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Sunday, November 3rd, 2019   |   94 comments

The Daily Astonisher Has A Great(ish) Year, Notching Up A National First, With Little Help From Fate.

The bubbly must be justifiably flowing down in the Bulletin bunker … the paper has recorded the highest Monday to Friday readership growth in all of Australia. The excellent news is, however, tempered by figures that show one vital area of the paper is continuing to decline .

And while we’re around this bend in the river, The Magpie has suddenly worked out (seriously) why the Bulletin has such a regular wrestle with simple English … the old bird is ‘woke’ (ugh!) and shares.

Also, this uncharacteristic mood of conciliation from The Magpie extends to Mayor Mullet, when the old bird finds one instance where he fully supports her otherwise dopey and doomed attempt to get the power to fine negligent property owners, particularly in the CBD. It is a truly disgraceful instance.

And is the Townsville Council broke? If not, why is it reported to The Nest its payroll could not be processed by the Commonwealth Bank a week or two ago, and gave staff a number to call for ‘hardship’?

And Halloween in America … somehow, just one of the less scary days in Trump’s lunatic asylum.

But first …

SCOMO Goes All Queen Gertrude And Declares “They Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks’

Presumably, our bible-bashing PM resorted to Shakespeare’s Hamlet because he couldn’t come up with a biblical quote in announcing tough new laws aimed at limiting environmentalists disruptive shenanigans. The ‘Pie would’ve thought ‘smote hip and thigh’ would’ve worked, especially since Sampson was whacking it to the Philistines. And it would be a pretty simple strategy to carry out against twerps who glue themselves to roads and chain themselves to various bits of machinery.

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 6.51.36 pm

No matter what the chattering luvvies have to say about the PM’s, and Palaszczuk’s, proposed measures, it is clear that disruptive tactics that impact so unfairly on the everyday life of private citizens is a bridge too far for the majority.Especially secondary boycotts of firms doing business with Adani. In their hubris of believing they are ‘right’, the zealots have taken it upon themselves to dictate unfair disruption is justified to support their cause. If they are allowed to continue in these arrogant tactics unchecked, then this will quickly become a blueprint for all aggrieved causes, from car emissions to topless sunbathing – this latter one offering some interesting glueing possibilities.

But the PM himself somewhat overstepped the mark by trying to tell private enterprise companies responsible to shareholders that they should hold the line against protestors, and not make decisions in the best interests of those taxpaying shareholders. None of his business, especially strange coming from a conservative politician, that’s the sort of thing you’d expect from Albo.

Bentley is a student of history, and believes some thing never change, just the generations.

Pied Pipers fin small

But Public Protests Are Just A Sideshow,  The Real Action That Counts Is In The Main Arena

As with all things nowadays, it is the financial market that decides the perceived truth about any issue, and climate change is no different. The moneymen have taken a definitive and life-changing stand on the issue. The tiresome entrenched camps berating each other about climate change deserves little airplay these days but the reality of how serious institutions are responding is what ultimately matters.

So insurance companies are responding. APRA and the RBA have both explicitly connected climate change with financial risk. The ideologues can face off at ten paces, but the world of insurance rates, investment risk appetites and such like, are grinding forward with nary a concern for what the deniers are saying.

Sock It To ‘Em, Mayor Mullet

 Jenny Hill image001

It’s one of those rare moments when The Magpie heartily agrees with the Mayor and the Townsville City Council. There are certain property owners who really need a big stick taken to them over the disgraceful state of some CBD sites. Civic pride if nothing else should prick the conscience of some of these anti-social slackers.

As an example, have a look at this, it’s part of one of the most prominent buildings in Flinders Street …

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 5.33.41 pm

… with peeling paint, rusted and twisted window frames, junk inside visible from the street, and broken glass that screams ‘derelict and uncared for’ – and in a heritage building to boot.  And is such a visible location. This neglected edifice is no less than the majestic old Townsville Library building next to the Brewery boozarium.

The Magpie says this is an absolute disgrace and the Mayor should not only fine them the maximum $26,000 under the laws she is seeking, but she should put them on her famous ‘mat’ for a dressing down about social and community responsibility.

Let us sincerely hope that the former council property was eventually sold to a developer who planned a boutique hotel on the site. If that sale a couple of years ago fell through … didn;’t hear much about i after the first flurry … madam mayor would have to be fining herself … and therefor the ratepayers.  But surely not, our mayor has been so scathing about free enterprise landlords allowing property to rot away, one cannot imagine she’d be responsible for such a slovenly building. But one wonders if that was the state of the building at the time of any sale. Come on, what are you saying, surely she would lead by example, and wouldn’t have the campaigning cheek to have a go at private property owners while having a scuzzy council property of her own shaming us. She just wouldn’t do that, would she?

Don’t the heritage people have rules about this?

Perhaps Mayor Mullet’s Council Doesn’t Have The Dough For An Upgrade

That would seem a very real possibility, if information wafting into The Nest is correct. Recently, so the story goes (and we’re sure our transparent council will provide details), the CBA couldn’t process the TCC staff pay run, for reasons not announced, either publicly or to the staff. However, a council deep throat says all staff received a text from management with a number to call in case this alleged pay stuff up caused ‘hardship’.

Now this may be all flummery, and The ‘Pie will welcome any correcting or verifying of the record, but anything is possible in Jen Il Sung’s Hermit Kingdom.

The January Monsoon Blows Fair For The Daily Astonisher


Like many embarrassed newspapers, the Bulletin no longer publishes circulation figures, which they always fiddled anyway. But when a respected independent survey company like Roy Morgan says that the Bulletin’s 14.3% rise in readership in the past year is the best performing daily publication in Australia, you are inclined to believe it. These figures are thousands.

readership to sept 2019Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 5.25.12 pm

Looking back over the three-monthly readership totals, The ‘Pie figures the January monsoon made all the difference for the paper. It’s blanket coverage of the event at the time and shortly afterwards was good reporting, excellent pictorial coverage and was boost for sales and giveaway copies. There was clearly a residual of goodwill, some of which has been retained with editor Jenna Cairney trying to restore the paper’s credibility with campaigns that actually interest the community – not the usual ’10 best hamburgers’ tripe. And a growing willingness to openly question the mayor about some but not all contentious matters.

And the second set of figures – 47k and 41K – are the off-setting dip in the flagship weekend edition which almost exactly wiped out the Monday to Friday gain, but that probably didn’t surprise anyone … it’s a national trend no doubt a symptom of the digital age. This is what the Roy Morgan people had to say about that across the board.

Weekend Newspaper Readership down from a year ago

Australia’s best read weekend newspaper is again Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph with an average issue print readership of 656,000 – down 21.6 per cent over the past year – ahead of southern stablemate Melbourne’s Sunday Herald Sun which has a print readership of 586,000 (down 23.3 per cent). Other major titles to decline included the Saturday Herald Sun down 20.9 per cent to a readership of 560,000, The Weekend Australian down 6.5 per cent to 547,000, The Sunday Mail in Queensland down 11.8 per cent to 532,000, the Saturday Sydney Morning Herald down 25.9 per cent to 449,000 and Melbourne’s Saturday Age down 19.9 per cent to 443,000 readers.

Here’s a more comprehensive list.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 5.27.11 pm

But The Astonisher’s On-Going Wrestle With Grammar Continues …

… and The ‘Pie thinks he knows why.

First, here’s the sort of thing we’re talking about, which is not only wrong but actually says police were breaking the law. From The Bulletin this week.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 8.22.52 am

‘Undercover cops supplying drugs’? The clear inference, indeed not even that, it’s the clear statement of fact, that says that police were using illegal entrapment to catch drug dealers. You have to actually read the story (behind the pay wall) to find out that the cops posed as buyers (legal) not pushers (illegal as in probable entrapment).

So here’s the thing, as the kiddies say. The Bulletin’s pics and story précises, free for all, are where the biggest grammatical and spelling errors happen so regularly, but are mostly edited out in the print or full digital editions. These potted summaries are meant to encourage readers to be curious enough to subscribe. And the paper knows that to expand its readership, it needs a younger audience. So it would seem the strategy is to employ young and inexperienced (and apparently unsupervised) younger journalists to write their briefs in – hopefully -language best understood by a younger generation. One golden rule seems to be lots and lots of adjectives, a lamentable trait of youthful writers. Or – and this could be a major blunder – an older journo who THINKS he/she can speak in a younger voice. ‘Woke’, as the latest appropriation of ill-educated Afro-American speak has it. Which simply means ‘awake to’. And younger generations can spot a phoney a mile off.

It’s a dangerous game, because defamation can occur and is no less actionable across any of the paper’s platforms. It’ll happen some day.

Heritage Rules Need Not Be A Bogeyman To Progress

This article in the Courier this week confirms a long held idea of The ‘Pie’s, which could be utilised in Townsville.

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 12.11.46 am Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 12.11.31 am

A little history.

Adaptive reuse has been an urban planning policy for more than 50 years now, where old buildings of beauty and historical value have been converted to modern uses while retaining their original aesthetic value.

There are a couple of outstanding examples of adaptive reuse in Townsville believe it or not … the old hospital site in North Ward has been successfully converted into elegant apartments by developer Robert Zammit, with an exterior that is somewhat reminiscent of the nostalgic glory days of Hollywood Boulevard dreamscapes. When the gardens in front of this building slowly mature, this will be a stand-out Townsville landmark. Developer Zammit should be commended for continuing the redevelopment in the face of maddeningly detailed nit-picking rules from heritage people in Brisbane, and for withstanding the buffeting of financial storms beyond his control.

And another one is the is the old (ES&A?) bank building on the corner of Stanley and Flinders Streets, which retains it’s heritage exterior while housing modern units inside. Another will soon be the re-purposed West End state school, shortly to become part of a private hospital. Similarly, the wonderful Queens Hotel on the Strand is promised to be returned to its former glory, albeit backed by what is in Townsville is laughingly called a skyscraper tower block. And it is that proposed development that offers a unique opportunity.

The luxury of maintaining stand-alone beauty may well be one of the old ways we have to let go.

But it doesn’t have to be the baby with the bathwater territory. There are charming examples of what are known as hold-outs enhancing cityscapes around the world. Here’s a few from New York, including the world’s most famous example that goes close to what The Magpie is talking about.

The corner owner wouldn't sell to Macy's, NY. macys now Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 1.37.51 pm Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 1.37.31 pm

And that brings us to the next step on this journey, and we have an ideal opportunity for displaying Townsville’s possible Point Of Difference.

A Step Beyond Adaptive Reuse Is Adaptive Incorporation

The St Paul’s Terrace plan in Brisbane could be our blueprint.

Could not the authorities, certainly the council and state government, make certain advantageous provisions for developers (rate breaks, head works discounts et al) to offset certain costs to have the Criterion Hotel incorporated, perhaps even enveloped UNDER a new modern ‘skyscraper’. A great talking point, a breakthrough design would be possible on what once was, and possibly will be again, some of the most valuable land on the entire Queensland coastline. Especially if the main thrust of this development is entertainment venues on the lower floors.

Another wonderful opportunity could be the grand old Dance North/Triple TTT building on the corner of Walker and Stanley, should a high rise building be planned there.

This sort of thinking also offers an opportunity for developers to dispel much of the (unfair) taint with which their industry is generally regarded, a way of returning to the community values that would otherwise be lost to the almighty dollar, while still providing fair rewards for initiative and risk taking.

Women Aren’t The Only Things President Trump Touches Up

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 6.07.44 pm

Now on closer inspection, you might think that this photograph – Trump seemingly awarding a medal to the pooch that helped corner the Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – was photoshopped.  You might think it the work of an anti-Trump prankster causing mischief.

But guess what? It was released by The White House, in the wake of President Fruitcake’s appallingly undignified and untruthfully embellished gloating over the death of the ISIS leader. An aide confirmed that the photo came from the White House, but official records show that there was no such ceremony scheduled for that day, and no media were present, which in itself highlights the lie. In fact, the dog in question was probably not even in the country. So compare these.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 6.08.53 pm

Weird doesn’t even start to cut it.

And Halloween provided plenty of material for Trump watchers, but trying to make this maniac even more grimly funny through horror is clearly redundant. But this agent orange killer might be getting a slight idea that the tide is turning, when he was  booed at the world series baseball game, with the crowd chanting ‘lock him up’.

cbr102719dapr jd102619dapr 231219_rgb tt191028 tt191031 lk103019dapr 231340_rgb 20191018edptc-a 20191025edhoc-a 231381 231303 Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon - tt_c_c191030.tif 231380_rgb wpnan191025 20191028edptc-a 231378_rgb 20191028edwas-a 231304_rgb cjones10312019

A Note From The Bay

A birdie on the 7th.

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 12.33.40 amAnd Have A Think About This

Venn diagram of nonesense74234653_10158989388111679_4864111339586453504_n


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  1. Litewait says:

    Good morning Mr magpie! On the pay issue I can assure you no fault of the council, purely a CBA glitch if you bank with the CBA the pays were available on the same day. Unfortunately other bank users were not so lucky. I’m told tcc staff were offered $50 for any inconvenience. Hope that keeps you up to date. Curranntly I’m working in Deeragun and every day i see this bird it’s a cross between a pee wee and a magpie, friendly little fellow. Cheers.

    • The Magpie says:

      That’s Dicky Bird.

    • Critical says:

      Isn’t this the $50.00 that was paid to affected customers by the Commonwealth Bank. Blog reads as if was paid by Council from ratepayers funds.

      • The Magpie says:

        WRONG, Critical. The ‘blog’ did not ‘read’ anything about the $50 matter, the blog didn’t even mention the $50 matter, if you care to check. That was a reader responding to the another comment who made the ambiguous statement. In fact, the blog made it clear that the whole thing could be just a rumour and invited enlightenment, and there were a number very informative replies clarified the situation. For which The ‘Pie thanks readers.

  2. Mike Douglas says:

    Rates sale notices hit 200 houses in the Ville . Formal notice by T.C.C. allows homeowners in financial difficulty to apply to access their Super to avoid a force Council sale . The Mullet says ” the list of properties presented to the meeting was bigger than normal because it related to a half year period than a qtr ” but based on similar qtrs there had not been a big increase . We know poor Jen is very good with maths, but how big a % ?, does anyone have details on the previous year because we know Mayor Mullet cant be trusted . Regarding the T.C.C. pay run, CBA had a outage and many thousands couldnt access there pay and in some cases have paid individuals a $50 credit for the inconvenience . Sadly 1-6 Australians dont have more than $50 balance in their accounts between pays but have the latest iphones , netflix , foxtel, etc .

  3. NQGal says:

    The payroll stuff up was entirely the Bank’s fault. It was a nation wide outage which unfortunately occurred over Thursday and Friday.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie was pointing to the non-reporting of the issue affecting the TCC (that he could see) – perhaps the TCC’s famous secretiveness was a missed opportunity to show the council did the right thing in this instance.

  4. Boho63 says:

    The Commonwealth Bank fiasco was due to an upgrade the bank did that crashed their systems. Some moron had a brilliant idea to do this upgrade on the busiest banking day without checking that their back up system indeed worked. We had no access to our own money in our accounts for 24hrs and indeed thousands of people did not see their wages until Sunday/Monday that were deposited Wed/Thurs. Not a good look.

  5. Alahazbin says:

    Pie, that building on the corner of Flinders & Stanley is the old SGIO. The ES&A is opposite the police station on Stanley St.
    Another couple of building that didn’t completely meet the demolishes hammer are the Dalgety building and the Metropole on Palmer St.

    • Charlie Wulguru says:

      Ala…You are right with where the ES&A Bank was. The building in question as far as I can remember housed the Public Trustee for a generation. Which would mean it could have been owned by SGIO.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Yes! Public Trustee was in that building, but it was the SGIO before they moved to Denham St which is now Wilmar’s offices.

  6. J jones says:

    Pie you are usually on the ball but you could have easily found out why we didn’t get paid a couple of weeks back…..Comm Bank had issues across the country (widely reported but maybe you were out chasing birdies :)). No fault of council this time.

    • The Magpie says:

      Didn’t see that affecting the TCC reported anywhere. Was it on the council website, or is the non-payment of the people who run our city none of our business? Could be wrong, but certainly didn’t see it in the Astonisher.

      And, ah, chasing birdies, yes, it’s a life of leisure except for the 15 minutes every Saturday when The ‘Pie effortlessly pulls together this weekly pile of old cobblers.

      • Mike Shearer says:

        15 minutes! does that include finding the corkscrew for the bottle of vintage red? You’re slowing down, old fellow.

  7. Gekko says:

    TCC was only a tenant in the derelict building next to The Brewery and they moved into Northtown level 1 over 20 years ago. Franco Santalucia owned the building back then and failed to find a tenant after several years quoting outrageous rents. It was bought by the guy who owned Axial employment in 2006 and he was going to build his commercial offices and training school there. He gutted the building but stopped work when he also bought Emmanuel Cassimatis Storm Financial building in 2008 and then moved in there. The old library building then sat unloved until Joe Carey from Carey Group bought it several years ago and it has gone further downhill with itinerants regularly camped in there. Joe Carey sits on the TEL Board amongst others in town and he recently did the new office development on Stuart st next to the ANZ bank. So maybe the old library building will finally get a new use after 20 year of developer neglect. Maybe a $26,000 fine could have lit a fire under their butts earlier?

    • The Magpie says:

      Make a good new digs for the Dudley Do Nothings.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      The $26k fine will only be applicable to those who don’t like the Mullet, they will have run down shitholes that get fined, her friends will have run down shitholes that don’t get fined, another example of why this town is soiled to its core by this Mayor and council.

    • The Magpie says:

      Just to confirm the above.

      And given Mr Carey’s position on TEL’s board, it would be interesting to see if there is a move to relocate the Dudley’s to this building. Any such move would make sense, the recently flood damaged HQ on The Strand is in such a prime position, it would fetch a pretty penny indeed, it’s almost criminal to leave this piece of real estate as the home to a such featherbedded mob of under … no, make that non-achievers as TEL. But the deal though might be a bit whiffey.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        So someone sits on the TEL board of beggars trying to get Govt to spend money in Townsville but at the same time buys a property, neglects it and adds to the run down shithole look Townsville currently has that drives investors away, he should be made to resign from the TEL board immediately, what a disgrace, WTF is going on with the people of this city,

      • Critical says:

        Does anyone know if the parcel of land between the end of the park and Sir Leslie Theirs Drive is State Government Reserve land under the control of TCC, if so, it would be very difficult to sell. If it is government reserve, who actually owns this building and if it is TCC and the building is leased to TEL, what rent does TEL pay to TCC or ultimately the ratepayers as TCC leases tend to be on a peppercorn rate of $1 per year if requested. Theoretically if TEL shifted to Flinders St who is going to pay the rent etc. if they’re on a peppercorn lease now.

        • Flying High says:

          There has been more grumbling coming out of the bowels of Townsville Scareport with ongoing security issues still. After multiple failures over recent months, the security staff are quietly expressing their distrust of airport management and even the security providers own management. Kevin Gill is nicknamed ‘the Ghost’ because he is never seen, he is always off prancing around the country, out to corporate lunches, hiding in his office when he is in Townsville. Many feel he has thoroughly outstayed his welcome and needs to be ‘relocated’. Oh Kevin…..

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            Yes it’s a total fuckup as normal with Numbskull Gill, just an incompetent wanker. The bad relations with Qantas continue, the windows of the Qclub have been covered in plastic for 6 weeks now as work is undertaken clearing the ground area outside, it was supposed to take 2 weeks, I also heard that contractors stuck a skip across the emergency exit of the lounge, a big no no, Qantas safety had to protest loudly to get it moved. TAPL are a disgusting corporate citizen of this town and the hypocritical members of TEL who allow Gill to be chairman of that organisation whilst whinge in private about how poor our airport is goes to the heart of why this town stinks at the moment.

  8. Eye roll says:

    Paper sales are up, just like tourist numbers are up because hotels had a top year, except tourists don’t wear work boots and drive twin cabs.

  9. Critical says:

    I see that the Vegans have taken to vandalising public safety signs around the city. Now seen a couple of Stop signs with a sticker reading “killing animals” placed below the word Stop in Hermit Park and Railway Estate. Saw driver of vehicle roll forward and nearly hit vehicle in front while they appeared to be reading the sticker. Hope Council and Main Roads get onto this problem before there’s an accident.

    • The Magpie says:

      That is simply straight out illegal, and is defacing signage that could seriously affect public safety.

      And while here in this neck of the woods, although perfectly legal and certainly eye-catching – distractingly so – that new electronic billboard on the corner of Gregory and Eyre streets in North Ward will sooner or later be cited in a traffic accident case. It’s almost a matter of being too effective and dazzling, especially since it rolls through advertisers every 10 seconds or so, many ith funny messages. The ‘Pie has been caught out a couple of times by light changes. Fortunately so far, changes from red to green … the way around, and there’ll be tears before bedtime for sure.

  10. JD says:

    The Bulletin has tipped over a can of worms with this story. Probably unwittingly.

    Simple research with many of the owners of relatively recently built (& certified) unit properties in Townsville will show this to be but the tail of the dragon.
    Scary examples such as roof replacements needed by units blocks only a few years old that will require crane hire alone estimated at $70K+  – foundations that have moved causing walls to move – floor tiles cracking & moving neccesitaing removal & replacement – and  of course the builder / contractor / sub contractor /developer / certifier have all either run up the white flag, disappeared or retired to the Bahamas.
    One of the many disadvantaged owners or bodies corporate will probably take up the cudgel but to what avail?
    Who issues the certificate to occupy and just what does it mean?
    Your favorite Mayor has been at the helm through the period these constructions took place.

    • The Magpie says:

      Your comment and that story does raise a question The ‘Pie has addressed before: if a council gives approval for development on a known flood plain, and despite conditions such as levees etc are met, is that council ultimately responsible for allowing construction on an inherently unstable land base? The ‘Pie would add to that that there should surely be a requirement in such cases for high set homes only, no matter what the developer/buyer’s bottom lines turns out to be. Geez, some people in this town need to be protected from themselves, let alone from a rapacious council.

  11. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    Driving past the new stadium site I see that the large banner advertising the Elton John concert scheduled for 29 Feb has been removed from the side of the stadium.

    Hopefully it was taken down because the builders need to access the walls for reasons to do with finalising the construction rather than cancellation of the concert.

  12. Critical says:

    Looking at this list of approved funded projects 2019/21 under the Works for Queensland program, it appears that TCC has completed very few projects. Thought that Mullet would be getting as many projects as possible completed so that she can sprook her success as Mayor in her election campaign or maybe TCC staff haven’t updated the status of the projects.


    • Ducks Nuts says:

      As usual, accurate record keeping and reporting isn’t something TCC places a high emphasis on. I’m aware that a number of these have been completed

  13. Ducks Nuts says:

    So Jamie Durie is a good choice for the Water Smart stuff because he’s won a flower show. For fuck sake Mullet this isn’t the Chelsea flower show. This is a water problem, in Australia. People with water problems don’t usually win London flower shows.

    • No More Dredging says:

      Ducks, you might be interested to know that the organisation hired by TEL and funded by the Feds to carry out the Hells Gate irrigation scheme feasibility study was SMEC – which was once the iconic Snowy Mountains Authority but is now simply another wholly owned corporation of the Singapore Government. Things aren’t necessarily what they seem. We have a British queen remember.

      • The Magpie says:

        Hmmm, once again borrowing poor old Pete Newey’s tinfoil conspiracy hat, do any of these dots join up?
        Dot 1: Mayor Mullet is a the deputy doo-dah of TEL
        Dot 2: Mayor Mullet has been in campaign mode for at least a year
        Dot 3: Mayor Mullet is desperately seeking brownie points for the Singapore Defence Training deal – which is purely Federal, and nothing she could do would either facilitate it or stop it, she’s purely an on-looker.
        Dot 4: Mayor Mullet has had a couple of jollies to Singapore at either Canberra, Queensland, TCC or most likely, Singapore’s expense.
        Dot 5: Mayor Mullet (who holds the majority purse strings of ratepayer support for TEL) directs the board to appoint SMEC.
        Dot 6: Mayor Mullet re-elected as the conquering heroine of international politics.
        Dot 7: Mayor Mullet retires before next election, and takes up a lucrative board membership of … SMEC.

        Why not, worked for the Australian traitor Andrew Robb and the Port of Darwin sale to the Chinese.
        How’s that, Pete?

        • The (Mostly) Civil Engineer says:

          Magpie – I think you give Madam Mayor too much credit upstairs.

          If if needs “shithouse rat cunning” she is all over it, but the trail of broken glistening baubles left in her wake shows just how susceptible she is to snake oil salesmen and their promises of magic cures.

          In my few years in and around TCC I have never seen even a glimmer of intellect from her, and to my sadness I have worked closely enough to observe in detail.

        • Oh Mullet Kintyre says:

          Succinct comment Pie. Politicians are strategists, and it’s all about them and the mighty dollar!!! Your bullet points are spot on. Rob, aka the $800,000 isn’t the only member of the honourable political fraternity to benefit from the industry who made up part of his portfolio while he was employed in the Commonwealth.
          Anna Bligh – boss of the banking fraternity.
          Peter Beattie – anyone’s bitch.
          Julie Bishop – working for Palladium. The former foreign minister who privatised foreign aid spending and now she is working for one of the biggest beneficiaries of that policy.
          Chrissy Pyne – The former defence minister, controversially landing a plum role with consulting firm Ernst & Young as it expands its defence expertise ahead of the federal government investing $200 billion in the military to 2026.
          Oink oink snouts in the trough. It is so blatant that it is embarrassing. However they are untouchables. Disgusting…….

      • Plannit Townsville says:

        Dredger if you’re looking for conspiracy theories you’re a bit slow. Council also use Optus… Singaporean owned…. cue X-Files music…

        Honestly our management are way to useless to organise the program of work let alone conspire together against the community.

        • No More Dredging says:

          Plannit, this conspiracy stuff got underway when commenter Ducks Nuts contended that “Jamie Durie is a good choice for the Water Smart stuff because he’s won a flower show.” I tried to indicate that outsourcing is all the rage these days and it often means not very much. After all, why is Elton John opening the stadium when there are about 2000 Aussie acts that could have filled the joint for a quarter the ticket price?

      • Legs Akimbo says:

        Trility runs Townsville water.

        Trility is Chinese owned.

        All large Chinese companies are owned ultimately by the Chinese communist party.

        Looks like you need to buy a bumper pack of tin foil hats.

        Don’t worry, people don’t care as long as money from the gov is deposited into the bank account every week.

        • The Magpie says:

          Pete’s real lonely on his site, why not join him and you can mutter away to your heart’s content all day long.

  14. Mayoralty says:

    Stop making up stories, or I send my Maltese Terrier around to bite your ankles and other body bits.

  15. Mike Douglas says:

    Mayor Mullet feeding the chooks ( ratepayers) on defending the $ spent on Jamie Durie “ I would happy to see if AEC would provide a breakdown of how much was being spent on advertising via local media , including the Bulletin and TV stations” . Are you serious , is the Mullet saying T.C.C . didn’t instruct AEC on how $800k is to be spent ?. Crime in Townsville has become so bad under the Palaszczuk Government that recidivous offenders are just walking out of IGA Douglas with groceries . When it was raised with a staff member the reply “ it’s too dangerous to pull them up “. The criminals don’t care as legal aid will have them before court and back out on bail with little consequence to then repeat offend on individuals or business . Simply on crime , our 3 local labor reps should lose their seats .

    • Critical says:

      As previously noted here, both adults and kids walk out of the Rising Sun Coles with the Coles branded shopping bags full of groceries. Staff feel powerless to stop them and if they do, they cope a mouthful of abuse and get told that they won’t get them and CCTV doesn’t deter them.

  16. upagumtreeperson says:

    Keep up the healthy debate Magpie! I like magpies. Have mom and dad and two squawkers who drop in for grub. Not too much as might not be too good for them.

  17. Achilles says:

    All books on the subjects contained in the Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense held in libraries, should be located in the Fiction section.

  18. moment says:

    So, the Heritage Volunteers are now past their use by date and the QR have changed the locks at Stuart to make sure. Always good to see a quick decision at the top.
    We must be near ready for the Townsville Technology Precinct down in the North Yard Rail that has sat there rotting away since the late 90s’ or are we waiting for those pesky geckos and mud skippers to be jettisoned? Claimed at the time to be a ‘Once in 10- year Opportunity and Lifestyle Destination’, TCC Expressions of interest closed in November 2003. Well we are waiting and waiting, although a few of our group are going to miss that date whenever it maybe.
    With Heritage gear stuck in the mud out at Stuart, the Bohle and not forgetting the Townsville Museum in Currajong, wouldn’t one accessible location in the North Yard be a ‘Win Win’. Wandering tourists and locals may even find something to see again, down in Flinders St. Could we take the binders off, and name it the Townsville Visitors, Rail and Technology Hub and all celebrate a little sooner.

    • Doxie says:

      What a great idea – but it’ll never happen because it’s too easy, commonsensical and obvious, but unfortunately none of those traits apply to our Mayor or Councillors. Shame that………………

    • Alahazbin says:

      I see Webby has offered to take all rail heritage stock and store until a museum is opened.
      Time for a big push for the old railway station to be that place. Plenty of room to display locomotives on lines in front of the platform.
      So much can be done with that place.

  19. Dingleberry’s on parade says:

    I’m not sure why the Mullet is so obsessed with Jamie Dreary. Did he put on a mankini or pair of Speedo’s and do a little dance for her with his twig and berries hanging out?
    He is a has-been. Danced for a few years with his shlong hanging out at Manpower (a name that is probably not even politically correct today!), then he did a gardening show, no doubt he parted a few shrubs in his time, he appeared on Oprah and all the ladies in America got a wide-on for him, and then his TV show crashed and burned. Now he gets paid by knuckleheads like the Mullet to do exactly what???

  20. Just Say'n says:

    According to their official campaign postmortem/internal review, Labor lost the federal election because of three overriding reasons, : weak strategy, poor adaptability and an unpopular leader.

    Very surprising findings…………..not!!

    Wonder how many union subscriptions were collected to pay for this piece of navel gazing.

    Bit of advice ………………the next Labor Prime Minister hasn’t been borne yet.

    • The Magpie says:

      unless we are all born yesterday.

    • Kingswood says:

      If its still online, check out Bill and his squeeze’s Christmas address to the nation last year.

      It should go down in history as one of the most insincere, badly written, ham actored pieces of nauseating fluff. Guarranteed to scare naughty boys and girls everywhere into being good…and adults into voting for anything but bs Bill.

  21. Kingswood says:

    Here it is…it’s not so much the words, its the way its said and the facial expression….


  22. Dave of Kelso says:

    11 break-ins PER DAY in October in Townsville. 84 cars stolen in the same period.

    This on top of blatant theft by the untouchables at some supermarkets, as reported in this blog.

    And the Qld Police Snot Minding Service (Op Regenerate), aint going so well. Now that is a suprise.

    Makes you proud to call this place home! And what can I say about the leadership we have?

    Further, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Do-gooder farmers will be on the road to hell if they have the little snots on their property for “rehabilitation”.

    • No More Dredging says:

      Kelso Dave, you’ve been on the road to hell to see for yourself, have you? Is that the road that’s just had a $30 million widening and upgrade courtesy of a state government grant? The same road that will be used to transport up to eight million tonnes of rock and fill from the Pinnacles quarry to the waterfront for the Townsville port expansion? That will probably be hell for Kelso and The Willows and Wulguru etc. I know how you feel.

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          When the Port expansion gets underway the rock is due to come from a quarry somewhere near the

          There will be many scores of heavy dump truck & trailer combinations on the roads from the Upper Ross to the Port.

          It will be hell on the roads.

          • Grumpy says:

            Dave, as a fellow Kelsonian, I know about these plans also have grave concerns. My issue was, how did we get there from a post primarily about juvenile crime. Inside Dredges head must be like four cats in a clothes dryer.

          • No More Dredging says:

            Grumpy, what are these “grave doubts” you say you have? You’ve known about the port expansion and the Pinnacles quarry for years but never mentioned it before. Too much time spent packing cats into your clothes dryer? Is that some form of therapy?

        • Alahazbin says:

          Grumps, he must work for Harpic.

        • Grumpy says:

          Dregs, your comebacks are becoming even more asinine. And the quotation mark technique is becoming a little zzzzzz

  23. Mike Douglas says:

    Seems Cathy Otoole jumped the gun with her letter to the editor about Climate Change Emergency (Labor spruik) and Cathy suggesting ” putting politicking and fear based lies aside ” before Labors postmortem on why they lost the election . Cathy would have been happy to have taxed the workers to the hilt and given the $ to those unfortunates . In her letter to the editor she talks about the importance of job security but try to get a straight answer out of her during the election on the Galilee Basin and jobs . Why cant ex Pollies (that includes Ewen) just fade away ? .I guess with their Chairmans club, Comm Cars , tax payer overseas travel and the stipend , was it $60k when Cathy lost her seat to climatise back off the tax payers teat .

  24. Dave of Kelso says:

    A relevant to Townsville article about there being no consequence for juvenile criminal behaviour.


  25. Noisy Mynah says:

    Lovely feeling of schadenfreude this morning to see that a home and car was stolen from one of Coralee O’Rorte’s staffers – AND that it was the of the son of Messagebank Les.

    Perhaps as the arrows start to fall closer to her office she might have to drag her head out of her posterior.

    Nice that Les was on hand to speak for his young fella – rather than expose the lad to the harsh media glare.

    Interesting to note that at about the same time the Honourable Minister was giving her interview on this and how well the government is handling crime generally, the wail of police sirens was all around her office as a gang of young miscreants was ambushing school kids riding home through Cranbrook park and robbing them. So inconsiderate with their timing!

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      A home was stolen, Noisy? :)

    • Five finger discount says:

      Why doesn’t somebody just redirect these hoodlums, juvenile crims and assorted dross to the more affluent streets in Townsville where the politicians, executive managers and rich end of town live. Much better class of cars and household goods to be nicked.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Yes but this is what Townsville voted for, out of all the policies at the last election this was front and centre, and the Labor stage Govt said get fucked Townsville, we will be doing nothing about it, and the brainless dickheads of this town still voted for them, and now they can’t whinge because puddleduck is doing exactly what she said she would, nothing, about time people in Townsville started looking in the mirror when blaming someone for the shit state of this town.

      • No More Dredging says:

        Cranky, if you have a recommendation, why not suggest something that you would be prepared to do yourself? Let us know what you see.

        • City dweller says:

          Lynchings. Plain and simple

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          The stocks! I’ve explained it in detail before.

          • Achilles says:

            How about making the magistrates and defense lawyers liable for subsequent delinquent activity of these brats?

            Or there has to be a guarantor who will be liable for any subsequent illegal activity, preferably a parent or close relative.

            Same goes for the faceless unaccountable drongo`s who release on parole dangerous vermin onto our streets.

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            You have my vote!

          • The Magpie says:

            Ummm, so Dave of Kelso replies to Dave of Kelso with the message ‘You have my vote’.

            Start of a big weekend mate?

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