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Sunday, November 25th, 2018   |   207 comments

No Duty Of Care: The Townsville City Council Turns Its Back On A Group Of Ratepayers Who Face A Major Health Hazard.

And in so doing, the TCC has exposed the city to a possible million dollar class action. A large group of Cluden residents are under dust attack from an industrial site that has just been given permission for a unbelievable increase in polluting activity. Residents  are ‘mad as hell and not taking it anymore’. And that has raised a  looming possibility – the Townsville City Council, along with the state government, may be liable through negligence for any illness – particularly respiratory – that occurs in the area. The matter now looks like it’s headed for the Supreme Court.

And what a great little money-spinner for legal fee-gouger extraordinaire Barry Taylor of Emanate Legal, who is the solicitor for the industrial owner.

And the council is in hot water at the other end of town, at Bluewater. There is evidence that the council actively nobbled any investigation into the illegal demolition of some long-established beach huts at Toolakea Beach. Now, government authorities have confirmed that the way the demolition was carried out WAS illegal, and possibly leaking of pollution into reef waters.

Adele The Impaler is no more, apparently … the TCC CEO has suddenly – as in yesterday, Friday -  taken indefinite sick leave, but The Astonisher suggests IF she returns, it will not be as CEO … the paper that is ‘All For You’  sure ain’t telling you all it knows. The ‘Pie pontificates.

And many members in the Townsville Backscratchers Club on parade in the Bulletin’s 50 Most Influential list, but you’d think someone was drunk at the paper … some of the write-ups are simply bizarre. And who is not listed is as interesting as who is.

But first …

Gabbling Gobbler Pardons Gabbling Gobbler

Every year on the fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated, nowadays a secular holiday where families traditional get together and attack a roast turkey and each other as only families can.

Another tradition – well, it started with George W Bush in 1989 – is that the President of the day ‘pardons’ – i.e. spares its life -  of a turkey. This year it was a real turkey-to- turkey moment, with President Trumpet cheerfully forgiving the bird whatever sins it may committed – perhaps it murdered a journalist, which also apparently merits a presidential pardon.

But while Thanksgiving is a secular event enjoyed by all – except the 50 million turkeys that hit the American tables every year – Christmas is a different matter, with varying religions taking different views on the festive celebrations. But Bentley seems to think there is at least one Muslim willing to play Santa and turn a blind eye to not so good little boys.

turkey & salmon flat

Dusted But Not Done

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 8.31.44 pm

This week, we’ve been getting headlines from down south about the inconvenience and disruption being caused by dust storms blowing in from the outback across metropolitan areas. These have triggered health warnings that the dust could cause respiratory health risks.

The Bulletin has been running these stories but the paper that is ‘All For You ‘ is blatantly ignoring the plight of more than 200 Townsville residents who face a far greater and possibly more dangerous permanent dust storm, at least 6 days a week, every week of the year. And the government, with the approval of the Townsville City Council, has just made it twenty – yes, that’s twenty – times worse for the 200 residents and 60 or more rate paying homes in the pocket of Cluden particularly along Racecourse Road.


Another fine pic from The Astonisher’s Evan Morgan

Background: Goodsells Earthmoving on Racecourse Road at Cluden is a concrete crushing and composting operation, making product mainly for landscapers. Their operation has been a bone of contention with local residents for some years, but now, the state government has granted the company approval to increase  its annual operation from 20,000 to a massive 320,000 tonnes.

This unbelievable increase is breathtaking in every sense, including literally. One effect will be that residents will now have a constant convoy of more than 60 dusty trucks rumbling past into the plant and then leaving by the same route. 180 a day, every day, and on Saturday mornings as well. Many children live in the area. And this is just a small sample of what residents are expected t tolerate.IMG_6004 IMG_5024 IMG_1729

The application was waved through by the Townsville City Council, despite loud and angry objections from scores of people who face not only their properties being ruinously devalued, their right to a reasonable outdoor lifestyle ruined, but also being subject to unknown health risks from constant heavy dust being sent across the area by Goodsells and the trucks. A petition of 179 signatures got nowhere.

Now let The Magpie right here state he has no objection to an operation like Goodsells, who employ about 20 people – six are family members, The ‘Pie has been told – and for all he knows, they are good corporate citizens. But upping the ante like this casts doubt on whether they are good community citizens. 

The government Co-ordinator General Barry Broe, who granted the application because Goodsells is sited on the government-administered Townsville State Development Area, has imposed some conditions but residents believe they are totally inadequate, and too little too late in the face of the mammoth increase in activity.

Local councillor Les Messagebank Walker has been making soothing noises but has done absolutely nothing, claiming it is out of his, and the council’s,  hands. Which unless he is a spineless, time-serving money-grubber, is absolute bollocks. Les, there are at least 60 rate paying homes there – all in the division whose best interests you are supposed to represent. They are owed a duty of care by you and the council, but now, it is the residents who will have foot the bill for a legal challenge that they shouldn’t have to make.

But make it they will, The ‘Pie is told, with a retired barrister so outraged by the Co-ordinator General’s decision – he says it is clearly a technical mistake under the legislation which must be plain to any informed person – that he will take the case to the Supreme Court pro bono. (That’s legal stuff meaning ‘for free’.)

But The Danger For The Council Is Nothing To Sniff At

And all ratepayers should be worried, because this could easily become a very expensive scenario. As far as The Magpie has been able to ascertain, the council – and the government for that matter – have not done any comprehensive tests on possible health risks, from contaminants or worse, in the dust flying around. Dust that comes from rubble from God knows where. Apparently some tests were done on the Goodsells site, but much of the effluvium is high in the air as it passes across to the community. No one has done tests at the houses, where samples won’t be hard to find.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.42.43 am

So if someone, a youngster or an aged person particularly, develop respiratory problems of whatever severity, and the illness can be pinned on the dust, then the legal fraternity will be on the phone immediately ordering new spinnakers for the yacht pronto, such will be the legal windfall (no pun intended). And the council could easily be in the firing line. The secretive culture at work in Walker Street will have to pay the piper sooner or later.

And Has Barry Taylor Found Another Cash Cow?

Big Bazza Taylor

Big Bazza Taylor

Our old mate has a habit – greatly frowned upon from time to time by the courts – of shopping around for clients which he entices with grossly underflated cost estimates, which blow out in alarming and imaginative fashion. (This is the likely scenario for Rabieh Krayem, convincing that poor bugger that it would be a good idea to sue The Magpie for something said in this blog … financially, that good idea would seem to be unravelling at a rapid rate).

And a recent matter in the Supreme Court sitting in Rockhampton had Bazza and his employee of questionable ability Vanesa Gleeson (yup, Typo’s missus) doing a legal backpedal that would’ve wowed Circus Oz … when the judge signalled that Taylor’s fee charging details might put him in a mind to consider giving Taylor and Emanate Legal a right old public bollocking and sanction, our boy settled the matter lickety split, which would seem to involve him repaying a client more than half a million in gouged fees.

So one wonders if Bazza or Gleeson in their collective wisdom, decided that Goodsells would be good for a few tens of thousands initially, but knowing the sky could be the limit.  There is a hint of this in the fact that Goodsells have lodged an appeal against some piddling little conditions imposed by the Co-ordinator General, when common sense would have suggested – financially certainly – just let it ride. So did Enema Legal (motto: we’ll go through your wallet like a dose of salts) suggest an appeal of little import but big bucks?

By now, Bazza must be jagging on the Krug with the prospect of this going to the Supreme Court.

Almost makes you feel sorry for Goodsells. But it is reported third hand that Bazza has maintained that sparkling, impish humour for which he is renowned. It is said when a local state politician expressed some support for the residents, Bazza is said to have exclaimed ‘ Tell them to lay off, they’re sending my client broke’.

Goodsells may well end up broke, but the residents will have very little to do with it, one suspects.

But They’re Everywhere – The TCC and Emanate Are Also Busy At The Other End Of Town

As in Bluewater.

Emanate is involved on the northern beaches in an interesting way. The Navarro family owned the property next door to the harassed and bullied widow Sandra Richards when arsonists, believed to be t a local rogue fire officer and a local real estate agent, set fire to a fence and some grassland on Mrs Richard’s land. And daughter Connie Navarro is a solicitor with Emanate Legal, and has also worked in an advisory capacity with the council on zoning matters.

That arson matter is yet to play out in full, but there were far more interesting developments a bit south, at Toolakea, concerning the illegal demolition of several beach huts two or three years ago (as reported in this blog). And the real estate arson suspects is heavily involved here too.

Cameron Richards,  Sandra’s son, is not a man easily sidetracked, and he and other like-minded folk have been doggedly pursuing the demolition matter.

And this week, the hard work was partly vindicated. The Magpie received this from Cameron mid-week.

We have come came across a matter that is quite pressing and being kept very secret, and that is how inspectors for the Qld Workplace, Health and Safety (from the Cairns office) came down and physically inspected the Toolakea site where the five beach houses were demolished; they found direct evidence of asbestos contamination and an illegal demolishing process. I have spoken directly myself to the main officer, Principal Inspector – Asbestos Karim De Ridder and he has confirmed this.). A full, septic tank was also buried with being emptied, and in such a way that all the material, sewerage and decaying asbestos buried in the pits are more than likely leaching into the reef waters beyond the beach.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 1.04.03 amScreen Shot 2018-11-25 at 1.03.04 am Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 1.01.57 am

Behind all this is an elaborate and scandalous series of events. Local retired Vietnam War Vet Laurie Bowater (who was a friend of the people whose houses were demolished with no proper warning and all the personal effects also bull-dozed into the open pit nearby -and had his house adjacent to this on state land) personally witnessed this – and having once been a demolition contractor himself knew straight away that what happened was illegal and with none of the required safety procedures etc required when demolishing any houses with asbestos these days.

For three years armed with extensive photographic and other evidence, Laurie has fought with the Townsville Council to get action, but has met with suspicious resistance and apparent coverups. Initially an inquiry was going to take place involving council investigator Nick Byrne but he never followed up as had been promised. And then after getting more run-around, the environment office John Waetford got concerned and took up the issue …


and was apparently in the process of issuing a show cause when someone interfered to stop any further follow-up. And then earlier this year (before he went to the office of Qld Workplace Health and Safety) Cr Paul Jacobs tried to take up the issue in council with an internal memo about this case but also got nowhere). In the middle of this Laurie was told that someone had produced a letter to say that the asbestos had been removed (which we now know to be false) along with a formal letter from the council solicitor dismissing his concerns and complaints about an illegal demolishing.

We will be watching developments, and will publish photos and other relevant material as matters develop.

She’s Gone – For Good?

TCC CEO Adele Young

TCC CEO Adele Young

TCC CEO Adele Young suddenly announced yesterday she was taking indefinite sick leave. The nature of the personal problem wasn’t revealed and we quite rightly are not entitled to ask or speculate. At least not on any illness, that is not the preserve of this blog or anyone else.  The paper did not elaborate on its mysterious statement that if Ms Young does return, it is unlikely to be as CEO. The Magpie made this comment earlier when asked if he knew anything more.

The Magpie

Submitted on 2018/11/24 at 9:28 am | In reply to Jenny Wren.

Nope, no whispers here, but there have been hints and unproven reports of previous interstate medical visits. The Magpie wishes Ms Young well, this blog’s jousting on the political battlefield never involves personal spite that involves   sudden unfortunate personal circumstances.

But in the unlikely event that this is a masked manoeuvre of some sort, this is a goldmine for conspiracy theorists. With the Astonisher reporting only a little of what it clearly knows, it is open for us to assume that the sick leave is a means to another end, and The ‘Pie’s ponders whether she has headed south, possibly to Melbourne, to be involved, possibly pre-selected, in the coming Federal election.

Her time in Townsville, in itself seen down south as an undesirable posting, as a foul-mouthed Labor head-kicker has certainly seen her denigrated locally . Her political ambitions are said to boundless, so some sort of involvement with a federal Labor campaign is almost certain, one would think. All this is, of course, negated, if she does have a serious on going condition.

Even if she is number two in the Astonisher’s ‘Back Scratchers Top 50′, most of whom belong to the circle jerk of the usual suspects, she got there on the vote of an ANONYMOUS PANEL OF JUDGES, THEMSELVES SELECTED BY THE BULLETIN. 

If It Was a Movie, It Would Be Called ‘The Usual Suspects’

Surely, if we are supposed to take this hokum seriously, we must be told who did the judging.  But given the unexpected cynical tone in some entries, maybe Raggers was the writer, if not a judge?

As an exercise in reading between the lines, the Astonisher’s annual 50 Most Influential list has always been a challenge, but this year, it verges on the bizarre.  A summary might say there was a surprising amount of damning with faint praise. The first one to catch The ‘Pie’s eye was this one.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 10.24.11 am

The pic made it look like Gill himself was for lease, so it should’ve also said  ‘Vacant Possession’. But the bizarre bit was the assertion of the community rallying against Qantas … the author’s planet of origin is not known, but it sure as hell wasn’t this one. Oh, and as an aside while we’re in this territory, FYI Mr Gill:

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 1.12.39 am

Note the final sentence.

But back to the ‘ville …

Then there was this one … apparently our sixth most influential.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 1.16.31 am Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.47.07 pm

Again, someone from another planet wrote this one, too, when the Hells Gates funding outcome was laid at this lasses carefully shod feet. That funding was down to two factors, neither of which involved Ms O’Callaghan … the Wentworth by-election result and Bob Katter’s greater leverage as a result. And what’s that malarkey about an uncanny ability to compromise and manoeuvre around  challenges with relative ease? Is avoiding challenges – and with relative ease – what we really want from a CEO in charge of attracting wealth and fighting for the best outcomes for this city? Silly writing but actually, probably inadvertently  accurate.

But the real doozy is this one – Brisbane giveaway backdrop and all ..

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 9.56.44 am

15. Stephen Beckett

Chief of staff to the mayor, Jenny Hill


After moving to Townsville as the city council’s community engagement general manager, Stephen Beckett has moved into Mayor Jenny Hill’s office to act as her chief of staff.

With extensive experience in public relations and with the Labor Party, Mr Beckett’s new appointment was likely made to ramp things up as the council heads into the second half of its term of government.

Mr Beckett has previously served as the deputy chief of staff to former Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and was a senior policy adviser for Peter Beattie.

His main public success story with Townsville City Council has been scooping up a pile of national public relations awards primarily for the innovative, and often hilarious, social media posts done by his media team.

But behind the scenes his responsibility is to keep the council out of the public eye for the wrong reasons and his influence is a driver of council policy.

Read that last line again … The Screaming Midget (the moniker bestowed by his devoted staff) must’ve done a wincing double take when he read that, it is the very last thing an underhanded  backroom Labor spinner would want to see in print. Although this reportedly extremely unpleasant little Labor blow-in prick, who has also managed to impose his missus firmly on the local public tit (hospital board $44pa), has seen those sentiments regularly in The Magpie, you can bet he never expected to see his own publicity sheet state The Bulletin so blatantly describe what a Gollum he is.

And a commenter didn’t miss an opportunity to give Mr Beckett some helpful advice.

Author : Inside TCC


Call the influential 50 what it really is, the people who spend the most on advertising in the Bully. And angry Troll Beckett cant even get his job title correct, its head of office for the Mayor and while on Mr Midget if he’s responsible for keeping the council out of the spotlight for the wrong reason then they need to buy him a gag!

And of course, we must give a nod to the Astonisher with that one for the English … does that mean he keeps them out of the public eye for wrong reasons, or -heaven forfend – he must keep hidden council misdeeds. Good luck, chum. And good luck, Townsville.

We’ll leaf through others for a laugh as the week goes by, keep an eye on comments here. And have your say about who you think should’ve been listed but wasn’t (Linda Ashton stands out). The ‘Pie has one other candidate who missed out … and the old bird has always said so since the inception of this list more than 10 years ago… if this is to be any semi-serious guide to influence, the editor of the paper itself is a must inclusion. God knows, taking almost sole responsibility for the stadium debacle and total guff about the paper getting the stage two water pipeline funding, Jenna, you can’t have it both ways … or are you part of the city’s governing culture of secrecy.

As Kamal used to say, why are people so cruel?

It’s a question that can be levelled at social media every day. As cub reporter Clare Cameron has found out.

image1 2

But Don’t Worry, Your Much Loved Elsewhere It Would Seem

You know, in the army, some toady blokes were called Textra, because to know who they were, you had to write their names on the soles of their boots, they were so far up the sergeant. Ditto with bosses, Clare, so off to Officeworks, girl.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 10.44.14 pm

And the love-in gets more fevered – check out this exchange.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 10.58.13 pm

Please girls, get a hotel room, and yes, we don’t want to see the video. Especially not if you invite your besties George C and the PM to join you.

Other Stuff Just In Case You Missed It

Ever watched the show on the ABC, Antique Roadshow, where experts go into raptures about chamber pots, teddy bears and bone handled butter knives. Can be quiet interesting in parts, if you can get past the ‘Aren’t I  just the clever dick, let me patronise you’ attitude. Well, the ABC has piloted a special local version.

And just in case you REALLY wanted to know…Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 9.10.33 pm

And an interesting pairing of news and ads in this week’s Astonisher.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 10.11.27 am

And finally, the week from Trumpistan and elsewhere.

253_218259 139_218298 100_218346 20181120edphc-a 141_218294 20181115edstc-a

And just to save all you readers having to say it  …



That’s it for the week, but as mentioned above, keep an eye on comments, they are often very funny indeed, and let us know who you think should have been in the most influential list … if we get enough, maybe The Magpie will do his own Top Ten. And The ‘Pie will fully understand if his tardiness in publishing this week’s drivel has blunted your normally generous spirit, but just in case your largesse is still intact, the how to donate button is just below.

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  1. The Owl says:

    Many moons ago when The Strand was being redeveloped and Tony Mooney (long term buddy of Bazza) was mayor, there was a contract up for grabs for supplying sand to maintain the beaches on a long term basis.
    Around that time Bazza, or one of companies, purchased a sand mining operation up in the Black River area.
    And guess who won the lucrative contract?
    Now we have Bazza defending a quarry.
    Wonder if he has a financial interest in that as well.
    Regardless, the donations he or companies he is involved in make to Jenny Hill’s election campaigns begs the question: why did council approved such an outrageous increase in activity at the quarry?
    Perhaps Bazza or Jenny can explain.

  2. J jones says:

    No one on the list from our ABC. Shows how far they have fallen. Even their media mates have forgotten about them or don’t rate them.

  3. Achilles says:

    So according to the TB, Chubby Tubby Palmer plans to bring his Titanic replica to TSV. If its an accurate replica it will be powered by coal fired steam engines. Should do wonders for the air quality in TSV, just add it to the pollution at Cluden.

  4. Marg in the Top 1000 says:

    No one gives a rat’s a*se about the dust spewing from the port each week across the residents of South Townsville, so why would TCC give a crap about Cluden?
    Where’s the retired barrister taking our case to court?

    • The Magpie says:

      What court case? Where’s your petition? Where’s your letter to the Bulletin? Where’s your request to the government? Where are your studies (which in fact, more than one has been done, and what measures can be taken have been taken, if The ‘Pie recalls correctly.Where’s all the things the residents of Cluden had to do. And Goodsells can make other arrangements if they want to ramp up their operation, God knows there’s enough land in the Special Development Areas but the Port can’t and shouldn’t go anywhere, it is an essential part of this city. Goodsells operation, good employer that it is, is not in the same category, and Goodsells do have options. Chicken and egg stuff in your case, unfortunately, and chalk and cheese as a comparison.

      • No More Dredging says:

        ‘Pie, you wrote: “. . . the Port can’t and shouldn’t go anywhere, it is an essential part of this city”, which has elements of the undeniable, but that doesn’t mean that the Port of Townsville is above the law and above public accountability. A couple of years ago the state government’s Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation, operators of the dust monitoring station near the Coast Guard, released figures for lead-in-dust and lead deposition over the previous few years (2009-2015) as measured on their equipment. The data showed that lead deposition levels started to rise alarmingly around August 2012, peaked around August 2015 and then dropped sharply into the new year 2016. No explanation was ever given. No one seemed to know where the lead was coming from or why, after about three years, it suddenly stopped coming. What was revealed was that each and every potential lead polluter using the Port (the miners, refiners and transporters) were all fully compliant with government regulations so it couldn’t possibly be them that was responsible. Nevertheless, the pollution was undeniably coming from within the port’s operations. So is the Port above the law? Do we conclude that because the government owns the port, sets the standards and regulates the port’s emissions, then ignores its own regulators (the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection) that we should just forgive and forget? I don’t think so. This is the same mob that have given themselves permission to spend over a billion dollars dredging and reclaiming in World Heritage Cleveland Bay – with no impact on the environment. Yeah, right!

        • The Magpie says:

          If there is such documentary evidence, get the Bulletin involved (seriously) … what with Mt Isa and the like, they can hardly ignore evidence, if there is such. Go for it.

          • No More Dredging says:

            Oh, don’t worry, the TBully knows about it. And when the Port discovered it couldn’t control what the paper might write about its situation it did what every sensible corporate does – buy advertising space. I haven’t paid attention for a while but it used to be that once a month the TBully published a half page ‘update’ on a Saturday informing the populace of the great work the Port was doing bringing new jobs to Townsville, promoting cruise ships and meeting new targets for environmental excellence. They even have a sexy online ‘dashboard’ where you can see the latest ‘live’ pollution figures (all way down low, don’t you worry about that!) and check out which ships are where and what they are loading and unloading. So transparent, so accessible. And so easy for the TBully to just take the cash and look the other way.

            By the way Alahazbin, Grumpy etc, any halfwit can lift a curious finger and in about five minutes discover online a western Queensland mining company staff newsletter (all colour pics of hard hats and high viz shirts) announcing the completion of a major renovation of their ageing lead concentrate storage, loading equipment and berth facilities at the Port of Townsville – a multi million dollar overhaul that took place around . . . . well shucks, can you believe the coincidence, 2012-2015. But all above board and compliant of course with not a peep out of the government regulator. Shame about those damn government instruments and their bloody inconvenient statistics. The Port of Townsville, wholly owned by government with two government ministers as sole directors, is untouchable. It is above the law and it can do what it likes.

          • Marg in the Top 1000 says:

            This is the link to it NMD and the port hansnt bothered to update it since September probably because it will prove our houses are smothered in crap as we are right next to the Environement park
            And pie constantly email Council and my local member and the Bulletin and they ignore it!


          • Alahazbin says:

            Don’t be so hard on your self NMD. “Halfwit”. Bit harsh!

      • Grumpy says:


        What you on about, NMD?

        I ain’t got no dog in that fight.

        • No More Dredging says:

          Grumpy, I try not to make stuff up. If I have an assertion to make I try to provide some evidence. It’s an old habit that began when I was a student. I think there’s some hanky panky at the Port of Townsville and it involves governments, corporations, private individuals and media covering each other’s arses. There’s evidence lying around all over the place – some of it available from a Google search. If all sorts of people make their own searches, including in their work places and in business and among their mates and find some of the same stuff it’s less of a conspiracy and more of a citizens investigative journalism project. It’s roughly what the WFT mob do, there should be more of it.

  5. The Stockman says:

    Of all those in the top 10 – most of them are paid by the tax/ratepayer.
    Adele, Mayor, Ranee, Patricia…. and none of them are able to hold onto their staff – says a lot really.

  6. Dave Nth says:

    Can tell you the dust storm headlines at least from Sydney were a beat up, I have seen worse haze in Northern Victoria with the NW blows. There was more grief from the winds as the haze cleared out over the Tasman by mid morning Thursday…

    As for that quarry I find that quite shocking. Having been involved from time to time with Mining/Quarrying the ease at which this was granted without all the dust monitoring that is normally required as well as the reports mitigation etc tells me the CCC needs to look at this. Not accusing corruption but knowing how hard it is with all the focus on the black lung & Mesothelioma type diseases from dust there are some major anomalies here that seem to be all to common in this part of Queensland.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, here’s road works mentioned somewhere and demolition sites would be an obvious one, but yeah, that’s a lot of tonnage, but wherever its coming from, it fills sixty trucks a day.

      • Dave Nth says:

        Agreed & concrete dust is particularly hazardous… From what I can see by google maps looks like just a holding area on Racecourse rd and the accesses aren’t even fully sealed. What fool approved this?

        • No More Dredging says:

          Dave, there’s miles of explanation attached to a planning enquiry/response document available online. If you search “Goodsell South Townsville” and look at the item halfway down the page: “Planning and Engineering issues – Department of State Development”, it’s all laid out.

        • Linda Ashton says:

          State owned land?

          • No More Dredging says:

            Linda, it looks like it is state owned land. This was once the site of a drag racing strip which also, in the early 1970s, was a venue for at least one rock concert – Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs played a ripping show there in about 1972/3 from memory. More recently the site description goes:

            Land Owner: Goodsell & Co-ordinator General
            Site description: Lots 33 & 34 on SP 192632
            Site Area: ~ 41.12 hectares
            Zone/Precinct: Stuart Creek Industrial Precinct (‘southern portion’), Environmental Conservation Precinct (‘northern portion’), Lot 34 – Materials /Transportation Services Precinct, Townsville State Development Area Development Opportunities Strategy, Rural Precinct – Townsville City Council City Plan 2005
            Assessment Manager: Co-ordinator general (Dept of State development, Infrastructure and Planning)
            Legislative Instrument: State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971

    • two bobs worth says:

      dave – holidaying in Sydney this week – I can tell you the dust storms here were real with anything outside covered in a thick layer.

  7. Cantankerous but happy says:

    If Goodsells increase their tonnage by the amount identified I would estimate they will be gone within a couple of years. There is no way that sort of crushing increase won’t incease the dust to a level that all the well connected people of Fairfield Waters and all the new shops in the immediate area will also be covered in dust, and Goodsells will be told to fuck off somewhere else, pronto. . So the question is why doesn’t prize dunce Les Walker save the business and surrounding residents and ratepayers a lot of money and inconvenience and find them somewhere they can move to beforehand.

    • The Magpie says:

      The answer is that Les doesn’t know how to save a business … ask him about a pizza shop.

    • No More Dredging says:

      Cantankerous, I don’t think the Goodsell’s business is in any danger of being shut down – it has been in operation since the early 1990s. Their biggest customers are Dept Main Roads and Townsville Council. According to their development application the increase in throughput does not involve any increase in their operational footprint – which only occupies a portion of the site. In any case, the site is controlled by state government legislation, not local government:

      “The Applicant notes that the Townsville City Plan is not relevant to the assessment of the Development Application as the subject land is located entirely within the Townsville State Development Area (TSDA). The Townsville State Development Area Development Scheme is the statutory document which sets the framework for development within the TSDA.”

      There may be some arguments about the engineering of road pavements and whether the street access can be relocated but this does not seem to be a business that could be told, even charmingly, to “fuck off somewhere else, pronto”.

  8. Aussiemandias says:

    Nice shot of the screaming dwarf… In Brisbane.

    • Linda Ashton says:

      Re the top 50 Pie. Lol.
      If I was the only senior ratepayer, long time resident and last Bulletin subscriber left in Townsville, I’d be banned from being nominated. I don’t give a turppeny toss. I do mind however that three brilliant WFTAG minds in particular, who have contributed so much as WFTAG unpaid tech volunteers, have been obliterated by newscorp for the last six months, from the Townsville water security success story.

      I’m not talking about the three names … Clare Armstrong, Jenna Cairney or Adele Young (who was on the Water Security Taskforce). The three names that should forever be associated with the new pipeline (other than Brad’s) are 1. Allan Lane our lead tech. 2. Vern Veitch the co-conspirator, cross country Burdekin field trip driver and ecology expert (who knows a thing or two about local council politics and newscorp). 3. Ross Kapitzke.

      The spiteful new bulletin duo found none of these dedicated chaps’ experience relevant or worthy of a feature full stop let alone an article. Thankfully previous editors Ben English and Damien Tomlinson gave us generous weekly column space and much appreciated respect. I first wrote about Ross’s volunteer input to WFTAG’s tech research in May 2018. In the late 1980s Ross designed the Haughton Main Irrigation Channel and also had input into planning the route for the original pipeline. That’s pretty relevant. Yes? He heard about WFTAG and made a phone call I will never forget. The exchange of ideas has not stopped.

      Ross initiated and guided our full day tour of the 32 km Channel and associated infrastructure, where the city’s pumped water is currently drawn from. Pollies were invited, Tel, the bulletin, and WFTAG members. SunWater sponsored the trip. Only WFTAG people went along.

      Council knocked back our request for funding to hire a mini bus for the day and to help with Ross’ travel costs from Brisbane. City Oasis kindly donated his accommodation and our humble Go Fund Me flew Ross up for meetings twice this year. The tour was critical in that it validated our tech team’s interim proposal and led to some refinements in our final report, which is now in the appropriate political palms.

      The infrastructure recommendation in our 2017 interim report was that the new increased water supply should NOT be drawn from the artificial irrigation channel. Twenty months ago we proposed a continuous 1800mm diameter pipeline from Clare, bypassing the Haughton channel and direct to Tsv. There were many justifications. Ross’ expert view supported our independent research which has been shared and discussed through our fb page and numerous articles submitted to the bulletin.

      Brad Webb recommended in his interim report a two staged 1800mm pipeline. We knew his infrastructure preference and understood the major external constraints. Some of those constraints evaporated in the escalating chaos of federal politics. Herbert beckoned earlier than we predicted and the timing for release of Brad’s Final Report was perfect. Funding pledges flowed from everywhere for …. guess what? A continuous 1800mm diameter pipeline from Clare, bypassing the Haughton channel and direct to Tsv.

      WFTAG might not be in the “We’re for You” Bulletin’s top 500 or on Council’s most valued ratepayer Xmas card list. We are however in the top 10 in Brad Webb’s acknowledgements in the Interim Report and in the top 3 in his Final Report. We must have done something right. Watch the WFTAG agenda shift focus. Come Hell’s Gates or high water, a discerning journo will spot a real scoop. There is a wonderful untold story about our clever community’s collaborative input to Townsville’s 50+ year water security solution.

  9. The Magpie says:

    In the interests of fairness, The ‘Pie has been reliably advised that Adele Young is not, as suggested in a comment during the week and repeated in this blog, a FIFO CEO. The ‘Pie is informed that her mother and daughter live here in Townsville with her. Reference to this erroneous comment have removed – and no, lawyers weren’t involved, it is just that The ‘Pie implicitly trusts his source on this one and does not deliberately tell untruths here.

    But other informants are adamant that she is a gone girl as CEO, but her medical matters are not life threatening.

  10. Mike Douglas says:

    Further to Ms Adele Young I wish her the best re her illness but her appointment is a reflection of continurd poor judgement by Mayor Mullet . Only time will tell what skeletons may be in the closet but Ms Young wasn’t qualified for the job or salary . In regards to no 15 the screaming midget , whilst TCC has failed in improving open communication with the ratepayers in the Astonishers words the Screaming Midgets roll is to “ keep Council out of the public eye for the wrong reasons “ . So basicly the ratepayers are paying the Screaming Midget to hide bad news and assist Mayor Mullet and her team to get re-elected 2020 Council election .

    • The Magpie says:

      Not so much bad news as bad decisions … all those things that seemed like a good idea at the time that oh-so-predictably went pear-shaped. Qantas boycott, Adani airstrip, libelling Palmer. Maybe Bluewater pollution cover-up, too.

  11. J.B says:

    Jagging on the Krug?
    Poor Bazza!
    I give up, not sure what it means. I assumed its something gay guys do to each other…not that there is anything wrong with that of course.

    • The Magpie says:

      jag2 | jaɡ |
      noun informal, chiefly North American
      1 a bout of unrestrained activity or emotion, especially drinking, crying, or laughing:

      Krug: a champagne.


  12. Up the creek says:

    Sadly this Friday we say goodbye to our cleaners we’ve had across council for a period of time now but definitely not short time. The our girl that has cleaned our donger is finishing Friday as the contract has been given to a Brisbane based company. I was disgusted to hear 60 workers will loose there job from the company and didn’t get a look in with new one. You woultbe surprised to know they are bringing there own in and what I can gather are not local. no Big surprise but consider the mayor’s promise to buy and use local. More jobs gone.

    • Achilles says:

      Your girl cleans your “donger”? Wiktionary definition donger (plural dongers)
      (Britain, Africa, Australia, informal) penis

      Wiktionary definition donga (plural dongas)
      (Australia) A transportable building with single rooms, often used on remote work sites or as tourist accommodation.

      • The Magpie says:

        What a difference an A makes.

      • Up the creek says:

        I take your reply with a grain of salt and a chuckle. Sorry for not spell checking. But after we laugh at my mistake please feel for the men and women who 5 weeks before Christmas are out of work. I understand that the previous contractor will try find other placements but at the moment it dosnt look good. Pretty much says a lot about our council. As for CEO can’t wait to see if it’s true she’s gone but a replacement might be worse. A lot of us are wondering if changing cleaning contracts to save money is the start, what in house service’s are in firing line? Trevor Elson hit the nail on the head. Our services are delapitated but because A lot of people still care about there jobs things get done and public are none the wiser. A comment was made the other day about closer of Jensen landfill. Nobody really cares until the gates closed but then it’s too late.

        • The Magpie says:

          The ‘Pie allowed the comment because it was funny and about his favourite subject, language and its pitfalls. In no way was its inclusion meant to allow any denigration of your quite serious comment, which is a disgraceful example of the forked tongued tendencies of our mayor, and council. At least they’ve got rid of – probably by agreement – the CEO who drove these changes. Too late, though, it seems in this case.

          • Up the creek says:

            That’s quite ok I am not angry at the replies I feel very silly for a simple mistake. Very unintended. Hopefully my other wasn’t taken out of context as a jab at other comments. Thanks for letting us all have a say.

        • Cast Netter says:

          Up the creek

          A new CEO might be worse. (Not possible)

          This person lied to the staff (no forced redundancies)and allowed 100’s of years of experience to walk out the door at a huge cost to the rate payer. This Council is in total disarray due to a Mayor and CEO both batting well above their average. The Nous report has created a toxic, uncertain and barely workable environment for those who remain.

          Trevor Ellsom was one of the most passionate Council employees I have ever met and he was shafted along with hundreds of others. Trevor’s experience in his field was second to none.

          Maybe NMD could find out how Councils Trade Waste is currently operating compared to 18 months ago.

          Until we have a CEO and a Mayor who care about the City and not their own political futures, this problem will remain.

          No a new CEO replacement could not possibly be worse.

          Well done PIe and keep the pressure on.

          • No More Dredging says:

            Maybe I could “find out” what’s happening at Council’s Trade Waste but why not drop a few hints about where to start? Why don’t people inside the shop talk out of school any more? I hope they aren’t like the mob that worked at Yabulu for Palmer. They said they worried about their jobs but in the end they all lost ‘em anyway – yet still they won’t talk about the future of the place. There must be hundreds from QNI who know exactly what goes where at the plant and yet they sit around not saying a peep while Palmer and the Queensland government joint venture partners talk shit – in particular they talk shit about the Port of Townsville and Palmer’s interest in it. Like today’s TBully is full of shit about the cruise ship business and getting the biggest American warships into the port down the big, wide channel. Is it any wonder no one knows anything – no one gives a shit. They just sit back and cop bullshit and think they are being included. In a few months time, hundreds or even thousands of people will vote for Palmer (or his candidate) because they believe the bullshit they see on TV about jobs and jobs and jobs. It’s as if they think the plant will actually re-open and everything will be just like the old days. Then the bank will foreclose, the car and jetski and tinnie will be gone and we’ll be wondering how it all happened.

    • Linda Ashton says:

      Dongas dongers drongos … too distracted by semantic OCD. The strategy to replace local while spruiking the opposite is a disgrace.

  13. Alahazbin says:

    Re commenters on the nest who are council employees allegedly. Seem to be a bit quiet lately.
    Have you been ‘nobbled’ by the screaming midget?
    I know that it is “frowned upon” if staff at the Astonisher read the ‘Magpie’

    • The Magpie says:

      Indeed you are off the mark regarding The Magpie’s standing at the Astonisher … he is REQUIRED reading for ALL staff, especially those short of stories … not that that helps much, given Tony Raggatt’s totally uninterested yawning story about the unfolding health hazards at Cluden. Maybe it was a nothing story because maybe he rang Barry Taylor, who said there was nothing in it. Barry should know … a black Range Rover that looks suspiciously like his has been driving up and down Racecourse Road, videoing residents who have been complaining about his client, Goodsells.

  14. Gonzo says:

    Pie, A great blog from dust storms in the Ville, to some action on the need to remove asbestos in the Toolakea site, to Townsville’s 50 Most Influential List and last but not least Trumpistan and the earlier cartoon from Bentley with Trump sitting on Santa’s lap. Speaking of laps, The Donald has also become a lapdog for Saudi Arabia.
    Well done.

  15. The Owl says:

    Surely nobody is surprised that the cost of construction of the Cowboys stadium has blown out.
    Long after design was completed and construction started they discovered they didn’t have the required water and went into a panic. We were told that they eventually solved the problem but were given no details about how.
    Then a couple of months back, again well after construction had started, it was announced that tests were being done to see if the stadium could withstand cyclones.
    Surely these crucial issues should have been sorted out during the initial design and before the project received development approval.
    Makes one wonder if they will measure the size of the football field next week, now that the stands are in place, to check that it will fit.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie has talked from time to time about those issues, particularly water the about the flood plain, but the question you raise is how can you get any sort of building approval for anything if doesn’t meet stringent, insurance-required and government-required cyclone standards? Just try building a shed on acreage and you’ll be tied up in council red tape for a year or more. Like that bloke out at Annandale (reported in the paper a couple of years ago) who wanted to build a garage onto his house.

      We’ve been paddled up the creek on this one, well and truly.

    • Ando says:

      Add to your list, any contractors carrying out excavation on the site have to contend with the remnants of railway dumping for upteen years.

    • Little Miss Muffet says:

      “Makes one wonder if they will measure the size of the football field next week, now that the stands are in place, to check that it will fit.”

      This reminds me of an episode of ‘The Games’ when the running track wasn’t quite long enough. Gross incompetence…

    • Little Miss Muffet says:

      Link for those interested. The Golden days of Auntie’s Australian comedy.


  16. J Jones says:

    We are a broad church here – I think that’s the buzz phrase – I can’t wait for the new stadium. Sick of being in the second rate one.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Me too Jonesy, having a good look at some of the things they are incorporating in the design it will really be something that will set it apart from most of similar size, I am lucky enough to have had some input into it myself and also seen a lot of what else is being included and it really is impressive, but now the big question is what can the current pack of duds running Townsville do to take advantage of it, a rugby or soccer game, concerts, lots of opportunities, so far absolutely nothing.

    • Linda Ashton says:

      This football agnostic family hasn’t and won’t be spending a single $ on a pew at the old or new NRL churches. We make our own hotdogs, pop our own corn, don’t have to line up for drinks or the loo, have aircon, comfy lounge chairs, wifi and can flick channels to find something more interesting . We don’t have to listen to the chest-thumping team arjie barjie or rants at refs with occasional words interrupting expletives. We don’t need to slap on anti- king tide sandfly goop or pay fuel for a 50km round trip to the “CBD.” Maybe we missed out on the stadium chromosome but it’s not caused too much trauma. Too old and choosy now to be born agains. Just hopeless local heathens midst the religion of footy.

  17. SNAFU69 says:

    Jenny Hill got rid of the former CEO Ray Burton in 31 minutes at a Special Council Meeting on 8 April 2016. Why can she not do the same with Adele Young? No room for two such women in Townsville City Council.

    • Cast Netter says:

      SNAFU69 I think you will find that Mr Burton actually resigned within 20 mins of the mullet being sworn in. Smart man it would appear.

  18. Little Miss Muffet says:

    Now the midget’s gone as well? I wonder what’s finally broke down on Walker Street?

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, hold yer gee gees, missy. The Astonisher has been very careful to report only that he is on LEAVE, and we are left to make our own interpretation of that word. Does it mean some enforced absence from his job, or does it simply mean holidays? Are we all being invited to say things such as you have said, then this little piece of southern pestilence pops up bright as a button in the new year, mocking those who broke out the bubbly because they thought he had departed? Quite frankly, given the way of senior PS bods, perhaps the right term may have been holidays. But then again, it might not.
      Having fun, folks?

    • Plannit Townsville says:

      (Comment edited by Magpie).The Midget announced leave the same time as the Impaler. Perhaps there’s no bad news planned for Council over Christmas that needs covering up. Possibly he’s had to take leave for bullying.

      • The Magpie says:

        Understand your frustration Plannit, but The ‘Pie won’t be running random accusations against named people of which he knows nothing. Try Facebook.

  19. The Magpie says:

    Well, that explains a lot of things.

  20. The Magpie says:

    EXCLUSIVE: Evidence that the Fountain of Youth has been found in Brazil … this photo is from a gym in Rio.

  21. Kingswood says:

    Trying to figure out who the target audience of ‘most influential’ was for. To impress themselves? Their mates who piddle in their pockets? Or us, the great unwashed who couldn’t care less? Read a few of them and the write ups were both bizarre and laughable for some of the big players. My little one was upset the pet pages were missing. I told her that supposedly important people were there instead. Her answer; ‘If they’re already important, why do they need to take over the pet pages?’ Heard the contributor budget is next to zero now. Death by a thousand cuts; so we’ll put in less local content to make more money…thats working real well…

  22. Wily Wombat says:

    Can Clive please finish building “The Titanic”. The LNP are waiting to board. I say live export them to Trumpsylvania.

    • Achilles says:

      Maybe that will answer NMD’s questions about the need to widen and dredge the harbour, Its so his Titanic replica can park its fat arse in TSV.

      P’raps it’s about accommodating the pronoid Palmer. Did he slipped a few brown envelopes under the TCC’s dunny door?

    • Grumpy says:

      WW – I fear the rats have already deserted that ship. However, tell the great unwashed that they are to be sent on a pleasure cruise, paid for by the taxpayer and they shall board in droves. Poor misguided fools.

      Because the mother of all icebergs this way comes. As early as next May.

  23. The Owl says:

    The timing of the two council head kickers going “on leave” is interesting.
    Too early for Christmas, both at the same time, sudden departures, no explanations from mayor who has obviously gone into hiding.
    I don’t mind a good old conspiracy theory so here’s my take on all this.
    The departures came immediately after the announcement of the Astonisher’s top 50 “most influential” and Mayor Mullet was totally pissed off that The Impaler was rated above her and The Screaming Midget not far below.
    Throw in a reprimand for the Impaler’s drunken texting disgrace and the fact that the Midget was outed as a PR cover- up man for the mayor’s re-election campaign and there you have it – big trouble in little Townsville.
    Now the local cleaners have gone too.
    Who’s next?
    I hear Messagebank is totally pissed that he dropped to number 50 on that “most influential” list, which got it all wrong anyway.
    Tony Mooney is still the go-to man if you want a quick or shonky development approval and Dolan Hayes tells both Mooney and the Mullet what to do.
    Should have been Dolan 1, Mooney 2.

    • The Magpie says:

      Look, conspiracy theory fine, but suggesting that a proven bit of ‘influential’ hokum designed purely to sell the paper, a list decided by an anonymous ‘panel of judges’, had any bearing on anything is more than a tad far fetched.

  24. Grumpy says:

    Hey, Dredges.

    I am away from home and relying on my phone for internet access. Very restrictive.

    Serious question. What is the potential environmental harm posed by the old dump behind Sooning Street in Hermit Park?

    It was used well before laws restricting what can be dumped in public landfill. I’ll bet that there are many nasties buried not that far below the surface and leeching into Ross Creek.

    I used to live in Sooning Street in the early 90s and recall the pond behind the Queens Road causeway getting a pungent chemical smell after heavy rain. A neighbour’s kid swam in it once and came out with what looked to me like chemical burns.

    Is there any monitoring of the site st all?

    Not taking the piss, Old Mate. You obviously have more time/skills than the majority.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      I remember that, dead fish and a stench was a common occurance, My first ex wife bought a house in Sooning St in the nineties with the divorce money and there were lots of rumours around about what was buried in the old dump. Long term residents said dumping from the rail yards on that site was a regular occurance for many years. From memory there was another clean up along the river banks only a few years ago as the banks were giving way and all sorts of rubbish was being exposed and falling into the river. .

      • Beentheredonethat says:

        Oh, but that’s marriage for you, Cranky.

        Six-seven years of boring sex, then buy a house for someone you hate.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Not at all, get on with all of the ex’s regardless of status they had, driven by the one simple fact that the poor things had to suffer me, further they were also houses for my children at the time, why wouldn’t someone want their children in a comfortable house, I certainly did, it’s only money, I will make some more tomorrow. I think number one owns about 4 houses now and hasn’t worked a day for 30 years, but good luck to her.

    • No More Dredging says:

      Grumpy, it’s good to hear there’s still some fight in the dog. When you get back you should get together with Cantankerous down on Sooning St and poke around your old stamping ground. Be careful you don’t trip over a mangled pushbike or an old divorce while you’re there. There’s no doubt there were some big problems with that dump site leaching (and collapsing) into the river and there’s been big dollars spent putting in some sort of fix. Can’t say I’ve been there recently.

    • Kingswood says:

      I remember in the 1970s and 1980s there was much more dumped in their than old railway waste. Human remains and hospital waste many times too were reported in the Bully. It went on for quite a while.

  25. Dave Nth says:

    Editorial behind the paywall in the Bullsheet but did I detect a hint of pessimism about Lancini Stadium? This one in what I could see got me “we made our bed”, no the majority of ratepayers didn’t want it, it was forced on us by the Mayor who was played by the guilded few and others like Devine’s need to offload some polluted non performing assets to some Labor maaates. Will hunt down somewhere I can read this for free today as am interested now…

  26. The Magpie says:

    Funniest twitter thread for ages … but funny only if you’re over a certain age … and it’s ALL TRUE.


  27. The Owl says:

    I see that Sealink and Honeycombes are joining forces to build a $56 million hotel on Ross Creek, upstream from the existing Maggie Island ferry terminal, and directly downwind from the port.
    It will be interesting to see what hotel guests think of the black dust, stench from live cattle ships, and noise from cane trains unloading during the crushing season.
    Also can’t wait to see the design. Honeycombes and style don’t exactly go together.

  28. The Magpie says:

    3.01 pm November 28, 2018

    Water crisis, what water crisis?

    • Dearie Me says:

      That’ll be the one where the stormwater drains can’t handle the summer rain because they’re backed up with debris and haven’t been cleared.

    • No More Dredging says:

      ‘Pie, not sure if you or your readers know about the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) facility called Townsville Area Rainfalls which you can search online. It gives you an hour-by-hour registration from about 70 rain gauges all around the ‘Ville. And yesterday’s tally as well. It looks like there was a dump right on the central part of the city in the past couple of hours, not much in the regions.

      • The Magpie says:

        Dump it was, and yes, Townsville is so sprawling, that the reverse is so often the case. The ‘Pie has often be surprised by the ABC news weather reporting rain in Townsville when the old bird has enjoyed sunny skies and balmy breezes all day in North Ward. Noted this phenomenon when in hospital watching a lavish downpour on the hills behind Douglas, when my brother visited and I mentioned that we got a good drop, he said ‘Rain, what Rain?’ Sounded like Jenny Hill and water.

  29. The Magpie says:

    Many a white shoer rocks into town with grandiose plans that haven’t been properly researched – often without that oh-so-indispensable ‘feasibility study’ – but an international hotel chain, one would think, knows its onions when it comes to markets and likely customers. But in this release, have they really done their homework? …
    In there, you will notice this line: ‘The design – by acclaimed architects Bureau Proberts – places the hotel firmly within the Townsville Stadium Precinct, ensuring easy pedestrian access to the stadium, Central Park, the CBD and Bus Hub.’

    The bus hub? Now even if this is the little brother of the big Hilton chain, it is hard to envisage guests at this venture clamouring to know where they can catch a bus. Like, where to, if they haven’t rented a car? Maybe tour the old stadium, a delightful touristy drive through the Townsville ‘burbs – might even see a car getting stolen. Or a guided tour of the ‘for lease’ premises in the CBD?

    And Central Park, too. That presumably is the area across the road from Dean Park, where modern aboriginal culture is on display every day … and every night. And once glimpsed at how our city is run, those guests are likely to be like that infamous (apparently racist) Charlie Drake boomerang … and won’t come back.

    • Achilles says:

      Just received an email from an old mate who came ashore in TSV from a recent cruise ship. His comments about TSV as a tourist destination are to say the least colorful.

      He sums it up as there’s nothing to buy, see or do that is not outdone many times over by all of the other destinations he went ashore to.

      When I say went ashore, all of the other ports tied up at a first class clean and well serviced pier. He noted that this was the first time he’d ever been in a Mall that had cars going down it, past all of the dreary empty shops.

      • Scotty says:

        Not seeking to praise the cruise terminal, but I have been ashore in many places from New York to the Bahamas, Honolulu to Wellington, Bora Bora to Noumea, and never have I experienced a “first class clean and well serviced pier” Most of them are warehouses with booking tables set up and some pretty bunting strewn about. The experience is not meant to be on the pier but at the destination – hmmm Townsville certainly needs help

      • No More Dredging says:

        Achilles, lucky your mate didn’t go to Magnetic Island to see the famous coral gardens at Nelly Bay, Arcadia and further along that coast. These were once the absolute jewel in the crown of the most accessible island on the whole GBR – now they are fucked. Sure, tourists can’t find a McDonalds or a Bunnings on the Island and the kids will be whingeing that there’s ‘nothin’ to dooo’, but the fact is that widening and deepening the access channel to Townsville harbour to increase capacity for cruise ships just like your mate was using is now directly affecting the fringing coral reefs and beaches of Maggie Island – and it will only get worse. The Port has signalled that an enlarged channel will require much more maintenance dredging and all that fine material will be sea-dumped right there in Cleveland Bay where it can wash over those reefs and beaches. The Port has received its approvals (what did they expect when the owners approved their own applications?) from all levels of government and couldn’t give a fuck. What’s the bet your cruising mate has no idea what impact his ship has on our natural environment? And as a matter of interest, exactly what contribution does a cruise ship visit make to the local economy? I mean really, what’s in it for Townsville?

        • Tug Master says:

          Big incident today with a ship
          at the port. Story in the Astonisher tomorrow? Might be past their bed time.

          • The Magpie says:

            What happened?

          • Achilles says:

            The Tug Master reports an incident at the port on Friday its just appeared on the TB’s web page. A humongous navy ship broke from her moorings and according to today’s report it happened last Wednesday FFS.

          • Ando says:

            Could you be speaking of the HMAS Adelaide loosing (sic) it’s moorings and crashing into another vessel?

        • Linda Ashton says:

          Dredging spoil is yuck but aren’t single hull ships being replaced by double hull? They’d be safer for the reef if there’s damage. Channel has to be wider I believe for double hull access or they’ll dock elsewhere.

          • No More Dredging says:

            Linda, there’s a helluva lot of Kool-Aid being placed out there for all to drink. You know – we need more cruise ships, we need to get trucks off the Bruce Highway, we need more space for containers and bigger container ships, car carriers will by-pass Townsville if the channel isn’t enlarged, fuel tankers can’t access safely, maybe there’s coal or magnetite or more fertiliser to stockpile and export, the US Navy can’t get ships into the harbour etc. etc. You never hear about the downside, in particular the impact of dredging – specifically maintenance dredging and sea dumping – on Cleveland Bay and Magnetic Island. The entire government and political machine is in denial and cover up and will not be deflected. I’m sure you have experienced this phenomenon.

            There is a tiny voice on Magnetic Island trying to be heard – they accept that the giant reclaim has been approved and the quarrying and transport of millions of tonnes of breakwater rock will soon begin up the back of Kelso – so be it. Later the huge dredging ships will start widening and deepening the channel – even if there’s no attempt at world’s best practice or limiting works to the most environmentally favourable times (or seasons) and no acceptance that this will never be a benign operation – well, so be it. But then we come to the already announced “14%” increase in maintenance dredging and continued sea dumping in Cleveland Bay – forever. This is one tiny fraction of the project that could be adjusted and potentially relieve a severely negative impact. The dump site could be shifted to deeper water, further offshore where the sediment resuspension and subsequent dispersal towards Magnetic Island is much reduced (according to a GBRMPA-commissioned study already published) and Cleveland Bay can be spared. It’s just a little thing in the big scheme but it requires government recognition and a particular administrative action. The problem? The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park boundary. The current dump site is right up against the boundary in about 10m of water – most of the spoil disperses immediately into the Park. The Port needs to ask the State and Federal governments to allow the spoil dump to be moved about five kilometres into the Park where the depth is closer to 20m. But can a politician, or GBRMPA executive or Port official or state government minister ever sit around the same table to discuss a potentially clever solution to a ruinous local problem? Can they suspend their virtuous self-belief for one risky moment to discover the bleeding obvious?

    • Dave Nth says:

      No offence to anyone. All I see in the CDB when I have to go in there is a lot of of cannibalism, from Palmer st for restaurants… As for other businesses just shuffling the decks from here to there especially with Government outlets…

    • Linda Ashton says:

      Please say the sketched “Double Tree” Hilton Hotel is not a serious design contender. At least the old railway sheds had character and historical value. This thing looks like a rust coloured set of old style staffroom pigeon holes. You know in the days of paper memos, letters with stamps and cassette tapes? IMO it’s a grotesque design proposal.

  30. I’ll be plucked says:

    The ‘insipid ALP member’ for Townsville just keeps on spinning crap! The recently demoted Corporal Cupcake, S Stewart on 7 local news this evening telling us that their will be another ‘ sit down round table’ to talk about youth mental health, which will come up with a plan. Fuck me Corporal Cupcake what’s happened to ACTION???

    He then went on to say the ‘round table’ will come up with a plan for youth mental health like they did for cyber bullying – well that was a success, NOT – it’s still out of control and little has changed you peanut Corporal! Just like the ‘round table’ on youth crime – NO CHANGE!

    Corporal Cupcake, S Stewart, no substance, no idea and continues to talk absolute crap. What a plucking embarrassment!

  31. J jones says:

    All these influential people and we are in the shit.
    Shows how much influence they have – negative

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      The problem is they only influence each other, within the little bowl that is Townsville, with little minds and little wallets, so then we get little results and Little Patty. With the exception of Chris Morris when was the last time an investor threw a chunk of cash at Townsville for a project, many many years, you would have to go back to the Tyrell and Mooney days before that.

      • No More Dredging says:

        Clive Palmer paid $10m of his own money to take a reputation-killing pollution and rehabilitation headache away from BHP.

        • Grumpy says:

          Oh, Yabulu would be but a passing twinge compared to BHP’s real foreign and home grown and international migraines.

          Shall we list them?

  32. Mangrove Jack says:

    G’day Pie and tribe,

    Something thats been on my mind for a while, that perhaps someone here may recall the circumstances. For some time, until recently at least, every opportunity our Redheaded O’Foole saw a news camera, she would parrot on about Clive Palmer owing retrenched QNI employee’s their entitlements.

    Having personally also gone down this path with another local company in 2011, I knew that you could apply to the relevant Fed dept for your entitlements, and they would after checking with the liquidators, make good on what you were owed. So with the O’Foole parroting on, I took exception to her claims, and attempted to put the question to her that she was talking BS. (No I am not a Palmer supporter either, but I do like to play fair)

    After a series of emails back and forth between her staffers, which amazingly they didn’t delete, I was informed to expect a call from the O’Foole, and she eventually rang me (from Canberra no less) to explain that BHP had paid Palmer in 2009 the equivalent of the employees long term entitlements, which I took to be O/S long service, so that he would continue responsibility for this. Why the O’Foole couldn’t simply have stated that in an email is beyond me, but perhaps covering her tracks.

    I can attest that the FEG, or in my circumstance, GEARS, actually paid me more than I “thought” I was entitled to, so I have no doubt in my mind that Fair Entitlements Guarantee (FEG) has covered everything owed the workers from the time that Palmer took over QNI from BHP, and whether the Fed Gov’t decide to take on Palmer over recouping the payments paid the workers would be up to the relevant minister, but according to this article https://www.australianmining.com.au/news/government-to-pay-out-former-queensland-nickel-workers/
    Australian Workers Union spokesperson Ben Swan said the FEG payments would provide much needed relief to unemployed workers, however they would not cover the full entitlements. “It’s important for people to remember that employees are owed much more beyond what FEG will pay in terms of outstanding entitlements, so the proper focus for anyone through a liquidation process should be about obtaining the full entitlements for employees,” he said.

    Now, apparently Palmer paid BHP $10M for QNI in 2009, but the workers long term entitlements with BHP appear to have been quite substantial and in the Millions?

    I have Googled, and I have searched the Pie’s archives, and I can’t seem to find any mention that clarifies Palmers taking over the BHP liabilities of Long Service. Perhaps someone here has further knowledge of this, or even if it is possible to be done legally. I am sure that this matter of O/S entitlements will rear up again if Palmer continues his political aspirations, or is it why he is suing the O’Foole.

    • No More Dredging says:

      Jack, it’s always been difficult to follow Palmer’s legal trail. Everyone who has a go (in public) seems to get it wrong. Back in the day the AFR wrote:

      “Under the FEGs scheme, individual workers can only claim up to 13 weeks in unpaid wages, unpaid annual leave and long service and redundancy pay. It does not cover outstanding superannuation entitlements.

      FTI Consulting director John Park said he expected most of the lower-paid nickel workers to have their entitlements covered, but the FEGs pay-outs would be capped out for workers earning more than $130,000.

      “A good proportion will be covered by the FEGs scheme but it certainly won’t be the full amount of the debt,” Mr Park told AFR Weekend.

      So apparently, while most workers have been paid out most of what they are owed, most are still owed something and a few are still owed quite a lot. But surely that is not the only issue with Queensland Nickel. There does not seem to be one single person in Townsville or anywhere else who can say with any authority whether there is still a life for the Yabulu plant. You’d think, sometimes, that Palmer only needs a new licence for this and a new undertaking for that and the plant can open again in a couple of months. No one seems willing to call his bluff.

  33. Concerned says:

    Looking forward for Townsvilles sake
    Can you imagine if some of our so called politicians had some one smarter forethought to develop Townsville.
    This could include opening up 3 or 4 sites along the strand to 15 or 20 story appartments / motels ( one could be on kissing point what a prime place for a Hilton.
    Or continuing the Pallarenda road around the coast line to link up with Bushy Beach, imagine the prime real estate sites this would open up.
    Just a thought

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      And a fucking good thought at that, but good luck getting anything done with the North Ward preservation society determined to keep it just like it was in 1895, unfortunately people in Townsville think tourists want to stay out the back of town near the creek surrounded by mangroves, brainless dickheads.

  34. Kiwi says:

    So the Impaler is gone. Good riddance I say.
    Wonder who the next Labor Party hack is to be given the job. Betcha she has already been tapped on the shoulder whoever she is.
    Then again Jenny won’t want any competition.

  35. The Magpie says:

    All so nicely pre-arranged.

    From: Anthony Templeton 
Sent: Thursday, 29 November 2018 5:01 PM
Subject: Mayor Jenny Hill acknowledges major reforms enacted by departing CEO Adele Young

    Mayor Jenny Hill acknowledges major reforms enacted by departing CEO Adele Young
    It is with sadness that I announce Ms Adele Young has resigned from the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) from Townsville City Council (TCC).
    Since 2016, Ms Young as CEO has lead the Transformation of TCC and assisted the Council in its development and growth.
    Ms Young said: “My priorities were to implement the Transformation tasks the Mayor and Councillors set me following the Council amalgamation of some 8 years before. With nearly 2-and-a-half years of the Transformation program now complete, I am confident it is the natural time for others to complete the cycle as the organisation returns to business as usual.
    “The Council today is a simpler, faster, better organisation and I have achieved together with my team:
    – The basis of financial sustainability with savings of more than $90 million in operational expenses with no forced redundancies
    – Signing of Australia’s first City Deal and securing water security
    – Strengthened economic activity levels including the implementation of the Townsville 2020 strategy and projects
    “The legacy I am most proud of is the Transformation of the workforce at TCC. Where today there is a record investment in health, safety and training – and ensuring the balance has been returned to front-line service staff. More than 100 young people are in apprenticeships and traineeships today, which was in single figures when I commenced.”
    Ms Young leaves TCC and the City of Townsville in a very strong position for future growth and we sincerely thank her for her contribution and leadership during her tenure as CEO.
    Please join me in thanking Adele for her tenure as CEO and wish her a successful future.
    Mayor Jenny Hill

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Frog shit!

    • Scotty says:

      Medical leave my arse!

    • Alahazbin says:

      Will the dominos start to fall?

    • Inside TCC says:

      Now if her imported sidekick could kindly bugger off as well, staff, businesspeople, and ratepayers can stop being insulted and threatened and get on with cleaning up the mess they’re leaving behind

    • Dearie Me says:

      Ms Young has right royally fucked TCC and it’ll be years before it’s even remotely functional.

      If the “transformation of the workforce”; which was and still is an all out cluster fuck; is her most proud moment, then I shudder to think what she’s not proud of.

      Good riddance of bad rubbish. If only she had gone sooner.

      • I’ll be plucked says:

        Agreed Deary One – who gives a toss about her going, or should I say who gives a peking-duck. The TCC nightmare is now half over, looks like we have to wait out the other half of this appalling ‘leadership team’……….

    • sir ossis o'fliver says:

      Re the exodus from TCC.
      Hey, the Labor Apparatchik sharks can smell Liberal blood in the water.
      See themselves as lay down Misere victors.
      Any one with a sniff of affiliation with Federal Labor power brokers will be migrating to Canberra in anticipation of a “pig roll” in the biggest trough in the nation.
      TCC is only an horses doovy and aparatif.

    • two bobs worth says:

      Re: The Impaler’s resignation from TCC – Definitely a good news story for Townsville – good ridding’s I say but unfortunately too late for me.

  36. Dave of Kelso says:

    Adarini to self fund much smaller mine. How will the Mullet handle financial irelevance?

    Anyone need our spare $18,500,000?

    Gill the Dill will be releaved that a lot less dirty, smelly, wage-earning miners will not be sulling his airport terminal.

    • The Magpie says:

      Yeah, right about Gill, he wouldn’t want those grimy buggers mingling with his hoards of dollar laden tourists that he attracts here as head of the Dudley Do Nothings.

      • Memory Man says:

        This is humiliating for all the hyperventilators …


        The Gormless gang at Walker St got showed when it’s now clear that Adani didn’t need public monies. Same goes for those idiots at enterprise house who decided that they should argue to plunder the ratepayer’s purse to help out a billionaire. Adani was playing them all along.

        It’s also humiliating for Adani. Despite the tub-thumping, it’s been rejected by everyone they’ve approached for money. They’ve had to reach into their own pockets. Oh the horror.

        If it’s true that Adani can in fact self-Fund, then it makes a total mockery of their try-on for public money; and worse, shows what fools we have in charge of the public purse.

        • The Magpie says:

          IMMINENT!?! Bloody IMMINENT!?!
          Here’s the question: are they treating us like deadheads, or are they deadheads themselves?
          Imminent? More weasel words. And the ludicrous suggestion that Adani’s problems have been caused by ‘longstanding, ill-informed protest activity and an indecisive State Labor Government’ deserves a place in The Magpie’s Bible Of Bollocks and Bullshit. The shysters came, tried to raid the public purse for personal gain, got found out, and now knobthrottlers like Canavan believe the Coalition has been let of the hook because it was all the fault of a few placard wavers and a state government not of the same persuasion as his. Some pearls of pure poop from the Canavan Canon.

          Senator the Hon. Matthew Canavan
          Minister for Resources and Northern Australia

          29 November 2018


          Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matthew Canavan has welcomed Adani’s announcement it will self-finance its Carmichael mine and rail project, with the start of preparatory construction works imminent. (We’ve heard that before).

          Minister Canavan congratulated the company on its focus and commitment to the project in the face of longstanding, ill-informed protest activity and an indecisive State Labor Government. (Oh, poor snowflakes p- there there diddums).

          “Adani’s ability to re-scope and finance its Carmichael mine and rail project proves it is a viable, job-creating concern which stands on its own two feet financially and environmentally,” Minister Canavan said. (It has done no such thing.)


          “The Carmichael project has the potential to create more than 7,000 new jobs in Queensland – a remarkable contribution to our regional and state economies,” he said.

          “The Carmichael project has the potential to create more than 7,000 new jobs in Queensland – a remarkable contribution to our regional and state economies,” he said.

          And they wonder why so many of us believe that politicians are the scum of the earth. Tell you what is ‘imminent’, you self-entitled twicer …. next bloody May, that’s what’s imminent.

          • Peter Sandery says:

            I have a different take on the whole Adani issue, ‘Pie and it is flavoured by my Papua New Guinea time, particularly the last twenty years to 2008 when I was heavily involved in that country’s mining and hydrocarbon industry.
            The Adani principals have vast experience dealing with inept governments and they would have realised the ineptness of the three levels of government that they had to deal with in developing the Carmichael mine. This analysis obviously led them to the idea of trying to hit all levels of government to cough up funds for the project. I would suggest that it is not the first nor will it be the last time that a project development company tried that on – That’s what it was, to use a Neo-Melanesian Pidgin phrase – “bai mipela trai im, tasol” – .

            The Federal Government had a chance to influence the future development of the Galilee Basin when the matter of a railway was brought up by Adani as they could have co-built it with Adanai, with the proviso that all future coal projects in the area would have access or built it entirely as a government project and charge Adani a pioneer rate for being the first developer. As it now stands, if the railway is built by Adani, it will be built for their project alone and will open up a can of worms when future developers want to exploit the basin. This should have been obvious to all government officials involved in the project as a result of the problems with Twiggy Forrest’s railways in WA.

            Matt Canavan’s comments are correct, the project has been held up by Green activism ‘Pie, as you well know and I thought you were better at arguing your case than shooting the messenger.

            Perhaps the Adani lot are rogues and spivs but they are also attempting to be the pioneers in opening up the Galilee Basin. There have been quite a few rogues and spivs who were champions of Australian industry in the past – one John MacAruthur jumps to mind for example.

          • The Magpie says:

            Very much a curate’s egg comment, Pete, only good in parts.
            First of all, if the Feds had wanted this so badly, they could easily have used Northern Infrastructure money for a shared rail line, and indeed may well have done so if ‘Gotem’ Adani wasn’t so transparently a shonk of the first order. He was never going to be able to get finance for, or finance himself, his original grandiose dream of a mega mine (fully automated in a few years, with massive loss of initial jobs … sort of back the future, square one stuff). And his growing corruption problems back in India and Bangladesh seemed to be conveniently ignored by everyone here. To say the Greenies were the cause of the absolute global rejection of finance for Adani is tripe and you know it, the bloke and his business model here (at odds with his own government) were totally on the nose. In other circumstances, the Greenies would have been no more than a noisy nuisance brushed aside, and indigenous claims would have been settled in the usual mean-spirited beads and blankets way. Canavan’s claim was a self-serving attempt to disguise his own government’s jittery electoral fence sitting.

            And allow The Magpie to be clear about his view … it has always been to oppose any taxpayer money and delayed royalty benefit for this proven devious family company, and The ‘Pie does have deep reservations about the cavalier attitude towards the water table in the Galillee Basin … simply put, Adani is not to be trusted – they are proven liars on several matters – and other miners need careful watching in this area.

            And your last paragraph paean to ‘rogues and spivs’ leads The ‘Pie to believe that you will be contributing to Craig Gore’s defence fund on fraud charges, some of each involve the Port Hinchinbrook disaster. Your reference to MacArthur is just asinine.

            Now The ‘Pie must leave you to ruminate on that, he must attend to matters involving our abundance of local ‘rogues and spivs’ – minus 2 in the last week.

          • Peter Sandery says:

            In my reply to you ‘Pie on Adani, the bloke I was talking about was John MacArthur, the merino man. I’ll plead senility for my sin in mis- typing

          • The Magpie says:

            Yes, Pete, understood that (in part from my current reading of Patrick O’Brien’s excellent ‘Clarissa Oates’, which gives one of the best pictures of the early penal settlement of Sydney.) Those circumstances are so far removed from today to bear any relevance at all, so the inclusion of his name was ‘eristic’ – aimed at winning the argument but not necessarily finding the truth.

          • Achilles says:

            I recall back in April JJ, Gotem’s PR man announcing commencement in 10 days time of the railway. Nothing ever happened of course, its all smoke and mirrors.

            This latest proclamation is the same as the “somethings gunna happen soon” almost every day on the TB front page. All pie in the sky by these deluded clowns.

          • The Magpie says:

            Exactly … now the buzz word is imminent, although they have said work will start ‘before Christmas’. We’ll see.

        • Alahazbin says:

          Completely agree MM. Same goes for ‘the fat fool’ Palmer. He says he has all this money, so why not pay his own way to get things going.

  37. J jones says:

    So was her illness that she was sick of Townsville?

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      No. There is a federal election looming and the CFMEU string pulling puppetiers , oops, I meant the Labor Party, are assembling their puppets.

      Given the Libs initially opposed the Banking Royal Commission and are now going slow on a Federal corruption commission who can a decent bloke vote for?

      The Village Idiot, if at least an honest idiot, may well get my vote this time around.

      • The Magpie says:

        The Village Idiot? You’ll have to be a little more specific.

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          Generic term at the moment. No-one in mind yet, but I will recognize him/her when I see/hear them.

        • I’ll be plucked says:

          One Nation candidate Pie, Palmer’s party, the sex party??????????

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            I B P

            Sex party maybe. I could not bring myself to vote (even in protest) for the other nominees.

          • The Magpie says:

            Unfortunately, the Sex Party candidate may have a tendency to withdraw at the last minute.

          • No More Dredging says:

            And as ever, no matter who you give your first preference vote to you still have to fill in all the squares. So down the bottom, when you are left with two big numbers for the two major party candidates (one of which will likely win in Herbert), who do you save the biggest number for? You will actually vote for each of them, you have no choice. Bummer eh?

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      I heard she just got real bored Mista Jones – no one left to stick the knife into in the TCC workforce, so she left and took her knives and swords with her – dunno if it’s true, just heard it on the grapevine, ala Creedence……….

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie doesn’t buy that at all, Plucker, The Magpie said two years ago that this was an orchestrated strategy, with Mayor Mullet now positioned to blame Adele for those nasty excesses, which of the mayor couldn’t do anything about. Vile stuff all round.

  38. Lefty Luvvies says:

    Tanya Plibersek is going to give universities $1.8 million to fight harassment on university campuses. Let’s hope that targets managers at JCU harassing staff. The bullying is ongoing and they should be careful as the staff are heartily sick of it.

  39. Mike Douglas says:

    Local Developers who have done well out of the Ville whilst Mayor Mullet has been in Council along with a number of international Companies probably say “Jenny Hill comes along once in a Companies lifetime” as the Mayor hands out the steak knives , kitchen sink in her “what ever it takes “ to win her Mayoral robes after 2020 no matter who she has to throw under a bus to get there .

  40. The Owl says:

    Just read the report about Adele resigning ( in today’s excuse for a newspaper).
    Yet again the obvious question hasn’t been asked: how big a golden handshake did the Peroxide blond receive to keep her usually overworked trap shut about the corruption in Walker Street?

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, they wouldn’t have to pay her ‘keep her trap shut’ since she was totally complicit with any untoward shenanigans going on in The Walker Street Wankery, but her payout amount should be made public as the normal run of these things. But the timing of that revelation will be crucial for the mayor.

      • Concerned says:

        Since under the mullet council has increased certain charges like dog registration by 50% in 2 1/2 years I am sure the Mullet will have enough of OUR dollars to pay the blonde haired fwit off.
        It will be an interesting next 6 months watching the rats abandon the sinking mullet ship.

    • Inside TCC says:

      Bulletin article was word for word the council media release, lazy bunch they are, can’t even write their own version of the lies to pretend to be unbiased. Way to represent the community, just print whatever they tell you to!

  41. Dave of Kelso says:

    Dear “Pie,

    Re school children global warming protests today; the cherubs have been stired up and organised by lefty teachers and activists (who do not have the best interests of the children at heart) and probably transported to protest sites by same. Lets face it, 11 year olds cannot drive themselves.

    Childhood is short and children should be allowed to be children. These days, at an all too early age, they are influenced by all sorts of media and others to deal with adult issues that they are not mature or emotionally prepared for as evidenced by youth mental illness being an issue, as reported in the media these days.

    Today child exploitation by the left activists. Shame Shame Shame. May they all contract the pox!

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      And while I am at it, marine plastic pollution is a more urgent problem than global warming but not near as ‘sexy’ nor will it attract government funding.

      Question to all. What increase in sea levels have been recorded over the last 100 years at the Port of Townsville? Can we have a printout?

    • The Magpie says:

      You could well be talking about Catholicism’s and Islam’s basic doctrine of ‘give him to me at 4 and he’s mine for life by 8′. Same principle. Sadly, one of the results of that closed shop was in fact the pox.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        You are correct. After listening to the response from the Archbishops of Brisbane and Melbourne at the child sex exploitation royal commission I now reject what had been part of my life since I can remember.

        An Irish survivor of catholic clergy abuse observing the Australian Royal Commission commented that, words to the effect that, You Australians are hoping for too much. After our commission, nothing changed.

    • Achilles says:

      Bloody irresponsible reporting, It wasn’t a protest it was plain and simple truancy, which I believe is an offense if encouraged or condoned by parents or third parties.

    • hear dear says:

      When the kiddie crims are not mentally responsible until they are 16 years, how can other under 16’s be seen to be responsible for their demonstrations in the cause of climate change.

  42. Lefty Luvvies says:

    Staff have called it out – but NOTHING is done. They then find themselves out of a job.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Is Mooney part of this lot?

      I am told he was bit of a tyrant when mayor.

      • The Magpie says:

        He lost the polot towards the end, but Mooney was and is way smarter than the present incumbent. And since this an ‘independent’ council (oh, spare me!), Mayor Mullet is unable to summon the inclusiveness of the regular closed door caucuses that were a feature of the Mooney Labor days … the fur flew in these, but when they came out they were all united in the outcome.

        • Grumpy says:

          Remember the fridge?

          • Dave of Kelso says:


          • Grumpy says:

            There was a fridge outside the council meeting room for the exclusive use of the mayors and councillors- and, of course, the arrogant, wholly up-himself CEO at the time. Replenished daily with beer, wine and RTD’s. Free, naturally. There was a huge uproar when a senior council staffer helped himself to a coldie. Following that, it was kept chained.

            It was a symbol of how self-entitled and arrogant Moony and his sycophants had become.

            I remember Malcolm having a field day with it in his column. From memory, a mole provided a photograph of the fridge festooned with a chain and lock.

          • No More Dredging says:

            Grumpy, can’t remember the fridge but I do remember the mailbox at the duplex. And the Central Scrutiniser into Electoral Matters telling Mooney words to the effect: ‘Better get a lawyer son, better get a real good one’.

          • The Magpie says:

            The fridge Grumpy mentions was in fact a scoopette by The Magpie when he was at the paper … a fairly shiny commodious affair chockers with ratepayer funded booze that the councillors raided after every meeting. Kid Crisafulli took great pains to swear he never had a drink from the infamous fridge in the ‘party room’. There was a photo too, if memory serves, but can’t find it. I . essence, just a different sort of trough.

        • seagull says:

          speaking of “towards the end”……remember Chris Condon’s
          “GET RID OF MOONEY” truck….. what a laugh ! I’m sure it must be parked up in one of those old sheds at the showgrounds …….. maybe we could pass the hat around for a new set of tyres, some rego & a new paint job ……. oh the possibilities ……. “DON’T TAKE THE JENNY”…… “OVER THE HILL”….. “TIME FOR CHANGE .. OUT WITH THE MULLET”… it just goes on

  43. Little Miss Muffet says:

    Re the top 50 movers and groovers list.

    I wish they had explained why people had gone up in the rankings or dropped down. I think that would have been interesting reading. And would have been a true reflection of the shit show that has been 2018 in Townsville.

  44. Ex says:

    I use to work at jcu and when you make a complaint against a manager the rumours are then set in motion about you ‘that they don’t know how to do their job’ or you are branded a ‘troublemaker.’ Of course the manager never has to come up with any evidence – they just get their mates onside and then you are screwed. I would never work in their colleges again!

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie has a mate who years ago fell foul of JCU pillow talk when his immediate supervisor was being rogered by a senior – very senior – administrator. It all started because he said ‘Good morning’ without using the person’s name! True.

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