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Saturday, August 22nd, 2015   |   16 comments

THE NEST PART 1: The ‘Pie is on the wing , and wi-fi is a sometimes thing where he is venturing, so it will be short and sweet(ish) – including Bentley’s funniest yet!

But there will be a second installment by Monday.


A quickie from our top ‘toonist Bentley about a current issue du jour – same sex marriage.

 same sex marriage


Bentley’s on fire!


Political dream team or nightmare on Walker Street?

Political ghosts of the past come back to visit the ‘Ville. Reports pouring down the MagpieFone about David The Kid Crisafulli, Tony His Radiance Mooney and Dolan The Spinmeister Hayes playing footsy in CBD coffee shoppees.

So, consider the following.

The ‘Pie does know that the radiance of His Radiance is powered by coal these days – Community Relations for the Carmichael crowd, if The ‘Pie remembers correctly … and that probably involves the Adani disaster, where things job-wise could be about to go down a deep undug, open-cut hole, and …

The Kid is certainly whispering in certain local government hopefuls ears ( like Labor? Yeah, right!), …and fast talker Hayes, former spinmeister for His Radiance, is certainly whispering sweet somethings in the ear of Mayor Mullet – bad news for opponents since he is one of the town’s smartest readers of voter gullibility in this town.

So here’s a contest, commenters.

What the hell could they be talking about? A dream team? Or a nightmare on Walker Street?   Or paying some old geezer with a blog to shut his beak? (Think big, boys.)

And A Reason (excuse?) Why This Blog Is Incomplete.

A truly memorable 70th with the old bird’s daughter (her son calls her Bossy Boots) and life-long lady pal from Pommyland (known in our restaurant days as The Dragon).

It’s been a week when The ‘Pie has rarely been right.

So there would be mayhem if The ‘Pie could get his claws on this dolt below.

Talk teacher

More in the next 48 hours.

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