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Sunday, August 20th, 2023   |   213 comments

The Perfect Storm: Who Wins When Big Business, Greenies And The Voice Face Off?

A relatively small simmering dispute may suddenly be thrust into the national spotlight and will see at least one of the three protagonists lose out. And it is no accident that the ante has been upped  when the ALP National Blabfest was on in Brisbane.  But it’s possible two of the biggest losers will be Saint Albo and Mother Plibersek.  not to mention the inner urban indigenous elite.

The Bulletin snoozes, the mayor council dodges and weaves, and the ratepayers cop another pineapple.  Big announcement about the North Rail Yards takes us nowhere, and no questions asked, nothing new revealed. But The Magpie sure has a few queries.

Clarity in communication: Townsville again gets an object lesson from Cairns about community information , and The ‘Pie renews his call for the same method be used here. The Bulletin and the council are too compromised to do it, but someone should … and it would cost bugger all

From the Nothing New Here File: English as she is writ cops another hammering from News Corpse.

And this week’s American gallery shows that if you thought life in the US of A couldn’t get more interesting,  ummm … think again.

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Matilda Mania Is Over, But The Gals Have Done The Job For Australian Sport

Despite going down to Sweden in the bronze medal playoff  – no disgrace there, Sweden way higher in the ratings than Australia –  the Tilley’s have done the job for womens sport. Albo has announced $200m in available grants to build the gals some shelter sheds and the like to change into their elasto=sporting  undies in privacy.  Wasn’t aware that that issue was holding back womens sport, but a worthwhile move, one supposes.

Maybe some of those people made homeless by the policies of successive governments could become soccer players. Be somewhere to go out of the rain. But if you think The ‘Pie is being cynical, then he’s not alone, Bentley has a problem with political sincerity.

mail.googleBut that’s not the big story for Albo and Labor. Something else has snuck up on them.

Oh, Plibbers, What’s A Gal To Do?

Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 5.02.14 pm

Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek (on the right) gets a close-up look at the environment.

Well, has our federal minister for Environment and Water got her Victoria’s Secret dainties in a twist, with a veeerrry tricky decision landing in her lap. Tanya is probably seeking and getting shed loads of back room advice at the national ALP conference in Brisbane over this matter, and ads that appeared in papers today – with exquisite timing that Kid Crisafulli must have loved.

wind farm Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 9.54.05 am

The long and short of this is that Ark Energy (pommy company owned by Korea Zinc with HQ in England) wants to build a wind farm up on the Atherton Tablelands, and quite rightly, they went through all the hoops with the local tribe claiming the area as their ancestral country.  The indigenous folk went through all their own arcane process and eventually narrowly voted to back the wind farm.  Many welcomed the jobs and income that would flow from the renewable energy coffers. So why the expensive ads in the papers (paid for no doubt by Ark Energy)?

Because the vote was a close run thing, and now the losers in the tribe are noisily and publicly not accepting the outcome aren’t happy campers, and are still stridently opposing the project, pulling out every card in the pack of tricks that successive governments have given them.  And no one’s being nice and polite in this stoush, harsh and explicit)words have been exchanged.The upshot is that the whole thing has been plonked down on the desk of the Minister for Environment and Water for a decision.

And Albo will have his Men’s Tradies undies in a bunch, too.  Because while blundering about on the disastrous Voice campaign shoring up his entry (he thinks) in virtuous voter heaven, he is also trying to claim Labor’s sincerity in economic AND climate matters. And all three matters make the perfect storm for this wind farm project, because it cuts across all the lines, economic,  climate change with renewables like wind power a central theme … and indigenous people’s right to be heard on matters that affect them (called The Voice, remember?)

This one issue has all the hallmarks of loser, loser, loser about it, and could unravel integrity claims across all three areas.  The main one of these is a blow to the Yes campaign, highlighting how a constitutionally-approved Indigenous Voice might face similar problems. guesses that both ALBO and Plibbers have decided their initial reaction of WTFH isn’t the required answer.

We now all await, some with glee, others with foreboding, at just what answer is forthcoming.

Plibbers And Palaszczuk Have The Same Conundrum.

Was a bad week for this load of divisive nonsense to land for Anna seeking love and absolution from citizens already suffering from her neglect in nother core areas, like health and crime.

Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 10.37.50 pm

More dough chasing after the literal billions that the indigenous industry has sucked out of the public ncoffers, while putting exactly nothing back in … except of course allowing us to live in ‘their country’.

For fuck sake, grow up everybody.

The Labor Party are having two bob each way with this sort of twaddle. We are told the Voice and other indigenous programs and exclusive benefits are NOT divisive, but condescending programs like this in the business arena are exactly that. And what exactly is an indigenous business, who does it sell to, only indigenous people?  Of course not, it will seek the wider Australian public’s support to buy goods and services that the same public is apparently subsidising.  And presumably be competing against non-indigenous businesses who don’t enjoy the same benefits.  Yet the same public are being told they will face restrictions from a treaty on their movements and freedoms in the land of their birth.

This racial grifting has to stop … like the Voice nonsense, …  it is racist in the extreme, and in the long run will only give rise to more virulent racism, and violence. Although anyone who suggests this is automatically … a racist.

A Nothing Burger Of A Story Gets The Caviar Treatment From The Bulletin

Has The Magpie ever mentioned that the Townsville Bulletin is an absolute disgrace of a newspaper?  Just in case you missed the odd occasion (usually daily) when the old bird points out this fact, there was further proof of just how gormless this rag is, a story about nothing which nevertheless posed multiple question. Which, as usual, went unasked.

Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 11.38.08 pm Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 11.38.23 pm

Local property  … ummm … operator John Rosel,  who as far as The ‘Pie can discover, has had a wholly undistinguished and unremarkable career getting people to invest in property, has suddenly bobbed up as the first board member and chairman of a new TCC company which will take the blame when yet again, nothing happens with this benighted site near the railway station. But anyone taking the mickey out of Mr Rosel when yet again, nothing is achieved with this benighted site, had better hope he doesn’t relapse into his old ways – as reported in the bulletin six years ago.

Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 11.45.30 pm

Mr Rosel may be remembered as a self-professed angry ant, who turned to martial arts to control his anger management problems (but of course … nothing like punching wood to calm one down, what else would one do?),  but his new gig with the council (but presumably not on staff) will no doubt call for a lot of patience.. Because for all his high flown title, it appears that Mr Rosel is simply a real estate agent flogging a particularly difficult piece of land. He knows it’s not going to be a walk in the park, more over hot coals … but we’ve all known that for years, ever since Mayor Mullet’s financial genius picked up this white elephant for $20,000 from a state government laughing up its sleeve at the sale to a rube.

This week’s story tells us:

The 4.5ha site has laid dormant since its closure in 1990 and after navigating issues surrounding a site contamination and how to repurpose the rail yards heritage sheds, the property is ready for redevelopment.

Mr Rosel, who has extensive experience in property development, says he knows it’s “not an easy site” and that council has been working hard behind the scenes to come up with solutions to some of the site’s issues.

With plans to make the North Rail Yards an inviting precinct, Mr Rosel says the “activation” of the heritage sheds will be the “key to the development of the residential component.”

Mr Rosel can see plenty of potential for the heritage sheds to be turned into bars, restaurants, and childcare facilities and allow room for parklands to attract people to the site.

We’ve heard that fairy floss before ad infinitum, but somehow it didn’t occur to the reporter to ask Mr Rosel about a statement he made in an earlier version of the story that the council had been working through many of the difficulties with the site, ‘so now we are here’. Whatever that means, but no one asked him what the hell he was talking about. So just for starters, what has been done about the expensive decontamination of the site which has been a major stumbling block to its development from the outset? This is a situation that ensures Peter Honeycombe said no thanks to the land way back when, at time when one of his employees was one John Rosel.

And the laughable heritage value of the tumble down buildings has also been another millstone … one wonders why someone was given a box of Redheads to put a jewish stocktake through the place. Would’ve been developed years ago if someone had.

Anyway, seems Mr Rosel is on a nice little earner, no matter what the outcome and is all gung ho, telling the paper that with expressions of interest for the development of the site being released tomorrow (Monday, August 21), ‘ I am  hopeful we will see construction start on the site in 2024′. . Hope away, Johnno, hope away.

The Magpie is now wondering if he should start book on which will be started first, Mr Rosel’s North Rail Yards wonderland or the Double Cross Hotel across the creek from it.

Weirdest Quote Of The Week …

… proving The ‘Pie’s long held belief that psychologists and psychiatrists are themselves completely cracked … never met one with any sort of grip on reality … or English. This from the week’s Bulletin discussing the honour for former coach Paul Green at this week’s Cowboy’s match. The last line seems to reflect the good professor’s own problem in the noodle department.

Screen Shot 2023-08-12 at 10.29.43 am

But Then, We Know That News Ltd Headline Writers Have The Same Problem

Screen Shot 2023-08-13 at 11.38.30 am

  1. too powerful to be defeated or overcome.
    “an invincible warrior”
    Someone forgot to tell the pommy gals.
    ‘Nuff said.
    Seems no one told the Poms or the Swedes.

But the kiddies who write the click bait puffs for Murdochistan think ‘syntax’ is a brothel surcharge. Certainly nothing to do with writing coherently.

Mad Matildas Screen Shot 2023-08-13 at 9.54.20 pm

Bit of a harsh judgement on a whole team.

Keeping A Disorderly House.

A respected Townsville businessman who has the good sense to read the Nest is a tad upset with the selective porkies from Walker Street about all things being rosy with our new housing progress under this council. He writes: ‘Claims by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor is just ill-informed posturing . Townsville house sales last year Core Logic down 11.3 % , average house value down 1.2 % . Unit sales down 8.6 %.’ 

Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 10.42.38 pm

That prompted The Magpie to hunt for some TCC building approval info for Townsville After beaking a round briefly, found this at Townsville City Council dashboard.

Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 3.18.39 pm

…. and then nosing around further, this …

Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 6.51.03 pm

Now The ‘Pie knows he has made this plea before,  but while all the information is there on this and other related council matters,  there is absolutely no effort to engage the community to keep them accurately informed about both the council and the city’s performance.  If it doesn’t have squealing tyres,  pass a footy or sing songs in spangled costumes, the mayor has no interest in making information easily available to we the great unwashed. There are just cold, hard statistics offered without context, background nor trend explanations, and often aren’t easy to find.

And what about up-to-date employment data, property prices, rental situation, airport performance, even water levels in RRD, where is a coherent and consistent commentary on these matters so crucial to the community? Not all these things are the purview of the council, so how can we be informed on a regular and comparative basis for full awareness of our city’s performance, standing and prospects?  (Anyone who says read the Bulletin obviously hasn’t been reading the paper or its website for some years … it’s a disjointed dog’s dinner in this area. And highly compromised with big questions about credibility.)

But look northward, the answer is staring us in the face.

Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 3.39.20 pm

Cairns has had the answer for some time, and yes, The Magpie has previously pointed this out, but their take on keeping a running contemporaneous  economic record is light years ahead of Townsville, or probably any other regional city.  And it is becoming a matter of record, something even the Cairns paper gave up on long ago. Sample this opening snapshot from the August edition of the monthly Cairns Report.
Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 12.45.09 pm

The report, as you see in the link, goes on to provide greater details in graphs and charts,  and these are accompanied by sensible, unhysterical or sensationalised commentary on the various sectors.

Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 3.40.20 pm

A Townsville version could not be published by the Bulletin, a paper too highly compromised, subject to outside influences and now Tony Raggatt has retired, very little if any analytical business acumen, being completely driven in this area – and others – by revenue considerations. And of course, the council itself, or even (laughably, TEL) could be trusted at present with the required probity.

But think how well received an honest and compact  appraisal of our city would be to those down south looking north. And if the Chamber of Commerce isn’t interested (it wasn’t at the suggestion previously) a small consortium of reputable businesses could pull together this monthly information for a similar website.

And it could all be cost neutral with a modest amount of advertising, or even government support – God knows, they support every other thing. Maybe that will be covered if a couple of indigenous folk are hired to put it together (not joking, why not?)

The Blowtorch Is Just Heating Up

There’s a new heroine in America now, who takes no shit from no one … no matter who they are. And Donald Trump is shitting himself. Hail Judge Chutkan, who cuts right through the man-baby’s drivel and may just well jail him sometime in the next 48 hours – unlike Trump, she takes the law … and treason …  kinda seriously. This week’s US gallery.

Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 10.56.30 am

Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 8.33.05 am

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 8.51.24 amScreen Shot 2023-08-19 at 8.29.31 am Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 9.17.59 am Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 9.14.52 am Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 9.15.48 am Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 9.17.41 am Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 8.29.31 am Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 8.25.19 am Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 8.27.20 am Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 8.28.36 am Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 8.56.18 am Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 8.57.23 am Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 8.51.24 amScreen Shot 2023-08-16 at 10.02.05 amRepublicans’ knee jerk response to the mildest labor and class reform is  anguished cries of ‘Socialism running rampant’. ‘

The fact that they have no idea what socialism is, they equate it with communism, which turned out to be more like fascism in practice  …  so among the many ills America endures areone of the most callous health care system in the world, and the deliberate creation of a class of the ‘working poor’.  This is just a small sample of the latter.

Screen Shot 2023-08-13 at 9.21.39 pm……….

Another week gone. But you can bet there’s more where that came from. Until then, happy daze.

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  1. Dave of Kelso says:

    Regarding the North Rail Yard, for not too much money the buildings could be fenced off, using the picturesque fencing used by Queensland schools, to maintain the rail buildings heritage value and rate of decay. The remainder if the area can be grassed with little shelter sheds and patches of concrete. This treatment will naturally attract vast numbers of food vans and frolicking members of the public.

  2. Mike Douglas says:

    Commercial in Confidence , who paid for Pink to add Townsville if Council paid for research ? . Speaking of Council , fiscally irresponsible Councillor ” food trucks ” Greaney claimed Council had funds set aside for activity like the Jezzanine barracks big screen for the Matilda’s . Council budget already has a $3.5 mil loss projected 23/24 . Property market Townsville , the Queensland Government has been the biggest purchaser buying 44 houses / townhouses Deeragun , Shaw , Mount Louisa , Bushland Beach , Mount Low to try and win some votes from the 4,000 on the public housing waitlist .

  3. Doug K says:

    This comment appears on the Bully webpage in answer to a question about who should be targeted for Country Bank Stadium after Pink:
    22 hours ago
    King Billy Cokebottle
    A classic – wouldn’t be the Pie would it?
    Another hilarious suggestion was Tiny Tim.

  4. TerryWho says:

    The only worthy “activation” of the North Yard sheds would be into scrap metal. They need to be removed before any other work is considered for the site, including decontamination.

  5. Prince Rollmop says:

    So John Rosel goes from angry man/martial arts guru to Jenny Hill’s railway yard lap poodle. Yep, I can really see this working in the long term. Does Les want a sparring partner?

  6. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Socialism isn’t a form of communism Pie? Would love to hear how you come to that conclusion. Socialism is the worst form of communism, as the Govt make people believe they have some say with how they live their lives, when they really don’t, at least the communists are honest.

    • The Magpie says:

      When communism morphed from fancy theory (‘Jesus was the first communist’) to practical political method, it rapidly turned into de facto fascism, with about the only difference being thrusting ill educated peasants replacing thrusting ill-educated aristocracy. While its all a matter of degree, and always a personal view of the limits and lengths of it, ‘socialism’ does allow government to regulate certain areas of our life. And most of us are willing to have it so … up to a point (health care, education, law, basic transport requirements like roads and bridges etc). Or are you advocating a free-for-all , unfettered one-percenter solution of have and have nots?

  7. Jatzcrackers says:

    So maybe mayor Mullets latest knight in shining armour, Mr Rosel can provide some detail on his ‘extensive experience’ in Townsville (or anywhere else) property development ! Anyone out there happen to have any records of this blokes outstanding property development highlights ?

    Whenever I hear the term Townsville property developer, I think Lancini, Webb, Honeycombs and the odd Cairns bloke, so my bullshit meter went off when I read about this latest fartfest from TCC and to see that he’s been gifted funds from the bottomless well that is Townsville rate payers, is the gift that just keeps on giving.
    Can’t wait to read the in depth report from the mayors new best friend as he tries to turn this pigs ear into a silk purse !

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, there’s this, whatever it all means.


      Maybe Judge Wall can expand on the background, if he’s of a mind to do so. But with The ‘Pie’s limited legal nous, cannot see this is necessarily in any way detrimental to Mr Rosel, but it does show that Mr Rosel was a Honeycombe employee, and therefore likely to be well acquainted with the North Rail Yards drawbacks as a development site. So it would be decent of him to lend credibility to his appointment by sharing with us what has changed to make the site the subject of a special company created to sell it to a developer.

    • Spellcheka says:

      Experience? Well, there is the Yumba meta project on Riverway Dve where he was project manager….big delays and turned to $hit. Then there was a stage at Central that was delayed and turned to $hit…then there is a Medical Practice on Bundock Street that was delayed ~12 months… turned to $hit. Cant seem to understand the reasons for these delays with such a specialist consultant

      • The Magpie says:

        Is as maybe but re the medical centre on Bundock Street. Is that one just up from the Rowes Bay turn-off? If so, it is up and running, good car parking at the back and all sorts of medical businesses involved.

        • Spellchecka says:

          Yes, very much needed service, problem is when or if you are the project manager with a competent builder you cant make money if every goes smoothly. You need some hiccups! Project was supposed to finish 2022

  8. Jeff, Condon says:

    Commissar Albanetski’s Voice train wreck careers on towards it’s now inevitable doom. During a chat at Melbourne radio station 3AW, the Great Leader was asked if he had read the fine print behind the one page of fluff. When he answered ”No” interviewer Neil Mitchell sounded astonished:

    NM. ”You haven’t read it?”
    GL. ”Why would I? It’s 120 pages long.”

    So it seems Albo has a concentration issue where he loses track after one page, or he’s lied again. But to what purpose? He’s just succeeded in making himself look an ingenuous fool, or a blatant liar.

  9. ABS says:

    “Yet the same public are being told they will face restrictions from a treaty on their movements and freedoms in the land of their birth.”

    Bullshit scaremongering.

    • The Magpie says:

      It would certainly suit your agenda to say so. And it certainly suits your agenda – a now established indigenous MO in these matters – to not explain why it is ‘bullshit scaremongering’. Examining possible outcomes against available information takes a pride in oneself and one’s well being. If that well being exists because of disadvantage to others, then that is wrong and must be addressed. But if that well being is threatened and challenged by others seeking an undeserved advantage, that must be resisted and argued against, and opposed when no coherent arguable counter proposition is offered for dispute.

      Advanced civilisations have always developed analytical skills – modelling hypotheticals, seeking clarification of vague and opaque claims, asking simple questions requiring proof of such claims – in order to avoid unintended consequences.

      That is neither scaremongering or racist. Or bullshit.

      • ABS says:

        It’s bullshit scaremongering if it’s presented without evidence.

        “The public is being told” by who?

        “Restrictions on movement and freedoms“ what restrictions?

        • The Magpie says:

          Refer to previous for enlightenment.

          And you folks in the Yes camp are in absolutely NO position to be talking about matters being presented without evidence ROTFLMAO …there has never been a speculative proposition with so little evidence or even historical evidence to support the Voice To Parliament nonsense.

  10. Dazza says:

    Hey Pie, The main reason women’s sports need more money for sheds and change rooms, for all ages is almost all current facilities have toilets consisting of one large piss trough and one or best two cubicles.

    It is not just whipping on an off some clothes.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie humbly apologises for his apparently misplaced humour.

      Now have a little lie down Dazza, life’s a bit too serious for you at the moment.

      • Dazza says:

        Pie it is serious as it is holding back women’s sport participation. Your misplaced sense of humour is why councils still don’t think when building these at new sporting fields etc. Everyone can use a cubicle but not all the trough. And there is another straight line for another purple magpie joke. Like the Jewish fire sale one.

        You do good work in this community esp on keeping the council watch. But your jokes are not helping.

        • The Magpie says:

          If you have a little re-read, you may perceive that The ‘Pie’s point was political priorities at the ALP conference, which made much of this populist issue, but wasn’t as worked up about helping the disgrace of Australia’s homeless in immediate terms. Get over yourself, Dazza, and check both your reading comprehension and your priorities.

          You really are a bundle of prim, pursed lipped disapprovals, he/she/it/ET.

          • The Magpie says:

            AND BTW, what is your problem with the stock standard Jewish stocktake crack? Which The ‘Pie pinched from the one of his five books of Jewish humour – all written by blokes named Hymie, Isaac or Rabbi.

        • Echochamber says:

          You paid good money for 5 books on Jewish humour? Guess who the joke is really on there Pie.

          • The Magpie says:

            Sorry, don’t get what you’re saying . ???

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            The shortest book in the world is The Book of German Humour!

          • Achilles says:

            Oi Vey!!!!!

          • The Magpie says:

            Funny you mention that, among the collection of more serious books analysing ethnic humour is a little gem called ‘A Little Joy, A Little Oy’.

          • Echochamber says:

            Well I’m sure Arl, Levi, Zeke and the two Rabbis are laughing all the way to their banks. And out of curiosity, if owning 5 books by Jewish authors makes you comfortable enough to use the term “Jewish stocktake” how many rap songs do you have to listen to before you refer to the Voice as a “Nig*er in the woodpile” issue. Because as offensive as a snowflake like Dazza might find the term, given its historical meaning it might be fitting.

          • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

            Hey Emptynoise or whoever you were pretending to be last week. You might find that your silly schoolboy antics won’t work here anywhere near as well as the ALP club at uni.

        • Jatzcrackers says:

          Bloody hell Dazza ! Alert the media ! Magpie humour brings funding of woman’s sport by councils to a total standstill !
          Have a bloody Bex and a lie down Dazza ! You’re supposed to take your bra off before you burn it !

          • The Magpie says:

            But oh the POWER, THE POWER of the Magpie, Jatz. Don’t question it or The ‘Pie will make a joke about salty biscuits, then you’ll be sorry, sport.

  11. Astonished says:

    The TEL CEO revealed in last week’s Astonisher that her wishing well organisation and Townsville City Council had “commissioned research partners The Lab Insights and Strategy to undertake an analysis of online sentiment and surveying across the Townsville community and in key intra and interstate visitor markets.”
    We can assume that Townsville ratepayers paid what would have been a significant bill for all of this, so what was the result:
    According to Ms Brumme-Smith, “the data collated suggested that Pink would be a success for Townsville”.
    Wow,I didn’t see that result coming!
    What’s next Mayor Mullet and Ms Brumme-Smith, another survey to find out if Paul McCartney would be “a success for Townsville”?
    Would be interested to hear if any of the Magpie bloggers were surveyed.
    I certainly wasn’t.

    • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

      I think any TEL concocted survey would find that a live Elvis Presley concert would work well if that’s what they wanted it to say.

    • Dave of Kelso says:


    • Jeff, Condon says:

      And now we will have the Astonisher and all the other local media obsessing about Pink for a solid 8 months.

      • Punked says:

        Pink is old news. She has chunked out and has injuries. She is getting old. All the good stuff like swinging from a trapeze and all that shit is long gone. Since she has pushed out some kids she isn’t as entertaining as she used to be. She no longer gives me a stiffie. Save your money, stay home, and indulge in some bourbon while watching Netflix.

      • NQ Gal says:

        After the media blitz earlier in the week, there was no mention in Saturday’s paper about the concert being sold out within 15 minutes. Unless there is another concert date announced, there is no more story until either a) the NRL tried to put a home game on that weekend b) an unfortunately timed cyclone forms and it gets cancelled or c) the trucks start rolling into town to set up.

  12. Casey Jones says:

    NOTHING will ever be built at the North Rail yard site in Townsville. It’s a severally contaminated site and will cost a fortune to reclaim.
    Old mate who’s been appointed to ‘manage the albatross’ and the TCC are pulling our leg and other body parts !!!

  13. Prince Rollmop says:

    Has anybody heard how the overpaid ex-cop consultant, Clint Drew, is going at TCC? I haven’t seen any reports. He was going to do safety audits with each Councillor. Hey Fran, has he done an audit with you yet?? Or has Drew drawn a blank and lost his firepower (if he ever had any). I would love to see some milestones of his tenure to date, some detail around what he has achieved so far and what he is yet to achieve. 6 months isn’t enough time to get much traction so I would really like to see what benefits will be yielded from ratepayer money, if any.


    • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

      He seems to be doing well. I saw him in the corridors of power and he looked very well fed and pleased with himself. Not sure if he is doing anything at all beyond strutting around swinging his name tag.

  14. Dave of Kelso says:

    What a wonderful afternoon.
    I will dispense with the preamble.
    This afternoon for the first time I had a pair of wild Rainbow Lorikeets drinking wine from my wine glass. ☺
    There are many knowledgeable Nesters so a sincere question.
    What diseases could I be passing on to my feathered guests? Er, and visa-versa?
    Post script: My cockatiel lived to the ripe age of 14. She LOVED a beak or two of chardonnay each afternoon, which we shared, with both of us disease free. She was a virtuous bird with clean habits. I cannot vouch for the Lorikeets.

    • The Magpie says:

      You could be in trouble, Dave, with the trouble all heading towards you, not the bird. You should seek help if you get early warning signs that you have been affected … if you have hyper sensitive feelings that those around you are laughing and/or criticising you, and you have the urge to dress in garments that look like 18th century curtains, you may have Harpicdopeiosis – which may also manifest itself a loss of grip on reality.

      Another danger sign is the start of Alanstrapadictome, which is carried only by those birds that fly using just their right wing, and where you start parroting garbled nonsense, your lips puckers up to cat’s bum mouth and your anus becomes itchy and twitchy, causing you to start mincing. If these conditions intensify, you will get sudden urges to visit school yards, playgrounds and public toilet blocks. This will result in the extreme side effect of kidyfiddleiosis, which may attract the attention of the authorities.

      Be alert mate, thoughts and prayers.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Dear ‘Pie,
        Thank you, thank you, thank you.
        So long as I am under adult supervision everything will be fine.

      • Achilles says:

        Worse still, your genitals may shrivel up and you’ll need to apply Alanstrapadictome, and your partner will need to streptococcus thermophilus if feeling the heat!

      • Russell says:

        Prayers Malcolm?

      • Achilles says:

        (Magpie note: Probably not from Achilles, but sounds like him.)

        “Prayers”? there’s only ever been one deity worth dealing with and that’s Bacchus.

  15. David Thoumine says:

    With regards to the Townsville Bulletin one has to really ask what is going on within the paper, it would appear in my humble opinion its going down a path of self destruct either by design or incompetence. All one has to do is look at the at the letters page and I use the term letters page loosely its nothing like it used to be and one has to wonder why, has the paper been compromised in some way as we all know we have three individuals in our midst who are being paid handsomely to do nothing least of all combat juvenile crime.
    In the paper over the week end was a Bulletin published notice of a heavy vehicle crash on the highway together with photographs of the scene, the accompanying information was that the vehicle was transporting soil? However from the photographs and the placards displayed on the sides of the half height containers on the trailers the vehicle was supposedly transporting dangerous goods of class 9 Environmentally Hazardous Substances Solid not soil
    David Thoumine

    • The Magpie says:

      The Bulletin should hang its head in shame today, for publishing this headline – which was repeated across many News Ltd mastheads (the story is from NSW). Disgusting and unforgivable … The ‘Pie has sent it off to Media Watch.

      This is prominently printed – page 2 of the Bulletin, prominently inside the Cairns Post … which makes it clear that this is News Ltd’s latest smear in supporting the No campaign. Cruel, callous, disgusting and totally unnecessary to tell the story of this poor woman. You should’ve done better, Ms Garvey.

      The ‘Pie will be voting no for democratic reasons, and is frustrated that voting NO lines him up with all the crazies and real racists swayed by misinformation.

  16. The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

    Talking to a local supplier in the civil industries who was moaning about Localbuy. They were saying it costs them a large amount just to be registered, they have to pay a big chunk of any money they get from a Council contract back to Localbuy and all the smaller local guys are directly competing with the big southern outfits. Reckons the outfit should have been called “Metrobuy” and can’t believe the Rotten Mullet has shit on Townsville firms to protect her southern mates.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Local buy, the LGA, feel free to add names, they are sharks. It’s a modern day mini mafia set up. I don’t know how it can be legally permissible to operate under such a money extracting scheme is beyond me. Fucking crooks

      • The Magpie says:

        It is legally permissible because they are overseen a major mafia in Brisbane aka the Palaszczuk Government. Not that The Kid will do anything about it.

        • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

          A simple way to overhaul Localbuy would be to move it into the Department for Local Government where it could function as a real public service helping to connect local government buyers with local suppliers without the gouging and favouritism towards the big southern labor aligned companies. That is something that an incoming government could easily do to benefit the regions as well as stand on the throat of Jabba the Hallams protection racket running mates.

  17. Grumpy says:

    Are the Matildas channelling last year’s NRL champions?

  18. Achilles says:

    On the ABC News from Adelaide, a special driving school for indigenous youth has been launched.

    Apparently its because they have “special needs”. The two “learners” they showed were as white as snow, the girl even had blond hair and blue eyes.

    This lunacy is just the tip of this most divisive iceberg imaginable if the “Voice” nonsense gets up.

    If the indigenous want equality, I’m all for it, so long as the myriad of tax payer funded Government “special” needs fabrications are dismantled and we all just get in the same queue, on a first come first served basis.

    They managed quite well without them for over 60,000 years apparently.

  19. Dave of Kelso says:

    Suspect troubles with the TCC garbage truck fleet, or driver availability.
    General garbage bin emptied later than usual, at around midday.
    Recycle bin, at the time of tapping, still not emptied and standing guard on the footpath as they are all around the neighborhood. .

    • Elusive Butterfly says:

      Dave, it’s time for you to find a new hobby. Maybe take up gardening, go for a a brisk walk, read the Bulletin, just do something that isn’t mind numbing such as watching and timing garbage truck activities.

      • The Magpie says:

        A fair chunk of our lives are made up of comforting and reassuring routines, both our own and those of others. This is especially true as we age. So it reasonable surely that Dave noticed the change to a routine that unexpected and unexplained – in The ‘Pie’s case, that particular routine of pick-up has only ever varied twice in 21 years, a weekly routine in life being important enough to make lapses memorable. Dave;s speculation as to reasons for this is a matter for him, and best let go through to the keeper.

        Mow, The Magpie must get on with other routine matters, like solving homelessness.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Thank you for your concern. See my comment above dated 20th August 5.32PM and you will learn of but one of my misguided hobbies.

      • Palm Sunday says:

        Dear Butterflog, it’s time that you took up a new hobby yourself. Jogging up to Castle Hill and checking on the shed up there while marvelling at TCC’s commitment to infrastructure doesn’t count as a past-time. Weirdo.

    • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

      There are always troubles with the fleet. To be fair to the operators they are doing their best, but reduced maintenance budgets, cut to the bone rosters and limited redundancy mean any small issue spreads.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Barely, over the last couple of years, Fleet Service has lost some valuable experienced staff due to retirement. Maybe they should step up their training. Even the winning tenders supplied trainers years ago.

      • Ducks Nuts says:

        Council have successfully run the Garbage collection fleet, into the ground. It was never as unreliable as it is now. A failure to spend on asset maintenance is showing.

  20. Prickster says:

    Some more great thought-provoking work by Wes Aird – https://www.indigenoustraining.com.au/about


  21. Arte et Marte says:

    RIP LTCOL Harry Smith SG MC.
    Bulletin your sub heading says LTCOL Smith was commanding a battalion. Wrong, he was commanding Delta Company 6RAR.
    The article also fails to mention that for many years LTCOL Smith SG MC provided yearly commentary on the ABC for the Strand, ANZAC day march. The article and head line are a disservice to a great man and soldier.
    And here I was thinking things might pick up with a new editor.

  22. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Totally agree Mr. Pie!
    Just another post from a moron who hasn’t got enough intelligence to come up with an original name!!

    • Palm Sunday says:

      And that’s why you have changed your name on numerous occasions Butterflog. Every time you get outed you change names, you hypocrite. So off you go No More Dredging, toddle off down to Walker street and have a cry on a Councillor’s shoulder.

    • Mudguts says:

      Elusive idiot is such a hero. Big headed bigot. You’ve been criticising people on this blog forever and a day. Go crawl back under the rock that you normally hide under.

  23. Irate passanger says:

    Ambushed by Sunbus/Translink again. Fuckers don’t have their number on when they come into town or flick it over last minute so you can get stranded with only 1 last bus at night to rely on. Or miss it in the morning. You have to go around the front and check before you get on. This fucker came in at 9.40 am with 204 on it. Got on it. He changed to 215 after adding half hour. MFucken ambushed cos there is no 215 at that time. It’s not about the buses YOU want me to get on. It’s the buses I want to get on. I’m taking it personally..

  24. Dave of Kelso says:

    With Trump expected to have his mug shot taken when arrested in Georgia I ask this question, “How many seconds will pass between the mug shot being taken and that mug shot appearing on all sorts of merchandise for sale?” ☺


    • Magic Mushroom says:

      Why Kelso? You wanna get in early for the buy? Big fan are we??

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        It will be a happy day for me, and increased world security when Trump and company are behind bars. Of that, yes, I am a fan. It cannot come too soon.

    • NQ Gal says:

      Mug shot on a mug, that a MAGA mug buys?
      There are also quite a few bookies taking money on Trump’s actual height and weight, rather than what Trump has claimed.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        NQ G,
        That a MAGA mug buys?
        I was hoping that with the right caption on the mug shot it would enrage the MAGA morons out of what little they have for a mind.
        What fun this week will be.

  25. Achilles says:

    Caption on ABC News “Maui disaster Joe Biden arrives:!!

  26. The Magpie says:

    At least we’re getting a bit of creative cleverness on the Astonisher’s front page, mostly to do with Pink. Today’s is good because it meets the criteria of cutting through hype and a clever cross-out pun that tells the story any headline should tell.

    And the inside doesn’t pussyfoot around with any soft pedalling of a controversial story, which is by no means new to this venal city. Same thing for the Elton extravaganza, the SOO game and the Horn/Tszyu fight.

    And can anyone verify this text to editor, which went uninvestigated? If true, if this was the doing the mayor who is also TEL’s deputy chair, some very serious questions need to be asked, perhaps of a higher authority.

    • Prickster says:

      Time for the State Government to ban Airbnb, well at least until the housing crisis is over.

      This article says there are 346,581 Airbnb’s in Australia, that’s a lot of pressure off the rental crisis and housing prices.

      I am pretty sure Airbnb is not a member of TEL, where nearly every hotel, motel and resort in Townsville is. I wonder if TEL will look after its members and push for a ban on Airbnb.

    • NQ Gal says:

      Preferential? Guaranteed there were 100-200 freebie tickets put aside for TCC/TEL/Events QLD/Harpic & others who “bought the event to Townsville”.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Pie, The TCC Corporate box will be their last fling in 2024.
      What’s that slogan? ‘Show her the door in ‘24’.

    • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

      That rumor would be pretty easy for the Rotten Mullet or Ms BS to explain away if it isn’t true. The tragedy in Towsville is that something incredible like this is more likely to be true than false. Where are the well connected toadies with the good oil now?

      • The Magpie says:

        As Elusive Butterfly has confirmed (see comment), now have to explain it because it IS true.

        • Damn tailings says:

          But the tickets aren’t free. TEL members and QLD Country Bank members are given early access….only

          • The Magpie says:

            That makes it OK? Bet you’re voting Yes in the referendum.

          • Damn tailings says:

            Just wondering why the outrage?
            Some comments here seem to imply that us ratepayers are paying for the TEL/QCB tickets.

          • The Magpie says:

            See your logic, but the fact is ratepayers and taxpayers are subsidising EVERY ticket, and then some. A $12m circus doesn’t come to town without the host city feeding the elephants.

    • Mudguts says:

      Magpie, the local hotel/motel chains have always traditionally jacked up prices exponentially whenever there is an event on. I worked in the industry for many years and I used to laugh each year that the Jehovah’s Witnesses came to town for their convention. As soon as the JW’s booked the entertainment Centre word would go out to the accomodation providers and they would then all whack their prices up by at least double, often more. I don’t think a little gouging is too bad, you have to make money somehow, and the Motels will all be booked out for Pink.

  27. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Media release six days ago, Mr. Pie.
    Been waiting for you to jump all over it!


    • The Magpie says:

      Good heads up, certainly didn’t see that. BTW, would’ve been all over it if you had alerted The ‘Pie, who only has 25 hours in his day.

      So it IS a rort. it wouldn’t be if TEL wasn’t funded by ratepayers and taxpayers, the membership money would hardly pay for the Yellowtail sparkling for their frequent knees-ups.

    • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

      Sending out a media release like this does not make it right it simply shows the blinding ignorance and arrogance of TEL to know this does not pass the pub test.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      With a ‘limit’ of 10 tickets per member of the high and mighty, next question…How many of those 10 tickets will reappear (at a little side profit) on the scalpers social media pages ?

  28. Prince Rollmop says:

    Claudia Bullshitter-Smith said;

    “Our members are the reason we exist and can secure events like this for Townsville North Queensland.”

    Wrong Claudia, just plain wrong. The reason you exist isn’t because of your members, it is because the long-suffering cash cow – the ratepayers, fund your little party house.

  29. Long Suffering Ratepayer says:

    It wasn’t only TEL members who got to buy early tickets for the Pink concert.
    Queensland Country Bank customers also received an email offering the chance to buy tickets before the general public.
    How do i know this?
    I’m a QCB customer, and received the following email on 16 August:
    “We’re raising a glass to P!nk performing at Queensland Country Bank Stadium!
    As a valued Member, you have presale ticket access to P!nk’s Summer Carnival Tour in Townsville on 23 March 2024.
    This is an internet-only presale available for Queensland Country Bank Members from 12.00pm (AEST) Thursday 17 August to 12.00pm (AEST) Friday 18 August 2023.
    How to get your presale tickets?
    Simply follow the ‘get tickets’ link below and enter in the access pin “QCBank24″ to gain entry. Please note, there is a limit of ten (10) tickets per transaction.
    Limited ticket allocation will be available during presale until the allocation is exhausted.”
    If the stadium naming rights owner gets this sort of preferential treatment, wonder if Townsville City Council staff and North Queensland Cowboys members also got first crack.
    If i were a Pink fan I’d be ropeable.

    • The Magpie says:

      Think you’ll find that they are. Once again, what Jenny saw as a perfectly executed plot to use ratepayer money to sunsidise a vote-winning campaign move suddenly turns into another.35 calibre hole in her foot.

      • NQ Gal says:

        Demand for Pink tickets was so high, a second concert has been added!

        • The Magpie says:

          As The Magpie predicted last week, but wrong reason Gal.

          It would be nice to think ticket sales demanded a second show, but you may rest assured, options like that for anything as far away as Townsville are never spontaneous reactions. Unless it is for two shows on the one day … afternoon and evening, and that is extremely unlikely.
          No the second show was always on the cards but unannounced to ensure there was a scalpers rush for tickets to start with. Easy to check bookings at (probably) the Ville for the entourage to see what was the initial required stay. Of course, that won’t be possible to check, because, unless there is a publicity pic and boost for the establishment, everything will be behind a supposed ‘privacy’ screen, Chris Morris’s version of CIC.

          • Elusive Butterfly says:

            As I posted last week, Mr. Pie, bookings for The Ville were blacked out on the dates March 20,21,22 and 23.
            So, it appears your summation is probably correct.
            The Sugar Shaker’s rates went from $220 in March to $750 for March 22 and 23.
            I wonder if TEL and the TCC factored in this accommodation fiasco when “securing” these concerts for Townsville.
            “Secured” my ass!
            Money, and nothing else but Money, bought these events.
            But, sadly, we will never know how much Money has been dipped in by the State Government and the TCC.
            Pink demands $6 million a show.
            Think about it??

          • The Magpie says:

            “Pink demands $6 million a show.” is a big ambiguous. Is that what her agent asks, or is that what she gets and everything else is extra on top? Either way, it’s at least a $12m ask.

            BTW what’s the ticket range … there’s no way The ‘Pie is hanging on in a queue just to find out?

          • old tradesman says:

            At least Chris Morris gets it done, the ARGO will be up and running well before the Pink concerts, I don’t see any of the other proposals that have had their plans in the paper with fancy this is how they will look proposals starting to get off the ground, he is Australian and self made and am sure he has had to overcome lots of red and green tape that this insidious council throws up.

          • The Magpie says:

            Couldn’t agree more.

            Unfortunate name, though … some may have seen the movie in which the word featured bheavily and was usually expanded to ARGOfuckyourself.

          • Damn tailings says:

            Two concerts in two days, 22nd and 23rd.
            Unless things have changed drastically in the touring world, the conspiracy theories don’t add up. Unless the presales show enough demand, they wouldn’t have planned on a second show.

            I was involved with touring artists in the 90’s and while the hope was always there for a sell out and a second show, Townsville never quite got there. Bands with international success would draw mediocre crowds in TSV.
            I was off stage when Tina Turner was telling here minders that she would never come back. (3/4 full entertainment centre after sell outs in the capital cities)

      • From the Armoury says:

        Interesting choice of calibre unless you mean a 357 magnum.

        In the USA, the 35 Remington is an outstanding round for use on medium sized game such as whitetail deer, feral hogs, and black bear at short ranges.

    • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

      LSR that time and date is the same one that everyone got for presales. Either Ms BS is bullshitting members with “special” treatment or they got an extra bonus. Unconfirmed and scurrelous corridor whispers are that TEL and TCC were issued pre-tickets ahead of the presales which they could onsell to the great and the good. And before anyone demands no I cant back this up, it is a rumor and nothing more.

      • The Magpie says:

        Wonder how many freebies Astonisher editor Gas Garvey got? The ‘Pie’s bet is probably none, they would all go to the advertising department as a sweetener for advertising deals.

        • The Magpie says:

          Nostalgia corner:
          Remember the good old days when the mention of pink involved gays? Ah, those were simpler times, eh?

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            Simpler Times.

            Back a bit, when people would complain about the sound of firearms from the Mt. Stuart Training Area my stock standard reply was,
            “Mate, that is the sound of taxpayer’s money being well spent, as opposed to land rights for gay whales.”

      • Prince Rollmop says:

        Naughty naughty Engineer. Reading faxes left on the fax machine are we? Corridor whispers and scuttlebutt around the water cooler? Ha ha I’m only teasing you mate. There is definitely some ‘smoke’ around talk about TCC and TEL receiving early tickets. And as they say, where there’s smoke there’s fire. I wonder if the part-time lazy TCC CEO has a front row seat?

        • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

          We have a fax machine? That will make the pigeons much less nervous when I want to send a message to people.

        • Alahazbin says:

          PR, Where is Jimmy Olsen aka Lightweight Leighton to investigate this story. Looks like Ms Garvey has warned him off the Magpie.

  30. Doug K says:

    They’re at it again.
    TEL are also giving members early access to tickets for the second Pink concert, which was announced today.
    They have no shame.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      And they have no financial restraints. They have an almost limitless bucket of ratepayer money to squander. #shonks


  31. NQ Gal says:

    If people weren’t already aware of the seriousness of interest rates hikes and what it is doing to the building industry, drilling down into the nitty gritty of Building Approvals on the TCC Dashboard reveals the following:

    11 new home approvals for the month of August.
    303 new home approvals for 2023 (Jan-Aug 2022 was 457)
    4 multiple dwelling for the YEAR (Jan-Aug)

    • The Magpie says:

      OK, but doesn’t signify much wit comparisons.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      Comparative data would assist your point greatly.
      But, that aside, building approvals are down because builders aren’t delivering. They can’t get staff and the price of materials through the roof. Therefore the cost of building has increased.

      • The Magpie says:

        Does that stop prospective hiome owners from seeking approvals? Genuine question, don’t know what effect your analysis would have.

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          If 2 years ago your home was costed at $500000 to build and it’s now costing $750000 to build are you still going to build? And it was going to take 6 months but due to labour and supplies shortages it might now take 8- 12 months meaning you might need to spend more money on your current accommodation, or get a bridging loan. There are a number of factors that go into why approvals are down. It’s not just interest rates.

          • Mike Douglas says:

            Ducks Nuts , Treasurer Dicks land tax grab ( now canned ) , Premiers capping rents , rental legislation that saw landlords flee the market , new National building codes that could add $20-30k per build industry groups want Queensland Government to defer . Mayor Hills hissy fits wanting legal rights for Council to access empty cbd buildings for resi ( never going to happen ) . Mayors North Rail yard 300 units , what’s next ? . Investors looking for returns / capital growth spending South east cnr with Olympics / Cairns vs the Ville .

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            Agree Mike. Interest rates are easy to blame, but not the real reason development approvals are down.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Exactly Pie, you can still design and get the dwelling approved, most builders are scratching for work and advertising again, the old 5-6 month house promise is no more and it’s 10-12 months but there is plenty of land coming online, just not a lot of people wanting to build in Townsville, too many have been burnt before.

          • Afterthought says:

            The turnstiles keep turning at Townsville Council with Ryan Hall, Head of Planning who bought the planning approvals at Council from the 80s to what other Councils do, provided free pre lodgement meetings and gave the local property industry some hope has resigned ( 3 sources ).
            Emma Peters, ex-local boss of Master Builders, lasted 4 weeks in Council in her role as Principal external Grants & Partnerships .

            The non collection of bins across Townsville ( core job ) is becoming widespread with sickies drivers/trucks off the road. Screaming Midget Prins has been abusive and unprofessional in meetings reminding people how important he is and how valuable his time is .

            This should be low hanging fruit for Fran

  32. old tradesman says:

    I see that various select islands in the Palm Island group have suddenly been given aboriginal names, Fantome Island (Eumili), Curacoa (Noogoo), Pelorus (Vanooa), just to name a few, but not Palm itself, I wonder if a tribal war would start if they did.

  33. The Magpie says:


    No, no, you silly, not THAT date, but a date to get THAT date.

    But we seem to actually have a date by default. Simple maths – stay with us here, Astonishers) – makes it seem we’ll be making X mark the spot on October 14.

    Cannot understand why PM Anthony Alloberdaplace is fucking around with this … apart from taken all the time he can to try and get out of the whole bloodyfarrago.

    • Grumpy says:

      Thank heavens I shall be overseas for most of the time so I’ll be spared the pandemic of bullshit that it surely headed our way. Recommend any pubs in Belfast, ‘Pie?

      • The Magpie says:

        If the one directly across the street from the Europa is still there (forget the name) it is a must see vintage drinking place. Several walled off booths that can easily accommodate a dozen or more, and glass work of an historic nature. because of the journos and media across the road at the Europa, it may been a target and may be no more. Easy to check out, have great trip. (Guinness really does taste different anywhere in Ireland … it’s a velvet trap for the unwary and less hardy.

        And fun fact – or used to be: Bushmills whiskey is distilled in Northern Ireland and is/was owned by Catholics, while Jamesons was founded and – when I was there – still owned by Protestants. It was the one single cross-border religious fact that no one gave a fuck about.

    • Billy coke bottle says:

      Magpie, are we allowed to say ‘October 14’? Isn’t there a ‘first nations’ word for October? C’mon people, show some respect.

  34. Achilles says:

    October 14th, Battle of Hastings, will it also be Albo’s Waterloo????

  35. Dave of Kelso says:

    FFS! Here we go again. Instead of addressing the scourge of youth crime at it’s source again this fucking Puddleduck government is flaffing around after the crime, and frequently horrendous pain to the victim. In stead of addressing the problem at the source (A failed Youth Justice Act, and a failure to engage with and compell recalcitrant parents to ensure their children attend school daily, rested, resourced, and fed such that they can learn.) we have this;

    ‘After the rally Police Minister Mark Ryan announced a new “rapid response” youth crime task force.’

    Again Puddleduck is putting an ambulance in the valley rather than a fence at the top of the cliff. (Look up the poem if you have not already read it on this blog.)

    ‘a new “rapid response” youth crime task force.’ ?? A new one hey? Why? Did the old one not work? And why the fuck would that be? And why will the shiny new one work when you are blind and deaf to the bloody oblivious?


    Hey, Aaron (Who) Harpic, are you reading this? But then I know the answer already. Show Harpic / Puddleduck the door in 24.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      And no, I do not feel better now! I feel angry and deeply frustrated that this long term problem is not being adequately address knowing that the solution is intergenerational.

      Crimsafe are doing a good trade. I have recently forked out $3000.00 for increased security.

    • Mundingbird says:

      Her ‘let them eat cake’ attitude is what really pisses me off.

      Show her and the 3 blind mice the door in 24.

      Where is our fearless Mundingburra Dickhead Les? MIA !

  36. I pay tax and I vote says:

    On Seven News last night Aaron Harper finally got his moment in the spotlight for whatever role he imagines he played in getting Pink to Townsville.
    Says it all about Harpic and his 2 Labor bludgers – pop concerts are more important than fixing the kiddy crime problem.

    • The Magpie says:

      He really is so dumb he cannot see how this creates massive resentment. But if he thinks that nonsense claims of bringing a B grade pop start to town will win him votes, then perhaps he knows his electorate better than we think.

  37. Mister Non Binary says:

    Looks like Putin got Pregoszhin as widely predicted. Killed in a plane crash.

    Also, Grumpy, try Brennan’s Bar, Belfast. Good times.

    • Drew Mudd says:

      Yep, Putin has made it a nice public display also, taking him out in a plane crash. Putin was never going to arrest and execute Prigozhin as this would have enraged the Wagner soldiers and caused a huge risk to Putin’s power. A plane crash is the perfect tool.

      • The Magpie says:

        What, you think it has actually fooled anybody, especially his ‘soldiers’?

        There was no perfect tool for this perfect tool, who in fact would’ve been worse (if that’s possible) than Putin if he came to power.

        • Sergeant Gunny Highway says:

          The great man Putin strikes again. Love it. Putin’s playbook rule 46 – Disposal of the Enemy. Prigozhin‘s ego became inflated by power, steroids and viagra. The man became dead man walking 2 months ago when he staged a short term rebellion. Disloyal idiot. He is fortunate he didn’t end up in the gulag for life or taken out slowly by polonium 210. A plane crash is quick. If you watch the video of it crashing you can see it has lost a wing and e tees a flat stall then a nose dive. Ebraer Planes don’t lose wings. This one was shot off, and it wasn’t the Ukrainians as the plane was too far inside Russian territory.

    • Achilles says:

      Amazing coincidence, someone in just the right place filmed the plane coming down, clearly on fire too.

      Pregoszhin should’ve read Animal Farm

  38. Elusive Butterfly says:


    Townsville Enterprise continues to do a superlative job!

    “In Townsville tourism is down 21 per cent, Cairns is down 8 per cent and the Gold Coast is down 9 per cent this autumn, compared to last year.”

    And, how unusual…no Bulletin quotes from a TEL “worker!”

  39. Achilles says:

    Watching our illustrious Treasurer at the National Press Club, giving an address on the “inter-generational gap” mumbo-jumbo.

    Pity he didn’t try and explain why 1/3 of a whole generation of our school children are illiterate?

  40. Dave of Kelso says:

    I am disappointed in David Crisafulli objecting to one of the few sensible things the Puddleduck has ever done to part way keep the public safe from criminal snots. This does not absolve her of her failure to address the problem at the source.


    That wailing sound you can hear in the distance is from the usual unhelpful bleeding hearts and should be ignored.

    (Strewth, it pains me to say that the Puddleduck did something right for once.)

  41. Achilles says:

    So much for the ABC’s impartiality, the full story is behind a paywall, but this intro is under a pic of Leigh Sales. Including the corny caption using her name, if true very disappointing Leigh!

    “ABC delivers Sales pitch to get all on same page”

    “ABC management and Leigh Sales have instructed staff at the public broadcaster that the Uluru Statement from the Heart is a ‘one-page document’ and given them tactics to quash any contrary arguments.”


    • ABS says:

      Describing a one page document as one page is impartial

      • The Magpie says:

        It is not impartial or partial, it is simply a statement of established fact, understandably confused by its proximity to 25 other pages explaining the reasoning behind the Statement. And it is clearly not what Achilles is referring to. One would think even the dimmest bulb would perceive that he was suggesting the ABC is not impartial by backing one side of the argument, instead of reporting ‘impartially’ both sides.

        Achilles can speak for himself, but The ‘Pie has butted in because he is finding your juvenile enthusiasm for tangential argument tedious and unhelpful. Since you wish to play the innocent dim bulb card, your future comments will be considered by The ‘Pie in that light before publication.

        • Pat Coleman says:

          In relation to the ABC, generally, reporting right wing views as somehow being valid and worthwhile is , using the standards of ordinary people, which the CTH crim code says you must do, dishonest. The public service act S13 says they must act with honesty and integrity and dilligence , using CTH resources for their proper purpose. They must not provide false or misleading information. http://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdoc/au/legis/cth/consol_act/psa1999152/s13.html.

          That means , integrity wise , they must dismiss right wingers views as unworthy.

          • The Magpie says:

            What twaddle, that’s utter cowpat, Pat. ‘standards of ordinary people’?’integrity wise’? You mean YOUR standards and YOUR integrity.

            Unless you’re being funny, a condition The ‘Pie has never observed you to suffer from.

      • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

        Like the other ALP drones I suspect ABS has never read a technical document where there is a one page summary followed by the full detail. Only a fool would rely on the level of detail in the summary without understanding that the rest of the document provided the guts of the project and enough information to make decisions. But I suspect that’s exactly what Albo, the ABC, ABS and the rest of the ALP machinery wants us to swallow. 5 will get you 10 that if this stupid referendum gets up they will say “all the detail was available in the back of the Uluṟu Statement so you voted knowing exactly what you would get”. Snake oil salesmen all of them.

        • Not my bloody voice says:

          It’s called an executive summary, usually fluff and nonsense to get the document past an executive. The real detail is in the rest of the specification, along with how it is to be carried out.

        • ABS says:

          It’s not an executive summary you clown, it’s the finisher document

          • The Magpie says:

            Mate – and I’m being serious here – you’re really not too bright are you? By any measure it IS ‘a summary’ .. have no idea what executive has to do with it. The other 25 pages are the supporting notes as to how the one page summary was reached and formulated into words. And those pages discuss solid, identifiable …AND HIGHLY DEBATABLE … goals. No wonder you’ve got your lap-lap in a twist.

            But here’s where you’re dumbness comes to the fore … if it is the finished document (we assume you meant finished), then, pal, you got nuthin’. You have just reaffirmed what a load of fairy floss we are being sold, spun sugar with no substance, but likely to cause decay to the consumer and enrich the spinners of the spun sugar. No detail, no pathway to any understandable goals, a home-grown version of kumbaya – just the longest bit of fridge door magnet philosophy imaginable.

            Page 1 – inspirational.
            Pages 2-26 aspirational. resulting in a totally dishonest ‘summary’.

          • ABS says:

            You’re mistaken, or more likely, deliberately spreading misinformation. The one page Uluru statement is not in any sense a summary of the other so-called pages.

          • The Magpie says:

            Your absolutely right about that ..,,. the one page statement was devised after all the discussions in the other pages reached conclusions and goals which the Aboriginal Industry academics decided should be best hidden behind a purely emotive appeal. So it summarised nothing of the real intent. Thank you for pointing it out.

          • Not my bloody voice says:

            You know when they have been caught in a lie when they start attacking the person.

            I’m not a clown, I am a critical thinker trying to understand this joke of a proposal to racially divide the population.

  42. The Magpie says:

    Townsville Magpie

    A Nest reader has just called in asking why TCC flags are half-mast this morning? Has the North Rail Yards been officially declared dead? At last? Anyone know the actual reason.

    • CFN says:

      The Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet advises a State Funeral for the Hon Michael John Ahern AO, will be held at 11am on Friday 25 August 2023 in Caloundra, Queensland.

      As a mark of mourning and respect, the Australian National Flag should be flown at half-mast all day on Friday 25 August 2023 in Queensland only from all buildings and establishments occupied by Australian Government departments and affiliated agencies. Other organisations are welcome to participate.

    • Vexillophile says:

      The Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet advises a State Funeral for the Hon Michael John Ahern AO, will be held at 11am on Friday 25 August 2023 in Caloundra, Queensland.

      As a mark of mourning and respect, the Australian National Flag should be flown at half-mast all day on Friday 25 August 2023 in Queensland only

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      To pay respect to the late John Ahern.

    • Lab Rat says:

      Mike Ahern. State Funeral today.

      • The Magpie says:

        Thank you. A good bloke.Vale.

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          Ha, yeah right, a nice guy you say? There is no such thing as a nice politician. All of them have/has their snouts in the trough and did/do dirty deals that enriched their pockets. Shit happens. The guy died. Whatever.

          • The Magpie says:

            Eloquent. But let’s talk comparisons, shall we? You start.

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            You are so out of order.
            This man was a highly regarded representative of his constituents. Clearly you have no knowledge of the immediate post Bjelkie-peterson era and Mike Ahern’s role in the political and corruption clean up.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            Dave, I never wrote that comment. Ahern achieved some impressive things.

            Perhaps Magpie could improve his validity filters, he seems to manage for other commentors.

          • The Magpie says:

            Perhaps Ducky, if you think smart like the others who don’t get copycatted, you won’t have this problem. Of course, The ‘Pie cannot tell you how it’s done publicly – work it out.

  43. Dave of Kelso says:

    Inmate P01135809 :-)

    It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

  44. The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

    Magpie. I was idly skimming through the comments over my coffee a time usually reserved for the Bullsheet but it is so thin it only takes a few minutes. When I realised that all the ALP Loyal Luvvies, drones like Weekend Wanker, ABS and the rest all seem to have changed tactics and are no longer seen in lockstep in their comments. I wonder idly if they have not been to a Party Reeducation Camp for some media training? They still make no sense and and poorly informed, but they do occasionally now squabble among themselves. Whatever happened to the good old days of Laundromat Steve and his naive charming simplicity.

  45. old tradesman says:

    The National Drone Racing competition is being held in Townsville, it is believed that the title will be decided between a certain Private Cupcake, a person who is know to suddenly lose his memory, and a toilet flushing agent called Harpic, it is also believed that the chief judge will be a well know vindictive Mayor.

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