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Sunday, October 27th, 2019   |   132 comments

Legal Fog-Horn Barry Taylor A ‘Slum Landlord’? The Townsville Council Seems To Think So

It’s all there in black and white, which The Magpie shares.

The revelation came about when we examined what was not a good week for our mayor, and ergo, for us.

The past seven days have seen her float an old and discredited idea as a bright shiny new one, her criminal waste of ratepayer money on her consultant pals comes to a screeching halt on the Strand lagoon that never was, and more weasel words about ‘transparency’. Barren, bleak and probably broke: Mayor Mullet’s calls in the spin doctors as her policy wasteland is exposed.

… and the world waits and watches to see if America has finally come to its senses …

But first…

As If Kiddy Crims Weren’t Enough

Juvenile joyriders caused more than their usual share of mayhem during the week, which gave Brisbane’s representative in Thuringowa the opportunity to win this week’s Greasy Glove Wanker of the Week award. Which he did in a canter.

aaron harper

Harpic Harper gave full rein to his dazzling lack of self-awareness and mediocre incompetence when he was interviewed on ABC Drive about the extraordinary car thefts and police chases across Townsville early this week. After the usual few minutes of meaningless clichés and patronising bromides, Harpic was asked directly if he supported a Katter Party call for a three way bipartisan ‘party summit’ on the city’s kiddy crime epidemic. He emphatically did not, no he didn’t, because he judged Robbie Katter’s suggestion simply as ‘a minor party playing politics to get some attention’.   He then clinched this week’s wanker award by declaring that the Katter suggestion would just end up as another ‘talkfest’, and he was ‘tired of talkfests’ and wanted action, with the offenders taken off the streets and locked up.

Gosh, Harpic your right, why don’t you get on to your local member about it … oh, hang on, YOU are the local member.

Somehow, it appears to have escaped your attention, Goofy, that the problem is (A) catching the little snots, which is apparently as difficult as bandy legged politician catching a greased pig in a narrow hallway – so where are the extra police your government promised to Townsville in the last election expressly for this purpose? B) the fact that your government is facilitating this social breakdown with the snide political program of poorly supervised juvenile crash pads called bail houses, which have ruined whole peaceful neighbourhoods.

Roll on next October.

But for all the illegal mayhem on the roads, Bentley thinks there is another menace – a legal one – constantly lurking behind many a wheel in the ‘ville. He is less than impressed.

P Platers fin

Mayor Mullet Hits The Panic Button

When the Bulletin recently stirred from its usual somnolence and started a series of articles about the decrepit state of many CBD buildings, it continued the paper’s proud tradition of missing the point. In today’s paper, Shari Tagliabue put things to rights when she pointed out the bleedin’ obvious that the problem isn’t that buildings are derelict or dilapidated … it’s that they’re empty.

But it’s a point that Mayor Mullet didn’t miss, and she instantly saw an opportunity.

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 11.52.58 pm

In what she thinks is a clever deflection away from her myriad secret deals and failures at trying to  breath life into the CBD, she pulled on the jackboots and announced she will seek a legislative change to allow the council to fine landlords with shabby premises to be fined up to $26,000 for not maintaining their properties. But the jackboots suddenly turned into clown shoes.

Great new idea, eh?

Well, no not really, neither great nor new. It’s a notion that apparently died of neglect a couple of years ago. Not much gets passed Magpie reader Jason Barrett, who emailed:

A new innovative approach by the mayor to improve property presentation in the CBD?  I don’t think so.  Read Page 9712 of the Council minutes of 24 October 2017 (exactly two years old) at 
Why don’t we outsource Council to Officeworks, save on photocopy costs!

Just in case the link doesn’t work, the relevant passage from 2017 is as follows:

General Business (i) Support of motion at LGAQ Annual Conference Councillor K Rehbein advised that he is pleased to announce that the motion he presented at the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) Conference received overwhelming support from the other Councillors. The motion to lobby State government to give Councils more power to address negligent investment property owners is a step in the right direction in addressing slumlord property owners who take advantage of Councils and their residents. Councillor Rehbein outlined the reasons for this motion and the subsequent process. The Mayor, Councillor J Hill spoke in support of this motion. Councillor P Jacob commended Councillor Rehbein on this motion.

One doesn’t want to think too much about Clr Jacob’s admiration for Clr Rehbein’s motion, which seems a sudden medical/deviant departure from the business in hand, but in the same territory, it turns out the mayor’s grandstanding suggestion is a recycled thought fart. Because this little piece of nonsense about fining landlords is never likely to see the light of day. Floated two years under the auspices of the highly suss LGAQ, the idea clearly never went anywhere, and The ‘Pie is assured by those who know about legal matters, this would be lawyers’ picnic which simply would not work on a practical level. And both sides of  the George Street aisle know it.

But it gave the mayor much needed albeit spurious ‘action woman’ mileage in a paper that is increasingly finding her somewhat tiresome. This was proved when the Astonisher quoted the new Chamber president who was politely aghast at such a dopey idea, as it would drive investors away, leave places empty and only enrich council coffers I(he didn’t say all that, but that’s what flows on …). And no one asked if this became a blanket power covering the entire city, business and residential, what mayhem and bullying skullduggery could ensue?

What might work rather than fines is a swift kick in the rates, that would generally make a landlord’s eyes water. But fines? Forget it, and besides, it will do nothing to put tenants into the premises.

But That Will Have Little Effect On Our Favorite Noosa Solicitor

Big Bazza Taylor

Big Bazza Taylor

Under the terms specified in the council minutes above, Noosa’s millionaire, price gouging solicitor Big Bazza Taylor, head of Enema … sorry, Emanate Legal, is a slum landlord. Because Mr Taylor is the owner of this derelict, gaping eyed wreckage on one of the main entrances to the CBD, Flinders Street West.

IMG_0419 IMG_0416

IMG_0415But don’t expect any clean-up action in a hurry, Bazza has probably earmarked any spare cash for a helipad near his private wharf behind his $10million waterfront mansion in Noosa. Out of sight out of mind, as they say, and 1500kms is convenient for Bazza, and a blessing for Townsville.

Where Were You At The Outset, Jenna?

The grossly misnamed Pure Projects mob of blow-ins, who style themselves ‘consultants’ because shysters and grifters doesn’t play well with punters, have been caught with the pants down.

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 10.04.39 pm

Now right from the outset, The Magpie was just one of many voices raised in derision at this grandiose lagoon proposal, not so much the underlying, Cairns copycat conception, but its purported benefits against cost to a town where even the civic lawns and median strips look like Dogpatch.

But by golly, you’ve got to hand to Mayor Mullet, who seized on the conservation considerations about turtles and various seaweeds … (gosh, they came out of the blue, didn’t they, whoda thort?) With tongue firmly planted in blushing cheek, our thwarted leader lectured the paper at the unexpected demolition of her stillborn campaign baby thus:

“Anything you do on the waterfront, there are a myriad of other things you have to consider. For example turtle nesting,” Cr Hill said.“So we have about seven turtles a year that nest along The Strand.

“We really can’t upset that.”

The disappointed spoiled-child sneer of the last line makes the Magpie want to give our Jen a consoling hug and a reassuring ‘there, there, there’ll you’ll have another daft idea soon enough.

But she was too clever by half, not realising her deteriorating love affair with the paper might give Jenna a chance to give her a neat back-hand. The paper’s dwindling readership mostly reside in homes for the perpetually bewildered, so they wouldn’t get the sarcasm in the mayor’s turtle comment, so this headline clearly paints her as a Greenie.

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 12.06.36 amWhen it comes to a good old fashioned bitch-slap, best to always back Rupert’s gal.

But Wait, There’s More …

It seems the mayor earmarked $900,000 in the 2018-19 budget for a feasibility study, presumably to be carried out by her chums at Pure Projects or possibly by Carey Ramm’s AEC mob. So what’s happened to that allocation, since it was made almost 18 months ago. Has any of it been spent, and on what? It would’ve been a simple trot down to GBMPA HQ to get a five minute briefing that would sink the whole thing before wasting any more money on it. So, when the cab fare and the dough for an hours consultancy is deducted, where’s the remaining $899,900?  And how much was Pure Projects paid for coming up with its totally amateur presentation of the idea in the first place (complete with unacknowledged visualisations pinched from a similar Cairns project.)? Half-arsed doesn’t even start to cover it.,

Surely we can expect some answers soon, now that the cynical and totally spurious use of Commercial in Confidence will no longer be countenanced by our council ? I mean, we can, can’t we?

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 10.29.59 pm

Indeed, regular commenter Memory Man seemed embarrassed by the riches on offer with our new ‘open’ council, when he posted about the good news:

Oh, where to start? How about we start with the Adani Airstrip reports, documents concerning the Hilton deal on Council lands and how Council came to award the land to an outfit headed by Michael Graham (a long time fishing buddy of Dolan Hayes), and documents concerning the deals done with the battery plant project. Add to that documents concerning the selection of Nous, Don Morris and Jamie Durie.

Go on, Jen, tell us all, spill the beans, as the coppers say, you know you’ll feel better when you tell someone and get it off your chest.

But Seems Our Mayor’s Spin Doctors Are Starting To Rotate

The ‘Pie wonders if he should be flattered that one of the mayor’s imported spin doctors has decided that this blog is a worthy target for subversion.This interesting exchange took place on Friday.

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 10.39.34 pmHousing prices chart

Participation frate Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 8.47.49 pm Business servicesScreen Shot 2019-10-25 at 8.48.50 pmPopulation growthScreen Shot 2019-10-25 at 8.47.02 pm

The Dicky reference is to Richard Holliday, whose Brisbane outfit does the mayor’s bidding from time to time, and he’s been spotted skulking about the place recently..

The Insanity Continues Apace In Trumpsylvania

It would appear that whatever brain virus the Prez suffers, one of his staff is similarly afflicted. Trump’s acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney displayed a remarkable grasp of the surreal when he flat out denied on live television that he had said something … that he had just said. Didn’t correct, just maintained he hadn’t said it. That was just the start of another week on the fancy dress fringe of reality in the USA.

20191023edshe-b231069 231071Nick Anderson cartoon lk102019dapr 20191021edwas-a Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon - tt_c_c191020.tif 102419quidproquor231057 A23492 Tables turningScreen Shot 2019-09-28 at 8.49.29 am 20191024edhan-a 231145_rgb

Speaking Of Reptiles, This Week’s Notes From The Bay


Got a better look at our newest non-playing members out at Rowes Bay GC during the week, Baby Boo and Big Bubba.

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 12.35.17 am

The ‘Pie is no expert, and opinion is divided as whether our Snappy Toms are freshie or salty. Anybody?

There are regular head counts of older slower players, just in case.


All in all, another vintage week in Townsville’s journey to the lower reaches of political chicanery and delightful wildlife. Post your musings in comments, they run 24/7. And should be so inclined, a donation to keep the blog on high is always greatly appreciated, the how to button is below.

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  1. Mike Douglas says:

    T.C.C.s proposed fines for cbd landlords is just another electoral smokescreen by Mayor Mullet . A simple phone call from the Astonisher to a local legal – eagle would realise the guidelines for drafting and procedure ( which includes consultation ) and getting it approved are simply a farce and diversion from responsibility of the Council on these and other matters . Speaking of a farce is local State member Aaron Harpics sudden concern on crime,. If there wasn’t such community outrage as well as the Astonisher seeking a meeting of minds to stop Townsvilles crime wave do you think he would care ?. Labor are soft on crime as well many of their other failures like paying a retired brigadier $250 k, Jamie Durie $800k , $75 mil Townsville stadium blow out .

  2. Dave of Kelso says:

    Currently on the Tablelands. Talking to people from Cairns, they have similar problems with rampant juvenile crime.

    Not surprising really. With a spineless Puddleduck State Govt, a ham-strung judiciary, insufficient police, and an absence of parental responsibility, it is no wonder this problem is State wide where ever there are concentrations of the little snot.

    • The Magpie says:

      Hey, a sudden flash of inspiration. Why don’t we round up all these little juvenile pricks …. and send them to work down the Adani mine? And we could pay Adani a fee for taking them on, to cover the cost of feeding them and secure, flood-lit barracks. Say, $18.5million to start. Someone tell mayor Mullet, The ‘Pie doesn’t mind if she pinches this idea, too.

      • CFMMEU Forever says:

        Free child labour? Over my dead body, comrades! unless there’s a consideration to us in that $18.5 million.

      • Mike Shearer says:

        I”m somewhat concerned at the simplistic understanding of the problem and the suggested solutions. Fundamentally, the miscreants see the world from a different values base to that of we who think we know both the problem and how to fix it. And the “professionals” and “experts” who are grappling with what to do don’t seem to understand that either. There’s a recognised psychological term for it: cognitive dissonance, which means holding simultaneously contradictory beliefs or acting in a way that is contradictory to beliefs. We are so familiar with it in everyday life it passes unnoticed. Perhaps the best example is that many people including revered scientists – and our Prime Minister – hold religious beliefs that are contradictory with facts determined by science.

        It is a mistake to assume that everybody has the same or similar values that we have, and that everybody has the same capacity to think logically and realistically as we do – whatever their ideas of realism are or their system of logic.

        Do we try to change persons’ cognitive dissonance by force or reason? Either way first it has to be understood, in incredible detail, and the people with the skills are in very short supply.

  3. Dickie Bird says:

    Little Dickie Holiday was quick to give a thumbs up to the move to fine CBD owners on another social media platform. He went so far as to claim credit for raising the idea a couple of years ago. (Wondered what that smell was, now we know it was Wee Dickie Bird’s brain fart.)

    Let’s actually think about it for a moment. If it costs more to fix up decrepit buildings than the fine, then owners will take the fine any day. With a cap of $26k, it’s likely that in most of the seriously “bad” cases, the owners will take the fine. Put plainly, the brain fart is unlikely to work.

    CBD commercial buildings are changing hands for less than replacement value. Let’s say this another way. You can get an existing building (with tenants) cheaper than building a new one. While this remains the case, the CBD will continue to look like TEL Aviv after a bombing.

    CBD commercial vacancies have hovered between 25-30% for over 20 years, almost 30 years in fact. Retail vacancies are just as high by any casual observation when you stroll around and take a wee dickie bird …

    There’s insufficient demand for space in the CBD. Period. Approving more retail centres in the ‘burbs has sucked up what demand there was / is. They’ve proven to be convenient to residents, offer free parking and air-conditioning. And with flat-lining retailing growth, suburban centres are also under the pump.

    Dickie Holiday is clueless. For this, he was run out of town, but sadly, not before he left behind some smelly brain farts. The CBD fine is one of those. The lagoon is probably another.

  4. Over this Hill mob says:

    The Council option to issue fines is really confusing considering they already have a local law that allows the council to notify the owner to take remedial action to clean up their premises, failing that the council has entry powers to take the necessary remedial actions and invoice the owner.

    From the local law 3:
    Part 3 Overgrown and unsightly allotments
    14 Accumulation of objects and materials on allotments
    (1) This section applies where an authorised person forms the opinion that objects or materials brought on to, or allowed to accumulate on, an allotment—
    (a) have seriously affected the visual amenity of the allotment
    (b) are likely to attract or harbour reptiles or vermin.
    (2) The authorised person may, by compliance notice10 given to the responsible person for the allotment, require the responsible person to—
    (a) remove objects or materials that are causing the circumstance mentioned in subsection (1)(a) or (b); or
    (b) take other specified action to remedy the circumstance mentioned in subsection (1)(a) or (b).

    The council already charge CBD building owners the highest rating category across the city despite the vacancies so how did this council think a fine would inspire them to improve their buildings.

    • Over this Hill mob says:

      I forgot to add the entry powers from the same local law

      18 Power to enter property to inspect for community safety hazards
      (1) This section applies if an authorised person wants to enter a property to inspect it to identify any community safety hazards.
      (2) After giving reasonable written notice to the owner and the occupier of the property, the authorised person may—
      (a) enter the property without the permission of the occupier; and
      (b) take reasonable action to inspect the property for community safety hazards.

    • The Magpie says:

      Yes, those necessary laws have been around forever, but they apply to allotments, which as far as The ‘Pie understands, means vacant blocks … even the wording makes that clear. And while we’re in this territory, what happened to that thought fart widely reported at the time that the council was going to gift landlords funds to spruce upo their failing properties? As remembered, there was an outcry about stumping up ratepayers money to people wealthy enough to own valuable assets but not look after them themselves.

      • Over this Hill mob says:

        The definition of an allotment as it is applied to Queensland legislation is; allotment means a separate, distinct parcel of land on which a building is to be built, or is built.

        There never seems to be much follow up for anything the bulletin covers when it comes to the council.

        • The Magpie says:

          Fair enough, appreciate the definition, so it would seem local law b ‘likely to attract or harbour retiles or vermin’ could be put to immediate good use in Walker Street.

  5. Why is it so? says:

    All Jenny Hill has to do is email Yeppoon Council ask them for the plans of their awesome Lagoon complex and presto Townsville will have a beautiful attraction for tourists and locals. Oh no let’s just waste more money on consultancy fees and talkfests.

  6. Cantankerous but happy says:

    The croc at Rowe’s Bay Golf Club is a little saltie, getting more adventurous all the time and turning up in all sorts of places on the course.

  7. Real City Economist says:

    Those charts are a powerful insight into the state of the regional economy. The highly paid “City Economist” has been deathly silent since his appointment … others have warned of long term structural problems, and these charts tell the story.

    • Gone and forgoten says:

      Real City Economist

      I’m not in circulation much anymore but even I have twice seen David Lynch (City Economist) present a slide deck that’s pretty damming about Townsville’s economy and uncertain future. He makes it really clear and plain that the region is in secular not cyclical decline and that serious heart surgery is required. Furthermore other economists are drawing similar conclusions for other regional areas around Australia (and the world). Learned readers will know the reasons behind these changes while other commentators will contest the conclusions. Either way I know the the mayor and government ministers have seen the same deck of slides, I doubt they are secret even though they are uncomfortable. I hope someone can send them through to the flock.

      Regional Australia has declined in the last decade while the rest of country has grown strongly. Now that the national economy is softening how do you all think it’s going to shape up regionally? I blame Jenny Hill for many many things, but the economy is not one of them.

      • The Magpie says:

        Certainly not, she has no great power over the overall economy, but her approach to confronting and making the best of it is sadly, woefully indeed even wilfully wanting as she throws out what she hopes is vote winning false hope. A good leader has the confidence of, and takes into confidence, her community … the one single thing this lying, prevaricating and just plain self-centred ignorant mayor has not and cannot do.

  8. Outsider says:

    Reading that Elton John has cancelled his US performance in Indianapolis and reschedule date is March 20 2020. That dosnt leave much time to fly back there after concert here. His explanation is he’s very unwell. Wondering if he will drop Townsville because it’s a small event in favour of just doing major centers around country. Wonder also if the paper will report this? Its a shame because I really want him to come here so I can watch the complete fuckup around the bus hub and the parking fiasco.

    • The Magpie says:

      Not to worry, expect Mayor Mullet to announce that Elvis will be the opening act … no one has been game to tell her he’s dead. Prince as backup?

      • I’ll be plucked says:

        Pie, Jerry and the Pacemakers are in reserve in case Reggie Dwight can’t make it. They have offered to play for free.

        • The Magpie says:

          Get right mate, get it right … It’s Jerry and The Pacemaker … but wasn’t aware that Rupert and his missus could sing.

        • Alahazbin says:

          10CC are here next March at the Civic. Maybe Mullet can give them an upgrade to the stadium.
          There won’t be so many traffic problems with them at the stadium. Might get a couple of thousand.

  9. Jatzcrackers says:

    I was of the understanding that the ‘Lagoon’ project for The Strand was knocked on the head back in late August, early September last year. Why are we only seeing the announcement in the Astonisher now ! I’m aware timing is everything, but 12 months later seems a hell of a delay !!!

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, borrowing Pete Newey’s tin-foil hat, it could be a cunning conspiracy by the paper to make a hullabaloo about it closer to the election, and scare up an opponent for The Mullet in the hope of selling more papers. And as said in the blog, Mayor Mullet’s cunning plan ended up like Baldrick’s inevitably do … she tried to blame stringent conservation regulations for something that was never going to happen, but the Astonisher has made her out to be a Greenie. Settle back, Jenny v Jenny will be a stoush for the ages.

    • The (mostly) Civil Engineer says:

      I think the political term is “taking out the trash” where Council is going to start discretely dumping unwanted items (with a plausible “enemy” outside Council ) before we get into election mode.

      Last year the lagoon was named a non starter because Council had failed to take into consideration the impact on surrounding properties, and the fact that a vast, shallow and poorly drained puddle would quickly become a human soup and fill with algae. Thankfully today it’s f-ing turtles and green concerns rather than incompetence.

      I reckon the pipeline is next. Either it can’t be completed due to weather (damn mother nature) or they Little Mickey will shift the goalposts so it will be “complete” in some less than meaningful way.

  10. The Magpie says:

    They’re selling bishops now? Is the deluxe version shipped with his own choirboy?

  11. The Magpie says:

    This deserves the MARKETING AWARD OF THE YEAR. This is a goodies bag spotted at yesterday’s Mentally Healthy City Expo … one way to drum up customer’s, s’pose.

    • Lord Howard Hertz says:

      Could’ve been worse … was their a TCC bag containing Mayor Mullet’s track record and plans for the future?

      • Outsider says:

        The bag would have been empty. Unless it was an ALDI shopping bag

        • The Magpie says:

          Ummm …. ?

          • Outsider says:

            I was replying to Lord howard about the mayor’s track record in a bag. My second part of the comment was in relation to the Chinese business man who dontated 100k in an ALDI shopping bag to the labor party. Which hill is still part of even though she says she’s independent. Her membership to labor is like a drivers license, it’s there for life unless you are suspended.

        • $100,000 says:

          proffered by a Chinese Communist Party official

    • Critical says:

      I have lost mates and friends through suicide and I’m totally disguisted at Townsville Cemetries having this at the Mentality Healthy Cities event. This shows total insensitivity and lack of forethought by TCC and some staff, particularly their Mentally Health City Officer, says a lot for that person’s credibility. This was a Mentally Healthy City event which focused on promoting positive mental health, suicide prevention and where to get help if needed among other things. Townsville Cemetries and it’s promotional materials is not promoting one of the goals of the event i.e. preventing suicide. One could very tongue in cheek say that TCC was sending the message out, if you thinking about suicide, make certain that you’ve done everything in our checklist. Mental health and like organisations should make their thoughts known to TCC and the relevant staff members be counselled and procedures be put in place to ensure that this does not happen again. Overall though, TCC and other participating organisations must be thanked for putting this successful event.

      • The Magpie says:

        Won’t be too bloody successful if some poor mutt is having a bad black dog day and is triggered to an unwise decision. Let us trust this won’t happen, but the callous disregard for the basic question and the howls of virtue-signalling outrage towards The ‘Pie on FB give us little hope of breaking through to the understanding of some primping and prancing ignoramuses. Agree totally with your points, Crits, and yes, the basic idea is good, but apparently, according to one skinny lipped sniffy virgin with a lorgnette (sorry R & H), The ‘Pie is not qualified to ask such questions because he knows nothing of grief or loss. How this conclusion is reached is not is not revealed (probably Commercial In Confidence). Luckily, although this gabby troglodyte doesn’t know it, The ‘Pie has been lucky to avoid depression, even in the face of this sort of ignorance.

      • upagumtreeperson says:

        I went to the Mentally Healthy City Wellness Expo on Saturday. Full credit to TCC for a well-presented event. I must admit that because of the heat and a dickie knee I did not get to see all the exhibits but the council’s intention was honest. The emphasis was on mental health and wellness not mental illness. The TCC are damned if they do and don’t. Credit where due. Dying is part of life so why not plan ahead? TCC center stage was well setup with a full crew of techs for support of speakers. I do not see how it could be knocked. Here is hoping the event comes back again next year during mental health month. Got a bit hot in the sun, though, otherwise appeared well attended.

        • upagumtreeperson says:

          I think that some are over-reacting to advertising by Townsville Cemeteries. It is a legal identity and can advertise its wares. It is up to you to ignore or otherwise.
          The TCC did a great job with running the speaking program. Main speakers were Saroo Brierly, who, as a five-year-old was adopted from India by a loving Tasmanian family. Saroo wrote a book called. ‘Along way Home,’ and was made into a film called, ‘Lion.’ Will read the book and see the film. Saroo’s story was one of pain and success. There were two speakers representing Beyond Blue who told their story of mental illness and subsequent road to wellness. All positive.
          Beyond Blue are looking for positive groups to speak to and can be called on
          1300 224 636 or http:www.beyondblue.org.au/get-involved/our-speakers-bureau/speaker-request-form. As for Geoff or Cat. The second main speaker was a very funny Indigenous mural artist and comic, Kevin Kropinyeri. I am now a fan of Kevin because he can do with indigenous brothers and sisters what white folk cannot do and that’s to take the piss out of Indigenous people. Indigenous people recognise the humour and respond positively. Kevin gets stuck right in! He says his mother is as short and as fat as a burnt match! True. A delightful man and I’m a fan. Catch Kevin on you-tube. He is a genuine bloke. Kevin gave his story of early troubles including mental health issues and how he was drawn to art and found comedy quite by accident. Well done to all responsible at TCC.

          • The Magpie says:

            FOR FUCK SAKE, will someone address the one single question that The Magpie posed in the first place? He wasn’t mounting some all out attack, or sneering at the event or the conditions that underlay it. It’s a simple question that has brought down all sorts of virtue signalling wrath of The ‘Pie – who couldn’t give shit except that it is a continuation of the political game of non-answering and pompous ad hominem juvenilia.

            So, to repeat the question: could this material on display at an event which may well attract many a depressive personality, some possibly heading for a crisis, be adversely influenced by the suggestion of a tidy death. The group we’re talking about is among the most vulnerable who are susceptible to even subliminal suggestion in society, so it is valid to call into question the possible effect such material may have on those attracted to the event.

          • 153 Days says:

            Blah blah blah
            How much skin do you have in this Mentally Healthy Townsville game upagumtree? Sounds like a lot.

            If I want to look after my mental health I won’t be going to anything backed by council because experience tells me they don’t give a fuck. They don’t care for their staff and they certainly can’t be tsken seriously telling the community how to look after mental health.

          • 153 Days says:

            And to answer your question Pie, yes. I have a friend tidying up their affairs with the intention of putting an end to it all. This kind of list would be very handy to others of the same mindset.

            However it’s also handy for someone with terminal cancer, etc. So yes, I believe the issue is not that cemeteries have this list but more about WHERE they are making it available. A mental health/mental illness expo is not appropriate.

            Similarly council should not have been hiring out wheelchairs at the event, but making them available for free.

          • The Magpie says:

            Indeed, to be clear, there is no argument that the lists available are valuable, useful and allow those dying to have peace of mind and those left behind are allowed an orderly adjustment of affairs. Never suggested otherwise, but some folk are so preoccupied with their own agendas that they failed to see the simple question: is this appropriate at an event like this?

            And sorry for all the people who put a lot of dedicated work in on this ‘expo’, but this is not council business … but a cynical mayor will be happy knowing she has no doubt got a few votes out of it. And that people will attack The Magpie for saying so.

        • The Magpie says:

          If that is the case, that the focus was not on the growing issue of mental illness, WHAT BUSINESS HAS THIS COUNCIL GOT ADVISING THE GENERAL POPULATION ON SUCH A SUBJECT AS ITS MENTAL HEALTH. better governance is all we require from them, not empire building around hot button issues of the day. This is nanny state stuff of the far left Greenie hanky wringing agenda of no one taking responsibility for themselves … certainly there are issues in extreme areas of depression, BUT THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COUNCIL, OR RATEPAYER FUNDS. Neither for that matter has the issue of suicide. That’s not their remit, although there can be no doubt this busted arse, dishonest, secretive Walker St of wankers is responsible for much of the despondency this city is experiencing.

          • upagumtreeperson says:

            Magpie, calm down. We will all die. Duh! I do not mind. I will be with the fairies in the clouds. The TCC simply wanted to roll out positive aspects of wellness. Planning ahead is part of the journey as we will all find out. Keep calm old bird! Incidentally I saw a dickie bird today who told me you and others had a go at me. This is healthy debate.

          • The Magpie says:

            You poor mutt.

  12. Frequent flyer says:

    Checked ticketmaster.com and there are still plenty of good seats left for the Ageing Elton retirement benefit, in the first blocks in front of the stage. You can bet that Elton will pull the plug on Townsville if the show isn’t close to a sellout and it’s not looking too flash right now. Most fans I’ve spoken to say they saw him last time he was here so won’t be forking out big money to find out if he still has a voice. Hope the Mullet has also taken out weather insurance as there is no way Elton will come anywhere near Townsville if there is even a slight chance of a cyclone.

  13. Cantankerous but happy says:

    The brain fart idea of imposing a $26k fine on neglected buildings in the CBD is not only unworkable but further highlights the fact Jenny Hill is the most commercially ignorant person one could come across, so once again what is the business community in this town doing about it, one would expect some serious discussion in the background sorting out a viable candidate, because if they don’t come April next year the complaints section is closed and they have to live with the outcome.

  14. Dutch Reverend says:

    7 news is reporting on the lonely death of that scumbag Ivan Milat. Who gives a shit ? I would prefer if they reported that he died of a long protracted, painful death and then set off a bunch of party poppers.

  15. Alan says:

    Harper, “mediocre incompetence”, thats really a push. Perhaps an inadvertent autofill. Didn’t you mean to write “masterpiece of incompetence”?

  16. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    From the language used and the tone of this article in today’s Astonisher it appears the Queensland Government is about to foist another bit of woke-inspired activism on the community

    Firstly, how truely does the make up of this six member panel “reflect the sentiments of the community”? Or are they all just the same voice reverberating in the one echo chamber of virtue?

    And perhaps more importantly, the whole consultation/conversation/feedback (or whatever the current buzzword is) process appears to have left out one very important yet fundamental first step. 

    That is, rather than giving recommendations to the Queensland Government “on what we think might be an appropriate set of steps to establishing a treaty process”, what about firstly having a genuine, upfront, and forthright discussion about whether or not a treaty is needed, is feasible, or even the best way to improve the quality of life of indigenous Australians and enhance their relationship with their non-indigenous fellow citizens?

    • Kingswood says:

      Saw the makeup of the panel & thought, ‘Here we go again…. “

    • No More Dredging says:

      Wulguru Wonder, you propose:

      ” . . . what about firstly having a genuine, upfront, and forthright discussion about whether or not a treaty is needed, is feasible, or even the best way to improve the quality of life of indigenous Australians . . . . . . “.

      Not sure if you are Indigenous but the experience of the whole Uluru Statement from the Heart project (which was about a lot of things including a possible treaty) suggests that there is a communication gap or vacuum in Australia which makes “upfront and forthright” discussion about Indigenous issues difficult to corral and even harder to keep on track. Perhaps you could jot down a couple of dot points to get the discussion started here in the direction you have in mind.

      • The Magpie says:

        Bugger it, Dredger, you’ve let The Magpie down badly. Here was the old bird offering 10 to 1 ON that you would be foaming over your send button within the hour of the TWW’s post, and 100 to 1 for anything longer than that. Geez mate, 14 hours and 49 minutes!!!! FFS have some consideration.

  17. Pissed off!! says:

    I tried to use the free dumping on the weekend and I can safely say that a cluster fuck is being nice with the experience. Hearveys range was a joke. Cars were parked out onto the highway. How an accident didn’t happen is beyond me. I’m hoping someone can tell me if I’m wrong but I was told ,when I eventually got to the conveyor belt system, by a staff member that one of the other transfer stations were closed because of a fire and not sure which one there was a 2hr wait. The same person told me that Saturday was a 14hr day for them. There depot they work in is a basket case of overspending and he pointed out one of his office mangers who just drove around all day from dump to dump with no idea. All he did all day was try hide the problems. Is this what our rates pay for? I had the pleasure of having to wait for 20min with this person. Hearveys range is very dangerous and that’s my take. The Facebook posts I’ve seen i can’t find any positive comments. This never happened when we had dump weekend in the past and im going back to last council when they were on public holiday weekends.

    • Water Water Everyhwere says:

      Or just pay $15 any other day of the year and save you the heart attack…. fair call many things could be better, but if things are so bad on the free dumping weekends, pay for the convenience when no one is there (keeping in mind that greenwaste, metals, electronics and recycling are free) or heaven forbid, use the free kerbside pickup….

      • The Magpie says:

        Or just bring back seven day a week dump vouchers. Too simple? The idea that is, not you, WWE … hmmm, a moment, please, let me think about that ….

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          The 7 day a week dump vouchers, delivered via the rates notice was manifestly unfair to some, e.g. renters.

          By stopping these dump vouchers the TCC evenly and justly delivered ‘unfairness’ to all. You cannot criticise the evenhandedness (is that a word?) of the Mullet and her Councillors.

          • The Magpie says:

            remember that quarterly or bi-annual newsletter the council sent around whenTF were around? The ‘Pie put it to Vern Veitch that those vouchers could easily be printed in the magazine for use by everybody, renters and owners alike. Vern didn’t say much by way of reply that I recall, but no doubt some twerp would bob again with the ludicrous argument that there would be a black market in dump vouchers. How that would work with something that was free to start with (3 person person per year, was it?) was a mystery never answered.

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            Now there is a path to independent financial success. Manipulating TCC dump vouchers. Counterfeit dump vouchers could undermine an otherwise financially responsible council while rendering some miscreant with great wealth.

        • Water Water Everywhere says:

          Agreed, the vouchers were great. Just posted to each address maybe and not each landlord?

          In the meantime, I am ok to spend $15 for a trailer load – have to pay more for two beers at the pub most these days.

      • Pissed off!! says:

        I think you need to look at your rates notice better. Nothing is free with this council. $30 every rates bill since 2017 pays for the FREE greenwaste, FREE kerbside collection and FREE recycling at the tips. Just ask Paul Jacob he said it. You mentioned nothing about any of my other points. Like staff t aslking about overspending. It was much better when they had it previously and it wasn’t this council running it. When I had Dump vouchers I never needed to use kerbside collection or free dump weekends. Vouchers were my convenience.

        • Water Water Everywhere says:

          Of course nothing is free? I don’t expect anything for free – the question is how do we pay for things. I was a big fan of the vouchers as well, not that I used many. I have no idea of the costs involved but I can imagine that the cost of landfills would have gone up significantly over time with decreasing space and increasing compliance costs…

          I suppose I just don’t feel inconvenienced having to pay to take a load of rubbish to the tip…

          Whichever system is in place some people subsidize others, been like that a long time and I expect it won’t change much. Equality in that instance is always questionable.

          I didn’t comment on your other points because I did not hear those stories and that fact that some management in Council doesn’t really know their hand from their foot is hardly news.

          • Pissed off!! says:

            I wish you would make your mind up then. Free or not?

            keeping in mind that greenwaste, metals, electronics and recycling are free) or heaven forbid, use the free kerbside pickup….

            This is your reply to first comment.

            Of course nothing is free? I don’t expect anything for free.

            Please make your mind up

    • 151 Days says:

      Dump vouchers were a Crisafulli non negotiable. As soon as he was gone the Mullet really started pushing to get rid of them. Waste services were keen to get rid of them as they were an administrative nightmare. However I’m they weren’t keen on this hard rubbish ccollection bullshit. Operational funding sink hole and resourcing nightmare. But… I see no reason why the city can’t have more free dumping weekends especially in the lead up to the wet season. Makes perfect sense. Especially if council is genuine about getting the city cleaned up for safety and aesthetic reasons.

      • The Magpie says:

        Why just weekends?

        • 151 Days says:

          Because that’s when the majority of residents can get there. But now you mention it free dumping for residential waste for a week here and there wouldn’t go astray

        • The Magpie says:

          But it would make absolutely no difference to whatever cost is involved, but it would help ease congestion.

          • Insider says:

            As previously commented, Townsville looks even more like a shithole with waste lying strewn around on verges. Bring back vouchers and get the crap off the streets.

          • The Magpie says:

            The vouchers won’t help council undermanning of our outdoor crews, which plain and simple is why the town looks so grotty in places.

          • Grumpy says:

            Was not a fee for the previous free dump initially introduced to offset the Carbon Tax That We Had To Have? When the tax never eventuated, the dump fees still remained.

          • The Magpie says:

            That’s worth looking into. Anyone?

  18. NQ Gal says:

    The gloating by the Great Orange Turd over the death of a terrorist was something to behold. The terrorist he killed was bigger than that terrorist that Obama had killed. Frankly I was surprised that he didn’t end that part of the press conference by putting his thumb on his nose, waving his fingers and saying “neh neh neh neh neh”.

    “It was like watching a movie” – no you galoot, it is not like a movie – these are real people and there was every chance that you were going see American service personnel lose their lives. The fact that only one K9 (that’s a dog!) was injured means the 6 Ps held true.

    As for not informing congressional leaders about the raid because of the possibility of leaks, the eejit is the biggest blatherskite out there. Look how quickly he took to Twitter to say that something big was happening. He just didn’t want to share his big man photo moment with anyone, and especially not Nancy Pelosi.

    • The Magpie says:

      And this sick bastard said Baggypants died crying and whimpering like a dog, a claim that it has now been pointed out that no one could possibly known. And heinous as he was, Baggypants organisation and its members have gained strength through one unshakeable fact … they are not frightened to die for their own personal fairytale. And at least this towel-headed mongrel didn’t do what this other tangerine-turbaned mongrel did, and use his Daddy’s connection to dodge military service. Good riddance to the egregious Baggypants, but it is galling in the extreme to see this craven coward taking personal credit for the brave actions of men on the ground … and a dog. Fido for President, I say.

      • Tropical says:

        I take it you are overjoyed that Bill Clinton dodged the draft four times.

        • The Magpie says:

          Why would that be of concern to The Magpie? That’s classic ‘whataboutism’, especially since Clinton’s exploits in that and other areas led to impeachment that stopped just short of him being removed from office. If you are a Trump apologist, you should be ashamed of yourself … as history will tell you eventually. Otherwise, seek professional help.

  19. Bindi Foot says:

    Say what you like about old Foghorn Bazza Taylor (and you do), but from what I’ve seen and heard over the years he’s at least tried do some very positive stuff for Townsville and The north instead of talking it down like other people. You may disagree with his style and the people he’s done work for, but he’s also helped many I know get results for their farms and businesses that they hadn’t been able to get with others until then — which is the whole point of being a bloody good lawyer. As you’d know from being a journo, you’re there to do the job, not make friends. And like any competition, there’ll always be someone on the other side of the foghorn pissed off that they got showed up by him.

    • The Magpie says:

      There’s also the small question of ethics and moral value … don’t laugh, we all know the lawyer jokes … and Barry Taylor has done some very low things in his time that The ‘Pie knows of, including using his fearsome legal reputation as an unethical head-kicker to browbeat business owners into donating to both Mooney and Hill campaigns. There is also the recent issue of the landowners he was forced to repay an astounding fee he charged for a LOSING matter over a mining land issue. The Supreme Court judge was less than flattering about the matter. he has been pulled on ethical matters before, but has always managed to toady out of them, without a word in the paper. And The ‘Pie is reliably told that back in the day, Bazza was taken by the literally throat and shaken vigorously by a well-known now-deceased businessman around town, after Bazza shamefully dudded his daughter over a property deal. Many legal friends of The ‘Pie hold him in utter contempt … he appears to have no real friends, just people who are nice to him out of fear of his spite, a trait The Magpie knows all about him personally.

      • Bindi Foot says:

        You’ve obviously got an issue with fog horn – what’s behind the hatred and vendetta, other than friend of a friend stories? Unethical? Not something I or the others I know have ever experienced. Simply bullshit, Pie.

        • The Magpie says:

          You’d have to ask Taylor the reasons behind his hatred and vendetta pertaining to The Magpie, it’s a mystery, but it goes back years to when I was on the paper. Bazza had editor Peter Typo Gleeson in his pocket, having cunningly given Typo’s solicitor wife Venesa a job even before they arrived in Townsville. He once had the Magpie column censored because he didn’t like something he heard was going to be in the column – the fact that he’d bought a mansion in Noosa. Typo gave him the requisite knob polish by vetoing the mention, the only instance when the paper’s top rating column was censored by anyone (apart from one or two legally dangerous mentions in other unrelated matters over the years).

          Regarding Taylor’s ethics, you might like to run your own knob-polishing line about ‘bullshit’ (doing someone a requested favour are we, mate?) by Justice Graeme Crow of the Queensland Supreme Court, who recently seemed to suggest Taylor and Mrs Gleeson could face official censure if they didn’t return hundreds of thousands of dollars he had duplicately overcharged a grazier in regards to a land deal – a deal which he lost anyway. Taylor quickly folded like all bullies, and the matter was settled pronto.

          Or perhaps you have some chums in the governing legal authority who might enlighten you as to Taylor’s track record. Taylor has done for the legal profession what the late unlamented Ivan Milat did for bush walking. Hope this doesn’t stop Bazza shouting you the lunch he probably promised you to send in your (heavily edited) comment.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      The most positive thing Bazza did for Townsville was move to Noosa, only problem is he does his bit to make sure the Mullet stays in power in Townsville and lumbers those of us living here with the useless failure, something he doesn’t have to endure himself as he doesn’t live here, a bit like taking a crap in your neighbours house, leaving them with the stench and then sliding back home and avoiding it yourself, nice.

    • The (Mostly) Civil Engineer says:

      Bindi, any chance you could give a few examples of his benefits? I’m coming up short.

    • Alahazbin says:

      BF only if it benefited he and Mayor Radiances pockets. Townsville Sands anyone?

  20. The Magpie says:

    Everything is never enough for our bloody paper.

    This is, from any journos point of view, a story with just about everything, violence, juvenile rebellion, a school setting, a weapon, a lock down, anxious parents, and so on and so forth, the lot. But poor freakin’ idiots that we are, we have to be told that a school stabbing is a ‘horror’.

    The Astonisher always finds it necessary to insult us by putting lipstick on a pig. ‘Student Stabs Teacher’ speaks for itself and is way more jolting that telling readers to be ‘horrified’. Or for the legally nervous, just ‘Teacher Stabbed’. looking at it further, because of the homongeous glop served up across all News mastheads to fill space, ‘Townsville Teacher Stabbed’.

    This is a News Ltd thing … the Courier today told us we were to be ‘shocked’ at a moped riding food delivery bloke travelling in a bike and skateboard (yes really) lane in Brisbane, and when challenged, a told complaining cyclist to ‘f… off’. It’s a wonder the Courier trusts it readers who have to be directed in every other area to understand that ‘F… off’ means ‘Fuck off’. Which is what so many of their former readers have done.

    • Insider says:

      The media’s use of hyperbole continues unabated. Communities are regularly “rocked” by bad news or they are left “reeling”. Lazy, meaningless journalism.

      • The Magpie says:

        Just to take the opportunity more broadly on this subject, one of the more insidious media-wide usages that waters down original meanings is substituting ‘injured’ for ‘wounded’. It started about 30 years ago as the ‘peace, love and vegetables’ mob of PC gained news media positions of power. But for The ‘Pie, they are discreet meanings, although those who want to could see the dictionary definitions as ambiguous. But ‘wounding’ removes all suggestion of an accident. Somehow, there is a feeling of insult in say, a soldier wounded while serving his country being subliminally compared with a road accident victim or someone who fell over drunk on broken glass. Even worse, an innocent civilian being caught in terrorist crossfire – they are not injured, which suggests accidental, they were ‘wounded’.

        • Achilles says:

          So bloody right Pie, I have had both serious wounds and serious injuries. Therefore I fully understand the clear distinction between the two; and no the injuries where not as a result of being pissed, well not the serious ones anyway.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Yes, along with headlines that display lame attempts at humour, often trivializing the subject of the story.

    • The Magpie says:

      And an instant contrast is provided today with this succinct informative headline that is free of any adjectives or intensifiers.

      • No More Dredging says:

        ‘Pie, beneath the headline article appears to be another by Tony Raggatt (print too small to read) “Legal blow to political ambitions”. What’s that all about?

        • The Magpie says:

          Some TCC bloke was fined for belting a Kalgoorlie taxi driver a few years back … a delayed prosecution, he had a clean bill of health when background checked and hired a while ago by the TCC as an accountant. No biggy, reasonable yarn, very much a ‘there but for the grace of god’.

  21. The Stockman says:

    Another day in Crimsville highlighted by another crime.
    Harvey Norman staff at Domain were just confronted by a “youth on an outing with his carer” wielding a knife…

  22. No More Dredging says:

    ‘Pie, there’s a gag doing the rounds:

    Donald Trump says “Nothing is made in America anymore. I just bought a TV and it says on the sticker “BUILT-IN ANTENNA”. I don’t even know where that is.”

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      I think even the hopeless failures at TEL would not be stupid enough to think that Numbskull Gill and his band of losers at TAPL would ever be able to deliver something like that, good thing for the exporters of NQ it went to Cairns, has some chance at being successful up there.

      • The Magpie says:

        That was the dream for the Bluewater airport at one stage, back in the day.

      • Stillnotalocal says:

        TEL’s application for the export hub didn’t make it past the original EOI phase last year. A partnership with Harbourside out at the port I believe was the plan.

      • Real City Economist says:

        The poor old Bluewater guys got gazumped not because of TEL but because they had Dumb and Dumber in their corner. A couple of idiots in tin foil hats undermined any credibility the BW folk may have been able to garner if they weren’t so consumed by Tim Foil’s conspiracy theories.

        • The Magpie says:

          And on that subject, Pete Newey has longed boasted his immunity from civil defamation action because he says he hasn’t got anything, money, assets etc … but a couple of his latest posts have clearly crossed the line into hate speech and possibly racial incitement – and that’s when the wallopers (AFP variety) come a knockin’, they don’t care about your assets or lack thereof, they care about the law. And all one aggrieved person has to do is make a complaint. Pete is doing a sterling job lifting Townsville’s profile, redneck xenophobia is almost as good as floods and kiddy crims.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      I would think, no. Had TEL been chasing this facility they would have been shouting about it from the roof tops, all of the Townsville region would have been aware of it and providing support where they can. But no.

      To give our underemployed ‘Pie some more work I suggest that, from time to time, he high-light those Local Governments doing a good job and compare them to our Mullet and Friends, who have little interest in community welfare, but are focused on gaining and maintaining power. (sorry, long sentence. )

      • The Magpie says:

        Understand the sentiment, but see little point in highlighting people for doing what they are both expected and paid to do … a Christmas card should suffice.
        And underemployed, Davey, you motley fool? … you try writing the bloody thing every Saturday for nine years and see how under-0employed you feel.

  23. The Magpie says:

    They really are drunk down at the Courier. Really. What else can explain it? In typical news fashion, the heartening news of good rainfall out west wasn’t enough in itself for a paper to just tell the story and avoid typical overreach. Like this.

    Now this may be a juvenile attempt at humour, but comparing’ JT’ to ‘JC’ is no doubt offensive to that much maligned, unfawned-over group known as Christians. Reporter Nicole Pierre (who one assumes is not responsible for the headline) cited the Quilpie Shire Council website, which used a mangled biblical quote ‘ … And on the third day he brought more rain …’ , as an understandable and uplifting affirmation of the welcome event. It is a quote from Hosea 6:3 ‘… on the third day He will raise us up, that we may live in His presence. So let us know …  the LORD. As surely as the sun rises, He will appear; He will come to us like the rain, like the spring showers that water the earth.”

    Then the addled children News Ltd allow to run the Web’s ‘come-on headlines’ decide that everything is never enough and dragged in the completely irrelevant visitor to Quilpie Jonathan Thurston and his mega celebrity status in the hope of snagging readers … readers who by themselves are apparently unable to seek out a good news story about rain in a drought stricken region.

    The ‘Pie wonders if these apparently unsupervised kiddies who think up this stuff would be allowed equal license if JT was, say, of the Muslim faith. Would they dare make a pun quoting Allah for a caption for the above photograph – maybe ‘Piss Be Upon You.’?

    No a chance of that, the PC police would have their balls … if they’ve dropped yet.

  24. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Figures released from Core Logic show just how bad things are in Townsville for real estate values, it only takes $537k to buy a 98th percentile home in Townsville these days, just amazing when you think about it and a direct link as to why people in Townsville don’t want to spend money and the flow on effect it has through the local economy, Cairns for example is $830k, that’s a big difference.

  25. Critical says:

    Well Pie looks like someone in Council does read your blog and noted that Council was contravening legislation and not being transparency in the grants area. At long last I see that grants, including those grants made by the Mayor and Councillors, have been put up on the TCC Dashboard, although not in a very easy to read format, particularly if you’re using a device. Be interesting to see if the total value come 30 June 2020 is $4.1 million, if not, then the question must be asked where is the balance or is there an underspend in this area.

  26. Bagwhan says:

    Why is the TB getting the lead sock puppet of the Dudley Do-Nothings to comment on crime?….is TEL about to herald how they have championed govts at all levels for a solution of Townsville’s crime woes?

    • The Magpie says:

      Probably … they do it for everything else.

    • Mike Douglas says:

      Bagwhan, was in Brisbane after the ACA report on Townsville being held to ransom by young criminals and after the taxi driver asked where I was from he quoted the program verbatim . The out of control crime is costing Townsville businesses on the expense line in regards to extra security , repairing damages and graffiti , requests for cctv footage , insurance renewals . Companies / Investors have a choice where they invest as well as workers where they relocate so that’s why industry groups are commenting . Add any companies that tender or supply Adani and the lost productivity and security is adding up . Renewable energy is now coming from the Adani Solar Farm in Moranbah and is it up to 23,000 houses that it can supply ? . Most activists or tin foil hat TRRA have no idea about Adani assets like Abbott point or the new Solar Farm .

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