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Sunday, November 7th, 2021   |   145 comments

Johnathan Thurston’s Quiet Little Rowes Bay Love Affair Revealed

JT wanted to keep it all hush hush, but sorry, mate, The Magpie outs you.

The Bulletin makes a mistake … and then makes a mistake correcting the mistake. (But given The ‘Pie’s track record with errors, he is hesitant warble too loudly.)

From the Unfunny Department, our mayor tells ratepayers they knew they were going to be slugged for cost blowouts on the stage 2 pipeline project, what are you whinging about? Nothing to do with me, she lied in the paper. The Magpie is indignant … yes, know its hard to believe but he is.

Back to the Astonisher – the paper promises a story that will tell us all, and then doesn’t … The Magpie corrects their oversight.

And the honeymoon that never was: Joe Biden gets a pasting in the polls, seeming not to learn that simply NOT being Donald Trump is not enough. That subject dominates our regular pictorial gallery from America. And adding to that,  The ‘Pie delves into the latest confusing globally viral catch phrase – ‘let’s go, Brandon’  – which is anything but supportive encouragement … and it ain’t for Brandon. Funny stuff.

Skip this bit if you want, it’s the commercial break. Like young star-crossed lovers, The Magpie’s Nest exists on just bread and love, so if you love the Nest too, and can spare some bread to keep its pecker up and the bailiff from the door, the donate button is at the end of the blog. And thanks to all those who continue to give material support for this labour of love.

Now onward.

Pole Position

You’ll recall a week or two ago, The Magpie made merry with this bit of a thigh slapper error in the Astonisher.

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 11.29.26 pm

The ‘Pie agreed, suggesting Pole Dancers Of The World Unite. Well, it seems this has been weighing on some minds, not the least of which is Bentley’s. Seems he can’t shake the image … hope you can, though.

Polies prelim SMALL

The ‘Pie will now tiptoe quietly out of this item, as many a reader fall into a misty-eyed reverie, their thoughts going to what might have been if Amanda Vanstone or Alexander ‘Fishnets’ Downer were still around. You can bet Pauline Hanson and Plibbers get a twirl or two as well.

But Wait … There’s More From The Astonisher Files

The Melbourne Cup proved to be anything but a winner for iditor Craig Warhurst. On orders from afar, he tried to re-jig the layout of Monday’s paper to accommodate the Melbourne Cup mega insert. And puzzle-page punters weren’t impressed.

The Magpie

November 2, 2021 at 12:10 pm  (Edit)

Oh dear. Even the apology is a puzzle!

It appears The Magpie wasn’t the only one to contact the Astonisher editor Craig Warhurst about the missing puzzles page. As he admits, lots of others were on his hammer about it, too. As The ‘Pie said, such pages are valuable reader embedding tools, papers neglect them at their peril.

And Craig, since you were gracious and good natured enough to give a frank mea culpa in reply to The ‘Pie’s complaint, the old bird doesn’t want to carp, but you make-good advice has The’Pie confused.

Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 11.33.38 am

Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 11.44.44 am

Ummm, no Tuesday puzzle then? … or did you mean Tuesday, and not Wednesday? You did, we checked the answers. OK, OK, it’s not like The Magpie never makes an error. But specialist pages like the Puzzles and comics may not seem to figure largely in the scheme of things, but they actually do … they cement readership and sales and always have.

But tell you what … Monday’s cryptic crossword will be the most universally correctly completed puzzle in the history of the page.

From The ‘Do Me A Bloody Favour’, Dept of:

Jenny Hill

At the risk of making the more sensitive among you run screaming from the room, The Magpie must report that Jenny Hill has been caught with her pants down. (Come back, come back, it’s only metaphorical.) As revealed here last week, the mayor dumped on the ratepayers the news that they were going to be king hit with a $74million blow-out cost for the Haughton Pipeline stage 2.  Initially, she had refused to address the issue when quizzed by the Bulletin, starting with a querulous ‘no comment’ , but when pressed, came up with the deeply weird and evasive guarantee that ‘there will not be a 20% rise in water rates’ – which immediately assured and confirmed there WILL BE a water rate rise just we don’t know how much. Well, 30% isn’t 20% is it, and who’d put it past her?

But then, after a weekend with her spinners, she doubled down in a manner that left The Magpie … let’s say, unimpressed. from commen ts

The Magpie

November 2, 2021 at 11:23 am  (Edit)

Mayor Jenny Hill Accuses The Electorate: You whingers knew! And it wasn’t my job to tell you.

Yes it was, Clr Hill … and you bloody know it.

In today’s (MONDAY) Daily Astonisher, the mayor does a recovery scramble, dodging, ducking, squirming, weaving. And all we get is ingenuous blame shifting. The paper reported:

Screen Shot 2021-10-30 at 10.15.01 am

MAYOR Jenny Hill has denied suggestions people were unaware of added costs of up to $74m ratepayers would have to wear to develop stage two of the Haughton pipeline. But she has committed to minimising “any impact on ratepayers” and says Townsville City councillors are keen to maintain some of the “cheapest water in the state” that people currently enjoy.

That’s is one of the clumsiest attempts ever to put lipstick on a pig.

The initial report (published here in previous comments) which stated any overrun would be met by increased water rates, was a primarily a Federal document. It therefore did not address the reasonable expectation that the state government would step in to avoid any burden on the ratepayer from the inevitable blow-out. Which is certainly what Palaszczuk and Dick the Dick would’ve done, had it not been for the political game playing in George Street, culminating in the GST hissy fit (“fuck the feds money, we’ll do it ourselves”).

So Townsville ratepayers now find themselves holding this bastard baby, because the state can’t be expected to double up and cover the extra (they should, they helped cause it) and the Commonwealth isn’t in the business of directly propping up council budgets in this way.
That was put more succinctly in the story by someone who should know.

Linda Ashton and Phillip Thompson

“Water for Townsville Advocacy Group founder Linda Ashton said there had been a lack of transparency and consultation and they were unaware of the additional costs.
Ms Ashton said the group expected there would be a cost blowout because of the extra time being taken to start work and because of Covid-19.
“We thought the state would fully fund stage two,” she said.

What this mayor stubbornly refuses to recognise is that in her role as putative civic leader, she is charged with – and paid to – keeping the electorate informed of matters that directly affect them, particularly rates. To say that the average ratepayer knew of the small print they would be slugged is sophistry of the first order, mayors and councillors are elected to interpret, warn, predict and protect ratepayers from this sort of unfair imposition. They are there to read the small print. If not, what? And paid very handsomely to do so.

But this mendacious mayor – forever snivelling about others ‘playing politics’ – was soiling her dainties as it became inevitable that her dereliction to be open and honest with the people she is supposed to champion -us- would soon have to find out the truth; that Townsville ratepayers will cop a financial pasting because her state Labor government pals had indulged in a grandstanding deliberate fight with the Lib/Nats federal coalition over the pipeline funding.

But even to the end, she was playing for time when Tony Raggatt tells us:
“The council is said to have agreed to the costs in a closed meeting on September 22.”

That hardly helps your cause of being a responsible, inclusive leader, Mayor Mullet. So, at a secret meeting SIX WEEKS AGO, not just the mayor, but all the councillors knew this was coming. Why was it secret? Was Jenny manipulating the rules, trying to give herself more time to pull an improbably rabbit out of her magic hat? This is not the sort of issue that should be decided behind closed doors, this is a desirable test of transparency. There cannot be any weasel words about commercial in confidence here.

This issue is edging towards CCC territory.

JT Just Can’t Help Himself When It Comes To Matters Of Passion

Johnathan Thurston - the Face of Toiwnsville?

Undoubtedly, Johnathan Thurston is a passionate man. We all saw and loved his passion for footy, his passionate call on national television for our new stadium, his passion for helping indigenous youngsters find their way in a confusing world,  … and it seems his love for his home turf, Rowes Bay, has now reached the passionate stage.

JT, a man who could live anywhere he wants to, and his wife have decided that Rowes Bay is the place to raise their family.  Perhaps that is why JT has quietly reached a private sale deal with Brendan Pickering to buy impressive pile at 6 Palm Street. Built in the Cape Cod style four years ago, the property is said to have set JT back a piffling little $4.7million. That makes it in the top tier of prices for residential in Townsville.

This is the third property in JT’s Palm Street portfolio (Palm Street is faces Maggie Island and the beach, but is set back from the Pallarenda road by parkland.) In 2013, he bought 52 Palm Street for $1.22m, and is reputed to have since spent around a million on renos. And in 2019, he splashed out on the vacant corner block at 2 Palm Street, where in intended to build. But it appears he couldn’t be fussed waiting for an expensive build in the current uncertain construction climate, and figured, bugger it, and has bought two doors down, ready to occupy.

Of course, if he decides to put his personal reno touch on his new pad, Johnno can move his family into the three-bedroom apartment he still owns on The Strand, which was built and sold to him by one Lozza Lancini back in 2008.

And while $4.7m smackeroonies sounds a tad stratospheric, it’s nowhere near the $6million Adam Carmichael (must be big bucks in the car game) got for his place in Stirling Drive, Yarrawonga. The buyer was his mate, the 1300 Smiles fang farrier Darryl Holmes, who needed somewhere to crash when his unsmiling missus kicked him out for doing some unauthorised fillings – or was it a root canal –  with a staff member.

But even $6million is likely to be put in the shade if developer Glen Maidment’s Glamis Court place ever hits the market. The ‘Pie is told it is apparently built on a double block 1200 m2 and the dwelling over three levels is over 1000m2 total floor area. Guest quarters 220m2 !!!

Does anyone have that many friends?

Broken Promise

The Bulletin gave a promise during the week, guaranteed to fuel up the fires of property envy, and then welshed on the deal. This was the come-on.

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 7.50.09 pm

Find out who they are? Well, not quite. These were two were singularly lacking in the promised info.

Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 10.34.35 am

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 11.49.11 pm

Not to worry, The ‘Pie specialises in telling you what The Astonisher can’t or won’t.

3 Stirling Drive is currently owned by Dr Joel Wight, haematologist at Mater hospital. He purchased from Paul Green in February 2021 for $1.85M after Green spent a. small fortune on renos after he in turn had plenty bought it from Mark Adams December 2013 for $1.1M. Word around is Green didn’t make any profit after extensive building works, and given the work, doesn‘t seem to have appreciated all that much in 8 years. And a fun fact you certainly won’t get anywhere else: sleazebag Jarrod McCracken was also a past owner…paid $1.85m 2010, bank sold it, mortgagee in possession  $950k, 2013.

Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 10.34.56 am

3 Fairlight Cres Annandale is currently owned by Dr Dharmesh Anand, cardiologist Mater Med Centre. He and wife purchased for $1.92M in January 2021 from owner who had paid

$2M in 2015. (she was in mining industry and also spent $$$ on refurbishment) Built by plastic surgeon Mark Vucak circa 2003. If the name is familiar, Vucac is the disgraced plastic surgeon who had his license susopended and faced a medical Board inquiry after he was found to have made multiple … ummm …. unethical personal implants with a female patient.

Now here’s something that may save you some bleeding at the keyboard. There is little doubt that the Bulletin was lent on heavily by these two owners against publishing their names and professions, probably in light of Townsville’s Olympic level break and enters. But the ownership is on the public record, and if The ‘Pie can get hold of it, anyone can. So there’s no point in heaping coals on the old bird’s head on this one. Even the brain dead little snots out there – if capable of reading the paper or website –  could have a wild guess that whoever owns a place of this value might just have some goodies worth an unofficial valuation. So if that was the concern, the owner’s identity is irrelevant.

It’s not as though these sorts of folks leave the key under the mat or in a fake rock in a pot plant.

A Medical Miracle: Townsville Man Recovers Previously Lost Memory

 Les Walker and wife Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 9.14.30 am

A very cranky magistrate has chucked out the nonsense charge of assault against Les Walker, brought by political wannabee Stephen Lane.

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 9.52.43 am

Beak Peter Smid told Lane he couldn’t believe how this ‘waste of time’ had abused the criminal justice system, and that he found Lane’s evidence to be ‘evasive’ . Smidy also had serious concerns about Lane’s credibility. The good news for Townsville is that this has surely put an end to Lane’s pitiful political ambitions once and for all, and we won’t be distracted with his antics next election.

But the really good news for Walker was that he has suddenly recovered his memory, lost previously when he was decked at the Mad Cow pub sometime ago. ‘I always knew I was innocent (in this matter),’  Mr Walker told the media. So having always known his innocence through sharp recall, the memory problem seems to have cured itself.

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 9.14.40 am

But what’s with the constant water works? This is the MP who in his maiden speech in parliament, choked up when simply talking about his family.  And after declaring his memory returned after Friday’s verdict, turned on the waterworks again. One reasonably suspects Messagebank could do with some professional sessions on the couch … after all, he’s used to lounging around looking confused.

The Council’s WD40 Bill Must Be Horrendous

The amount they need to keep the staff turnstiles from over-heating must cost a motza.

An informed reader dropped this into The Nest a short time ago.

The revolving Doors of Townsville City Council Executive keep turning. Hot on the heals of the departure of Chief Strategist (HA!) Bret Brogan, off to a cushy Housing and Construction (Labor) job in Brisbane, the much-touted Director of Lifestyle, Economy, Environment and Planning Scott Mason has gone after only 5 months in the role. 

Headhunted from the thriving metropolis of Emerald in June, Mason’s departure was announced to staff in an email from the all-powerful part-time CEO Prince of Darkness Prins Ralston, stating that the departure was by mutual agreement – Ralston speak for “it’s my way or the highway”. Having met Mason socially early in his tenure, alarm bells were already ringing in his ears. I’d say he perhaps had too much ethics to work in the Walker Street world of Hill, Ralston and co and maybe asked too many questions.

No wonder developers such as Lancini, Adams and Tapiolas have lost faith in this town – Mason was the fourth or fifth Planning Director in as many years and Ralston the 5th CEO in 5 years. Does this, and the inability to attract and keep quality executive staff, speak to the dysfunction of an organisation ruled by political spite and non-transparency?

When will the LGAQ, The Local Government Minister, CCC look into the complete dysfunctional, secretive, politically driven goings on in Walker Street? Yeah right

Wellcamp Or Hellcamp?

Wellcamp impression Artist-Impression-regional-accomodation-centre-image-1-1024x576

As the ill-advised quarantine venture near Toowoomba presses ahead, the question hangs heavy: will this venture between the Queensland Government and the Wagner family end up as a standing testament to an inept, corrupt government and clever, thrusting corporate muscle?

It’s a classic case of the good news (for Toowoomba)  and the bad news (for the Queensland taxpayer).

The good news for Toowoomba will make we here in the Townsville region shed tears of frustration and regret. The reason is spelt out in the opening paragraph of today’s progress report  of the Wellcamp quarantine facility, as reported on the informed IQ Industry Queensland site. Construction on the Wellcamp regional quarantine facility has reached a new milestone with the installation of the first Toowoomba-made and manufactured accommodation modules.”

When The ‘Pie read that phrase ‘’Toowoomba made and manufactured’, his thoughts immediately harked back to how the manufacture of the pipes for the Haughton project turned into our biggest missed opportunity of the past few years. Mayor Jenny Hill, in the thrall of the unelected decision makers she employs as consultants, resolutely refused to exercise any political will to have the pipes manufactured here. Had she done so, she would have incubated a nascent industry for the city, which could win contracts across all of Queensland and employ scores, if not hundreds of people.

The Wagners’ self-interest has room to include their home community which has been the base for their hard won success, and there is little doubt that somewhere, somehow, the accommodation modules could have been a less expensive proposition if made elsewhere, even in SE Asia. But the family virtually gifted the job to the local economy.  And the quarantine facility itself which the Wagners successfully lobbied for is worth ‘350 to 400’ jobs during construction. 500 modules will be ready by the end of the year and the remaining 500 completed in the first quarter of next year.

Not that the Wagners philanthropy extends much beyond their home city and the private Wellcamp  international airport. This company would have been happy to gouge ratepayers funds from Townsville and Rockhampton to built the infamous Adani airstrip – a potentially ruinous venture cut off at the knees by public outcry.

But have the taxpayers been taken for an unjoyful ride with this hellcamp venture – its future looks illusory. IQ Industry asks the big question; as COVID-19 quarantine regimes ease across the nation,  what it will be used for?

Prize goof and Deputy Premier Steven Miles (deputy premier? How the hell did that happen?) gurgled a non-answer to IQ News:  “Queensland needed purpose-built quarantine facilities like Wellcamp to build resilience should there be a community outbreak or if a new COVID-19 strain emerged. Our use of border controls, quarantine measures and vaccinations have so far kept us one step ahead of the Delta virus.  As we look to our future of living with COVID we need to proceed in a measured, cautious and safe way to bring Queenslanders home and that includes a network of quarantine options such as quarantine facilities and home quarantine arrangements.”

There are two reasons that there are those who might see this as the tautology of political sophistry, waffle to disguise some undeclared backroom deal. Undeclared doesn’t necessarily mean illegal, but it can still mean unethically opaque, especially in light of the Commonwealth facility being built at the far more geographically sensible site near Brisbane Airport. And home quarantine is clearly the coming mode of isolation, so it is clear that places like Wellcamp will quickly become redundant to their original purpose.

And Queensland taxpayers will be permanently quarantined from a large chunk of their money. For absolutely no good reason at all.

 Almost There Across The Stepping Stones

This little gem was of interest during the week, but not for the nostalgia.

Jenna Cairney 2

You’ll remember our comely Scottish lassie, Jenna Cairney,  who was briefly the editor of the Astonisher a while back. She trudged off south to take over Murdoch’s Mercury in Hobart.  And now we read:

Gutwein hires former Mercury editor

Tasmania’s Liberal premier, Peter Gutwein, has announced that he has hired Jenna Cairney, the former editor of Murdoch’s Mercury newspaper, as his director of communications, media and public relations.

“Jenna joins the Tasmanian government from her role as editor of the Mercury, a position she has held since January 2020 as the first female to take the helm,” Gutwein said on Thursday. “Before that, she edited the Townsville Bulletin, Sunshine Coast Daily and Grafton Daily Examiner – the first female to do so at each of those organisations.”

Let’s put aside the fact there must be something wrong with Gutwein’s assessment antennae – Grafton, Townsville and the Sunshine Coast – and Hobart for that matter – are not words that would fill an Australian state premier seeking an experienced spruiker with such unbridled confidence. No, forget all that, and let’s take a stroll down the path beaten through the tangled underbrush by KRudd on his anti-Murdoch crusade.

If Gutwein sees the editor of Tasmania’s main newspaper as just the ticket to be his Director of Communications, Media and Public Relations, then ergo, Ms Carney’s stance as Mercury editor must have been that of a Gutwein kneeler. So now Rupert doesn’t just have the most influential paper in the state (for whatever that’s worth) but the Premier’s main shill is now an ex-employee with – given her fast track up the ladder – reason to have gratitude to the Great Man. What’s the betting Ms Cairney’s next stop is Canberra?

Over to you, KRuddy.

A Local Explainer

The ‘Pie was delighted to read that a local firm CivilPlus Constructions, had won a big contract for a pipe laying project in the suburbs.  But it was a bit disconcerting to read that more than 500 metres of the pipe running along Stagpole Street West End, would be a ‘no trench installation’.  Was this weasely tech talk meaning the pipes would be an unsightly above-ground eyesore?

Absolutely not, was the assurance from civilPlus’s Mathew Brown, who told The ‘Pie

“No-Trench Installation” for pipelines refers to a pipe construction method where pipes are installed underground without the need of an open excavation. This is achieved by undertaking horizontal directional drilling through the ground using specialised machines then pulling the pipe through.’

Mr Brown even included a fascinating video demonstrating this clever technique.

The Don And Joe Show: Presidents Past And Present Continue To Provide Us With Grim Laughter

The absurdity that is Donald Trump has blunted many humorous jests about him … how do you joke about a joke? But one social media post made The ‘Pie laugh out loud. This wordless woman speaks for the world.

And in the same vein, Joe Biden is the butt of one of the strangest memes – ‘Let’s Go Brandon’  to go viral in the past couple of weeks. ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ doesn’t mean someone named Brandon is being exhorted to increase his endeavours, anything but. In one of the strangest phenomenons of language, possible only by social media, ‘let’s go, Brandon’ has gone viral and is on T-shirts and coffee mugs, because it’s coded message for ‘Fuck Joe Biden.’

Technically a mondegreen*** Russel Brand explains how it all came about … and btw, the last part of this video is Brand’s take on a political utopia, not necessarily The ’Pie’s, but it remains there because a) it’s kinda interesting and b) the ‘Pie doesn’t know how to edit it.

*** mondegreen | ˈmändəɡrēn | noun. A misunderstood or misinterpreted word or phrase resulting from a mishearing of the lyrics of a song. ORIGIN 1950s: from Lady Mondegreen, a misinterpretation of the phrase laid him on the green, from the traditional ballad ‘The Bonny Earl of Murray’.

Joe Biden’s woes, now reflected in the lowest approval rating of 43% (matching Donald Trump’s highest), are many and varied, and much of his own seemingly dilatory making. Add in a couple of traitorous turncoat democrats, and no wonder sleepy Joe goes cat napping all the time. And the Glasgow fiasco was on minds too.

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 8.40.33 am Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 4.59.51 pm Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 8.36.59 am Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 5.00.52 pm Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 5.01.31 pm Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 9.35.38 am Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 8.42.01 am Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 4.57.43 pm Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 5.00.29 pm Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 4.58.26 pm Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 9.37.36 am Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 9.38.24 am Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 8.37.20 am Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 8.54.02 am Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 8.54.31 am Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 8.54.52 am Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 8.53.26 am Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 8.38.13 am Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 8.36.18 am Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 8.56.04 am

Bill Maher Takes On The Word Perverts – Bless Him

Listening to this, The Magpie feels totally inadequate in the face of the clear analytical and eloquent intelligence of this critique of what The ‘Pie has always railed again … word theft, and the perversion of  everyday language by wrongheaded zealots. Like Herman Melville’s hero Billy Budd, The ‘Pie becomes speechless with rage at the lies.  fortunately, one of the best comedic commentators in the business, Maher has never been speechless, and hopefully never will be.


Another week negotiated, and plenty of fun was had in comments (The ‘Pie got a right old pummelling for a silly joke he made about the PM,  you can have a kick at him too if you are making a point).  And if you’d like to help with the costs of the blog, the donate button is below.

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  1. Peter Lucas says:

    From memory many years ago all capital cities & major regional areas used to have Commonwealth built & run quarantine facilities.
    All sold off to developers no doubt.

    • The Magpie says:

      Wasn’t there a quarantine station at the far end of Pallarenda?

      But of course, those quarantine stations were there for international matters, not interstate people (although we had a taste of today with the fruit fly inspections at state borders).

      • Addled says:

        Up until federation in 1901 quarantine facilities were established and run by the states. A quarantine station was built by the QG in the mid-1880s at West Point on Magnetic Island which later was dismantled and moved to Pallarenda about 1916. And remains there, empty now I think but in the mid-1970s the temporary HQ for AIMS, then GBRMPA, then the regional HQ for Qld Dept of Environment until the staff all moved into the Verde building in the CBD. There’s a very interesting museum in one of the old buildings – well worth a visit if it’s still accessible.

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          4 Camp Hospital was also out there in the 1970s then moved to Lavarack Barracks by the early 1980s or thereabouts.

  2. Mike Douglas says:

    As you state Pie the Counsellors (excluding independents ) are responsible for “commercial in confidence ” on the pipeline then closed door voting to lump the $79 mil on the Council budget and ratepayers . Are the Counsellors also aware of the contingent liability $ to the Council for the Mayor going it alone on Lansdown ? . Council culture , based on all the Ceos and Senior Managers vacating their roles is it a wonder Tapiolas , Lancini , Honeycombes and others are exciting the City with their $ and Prins who did the Nous is running the show . Ando’s talk of the north also gave a good reason for the local rental vacancy issues with a large agency claiming up to 1,000 landlords have cashed out their rentals and it isnt any better in Ayr , Ingham , Towers for rentals . Issues have been raised on social media on drinking water quality in the Ville again .

    • Addled says:

      Sorry Mike, haven’t seen the Bulletin. Are you saying that 1000s of landlords are selling their investment properties, which were rented out to tenants, and now those places are owner-occupied? Is that a bad thing? Is this just the ‘market’ being the ‘market’? Surely the Covid-induced economic downturn is right in the centre of this?

      • Mike Douglas says:

        The real estate agent advised up to 1,000 local rental properties have been sold by their owners which has resulted in a reduction in the number of rentals . It’s partly the market , the growth in population but you can’t discount the costs of rates , insurance and the State Government amendments to the rental tenancy laws giving tenants more rights regarding pets , lease renewals , other additions . The well meaning Qld Government didn’t read the market and has increased rental increases to the most vulnerable . Public housing waitlist has increased by 170 % locally in the last 5 yrs .

        • Guy says:

          Years ago when I ran for council I had a sit down with a gentleman that outlined his disappointment over the state of Townsville for landlords. As it turned out he had bought multiple properties over the years only to watch them fall over in worth as the years went by. It was a sobering explanation of what was going on.

          Hopefully small landlords are able to finally get out of the townsville market and claw back their losses meted out to them over the years. I’m sure the high end properties would be fine with regards to price ( the owners probably wouldn’t care too much they can zip off somewhere else and just take the hit until selling up for big bucks).

          For the average joe its better to simply buy to live in the house than “invest”. remember there are vast areas around townsville that would be the wet dreams of property developers that would always depress the value of even a house bought a year ago. I drive past the latest offering on the ring road that has the wall of occupation that’s been slapped up to hide the endless fields of houses that will make a few rich. All these estates suffer from the same sickness, narrow roads that would be a nightmare for garbage trucks, tiny backyards, zero true storage space. Still – each to his own.

          If only someone had been warning people for years that the pipeline wasn’t really viable…….

          • Addled says:

            Guy, how do you measure the “viability” of a pipeline? If the town is running out of water you can’t expect that residents, rich or poor, will “zip off somewhere else and just take the hit” until it rains. And you can only ‘recycle’ water that has made it into that other viable pipeline – a sewer. The rest (most I s’pose) is back in nature where it came from.

          • The Magpie says:

            FFS Addled, don’t encourage him, it’s cruel.

          • Guy says:

            Townsville already has a functional pipeline that’s used in severe drought. If the drought got real bad right now it would be used to provide water long before the other pipeline gets going.

            Shrugs shoulders, anyway too late now.

          • Addled says:

            No Guy, the ‘old’ Haughton pipeline was not viable in the long term. Last time it was used, for about three months at the start of a late, late wet season with the dam down to 15%, the output was only just able to keep up so long as Townsville remained on Level3 water restrictions. If that wet season had actually failed we would soon have been on Level4 and in dire straits. That situation will come soon enough as the town’s population and industrial consumption continues to grow so a new larger pipeline, unfettered by coexistence with the Burdekin agricultural channel is inevitable. It’s a crying shame that contemptible political hanky panky at every level of government will probably leave suckered Townsville ratepayers picking up an unfair and unexpected chunk of the cost.

  3. Dutch Reverend says:

    “Cheapest water in the State” that’s no claim to fame. Has anyone tasted or smelt it lately…..it’s disgusting.

    • Jenny Wren says:

      Looks clear, tastes muddy. I run it through a filter before using. It’s disgraceful and has been going on for days and days.

    • Tainted says:

      Dutchie, you’re absolutely right.
      Water from the tap tastes and smells like it came out of a swamp.
      Its not the cheapest water in the State when you add on the cost of packaged water that you have to buy from the supermarket just to get something decent to drink.
      We should be able to claim a rebate back on the water rates. As if!

      • Addled says:

        What a shame there isn’t an AGREED scientific method to test how water tastes and smells. I’m perfectly happy with my tap water, can’t fault it.

        • Tainted says:

          Hey Scrambled Brain,
          You’re probably supplied from the Paluma pipeline and treatment plant. The stuff coming out of the dam has a strong creek water odour and taste that has persisted for the last couple of weeks. Blue Green algae is the reason given.

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            Yes, talking to my local councillor, (I won’t call him my representative) the problem is that the Ross River Dam did not cool down during winter and now blue green algale is with us again until the dam cools down, if ever. The problem could be solved with better treatment including (and I will need help here) UV light treatment or similar. Local councillor advised no plans for that improvement in the future.

            So, we have gone from having equally the best water quality in the country (1970s) to that of a medieval village, whose opponents piss in the water up-stream.

            The Ross River Dam in its conception was never meant to be Townsville’s primary water supply. (See my previous posts going back yonks.) Get used to creek water quality coming from your taps until global cooling (and that of the Ross River Dam) is upon us.

            Scotch and creek water anyone?

          • Addled says:

            Dave, could the Ross River dam be ‘cooled’ with some high altitude water from the Burdekin Dam rather than waiting for global cooling to set in – although it could be a long wait either way?

      • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

        Don’t whinge. As well as water we are giving you a free side-salad from your tap.

        Ungrateful bastards!

  4. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I cringe when I see real estate stories in the Astonisher, someone has this idea that they should do a story to somehow prove Townsville isn’t a pissy backwater when it comes to real estate, but then they include the numbers that actually highlight the fact we are a pissy backwater, most of the prices quoted don’t even make median prices in hundreds of suburbs across the country, it’s pathetic and desperate, but then again it is the Astonisher.

  5. Job in hand says:

    So now QLD Health is telling you to go fuck yourself!


    directly below where to get tested is the Health Benefits of Masturbation

    • Snowpeas says:

      “Giving yourself a hand – is a form of safe sex”. Why didn’t we think of that?
      “Any questions – see your GP for professional and personalised service”.
      Are they serious?

    • Hugh Jars says:

      In their defence, the Qld Government is populated by our state’s biggest wankers and they seem to go from strength to strength. Why wouldn’t Qld Health want the rest of us to prosper? I hear that the new advertising Camapign is going to be “Qld. blue balls one day, sated the next. “

    • Amanda Reen says:

      It’s actually part of the response to the spike in COVID related mental illness. The Tagline is going to be “ Delta’s coming, so should you!”

  6. Dave Sth says:

    Smid is a notorious soft touch from what I have seen reported in media. Tad pompous on this occasion though but having those 2 oxygen thieves in front of you it would be hard not to be…

    • The Magpie says:

      Not sure that’s right, in fact, back in the day, when Peter came over to the bench from heading prosecutions, he wasn’t frightened to hand out mid-to-high-end sentences. And as reported, never has been one to mince his words when annoyed.

  7. Interested observer says:

    Now his memory is restored perhaps Memoryblank Walker can fill us in on the details of his prior dust-up at the Mad Cow.
    As for the tears, could they be of the crocodile variety?

    • The Magpie says:

      No, don’t think so, more an emotional fragility which won’t improve in a high pressure and stressful political atmosphere.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Yep, something not right with messagebank, just an unstable basket case and has some real mental issues, like taking your mum to court and blubbering as he walked out, WTF is that all about. I am sure Crisafulli would give him a pair to sort his shit out and if that fails Puddleduck should go to the governor and sack him as he doesn’t have the capacity to do his job.

        • Addled says:

          The state premier cannot sack a parliamentarian. Sure, they can be chucked out of the party and on to the cross bench but they cannot be sacked, even by the governor.

          • Leave Les alone says:

            Politicians should be representatives of society.

            Les is standing up for (most of the time, except when he is having a sleep at the MadCow) those Mundingbaurra residents who have no self control, can’t handle the piss, and survive on government handouts.

            Watching the behavior of Les it is really hard to work out if he is stupid naturally or does he work at it?

            The best we can hope for is he will speak his mind, leaving him utterly speechless.

            The good thing about pollies like Les is very quickly they are totally forgotten.

          • The Magpie says:

            But it’s the damage they do before they stagger off into a plush taxpayer-funded retirement that is the problem.

            Doing nothing can be just as damaging as a wrong-headed action.

  8. Ducks Nuts says:

    It’s a shame to see competent people like Scott Mason leave Townsville. He had a reputation as a good operator before he arrived. And to all accounts lived up to this.

    While we are on the topic of senior people leaving council, does anyone know why the newly appointed and much liked, GM of IT resigned last week? I don’t believe it was for family commitments or any such waffle. The man had seriously committed to moving to Townsville from Victoria.

    • The artist formerly known as Prins says:

      Couldn’t agree more with Duck’s. I worked under Scott and he was definitely well liked around the place, especially by those who are a bit sick of management that are either tyrants or completely absent. He was basically frogmarched off the premesis. Disgusting behaviour from TCC, and there seems to be a lot of it lately. Some good people fired, and some had enough of it and leaving. Very sad.

  9. Prince Rollmop says:

    The departure of Snot Mason is a bit of a surprise. There were always questions as to why a CEO from Emerald would take a job on a few hundred thousand $$ less and in a position lower than his previous CEO role. He is a strange one, but no stranger than the part time TCC CEO Ralston. Perhaps Mason couldn’t handle the Ralston’s body odour? Or is there something a little more serious going on with Mason? Maybe it was just two giant egos that clashed? There is more to this story than meets the eye…..

  10. Dave of Kelso says:

    I wonder when this aspect of Indian cultural practice is embraced by the wider Australian public. To me it seems a shitty thing to do.


  11. The Magpie says:

    GEN WARS: Zoomers v Boomers

    At last, an eloquent champion of common sense.
    “Sure, our generation dropped the ball on the environment, but has yours picked it up?” It’s Zoomers v Boomers when Bill Maher clinically dissects the hypocrisy of millenniums and Gen Z. A brilliant social analysis. Forward this link to all the people you know under 30.


    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Another ripper from him, he was a little fired up before this from his panel discussion, two black professors of whom one was stuck in the 70’s and 80’s in regards to race relations, which seemed to piss Bill off a bit as they discussed the recent elections and Democrats who seem to have a habit of screwing themselves everytime they get into power.

    • Addled says:

      On the other hand we could all send this piece from the Guardian to our ageing peers:

      “Rebecca Solnit: ‘Woke was kidnapped and has died’
      Once upon a time, the past tense of “wake” left its life as a verb and became an adjective of sorts, a term for describing the quality of having awakened, especially to injustice and racism. Like other vernacular words in the English language, Woke’s youth was among young Black people but its illness and decline came after it was kidnapped by old white conservatives. They were often angry at words, especially new words, most particularly words that disturbed their rest – awakened them, you could say – and Woke was such a word.

      This fairy tale ends badly. Rather than kill Woke, they tried to turn him into a zombie mercenary sent out to sneer at those who were concerned about racism and other injustices. This backfired and “woke” became a marker of the not-OK Boomer, a bilious word whose meaning was more in who said it than in what it meant or mocked. In other words, Woke died. Cool young people were not sad that Woke was dead, because he was no longer their word, and mean old people were not sad because they did not know he was dead. The end.”

  12. The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

    Stopped for lunch and had a look at the Las Walker Title Fight. One thing for sure, he’s a gobby little fella whose grog fuelled ambitions are much larger than his god given abilities. Pity, when he’s sober he’s quite benign.

  13. Terry Who says:

    Not sure where the $4.0+mil came from but realestate values 6 Palm St at
    Estimated value

    $760k Low range

    $923k Mid range

    $1.09m High range


    Just saying. T

    • The Magpie says:

      Information was what was paid, not any valuation. Could be wrong, but the information came from a source who hasn’t been wrong yet.

      • Joining dots says:

        NRL Salary Cap……….Marque Player………..Property Developer…….Price Property Sold……Real Property Valuation

        • The Magpie says:

          Probably, but good luck to JT. What The ‘Pie doesn’t get is the clear antipathy of some towards JT since he retired and delved into various business areas … sure, people are just using his name in some of these endeavours, but that’s his hard-earned marketable product. Just why some folk want to smear and rip into one of the very few people who brought glory and pride to Townsville in the past few years is worth some self-reflection.

          • Plane sailing says:

            Well, it’s a pity J.T. doesn’t care as much about his airline as he does his house. Has anybody here ever flown with Skytrans? It should be Scaretrans. The planes are old pieces of shit. They are always delayed not only does the outside of them look terrible up close, the inside is even worse. I can’t believe these old shot boxes haven’t been condemned.

          • Poppy says:

            Tall poppy syndrome, sadly very common.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            Couldn’t agree more, a lot of the criticism seems to come from the aboriginal community, who feel JT is selective in this regard and uses it when it suits him and he doesn’t support the aboriginal community as much as he could, just typical small minded dickheads of this town who feel he owes them something , he owes them nothing. Many of the former players involved in indigenous community are paid to do so, that’s their job, it’s not JT’s job, he is running his own business and getting on with things, good luck to him.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Terry W, sounds like you don’t live around here with that enlightened assessment of Palm Street real estate values.
      If you ever get the chance on your next visit, take a drive along Palm Street Pallarenda. In particular check out the massive residence that Pie refers to, sitting on an almost double block.
      And as a good mate of mine says, don’t give up your day job and think about a career in the real estate industry !

  14. TCC exterminator says:

    There is much that is very wrong inside our HQ at the moment. There are factions and there is some undermining amongst the Councillors by each other. And in the management team there are bruised egos, there is executive monkey business, and there are personality clashes and a lot of incompetence. This idiot CEO decimated council staff numbers by getting paid a squillion as a consultant and recommending a massive cull of staff, and now he shows up as the CEO! Are you fucking serious? Not one ounce of respect for him from day one. And to be honest he really isn’t CEO material. He is useless. He couldn’t work an honest hour in his life to save himself. He is a lazy lobbyist and a Labor foot soldier, nothing else. Piss off Prins and take the Mullet with you.

  15. The Magpie says:

    Can you believe these ducking aunts? This is every politician’s wet dream, and CANNOT be allowed to stand … it is encouraging and admitting corruption is going to happen.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Absolutely disgraceful. Morrison is basically putting it into the law that politicians can act corruptly without being charged with an offence. This should raise the eyebrows of every single Australian. Legalised corruption!!!! What’s next, politicians exempted from the law when it comes to rape, murder, stealing, illegal drug distribution, and perhaps beastiality? What about tax evasion, paedophillia and spying – no worries, just write into legislation and make it law that they can’t be held to account.

      Everyone should be questioning Pastor Morrison’s morality and ethics in promulgating such a cancerous and dangerous rule. It’s is obvious that his party is lining up ‘mates’ for a fucking big pay day. What a snivelling toad.

    • The Magpie says:

      Some succinct twitter reactions.

  16. The Magpie says:

    Peter Dutton denies paternity, threatens to sue over suggestion it looks like a chip of the old block.

    Lot of chups in thet spud, eh?.

  17. Prince Rollmop says:

    Australian Prime Marketer, Scott Morrison, our least favourite politician and well known faith healer, has lamely espoused his desire for us to all ‘go electric’ with our vehicle choices!!! Ha ha. What an arseclown. Seriously, maybe Scotty can afford, sorry, will receive a chauffeur driven electric car, but what ‘average’ Aussie can afford $100k for such a vehicle??? Can you picture the residents of Kelso, Caboolture, Glenelg or Redfern buying such vehicles? And won’t it take more coal to fuel the power stations to keep up with electric vehicles demand for power? This fuckwit and his ilk are totally disconnected from the real world where real people are having real struggles. The Canberra bubble is rotting the brains of our public serpents. I can’t wait to see all the houseo’s trade in their old bongo vans and paint peeling VY Commodores and AU Falcons for a shiny new electric machine. Ha. Yeah right, pull the other one Scotty, it uses a battery pack. And what about our dear TCC, will the part-time CEO Herr Ralston purchase an all new electric fleet? We all know how he loves to fill his own bank account with money but hates spending ratepayer money on Council assets.

    • Addled says:

      PR, you ask: “what ‘average’ Aussie can afford $100k for such a [electric] vehicle?” Fact is, many of the EVs available or soon-to-be are around half that price. Here’s a selection from the WA RAC:

      MG ZS EV from $43,990 driveaway
      Hyundai Ioniq Electric from $48,970 plus on-road costs
      Nissan Leaf from $49,990 plus on-road costs
      Renault Kangoo Maxi ZE from $50,290 plus on-road costs
      Mini Cooper SE Electric from $54,800 plus on-road costs
      Kia Niro EV from $62,590 (estimated)
      Hyundai Ioniq 5 from $60,000 (estimated)
      Mazda MX-30 EV from $60,000
      Hyundai Kona EV from $62,000 plus on-road costs
      Tesla Model 3 from $62,900 plus on-road costs
      Kia EV6 from $65,000 (estimated)
      Lexus UX300e from $70,000 (estimated)
      BMW i3s 120Ah from $71,900 plus on-road costs
      Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 from $76,800
      Tesla Model Y from $80,000 (estimated)
      Then there are a heap of European marques in the $100K – $200K range.
      I’m not saying they’re cheap but if our government slapped some decent pollution control conditions on new petrol/diesel cars and fiddled with various tax and stamp duty provisions EVs could become very attractive propositions very quickly.

      • Airline says:

        It has given little publicity in the Murdoch Papers or the Current Government that Hertz the Rental Car Company in the USA on the 25th October ordered 100000 Thats one Hundred Thousand Tesla Model 3s. at a cost of $4.4 billion for rental in the USA.. (refer Bloomberg Web Site)

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Hey PR,

      What is the Kelso reference?

      Some here, regardless of the bloody Qld govt inserting into our community a bunch of slumicks who do not have the knowledge, skills or attitude to be useful citizens er; now where was I,

      Some of us here are civilized folk, play musical instruments, drink fine wine, eat soft cheese, and have fine diesel vehicles to tow a caravan to the beautiful remote parts of Australia. When there is a EV charging station at Urandangi (98 km sharp gravel road from the Isa, Boulia road) I will dance naked at the Rock Pool.

      (‘Pie it is not the nakedness that will horify, but my dancing.)

      • The Magpie says:

        Just make sure everything else stops when the music does.

      • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

        Better get cracking on the dance lessons then, it won’t be too long before there is one I’m sure.

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          Powered by the diesel generator that keeps the place going.

          • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

            Good point, you can already charge an EV there so I guess your criterion has already been met. It doesn’t matter that it’s currently diesel.

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            No you can’t. I was there a couple of months ago. No EV charging station. Love to see the condition of a EV after 98klm of that stoney gravel road and another 98 back to the bitumen. We did in two tyres.

          • The Magpie says:

            Bit of a strange argument there Dave. The discussion here is the mode of propulsion, which is hardly going to affect, one way or the other, the sturdiness and reliability of all the moving parts and tyres that both styles of vehicles share. So in answer to your musings, the answer is much the same between both, which all comes down to the main vehicular fault, the loose nut behind the wheel.

          • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

            You can charge an EV anywhere there’s power, and as the Pie pointed out your argument is flawed. There are plenty of ICE vehicles that you wouldn’t want to drive out there.


            Plus with only 20 moving parts in the engine an EV seems like a safer option in some ways.

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            A very sweet little low clearance EV in a EV promotional story seen on dirt (not gravel) and muddy roads. Outback roads are gravel made of chert the size of eggs and avocados with windrows 20 – 30 cm high that would destroy the underside of that sweet little European car on its carefully choreographed journey. Thus far how many Hilux, or Nissan Patrol type EV are there in Australia? None. Thus far EVs are the choice for city based latte slippers with range anxiety. Struth, I have a friend with one and she is reluctant to go to the Heritage Tea Rooms or Paluma.

          • The Magpie says:

            Again, not sure of your argument here, Dave. EV manufacturing will evolve to meet the market, but to get the ball rolling, the vehicles have to be pitched to the mass market of your latte sippers etc. The ‘Pie has the feeling you’re sneering at the inevitable, mate.

          • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

            Here’s one with some more clearance, a Rivian, which you’ve undoubtedly seen in the news following their IPO


            Your insistence that EVs are Faberge eggs on wheels and always will be was silly, but at least you’ve evolved to “thus far”, a sign that you’re close to accepting the inevitable.

          • The Magpie says:

            Always thought a Faberge Egg on wheels was Gina Rinehart on skates.

  18. Ralph says:

    Hey, Mal I think you were right in your appraisal of Punch Drunk Walker being unstable in mind. I watched the CCTV footage and my first thought was, why would a sitting Labor MP want to go into a hotel where a LNP gathering was being held, only looking for trouble, unfortunately we have to put up with this idiot for a few more years to come, Take care, Ralph.

    • Addled says:

      Ralph, if I recall correctly, Mr Walker was walking past a South Townsville hotel returning to his car, with his wife. A drunk fuckwit fell out of the pub and accosted the couple. It’s a pity NONE of our media seems to inhabit the courts these days to obtain the evidence from the horse’s mouth.

      • Grumpy says:

        Adds, now that’s a spin if I’ve ever heard one. How about: One idiot shit-stirs and another idiot takes the bait. Both of them totally devoid of any dignity or couth. I think It could easily have gone either way.

      • Ralph says:

        Addled, if you had watched the CCTV footage your recollection would have been corrected, may I suggest you watch the footage then post a comment starting with the words I stand corrected regarding Punch Drunk Walkers actions outside the Australian hotel.

        • Addled says:

          Ralph, I stand corrected. Walker and his wife appear to have decided NOT to go into the pub and walked away. The other person proceeded to follow them along the footpath. After the “shove” (which appeared perfectly reasonable since the other guy was stalking them) the pair appear to have an amicable discussion. How come there were charges?

      • F Wit says:

        Really Addled? The vision I saw (online and on TV News), Messagebank and his chaperone clearly stopped, waited and looked into the said venue. Then the joker came outside and it took off from there!

  19. Flatulence says:

    EVERYONE farts, including Biden and Camilla. It’s no biggie, unless it’s really rank and dropped in a closed lift full of people!

  20. The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

    This bunch of twat waffle from our glorious leader, destined for social media land:

    Townsville City Council is committed to delivering clean and healthy water to homes and businesses across the city. Our water supply is rigorously tested to ensure it meets all applicable health standards and is safe to drink

    • The Magpie says:

      Why do they say things as though this is an achievement over and above what is expected? tell you why … because they’re NOT.

      • Prince Rollmop says:

        The Magpie makes a very simple but powerful statement – it’s what they get paid to do. We, the ratepayer, expect that the Council (which includes Councillors, the executive management team and the other employees) will deliver the services that we pay for. In essence, that is what they are elected and/or paid to do. The Prince and his cohort want to make a big song and dance about delivering basic services! Fuck off you idiot. Just get to work on reenergising our city, cutting red tape, inviting investors to invest heavily in our city, rather than sitting on your useless fat arse for part of the day, and then the rest of the day doing personal business while having coffee and lunch with every Labor supporter you deem worthy of your royal presence. Conceited prick.

      • X Waterworker says:

        Rubbish. Of course they are. They are legally reguired to do so, under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.

        They say things like that to counter misinformation on Facebook and Blogs.

        TCC like other water utilities have rigorous scientific tests to ensure water safety and quality. The results are reported to the Queensland Government daily. The tests are admnistered by technocrats, not by politiicians. Why would a public servant risk a huge fine or a jail term to misrepresent test results (at no benefit to themselves)?

        • The Magpie says:

          They are NOT … not in the way you suggest.

          Surely in this day and age it should be a given that a council would deliver clean potable water. Under you’re model (which The ‘Pie doesn’t think is quite what you say it is, the requirement is not a media release otherwise why haven’t wee seen regular such missives before), the TCC should put out a weekly media release saying ‘we picked up your rubbish bins today’. Media releases are different from bureaucratic records, and this media release is simply to counter a bad look of truthful information from ratepayers that their water is not what it should be.

          • Xwaterworkertoo says:

            The treatment plant and laboratory staff are working their arses off to make sure the water meets drinking water quality standards. Water quality is tested daily to make sure. And this has always happened. The only time the public usually hears about it is when something fails and there’s a boil water alert.

            Unfortunately they can’t control how much water is in the dam, which is a direct result of rainfall and a lack of pipeline. Low water levels is increasing the water temperature and encouraging algal growth.

            Additionally communications staff at council have no fucking idea of how to engage with the public about community issues and so they are reactive rather than proactive. You don’t hear about things, until shit goes bad, and sometimes not even then because those in charge like to pretend it didn’t happen.

          • The Magpie says:

            And the scientists can’t be blamed for the quality of the product they are given to test. And being scientists, they can easily advise that something that pongs a bit is still safe, they are correct. But perception is the politicians bugaboo, and the perception here is the reality that some of our water literally stinks.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Townsville has always had an issue with water consistency and minerals in particular as the dam level lowers, that is compounded with temperature, it’s why our shower screens calcify so quickly, anodes in hot water systems corrode much quicker here than they do in Cairns for example. So while it no doubts meet the standards it would not be classified as good quality water, just water that meets a minimum standard.

  21. The Magpie says:

    Kenny K, way too long, send it in as a link … the length if a big turn off and a bad example to other commenters. (Give Te ‘Pie a break, mate.)

  22. Lockout Townsville says:

    Looks like a half of Townsville will be locked out of normal life.

    Remember the Queensland State Governments restrictions equally apply to all businesses where 100% employees are not fully vaccinated. This means they are in breach of the CHO public health orders, so must comply or shut down..

    The Hospital still does not have 100% fully vaccinated staff as do many other business.

    This could be the start of mass sackings as employers look to keep the doors open by shutting the unvaccinated out – customers and staff.

    Don’t worry Townsville we are not the only council area in the shit – https://www.health.gov.au/sites/default/files/documents/2021/11/covid-19-vaccination-local-government-area-lga-8-november-2021.pdf

    • The Magpie says:

      The idea maybe right, but the enforcement by management is wrong. venues are not in the employ of the government, they pay their taxes so the government can enforce its own laws.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Naturally these lockouts don’t affect politicians pay-packets or line of work. Surely the revolution is coming. The sooner these fuckwits in government are voted out, the better. It will be interesting to see how long people’s memories are the next Andrews, Palasczuk and Morrison go to the polls.

  23. Kenny Kennett says:

    The following link is a long but interesting read about the electrifying of cars. Probably worth reading, Greta Thumbinyourbum. https://www.forbbodiesonly.com/moparforum/threads/toyota-warns-again-about-electrifying-all-autos-is-anyone-listening.223169/

  24. Tarred without feathers says:

    This is a very interesting article that paints a damning picture of misfeasance, malfeasance and corruption in Councils when it comes to funded money for roads. Mr Mason‘s former employer, Central Highlands Regional Council copped a hiding, a staffer was sacked and jailed while others escaped without being charged. Rumour has it that some dodgy dealings also went on with the Council owned quarry also, which was recently sold to Wagner’s, and in and around 2013 they constructed the Emerald Medical Group surgery building on land that was conveniently owned by a Councillor that was rezoned as ‘commercial’ and then on-sold for a pretty penny which made the Councillor some substantial money. The CCC has sniffed around that one before and made no headway. Perhaps that’s why Mason left TCC after only a few months, some of the previous shenanigans are coming to light?


  25. The Magpie says:

    Is it just The ‘Pie, or is there something deeply distasteful, disrespectful, and out of touch with this front page of today’s Townsville Bulletin?

    Our fallen get equal billing with a furniture flogger?


    • The Magpie says:

      It’s a wonder they didn’t put a jokey headline over the ad – You called, we served.
      And you know why they didn’t? because they didn’t think of it.

      What bastards.

    • Lord Howard Hertz says:

      Like Harvey Norman claims, cheap, cheap, cheap.

    • Snowpeas says:

      Pie, The H.N. front page spread on all regional papers is the same every day. Understand the feelings, but today’s T.B. did better than others. Sadly, some barely managed to squeeze in a small poppy or two and nothing more.

      • The Magpie says:

        Indeed, it would’ve been better and certainly acceptable if there was a small strap pointer with a poppy indicating a big spread inside, and instead have a photo of some ‘brave little cancer fighter’ or some other mawkish front page. It is the fact that decided Remembrance Day was important enough for the front page but only half of it.

        Guess that’s what you get when you have an American owning 70% of the country’s mastheads.

      • Hardly Norman says:

        Gerry Hervey is a parasite. This is the grub who a few years ago wanted EBay purchases to be taxed/pay GST etc because people were buying less expensive products instead of the cheaply built overpriced shite his stores sell. A billionaire almost 3 times over, yet he kicks out a woman from her home after husband, a friend of Hervey for 50 years, croaks it.


        • Grumpy says:

          That gobshite uses the excuse that he is protecting Australian businesses for his GST stance. This, from the man who made billions whilst destroying almost single-handedly the Australian white goods industry. Portrays himself as an “ordinary” bloke. He owns 1500 racehorses – no typo. How much is enough, you jumped up little toad?

          • Poppy says:

            So a guy who started his working life selling vacuums door to door and went on to make something of himself without inheritances or other free money but just entrepreneurship and hard work is bad?

            Those poppys are growing taller

          • The Magpie says:

            Come off it, that’s piss-weak sophism. Certainly Gerry Harvey should be lauded for his drive and business acumen, but when he starts affecting society – yes, he did damage the Australian white goods manufacturing industry all in the name a bigger buck for himself – and starts bitching about a badly needed financial reform introduced by an elected government because it affected his personal as well as his business wealth – well, then he stops being a tall poppy and becomes that bastard of the marigold family, a Stinking Roger … or Stinking Gerry in this case.

            He is a very selfish man. Not too big on philanthropy … or is that incorrect?

          • Charlie Wulguru says:

            Grumpy… Remember the miserable old grizzle and grunt at the time of the GST saga. “I can’t make any money”.

          • Grumpy says:

            Poppy – never said he wasn’t a good businessmen – just a self-serving, ruthless pig. There’s making it on your own and there’s trampling over everyone in your way.

    • HiBeam says:

      I’m with you Pie. On a race to the bottom this gang of charlatans would win gold every time!

  26. Snowpeas says:

    Remembrance Day – Thankyou to all who served or participated in peace- keeping activities. Appreciative thoughts for the returned vets among us – you are not forgotten. Lest We Forget!

  27. Mike Douglas says:

    Rockpool closed again for Algae . Whilst our Councillors sign off $79 mil of ratepayers $ on Haughton pipeline stage 2 both Cairns and Whitsundays successful operate ocean front water complex’s that attract tourism / visitation .

    • Addled says:

      Mike, haven’t been to the “Whitsundays” ocean front water complex but the Cairns one is just a regular pool (like Tobruk) on the waterfront – it isn’t ‘ocean water’ like the Rockpool.

  28. Orsen Cart says:

    What has happened to honesty, integrity and being truthful?
    What about owning mistakes, apologising and moving forward?
    What about being open, honest and accountable?
    Bring back the good times! :(

  29. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Mr. Pie, I notice Scott Moron-son attended Bert Newton’s funeral in Melbourne.
    Just what won’t this vile, mentally-unstable excuse for a leader do to remain in power!
    Bert was a die-hard Labor man FFS!!

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, Flutterby, perhaps you are a touch mentally over-exercised here … the nation wasn’t burying a Labor man, they were burying the much loved legendary entertainer Bert Newton, the Mr Nice Guy who brought pleasure and stability to the Australian entertainment industry. You didn’t have to be a an ALP card carrier to love him. Some would also be attending to honour that rarest of people nowadays, a solid and steadfast family man. Are you suggesting only Labor people should attend the funeral?

      And you’re comment is snide in the extreme, a ‘heads I win tails you lose’ scenario … if Smirko had NOT attended, one can imagine your spittle-flecked explosion as you penned an indignant rant about an uncaring and cold-hearted politicians.

      Cheap stuff.

      • F Wit says:

        Agree with The Magpie, Butter-Flog. An entertainment icon was being farewelled, NOT a card carrying member of the ALP. Back off, or better still RETRACT!

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Die hard? Really? Gee you speak shit Exclusive Butterfuck. And what’s wrong with the country’s leader turning up to Australia’s greatest showman’s funeral. Did you stop to think he may have been invited by the family. Not like Andrew’s who took over the microphone and barely knew him for 5 seconds. I guess if you sign off on a State funeral, you get the right to stand on the podium and pick up the brownie points. Even though your spending someone else’s money. VALE Moonface- you were the best!

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Butterfly, I’m certainly not one to encourage any form of violence, but give yourself a bloody good uppercut will ya’ !

  30. Cowboys Shame says:

    What an bunch on entitled fucks the Nth Qld Cowboys are, for fuck sake all players and staff should be vaccinated.

    And before the crazy conspiracy theorists pile in there are mandates all around you that making things safer, and easier. Things like rules on footy fields or that little white line painted on our roads.

    That bit of paint on the road is mandated by government, and the thing that mostly keeps us from death on the road.

    If you don’t like rules or mandates start driving on the wrong side of the road, or fuck of to a country where there are no rules. I hear Syria, Iraq and central Africa don’t have many rules or mandates from their governments.

    As for the NQ Cowboys fall in line or hand back your government funded stadium, high performance centre you fucking sooks.

    • The Magpie says:

      You’ve been sucked in, mate – by the greatest non-story of the day, for which the Astonisher should be ashamed. A pathetic attempt for panicked readership.

      First, boofheaded reporters Peter Badel and Brent Read start out with a blatant lie.

      That’s just pure poppycock, and after waffling on breathlessly about non-existent emergency board meetings to examine ‘options’, we then read this.

      That’s towards the second half of this non-story: so Taumalolo had been holidaying in the NT and hadn’t thought anything or was particularly aware about get vaxxed by certain date – well, he is a footballer, after all … he certainly has not express any anti-vax sentiment, at least not in this article. or anywhere else that The ‘Pie can find. AND more to the point, the Cowboys management are NOT concerned.

      So reporters Abbot and Costello clumsily ducked and weaved around the fabricated issue that Taumalolo might be dropped for not being vaxxed, which is purely manufactured horse shit … it is clear there is no such dilemma. Well not yet, and there won’t be unless The Big fella turns out to be a religious nutter, in which the Pacific islands specialise.

      Piss poor and glaringly dishonest effort and yet another credibility issue for the Astonisher.

  31. The Magpie says:

    Wait … what?

    • Westie says:

      Scotty, that’s not true.

    • Achilles says:

      He qualifies the protestation by saying “I believe” when you consider the other belief he has; its no wonder he can make that statement all in “good faith”.
      Oh! mighty Zarquan …………………….

      • I am labor says:

        I don’t mind anymore knocking the PM if he’s told lies as long as we remember the lies labor has told in actual cost to us tax payers. Please by all means list them for us but Things like carbon tax, pink bats, NBN, asylum seekers, mediscare, cars that charge in 8 minutes not 8 hours, funding for stage 2 pipeline, no rate rises, no job losses in council, fixing crime rate for n Townsville, bail laws, all labor. There’s a lot more to that list and we all can say we’ve heard of them but nothing was done. I don’t think scomo has gotten close to those yet. If he has then he’s in more trouble than Victoria labor for paying membership from public funds.

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