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Saturday, February 24th, 2024   |   197 comments

Mooney Goes Loony And Jenny Makes A Joke – And There’s Still 3 Weeks Of Buffoonery To Go.

Losing the plot seems to be in the Mooney genes, with Liam taking after Dad with a foot stamping profanity-laden performance for candid camera. But his boss,  Jenny Hill, bless her comedic little heart,  shows that she thinks rationalisation involves the bacon industry regulation.

And that wasn’t her only merry quip of the week, making a thigh-slapping promise for her next term …  which prompts The Magpie to ask  a simple question of the the mayor on behalf of  all voters.

The Magpie calls for an urgent change to Western Australia’s court calendar.

Supermarket price-gouging driving you to drink? Well,  the rip-off doesn’t end in the food and commodity aisles. The ‘Pie has one example that might steer you towards illegal drugs … it might actually be cheaper.

And Trump gives himself Golden Boot Award for foot-in-mouth … a startling compilation of the former White House mobster who keeps projecting on Joe Biden’s  occasional speech lapses.

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Sixty Years Of Celebrating Queens: Some Bentley Nostalgia

Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at 7.23.17 pm

With the ultimate irony of a new museum celebrating gay history opening a former Sydney police station once notoriously renowned for dark deeds and ‘poofter bashing’, keen historian Bentley looked back at how much things have changed in Australia … and in one way, he discover not much, is different prime ministers are still keen supporters of queens.

Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at 11.09.48 pm

A seriously sad and bizarre irony linking the museum to its police past unfolded in the same week, with a gay NSW police officer charged with the murder of his former lover and his new partner.

Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at 5.46.13 pmAlthough the world over, cops who go to prison are usually marked for special treatment,  The ‘Pie doubts this bloke is too worried about getting a hard time from his fellow inmates.

On The Local Scene, A Mooney Melt-Down Livened Up A Dullish LG Campaign 

Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at 7.54.49 pm

It wasn’t quite as entertaining as dad Tony doing a drunken hit-and-run and cover-up, all those years ago,  but still livened up a droning sort of week.  Doing a door knock in his division, Liam got into a verbal blue with a less-than-happy ratepayer, during which not all the hot air was coming from leaf blower being flourished by the irate householder. Mooney Jnr eventually displayed another fatherly trait with. foul-mouthed intellectual assessment of his critic. Mayoral candidate Troy Thompson was only too happy to provide ringside footage from CCTV.  All very unedifying, but it gave Mayor Mullet the opportunity to trot out the best bit of sophistry since ‘Hitler was nice to dogs’.

In deep damage control (probably a feverish call to Dolan in Brisbane did the trick) Liam made a public apology for his behaviour, but as far as we can ell, he apologised only to the ‘public’ (who he hopes will be voting for him) and not the householder, who definitely won’t be. As well, Liam took good advice to do the bleedin’ obvious and reported himself to the Office of the Independent Assessor (OIA) for his naughtiness. And this is what ledMayor Mullet to his little gem.

“The OIA is best suited to address complaints regarding councillors, and it was appropriate and showed integrity on Cr Mooney’s behalf to self-refer in this instance,” Ms Hill said.

Showed integrity? You jest, me old Mullet …. tell us this, madam, in the face of irrefutable evidence, would he have reported this himself if the security vision hadn’t been plastered al over the internet? Or if there was no vision of it, but you learnt about it, would YOU have shown your well-known integrity and reported it to OIA?

Not a snowball’s chance on either count, but THAT would’ve been integrity.

Integrity my black and white cloaca.

Which leads us to another whoopsie from you, Mayor Mullet. The whole town, -even some of your supporters – had a good chortle over this.

Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at 5.54.00 pm

‘More open than ever’, eh? ‘More’? Just in simple English as she is understood, that is actually an admission that you haven’t been as open and transparent as you should have been all these years, m’dear. (gosh, who would’ve guessed?)The ‘Pie would’ve congratulated you on your integrity for the admission but for the fact that until you read this, you probably did realise what you’d said. The point is that what is openly available to the public and what isn’t is not your decision … local govt regs cover that.

Jenny, you are so up yourself you could whistle in stereo.

But Oh Dear Have you Misjudged Your Best Moment For Advancement?

jenny cackling Screen Shot 2024-02-04 at 5.04.23 pm

Let’s put aside your bogan lettuce-leaf whipping of ‘get off your arses southern media’ comment which took some rare  humorous skill from a clearly embarrassed Albanese to hose down.

But The ‘Pie has a simple question for you, Jenny, framed in the light of reliable information flowing into the Nest over the past year. Variously, the word is that despite Labor previously having scratched you at the starter’s gate for higher office, you hope to present your longevity as mayor as proof that you’ve rehabilitated yourself from deviation from the party line (as the comrade’s say). Enough  to be considered for the local House of Reps candidate, or failing that, second prize of a long-cherished spot on Labor’s Queensland senate ticket. It’s been sensibly suggested that that is the main reason you’re running for mayor again, for a sort of ‘see they really love up here’ message to Canberra.

So, in the name of your suddenly-cherished transparency, can you, will you, answer just yes or no: will you promise, indeed will you swear to  the voters of Townsville that if re-elected as mayor, you will serve out the whole term to reward the trust the electorate has put in you?

This may as well be regarded as a rhetorical question, because we know you won’t answer truthfully. How do we know this? Because Jenny you really are transparent – we can see right through you.

WA’s Court Calendar Cock-Up

As reported in last week’s Nest,   the case of the dreamtime serpent suffering sleep apnea came before a WA magistrate last Tuesday.

Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at 9.19.30 pm

This is the one where a landowner (rich white scum, of course) built a small flood-proof bridge across a little creek on his own property , only to learn from an ‘indigenous cultural assessor $120 per hour thanks bruvver) that his modest little crossing endangered the sleep of the great serpent Waugal.

Apparently, if old Wally Waugal got pissed off, then he pisses off, and the creek would dry up and the environment would commensurately suffer.  This is solid, irrefutable information which follows the indigenous science of 60,000 years. It seems the only course open to rectify such catastrophic behaviour is plead ignorance of these facts and pay a hefty fine. So off to court the matter trundled, and what a bonanza for the local tribal folk as well as a battery of lawyers. because it turned out that the local council was in the shit with the indigenous herpetologists experts, too. You can read the about their dastardly deeds here.

But this is the bit that most fascinatedThe Magpie:

A prosecution “statement of facts” describes the site as “having mythological value and is the Waugal’s home”.The Waugal is a mythical serpent,” the prosecution said.It is believed that any alteration to the Waugal’s home could scare it from the water, causing the water to dry up and cause harm to the surrounding environment and people.”

Now, just remember this: this utter guff is from the environmental people who savagely castigate those who even question climate change, but this same group expect us to believe in mythical creature never seen,  in waters never disturbed beyond normal scientific cycles.If the Waugal is mythical, surely it doesn’t exist –  in fact or in law – and therefore can hardly have a home, to leave,  aquatic of otherwise.  This whole thing tends to challenge the judicial and democratic idea that actual evidence must be presented for a case to be proved. The claim doesn’t even meet the normal standard of circumstantial evidence … unless courts will now accepting  anything that anyone believes about anything.

By these yardsticks, why isn’t ‘ the devil made me do it’ a legitimate criminal defence?

Oh, and that court calendar mistake? ..The magistrate adjourned the matter for a new hearing to April 19 … this is a matter that definitely should be heard on April the first … before midday.

Being Financially Hauled Over The Coles

If price gouging at Coles is driving you to drink, be careful where you buy your medicine. This will give you a whopper headache.

A Magpie mate who likes a restorative G&T of an afternoon (or morning or lunchtime) made a nasty discovery which have more to do with his wallet than his liver.

This is a bottle of Gordon’s Gin at Coles Liquorland and First Choice.

Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at 10.39.31 pm

… and this is the same 1litre bottle as priced at LiquorStax CBD, BWS Castletown and the Seaview Hotel (where pic was taken).

Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at 10.39.47 pm

And adding insult to apoplexy, when the 1 litre of Gordon’s goes on ‘special’ at Liquorland, it is apparently $66, still dearer than the standard tariff elsewhere.

Cute, real cute, which is close to the spelling of a word that describes you lot, you thieving bastards.

Trump: Silver (Plated)Tongue And Golden (Plated) Boots.

Seriously, the man had not a skerrick of shame.  Trump’s latest money raising stunt, to help finance his legal bills more than any campaign he hopes to conduct, is to start flogging footwear. But not any old footwear, not your everyman’s everyday sneaker.

Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at 10.07.24 pm

The shoes, shiny gold high tops with an American flag detail on the back, are being sold as “Never Surrender High-Tops” for $399 on a new website that also sells other Trump-branded shoes and “Victory47” cologne and perfume for $99 a bottle. He’d be the 47th president if elected again.

The website says it has no connection to Trump’s campaign, though Trump campaign officials promoted the appearance in online posts.

This has been exposed as Trump’s latest scheme to get around tightened campaign donation laws. Fake gold to get real money, typical. Somehow, The ‘Pie thinks it appropriate that this high-stakes grifter’s name should be associated with the word ‘sneaker’.

But the new product was welcomed by US cartoonists, it made a lighter change from their more grim fare of the week.Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 9.14.28 am Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 9.14.01 am Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 9.13.40 am Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 9.12.50 am Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 9.15.19 am Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 9.14.48 am Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 9.25.23 am Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 9.12.35 am Screen Shot 2024-02-21 at 9.32.58 am Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 9.44.22 am Screen Shot 2024-02-21 at 9.30.56 am Screen Shot 2024-02-21 at 9.31.34 am Screen Shot 2024-02-21 at 9.29.53 am Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at 9.53.01 am Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at 9.49.50 am Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 9.12.14 am Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at 9.51.20 am Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at 10.05.40 am

Look Who’s Talking … Or At Least Trying To

The Maga Gagas and the Orange Terrorist are making much f Biden’s occasional word gaffe, and long pause as he recalls a word or two.  This campaign has the implicit message that Trump has no such problems.  Oh really? Check this out.


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  1. Jeff, Condon says:

    Yes, TB definitely showed it’s bias to Team Hill in its Idiotorial towards Team Hill candidate, Moonstruck, when it sympathised with his being subjected to having abuse hurled at him while “just doing his job”. For a start, he wasn’t doing his job, he was conducting unsolicited canvassing for his own benefit. Secondly, having clearly understood the order to leave the “leaf blower wielding ratepayers” instruction to leave the property, he returned to resume the argument. To me, that looks like trespassing with intent.

    And for the second time in a couple of weeks, we’ve been told to stop criticising the incumbents, or put up a stack of readies and run for office. Spare me bloody days.

  2. Alfred E Neuman says:

    It seems that Trump has set himself up to be sued again. Below is an extract from a larger article about Louboutin.

    In September 2012, the court finally ruled that Louboutin retains the exclusive right to use the color red on the bottom of its shoes whenever the outer portion of the shoe is any color besides red, while Yves Saint Laurent can continue to sell its shoes with red soles as long as the whole shoe is red.

  3. Dave Nth says:

    Well I’m in a division that has a choice between Ryder & Jacob, well it’s a choice of a penis & balls or nunovem written down the ballot ticket.

    As for the mayoral spot maybe rude words.

    In all my 25years of being round these parts I have yet to see such candidacy so bereft of any talent I despair.

  4. Doug K says:

    Price gouging is everywhere, even at the chemist.
    For months, to rehydrate after a big night on red wine, I’ve been taking a Hydralyte fizzy tablet (with water) the morning after.
    At around $23 for a 60-pack it’s a cheap way of recovering, but Chemist Warehouse changed all that last week.
    When i went to replenish my supply, the price had shot up to $30 – an increase of more than 30%.
    I asked the chemist why the price had increased so much and she said it hadn’t, it had just gone from being on special to its “normal” price.
    I asked had it been on special for nearly a year and she didn’t answer.
    So don’t worry about petrol, transport and power costs driving up inflation – it’s the supermarkets, chemists and grog shops that are the real problem.

  5. Mike Douglas says:

    3 weeks out from Council election still waiting for the ” new fresh ideas ” that Mayor Hill quoted they would be working on at the voting card draw . Batty in Whitsunday if he has the numbers says he will advise the CEO to deliver a budget with zero rates increase same as Team Jackson in Mackay . Townsville Council budget this financial year is $892 mil . Surely there is room for a rates freeze and pay off some debt . Removing Mayor Hills advisers is .$5 mil for starters . Troy Thompson challenger mandate is 5 yr rates freeze + review Councils spend on a number of organizations including proposed event management changes .

    • Elusive Butterfly says:

      Mr. Douglas, down in Mackay team Jacko are a pretty robust outfit. A cohesive team with a lot of business experience behind them. A good example of the way things should be done. Their team, replicated in Townsville would be invaluable.

  6. Ben Rumson says:

    The dam is at 90%.

    The BOM has forecast (warned us of) rain every day next week.

    We have all the ingredients for another Mayor Made Flood.

    Remember 20019.

  7. Prince Rollmop says:

    Mooneys conniption showed his true arrogance and the calibre of person that serves with team Hill. To be perfectly honest, TCC Councillors are a sorry bunch of misfits and retards (except Fran). The calibre of dross on offer this election is embarrassing. What has Townsville done to deserve this??? Oh the humanity.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Agree Mopsy. The ‘choice’ is appalling. I wonder if there will be a sizeable increase in informal votes across most divisions and the Mayor position this time around, so that voters don’t get fined???

      • Russell says:

        An informal vote is a wasted vote. If you don’t want a repeat of the past you MUST vote for someone else. The result probably won’t change but at least you will have tried. Just sayin’.

        • The Magpie says:

          Fully agree, an informal vote in throwing away an opportunity to send a message. Mayor Mullet at this stage looks untroubled for a win, but voting for any of the other candidates (mayoral or councillors) could send her a message that she is winning by default and does not have a moral mandate to continue trashing the city’s reputation and performance. And even if you have doubts about some non-Hill candidates, vote for them anyway, so they can act as a handbrake in the council chamber.

          This is not a rallying cry necessarily against Hill candidates individually, but make no mistake, this election is solely about Jenny Hill and her record of lost opportunities, ignorance and spineless performance as a labor handpuppet in the cowardly disguise of an independent which fooled absolutely no one.

          • I’ll be plucked says:

            I agree Russell and Pie; I wasn’t advocating an informal vote, just wondering whether there would be an increase in the same, as folks lose hope in a change for the better??? Plucka.

  8. Tropical Cyclone says:

    So the hospital is unable to tell us the extent of the damage, the cost to the taxpayer? The poster Hospital staff thinks it was a weld. What if I said it may have been a lap flange that separated due to rusty mild steel bolts? Broken weld or corroded Mild steel bolts that should have been stainless steel and checked. which one sounds more plausible?

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Cyclone, I’d say you were either on the job, part of the design team, got rolled in the final decision of what to use, or all of the above???

      • Tropical Cyclone says:

        well, let me paint you a picture. You have an institution for example a hospital. You have many people paid much money in good conditions to do not a lot. You bring in people with expertise and knowledge from the real world, some leaders in thier fields. You can’t keep them longer than a few years and the relationship between management and these workers quickly deteriorates. You are left with people who have been there 30yrs doing not a lot and management who have only ever worked in a public health facility and only ever in Townsville. If you had a dept with 8 full time quality paid positions available and could only man 4 for years, would you think something was wrong. If the head of a dept is spending 16hrs a day 6 days a week on the job then he is not managing is he. Now the truth will set you free but the only place you will find it is in HR. The only time you will find it is when there is an actual catastrophy (that is coming). If you want to find it you need to talk with a Cassie. Good Luck

      • Tight space says:

        I would say that from my personal experience, Tropical Cyclone works for the hospital in projects or maintenance, or he is a subcontractor that is well versed in the infrastructure design.

    • Hospital staff says:

      After your very first comment last week we had a feeling you were someone who knew more so we decided to put out a complete lie about the situation that happened. And as we expected you took the bait. We know your disgruntled and yes the head of the department is a duckhead, but your throwing us all under the bus. In this case you’re just plain wrong and it was just an accident. But please be stupid enough to give more detailed information about the incident so we can narrow it down to just 3 people who made your comment and we don’t sack the wrong person.

      • The Magpie says:

        A reasonable comment until the end. Why would anyone get the sack for making an anonymous speculative comment here?

        • Hospital staff says:

          Yes I agree with you on that point, however making specific points in the statement has given away there position as only very few people know the information. The department heads don’t like a snitch taking a swipe at them for something that could have happened anytime ( as previously stated in my original post). And I did also say that I would love to have used this issue myself in condemning them but I can’t so I don’t believe I’m having an each way bet rather trying to make the point of there vendetta against QLD health. Unfortunately this will cost ???? a lot of dollars, but I’d be making a bigger issue out of the electrical system if that went down as a point of concern.

          • The Magpie says:

            But surely unlike a commercial reticulation system, the power supply is backed up by generators that cut in instantly there is an outage.
            Isn’t it?

          • Tropical Cyclone says:

            (Edited by The Magpie. TC, you will see that references to others by name have been deleted, and for two reasons. Although you appear to have inside knowledge about this matter, your allegations are far from proven simply by stating them here, and while you name others in the management structure who are not generally known to the public, you yourself wish to remain anonymous. If you want to be a whistleblower and can prove a legitimate beef, you need to go trough the right channels. And/or privately provide proof of your identity yo The Magpie, and then continue your ‘expose’ under your own name.)

            How exactly have I thrown all under the bus? The problem is all management. Specifically the facility engineer., the director and the keys. Total authoritarian control, should lead to total responsibility., Produce photos of the pipe and I can’t wait for the cost of the damage. HR will have the truth of management incompetence. Snitching, is it the duty of all public servants to protect the public, and see that the public interests are protected? Look at your payslip and remember you work for the public. It is you that should be found and sacked. Reading your statements on sacking. I think the HR need to have a word with you about your ethical responsibilities. To even suggest a witch hunt hmmm.

  9. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Your headline Mr. Pie?
    Is it “Moony Goes Looney” or “Mooney Goes Loony?”
    Whichever…the guy is a goony!

  10. Pat Coleman says:

    Here is a link that will take all council candidates to the Acts Interpretation Act, Qld Constitution and Parliamentary Acts, Criminal Code , Summary Offences Act , Police Powers and Responsibilities Act, Police Service Administration Act and regulations and the Local Government Act https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/browse/inforce . Pls tell me where it says local government administers state crime laws like yankee counties? You Cant ! So fuck off with your bullshit and pull yer fucken heads in !

    Im in Div 9 and will never vote for anyone I see failing in their duty to report misconduct or for anyone I deem to be a dumbshit right winger.

    Here in Railway Estate , we have it seems , a big arsed development already approved on the corner of Brooks St and Railway Ave on the bank of the river beside Rooneys bridge https://www.homely.com.au/homes/121-railway-avenue-railway-estate-qld-4810/9390702

    We have already seen that that bridge has been hammered by previous cyclones and the dam release. The area is in the flood zone. Its foreseeable that bridge could either be so damaged it has to be replaced or they will want to duplicate it like the Bowen Rd one. Where are you going to put it if that development goes ahead? Or will you resume Railway Avenue west of the Railway Line? There go the land prices !

    When we get heavy rain the sinks, drains and toilets back up and spurt in this area and there is usually a sewerage smell along Queens Rd here especially this weekend https://www.google.com/maps/@-19.2781809,146.8135744,45m/data=!3m1!1e3?entry=ttu

    With the hundreds of millions already spent on pipe upgrades, whats going to happen if it goes ahead considering the continuing problems? Also, the wallabies over that side are trapped and must be inbreeding whats going to happen there too?

  11. Doug K says:

    KK, you seem to ignore the fact that a product at a discount chemist has risen in price more then 30%. Obviously that is fair enough to you.
    Any chance of commenting on why you think that level of price gouging is ok, instead of how much red wine I drink – good or goon?
    Although it’s none of your business, to satisfy your strange curiosity I’ll tell you:
    as much as I like on any given night.

  12. Easypeezy says:

    Liam should have walked away the moment old mate handed back his flyer.

    Interesting statement on independence by division 2 candidate Brodie Phillips on his Facebook. Rumour has it Change were hassling him for a preference deal as well.

    • The Magpie says:

      And what was the statement, or do you just wish us to rush t your Facebook page, Brodie?

      • Easypeezy says:

        No Brodie here Sir Pie, just one who cannot fathom a vote for Team Hill or an ex Team Hill Councillor headed group. The statement was around independence and no alignment, no preferences and doing it on his own accord having already supported the community. Should be an approach more candidates should have who nominate in future elections.

        • The Magpie says:

          The ‘Pie’s reply was his humorous annoyance at you saying something was interesting but not providing a link. Sometimes this job is like herding cats.

  13. TerryWho says:

    I do wish people would stop using the word indigenous and the number 60,000 years, in the same sentence. Because Australian Geographic has clearly stated that the indigenous tribes have only been here for 45,000 years.

    Enjoy T

    • The Magpie says:

      Agreed. There’s been a game of ‘think of a number’ in commentary across all media, and The ‘Pie has been lax in this area, too. When we’re talking such figures on this subject, an extra 15000 isn’t going to impress anybody.

    • Whitey says:

      Terry should go back to school. In Australian Geographic from September 2011 the following is written – Studying his DNA, the researchers found that the ancestors of Australian Aboriginals had split from the first modern human populations to leave Africa, 64,000 to 75,000 years ago. Dr Joe Dortch, a scientist at UWA, says the discovery turns on its head the existing theory that Aboriginals arrived here less than 50,000 years ago. The findings are detailed today in the journal Science.
      Even that was years ago. If you look at some newer sources there is consistent agreement on 65,000 year indigenous presence in Australia eg Wikipedia with numerous references, National Geographic, National Museum of Australia, Brittanica all use that number.

      • Jeff, Condon says:

        Whitey, at that rate, they would have had to gallop down here from Africa.

        This wasn’t a targeted destInation, they wandered into it.

        Thus far, the only physical evidence found so far, that I can see, and I’m prepared to be proven wrong, is solid evidence, of proof of existence of about 45000 years.

        That still isn’t a figure to be treated with contempt.

        • Whitey says:

          Jeff, Condon, not sure why you might accept some published academic evidence and not other, or how you decide what evidence is real evidence. Here’s an article from Nature 2017. It’s a pretty reputable source but you might be especially choosey. The title is Human occupation of northern Australia by 65000 years ago.

    • Cheerful Charlie Chester says:

      I attended a meeting last week where a First Nations person objected to the term ‘first nations’ and sternly said that the words Aboriginal and Torres straight islander should be used. You can’t fucking win with these people, nothing is ever right or good enough. FFS

    • ABS says:

      First of all, why is Australian Geographic your source of truth? They’re just a magazine.

      Second, Australian Geographic was saying 65,000 in October last year https://www.australiangeographic.com.au/topics/history-culture/2023/10/stories-told-by-aboriginal-tasmanians-could-be-oldest-recorded-in-the-world/

      • The Magpie says:

        Did the reach that figure following the science ad considerable background research and complicated techniques, in this field, or did they just ask the Rainbow Serpent? (And as that serpent been gay for all those years?)

      • The Magpie says:

        Bottom line – does it matter and is it really relevant? The ‘Pie sticks to his original analysis, that the aborigines haven’t lived here 60,000 years, they’ve just lived the same year 60,000 times.

        • Whitey says:

          It might be relevant. Some people didn’t believe anyone was here when Captain Cook ‘discovered’ the place in 1770. Some believe it was still terra nullius when Phillip came in 1788. A few tried pretty hard to eliminate the remnants in the 1800s and early 1900s and would be disappointed that despite their efforts there are still more than 800,000 self-identifying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders today. Like most of us, their past, their ancestry, would be relevant to them. Why would we want to deny it?

        • Dorfus says:

          Anything more than 40,000 years ago is now questionable. Here is an article from The Conversation published September 22, 2016. The authors state:
          ‘Our results show very clearly that Aboriginal Australian people living today are the descendants of the First People to enter Australia, who lived between 25,000 to 40,000 years ago.’ The more adventurous readers may wish to explore the paper they published in the journal Nature: ‘A genomic history of Aboriginal Australia’ Nature 538, 207–214 (2016). The abstract is available at no charge. (There is another recent source, which I can’t track down at present, that indicates arrival in Australia at about 37 kya.)

          I still have not reconciled the date for Mungo Man at about 40+ kya with these latest datings. Were there humans in Australia before the arrival of Aboriginals?

          Whilst the abstract states ‘We estimate that Aboriginal Australians and Papuans diverged from Eurasians 51–72 kya, following a single out-of-Africa dispersal, and
          subsequently admixed with archaic populations.’ Readers need to note that the divergence occurred to the north of New Guinea where there was significant breeding with the hominin species currently named Denisova.


          • The Magpie says:

            Given the general subjects and issues involving indigenous folk, this tread seems to be navel gazing on steroids .. it is totally irrelevant to today, and any claims made using it as some sort of justifying yardstick are just silly.

    • Alahazbin says:

      TerryWho, For the last 20 years indigenous habitation of Australia is the ratio 10 years : 10,000 years.

  14. Not running for Mayor says:

    I am at a loss to understand how Herr Mayor can think that taking another minion out to Wulguru to look at the shitstorm surrounding that blighted suburb can be a political positive. Newsflash lady, your council created the fuckup and no amount of looking at it and saying Something Must Be Done before pissing off back to your palace is going to make a difference. Poor old Ben Fusco is already in the shit along with Lying Mooney.

    • The Magpie says:

      Wonder no more NRFM, the answer is simple enough, but you’ll never see it in the Bulletin – this zombie issue has arisen again wholly and solely because of the Walker Street walking dead.

      OK, let The Magpie expand on this disgraceful council cock-up, solely caused by Jenny Hill The Prince have landed the TCC in such financial straits that el cheapo corner cutting is the new normal in Walker Street. The TCC took a leisurely pace in addressing a serious health and infrastructure issue, taking literally years to fix a matter which in any other council area would have been an urgent, all hands on deck issue competently addressed in weeks. But after smoke testing, head-scratching, ground gazing and much crotch adjusting, the boffins reached the bleedin’ obvious conclusion that a new pump station was the answer. And it was built. But come the first real rain in the area, the backyard shit reappeared. Jenny’s panicked answer: to pop out and have a chat with residents over a cuppa – her incompetence is matched only by her chutzpah.

      So why did this happen? A trusted Magpie contact reports that to save money, the council sacked the private contractor initially slotted for the pump station built, and did it on the cheap with their own engineers, who installed underpowered machinery with inadequate grunt to handle the situation. Presumably the in-house staff had to work to the budget handed them by a now penny-pinching mayor’s office.

      But the response from the mayor and her council candidate Ben Fusco is a classic, making a virtue of visiting and listening to the stories about the disaster their incompetent inaction caused, and -FFS – following up with her council officers immediately. What else would sh be expected to do, FFS..

      It would be stretching a conspiracy too far to suggest the ‘benign neglect; of the backyard shit issue was prompted because it was in Councillor Fran O’Callaghan’s Division 10, and has now rebounded on to Mayor Mullet because of Fran’s unfortunate withdrawal from politics.

      But The Magpie will tell you with certainty what isn’t a conspiracy: although the mayor and her bum boy graced the residents with their presence on Friday – in plenty of time for a shit-flecked splash in the high circulation Saturday Weekend edition – you read this front-page-worthy failure in the Townsville Bulletin on Monday, traditionally one of the lowest circulation issues of the week.

      • Prince Rollmop says:

        Nice (well actually, not really) to see Jenny trotting out one of her many figure hugging purple/lilac/mauve outfits for the photo shoot. She should have worn a brown dress to match the occasion.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Pie, The typical politician’s response is tell the people what they want to hear and do nothing.

      • Easypeezy says:

        The Wulguru community think Ben is their saviour, forgetting Team Hill has had a lot of years to be able to fix this mess

        • The Magpie says:

          They’ll learn … the mayor will have his balls in a bottle on her desk if he joins council.

          • Prince Rollmop says:

            Magpie, she has a collection of bottled balls on her desk. Just ask reporter Light-on Smith, his are there. The bottles are even labelled!

  15. Prickster says:

    Well that didn’t take long. Queensland Government via Powerlink gets hold of Copper String and suddenly it might not go to Townsville this for sure kills off Lansdown…..


    Once again, we are screwed over a Brisbane based Government owned corporations- Ergon gutted – jobs now in Brisbane, QR gutted – jobs now in Brisbane, add in the job losses from Govt Departments gutted – jobs now in Brisbane.

    • RAPAD says:

      The RAPAD Power Grid does not replace Copperstring 2032 but an addition to it, bringing the east coast grid into central west Queensland. Copperstring still goes to Lansdown.

    • Bullshit says:

      What’s wrong with it connecting to Townsville and Gladstone?

      • Prickster says:

        I’d suggest taking another look at the situation as difficult to identify consistent gaslighting actions taken by those in power in the South given the insidious nature. The impacts are clear, as more and more is promised for Townsville, the less and less we have…….

        • Electric boogy says:

          The majority of Gladstones electricity supply comes from the NRG power station in Gladstone. Most of that electricity is used by QAL and BSL in Gladstone. Only a small percentage goes into the general network. Callide power station out near Biloela feeds the south east up to Cairns, but it has had limited output due to the boiler explosion and compounded issues which occurred 2 years ago. We need to be thinking of a 50 year plan and considering nuclear.

    • When the wind blows says:

      Its why you need a new state separate from Brisbane

      State of North Queensland

      • Doofus says:

        Only if Jenny can be our first Premier. She would be great in that job.

      • Kero says:

        Windy last week you claimed gas-fired power stations run on kerosene.

        • Prickster says:

          The one near the copper refinery runs on diesel

          Mt Stuart Power Station, QLD
          Generation capacity: 423 MW
          Operational since 1999, Mt Stuart is North Queensland’s largest power station, designed to generate electricity at peak times. Mt Stuart uses an open-cycle gas turbine system in which the three turbines are fuelled by Extra Low Sulphur Diesel. The power generated goes into the NEM which covers Australia’s eastern and southern states.

        • When the wind blows says:

          The Mount Stuart Power Station is a power station located in Stuart, Townsville, Australia. The station runs on kerosene with three GAS turbines that generate a combined capacity of 414 MW of electricity.[1] Mount Stuart was commissioned in December 1998, and operates as a peaking plant. It currently runs on KEROSENE but can be converted to natural gas.

          • When the wind blows says:

            Advances in electronics allows unattended operation and electronic power switching technology eliminates the need for the generator to be synchronised with the power grid, allowing it to be integrated with the turbine shaft and to double as the starter motor. Gas turbines accept most commercial fuels, such as petrol, natural gas, propane, diesel fuel, and KEROSENE as well as renewable fuels such as E85, biodiesel and biogas. Starting on kerosene or diesel can require a more volatile product such as propane gas. Microturbines can use micro-combustion.

          • When the wind blows says:

            Unless things have changed, the gas turbine powerstation near the copper refinery still runs on kerosene. The big tanks hold kerosene and there’s some that hold water.

            Water is sprayed into the flame to cool the combustion temperature. Nitrogen and oxygen will combine at high temperatures/ pressure to create NO2 nitrogen dioxide.

            NO2 in everyday terms is a air pollutant linked to asthma / lung irritant. Power stations such as gas turbine can control the amount of NO2 being produced. A coal powerstation pumps out all kinds of nasty crap NO2 included, the NO2 produced in the burning process in a coal powerstation will most likely never be removed from the exhaust.

            Now what’s interesting about the exhaust of a coal powerstation is that the waste heat of the exhaust can be reclaimed but you’ll need to keep that exhaust gas above a certain temp or moisture will form on the inside of the chimney , which leads to degradation of the concrete chimney. Remember , burning an fossil fuel with oxygen always creates HEAT , WATER and CO2 ( and NO2 and SO2 gas, there could be sulphur in the coal) . NO2, SO2 and CO2 will dissolve into any moisture to create nitric, sulphuric and carbonic acids respectively. The acid eats away at concrete.

          • Prickster says:

            So let’s put things into perspective here;
            – Queensland Total energy generation capacity is approx 8 gigawatts ( 69588GwH – To convert this into gigawatts (GW), you would divide the GWh value by the number of hours in a year (8,760 hours)) – https://www.energy.gov.au/publications/australian-energy-statistics-table-o-electricity-generation-fuel-type-2021-22-and-2022

            – China approved 114 gigawatts of New coal power capacity in 2023 – https://www.reuters.com/sustainability/climate-energy/china-2023-coal-power-approvals-rose-putting-climate-targets-risk-2024-02-22/

            – Germany is building 10 gigawatts in new natural gas generation capacity – https://oilprice.com/Energy/Natural-Gas/Why-Europes-Energy-Transition-Leader-Doubles-Down-On-Natural-Gas.html
            * for comparison Queensland Curtis LNG Project at Gladstone comprises of three sites with six production trains has combined capacity of 380,000 cubic metres LNG / 4GwH

            The one thing we cannot ignore how we are linked to global markets, where other countries will steal our jobs if our costs including energy are too high.

          • Dead Horse says:

            Lucky we have lots of cheap renewable energy and are building the copper string to harness it.

  16. Tropical Cyclone says:

    Fair points but as hospital staff said if I use my own name i will be hunted, harassed, bullied and sacked. That’s a bit concerning. Also concerning that 3 people will now be subjected to this form of harassment and suspicion when clearly it is only 1. Hospital staff’s comment tells you more about the oppressive culture than anything I say mine ever could, don’t you agree?

    • The Magpie says:

      Fixing the problem – in the immediate and the on-going – seems to have been overshadowed by office politics, bad blood and general shafting of on another. Sure that side of things needs to be fixed, but first, how about an audit of infrastructure and any necessary action resulting from same before the infighting and bloodletting.

      • Tropical Cyclone says:

        Too True but the the problem as Jack Sparrow would say “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?” substitute your for the facility manager’s attitude and you would be all over it. You can’t fix a problem when it is him that is the problem. This of course can only be fixed by the director and that in itself is a problem so it’s up to keys and he’s not up to it and all you left with is the minister. See the problem. I promise you there will be more and more frequent disasters mind you the hunt by Hospital staff should solve it all.

    • Inspector Clouseau says:

      Cyclone, with respect regarding the hospital issue you have raised.

      What do you hope will be achieved by conducting a ‘cloke and dagger’ commentary on this blog? Surely there are alternatives in place which may lead to a solution, as opposed to the back and forth on here?

      • Tropical Cyclone says:

        Interesting response on here. I am conducting ‘cloak and dagger’ commentary” when I am exposing the truth, something nearly everyone on here condemns the Bulletin and council for not doing.Hmmmmmmm? “Hospital staff” admits that the department is going to nail 3 people to the cross, they are to be harassed, accused, intimidated and bullied and if they find out which 1 is me, sacked. At least 2 of them have done nothing wrong. You dont for 1 second question a culture that makes that acceptable.Hmmmmmmm? I wonder sometimes about the character of my fellow humans. Anyway not to worry about that, my intentions you ask. To expose those who need exposure to shake the bush and see what comes out of it. Eventually, HR will need to act upon this as will the minister, especially as the rats run out of the bush. If i must hide in the shadows, it helps if i thin out the predators that want to hide in there with me.

        • The Magpie says:

          Think the point IC was making is this is not a forum which will result in any action. While The Magpie would love to be a big swinging dick in the blogging world, he is not, and while your crusade is welcome here, the point being made is that you have to go higher.

          • Tropical Cyclone says:

            There is no one to go higher to. Trust me. If you could only see the files in HR about the hospitals and the endless survey results or look at the attrition levels you would see the toxicity and the number of people who have tried to go higher. The only hope is to name and shame until something happens that can no longer be ignored and someone must take action. It will happen only a matter of time. Trust me they are all talking about these comments, I have to hold in a smirk and laugh. A lot of people pointing fingers and Chinese whispered. Like being on the survivor show splitting into tribes. hahahaha

        • Alahazbin says:

          Tropical Cyclone, You must realise that HR is not your friend and that applies in any large organisation.

          • Tropical Cyclone says:

            This is true, however, in the public health system, they are there to protect the public interest. Do you think protecting incompetent management is in the public interest?

          • The Magpie says:

            The point being made, t seems, is the question: if your anonymous and just talking here, are you doing anything to protect the public interest?

    • When the wind blows says:

      Its why nuclear powerstations should never be used in Australia, cover ups and incompetency are fine as long as long as the damage is contained with the grounds of the power station.

      IF any kind of nuclear powerstation is ever used in Australia it would need to be intrinsically safe ie if the stupid operators running the place because of the mates network stuff up , the reaction cycle will naturally reduce in activity. Thorium is the safer type of nuclear reactor I believe. I’ve seen hundreds of millions of infrastructure run into the ground because of stupid people. Just stick renewables and fossil fuels it stops stupid people doing serious damage.

      • The Magpie says:

        That should get a medal for the most inane post of the year.

        • When the wind blows says:

          You’ve never worked on infrastructure in Australia so I guess you have no direct knowledge or experience.

          • The Magpie says:

            Correct but The ‘Pie has tons of experience in social theory fuckwittery … your otherwise informed and informative comments of empirical knowledge suddenly strayed into arguments which can be summed up as ‘no progress because stupid people will fuck it up’ and ‘just keep burning fossil fuels at an increasing rate’.

            And your inference that only people who have worked with infrastructure in Australia and have direct knowledge or experience are qualified to comment on your extreme politico/social conclusions is also just fucking dumb arrogance.

            Best guess from experience is that you’re an engineer, a professional group that many equate with psychiatrists, psychologists, and Sky After Dark TV hosts in terms of emotional stability and social awareness.

          • Prickster says:

            60 reactors are under construction across the world. A further 110 are planned.


          • Bob Roberts says:

            Sadly, Prickster, you’re missing the broader context. Per the IEA’s forecasts, even in the best case scenario for nuclear, it’s just going to tread water relative to global growth in generation.

            Percent TWh renewables electricity
            2022 20%
            2030 59%
            2050 80%

            Percent TWh nuclear electricity
            2022 9%
            2030 10%
            2050 9%

          • Watts up says:

            I have, and you are clearly a dickhead Windy. With the correct level of investment for maintenance any power station will run reliably. Let’s see how the wind turbines go when their maintenance intervals are stretched for years.

    • Hospital staff says:

      I didn’t say use your own name the magpie did. And your now getting worried arnt you? Your throwing HR and everything else you can think of to put yourself in the clear. Do yourself a favour and shut up, you have made your point about AN ACCIDENT!! It’s not a cover up. Unfortunately the magpie hasn’t put the people’s names up which you apparently told him in your last comment above. I’m betting mines in there? Now you might have a better idea who I am yes? You’ve had your say now move on the problem is being fixed and unlike most QLD labor government issues this one isn’t being hidden. Please go to the ombudsman and state your claim. This is a local blog not a court of arbitration. With all due respect to the magpie I’m sure he can now do without any more of your silly nonsense. We have our man now magpie.

      • The Magpie says:

        OK, so you have your man now, you say? So what happens next?

      • Tropical Cyclone says:

        wow touchy touchy. little bit triggered. there. please see my last post when it is moderated. hahahaha

      • Tropical Cyclone says:

        Come to think of it, im not sure I mentioned your name. Tell me who you are and ill tell you if i did.hahaha

        • I’ll be plucked says:

          Time to back off Cyclone. As others have said, NOTHING can be achieved in terms of a resolution, or moving forward by further ‘to and fro’ via this blog!

          You’ve had your say, on multiple occasions on this forum………

          • Tropical Cyclone says:

            I think Hospital staff deserves a bit more. Dont you? The best thing to do is get some beer and popcorn and enjoy the show. If Hospital Staff returns that is, apparently they have their man. Doesn’t that concern you that they are willing to crucify 3 people when at least 2 are innocent? JMO

          • The Magpie says:

            If they are it will be your doing, because of the way you’ve gone about your (possibly justified) crusade.

  17. Critical says:

    OMG it’s a wonder there’s not a total sewerage pipe blockage outside 103 Walker Street caused by the promotional bullshit on the Team Hill.website.


    • Open Townsville says:

      Critical there is no blockage because ‘Open Townsville’. You can see right through it.
      “Townsville residents deserve a council they can trust, which is why Team Jenny Hill is proposing strengthening its transparency and accountability through the Open Townsville policy. Transparency is critical for the community to be confident Council is delivering value for money for ratepayers, is acting with integrity and is responsive to the community.”

      • Alahazbin says:

        OT, Are you being facetious or is that you Lightweight?

      • White Mouse says:

        Hopefully a majority will see through Jenny’s promises of transparency and not vote for her. I noticed in one of the publicity photos the poor kid looks so embarrassed to be Mayor Mullet he isn’t game to show his face.

  18. Mike Douglas says:

    Poonami , get off your arse and fix it Jenny . Team Hill Councillors Margie Ryder social media post calling out for help for the election . Going thru her black book ? apologising she hasn’t engaged with them since last election . Team Hill really running on ” cost of living ” mandate after voting themselves 60 % expense increase .

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Mike, the phrase ‘cost of living’ has become the new buzz word. Councils, like TCC, are using the phrase for the purpose of creating an emotive response from their constituents and to make it appear that Councillors are doing all they can to alleviate cost of living pain. It’s a smoke n mirrors act. In many ways, Councils are putting further pressure on their constituents by unreasonably raising rates, fees, and services at a time when utility costs, interest rates, food, fuel, insurance etc continues to soar. Hill and her ‘team’ are no exception to this.


      • Dead Horse says:

        Try “Give Hill the Nix in 36” if you’re still workshopping ineffectual slogans.

        • Prince Rollmop says:

          Thanks Deceased Horse, I might just do that. But for the record, you do know that I am just taking the piss out of a bad situation, don’t you? If I were an active campaigner I wouldn’t choose such a cheesy slogan. I’m having a little fun and I’ve heard that it does piss off TCC somewhat, so that’s an accomplishment in itself. Then again, this entire website pisses off TCC so full credit to Mal for printing something weekly that more often than not, exposes the truth. And exposing the truth is something the pussy whipped Light-on Smith and his pathetic newspaper would never do.

        • Not running for Mayor says:

          Maybe it’s time to recycle “Ditch the Witch”?

          • The Magpie says:

            And maybe not … in any race at any level. That goes for references to chaff bags as well.

  19. Russell says:

    One assumes you are unfamiliar with the professional association Engineers Australia, Pie. Becoming more environmentally conscious by the day. After all, the only group which has the skills to actually carry out your move towards a non-coal utopia is . . . ?

  20. Barfly says:

    The PUPPET MAN is hiding some damming information about the TCC.

    • Mike Choad’blower says:

      Oh Pratt do tell Barfly. Who is the PUPPET MAN and what information is he hiding about TCC? You can tell us, we won’t tell anybody else.

  21. When the wind blows says:

    “your otherwise informed and informative comments of empirical knowledge suddenly strayed into arguments which can be summed up as ‘no progress because stupid people will fuck it up’ and ‘just keep burning fossil fuels at an increasing rate’.”

    “Many engineers are busy down south trying to work out what the fuck happened to Snowy 2.0 that was designed by some of global them, driven by others of them into terrain that had been tested by yet other engineers. The price has at least quadrupled. Of course Malcolm Turnbull done it.”

    Which is why I’m saying nuclear isn’t viable for Australia because we don’t have the knowledge, wisdom or experience to build or maintain existing infrastructure, let alone nuclear powerstations. It’s a bleak assessment.

    • The Magpie says:

      But you do?

        • When the wind blows says:

          To my knowledge SMRs still haven’t worked out. Rolls Royce was trying to build one but have given up. SMRs in the western sphere are still very much experimental despite money being poured into the projects. By rights you’ve got mini nuclear reactors as used by submarines but their output is limited AND these things are maintained by a crew and built by people that know what they are doing. I’ve read that american sub captains must hold an engineering degree and intimately understand the power system ( unless things have changed due to DEI requirements)

          • Watts up says:

            Here we go again. Windy the nuclear powered USS Gerald Ford produces roughly 700 Mw. As a general rule 1Mw is needed to power 1,000 homes in Australia. So the output of one single plant which would fit into the footprint of a suburban home itself would power all the homes in the Burdekin or Hinchinbrook.

          • Bob Roberts says:

            That’s 700 Mw THERMAL, so maybe a third of that in electrical. And you’d still need the expertise to run and maintain the thing, which Australia doesn’t have, as Windy said. So you’d take years training people up to run a US$2 billion reactor to provide Home Hill with extremely expensive power.

          • The Magpie says:

            So we couldn’t acquire the expertise? We couldn’t have universities that could teach the expertise? We couldn’t entice the ‘experts’ to join us here in a country that is one of the most desired destinations for migrants, legal and illegal? This field of expertise is so esoteric it is forever unavailable to yokels of Oz?

            What bullshit line of foaming lunacy are you trying to peddle, comrade, and more importantly, why? Wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain political party’s policy would it?

          • Bob Roberts says:

            I never said we couldn’t acquire the workforce, I said it would take years. Observe the AUKUS situation.

          • The Magpie says:

            That’s just as silly. The discussion is talking about technology that will take years, at least a decade if that, probably two, to become a reality in this neck of the woods, time which will include the political masturbation that goes with anything progressive in this country. But if it’s on the drawing board, then the skills needed will be both found ready-made through recruitment or taught well before the new power source is a reality. A power source BTW which will become progressively more inexpensive as it is refined and fine tuned. And AUKUS is a whole different set of parameters and complexities because of its use and setting.

          • Watts up says:

            We again learn the dangers of trying to argue using science and facts against political acolytes who believe and pedal only their own dogma.

          • Bob Roberts says:

            Watts: your facts were wrong on an elementary level.

            Magpie: your assumption about prices coming down is unsupported by history https://i.insider.com/5af0a65e19ee8624008b498d?width=700&format=jpeg&auto=webp

          • Protect and Survive says:

            It is estimated that the THERMAL power output of each A1B will be around 700 MWth, some 25% more than provided by the A4W.[4] Improved efficiency in the total plant is expected to provide improved output to both propulsion and electrical systems. Using A4W data[5] with a 25% increase in thermal power, the A1B reactors likely produce enough steam to generate 125 megawatts (168,000 hp) of ELECTRICITY , plus 350,000 shaft horsepower (260 MW) from just one reactor to power the four propeller shafts.[6]

            The 700MW thermal output may not translate directly into electricity, it cites 125 MW of electrical and 260MW to turn propellers.

        • Protect and Survive says:

          The thorium reactors are somewhat safer and the radioactive isotopes created have much smaller amounts of an isotope that could be used for nuclear weapons. Thorium is abundant compared to the fissile uranium needed in the reactors. From what I’ve read the thorium is much less sustaining, it doesn’t produce neutrons that may go on to split more atoms ( neutrons need a certain energy level to go on to split more neutrons.

          Thorium is still an experimental type of reactor, the design is such that someone not doing something they should be doing won’t doom a whole area with radioactive isotopes.

          Maybe instead of getting the subs we just get some aircraft carrier reactors – by rights there should be enough american servicemen walking around with knowledge to how these things work ?

  22. Tropical Cyclone says:

    Thanks, magpie, i don’t fully understand by my doing, you do not see the lack of morality that will hunt down and persecute at least 2 innocent people. Does it not appear to you that Hospital Staff has threatened all three of the people they suspect? Now im not easily intimidated but others are and easily frightened by people in positions of authority. I find it interesting that so many on here have so much to say about the likes of Jenny Hill, and the bulletin’s editor and their perceived sins, but now see that Hospital staff has threatened the well-being of 3 people and is if not defended at least ignored. I would say that 90% of the articles and comments on here are grinding an axe. I believe I have beat a Bush with a stick and hospital staff jumped out. Hospital staff is the form of management the hospital has and possibly the one it deserves. whilst I am sure no one here needs a lecture on morals from me, it has been a valuable if perplexing insight into the workings of the people who commented. Thanks for the lesson.

    • The Magpie says:

      There is a massive difference between your crusade, and comments made here about the mayor, the councillors, TCC management and staff – the bulk of such comments which are made on empirical evidence – and the self-evident biased shortcomings, laziness and and journalistic incompetence of the Bulletin, which are on display almost daily.

      From you, we only have allegations and name calling completely unsupported by any evidence you’re willing to share (The ‘Pie doubts there is any). Turning an infrastructure incident at the TUH into a wild and clearly bitter spray against (presumably) colleagues for the continual polishing of your halo puts The ‘Pie in mind of his Nana’s saying that self-praise is no recommendation.

      There may be valid reasons for your point of view, but they are potentially so damaging and presented without any real evidence, it’s time to put up or shut up.

      And Hospital, you’re no better, threatening retribution based on guesswork is a different sin but of the same magnitude.

  23. Pat Coleman says:

    Im going to repeat this next week. I find it incredible that there are no disclosed donations for the Jenny Hill Gang or most everyone else on the ECQ site https://disclosures.ecq.qld.gov.au/Map

    That means either
    (1) There has been no disclosure;
    (2) There is money in The Hill Gangs account from previous elections;
    (3) Its labor funded and refer to (1)
    (4) The ECQ and the disclosure laws are a laughing stock to these people because the ECQ will refuse to prosecute anything.

    I favour all of the above because in his first meeting after the last election Laim Mooney (Div 9 son of Tony Mooney) declared an interest because of the donations to the Jenny Hill Gang from previous elections. He didn’t have to do that apparently, however s127 of The Local government electoral act (LGEA) said and still says that if you weren’t running as the completely same gang you must not keep the left over money https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/html/inforce/current/act-2011-027#sec.127 Again , there are different people in the gang this time around. There should be no money in the account and I have seen flyers in my letter box. These cost money. See the meaning of gift in s201 od The Qld Electoral Act https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/html/inforce/current/act-1992-028#sec.201 and part 6 of the Local Government Electoral Act https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/html/inforce/current/act-2011-027#pt.6

    Remember, anyone can do a private prosecution to disqualify a councilor after the election in the supreme court under s153 of The LGEA if they have committed an offence and they have been shown to have done this previously for non disclosure . I think you need attack dog lawfare to embarrass the cops and ECQ who refuse to investigate and prosecute https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/html/inforce/current/act-2009-017#ch.6-pt.2-div.1

    • The Magpie says:

      Reasonable and well researched, but WTF have the police got to do with ECQ matters?

      • Pat Coleman says:

        Cops can use the code provisions to go over the ECQs head. They can also charge the ECQ for willful negligence of an ECQ officer , 92A misconduct , brech of statute law and failure to perform a duty. It’s a legal requirement that addresses and contact details of donors be displayed on the ECQs site in the act. After Sorley did his report into ECQs failures that was picked up by the CCC in Belcarra, he joined Terracom like Mooney and Lindsay and Wallace. Thousands were donated from Blair Athol coal to Burdekin Alp. 2k was also donated to Pitt from Lancini. Previously there was a donation from Mochonaghy properties traced back to Castletown by the PO box using google. After that was disclosed the contact details have been removed despite the act so you can’t compare details that link others. This is an offence. They gonna prosecute themselves.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Nice post, Postman Pat, I agree with where you are going. But in a fast becoming cashless society, some people obviously still use it, be it on top or under the table.

    • White Mouse says:

      There might not be any donations on the EQC website yet, but someone is spending a motza on Ben Fusco’s campaign. Multitude of signs decorating Idalia/Stuart/Wulguru, likely illegally parked trailer on Stuart Drive (not allowed to have advertising so close to state controlled roads) yet another story mentioning him in the paper today, and all over social media.

      • Easypeezy says:

        They are gunning hard for seat 10. Maybe they are worried Brady Ellis, who says he is a very casual LNP member, has got some backing and going to rip them to shreds. Seems most of each team members 10k is going to Ben. Also he is the only one of her new faces to step out from behind her and talk to the camera. The other two ladies are clearly puppets.

  24. Kenny Kennett says:

    The chief of ASIO came out with some interesting information over the last 24 hours. The guessing game has begun. Who was the Federal Politician who tried to sell his soul, his country, and the Prime Minister’s family to the enemy? Let’s start with the locals; could it have been Peter Lindsay, Ted Lindsay, Cathy O’Toole, Ewen Jones, Fat George Christiansen, Bob Katter, Ian McDonald and that’s just our tiny electorate…if ASIO did the right thing and at least told us the Prime Minister at the time, we could narrow it down. But then, was it a member of the Federal Government or could it have been a State Pollie who had a good relationship with the PM and his / her family members? So over the last 20 years, who has suddenly left politics for ‘personal or family’ reasons?

    • Sergeant Gunney Highway says:

      It’s a fucking joke. This shit puts peoples lives in dangerous. We spend billions equipping our armed services and paying the good people who are safeguarding our borders, yet some jellyback politician sells us out to the highest bidder. We need a firing squad to dispatch any such traitor. And oh yes, let’s see the fucking lowlife named please. Bang bang

      • The Magpie says:

        Bourbon for breakfast, Gunny?

      • Protect and Survive says:

        The art of war
        Sun tzu
        The Samuel Griffith translation
        Chapter 5 : the 5th column

        It is cheaper and more effective to bribe government officials than to wage war. Waging war costs millions of dollars a day. For example : Australia has already transferred 1 billion dollars of weapons to ukraine and we don’t even have any sizeable military force on the ground in ukraine to speak of.

        Waging war costs untold money, drains the imperial treasury and costs lives ( though sun tzu doesn’t necessarily concern himself too much with worrying about losing soldiers to any real degree).

        The whole point of bribing government officials is to control their actions and receive inside information though what real intelligence you’d get from Australia’s military is anyone’s guess – the location of where they dumped billions of dollars of those European helicopters into landfill ?

        A compromised politician can funnel more spies into parliament by way of mentoring and aiding them to rise in the ranks I’d say.

    • Bullshit says:

      I wonder what Stuart Robert is doing since his midterm resignation last year?

      • OED says:

        I was thinking George Christensen but it seems like someone trying to connect with Alex Turnbull so I don’t think George would have had much sway there.

      • The Magpie says:

        Way way too long Kenny and just a copy and paste anyway. Either summarise or send the link (which looks like Wiki).

        • Kenny Kennett says:

          Okay try this. Not saying this guy is the unnamed Polly but he must be on a lot of people’s lists as suspicious. As are many others. Scroll down to ‘’controversies’.

          • Wing Nut says:

            Very severe set of wing-nuts there too, Kenny. Don’t think it’s him though, more likely a Labor type………

          • The Spook says:

            I reckon the timing of the ASIO comments is interesting. Labor have taken a nosedive over the cost of living issues, illegal boats, and failed First Nations referendum. I’m betting the treasonous politician is also Labor and this is a stunt to put more pressure on Airbus Albo. I could be wrong but this has a long way to play out with huge ramifications.

            Then again, would it really be of any surprise if it’s all true? Politicians by nature are slippery, underhanded crooks who are in the game for themselves and their own personal wealth. Nothing would shock me.

          • Spookier says:

            Having now seen and heard the three mayoral candidates in person I can comfortably reject the notion that, for at least two of them, they are by nature slippery, underhanded crooks who are in the game for themselves and their own personal wealth. Those two are harmless novices who will struggle to get to triple figures. If you don’t want to back a winner, shock yourself and back a loser.

          • The Magpie says:

            Sorry, is thre another candidate running we haven’t heard about? Some one who desn’t possess those qualities? Or are you advocating a vote for Harry Patel, who, unless you provide proof to th contrary, certainly doesn’t fit your summation? Or is this just. good old fashioned Labor slur without evidence?

            Besides, this now isn’t about the mayoral race, that’s sadly a done deal, it is now about the make-up of the eventual councillors. But even then, Kim Il Jen won’t be too worried … all but one maybe two are Labor leaners looking to hustle the snout into the trough.

          • Spookier says:

            In the flesh, neither Troy Thompson or Harry Patel comes across as slippery or underhanded. Neither do they come across as particularly savvy. The third candidate possibly ticks all those boxes and won’t need my vote so I’ll be picking one of the losers, just for turning up and having a go.

          • HiBeam says:

            Me too! and whoever is not a Jenny stooge in Div 8

          • Prickster says:

            ASIO is just another distraction.

            ASIO serve the government of the day, and this government needs lots of distractions. https://youtu.be/ssJTfrK2W1M?si=bs2v0cT71HapzejR

            Waiting until the impact of falling commodity prices (iron ore and coal) hit the budget. Cost of living is going to get even worse, but this time the government won’t have any money to bail us out, so there will be more spin and weapons of mass distraction.

          • Bob Roberts says:

            Cost of living isn’t going to get worse:

            1. Inflation is coming down and will be comfortably within the target band by the end of the year.
            2. Interest rate cuts will put more money in people’s pockets.
            3. Electricity DMO will be down significantly following falling wholesale power prices – more money in people’s pockets.
            4. Budget will be in surplus again, so plenty of money to splash around.

          • Prince Rollmop says:

            Nickel has tanked something fierce.

          • old tradesman says:

            Andrews had a lot of dealings with the Chinese, especially with his Belt and Road money laundering schemes.

          • Alahazbin says:

            KK, Apparently it is a former NSW state labor MP.
            Dutton says he knows who it is and wants ASIO to name him/her. ASIO say the person Is no longer active and there were no laws when he/she was active.

    • Alahazbin says:

      KK, Let’s point the finger at KRudd. He has Chinese connections and the fact that Joe Hockey is put in his two bobs worth.

  25. Prickster says:

    Local Government Election is all over bar the shouting – time to move to the next market;

    Follow the money.


    • GambleAnon says:

      Throw your money away like so many mugs did in 2019:

      “Millions of Aussies were left with their head in their hands over the weekend as the Coalition pulled off a miracle win.
      But none more so than betting agency Sportsbet who, by last night, had paid out more than $5 million to election punters.”

    • ABS says:

      It’s worth putting some money on giving Labor are back up to 50% following the change in leader, and the distribution of that across the state means the LNP would need something like 52% to form government.

      • Dead Horse says:

        No that would be majority government, they could form minority government with less.

        • White Mouse says:

          Dead Horse – LNP would be very unlikely to be able to form a minority government. Green/Teal MP’s will automatically side with ALP. Katter MP are no certainty to side with LNP either.

  26. Charlie Wulguru says:

    The shrine for the motorcyclist who died in a collision with the Mayor, on Natham Street in front of McDonalds, has been totally covered by signs directing pedestrians to take alternate routes. Although there is some roadworks happening further down Natham Street there is no need for the pedestrian signs to be where they are on the footpath. Am I being cynical, or with the looming election is she up to no good, still. (No photos because I didn’t have my phone with me)

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Not sure where the signs are or shrine is but I don’t think Nathan street has anything to do with Council. I think Nathan street is a Federal road, or at minimum a State road. Plus, incidents like the Mullet (and previous Mooney) accident get forgotten quickly in local political circles (unfortunately).

  27. Achilles says:

    America! where is a Lee Harvey Oswald when you really need one, or two?

  28. Sergeant Gunney Highway says:

    Old mate looks like a slimeball. He has been a Libtard for over 30 years. Served as assistant minister of defence so he would know a lot of secrets. One thing is for sure it won’t be the Bulletin or Astonisher who outs whoever the traitor ex- pollie is.

  29. Billy Bunter says:

    Where has Dave of Kelso gone?
    Has a rubbish truck finally got DoK?
    Come back Dave, I’m keen to read your thoughts on the LG election, given your love of the ALP.

    • Plumber says:

      Dave will be out at the dam checking who has their hands on the levers. The Ross River dam has just passed 99% capacity – a perfect outcome after a long hot summer.

      • The Magpie says:

        Yep. It was 60% before the rains started. Thank heavens for Jenny, could not have happened without her.

    • Inspector Clouseau says:

      Bunter, I hear DoK is chilling in the retirement village, minding his own business!

  30. Kenny Kennett says:

    Always reminds me of politicians when they arrive in Canberra. Probably over 50 years old now. For a beginning of Autumn laugh click on this link;

    • The Magpie says:

      Such rampant gratuitous violence would not be allowed nowadays, it would warp the minds of our young and vulnerable. But since that is not the demographic of this blog, The ‘Pie will allow it.

    • Jeff, Condon says:

      Always loved that one. Ya gotta laugh.

  31. Prickster says:

    Please take a moment to think about the forgotten ALP votes not recognised in the Gender Pay conversations – the gender diverse, non-binary, intersex, asexual and aromantic……….

    Somehow we landed back on 2 genders men and women. What happened?

    • The Magpie says:

      Doesn’t matter, because this report is being used as a major con job by the rage-farming media. The data isn’t wrong, it is what is not said by the media and the bloviating politicians that is the emotive con job. THIS IS NOT ABOUT EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK >>> THAT IS A LONG ESTABLISHED AND FAIR FACT. This has all the hallmarks of being the first weapon in an as yet undeclared battle by the government for workplace gender quotas. More in Sunday’s Nest.

      • Prickster says:

        Maybe some blokes should start identifying as a women, problem solved, gender war over – one gender = all female.

    • Swinging Willy says:

      Well Prickster, it IS two genders – those with a willy and nuts and those without, with the very occasional double up. This is indisputable!!! :)

  32. The Magpie says:

    (From a friend of a Magpie friend.)
    I’m facing a dilemma!
    The Fire, Townsville’s WNBL team, who finished on top of the ladder at the end of the season, played, in Townsville, last night, in the first of a “best of 3 elimination final”.
    The game finished before 8pm. (The Fire lost by a point after a close, seesaw game)
    My dilemma is this……. Our local newspaper, The Townsville Bulletin don’t seem to be aware the game was on!
    Should I tell them?
    No mention in today’s paper.
    No mention in the online edition.
    If I DO send them a little note (before noon today….as that must be when tomorrow’s paper is printed), I MAY be able to read about the game some 36 hours after it finished.
    Should I tell them?

  33. Jenny says:

    It looks like you were correct about the demise of Magnis. This announcement came through on their website at close of business on Friday afternoon:

    SYDNEY, MARCH 1, 2024: S&P Dow Jones Indices announced today the changes in the S&P/ASX Indices, effective prior to the open of trading on Monday, March 18, 2024, as a result of the March quarterly review.

    All Ordinaries – Effective Prior to the Open on March 18, 2024

    REMOVAL MNS Magnis Energy Technologies Limited

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