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Sunday, November 11th, 2018   |   171 comments

INAPPROPRIATE!!! Adele Young Shows She Is Not Fit To Have Her Leadership Role Of This City


The CEO of the Townsville City Council puts out a demeaning and disgraceful tweet about a terror murder victim – a terror murder victim FFS – that could be interpreted as saying it was all a fuss BECAUSE HE WAS A MAN. This city has been shamed by her crass ambiguity and base words, and maybe she should go. In fact this is so serious, The ‘Pie will dispense with the usual format and go straight to the issue.

Early on Saturday evening, a reader alerted The ‘Pie to this tweet from the Courier Mail’s Des Houghton, lauding Prime Minister Morrison’s strong and statesman-like words in the aftermath of the Melbourne terror attack.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 7.32.42 pmOur Prime Minister was measured, firm, and expressed deep compassion for those so severely affected by the lone madness of a crazed killer. He also called on Islamic leaders to play a greater role in controlling the religion’s lawless element.

His words resonated with the nation.

But not at all with the Chief Executive Officer of the Townsville City Council, Adele Young, who tweeted this reply to Houghton’s post.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 7.33.40 pm

Putting aside the ambiguity of the opening of the tweet, the use of ‘1 person’ makes it sound like it doesn’t matter, just one insignificant person, and putting “terrorism” in quotes is a sneer in itself to the now proven facts of the matter. And trying to link this supposed unhinged religious-inspired to domestic violence is shameful. Just how wrong and on how many levels is this addled-headed, vile, crass, disrespectful, hurtful and it would appear drunken public pronouncement from someone who at all times and in all matters represents this community’s governance. Mayor Jenny Hill and all Townsville City Councillors must be made aware of the wide ramifications and backwash this beleaguered city will suffer because of this unremittingly callous and stupid act.

At first, The ‘Pie didn’t believe it was Adele Young TCC CEO … it couldn’t be, surely,  it was just a sick cyber joke. But the reader who alerted The ‘Pie has followed her tweets ever since Labor and the Nous Group shoehorned her into a position for which she was not really qualified, ahead of far better credentialed candidates. But a check of her twitter handle showed it WAS her … and as if further proof were needed, Twitter informed The Magpie he was blocked from reading or sending tweets to that account. So definitely no mistake.

The city’s reaction to this damaging episode will be a measure of where Townsville stands in terms of the decency, tolerance and intelligence expected of our civic leaders. God knows, we’ve had to put up with a political circus, but this is a step way over any boundary.

And while it is no joking matter, a footnote: a woman who earns north of $400K salary chooses to befoul herself even further by lacking in basic grammar and spelling – as well as being absolutely wrong in every other way.

And let’s see if Adele Young has the low effrontery to dismiss any complaint on the grounds that it was her own time and her own tweet, notwithstanding it is the Twitter account that she continually makes comment on council and Townsville matters in general. And on which local people here follow her.

Or will she have the unmitigated gall point us all to this from the Local Government governing act.

Investigation of complaints

Investigation of complaints relating to the conduct of council staff is the responsibility of the local government’s chief executive officer who may delegate that responsibility to another officer.

Disciplinary action

If it is established that a council employee has failed to perform their responsibilities or acted in a way that is not consistent with the local government principles, the chief executive officer may take disciplinary action.

In other words, she could, technically, investigate herself and find no case to answer. The ‘Pie for one would just love to see her try that.

If the mayor and councillors, if the business community, church and community leaders, academics, and yes, definitely, real, positive feminists, if the broader base of ordinary decent people in this community countenance this putrid behaviour, then you should all keep in mind the timeless words of Thomas Hobbes:

‘Hell is truth seen too late – survival is falsehood detected in time’.

And Looking Elsewhere, That Applies To At Least One Other Matter This Week.

A big question – very big – is hanging over the head of our mayor, which, if the answer is in the affirmative, puts her in very hot water indeed. It could even be criminal. And no, it is nothing to do with the still unexplained $23m which disappeared in the TCC annual report. It is a simple question: did she or did she not threaten, or order an officer to threaten, to withdraw council support for basketball if Townsville Basketball accepted a $20,000 donation from Clive Palmer. And if she didn’t, why did they knock back this money for jam? Of course, the mayor will deny any such thing ever happened … like she denied telling lies to councillors to get their vote on the now fizzled Adani airstrip deal – But then again, maybe she didn’t try this cack-handed sort of political extortion. So the real answer must come from the basketball people responsible for the decision, and they cannot shrug it off if they pretend to bear any responsibility towards the wider community. The possibility has been widely circulated, and it certainly didn’t start here, so step up, someone.

And please do not say it is none of our business.



…. And to come this week,  our Deputy Doo Dah Les Messagebank Walker goes missing in action yet again, ignoring the very real plight of a large chunk of his ratepayers severely affected by a massive operational upgrade granted to an industrial company.

And the feminist fun sponges are at it again, damaging their own worthy causes with petty idiocy.

But now, it’s Bentley time!!

The Mad Katter’s Dam Tea Party

It is fact that the noisy maelstrom of giggling, squeaking, gurgling face-pulling that is Bob Katter rarely actually achieves anything, but he’s broken his duck this month.  With everyone using selective memory (and often selective facts) to claim credit for the unexpected largesse showered on our water problems by the PM during his visit, it is fair to say that Bob did his bit, and then some. The Wentworth by-election result suddenly put him in a pivotal position to get a few things on his long-term shopping list – and as Bentley so succinctly points out – he knew exactly how to use his new-found ammo.

dams fin small

Of course, there';s a small matter of an election looming, so now the question is will ScoMo pony up the dough beforehand, so The Short Un can’t easily rescind it?

The Feminist Fun Sponges Fuck It Up For Themselves Again

ScoMo’s jet-powered bus tour had its slow moments for the gaggle of hacks tagging along, on a trip that held little interest for their readers back in southern home bases. So to stir things up in a lull, ScoMo was asked on radio if he would take up ‘Plastic Pamela’ Anderson’s plea to let Julian Assange return to Australia (which The ‘Pie is not sure Mr Assange would actually want to do anyway.) Now, this was clearly some fill-in flummery as often happens on this junkets, so the PM treated it with the lightness it deserved, brushing the idea aside by telling the panting hacks ‘ “I’ve had plenty of mates who have asked me if they can be my special envoy to sort the issue out with Pamela Anderson’.

It was a statement that summed up such an irrelevance perfectly, and everybody laughed.

Well, no, not everybody. The feminist fun sponges were all over it in an instant, draining any mild amusement out of it, wittering on about ‘disrespectful to wimmin’, ‘unbecoming for a PM’ and the one The ‘Pie loved ‘He should take women more seriously’.  Bit self-defeating, that one, dears.

Amazing stuff in more ways than one, but particularly because the feminazis have never had any time for Anderson, and the feeling is mutual, with Pammy more than once and very loudly declaiming feminism to be ‘a bore’. Shame, really, she’d look good even in bib’n’brace overalls and Docs.

Julia Gillard

But it all got The ‘Pie drifting off into a time machine reverie of what might have been. Wind back to when Julia Gillard was in the Lodge(remember her, about 40 PMs ago?) and she was asked about George Clooney’s plea to have Assange returned to Australia. ‘No, but I’ve had plenty of girlfriends who have asked me if they can be my special envoy to sort the issue out with George Clooney.’ Well, laugh, I tell you … all across the nation, blokes  guffawed and the ladies who lunch before they lurch clinked dainty glasses of Prosecco,  toasting ‘Good one, Jules’ and cries of ‘Phrowah, yes, me too, I’ll go!’

That’s for sure how it would’ve happened.

Double standards, anyone?

And You Reckon She’s Not Campaigning?

Part of The Magpie’s job is to keep an eye on what our mayor DOESN’T say as much as what she does say. So there was a most curious lapse in the usually continuous gusher of meaningless verbiage this week when this story appeared in the Astonisher.

Now, The ‘Pie for once was somewhat less doubting of this run of the mill ‘happy days are (almost) here again’ yarn of the sort the Bulletin puffs so often. Here’s a couple of reasons why it is more credible.  One is the involvement of the CSIRO, no fly by night organisation dependent on share prices – well not in this case, anyway. Another stand-out factor was the plain English admission of the hurdles ahead to make this a reality.

BUT BEST OF ALL, there wasn’t a hint of a begging bowl attitude, (such as Magnis successfully rattled for the unicorn lithium battery factory at Woodstock) private enterprise was getting in there and spending their own dollars to check the feasibility of their plans. Mind you, in its usual weasel-worded fashion, the state government, through the appropriately named Minister Dick, said it was ‘providing project facilitation’, whatever the fuck that means.

But The ‘Pie was bemused that the mayor did not once mention the Magnis proposal of a battery mega-factory when she could so easily have made a number of tenuous links to it with this announcement. Usually, when a bandwagon like this rolls into town which has nothing to do with the The Mullet, the mayoral pogo stick is rammed into top gear until she can vault herself up there in spangles to make phantasmagorical campaign promises, with back references to all the other things she hasn’t achieved … yet. But while there was plenty of irrelevant stuff about support for the Yabulu project (what else could there be?) , not a peep about the unicorn factory at Woodstock. Oh, dear, hasn’t fallen over, has it, luvvie?

This made The ‘Pie wonder if she has finally realised she the community is onto the hokum, and is deeply suspicious of our mayor getting involved in private enterprise (anyone want an airstrip? Apply Mayor Hill.) when she can’t even get the traditional rates, roads and rubbish right.

‘Campaigning this far out from an election must tell us something.  Like she’s had an epiphany, colliding with reality and is now – as they used say in Trollope’s London – soiling her small clothes.?

How The Ratepayers Are Funding Mayor Mullet’s Re-Election Campaign Part 2

This from Magpie comments last Sunday.

The Magpie  November 5, 2018 at 10:21 am  (Edit)

Coincidence of the Decade … our campaigning mayor at The Willows yesterday, exactly the same day that the stage 2 pipeline was locked in with the pollies. Spooky …. how does she do it?

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 10.11.52 am

Oh, Really? Not ‘Townsville City Council’? Not ‘Our Water Initiative? Not even ‘Team Hill’?

Nope, just ‘Mayor Jenny Hill’ plastered all over a ratepayer funded marquee for her to appear to be the sole ‘water wise’ saviour of the town.  Talk about a cack handed attempt at the cult of personality. Actually, The ‘Pie may be wrong, and that expensive marquee was probably paid for out of the $300,000 allocated to the clearly absent Jamie Durie.

Now try and tell The ‘Pie she’s not on the campaign trail.

Messagebank Goes Missing – Again

Somebody better tell Les Walker there’s an election on the way.

There are some very justifiably angry people out Cluden way, which is Les’s division.

Long story short, local company Goodsell Earthmoving’s location on Racecourse Road has been a bone of contention with local residents for years, with more than 100 houses and 600 denizens being showered in thick dust all day everyday (it seems) and bombarded with noise shattering machinery.. It seems one of the things that has come about because of Townsville’s stop-start growth has been the imposition of Special Development Areas, which are controlled by the state government – and in a typical jackboot fashion beloved of this government, there is no appeal about decisions made hundreds of kilometres away in Brisbane regarding these areas.

That is how, despite loud protests to Goodsells and authorities for more than four years,  a few months back, the company applied for and was granted the right to increase it’s rubble crushing business (for landscaping material apparently) from an annual 20,000 tonnes to a whopping 320,000 tonnes.  That will involve as many as 80 double trailer trucks of hard spoil thundering past every day.  The Goodsell site (and here, The ‘Pie is not condemning the company, just the government and a councillor sitting on his hands and not representing his community) has been changed by the Brisbane poohbahs from low impact/light industrial to high impact. This despite objections from more than 100 nearby households, with one resident saying his solar power panels no longer function properly because of the increased dust, and those with swimming pools cannot swim in the resulting film of sludge. (Couldn’t down load some pics sent in, but take The ‘Pie’s word, no councillor would put up with murky swimming pool and locked grimy windows depicted in same.A petition of practically all affected residents opposing the change of use was unsuccessful, although extra watering down measures have been imposed. The machinery is very loud for an urban area.

Les Walker was contacted but – and this will surprise no one – he hasn’t been back in touch, still living up to his Messagebank tag that he loathes so much. This free-loading goof will undoubtedly duck-shove all this on to the state government, which technically is correct, but for a dyed in the blue Labor man, Les could at least show up and explain matters face to face with the people who possibly voted him in (remember he nearly got rolled by a newby not so long back).

The ‘Pie will be looking at this further, although yet again he has now provided the Bulletin with a news tip for which he will receive no thanks (harumph!!) – The Astonisher will of course goes to town on the government and the council, after all, they’re ‘All For You’ – except perhaps if you live in Cluden.

And when the dust settles metaphorically, Messagebank may well find he will have to go back to being a union bovver boy.

The Astonisher’s Big Miss Of The Week

From comments.

Lois Lane

Submitted on 2018/11/07 at 3:03 pm

HRH Prince Albert of Monaco was at AIMS on Monday – the paper missed that also.

Bits And Pieces

Best summing up of a political marriage made in hell.


But they’re not the only ones to miss the err … bus.


And This Week’s Trumpistan …

…where the main focus was on the firing of Trump’s AG Jeff Sessions.

mckee_530 141_217869181112_r33215 weyant_4 EA64C2DDBB194D24B3F6B7A16CB7C102 bramhall_3

And If We Thought Trump Was Up Himself, Try This

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 10.00.11 amAdvice From The Astonisher

Don’t ride in Townsville tramlines

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 9.29.57 am

Bizzarre Comparison of the week – just hope the Port has better unclogged toilets than the last time The ‘Pie was in Malta.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 10.01.32 am

And The ‘Pie wants one … a car with the ultimate accessory to have the last word in road rage incidents!

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 9.55.29 amAnd technology is overtaking the animal kingdom.

DEDBC92297244B38826D90826330D807 1A6EA9D22D86449B9927D04D4D34AF58 945DB027D5704690886E6D9BB98F53EA

And Finally, A Couple Of Things o Contemplate

 This is how The Magpie visualises what will happen if Mayor Mullet and a Clive Palmer go up against one another in the March 2020 council election.

And then there is this from an outback store.


That’s another week gone, with all sorts of things pinging around, so don’t miss comments this week, and have your say if you want. And if you want, you can help support The Nest with a few bob … the how to donate button is below.

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    the 2010 qtc credit review outlined how the stadium was a done deal under tyrell i’m afraid – it was no mistake or thought bubble.

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