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Sunday, June 12th, 2022   |   154 comments

The Towering Arrogance Of The Virtue Signaller: Child Care Crowd CASPA’s Sore Loser Slurs

In an astoundingly gross outburst, CASPA’s bosses slur residents undeserving haters’ when they successfully objected to a potentially disruptive care house on a peaceful street. And the woke element of the ABC joined in the unwarranted insults with an equally inflammatory headline for all of Townsville. But the name calling isn’t the end of it, as The Magpie reports.

Is the Townsville City Council out of step down at Jezzine Barracks? The Magpie is hearing some are folks are unhappy with this weekend’s ticketed entertainment program that has cordoned off and taken over part of what they say is a site dedicated to the fallen.

The Magpie wonders why social media people paint Aaron Harper as a thoughtless self-promoter and derelict local member … why bother when he does such a good job of it himself? We have his latest brain fade.

And the greatest show on earth’s latest attraction … the January 6 hearings in Washington start with Ivanka Trump throwing Daddy down his own gold plated toilet.

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Now onward …

Power To The People … But How?

In case you haven’t noticed, Australia has a new government. Might have been a bit hard to spot if you rely n News Ltd outlets, which have adopted the ‘reality denial’ Trump model from the United States. For instance, this truly bizarre effort last week from The Australian.

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 9.50.32 am

Right on, those lazy Labor mongrels, in power for almost three weeks and they haven’t repaired the damage of the last nine years of neglect. But despite the alarm of Rupert’s Greek chorus wailing in the background, there certainly is a refreshing feeling of an attitude change in the air … Wong’s intelligent foray into the South Pacific, the return of the Biloela family – and national decency (but hey, small point – is it the Murugappan family or the Nadesalingam family … various news outlets can’t seem to agree?) and Chris Bowen dumbfounds the media marauders with sensible, no-nonsense answers about our energy future the to what are suddenly sensible, no nonsense questions from Canberra Gotcha Club.

But Bowen will need all his smarts for not handling the Murdoch media but threading his way through the tangle he inherited about the natural gas conundrum … where previous regimes sold the farm to the extent Australians have no wheat for basic bread. It is just one of the tricky balancing acts for a pivotal minister trying bto balance sovereign rights, jobs and job transition and environmental planning. Bentley has his fingers crossed.

Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 1.56.51 am

And those fake Liberal moderates who tried to weasel their way back to Canberra, only to be turfed out the TEALs are busy drowning their sorrows, according the ABC’s Sammy J. Don’t miss these hilarious last drinks.

CASPA’S Motto:  ‘Doing Wrong To Do Right’.

 Casuarina Drive b0958d959c1a122ad8f05fe988ed1457

Last Tuesday, The Magpie, under the headline PEOPLE POWER,  broke this story:

 Letter from Les Walker.

This was in response to the indignant protest, taken to the government, about the plan o the state care agency CASPA to house possibly violent homeless youths in a house in the middle of their community. In face of the local protest, CASPA had pretended -reluctantly – to ‘consult’ with the community about their plan, but aloofly refused to reveal any meaningful information about what they intended to do with the house they had secured in Casuarina Drive. Especially refusing to deny violent youthful offenders might be housed there.

With the help of Tony Mooney, who knew several residents personally, local state member Les Walker was whipped into taking the matter to George Street.  The result was the above letter, which significantly, didn’t rule out other disruptive possibilities at the property, which CASPA says it will retain.

A win for democracy? Not as far as this woman was concerned.



In an mazing outburst of foot-stamping pique, Ms Rodwell publicly attacked the objecting residents in demeaning and scornful term.s She told the Bulletin:

“The level of hatred for what we do was at an extreme level in that Annandale community and in the end it turned out it was a really inappropriate place,” she said.

“I don’t believe it would be a good environment for kids to be subject to that level of disgust from residents. Children don’t deserve that.”

And then this pointless and immature statement:

What Caspa does as an organisation nationally is to was provide services to vulnerable people who were “far more deserving than the residents of Annandale”.

This from a CEO that accepts taxpayer money to operate?

That deserves a public apology. Where does this bloody woman get off? How does she work out that there was ‘extreme hatred’ for what ‘we do’? Perhaps it was the WAY you do what you do, Ms Rodwell … your arrogant ‘fuck you’ attitude is totally inappropriate to the rights of a community generally suffering under the floundering policies of a state government (bail houses, anyone?), bankrupt of any idea how to meet the challenge of youth crime. And that’s a  government which bankrolls your worthy agendas, which demands better stewardship of public money than displayed in this instance.

And When It Comes To Public Apologies, The ABC Might Think About One – To All Of Townsville.

A fair and balanced story by the ABC reporter Chloe Chomicki  on this issue may have betrayed a bit of bias in the order of emphasis in which was presented, but it was more than acceptable coverage not of the issue. What was not fair and balanced – by a fucking long shot – was the ABC website headline.

Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 5.01.39 pm

That is nothing short of disgraceful – totally outrageous – smearing a whole city full of crime victims as perpetrators. And if Ms Chomicki did not write the headline, an apology to her as well as Townsville would be appropriate. If she did write it, she should be counselled about ABC news reporting policy.

The Bottom Line: Magpie Editorial

These single minded people – admirable in one way but socially blind in another … have to acknowledge that they do not operate in a protected, socially exempt bubble, a privilege they seem to award themselves. Like all other organisations and individuals in a democracy, they have to be mindful and respectful of others rights and reasonable expectations that they may disrupt in their efforts to do good works. . The ‘haters’ of Annandale built or bought their houses in the reasonable expectation of creating a safe family environment and contributing to a cohesive neighbourhood … and they built or bought their homes with their  own money, not some government grant from an state government that is bankrupt of sustainable and fair ways to manage wards of the state. To publicly call these people ‘hateful’ or more correctly ‘haters’ because they don’t accept their way of living trampled by single agenda thoughtless halo polishers like CASPA, is unmerited and unfa.

Aaron Harper Playing With His Tummy Banana Again

Stop trying to make Aaron Harper seems ridiculous, you lot on social media … he’s way ahead of you. There seems to be something offensive about a clue-free bloke who does exactly nothing about the youth crime wave of stolen and hi-jacked vehicles extolling the virtues of ‘need for speed’ fantasies and advanced driving facilities.

IHarper 1 MG_6855 IHarper 2 MG_6896

What would possess anyone to think that the general public would be even vaguely interested  filmic enthusiasms of  this burden on the public purse.

Next thing you know, he’ll have come up with a bright idea on stopping juvenile car thefts … at $49.99 a pop.

Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 9.16.04 am

Anyway, Harpic, we’ve always known who to call if we want to talk to a goose.

Fall Out At The Barracks?

 Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 10.53.34 am 

Could be a few tricky questions about to be asked about the current commercial use of Jezzine Barracks by jugglers, flexible doxies in.skimpy costumes and funambulists.

Seems the questions might be more of a legal and regulatory nature than any objections motivated by the trivial and prurient nature of the entertainment offered under the disguise of the North Australian Festival Of The Arts (NAFA). Our mayor has always had an interesting idea of what constitutes art.

Some folks are questioning whether it ethically correct or even allowed under the Deed of Trust that part of the area can be closed off and commercial interests charge for entertainment. The rumbling sso far suggest it is inappropriate for commercial activities of any sort (outside charity events) to take place on what the objectors take to be a memorial site honouring our war fallen.

The council has allowed or invited this side show conglomeration of circus acts to commandeer and screen off part of the parkland, using the faux ‘artistic’ element of what is basically a cabaret show as an excuse to make some money. This entertainment proved popular last time around at the park on The Strand, and it’s not clear why the shift was made … but a good bet would be money. The Magpie is told that the Deed of Trust written by the Commonwealth when it handed back the Jezzine/Kissing Point area to the community expressly forbade it to be used for money making activities. To underline the fact, $40m of public money was put into landscaping and beautifying the area for the public.

The TCC are Trustees, but Canberra can strip them of that role if the Trust rules are breached. It’s idle speculation, but perhaps our mayor figured it was time to make a quid, now Labor is in charge in Canberra, and unlikely to bother themselves with such matters. But the nascent objections come from some powerful directions, so it will be worth watching to see if the council is judged to have, in effect, not only dishonoured our Anzac tradition but also the Deed of Trust.

The Magpie will be following this, especially when the council’s bargain basement legal shill Tony Bligh gets back from absence to advise his betters on the matter.

Bazza ‘s Fire Sale

Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 2.27.10 am

Seems Barry Big Bazza Taylor has taken a hefty hit, and sold his motel-like pile on Castle Hill for a measly $4.5million. For someone as avaricious as Taylor, it must be galling to have sold at a price not far from what it cost to building 15 or so years ago.

Somewhere in the background, the world’s tiniest violin is playing.

For all the Bulletin’s huffing and puffing about a record for the suburb, what it doesn’t say is that Bazza tried for about $8m in 2008 through a private listing, a fact revealed in the then Magpie column for the paper. A furious call to the editor (Bazza’s gambling buddy Peter ‘Typo’ Gleeson) about this blameless old bird’s comments asking if this meant this pestilent legal shyster was hopefully about to leave town (not those words but the message was clear). When Taylor bumped into The Magpie at Michel’s soon afterwards, he said that I’d made it up and it was never on the market, but a legal colleague quietly told The ‘Pie that he had withdrawn the property because the suggestion he might be leaving town might damage his business.

He and the missus moved to Noosa soon afterwards.

Doing The Dirty On Daddy

The Hollywood-produced January 6 hearings have kicked of in Washington, and being beamed into American households across the nation in prime time. Viewers didn’t have to wonder long if anything interesting might occur … A video  of previous testimony by Ivanka Trump dished up damaging testimony about daddy Donald, rubbishing claims of a stolen election. Needless to say, Daddy wasn’t happy,  and state of mind likely to become darker as this ‘only in America’ slowly waddles towards the truth that any right minded person already knows. But hey, might as well have some fun along the way.

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 9.39.53 am

Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 9.19.54 am Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 10.18.12 am Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 9.44.29 am Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 9.55.31 am Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 9.54.09 am Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 9.34.58 am Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 9.32.22 am Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 9.35.21 am Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 9.18.26 am Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 9.19.30 am Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 9.22.39 am Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 9.23.52 am

Somebody Saw It Coming

Old mate Mary Vernon dug this up and posted on Facebook during the week. Uncanny …

Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 10.14.18 am

On a slightly more gloomy note …

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 9.23.42 am

Where Some Of Clive’s Millions Went …


And Finally, A Matter Of Interpretation



See you next week, unless you join in the cut and thrust of comments throughout the week … hit the keyboard and join our sometimes merry band.

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  1. Prince Rollmop says:

    CASPA’s reaction to the local residents who are distressed about the potential housing of ratbags in their street is palpable. CEO Rodwell has proven herself to be an amateur and someone who is governed by her emotions rather than governed by sound decision making. Due to the type of organisation that CASPA is they need to have good communication skills and also be stakeholder savvy. These morons have proven otherwise. Rodwell’s verbal disdain directed towards the people of Townsville shows not only that they cannot be trusted, but it shows ineptitude and ignorance. A half decent Board of Directors would have this lame CEO packing her bags and shown the door for creating such mayhem and buying into a property with taxpayer money, that won’t be used for its original purchase purpose. She is a liability To be honest, Rodwell and our own local bully, the Mullet, are two very similar creatures – nasty, vengeful and spiteful.

    • The Magpie says:

      You will note that Mayor Mullet kept her distance from the whole issue – suppose we can be thankful for that, god knows which way she would’ve gone … BUT now we wait and see if she will come to the defence of her city and its residents for biased and totally unwarranted depiction, and call out not only Rodwell but far more importantly, the ABC for a headline that went national. The Magpie has always supported the ABC in all general discussions about its value, and in an organisation that size, mistakes are to be expected. But boy was this ever a nasty unnecessary mistake. And do not blame the reporter, who gave us both sides of the story.

      And they wonder why we do not trust outsiders who would delivery us our morals, ethics and diminished lifestyle, all wrapped up with a bow of woke wildflowers.

    • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

      This situation smacks of CASPA thinking they had a really clever idea that they could sneak through and are embarrassed and angry at having been found out.

      My spies tell me that the good burgers of Aitkenvale have also had someone contact Les Walker’s office to ask about a number of large building projects which have begun with no fanfare or consultation right next to existing medium density government facilities. Perhaps our CASPA friends have moved over the river in search of friendlier neighbours?

  2. Dave of Kelso says:

    It occurred to me, on receiving Aaron (Who) Harper’s mail out promoting himself via the motor sport precinct, with skid pan, that, as a community service, the little snots, as a rehabilitation diversionary measure, be sentenced to five days skid pan training. This will comfort Townsville locals knowing that their car, when stolen, is being thrashed by a more skilled 11 year old.

    Aaron’s mail out flyer went straight to the worm farm. They found it hard to swallow.

  3. Woodduck says:

    Aaron Harper can play with his tummy bananna as much as he likes, but a lack of testosterone ensures it to be total flop.Much like his efforts as an MP.

  4. Prince Rollmop says:

    Aaron Harpic has lost the plot. Seriously, what an absolute buffoon. Why would an adult post such embarrassing childish shit publicly? I can only imagine the dickhead driving his ambulance at high speed, lights flashing and siren blaring while he is playing Top Gun’s theme song on the Ambulance stereo. Aaron – grow up mate.

  5. Problem Solver says:

    Here’s a thought. Introduce a new deterrent to stop the kiddy crims terrorising Townsville. Anyone caught breaking the law has to spend a week with Aaron Harper. That’ll stop the little shits.

    • The Magpie says:

      An appalling idea … do you want to traumatise them for the rest of their lives? Oh, wait, maybe you have a point.

  6. Jatzcrackers says:

    Taylor’s house sale would definitely been a dollar hit for him. At 1200 square metres of house, over four levels, the build cost even back then would have been right up there. Apparently the fittout was very top shelf given old Bazza loved to spend his hard earned on the finer things (3000 bottle wine cellar anyone)
    The rebuild alone would today be double the recent sale figure then there’s the land, but apparently it’s the old story…where do you find a buyer to spend $8M on a house in Townsville today ?
    Even old mate Smile 650 (see what I did there) only spent $6M on his Yarrawonga shack but maybe old Clive has been splashing more money around.
    Don’t worry about Bazza though, his Noosa property has at least tripled in value over the last three or four years !

  7. Mike Douglas says:

    Instead of addressing crime , rental availability , cost of living issues in his electorate Aaron just likes dressing up and being on facebook as if people are interested in his pool / lawn / his runs . No response from him even when Phil Thompson wanted to install lighting at Riverway drive Mayor Hill did the talking . Its no wonder Phil Thompson increased his margin .

    • The Magpie says:

      He’s the King of Cosplay. Anybody out there with photoshopping skills who can give us some other dress up ideas for Harpic?

      • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

        I just had a mind image of the whole Queensland government wearing those “furries” costumes and sniffing each others bums while dry humping the furniture.

  8. Ducks Nuts says:

    Now that we’ve all bagged out CASPA for how they handled an issue of providing much needed accommodation for children and youth. How should this issue have been handled?

    • The Magpie says:

      Guess you haven’t been following this all that closely, which is OK, can’t be everywhere. But the residents, Tony Mooney, Shari Tagliabue in the Bulletin and The Magpie have all pointed to CASPA’s high-handed failure to open and up front about their intentions, with non-answers, prevarications and a general unwillingness to take the residents into their confidence. This understandably made the residents wary and suspicious about was going to be foisted on to them, with no assurances that their families would not be living cheek by jowl with violent young criminals who knew no boundaries. As for Ms Rodwell’s comments and the ABC story’s headline, well, they just should never have happened.

      So the short answer to your question is at the very least outfits like CASPA – and the state government – should be up front about their intentions, seeking a cooperative, compassionate approach with affecte residents for certain types of juveniles who need care and guidance. But there is no excuse to park poorly supervised violent young people in the midst of vulnerable residents.

      Those with an agenda watching on the sidelines from afar chant the meaningless mantra NIMBY, but there is no reason that should be a demeaning insult …. not in my back yard is a reasonable and responsible response to any move that puts families at risk … this is not ‘let’s take a punt’ territory.

      • Ducks Nuts says:

        As much as you obviously don’t like it I suspect there is an element of NIMBY involved. I also suspect that people in the area and yourself, are making a number of assumptions on what/who the residence was supposed to house. However, this was based on CASPA and the State Governments failure to engage the community. Perhaps the lesson to be learned here is that community engagement is essential. Also that a social licence to operate is more important than ever. Even for government backed organisations.

        As an aside, I don’t believe Tony Mooney does things that he doesnt benefit from. So why is he involved and what does he gain by CASPA being kicked out?

        • The Magpie says:

          As comments go, that’s a bit dim, Tasty Tidbits.
          Because you are a valued regular around here, The ‘Pie will refrain asking an obvious question like ‘Can’t you fucking read?’ – and just point you back to much of what has been written – the residents … and on investigations, The Magpie – were FORCED to make assumptions about what the house would be used for and who would reside there because CASPA wouldn’t be open about it. Assumptions were all that were left. When it comes to neighbourhood amenity and possible safety issues, this is not a suck and see situation, residents have a RIGHT TO KNOW IF THEIR AREA COULD FACE POSSIBLE DISRUPTION. So it the arrogance of the virtue-signalling, cavalier approach to residents’ concerns that bred the atmosphere of distrust and resistance. Anyway, for some reason, you have answered yourself in the next sentence.

          As mentioned in The ‘Pie’s previous comment, NIMBY isn’t always a derogatory label, it can also be a responsible response from say, for instance, parents concerned for their children, and even the value of their property if their area becomes a magnet for police activity. And the possibility of a disruptive element near established houses of older long time residents is a very unsettling and unfair development, especially at that stage in their lives.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            I can fucking read. I’m just a bit fucking sick of reading all the complaints and no solutions. My comment was an observation. Nothing dim about it.

            And don’t pull out the poor older residents card. There are older residents in Vincent and Gulliver and no one is up in arms that some crack pot church whacks in a drop-in centre that houses adult drug addicts.

            Anyway. What did Mooney gain out of all this? You and i both know he does nothing unless he benefits. Is he now investing in homes for wayward children? I’d be looking into that if I were you.

          • Grumpy says:

            Oh, Ducky, whilst no doubt you can read, your comprehension may be a bit off in this instance. Let’s hear your solution to the youth crime problem that seems to not limited to only Townsville. I’m already on record as saying that, despite nearly 50 years being involved in child welfare, I don’t have a fucking clue. However, I can bet you that it won’t be any proposal that involves narcissistic do-gooders or loopy old former stipes.

            So…what do you have for us?

          • Kris says:

            Grumpy, maybe the Annandale house should go ahead with the understanding that the teenagers resident there are not ‘violent young criminals’ but rather that they are regular kids from dysfunctional homes who, yes, have attracted the attention of the law and have maybe run off the rails, a few times. They will probably attend the local high school alongside their neighbours. They will hopefully benefit from interaction with regular kids from regular families in the neighbourhood, knock about with some of them on pushbikes, play footy or computer games till all hours and generally be indistinguishable from their peers – except for the fact that they have carers in their house rather than parents.

          • The Magpie says:

            ‘… and they all lived happily ever after’. Now snuggle under the blankets and go to sleep, and if you’re a good boy, tomorrow night I’ll read you Cinderella.

            Just for starters, Caspa refused point blank, under cover of law, to give any such understanding at the outset, and only carefully backtracked in ambiguous language about who ‘might’ be housed in Casuarina DRive.

            ‘run off the rails a few times’ is a wonderful catch-all covering everything from shop-lifting a Mars bar at the local IGA to stabbing someone while dealing drugs. Or maybe stealing a car that not only went off the rails but off the road into a ditch. And your arrogance towards local wariness is given the lie with words like ‘hopefully’, ‘probably’ and ‘generally’. Those three words should be carved like a motto over the door of every bail house foisted on this city, with the word ‘not’ added after a very short time.

            Kris, your attitude spells out Caspa’s to a tee (and it’s reasonable to think you are probably associated with them): you tell residents to ‘hey, give these poor little kids a go’, implying base NIMBY attitudes to opposition based on the safety of their families and the value of their properties (a very valid concern no matter how ‘hateful’ you wish to paint it). And it is the residents who have to take the punt, trusting you to have the professional managerial skills to maintain a peaceful presence. There is no moral or ethical responsibility for ordinary rate and taxpaying residents to be asked (or told actually, because it is legal) to be the ones to take the risk in your fairyland social experiment. In correspondence with Caspa reported here weeks ago, Caspa’s legal shill Heilpern suggested ‘at least give us a chance’ which is always the lucky dip statement of single minded entities – The Magpie did not receive a reply to his question, what if the chance fails? What recompense can you offer to a disrupted street, or worse, an injured person? Because of skewed laws across Australia but particularly here in Queensland, Caspa is taking the attitude of mainstream media …. all power with no responsibility.

          • Kris says:

            If Annandale won’t have ‘em and North Ward won’t have ‘em and Kelso won’t have ‘em then they will stay where they are – on the street and unsupported. If we won’t put them up in our midst then we’ll just have to put up with them in our midst.

          • The Magpie says:

            Simplistic nonsense. It’s no suburb’s fault, there is no onus on any area to voluntarily accept risky, sometimes dangerous residential ventures, but your fevered blinkered view of the issue does not ONCE mention the government. Funny, that.

            And there’s a very good argument that attempts to wedge such ill-managed schemes into peaceful neighbourhoods actually makes the established residents the victims, too. They are the victims of policies beyond their control: indigenous councils that make the courageous and responsible decision to make communities ‘dry’ … that’s when dead-beat parents and their unfortunate kids gravitate to cities like Townsville, Cairns, Rocky and Mackay, swhere the neglected kids can run wild, unsupervised and undisciplined.

            One last thing, Kris, here’s an opportunity to lie your head off … do you have such a vennture close to you, close enough that you feel you’ve had to change your way of life to accommodate it? And if you don’t but would welcome one, easy toi get in touch with the relevant department who grant your wish. Hope your neighbours feel the same way.

          • Kris says:

            My comment mentioned that the state, ie. GOVERNMENT, will not build an institution to house children who are unwanted or unsafe within their families. They will be fostered out to families that will take them or they will be housed by government-funded NGOs like CASPA (and several others) who take on this task.

          • The Magpie says:

            Want to address anything else in the Magpie’s comment?

            No, didn’t think so.

      • Westie says:

        As far as I am concerned, NIMBY IS a derogatory term, and it sounds like it should be applied here.

        It usually applies to self entitled residents trying to use undue influence to achieve an outcome to which they have NO LEGAL RIGHT, by intimidating others.

        The idea that CASPA was doing something underhand (lack of consultation, ya de yah de yah) seems to be absolute bullshit, and is being used as a long bow to justify unethical pressure being mounted here and elsewhere. A quick check on the internet shows exactly what CASPA does. Most importantly, what it does and proposed to do in Annandale is completely legal under the town plan.

        Local residents have no rights to impose their will on a neighbour who is doing exactly what they are entitled to do. If someone wanted to control what happens on that block in Annandale, they should have bought it themselves- ownership conveys legal rights to do what you want with the property so long as it meets all legislation and local laws.

        Tony Mooney and other urgers are immoral and unethical to use their power of celebrity and special mates relationships to achieve an unjustifiable outcome.

        Ms Rodwell’s and the ABC’s claim that residents are putting their own selfish interests over those of the disadvantaged children in CASPA’s care seems justified to me. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Perhaps the ABC should have pointed that not all Townsvilleans are of a similar bent, but this blog demonstrates that many are.

        I am not saying that NIMBY doesn’t work, with the connivance of local politicians and a compliant media. It usually does. Bank robbery works too, if you get away with it.

        • The Magpie says:

          So there’d be no disruption, eh? And even if there was, well, stiff cheddar, eh? You really aren’t too bright, are you, mate?

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            I wish the Upper Ross had a champion in the early 1980s to defend our community, mostly owner occupier families at the time, from many hundreds of (anti) social houses built in the three suburbs of the Upper Ross. Did Les Tryell, mayor at the time, have no inkling of the social degradation that inserting hundreds of dysfunctional ‘families’ into our happy village like lifestyle? Yep, it was the State Bjelke-no corruption here-Petersen Government ‘what did it’, but where were our local reps looking out for us, when we, kept in the dark, knew nothing of what was about to be inserted into our community, (think rough end of pineapple and anus).

            Conclusion; The social frabic of the young owner occupier families of the Upper Ross was expendable.

            Post Script. To you pathetic woke bleeding hearts, as you ascend your high horses, let me say; I acknowledge that some are in social housing through genuine miss-fortune, no fault of their own, but, after a small amount of time in this neck-of-the-woods you will see that many are happy intergenerational lazy bastards happy that their lifestyle is funded, cradle to grave, by the taxpayer. By the way, where are your car keys tonight?

        • Critical says:

          Try telling this lefty bullshit to residents in Rosslea living around the Yumba Meta housing complex on Bowen Road. No real open consultation by the ALP government with the local community on building this place and now local residents have to put up with the anti social behavious from Yumba Meta residents and others sitting around the local parks, under Bowen Road Bridge,on the public bike way in the bus shelters along Bowen Road to mention a few of the hassles that this place bought to Rosslea. Talk to businesses and motels along Bowen Road and they’ll tell you of the frequency of requests for money etc that they and visitors recieve.
          Lord help local residents when the next place near IGA Mundingburra is opened.

        • Grumpy says:

          Westie – you wouldn’t be that faux academic from JCU who accuses everyone who disagrees with you as being a NIMBY – and then blocks them when they provide logical responses to your foam-flecked, self-indulgent pap?

          It is you ain’t it?

  9. Dave Nth says:

    Sorry this still stinks. If Naarah is so adamant on this why not buy in Lismore her home town? Another virtue signaller?

    Have no time for Walker but well done. As for Mooney, I know people who had dealings with him as Mayor. They reckon despite all the bad press he did have Townsville’s best interests at heart, bit different to the present office holder.

    Question I have is the NT connection again. This city seems to attract the detritus of the ALP from Darwin so till disproven I am going to be wary that the choice of city is less than a coincidence.

  10. Sticky Fingers says:

    Fuck Mr. Mag…is there any levity on this blog?
    My son and his partner just had a beautiful six pound daughter five hours ago…
    What is wrong with you lot??

  11. Dave of Kelso says:

    Right now on ABC RN Townsville is being trashed because CASPA did not get their way in this town.

  12. Ratepayer says:

    Hey Jenny Hill, I know you read this blog every Sunday morning so what’s the go with your good mate Albo holding his first regional cabinet meeting in Gladstone rather than Townsville? While you’re at it, why is Albo funding that big battery manufacturing precinct in Gladstone and not your pet Landsdown fiasco? I thought you had some clout in Labor circles but it seems the only clout you have now is treating our 2 independent councilors like they don’t exist. Talk about a fall from grace.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Ratepayer, While you are at it. How about Jenny come to the defence of the Annandale residents labeled ‘haters’. The local councillor is mortified by the remark, but is probably being gagged by Jenny.

    • Omega Man says:

      They are building a metal refinery in landsdown not a battery plant.

      • The Magpie says:

        Get your point, but haven’t heard the ‘no battery plant’ clucking from our battery hen in Walker Street … she still maintains the fiction that it’s still on.

      • Palm Sunday says:

        OmegaMan, went past Lansdown on the way to the Festival on the weekend. I can assure you there is no “building” going on there at all. Some signs in the vague vicinity about the Haughton Pipeline and that’s it. Major intersection construction, green hydrogen, nickel refining, lithium battery plant, solar farm – wall to wall pipe dreams at the moment.

  13. Sticky Fingers says:

    Oh dear, Mr. Mag…please leave the humour to Scott Morrison.
    He’s a professional!

    • The Magpie says:

      Oh, my, what a shattering riposte!! The Magpie is humbled, Oscar.

      One imagines you chose your nom de plume because you spend most of your time tickling your own fancy.

      • Sticky Fingers says:

        Goodness me, Mr. Mag, that’s a bit below the belt.
        Something close to your heart maybe?

      • The Mandarin says:

        Sticky Fingers is actually Elusive Butterfly. You can see it from a mile away. All the fool has done is change its opening sentence from ‘Mr. Pie’ to ‘Mr. Mag’. The rest of the fools writing is easily identifiable. Gutless turd.

        • The Magpie says:

          Interesting point of view, and your Sherlocking may well be right, but it seems a bit of a stretch to call someone using an assumed name as ‘gutless’, wouldn’t you say, Mandarin?

          • The Mandarin says:

            You are correct Magpie, it would seem hypocritical of me. But ol Stinky Fingers was having a shot at you, hence my comment.

        • Sticky Fingers says:

          Definition of “gutless” .. .someone who abuses someone else, anonymously, on a blog, for no practical reason.
          Definition of “turd”… a person regarded as obnoxious or contemptible.
          Seems you fit the bill better than I Mandarin.

  14. The Magpie says:

    Hey, this is a bit of the wall, but a question that The Magpie has been nunable to find an answer.

    Why does it take so long to built a submarine? As far as The ‘Pie can tell, it’s not a prototype, or is it? If it’s built to completed plans, why so long? Have the workers adopted the Aussie union tradition of a three hour day includes one and a half hours for lunch?

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Pie, the Subs are a very complex piece of machinery. Items such as shielding, weaponry, hardware and software, even the thousands of kilometres of wiring make the building, testing, and then operational launch of these vessels a huge job with a huge price tag that takes numerous years to build. It will be interesting because by the time our Collins Class Sunmarines touched water, their technology was become outdated, plus they were piles of shit that kept breaking down. Time will tell how much this multi billion dollars exercise is going to cost is taxpayers in the long run. Maybe we should dial 1800ANAO?

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Here we go Dear ‘Pie. Note the part where it mentions that one critical team of workers had been together for 20 years, and with a SKILLED and EXPERIENCED workforce it is a 12 year project. Australia has a lot to learn before we enter sub construction. Remember the Australian Nomad aircraft project of the 1980. Dangerous to fly and finally the tail falling of in flight killing the crew. We don’t want Australian subs like the Australian Nomad.


    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Pie, Could be because they have to be built underwater !

    • Westie says:

      I suspect that the submarine design is not standard.

      Comparing diesel electric and nuclear submarines,
      • Diesel Electric submarines are quieter, and more suitable for operation undetected in shallower water- for example on a continental shelf.
      • Nuclear subs are larger, and suitable for carrying nuclear missiles. Diesel submarines are smaller, and more easily hide in shallower water.
      • Nuclear subs have greater range, capable of operating all around the world. Deisel subs have a range of around 10,000kms before refueling.
      • Nuclear subs are faster, suitable for escorting aircraft carrier task groups.
      • Nuclear submarines stay underwater indefinitely, whereas the diesel electric ones need to snorkel every three weeks to recharge batteries from the diesel engines. However if the battle lasts more than three weeks they can leave the battle area, charge up, and come back.
      • Diesel electric submarines are cheaper, and you can buy two or three for the cost of a nuclear one. Good if you lose one or two, or you have a lot of coastline to defend.
      • Diesel submarines can be maintained in Australia, while we will depend on another country to maintain nuclear submarines. Reliable countries like Trumpistan or Great Boris.
      • We can have Diesel Subs in five years, whereas we must wait 20 or 30 years for the nuclear ones. Given the state of the world security situation, I am sure China will wait until we are ready.

      As far as I can tell, the purpose of our submarines, is to deter seaborne invasion fleets from China. They are meant to sit on the continental shelf around Australia, protected by our airforce, and send a signal “Don’t come here or we will sink you”.

      As far as I know, Australia has no nuclear missiles or aircraft carrier task groups, will operate in shallower water on the continental shelf, and any likely battle will last less than three weeks.

      So why did we change direction?

      Am I cynical, but could it be the Great Brittany Higgins debacle? A diversion was needed, so PM Scott made an “Announcement”. This held the media cycle off Brittany and on Defence for around a week, particularly when Macron got involved and made it impossible for Scott to U- Turn back when things cooled down as he may have intended.

      So back to your question. Our submarines are not standard ones. They are special Diversionary Announcement submarines, and it is very time consuming and hugely expensive to shoehorn an existing design into a role for which it was never intended.

      • Law Researcher says:

        “any likely battle will last less than three weeks” I think Russia expected to overthrow the Ukraine in three weeks?

        • The Magpie says:

          No, Putin thought so, the Russian as in people still don’t know about the extent of why their sons and daughters are suddenly not home for leave.

  15. The Magpie says:

    Some of the Courier Mail’s clickbait headlines more rightly belong on the paper’s puzzle pages. See if you can work this one out … including whether the ‘new stretch of river’ means the Thomson has been engineered to change course?

  16. Prickster says:

    TCC have a “Special” council meeting planned for Tuesday 21 June, are they getting excited they will get some goodies from the Queensland Government Budget?

    • The Magpie says:

      Or not.

    • Sticky Fingers says:

      The Council special meeting will be in relation to the upcoming 2022/2023 budget. No doubt Mr. Mag will be all over it. I mean, what else does a bored retiree do in this town, other than read the local news each day while voicing one’s own personal opinions.

  17. Maggie May says:

    Hey, a SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING has been called for next Tuesday!
    Does anyone know what thats about?

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Hopefully the Mayor is announcing her ‘retirement’. Or maybe the part time lazy CEO is pulling the pin? But most likely it is to do with the budget, as pointed out by Stinky Finger.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      It’s the divvy up of the free V8 tickets to the troughies.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      It’s June. It’s probably for budget.

      • The Magpie says:

        Perhaps. But why ‘special’?

        • Prince Rollmop says:

          It will be a meeting in addition to their normal monthly Council meeting. ‘Special’ meetings are usually convened when there is an extraordinary matter that needs to be addressed, in private, a matter that doesn’t form part of Councils normal monthly agenda. Things like an additional budget meeting, a CEO resigning, a large asset being purchased or being sold off, a corruption investigation into Councillor activity, something like that. Usually it’s a meeting that they want kept quiet and away from prying Magpie eyes!.

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          Budget meetings are often called as special meetings because they need the extra time afforded by an entire meeting. Also they have deadlines to meet and can’t wait for the usual meeting cycle. It’s not about secrecy so much as time.

  18. Terry from Townsville says:

    Has anybody else noticed that Naarah Rodwell has stolen Jacinda Ardern’s teeth?

  19. The Magpie says:

    Low water mark for Richo and Danny?

    Former partners in the Watermark nosebaggerby on the Strand, Danny Meares and Graham ‘Whatever It Takes’ Richardson have lawyered up after a disagreement following the sale of the restaurant last month to the Melbourne Kickon Group.

    It’s not known yet how the chummy backslapping became a legal punch-up, but it’s Richo who is the aggrieved party apparently. He owned 10% of the place when he convinced Meares to buy the place way back when.

    Whether yesterday’s (Tuesday) case management hearing in federal Court revealed much is yet to be seen, but one imagines it’s much ado about not much at all.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Sorry ‘Pie, but who west of King’s Road gives a hoot.

      Bye the way, where are your car keys tonight?

  20. The Magpie says:

    One of Life’s Little Mysteries has arisen out of the Caspa Annadale saga.

    There was a rather odd photograph of Les Canvasback Walker addressing the residents assuring them that Caspa would not be housing disaffected youth in their midst.

    Why is he about 20 metres away from the folks to whom he was bringing the good news? Doesn’t he know his own government has scrapped the social distancing rules? Maybe he’s got the yips about being within haymaker distance of people since a certain incident we shall not mention a while back. (Grass is a more cushioned landing, anyway.) And why a boombox speaker and mic to talk to no more than maybe 20 or so folks? You have to admit, it’s a pretty funny pic … and strange.

  21. The Magpie says:

    Including bushfires?

  22. Mike Douglas says:

    Gold Coast City Council rates increase 4.3 % . Tom Taits spiritual advisor must be expecting some bad Karma . On the local front Labors media advisor must have instructed our 3 local MP,s + Mayor and Deputy Mayor to ” look over there the V8,s are next month ” to avoid even mentioning the States dire energy issues including spiralling costs and possible blackouts . Asx hit yesterday could reduce industry super returns by 4% and locals are getting hit with mortgage/ rental/ electricity/ grocery increases and the best Annastacia can come up with is $175 power rebate to assist cost of living . Let them eat cake .

  23. Sticky Fingers says:

    Okay, Mr. Mag…here’s one for you.
    Who’s the editor of the Bulletin?
    Professor Google doesn’t know!
    Admittedly, if I was responsible for putting out the heap of shit that it is everyday, I wouldn’t put my name to it either!

  24. Prince Rollmop says:

    Our poor politicians haven’t had a pay rise since 2019, so the independent remuneration tribunal has agreed for them to receive a pay rise after July 1. I love how the ‘independent tribunal’ which is stacked with politicians mates, always gives them a rise. Independent my ass. These fuckers are already overpaid and receive tens of thousands of dollars per year in living allowances, vehicle and personal office allowances, business class airfares, ‘education allowances’, generous credit card limits and other financial perks. It’s disgusting that these parasites are rewarded endlessly for their general incompetence and stupidity.

    • The Magpie says:

      It was ever thus, and adding insult to injury, the money and regular rises attract the very wrong people for the very wrong reasons cf the member for Thuringowa.

    • Achilles says:

      Maybe if they were made to work at least a certain number of hours, same as we plebs.

      Alternately offer a wage equivalent to industry rates of senior executives to attract the right kind of talent and ability, BUT they must pass stringent independent competency examinations, just as we have to when applying for a job.

      Also have regular performance reviews.

  25. The Magpie says:

    Uh oh.

    • The Magpie says:

      Double uh oh … bet Mayor Mullet’s is slavering at the gills … FYI 4.93%.

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        Another over paid trough swiller. Throw enough mud and some will stick. Make your fucking mind up, is it housing affordability or rental availability AND affordability? And how can an increase in rates fix either? Oh I get it, an annual rates increase of $300 a year will slow the housing market; but then those renting will be the ones who will ultimately be the suckers paying it.

        • Palm Sunday says:

          Isn’t the objective of slugging ‘short stay’ rental properties with higher rates to discourage AirB&B-type operations in residential areas? Dunno if it will work to free up properties for regular long term tenancies but that seems to be the idea.

  26. Sticky Fingers says:

    New record Mr. Mag.
    Sixteen “allege”, “alleged” and “allegedly” used in this one article.


    Not sure if these incidents actually happened!

    • The Magpie says:

      Well spotted, Sticksters, but The ‘Pie counted 21, including photograph caption Here it is in all its Alleged glory.

      • Breaking News
      Trio allegedly stole from men they met online
      Three men who allegedly organised to meet up with and steal from men they met on social media were caught by police while with one of their alleged m>victims.
      Madeleine Achenza

      Three men will face court after being charged with the alleged robbery of three men who they arranged to meet in southwest Sydney overnight after connecting with them on social media.
      Police will allege
      the three men – aged 19, 20 and 21 – used social media to organise to meet with their alleged >victims, aged 53, 30 and 29.
      It is not known what the
      alleged victims thought they were meeting for.
      A 53-year-old man organised to meet a man at a Punchbowl residence around 5.40pm.
      A short time later, two men arrived and allegedly threatened him with a knife, demanding his debit card.
      The two men allegedly stole his card and escaped the scene in a Honda Accord driven by a third man.
      It is alleged the men used the card to withdraw cash at a nearby service station.

      Three hours after the first alleged> incident, a 30-year-old man was allegedly forced into a Honda Accord at a Lakemba car park. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Andrew Henshaw
      Three hours later, at around 8.30am, a 30-year-old man arrived at a Lakemba car park on the corner of the Boulevard and Quigg St to meet a man he had met online.
      The Honda Accord allegedly arrived at the carpark and the 30-year-old was asked to get inside the vehicle.
      The three men allegedly threatened him with a knife and drove out of the carpark.
      Police will allege he was forced to transfer money into a bank account before he was returned to the carpark.
      One of the alleged offenders then searched the 30-year-old man’s car before the trio drove off.
      The incidents were reported to police and the 30-year-old man’s car was seized for forensic examination.

      Police arrested three men after pulling over a Honda Accord with a third man inside who alleged he had been forced into the car and withdraw cash at multiple ATMs. Picture: NCA Newswire / Gaye Gerard
      Around 10.50pm the same night, police pulled over the Honda on York St in Belmore and spoke with four men inside the vehicle.
      A 29-year-old man alleged he had arranged online to meet a man at a Belmore carpark about 9.20pm.
      Three men got into his car, threatened him with a knife and demanded his mobile phone, he alleged.
      The man was then directed to leave his vehicle and get inside the nearby Honda before he was driven to ATMs at Belmore and Canterbury and allegedly forced to withdraw cash.
      Police searched the Honda and seized cash, knives and mobile phones.
      The three men were arrested and taken to Campsie Police Station, where they were each charged with three counts of aggravated robbery, two counts of taking or detaining a person with intent to obtain advantage and participating in a criminal group contributing to criminal activity.
      All three were refused bail and will appear at Blacktown Local Court on Wednesday.
      The alleged> victims were not injured in the three separate incidents.

  27. The Magpie says:

    Genius PR move by Woolies … first time in their 97 year history. Surely Coles won’t be far behind. Not sure if IGA’s ownership structure will allow them to also join in.


    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Generosity is not a quality that a big bloodsucking corporation normally displays. I imagine that they are giving with one hand and taking with the other. I do note that they said ‘essentials’ will be price capped. That’s only one portion of their stock, essentials. The rest of their items are. not subject to price capping. They have also made a fortune out of rising fuel costs as they own a piece of the market, and they continue to stomp on small businesses, our farmers and producers, and their very own staff. Not to mention the hundreds of millions of pandemic Jobkeeper dollars that they pocketed and didn’t pass on to staff. I hate to be pessimistic but these parasites are playing a game of smoke and mirrors.

      • The Magpie says:

        You’ve missed The ‘Pie’s point, Herring …. the point was PR, with the implicit understanding that it probably won’t cost them a red cent. But agree with your comment anyway.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Dan Murphy also?

    • Charlie Wulguru. says:

      Pie, they’ve got you hoodwinked. They’re both corporate criminals.

      • The Magpie says:

        Hoodwinked how? The Magpie’s point was pretty simple and clear , it’s a great PR move, as The ‘Pie said. He didn’t mention, and isn’t interested in, the subject of corporate criminality – well not this particular issue.

      • Charlie Wulguru. says:

        Are they going to freeze the price of an Iceberg lettuce at $11.99. The pair of crooks would if they thought they could get away with it. I don’t take too much notice of a lot of things that Bob Katter says but he has been on about this duopoly for years. The reason why we have the highest food prices in the world.

        • The Magpie says:

          And a question The ‘Pie has often contemplated …. with lettuce as an instance, who takes the increased cost hit … the supermarket or the grower? Aren’t all these deals on fixed contracts, that mean the supermarkets aren’t out of pocket at all and just making a supply and demand quid? Could be wrong but something seems wonky. noticed recently that walnuts disappeared from the shelves for about a month, admittedly those from the USA but couldn’t find any local ones at any price.

  28. Dutch Reverend says:

    I just read an article from the ABC about the Queensland Government funding a pipeline from the Wivenhoe Dam to Toowoomba and communities along the way to Warwick to the tune of $300mill. It is due to commence in the next couple of weeks and be completed by 2026. Didn’t Cam the Dick tell Townsville he would fund the completion of our pipe to nowhere that was supposed to be completed by December 2020. I’m sure the 3 Stooges read this blog and ask them….where is our completed pipe promised by the Queensland Government ?

    • Mike Douglas says:

      Dutch Reverend , Political Games Team Hill and 3 local MP,s on Haughton pipeline stage 2 . Treasurer Dick only put $85 mil of the $195 mil in last years State budget meaning the project was $110 mil short . The delays and political cover up resulted in the project blowing out by $79 mil which Team Hill voted that ratepayers pick up . The very reason Political parties shouldnt be in local Government .

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Wivenhoe to Toowoomba. That is a lot of electricity to pump water to the top of the range.

  29. Dorfus says:

    I’m surprised there has been no interest in this blog about Cowboys running a team in NRLW next year under the Cowboys banner. It’ll be a ‘coming of age’ event for Townsville.
    Understand the team won’t be called ‘Cowgirls’ because of certain sensitivities with the breeding and feeding connotations. But ‘Heavens to Betsy’, the Cowboys up to the present have had to live with the cross-gender inference in their name.
    Perhaps it’s time for the brand to be reviewed – to go back to basics. The scientific name for cattle is ‘Bos taurus’.
    Suggestions, anyone?

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie has NEVER referred to the team as the Cows, although other media has … in the rare event The ‘Pie talks about them at all, they are The Boys. Generally support them as The ‘Pie’s second team …. everyone of a certain pre-Cowboys era had another team, and Aussies don’t move from one to the other like the Poms will with soccer teams not doing well.

      As for talking about the women’s’ team here … well, you have, but not sure that the Nest’s territory of interest (except for misogynist trolls).

    • Cuz says:

      The Cowpokes would be appropriate

    • Doxie says:

      Why don’t they just tick with “Gold Stars”? Seems a perfectly reasonable name and refers, no doubt, to the yellow/gold star on their uniforms. Or does that name only apply to the team playing Stateside?

    • Jackeroo says:

      Has to be the Jillaroos. shirley, I mean surely.

  30. The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

    Council are pleased to announce yet again that a boardwalk will be built along Ross Creek but not quite as magnificent as once we intended. some interesting features of this version are that it runs from Enema Legal’s back door to the Pandora Museum which I presume is so Barry can visit the other dinosaurs. It will cost about $22,000 PER METER to construct which is roughly the cost of a motorway of the same length. And the real kicker is that it will be built by our good friends from Toowoomba the Wagner brothers.

    In summary it is a pathway from nowhere to nowhere paved in gold and a gift to southern ALP supporters, so business as usual.

    • The Magpie says:

      Lot more to this than your perceptive comments, Barely.

      The Townsville City Plan in a nutshell … a camel is a horse designed by a committee … or in this case consultants and a dithering, flustered mayor.

      This announcement raises more questions than it supplies answers to any discernible need. And the timing of this nonsensical blather surrounding the project looks suspiciously like a distraction ahead of next week’s ‘special’ council (presumably) budget meeting where the closed doors may be opened just a crack to let us know what rate rise we’re in for. Or that the council will announce the losing fire sale of its City Arcade misadventure, which was put up for sale recently in Brisbane.

      The Magpie will be looking more closely at this boardwalk malarkey, but immediately three questions spring to mind from the unquestioning Bulletin story:
      1. A pedestrian bridge to connect Central Park with Flinders Street East? Huh?

      By sheer physical geography, that only makes sense if it has suddenly been decided against popular perception that Flinders Street East begins at Stanley street, not Denham street. And if so, that in turn asks a very reasonable – why? Central park is bookended by two bridges already, Victoria and Lowths Bridge, Victoria already being exclusive to pedestrians. Where is the study and data that could even remotely suggest that a third bridge within a 400m stretch of Ross Creek would justify another pedestrian bridge?

      2. This is a great example of the LGAQ and the TCC conniving with their mantra of Local Buy, which is only correct if Toowoomba suddenly because a suburb of Townsville. Surely the Chamber of Commerce could grow a pair and demand that the council to show that there was no local business that could handle the seemingly straightforward engineering job.

      3. And alarm bells are jangling when Jenny’s Party Parrot, Ann-Maree Greaney says things like “Council and the local traders are working together to inject a new lease of life into the area, both to boost patronage for businesses, and create a destination for visitors and residents alike.” Which is meaningless pap, but could be read as a softening up justification for a massive rate rise. Remember, this statement came from the business genius Greaney who once famously said of the TCC part financed disaster of the Flinders Lane arcade linking a little used Ogden Street bus stop with a deserted Flinders Street was ‘the perfect example of the Council and private enterprise working together’. At last report, there was one single paying tenant. But thinking on it, Greaney is probably right. The ‘Pie will bet you the council is looking at Lancini’s sale of City Land and City Arcade across the road, with a view to unloading this white elephant … and good luck with that outside a massive loss.

      • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

        This project is hairier than a gorillas balls so I confined myself to the straight-forward engineering and project management elements. I will leave the politics to you.

        For what it is worth, there is also an additional pedestrian bridge between the stadium precinct and the Central precinct.

        • The Magpie says:

          yes, that was acknowledged, and from a car parking point of view, very sensible (what got into someone?!?) But given yopur expertise in these matters, would you say that the boardwalk project – which will admittedly appear to require pile cdriving into water, be byond an local outfit you know of?

          BTW, your knowledge of simian anatomy is impressive … The ‘Pies, on the other hand, is restricted to seeing Planet of the Apes, which somehow missed that detail.

          • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

            It’s not my specific area of expertise, but I suspect it is not especially complex and given that local companies have worked on walkways around the region for many years. Both over water and cantilevered off structures I would think it could be done. Not a lot of marine engineering going on in Toowoomba.

          • The Magpie says:

            Maybe not, but a lot of engineering going in Mayor Mullet’s office.

      • The Magpie says:

        I hope there will be signs saying Townsville is paying part of the costs for budget for the se 280 metres so people don’t mistake Flinders St East for Paris , Singapore or Chicago, an error that Scott Stewart is concerned visitors may make.. I suppose when people see the porta loos and hot dog van opposite the Mad Cow they will be bought back into reality .

        • The Magpie says:

          Look, it is an old saying, but you really do have to wonder what people are on when makes statements like this … you’d think an apparently educated man like Stewart would realise that this sort of nonsense is insulting, and demeaning to himself. It would be advisable nif everybody … Mayor Mullet, the three monkeys, ms B-S from TEL etc …. all banned from their witterings words like ‘world class’, ‘cutting edge’, global leader’ ‘envy of the world’ etc when talking about Townsville. It is so infuriatingly juvenile, and in a way, cruel to us, being so far from any reality.

  31. Sticky Fingers says:

    Mr. Mag, the Bulletin hit the magical three figures today…100 pages.
    But…there’s more!
    Sixty-eight pages of ads and 12 pages of race guides and promos.
    That equates to a whole 20 per cent of news…and I use that word loosely.
    What a fucking disgrace!
    But…We’re for you…

    • The Magpie says:

      Minus pages for puzzles, comics, and weather, editorial, letters and Text The Iditor, none of which even remotely approaches news.

  32. Sticky Fingers says:

    I was being kind Mr. Mag, not mentioning those!

    • The Magpie says:

      And on closer inspection, seems they had trouble filling up those pages and needed to double up on large photographs. The Bulletin appears to have a new unspoken motto re frequent price increases … ‘We’re For Giving You Less For More.’

      And this followed on last week’s unexplained effort that meant no comics, or weather forecast.

  33. City slicker says:

    Ahhh, Ann Maree Greaney – now there’s a good example of overuse of rose coloured glasses.
    Greaney told ratepayers that the millions of their money spent turning Palmer Street into a two-way/one-way/two-way debacle would lead to a snazzy new alfresco dining precinct between the Shamrock Hotel and Morehead Street.
    Hope she didn’t mean the two old tables outside Table 51 that are used by the restaurant staff to have a smoke during breaks. That’s all she’s got to show for her stoke of genius.
    Stay tuned for her rave review of the NQ Festival of Arts, regardless of whether most of the shows are half empty.

    • Law Researcher says:

      I think it stuffed business forTable 51 when traffic flow was less than halved. I still don’t understand the reasoning for that street being one way only. All the traffic now (mostly Magnetic Island car ferry business) is directed back along the road housing the half way houses and backpacker eyesore building.

    • Palm Sunday says:

      Try a little kindness, Slicker. Not into the Yarts? Oh well, some people are. Sunset on the Strand this weekend will see thousands out and about. And why not? Surely there’s something in life to celebrate.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Great summary City Slicker. Our Councillors (with the exception of Fran) are a pack of inept fools. They are unsuccessful and uninspiring. They couldn’t get a manhole cover to fit properly, let alone spend money wisely on a successful community project. A million dollar bus shelter on Castle Hill, specially painted park benches, absolute folly.

      • The Magpie says:

        A million dollars …. that’s not even half a cafe. A cafe, allow The ‘Pie to add, which would be far more useful and friendly that the $6m+ earmarked for the boardwalk to nowhere.

  34. Sticky Fingers says:

    Mr. Mag, the Russians have just gone up in my estimation!
    They’ve “blacklisted” Andrew Bolt!

  35. Sticky Fingers says:

    Hinchinbrook man killed in freak roof-top fall at Forrest Beach property
    An elderly Hinchinbrook man sadly passed away in a freak rooftop fall on Friday afternoon.

    Cameron Bates
    less than 2 min read
    June 17, 2022 – 5:25PM
    Townsville Bulletin

    “Freak accident” Mr. Mag…??… he was fucking 80!

    • The Magpie says:

      Master Bates is known to have only a fleeting acquaintance with the English language, and even less with news writing. One sometimes needs a translator for these stories, so allow The Magpie:

      ‘freak accident’ … accident … was killed in a etc’
      ‘sadly passed away’ … died.
      ‘tragic accident’ … accident
      ‘picturesque foreshore of the sea side town’ …. on the Forrest Beach seafront.- This one if a first for The ‘Pie, he has never seen ‘picturesque’ used in a hard news story, especially one about a freak, tragic accident in which a man passed away.

  36. Dave of Kelso says:

    This river front boardwalk seems to me to have all the characteristics of CPR being done on a corps. Better value for less dollars would be to maintain the Upper Ross Bikeway, used daily by lots of cyclists, pedestrians, and increasingly, rude pricks on high speed escooters.

    • The Magpie says:

      Re scooter pricks: you will have to learn the old art of subtle nudge, oops, sorry, didn’t see you.

  37. Wondering says:

    Wondering what is going on at that council of ours. Hear another General Manager – Alistair Tavares who I believe was the gm for all the council venues is out the doors. Seems to be a revolving door of execs at that place. Whos next and at what cost.

    • The Magpie says:

      By all the evidence coming into the Nest … much of which can’t be published at this juncture … it’s a place run on fear and favour, and suggestions that even councillors are lining their pockets with incorrect expenses claims – who the hell could spent $15,000 a year on vehicle expenses, even before the soaring petrol prices.

  38. Prince Rollmop says:

    A combination deal of a fuckwit Mayor and a fuckwit CEO, both of who are naricissits and bully’s. That’s what is wrong with the place.

  39. Achilles says:

    Interesting report by QLD CCC regarding graft regarding the BNE Olympics has emerged. I remember at the time when Puddleduck announced the deal that a whole swathe of people were to be exempt from scrutiny.
    This report from The Australian makes interesting reading.


    • Achilles says:

      Supplementary, After post in the OZ report, I saw David Crisafulli on the ABC news eloquently expressing his concern,

      • The Magpie says:

        The issue of corruption is now established as The Kid’s main avenue of attack on the Palaszczuk. There is talk in some quarters about whether she’ll make it to the next election.

  40. Pav says:

    The use of Jezzine is distasteful and will land the Mayor in hot water.

  41. The Magpie says:

    But you have to admit, Unsanitary One, that it is a hilarious shambles. In this instance, we are asked to be believe that Caitlin ‘Stenographer of the Year’ Charles had a cosy chat with with a state minister, implied by prefacing some anodyne cliche’s with ‘Speaking to the Townsville Bulletin, the minister said …”. There followed a free party political, including sinking a dainty slipper into Barnaby Joyce as an excuse for previous inaction on upgrading an alternative inland route to the Bruce Highway … which someone has now decided, just to make life even more confusing, as Bruce 2.0.

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