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Sunday, February 24th, 2019   |   142 comments

It’s A Bugger …But Maybe A Blessing, Too. Do We Need To Clean Up More Than The Mud And Mould?

The deliberate ‘managed’ flooding of Townsville should be the catalyst for a far-ranging review of how we do things in this city … and maybe the way forward is to know how we should not have done them before.

Are we entering the phase of the ‘faceless spokesman’? Seems so, as Mayor Mullet suddenly refuses to comment on some matters.

The floodwaters might have receded but some leeches are still hanging around – firmly plonking their suckers on the public tit … one exponent of the ‘big suck’ is particularly prominent … or has Shayne Sutton departed our company?

… and never the twain should meet … it’s not just the Astonisher having problems with keeping the wrong ads away from the wrong story … one of Britain’s more respected papers has dropped a complete clanger …

Plus your regular illustrated Trump gallery …

But first …

Damned If Adani Do, Damned If Adani Don’t

The ‘Pie’s favorite acid-tongued columnist, the Guardian’s Marina Hyde dropped a wonderful line the other day, and while she was referring hopeless and hapless British conservatives, it is so apt for our Queensland goofarium in George Street, The ‘Pie will borrow it … the Palaszczuk Government is like a gif of someone lighting their own fart and then being consumed by the fireball.

Jackie ‘Treacherous’ Trad has the box of matches, and our premier is the one who’s been chugging down the vindaloo and frothy XXXX, or should that be Adani Ale. Adding to the fireball was Queensland Resources Investment Commissioner Caoilin Chestnutt, who became a roasting chestnut when she described the Black Throated Finch controversy as ‘an absolute mess’ which would delay any subsequent approval of the Carmichael mine by ‘between six months to two years’. That was a bit rich of her, considering she was talking in New Delhi, in a country which knows a fair bit about messes in politics and social ethics.

But those critical of what they see as a cynical and dishonest delay are particularly incensed that arch-Greenie Associate Professor Brendan Wintle has been driving the review – they see that as akin to having, say, Clive Palmer being out in charge of an inquiry whether chocolate doughnuts should be outlawed.

But Bentley’s on to the nutty professor’s game, who seems to have taken a page out of the hunting with hawks manual.

BBF attack small Still Searching For Icebergs

palmer dinner89c8697fb073c7c10b6d02498293322a-1

The man’s sensitivity and sense of timing (not to mention decency) was on full display at the Casino ballroom a few nights ago, when Clive Palmer hosted a lavish dinner promoting his unicorn plan to build a replica of Titanic. This affair had a feel of ‘as Rome burns’, being staged just as the devastating extent of the flood disaster was becoming fully apparent. Clive seems fatally attracted to things that have been destroyed by natural disasters – dinosaurs, the Titantic, but the cynical Yabulu disaster was all his own doing – but his only nod on the night towards the immense local disaster was a pledge of $100,000 to help fund any class action against insurers that may emerge from a flood inquiry. Very handsome of the man willing to splurge $500million on a wild whim.

But the bombast didn’t finish on the night. A day or two later, Palmer called for the TCC to be put into administration and the mayor sacked, because of her handling of the flood disaster. While that scenario has been put in this blog and elsewhere as a question to be answered, it hasn’t been asserted as a fact, until Clive came along.

The response was predictable, but what was interesting was that although a subsequent headline said ‘Mayor Hill Rejects Palmer’s Claim’, the funny thing is … she didn’t. In fact, as far as The ‘Pie has heard, she hasn’t said tickety boo about his attack, and about claims from others that she’s going to have to carry the can on this one. Instead, all of sudden, the mayor went all media shy and we got this …

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 10.11.19 pmNow, all that be as it may, the thing that caught the beady eye were the words ‘a council spokesman’. That phrase has been as rare as rocking horse shit ever since former editor Mick Carroll ten years ago ruled that all such ‘spokespeople’ needed to supply a name and position, no anonymity. (Dolan Hayes went thermonuclear over that one, but he lost anyway.)


So now it seems the council, via a faceless, nameless spokesman (they probably rolled out the rapidly expanding Tony Bligh of the Legal Dept) as an organisation is pre-judging any official findings about what role the mayor played in the deliberate flooding of hundreds of Townsville ratepayers homes.

Something to be learned there, Jenna Cairney .. as Mick Carroll said all those years ago, if there is no name and position to go with statements, what’s to stop people thinking the paper just made it up. And that is far more relevant now than when Mick was in charge.

It Looks Like It’s A Whole New – And Overdue – Ball Game For Townsville

A trusted correspondent on this blog we know as Memory Man has offered many intelligent insights here. During the week, he sent in this story from the Guardian …

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 10.36.46 pm

… and attached these comments.

This stuff is actually serious, and requires very careful consideration. 

Simplistic fluff from the likes of Col Dwyer about the “poor old North” not “getting its fair share” doesn’t address the underlying drivers of risk / mitigation that frame the market for regional insurance. I know talking to colleagues in the global insurance market that cutting out a middle man or two would reduce premiums by about 10% straight away. This means going directly to the underwriters. Only a local authority-backed insurance operation can do this. The Gold Coast City Council did this some years ago.

The flip side is also risk mitigation. In part this means making sure the right things are built in the right places. This is easier said than done, because “the right things” is a function of a minimal specification, which in turn is driven by a given assessment of risk and impact magnitude. Now, the rule has been to build to a 1-in-100 year event impact. This isn’t as silly as it sounds. Folk who’ve derided it as a meaningless measure because such levels have occurred more than once in the past 100 years miss the point of of probability. The reason why the measure is relevant is that it also goes to balancing out the costs of “building the right thing” versus the probable costs of loss (or replacement). Over-engineering is costly to build, and in many cases also unnecessary. Societies accept that there are some things that can be built to a lesser standard, and other things need to be built to a higher standard.

That’s what the public debate should be focused on.

Critical infrastructure should be built to a higher standard; things that are more easily replaced can be built to a lower standard. Additionally, everyone needs to recognise that the probability of severe events occurring is increasing (as well as the severity of events themselves). So, what would be described presently as a 1-in-100 may be better understood as a 1-in-75, for sake of argument. It also means that so-called 1-in-500 events may have a greater probability of occurring in the future than was the case in the past. So a revision of probability estimates to say, 1-in-400, may be necessary. 


Bottom line though is that all asset owners need to take proactive decisions to ensure their assets are built to such as level as warranted by the owners’ own assessment of the trade-off between cost to build today versus value of loss + cost to replace. Where there is a social cost, this externality needs to be added to the equation. The lesson is severe weather is more likely but this shouldn’t be a reason to stop things being developed. It simply means being clearer about the right things being built in the right places, with trade-off risks being clear to those concerned – especially when it involves public implications.

A well debated argument, and The Magpie believes that new infrastructure rules about flood plain developments require urgent review.

Chronic Cronyism: It Really Has Got To Stop

The massive upheaval at executive level in the council has given us a glimpse of the outrageously blatant ‘jobs for the boys and girls’ culture that the likes of Mooney (himself a beneficiary of the rort) and the mayor make little effort to hide nowadays.

A very good case in point is this woman …

shayne sutton

… Shayne Sutton, who is also the wife of Stephen The Screaming Midget Beckett, the lately punted Mayoral shouter at staff and ratepayers. It is not surprising that the council became stacked with imported Labor odd jobbers with questionable qualifications once Mayor Jenny Hill’s poisonous report commissioned from the Nous group in Melbourne was adopted by council, but Ms Sutton has added a new dimension in the grandest ‘let them eat cake’ style.

The Labor old mates club could not be shielded from view when Mrs Beckett arrived in town, following hubby north after the Qld Labor Party decided because of his bad manners, bad temper and bad judgements were not appreciated in the corridors of central power in Brisbane. Shayne Sutton has been a Brisbane City Councillors for 14 years when they upped sticks for Townsville.

But she hadn’t been here five minutes it seemed when she landed a plum $44k p.a spot on Tony Mooney’s Townsville Hospital Board … this has been reported here more than once. Seems mr Mooney just couldn’t find any involved local suitable to his requirements. But what The ‘Pie has just been made aware of is as well as handling that onerous hospital task (less than 6 meetings a year), Ms Sutton was a few weeks later tapped on the shoulder by Mayor Mullet for a newly created, totally bullshit position as … wait for it … the Executive Director of the North Queensland Regional Organisations of Councils (NQROC). The what, you cry? Well, this …

sutton and mayors Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 12.33.27 pm

Gosh, that must take a bit of doing, you wonder. Sure does, as the job description attests. The executive Director draws on her deep knowledge of the region, its history and its priorities and  …

Provides strategic advocacy and engagement advice to five North Queensland Mayors and CEOs \

Facilitates regional collaboration between key internal and external stakeholders to progress agreed strategic priorities for North Queensland 

Media management

Organisational governance and financial reporting

This is a made-up position that in fact didn’t exist before, and at a guess … since the kings of featherbedding the LGAQ are involved … probably commanded a salary of around $70-80K.

Gee, well, you say, she’d have her hands as well as her purse full … maybe, but not so much that didn’t apply for a job the board of TAFE as well. Don’t known how that went, and maybe we’ll never know the full extent of Ms Sutton’s contribution to a community in which she has lived for barely a year.

But this murky NQROC position seems to have been suddenly ‘de-created’ as far as one can penetrate the layers of obscurity around these goings on, so perhaps she is on her way.

Madam, you are a massive leech and our already benighted community can hardly mourn it if you pass on from our midst to infest some other poor bastards’ treasury.

Making The Best Use Of Your Townsville Bulletin

This latest in the series of cringe-worthy self-promotions caught The Magpie eye on Friday.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 12.13.20 pm

And good on you Freda, you really do look a very sprightly lady. May The ‘Pie add his hearty congratulations on a milestone he’ll probably not even get within cooee of. And reading your story, m’dear,  the old bird now perhaps knows the secret of your wonderful longevity … you gave a hint when you said your daily dose of news from the Bulletin ‘was what set me up for a good day. It’s part of one’s everyday routine and I just can’t get on without it. It’s the first thing I need in the morning.

Indeed, Freda. As it does for so many others, probably works better than prunes and porridge … at a guess, you’d be ‘getting on’ by page 3 most days.

Guess She Finally Came Out Of The Closet

Seems the layout blokes at the Scottish Herald had a wee dram too many when they put this page together … but then again, it may just have been the world renowned Scottish sense of humour. Eh, Jenna?


New Aussie Tennis Rankings ..

Just released …

Tennis players ratings

And The Week In Trumpistan

It has come to ouir attention thatb too manyof you are paying attentionm DC021919

“It has come to our attention that too many of you are paying attention.” The New Yorker

vortex 021419nationalemergencyr 78_221860 sb021619dapr 16_221827_1 1_167 image0021 53_221835 Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trump's national emergency


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  1. Willy wonka says:

    The one time I actually want Clive Palmer to be correct and completely back his every word. I’m just waiting to see the snow on castle hill now because I never thought I’d see that day or me agreeing with Clive. These stupid dumb arse ratepayers who will vote for hill next election deserve to be flooded with her bulldhit and lies. I for one can’t understand how nobody else has complained about the “council spokesperson” or maybe they have but the paper just hides that too. It’s so bloody obvious now that she won’t answer questions that don’t suit her. I say go Clive, but you still don’t have my vote!!!!!!! I keep that for my donkey.

    • The Magpie says:

      Wanting is not proving, but what I think Clive was trying to do was have a second bite at the tasty dfinancial cherry offered up by Mayor Mullet’s mouth … $50 grand? Mweh, mere chicken feed … Clive’s thinking she might put her foot in it again.

      Come to thinkn of it, maybe that';s why a ‘council spokesman’ is to the fore regarding anything Clive… she’s shit scared of him legally. Only smart thought she’s had for a while.

  2. Mike Douglas says:

    Nearly 3 weeks after the floods and lots of backslapping and awards at Council by Mayor Mullet but I would suggest many of the residents/owners at Hermit Park and other areas are wondering how long will it take for their contents and streets to be cleaned ? . We have heard from Tel about their priorities like Townsville to Mt isa rail repairs etc but what about an estimate from T.C.C. on what the costs will be to fund repairs , timelines ?. With T.C.C. debt 128% to revenue we will need to borrow from the State Government . The Shayne Sutton “ Jobs for Labor “ puts a stain on any positives the Mullet does and it’s clear she hasn’t learnt from Adele the Impailer and the Screaming Midget . The Astonisher posting Clives Titanic 2 guest list and table seatings on twitter reflected that other than Townsville Port , how desperate people were for a free feed or to get close to Clive (which is not an easy thing ). Does Clive think his ads in the Courier Mail asking for the Mullet to step down and Council to be placed in Administration are actually helping Townsville . Cathy Otoole showed her true colours again this week voting with her party against drought support for farmers . Can someone explain to Cathy that there are jobs in transporting cattle to Townsville, live exports , Townsville Meatworks as well as support for regional communities .

    • The Magpie says:

      Hmmm, any chance of a screen shot of Clive’s guest list … The ‘Pie is mightily flattered that the he is blocked from following Bulletin tweets … gosh, maybe the old bird is having an effect. Send it to Facebook messaging.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Mike, it would appear that no one can explain anything to the local Federal ‘member’, the one called ‘The Tool’, UNLESS you are Shorten, he who must be obeyed!

    • Whykickamoocow says:

      Everyone that attended that dinner should hang their heads in shame. Except maybe the Port executives, who are now so desperate for trade they’d sell their own children to get QNI back onto berth 2

      • The Magpie says:

        Having perused this list, there is certainly one who should hang his head in shame … and come April 1, there is every possibility he will be heading for a striped suntan.

        • The Magpie says:

          So here’s the list for Clive knees-up.

          As The Bulletin prudently said, best to remember that not all those on this table plan actually attended, which is unusual in a town where C listers like these would go to the opening of an envelope for a free feed and piss up.

          And while there will be many Nest readers eager to draw long bows with some of the names, The ‘Pie will be closely scrutinising any comments about those on the list. Don’t get carried away, which could result in The ‘Pie being carried away.

      • No More Dredging says:

        Moocow, you’d think the Port would be in a far better place if it could kick QNI out of Berth 2. In fact, one has to wonder what the exact arrangement is between the company (whichever company) and the State that makes it seemingly impossible for them to separate. But of course, like the status of the plant and its tailings dam at Yabulu, and the ‘joint venture’ arrangement, everything is ‘commercial-in-confidence’. So don’t you worry about that. Just keep on pissing in each other’s pockets, feeding crap to the media chickens and laugh all the way to your own taxpayer funded bank.

  3. For Whom The Bell Tolls says:

    Hey Pie,
    I make it 390 days to the next Local Govt elections, not 399. Have they changed the date or is your clock stuffed?
    I need to know because i have a system for oiling my baseball bat and I don’t want to peak too early!

    • The Magpie says:

      Mr Google tells us that there are 298 days until relief, and the difference may be some kink to do with 2020 being a leap Year. Will check.

      • Ferret says:

        Council elections are help every 4 years so they fall on a leap year all the time, just as the state election for Queensland will after October 2020

  4. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Any review into the floods would have to start with the failings of the Ross River to disperse even the moderate amount of rain we received, well before the release of water from the dam and the eventual opening of the gates fully, houses we’re inundated with water on the Friday, as rainwater couldn’t escape into the river as it normally would. The river has become a silted up mess and can be almost walked across at low tide. Rooney’s Bridge is blocked by large mud deposits, old concrete foundations from earlier works and is totally neglected. The council and govt should immediately embark on a clean up of the river including dredging of the river bed, a complete clean out under Rooney’s Bridge and a lifting of the river banks to restore eroded areas, as they have done at the old dump site. There you go little Pattie, next time you head off on a begging trip how’s that for an alternative for Govt to spend $35million on instead of your Cowboys centre of excellence.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie is reliably informed that part of the Rooneys Bridge problem was preliminary works by the DMR for the expanded bridge there. At least one person with knowledge of these things has asked why this work would be planned into the traditional wet season. Taking a punt that there wouldn’t be a usual ‘wet season’ is not the way to make DMR decisions.

  5. Dave of Kelso says:

    Greetings Dear ‘Pie,

    You rightly ask the question, “Why was the recent wet managed into a disaster?”

    I am keen to see the BOM forecasts for the week preceding and during the wet. The BOM has plenty of historical info on what actually happened but I am interested in the forecasts and if possible the BOM briefings to the Disastrous Committee.

    My simple recollection of the forecasts was, rain, lots of it, over a wide area, for the next week or so. That should have sounded alarm bells to those who manage the RR Dam

    Why did the Disastrous Committee not heed the forecasts and open the RR Dam gates early as a precautionary action to ensure the dam could perform it’s prime function of Flood Mitigation? This would have gotten the Ross River flowing but not flooding. Let me say that again, flowing but not flooding.

    We really do need to see those BOM forecasts. Can anyone help?

    • Ferret says:

      January 25 at 6:18 PM ·
      The ACCESS-R (3hr) model is forecasting absolutely monumental rain (750-1000mm) for parts of the North Tropical Coast over the next 72 hours. Whilst other models are slightly more conservative showing 3-day totals of 200-300mm, localised massive totals are certainly possible.

    • Pubethicist says:

      @Cantankerous but happy, While they are cleaning up they can remove those three completely unnecessary, useless weirs that caused a significant amount of the damage too.

  6. Not happy, Jenny says:

    $70-$80k for an executive position is a very low punt. Full time management level positions at council start at the low $100k mark. Ms Sutton would have done well for a few months ‘work’. How hard could the role have been, being so recently invented?

    • The Magpie says:

      How hard would this completely unnecessary and futile manufactured concoction of ratting into the public purse be anyway? And like councillors stiff the ratepayers extra for chairing/sitting on committees, how much extra do the very well paid mayors get for being part of the LGAQ power setting?

    • Hee-Haw says:

      Jenny, the role was 20 hours per week part time so I think the $80 k Mark was correct. Add to this the 44 from the hospital board and still have plenty of time left to earn more on the side.

      And for I’ll be plucked for last weeks comments it was a TCC appointment with JH as Mayor and also Chair of the NQROC at the time of the job creation and appointment with Ms Sutton sitting with the Mayors office.

  7. SPQR says:

    When are you going to get over your derangement about Trump. The cartoons are becoming tiring.
    I’m waiting for the cartoon about the black community having the lowest unemployment figures since slavery was abolished.
    Let it go mate. If the bugger is re-elected( which is looking increasingly likely) you’ll have a conniption. What then am I going to read with my eggs & bacon on Sunday morning?

    • The Magpie says:

      To paraphrase a parliamentary reply by Menzies: the tour of the valued reader’s mind would’ve been far more enlightening if it had not been conducted in the gathering darkness.

      But anything else you’d like to censor from the blog? Perhaps send in a list of topics you want banned? Too much Mullet, maybe? Ease up on the Astonisher? A fashion spread featuring Patty O’Callaghan?

      And just WTF has black employment got to do with Trump? Don’t even bother with a reply.

    • Afterthought says:

      Maybe when Trump gets over his derangement.

    • The Wulguru Wonder says:

      SPQR, if you are unhappy with the content or editorial direction of the Nest you always have the option of starting your own blog.

    • Barack says:

      I’d just like to say that my wife and I thoroughly enjoy the Trump cartoons. Keep em coming!

  8. One legged tap dancer says:

    The Astonisher’s love affair with Little Patty reached new heights on Saturday with almost the full front page and half a page inside dedicated to her bravery in flying down to Canberra on a TEL/Council begging bowl junket after her house was flooded.
    What about the hundreds of battlers who were actually cleaning out their flooded homes while Little Patty was flying around at public expense?
    Meanwhile we’re still waiting to hear just what the Canberra trip achieved, apart from a lot of talk.
    Perhaps Ms Cairney should change her slogan to “We’re for the gilded few”.

    • The Magpie says:

      There is definitely something wrong with this front page story, either the Bulletin is lying, or is stupid … oh, wait, hmmm, nope, it’s a toss up.
      But before we go there, please understand that for once THIS IS NOT any criticism of Ms O’Callaghan and certainly not any dismissal of any loss she has suffered through the disaster. The Magpie sincerely offers his sympathy for any loss she and her family may have suffered – jousting in the field of public interest does not include any satisfaction in any private distress.
      No, it is the paper’s call that is in question.
      The paper states … in what was clearly approved if not written by iditor Jenna Cairney – there was no by-line – that Ms O’Callaghan ‘lost her house and car’ to the floods. Now that is a bald dramatic statement which sniffs of the paper’s usual overkill. Why? Because surely to god the greenest cub reporter would not be opting for a glamour shoot including the total irrelevance of Ms Callaghan’s son, a shameful exploitation of a child for emotive manipulation – instead, it would make more sense in whatever agenda the paper intended, to have a person it so frequently calls a ‘civic leader’ in her gumboots in her ruined home, looking at debris with her kids and hubby, dog if they have one … from a journalistic viewpoint, that would have all the hallmarks of bringing a ‘lofty leading figure’ down to understandable human terms, a tragedy shared by some many others in the community. In other words, a wonderful human story that nature and disasters like the floods are great levellers.

      Instead we get a beautifully coiffed fashionista mum pic that looks like a lipstick advertisement.

      Fair dinkum, this bloody paper ….

      • The Stockman says:

        Thought about buying the paper on Saturday – then I saw the front page and changed my mind.

        • The Magpie says:

          Mistake it for Vogue Mother and Child edition, did you?

          • The Stockman says:

            Something like that. Although I’d imagine the front page of Vogue doesn’t normally feature fame-hungry vapids lacking in any specific talent. On second thoughts… retract that

          • The Magpie says:

            Very unwise to include her son in a story of this nature. Don’t get the point of his inclusion for that reason.

          • Pat Coleman says:

            I assessed that saturday front page from the perspective of someone who thinks that the Townsville mafia has to be rounded up and put in trial. And assuming that’s on their minds. It’s like that fake plastic molotov on Mooney’s driveway. Trot out the family.

  9. Col Foley says:

    I agree with SPQR. Maybe the best Trump cartoon each week would be worth inclusion, but not a whole album of hate every week.

    This is not the U.S. and if political cartoons are to be featured they should be an even-handed selection from those which comment on the rich collection of fools we have in all three levels of government here in Australia.

    Some of the work done by Johannes Leak, for example.

    • The Magpie says:

      Looking forward to your first blog, Col, sounds like it will be a lot of fun, with all the rules you’ve laid down … more fun than is offered here about the single most dangerous and destructive person on the globe. But thanks for being such a loyal reader, sorry to lose you.

      • I’ll be plucked says:

        Touche Pie! Catch you on your blog (maybe) Mr Fooley? Plucker for trying to ‘edit’ the Pies weekly offering!

    • Townsvillian says:

      Just scroll past them – I do. Not hard.

  10. Lady Byron says:

    Good morning Pie.

    As my mother was from Glasgow, I just want to point out today one tiny error in your wonderful blog.

    The newspaper item with the ‘body in the wardrobe’ above an ad for wardrobes had me in stitches. Until I saw the prices of said furniture being in Euros. Scotland does not have the Euro. It has the pound and even has the Scottish pound note from the Bank of Scotland.

    Could it be that this newspaper page was from Ireland, that being part of Europe, as it does indeed have the big “E” currency?

    Regards LB

  11. Hondaman says:

    Was asked by an acquaintance if I had applied for the $1k a head grant from the Federals yet? He had, and said it was granted instantly over the phone, and while he did have a leaking roof, ( so did I ) no real damage occurred to his home which was well above flood height! I consider his actions to be at the least dishonest, and after all, he and his bretheren claimants are only robbing the public purse. The money gained by these people is probably squandered similar to the Yasi handouts, Harvey Norman never had it so good, flat screen T.V’s sold at record quantities. So, if you’re thinking of grabbing a quick couple of gorillas, DON’T!!

    • Willy wonka says:

      I did apply for this Fed money and received it on very quick time as well as the state grant too. My house didn’t get any water through it, alas my cousin in hermit park was destroyed. But I did have mould growth in a few rooms and parts of my carpet was wet from water coming up the bricks from the yard. I know from the Bris floods that people took advantage of the money but got caught later and payed it back. I asked 4 times if I was eligible and everything I said was recorded. It has cost me nearly $650 in cleaning so it was used appropriately. I hear your point about othees that would clearly be down the bottle shop or Hervey Norman and not have anything wrong. I hope god brings karma on them. I also asked the lady on yhe phone if it eas ok to apply and she said yes because it still was affected by the weather event. Funny that 3 days later it was stopped.

  12. Droopy draws says:

    That leech you refer to Pie, is certainly still in town. Saw her meeting a couple of others during the week in the CBD.

  13. Pedant says:

    SPQR, Mr Foley, and Magpie,

    My sincere apologies to all the above, especially the Magpie.

    I didn’t realise that while reading this blog, it was compulsory to agree with all the opinions offered by the Pie.

    If that’s the case, I guess I am officially an interloper, although I reckon I am only about five or six per cent off “legitimacy”…. :)

    If it helps, I find tut-tutting and, on very rare occasions, an audible “Oh, Malcolm” is more than enough if you hit a sticky patch.

    It provides a nice balance to the loud guffaws that punctuate most of it.

  14. Hondaman says:

    Just received an email that states that the reason we have 60 esteemed members jumping ship before the next election is due to a change planned for Parliamentary Pensions. Forget the feel-good stuff, devotion to family, working for public betterment etc, etc. The proposed change to above pension details mean that the Member who has served 6 years in harness, if they elect to stay after next election, will be UNABLE to draw their pittance until the age of 65. Those jumping ship now, can pick up a cool Million freebies over the 10 year period of the current trough snurfling retirement age of 55, until the proposed 65! I find it hard to believe that the 65 figure will be bought in, after all, the pollies will have to vote on it! Would anyone enlightened care to confirm or dispel this rumour?

  15. Inside TCC says:

    There have been 2 state governement positions advertised recently that I’m sure will quickly be filled by Mr and Mrs Beckett/ Sutton, interesting positions to have here in Townsville and very convenient timing as well.
    Links attached


    • Dearie Me says:

      Right up the Midgets’ alley. Community Engagement. Especially as he’s a experienced lobbyist and expert ignorer of public opinion.

    • Achilles says:

      Any idea when these positions were first published? Coz tomorrow is last day to apply.

      Be interesting to see who gets the nod as the JD`s stress local knowledge and local Gov/Council structures of Mackay, Townsville and Cairns.

  16. northward says:

    “Madam, you are a massive leech and our already benighted community can hardly mourn it if you pass on from our midst to infest some other poor bastards’ treasury.”
    What a pearler, that is the best descriptive sentence I’ve read for a long time!

  17. The Magpie says:

    Matt Steffens, reminder that family of public figures is off limits here … and even if it is true, so what? Don’t share your conclusions, mate, sorry.

  18. boho63 says:

    Surely there would have been minutes taken at every meeting the disaster management group engaged in? I would like to read them one day soon.

    • The Magpie says:

      Patience, boho, patience, soon enough … unless of course, because the commercial govt arm Sunwater is involved, they suddenly become Commercial In Confidence.

  19. seagull says:

    our morning walk took us to view the “Operation Monsoon” temporary dump site at Lou Lister Park … what a sight ! … but the ultimate irony was watching the semis travelling from the port carrying huge pipes for the new water infrastructure past this mountain of flooded destruction … what a cruel joke

  20. Cockie says:

    Climate Change.
    I watched Chris Kenny on Sky last night, he had an expert ( Dr Jennifer Marohasy ) talking about how the BOM is manipulating minimum temperature figures on all their records, this makes it appear that temperatures are rising. Good to view to debunk the loonies talking climate change.

    • The Magpie says:

      My dear Cock-up, don’t you just love falling for the fallacy of transferred authority … i.e your prominence in one field gives more weight to your opinion in other fields in which you do not have any expertise. Did you happen to delve into just who Jennifer Marohasy is? For starters she is a biologist (degree of UQ), which is the study of living organisms, and in no way directly related to the fields that directly study the changing climate. The Magpie waves no banner one way or the other on the reasons for the climate changing (there can be no argument that it certainly is changing) but is making the point about being careful to know the background of those you choose to believe. (We’ll leave Sky out of this for the moment).But the real kicker is that Dr Marohasy works for the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), the far, far right wing ‘think tank’ (read conservative propaganda machine) – it is the right wing’s version of the left wing Get Up! movement. Yes, the same IPA which has given us Senator Tim Wilson, he of the twisted franking scandal which could see him thrown out of Parliament. For Dr Marohasy to say anything other than what she said on Sky is the hon hum same old same old vague allegations would only be more surprising if she was allowed to say otherwise on Sky.

      When you put together Murdoch’s Sky, Murdoch columnist Kenny and Murdoch-supported IPA, a prudent person would carefully contemplate the information being gleefully gurgled out in this manner. Which one is sure you did. Didn’t you?
      Finally, The ‘Pie would like to warn readers who wish to attack Cockie for his view that terms like ‘vacuous twit’ or, God forbid, ‘dumb fuckwit’ will not be published. Be nice, folks.

      • The Magpie says:

        Tropical … those articles are by the same person on SKY. Whether she’s right or wrong can be debated elsewhere, but blog comments aren’t going to further clogged up with this particular ping pong match. The ‘Pie will leave that to the big hitters, and of course, text The Iditor.

      • Peter Sandery says:

        Perhaps, ‘Pie if you went to Jennifer Marohasy’s blog site first and had a bit of a look at what she and her colleagues have been up to in investigating the way of “official” climate statistics and their fiddling by so called authorities, you would be more enlightened on her bonafides in the area of which she was talking about on the Bolt show.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Do yourself a favour Cockie, stay away from the looneys on both sides of the climate debate, and be careful not to fall into the same trap as many who try to talk about climate, but in fact are referring to the weather, whilst both change, one does at a much slower rate than the other.

    • Mike Shearer says:

      The BOM is not “manipulating” records, it’s taking into account “For the case of Darwin, a downward adjustment applied to account for differences between the older sites and the current site, and differences between older thermometers and the current automated sensor”. Dr Marohasy’s claim about Darwin’s temperature records was withdrawn before publication. She adjusted the records to account for the change in siting of the reading station only. Her claims are relevant to the overall climate change debate only in that they demonstrate the dangers in selecting incomplete or erroneous data.

  21. The Magpie says:

    As always, it’s not what she does, it’s the way she does it! This is ostensibly a nice idea, a bit of community morale building.

    But what’s with the sudden appearance of Team Townsville – whatever that may be?

    Good to see that a flood disaster hasn’t put Mayor Mullet and her minders (that you behind this Dolan?) of their campaigning stride, indeed to benefit from the turmoil of the moment.

    At first blush, this notice, in the Astonisher today and all over the internet, looks illegal, giving a political grouping credit for what will be funded by public money. Because it first appears that ‘Team Townsville’ tag is the official electoral name of all current councillors (except the now defected Jacob), and then if so, of course, this would all be illegal, because it amounts to electoral campaigning with public funds.

    But in fact the correct electoral name is Team Jenny Hill, so no technical problem there … just a slimy effort to have some mistaken glory reflected on an otherwise hapless bunch, to be seen has helping the battlers. The fact is, go along by all means, because you’ll be shouting yourself a sanga sandwich, a XXXX and a singalong … it’ll all be funded by ratepayers.

    Nothing wrong with that, we all help each other … unlike councillors and a mayor who try to help themselves to undue credit for their performance with public money.

    Anyway, the Bulletin will be happy with the $3 to $5grand it picked up from the full pager.

    FOOTNOTE: Funnily enough, Team Townsville was one of the names The Magpie suggested to Jayne Arlett for her run in 2016 … wasn’t taken up.

    • Old tradesman says:

      I thought “Whatever it Takes” is the slogan the Labor Rats use when they are getting dead people to vote for them.

    • "Waste OFTAM says:

      If it’s anything to go by from the tcc Christmas party everyone attending this will have a drinks ticket to make sure nobody gets more then another and the food will be 2 small pitta bread rolls with salad. I’ve noticed nothing at all been given to any council workers who have busted there are in the last month especially the ones from city works who drove around resucing people on the Sunday of flooding. I know the management have been showered in glory for doing very little.

    • Mike Douglas says:

      FIFO Bill Shorten back in Townsville today to announce a “ Bank Fairness Fund “ if elected which should raise $150 mil to increase Financial Councillors from 500 – 1,000 across Australia and paid by banking institutions to assist people . Anything for the Farmers Bill? your party voted against drought assistance last week in Canberra .

      • The Magpie says:

        Not playing the pedant, but for clarity, that would be ‘counsellors’?

        Anyway, brokers by another name and no guarantee they won’t be warped by the banking bastards.

        • Rusty Nail says:

          Not so “Pie. Financial Counselors are VERY different from Financial Advisors, like at opposite ends of the spectrum. Trust me I know, being married to the former and interacting regularly with the latter.

          • The Magpie says:

            Sorry, the comment was more the spelling … councillors are one thing(in this town, mostly bad) while counsellors are a different matter. No doubt your point is correct.

      • No More Dredging says:

        Hey Mike, can you provide a reference for that bit about the ALP ” . . . voted against drought assistance last week in Canberra”.

        • Alahazbin says:

          NMD, Go to George Christiansen FB page. He has a link to House of Reps page with all the names of those that voted against the bill
          Nothing mentioned to date on main stream media.

          • No More Dredging says:

            No thanks. If it’s only on Geo Christensen’s blog and no one in the MSM is interested it’s probably of no consequence.

    • I F Stone says:

      I note the hash tag “whatever it takes” on the poster

      You’d think that they could come up with their own tag line rather than copying an old labor hack like Graham Richardson.

      Then again, Richo actually thinks that when Chifley made the “The light on the Hill” speech in 1949 he was referring to Graham’s birth in the same year.

      I, on the other hand, think that the “Light on the Hill” might actually refer to the impending spotlight that will be shone on Jenny Hill when the flood review takes place.

      I suggest that whatever team runs against Hill and her mob should use the tag “It’s Time”. Always a winner.

    • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

      This sheds some light on “Team Townsville” … makes the poster and the event much less political than it seems at first glance.


      • The Magpie says:

        Good, thanks, now we know, excellent bpeople. Strange The ‘Pie missed what most certainly must surely have been a story in the Bulletin.

      • I F Stone says:

        I withdraw my previous remarks unresevedly (except for the stuff about Richo).

        Best of luck to you YWAM, well done

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      First impression Pie on the poster – I thought it was a band, fronted by a blonde………

  22. NQ Gal says:

    Was anyone else lucky enough to have scored a promotional DVD of the new Titanic and selected speeches by Clive F Palmer in their letter box this morning? It will make a splendid Kris Kringle later this year.

  23. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I have run into two families over the last couple of days who are taking the opportunity to pack up and head south, both were renting and had reasonable employment in Townsville but with rentals the way they are and not a great deal to keep them here they are taking their insurance payouts for their contents, jumping in their new cars with what few possessions they have left and moving south. The Mullet could be facing an even worse scenario in the lead up the election next year, a rapidly emptying town as much of the repair works winds up and contractors move on and nothing to take their place.

    • The Grudge says:

      Thats ok , they can just put up rates and other taxes local, state and federal to pay for it all and all kinds of stupid ideas and social engineering agendas. I have learnt that there is no end to it and people are generally happy with things getting worse. The only thing we are riding now is the commentary to the inevitable end.

    • seagull says:

      and what about me … I want to get out of town too … what with the stadium build & the city utilities work finishing up later as well, how hard is it going to be selling this old fibro box on the sth side of the hill (elevated with views, walk to the stadium) … the agent I had around late last year said I was already going to drop 50K on the valuation of 3 years previous ! I seriously have to get this thing on the market no later than august before the price tanks even further !

  24. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    I don’t know the background of the author or the organisation but this document is doing the rounds on social media.

    Raises some interesting questions about the methodology and effectiveness of the disaster recovery response and processes.


  25. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    I see TCC have finally launched their much hyped “dashboard”.

    Seems to me a big investment of time, effort and ratepayers dollars for what real benefit in terms of improving information access and engagement for the community?


  26. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    I wonder how long it will take the Astonisher to get onto this local story? Another two weeks like their Mt Isa rail line effort?

    In last week’s blog someone commented about the Civic Theatre being damaged as a result of the monsoon deluge. (Apparently caused by rain not flooding). It must be fairly substantial damage if productions are being put back by over 12 months to 2020.

  27. The Magpie says:

    Can you believe it? The best the Pope can do is say child abuse was Satan’s doing … in other words, THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!!!

    Not a skerrick of real responsibility, just the old fairytales that have always worked before.

    They have either learnt nothing, or will continue to trust their evil style of infrastructure that invites – nay, virtually guarantees – abuses, and not just sexual ones, but emotional ones as well. The devil is indeed involved, but he’s not at the gates, he’s got the keys to the city. Vatican City, it would seem.

    But for all that, The ‘Pie totally agrees with one conclusion of the Vatican meeting of the boys in their pretty dresses and helicopter caps … they said something concrete must be done about the child abuse by the clergy … something concrete must be done to punish the kiddy fiddlers.

    Too right it must, and allow The ‘Pie to suggest that this would be a great CONCRETE idea …

    … these should applied with great force to the offending anatomy to ALL paedeophiles.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      The person applying the remedy must keep their thumbs clear

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      At the start of the recent talk-fest in the Vatican, the Pope stated that anyone who criticised the Catholic Church was an agent of the devil.

      Strewth, these blokes are so far removed from reality, living in their own lonely celibate (?) echo chambers

      How in good conscience can Catholics front up to Mass each Sunday? Answer, in denial, fingers in ears singing, “larr larr larr larr larr.”

      Many have left including me.

      • I’ll be plucked says:

        Partly right Kelso, except for the celebate part………heard about the priests who held nuns captive and used them for………you guessed it, sex?!? What about the large group of Catholic clergy (priests, ‘brothers’, various monks etc) who have abused kids of both genders? What about the nuns who have abused kids and their ‘novice colleagues’……..? Then the priests who had ‘relations’ with their house-keepers? Been going on for decades………

      • Kingswood says:

        Don’t know how to reply to that one, guess in the current climate it’s hard to create a justification beyond that you can’t tar everyone with the same brush. Sadly not surprised with the current verdict.

  28. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    I’ve been told by a tenant from the Fairfield complex that Mr Lancini is rapidly making himself not very popular with his flood impacted tenants.

    They are questioning the amount he is charging them for clearing out/demolition of their tenancies. Apparently he is not allowing any of them do do any of the work themselves, telling them that for health and safety reasons the work can only be done by his company, and he is not allowing tenants access to their tenancy until the demolition is completed.

    While H&S requirements may well be a valid reason to do the work himself, (particularly if there has been some sewerage contamination), the tenants are questioning how much he is charging them to have it done. The Lenard’s chicken outlet were hit with a bill of $25,000. The Donut King stand were charged $6,000 to essentially knock down four removable partitions.

    The feeling among the tenants is that Lancini is painting himself in the Astonisher and other public forums as the battler for his tenants and owners against the insurance companies, yet behind closed doors is screwing the same tenants for all he can get.

  29. Mike Douglas says:

    Wulguru Warrior, Landel pty Ltd own Fairfield Central so that includes Lawrence and I believe two other entities . How does Landel pty Ltd guarantee a duty of care to customers after the clean up if they have 30 other cleaners, builders on site ?. If you understand Coles, Woolworths, Kmart leasing terms unless they have 90+ % of tenants near them open they pay reduced rent . I’m sure there will be further updates on the 20 retailers without insurance or insufficient cover but certainly emotional and uncertain times for many .

    • Grumpy says:

      Mike, I’m sure the most vexed question shall be “Why the fuck was it built there in the first place?”. And the answer to that may make many ambulance chasers happy chappies. Or even the asking…

    • No More Dredging says:

      Mike, have you noticed how difficult it now is to access information about companies and the people who front them? There was a time, not that long ago, when you could front up to Corporate Affairs (or whatever it was called) and for a small fee, often waived, you could be given a printout of the directors, their official addresses and other Australian companies they were involved with. And down in the Lands Dept. you could shown the big book with the listing of leaseholders, terms of leases etc. Even the City Council could be an open book – if you were diplomatic and respectful. This was public information – even if lots of people had no idea it was there. Now, you have to struggle with all sorts of red tape, fees and deliberate obstruction. There’s no place for busybodies and active administrative resistance to ‘fishing expeditions’. Which is why investigative journalism is a dying trade. If it hasn’t already been privatised, company information will soon become private, for-profit information which means that it will be buried such that only lawyers will bother.

      • Mike Douglas says:

        No more dredging , I understand where you are coming from regarding getting information on Companies and Directors and Journalists going hard . The internet has bought positives but also trolls and people who think the can say what they like on Social media . I guess that’s why they are called Private Companies .

        • No More Dredging says:

          Actually, I was thinking specifically of public companies. Like developers, miners, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, refiners and transporters for example. And when there is a one-off, unique, public association between a government (local or state) and a public company like, say, a nickel refinery, why do we accept that that business ‘arrangement’ should or could be commercial-in-confidence, forever?

      • Santa's Little Helper says:

        The secret country

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        One very simple question NMD, what the fuck for? Why should any disruptive tosser or lunatic be able to access anyone’s personal information, just because they may own part of a business or be a director on a board. What possible reason would anyone have to access that information?

        • Grumpy says:

          You see, Crankypants, juvenile armchair socialist keyboard warrior smartarses with fuck-all experience in the real world think that they have the right to know everything – even that which they do not understand.

        • No More Dredging says:

          Cantankerous, what the fuck for? So that scandalous public waste and corruption in office cannot become institutionalised. In the past couple of years Townsville ratepayers have been subjected to varying degrees of scandal around development subjects like (in no particular order):
          1. Developing an airport for Adani hundreds of kilometres out of town,
          2. Duplicating the water supply pipeline (possibly with borrowed money, possibly with government grants) in a politically fraught election environment,
          3. A multi-million dollar decision about whether that pipeline was steel or plastic, to be manufactured here or there,
          4. Development of housing, industrial and commercial estates on greenfield sites now found to be subject to serious flooding.

          At the same time our City Council has appointed various private individuals to pursue some personal goal to:

          “Establish a Development Corporation to negotiate acquisition and development of land to lead the revitalisation of Townsville. The Development Corporation will encourage property and infrastructure investment, ensure ongoing engagement with industry and private sectors to attract investment and help create an attractive urban environment, supported by high quality open spaces.”

          As a resident and ratepayer I believe I have a right to know who the unelected individuals are that direct the actions of this organisation. I do not expect to have my motives questioned. It is none of your business why I might want to know what should be publicly available information. It should not be possible to hide this information. Since so many ratepayers simply cannot negotiate the numerous (and expensive) obstacles in their path it must come as no surprise, even to a town crank like yourself, that fewer and fewer people actually know and understand what is going on in their own community. This growing ignorance of public affairs is not an accident. It seems to be a nefarious objective of grifters and spivs in public office. I like to resist it whenever I can. I am pleased that on my observation it is probably one of the main motivations behind the creation of this blog. More power to the Magpie.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            Mindless drivel as usual and not one single shred of reasoning at to why you should have the right to access private information of individuals, Sounds to me your issue is with your old mate Mullet and other govt cronies at various levels, and the shonky deals they put in place, and absolutely nothing to do with private busineses and who may or may not own them, manage them or work for them.

          • No More Dredging says:

            For fuck’s sake Cantankerous, read the thing before you shoot your mouth off. I am not interested in the personal “private” details of individuals. If I believe that “John Smith” is the sole director of “XXX Corporation” who, for example, have been given consent to build a high rise over my back fence, I would like to know which particular “John Smith” that is. I would like to know his (business) address so that I can correspond with him. I don’t want to know his inside leg measurement or where his kids go to school. This sort of PUBLIC information (a business address) is already legally ‘available’ but it can be tucked and hidden away – often behind a government-sanctioned paywall, sometimes a rather complicated jigsaw of paywalls. It should not be. Just like politicians have to provide details of their PUBLIC dealings, so company directors should (and do) have to provide their contact details. If you’ve ever tried to recover a business debt and got the runaround you would know that the best place to find a legally binding contact detail is to go to corporate affairs. Sure, you can hide a little bit in there but not much. There’s always got to be a contact address and that’s usually all that’s required. It may not be a home address at all, it could be a PO box, but it’s a legally binding address. If you go slack on that you end up with a Clive in an overseas destination, uncontactable. It’s not good enough.

  30. Mangrove Jack says:

    See this morning that the TCC rates for all residences and businesses have been given a further month to pay and still be able to receive the discount

  31. Critical says:

    We’re told that approximately 3,300 properties were damaged during the flood. Does anyone know if an individual home unit is counted as an individual property or is the whole building counted as an individual property. If the building is counted as the property, and not the individual unit, which is considered as an individual property for TCC rates etc. then the number of damaged properties is much larger given the number of units in the Rosslea, Mundingburra, Hermit Park, Hyde Park and Idalia areas. Does anyone have the answer?

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Great point Critical, as someone who is the contact for a body corporate of 4 units our claim would only be representative of one building, even though there are 4 units in the complex, each having its own council rates applied against it. I would have to think as you are, that the actual number of individual properties effected by the flooding is far greater than the number of claims lodged.

  32. seagull says:

    The outrage industry at its very best. We are truly f wits for tolerating this confected crap.


    Somehow, this is OK ….

    … but this is not ( because some demented purpose thinks it looks like a golliwog…

    This must be the height of stupidity.

    • Dave of Kelso says:


      There are many precious petals (pp) out there who measure their importance by the amount of offence they can muster and the amount of noise they can make about it. This is such a case.

      There is an abundance of these pp In the ACT govt, the Greens, and inner city coffee shops.

    • The Wulguru Wonder says:

      Yet remember the hideous Skywhale balloon they commissioned for the Canberra Centennial just a few years ago?

      Kids are still suffering nightmares after seeing that monstrosity floating above their head.

      And Skywhale only cost the taxpayer a pittance at $350,000……

      • Kingswood says:

        What the hell is that thing?

        A twisted Rooster or a Salvador Dali painting in rubber?

        • The Wulguru Wonder says:

          Whatever it is it cost the good old taxpayer $350,000….

          There is a reason the balloon festival is held in Canberra…..unlimited hot hair and constant wind…..

        • I’ll be plucked says:

          Hmmm, 5 sagging boobies, Kingswood???

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            Clearly all involved with the design and construction of this balloon took a lot of recreational drugs during their formative years, same for those who approved the funding.

          • The Magpie says:

            And now the same for those who’ve seen it.

          • Kingswood says:

            Seen more than that at the Sunday session at…..no, won’t mention the place….

    • The Magpie says:

      First they tell us what we can say … then it’s a short step to telling us what we can think … and then …. George Orwell, anyone? Or Brave New World perhaps?

  33. Charlie Wulguru says:

    The Bulletin today says ‘STEP FORWARD FOR GREENVALE MILITARY PROJECT’ with a photo of a Black Hawk. They were put out to pasture about five years ago. Another ‘STEP BACKWARDS FOR THE BULLETIN’.

    • Alahazbin says:

      They bought most of the properties in the Greenvale area except for the the one that surrounds the town. He will be busy the next couple of years with helicopter mustering the other properties while they de-stock and then nothing.
      Might have a case for loss of earnings.

    • Rocksnhills says:

      Well those Singaporeans are going to be fit and hardy bloody soldiers because some of that country is rough. Lets hope they like hills and rocks and scrub, escarpments and tabletops, lancewood and wattle. This stuff will make High Range look like a holiday farm.

      And if you look closely, the army still uses Black Hawks.

  34. Dave of Kelso says:

    The RR Dam wall and spill-way are still closed to the public. Spoke with the bloke on the gate who said that, “they’ve had a few washouts.” I would love to know to what extent. Also told that the dam may be opening to the public this afternoon.

  35. Dutch Reverend says:

    I heard that the Mullet didn’t want the public to know what the dam levels are. Looks like her dictate has come to fruition. The last reading visible to the public is dated 26/2/2019. Interesting to note also that the reading on the Paluma Dam at that time was a mere 13% capacity.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, what you say may be right about the dam level information, but as much as The ‘Pie thinks the mayor has some questions to answer, don’t think we can hold her to account in a micro-management sense for every cock-up of this experience-ravaged council. We need to be careful of eager overkill when there is plenty of legitimate gripes to be addressed.

    • No More Dredging says:

      Reverend, you are correct that the reading IN WORDS for Paluma dam is 13% but if you look at the actual 2019 graph it’s something very different.

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie’s got no dog in this fight, but an observation: any disparity between words, numbers and graphs is a cock-up anyway, isn’t it? Actually, please don’t bother answering that, just sayin’ ya know.

      • Dutch Reverend says:

        NMD. You are missing the point. That being that the dam is owned by council. Therefore, us the ratepayers. Why can we not see, what the dam levels are on a regular basis as we could previously. Surely it is not Commercial in Confidence. This is just another example of the lack of transparency by TCC. That being my main point.

        • The Magpie says:

          Well, maybe the council owns the dam, but they have a contract with Sunwater, a state government entity, to manage it. As far as The ‘Pie knows, Sunwater has no brief or obligation to inform the public of the stats you want, and yes, the council should make an arrangement to do so on their new sooper dooper disaster-in-waiting website.

          BTW because of that contractural arrangement, it’s going to be fun watching the arse-covering at any inquiry.

  36. Dave Sth says:

    FMD, 4 weeks out am trying to get a decent time seat out of Townsville airport on a Sunday. All Business Class or if budget nearly booked out unless I want to lose the whole day by travelling on the first flights out am… I get the feeling we have gone from oversupply a few years back to a convenient undersupply now by both airlines. End rant out…

    Family will be joining me in June atm, they joined me last weekend & the mrs didn’t warm to the Hunter Valley too much but got a taste for the wines ;-). Oh well after June my house is at the whim of the rental market. Yipee…

    Hope all is going well up there from my visits to the nest, Council’s predictable competence is showing through… Some of the links my mate is sending me sounds like Labor might be considering throwing Hill under a bus or giving her an offer she can’t refuse…

    • Cappuccino_in_hand says:

      I just booked qantas sale tickets to BRS each way $139. Plenty of available flights. What are you talking about? FF points? You need gold status+ to get availability of economy seats.

  37. Nelson says:

    I’ve noticed that army bloke Stu Smith standing behind Puddleduck in a few media photos …. what’s the bet he runs at the next election.

    • The Magpie says:

      Why? He’s on a couple of nice little earners funded by the public without having to face the electorate … which would be a tricky proposition on the question of Townsville’s kiddy crims. However, the people who should have been doing that work and not further burdening the public purse because of the lazy incompetence will have to face the electorate … all three of them.

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