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Sunday, October 11th, 2020   |   149 comments

Orange Is The New Black – Black Mark, That Is, Against Our Mayor And Her Council

Is the introduction of those orange e-scooters a tragedy waiting to happen? It appears that this whole idea was not thought through at all , and is already proving to be a dangerous dog’s dinner of an idea. And the public need an explanation from the council about what safeguards, if any, they have insisted on for this operation. The Magpie sees a big downside.

The Townsville Bulletin’s delivers a slap in the face to Townsville, attempting to make the city’s criminal low life of trollops and lawless spivs sexy and glamorous by dubbing ten chosen ones as the ‘hottest criminals’. And yes, they mean in the sexual sense. It’s an inexplicable new low bar for the Bulletin. And in another bad week for the paper, they manage a blatant biased lie about the Vice Presidential debate.

And ‘not guilty as charged, your honour’ …The Magpie replies to a barrister who suggests he was in part responsible for the tragic death of Judge Guy Andrew … that boot belongs firmly on the other foot.

And Senator Malcolm Roberts shows that just because you’re not in your right mind doesn’t mean your not right. The One Notion senator calls out the seamy underbelly of the Queensland Local Government Association. Wonder if we should LGAQ board member Jenny Hill for her reaction to allegations of massive corruption.

… and we have our usual gallery of the wildly free-wheeling American political scene.

But First …

Boot Scootin’ 

Cane toad is

Often, what seems like a good idea can, with a little research and forethought, be realised as anything but. The cane toad comes to mind, think of all the angst we could’ve been spared if a little more research had gone into that ‘good idea’ before it was implemented. And just in the last week, we were told a similar story of unintended consequences when a mosquito-eating fish was introduced to our local waterways and is now causing havoc for the traditional owners, so to speak.

Unfortunately, our mayor and her council do not learn from history, and so it was that an orange blight has descended on the Strand and to a much lesser extent, the CBD.

E-scooters processed

Yes, a silent scourge of Pestus Scooteri (genus Electrus Idiotica) has suddenly arrived on our doorsteps … which could be literally, given the rules about leaving these bloody things wherever you like.

Now before you skip the rest of this, dismissing it as the harrumph of an old killjoy dinosaur, there are a few aspects of very real concern to ratepayers and the general citizenry with the sudden and unheralded introduction of the Neuron e-scooters to our parks, walkways and STREETS … yes, they’re ridden on streets and roads, sharing them with normal traffic. Bentley clearly sees the danger and illegality of these seemingly innocent machines.

scoot flat small

Businesses have expressed concerns about their liability of these scooters being used on their leased outdoor areas. Dozens have walkers and joggers have also been dismayed about both the behaviour, the abandonment of the scooters and the young age of riders … which was clear evidence during school holidays.

As though business owners don’t have enough of a struggle in these particular tough times , here’s one instance of a more widespread problem. The owner of one of the most popular businesses on The Strand came to work during the week to be confronted with this over his outdoor dining area before it had been set up.

20201006_085405 Scooters fish inn image001

He told The Magpie:

Just had a big argument with a bloke moving them into my outdoor dining area….refused to move them 3m out of this area to the other side  side of the footpath….even after I told him they were in my licensed council approved outdoor dining space…refused to move them cause his boss told him to put them there….refused to give me her number….so I moved the 13 fucking things myself… (bloke said supervisor) was coming down…wouldn’t tell me when. Did I get pissed at him? Of course…yep… but only when after being told they were in the outdoor dining area and he refused to move them 3m…..I think they are getting hit from all angles. Maybe the scooters aren’t a bad idea but they certainly need to be more strictly controlled.

NB The top photograph of the scooters neatly lined up on a grassed public area was done by the business owner himself, who later told the Magpie that the supervisor was apologetic about the representative’s behaviour, but she had also admitted there were problems : “Night time in the park here is a real problem with incorrect scooter activity…to the point that she feels as though creating a black spot of operation might be a solution. There is a discount at end of service offered if left in a particular zone or spot??? 10% off . No further info on that one. There is a guy whose job is to relocate the scooters” …the dick I ran into. But isn’t it interesting that she was shocked in the anti social behaviours of some users? Despite it being their equipment, she felt that the police were on board with policing these things….some 300 of them.

But there are greater problems that present problems in minimising the danger posed by these scooters. Although there is a clear sign on every scooter that riders must be over 18, the overwhelming number of hirers are not, and some not even teenagers. Parents have been signing up on behalf of their kids, using the associated app to set them up. And wearing helmets is mandatory, they say – good luck with that, rules that are readily broken, as highlighted inadvertently by a somnolent Bulletin

Kids on scooters Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 9.21.06 pm

The sign on every scooter also says no drink-riding … yeah, well good luck with that, too. And lots of ‘doubling (even tripling) up, but only one helmet is provided. Multiple breaches have been emailed in to The Magpie, including near misses by motorists. Under the present circumstances, it is just a matter of time before tragedy strikes. So with all this in mind, The Magpie emailed the company spokeswoman, with a CC to the Townsville Council.

Good morning, Charlene,

My name is Malcolm Weatherup, journalist and blogger/publisher of the weekly Magpie’s Nest.

I am hoping you might be able to give me an overview of your company’s policy is various areas regarding the release of 300 Neuron e-scooters recently in Townsville.

Specifically, can you address the following questions.

What consultation regarding safety, legality and liability did Neuron have with local police and the Townsville City Council?

Was there any feasibility and risk v reward study done by Neuron before the release in Townsville, or did it just seem like a ‘good idea and money spinner’?

Was there any fee paid to the TCC for permission to introduce the scooters here? Or vice versa, did the council make any payment to induce Neuron
Is your company indemnified for illegal behaviour (including doubling up, necessitating that one rider does not have a helmet? If so, how does that work?

Why do you not have organised and required pick-up, drop-off points for the scooters, which are now left about the place, creating an injury hazard to the general public?

Are you open to legal action should a scooter be involved in an accident on areas leased by businesses?

A small sign on the scooters advises that riders must be over 18, but this is widely ignored with even pre-teenagers seen using the vehicles, so do you have any company staff monitoring and discouraging this behaviour? Or does Neuron expect the taxpayer, though the Queensland Police Service, to carry that burden of duty of care?

Ditto above for the small sign prohibiting drunken ‘scootering’?

Does your company condone putting children and the general driving public in harm’s way with the scooters often mixing with heavy traffic on streets and roads?

What official position will the company take when there is serious injury or death involving a Neuron e-scooter? Will your Asian owners and head office be in any way liable, or is there an Australian franchisee to carry the can?

Appreciate your reply before midday Saturday, for inclusion in weekly blog.

Thank you,

Malcolm Weatherup
aka Townsville Magpie

No reply by time of publication, and won’t be holding breath waiting. But what do we get from our probing, investigative Bulletin … this …

Screen Shot 2020-10-10 at 12.22.55 pm

… not one single question The Magpie posed to ‘Charlene’, who will probably get her arse kicked for her comments, anyway.

So, in the wash-up, it seems on early evidence that Townsville is in no way sophisticated enough at this time for the uncontrolled operation of these scooters, and until an acceptable system is devised, permission should be withdrawn before someone … probably a young person … is seriously injured or killed. Mayor Mullet needs to ‘please explain’ why she has allowed her community to be put at risk like this.

Will any one take note of what is said here? The Magpie doubts even the Astonisher will do it’s usual six-days-later follow-up, but The ‘Pie is just satisfied that these dangers are on record for when the inevitable occurs and those responsible cannot claim they weren’t aware of the bleedin’ obvious.

Seems Messagebank Walker Hasn’t Thought Things Through Either.

From comments during the week.

The Magpie
5,130 approved

Naughty, naughty …

Anybody want to tell Messagebank? If you do, don’t bother phoning, write him a letter.

Using a Vehicle Horn Whilst Driving – Qld Road Rules

The Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Road Rules) Regulation 2009 (Reg 224) sets out that drivers must not use a horn or a similar warning device unless it’s necessary to warn other road users or animals of the approach or position of the vehicle, or as part of an anti-theft device or an alcohol interlock device which has been fitted to the vehicle.

The Townsville Bulletin’s Contempt For The Townsville Community Couldn’t Be Plainer.

‘What on earth possessed them.

Two matters this week made it clear – as if further proof were needed – that the Townsville Bulletin is a morals-free zone.

The first, a disgraceful error of judgment, continues the paper’s long tradition,  that – in the fruitless chase for a younger readership – idolizing local criminals. The Bulletin delivered this callous kick to the guts to the police, Townsville generally and to victims of local crime specifically.

Hottest crims Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 9.49.25 am

And there can be no mistaking what they mean by ‘hottest’, setting up a group of pathetic petty crims as –apparently – sexually desirable – ‘hot’ – role models. Looking at this line-up of scrubbers and pimply deadheads, you’d need a HAZMAT suit to venture anywhere near them socially. It is bad enough that the paper continually raids Facebook for ‘larrikin’ and ‘glam’ photos of life’s losers, often showing them making obscene gestures that highlights their disrespect for the law and for their victims. And these vacuous shits are smart enough to seek out the cameras when they leave court, so they can pose for their peer group’s knuckle-dragging adulation.

Seriously, editor Craig Warhurst, you owe Townsville an explanation, and an apology – this is even worthy of a complaint to the Press Council.

But It Is News Corpse Culture At Work Here.

‘Appropriate’ and ‘responsible’ are two words Rupert has expunged globally from the News style book years ago (phone hacking anyone?).

Want proof? Then consider this. News Ltd newspapers under the clear direction of Rupert Murdoch, are now so firmly entrenched in the Trump camp, they openly peddle fake news, in this case by selective, edited quoting. This organisation, which so regularly bleats in its papers and on SKY programs about biased reporting, hasn’t even tried to be clever. This (typically punning) headline is simply A LIE.

Debate Vax Lie Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 9.57.59 am

And the opening two paragraphs clearly prove the incredibly irresponsible bias of News Corpse.

VAX lie Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 9.55.37 am

At no stage does the story give context or expand on its claim. The clear intent through the headline and reporting was that Kamala Harris was ‘discouraging’ people from taking a COVID vaccine- period.

But here’s what she really said when asked if she would be inoculated and should the American people be inoculated if a vaccine was to become available:

Kamala Harris: “If the public health professionals, if Dr Fauci, if the doctors tell us we should take it, obviously, I’d be first in line to take it. Absolutely. But if Donald Trump, tells me, tells us, we should take it, then I’m not taking it.”

And before the frightened little troglodytes start foaming about ‘fake noos ‘, check it out here. (If this link doesn’t open, google it, easy to find.)

The full time score on this debate point: full points to Kamala Harris for recommending not to take Trump’s advice, much to the disappointment of bleach manufacturers and Syringe makers.

Anyway, the debate was won by Louie The Fly (see later item).

It is fair to say that the Townsville Bulletin never disappoints … so long you expect to be disappointed.

(Feeling) Guilty As Charged, Your Honour?

The sad saga of Judge Guy Andrew came to close on Thursday when his body was discovered near a walking track not far from his home. At the time of writing, the death was not being treated as suspicious. But these matters do not end quickly for those who remain; and we can have nothing but the utmost sympathy for his grieving family.

However, the soul searching in this instance is not restricted to family and friends. Some days after Judge Andrew was reported missing, but four days before Thursday’s inevitable conclusion, The Magpie was greatly affronted to receive this email, which accused him of being complicit in Judge Andrew’s situation.

Graeme Page QC Screen Shot 2020-10-10 at 11.51.52 pm

Graeme Page QC

In your publication dates 6 September you refer to the decision of the Full court of the Family Court which dealt with a judgement of Judge Andrew. You refer on page 2 of your publication to some information in your possession that “Andrew has in the past crossed swords with ” me.

I wish to make it quite clear that that information has no substance in fact. I had at no time prior to this trial met with. had contact with or appeared before Judge Andrew let alone appeared against the judge whilst he was at the bar.

I believe that unfounded statements made by you only serve to put additional pressure on the judge in the circumstances that have taken place since the Full court judgement. It completely misrepresents the truth of what occurred.

I trust you will correct your text and offer an apology for the inclusion of that statement.

Graeme Page QC

Barrister Graeme Page was the target for most of the court room attack by Judge Andrew, behaviour that the Appeal Court found to be ‘cruel, insulting, humiliating and rude … which amounted to an abuse of power.’ Being a matter that originated in Townsville, The Magpie of course reported on the matter, and that Judge Andrew had been called back to Brisbane for ‘mentoring’, as judicial babysitting is termed.

So, on review, The Magpie will agree that the possible motivation he reported in the September 6 article, although believed by his informants,  should have been a suggestion and not stated as fact. That has now been suitably amended, although many in the legal profession still find Page’s assertion never to have even met Guy Andrew baffling, and greatly against the odds in the legal world of Brisbane. More than one has suggested there must be some ‘back story’ for the late judge’s behaviour.

Be all that be as it may, The Magpie’s open reply directly to you, Mr Page,  is this.

Sir, your fevered attempt to transfer to me some responsibility for Judge Andrew’s mental anguish and subsequent actions clearly comes from someone who suddenly became alarmed at with his own role in this matter.

I totally reject the impertinent pomposity and illogicality of your ridiculous assertion, and do so with the following in mind.

If a small and obscure blog in north Queensland carries as much moral weight as you suggest, why did you leave it until several days after Guy Andrew went missing to contact me with your email of indignant complaint? Would your indignation not have prompted you to more immediate action, or did things start to weigh more heavily on you as time went by, leading you to aaa a silly assertion to an otherwise correct and minor complaint about my piece?

Why would it weigh on you, Mr Page? Well, perhaps it was the unusual circumstance of your own appearance in the appeal which subsequently brought down the damning judgment, a massive personal and professional blow to Judge Andrew. Is it not highly unusual for the same barrister to appear in an appeal, especially when much of the dispute revolves around that very barrister? Does not that departure from the usual accepted procedure muddy the waters of transparency, legal impartiality and remove any emotion from the proceedings and result?

Is it not fair and reasonable to believe you were insistent on being there to get your own pound of flesh from a person who had so egregiously insulted and belittled you in court? (Please do not try to suggest you were being valiant for your wronged client, no one will believe you.) Are you entertaining some regrets – indeed guilt – about so publicly bringing the judge’s failings into the public arena now, as reasonable and correct as that is in our society?

That being the case, it’s more than a bit bloody rich for you to so generously and erroneously try to share the blame around, to include an obscure blog in north Queensland, which attracts a very limited readership which most assuredly would not normally include Judge Andrew, his family, – unless of course they were alerted to it – or for that matter, you?

If my refutation seems untimely and unseemly, Mr Page, it can hardly be of little import to you. After all, as you say, you didn’t know the man.

PS It’s spelt ‘judgment’.

Speaking Of Judgments, And In A Less Sombre Vein

We’ve all seen those old western movies featuring a plain speakin’, moustachioed wise old judge who calls a spade a bloody shovel and delivers verdict with witty old-west aphorisms. . But if you think that is a by-gone era and certainly never did nor does exist in Australia, then you haven’t heard of Craig William Sanderson, the Master of the Supreme Court of (aptly) Western Australia. Master Sanderson has long been known for his humour and what has been termed his ‘eccentric style of judgment-writing.’

This from Wikipedia: Evaluating evidence given by a psychic detective in a recent case, the Master concluded:

The final witness called by the defendant was Gabrielle Therese Crofts. Mrs Crofts is the elder sister of Ms McNamara. Mrs Crofts has a number of qualifications and has worked for a number of years in the area of domestic violence. She is also a psychic detective… In the end I determined I would not take her evidence into account in determining this application. Given her psychic powers Mrs Crofts probably anticipated this outcome.[7]

There are other examples but last month, Master Sanderson outdid himself, when he delivered one of the most unexpected, delightful and hilarious judgments ever put on file. From his opening: ‘Ode to a dying corporation … these reasons are not so much a judgment as a requiem’ to his final single word, in signing off on the matter this brief legal summation is a classic for the ages.

But after you’ve read this and get the impression Master Sanderson is some Sal Vasta-type buffoon (albeit far more intelligent), you’d be wrong. Some years ago, he was serious and smart enough to reveal through dogged persistence a grub solicitor who was raiding trust accounts, and who ended up getting 9 years for his efforts.

After A Speech In The Senate This Week, LGAQ CEO Greg Hallam Is Probably Soiling His Small Garments.

Malcolm Roberts

senator Malcolm Roberts nails the LGAQ.

But the revelations have been widely ignored by mainstream media.

It was through the unlikely agency of Senator Malcolm Roberts that The ‘Pie learnt some interesting background facts about the LGAQ under CEO Greg ‘Pizza The Hut’ Hallam and a subservient board that includes our mayor Jenny Hill. . (NB The sensitive Mr Hallam once threatened to, or did, sue someone who had likened him to Jabba The Hutt, the Star Wars villain. A fascinated ‘Pie searched images of Mr Hallam and decided his jowly looks and restaurant-friendly figure had a closer affinity to Pizza The Hut, and thus the nickname.)

Greg HallamScreen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.44.54 am

LGAQ CEO Greg Hallam

But The Magpie has long suspected there is a very uncomical side to Mr Hallam and his organisation, and that the empire building of the LGAQ is a rort, verging on corruption, especially the oft mentioned Local Buy. So it was with some satisfaction that Malcolm Roberts revealed a background unknown to The Magpie, when the senator made an anti-corruption speech in the Senate a few days ago.

Well worth a look and/or a read. Hansard text of the speech is here and a You Tube piece of Senator Robert’s delivering from the benches is here. Here’s a few salient quotes:

“The corruption in Queensland local government is systemic and criminal to the extent that people are essentially stealing from taxpayers and ratepayers. Government-provided taxpayer moneys are redirected, not spent on their intended purposes, not spent at all or corruptly provided to persons in exchange for overvalued materials and service.”

“The Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements, NDRRA, governs disaster-recovery funding. The Australian government reimburses 75 per cent of the cost of the works and the state government reimburses the other 25 per cent of the cost of the works. Emergency Management Australia administers NDRRA funding on behalf of the Australian government. The Queensland Reconstruction Authority and Emergency Management Queensland coordinate the NDRRA funding in Queensland. Councils regularly rort this arrangement with the assistance of the Local Government Association of Queensland, the LGAQ, through several of its business entities, including Local Buy.”

Senator Roberts cites some alarming examples, and then details something The Magpie has said in this blog on several occasions. To whit:

‘Local Buy is a wholly LGAQ owned company, set up with the stated aim of meeting the needs of local councils and with a procurement process that arranges contractors to fill council contracts. In reality, it’s a way to rip off ratepayer money, especially where the complaints processes and the anticorruption body, the Crime And Corruption Commission, the CCC, are so ineffective. Local contractors are often sidelined when contracts are given to outside contractors who don’t satisfy the required standards. Once Local Buy gives a contract to a contractor, a percentage of the contract price must be paid to the LGAQ for arranging the contract through Local Buy. The Local Buy concept is widespread and is clearly a front to gouge profits of up to 60 per cent from ratepayers’ money. The LGAQ protects Local Buy.’

Senator Roberts then discusses Queensland-wide council corruption in general terms but then reveals a common misconception about the nature of the LGAQ – it is NOT a government instrument but is a private outfit.

“A common link to this local government corruption has been the Local Government Association of Queensland, the LGAQ, a private company limited by guarantee, which many people think is a government instrument, but it’s not. The association’s principal activity is said to be representing Queensland local governments in their dealings with other governments, unions, business and the community. What makes the Local Government Association of Queensland unique are the special statutory provisions that made the LGAQ virtually unaccountable for their actions. Under rule 234 of Local Government Regulation 2012, a council is exempt from calling contracts to tender or calling quotes ‘if the contract is entered into under an LGAQ arrangement’. This includes a contract made with the LGAQ. Every contract the LGAQ enters involves a substantial fee being paid to the LGAQ. It is the classic cartel arrangement, prohibited in every other state except Queensland, where rule 234 legalised it. Rule 234 must be repealed to ensure transparency and integrity.

As for audits, under section 591 of the then Labor government’s Industrial Relations Act 1999, LGAQ Limited are exempt from appointing an auditor to inspect the accounting records and issue an audit report, as is usually undertaken under the Corporations Act 2001. There is no independent audit. The LGAQ is a powerful organisation that is well protected from revealing the murky side of operations. How such an organisation can have such wide exemptions from integrity checks and balances must be explained and remedied.”

Malcolm Roberts wants a corruption investigation be undertaken.  So do we.

Fat chance.

A Week When The World Was Transfixed By The Biggest Lie And The Smallest Fly

The Magpie has seen and heard nothing to make him change his mind that the mobster president, Donald The Trumpanzee, has ever had corona virus. The old bird’s assertion has attracted all sorts of tin-foil-hat jokes his way but as things have unfolded, all the evidence is with The ‘Pie. This shyster, a proven liar and schemer, has no right to credibility in his claim, and he clearly has engineered his ‘miraculous recovery’ to give his deadly outlook on COVID-19 legitimacy, a ‘I told you so’ chortling of a desperate man. Many credible people are cautiously coming around to The Magpie’s original analysis that it was all staged stunt.

But it was a tiny undiscerning fly, exhibiting an unhealthy curiosity by landing on Mike Pence’s silvery thatch during the debate with Karmala Harris that perked up a jaded audience. Needless to say, the fly was all the buzz with the penmen of America.

sbr100920dapr 244226_rgb_768 cjones10072020 image001 Screen Shot 2020-10-10 at 9.29.05 am Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 9.23.51 am 244079_rgb_768 20201007edhan-a 244141_rgb_768 cjones10122020 cb100820dapr sk100820dapr 20201009edhoc-a 20201007edbbc-a 244241_rgb_768_1 lk101120dapr 244207_rgb_768 244038_rgb_768 sbr100420dapr Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 8.45.24 am image0 mra100220dapr 2_matson_3 1_pett_0 4_byrnes_0 244095_rgb_768


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  1. LGACrap says:

    I was once told (all rumour of course) that if a Council purchases a service through LGAQ (the more expensive the purchase the better) that Council then stands a good chance to win one, or several, highly coveted LGAQ awards. This then looks good on the Mayor and CEO’s CV. For me, it’s as exciting as winning some Hollywood award, but to our elected members these awards are bigger than being cannonsied as a Saint by the Pope. As mentioned by The Magpie, by purchasing through the LGAQ profit is made by the organisation. And let’s face it, these people loooooove money! Should this rumour be true, it is quite amazing that this has been going on for many years with not a single eyelid being batted, until perhaps now? Senator Malcolm Roberts seems quite willing to pull on the thread, but exactly how much will unravel is the big question as he has some very big players in Local and State Government watching this unfold and they will no doubt want Senator Roberts cut off at the knees. Just sayin………

  2. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Thought I would try out the revamped Seaview the other day and whilst walking back to the car had to form a single file on the footpath to make way for scooters, 2 of them, both with kids on them 12 or 13 years old and a double on the back holding on, no helmets on any of them, just a matter of time before someone goes arse up.

  3. Doctor of Truth says:

    If anyone is interested in the scorecard of Magpie Vs QC, it is Pie 1, QC 0

  4. Pothole says:

    I see that over the weekend Can’t Do Campbell has finally crept out from between the floorboards to comment about the Queensland ALP campaign. The bald one said; “the Coalition’s treatment of that period and his time as premier was akin to that of Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort, or “he who must not be named”.” It’s like Harry Potter and Voldemort … he whose name shall not be mentioned,” he said.

    Hate to tell you this Campbell but you’re an arseclown. You got whooped because of that very reason. And the Freckle will either fail to gain Power or scrape in by a hairs breadth. All the LNP had to do 6 months ago was put The Kid in as Leader and they would have this election in the bag. Campbell can be compared to a pothole – you avoid it at all costs!!!!

  5. Mike Douglas says:

    Re LGAQ local buy , Queensland local Government minister Stirling Hinchcliffe asked his department 17 th dec 2018 to investigate LGAQ contracts due to complaints ( all links behind firewalls ) but of course the State Government is in caretaker mode . 3 Townsville marginal seats the $ keep flowing and state wise the LNP are promising $300 per car cash back before Christmas . The AFL trophy is being taken around Qld courtesy of the State Government and Virgin the airline the States $200 mil will deliver 3-4 % ownership . The $ wasted in these media stunts when people are having to drive 8 hrs a week from Charters towers to Townsville for dialysis .

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Yes Mike but the good people of Charters Towers are in Katter country, which means they are in opposition, almost permanently, and the opposition don’t allocate health funding priorities, or any funding priorities for that matter. Now they may snag themselves a balance of power scenario after the election and a few coins coming their way, and good luck to them if they do, but that tends to get eroded fairly quickly and then they are back in opposition again for a few decades, wondering why they are not getting any love from the govt.

  6. Achilles says:

    Definition of a Neuron https://qbi.uq.edu.au/brain/brain-anatomy/what-neuron
    Definition of many Neuron riders, who are clearly deficient of efficient Neurons is a Moron.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, guess that comment was inevitable, but the serious side to all this is that kids who are years away from passing any required test, are using general streets and roads on low-powered machines. And while kids … some adults too … can handle balance and steering, they are woefully ignorant of the obligations of sharing a road with drivers who by and large know and obey, and expect others to know and obey, shared road rules.

  7. Pinocchio says:

    The world is full of liars and shysters, but the real dangerous types are the ones who get themselves into positions of power and use it irresponsibly. Some are just plain dumb and can’t handle it, others are deliberate manipulators and straight up liars.

    From reading this blog over a number of years it seems there is strong evidence that a number of the so called leaders in the Townsville community fall into the latter. That is, ill-equipped to do the job they have, behave in a secretive and manipulative manner and well, just lie on a regular basis to cover their tracks. Clearly they are members of my family, with their long noses protruding on a regular basis!

  8. Pat Coleman says:

    Found the e-scooter bribe . I work on the assumption the labor party NEVER does anything without there being a payoff, or a solicitation for a pay off for a tender or council vote. So It’s a given so I go looking. This is based on critical historical propensity evidence and the notorious facts rule. Qld is the only place where the disclosure threshold is $1k . The threshold everywhere else is $13900 and it isn’t made public for over 12 months. So people can donate under the cap in other states and that money is either transferred to another state or, the parties make e a call telling every branch to prefer those people. That’s how it happened when they outsourced the selection of the police commissioner to a pommy firm which was a donor and subsidiary of a hotel company here in Australia. (This was stopped and Carroll was appointed). But all hotel companies need council approvals, and need council approvals so , it being what is money had to have changed hands elsewhere for the contract to be granted without the premiers knowledge by factional hacks.
    So, you can have subsidiaries and other companies in which specific people are directors who will donate. Lobbyists launder donations for their clients. Everybody does it. Follow the money.

    Step one google the company , its directors and subsidiaries and type them into the donations search engines https://disclosures.ecq.qld.gov.au/Map and http://democracyforsale.net/search-aec/ let this site load , when the search box comes up , in the period option tick all year boxes

    Step 2 . Check the lobbyists client registers and find their lobbyists and waddya know ?

    They are a client of Premier National https://lobbyists.integrity.qld.gov.au/register-details/company-details.aspx?id=493 I haven’t even checked the other registers for the other company names but this search strategy works

    Step 3. Type that lobbyist name into the donations search engines and…… waddya know

    Premier National Australian Labor Party (State of Queensland)
    08-04-2019 $2,000.00

    And using http://democracyforsale.net/search-aec/ and picking all years in the period option -there are 108 donations and this years isn’t disclosed by the AEC yet -by Premier state to ALP and LNP. It’s the promise of more money …isn’t it

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, Pat, all that appears to prove is that the scooter company employed a lobbyist group which had donated the less than princely sum of $2000 to the Queensland ALP. To describe that as a ‘bribe’ is a bit of a stretch, other than the fact that all lobbyist money, means, holidays and hookers are ‘bribes’. (These days, you’d get a right little scrubber (or pimply nancy boy for the more exotic tastes) for two grand.

      Sadly, while your search skills are always impressive, they are not matched by your analytical and writing skills, which is why most of your tediously long aren’t-I-a-clever-boy submissions to this blog aren’t published. Seriously, if you could shrug off some of those deeply embedded chips on your shoulder and bring some impartiality to your forensic discoveries, you would be a valuable asset to this community … and this blog. Mate, seriously, you are a wasted talent.

      So how about finding out how Neuron/Premier National got their hooks into our shot-calling mayor … perhaps they offered her a customised e-scooter with a red racing stripe and a pair of fur dice to hang off the handle bars.

      • Pat Coleman says:

        Using the same strategy, google Adani lobbyists. You will come up with Former lobbyists govstrat, Cameron milner and strategic counsel for the purposes of the one nation money. Adani don’t give a fuck now and has gone back to donating under its own name since dropping lobbyists at state level.

  9. The Magpie says:

    Bledisloe Cup Game 1 in Welllington … a dance with your sister.
    All Blacks 16 Australia 16

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      A great game with a lot of positives for Rugby Australia. A lot of good young talent.

      • The Magpie says:

        Yup … big surprise really. good on ‘em. But beware iof the Kiwis bounce back, they grow an extra set of fangs where they don’t get the result they believe they are entitled to.

  10. J Jones says:

    Can we have a 10 hottest magpie contributors?

  11. Hee Haw says:

    I think Malcolm Roberts has poked the bear with his speech. The LGAQ fired straight back when they went public giving advice on who to vote for in this election http://www.voteforlocal.com.au scores One Nation last on almost every measure and generally last overall regardless of the itemised advice.

    Not sure what LGAQ have to do with this but some people may buy it. Talking of buy it and the rort known as Local Buy, complete bollocks if you ask me (never thought I would be agreeing with Sen Roberts) the %weighting applied to Local tenderers when awarding contracts it completely removed if the contract is over $1 million. Businesses pay to join as a supplier then pay a % of the total contract value to LGAQ and if you are not a registered supplier then you are automatically excluded.

    • Doctor of Truth says:

      I’m not a One Nation voter, but if LGACrap says don’t vote One Nation then there must be a good reason to vote for them.

  12. Dr Fauci’s Mum says:

    Well well well, can you believe this shit – the WHO have come out and told Governments not to use lockdowns as the primary method to control COVID!!! A bit late for that you dickheads!!! But as many are saying – the so called fix (shutting the world down) is worse than the virus itself. No shit. We should bloody well sue the Federal and State Governments for the damage they have caused by panicking over something they didn’t fully understand and ruining our lives and futures.

    • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

      They always said lockdowns should be a last resort?

    • Brett says:

      Scared people are alway easier to control and influence.

      The last thing we want is people actually asking questions and thinking for themselves.

      Oh look there is COVID in the sewerage, keep being scared and vote for me by forgetting all the things we have done wrong.

      • The Magpie says:

        Simplistic but in The ‘Pie view, precisely correct.

        • Brett says:

          Remember Joseph Goebbels, taught us that if you tell a lie enough times, it will be accepted as the truth;

          “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

      • Doctor of Truth says:

        I bet some strains of coronavirus have always been in the sewer, along with all sorts of pathogens. I agree that in my opinion it is just scaremongering. Donald Trumpet caught Covid and now he has immunity over ever getting it again ! Fake news?

        • The Magpie says:

          YOU CAN BET THE HOUSE THAT DONALD TRUMP NEVER HAD CORONA VIRUS … HIS MOST ELABORATE SCAM TO DATE WAS AIMED AT A SYMPATHY VOTE WHEN LOSING SUPPORT THROUGH HIS BOORISH PERFORMANCE IN THE DEBATE … A SCAM WHICH FORTUNATELY HAS BACK-FIRED SPECTACULARLY. If you doubt this and want to impartially consider it, start with his proven history of outright lying, and his attempts to look mildly dishevelled since leaving hospital, where he was probably given a mild aggravating dose of something to make him look a bit pasty instead of like a week-old orchard-floor mandarin.

          The virus is now a political tool around the world …here in Townsville, Brisbane, Canberra and Victoria included. All the evidence is there, including the lack of transparency and detail.

          • Cockie says:

            Magpie, 100% behind you there, I’ve been saying the same since I heard about it. Why has his doctors now gone to ground, and no statement of his health presented, they would not say when he was last tested negative. It’s easy to make him look crook, just don’t spray paint him, and if you notice his hair has changed colour as well, not fake news just BS. Waiting for the USA press to ask the same question, but I don’t think it’s in their blood to take up the baton.

          • Al says:

            In a nutshell, Sir!

  13. The Magpie says:


    Due to power problem in The Nest, there may be delays in posting comments, but keep forwarding them, they will be stored and attended as and when. OK just at the moment.

  14. Alahazbin says:

    What is it with the ‘iditor’ of the ‘Astonisher’? Of all the subjects he could have an opinion on in the present climate of politics, the pandemic, local matters, he comes up with a ‘cut & paste’ effort over a robbery at a pub. FFS.

  15. The Magpie says:

    The Magpie is calling for an end to News Ltd’s anti-social, community-damaging and cynical editorial policy of glamorising criminals into misunderstood heroes who were all ‘ordinary blokes deep down.’

    Deep down under all the sociopathic, sadistic and murderous tendencies that have taken lives, created a drug scourge, terrorised innocent citizenry and violently stolen property with impunity. The only good thing about this bikie cancer on society is that they generally murder each other in turf or power wars.
    What possible interest, what possible purpose is served by this latest example of this editorial policy, in the Courier Mail today.

    QUOTE:“He was a wonderful person,” Ms McPhee said.
    “He might have had some issues but deep down at the end of the day, he had a very good heart. He always put other people first”.
    He what? First in the firing line perhaps.
    Another quote: ‘Ms McPhee said Bowden had had a difficult life’.

    Maybe, but that is no excuse for the difficult life he inflicted on others he bumped into.
    When you extol the dubiously claimed virtues of a psychopath – ‘had a good heart’- what bollocks, he was an out and out c..t … you are greatly disrespecting his victims and his damage to society. And this supposedly romantic farewell comes from a woman who enabled this behaviour, did nothing to curb it and stuck around instead of heading out the door his his child. Probably got a lot of trinkets along the way, paid for in blood and misery.

    OK, McPhee is entitled to her private grief, but it should be just that, private, we, the general public, are entitled to not be regaled with this misguided maudlin reporting trying to humanise an out-and-out arsesole, in a paper that in the past has been expected to stand up for the law abiding majority of our society.
    Note the past tense in that statement.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Wonder if she’s an off shoot of another McFee who tended to hang around Townsville, some years back gracing us with his questionable stand over tactics etc ?

    • Achilles says:

      She should understand that if you lay with dogs you should expect to catch fleas.

    • Doctor of Truth says:

      He obviously wasn’t a good fellow, but didn’t get a good start in life. Parents had him when they were only 12 years old (??!!!!) and he was educated to grade 4 standard. Not an excuse but not a great start.

  16. Doctor of Truth says:

    Dropped the car off to the mechanic this morning behind Carmichael Ford. Walked back home along Charters Towers Road to my place in Mundingburra. Took an umbrella in case I got attacked by magpies. Got all the way back and two doors from my place SNAP ! Magpie got me …… put the umbrella up to contain the attack and he decided to chase a bike instead. I am so glad I thought of taking the magpie umbrella deterrent device !

    • The Magpie says:

      Won’t work around here.

      • Anna’s Girl says:

        I see that Anna has said Trad WILL NOT become a lieutenant of hers again. And Trad says she isn’t interested in becoming a Lieutenant again! Yeah right. I think if Nanna Anna loses the election the Right faction will want to put Trad in as the opposition leader. Will see…

        • The Magpie says:

          Not even the the most fanatical faction fuckwit would do that. LNP would have a field day in Parliament.

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          Anna’s Girl, you’re delusional. Labor’s right faction would never agree to Trad as leader of the Labor party as she is from the left faction. The former left leader.

  17. Frequent flyer says:

    Kevin Rudd has started a petition calling for an inquiry into Rupert Murdoch’s Australian media.
    At 2pm today 101,000 people had signed it.

    • The Magpie says:

      Is that all? Should be over a million soon.

    • Doctor of Truth says:

      In the interests of transparency, Rupert has kindly offered to publish the results on Sky News. I’ll grab the popcorn, anyone want to get the beers?

    • winni says:

      Kevin Rudd should include the ABC in that petition
      if you do not like the newspaper or electronic media do not buy or watch it
      just like you the magpie and Steve from Belgian Gardens will not spring $4.00 for the weekend Australian
      so how about signing a petition along the following lines to the Feds
      “if you do not like the ABC then rebalance the Board and/or cut its tax payers dollars”

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie would be in like Flynn at $4 a week, so many stories originate from The Oz, and if Winni you can point the old bird to four bucks a week, he’s there, in addition to the money he already donates to Rupert’s other papers. Best The ‘Pie can find is, after a honeymoon period of 3 months at $14 a week, is $40 per month, $10 a week, which is a bit beyond the old bird’s Cayman Islands tax haven account. Of course, your generous donation would sort that out lickety split if you are feeling the lack diversity in the Magpie’s spending patterns.

      • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

        A petition about the ABC wouldn’t make sense: it’s required by its charter to be impartial, unlike the commercial news media which has become concentrated in ownership to unprecedented levels.

        • The Magpie says:

          Indeed, The ‘Pie has always felt the ABC sometimes covers stories deemed to be leftist (when in fact can often be things that others won’t cover, particularly medical matters and the social impact on various ‘left behinds’) for the reason that they offer Australians the opportunity to fill in a broad overview of what is happening in their society. And remember this folks, and prove The ‘Pie wrong … in news Current Affair (and even the almost unwatchable Q &A) opposing views go head to head. On Sky, the unAshamedly far right foghorn, it is just a lot of smarmy pillow plumping between like minds, The ‘Pie has never seen a head-to-head of opposites, just grovelling, self congratulatory bum kissing of each other. A veritable electronic circle jerk daily chain.

          BUT HEY, here’s something … The Magpie now watches with great satisfaction as a journalist, SBS World News … having worked there 20 years ago, The ‘Pie had been aware of severe both intellectual, policy and financial shortcomings of the news service, but he has discovered that they now have easily the best coverage of Australian and international issues, with nary a broken hearted Bikies widow or three headed calf in sight. Recommended.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Thank-you for the link.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Rupert must be ready to launch a very revealing piece on old Kevin 007 possible about his Chinese connections and other under the bed naughty stories ! Old Kevin surely isn’t concerned about the welfare on the street for the average punter and media impact on our lives ! Thought possible he and Wayne Swan would be concentrating on getting the golf handicaps into single figure !

      • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

        This is tinfoil hat thinking. We need to teach critical thinking skills, like Occam’s razor, in schools.

        • The Magpie says:

          You jest. Or stop showing off that you’ve looked something up in Wikipedia, Steve. Teaching Occam’s Razor in schools? You’d have kids begging to be allowed to do algebra instead. But you’re proof that Occam’s Razor isnt always right … the simplest answer is not always the right one, and often comes from the simplest person.

  18. Glady’s turdigan says:

    Oops, Gladys has integrity issues. She has been outed for playing hide the salami with fellow LNP shyster Daryl Maguire, a fellow Lib who got busted for corruption. Naughty Gladys has once again failed the ‘pub test’. Seems all that paperwork these politicians fill in stating any conflicts of interest and any other questionable item was ‘overlooked’ because she likes privacy! Fuck off, your privacy is gone when you become a State Politician. Besides, she reminds me of Witchy Poo.

  19. The Milpera Militia says:

    Ho hum, another Bikie grub meets an untimely and early end to his career at the barrel of a gun. The big question is; so what and who fucking cares? Another bullying egotistical fuckwit takes a lead ball to the head. No loss. Life moves on.

  20. Safety first says:

    I see that our slimeball Politicians are hitting the road and the workplaces where real people work I see. In just 3 days I have seen Anna Alphabet, the Freckle and Scotty from Marketing poncing around in their very clean hi-vis vests talking up jobs blah blah blah. All carefully scripted and in carefully planned locations. The highlight though was seeing our Pentecostal speaking in tongues PM’s car splattered in red paint. My issue is that it wasn’t splattered in shit. Morrison calls himself a man of God while leading one of the most dishonest, crooked and disgraceful professions on this earth – Politics. Can’t wait until they all hit Townsville really hard. The rumour has it that Townsville will be the Queensland elections decider. I bet the Townsville Mayor has her best Doona ironed up, mullet trimmed and perhaps some whitening to cover those cigarette stained teeth? Let the political games begin.

    • Doctor of Truth says:

      Safety First, politics and religion? More of a correlation than you would first think. No small coincidence that the Vatican is in Rome (at least an enclave in Rome).

  21. Mike Douglas says:

    24 hrs in Australian Politics . Daniel Andrews Chief of Staff resigns after his phone records show he did phone the Police Commissioner and tell him he believes the Premiers office had organised private security contractors when he told the enquiry he didn’t . Nsw Premier caught on phone taps having a relationship with a married ex minister . Qld Premier says she will pick her own cabinet but Qld unions say they will have their input . Qld Opposition leader reported to the election watchdog on issues on fund raising events . Previous Brisbane Lord Mayor and Labor luminary allegedly accepted $2,500 in a car park for lobbying a State Minister .

    • Achilles says:

      If the LNP has the balls and play their cards right, they can “nobly” detach Freckle and shoe-horn in Chrisafulli. Thus capturing the moral high ground.

      They’ll have to accept the loss of extreme femenists of course, but a small price to pay to save QLD from ALP.

      • The Magpie says:

        Too late now, and if the LNP lose this election, there will be an instant move against The Freckle. They had the chance of a thumping victory under The Kid a few months ago, but didn’t have the ticker.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          If the LNP lose this one then the LNP should be disbanded completely to never return, allow the National and Liberal parties to operate as separate parties once again, as it always should have been.

        • Malignant freckle says:

          Totally agree with the Pie, it’s too late for the LNP now. The Freckle has slowly been losing traction for the past 6 months. Under the Kid’s stewardship they would’ve put a dent in Labor. The weak as piss Freckle has sat back quiet as a church mouse. She could’ve tore the heart out of Labour over COVID and the border shutdown but she has said NOTHING!!!
          One thing is for certain, the dumbarse ‘women first movement’ is a failure. The Freckle, Nanna Anna and Big nose Berejikilan are fucking useless. These women have no grunt, no mongrel, no strength. But to the kitchen for the lot of them.

          • The Magpie says:

            Hey, whoa there, don’t shoot all the dogs just because one of them has fleas. There are plenty of women in politics and industry – and of course the yartz – who are braining it. You make the lily-livered error of using gender as an excuse to sledge a person’s political or business values, when really it is just cheap-shot misogyny. It’s The ‘Pie’s usual story … it’s what’s between the ears, not the legs, that matters. And Berejiklian is not political dummy, her error was personal. Her forthright and immediate owning of the problem … her free and open admission that she made a mistake, no hedging, dodging or shrinking behind ‘this is my private business’ – will stand her in good stead with the public. Of course, that depends what else comes out of the current hearings.

            of course the boot is on the other foot with Mayor Mullet, she is a self-seeker and incompetent, but not because she’s a woman, it’s just her political DNA.

          • Alahazbin says:

            Unlike Trad, who hides behind McSporren for protection.

    • Root cause analyser says:

      And the root cause – they are all incompetent fuckwits. Not one amongst them worthy of pissing on if they were on fire.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        And your recommendation for a system of liberal democratic government that respects the rule of law and individual freedoms is?……………….

        • Root Cause analyser says:

          Kelso, the Westminster is shite. That said, it’s the shite we have to work within. My comment if you read it clearly wasn’t about the system, it was about the fuckwits that enter the system and then corruptly or incompetently fuck up life for the rest of us by their actions. Thenine ‘constant’ that has been lacking in Governments, politics and the Westminster system is “accountability”. One example – Rudd. Incompetently pissed away billions on a failed NBN and Pink Batts yet comes back the next day for more. If I wasted $1,000 in my company I would get sacked. These freaks do whatever they want and they never have to accept accountability. It’s bullshit. And agencies such as ICAC, the CCC and even the ACCC are a bunch of limp wristed softcocks not worth pissing on. They are flat out slapping somebody with a wet tissue.

      • Simmo says:

        In defence of Puppet Palaszczuk it is the Union movement who are the incompetent fuckwits.

        Puppet Palaszczuk, the Milli Vanillin of Australian politics has done a good job of lip syncing her way through another term and doing what she is told to do by back room Union hacks and their money men.

        It is irresponsible of the media to ask Puppet Palaszczuk to give guarantees on things like Dodgy Jacqui’s return without her first being given the opportunity to ask the Unions what she is allowed to say.

  22. Battered Sav says:

    Mr Magpie, such winsome words. I believe you may have a crush on Frau Gladys? Shenis a bit younger than you and if you went for a romantic walk her nose would go around the corner before you both did, but otherwise why not mate. Love is love!

  23. Achilles says:

    Another USA aphorism creeps into the trendy ABC, today Patricia Karvela used it incessantly. She would “normally” say did you ask or enquire; its now the irritating “did you reach out” FFS

    • The Magpie says:

      ‘To reach out’ has elements of sympathy and understanding, offering support, it has nothing to do with inquiry. Another perversion of the language.

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        Two big bugbears of mine are the use of ‘literally’ as an emphasis, and the overuse of ‘closure’.

        Pedantry done for the day.

        • The Magpie says:

          The overuse of ‘literally’ makes the user literally look like an ignoramus. Hope that offers you some closure.

        • Dave of Kelso says:


          The use of ABSOLUTELY when a simple ‘yes’ is required.

          Do not get me going on, ‘GOING FORWARD.

          • The Magpie says:

            Think we need to unpack that a bit, rather than talk about it.

          • Grumpy says:

            Cleaver Greene’s rant on people who say “correct”, rather than “I agree” in response to someone else’s statement is a classic.

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        Sorry Pie, Achilles is correct. “Reach out” is the new wonder phrase. It’s not the saying that we once knew. I work with young trendy folk and it’s all over their speech and written word. No longer is it, “Dear Malcolm, thank you for your letter requesting…..”. It’s now, “Dear Malcolm, thank you for reaching out….”
        It drives me crazy!!

  24. Dave of Kelso says:

    This little radio article reminded me of a cousin of the head louse that is becoming vulnerable due habitat loss.

    It is a lot like the koala, no tree, no me.

    The popularity of bikini waxing and removal of hair from that area has resulted in unpresendated habitat loss for the pubic louse, making it’s future uncertain.

    Australia has an unenviable record for species extinction due mostly to habitat loss. Let’s not lose the pubic louse. It’s habitat must be preserved, and expanded.


  25. Achilles says:

    An accolade to the astonisher. They published an essential alert regarding a Townsville Covid case without the paywall.

    • Dave says:

      Essential alert Get Fucked.

      Fucking sick to death of this bullshit hype over COVID. One sick person who caught COVID in Melbourne and now it is a crisis in Townsville, well fuck me.

      The city is fucked, crime is out of control, open youR eyes people and look at how shit things actually are.

      Cost of living is through the roof, real pay is going backwards just look around suburbs that were once well maintained they look shit, the houses, the cars, the roads, the gardens.

      No political party has got the nuts to lead for everyone not some small group of mates.

      • The Magpie says:

        Early start to the day.

        • Last Drinks says:

          Never mind about COVID and Poverty. Trifling matters really. The return of the Mullet as a hairstyle for teenage boys is of real concern in Townsville. Is it just a retro style that will fade or is it a call to arms for our Mayors minions to offend sensitive boomers and Generation X’ers who used to wear their mullets with pride. I would not put it past Jenny. She always seems ready with a cunning stunt.

        • Achilles says:

          He’s wearing the Bishops slippers

      • Ducks Nuts says:

        Dave…. maaate… since its mental health week an all, I highly suggest you go have some beers with your mates at the pub. I also suggest you book an appointment with your GP for a chat. Perhaps they can offer some suggestions.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        I am with you Dave, for a town where nearly everyone wants a house in the burbs with a big yard for some reason, the lazy ferals don’t want to take care of it, the place looks like a dump. The problem is the council can’t tell anyone to clean up their yard when the council doesn’t look after its own responsibility either.

  26. Ivan Pavlov says:

    Faaaaaark, there is some weird shit being published this morning. Dave, Save of Kelso, Last Dinks – r u ok?

  27. The Magpie says:

    Oh, the irony.

  28. The Magpie says:

    Apparently, voters in the three marginal Townsville seats haven’t been sufficiently terrorised/impressed by Anna’s borderline insanity, so now we’re meant to get our panties into a bunch over a case – yes, one single case – of the virus. And some virus found in poop, which was always going to be the case since the Townsville hospital has treated several cases of COVID-19. But now we’ve been elevated into serious company virus hit charts.

    So now we’re a crime-riddled, virus-harbouring, economically devastated city overrun by orange aliens designed as e-scooters.

  29. Old Tradesman says:

    I tried to ring Les Walker about an issue and all I got was his messagebank. Does any one know I can get in contact with him?

    • The Magpie says:

      Messagebank is believed to have gone to the police, claiming he is being stalked and trolled, as so many strangers are ringing his phone and leaving threatening messages that they want to see him. ‘I don’t need this, ‘he said,’I just want to get elected. These people are trying to trick me with silly questions.’

      • Old Tradesman says:

        You mean questions like, ” Where is the budget”, “Why does Townsville have the highest crime rate in the State, ” Why are we $120Billion in debt”, “Why does Qld have the highest unemployment figures”. I could go on but would run out of room on the blog site.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      Try contacting his son, his daughter, his “beautiful wife”, or dog Pinot, who are all pounding the streets with Messagebank according to his Facebook. I’m sure if you take treats, Pinot will be more than happy to respond.

      • The Magpie says:

        Offer the others ‘treats’ and they probably would, too. is that bearded goof in the forefront of most pix Messagebank’s son doing his required trainer-wheel kilometres before getting a gig at the public tit himself down the track?

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          Thats him. Has already had a few gigs on the public tit, most recently an advisor for Minister for Communities and Minister for Disability Services and Seniors, the Member for Mundingburra, Coralee O’Rourke.

          • The Magpie says:

            Wouldn’t it be nice if those who would represent us in government had the experience of a real job outside the cosy cocoon of the public trough. At least his father had experience tucking in the Cleveland kiddies at night.

    • Just Sayin says:

      Rumor mill is in overdrive after Les Walker’s no show at the press conference at the Kirwan Health Campus with Steve Miles, Scott Stewart and Aaron Harper.

      Talk is the Les Walker will be dropping out of the campaign shortly due to mental health issues from online harassment.

      But the real story is factional pressure from Labor Left which will see Simon Mitchell become the candidate.

      Gotta love this time in the political cycle – rumors. spin, bullshit and back stabbing.

  30. Alahazbin says:

    I remember Anna saying a couple of weeks ago that the lead up to this election is going to get dirty.
    Well she her lot got into the gutter pretty quick.

  31. The Magpie says:

    Forget about betting on two flies crawling up a wall, or how many seconds one will stay on Mike Pence’s head.

    Two things you can always depend on: Australian larrikin humour, and the gambling industry’s unerring ability to entice people to bet on ANYTHING. But you have to admire the classic Aussie irreverence of Sportsbet’s come-on for the American Presidential market. Check out the video in this Mumbrella report.

    There are just so many permutations of betting combinations, they could be best described the biggest-ever collections of punts about … the biggest-ever collection collections of punts..

  32. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Bain has played the gullible dickheads of Labor in Qld for the pack of rank amateurs they are, $200 million for equity in a business they are slashing to the bone, all that love with the Unions and Scurrah and now the harsh reality of what private equity really does, and nothing Labor can do about it, as a minority shareholder they are irrelevant, just an irritating whinge in the background, when will these Labor losers learn to stay out of business, they have absolutely no idea.

    • Doctor of Truth says:

      Private Equity companies have a sole purpose of making money for their investors anyway that they can. Look at what private equity did to Brumby’s ect… under Retail Food Group (RFG).

  33. The real Philip Batty says:

    Hey Magpie, not sure what I a supposed to have done in Melbourne but the last time I was there was to look after the Womens T20 World Cup at the MCG on March 8. Certainly not on 3AW in the last 10 years or so. But thanks for the plug for the Airlie Beach Flashmob video which any of your readers are welcome to join the almost 400,000 people who have viewed it by clicking here https://youtu.be/dtFSlGj39F4 and don’t get me started on the tourist organisations who should be doing/supporting things like this.

  34. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    Iditorial in today’s Astonisher banging on about political aspirants using social media.

    The Astonisher had better be careful that the wider community doesn’t take their advice about making sure that social media accounts are cleared or access is blocked. How could the Astonisher do any ‘reporting’ and get photos if they can’t access someone’s social media?

  35. The Magpie says:

    Herald Sun is reporting that Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill has been charged by police in relation to the fatal accident nine months ago in which a motorcyclist was killed.

  36. Bully spy says:

    (EDITED)At time of sending this the bulletin has taken down both stories on the mayor. Thus comment is not about the issue but more the actions of the paper so i hope you think i didnt see your rules on this. 200 comments on one story alone.

    • The Magpie says:

      Your comment was received in The Nest at 11.40pm

      Checking at 11.42, 11.48 and 11.53, the story about the mayor being charged and the background story were still up, as was a very useful story about what happens to the mayoral position both immediately now and in the eventualities possible from the court hearings. Certainly no reason why they wouldn’t be. And 200 comments? Bit stupid of the paper to allow comments on a matter like this … and the stories accessible at the times mentioned, no comment facility was available. If there was or is at some stage, that is ethically wrong, the matter is now in the court system, and any comments can either be a pile-on of abuse or support, both of which are irrelevant to the matter in hand.

      • Bully spy says:

        My apologies to you Magpie, I was referring to the bulletin facebook page. The comments were getting out of hand. I went back to look at time I sent you a message and they had been taken down as I wanted to screenshot some that were defaming. Very disrespectful for both mayor and deceased rider. If you don’t print this I understand just wanted to clarify it was facebook. Can’t believe they let people publicly comment either. Thanks.

        • The Magpie says:

          Thanks for the clarification, Bully Spy, and the Astonisher took some time to realise the precarious position it put itself in by allowing comments to be published under the masthead anywhere, FB, Twitter, website or printed issue. There does seem to be a wilful ignorance about their liabaility outside old style publication, but they will perhaps learn the hard way unless they get some mature judgment in the decision-making chairs. Publication of comments from uninformed bogans can, in high profile matters such as this, result in derailing the progress and outcome of the matter at issue. It can also result in contempt of court charges if not closely monitored, an activity the Bulletin has shown little enthusiasm for in the past.

          So, to the angrily disappointed troglodytes who ‘just wanna ‘ave me say’ The Magpie points out there is no virtue signalling here, just cautious self-protection. We all need that from the ignorant and malevolent.

          • Numb and Numb-er says:

            Support and respect your decision not to air comments and let the legal process take its course . It wouldn’t surprise
            you that TRRA have gone full tilt and 47 comments since last night and many simply litigious .

            It reflects on Peter Newey’s ability and character that he wouldn’t think he
            may be culpable (as other fb post administrators have been fined thousands)
            that he provides a platform for these vile comments .

            A defence that ” I have no assets ” is no defence as they can deduct from
            any benefits /income he has been receiving . Seems “cash for comment” with
            his support State Alliance in the Council election and now One Nation .

          • The Magpie says:

            Let’s hope Pete, the poor old duffer, doesn’t find out the hard way that, being responsible for the comments on the site of which he is the administrator, could result in ‘criminal’ contempt of court charges if any of those comments interfere with the administration of justice. That’s not about cash, that’s about clink.

            But thanks for the heads-up, The ‘Pie honestly can say he doesn’t bother reading a site that harbours several members who privately aver that there are underground (literally) sites full of slave children run by a national group of paedophile top politicians. Echoes of America’s Clinton/Pizza Shop Pedos fake news.

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        I think Bully Spy is referring to the Astonisher Facebook page, not their online site, which still has the stories up (without any facility to make a comment).

        I too saw the two stories on their FB site early in evening, along with well over 100 comments at the time, but a short time later they had both been removed.

      • Media tart says:

        I totally disagree with you Mr Pie regarding your sudden ‘ooh we must not talk or comment about the latest update on the Mayor being charged’. What a load of BS. Yes, one shouldn’t say anything that is overly speculative, dishonest or hurtful to her or the motorcycle victims family, but what has occurred is a very high profile matter. People want to have their say, express their thoughts or make other general comments. If disallowed we are then no longer a democratic society and there is no need for this blog. I guess, if you print my comment, you will come back with the standard high and mighty “I am protecting justice and upholding the integrity of the law BS’, but to implement a caveat saying “THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO COMMENTS PUBLISHED ON THIS MATTER” is arrogant, presumptuous and undemocratic.

        • The Magpie says:

          Your grasp of democratic principles, decency, the limits of ‘free speech’, the meaning of ‘sub judice’ and the total irrelevance of any uniformed ‘opinion’ makes you an ideal candidate to join Team Trump. But thanks on your guidance on how to manage my own blog.

          We will miss your thoughtful input, since you will no longer be a reader, which you most surely will not be, if you follow your own principles. Facebook eagerly awaits you. Tart, indeed.

  37. Media tart says:

    Exactly the response I expected…….

    • The Magpie says:

      The management always aims to please … and instruct.

      • Media tart says:

        Just a little bit conceited are we old mate? Very poor replies worded to bully and belittle. What a sad human being you are. My understanding of democracy exceeds yours any day of the week. Go back to court reporting.

        • The Magpie says:

          Hahahahah … classic Trump-style tactic … accuse someone of your own obvious shortcomings and actions.

          The Magpie will let the readers decide.

          • Media tart says:

            Now now Magpie, the cards are not evenly stacked. You can control what gets posted – allow it or disallow it. An uneven playing field. And you are forgetting one thing – I had never previously disrespected this blog or you as an individual. I simply posed a thought that was different to yours – that comments about Mulletgate should get the green light as long as they don’t head off into dangerous or litigious territory. You reacted emotionally.

            Peace mate.

          • The Magpie says:

            You are clearly discombobulated on several levels, me old Tart.
            ‘You can control what gets posted – allow it or disallow it. An uneven playing field’. What’s uneven about starting a private blog, and then deciding what is fair comment and what is not? There is no universal law that says ‘open slather’, that’s for FB. And whether you like it or not, ‘free speech’ has its limits. Perhaps you’d like to contemplate the truism ‘truth is not monolithic … it is informed by our belief systems.’
            ‘I simply posed a thought that was different to yours – that comments about Mulletgate should get the green light as long as they don’t head off into dangerous or litigious territory.’ No, not even a nice try with that one, you posted personal abuse, mild personal invective and judgments based on the fact that The Magpie had decided – for reasons plainly stated elsewhere – that a certain subject would not be open to comments. Had you said the last part of the statement, it would’ve been published without comment. You seem to be greatly affronted that The ‘Pie defended his position in like kind. (By memory, we’ve not been at loggerheads before – for some reason, you’re bit snowflakey and pouty this time around.)
            ‘You reacted emotionally.’ Passion is an emotion, so of course there was an element of that in the response, otherwise this would be The Sphinx’s Nest. But touch of hypocrisy there, isn’t there? Re-read your original post, and then decide if you think it was lacking in the ‘emotion’ you appear to disapprove of. Again, here is the tactic of accusing someone of your own behaviour in a vain (in all senses) effort to have a little hissy fit.

  38. Doctor of Truth says:

    The Astonisher can take down their Facebook news and comments, but other sites are still up with 100’s off comments. And ‘Celine Schreiner’ is back defending her mum !

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