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Sunday, November 15th, 2020   |   183 comments

The Price Of Payback Politics … And You’ll Be Picking Up The Tab

… that is, the price ratepayers will have pay to watch Labor factions and enmities play out in public. Two shining examples this week of political points-scoring v the public good … you can guess who’s winning.

David The Kid Crisafulli continues his climb up the greasy pole, and has got Anna by the ankle for his final effort for the top.

A by-election for Division 10 will be a Savage contest … Asti Savage nee Poole says she’ll have another shot.

They’ve bloody done it again … The Bulletin thinly disguises it’s latest glorification of youth criminals. This disgusting, inexplicable editorial policy is a cancer on the community.

… and a Trump lawyer comes up with the Euphemism of the Century …

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But first …

Slip Slidin’ Away …

 David Crisafulli 937421a6827b3ccad6cee871f81115ba

Climbing the greasy politician pole in pursuit of Anna Palaszczuk’s top spot offers some metaphorically disconcerting visions for the pursuer, but David ‘Kid’ Crisafulli – a tough Ingham lad – is up to the task – although being a gentleman, he probably closes his eyes and looks away as he grasps Anna’s ankle. That grip tightened this week when Crisafulli took over as leader of the Opposition from the feckless Deb ‘The Freckle’ Frecklington.

When asked for comment about hr rival’s elevation, Palaszczuk primly lied with the insult that ‘she couldn’t care less who led the LNP’. Like hell she couldn’t. She more than anybody knows that now the Frecklington free ride is over, and now she faces far more viable, organized and articulate assaults from the opposition benches. Bentley neatly sums it up.

The Kid small 2

In The Meantime …

…welcome to Anna’s world, post election. It is one radically and – miraculously – immediately different to her pre-election world.

Anyone else noted that for more than 100 days straight before the election, we were subject to a virus and border update from either the Premier or her medical sheep dog, Jeanette Young. Sometime we scored the trifecta when Steven ‘A Little Boy Called Smiley’ Miles hovered into the picture from stage left to gurgle on in his strangled, often incomprehensible style.  BUT since the election, The ‘Pie has only seen two, maybe three such insulting scare-the-pants-of-them waffle fests.

Suddenly, COVID is unfashionable.

Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 12.39.14 pm

It is no joking matter but that’s never stopped The ‘Pie, who is reminded of the old joke when someone asks a bloke in a bar what he does for living.

‘I’m the town’s elephant catcher’, he says.

‘But there aren’t any elephants in this town.’

‘See what a good job I’m doing, buy me a beer.’

And that in a nutshell is how history will see Palaszczuk’s  amazingly daft sleight of hand with her shonky ‘keeping Queenslander safe’ mantra. Keeping them broke and busted for no good reason, more like it.

So in the blink of an eye, the Premier is exposing the lie of the ruinous corona virus policy and border closure. Because somehow, with the threat of defeat at the polls behind her, Premier Palaszczuk is binning restrictions at a rate of knots.

restrictions over Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 12.33.27 pm

Full house for Origin 3? Sure why not? Few beers with your mates down at the pub? Go for it. Businesses can start getting back to full throttle? Sure – if you survived the restrictions the government found so necessary to get rep-elected, pity about the workers. But hey, Dr Goofball – whose been running the state for four months – will now give the nod to pilots in single seater aircraft to go flying , even if it does give punters the irresistible urge to go for a drive. Just not across the border just yet.

Let’s call this for what it was ….Palaszczuk, Miles and Jeanette Young turned the virus restrictions and closed borders into – to use the phrase of the great Marina Hyde on another subject – ‘a 12-part Netflix series that should’ve been a 90 minute documentary.’ The unnecessary economic cost won’t be recovered for years, and it is becoming clear that the threat was nowhere near the hyped up campaign terror tactics. An inquiry won’t help much in practical terms but it could highlight the total ineptitude and cowardice and it’s not a stretch to say, intentional corruption of putting her own political survival ahead of balanced and almost risk free policies that could have kept us all moving forward.

Ah, Queensland politics, putrid one day, putrid the next.

Then We Have The Rocky Horror Show …

Strewlow mess  Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 12.54.04 pm

… with ratepayers paying scalper prices for a ticket. But they look like avoiding copping the pineapple, so as to speak.

A little history.

When Labor decided they wanted to introduce succession laws to local government – ostensibly to avoid costly by-elections – they were warned more than once about the pitfalls of the proposed law, especially unfair representation  – but being arrogantly pigheaded, they barged ahead anyway.

Then, just before the election, came the LGAQ annual bunfight of mayors on the Gold Coast, where the LGAQ ganged up on the hapless LG minister Stirling Hinchliffe, demanding the succession laws be changed back because among the dangers was assassination of the sitting mayor or councillor for political advancement by some also-rans. Hinchliffe wilted under this arrant nonsense and said OK, he’ll change them back, knowing full well he’d do no such thing – certainly not in a hurry – after the election had been run and won.  Buying this as an excuse to right a wrong of his own making says volumes about this twerp.

But karma being a busy bee of late, those precise objections – not assassinations, but the initial fears of unfair lop-sided representation – came to pass in both Rockhampton and Townsville.

Enter Rockhampton mayor Margaret Strelow.

trelow resigns Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 12.05.00 am

Or more precisely EXIT Mayor Strelow, who has been having a running political ping pong match with Queensland Labor for the past three years. A life-long ALP party member until she was bumped out of pre-selection by the George Street backroom boys in 2017, Mayor Strelow stamped her foot and resigned from the party on the spot (seems the decade for political sore losers) and ran unsuccessfully as an independent, against the Labor’s  selected candidate.

Now, it’s well known that Labor are the great haters with the best memory, and so they sooled the local government watchdogs, the Council Conduct Tribunal, on to her when she returned to mayoral duties. This collection of clenched buttocks duly made a Broadway production out of what was really a provincial amateur one-nighter at the local Mechanics Institute, using an extremely minor infraction of a bureaucratic box-ticking trap to impose demeaning and embarrassing sanctions on Mayor Strelow.

So the political ping pong ball was at Strelow’s end of the table, and she smashed it back by resigning, certainly knowing her ‘succession’ replacement would be a massive embarrassment to the government, but ignoring the very serious ramifications for the city  in which she has prospered.

Chris Pineapple Hooper Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 12.13.57 am

Strelow is no goody two shoes in all this, she was under no real public or private pressure to resign –especially not over a piddling matter of what the world would know – if it cared –  was a fake apology about a relatively minor matter of which there is not a scintilla of proof of actual or even possible corruption. Mrs Strelow insisted she resigned as a matter of principle, because she was not going to apologise for something of which she did not believe she was guilty. WHAT? WHOA UP THERE, count the silverware, a politician talking about principle? This coming from someone who was a lifelong member of a major political party until 2017, who had been in the hurly burley of local government politics for 20 years, 16 of them as mayor? This was breathtaking bullshit flying the face of reality on a Trumpian scale.

But Strelow scored the point she wanted … highlighting the stupidity of the succession law in the first place, and forcing an embarrassed Palaszczuk to move with unaccustomed alacrity to get the law changed back to by-election mode. So we now are heading for two expensive by-elections, PRECISELY what this addled-headed government patted itself on the back for avoiding when it passed the silly laws that it now scrambling to change.

Now forget any malarkey about ‘independent’ tribunal – the decision itself may be untainted although pursued with unusual vigour, but what happens when George St gets to know what that decision is, what action eventuates is a very different kettle of stinking fish. You may rest assured had runner up been a Labor candidate in Rocky or here in Townsville at councillor level, , you’d wouldn’t have heard a squeaky fart out of this government. It seems for the current regime, like Castrol oils, rules ain’t rules.

Lots of laws in this state need to be reviewed – do let us know your pet peeves about rules that should be changed – but tell you what, one law the Magpie would wholeheartedly endorse would be allowing abortions to be made retrospective for these stumblebum politicians.

And Just Before We Leave This (Yes, Know It’s Gone On A Bit)

This from comments during the week.

The Magpie
5,461 approved
Well, well, well, look who was on the same Adani flight that cost Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow her job.Mayors at inidan solar farm 8-mayors-twitter-pic-e1604969388573-850x455

So do we now find that Mayor Jenny Hill, who received the exactly same highly dubious ‘benefits’ as Strelow and the other mayors, is exonerated from any suspicion of being influenced by her self-interested host simply because she ticked the right bureaucratic box in time. A woman who pledged $18.5 million to her Indian billionaire host for an airstrip at his Adani Carmichael mine?

This stuff is worthy of Kafka at his terrifying best (try The Trial).

Seems Jenny and the other mayors all ticked the right boxes, so how Strelow got a separate punishable benefit from this jolly will remain a question of bastardry.

On another local note, if it comes to a by election for Division 10, which it looks like, Asti Poole , now Asti Savage (“it’s great being a school teacher named Savage’ she jokes) tells The ‘Pie she’ll have another crack. Asti managed only 17% of the vote when Les Walker ran away with 65% of the chocolates, so she will have a lot of ground to make up. Same will apply to Fran O’Callaghan, who was just ahead of Asti with 18%, and but for the proposed law change, would be automatically appointed to council.

But here’s an interesting question: if the previously discussed laws call for the by election for a councillor, do we all have to vote again? More likely it will it be restricted to just to those in Division 10? Good luck with policing that.

Seriously, What’s Up With This Bloody Paper …

… and it’s iditor, Craig Warhurst.

Fresh from the avalanche of condemnation to their Facebook page and the paper itself for the ‘Townsville’s Ten Hottest Crims’ debacle, now we get a gallery of ‘fresh-faced offenders’.

Youthful offenders Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 8.58.34 am

The text is straight forward and matter of fact, but what purpose can there be for rehashed a rehashed article like this, there is nothing new in here. But what it does do is use pics lifted straight from Facebook with arrogant ‘up-yours’ poses … this serves only to make these grubby little snots and their behavior even more of heroes among their peers.

Good on you, craig, you blow-in, nice to see you’re still doing your bit for a city beset by juvenile crime, can hardly wait for your next indignant and hypocritical iditorial on the subject.

But Whores’s For Courses

It is nice to see that News Ltd employs columnists with specialist knowledge of the subject they write about.

Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 1.03.29 pm

Well, Vicki, having your legs up certainly gave you a leg up by bonking Barnaby when he was a married man with several kids.

Let’s Lighten Up For A Sec

A classic headline from Britain of yesteryear, when a soccer player named Caley ran riot in a match, delivering a heavy defeat for Celtic. The Scottish paper’s sub-editor got to really in the boot.

Headline atrocious El22sVFU4AAiCAg

Nearly There

Know we’ve seen it before, but just love it.


If ever there was a miscalculated ploy of gaslighting – i.e. psychologically manipulating a person to question their own sanity, as we have all been doing for the past four years, tweet by tweet – it is the term Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Trump strategists concocted the term to suggest that anyone criticizing Trump – for anything – suffered a derangement brought about by hatred of the President. What the clever clogs in the backroom of the White House basement didn’t take into account was the theory of unintended consequences, wherein the reaction of average reader seeing DTS was that it referred to Trump himself as deranged, a view ably assisted by Trump’s own behavior.

But even now that The Trumpanzee been clearly and fairly thumped in the election, Trump Derangement Sydnrome has arrived in American courts, as this crook tries to delay the inevitable which leave himself open to massive corruption and fraud charges.

These forays into court – described by one experts as ’not lawsuits, just theatrics’ – by lawyers armed with big words and little arguments has got them sometimes tangled up, including this hilarious attempt by one schill to avoid admitting he had lied that Republican vote observers had been barred from the Pennsylvania counting floor.

Non-zero number Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 11.19.27 am

Non-zero number … meaning some – deserves an award.

And here you can check here the flimsiness of other claims being made and repudiated across the country.

What next before Trump is frog-marched out of the White House? The ‘Pie’s bet is a retrospective blanket pardon which will grant HIMSELF – some law experts say that is actually possible. But American satirists are still making antic hay while this goofy sun still shines.

245375_rgb_1536 cjones11122020-1 trumpyourefiredtoon 20201105edshe-b 110520pollsterr sk110820dapr gv110620dapr Dummy Spite 245440_rgb_768 wu201109 245460_rgb_768 20201110edbbc-a 20201110edphc-a 20201110edshe-b cjones11132020 wpnan201107 A24850 245544_rgb_768 lk111220dapr wpnan201112 A24851 20201111edbbc-a sb111220dapr sbr111320dapr 20201112edhan-a


Rolling Down Nostalgia’s Centre Aisle

Funny how a clever phrase can bring a sudden flood of un related memories. The ‘Pie had such a moment when reading a Denis Atkins piece on Albanese’s threatened leadership. Atkins wroite:

This sentiment drained fairly quickly as the politicians worked through where things might lead. The Jaffa which had been rolled down the Caucus centre aisle had leadership stamped on it.

The rolling Jaffa allusion will be lost on anyone under 55, and even then, will resonate more with those from rural areas, where cinemas (theatres we called them) strictly segregated by price – upstairs in the ‘dress circle’ and further up behind ‘The Gods”, where those more interested in foolin’ around than the film regularly met. These areas were carpeted with better seating. while the slightly graded ‘cheap seats’ ground floor featured wooden floorboards. ‘Downstairs’ was literally and figuratively looked down on as riff raff territory for kids, lairs, bodgies and their widgies, they really were the cheap seats. It was great sport to annoy the upstairs hoity toity and ushers and usherettes down in this demi-monde by alleviating the boredom of some scenes – ‘kissing, too much yak yak yak between explosions , gazing at paper moons over a cardboard sea’ – by rolling the odd Jaffa or two down the centre aisle like a miniature bowling balls with a similar sound, to get a flashing torch reaction from the indignant guardians of the arts.

Ah the distant and dusty days of youth. Do they still sell Jaffas?

And Finally, Back Home For A Good Old Fashioned Singalong

Like so many other politicians, our new deputy premier and previously medically castrated Health Minister Stephen ‘Smiley’ Miles , has been inspired to his public office by early encounters with music. So The Magpie can reveal Mr Miles has talked a thousand smiles inspired by this 1956 theme ditty for the Aussie movie (A Little Boy Called) Smiley. ..


… and while the movie plot has all the hallmarks of modern political theatre, the lyrics in some verses run true to Mr Miles performances this year.

Sound up and sing along, bugger the neighbours.


A crowded week, and some good original info flowing in comments, where you’re invited to have your say on matters that interest, amuse or enrage you.

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  1. Bentley says:

    Speaking of Jaffas, I’m told by my elderly mates that, in the process of sneaking over to the centre aisle to deploy their Jaffas, they often pinched their fingers in the crude folding mechanism of the cheap seats (which would snap to the vertical position when relieved of the weight of its occupant). These downstairs cheap seats right up the back accordingly became known as ‘the finger stalls’.

  2. Hi Beam says:

    Weary Dave I stole this bit of your comment to save retyping it. I had exactly the same experience with David Crisafulli . I total agree with the comment in full and have repeated it for first time readers!

    believe it or not he used to actually take calls from residents and listen to their concerns/issues … he would then look at the TCC org chart & staff/dept role summaries to determine which department / manager was the most suitable or qualified to deal with the issue and try and put the two parties in touch with each other via the CEO in order to work towards a positive outcome … fckn crazy concept I know :-) … he’ll only do good for QLD

    • Weary Dave says:

      All good Beam … Gartrell, Roberts & Last were good like that as well (i.e. they actually gave a fck).

      • The Magpie says:

        And it is reasonable to say that the current councillors might be somewhat more sympathetic if it were not for the Christmas Hold that Jenny Hill on all of them.

    • NQ Gal says:

      I sent the local councillor an email asking for a bin to be installed along Ross River. 6 months and waiting for a response.

  3. Sheriff of Magnetic Forest says:

    What a week in Queensland once again.

    Ectopic buttockfly, you must have been so happy to see Premier Jeanette Young give us permission to have larger gatherings and even take our masks off somewhat at restaurants. What a great Mother she is to all of us Queenslanders. And what an exciting moment as the beefy Polak announced some easing of restrictions too and a full stadium for Origin 3 has been permitted. Jeez, thanks Anna, you certainly know what’s best for us. But wow, we didn’t see that coming straight after the election. Who would’ve thought? These two Nimrods are not worth the carbon footprint that they take up.

    Then we had the Freckle and deputy footstool Tim Meanderer step aside to make way for The Kid. Again, something the Labor loving Liberal hating femme fatale are enraged about. But it’s a positive step and one that will pay dividends in the long term. Of course, the Liberal hating bulldykes on this page are furious about this and have commenced attacking the Pie’s male audience. No surprises in that. But hey, we men are used to being targeted by the elderly old opinionated slappers in our community.

    Anyway, if Ectopic Buttockflies, NMD, ECQ, Last Drinks et al have an issue with my comment please drop me a line at #Idontgiveafuck.


  4. Mike Douglas says:

    Retrospective changes to Councillors and Mayors by the Queensland Labor Government driven by LGAQ is simply to protect their party and income because if Jenny Hill is convicted it avoids Sam Cox , Greg Dowling from being appointed and gives Labor and the LGAQ time to get a candidate and support base in place to maintain the status quo . Stephen Miles is the new local Government Minister , the Minister behind the $400 k Lady Cilento name change debacle who said the change had overwhelming support only to have the support emails tracked back to State Government IP addresses . Has any evidence of debt collectors appointed by T.C.C. to collect unpaid rates been proven because with the closure of Annandales Community Centre it doesn’t seem to fit T.C.C,, “Townsville mentally healthy City “ objective .

    • Dr of Truth says:

      I don’t disagree with your logic Mike. But for goodness sake, on a previous post you tried to associate me with TRRA and then You post this?

    • George st says:

      I think you make good points. Although I am sure the local government “ second runner wins “ legislation only applies to vacancies within 12 month
      It is unlikely Ms Hills issues will be finalised within the next 18 months let alone by 31 March 2021
      But, the government is concerned about Ms Hills position
      Additionally they hate Palmer and they know that if any of his clowns get into office the advantage of incumbency will be weaponised .It is a powerful tool . Look what they did in Canberra distraction and destruction
      Look at how the green vermin is multiplying. Now 2 seats and spreading into neighbouring seats
      I don’t understand why the opposition and msn are not pursuing the government about why the changes to the local government act were required and the potential of other time bombs in the act

      • The Magpie says:

        Well, crikey, give The Kid, a former Local Government minister, a bit of a chance, George, he’s been in the job less than a week. He and what will be a well drilled team, one hopes, will have four years to – to borrow Paul Keating’s words to John Hewson ‘ do them slowly, old son’. Solid and sensible alternative policies will be have the Government in disarray pretty quickly. It will be a pollsters picnic, as Premier Alphabet flails around looking for counter attacks. Actually, it’s going to massive fun.

        • George st says:

          I totally agree ,it is only been a week
          However the kid went after AP and the CMO at this mornings media conference
          He is requesting release of health advice by the CMO for the basis of decisions and rightly so. It will not happen but politically it is a very good attack avenue
          The denied requests sets up avenues of alleged cover up accusations as next years economic meltdown crystallises
          Game on

          • The Magpie says:

            This is only just the start.


          • Jillaroo says:

            The Kid is asking the right questions. 4 more years of this and Nanna Anna will have a breakdown. Frecklington was too spineless to ask the bigbqu actions. And The Kid is spot on – where is the CMO risk assessment? Where is the data that the assessment was measured against? What’s changed in just 1 week? Seriously, these arsewipes have made it up as they play along. Show us the proof Jeanette. Muppet.

          • The Magpie says:

            Thinking back, let us not overlook that Crisafulli played a very canny game over the past year or so … always loyal but probably saved his best initiatives, questions and attacks for now. he knew his leadership was coming, so why delay it by propping up The Freckle by making her look good. Frankly, The ‘Pie will be surprised if he doesn’t have Anna a gibbering hot mess in jig time. Just ashamed Beirut’s favourite daughter isn’t still around for a bit of sport.

        • last drinks says:

          Comparing Crisafulli with Paul Keating is like comparing The Magpie with Edward R. Morrow.

          • The Magpie says:

            While your comment is tedious, it’s published to highlight the tactic of selective and dishonest reading employed by the deeply biased like you Slobbering Drunk. Please show The ‘Pie where he compared Crisafulli to Keating. Perchance this is the phrase to which you are referring explaining a political tactic likely to employed by The Kid: … to borrow Paul Keating’s words to John Hewson ‘ do them slowly, old son’.
            Look, if you want to take part in this forum, wake up and don’t play pointless silly buggers.

            And The ‘Pie is sure the late Edward R Murrow is flattered at your suggestion.

    • George st says:

      It is interesting the attack dog. Dr No. aka Dr Steven Miles is now local government Minister . Perhaps they feel there is unfinished business that needs to be worked over
      The state government hates local government , they think they are representative nuisances that stop smooth passage of the George street plans
      Why would local residents know what is good for their community . The state government employs lots of smart arses in SEQ that already know what is good for you

      • Alahazbin says:

        George, Maybe they think his doctorate of political science might be more help in his new role. The petty things he did as health minister will just carry over to local government. Probably a few more opportunities to fuck up.

        • The Magpie says:

          Interesting to see his bio lists his experience in the ‘real world’ as ‘union official. God fucking help us.

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            I thought you were an atheist?

          • The Magpie says:

            Yes, but being dyslexic, The ‘Pie does believe in dog.

          • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

            Still he’s in a better position than David Crisafulli.

          • The Magpie says:

            Hahaha … so weak. He’s even got you spooked, eh, Steve?

          • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

            Not at all, Pie, I think you just rate him too highly due to your LNP bias. He comes across as a spiv, and I’m not sure how well that would play with people.

          • The Magpie says:

            He conmes across to YOU as a spiv. And The ‘Pie reiterates, he is issues and policy based when it comes to parties … they all stink in parts. And when someone accuses The ‘Pie of bias, it just means not biased in your direction.

  5. Alahazbin says:

    Pie, your story in the last blog how Walker got the tag ‘Message Bank’ explains it all. Always enjoyed your piece in the old Bulletin. You certainly have a way with the English language.
    You should ask Scotty Redford Chisholm of his experience with trying to contact Message Bank on election night in arranging a photo shoot.
    It appears he has two phones and was not impressed when Scotty reached him.

    • The Magpie says:

      He’ll need three now.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      I hear, that prior to the state election, Message Bank was only too keen to talk to people about things he could take to Anna to look like he was a mover and shaker. Now, let us wait and see. Because in my experience the only moving Messagebank does is avoiding questions and hiding from public scrutiny. He certainly doesn’t deliver anything.

  6. The COVID Kid says:

    Aagh yes, the Corona Virus, the virus that Governments have used to destroy the Worlds economy both now and for the next 30 years. The virus isn’t destroying the world, the inept Governments are. So while Premier Young and Anna tell us what we can do, where we can go and how we can act Japan which has a population of 126 million people and has not been in lockdown has had only 2,000 deaths. Why? Japanese are healthier eaters, use masks when they are sick in general, have good hygiene practise and don’t shovel their faces full of fast fucking food morning, noon and night. Weak followers believe in and trust the Governments are brainless morons who don’t have the guts to make their own decisions. COVID has been blown out proportion or misused for political agendas. The only winners are the politicians and big pharma.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie generally agrees with you – up to a point – but certainly doesn’t believe the Australian economy at least will take 30 years to get back in shape … more like 3 or 4, and less than a year for Townsville, since the city is starting from such a low base to begin with.

      And, pal, you will note The ‘Pie has removed the pejorative adjective you used to describe the premier … it is a snide, deeply personal and totally irrelevant slash, which is beneath any reasonable person … as The Freckle learnt to her cost. Buck up a bit on the rhetoric, sport.

      • The COVID Kid says:

        Ok, will do, sport!

        • Kenny Kennett says:

          I call bullshit and know better than the tripe you feed us Covid san. The Japanese have had lock downs, closed schools, most big businesses’ staff still work mainly from home. In fact one of their biggest, Dentsu, has been working from home since mid March. Residents of different prefectures are restricted to essential travel only and masks are a must. As for food, they do have three meals a day and lots of alcohol. The trains are not empty but they are far from sardine cans. If you want to travel to Japan and can get a plane, you’ll need to have a COVID test within 72 hours of departing your home airport and have a negative result written in Japanese. Then on arrival in Japan, you will do a another COVID test at one of the TOKYO airports before being released. Then the 14 day quarantine starts. Sound familiar? And if you take the time to look at figures, Japan are only now heading into Winter, currently average 800 cases a day, and have only done 2.6 million tests compared to Australia’s 8.6 Million…and they have 5 times our population. As I said, I call bullshit on your comment! Get your facts straight. Their Govt is doing as much as any other. Oh, and FYI Sweden are into their next wave as their numbers have skyrocketed.

  7. AB says:

    If only last drinks would have their last drink …..

    Poor showing by the LNP at this election – with a senators office and a federal office in town – they couldn’t get one candidate over the line.

    Back to the drawing board for you lot.

  8. Elusive Butterfly says:

    What QLD industry was/is most affected by Covid19?
    Tourism, right?
    Who was the LNP’s Tourism Shadow Minister?
    David Crisafulli.
    Who went missing before and during the QLD election on all issues “tourism” and landed less hits on the outgoing Tourism Minister, Kate Jones, than Jeff Horn did on Tim Tszyu during the Townsville “blockbuster.”
    You guessed it!!

  9. NQ Gal says:

    Biden will be declared the winner, but the Orange Ejit will never publicly declare that he lost, as he has to both save face with his cult, and more so, his own ego won’t allow for it. Hopefully he pisses off to Florida for an extended Christmas vacation and doesn’t go back to Washington.

  10. J Jones says:

    Fact check – Cally is the team not a player och eye

    • The Magpie says:

      Ok, thanks. No shame in not knowing … would that be short for caledonian something?

      • J Jones says:

        Yep Inverness Caledonian thistle

      • wildcolonialboy says:

        Had Caley been a player, the headline would have been Super Caley goes ballistic, as in the singular

        • The Magpie says:

          Right. missed that, so taken with the cleverness. Good point.

          • wildcolonialboy says:

            All said and done, it’s a wonderful headline, one that an old sub like me would have been proud to call my own. It brings to mind another beauty when Spain’s King Juan Carlos was about to free four dissidents from jail and the relevant paper’s headline was “Juan to free four”

          • The Magpie says:

            Or the no doubt apocryphal one about three prizes Siamese cats were kidnapped for ransom in Paris, and when the wners didn’t pay up, the animals were put in a bag and tossed in the Seine. Headline: ‘Un Deux Cats Sank.’

  11. The Magpie says:

    Reckon even the Pope would laugh … The ‘Pie hasn’t stopped since first seeing this, beats funny toast anyday.

  12. The Magpie says:

    And something to quietly think about on this beautiful Sunday.

    30 years on, Archie Roach has given us a new version of his gut-wrenching They Took The Children, a song and video worth all the self-defeating and often alienating street marches and divisive comments from some self-important figures in the aboriginal industry. If you don’t feel a pang at this shameful history, you should consider your position.


    • The Magpie says:

      But it is worth saying – to save some angry spluttering The ‘Pie can already hear – indigenous leaders should NOT use this disgraceful policy to parrot ‘never again’ without tempering it with common sense, because, regardless of race or creed, all children deserve protection from abusive, dangerous and emotionally debilitating homes – the misguidedly stupid and callous policy of the institutionalised removal of black children from their families cannot be used as an excuse today to deny children that protection if it is necessary.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Humans, still some of the worlds most dangerous creatures !

  13. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Now, surely, as the new leader of a virtually decimated Party in the recent election, you would immediately demonstrate your supposed leadership skills by taking on one of the more demanding and difficult portfolios.
    Treasury, Health, Attorney-General, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Partnerships… the environment… all come to mind.
    But, no.
    The new leader, David Crisafulli, has allocated himself probably the cushiest little number in QLD, apart from Sport & Racing…tourism!
    But then, he did have three years “experience” in that role. Right?
    I also did note that the North QLD Ministry is no more.
    But then, Gold Coasters aren’t really interested in this part of the world!!

    • The Magpie says:

      Some commenters will be allocated suitable warning signs to protect other readers. Here’s yours.

    • George st says:

      Not sure losing 3 seats is being decimated . I think the portfolio Allocation is strategically wise , especially separation of treasure from finance .
      It is a mature response to both needing to hold the current government to account and needing to present polices and vision for the future
      I can see a lot of disruption and distraction for the government in the near future
      Cant wait for budget day. The ammunition for both sides with be plentiful and the battle fierce

      • The Magpie says:

        In the original meaning (biblical about Herod wasn’t it?) ‘decimated’ meant killing one in ten – ‘deci’ + ten – but that strict usage has been discarded by lazy kiddies who can’t be fussed with linguistic accuracy. But then again even in the correct sense, losing three seats out of 40 something is only one off the LNP being ‘decimated’.

        Your other views are spot on, and already, Crisafulli is demanding the Palaszczuk release the medical advice on which she acted to kept the borders and businesses closed. She won’t of course, because it was purely campaigning by her political patsy Jeanette Young. If the medical cabal didn’t stick together like shit to a blanket, at least the AMA should examine the evidence, with a view to reviewing Young’s practicing certification.

        Her hare-brained Anzac flyover decision and a couple of other loopy calls (80 at an indigenous funeral because it was ‘cultural’ when others were only allowed 10) has cast doubt on ALL her decision-making, and Crisafulli is right to call for the evidence that has affected all of us so much.

        • George St says:

          Agreed but wishful thinking . The AMA stop being independent a few years ago . Its members chase government subsidies and funding like greyhounds at the track .

  14. Dave of Kelso says:

    While doing research prior to suggesting the ‘Pie be nominated as a National Living Treasure (NLT), and hoping that the Nesters would enthusiastically vote for him, I found that NLT No. 57 is………

    Your not going to believe this, hence the link, is,

    Drum roll…………….

    Wait for it!

    Ta Darrr!

    Clive bloody Palmer!


    He manipulated the process by instructing his employees to vote for him on mass. Skumbag!

    Apart from Clive bloody Palmer, the ‘Pie, if he got up, would be in fine company.

    Check out the link. It is all there.


  15. Dr of Truth says:

    I think the Kid will do ok. But Palaszczuk is a cunning fox. She knows she is on the gravy train for four more years and short of something sensational, there is not much that can hurt her terribly for the next three years. One year out from the next Election is the interesting bit. Can the Kid up the tempo and find the ammunition he needs? He will need to work extremely hard and keep his approval ratings up or his Party may become disillusioned. The big thing in his favour is that come the next Election, I think the time is right for the people to be looking for a change no matter what. That time was probably this last Election except for the Covid-19 topic taking away our focus.

    • The Magpie says:

      Agree with your projected assessment to a point, but The Kid has already shown he won’t be sitting on his hands _ take it from The ‘Pie and any number of other people who know him _ his work ethic is exhausting. And unlike Labor at various levels, he won’t be herding factional cats, his troops are solidly behind him, but without the Labor-style knives – knowing they have a leader with no hidden agendas involving them getting shafted. And his shadow cabinet clearly demonstrates his self-belief without being cocky – he has had the confidence to choose one of the most interesting shadow cabinets in a while, a mix of the newer member and more experienced ones. He has selected a number of the latter which demonstrates he feels secure in his job and will use the experience on offer, and not have the need to protect himself from internal attacks. The only person mentioned that may need watching his deputy, touted as a future leader – however the one doing that touting was only that mincing little closet queen with the rosebud cat’s bum mouth, Alan Jones, so it can be safely ignored for the moment.

      There will be stumbles, of course, and they will be fairly and fully reported here, but The ‘Pie believes that in David Crisafulli, Queensland has the chance to have one of the best premiers Australia has ever had in the past 50 years. Friendship has nothing to do with it, The ‘Pie is happy to put his reputation – such as that tatty old thing may be – on the line, because The Magpie spotted The Kid 16 years ago as a political stand-out and clearly destined for the role he is now just one step away from. been right so far, so why would The ‘Pie change. The person only person who could cause that to happen would be a poorly performing David Crisafulli … and he won’t be.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        His biggest challenge is re engaging the Nats, not just the cranky bastards like me, but the branches, SEC’s and the executive as a whole, without the Nats on the ground it’s a tough road ahead. The party is fucked in the regions, because the Nats are not interested, without them the LNP is really just a few snivelling Liberal party sooks, Townsville is an example. Newman mobilised the Nationals once again, for the first time in many years, then we dumped him real quick when he started fucking around with things he shouldn’t have and in one term he was gone. People need to understand how the National Party works, David has plenty of time to work his way through it, and a great pick as deputy in David Janetzki who will help in this regard. For the he first 12 months he should focus most of his efforts on internal party engagement, because no matter what points he scores early against Labor he has 4 years to stay relevant, that’s impossible, best to sort out the internal stuff and then work his way into the fight with Puddleduck.

      • Al says:

        “that mincing little closet queen with the rosebud cat’s bum mouth”. I LOVE your turn of phrase, Pie. We were never taught that sort of stuff at Bricklayers Academy.

  16. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Apparently Anna doesn’t give two hoots regarding the new LNP leader, but Stirling Hinchliffe, the new Labor Tourism Minister, will soon be a jibbering wreck given he’s up against such a talent as Mr. Crisafulli.
    Hip, hippo, hooray!

    • The Magpie says:

      Glad you’re starting to see the light.

    • Jillaroo says:

      Anna doesn’t give a shit……yet. And why should she for the time being? Her party just got re-elected and she has 4 more years standing beside Premier Young to enjoy sucking on the taxpayer teat. But her party stinks. She protected Trad, she manipulated all of Queensland in her phoney COVID fight and she has left us in so much debt it will take years to recover. That shall be remembered. And in relation to the COVID debt and her actions, well this will all be exposed eventually for the fraud it is. The Kid is going to have lots of fun over the next few years and the tubby Polak is going to earn her money and certainly get fit to keep up with the inevitable onslaught from a refreshed LNP.

  17. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Mr. Pie, you’re very confusing.
    You’ve already agreed that Mr. Crisafulli did nothing for Townsville whilst Deputy Mayor and the Mundingburra MP…a seven-year period…and yet, you are now making him out to be almost “Churchillian.”
    I “spotted” Mr. Crisafulli some 20 years ago…beat you by four Mr. Pie…when he was a reporter and then headed (news editor…and I cringe to use that term)…the worst television, local news service in history.
    I used to call it the “Giggle Half-Hour.”
    It actually gave Steve Price and Dave Harrison credence…and, that’s saying something!!

    • The Magpie says:

      At no stage has The ‘Pie suggested Crisafulli did nothing in the two posts you mention, especially deputy mayor – as several others have already attested, although it doesn’t suit the narrative rattling around in your head. And its seems for someone with no credence, Pricey has managed to do pretty well for himself, with a standing in the community you could only dream about with two hands.

  18. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Ah Mr. Pie, you are so right.
    Mr. Price has does very well from being a tiny fish in a big pond in Melbourne to a big fish in a tiny pond in Townsville.
    And, let’s not forget…he’s a great mate of Ms. Hill.

  19. Molly9 says:

    The Bulletin has shown it’s complete lack of intellect again, this morning’s edition (online, Mon 16/11), has rerun the article you highlighted re: young offenders with photos. ‘Fresh faced offenders’, nasty morons is a better title; stupid moron is a better job title for the Bully’s editor as well. We pick up the Bully as part of another subscription, and this is another example of why we won’t pay for the Bulletin directly.

  20. George st says:

    Interesting media reports of the futures for Kate Jones and Jackie trad
    Kate joins joins the NRL and plans a run for Brisbane mayors job
    Jackie Trad has option of Senator for North Queensland based in Townsville or back to parliament via seat of Toohey , when the hapless and unmade bed Peter Russo gets caught in another ethics scandal or suffers health issues
    In summary. ALP has been hanging around like a fart in a lift

  21. Over The Hill says:

    I wrote to the OIA asking why Mayor Jenny Hill had not been investigated for her trip to India with Adani (which resulted in her offer of millions of dollars of ratepayer money for Adani’s airport in the middle of nowhere) and received the following reply:
    “Ordinarily, in the interests of fairness and natural justice the OIA does not externally provide conduct complaint information that identifies a councillor; unless it is made to inform a complainant about the outcome of a matter, a conduct allegation about the councillor has been sustained or the matter has been publicly released by an external party and a comment from the OIA is necessary to correct a record.
    As the information you seek, however, is publicly available from media articles and from the councillor’s publicly available register of interests, I will provide you with the following information.
    Mayor Hill updated her register of interests on 19 May 2017, after receiving the travel and hospitality from Adani on 18 March 2017.
    This is outside the required period of 30 days, but the OIA decided that it was not in the public interest to further investigate Mayor Hill’s conduct in relation to her register in the circumstances.
    Mayor Strelow was given a number of opportunities to correct her register of interests for the same trip, but declined to do so.”
    All of which begs the following questions:
    Why did Mayor Hill fail to declare her junket trip to India within the prescribed 30 days?
    Did Mayor Hill receive a tip off to correct her register of interests, thus avoiding an investigation?

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie has avoided saying this before, but it must now be a fair to consider that Jenny hill is on the take … or at least tried to be.

      Clr Hill’s virtually arbitrary $18.5m pledge to Adani has the stink of old time political corruption about it. But hey, this is the LGAQ’s Queensland, so move along, nothing to see here. And don’t forget, it is certain that the LGAQ would’ve received 10% of whatever Wagners charged to built the airstrip.

      Ya gotta love Queensland politics. Since Joh, only the names have changed.

      • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

        Remember that the Doona only “found” the scratched together note with that date on it much later and retrospectively amended the record.

        I see the note as reading something like:

        TO DO TODAY:
        1. Suck up to ALP Brisbane and blow more smoke up arse of Jabba at LGAQ
        2. Pick fight with ratepayers or staff (pick whichever brings you most joy)
        3. Meeting with Adele and Nous – who to fuck over next?
        4. New hands-free for car (nah, scratch that)

        • The Magpie says:

          And that, Nude Lever Puller, is THE funniest and clever comment of the week. Love it.

          • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

            why, thank you feathered friend!

          • The real Philip Batty says:

            To add to the comments above, and this may be of interest to Mayor Strelow too.

            This quote is from the Chief Legal Officer of TCC on 29th January 2018 regarding my many questions asked.

            “In the meantime, we take this opportunity to note that the hospitality benefits recorded by the Mayor from the trade mission in India in 2017 were not required to be included in her Statement of Interests as they did not meet the definition of ‘sponsored hospitality benefits’. The benefits were received by the Mayor in her official capacity as Mayor. Like a number of other regional mayors, these hospitality benefits were received by the Mayor in her official capacity as Mayor during the Premier’s trade mission to India last year.

            Accordingly, these benefits do not fall within the statutory definition of ‘sponsored hospitality benefits’ under Schedule 5 of the Local Government Regulations (2012). The Mayor has chosen to voluntarily include these details in her Statement of Interests, notwithstanding these particular hospitality benefits were not required to be included. Based on the on-line Statements of Interest currently published for the other Mayors that also attended the trade mission in India and that went on the Adani site visit, Mayor Hill appears to have been one of a small number of Mayors to have disclosed this particular hospitality benefit in her Statement of Interests.”

            SO it seems that if he is correct then Mayor Strelow has been accused of something which Mayor Hill was not accused of and the hand written bit of paper did not materialise until well into 2019 as reported to me by the CCC.

            I am sure we will never get to the bottom of this but it seems that some people have different responsibilities than others who may be more in favour.

            Further more, Mayor Hill DID NOT update her register on the 19th May 2017 at all, it was updated on the 16th August 2017.

          • The Magpie says:

            In Other words, Strelow was deliberately shafted by Labor but Mayor Mullet is a protected species. Noice one!

  22. The Magpie says:

    Meet the new Townsville City Council CEO – well, The Magpie will put money on it, and expects to be able to collect sometime this week, even maybe tomorrow.

    Yup, Prins Ralston, late of the Nous group and old Rabieh Krayem colleague, seems certain to get the nod.

    How do you know this, you ask? Simply because Ralston accompanied the mayor and other nabobs to a briefing at the Townsville Chamber of Commerce last week, with no other possible candidate in sight. So why would Ralston be taken along of he hadn’t got the job? So take it to the bank, punters.

    So the man who devised the Jenny-directed clean-out of council staff and restructure (and how’s that going for you, Mayor? Is shambles a technical term?) is to become the new Impaler … BTW he’s the one who pushed Adele Young into her tenure of mayhem as TCC CEO.

    But, hey, welcome mate, most of the people you shafted aren’t in town anymore.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Townsville, still backing losers!

    • Shrek. says:

      The arrival of Lord Farquaad will see new council expenditure lowering furniture and further accentuate the stoop of many council workers as they meet his diminutive stature.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      Chatting to a mate the other day, and he tells me that Nous has been fucking over JCU for some time as well. Just what other organisations has Prins managed to stuff up in Townsville?

    • Concerned says:

      Conflict of Interest?

    • The Magpie says:

      Note the date and time – 16 hours behind and counting.

    • Jed says:

      Well this bloke certainly must have some balls.

      The 2000+ TCC employees have fucked over far more experienced leaders than this bloke. I cannot see where he has got the experience leading massive businesses, so good luck mate your going to need it.

      Good news for the unions – can’t wait to see the CFMEU and AWU banging the drum before the next EA – 10% pay rises here we come GiddyUp

  23. Prince Rollmop says:

    Part of weeman’s bio from the nous website;

    “Conducted an organisational review that delivered a management structure matching a large local council’s current priorities and fiscal position, resulting in the development of a resourcing plan for consolidated structure“.

    That’s wank speech for gutting a workforce, and that decision which initially saved Council ‘X’ amount of dollars eventually cost Council ‘XXXXX’ amount of dollars in delayed maintenance costs, use of more contractors etc. The role of a council CEO if facilitated correctly is a. extremely busy role. Will Prins retain his numerous business and consultancy interests and Board positions as well? Not enough time for all of that! Sadly, instead of using this opportunity to bring in a real gun of a CEO, someone fresh to the region and who thinks outside the box, TCC hire this useless twat again. Recycling the old garbage. Let the mates rates begin……

    Oh, and I’m sure that Last Drinks, ECQ, NMD, and Excretia Butterfly will be very upset that someone from ‘team girl power’, yes someone with a vagina, didn’t get the top job. Oh the humanity of it all.

    • last drinks says:

      Every woman > Prince Rollmop

    • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

      Council has developed a habit of employing mean, bitter, little people in senior positions.

      Even the most stupid Mayor must see the damage this does to the organisation and the community.

      The only answer is that the Doona, like all those who “represent” this fair city, is in the back pocket of Brisbane interests and sees us only as a stepping stone to somewhere better. Here’s a news flash, we used to be that “somewhere better” until you pathetic rabble rogered us.

      With that off my chest I’m off to vacate my bowels before smoko. At least by doing that I’ll achieve more than the TCC executive today.

      • The Magpie says:

        Perhaps it might be wiser to wait until The Prince starts in the job. His track record regarding Townsville – including having his consultancy snout in other troughs around town, including the hospital and JCU – certainly doesn’t bode well. And it doesn’t help when we know that he wouldn’t have the job without Mayor Mullet’s tick off approval.

        Here’s a deep state theory for you – His Radiance and his well connected chums are secretly behind The Prince’s appointment, keeping their support very much hush hush from Mayor Mullet, who wouldn’t touch any Mooney-anointed person with a barge pole, such is the jealous loathing she holds for the former mayor. And maybe a year or so in, The Prince will do an Adele Young and start positioning as top dog over the mayor – only difference is, The Prince is a hell of a lot smarter than scatter-gun Adele Young ever was, and smarter than Mayor Mullet will ever be. He may even have learnt – if he could care – than importing third rate Labor favour-seekers doesn’t go down well around here.

        Then things will really get interesting.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          He must have been a completely useless fuckup of a businessman if he wants a $400k a year job, it would only appeal to someone who is failing in their business.

        • Alahazbin says:

          Is he still involved with NOUS? If so, no more consultancy. His Radiance will have to arrange that.

          • The Magpie says:

            Gladstone Port? Townsville Hospital? JCU? Nous in Melbourne? And CEO of Townsville? C’mon, pull this finger … oh, seems someone already has, the stench is overwhelming.

  24. Mike Douglas says:

    Todays Astonisher , Burdekin Council has debt collectors working with 200 rate payers on payment plans on their outstanding rates . The Burdekins population is 5 % of Townsvilles so could Townsville have 4,000 rate payers with outstanding rates ? . Is the Astonisher asking T.C.C. the question or is it “commercial in confidence ” . Even 2,000 late rate payers would be a $3.6 mil hit to T.C.C. on cashflow . Good luck to any new T.C.C. Ceo trying to dig the Council and the Mullet out of this or will the Dick cough up some cash ? .

    • Old Tradesman says:

      Word is that staff have been told that there is no money to buy PPE, and money is being borrowed to pay wages and salaries. Could the council be trading insolvent?

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        How long before the TCC is sacked and an Administrator appointed? This cannot go on forever?

        • George st says:

          Good point
          I suspect the answer is when the mayors case is finalised. I suspect that will be March 2022.
          Then Jackie traded installed as an administrator until next state or federal election
          Mock me , laugh if you like. But pineapple politics is often stranger than fiction

          • The Magpie says:

            Jackie Trad? The ‘Pie is mocking you and laughing at you. Knowing full well, those pineapple politics may well come back to bite bon his dainty cloaca.

      • Navman says:

        Depends on the type of PPE. There are plenty of knee pads for the Councillors to wear in the Chamber when in the presence of Mayor Hill. I believe plastic raincoats are also in plentiful supply.

  25. One legged tap dancer says:

    Lets hope and pray that Prins (anyone with a name like that has to be suspect) doesn’t bring Rabieh “Rabstar” Krayem back to stick his snout in the ratepayers trough.
    If Rabieh returns his good mate Barry Taylor might also decide to move back to the Ville.
    Just the possibility of this happening is depressing – very depressing.

    • The Magpie says:

      There is no way Mr Krayem would return to the scene of the ghastly family tragedy that happened here because of the Magpie. In a sworn statement, his solicitor, the hapless Mrs Typo Gleeson, claimed the main reason Rabieh packed his family up and left Townsville in such a hurry was because his kids were being bullied and teased at school (Townsville Grammar, The ‘Pie seems to remember) about things that dastardly ‘Pie had said about him this blog, a blog which as we all know is the essential go to site for +12 teenagers seeking ammunition in school yard harassment.

      Nothing has been heard for a while from Ms Gleeson, or Taylor in their confected little scheme to sue The Magpie, a misadventure that so far has cost the rorting Taylor- who put Krayem up to this silly venture – around maybe $200,000. But then again, knowing Taylor’s over-charging avariciousness (well noted in Queensland courts in other matters), Rabieh will have copped the bill, despite Bazza’s agreement to do it pro bono.

      • Prince Rollmop says:

        Naughty Magpie. Is there anything that your blog hasn’t been blamed for?? Perhaps the Mullets car crash, suicidal barristers, COVID, global warming, Trumps presidency and Clive Palmers flaring intestinal stomach track???

        • The Magpie says:

          Note at the bottom who to contact for further information …

        • The Magpie says:

          So our new CEO joined the board of Humanis as a hot shot director in 2009, with the company morphing into Bluestone in 2012, before going spectacularly belly up less than a year later. ‘Expanding too quickly and failed to control it’s overheads’. Just the sort of sweet-talking grifter we need make Downsville Townsville again. This is heading into interesting territory to say the least. Here’s a potted Bluestone history, with both Ralston and Krayem in the thick of dudding unsecured creditors of $86million through sheer business incompetence.


          Bluestone stared life in late 2008, just before the full impact of the GFC hit, as Humanis Group, a private equity venture that built a company on the back of acquiring specialist blue-collar recruitment company Westaff for $19 million. A string of subsequent acquisitions burdened the company with a level of debt that it could never trade itself out of as CEOs came and went with concerning regularity.

          A public brawl with co-founder Jeff Jones also made for unwelcome publicity. Rebranded as Bluestone Global in late 2012, the company collapsed less than a year later, owing unsecured creditors $86 million. Some assets of the business were purchased by The Beddison Group. The subsequent administrators’ report summarised that Bluestone had ‘…expanded quickly by acquisition while failing to effectively integrate its purchases or control its overheads’.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            But don’t worry. Prince Rollmop is here to tell you how to reorganise your council to deliver value for money to its ratepayers. Pull the other one it toots.

  26. Prince Rollmop says:

    Not so sure that $400k is piffle in these ‘challenging times’. Council CEO’s only work part-time because only 50% of their time in the office is spent working on actual Council and local matters, if that. So $400k a is nice sum. Then 25% of their time is spent on managing personal business interests and then the other 25% of their time is spent drafting silly photogenic hollow reports, attending Jabba the Hut’s even sillier little LGAQ conference and handjob sessions, kissing the Mayors ass and ensuring that the Councillors get whatever they want. There are lots of freebies, perks, paperbag deals and other tasty morsels that come a CEO’s way while perched high on the executive throne at a Council. Don’t be too quick to rulenit our as being a crappy job, as it ain’t.

    • The Magpie says:

      And you this division of work priorities how? You sound somewhat bitter. Don’t say you are one who missed?

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      $400k is fuck all when you think you are Mr Business like this guy does, expert on everything apparently, sucked his way onto every board and advisory group going around, but the reality is just another wannabe, big on theory, short on results or he wouldn’t be taking a $400k pissy job in a pissy town, another busted arse failure who has achieved nothing of substance now calling Townsville home, he won’t be short of company.

  27. Concerned says:

    Doesn’t anyone else think that a council the size of TCC having 4 CEO’s in 7 years is a bit odd and that maybe it should be investigated?

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      4 CEO’s in 7 years is not a good record. The average timespan for a decent CEO is 3 to 4 years – come onboard, fix, improve, then move on leaving the place in good shape for the next CEO. Well, that’s the premise and it’s good in theory. Townsville Council is one of numerous basketsases and it has been a dishevelled mess because numerous useless CEO’s and even more useless Councillors have royally fucked up the region over and over and over. The fresh Prince of Townsville will hopefully be met by a group of fed up Council staff and union officials sick and tired of TCC’s bullshit. He will either fall into line or he will be met by some very tired and angry FNQ people who are sick of being shit on.

      • Plannit Townsville says:

        Council staff know not to stick our necks out or we lose our heads. Unless the union does what its sposed to do, staff won’t stand up as a group.
        The councillors are piss poor excuses for councillors. They do what they are told so don’t expect anything from that lot.That leaves it up to the people. Hope they have more influence (and photos) than Dolan does.

        • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

          Well said Plannit. Those who could jump have long gone on to greener pastures while all that’s left are we who are welded to Townsville for what ever reason and either too old too specialised or too lazy to go elsewhere.

          Council as a staff group no longer have any fire in our bellies after almost a decade of continual shafting and mismanagement. Thankfully not much of a trace of Stockholm syndrome.

  28. NQ Gal says:

    A headline for you

    Super Callous, Egotistical Trumps are a locust
    (plague on society)

  29. George St says:

    Yesterday the NSW Treasurer handed down the 2020/21 budget

    This is the way you do a budget in tough times

    hopefully you can view it here


    I am posting it so that everyone can then compare and contrast it against the Qld budget about to be presented by dick by name in two weeks

    My highlights
    – first steps towards reform of property stamp duty
    – 500 million vouchers for hospitality spending
    – Capital spending of 107 billion ( thats a lot of jobs )

    Basically NSW is strengthening its position as financial power house of Australia

    What will be saying about the budget policy of Dick by name

  30. Airline says:

    For George St … Your 500 million Vouchers for Hospitality spending is not Correct

    • The Magpie says:

      Quite right, the proposed scheme (certainly not finalised) will cost $500 million, but there will still a massive number of vouchers floating around waiting to be scammed (they are claimed through a special app, great data gathering idea by the NSW Government) …. each person – so the idea goes- can claim four $25 vouchers, two for spending in restaurants and cafes and two for arts and entertainment. The vouchers cannot be combined, each $25 voucher must be used separately to supplement a separate personal spends … and not valid for booze or gambling. A sensible set of riules on the face of it, but ….

      So in the end, that means there will 125 million vouchers trying to kick start the NSW economy.

      Hackers and the dishonest tech savvy must be drooling, black market here they come.

  31. Navman says:

    Perhaps the new CEO will implant Navman equipment up the asses of TCC staff so they can monitor people even more closely, ensure they are getting value for money from what broken staff remain? They already monitor emails, web page searches, vehicle movement and IPhones. Gotta save money somehow during these ‘unprecedented times’.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, hang on a sec, unclench those buttocks. Like all large corporations, the TCC in entitled to monitor all those things you mention (mobile phones only if they are TCC issue, and certainly NOT the arse app) and one would imagine ratepayers would see that as a responsible protocol in this day and age … after all, it is putatively ratepayers money. But the targets we should be aiming for here should be the culture of secrecy, the dishonest and in several cases, totally illegal, overuse of Commercial In Confidence provisions, and the bullying by-laws that tie up ordinary folks with day-to-day complaints or requests in a blanket of red tape.

      Oh, and having the LGAQ and its shifty CEO Greg Pizza The Hutt Hallam throughly investigated as in one of Mr Hallam’s famous ‘witch hunts’.

      • Plannit Townsville says:

        Magpie the culture of secrecy permeates the whole place. Even staff don’t know what in fuckenhell is happening. A few people left recently but it’s all on the quiet.
        There’s no official communication and bullying and intimidation is rife. Staff can’t attend to the issues of the ratepayers because they are so busy trying to deal with the internal chaos.

  32. Alahazbin says:

    TCC have dumped the Carols by Candlelight because of COVID allegedly. I say bullshit. They can’t afford to have them because this city is broke. (Financially & morally)

    • The Magpie says:

      You got in ahead of The ‘Pie on that, was planning a little harumph in the blog … still might.

      How about this? The Prince takes his seat on dec 7, a couple of days later, he and the mayor miraculously say gosh, we’ve had a re-think and we can have the annual carols. Mayor says the experienced input by the new CEO showed us how we could do it, isn’t he a peach and how clever am I for finding him.

      Don’t laugh just yet. Jenny knows just how unpopular this bloke is with the staff.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        FFS! Carols by candle light? There has not been a candle there in years! Turn up with a candle and a box of matches and you will be monstered off by the Politically Correct Happnes Police.
        Cut the bullshit and call it what it is, Carols by LED Light, with the LED lights being advertising media for the Astonisher, at least in years past.
        The whole show has been captured be evangelising vegans, and we know how much fun they are.

    • Worker's party says:

      They have also dumped our staff Christmas party and are emailing all of us a video to celebrate a tough covid year. Tne video will include all the achievements from TCC. Im not worried about losing a couple of free drinks and food but telling us thst we have actually achieved anything is kicking us in tne guts and saying work harder for less. No please or thank you. Oh and all departments have been told to cut overtime back with a tree lopper. We have no money!!!! Start watching around town what dosnt get done when it eventually rains. Alot of gutters will overflow with debris.

      • The Magpie says:

        And another one bites the dust, it seems. Down to shopping for a job on Linkedin. Seems there may not have been too much collaborative government sector sentiment in Walker Street.

        • Prince Rollmop says:

          Sounds like she either fucked up and got punted or someone Senior, whonprotected her, has recently left TCC. Maybe the lass can ask Mullets daughter for a job at BCC?

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Off to Brisbane like everyone else, proving once again Townsville is now just a big FIFO camp, no one lives here, they just stay here whilst they work and then leave, what the Mullet and this council have done to this town is a disgrace, but still this is what people voted for.

  33. Hi Beam says:

    Alahazbin, you beat me to it too! The sooner the entire council is sacked and investigated by CCC and/or other such systems as may exist, the better. Seldom has a population been so poorly represented as by this mob of total incompetents. Now we have a new CEO, a man whose only skill seems to be going broke. What a pack of losers!

  34. Prince Rollmop says:

    I still find it highly amusing how the Pie was reporting days ago that the Prince had jagged the CEO role, well before TCC announced it and well before the local toilet Papers ran the story! How will the Prince find time to do CEO duties while juggling all of those other money earning jobs that he has? And 8 months to find the right candidate? Ha. What a joke. If Council can previously hire people of a caliber like The Impaler and Mike Choadblow then surely they could’ve picked up an unemployed person from Centerstink this time around to do the job.

  35. last drinks says:

    Well done Anna P , brilliant work, allowed a full stadium, wouldn’t let Gus Gould and Ray Warren into QLD. Made NSW fly in and out of Qld match day. Greatest Premier ever.
    And also Carols by Candlelight are an antiquated tradition trying to be kept alive by an ever diminishing number of happy clappers.
    It’s easy, Santa doesn’t exist, the existence of God is debatable. Christmas is for retail more than religion. At least, at Easter one does get chocolate treats.
    I think I shall go back to my ancestral religion and become a Druid.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      You already are a Druid LD – in part, a Druid is someone who is a political adviser. You’ve been advising local Politicians how to financially benefit themselves and yourself for years. You won’t be happy that a ‘male’ has jagged the TCC CEO position. A real blow to ‘girl power’. Ha ha

    • Achilles says:

      Just go back to the religeon which we are all born with; a beautiful open mind until some elaborateley dressed, mind-virus pedlar buggers you up for at least the next 20 years.

  36. Achilles says:

    The TB on-line carries a header regarding injuries sustained in an E-bike crash late last night.

    Interesting that the photo shows a “grey” E-bike. That’s the livery of the new street pest that came to town without any fanfare, unlike the promo the Red horror got in some mediums.

    • Dr of Truth says:

      A guy wearing PoT work clothes near cut me off at the round about on Palmer Street earlier this week. No helmet on. Went through the round about up onto the walkway, he was flying along. He ditched the scooter at the Cruise Ship Terminal and walked into work from there. I don’t know what it is about not wearing a helmet. If you’re worried about nits then just bring your own helmet. They aren’t terribly expensive and could save your life.

  37. Dave of Kelso says:

    The findings of the Special Forces Afgan war crimes report is a kick in the guts for all of us that once wore the uniform. Australia as a whole is diminished by these few, and their chain of command. I support the actions of the Government in this matter.

    • Tropical says:

      You do NOT talk for ex serving members. Ever.
      The law will take its course, and I doubt very much you would know a special forces soldier if you were having a beer with him in the pub.
      Until the law has done its thing just STFU.

  38. The Prick says:

    I hope we can get one soon and bring this virus stuff to some sort of close!!

  39. Mike Douglas says:

    “Show me the money ” Jenny , in your press announcement on Prins you said he had saved the ratepayers with his strategies when NOUS were paid how much by T.C.C. for their plan to restructure the Council so “Where is the money ” ? . Rates have stayed inline with other Councils , debt doesnt seem to be paid down so where are these so-called savings for ratepayers ? . Deputy Mayor Molachino declared $10 mil COVID hit on revenue for 19/20 year resulting in a $3.5 mil loss so what changes have the Councillors implemented as debt spirals . T.C.C. / The Astonisher should take a leaf out of the Burdekin Council as they are at least keeping the community updated on rates payment issues and inviting Townsville people to their Carols by Candlelight with decent entertainment . Townsville the most mentally healthy City? Another rainbow being chased.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      Mike if you look at TCC employee and contractor expenses since the great purge you will see they have decreased then increased again substantially. Any hit to revenue was exacerbated by these expenses that were supposed to have been cut. This council doesn’t have a clue about managing costs.

  40. One legged tap dancer says:

    I understand TCC is meeting to decide what happens to the vacancy caused by Messagebank Walker getting a State Govt gig, but why?
    State law provides that the second place getter behind Messagebank at the Local Government election is appointed to the vacant council position.
    Clearly Jenny Hill wants another Labor supporter on her council rather than a fiesty independent who will shine a torch on her behind closed doors dealings, but surely Hill and her team of arm raiser cannot have a say in wh gets the job.
    How does she get away with all this shit?

  41. TCC Welcoming Committee says:

    Welcome to TCC Prince, you already know your way around the empty desks and hallways on the building, know the path that leads you to beneath the Mayors desk, know your way to the local cafeterias and coffee shops and know your way to LGAQ HQ. You will fit right in back in Townsville. Can’t wait to see your business acumen in play once again as you try to claw back the budget deficit by sacking 1 admin person and only allowing maintenance staff to buy fuel for the lawnmowers on the cheapest fuel day of the week! Just remember – you weren’t liked last time and you really aren’t going to be liked this time. This time we are ready. If it’s a fight you want it’s a fight you will get.
    See you soon fair Prince…..

  42. The British Bulldog says:

    I’m really worried about ‘the realist’. Where has our mentally unstable friend gone? Why has he/she stopped posting comments about retirees on this blog etc etc etc? Has anyone done a welfare check on our loopy friend?

    • Realist says:

      No need to worry. I have been an innocent bystander just observing the excitement the kid is creating for the self funded retirees
      I gather most of you commenting have forgotten that the council election is 2 1/2 years away and the state election is 4 years away

  43. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Quote of the Week: ” this is the city that gave me my chance when I was a young man, and I’m not going to walk away from it.”
    Astounding stuff!
    Spoken by the man, who, after having his bum kicked by Coralie O’Rorke in the Seat of Mundingburra, took his third-rate journalism degree certificate off the wall, packed it with his wife’s hats, and fled 1500km to the Gold Coast.
    Why the Gold Coast you may ask?
    ‘Cause it’s the LNP’s “Fort Knox” of course!

    • The Magpie says:

      And your point is?

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Have you got a burr up your arse?

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      At least he remembers that there is more of Queensland north of the SE corner unlike the polish trough swiller and her piglet party. The Kid will not forget the north.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Just another smart decision he has made dickhead, that for some reason you want to keep highlighting, which is in sharp contrast to the brainless Labor lackeys who are right at home here amongst the urban peasants, but would be on the dole if they lived anywhere else.

    • Dr of Truth says:

      Need to ask the question Buttercup – if not the kid, then who would you suggest? And his comments, he is just being a politician like the rest of them,

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Love it!! Poor Butterfly is so bitter and twisted about the talented Kid. It pleases me to see you so pissed. Oh wait, did you hear that? Better flap your wings and get back under The Mayors desk! Quickly now…

    • George st says:

      The kid has jumped from the barriers hard and fast
      I think he has had a great fortnight
      The north qld tour and media coverage is the start of the profile build. It’s early but he is looking good
      Let’s hope he can run a distance and not burn out

      My take already is that he has so much more leadership vibe than AP.

  44. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Has anybody wondered why Mr. Crisafulli was elected unopposed to the LNP leadership?
    Could it be that nobody else wanted the job?
    Could it be that Mr. Crisafulli’s ego got the better of him and he has bitten off a bit more than he can chew?
    This is not the spaghetti eating competition at Ingham’s Australian-Italian Festival afterall!

    • The Magpie says:

      In brief, no, and no.

      You’d better be a little careful, Christmas is just around the corner, you goose.

    • Old Tradesman says:

      Actually Butterflies have only an ephemeral life span, same as you dickhead, by the way where is the Budget.

      • The Magpie says:

        Mike Kaiser is putting some finishing touches to it.

        • Charlie Wulguru says:

          He’s good isn’t he. This is the same ‘turd’ that Beattie had to throw out of his Government when he was caught branch stacking (or something similar, if I remember right) and only just missed a stint in the slammer. Unknown to most, ‘Piggy-nose’ also had a good bit to do with the usual gutter tactics of Labor’s recent election campaign. His name was never mentioned once by the LNP. Evil prevails when good men SAY nothing.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Is that you Mullet? You always regretted the Kid coz he called you out. He had enough guts to take it to you, you corrupt slug. One day when he’s in the hot seat, you’ll answer for the corruption, fraud, nepotism and outright disrespect for the people of Townsville. Your day will come, Princess Porker.

    • Al says:

      Executive Buttockflaps, Your contributions are so enlightening, I think you should go back to primary school

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