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Saturday, March 9th, 2024   |   191 comments

Is Mayoral Hopeful Troy Thompson An Honourable Man? He Can Prove It Only By Withdrawing From The Mayoral Race.

There are darker things in Thompson’s past than just his previous juggling of surnames, unsuccessful business ventures and bankruptcy – these involve DV restraining orders, mental stability issues, and apparently bogus claims of his military ‘career’ .

Why former mayoral candidate Fran O’Callaghan could and should still have a major effect on next Saturday’s council election.

The Meta/Facebook row with mainstream media giants could be a godsend for Townsville …. and for other regional communities throughout Australia.The fight between equally arrogant money-grubbing tech and publishing giants could force a reform that no one has been willing to tackle to date.

Like the song says ‘somethin’s goin’ on round here.’  Townsville State MP uses a parliamentary speech to diss the city council (ergo Jenny Hill) over the state of the CBD but, apart from more than a touch of pot calling kettle, the real question is why did Labor’s puppeteers allow Stewart to make this mid-campaign attack on the sitting council? The ‘Pie ponders.

And something that’s definitely not going on around here … the proposed Hilton Double Cross Hotel next to the stadium.  At the risk of being seen to boast about being right from the outset, The Magpie feels duty-bound to to tell you … well,  that he was right from the outset. Until of course he’s proved wrong … after all, this is Townsville.

Sincere thanks for all those who helped out regarding the hardware meltdown that plagued the Nest last week.  Greatly appreciated especially since the Nest doesn’t accept advertising and depends on readers support. 

Why Troy Thompson Should Quit The Mayoral Race

Is this bloke our smaller version of disgraced US CONgressman George Santos?

Screen Shot 2024-03-09 at 5.05.58 pm

The Magpie is well aware and sensitive to the fine line between the competing right to privacy, and the public’s right to know, so he thought for some time before deciding that in the following matter,  the public interest easily comes first. The Magpie has documentation enough to satisfy him that the claims made are largely true, although much of the detail is not available, sealed by court order.

Put simply, there is much in Troy Thompson’s background that voters have a right to be aware of. Perhaps the most pertinent in these hot button social times is that he has been the subject of DV orders, and then several breaches of those orders. The exact nature of the cause for the orders is not known.  These matters occurred on the Gold Coast, and there’s speculation that Thompson decided to avoid further problems by returning to his home town.

And there is also the self-admission to a hospital there for help with mental health issues, a stay that resulted in his missing his reporting requirements to a local police station.  Normally mentioning this sort of stuff would be off limits, but The Magpie takes the view that a mayoralty of a major city is not a role for trainer wheels rehabilitation from instability, and not a place for someone who can’t handle stress. Certainly not in Townsville, that’s for sure.

Mr Thompson has a chequered business history involving the juggling of surnames, both of which appear on bankruptcy documents as previous reported here and elsewhere.  While The ‘Pie has obtained copies and links to certain information which proves these claims, he is choosing not to publish them.

Then the matter of his claims about his military service – from his FB page.

Joining the army taught me discipline, respect, and has given me experiences I enjoyed, from the diverse individuals that I have met, and the life-changing experiences I’ve encountered.

I was with:
- 109 Signals, Karrakatta, Perth
- 105 Signals, Fremantle
- 152 Signals, Swanbourne

–  he claims to have been a signalman in units in Perth, and on another occasion, suggested he may have been connected to the SAS.  This biography was most likely prompted by the garrison city nature of Townsville, but now may be seen as ill-advised, as one Magpie informant challenges him for proof of this history and that he was never in the ADF full time, but was a reservist cook with a unit in WA.

Since being back in Townsville, Mr Thompson has claimed – without tangible evidence – he has been attacked with an axe and had his life threatened because of his efforts ‘to expose Townsville’s underworld’,  (what!?!), he has been endorsed and then kicked out as a One Nation Candidate for lying about his past to the selection committee, and then there was this …

Screen Shot 2024-03-07 at 9.57.27 am This project, which appears to have quietly died in the arse for the time being, has snake oil written allover it. The inclusion of a ‘gaming lounge’  (i.e. pokies) starts alarm bells ringing, when a group starts pushing a ‘saints of the community’ agenda. Particularly this summary by Mr Thompson.Screen Shot 2024-03-07 at 9.59.50 am

A ‘conservative’ $12million after one year’s operation?  Pull the other one, mate, it yodels. Did you really expect anyone to believe such a ludicrous claim? (And of course, the claim went straight over the head of reporter Caitlin Charles.) This bloke has all the financial smarts of Jenny Hill but more snake oil that than that cave in Raiders of the Lost Ark. If he believed his venture –  even up and running flat out from day dot – was going to gross between $90 to $120m after one year of operation … or ever, then he has a definite problem. And if he didn’t believe it and just said it to mislead , then there’s a different problem.

Some people will see this as an unnecessary and nasty hit job on a candidate who is highly unlikely to win office anyway – they will ask so why raise these matters under the circumstances.  Simple answer is the right of voters to know who they choose has been open and honest with them about their background, capabilities and pre-political dealings. If matters of the above nature were to come out after a successful Thompson election, voters would feel rightly cheated. And Townsville would gain more of the wrong sort of publicity.

For everyone’s sake, give it all a miss, Troy. As if we don’t enough serious problems with the  incumbent who is almost certain to be  returned.  Give us all a bullshit break, mate.

The Brazen Effrontery of Scott Stewart

Speaking of needing a bullshit break, did you see this from Scott Stewart during the week.

Screen Shot 2024-03-09 at 7.08.13 pm

In a bizarre parliamentary speech (why parliament , for God’s sake?) Stewart managed to give Townsville yet another dose of bad publicity,  moving responsibility for the derelict state of the area onto the council, who, he said, had to come with ideas to revitalise it. This is a baffling outburst from this normally invisible buffoon, who suggested the government had done its share with the stadium, underwriting the SuperPests, the boardwalk to nowhere,  and building a bus hub  (thanks so much from all of us on the last three counts, although Jenny Hill seemed to think she was the one responsible.) Besides the deep oddity of this brandy-bleared puffwittery, what’s going on with Labor? Stewart would not be permitted to make even such a trivial cowpat of a speech without the knowledge and consent of Brisbane’s backroom boys.  Is the party now so assured that Mayor Mullet will be returned, they want to kick her shins in case she gets too cocky and ambitious for higher office?

Anyway, a Mullet Steel Blue boot to the Stewart trinkets put the issue in perspective. She pointed out that rejuvenation was being held back by restrictive government regulations and requirements, particularly fire safety regulations which made the real answer to the CBD problem – converting  commercial buildings to living space – impossibly expensive.

But she better not go too hard on Stewart or Brisbane … her inane witterings about social housing on the North Rail Yards site depends, she says, on just one thing … that it’s paid for by the state government.  If you’re stupid enough to try and stack up that claim after you’re re-elected, m’dear, don’t contaminate your relations with Brisbane by too strident about their restrictive rules and regulations.

There’s One Thing The Mayor Won’t Be Mentioning Ever Again

This. The proposed Hilton spin-off ,down-market Garden Hotel next to the Total Tools stadium, ballyooed and brayed about  so loudly by third party urgers and the Bulletin.

Double Tree 2892e95d5cf28d2e73ac801d335fced4e

Reliable word is that this parrot is dead, deceased and completely fuct.

The idea late last year was, after years of tooing,  froing, media bilge  and a couple of downsizings to Bowen Rd motel standards,  that the construction crew of el swisho Ardo, once finished, would trek across town and start knocking up this phantom project.

Well, they didn’t and they haven’t. A Magpie whisperer says from the inside that it’s never going to happen. One imagines someone from the Hilton group actually came and had a look at the site and hot-footed it back to the boardroom to nix the whole schmozzle. No doubt Dolan Hayes will have a damp shoulder, since it was his mate and former business partner Michael Graham  behind the strange idea in the first place.

But an interesting sidelight which The ‘Pie has been unable to flesh out as yet …

South Townsville rail yards Screen Shot 2024-03-09 at 8.29.04 pm

South Townsville Rail Yards

Always been a bit of a mystery why, despite contamination considerations, this site has not attracted more comment and urgings to be redeveloped. It’s virtually in the middle of the city, it is both unsightly and under-used. It changed hands a couple of years ago.

Sold in Nov 21 for $21.150M
Land area 17.22 ha
Company Name : Old Launceston Seaport Pty Ltd

One whisper has it that casino. man Chris Morris and a southern partner now own it. No hints of any action yet, but tell you, what, Chris Morris is a doer and not a sayer, so there might be hope for the desolate inner eyesore that’s been going to waste for years.

Now over the over-zealous Scott Stewart … mate, about those over-the-top contamination regulations, can you get on the job there,  please?

Why Fran O’Callaghan Will Still Have An Influence On Our Council Election.

Fran quits Screen Shot 2024-02-02 at 2.08.12 pm

She might be gone from the race, but she’s not forgotten.

With Mayor Mullet in the box seat for re-election, the one hope for those who are ‘over the Hill’ – and there are plenty of them but in voting terms, they’re homeless) is a hoped for Rise of the Independents.  That is, those candidates who really do not have an affiliation with Hill. They may be in the Labor Party, but that don’t butter no parsnips since Hill steadfastly insists her team is independent of Labor.  And what this city needs are fresh independent voices. Like Fran’s was.

And that is Clr O’Callaghan’s unflinching example will be present next Saturday.  Her courage in standing up to mayoral and bureaucratic bullying by also-rans like TCC legal shill Tony Bligh was admirable in itself. But more importantly,  it reminded people that decency, integrity and basic simple honesty need not be banished from our civic affairs by hubris, deception  and self-promotion in public life .  As the outcome of the mayoral election seems to be a given, Fran’s example will hopefully prompt people to vote for those you think will best reflect those qualities.  Some of them certainly are dodos but even the occasional dingbat is preferable to the dark dictatorial hand raising aerobics council of the past regressive decade. Only the faces changed.

Yes Jenny

The’Pie often wonders how many of our councillors over the past couple of decades would have been councillors but for the money on offer. If you look back through the ranks many enjoyed a publicly funded salary and lifestyle benefits that they would never attain in business, union activity or the public service. This of course does not apply across the board, one size does not fit all, but it is still a good question.And don’t you just love the self-serving fallacy that high salaries and perks ares vital to attract the best and brightest … have you had a look at what we’ve had in the past 25 years? just have a look at what we’ve had in the last 25 years.

And because of various economic factors, a councillors base of around $125k – even with the perks – isn’t great money nowadays for some.  But The ‘Pie’s clarion call is not to raise the amount, but cut it back to attract only those who are really willing to care for their community. Maybe $25k for their trouble. Wouldn’t take long to see whose who in the integrity stakes.

If You’re Down Airlie way Reading This, Give This Bloke A Gallop For WRC Mayor

Phil Batty unnamed

Phillip Batty, WRC mayoral candidate

When Phil Batty tells voters that he will do what he says he will do, they can believe him.  And his dogged campaign over he few years to bring some dodgy WRC dealings to account has shown both the intelligence and integrity of the retired executive of a national company.

And old friend of this blog, Phil is a man who will not tolerate gravy train bullshit. Affiliated to no party, he is easily the best of the four in the race.

Good hunting, mate.

Meta Lies Versus Murdoch Lies – Could Townsville Big Chance Be Just Around The Corner?

Screen Shot 2024-03-04 at 10.40.44 am

Meta (Facebook) ‘s decision stop paying media organisations for news they lift from them has prompted hypocritical howls of mercenary misery by the big players, but in particular, News Ltd  boss Michael Miller. Close to the end of the world as we know it, according to Michael Miller, Murdoch chief humbug salesman in Australia. The Twaddle metre was off the scale.

Screen Shot 2024-03-04 at 11.04.19 am

As always with News, Miller was talking through his wallet … which is OK and to be expected from a major corporate wallah, except for the dire hyperbole involved.  All the lesser news poobahs had much the same message, jobs loses and likely closure of regional outlets. But that was the one bit that suddenly perked up The ‘Pie no end.

Screen Shot 2024-03-04 at 9.49.26 am

Rupert Murdoch himself has had little to say, being again betrothed he’s probably not wanting just at this moment to use the phrase ‘pulling out’. Which at 93 may prove to the opposite problem for him.

The old bird has long called out the cynical money grubbing of News Ltd, at the expensive of employing properly trained journalists in regional areas like Townsville, encouraging them to embed in the community,  (‘it’s a stepping stone’ is an oft heard sentiment). And yes, The ‘Pie’s  age old prediction of the Townsville Bulletin becoming a three day a week insert in the Courier, has steadily edged closer (and but for the Harvey Norman pan-Australia advertising tsunami it  would likely be reality by now). And if that were to happen, hastened by Meta’s arrogant and greedy edict,  what an opportunity to return to the community a truly local masthead.

An adequately staffed local news outlet it is possible and feasible for two reasons. Modern technology will allow for a mixed model which will no longer require tens of millions of dollars in printing presses (although the Flinders Street Press Hall will never go out of business, no matter who owns it, there is still plenty of printed matter outside the news area to keep them rolling). And there will be no compunction, dictated from far south, to be all things to all people … the silly meaningless space filling stories will be replaced with a succinct and comprehensive coverage of local matters.  Written in the main part by journalists who want to stay in the community. And it will be largely locally owned, when a business model is developed to show it a worthwhile investment.

To the naysayers, here’s a thought: it worked before, so why won’t it work this time, if the money-sucking tentacles of the southern octopuses suddenly find little to suck out of us.  Modern technology and social media won’t blog it, they would enhance it.

Meanwhile, The Townsville Bulletin stays ever watchful on the local scene.

Sleeping at desks Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 11.49.41 am

 It’s A Trump-Biden Re-Match – Gosh, Colour Me Surprised!!

In a normal world, it would be  Joe would be heading back to the White and Trump would be off to the Big House. But we’re talkin’ ’bout the Ewe Ess of EH, where up is down, and there are abortion bans so school shooters don’t run out of targets.  The amazing thing is that when Trump’s multiple crimes – none of them misdemeanors, mostly treason, rape and fraud  – and his open promise to be a brainless vindictive  dictator – is met with the counter argument that ‘the other guy’s soooo old’.

Screen Shot 2024-03-09 at 9.48.33 pm

Commentator/comedian Seth Meyers greeted the Super Tuesday confirmation of a presidential re-run with a few statistics.

There were other issues to break the monotony of the madness,  including France’s decision to enshrine the right to abortion in their constitution.

Screen Shot 2024-03-09 at 9.20.53 am Screen Shot 2024-03-09 at 9.22.49 am

Screen Shot 2024-03-08 at 10.23.22 am Screen Shot 2024-03-08 at 10.23.41 am Screen Shot 2024-03-08 at 10.21.08 am Screen Shot 2024-03-08 at 10.21.32 am Screen Shot 2024-03-08 at 10.21.59 am Screen Shot 2024-03-07 at 9.03.52 am Screen Shot 2024-03-07 at 9.04.33 am Screen Shot 2024-03-07 at 9.04.58 am Screen Shot 2024-03-07 at 9.05.56 am Screen Shot 2024-03-07 at 9.06.09 am

Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 9.07.48 am Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 9.07.00 am Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 9.06.24 am Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 9.04.47 am Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 9.05.20 am Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 9.05.38 am Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 9.05.59 am Screen Shot 2024-03-05 at 8.34.17 am Screen Shot 2024-03-05 at 8.37.08 am Screen Shot 2024-03-05 at 8.37.54 am

Drinks At The Lodge

Screen Shot 2024-02-29 at 10.43.33 am

Coming To A Coles And Woollies Near You

Screen Shot 2024-03-09 at 9.21.16 am

Top Dog

Bentley sees some tricky situations arising from Virgin Airlines plans to let some pets, including dogs and cats,  to travel in the passenger cabin.


And Finally …

A bit of a trip down memory lane for The ‘Pie when he spotted this story during the week. It reminded the old bird of his only column in eight years that the editor refused to publish.

Joy Screen Shot 2024-03-03 at 12.25.06 pm

While at The’Pie was gracing the Bulletin with his presence, about 20 or so years ago,  a story bobbed up with something to do with gay radio station Joy making a drive for more listeners, seeking to be more inclusive. Needless to say, The ‘Pie  made merry with the gay puns and so on, which was all fine until the pay-off at the end, which my then column editor Mary Vernon thought best not to allow through. Because The ‘Pie had offered as a closing gift, a suggestion for a radio jingle for the station to make it more inclusive. It ran:

Oh Joy, Oh, Joy, the fun never ends,

Joy is widening the circle of your friends.

Perfect, if you ask me.


Last Nest before you make your mark on the ballot paper … make it count, folks. Coments areas always welcome, rip in.

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  1. Johnathon says:

    Nothing much will come of the election in Townsville. We’ll almost certainly have the same mayor with at least 5 councillors controlled by Hill. Voting for Troy is only a protest vote. The only hope with Troy is that he’ll reduce Hill’s mayoral vote to send a message that we aren’t happy and hope for someone in future to capitalise on the appetite for change for 2028. Our problem is not having enough competition in Townsville, especially given 2 Hill councillors got back in unopposed.

  2. Local Yokal says:

    Troy Thompson running for mayor on a platform of honesty, accountability and transparency, spare me, this guy is a clown. Sounds like Magpie has him dead to rights on all of the above. Can’t wait to hear his response to this. Kicked out of One Nation, Bankrupt, ran a company that went broke owing $9m, few DV issues, inflating his military record in this town. That all can’t be untrue. He’s cooked. Thanks Magpie for informing us of what this pelican is really about. Seems like a tough call between letting us know and putting your finger on the scales. I’d rather know before I vote. No use finding out afterwards, that’s how we get stuck with these people.

    • The Magpie says:

      If anyone doubts The Magpie’s sincere reasons for publishing the info, you must surely be aware that this old bird had little journalistic choice because it is well known and recorded that The Magpie has no inclination to help Jenny Hill gain another ruinous term.

  3. Alfred E Neuman says:

    Due unfortunate circumstances my wife had to use a postal vote in the upcoming local election. She has voted for, what seemed at the time, the least worse candidate.
    And now we have this expose’ on Troy Thompson by the Magpie. Well Magpie, thank you, but a bit late for my wife who, on top of other matters, is now a member of the Bewildered,, having voter for TT.
    And now who do I vote for? Harry?
    “What me worry?”
    Bloody oath!

    • The Magpie says:

      It was after a lot of thought that The Magpie wrote about Troy Thompson … I had doubts about his sincerity and abilities even before but believed I had no choice in light of the new information. However, one thing is no doubt certain, Thompson will not pull out of the race so it will be interesting to see how many votes he pulls, there will be many who are so anti-Jenny they’ll vote for him anyway, she is held in such low regard. But to a woman of Jenny disposition and background, a win is a win, and she will not heed any message that people are increasingly unhappy with the direction her antics have taken Townsville in the past decade.

  4. Mike Douglas says:

    Yes , parts of Townsville are embarrassing but Team Hill signed off on 2022/23 budget $80 mil Lansdown , $74.7 mil blow out Haughton stage 2 + $110 mil years 3+4 .Then we had the $5 mil blow out on $7.5 mil Thuringowa library relocation , Frans questioning CEO $55 mil more blowouts Lansdown , Haughton stage 2 . Council $25 mil NQ Spark no wonder rate payers have been loaded with the highest rates in Qld . Division 3 Councillor Greaney / Mayor for credibility / transparency should provide the decontamination report North Rail yards . Les and Scotts focus is providing tips on the Pink Concert and Utopia Aaron asking for feedback and ideas from his electorate who he blocked for providing their ideas .

  5. Doug K says:

    I’m a regular reader of the Astonisher’s website and if the comments and texts are any guide, Magpie bloggers are not the only locals that think Jenny Hill and her team of puppets is on the nose.
    Negative comments on council issues outweigh the positive by around 10-1.
    Given that Hill would have her team of Labor spin doctors contributing comments to counter the community anger, that’s a worrying (for Hill and her puppets) sign.
    Given Troy Thompson’s form as revealed in this week’s blog, Hill has no worries about being re-elected, but hopefully without some of her “team”.
    I’m looking forward to the prospect of Hill facing more than one councilor who is not prepared to put up with her “my way or the highway” bullying.
    Who knows, she might even become “more transparent than ever”.

    • The Magpie says:

      What you say about negative comments is no doubt true, because it is axiomatic that people will go public if they’re not happy, but are slow and don’t bother to praise people for a job well done, or done at all.

    • The Magpie says:

      It has now come to The Magpie’s attention that the Townsville Bulletin had access to the Troy Thompson background information last Thursday but has declined to publish anything about him. For those who think this was dictated by high moral and journalistic standards, dream on …. the final week of an election campaign is the big spending week on last advertisements, and the Bulletin wasn’t about to let $10/$20k of Troy Thompson money slip through their grasping fingers.

      That’s how much they ‘for’ this community.

    • Afterthought says:

      (via Magpie email)

      When Mayor Hills says the are using seed funding is she planting ratepayers $ like Jack and the Bean Stalk?

  6. The shonky tonk man says:

    I believe that Troy Thompson actually fits in with our Councillors and local representatives perfectly. He has a violent background, is a failed businessman, and couldn’t lay straight in bed. That pretty much sums up Team Hill and the 3 state representatives, therefore old mate Troy is the perfect candidate.

    Vote 1 Troy Thompson – your local representative shonk.

    • The Magpie says:

      Be careful about ‘violent background’ … there is a great deal of material supplied to the Nest, but The ‘Pie hasn’t found any evidence of physical violence (it may be there, but I haven’t seen it). As we are constantly told, ‘violence comes in many forms and doesn’t have to be actually physical’. And the breaches of the initial DV order were apparently in the form of contact, phone, texts, and/or emails. But DV behaviour is DV behaviour.

      • Goose says:

        What is your source for the DV claims. I’ve tried to google it and searched social media but can’t find any article except this one mentioning it…

        • The Magpie says:

          But of course, as journo The ‘Pie will give you his source … tell you what, pop around to the Nest and I’ll take you through my little black book.


  7. Elusive Butterfly says:


    Oh Mr. Pie, what a robust blog this week. Interesting expose on the dapper Troy Thompson. It seems like Mr Thompson comes with quite a lot of baggage. I would be surprised if he isn’t an LNP supporter.

  8. Des n Troy says:

    With all due respect Magpie, Troy Thompsons TB spend will be bugger all, probably zilch. He’s running a FB campaign. So the real question is why wouldn’t the Bulletin print the story. Surely the community has the right to know who this man really is. Personally, I think the TBs reluctance to publish is linked to their not wanting to be seen as Team Hill’s bedfellow…..something many on this page have already accused them of. It will be an interesting last week.

    • Bentley says:

      I bought a Townsville Bulletin yesterday. Being Saturday, I wrongly assumed that Saturday would be the day to find out all about the candidates for Local Government. I must have missed the useful information amongst the advertising. Can anyone help me with page numbers? Please?

      • The Magpie says:

        Well, mate, it would be a week early, so you’re asking a lot of a paper who’s slogan is ‘Yesterday’s News Tomorrow ..If Then’.

  9. Lawless says:

    All the best with the lawsuit coming your way Townsville Magpie. The fact that you thought deeply before publishing about the Mayoral candidate, indicates that you were aware that you may well have been on shaky legal ground. The bane of a journalist’s existence, even retired ones.

    All the best if it comes.

    • The Magpie says:

      Wrong analysis, Lawless. It was moral, not legal grounds which caused the contemplation. When a journalist gets into the territory of mental issues, one has to consider all possible outcomes of not going ahead, or going ahead. In txhe end though, the DV issue tipped the scales, and that necessarily was linked to the metal health matters.

      Anyone who wants to sue me is welcome to go ahead and waste their money, as Barry Taylor so expensively found out when he spitefully tried to involve my completely uninvolved daughter in an action against me (hi Rabeah, hope your mate Bazza didn’t sting you for too much for your lying allegations against me.!).

      A renter with no assets who lives entirely on the aged pension and even depends on occasional reader support to keep the blog going is not going to be rich pickings.

      • Inspector Clouseau says:

        Pie, having no assets is not a defence. Pointing out the obvious, however some readers may not be aware that this would not stop a claim being lodged, or proceeding if deemed appropriate (if a claim was in fact ever lodged).

        Best wishes, IC.

  10. Doug K says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bully is waiting until just days before the election to reveal the Troy Thompson story, like they did with Jayne Arlett.
    Arlett didn’t have a dark past like Thompson, in fact she was squeaky clean, but the Bully still managed to impact her chances of beating Jenny Hill.
    As for the Astonisher being closed down and relegated to a liftout in the Courier Mail, a former colleague at News Limited assured me that won’t happen until the paper starts operating at a loss.
    Jenny Hill is making sure the paper stays afloat, at least up to election day, by donating tens of thousands of ratepayer funds to News Ltd for what appear to be unnecessary full page council ads.
    She’s also using council ads to her advantage on Seven Townsville, running commercials about preparing for disasters, when there is no cyclone or other major threat on the horizon.
    I lodged a formal complaint with the ECQ but they said it wasn’t their problem.

    • Dougs Dig says:

      To imply the Bulletin and Team Hill were complicit in running the story about Jayne Arlett’s personal life is BS and gross revision of the facts Doug and you know it. Your dislike of Hill clearly clouding your judgement. The story certainly did not harm Jenny Hill’s chances but it was a political blunder by Ms Arlett. Would a Bulletin story on Thompson help or harm his chances? Who knows!!

      • The Magpie says:

        Apples and oranges, DD. The issue with Arlett was her revelation of being in a lesbian relationship, with photographs that some no doubt found confronting. But you are correct, The ‘Pie’s late and much lamented mate Shari Tagliabue wrote a straight up and down profile, and neither she or the paper, she told me had the time, had any destructive attempt. Even Arlett herself suddenly realised her own goal when she saw the article – an intelligent and socially minded woman, she well knew that Townsville was not ready for their civic leader to openly have that lifestyle. Fortunately times have changed, and if Arlett ever has another shot, she’d be in with more than half a chance.

        On the other hand, Thompson’s problem is lying and deception, and would most certainly have a huge impact.

        • Jatzcrackers says:

          Agree Pie, Thompson’s lying and deception is exactly the problem. Most public figures get nailed for the cover up involving a mistake or misjudgement, not the actual mistake.
          Thompson’s claim to a military career of some standing and ‘connections’ to the SAS is a bit like plenty of Kiwis who tend to claim links to NZ royalty !
          The Bulletin, now that they’ve been alerted or already know about Thompson’s lies re his alleged military past, should nail the bastard big time to show him up as the slippery prick he is.
          With one or two connections of my own to ADF personal, I’m pretty sure a few blokes from the military, past and present would love to have a beer with Thompson….he just better hope it’s not the SAS or Commandos buying the drinks.
          They tend to be a bit intolerant of impersonators !

          • Not running for Mayor says:

            “Vote 1 Harry Pattell – at least he hasn’t fucked up yet”

          • Alahazbin says:

            NrfM, By voting for Harry Patel is just another vote for the mullet anyhow. As the Pie has previously stated, if he wants to make difference why not stand in his division as councillor. He will take a few hundred votes from Hills opponent and she would be happy with that.

          • The Magpie says:

            Bit of a dead letter argument now, Ala … she has not opponents … not viable ones, anyway.

  11. I’m also Scoop says:

    Perhaps some of that MAGA dribble was innocently let in and I’ve become a conspiracy theorist but hear me out.
    Scott Stewart’s rant in parli was more about giving Jenny distance from Labor than anything else.
    Over the years we’ve seen Jenny go from Labor to “team Hill” for only one reason and that reason is only growing; Labor is on the nose.
    It seems Labor knows they will bleed votes in October and the strategy is ‘anyone but the LNP’. And the ‘anyone’ is clearly the KAP.
    Miles having Dametto as a co-star in a recent video was just another step. Jenny has previously appeared with them to send a message to Labor faithful that may be contemplating a protest vote and the responses to KAP questions in parliament have, in the majority of cases, have been welcomed like a new arrival to the Nimbin love-in with offers of private briefings rather than the usual response to so-called right wing cross benchers.
    With the LNP needing 14 seats to oust Labor, diverting 1 or 2 almost unwinnable seats to the KAP instead of the LNP is a clever tactic.
    You have to question if the KAP is complicit in the plan or naive but, based on the 2015 election, you’d have to think it’s a wise move by both and a gross oversight by the LNP,

  12. Echochamber says:

    Worth a read.


    “With 61 positions filled without a single vote, the question is are people disengaged with local politics, or simply satisfied with the status quo”

    No I wouldn’t say I’m entirely satisfied with the status quo, in fact I have no time for Jenny Hill at all (although Suzie is pretty good at responding and sorting stuff out), but in all honesty Pie I generally don’t give the Mayor or this council a second thought by and large. My employment and future opportunities are not tied to any decision they make. If the value of my land increases, and in turn my rates, so be it. An increase in land value is a good thing for me. Same happens to my taxes when my salary increases and thanks to Albo’s great lie I’ll be paying more than I would have had he kept his promise on the stage three tax cuts. But it helps pay your pension and my grandma’s, so I just get on with it.

    And let’s not forget that things like Lansdown and the Castle Hill debacle happen, ultimately, because the community lets them. Imagine if 90% of Suzie’s electorate told her they were against Lansdown? Would she still participate in the Jenny Hill aerobics class? Maybe she would, given she’s running unopposed.

    Sadly I get the sense that you and your long term readers won’t ever be happy, regardless of who is running that shit show in Walker St. Heaven knows what this blog would look like if everything was running as you thought it should.

    Maybe for a change of pace how about next week you dedicate the blog to all the good things happening around town, perhaps in spite of local and state government.

    And if you feel obliged to cover the local government election outcome perhaps a rallying cry of 5-10 things you would like to see this council achieve in its next term. And also send it to your local councillor to see their response.

    Or you could just keep copying and pasting a bunch of comics from the US. It’s your fife afterall ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • The Magpie says:

      That’s one of the better expressed’I’m all right, Jack, so fuck you’ explanations we’ve had in comments. And the self-parody of you sayiing bad things happen because ‘the community lets them’ should sink under the weight of irony.

      This blog, and responsible news organisations everywhere, recognise that ‘news’ is the ‘unusual, out-of-the-ordinary order of things’, it is not the pap we are overwhelmingly fed by our busted-arse paper – usually three days late. That’s the age old rule that dog bites man is not news, but man bites dog is.

      And while he’s not here to pat people on the back for doing the job expected of them, The’Pie occasionally praises things – Townsville Port management is an example which triggers a lot of bitter folk – the eventual gradual growth of the Port SDA, and the rock barriers for parks is another example of giving a up-tick (clever idea all round, effective and looks kinda naturally decorative). It is when performance falls below an expected norm, or sheer idiocy is let loose, that matters become real news and not some dictated paean of unquestioned self-praise (often just unchallenged lies). People are never happy with under-performing slithery grifters, especially those suck on the public teat. Or should turn a blind eye, eh?

      And fear not, as shy and unassuming as he is, The ‘Pie will swallow his nervousness and will certainly be making a few suggestions to the councillors,Mayor and assorted toadies.

      But you clearly have some great ideas on how to run a blog.The Magpie eagerly awaits your first edition – which will probably be close to your last.

    • Bob Roberts says:

      Seriously, wtaf is up with the comics from the USA? He expects people to donate money for that?

  13. Bentley says:

    I see Eduard Prols, a British cartoonist has been fined 9000 Euros for a cartoon making fun of the Queer (LVBITRSFQ+++) community. A haymaker from a victim is one thing, but the courts is quite another. So much for free speech…..

    • The Magpie says:

      Got a link, The ‘Pie will be happy to post it. As you say, in the name of free speech.

      Of course, won’t bother if is just crass and not funny.

  14. Prince Rollmop says:

    Thanks for this week’s blog Magpie. A number of political and TCC issues mentioned, with the only positive story being the brief one about Phil Batty! It would be wonderful to have a few Phil Batty’s or even. Phil Thompson’s in our Council. Anyway, one can only dream, it doesn’t cost anything.

    • The Magpie says:

      Daydreaming costs you heaps, mate, if you’re off with the fairies while others are stealing the silverware.

  15. Been there says:

    All of us are to blame for Team Hill’s win in 2024. We’ve all sat back and done SFA these past 4 years. Blogging and commenting, regardless of how “on point” the content, will not change a (local) government.

    Sadly we are in a time of pessimism where individuals and their basic needs rule. Community activism for a better living environment at the local level, goes out the window. The closest thing we’ve seen is the pile-on focussed on Coles and Woollies in the vain hope to get some cost relief at the checkout (not a single squeal about the 9% increase in council utilities – go figure). A few pot holes, overgrown verges and council budget blowouts are small beans. We don’t have the media (social, print or online) firepower to bring down Hill.

    So ask yourself … were you actively involved with a candidate for election in the past 3 years? The answer will be NO. Ergo, Hill wins. Again.

    It’s another 4 years to 2028. If you know people who could be credible candidates for Mayor or councillor, start the conversation now. While there is some noise. Get them interested. Get behind them and help them get a groundswell of support. It takes time to raise $ support, work out policies, study your opponent, get profile and convince 50% of Townsville (or Division) to vote for you. You cannot wait until January 2028 to declare an interest and expect to win. Thompson and other candidates are finding this out right now.

    • The Magpie says:

      Interesting and mostly valid points that you make. Will comment on other aspects of what say another time, but here’s something everyone should be alert to, and should alert those who don’t realise: if Mullet Mullet leaves office, voluntarily, removed or carks it, the runner-up in the election – presumably Thompson, can become mayor, as happened with joke candidate Pineapple Hooper in Rocky 4 years ago. If she leave beyond a year into her term, then a mayoral election is held … the automatic succession of the deputy or others in descending order, only happens in the latter stages of a term. So only the untimely passing of Jenny Hill … which no one wishes, and we all hope she keeps a sharp lookout for speeding motorcyclists – will see Troy Thompson as mayor. But to your point about suitable leaders getting ready now, it is the 12 months time frame, not four year timeframe that should be the key. Because The Magpie has it on excellent authority that Jenny has had talks as high at Canberra’s top dog about possibilities. The ‘Pie is told this goof-off actually petitioned the PM the very same day she embarrassed him by telling the media to get of their arses. And any (highly unlikely) goose up the ladder will not happen unless Labor stays in power in Walker Street … so that tends to put state out of the question.

    • Gus says:

      Active for two years highlighting hiprocracy.


  16. Sergeant Gunney Highway says:

    Old mate Thompson is not ex SAS. He is a bullshitting weed of a man. The closest he came to being part of the SAS is probably his internal application form. I call double bullshit on Thompson.

  17. The Magpie says:

    Powerful, powerful stuff from the Biden campaign … and one of thE GREATEST AND truthful put-downs of Donald Trump EVER.

    You will never ever find a better, witty and truthful summation of Trump than that put-down.

    • The Magpie says:

      You know, that single haymaker shows up a Trump weakness that will eventually sink him … he has no, none, absolute zero, sens eof humour or wit.

      The ‘Pie challenges you, quote me something funny and clever that Trump has ever EVER said.

    • Sergeant Gunney Highway says:

      Magpie, to be honest with you both Trump and Biden are fuckwits. And although you hate Trump immensely, what you are leaving out is that Biden is a 60 year veteran of sucking on the public teat. He has contributed billions of dollars in taxpayer money to the Ukraine and prior to that he has supported almost every US war, including Iraq and Afghanistan, which cost trillions of dollars while his own country is rotting away. Both of these men are parasites.

      • The Magpie says:

        That’s the sort of stupid false equivalence that a deceptive arrogant arsesole like Trump depends on dimwits buying.

        The Magpie is not going to waste his time engaging with you or anyone else who makes idiotic and destructive arguments such as yours – Trump is an evil dangerous mentally unstable man who has no right being anywhere near the levers of power that affect so much of the rest of the world.

        Joe Biden is a decent person with huma frailities like most (not serious mental issues) who has turned the country around and would have done so much more effectively but for Trump and his spineless Fascist Republican lickspittles gaslighting the world with their demented agenda,
        Wake the fuck up man … and don’t bother with any of your brain damaged arguments to the contrary. There’s way too much at stake to be pissing around with fuckwits on this issue.

        • Sergeant Gunney Highway says:

          No Magpie, you wake the fuck up. I never said that people should vote for Trump. In fact I said that Trump and Biden are both fuckwits.

          America has little choice. A win for Trump would be a disaster. A win for Biden would have Harris take the reins at some stage due to Biden’s age and declining mental health. That would be a disaster.

          • The Magpie says:

            Why would Harris be a disaster? She hasn’t espoused any departure from Biden’s excellent policies and you’re only Biden complaint is age, which is itself a fallacy promoted by the MAGA crowd.

            Any person of minimum intelligence, decency and comprehension knows that this is not an either/or matter … Trump will be the new Hitler, no argument. So step up and choose your place in history.

        • John Wilkes Booth says:

          Does Trump go to the theatre, anyone?

  18. Project Lunex says:

    Any chance you can provide proof of Troy Thompson’s questionable background ? Or its just smoke and mirrors shrouded in heresay.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie has enough materials, documents etc that make the story factual enough, but hey, as an innocent, non-partisan inquirer thirsting after the truth, why don’t you ask Mr Thompson?

      • Project Lunex says:

        Exactly the snide response I was expecting. You are one very conceited individual. You are trying to turn the issue around and put it back on me to do the asking of Troy. Well it’s your blog, your article, and your desire to paint a certain picture about Troy. Produce the evidence mate, or shut up and withdraw the article.

  19. Doug K says:

    Ok Digger Doug, let’s see when, or if, the Bully runs the story about Troy Thompson.
    They have been sitting on the story for more than a week now,.
    You say the story on Jayne Arlett didn’t do Jenny Hill’s chances any harm last election, so what makes you think the Bully editor wasn’t smart enough to also figure that out.
    You can call Arlett naive for agreeing to the story, but my take on it is she was just being open and honest.
    And no, I ‘m not related to Arlett, in fact I’ve never met her. But I do admire her for at least having a go.

  20. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Mr. Pie, you seem very angry over the past day or so. Have you tried an afternoon nap and a good, stiff Scotch?

    • The Magpie says:

      Trump is about the only issue that really triggers the old bird, and he’s decided he is mad as hell and not going to put up with it anymore. There is just no excuse for the tsunami of disinformation surrounding this egotistical dangerous moron, and this blog will no longer entertain comments supporting him or denigrating and lying about Joe Biden – the latter just a man with all the faults normal people understand, and in a totally difference galaxy to the dark, destructive rapist mobster ex-president whom openly says, in so many words, he wants to be the next Hitler.

      PS Don’t drink Scotch.

      • Russell says:

        Totally agree ‘Pie. Jamesons is far more enjoyable. Sláinte.

        • The Magpie says:

          Unusual trivia: Don’t know if it so now, but at one time, Jameson’s was made in Ireland but owned by Protestants, while Bushmills was made in the north – Ulster- but was owned by Catholics.

          • Grumpy says:

            Another funny fact I learned whilst visiting the distillery is that the “Dew” in Tullamore Dew is actually D.E.W. – the initials of the original distiller, a certain Mr Williams, not (as I thought) the glistening gift of nature in the early morning.

          • The Magpie says:

            Are you speaking of the steaming version of the glistening gift of nature in the early morning?

  21. Jenny says:

    No wonder TCC found Magnis hard to deal with straight. The ASX is chasing them round and around in a detailed mail trail on the Magnis website today. Their Mr Glasgow could talk the leg off a chair.

  22. Mike Douglas says:

    Another Team Hill Councillor shows their arrogance as Potty Mouth Margie Ryder believes 8 yrs as a Councillor gives her the right to place her marquee in her space even though another candidate beat her to it . Coouncil started last term with 2 independents and finished with nil . If Margie gets that upset over a marquee . Margies words ” it happened at 6 am the public didn’t see it ” .

    • Cluden Axe says:

      Seems insane that calling someone a “dwarf” is offensive but calling someone a “fuckhead or cockhead” is ok. Ryder is a very strange character.

      • The Magpie says:

        More amusing and mysterious is the iditor of Bulletin flailing around for something to talk about and chooses this subject. Which goes nowhere, and says nothing new that has not already been reported in massive beat-ups made to look like it matters.

        And not a mention of Troy Thompson’s background, which voters are entitled to know.

        This amateur ed of a woman whom News Ltd has tasked with ‘setting the news agenda for Townsville’ (spare me, gasp, wheeze) somehow thinks that re-housing a no longer affordable mutt is a front page story that will attract serious readers.

        In a bizarre twist, with a childish punning headline, the blight of a dog is cynically used as a ‘hook’ for the story about a devastated family, which in a normal world, would be the focus of any report. Weird.

        But weirder still is the fact that on page 2 is a real choice for front page, that is, if a paper is serious about informing its readership of things that really matter.

        When you get down to the nitty gritty of this lightly rewritten press release (from Brisbane), wouldn’t locals find this more informative and -gosh – perhaps interesting?

        In a city beset with challenges, Cas Garvey and the Townsville Bulletin are proving to be a large part of the problem, certainly not part of any intelligent informed solution.

        • The stats says:

          The stats they were using were over a decade for stolen cars. You can use stats any way you like. I would go to the ‘Enforcement actions register’ the cops have to keep in Qld. It doesn’t deal with conviction our outcome rates only reports and call outs etc.

          • The Magpie says:

            Agree, stats are regular twisted to suit the chosen narrative, but The Magpie’s point is even more great publicity for Townsville … that chart topping 52% leads all other places by a massive margin. And it is still news worthy of more prominence.

          • Jenny says:

            Bumper sticker on Nissan Navara: “I choose to identify as a HiLux”.

        • GST SHAM says:

          Another day another editorial backing in Jenny Hill and her councillors disgraceful behaviour. Our local paper is no longer the voice of the north. The ‘we’re for you’ title spread across the front of the paper needs to be changed to ‘we’re for the local Labor party’
          we always joke it’s the Mulletin but of recent times it is ringing too true! Shame.

        • Prince Rollmop says:

          The sad truth is that The Astonisher and The Bullshittin no longer play the part of an important news cycle. They are newspapers that rely on titillating stories about sexual deviates, or they print stories about the sexiest tradespeople or the top 100 most influential local fucktards. The reporters and iditors are equally pathetic and they rely on news grabs from Brisbane or other capital cities. Lazy reporting by incompetent fools. Daily news in the regions are normally 3 day old news stories. The local papers are venues for council and Harvey Norman adverts and that pretty much sums up their entire purpose for existing. However, the papers do make for good bird aviary lining, fire starting material, and spare shitter paper for when Coles and Woolies have a run on available shitter paper during a COVID outbreak or when a cyclone is forecast.

          • Mundingbird says:

            My arse will not stoop that low to allow itself to be wiped by the Astonisher.

          • Rotten Luck Willie says:

            Most prudent. The quality of the newsprint being what it is, you may well find, during your finishing paper work, there is news breaking, and you are in the shit again.

            And while we are in the outhouse, a toffee nosed university educated git where I frequent goes on and on about toilet hygiene and hand washing. I found this all very puzzling. At the finishing school for wayward boys and girls we were taught how to go to the toilet without pissing all over our fingers.

        • The Magpie says:

          No, Heel, that could be misinterpreted as an unpleasant slur (even if not intended) on a family with enough trouble already.

      • Bullshit says:

        Short people can’t help it but cockheads have only got themselves to blame.

  23. Not a Sicilian says:

    Whatever you do Pie, don’t send Hill flowers after this blog. I think it has the same meaning in Calabria and Sicily as it does in Malta.

  24. Mugwump says:

    From the WTF File – here we have it in a Bulletin survey of what candidates would like to see if elected.
    Full admission that Team Hill has given Townsville the ‘Big Pineapple’ already, and want to be nice and only give us a ‘small Pineapple’ if we re-elect them. I see The Magpie has added a comment – bet that doesn’t last long.

    • Pineapple fritter says:

      Townsville has been taking a large pineapple in the cloaca ever since Hill and her team of dumbarses (that includes you Potty Mouth) have been in power. We deserve NO pineapples whatsoever, and that one happen unless team Hill are led to the slaughter.

    • Ben Rumson says:

      Is this a oblique reference to the lady TV personality (cannot remember her name) naked on the billiard table at the Officers Mess, Canungra early 1980s, while others in this party played on to, er, pot the ball.

      I lament that my social standing at the time was such that I did not get to attend such parties, damn it!

      Since those days my social standing has slipped much more.

  25. Voyager says:

    You’d think “margie” would at least try and grease the outside of this proposed pineapple before giving it to the community ?

  26. Alahazbin says:

    So ‘potty mouth’ no mention of a performing arts centre, or is that announcement only for the mullet.
    Gee, I hope a few people with vision are elected.

  27. Faking it says:

    Remember Bob Katter bullshitting about his military history? Bit like Trump, the right wing kooks that re-elect him everytime don’t give a shit . The libs who needed his vote had many vets yet let it ride.

  28. Jason Carli says:

    Fuck this blog is boring. I’m going to stick with watching the afternoon news and Tipping Point. Bye bye

    • The Magpie says:

      Missin’ you already, y’hear now.

    • Achilles says:

      J. C. Maybe, “tipping” reduction would assist your perception, and attainment of enlightenment!

    • Alfred E Neuman says:

      Understand this blogg is wanting for you.

      Perhaps for inner health and mental relaxation you try collecting and weaving your tummy button fluff.

      The Strand Ephemera is waiting for you.

  29. Stringer spotter says:

    Recently I have seen the ABC TV news and ch Qld and local appearing to have exactly the same domestic news footage, with the same grabs by the same people but with their respective reporters doing the voice over.

    Are they sharing the same footage from the same source but putting their own stamp on it?

    Everybody does it with international footage but is this cost cutting?

    • Stringer spotter says:

      CH 7 and ABC. Monday for example the story on nursing home funding

    • Former journo says:

      Stringer spotter – former journo turned PR/comms professional here…re your question about news outlets using the same footage – nine times out of 10 it’s because the content is being fed directly to the journos now by the media/comms/PR people. Gone are the days when a TV, radio and print crew would all turn up to a news job to get the best story. No, now they sit at their desks waiting for the people running the show at the other end (us) to send them a nicely packaged bit of content that includes b-rolls, sound grabs and a media release to plonk straight on their pages. It’s great for us, although resourcing can be a pain as we’ve essentially turned into mini newsrooms.

      • The Magpie says:

        Yup that’s the way she works nowadays … but disagree with the last bit … a press release is not ‘news’, it is not even half what traditional news is, since it tells just obe side of the story and the way it is presented, completely discouraged questions. And we see proof of this everyday in the lazy, under-resourced Bulletin.

    • Not running for Mayor says:

      Unlikely Wetcheck Too. Projects here are scuppered at birth because they are just Mayoral thought bubbles without an ounce of planning or real world consideration behind them. We don’t have a whale, we have a Mayor who is like a turd in a swimming pool.

    • Jeff, Condon says:

      Woodside’s problem with this was that the woman was listed as a person to be consulted. I guess they logically thought that someone who asserts she talks to mythical creatures was irrelevant. Unfortunately, the left leaning judge didn’t think so and nobbled Woodside on a technicality.

      A shame really because non-existent entities seem placated when a handball of silver crosses the palms of their human advocates.

  30. Mike Douglas says:

    Days out from the Council election the wheels are falling off Lansdown Phobic Team Hill . Reef HQ stalled , Hilton Hotel canned , Dimmeys redevelopment ? , 71 the Strand ” Strand Beach Club ” developer selling the land . Does Scott Stewart have information we don’t re Council so distancing himself ? .

  31. Afterthought says:

    Developer selling the land and not proceeding . Reef HQ stalled during funding . Hearing Hospital upgrade blown out by $150 mil. Loss of appetite by investors due to Council and Qld Govt regulations.

    • The Magpie says:

      Old old story … risk little make a lot … grab a parcel of land, get council to approve a pack of starry eyed lies that the proponent has absolutely zero intention of doing anything with apart from on selling parcel of land now enhanced by approvals that may or may not appeal to prospects. Nothing wrong legally with that, but it doesn’t help when local media, led by the sycophantic braying of the Bulletin, stating as fact that a development is set to go (as they did with this project when it first gained attention).All helps to give the false impression that the city council is running a progressive agenda when it is doing anything but.

      Perhaps it’s time for the TCC approvals guidelines encourage those seeking the rubber stamp to indicate that matters will be proceeding … by putting start date restrictions on proposed projects, and if not met, back to square one.

      And BTW whatever happened to those grandiose plans for the sailing club near Tobruk pool? Bet it fell foul of the TCC somehow … but in that case, perhaps it deserved to, as the plan included scrapping the current facilities of junior sailors entirely for private restaurant and bar operations.

      • Jenny says:

        Looks like the Magpie’s Nest was taken in by the same hoo-ha.

        Council press release September 2021.

        Townsville City Council has approved the application for the first stage of the Hive development opposite Reef HQ at 1 Flinders Street, in the central business district.
        Deputy Mayor and chairperson of Council’s Planning and Development Committee, Cr Mark Molachino, said the development would be a welcome addition to the eastern end of Flinders Street.

        Cr Molachino said Council officers would continue to work with the project proponents, the Gleeson Group, to enable construction to start as soon as possible.

        Therese Smith, Managing Director of Gleeson Group, said she was delighted at the decision.
        “It is stage 1 of our world class inner-city mixed-use project, the Hive, and marks a positive step forward for our region.
        “As citizen investors generations of our family live here and we are focused on the Hive being a placemaking project with a legacy for future generations to enjoy.”

        Until we flog it on to someone else.

  32. Doug K says:

    Mayor Jenny Hill has promised more transparency (didn’t happen after the last election but, hey, the voters fell for it once, so why not give it another run) so here’s a chance to show us that the council concrete wall is about to be pulled down.
    After 2 years – yes 2 bloody years – the Business Case for the so-called Concert Hall project, paid for by taxpayers, was finally completed and handed to the Federal Minister in “late 2023″.
    But more than 2 months later the findings remain secret, leading to suggestions it won’t be made public until after the council elections.
    I called Phil Thompson’s office yesterday to find out if they had a copy of the Business Case and they said they had been asking for it for weeks.
    Mr Thompson played a key role in getting funding for the Concert Hall project so you would think he would have been kept in the loop, but no, it’s secret Labor business, apparently.
    So, Jenny Hill, give us a sample of your newfound transparency and provide the Business Case to the public before the election.
    Otherwise the local performing arts community can start bracing to cop a rough leaf pineapple after the election.
    No prizes, of course, for guessing why Cas, Leighton and Caitlin aren’t following up this political fiasco.

    • The Magpie says:

      Another disaster in waiting. It will unforgivable if this turns out to be a special interest small concert hall.But given Mayor Mullet’s track record, it will likely be the first thrust as we assume the position for another round of shafting.

    • White Mouse says:

      Doug K – perhaps this is the “small pineapple” Potty Mouth Ryder said that she wanted for Townsville. Instead of six of the best, it is now the rough end of a small pineapple across the buttocks.

  33. Prince Rollmop says:

    Cupcake Stewart put on the hi-vis this week and was touring Gladstone. He obviously needs some tips from a progressive resource sector on how to attract industries to Townsville. Good luck with that Scotty boy. You couldn’t attract a blowfly to a turd.

  34. The Magpie says:

    Who are you replying to. Given your other judgemental comment, if it is The ‘Pie, please tell us what the fuck you’re talking about.

  35. The tall Dutchman says:

    The write-up about Troy Thompson was interesting, but I call bullshit. No evidence has been produced, even though the Magpie claims that he has some. So Magpie, I reckon your puff piece is a pile of dung. Put up or shut up. Show us your evidence. Bet ya can’t.

    • The Magpie says:

      Nice try. But The ‘Pie has disseminated enough of the information you and your folks supplied, which is authentic. Publishing certain documents about an obviously troubled person is not going to help anyone. But isn’t it unusual The ‘Pie hasn’t heard from Mr Thompson or anyone representing him officially?

      However, your wish for an all-out destruction job is not on The Magpie’s agenda.

  36. Erica says:

    Regardless, I’d prefer Thompson over Hill. many believe Hill got away with manslaughter. I’m told Thompsons DV was a marriage break down I’m told, many men find themselves with no contact orders, and having to get mental health, a phone call is a breach, so it would be low range. I have never heard anything about SAS, nor full time from this candidate.

    I have spoken to him a few times at pre-poll, I do believe he has Townsville’s best interests at heart, we all fall on tough times at some point in life, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and he will certainly rip out the left, perhaps we just need to change our thinking, he’s standing up to the Jenny, that’s not easy, I speak as an ex employee.

    I remain hopeful, thank you Magpie, but Mr Thompson still gets my vote. Have a good day.

    • The Magpie says:

      Nothing wrong with Thompson getting votes …. now voters know more about who they are voting for.

      When standing for public office, it is 101 politics that openness from the start. is required. That’s why all selection panels of all parties ask potential candidates if there is anything in their past that could come back to haunt them… especially if not disclosed and therefore not able to be framed in context. Too late now, but this would’ve been an ideal time for Troy to take a stand against domestic violence as means to reveal his past experience of it. It could’ve been a classic example of turning a negative into a positive.(Harry Patel is not a viable alternative … let’s say he was elected, the reality of the position would soon overwhelm him and he would quickly step down … and we’d have another election for mayor.)

      The Magpie’s over-arching interest is Townsville and its governance. For very different reasons, neither Jenny Hill and Troy Thompson is capable of providing the leadership this city so sorely needs. So now, either way, when whoever gets elected introduces policies that make things go tits up, we won’t be surprised. Disappointed as usual certainly, but not surprised.

      • Not running for Mayor says:

        By that argument Mr Thompson could argue he is standing against domestic violence, exposing fake military service, and supporting small local business by showing how easily they can be ripped off. Please let’s not go down that road. He is a damaged crook, as is Jenny Hill. The only sane vote is for Harry Pattell to show that sometimes nice guys can make a difference even if only a protest.

    • Jenny says:

      Erica if you believe, and are prepared to promote the idea, that Hill got away with manslaughter, you’ll believe anything. Read the police evidence, look at the CCTV and get a grip.


      • Not standing for Mayor says:

        Jenny, Jenster, mate. QLD said the case against the Hillster was that she drove without due care and attention by not stopping at an amber light while in a conversation on her hands-free mobile phone. Then there was the the strange way breath and blood testing was handled, and finally the QG-employed magistrate was only prepared to go as far as finding “I am unable to conclude beyond reasonable doubt that Ms Hill drove without due care and attention” even when she admitted not knowing what colour the light was when she went around the corner.

        This is not the first time that local cops and courts have covered up ALP mayors and their driving indiscretions. When you own the cops, the courts and now the media it’s hard to be seen to do wrong.

        • Jenny says:

          “When you own the cops, the courts and now the media it’s hard to be seen to do wrong.”

          And you obtained this information from where? The cops, the courts or the media? Or were you handed it personally by Donald Trump?

          • Not standing for Mayor says:

            Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. I wonder if you are paid by the hour or by the word for your, admittedly cut price and amateur, work for the ALP.

        • Jenny says:

          As an obvious amateur conspiracist yourself if you thought I was incompetent or inept you wouldn’t bother responding so you must think I’m one of the other ‘amateurs’ – “a person who engages in a pursuit on an unpaid rather than a professional basis”. In which case you would understand that I’m neither cheap nor paid.

  37. Molly 9 says:

    I hope this works for you ‘Pie. I found this on Instagram, it’s Meryl Streep referring to the so low standard of D. Trump and his ridicule of those who deal with disability. If the link doesn’t work, you can search on Instagram “Meryl Streep Trump”.
    A powerful indictment of a truely awful human being.

  38. Ralph says:

    Pie, someone playing games with my name, I never sent the comment.

  39. Jeff, Condon says:

    WTF? Just received my RACQ Contents Insurance and I has more than doubled in 12 months, similar to a few other friends. I spoke to two reps by phone and they both told me it is because of the Govt Insurance Pool. This gives the insurers the opportunity to look at individual houses rather than postcodes. What a load of bullshit.

    I thought the pool was supposed to ease premiums, not skyrocket them. The insurers are using the pool another reason to gouge the people

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Yeah, who would’ve thought that costs would be increased! The fuckers. It’s like the airline industry and the energy industry being deregulated. All it does is end up biting us in the ass and we pay more. Seen it too many times in my lifetime.

      • Big Foot says:

        And if prices go up, profits go up and so does GST revenue collected by the government. You’ll never see a government whingeing about fuel prices because their revenue sky rockets through excise and GST revenue – which makes everything more expensive driving more revenue collection. It’s the government’s way of collecting back the covid money they spent. If you want to drive profits and tax revenue , simple, just create scarcity.

        • The Magpie says:

          And if they are serious about cost of living cuts, halve the fuel excise. It may be robbing Albo to pay Jim, but it would be an immediate and massive effect. But do you know why no party would ever consider it? Because once things settle down, they would not be able to restore the previous levels without losing government.

          • The Magpie says:

            And interesting to note:
            The current fuel excise rate is 49.6 cents in excise for every litre of fuel purchased. The rate of fuel excise is adjusted in February and August each year in line with inflation and is in addition to the GST. Over the past decade (up until 2022-23), only 57% of fuel excise has been re-invested in land transport projects.

  40. Doug K says:

    Caution: an Astonisher mayoral election poll has only attracted 84 votes so far but…….
    Who should be the Mayor of Townsville?
    Jenny Hill
    32 %
    Troy Thompson
    52 %
    Harry Patel
    16 %
    No wonder Jenny Hill is spending a fortune in mystery donations on advertising.
    The short tempers of “Scooter” Mooney, “Gushing” Greaney and Potty Mouth also suggests the Labor Party’s own polling isn’t too flash.
    Hope springs eternal!

  41. Doug Kingston says:

    The usual suspects have been talking up how the first Pink concert had sold out and a second one was also close to capacity.
    The Astonisher today said 80,000 people were going to the 2 concerts.
    But today I received this offer (see below) for tickets.

    Checked it out and I could get 10 tickets in the area in front of the stage to both nights. You will see that there are seats available all over the stadium – both nights.
    Someone is telling porkies.

    • Jeff, Condon says:

      A friend told me Pink tickets were going at $700.00 a seat. Might give it a miss.

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie knows little of Ms Pink, but the two or three YouTube visits to acquaint himself with her schtick and the occasional story and photograph tend to indicate a mediocre talent akin to an accomplished menopausal suburban mum who has successfully overcome an early life of tattoos and looseliving and is nown preoccuppied with her karaoke skills – such as they are.

        Pink’s fan base clearly includes many blokes who have wrestled with forbidden mummy issues all their lives. Hope this doesn’t explain the slavering adoration of our sartorially inappropriate member for Thuringowa.

        • Jeff, Condon says:

          Undoubtedly the Mullet and her favourite acolytes will be there.

        • The Magpie says:

          Of course, bit harsh on Goofy, he’s always concerned with stealing.

          ‘Oh,pinketty Pink pinky-poo, you’ve stolen my heart.’

          If you look closely at the pic, you will see two cars being stolen while he’s looking the other way – at the camera.

          • Prickster says:

            The photographer deserves an award, capturing a rare photo of his head not up his own ………

          • Prince Rollmop says:

            Harpic doing his best to look like Liberace? Or does he look like Annastacia Palletchooks Doctor boyfriend? And that buccula is growing also! What a wanker.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      And in standard Townsville fashion, accomodation on those nights has soared through the roof. I’ve heard of figures of up to $2,000 per night.. also heard that some people who booked accomodation on the day that tickets were released have had their accomodation canceled, or being told there was an ‘error’ in the original booking and the correct fee is triple what they originally paid. It is a pity that the toothless and neutered ACCC don’t do anything about this behaviour.

      • The Magpie says:

        It is a standard irregular cycle in Townsville, adding more allure to our standard version of paradise. But who says the ACCC won’t do anything about bit? However, it all starts with a complaint, the ACCC don’t go around looking for these rip=offs(neither should they) they act on the information from ‘victims’.

  42. Pat Coleman says:

    This can only be done with a long post which cant be challenged in court. This is a link to the 2016 TSV donations in which Maidment and the Arlett mob declared those donations, under different company names but with the same agent and contact details . But also in which Maidment nor The Hill gang declared Maidment donations , which they later said they took https://www.townsville.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0015/26106/OC-mins-22.11.16.pdf
    Chose the archive link, cut and save that link on a page, see how long they are ? . Click on local government elections and go to 2016 for TSV and open the Page . Again save that link. Close the browser. Take the links and paste them to your browser and you will see it comes to a page demanding a password. This means you cant give direct links , you have to manually go to it from the ECQ page. Previously they broke the links by moving the donations to an ecq page called ‘Squiz’ , but you could also give people links to that so they tried making it difficult. Not impossible, just difficult. Its dishonest. And dishonesty is covered in the definition of corrupt conduct in the CCC Act (see my comment and links last week)


    Since the went to the realtime page (5 days) the ecq has left off contact details of donors. This means its hard to investigate.
    Under the Local Government Electoral Act S117 (3)(b) , Donbations returns must haver relevant particulars https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/html/inforce/current/act-2011-027#pt.6-div.3-sdiv.1 Relevant particulars are defined on in the state electoral act s197 and mean at least the address of the donor and we can take it from there https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/html/inforce/current/act-1992-028#sec.197

    Div 6 of the state electoral act says Returns GIVEN TO THE COMMISSION must be published on the website https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/html/inforce/current/act-2011-027#pt.6-div.6

    180Wilful neglect etc. by commission staff
    A senior electoral officer or member of the commission’s staff must not wilfully neglect or fail to perform any duty under this Act.Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.


  43. Pat Coleman says:

    Magpie note: whilst The’Pie doesn’t encourage massively long comments, he sometimes makes an exception for Pat ‘Tolstoy’ Coleman. He isn’t always right (or interesting) but we stand in awe of his research skills and like the following, will publish because it will at least be on record somewhere.

    This is a link to the 2016 TSV donations in which Maidment and the Arlett mob declared those donations, under different company names but with the same agent and contact details . But also in which Maidment nor The Hill gang declared Maidment donations , which they later said they took https://www.townsville.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0015/26106/OC-mins-22.11.16.pdf
    Go to http://www.ecq.qld.gov.au and the disclosure page scoll down. Chose the archive link, cut and save that link on a page, see how long they are ? . Click on local government elections and go to 2016 for TSV and open the Page . Again save that link. Close the browser. Take the links and paste them to your browser and you will see it comes to a page demanding a password. This means you cant give direct links , you have to manually go to it from the ECQ page. Previously they broke the links by moving the donations to an ecq page called ‘Squiz’ , but you could also give people links to that so they tried making it difficult. Not impossible, just difficult. Its dishonest. And dishonesty is covered in the definition of corrupt conduct in the CCC Act (see my comment and links last week)


    Since the went to the realtime page (5 days) the ecq has left off contact details of donors. This means its hard to investigate.
    Under the Local Government Electoral Act S117 (3)(b) , Donbations returns must haver relevant particulars https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/html/inforce/current/act-2011-027#pt.6-div.3-sdiv.1 Relevant particulars are defined on in the state electoral act s197 and mean at least the address of the donor and we can take it from there https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/html/inforce/current/act-1992-028#sec.197

    Div 6 of the state electoral act says Returns GIVEN TO THE COMMISSION must be published on the website https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/html/inforce/current/act-2011-027#pt.6-div.6

    180Wilful neglect etc. by commission staff
    A senior electoral officer or member of the commission’s staff must not wilfully neglect or fail to perform any duty under this Act.Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.


    • Dr Christine says:

      Pat Coleman’s post about donations is illuminating. The poor old press can no longer afford the investigative journalism of yore. So corrupt people can get away with a lot. Anti-corruption government departments are employees of govt, leading to the question is reporting to anti-government corruption units like getting the fox to investigate its cousins last raid on the chicken coup? I personally lack the time to go to the urls Pat lists and battle the obstacles put in place. Trusting that someone is honourable enough to accurately tot up the total donations from various entities and their various sub-entities. Would be interested to see how much money donors just blew backing Hill the 2024 elections.

  44. White Mouse says:

    If anyone has the chance (extra nights added in April), go and see Theatre iNQ’s production of The Government Inspector. Of course it is not based on “real people or events”, but some of Terri Brabon’s marvelous dialogue must be sailing very close to the truth.

  45. Motorist says:

    This morning saw on Riverway Drive footpath just outbound of Allambie Lane Arron (Who) Harpic standing in front of video camera with his lips moving. He was wearing a Bob Katter style hat (Bob would not be pleased) with a few other people standing around.
    I wonder what would be so compelling to get him that far out into the boondocks?

    • old tradesman says:

      It’s a wonder he wasn’t wearing a hard hat and safety vest.

    • White Mouse says:

      Harpic will be spruiking his efforts in obtaining $100,000,000 in funding to upgrade a 3klm section of Riverway Drive to dual lane. At $33million a kilometer, the road better be paved with gold.

      • Big Foot says:

        Oh no

        They are going to be putting MORE traffic lights on river way drive – yay ! And months / years of roadworks, delay etc. Guess you can add another 10 minutes to your commute in the morninv thanks to Aaron harper ( his voter base won’t be up at rush hour)

    • Div10Dave says:

      While Townsville locals are focussed on tomorrow’s council election, Harper is looking further down the track to October’s state election. Labor’s best chance of saving the furniture is to angle on minority government. For Smiley Miles, the Katter party is just as useful as the Greens so why not court them, especially if all you need is a big hat and no shame.

  46. old tradesman says:

    Apparently Townsville is going to produce so much Hydrogen shortly that the Hindenberg is going to make this a regular refuelling stop.

  47. Motorist says:

    What has happened between the good people of Cranbrook and Aitkenvale that a dividing fence is being erected down the middle of Nathan Street?

    ‘The Nathan Fence’, hum, not as grimly foreboding ‘The Berlin Wall.’

    By day I have not seen too many crossing Nathan Street away from the pedestrian crossings. Don’t go there much at night.

    One thought; Is it to imped the free movement of the nocturnal snots, that infest that part of town, as they try to avoid capture by the Police Force?

  48. Alfred E Neuman says:

    Saw ‘The Adams Family’ musical at the Civic Theatre last night. Bloody excellent on all levels, and funny. Not forgetting the musicians.
    If tickets are still available do yourself a favor and see the show.

    Further conformation that the arts are alive and the Townsville Performing Arts Centre is a no brainer, except to the vindictive, brain dead, revhead, bogan, Mulett. (A free character assessment by AEN. For you free character assessment call 1300CHARACTERASSESMENT.)

    In conclusion;

    ADAMS Family terrific, and

    The Mulett is not.

  49. Chris Bugeja says:

    What I find interesting Malcolm Weatherup is that you don’t publish information about yourself at all in your publication, only defamatory information about mayoral candidate Troy Thompson and others. You absolute muppet.

    I hope your readers look up your name and find this article.


    You are a washed up retiree with nothing better to do with your time than try to destroy those who want to make a difference. What are you doing for the community apart from filling people’s minds with your altered version of “the truth”.

    Yes, I personally know Troy and his Partner and I find this article appalling.

    I highly doubt this comment will be posted as I am sure you filter the truth.

    • The Magpie says:

      Your loyalty to your friend is understandable but it will only be justified if you can point why anything published here is defamatory. My sole interest in this matter is this city which has suffered from poor and possibly corrupt leadership for so long.

      I neither hide nor broadcast information about myself because I’m not running for public office and I don’t want to bore people.

      And you’re way off the mark regarding that article … it confirms a jury was satisfied that I was NOT an ‘habitual drunk’ at work or anywhere else … these were claims made by a disgruntled former editor of the TB Peter Gleeson to a Sydney columnist Sharri Markson. With legals, costs and damages, that little exercise in vindictiveness cost News Ltd close to a million dollars.

      Mr Gleeson displayed his version integrity and honesty when he was sacked by News and Sky for serial plagiarism.

      And a final question: your friendly relationship with Mr Thompson and his partner (never mentioned here) notwithstanding, if the basic facts are correct even if inconvenient for you, why did you find the article appalling? Or are you saying I made the whole thing up – you being ignorant of my long running criticism of Jenny Hill? Why would I make up something that could be – unfortunately – be to her benefit – not that she needed it probably.

      • Esplanado says:

        I’m no huge fan of the Magpie’s work but I will state that he is consistent and the information provided re Troy Thompson absolutely is in the public interest. No reasonable person could ever accuse Malcolm of doing Jenny Hill any favours so his intentions for publishing this information is out of a genuine desire to inform the public before they cast their vote. He shouldn’t be criticised for writing an important story that the paper was unwilling to touch.

        • Charlie Wulguru says:

          Esplanado… ‘an important STORY’ And how much of it is true, like any story. Do you know? I don’t know. You Dick-whit.

          • The Magpie says:

            There’s a of Maga-type madness about the attitude some have taken to The ‘Pie’s revelations about Mr Thompson’s past. There is such a simple solution for those who question his accuracy – but not one single person has asked Mr Thompson, nor has Mr Thompson hastened to deny it and denounce The ‘Pie. If it had been Mr Thompson challenging ‘to put up or shut up’, that would be more than implied permission to publish further on the matter. Which would have been done. Coming from others, operating under the security blanket of complete anonymity, such a call means nothing.

            Friends saying it is bullshit is no proof of anything, and others might think it, if not inaccurate, it is scurrilous in its timing. The timing may appear either unfortunate or strangely fortuitous, depending on the reader’s personal sentiments, but that is just the way it happened. Indeed, The Magpie would’ve liked to have had knowledge long before the campaign got to the final stages.

            The Magpie does not feel any compunction to offer up further proof of what is was reported (although he possesses corroborating documentation) which would make the matter descend into detail that would only serve to tittilate the unworthy.

            The Magpie does not know Troy Thompson and has never met him, so there is no personal reason to wish him personal reputational injury, but that had to be balanced again the possible harm and disruption if he were elected out civic leader without full disclosure.

            Charlie, that you seem to think this is not important is entirely a matter for you.

      • White Mouse says:

        Very early results have Thompson in the lead

    • Grumpy says:

      Budgie Juggler. Obviously, you were not around when Malcolm sued Murdoch’s mob. He was completely open about – as much as he could be, given the matter was before the court. Equally clearly, you were not present in the court to watch Newscorp’s henchmen get hilariously dismantled. Again, you clearly did not read the original or appeal judgments. Not only did the ‘Pie win, he won comprehensively. His virtue is intact. You, on the other hand…W⚓

  50. Sandy says:

    To whom it may concern
    I’m concerned about people voting for Troy Thompson to run Townsville council and info written about Tsv bulletin not writing on this issue
    It’s scarey for Townsville
    Some of his wording after votes closed made me a trifle worried

  51. Dr Christine says:

    Very interesting background on Troy Thompson. Yet, 4 days after polls closed, he is almost certainly Townsville’s new mayor. Says a lot about what people think of Hill and her team. I only got postal forms to vote for mayor and did not check that this was correct. Then after 6pm as I looked at the aec website to see the vote count, I realised the error of my assumption. The reason I only got the mayoral voting forms was not because voting for councillors is at another time but due to some glitch in the system. How many others only got one set of postal vote papers? Can this invalidate the vote for Townsville?

  52. Sandy says:

    Mon-Thur March 2024
    Have put in multi calls to
    ECQ (electrol commission Qld, Townsville Council, Tsv Bulletin and AEC
    In regards to who vetos a person before they can be a candidate in any council, State or Federal election.
    Information received has had me running back (calls) from one to the other.
    Today sent an email to ECQ. Hopefully will get an answer soon.
    After reading some information / articles, was strongly concerned with the weekend March 2024 Townsville Council Elections .
    had me thinking
    These nominated candidates and now division council members, should be making best decisions independently, to make Townsville a great place to live.

    Troy Thompson, comment he would like to work with councilors that are ‘coachable’ that
    His hoping his not dealing with more than 5 Jenny Hill elected division councillors.
    They are not there as councillors to be coachable by Troy Thompson (alias……)they are there to make best decisions for the people of Townsville.

    • The Magpie says:

      Tha ‘coachable’ comment, got a link to where he said that (The ‘Pie can’t keep up with everything, it’s an avalanche)? That is one of the most reprehensible possible statements for a mayor to make, and has all the hallmarks of an arch conman … a not too bright one, at that. Because the best conmen are never revealed until the damage is done.

      • Sandy says:

        That comment in coachable was in the Townsville Bulletin
        Think it was the Friday or Saturday of the voting day
        I will try to go back and look that up and copy paste information

        I thought that it was either stand over or con

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