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Sunday, August 8th, 2021   |   184 comments

Is Jenny Hill Be Spending Her Last Week As Mayor In Isolation?

Maybe iso might be good practice? Mayor Mullet said she was on council business in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago, but still managed to catch the Cowboys game at Suncorp on Friday night. Gosh, what lucky timing, eh? Now she’s home self-isolating, for which we all thank her. But was the trip actually the final strategic meeting with her Brisbane flaks, prepping for her upcoming court date and the one main issue central to the matter?

Clr Fran O’Callaghan takes a big stick to the Bulletin editor, and gives him and his absurd world view a mighty walloping.

Is COVID corruption hiding in plain sight in Brisbane? Documents suggest that CHO Jeanette Young and her hubby have some explaining to do …. but no one seems game to ask the question, but The Magpie does.

The Townsville Bulletin – the pimps own paper, and not in the classifieds … with a pointless story touting a sex site claiming it is somehow news.

And the Defence minister Peter Dutton and his wife take a property hit in Townsville.

Plus our usual American gallery, and a couple of brief pen sketches of the Mobster President that should be recorded in history.

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No ever onward.

Why Has No One Challenged This Information?

This is CCC territory, possibly ICAC and even ASIC territory. Yet no one in the media has turned a hair on what appear to be irrefutable facts of government-sponsored corruption..

On Thursday, this comment was posted.

Dead Fish 

 August 5, 2021 at 7:06 am  (Edit)

There appears to be something definitely fishy about Premier Young’s insistence that people wait for Pfizer. It seems that hubby is paid by Pfizer for speaking engagements, has been on their board, and serves in an advisory capacity.

Something certainly smells and it’s not yesterdays kipper.

What checking The ‘Pie was able to do verified that these are facts. If there is more to this … and in Queensland, nothing would surprise … , especially with Palaszczuk senior involved ….swindling and insider trading are bad enough, but when you roll the dice with public health for personal gain, there can no be excuse. And just how does the Premier square this off with all her honking on about transparency and integrity. Premier, as The Magpie has said about our mayor, being seen through is not transparency.

But Why Should We Be Surprised?

From comments.

The Magpie 

August 1, 2021 at 8:47 pm  (Edit)

Seems we are about to get an unequivocal demonstration of the moral bankruptcy of Queensland Labor and Anna Palaszczuk.

ILes won't go MG_4394

Walker won’t – at this time – be kicked out of the party as he would’ve been instantly in another era, and even if he eventually gets the heave-ho, he won’t resign his seat… the Premier can only boot from the party but has no power to turf him out of parliament and call a by-election. This from the Courier.

“Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk released a statement on Sunday, saying Mr Walker had failed to make good on a promise he made after his fight at The Mad Cow in January.

“I expect all of my MPs to meet the highest standards,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“I am angry that I have had to repeat this to Les.

“Regardless of what has occurred and who is at fault, Les has failed in his promise to me not to be placed in circumstances where those standards can be questioned.”

Ms Palaszczuk said as a result of the incident, Mr Walker had agreed to stand down from his role on the Transport and Resources Committee, and his role as Temporary Speaker.

“I am deeply disappointed,” she said.

Christ, woman, YOU’RE fucking disappointed?!? You’re fucking angry?!? That is nothing to what the voters are feeling – rage is one thing that has been hitting The Magpie in box, from both Labor friends as well as the predictable others – what about the voters you have effectively disenfranchised through you keeping a disgraceful, always ineffective, brawling embarrassing drunkard on as the Labor member for Mundingburra. Believing that making him step aside from a couple of nice little side earners that he never deserved in the first place will resonate with the electorate as stern and sufficient punishment is both arrogant and insulting. And what about those Labor members who have been proud of their party affiliation all their lives, young or old, who are now wondering about the fabric of the Queensland Party of lies, deceit and protectionism.

If moral mendacity was an Olympic Sport, Ms Palaszczuk, you would win gold, silver and bronze.

Just One Question Is Looming Large In Mayor Hill’s Next Big Appearance

There’ll be a lot more said about this is in the next few days, but rumours are swirling about a missing BAC test of the mayor after her accident. The whisperers have that she did a roadside test, and may have had a further blood test, but the word is the blood test results have been lost. Now, there will be a lot of social media crap about this in the next week or so, and most of the assertions reaching The ‘Pie are of the ‘a mate’s sister is going out with a bloke at the pub who knows a cop who says ‘ variety, but there are several things that seem to mitigate alcohol not being involved … or at least a roadside test indicating anything. The reason is, unless the conspiracy theorists insist otherwise, is the amount of time the mayor was allowed to remain at the scene … and left on her own for a good part of the time.  Time is valuable in booze related circumstances, but The ‘Pie thinks its a stretch that some sort conspiracy bloomed on the spot.

Jenny Hill at accident scene Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 11.37.28 am

The ‘Pie has always been under the impression that a full BAC test back at the station is always taken, especially under these circumstances. That is not how Queensland wallopers operate, but the question of why a full test wasn’t carried out when a death is involved, will be an interesting aspect of the hearing. But then things get murkier, because the other lesser question is if charged as she is – the charge means she was at least complicit in killing another road user – shouldn’t there have been the simple precaution without prejudice,  of having her licence suspended until the matter is determined?

Surely there wouldn’t be any jiggery pokery involved here?

Well, sadly, mayoral history in this town does not inspire confidence, but times have changed since Clr Tony Mooney did a drunken hit and run an indigenous youth in the late 80s at the corner of Ogden and Stanley streets. He was chased and brought brought back to the scene, but a Labourite-leaning copper told him to walk to the station himself and make a statement, – which he never did, of course, and nothing more was heard of the matter. Curious though that not long afterwards, the copper in question was the surprise endorsement for a good Labor seat down south.  And Mooney has refused to say a single word about the matter when the national media has made inquires.

Don’t Fuck Around With Fran …

… or expect a well aimed, well deserved and well argued kick in the cods … even if you are the exalted bum-boy of the mayor, laughingly known at the Townsville Bulletin Editor.

Fran FB header Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 10.13.25 am

Some background.

A couple weeks back, Craig Warhurst wrote an iditorial that made him look like a clown running backwards through a minefield.

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 5.12.24 pm

Not only was this unelected blow-in boofhead trying to barge into local affairs about which he knows nothing, but he reached two conclusions that are patently absurd and totally untrue. The ‘Pie was left gasping for breath when he read:

Like them or hate them, anyone who doesn’t think being a councillor is a 24-hour-a-day job is kidding themselves.

Events are part of the gig and a way for the people of Townsville to be able to interact and speak to their representatives in the flesh.

Events are part of the gig

24-hour-a-day job?!? Or is this yet another Bulletin typo and you meant 24-hour-a-week job … and that on a busy week.

Craig, old mate, we know who is kidding themselves with that sort of total blarney (apologies to the Irish, blarney is generally fun, humorous … and intelligent.)

But may The ‘Pie suggest you urge your readers to test your theory by doing a bit of an early hours ring around, say 3am. Mayor Jenny Hill (0434 818 321) or potty mouth Clr Margie Ryder (0439 915 033), new mum Clr Suzie Batkovic (0434 939 419) oh, and let’s not leave He Who Would Be Mayor –and might be next week – Mark Frothy Molachino (0439 849 856), and of course the councillor from the family of philandering party animals who just might be getting home when you ring, Clr Liam Mooney (0434 925 510) will all be delighted to field – if Craig is correct – some 3am calls about a pothole or the need for a new footpath. Let’s see what the response is, and if the calls go through to messagebank, ring the number during business hours and ask why the councillor wasn’t on duty ‘24/7 like the iditor said’.  Also, The ‘Pie wonders just what event would bring a councillor out from canoodling under the covers in the wee smalls,  they’d be more a bloody nuisance than anything else.

And then there was this bit of priceless buffoonery – ‘Events are part of the gig and a way for the people of Townsville to be able to interact and speak to their representatives in the flesh.’

Oh, really? Do you know what’s going to happen, chucklehead? The councillor’s wife, hubby, boyfriend or gay lover will seethe with indignation and tell you they are there in a personal capacity and their privacy should be respected. And when you point out why you’ve approached them, -‘the Iditor made me do it –  you may also pick up a few bits of personal advice to pass on to Mr Warhurst.

But now The ‘Pie must yield centre stage to rebuff this patently juvenile idiocy to Fran The Fearless O’Callaghan … and fearless she is, because The ‘Pie cannot ever remember one single politician of any level of government in Townsville willing to so openly and effectively play the editor of the town’s paper so effectively at their own game. Take it away, gal.

Fran blasts editor Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 12.30.16 pmThe ‘Pie will overlook the political danger of calling in to question the mental stability of the electorate … no matter what the truth when you say ‘We are a. city of two hundred thousand odd people ….’  perhaps you meant ‘two hundred odd thousand people.’

It’s Time The Bulletin Editor Took Himself In Hand … And Stop Reporting Everyone Else Who Does.

It is difficult to muster even a smidgen of credibility for the sanctimonious mewling of the Townsville Bulletin’s utterly false ‘We’re for you’ slogan, when they continually drag the name Townsville into the sewers of gutter writing (it’s not journalism, it’s website trolling). And this is vying for Gutter Gold.

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 8.59.15 amThis collection of ‘invitations’ to get together included silver-tongued literary gems like this:

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 9.16.00 am

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 9.16.14 am

It’s bad enough that this paper does not seem to understand that its digital sites are its responsibility, too, and just as serious reflection of their editorial integrity as the main publication. In more than five decades as a journalist both here and overseas, The ‘Pie never conceived that I would ever read in a mainstream publication – except possibly a court report – such gratuitously offensive matter like ‘give me a reason to stop cumming (sic) in my socks’,  and ‘ Let me eat your ass’ … except maybe in a Middle Eastern cookbook.

This graceless publication has again opted for the lowest common denominator in its desperate chase for readers.  But the most damaging part of this it doesn’t remain a local aberration nowadays, and one wonders what the folks at TEL tourism think about this sort of free publicity.

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 5.01.59 pm

Personally and professionally damaging and disgusting. Or is The ‘Pie being too ‘woke’?

Darth Dutton And The Missus Bail From Townsville

Dutton Property Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 8.51.26 am

Recently pinged for unpaid rates on their failed Wulguru shopping village, the forlorn center is now in search of a new owner. And that won’t be easy, according The ‘Pie’s info.

Back in 2016, the company run by Mrs Vader nee Dutton paid $760K for the property and indeed at that time, it wasn’t the dog it has become … the complex probably had a financially healthy lot of tenants back then and returned circa $80k PA.. Now, 10 of the 11 shops are vacant.

Land area is 4000 m2 (an acre) and maybe the Duttons thought a good idea to buy opposite the Wulguru State School and convert to a Child Care Centre. After all, it has current onsite parking for 50 vehicles. The site still has a current Development Approval in place for 85 kids Day Care Centre and 7 shops. (That would have cost money, not cheap)

Maybe Government guidelines changed re funding for start up child care centers.

Oh, well, nice to know one of senior Canberra trough swillers has had a taste of regional reality.

Don’t You Get A Nice Fuzzy Warm Feeling That Our Local Paper Is All For Us.

Which they are … unless told otherwise by their southern masters. Check out this caring message of deep responsibility from Editor Craig Warhurst worried about our economy and our health. And by golly, wasn’t he just gunna tell in Brisbane and Canberra.

image0 Well, actually, no he wasn’t, because this was a News Corpse-orchestrated campaign nationwide, dictated out of Sydne . Viz:

image4 image3

So what, you say, what’s your beef, The ‘Pie hears you sigh.

Just this, tucked away at the bottom of the front page.
Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 9.54.39 am

A paper that is ‘all for us’ would surely bring to prominence the news of most import on the day, and tell Sydney they’ll run their campaign tomorrow. The Beth Kippen murder trial has received acres of often unnecessarily sensationalised coverage, as it should. Beth Kippen’s senseless killing had a widespread effect on this community on several levels, and the verdict was the most anticipated outcome for years. But what in normal times in a newspaper in tune with local demands for news,  would’ve been a massive front page headline. Why didn’t Warhurst relegate the lockdown story to say page three? BECAUSE our paper is run by Sydney interests with no idea of this local market, and even less interest – Warhurst would not have dared.

So we waited a day – actually pretty quick for this busted-arse paper – to get already prepped pieces written days ahead of the obvious verdict.

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 10.40.28 am

Trust the Kippen family don’t mind being treated as a day late and dollar short news item.

Living up nto the more suitable logo, yesterday’s news tomorrow.

The ‘Pie’s Word Whinge Of The Day.

This ‘dropped into’ The ‘Pie’s inbox today. It is a click-through headline for a story … but what story?

THE CROWN: Netflix drops first look at Imelda Staunton as Queen

One of the most annoying new word perversions (like ‘bad’ meaning ‘good’ and so on) is the now fashionable misuse – ambiguous at best – of the word ‘drop’. Now to anyone familiar with English, that headline above would automatically mean that Netflix, for reasons unknown but presumably explained in the story, has cancelled arrangements for a preview of Imelda Staunton as Queen. But no, it means in this instance ‘released’. ‘Drop’ is increasingly, and so often confusingly, used in this perverted attempt at trendiness. The most irksome aspect if that this sort of tomfoolery is utterly unnecessary. Even the journalist who wrote the story itself – presumably one more familiar with pan-generation understanding of language – declined to use ‘drops’ in this sense.

1:25pm, Aug 3, 2021 Updated: 1h ago

Netflix offers sneak peek at Imelda Staunton as Queen

Then lo and behold in the very first opening sentence, order is restored:

Netflix has released a first look at the new actress who plays the Queen in the fifth series of its smash hit The Crown.

The American showbiz paper Variety pioneered much of this sort of wordplay, (‘oater’ for western film ‘bodice ripper’ for period drama and so on, and also popularised ‘nixed’ and ‘nixes’ as shorter versions of ‘cancel’ ) but that publication was staffed by far more clever and droll writers than this new crop of folks who wish to change a language they barely understand anyway.

Earlier this year around SOO time, the Astonisher ran an idiotic headline that a local company had used the occasion to ‘drop a new clothing line.’ Which meant exactly the opposite of what it said. Those sweet little cherubs of the Brisbane subs desk continue to suffer under the delusion that the bulk of their readers are skateboarding, gel haired, gibberish speaking intellectuals whose lips move when they read. Presumably like themselves.

The word ‘drop’ is certainly used in other contexts, but none are usually ambiguous. There is certainly no uncertainty about the Texan sexual foreplay ‘Stop yer grinnin’ and drop yer linen’ – which certainly seems an improvement on the good old Aussie foreplay line ‘Brace yerself, Beryl.’

‘Drop’ certainly means cancel or delete, as in a player is dropped by a coach, again in direct contradiction of the new meaning. ‘Drop’ can also easily be understood as a drink, a lowering (temperature), a geographical cliff face or a brief visit as with ‘dropped in’.

But even traditional usage can lead to delightful ambiguity. The ‘Pie yearns for the day when The Astonisher offer’s the headline ‘Premier Drops Les Walker.’ Did she sack him, or sock him? Either’s fine by us – both a bonus.

The day that headline arrives, The ‘Pie will drop to the floor laughing.

Just In Case You Were Fretting …

Some have been wondering if Peter Honeycombe and his company will be able to survive without his proposed Townsville projects, which have been scuppered by our mayor ordering a planning department go-slow.  Well, dry those tears, seems others down south put great value on the Honeycombe Group’s construction ability, as this snippet will attest.

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 11.38.02 pm

Republican America Has Become An Entire Disney World – Mostly Fantasy Land

Some of the elected crazies are still out there, and being given oxygen by a media that should be responsible enough to know better. This is just one instance during the week … this bloke is certifiable.

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 8.36.21 am

But as time passes, a less frantic and more view is starting to emerge from the past four disastrous years. This is a letter to the Albany Times Union newspaper commenting on a column in the NYT.


Gail Collins’s 7/12 commentary responds to the panel of historians that recently rated Trump only the fourth-worst president. They put James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce, and Andrew Johnson lower. Collins seems to agree, calling that trio definitely “pretty terrible.”

I’ve been a close student of political history myself. Johnson was a blundering racist, and I gave him the booby prize — until Trump came along. But Pierce and Buchanan are faulted, basically, for failing to prevent the Civil War, which is a bum rap. It’s far from clear what they could have done. At that time, Congress was the main event, presidents having little real authority.

But surely Trump runs away with the title of worst president, by a country mile. He’s off the charts. For starters, certainly the vilest character ever to hold the office. Plunged our whole civic culture into the toilet. A divisive, bigoted, compulsive liar. His administration stuffed with corrupt lowlife sycophants. His cruelty separated thousands of children from parents. He shredded relationships with allies, cozied up to blood-soaked dictators, and blackened America’s global moral standing. His thoroughly idiotic handling of the pandemic caused hundreds of thousands of needless deaths. And then he tried to destroy our democracy itself.

A record of infamy unparalleled in American annals. And those historians thought Pierce was worse? What were they smoking?

Frank S. Robinson


Phew … bet the Orange Fuckwit even honked his nose in the shower – and that, according to certain people of The ‘Pie’s acquaintance, is truly unforgivable.

But the more immmediate threats from the pandemic which Trump wilfully ignored is still front and center in the minds of Americans … especially those who refuse the vaccine.

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 8.52.52 am Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 8.47.42 am Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 8.52.11 am Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 8.53.39 am Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 8.46.11 am Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 8.53.57 am Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 8.50.58 am Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 8.34.47 am Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 8.51.55 am Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 8.39.42 am Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 8.47.56 am Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 8.39.29 am

Ah, Those Misty-Eyed Memories

Is Vogue America seeking a new readership market? If so, The ‘Pie enthusiastically endorses it.

Bangs over 50. Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 8.41.35 am

The ‘Pie’s lifetime quest … ever since Mrs Pengilley, English teacher in class 1A Tamworth High school 1958 (unsuccessful, for the record).

Mind you, nowadays, over 70 would do  … oh, what the hell, a pulse and two x chromosones will be fine.

And For Those With Even Longer Memories, The Oddity Of The Week

Pornography has been around for as long as since Adam tasted his first granny (err, smith), and so has homosexuality, fostered widely by the various religious priesthoods … or the other way around, priesthoods were perhaps invented for those that were considered of exotic tastes. That’s certainly the way it has worked out for the main part. Still, archaeologists were surprised recently when they found an elegant piece of carved graffiti during renovations to a church in Hereford, England. A master woodworker 600 years ago was working alone, high in the church when it was being rebuilt,  and decided to leave a small exquisite work for posterity.

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 9.52.53 am

Finally, Just To Stop You Asking Silly Questions.

Bear answer MG_4402


That’s it for another week, and as you have seen above will, a lot of good information filters in through comments, as well as a lot bad jokes, ribaldry and camaraderie … join us, it’s jolly rough and tumble.

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  1. Mike Douglas says:

    Another great blog Pie . It appears you and the Courier Mail have reported the Qld CMO,s husbands relationship to Pfizer (the bulletin will probadly do a story after reading your blog ). Qld Health says ” the Qld CMO ” does not perform work for COVID -19 vaccine manufacturers , travel to conferences , or receive speaking fees . CMO,s husband Graeme Nimmo was Qld Healths State Director of Microbiology before retiring last year . Regards to the Duttons exiting their Edison st retail centre, Labor has driven yet another investor out of Townsville . The Member for Mundingburras office is walking distance to the ghetto abandoned centre that Stockland bought that sits there like the Ghetto but he had to drive out to his old division to target a Federal Liberal Ministers wifes property for political gain . Fran highlighted the use of Townsville $ in a editorial on photos of people attending Council events and then theres the print and digital on the new Council rates notice . T.C.C. doesnt act like an operation who have budgeted to lose $1.8 mil this financial year .

    • The Magpie says:

      Regarding the Qld Health statement about the CHO … it is one of the most arrogant dismissals of a serious matter imaginable … and unsustainable. No one has ever to The ‘Pie’s knowledge suggested that Young had ever performed work for COVID -19 vaccine manufacturers , travel to conferences , or receive speaking fees. If she had, her position, even in this rotten to the core state, would be untenable. But QH blithely skate by the fact that it is the connection her husband has to ONE particular vaccine manufacturer, and the opportunity for financial reward that could be facilitated by the state favouring one vaccine over another, that is the stuff the CCC should be looking into. Perhaps they are, awaiting Anna’s delivery of buckets of whitewash.

      • Flaky says:

        CCC has clear statements about conflicts of interest, but I would say they will be gutless with the CHO, despite “ Qweekend, the state’s Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young has told how her husband Graeme Nimmo has been the ideal sounding board during the health crisis”.

        This interview alone, with the proof Graeme Nimmo has financial links to Pfizer is more that enough to tick the CCC boxes of perceived conflicts of interest, but as we know in Queensland fuck all happens on corruption.

        So if you have a chance to get you share of corrupt gains, fill your boots.

        • The Magpie says:

          That is in. fact damning evidence that this woman should not be calling the medical shots and that Anna Palaszczuk should appoint a new CHO. And while Anna is about it, recognise that anhy advice should be taken into consideration within the overall economic framework of risk v reward.

  2. Alahazbin says:

    Pie, You should be careful calling ‘Memory Blank’ a drunkard. I remember the Bulletin calling one of our citizens that, and it didn’t turn out well for them.

  3. Interested observer says:

    Allow me to add my two cents worth to the deadly Jenny Hill collision.
    A mate at the pub told me (don’t laugh, he’s normally on the money) that blood tests weren’t lost by police – they were never taken.
    Yet it has been suggested that police prosecutors will call as many as 15 witnesses .
    I’m thinking about taking time off to go to the magistrates court to watch the worm squirm.
    Anyone know where I can get tickets?
    Bet our freeloading councilors aren’t giving any away to this event.

    • The Magpie says:

      If that is the case, the worm squirming will the senior police officer who directed that no full test be taken. And not sure how not taking a blood test affects the number of witnesses the coppers will call. The ‘Pie is reaching no conclusions, and has the same proof about what you and your mate say about the blood test i.e. none. But there are several aspects of this matter that bear watching closely when it comes to court … remember, we’re in Queensland, Jake.

      • Interested observer says:

        I’m not familiar with the goings-on at the magistrates court so can anyone advise if the general public is allowed to go along and sit in on cases such as this?
        If so, I wouldn’t miss it for quids.

        • The Magpie says:

          Yup, but get there early, not much room … and the dead man’s family and maybe The Mullet’s will be allowed to take precedence. Just wondering if her counsel in opening will ask for a closed court because the matter is Commercial In Confidence.

      • Polythene Pam says:

        No, “ forget about it Jake”, not “remember”.

      • Butcherbird says:

        Talk is that council legal was down at the cop shop in a flash after the incident. Wasn’t ex coppa Mike Chido the CEO then to?

        • The Magpie says:

          Not sure what you’re point is … if the mayor of a council gets into some sort of strife involving the cops, one would imagine there would be questions asked if council legal WAS NOT at the police station immediately. Although have to admit, associating the phrase ‘in a flash’ with the generously grazing Tony Bligh is a bit of a stretch. And Mike Chiodo’s role or past is hardly relevant, unless you are deep into TRRA conspiracy territory.

  4. The Magpie says:

    This was just sent ion by a very trusted Magpie source, so get hopping, you tough investigative reporters at Bulletin … you’re gunna look pretty silly if there are consequences.

    “Just overheard a conversation from a great source about the Townsville Cup today

    All the Jockeys today flew in from Brisbane which is in lockdown and a DJ was the DJ at the Beach Hotel in Byron Bay where the COVID positive case was.

    How the fuck does that happen???????”

  5. Critical says:

    Another sign of the arrogance that the Murdock press has for its readers. Cairns placed into 3 day lockdown from 4pm today but at 10.30a information about the lockdown in the online version of the Cairns Post and associated Facebook page is behind the paywall. Doesn’t the Murdock Press have any sense of obligation to their community on community health and safety matters.

  6. Achilles says:

    Just watched Premier Puddleduck being interviewed regarding the Covid stuff and a reporter started to ask her about the questionable episode in Tokyo.

    But with impressively fleet footwork she ducked for cover by answering that she won’t answer that question at the moment as her priority is the COVID and the new lock-down in Cairns.

  7. Snowpeas says:

    Wondering how a woodcarver, 600 years ago knew what Olympic divers would look like on television screens in 2021? More intriguing is the okay for a competitor in the Tokyo Modern Pentathlon to flog a spooked, terrified horse but when the coach joined in, it was only the coach who was reprimanded. #Saint Boy

  8. L says:

    The jockey thing is all above board apparently. They are essential workers and have been operating in a bubble separate from everyone.

  9. Cantankerous but happy says:

    The gambling bogans of Townsville are in revolt, regular long term punters at the Casino are apparently really pissed off with recent changes and being advised they no longer qualify for things they used to and don’t get access to the new rooms that have recently opened, fancy telling people in this town they can’t get free stuff anymore, it’s an outrage.

  10. Mr jinks says:

    Now it’s cairns turn, this is just fucken ridiculous. Qld if your crook stay home a couple of days and “DONT GET TESTED “. Get vaccinated for fucks sake it’s not hard to book it in. Funny how your blog today reported the CHO and her hubby and she’s telling us not to get a certain jab when NSW is openly saying if you get a jab you won’t spread it, but Qld isn’t saying the same. Does Qld have a different delta strain? Meanwhile everyone who has got a jab is fucken locked up. Sorry but the US and UK have worked it out we are still looking for zero.

    • The Magpie says:

      And here’s something that will have brimming with confidence as to the advice we are getting. From today’s Sunday Mail interview regarding her husband an d questions about his links to Pfizer.

      • Prince Rollmop says:

        It’s ‘mates rates’. He was working for the Health Department up until recently. He is a lobbyist for Pfizer and meanwhile his wife, the CMO is the one who recommends which vaccine to take. The whole thing is a conflict. For those who read this blog I can assure you that there are very strict guidelines regarding this sort of thing and ‘integrity’ in government – who works with who (relationships), what your personal investments are, what additional businesses you run, whether you or your immediate partner works in the industry you regulate or have oversight of. This does not pass the pub test. Anna Bligh made sure her husband Greg Withers had a plumb role in her government too. It’s not unusual to see these grubs rorting the system. Jeanette young must go. Full stop. Out the door. And any decisions she has made in the past should be reviewed for transparency.

      • Achilles says:

        A closed mouth gathers no feet.

      • Al says:

        Not having a university degree of any persuasion, I am scratching my old head. Premier Young and assistants Alphabet and Smiles can keep straight faces to the press. My piss trough is still available for their snouts.

  11. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Mr. Pie…both items, subtly notifying us that the Bulletin is an unprofessional piece of shit, run and staffed by amateur wannabes, were buried on the bottom inside corner of Page Three.

    “Covid-19 correction
    A STORY published in Friday’s Townsville Bulletin on page one and page seven about the number of close contacts in isolation in Townsville said the Brisbane lockdown began at 4pm on July 21.

    This is incorrect.

    The article should have said the Brisbane lockdown began at 4pm on July 31.

    The Townsville Bulletin apologises for the error and any confusion it caused.”

    A Page One lead story, no less, and this…

    Clarification – Stephen Lane

    On Friday 23 July 2021, the Townsville Bulletin reported on the arrest of Stephen Lane. We wish to clarify that the Stephen Lane referred to in that article is not the same person as Stephen Lane, 39, of Douglas, who is a photographer, cyclist and law student and has previously run for the seat of Thuringowa at the 2017 Queensland State election.”

    Methinks Editor Warhurst might be looking over his shoulder…

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie is pretty sure the second one was a money saving tactic made by negotiation. That someone was caused unnecessary embarrassment is not the main issue, which is that the name of the accused should not have been published at that time in the first place.

  12. One legged tap dancer says:

    So locals are locked out of the new “high roller” gambling rooms at the Townsville Casino.
    Could it be that the new posh rooms are reserved for fly-in gamblers?
    You know, the money laundering ones that got Crown into so much trouble.
    Time will tell.

  13. Mike Douglas says:

    Surely with owners of the Edison street centre selling up Fran and Sue Blom should seek a response from Prins about protocols and security settings , employment contracts within T.C.C. on details on ratepayers . The details of the Duttons alleged non payment of rates seemed to have been leaked to the paper and a local State MP before the paper announcement of businesses going to auction possibly for political gain . How safe are the details of Townsville ratepayers / property owners within T.C.C..

  14. NQ Gal says:

    Don’t expect Cairns to come out of lockdown any time soon – the taxi driver picked up near 100 fares and spent time playing the pokies in one of the largest clubs.

  15. Masks or Blindfolds? says:

    So new COVID restrictions require us to use masks – thanks Messagebank for the FB post nice to know you are still hiding behind your keyboard.

    The mask debate is about the particle journey. Masks can catch droplets and sputum from a cough or conversation but what is important is that SARS CoV-2 is predominantly distributed by tiny aerosols.

    A Covid viral particle is around 100 nanometres, material gaps in blue surgical masks are up to 1,000 times that size, cloth mask gaps can be 500,000 times the size.

    Covid aerosols escape masks and will render the mask ineffective. Let alone those who wear masks with noses peaking out the top, or those who don’t wash the masks (some of these stained masks is probably where Delta started)

    The public were demanding something must be done by our dysfunctional CHO and we got masks.

    Turns out mask are just a comfort blanket, just to keep us not looking at the truth.

    • The Magpie says:

      Love to know who originated that data.

    • Westie says:


      So how do you explain the multiple scientific studies that demonstrate wearing masks reduce COVID transmission by up to 80%. Google Mask Effectiveness.

      Do you have contra-indicating credible peer reviewed studies?

      Or did you just make it up?


    • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

      But it doesn’t matter how small they are in themselves, viruses aren’t floating around naked, they’re in the much larger particles caught by the masks.

      Furthermore, measured reductions in transmission in masked vs unmasked settings support the conclusion that masks are effective.

      • The Magpie says:

        STOP IT STEVE, YOU’RE MAKING SENSE. The world of this blog’s readers has tilted confusingly.

        You’re role around here is ‘sad leftie whacko’ not ‘the voice of calm reason’ – that belongs to Tropical – not.

  16. Interested observer says:

    Mike, surely you’re not suggesting that Jenny Hill would stoop to leaking ratepayers details for political gain?
    Wait a minute, she IS trying to get a Labor Senate gig, isn’t she.
    Workers at the council coalface call her Madam Cellophane.

  17. Mr jinks says:

    Just a thought on the apparent loss of mullets blood test, if she actually got one! All my blood tests are saved at the pathology lab on computer for the last few years for reference. This theory is dubious especially the not test. Even if the guy didn’t die as in other serious accidents the drivers both get tested no matter what. So if the conspiracy is correct then corruption is alive and well in Qld. Tests are on computer which means they can be retrieved, and there’s no way she wouldn’t be tested, that becomes a million dollar lawsuit to the government by the dead riders family in waiting.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie hasn’t delve into these murky waters, but thinks there was a comment here some time ago that Queensland is the only state where such post-accident blood testing isn’t mandatory.t even if true, that doesn’t mean tat the cops don’t religiously and rigorously do the tests – makes sense as a valuable piece of prosecutorial evidence. Doing it then losing is a different kettle of fish, and a damn sight harder to explain than not doing it. SOMEONE would have been on the machine and seen the results.

      • Dracula says:

        I understand that any accidents not matter how bad in Qld requires at least a roadside test (RBT) and then goes to a blood test if a positive sample arises but as you say is not mandatory, why I don’t know. I’m unsure though if the RBT machine is downloadable after the fact with any positive test result. I haven’t been picked up for DD but I’m told by a poor barstard that has that they keep a record of the first test so when a second at the station is performed by a more accurate machine both results appear in court documents. So as much as I want to see mullet go to jail in the interest of everything fair I think the consistency theories at work just don’t cut it. It would be very interesting to hear the coroners report if no blood test or roadside was talken that day. Far too many lines of corruption needs to fall in place for the theory to be true. Not long to go before we all know what happened, maybe we will read it in the bulletin??????? Next year!
        What’s the betting odds on Covid coming from cairns next week just in time for the 2 court cases, mullet and messageblank, to be adjourned, again.

  18. Cantankerous but happy says:

    How good is it to see Campbell Newman and his missus back on the TV again, looking forward to the next 10 months of watching these two.

  19. Doctor Know says:

    “I don’t want an 18-year-old in Queensland dying from a clotting illness, who if they got COVID, probably wouldn’t die.” The words spoken by QLD CMO, Dr Young, 30/6/2021.

    She was slammed by her peers for this outburst BUT it killed any hope of AstraZeneca being used as a viable COVID vaccination across Australia even though it is manufactured in Australia, is cheap, and there are no kickbacks to the original designers.

    The only alternative is Pfizer which is 10x the price. For Pfizer, it now has orders from ScoMo for around $2 billion (40 million jabs) and more to come in 2022-23. A nice little earner thank you very much Dr Young.

    At the time, the CMO’s outburst seemed out of character, taking direct aim at AZ. Until, that is, we find out her hubby is on the Pfizer payroll.

    The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners director Charlotte Hespe publicly criticised Dr Young. “She is definitely scaremongering because she is putting it out there and saying ‘they can’t have their own choice”.

    What’s behind the “scaremongering”? Does this pass any pub test? Can we trust any of her outbursts and advice? Can Queen Elizabeth trust her newly appointed representative in Qld to be free of influence from the REALLY BIG end of town?

    It’s about trust.

    • The Magpie says:

      When is a sad commentary about the point we have reached when scammers don’t even try to hide a massive conflict of interest. Time for Dr Nimmo to say something … or have he already?

  20. Townsville Shines says:

    Cairns are always complaining that Townsville gets everything and they get overlooked. Not even the most virulent form of COVID could be fucked stopping off in Townsville. Will we see TEL claiming this as a win? Our marketing is so shit that not even COVID wants to visit?

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie means this literally …. you took the words right out of my beak. Or the sentiment, anyway. Funny.

  21. The Magpie says:

    LGAQ grifter Greg Hallam admits he looks like Jabba The Hutt.

    No really, he does, he’s said so.

    Hallam lawyered up when some folks on FB agreed with him that he looked like Jabba The Hutt, leading him to blubber on about being very hurt and had suffered greatly from the slight of being compared with the crime boss of Planet Tatoonie in the Star Wars franchise.

    When he first made this litigious threat over a year ago, The Magpie suggested, looking at his formidable array of chins, that a more suitable nickname should be Pizza The Hut, and has been known as such around here ever since.

    But proving he hasn’t the faintest knowledge of what is known as The Streisand Effect, Pizza is now marching of to court.

    We shall watch closely, with our poor taste joke book at our elbow.

    • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

      I think there is merit in his case – probably no proof he has slaves , droids or aliens at his place. The rest is demonstrably less fanciful. Having been in the room with him a few times I was worried he would scoop down from his throne and eat me.

    • Parker Pen says:

      But didn’t Jabba the Hut have a personality?

  22. Terry Smith says:

    Magpie, do you think that there is any correlation between the decision by TMR to change all of its traffic lights in Townsville so that there is no longer any filtered right turns (TB 31 July Story) and our Mayor’s upcoming legal issues?

    Surely there wouldn’t be a tie in to the two issues?

    I can’t imagine her defence including a claim that the dangerous nature of the intersection in question has prompted the TMR to change lights to avoid further incidents.

    I wonder if any of the TCC whistleblowers on your Blog would know when the TMR first decided to look into this?

    The other interesting issue is the fact that the TMR spokesperson has said in the story that the change is happening throughout the State, I wonder, is it really? I haven’t seen any corresponding stories in the Courier Mail about this happening in Brisbane?

    The Bulletin would have asked this question I am sure.


    • The Magpie says:

      Too late after a long day (on the golf course not the pub) to trawl through that story again, but seems you’ve got it all cocked up. SAs The ‘Pie recalls, the change is that filter lights turned green with the main light and after a short time, just switched off, leaving just the main green light, which meant approaching motorists could make their turn across on coming tracffic lanes when safe to do so. That has ended, the filter light goes from green to red, even while the main light is green, and stays red until the next green cycle. And linking that to the Mullet’s adventure is silly notion. It would certainly have no bearing on next week’s court case.

  23. Alahazbin says:

    So we know how the Cairns taxi driver contracted COVID by way of the Reef Pilot, but it has never been disclosed how the 17 year old student contracted it.
    Sounds a bit sus.

  24. Cantankerous but happy says:

    The changes to traffic lights around town has been nothing but a complete clusterfuck, all that happens is people find alternate routes and now fly down side streets and back roads to avoid being stuck at the lights. Melton terrace has really copped it as people are waiting 2-3 changes to turn right into Flinders St East after crossing George Roberts bridge, so now they go straight through the lights and turn right and go up and over Melton Terrace, what a great outcome that is.

    • The Magpie says:

      Rat running, as its known, is always going to exist in every city … but here’s the strange things regarding that here in Townsville. For reasons best known to the shiny bums, they decided to extend Meehan Street to join the main airport access John Melton Black Drive, but were clearly aware of rat running, because those living in the western suburbs cannot avoid several sets of lights by turning off Bundock Street and then into Meehan St, it is no left turn. The only way to use Meehan Street to get to Ingham Road is to drive into the airport, loop around and then turn right into Meehan on the way back to town. Would’ve been cheaper and smarter to just buy all the houses on the block of Halifax St between Meehan and the airport and leave the flow as it was.

  25. Interested observer says:

    Have to say you might be on the money there Terry.
    Where there’s smoke there’s fire and there is more smoke surrounding Jenny Hill’s trial than from a California bush fire.
    After what I’ve seen from our Premier and her recent Tokyo visit, especially her back flip on the opening ceremony and her arranged excuse for misleading the public courtesy of John Coates, she is capable of organising anything if it suits her.
    And who is her mate? No prizes for guessing who.
    Time will obviously tell, as our mayor is soon to face her moment of truth in court, but from what I’ve seen lately there is little or no separation between the State government and the law.
    And our local newspaper looks on and fails to ask a single question.
    Is corruption too strong a word?
    Just asking.

    • Alphabet Watchers says:

      And the CCC is just sitting their with its balls resting in its hands. For sure, they’ve pinged a couple of dodgy Councils over various matters and a couple of times they’ve acted quite strongly, but generally they are a toothless tiger that don’t act because even they are outsmarted legally by clever Ministers and public serpents like bully girl Jenny Hill. Mr MacSporran has enough on his plate with limp wristed people like Can’t do Newman, former police commissioner softcock Ian Stewart, Tom ‘the Don’ Tate and LGAPoo’s Pizza the Hut vying for his blood.me thinks that Queen Jenny will walk free.

      • The Magpie says:

        Very inventive. And they said LSD was out of fashion!! Agree and admire the word play … might have been around before, but this is the first time The ‘Pie has come across ‘public serpent’. Love it and will steal it … often.

        Re Queen Jenny – in The ‘Pie’s mind and experience, the question is not whether she will walk free – of course she will – but the convoluted reasons for doing so are going to be so much fun.

        • Alphabet Watchers says:

          You are more than welcome to use that one Mr Pie. Nothing beats labelling these dregs with the title they deserve.

          • The Magpie says:

            Well, thanks, but The ‘Pie doesn’t endorse that entire sentiment, there are many good PS out there, and very necessary at that. The problem is the Catch-22 of local and state Queensland government …. there are basically too many in some instances, and way too few in other cases – especially when you let King Cobra Ralston loose on the hapless staff of a major city council.

  26. Dave of Kelso says:

    When does the Mullet next go to court? Had a look on line only to find old press reports from October last year. It might be an interesting distraction for the comfortably retired.

    • The Magpie says:

      Supposed to be next Tuesday or Wednesday, 17th or 18th. Unless she manages to pay a COVID infected person from Cairns to popup here and put us all into lock down until Christmas.

  27. Interested observer says:

    Oh Pie, please don’t give Jenny ideas.
    She’s cunning enough already without suggesting she use covid to delay her moment of truth.
    It could be a double whammy for her as she would just love to put on her Chairperson vest again and reconvene her Disastrous Committee.
    It makes her feel important.

  28. Dave of Kelso says:

    ABC 11AM radio news. Messageblank the Unmasked has not resigned from a parliamentary committee (cannot remember which one) and is still receiving financial benefit. Where are you Puddleduck?

  29. Achilles says:

    Puddleduck caught out lying again, she was exposed at today’s media Covid update. She denied that $500,000. had been paid to a public research company to assess opinion from which her reaction to the outbreak was geared. She reacted aggressively at the revelation that secrecy with tax payers funding was for purely political purposes.


  30. The Magpie says:

    Something’s happened, possibly around the Port. No explosion heard, but black acrid smoke which smells dodgy floating across nNorth Ward in a strong breeze. Only heard one distant siren.

    Not the sugar shed being re-roofed we hope.

  31. The Leper says:

    Our Townsville community is falling apart through out of control youth crime, a Council that is broke with basic services missing for years now and ‘politicians’ who point at things and do very little/to nothing for their coin.

    Falling apart, just like me………oops, there goes another toe!

  32. One legged tap dancer says:

    There’s a pattern emerging with Premier Puddleduck.
    Whenever she is asked questions about her shady dealings she stamps her foot, gets the sulks and refuses to answer.
    A definite sign of guilt, in my experience.

    • The Magpie says:

      Your just jealous she can stamp her foot without falling over.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      She is feeling the heat and buckling under pressure. She has been confronted about her dodgy Olympic dealings, her political motivation throughout COVID, spinning everything that comes out of her mouth, fudging figures, and she doesn’t like it. Politicians hate it when cornered over their lies and deceptions. Good. I hope she squirms. She is a fucking disgrace.

  33. Ralph says:

    Hey Mal, you can bet old punch drunk Walker will be chained up at his home this weekend as his assault case is to be heard on Monday, his ban from the pub scene also finished on the 11th, however you never know with old punch drunk because he never learned from his first knock out. Take Care Ralph.

  34. Achilles says:

    The ABC News channel has a great new back drop of our planet. BUT its rotating the wrong way, its a distraction not an attraction.

  35. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Mr. Pie…you may have noticed just how strong the Premier is when dealing with journalists at these ridiculous “Covid” Press Conferences.
    I’m sure you do!
    This is the woman who took the Labor Party from seven Seats in 2012, to 44 in 2015.
    And then…there’s more…48 Seats in 2017.
    Does the LNP seriously think that a fourth-rate TV reporter from Ingham… I can’t use the word journalist…compete with this woman?
    Just asking?

    • Kerry says:

      Well she just appeared to be vulnerable and flaky when former 630ABC sports reporter Michael Rennie questioned her yesterday over +$600,0000.00 of tax payer funds used on Polling for COVID responses.

      Your strong premier wilted saying she only listens to the CHO, which confirmed her government is happy to waste money at every opportunity.

  36. Praise the Lord says:

    The MSM is being fairly quiet about how Scotty from Marketing’s mentor, Brian Houston from the Pentecostal Hillshlong church, has been charged with covering up his fathers kiddy fiddling activities. This is the bloke that Morrison tried extremely hard to get invited to a White House dinner in 2019. Hillshlong raked in $96m tax free dollars last year. That’s a lot of healing hands, and a few healing reacharounds too by the sound of it. Morrison is a tool.

  37. Interested observer says:

    Shy Butterfly, you seem to ignore the fact that the longer politicians are in power, the more corrupt and self-opinionated they become.
    Do yourself a favour and read the comments in the Courier Mail online edition about the Premier’s latest round of ducking and weaving on her Olympic fiasco and the $500,000 opinion poll that has shaped her covid policy.
    Queenslanders are finally waking up to her.
    Yes, she has been successful at the polls in the past but will she go down in history as an impirational leader?
    No, just as another lying politician who got away with just about anything for so long she thought she was untouchable.
    Queensland political history is littered with them, from both sides of the fence.
    The fact that she allows Les Walker to remain in her political party is ample evidence that she fears the reality a bi-election would bring to her powderpuff world.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, maybe to all of that, but the last bit is incorrect … she can only throw him out of the party, not Parliament, where he would mostly certainly remain as an independent King Bludger … guess we can hardly blame him for staying on, there’s fuck all else this failed businessman and useless councillor can do to earn a crust.

      • Nickster says:

        Surely there if all the village idiots, from all the villages, left their villages, and made their own village, of idiots.

        In that village, Les Walker would be warmly welcomed as their village idiot.

  38. Nickster says:

    Has this journalist outed the truth behind the media’s motives?

    “I want this pandemic to end – yet I secretly pine for another lockdown” – https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/aug/07/covid-pandemic-lockdown

    Self interest is a very powerful human bias.

    • Westie says:

      I read the article.

      Your reaction shows that Confirmation Bias is an equally powerful human bias.

      • Nickster says:

        Let’s not disappear down the rabbit hole of cognitive biases, the point was raised as a question.

        The article did confirm what I am hearing from some large employers who are talking to employees about permanent wage reductions for those wanting to continue doing the bulk of their work from home.

        Good business people never miss an opportunity to reduce costs and increase productivity.

        • The Magpie says:

          Whoa, hold on, let’s do the old Leigh Sales favourite here and ‘unpack’ that. This is surely a proximity v profit false argument.

          Employees continue to do, as well and as efficiently as they ever have, their jobs – but they want to do it and can do it from home. Which will only be allowed because it is feasible and possible. Employer gets the same result he/she/it was getting before. Also, employer gets benefit of less overheads such as desks, chairs, possibly tech equipment, printers, staples and the high cost of running a staff tea room fridge. Employer can consider lower rent because employer doesn’t need as much space. Staff have no excuse not to be on time, or stop work at the time as their contracts stipulate.

          Employer suffers no loss of profits because of staff working at home, he/she/it in fact benefits. And because the stress of modern commuting isn’t involved, staff are sharper and more on top of their jobs, which is also helped by the absence of narky Dilbert-like office hostilities, which do exist and can be very counter-productive. The arrangement offers the employer more transparency and accessibility to both performance and progress.

          So what is the argument to cut wages? Surely an increase would be more equitable.

          You say ‘Good business people never miss an opportunity to reduce costs and increase productivity’. That’s sometimes known as the Simom Legree Strategy.

          • Nickster says:

            Wow Leigh/Pie that escalated quickly to references slavery. I doubt any Australian workplace mirrors a plantation.

            It is the business owner who carries all of the risk, not the employees, something governments failure to acknowledge.

            Your right about reductions in business costs however many are fixed. These have been conversations where employees have been happy to lock in flexible working from home.

          • The Magpie says:

            It is also a pleasure to see the sardonic humour of The ‘Pie is appreciated by the finer intellects.

  39. Pat Coleman says:

    Latest court in the South Townsville Allure apartments saga http://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdoc/au/cases/cth/FCA//2021/941.html

    • Time critical says:

      Pat, Too much to read. Give us readers a 1 paragraph executive summary please.

      • The Magpie says:

        TM, mate, The ‘Pie has been trying to get Pat Gabblegob to do that for years … pointing out that a lot of his excellent research doesn’t get published because of it’s length. The other Pat problem is that his every opinion is informed by some now very ageing bees in his bonnet, and his occasional summaries quickly descend into unintelligible private vendettas, often unrelated to the subject.

        • Pat Coleman says:

          I just gave you the link to the info. Cant do better than that.

          • The Magpie says:

            Yes you can. Summarise what the link says and suggest people read on if they’re interested. Pat, some of your links are longer that a Leonard Cohen song seems.

      • Law Researcher says:

        I have read the Citation and my high level summary is as follows – it is a complex shit show. More interested, the SC for one of the defendants has given an estimate of costs for preparation and attendance of a ten day trial, $531,000. I know a lot of work goes into the background of these cases but still a nice little earn for the Barristers.

  40. Pat Coleman says:

    Just before the Health Officer went off about not giving AZ to under 18’s, the federal court held that the CTH government had a duty of care to a representative group – being under 18’s http://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdoc/au/cases/cth/FCA/2021/560.html?context=1;query=duty%20of%20care%20under%2018;mask_path=au/cases/cth/FCA

    Regardless of statements about the odds, deaths were publicly known and an alternative jab meant that an alternative course of action is available. This is standard civil stuff.

    I think that was the advice.

  41. The Magpie says:

    An honest headline, but perhaps a better one might be ‘Money For Old Dope.’

    • Alphabet Watchers says:

      Of Messagebank Walker – what a complete grub. He is a failed businessman, a failed politician and a failed public serpent.

      This ‘representative of the people’ is a bully, is prone to taking part in and embracing of violence, he obviously has an alcohol problem and he has anger management and self control issues. He is a poor example to any gender in life and the worst of it is that through all of this he remains fully employed by his employer the Queensland Government. Any other workplace would have sacked him 10 times over. So much for the governments own rules on conduct.

      And the final insult – our hard earned tax money is being used to pay this individual. That I find is morally and ethically or reprehensible. Yes, those of us who work for a living and have high taxes raked out of wallets are paying for this prick to do what he is doing. What an absolute disgrace this Government is.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Nailed it, “The Grub” as he will always be referred to from today onwards.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        The electors of Mundingburra voted him in. It just goes to show that the ALP could endorse a turd rolled in glitter and the rusted on ALP supporters would vote for it.

  42. The Magpie says:

    Whoopsie!! The gals in full retreat.

    From the story.

    “While Dr Laming has not filed proceedings against any other parties to date, he has issued a series of legal letters including to Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, who deleted and apologised for a tweet.

    Apologies and deletions were also secured from News Corp journalist Eliza Barr, who reportedly paid $1500 in legal costs, former Senator Derryn Hinch, Crikey’s Willian Bowe, Labor Senator Murray Watt, Queensland Labor MP Don Brown and satirical website The Shot.

    Women’s Agenda editor Georgie Dent, Labor Senator Kristina Keneally, Victorian Labor MP Paul Edbrooke and Ten Network’s Tegan George deleted social media posts.”

    • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

      Typical of the misogynist Magpie to refer to this list of people as “the gals”

      • The Magpie says:


      • The Magpie says:

        Sorry, is that new?

      • Grumpy says:

        Oh, FFS, Stevie – is that all you got?

        • I’ll be plucked says:

          Hey there Steve/Stevie, what should The Pie have called them? Maybe the hags? Get back to laundromat and watch the dryer spinning you twit!!!

        • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

          It’s telling that the most hurtful insult that the Pie and his commenters can come up with is to insinuate that someone is a woman.

          Why would anyone think you all are misogynists?

          • The Magpie says:

            That’s gotta be a world first. So ‘gals’ is now a misogynist slur on women. NQ Gal, you’re in trouble.

            And for a bloke, chap, guy, fella, who so pompously hectors and lectures immaturely on grammar

            insinuate | inˈsinyo͞oˌāt |
            verb [with object]
            1 suggest or hint (something bad or reprehensible) in an indirect and unpleasant way: [with clause] : he was insinuating that she had slept her way to the top.

          • The Magpie says:

            Only you do.

  43. The Leper says:

    Where’s Harpic been? Haven’t heard or seen him in the press for ages. Does he have foot in mouth disease and has been told to shut it?

    • The Magpie says:

      Enjoying Les taking the spotlight off him.

      • I’ll be plucked says:

        Isn’t Harpic a paramedic? He might be tending to MessageBank’s fight injuries. He’d have his hands full there with the old fella stepping up far too often! :)

        • Jatzcrackers says:

          Trouble is old MessageBank will pick the wrong fight sooner or later, take on a young buck, get dropped and possibly not be able to get up in a hurry !
          Alcohol might be his worst enemy if it makes him feel 10 feet tall and bullet proof !

  44. Achilles says:

    Being a bit bored, I landed on the Parliament live broadcast. It quickly became apparent that ScoMo is not the only Pentecostal.

    So many representatives were speaking in “tongues”. Whole speeches in gibberish and unconnected sentences, apparently to simply fill a time slot.

    To think that we pay for these clowns is an insult to the Westminster Parliamentary system. This verbiage was not debate, it was amateur farce,

    • The Magpie says:

      Sorry, is that new?

    • Alphabet Watchers says:

      Question time is boring. The real action is ‘after hours’, as we have learned in recent months. Rape, gay sex orgies and jacking off over Ministers desks, to name a few activities. Such wonderful honourable people aren’t they? Parasites.

      • I’ll be plucked says:

        Hey Alpha, you been looking in the windows after dark again! :)

        • Alphabet Watchers says:

          It would be interesting viewing. Lots of shenanigans have taken place at Parliament House in Spamberra over many years. An additional peak through the windows and you would have seen The Beetrooters white pimply ass bouncing up and down, remember? I’ve heard some stories from Brisbane also including a very drunk former female Deputy Premier getting her titties out at a party. I’ve also heard of several male and female parliamentarians getting rug burns on their knees

  45. Covefe says:

    Regarding COVID, may I add how these hypocritical political bullshit artists have allowed famous actors, sports people, wealthy people and even their political selves through the system regardless of domestic and international lockdowns, because why – they contribute to the economy! Really? Here is a fact – unlocking the fucking lockdowns and allowing business and normal activities to flourish WILL CONTRIBUTE TO THE ECONOMY. You absolute fucking morons…..

  46. Fat Tony says:

    Optimism at the highest order… the NQ Cowboys rejoicing in the fact they can have a crowds at 100% capacity given they are playing at 5:30 Saturday afternoon against a team which is well intrench at the bottom half table along with themselves.

    • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

      100% of the 50% capacity is still half a crowd.

      When I looked yesterday afternoon, there were still plenty of seats available so it must have been a late rush, or a lie. Hard to tell.

  47. Dave of Kelso says:

    I realize I have been looking at the whole Messageblank the Grub (MtG) issue the wrong way.

    It is actually a positive thing for Townsville.

    MtG made way for Fran the Fabulous, a good thing. The behavior of MtG has put the spotlight on the quality of ALP politicians and the Puddleduck’s ability to control them.

  48. Colonel COVID says:

    I was very pleased to see the entire ACT locked down for 7 days due to 1 single case of COVID. Great stuff. It’s so logical to cost the community billions of dollars because 1 person has the sniffles. Well done you political fucktards. Well done.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Dear Colonel,

      Umm? That one case travelled far and wide throughout the ACT while infections potentially sharing his covid with many.

      Perhaps an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

      Gladys of NSW procrastinated on the 26th of July, and look where they are now.

      How did you get to the rank of Colonel? Weet-bix packet perhaps?

      • Mel says:

        Dave you are indeed a scared little man.

        “ an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” you brainwashed idiot, wake up.

        If we follow your logic the should ban all soft drinks as Type 2 Diabetes is one of the biggest killers in Australia killing more and more people that Covid.

        If this was all about health why when lockdowns happen are breast screening clinics are closed, but bottle shops remain open.

  49. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Mr. Pie…I am very confused!
    In the past, State Premiers only held Press Conferences to announce “good news”.
    Now, they appear, every morning, like clockwork, to tell us “bad news.”
    Is “bad news” now “good news?”
    If so, whatever happened to “good news?”
    As I said, Mr. Pie…I am very confused!!

  50. Alahazbin says:

    I see the CCC are going to investigate over the next two years Public servants in councils, the police service and possibly a University. They are already auditing Ipswich, Buderberg and the Whitsundays for alleged misuse of public resources. They will be also examine corruption risks related to nepotism and undue influence within the Gladstone Port Authority and Qld Rural and Industry Development. Maybe that should include TCC with regards to nepotism and recruitment policy.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Alahahazbin, do you have a link to that information you mentioned? I’m quite interested in your mention of Gladstone Ports Corporation .The TCC CEO Prince Ralston is also a Board Director there. It would be interesting to see what sort of shenanigans have taken place under the watchful eye of the Board, which includes our one and only part time CEO Prince.

  51. The Last Dance says:

    Rates up hundreds of dollars a year.

    Expect to be paying an extra 1000 in 3 years

    • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

      No, no. Rates are down and council are doing a great job. The Little Pric told us so it must be so.

      Remember when rates notices were a single sheet and easy to understand. This year we sent a full prospectus which I believe is designed only to bamboozle people.

      • The Magpie says:

        Like this. Note that bit about Arts, Culture and EVENTS. As Doug Kingston asks, are we getting closer to how much discovering how much has been squardered to prop up commercially unviable events like the V8s and pop concerts?

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        The use of language and a layout that tends to obscure rather than clarify, especially when used by politicians or policy makers, often has to do with hiding something – either a budget cut, or a price rise, or hot air, or all three at once.

        They are hoping that most residents just resign themselves to whatever new buzz words or fancy design they come up with, and hope we no longer have the energy to keep asking ourselves what ‘they’ really mean by it or what ‘they’ are trying to achieve.

  52. Interested observer says:

    These covid media conferences have become a joke.
    First the Premier gives an update, then the Chief Health Officer, then the Health Minister and finally a police spokesman – all with the same information.
    After all that ballyhoo a brave reporter asks the Premier a question about her Tokyo charade with John Coates and she says covid is too important so she doesn’t have time to answer other questions.
    No wonder she has 18-28 spin doctors working for her. They need to write a script for the Anna Covid Show every day.

    • The Magpie says:

      And we are incessantly told that gals are good at multi-skilling! Does that mean she won’t answer any questions about anything else until COVID is under control? She fucking wishes.

      • Dracula says:

        The reporter must ask next time when the press conference is for everything else that’s happening. But the press are just as much sheep as the people who voted labor in the first place.

        Magpie you might like to know Scott morehead the general manager of tcc who s leaving to go to Perth. One labor state to another for the top brass at tcc

    • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

      Hey – fair’s fair!

      She also won’t answer questions about her political polling about COVID and her Police Mistake refusing to answer questions about critical reports — so it’s not just about her Tokyo junket.

  53. The Magpie says:

    Who needs cartoon characters, forget The Phantom, the elusive and stealthy Ghost Who Walks, … also known in disguise as Mr Walker.


    A Magpie mate advises the following:

    I was just a little interested to note this morning that the daily law list, available on the court website, had four surnames listed under W.

    Curiously not one of them was Walker. Yet Mr Walker appeared and had his matter adjourned off.

    The only other person I have noted such specialised court treatment is reserved for is our Mayor.

    Just a passing thought that occurs to me on a Friday.

    The Magpie understands Walker did not enter a plea, and The ‘Pie doesn’t know the next court date. He just faded away … like a Phantom.

  54. Achilles says:

    Tragic incident only made worse by dictatorial un-elected people.
    Same person who refused permission for single seater historic aircraft.


    • Kingswood says:

      Wasn’t there exemptions from this drongo for funeral numbers and attendance last year if you identified as having a tan?

  55. The Magpie says:

    Wonder what made The ‘Pie immediately think of you, Tropical?

    • I believe in aliens says:

      Is that bloke a relative of Pete ‘tin foil’ Newey?

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      I do not believe in the 7 times table. All the other tables are good but the 7 times table is fake. And what would trained mathematicians know? They don’t know everything. I saw all this on the web and heard of a couple of others that saw it too. Can’t argue with that!

  56. I’ll be plucked says:

    Have a look at the pursed lips of Lettuce-Leaf Walker as he leaves the court. Busting to say something me thinks, or maybe throw one or two???

  57. Zebu says:

    Hey Pie
    I notice recently we have the Astonishers work experience reporter Ashley Pillhofer referring to the adjudicating Judge in a couple of cases as an Experienced Judge.

    I’m sure Judge John Coker would be chuffed at that assessment.

    Look forward to seeing where he ranks when the Astonisher does its next assessment on the 10 best Judges in the North !!!

    • The Magpie says:

      That would be 10 hottest judges in the North. Lynham in fishnets would be a lay down misere. North in leather and studded collar would be up there, too.

  58. Dave of Kelso says:

    3900 close and casual covid contacts to now 6 covid cases in the ACT. Do you still think there should not have been a lock down?

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