’s democracy sent askew.

      Along with that, the LNP backroom strategists decide it’s somehow a good idea to publicy stab the leader in the back six months out from the polling day.

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie is only half into his second coffee of the day, so question: what are you talking about in the last sentence? Has the old bird missed a not insubstantial story?

        • Jeff, Condon says:

          Self explanatory when you consider the last state election. LNP hierarchy and strategists decided the leader was not the right one to go into the election. They seem to have a talent for this six months out.

      • Bullshit says:

        Voters send their preferences wherever they want. It’s your job to convince them.

  22. HiBeam says:

    I see that all those who said that ” The only poll that matters is the real one on election day” were correct! What a pity the corporates climbing on the Feel Good wagon and trying to benefit from ” The only poll that matters is the real one on election day” should perhaps start to believe the other polls or stick to core business. Sucking up to the government of the day probably got 70% of the population looking for alternative businesses to patronise.

  23. Prince Rollmop says:

    The below is a new Facebook post from Fran. She isn’t taking part in wasting time and money by attending the local government olly jolly in Gladstone. Maybe the Mullet and her lapdogs can learn a few things from Gladstone Council while they are attending the local government love-in?

    LGAQ conference:

    The Local Government Association of Qld conference which is being held in Gladstone starts today and goes for three days. I am not attending the annual conference this year, nor did I attend it last year or the year before. I do not believe my attendance at the conference to be beneficial to the Townsville ratepayer. The cost of attending the conference is paid for out of each Councillor’s materials and services budgets, which as I raised at last months Ordinary Meeting, have increased to approx. $22,000 each for this financial year.

    The Townsville City Council pays a substantial annual fee to be a member of the LGAQ and we as councillors are sent regular weekly updates from the LGAQ as to what it is doing in its advocacy works for Qld Councils. I read those updates and keep informed in that way.

    • Spielcheque says:

      Fran O’Callaghan is a virtually unknown quantity. Her TCC profile states: Cr O’Callaghan was born and raised in London of Irish parents. She travelled to Australia in 1991 after completing her education and met her husband on a grazing property in Richmond, NW Queensland. In 1996 they moved to a property near Woodstock on which they still live and breed beef cattle. Cr O’Callaghan also worked in the public and private sector as a Quantity Surveyor in Townsville for many years.
      That’s it.
      Although the council chamber can be a hostile and unforgiving place, as many independent or outnumbered aldermen and councillors here and elsewhere have discovered over the years, as an elected councillor she seems to have great difficulty navigating meeting procedure and doesn’t seem able to find any support for her serial frustrations in what would be her day to day workplace if she was elected mayor. No one has ever suggested that the job is easy. Deciding now that it would be of no benefit to her or ratepayers for her to ever attend an LGAQ conference might sound noble or frugal or something but it could also suggest that she is not cut out for local government, that she is just not very good at it.

      • The Magpie says:

        Fran can speak for herself, but The ‘Pie’s view is much of Fran’s difficulty is from obstacles deliberately put in her path – some of which amount to workplace bullying – and Mayor Shrill’s open hostility to, and behind-the-hand undermining of, a councillor not on her team. The mayor, her cut-price legal shill and the fifo CEO all see her as a hreat to the complacency of a false united front. Challenging this front is greatly needed for transparency and accountability, but it is in Jenny Hill’s DNA to oppose any such accountability. On wonder why.

        And The ‘Pie strongly disagrees with the suggestion that Fran is ignorant of correct meeting procedure, quite the opposite she is across the detail to the extent she has irrefutably demonstrated that the council top table is playing fast and loose with the rules. But Jenny is in such a position of almost completely unopposed power, Fran’s justifiably indignant complaints have gone nowhere yet – one or two matters are still being looked at by authorities.

        As for the LGAQ conference, it really is just another an unnecessary jolly, especially for Townsville councillors since Mayor Mullet is on the LGAQ board and would be across anything councillors here would need to know.

        It is The Magpie’s view that a Fran O’Callaghan mayoralty would go a long way to cleaning out TCC’s augean financial stable, and she would be a sorely needed back-to-basics civic leader. What’s more it would be refreshing and, yeah sure, unorthodox fun, too.

        Please be assured Spielcheck, The ‘Pie accepts your comment as a non-partisan unbiased analysis of an independent bystander, and in. no way suggests that your are a Team Hill plant.

    • Mike Douglas says:

      LGAQ conference in Gladstone Mayor Hill will be no doubt attend being a Board Member but with Councils projected $3.54 mil 2023/24 loss how many other Councillors / Bureaucrats ? . Fiscally responsible audit committee Councillor Margie Ryder voted against Frans transparency Council $200,000 contracts and voted herself a 60 % expense increase knowing and signing off on one of the highest in debt Councils in Queensland ? .

      • Prince Rollmop says:

        Hopefully, but doubtfully, our bogan Mayor will learns a few tricks of the trade from Gladstones Mayor. Gladstone has become a powerhouse. Townsville is just the bullied carcass of the north!

        “SHOW HILL THE DOOR IN 24”

  24. Critical says:

    Talking to a number of young people in the 30 – 28 age group about the upcoming council election and I get worried about Mayor Idiot getting re-elected again. They know who Mayor Idiot is but haven’t got a clue or have even heard of Cr Fran O’Callaghan and ask what is she gong to do for us. Fran certainly has problem with the community knowing who she is and what her platform will be. Hopefully Fran has an excellent team behind her who can communicate with the various community groups in language that they understand and also acknowledges their issues.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      If Fran continues to only use Facebook and the Bulletin letters to communicate to people she’s not going to reach people in these age groups. Jenny doesn’t have to because everyone already knows her name. Just like the referendum, people will vote for the devil they know.

      • Prickster says:

        What’s Chris Condon’s opinion of Fran?

      • YES we won says:

        The devil won as well as the dinosaurs so go back to your week of. Mourning over the result. The voice was never a good thing 70% knew it and didn’t need details. Labor are pretty scared now especially after there bum buddies in NZ are gone. While you’re mourning over a fucken vote you didn’t get think about the real genocide that is happening in Israel. Labor has to unfuck themselves quickly

    • Spielcheque says:

      Critical you hope Fran has an excellent team behind her and that they will do the acknowledging and communicating for her. For her? On her behalf? No matter who or where the ‘team’ might be, if it exists at all she has to stand up in front of it and not be led around by the hand being shown all the obstacles in the way. She’s handing Division 10 back to Team Hill and dealing herself out of the mayoral contest by default.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      There’s absolutely no question that Frans agenda and ethical standings are va breathe of fresh air amidst the toxic self serving TCC elected members led by Commandant Hill.
      in todays lobbying/prospecting/looking for votes, the key word is promotion !
      Fran, I know you’re a follower of Pie’s blog so I implore you to ensure, if you haven’t already, employ a professional, hard hitting take no prisoners style marketing/promotional company to get your face, message and promises of accountability out there.
      Commandant Hill will employ more dirty tactics and promos than she probably ever has had to because she clearly sees Fran as a definite threat.
      A professional promotional company will give Fran a clear line of ‘fight’ and should be capable of monitoring the results of each part of the campaign promos.
      You need to sell the sizzle in the sausage Fran, not the sausage !

      • The Magpie says:

        Indeed, the time is rapidly approaching for Fran to start pissing or get off the pot. So many voters want her to, but without a wider, more professional campaign, she will suffer the fate of the Voice, death by lack of information and fact-based argument.

  25. The Magpie says:

    Life is a never ending learning curve, and if we allow ourselves freedom of thought, we learn something new about ourselves every day.

    For instance, I learnt this week that I am not a decent person (admittedly have had my own suspicions about that for a while now – 50 years or so) and I have indulged in or at least supported fear-mongering, lies and betrayal.

    This enlightenment, long overdue many would think, comes from an unbiased, deeply skilled analyst in human relations Nurse Gracelyn Smallwood.-

    Speaking about those of us who voted no, her exact words – if you trust a Bulletin reporter to get it right – are: “This is a defeat for decency and a victory for fear mongering, lies and betrayal.”
    Nurse Smallwood, who enjoys many different appellations depending on who’s talking – such as ‘professor’ and ‘Doctor’ by sniggering JCU colleagues, and to the Bulletin, a respected indigenous leader (which is news to many indignant indigenous locals who’ve contacted The ‘Pie over the years) and a long term human racist rights activist – meanders on through the usual unfiltered litany of perceived grievances.
    She, like others in her vanguard, shadow box across past and concluded battlefields, ever moving further away from any realistic discourse about the future. Or the present, for that matter.

    No surprise there, and none either when she comes to her usual conclusion, that she really doesn’t know what she wants. Apart from some hazy version of everything. But she does end with an interesting question: “So where to next?’ she asks, We need politicians to grow up … and they should not be elected until they know the true history of their country.”

    Well, as said, something new every day … Nurse Smallwood wants politicians to sit exams before being allowed to stand. (Actually, not a bad idea in a different context.)

    This sort of racist bile has become truly tiresome from this angry, thought-disordered woman, and if she expects ‘you white fellas’ will be cowed into silence for fear of being branded racists, think again, Gracie girl, this one sure won’t be.

    I have personally witnessed your racism and sometimes unfocused simmering resentment around the courts over the years, which has never once made the smallest allowance for indigenous responsibility in anything.

    The ‘Pie could go on, but instead will just put this challenge to you, Gracelyn.

    If you have the actual courage to do so, just cut to the chase.
    Skip all the bits about how badly white colonialists have treated aborigines. We all know about it, there’s no extra ‘truth-telling’ really required, and the massive bastardry and butchery inflicted by previous white generations has been acknowledged, nationally apologised for, and billions poured into trying to counter the constant efforts to instil victimhood into generations of youngsters who should be getting on with a happy and prosperous life.

    No Gracelyn, go straight to the unvarnished, straightforward demands of what you want. Land? A share of taxes? A separate sovereign country – which btw this land, inhabited by 390 warring tribes with 200 different languages, never was before the white man?

    You see, if you don’t tell us ‘whitey racists’ in unvarnished, non-judgemental language just what your end game is, and why you deserve your demands, you haven’t learnt anything from immediate recent history. Because this is exactly why the Yes vote went down so comprehensively. You and other indigenous claqueurs demanded a trust and honesty of the sort you were not willing to offer yourselves.

    So forget the Vibe, the ‘trust us’ mantra, no, you tell us, Gracelyn, what is it in hard temporal terms you really want. If you actually know what you want.

    I challenge you.

    • Inspector Clouseau says:

      I understood that there was at least a week of silence from Indigenous folks, as a result of the referendum. Obviously doesn’t apply to the Nurse?

      • The Magpie says:

        Inevitably, the sniping continues apace on the referendum, despite the blessed relief that many of the more prominent shit stirrers have opted for a Week of Silence (small blessings). But some exchanges continue, some are petty, some are on point, and one or two are schoolboy hilarious. Like this acid burn on Twitter, in response to a load of columnist codswallop.

      • Jeff, Condon says:

        Does the ”silence” also give us a reprieve from welcome etc, etc?

    • ABS says:

      Once again you deny the sovereignty of Australia’s First Nations with a straw man claim that Australia was never united before European settlement. No one ever claimed that.

      • The Magpie says:

        You do understand the word sovereignty, don’t you? If you don’t, here’s the info … and then tell us, in your ideal world, all this is going work out. What exactly do you see happening … and why?

      • Achilles says:

        ABS definition, really apt!!

        Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is an opaque thermoplastic and amorphous polymer. “Thermoplastic” (as opposed to “thermoset”) refers

    • White Mouse says:

      Also appears Gracelyn shouldn’t be invited/paid to do any more Welcome to Country ceremonies in Townsville as it’s not her tribe’s country.

  26. Weary Dave says:

    Price & Mundine calling for an audit into the billions of dollars spent on indigenous programs … well done. Happy to pay my 45c in the dollar in tax … as long as it’s going to the people that need help (the veterans, the elderly, the disabled, the indigenous, the poor, the sick etc) … but it has to be transparent.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Via Magpie email

      I cannot see remote Aboriginal disadvantage being solved ever, regardless how much money is thrown at it, as these remote communities have no economical reason for being.
      My work took me to half a dozen or so of these places in the 1980s throughout the NT. I have seen these places first hand. Most Australians are prohibited to entering these communities. Looking at photos or video of these places cannot give the gravity of the squalor and hopelessness of these places.
      No industry, no jobs, no educational facilities, no medical facilities, little supporting infrastructure, and the trinary of distance. What is there? Houses damaged by the tenants, disease, violence, idleness, and a total absence of an improved future. Harsh you say? Go there for yourself and see, Oh that’s right, you cannot.
      To improve the lot of these people, these communities of hopelessness must be, over a period of time, disestablished and the occupants move to where there is some opportunity, and that the community identity remain in that new location. But that is never going to happen, is it? The disadvantage will remain.

      Then there’s the question never asked about attitude.

      The Noel Pearsons and the Marcia Langton’s of the world must be asked to explain why it is that South Sea Islanders are prepared to travel great distance and for long periods of time away from their families to perform work in regional Australia, sending remittances home to the direct benefit of their families, while the unemployed in remote Aboriginal communities do not do the same for their benefit and that of their families?
      The Noel Pearsons and the Marcia Langton’s of the world need to explain what if any support is available to those in remote communities to relocate for meaningful employment, and what that support actually consists of.

      The Voice is gone, but now it’s time The Ears.

      The Voice is dead. Good. Now the National Indigenes Australian Agency needs to grow a pair of Ears to listen, but not the Noel Pearsons and the Marcia Langtons of the world, and good luck with that, as there are 200 language groups all with their own, and sometimes competing (Port Keats for example) hopes and desires.

    • Bullshit says:

      If you’re paying 45¢ in the dollar in tax you need an audit yourself.

  27. Jeff, Condon says:

    Well said D of K, however, if we move them to better environments the accusation will be levelled that we threw them off their country.

    St. Tony of Abbott copped a shelacking when he said something about not being able to help people who have chosen to adopt ”this lifestyle”.

    Apart from Jacinta, no one has asked what the land councils are doing for their people. No only do they get Govt Grant’s, they are also paid millions in royalties from mining companies. They often establish their own corporations to stash the loot and pay themselves.

    I hate joining the Royal Commission chorus, but there really needs some pricking and poking into these entities.

  28. Dazza says:

    Mr Magpie. A thought to explore. Having just received a use local holiday motel offer which of cause is in Brisbane and no where near me, why should we try for a seperate North Queensland State which will never get up in a vote?

    Let’s make it attractive and campaign for a greater Brisbane City state! They don’t care about us, meeting them, they couldn’t point Townsville out on a map. So if they vote to leave, give them the Gold Coast as well and just let the rest of Queensland alone. They can bring in daylight savings, become the Singapore they want to be. Then they don’t have to bother with us and vice versa!

    • The Magpie says:

      Simply brilliant strategy. But not sure how they’d get on without the 95% wealth generated by the new state of Queensland. On the other hand, big saving onn jet fuel for them … could use a single engine Cessna instead for the distances required in their new fiefdom.

  29. Prickster says:

    Jenny Hill’s failure to get this going at Lansdown is going to hit Townsville hard as Glencore shutdown copper mining and refining


    There will be the direct job losses at the refinery, but also at the port, railway, airport and many local businesses too.

    • Spielcheque says:

      Prickster the article says Glencore is set to close its three underground copper mines in Mount Isa by the end of 2025. Are you saying TCC should open a copper mine at Lansdown? Tall order.

      • Prickster says:

        a bit hard to open a copper mine without a copper ore body.

        It is easier for Council to deliver on their promises of a world leading eco industrial precinct they have been making for decades, unless of course it’s all bullshit.

        • Spielcheque says:

          Prickster you seem to be under the impression that Glencore is going to shut down refining – suggesting that the copper refinery in Townsville would suffer direct job losses. This appears to be incorrect. According to the ABC News website Mount Isa Mines’ other metals assets including the George Fisher zinc-lead-silver mine, the zinc-lead concentrator, and lead smelter in Mount Isa, as well as the copper refinery in Townsville, would all continue operating.

    • TheAncientOfDays says:

      Delays at Lansdown have little to do with the council, and everything to do with international debt and equity markets.

      • The Magpie says:

        Utter bollocks.

        • the ancient of days says:

          The only effect that an old copper mine closing will have on Lansdown is a possibly better source of skills in Townsville. It should be welcomed. The refinery is the biggest industrial development in Australia for the last 30 years. Perhaps do some research before the knee jerk response.

          • The Magpie says:

            You seem to be defending something that wasn’t attacked – The ‘Pie has been consistent in welcoming QPM’s albeit stop-start efforts to get up and running, but at the same time pointing out that your boss (the mayor) has been in election mode from day one on her legacy project at Lansdown , and made all sorts of wild calculations and bad decision (like falling HL&S for the costly Magnis fairytale) and making grand pronouncement even before the required road works are completed, water supplies are hooked up and in place. The delays may well be reasonable as you say (the old international debt and equity angle doesn’t fly, though – if it’s true, why did your boss (the mayor) jump the gun with unsupported timetables?) but the mayor (your boss) has made a fool of herself in her electoral panic.

            And as for the jibe about a copper mine …. that, mate, is called humour, a quality that neither you or your boss (the mayor) possess.

          • The Magpie says:

            Oh, just a moment, is The Magpie wrong? It’s been known.

            But maybe the mayor isn’t your boss, well not directly. You don’t perchance work for QPM, do you?

          • Spielcheque says:

            From last month:

            QPM this year acquired 100pc of the Moranbah gas project from Australian upstream venture Arrow Energy and utility AGL Energy, promising to increase gas output by a third from the present 10 PJ/yr (267mn m³/yr).

            The company aims to eventually boost total output to 20 PJ/yr with the Northern Hub to support its Townsville Energy Chemicals Hub (TECH) project.

            Northern Hub is located 43km north of the Moranbah project and will include a compression facility and high-pressure pipeline, connecting with the existing North Queensland Gas Pipeline infrastructure to direct gas to the industrial city of Townsville.

            The firm will now seek to close deals for waste gas from Bowen basin coal mines including US-based coal producer Peabody Energy’s North Goonyella, Australian coal producer Stanmore’s Wards Well and Australian firm Fitzroy Resources’ Iron Bark. QPM signed a deal with Fitzroy in June for gas drainage from its Carborough Downs coking coal mine.

          • The Magpie says:

            ‘…aims to eventually ….’, ‘ … and will include …’ and also the fingers crossed ‘the firm will now seek’… And so on.

            And how is Fitzroy coming along with the work agree to four months ago. Too soon to ask?

            Look your information seems solid – somebody whose words you repeat obviously know what they’re talking about – but with all these balls in the air, you don’t seem to acknowledge that our mayor has jumped the gun yet again … shouldn’t these matters have been finalised before she started chest thumping? Offering false hope to the ratepayers of Townsville will eventually meet the same fate that tactic ended up with the Voice referendum.

        • Spielcheque says:

          Your ‘utter bollocks’ opinion about QPM financing is not supported by the company’s own statement issued last month:
          The banks and Credit Agencies are continuing their due diligence for the debt funding. Given the nature of the project and sizeand tenor of the facility much of this work is involves close interaction with the Independent Technical Consultant (RPM Global)to meet its requirements.Supply of long term competitively priced gas is a key component of this due diligence work.Given the delay in finalisingthe MGP acquisition and therefore completing the long-term field development plans required for the banking syndicate, the timeline required to provide the necessary information has become misaligned with the timeline for theTECH Project. QPM will therefore align both the TECH Project and Gas Project timelines so they are both delivered in a similar time frame. Whilst the aim has been to achieve credit approved terms sheets from the banks around year end this is now anticipated to occur during 1H 2024.That additional time will also be used to shore-up commercial and supply agreements with equipment and materials providers and constructors

          • The Magpie says:

            The Magpie’s utter bollocks judgement IS supported by the company statement. Because it is QPM failing to have crucial elements in place before going around with the begging bowl … and that is why the banks and credit agencies haven’t come up with the goodies yet. And despite the fancy spinning language – the timeline required to provide the necessary information has become misaligned with the timeline for theT ECH Project , the mayor (your boss) has failed to get Lansdown properly set up (water, access infrastructure, gas) before trailing her coat in front of likely tenants. Thius forcing them to fall in with her completely botched timeline.

            The ball on this one is firmly in your boss’s (Mayor Mullet’s) court.

            The failure to get those agreements in place has nothing to with the behaviour of the external institutions, who have to wait on QPM – whoi has to wait on Mayor Mullet – to see what they are evaluating.

            And a straight and serious question you may be able to answer factually: does the talk of long term competitively priced gas as a key component hint at a discrete pipeline being run from somewhere (near Gladstone say) to Lansdown? If not, what are the plans to have adequate gas on hand?

          • TheAncientOfDays says:

            No I don’t work for the company and I am nothing to do with Townsville or state admin. Does it really matter about identities? I think facts sjould speak for themselves because otherwise, as you can observe, speculation into identities ends up going round in unproductive circles.

            The gas is coming from further South, and there is an existing pipeline that already goes to the Townsville power station, and straight past Lansdown. That’s where the power will come from.

            As I’ve said, the delays are all about funding of the project which require the equipment suppliers to provide guarantees for a relatively modest new use case based on nitric acid recycling.

          • The Magpie says:

            Around this burg and in this commentary area of The Nest, yes, identity really does matter, there are so false actors. But The ‘Pie will choose to believe you about youyr motivation, and your information is very useful, thanks.

          • Spielcheque says:

            Published Wednesday, 05 April, 2023 at 04:56 PM

            Queensland Pacific Metals has entered into a conditional agreement to acquire the Moranbah Gas Project
            Gas from the project will be used for its Townsville Energy Chemicals Hub (TECH) project at Lansdown Eco-Industrial Precinct

          • PR filter says:

            The company said it, in 500 weasel words, so it must be true. Thank you for being gullible, it makes my job so much easier.

            On the topic of gullibility, I noticed that newly minted Regional Development Manager at the Department of State Development has decided she has so much free time that she can open up a side-business hosting corporate events. I am at a loss to understand how she can impartially advocate for the region while accepting payments from entities like Knight Frank the real estate developers, but someone must have been gullible enough to approve it.

          • The Magpie says:

            Perhaps gullible isn’t the right word.

          • Spielcheque says:

            Another complicating and time extending factor that arises after viewing numerous releases on the QPM website is claims about the project’s carbon footprint and waste or spent ore disposal – issues which may have little to do with TCC directly but in plenty of ways indirectly –

            Based on an ISO-compliant life cycle assessment conducted by Minviro, the TECH Project will have a net negative carbon impact of 989,000CO2-e, meaning our operations will reduce Australia’s carbon footprint. This is a huge accomplishment for the TECH Project and demonstrates its commitment to sustainability.

            In addition to being negative carbon, the TECH Project is revolutionizing the resources sector by becoming a zero solids waste operation. After leaching valuable metals into solution and refining them into saleable products, the remaining residue is only 25% of the dry ore feed. This residue, made up of silicates including quartz sand, has been found through testwork conducted by James Cook University (JCU) to have structural properties suitable for engineered fill. The company is in the process of obtaining an End of Waste Code, which would reclassify the residue as a resource, and is in ongoing discussions with the Office of Coordinator-General for using the engineered fill at the Townsville State Development Area.

          • The Magpie says:

            You write: ‘ ….meaning our operations will reduce Australia’s carbon footprint’.

            So you are spokesperson for TCC, or certainly some entity involved in the Hub in the Scrub. Nothing wrong with that, but why not a mention? It would in fact bring some validity to your seemingly well informed and intelligent information – because you are obviously a boffin not a PS mouthpiece as such. And such a mention would bring to a screeching halt the guesswork and conspiracy theories on which the Nest thrives.

            Another thought in passing – your latest information, parsed down to more plebeian language, would be a wonderful, good-news uplifting story that even the Townsville Bulletin would have to run somewhere in the first 20 pages of the newspaper (this is a paper that would run the second coming of Christ asa filler at the bottom of page 15). If there’s a woman involved – especially if she is a working mum with cutish kids and maybe had and beaten cancer – Bettina Warburton the editor of the weekend Eye insert, would jump at a girly power story.

          • Spielcheque says:

            Dear Conspiracy Central Scrutiniser, the slabs of material about QPM are direct quotes from their various websites and media releases that are open to everyone on the net. It’s a waste of time waiting for the mayor, the Townsville Bulletin or most, though not all, of the ‘Nest contributors, to inform you what is going on – when instead you can simply go to the source. It’s all there, often months old, waiting to be clicked on. When you started speculating about gas possibly coming from Gladstone I just cut and pasted some of it to save you the trouble.

          • The Magpie says:

            Sure, thanks for the wake up call, after all, The shameful Magpie does nothing but sit on cloaca all day playing patience on his lap top. Will try to devote more energy and innovation to his curating of comments and writing an interesting blog.

            In the meantime, thank you for being the required citizen journalist that you are.

          • OED says:

            Maybe put quotes in quotation marks, Spielcheque.

  30. The Magpie says:

    Memo Gas Garvey, putative editor of the Daily Astonisher
    Subject: Proper Uses Of Front Pages To Sell Newspapers

    1. Use understandable English
    2. Do not confuse potential buyers with incomprehensible word salads
    3. When a story is strong enough, simply and plainly state the news in the headline
    4. Remember who your audience is – as all studies even you have read show, younger generations do not read print, so make sure your headline has punch with a core fact – puns and literary allusions rarely work.
    5. Wake up to your fucking’ self!!

    Today’s front page reflects NONE of these traditionally required attributes.

    PS for Nest readers, most of whom do not read the Bulletin.

    The story was about council considering opening RRD to recreational fishermen, the well-word, ‘well, duh’ suggestion from various responsible folks over the years. The ‘Pie smells a whiff of campaign camphor with this mothballed idea suddenly reappearing. It is a sensible and worthwhile idea at all levels, attributes that no not guarantee approval by Jenny’s marionettes. So to be sure they’re serious about this no brainer, make sure this measure passes BEFORE next March.

  31. The Magpie says:

    SO … who is correct? A toss-up question when the two opposing parties are the Townsville Bulletin and yesterday’s political nuisance, the mimsy Cathy O’Toole.

    The Bulletin website re-offers us this today.

    The Magpie was surprised by that 25% of Palm Islanders voted No, but not curious enough to go further, he is already moving on.

    Unlike The Tool.

    Saint Cathy the Irrelevant feverishly penned a letter to the Ed in today’s paper which managed to insult all her fellow citizens who had the temerity to express their own democratic opinion without her virtuous guidance.

    Her tedious moanings include this line:

    Someone’s wrong. But as stated at the outset, with these two protagonists, it’s a toss-up.

    • crabclaw says:

      It was reported only about 400 odd residents voted on Palm, about half the enrollments. It was suggested the other half would have voted in Townsville when they came over for the football. I wondered if there may be a similar picture re turnout for other similar booths eg, Doomagee.

      The admirable push earlier in the year to get everyone in communities enrolled may have had an unanticipated result. I’d suggest many may have felt they were being used and even bullied.

      Lingiari was about 55% voter turnout for reasons we can only speculate.

      My rudimentary calculation put National voter turnout at just over 79% (using AEC figures and dubious maths), a significant fall from nearly 90% for the federal election in ’22

    • PR filter says:

      The simple statistics from AEC are that about 2,000 people live on Palm Island and just over 1,000 are registered to vote.

      Of those 1,000, only 432 voted on Saturday and of those only 323 voting YES. 107 voted NO.

      You can spin this as you wish :-
      – 74.8% of those who voted, voted YES
      – Just 32% of Palm Island voters, voted YES
      – Just 21.6% of Palm Island residents bothered to vote in the referendum (even fewer than voted in the last State Election)
      – Just 43% of registered Palm Island voters turned out to vote

      Do the Math, as they say. Something it would be lovely to see from the media.

      • The Magpie says:

        The Magpie has always been weak on maths, so help the old bird here: in amongst all those interesting and understandable stats, is there anyway Cathy The Tool could come up with 91% of the island voting yes?

      • Sue Ridge says:

        The last census data in 2021 has 1270 residents on Palm over the age of 18 and you would assume eligible to enrol to vote, based on the turn out, or lack there of, 323 votes for yes is around 25% of eligible votes in favour of the referendum. It might be a long bow to draw but it would appear that 75% of Palm voters either voted No or didn’t care enough to vote in the referendum. Hardly a ground swell of support.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Bit like the early post on the blog Pie, remove the O for a clearer picture !

    • yeah nah says:

      According to the AEC website, the Palm Island booth recorded 432 votes, 323 yes, 107 no and 2 informal.

      That looks pretty close to 75% yes and 25% no.

    • Bullshit says:

      “McCarthy pointed out early polling results from Queensland showed on Palm Island, where the population is 93% Indigenous, three in four voted yes.”

      Misremembered the stat I think.

  32. An Idiot says:

    (Although this comment came in under the name of a regular commenter, The ‘Pie assesses in style and substances it was a phantom comment, so a more suitable handle has been assigned.)
    How exciting for our bogan Mayor – day 3 of the LGAQ love-in down in Gladstone. I imagine they will all be back slapping each other with the occasional reacharound. Ego’s being tickled, competitions for who can speak the most amount of wankery, asses being licked and an abundance of excitement over the ‘which Council is the most fucked award’, of which TCC must be a shoe in. It’s comforting to see millions of ratepayer dollars being wasted on this event. Fuckwits.

  33. White Mouse says:

    Tooley has the entire YES apologist word bingo card covered in that letter. “Respect, reflection, healing, compassionate, oldest living culture, truth telling, harmony, grieve, sadness, hurt, racism, moving forward…”

    • The Magpie says:

      … and not a mention of democracy, which she seems to think in a Trumpian manner democracy has been cheated by racists, bignot, gypsies, tramps and thieves laying down their democratic vote. Yesterday’s woman with nothing to offer her community, then or now.

  34. A Voter says:

    The 65,000 years (so say Thomas Mayo, Linda Burney, Marcia Langton, Megan Davis) the aboriginals have been on this land I ask – what advancements have been made in that time? Where is the PROGRESS (a word beloved by the woke left) that has been made?To say their culture remained unchanged until white man arrived I am not sure that is a benchmark worth aiming for. We respect all indigenous people and their culture – proven by the billions of dollars poured into helping these communities over the years. Advancement is how civilisation works. Most indigenous populations around the world built boats and discovered other countries/societies, learnt from them, traded with them etc. As I said it is how civilisation works.

  35. Doug K says:

    Mention of Jenny Hill and her dependent councilors getting involved with Ross River Dam should have alarm bells ringing across Townsville.

  36. Barfly says:

    Below is the latest Facebook post from Fran. Defending her name.

    COUNCIL’S REPUTATION V THE TRUTH….and my reputation.

    It is my duty as a councillor to uphold the reputation of Council. I will no longer do so at the expense of the truth or my reputation.

    I have today lodged a formal complaint with Council about the conduct of a council officer who stated at a recent Council meeting, in response to a question I put to the Mayor in General Business about the Councillors Materials and Services budget, that “the budget has NOT increased, it has merely been reallocated from the way it was allocated the year before”.
    This response was wrong as the Councillors Material and Services Budget had INCREASED by $38,000, as well as having a reallocation of an amount of $50,000 for “parks openings” distributed between each individual councillors’ budgets.

    I have found it necessary to publicise this matter because the Council officer ended the response with the comment
    “and I did understand councillor that that information was provided to you”.
    Since the above comment was made at an Ordinary Council Meeting with the media in attendance the matter was reported in the Weekend Bulletin. Apart from the Council officer’s comment being wrong, I believe the Council officer’s further reference to me having been provided with the information I was questioning, may have made me look foolish and/or incompetent to anyone watching the meeting or reading the newspaper in which the matter was reported upon.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Light weight Leighton would have been told what to report. He is a fucking disgrace.

    • Inspector Clouseau says:

      Sadly, Fran is not cutting through at all, at this stage. What she is outlining above is ‘small-fry’ and part of the rough and tumble of politics. I understand that she is upset by this , but this is not something that will sway ratepayers at the ballot box.

      Fran you need to do better than this if you want to be our Mayor. Happy to be corrected/have feedback/be sledged. Inspector C.

      • the ancient of days says:

        Ole Fran doesnt stand for anyone. That seems to be the problem. Vindictive, passive aggressive and not really offering any kind of positive vision. What is the point.

  37. The Great Guru Swami Manboub Siphpusser says:

    This thought came at me out of the blue. If double income no kids coppers are D.I.N.K.s , then a one income no kids copper must therefore be an O.I.N.K. !

  38. Echochamber says:

    I see Jenny Hill is calling for an audit on the state government spending on juvenile justice programs to see if we’re getting value for money. Would seem only fair that a similar audit be conducted on all Townsville City Council spend to make sure ratepayers are getting value for their money too then right?Except the Commercial In Confidence deals of course. You can’t pull back the purple doona on that stuff.

  39. Lab Rat says:

    Re the Voice Referendum. In the 1932 Elections in Germany, the Nazi Party won with 60% of the vote. I suppose they were right as well.

    • The Magpie says:

      So as well as everything else, those of us voted No are now Nazis?

      Can you btry to cry a bit harder, those of us who love democracy and are anti-racist are loving every bleat.

    • Nipple clamps says:

      Hi Jenny, have you left Gladstone and come back home?

  40. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Mr. Pie, I note that, following a survey of residents, Newcastle Council has knocked the Newcastle 500 on the head for the next five years.
    I wonder what the result would be if the Townsville Council conducted such a survey?
    Not that that is ever going to happen!


  41. Grumpy says:

    Who is behind the Monsoons revival?

    • The Magpie says:

      Someone willing to give Big Bazza some rent.

      • Spelcheka says:

        Isn’t there a current DA for BGT to up value his property due to the fuckup on the boardwalk D&C project? He has the old Hayles pier freehold over the creek bank…hence the boardwalk to the carpark…

        • The Magpie says:

          Well, is there?

          • Spelcheka says:

            TCC eplanning (SAMC23/0002)
            Mixed use development, 20 unit, bar, food and drink outlet, offices. At least there are plenty of car parks compared to recent Strand project.

          • The Magpie says:

            Sorry, comments coming in thick and fast (and not in the order as appearing in the comments section) The ‘Pie has lost track of some threards. What’s yours about, sounds interesting?

            WAIT WAIT WAIT … got it now. Is there a link to that document … we definitely need to see that?
            Quick thought: maybe the plans … either financing or council/port demands … has fallen over (20 fucking storeys on one of the best heritage streets in North Queensland … typical of the grasping Gth Taylor FFS) … and that is why Monsson’s is opening again. The ‘Pie knows that Taylor has previously knocked back potential tenants or asked such an eye-watering rent that the place has stayed closed until now.

            And a note to Light-On Smith at the Bully … Monsoon’s was always an also-ran operation on Flinders Street, and was never considered much of a venue on Via Vomitorium.Never the stellat night spot you made it out to be. But then you haven’ been around here long, have you?

    • The Magpie says:

      From the Astonisher story:
      Queensland Hotel Group chief operations officer Shae Stinson confirmed they had signed a 10-year lease on the premises four-weeks ago.

  42. Prince Rollmop says:

    I’ve been told that apparently the LGAQ conference was quite a hit. Mayor Matt Burnett presented a video showcasing the Gladstone regions industrial hub and new projects precinct. I was told that his presentation it was ‘succinct, factual, well presented’. Whispers around the water cooler were that madam Mullet looked angry and out of place during the local government conference.

    • The Magpie says:


    • Achilles says:

      Subpoena duces tecum, That ramble looks just like the juvenile stuff worthy of Feces book, I’m surprised it even got published.

    • Doxie says:

      Personally, I don’t think Jenny Hill looks very well. Just sayin’……..

      • The Magpie says:

        The Magpie has been reliably told Hill has lost a lot of weight over the last year or so, it is said in order to be fitter and more energetic for a campaign she decided to take seriously. Such sudden weight loss can be immediately noticed in facial features, which can be misread as an indication of ill health, when in fact in this instance, is more likely quite the opposite. No matter what one’s performance, public life is no doddle physically, so good for her. Let’s hope this analysis is right, because no matter any ideological differences, a decent person does not literally wish anyone ill health. (Not suggesting you did so, Doxie, just a general overall comment.)

        • Doxie says:

          No, there was no ulterior motive or mal intent at all. I genuinely don’t think she looks well, and was just making a statement.
          And nothing to do with politics – hers or mine!

        • Denny says:

          And will TCC pay for a new, smaller sized, Mayoral doona for her to wear? All important questions that could be answered by Light-on Smith.

        • Resident who was robbded twice says:

          I hear what your saying about not wishing Ill will but her and her labor friends have allowed the community to suffer great amounts of stress staying awake at night for more then 4 years now waiting for the next break in. That stress has caused anxiety and depression in myself and my family along with my neighbours. I don’t share your beliefs with respect and I hope hill gets what comes to her along with the premier even if it is through sickness. They haven’t given a shit about our health whether it is crime or the hospital or everything during Covid. I felt more strongly about my opinion after hill blamed the baby bonus for youth crime. Sorry but she is a mentally retarded fool. And she and the rest have never suffered what we have because they get protection you and I never will. We are not equal so I hope god does the job for us naturally soon.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            Whilst I certainly dont agree with a majority of what she says or does, I’m curious what protection you think ‘they’ get.

          • Resident who was robbed twice says:

            Try getting within 10 feet of them and start to ask a hard question and see the hired help step in telling you that your being a public nuisance and you need to move on and stop interfering with access of the premier/mayor or police will be called. You know exactly what protection they get in that high an office. What a complete joke of a comment from a labor plant

  43. Barfly says:

    And another Facebook post by Fran below. It’s interesting that she is looking into Ralston’s appointment to TCC:

    No…then no…then yes (Vicar of Dibley come to mind?)

    Resolution required

    When reviewing a meeting agenda in Councils’ records system for a Special meeting held in November 2020 to appoint the CEO, I noted that the report referred to in the agenda was not attached/had not been uploaded. Although the report was confidential, that was not a reason for it not to be in the meeting record system as all confidential reports are uploaded into this system and obviously only those people with the authority to view them are granted access. I made a request for the report to be uploaded and I was advised by the Executive of Council that it would require a resolution of Council to be passed for it to be uploaded. Since it is my role as a councillor to ensure that there is transparent and effective decision making by council in the public interest, I brought a motion to last months council meeting to effect this administrative omission. The motion was passed unanimously. This of course was very surprising for me as it is regularly the case that motions that I put to Council are not even debated, but are just voted against by Team Hill Councillors.
    However, I am now seeking advice from the Executive of Council as to what Council policy or legislation was relied upon for the advice to be given to me that a resolution of council needed to be passed for a report to be uploaded to Councils official meeting record system upon which councillors relied upon to make their decision to appoint one of two candidates to the position of CEO.

    • Spielcheque says:

      Fascinating. Like, totally absorbing stuff. Next up, selected readings from the Queensland Local Government Act 1956?

      • Barfly says:

        Well it is much better reading than what you are used to reading – the back of toilet doors in public shithouses.

        • Inspector Clouseau says:

          How do you know this Barfly? You been doing surveillance?? If we can be of assistance, please let me know. Inspector C. :)

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          The back of toilet doors would be far more current. This is history. And boring bureaucratic waffle. Fran needs to start dealing in current issues the majority care about. Engagement on her Facebook page is minimal. She has no reach, no profile, no one is interested in what she keeps talking about. Her PR strategy needs an overhaul.

  44. Mike Douglas says:

    Has Aaron Harper been cut loose as he is still dividing the community on treaty whilst the Premier has moved on to cost of living which effects all Queenslanders . LGAQ conference has resulted in a stinging rebuke by Queensland Councils on Police Minister and Palaszczuk Government Youth Justice System with Councils to launch their own programs on juvenile crime . Mayor Hill called for an audit of State Government funding programs as she believed many were ” utterly useless ” .

  45. Maggie Moggie says:

    $400 million on the referendum which was doomed for failure.
    Now Tsarina Anna has offered this ‘Five days’ paid leave for public servants mourning the Voice.
    Queensland public servants have been offered five days’ special paid leave for psychological distress if they are grieving the out come of of the failed Voice to Parliment referendum.’ Courier Mail 20/10/23
    Is there no end to this reckless spending and whining?

    • The Magpie says:

      That virtue signalling is verging on the criminal, especially since it will be largely funded by the taxes of those who voted No. Premier Alphabet is in panic mode now, with her much vaunted state treaty with the indigenous mob apparently on ice … it has suddenly dawned on her, as Rezi rolled aboard, that she was also being fucked by Albo and his idiotic referendum.

      Labor, ya gotta luv ‘em.

  46. GST SHAM says:

    What’s interesting is Dr Gracelyn Smallwoods silence on her beloved Labor party walking away from treaty after advocating hard for them for the Yes campaign. She has chaired in Townsville multiple meetings for Premier Palaszczuck’s Treaty Advancement Committee. The Bulletin didn’t even report in the paper the Premier walking away from treaty in todays paper even though it passed the parliament in May and doesn’t need bi-partisan support going forward. Seems Gracelyn and the Bulletin are more than happy to react and stick the boot into the LNP but won’t make the same criticism of Labor’s failure for delivering any outcomes time and time again for our local Indigenous communities in QLD even though they have been in charge of health, education and law and order in these communities for decades! Come on Jimmy Olsen where is the reaction from our local indigenous leaders on this please. The Mulletins bias reporting is showing once again.

    • GST SHAM says:


      Spoke too soon here is Gracelyns comments attacking the LNP AND NOT LABOR in the Guardian today! I think it’s obvious at this point she is a Labor hack and protecting her Labor mates.

      • The Magpie says:

        Last time The Magpie saw her was a year or so ago have a one-on-one tete a tete at the Watermark with His Radiance, former Townsville Poobah and still Labor backroom heavyweight.

        • Alahazbin says:

          I saw her at The Ville about 6 months ago. There was some government seminar going on. ‘The Dick’s’ brother ( the bloke who is the Federal Speaker) was in attendance. Gracelyn was there with one of her underlings organising the ‘Welcome to country’ spiel.

          • The Magpie says:

            Wonder how much she was paid.

            One imagines the conversation with her underling:
            GS: So, there, finished. Let me run this by you as a Welcome speech. Whadda ya reckin?
            Underling: Terrific stuff, Professor. But perhaps it might be better if you didn’t start with ‘Listen up, you fuckin’ white cunts …’

  47. Doug K says:

    EB, i think you will find that Jenny Hill has already conducted a survey into whether ratepayers wanted to continue funding the dying V8 Supercars weekend in Townsville.
    She asked herself the question, and the answer was yes.
    Democracy in action, Townsville style.

  48. Barfly says:

    Another Facebook post from Fran today. Taking aim at Jenny Hill and that worthless paper The Bulletin;

    Almost spilt my sides laughing at the hypocrisy of it!

    An extract from a recent Townsville Bulletin story online was:

    “Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill, whose city has been on the front line of the fight against juvenile crime for several years, said a crucial aspect of the LGAQ plan was a call for an audit of government-funded crime programs, some of which she believed were “utterly useless’”

    This is coming from the leader of a council that won’t provide detailed actual expenditure figures against budgets to me a councillor, that has a “service level” capital works program, and that provides no regular detailed financial reporting on major projects such as Lansdown or the Haughton Pipeline Stage 2.

    But let’s start with an audit of the Community Safety Expo that was held at Riverway a couple of weeks ago. I know one thing it was “utterly useful” for, and that was a great campaign opportunity for the Mayor as she had her “mobile office” there front and centre.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      S8nceypu follow the rants of Fran so closely perhaps you could ask her to change her tactics. Try some positive news posts, less whinging and poor bugger me posts, and some posts about what she might do as Mayor. Because at this stage, all I know is that Fran is really good and complaining. I had high hopes for Fran and I’m very disappointed by this downwards spiral. She’s following the “finger pointing, whinge and complain, no policies of my own” playbook of Crisafulli.

  49. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Mr. Pie…widespread power outage last night.
    Try and find out why on any of our news outlets?
    Not happening!
    Although, I am waiting for the ABC report on how many indigenous households were affected!!

    • I have the power" says:

      According to Ergon it was a Powerlink failure and it was quite widespread – apparently something out around Ross Dam went bang with much excitement and took out over 100,000 customers

      “The loss of supply is due to an unexpected fault on Powerlinks high voltage transmission network which supplies Ergon Energy and its customers.
      Outage reported
      Abergowrie, Aitkenvale, Alabama Hill, Alice River, Alligator Creek, Allingham, Annandale, Arcadia, Ayr, Balfes Creek, Balgal Beach, Bambaroo, Barringha, Basalt, Beach Holm, Belgian Gardens, Belyando Crossing, Bemerside, Binbee, Black Jack, Black River, Blackrock, Bluewater, Bluewater Park, Bluewater Springs, Bogie, Bohle, Bohle Plains, Braemeadows, Breddan, Brookhill, Broughton, Burdell, Bushland Beach, Calcium, Cape Cleveland, Cardwell Range, Cassady Beach, Castle Hill, Charters Towers, Charters Towers City, Clarke River, Clemant, Cloncurry, Cluden, Collinsville, Columbia, Condon, Coolbie, Cordelia, Corfield, Cosgrove, Cranbrook, Croydon, Cungulla, Currajong, Deeragun, Dotswood, Douglas, Einasleigh, Ewan, Fletcher Creek, Forrest Beach, Forrest Home, Forsayth, Garbutt, Georgetown, Grand Secret, Greenvale, Gulliver, Gumlow, Gumlu, Halifax, Hawkins Creek, Heatley, Helens Hill, Hermit Park, Hervey Range, Home Hill, Homestead, Horseshoe Bay, Hughenden, Hyde Park, Idalia, Ingham, Innisfail, Jensen, Julago, Julia Creek, Karumba, Kelso, Kidston, Kirwan, Kynuna, Lannercost, Long Pocket, Longreach, Lucinda, Macknade, Macrossan, Magnetic Island, Majors Creek, Maxwelton, Mckinlay, Merinda, Millchester, Mingela, Mosman Park, Mount Coolon, Mount Fox, Mount Garnet, Mount Louisa, Mount Low, Mount St John, Mount Stuart, Mount Surprise, Mundingburra, Murray, Mutarnee, Muttaburra, Mysterton, Nelia, Nelly Bay, Nome, Nonda, Normanton, North Ward, Oak Valley, Oonoonba, Oorindi, Pallarenda, Palm Creek, Paluma, Peacock Siding, Pentland, Picnic Bay, Pimlico, Pinnacles, Prairie, Queenton, Railway Estate, Rangewood, Rasmussen, Ravenswood, Reid River, Richmond, Richmond Hill, Rollingstone, Roseneath, Rosslea, Rowes Bay, Rungoo, Saunders Beach, Scottville, Sellheim, Seventy Mile, Seventy Mile Range, Shaw, South Townsville, Southern Cross, Stamford, Stone River, Stuart, Taylors Beach, Thuringowa, Thuringowa Central, Toll, Toobanna, Toolakea, Toomulla, Toonpan, Torrens Creek, Towers Hill, Townsville, Townsville City, Trebonne, Upper Stone, Victoria Estate, Vincent, West End, Winton, Woodstock, Wulguru, Yabulu”

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