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Sunday, December 2nd, 2018   |   139 comments

In The Week That Adele Young and Stephen Beckett Flee Their Soiled Nest, There Was A Third Significant Departure That Has Gone Wholly Unreported.

And that departure had just as large an impact on Townsville history as the low level Walker Street cat fight … Mark Petra, the man widely believed to have sparked the Shepherdson Inquiry back in 2001 has died … and now the question that has panicked many a labor-type person is … what’s happened to his beloved computer and all its tell-tale information?

Two down in Walker Street, so who is next? There are several prime candidates, and alas, unlike the mass sackings and redundancies at the council under The Impaler’s regime, none will be much of a loss. It’s clearing the decks time for Jenny’s re-election campaign, poor old Dolan Hayes is gunna be busier than a cross-eyed air traffic controller … probably with similar results. The ‘Pie delves into the chumocracy.

And shit-house rats of the world are up in arms, Barry The Legal Foghorn Taylor, is said to be smarter than them … is this his plan to make a motza out of the dust-laden misery of Cluden residents, and ultimately, the Queensland taxpayer?

And Rollingstone bully victim, 76 year-old widow Sandra Richards, has had enough and sells up … but according to her son, not to the ‘baddies’.

But first …

Disaster Avoided

Thanks to the jut-jawed determination and relatively quite dignity of Jeff Horn, a racial disaster has been avoided, the threat comprehensively demolished in just 96 seconds in Brisbane on Friday night.

A win was never win the cards for Mundine, but had he fluked it, it would’ve boosted the profile of one of the most divisive, socially ill-educated indigenous ‘figureheads’ who has gained a high media profile through sport. Let’s face it, Mundine has over the years been an unproductive publicity seeker, a thought-disordered reactionary whinger and apologist for all the ills that beset many indigenous people. His shallow dumbness has promoted victimhood in the guise of telling young people they have to be able to fight – literally – as the only way to make their way in the world. He also praised the 9/11 terrorists just hours after they killed more than 3000 innocent people in New York, saying it was all America’s fault and good on Islam.

And as for his performance leading upon to Friday night, you’d think he’d have learned something about not being a smart-arse from his far more likeable but equally ill-disciplined father.

The Magpie was ringside at North Melbourne oval in April 1971 when Mundine Snr met Cuban Luis Manuel Rodriguez. The fight was more of an exhibition match, nothing of import hung on it, and The ‘Pie, reporting sport for GTV 9, was well aware like all other journos that the deal was exhibition boxing for the first three rounds, and then hop into the real stuff. But in the very first round, Mundine Snr managed to deliver a spiteful sort of rabbit-killer punch on the break, Rodriguez stepped back and looked surprised at the unapologetic Mundine … and deciding Mundine wanted to get fair dinkum early, promptly knocked him out, 52 seconds in the first round.

But our Bentley is greatly unimpressed by these piddling little stoushes like Friday night; he is looking forward to one that might go the distance between a couple of ageing plug-uglies, but is just as likely to end in a comprehensive KO.

Grudge Match fin

And unfortunately, whoever wins will be an ageing has-been.

Ding Dong Adele Is Gone

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 6.57.49 pm

She has been helped on her way  by a scheming Mayor Mullet, after a couple of years of public hissy fits with each other.

Frontpiece from Vlad's best seller

So The Magpie will make a few informed or otherwise  observations since The Impaler’s little venture into the ‘ville has completely unravelled for her. She’s apparently not interested in political roles but she’s been told, one hears, that she can forget her cherished ambition of becoming a Queensland Director General.

Now just before we go into just who else may go, allow The ‘Pie a little humble brag about his crystal ball.

magpie peering copy

This From The Magpie’s Nest, October 8 2016

But here’s another bind. Reliable word has reached The ‘Pie that the deal with Adele The Impaler was to nip in, do the dirty work and keep it at arm’s length from Mayor Mullet, then quietly move on in about a year. Indeed, it is said she is on a year’s contract, but even a spiteful twerp like Jenny would know that would be too much of a giveaway of her ‘get square’ agenda. The ‘Pie hears a spin doctor was the main recruiter of Ms Young, and helped map out those terms for someone who was clearly could never have been the best candidate.

The fact that the public release of the Mullet-commissioned consultant’s report recommending the mass sackings has been put back by a week or so signals that the scramble is on for a ‘re-interpretation’ of the buzz-speak language.

And thus it has all come to pass. Now, The ‘Pie stretches for a metaphor to sum up where we are right now. You know when you see one of those videos of chimney stacks being brought down by strategically placed explosions. They teeter for some seconds after the bang, seemingly deciding what to do, then they sway and crash down in a heap of dust and rubble.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 9.56.44 am

Beckett suitably snapped on home turf.

Stephen The Screaming Midget Beckett, is said to have been given his marching orders because of his foul-mouthed, bullying, small-man syndrome tirades, and is following close behind The Impaler … extended leave indeed, he’s been terminated, surely. But how would we know, there hasn’t been a straight statement about all this from the outset, proving that the Townsville City Council culture of secrecy lives on even when they’re leaving.

The Impaler and the Screaming Midget leaving is that moment of the initial chimney blast, as everything remains seemingly in place, but the teetering has started. The ‘Pie believes the rush to ground zero will start with this bloke …

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 6.32.03 pm

Acting TCC CEO MIke Chiodo

…. Mike Chiodo, described by some as Adele’s bestie, who was coaxed out of retirement after leaving the NT government in interesting circumstances to help her out.  Reports from inside the council appear to suggest that he is stressed more than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Add to his precarious position the fact that his family isn’t even here. He was also said to be part of the Labor Darwin-Adelaide push. You remember Adelaide, don’t you? Where our water pipes are being made instead of here? Chiodo, who one Magpie deep throat describes as a ‘nasty man’, was part of the callously named ‘transformation team’, so with Adele gone, he’s likely to pull the plug at any time. And why not, he owes this town nothing except a plump little contract to tide him over.

Inga Davis

Inga Davis

Another Darwin connection is Inga Davis, God only knows what her title is this week, but she was brought in by Adele as well. JCU-educated and deep into the Labor labour pool with politicians all over the place, she probably hooked up with Adele in her Darwin phase. Not known just now how she will fair without The Impaler around, but her track record is that of a very ambitious person.

That transformation team was such a disaster, it was apparently split and distributed amongst the other staff; nice way to guarantee instability, angst and an overall headless chook performance.

Anthony templeton relaxing.

Anthony ‘Simpo’ Templeton relaxing.

Then there’s our old mate, the gormless Anthony Simpo Templeton, who got his job in Council Communications because of his constant brown-nosing one-sided articles while the Astonisher when he was reporting council. One Magpie contact is not impressed, telling the old bird ‘Templeton? He’s regarded as a retard and not a key player’. 

Another name The ‘Pie has been told to keep an eye on is Rhonda Vetter, she’s said to be a veteran of several election campaigns, and may have a big back room role in the coming 12 months. Hope she gets on with Dolan, they’ve got their work cut out. 

But many in the council bureaucracy are now hopefully waiting for the CCC to take a peek, especially at alleged ACTUAL dollar deals and personal power trips by Adele Young.

And one fascinating little tidbit … seems one cost-saving measure that was implemented was an order to road maintenance crews to use less bitumen on their jobs to save money. Ah, right … remember Mooney Street?

One does get the feeling that the whole blow-in caravanserai is about to cave in.

We will all be watching.

The Passing Of Mark Petra

The recent death of the expelled Labor Party member has not been commented on publicly, and little known about the circumstances, although there is no suggestion of anything untoward. Petra is credited with playing a role in exposing the ugly underbelly of Queensland Labor and its questionable electoral tactics in the late 90s.

Petra its said to have passed on certain documents to the then (albeit short term) LNP member for Mundingburra Frank Tanti, material which in turn is believed to have led to former Townsville City councillor Karen Ehrmann to plead guilty to 47 charges of electoral hanky panky. But she then blew the whistle on what she said was widespread electoral fraud within the Labor Party in Queensland, and the Shepherdson Inquiry was reluctantly set up. Erhmann copped a spell in chokey, others were allowed to resign from the government. Mooney narrowly missed a striped suntan and the rest, as they say, is history.

Petra was expelled from the party for his role in these events, and his later years were plagued with illness. But he was a talented computer-literate man, and it was widely believed that he had a dirt file of copious proportions. He died alone in his Railway Estate home sometime in the past month or so. He was found by a nearby neighbour who did occasional handyman work around his home. Nothing has been mentioned in the the Bulletin, perhaps because there seems to be a wrangle about finances for his funeral, and his remains are being kept until that is sorted out.

But there are a few jumpy people out there at the moment, asking where is his computer, wetting themselves about what secrets it may hold. No one knows, and it’s probably a safe bet that by now, it may well have conveniently disappeared.  We’ll probably never know.

Mark Petra was an unabashed devotee of Mayor Jenny Hill – her party branch is Railway Estate – so maybe she might like to spring for a decent burial for a loyal friend. If the Labor Party allows her.

Enough Nastiness, Let The ’Pie Say Something Nice

There have been some small – yes yes, almost imperceptible – improvements at the paper, certainly not enough to reconnect with the largely disaffected community. Certainly in the matter of The Impaler, they just parroted what was sent to them from the council (i.e from Simpo Templeton, as dictated as he sat on Jenny’s knee) and failed to ask any pesky journalisty questions about the whole debacle.

But on Saturday, there was an editorial with which The ‘Pie agrees entirely, and he applauds the paper for publishing it. Rare I know, but here it is.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 11.29.29 am Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 11.30.53 am

Cripes, what next from the most aptly titled Daily Astonisher.

Big Bazza Sniffs Big Bucks – And They Could Be Yours, Taxpayers.

Barry Big BazzaTaylor

Here’s an interesting little snippet that wafted into the Nest after last week’s revelation that Barry The Foghorn Taylor was acting for dust creators Goodsells, whose noisome operation at Cluden may face a court challenge from fed-up residents – all of whom were there long before Goodsells.

Now it turns out The Foghorn has been acting for Goodsells long before this, and there is something in the background about him making them a motza (in the millions, The ‘Pie hears) in some matter a few years ago. So it was of great interest that a trusted Magpie chum relayed this:

A bloke pretty close to Taylor (where was he on the influential list this year, by  the way?) says he may have a financial interest in the Goodsell rubbish dump, possibly in lieu of legals. Be that as it may,  the bloke didn’t think that Taylor  would contest a Supreme Court scenario from the residents, who have a strong case, even if it is a government special development area.  Instead, Bazza will stand back until the  Co-ordinator General is forced to reverse the original  ill-founded decision, then he will sue the  Government for massive damages. The bloke swears  this is Taylor’s plan.

A nice little earner for blow-hard Bazza, and if that is his plan, maybe he should stop driving his black Range Rover along Racecourse Road, videoing residents to intimidate them … can’t be any other purpose to this insurance fraud tactic, which hardly applies here.

Bullied Widow Sandra Richards Calls It A Day And Sells Up

margaret richards

The Rollingstone farmer had been the subject of harassment, intimidation and an arson attack, all in a suspected attempt to force her sell cheaply, a campaign that was waged for a number of years. She has now, according to her son Cameron, sold out under market value, but he says not anyone involved in the harassment and intimidation. He says he can’t remember to whom it was sold, but he bel,ieves it is not anyone connected to the harrassment. Another separate source suggested that Mrs Richards retains the mature mahogany tree crop she has fostered and will still be able to harvest that as part of the sale arrangement.

The Magpie only learnt of the sale when he asked Cameron directly if his mother was OK and was she still there. It was only then that he reluctantly informed The ‘Pie of developments.

Which is somewhat strange, one would think he would’ve immediately passed details of the sale and the buyer on to The Magpie, who has prominently reported the shameful treatment of his mother. Such advice would be the least that could be expected, if for no other reason, to simply inform and thank all those Magpie readers who wrote in with messages of support and good wishes for her.

In all his other correspondence, Mr Richards is voluminous to say the least (he’d give Linda Ashton a run for her money), but his information about what one would believe to be a crucial  development is somehow sadly lacking. Strange, that.

Bits and Pieces

The Astonisher does its placement magic again.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 10.10.30 am

Dilbert’s take on the TCC ?

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 10.37.55 am

Bet you didn’t know Macca was an author?  Sounds like something written after a bout with the bottle.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 10.53.10 am

And who says our council doesn’t know how to have fun?

IMG_1715 Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 5.51.09 pm

And another question – could we get one of these with extra hydraulics for our mayor, to save on council elections.

And Donald Trump asks the question many Aussies have been asking for a few months now.


Finally Our Trumpistani Times For The Week

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  1. Mike Douglas says:

    The Shanigans continue with Mayor Mullet who travels the world to get businesses to invest in the Ville but 20 mins from her office she can’t give a straight answer on what’s happening with the Townsville Business Development Centre at Condon ? . The centre has been trading for 23 years and turned out hundreds of businesses that have grown , employed people and leased and bought property locally . TCC Councillor resigned from the TBDC board and in this years T.C.C . accounts $2.25 mil write down . The Centre is 100 % full and the best Council can say is “ the Mayor announced a Smart City Strategy “ but our Mayor makes lots of announcements . Could T.C.C have a buyer lined up and that’s the real reason ?.

    • Stillnotalocal says:

      The man responsible for this clusterf*ck up with the TBDC is yet another Adele supporter from the top end, Brett Brogan. Who is he I hear you asking? A spineless pretty boy with the title, General Manager Future Cities… someone who is just in a role because his blonde Impaler mate brought him in to bolster her supporter numbers and must now be fearful for his position…… though if rumours are correct, he’s eyeing off a tilt at the top dog role now she is gone…….

    • Old tradesman says:

      Who said Jenny was vindictive.

  2. Spooka says:

    A lot of people in this week’s Magpie who should have, or should be doing jail time. Greed, corruption and ego’s really kicked off in Townsville when a certain little pissant grub lawyer turned up from Brisbane in the early eighties and hooked up with a young shifty bearded member of Townsville Council the rest is history, and what a history.

  3. Alahazbin says:

    Another one of the Impalers cronies, who will probably pack her bags is Director of Planning & Development. First name Leslie. Started Dec ’16.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Absolutely right, the brainless fuckheads in the planning dept of TCC have put this place back a decade or two at least, we are a backwater when it comes to adopting modern day living principals, ever wondered why Cairns is powering ahead, why Mackay has recovered so quickly from a downturn twice as bad as Townsville has had, it starts with a planning dept that doesn’t have a mindset stuck in the last century.

  4. SNAFU69 says:

    Any truth in the rumour that Walker Street is now known as Canterbury and that the mayor is really Henry II in drag? Still trying to work out who is Reginald FitzUrse, Hugh de Morville, William de Tracy and Richard leBreton are.

  5. Inside TCC says:

    Pie don’t make promises, if that angry screaming midget reappears im going to be very disappointed! As for Mike his background and alliances are well known however i must say in my dealings with him (and there haven’t been all that many) he seemed very reasonable (especially in comparison to the Impaler). Rhonda shouldn’t even be included in the same list as the rest of them. Always pleasant, even to us insignificant workers of Walker street.

    • The Magpie says:

      The reference to Rhonda Vetter was not in any way critical, mentioned only because she has experience in these areas where there will be a lot of vacancies shortly. That said, The ‘Pie is hearing some interesting stories about her being a version of The Impaler when working for TAFE. Unproven at this stage.

    • Alahazbin says:

      What of the midgets partner? Will she give up her spot on the Hospital Board?

      • The Magpie says:

        They may have made a very hasty decision, based on lkabor insider ambitions, to move to Townsville with their family. Doubt he could get any work where he’d be taken sefiously around here, bjut what we need to watch for is if they all move back south, if she keeps her $44K a year hospital board spot on a FIFO basis. Wouldn’t put it past these swine.

        • Pat Coleman says:

          Ad in the paper, for once, positions on ” the qld board “of the “Australian hospitals board” up for grabs before the fed election. Be usual board and tribunal appointments.

  6. J Jones says:

    Hang on
    You meant the person who writes about council is sleeping with the council person who deals with reporters? How is that ok?????

    • Inside TCC says:

      That would be the most useless performance management ever, he reports to the screaming midget, don’t think he’s in a position to be managing anyone for their conduct or in this case misconduct. More likely the arrogant little tosser would buy the almost as arrogant, slightly taller tosser, a beer for following in his footsteps.

  7. Jenny says:

    Seems the Astonisher can put a positive spin on anything and mention jobs. Last weekend 24-25/11/18 the former Awassi Express now renamed the Anna Marra was at Berth 4 loading cattle for Indonesia. Rather than mention the vessel’s past, a typo saw the ship referred to as the Adele, It was described as a cattle carrier ( it is a former container ship modified to carry camels) and the focus was on the strength of the live export trade and the jobs it provides

  8. Dave Nth says:

    “one of the most divisive, socially ill-educated indigenous ‘figureheads’ ”

    Could equally apply to some of the locally grown variety, Gracelyn Smallwood from time to time comes across as unhinged despite all she has achieved. Too bad there’s not more pragmatism like Warren Mundine & Bess Price but I guess they don’t make headlines…

  9. Concerned says:

    With all the talk about the Mullet, Impaler and the staff brought into TCC by these pair of Fwits I would like to know if there is any ties between the Chief Procurement Officer, that these pair recruited and only lasted a few months, Juliana Tiong and the Tiongs that are constantly mentioned regarding the Bluewater drama?

  10. For Whom The Bell Tolls says:

    474 days until the QLD Local Govt election.

    Waiting with a baseball bat.

  11. What water crisis, Jenny and co? says:

    Magpie, We can’t open your scrutiny for Qld councillors behaving badly link. I wonder if they are going to scrutinise Council’s 200 million dollar plus choice of Adelaide made FR plastic water pipe despite the fact that Townsville is screaming for jobs, jobsand more jobs and we are told to buy local? Have you noticed the dearth of water infrastructure updates by council & the Astonisher . We all want to know how the stored pipes are cooking in the 40 degree plus heat. After all we all paid for them, transparency what transparency.

    • The Magpie says:

      Must be behind a paywall. Will check around.

    • The Magpie says:

      here’s the guts of it.

      The story goes on to say “She’ll hit the ground running, with 60 cases to be handed to over by both the Crime and Corruption Commission and Local Government Department upon starting work next week’. Didn’t list the councils or charfges.

      The ‘Pie knows that one such case concerns Jenny Hill and lying to her councillors to get them to vote for the Adani airstrip funding. Paul, Jacob is the witness.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Has the new Council Crime Fighting Body come out of the blue, or has it been well forecast? We here have been itching for such a body, and if it was well forecast, the ‘Pie and Nesters would have been all over it in anticipation. And why now? The need has been around for years.

        Do we know much about Kathleen Florian? Is she truly independent, (I truly hope so) or a friend of the Puddleduck who is a friend of the Mullet who is a friend of the CFMEU who is a friend of etc, so on, and so forth.

        The actual name of this crim (that is correct, crim) fighting body is not given. Can we have it to find their web site and follow their progress and performance. If a fair dinkum outfit, they will have more followers than
        Blue Hills. If not, a Puddleduck charade.

    • No More Dredging says:

      Jenny water crisis, is it any wonder that Council doesn’t bother publishing updates when people are baying at the moon about conspiracies such as: “We all want to know how the stored pipes are cooking in the 40 degree plus heat.”

  12. Gonzo says:

    Pie, Great Mundine story and best Trumpistan ever. Somehow the Teflon President continues to float above it all. After bagging the Bush family for months, Trump actually said some nice words at the G20 Summit in a tribute to President Bush who died overnight. Perhaps Donald has a heart after all.
    Keep up the brilliant blogging!

  13. SNAFU69 says:

    Read Mike Chiodo’s Linkedin CV, not a mention of Townsville City Council at all. Is he working undercover?

  14. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I see the News Corpse way of treating staff with respect and dignity has even been extended to someone like Wayne Bennett, sacked via a voice mail message, it’s all class with this mob.

  15. No More Dredging says:

    Hey ‘Pie, I reckon this piece buried in the Guardian might piquantly inform your next Trumpistan (and of course the Nest’s curious readers):

    ” George HW Bush thought the world belonged to his family. How wrong he was”.

  16. Trigger Finger says:

    P3 is a girl who has just started modelling who wants people to give her money for travel, clothes and other expenses. And the fucking Bully print that. Haven’t they learnt from their GoFundMe promotions?

    • The Magpie says:

      And they’ve got themselves in the interesting position of ‘All for you – but not for you’, when others want similar treatment on the basis ‘well, you did it for her.’

      despite small improvements, the Astonisher remains an incompetent shambles.

      • Grumpy says:


        In this day and age we are back to Page 3 Girls?

        The Sun would be do proud its legacy lives on.

        • Bentley says:

          If all Page 3 girls were that good looking and as expertly and tastefully photographed as that there shouldn’t be a problem. I wish her luck and congratulate the photographer.

      • J jones says:

        but she’s going to be the Face of the World…………………

      • Jatzcrackers says:

        On a positive note for this aspiring young model, I’m considering the merits of employing a fairly inexperienced golf caddy ! After watching the golf yesterday I noticed that all the up and coming golfers have a caddy and as long as she’s competent at driving a golf cart, she’s in with half a chance ! The Astonisher didn’t print her contact number though !!

      • Kingswood says:

        Saw that at the airport this morning and thought, ‘seriously’??
        Also why the hell is there yet another electricity provider choices article in the stupid syndicated lifestyle section. That’s at least 3 this year! Note to TB, start reading your own bloody submissions for relevance, we have no provider choices up here plus would love to not be reminded of it! FFS….

  17. Alex DeLarge says:

    At first glance, it would appear that she is a potential FLOTUS.

  18. Pat Coleman says:

    The Fed Joint Committee report into pfas contamination is out :


    The ABC story: https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-03/pfas-contamination-residents-compensated-federal-inquiry/10576552

    Remember if you fish:
    -Defence knows its coming out of 3 mile and Mundy creeks on the way to Palleranda. Everywhere else its been found in fish and crustaceans.

    -that vegetation accumulates pfas and this is an issue for houses around the RAAF base. Everyone gets covered in it mowing don’t they? And if you have a vege garden ?? Defence still won’t release findings about private land though its recommended

    Have a read and click the sources

  19. Woodduck says:

    So you’ve all missed the most important story this week, old mate having a nugget behind Red Rooster. That’s going to give Townsville headlines for the wrong reasons once again. But to add a corny headline makes us look like hillbillies. Townsville shines.

  20. Harvey says:

    Did they resign or did they actually get the tap?

  21. Elle says:

    If Makhala would like the opportunity to travel to the UK to work with some ‘amazing’ hairdressers etc – maybe Makhala could get a job? I know that that is a really ‘out there’ suggestion especially in this day and age. Most of us fund our own dreams. Here’s a wild idea How about getting a Job in a nursing home for extra cash – as I believe there are some incredibly talented positive people Out there who need help.

  22. seagull says:

    all the news all the time FFS …… here is a story about a pile of crap found online at that other pile of crap called the TSV Bulletin

    “Red Poo-ster: Man caught taking a dump behind fast-food outlet

    A man has been caught on camera emptying his bowels in broad daylight behind a fast-food outlet, despite having only a few metres to walk to reach the venue’s rest rooms.”

    cleaning up this sort of thing is all our local paper is good for !

    • The Magpie says:

      Seems Australia is becoming the world’s smallest Incontinent … very glad to see that they have shut down.
      This from Nine SM this morning.

      Last Cokes to be bottled in SA

      The last Coca-Cola’s bottled in South Australia set to roll off the production line today, following the decision to shit down manufacturing in Adelaide.

      The final bottles will be filled at the Thebarton plant on today following Coca-Cola Amatil’s decision in February last year.

    • Kingswood says:

      Yep, poo stories (did we really need the pictures?), model requests for $, and irrelevant electricity provider rubbish. The Astonisher has really outdone itself this week….

      • The Magpie says:

        And although no doubt well qualified to judge, who at the Astonisher decided that the Red Rooster dumper left a ‘massive’ poo ?he size matters?

        Oh, kiddies ….

  23. Cynical Cricket says:

    Just revisited the the Shepherdson Inquiry report.
    Can someone please explain how Mooney was not indicted?
    He was in it everywhere, yet somehow escaped.

    • Dadaaaaa! says:

      Isn’t that called ‘grease’?

      Had a read this morning. Another name mentioned in there surfaced in this weeks blog. Well, well, well…..

  24. One legged tap dancer says:

    Mooney has escaped a lot of things. A drunken hit and run that crippled an indigenous youth’s leg when Mooney was deputy mayor springs to mind.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Was that on Percy Street? Had to get to work by 4:00 am to retrieve ‘one mayoral Holden Statesman’ before the traffic started.

      • The Magpie says:

        The matter referred to was on the corner of Ogden and Stanley street in the late 80s. He was chased and brought back by an off-duty ABC cameraman, and the investigating copper told him to ‘walk up to the station and make a statement’. Which of course he never did. Understand victim had to have an operation on his leg. The copper was transferred and miraculously some months later, was preselected as the Labor candidate for a prime state seat.

        This has all been documented elsewhere, and Mooney managed to slip through, with his contacts. The ‘Pie has spoken to the cameraman who now lives in Tasmania (or did when The ‘Pie spoke to him some years ago) and he was reluctant to give any details, but did not deny that somthing of the nature had happened.
        This from the man who under oath lied to a jury that The Magpie’s nickname around town was ‘the town drunk’ – well, maybe it was between him and his mates like Taylor and Krayem. But even if The Magpie was a drunk, he never managed to hit and injure a pedestrian, and piss off, let alone get away with it. Mooney went to a blind panic a decade or so ago when the southefrn Tv media took an interest in the matter, and just simply to refused to gtalk about it. But he didn’t deny it, interestingly enough.

        But one supposes that is one qualification for the job as chair of Townsville Hospital Board – customer creation.

        Nice town we have here, ain’t it?

        • Pat Coleman says:

          Dave Smallwood was a witness. I questioned him about it. I have the bully story from 89 here in boxes somewhere.

          It was brought up in Parliament and has been protected by privelage since 89-90. The site is broken right now or its been hacked so use the bully story for the reference to Parliament , then check the qld Hansard

  25. One legged tap dancer says:

    Thanks for the correction Pie.
    On the subject of corrections, in July last year the Queensland Government told us that the new stadium would generate 750 jobs in the design and construction phases:
    But in today’s Townsville Bulletin cub reporter Clare Armstrong informs us that “60 workers walked off the site yesterday”, then goes on to report that “according to contractor Watpac, about 120 workers remained on site”.
    Let’s see, 60 + 120 = 180 at a time of peak construction of the project.
    From what I’ve been told most of those 180 are permanent employees or fly-ins from the south.
    The only possible explanation for the discrepancy in the job numbers is that 570 jobs must have “created” in the design process. Impressive, considering all of the design companies I deal with have permanent staff and have been scaling down their workforce rather than expanding.
    So much for jobs, jobs, jobs.
    Perhaps Clare can also enlighten us about the veracity of Mr Adani’s claim that 7000 jobs will still be generated by his significantly scaled down coal mine.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Peak time is mid next year, there will be about 300 onsite for fitout and installations, at the moment the site is constricted by space and safe working environment for the cranes. Some of the jobs have already been and gone in the initial groundwork’s, piling and civil, plus many of the jobs are offsite, I would say the 750 will be easily achevied but your observation about FIFO and short term is correct, many onsite are from out of town and the latest arrivals under EBA agreements are virtually all from down south, some may be returning but quite a few are new to town, we simply don’t have the workforce here and for the govt to say the jobs are mainly local is a blatant lie.

      • The Magpie says:

        Good solid info, Cranky Pants, and it raises a question The ‘Pie has been pondering for a while. Adani’s latest little PR confection insists that Townsville and Rockhampton will share the worker location benefits of the scaled-down operation (without, one assumes, a council funded airstrip or -if you remember – that little drug testing at the airport supposed money spinner. Now just how will that work, how will Adani enforce it? Although there are plenty of people, mainly in Canberra and George Street, trying to create a policed state, at the moment, legal citizens can move freely without question or conditions wherever they like. So let’s say a highly-skilled Melbourne mine worker applies for a job at Adani but says he’s moved to Townsville. By rights in the context, he is a local because he pays rent/buys in Townsville, pays rates, shops in Townsville and possibly plays in Townsville … or Rocky. But what if the overwhelming majority of these suddenly-new locals prefer to live in Mackay – which is a shining option by comparison in some eyes – or for that matter Cairns, or even the Gold Coast. Will Adani turn down sorely needed skills on the basis of where someone SAYS they will live?
        Same applies to the stadium in terminology … Mayor Mullet will … and certainly with some justification without actually explaining it … say that someone who shifts to Townsville on contract work becomes by definition a ‘local’.
        This is politically driven smoke up The Magpie’s cloaca … and up yours, the voters of the ‘ville. But our non-Labor mayor now faces the electoral wrecking ball of the CFMEU (definitely NOT her faction).

        Get in your store of microwave popcorn for 2019, folks, it’s gunna be a wall-to-wall comedy blockbuster.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Exactly Pie, interesting enough the position of Mine Planning Enginner has just been relaeased for Adani, this role is specific in its location of Townsville in Adani HQ in Palmer St with a long spiel on the great life Townsville can offer the right candidate, so this role at least seems to be Townsville specific, no word though on how this Townsville based role wil actually get to the mine for site visits etc.
          Other point of interest was this, “ as we ramp up to deliver a 27.5 million tonne per annum mine combined with a rail line to connect the mine to the port at Abbott Point, communities like Townsville, Rockhampton , Mackay, Bowen and the Isaac region are ideally positioned to receive new job and contract opportunities for local workers and businesses” . Your point about Mackay etc is a valid one, looks like the airport is gone and it will be DIDO operation, they will come from far and wide.

          • The Magpie says:

            Uh, oh, will this muddled headed Mullet gamble again with $18.5million of ratepayer money for the illusion of gaining jobs for Townsville people? Yikes!!

        • Grumpy says:

          As a classic example of the Townsville Bulletin’s journalistic timidity when it comes to calling out Jenny Hill, we need go no further than her original attempts to justify spending $18.5M on an airport for the exclusive use of an Indian Billionaire.

          Her populist mantra of “jobs, jobs, jobs” went totally unquestioned. But what really amused me was Hill’s angry-faced threat to demand the $18.5M back if locals were not employed in those jobs. Apart from what constitutes the definition of a “local”, as already raised here, did no-one think to ask how the council would find out details of Adani’s workforce – and that of its subcontractors (of which there would be many)? Did she really expect those employers to give her the personal details of employees? From where would she get the authority to make such a demand? If she attempted to make it a term of the Deed of Gift (or whatever), such term would be void for illegality before the ink was dry. Even if she did get the information, was she going to set council officers to work verifying the claims of residence? At what further cost to the ratepayer? The employers have no right to voluntarily provide the information to the council. Indeed, why should they, if it meant possibly losing valuable employees? There are laws against that sought of gross breach of privacy and basic human rights in any event. One can only imagine the reaction of the unions. It would be equally illegal to make it a part of the employment conditions that all employees agree to have their personal information revealed to Jenny Hill.

          In any event, even though she lied about it at the time, the dosh was not going to Adani at all, but to the Kray brothers of Toowoomba. I can just imagine the boys’ reaction if asked for some of our money back. I am told that having one’s ears nailed to the floor is not an entirely pain-free experience.

          These risible claims would be low-hanging fruit for any half-decent journalist. The failure to pluck it can only be by reason of editorial direction.

      • Linda Ashton says:

        This was always going to be a questionable claim. No different for the pipeline. Specialist work needs specialist workers. It would be equivalent to putting a quota for women in parliament if only local workers were employed.
        At one meeting with council WFTAG posed the questions … what are the criteria for being categorised as “local?” Lived here 10 years, 5 days, moving here, have a postbox here? …. There was no response.

        • Rusty Nail says:

          Linda, would you please be so kind as to list the “specialist jobs” on the stadium construction that require “specialist workers”. It really is about as simple a job as you can get, and I really doubt that there are not the people already in Townsville required to do everything on that project. Thanks in anticipation.

  26. Jack the Outsider says:

    Watch out for a cockroach infestation from ipswich.

  27. Mike Shearer says:

    I have been pondering why Adani is obsessed with the Carmichael project when every rational argument is against it. A friend with forensic accounting know-how tells me that all is explained in publicly available material, if you just know how to interpret it and put the pieces together. The basic mystery is WHY Adani is so motivated to continue with the Carmichael Project, rather than write off it’s already sunk costs.

    The project originally looked viable. Since then, the outlook for thermal coal has dimmed significantly (which is why nobody will finance Adani). Adani, if not the Carmichael mine, may still make money in the short term if they:

    1) Take advantage of the ‘sweet spot’ in coal prices (which will be high for a little while because existing demand continues until assets are depreciated, but no other new thermal coal mines are developed due to expected low future demand); and

    2) exercise the Carmichael Royalty Deed. Peter Bond sold the deed to an Adani related company which will receive a $2 per tonne royalty for every tonne over the first 400.000 tonnes mined each production year for 20 years, REGARDLESS of whether the mine is profitable.

    Even at 15mtpa, that is over $29 million a year to the Adani related company. If production is increased to 27.5mtpa that’s $54 million every year into Adani’s pocket. Meanwhile, who cares if the Adani mine fails and other investors lose their money.

    Meanwhile, Gina and Clive, without fanfare and taking advantage of the distractions of the Adani publicity, are working on getting their coal mining projects in the Galilee Basin approved and into production.

    • Mike Douglas says:

      Mike Shearer, regarding you and your friends logic I have recently been thru the Galilee Basin how about you ? . Doesn’t Adani already have a market for its Coal and if it’s so unviable why are the other billion $ Companies currently still operating and new Companies looking at a start up . Whilst I certainly don’t want to take away your right to ponder but if you could ponder a response it would be appreciated .

      • The Magpie says:

        Pardon The ‘Pie for butting in on this one, but, Mike D, you seem to have a one-size-fits-all theory about coal mining companies. You challenge Mike Shearer whether he has been through the Galilee Basin, in the same inquiring spirit, The ‘Pie asks if you have been following the alleged misdeeds and court challenges facing Adani in India, as reported by more reliable than the parroting of PR releases from the Townsville Bulletin. They are considerable, and could have an effect right across the company’s operations which could certainly have an effect on employment at Carmichael (those bits that aren’t completely automated soon after the mine gets ever going). The ‘Pie has said before, that while he agrees that coal is on an irreversible downslide, there remain markets for a while, which more circumspect and respectable companies will supply. But boosting and ballyhooing a mob of uncaring, untrustworthy, questionable money grubbers like Adani shows absolutely no vision or social duty of care to involved workers and their families.

        • Mike Douglas says:

          Magpie, firstly for our future I would hope that all mines comply with Australian standards and are monitored . Adani bought Abbott Pt for $2 bil in 2011 and have their HO in Townsville so they are already supporting or region and Expressions of Interest for jobs were advertised today in the Astonisher. I am aware of some of Adanis legal issues and having worked in India business is done differently there . My comments were querying the perceived focus on Adani vs other mining companies and what Adani have to do to get accepted .

          • The Magpie says:

            In answer to the last question, The Magpie would merely want them to stoop being crooks who squirrel away all sorts of funds in unreachable private bank accounts in the Bahamas. Funds that very nearly included Australian taxpayer dollars. And FWI, it does’t matter where the coal is burnt, global warming is just that … global. Moral pariahs like Hunt and other pollies have the effrontery to say … almost literally … if it is shipped elsewhere not our problem. But when such fossil fuel is the hands of unconscionable people like Adani, it’s a cynical exercise in extremis.

      • Mike Shearer says:

        No, Mike D, I’ve not been “thru” the Galilee Basin, by which I guess you mean have I walked or driven through it. I have seen cross section drawings and maps of the surface and below-surface geological structures, and listened to experts and read their reports on what is at risk regarding the water and particularly likely impacts on the Great Artesian Basin. When I ponder the balance between the damage that Carmichael could, and probably would, do and who could, and probably would, benefit, then I am deeply concerned.

        This is not the forum for a debate on coal as a fuel and as a marketable resource. Given Adani’s history associated with coal I am past pondering and just angry that our political representatives don’t understand that Adani and Carmichael should not proceed until a great deal more is known about Adani, and the impacts of the mine.

        • The Magpie says:

          And good luck with that, they’ve changed their story so many times, sometimes with outright contradictions and lies, and only tell the truth when under the sanction of an oath before a court – and even then, even then ……

        • Dave Nth says:

          Have worked years ago on what was Moray Downs for stint so I know a little from having been on the ground. On Adani, yeah they seem shonky & nearly lifted quite a bit of money from tax/ratepayers that suddenly they have found themselves… So agree with you on this point.

          However the next point beg to differ. On the groundwater out there is not artesian, this is one of the biggest furphys being bandied about. A friend of mine who is an enviro in Sydney also worked there when Adani was proving it up backs this. The reason so much work was done working out the porous sandstones were not artesian was that if it was the whole project would be a no go hence the scrutiny and the reason that proper grouting of the wells was done not to contaminate it. Latest I have heard is the aquifer is some isolated oasis that recharges really slowly, I would have to do some research to find out more as I don’t know too much or talk to my friend on my next trip south next week.

      • No More Dredging says:

        Mike Douglas, not sure if a sightseeing trip through the Galilee Basin would provide any answers to the two questions you asked: 1) “Doesn’t Adani already have a market for its Coal and 2) if it’s so unviable why are the other billion $ Companies currently still operating and new Companies looking at a start up”? Adani is a long way off shipping Carmichael coal out of Abbot Point. Who knows what will be happening at Adani’s power stations in India, let alone the rest of the ‘market’ in three or four year’s time. “Companies” in the nearby Bowen Basin coalfields seem to slip in and out of business at the drop of a hat or in exchange for $1. What others are doing seems to have little relevance to what Adani might do. You probably noticed though that considerable construction work is proceeding at the Carmichael mine site. What I find fascinating now is the manoeuvring of each of the major political parties who for years have been having a bet each way so that they didn’t appear to scuttle the project. Now they are standing close by looking to take some sort of credit on the off chance that the big thing actually happens – although the Liberal Party is at a distinct disadvantage for a) being so self-centred, incompetent and on the nose and b) being represented in the bush by the Nationals and One Nation, each of which currently loathes the Liberals even more than voters and yet each unable to succeed and thrive in their own right. It’s as if the ‘free enterprise’ political field has been vacated just as Bill Shorten’s bus has pulled up at the front gate.

  28. The Magpie says:

    The difference is jarring …. it couldn’t be more stark.

  29. Stillnotalocal says:

    Pie rumours coming from multiple sources that Mike Chiodo A/CEO has already walked or given notice to walk…. any intel?

  30. Mike Douglas says:

    Mayor Mullet MIA ? With union strikes at the stadium, ! $50-70 mil blow out in costs and the Screaming Midget leaving the building so no roadblock to block bad news about T.C.C . in the Media the Council seems to be in a Coma . Townsville Business Development Centre we’re forced to go on T.V. to challenge Councils support of small business/ start ups simply because Council won’t communicate . This is the same Council called out twice for not being transparent ? . Are the delays on TBDC because Mayor Mullet is so cbd centric she wants to relocate the operation forcing higher rents and unviability . To make things worse, word on the street is Adele the Impailer was such a micro manager there is a backlog of decisions requiring approval . All T.C.C woes sit on the Mullets shoulders as she appointed her team .

    • Plannit Townsville says:

      Well Mike… They’re probably all still running around in the Exec Office trying to work out if they still need to photocopy all written recommendations to the CEO onto the pink paper… or is it ok to “cut the red tape” and just use the white paper
      These kinds of decisions take time in the Exec Office so don’t expect much out of there any time soon

      • The Stockman says:

        Perhaps they’re struggling to find the phone numbers of all the consultants in Melbourne and Brisbane that were given a shitload of contracts to do work that could have been done locally, just before the “big two” departed?

  31. One legged tap dancer says:

    Cranky, I hear what you’re saying about the stadium not reaching peak construction until next year, but I still don’t believe there will be anything like 750 jobs.
    I’ve worked on two major construction projects much bigger than the stadium ($600-$700 million) plus a lot more detailed and complicated, and the maximum number of jobs created was 400 on each project.
    I guess we’ll find out the truth when they get to the fitout and installation stages next year.

  32. The Owl says:

    It’s all starting to unravel for Mayor Mullet.
    The Cowboys stadium was meant to be her re-election guarantee but it’s not looking good. If it isn’t completed in time for the 2020 NRL season and the budget blowouts continue it will work in reverse, big time.
    Most locals think it’s waste of money anyway.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Yes they do Owl and that Mullet is an absolute waste of space!

      • No More Dredging says:

        Plucker, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that lots of people will NOT hold Jenny Hill responsible for the stadium being late or over budget or not worth the fuckin’ money or any number of other whinges and whines. After all, we ratepayers aren’t paying for it (sort of) because the federal and state governments are paying – no matter how much it costs. Yeah, sure, we’ll be picking up the tab once it gets finished (although surely the Cowboys etc. will be putting something in, won’t they?) but come March, 2020, when the local government election comes along, there’ll be a big structure happening, the town will be singing the praises of Thurston and the Cowboys and the Council will just wing it. This is Public Relations 101, whatever the Opposition is, it will have to do better than just whining about The Never Ending Incompetence of Jenny Hill.

        • The Magpie says:

          Hmmm, The ‘Pie is guessing you’ve never actively been is either PR, media relations or issues management, Dredger. You’re analysis is heavy ion the anal, as in it processed tripe. The mayor is not responsible for the woes of the stadium, but you’re trusting a very fickle voting population to understand that … just a peek at recent voting history will show you the instability of electoral sentiment in this town.

          Your idea off PR 101 will have ‘em in stitches down at the AIPR.

          And singing the praises of Thurston and the Cowboys? JT is now history, and the Cowboys have a very interesting season ahead before the stadium opens its gates. The team performance will have a lot of influence on the way people think about the stadium.

          • No More Dredging says:

            “The team performance will have a lot of influence on the way people think about the stadium.”

            Spot on, ‘Pie. And don’t expect too much from the footballers in 2019. But do expect the NRL to make as much of a spectacle as possible of the new stadium (assuming it’s ready to go) at the start of the 2020 NRL season. Presumably by then, the recycled water will have arrived from the Cleveland Bay sewerage treatment plant, there’ll be some sort of pedestrian bridge into the CBD from the stadium, the Cowboys football club in Flinders Street will have all the pokies it wants and all of this is out of the hands of the mayor. Maybe Tom Jones or Bob Dylan will have turned up for a concert as well! It’s bound to be a circus. Who would want anything less?

  33. The Magpie says:

    HEY, The ‘Pie well knows that some blinkered folk don’t like this blog’s occasional look at Donald Trump, but here’s an aticle where the underlying principles have a strong vresonance for our local scene.

    Here in one opening sentence is the one overriding reason why Donald Trump has got away with it so far. And the truism about fragmentary journalism applies everywhere … particularly in this town, and to our mayor.

  34. The Magpie says:

    Errr, Plucker, if you don’t like the comments posted here that oppose to your own world view, may The ‘Pie suggest you take your own advice.

  35. Sir Rabbittborough says:

    OMG WTF and any other incredulous acronyms, they just let AirAsia start flying out of Avalon. What sort of liberal fuckwit could let that happen with their track record of killing passengers and crew? Oh, hang on that’s right, silly me , the defenders of cost cutting and profits before everything workers rights and OHS the FED LNP go figure.


  36. Achilles says:

    Look at this benighted from the drongo self righteous vegan crowd, not content about promoting their ideology about animal “rights” they now want normal people to adopt another “new speak”. Awesome Orwelion.


    • No More Dredging says:

      Achilles, do “normal” people read this shit? I know some devour the TBully cover to cover but really?

      • Achilles says:

        From your comment NMD it sounds as if you read it too, so are you classified as “normal”?

        • No More Dredging says:

          Achilles, I responded to your suggestion that I read a linked article. Having read it I can say I thought it was a crap article. I haven’t recommended it to anyone else. I’ll think twice, or maybe I won’t think twice, about your recommendations in future.

  37. The Owl says:

    Those still interested in the whereabouts of the Impaler can be assured she is currently in town. Thought it may have been a lookalike but when I heard her talking any doubt was quickly erased. The F word every sentence, sometimes two or three times.
    Can also reveal that the reason for her sudden departure from the council was the Mullet’s indignance and rage at being rated below her on the Most Influencial list – and that came straight from the horse’s mouth.

    • The Magpie says:

      Oh purleese … you are perpetuating an absurd idea which is constantly and laughingly promoted by the Astonisher – that their amusing sales boosting flummery of an influential list had anything to do with any staff changes at Walker Street. For a start, things don’t happen that quickly, and there are two much stronger reasons in the offing … The Magpie’s favoured one was his prediction of almost two years ago that The Impaler’s tenure was an arranged period to do the … well, impaling, then piss off, bulging purse in hand. And the other is that a medical condition could be used by The Mullet to convince her to piss off before their very real enmity spilled over into the electorally damaging public arena. The mayor couldn’t risk having her around in a campaign year. But the one to ten ranking becomes known on a Thursday and The Impaler is shafted instantly on the basis of that? Gimme a break.

      Besides, if Mayor Mullet didn’t like the rankings, she would’ve had them changed anyway. After all, it is her paper.

  38. Dutch Reverend says:

    So the TB is asking us “What would we like to see happen with the old railway yards ?” just after telling us that dozens of interested companies are eying off the site for development. Why would our opinion count ? If dozens are eying the site off, wouldn’t they already have plans as to what THEY want to see developed? FFS, these people are retards.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, you see, this is a typical piece of the chicanery of the Astonisher. The expression of interest ad recently, which was mentioned on this blog, just gave some vague description and of course, hundreds of companies keep an eye on these sorts of come-ons, but have to apply for details. A pig in a poke situation, and when they see what they’ve been duped into, most if not all, lose interest. Asking us what we think is a good idea is a cynical exercise in faux togetherness.

      For The ‘Pie’s money, a good start would to be ‘greenfield’ the whole site, and get trid of those antiquated rusty and unsightly tin sheds … heritage, my cloaca. God, this town is in the thrall of simpletons.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        The first thing the council should ask any of them is if they have any $$$$ to actually do anything, the first condition should be a timeframe to get something happening on the site with large penalties for failing to meet the timelines, otherwise it will be simply taken over by more of the regulars around this town who will sit on it for a decade or more as they don’t have any funds to progress the project, like what is happening on the south yards and Honeycombe.

      • Kingswood says:

        What will happen is the yards will be left but the buildings will be blown to bits in the next decent cyclone. You may get your wish for that greenfield site Mags…What surprises me is that the Buchanan’s Hotel site (burnt down 1982) & the Wintergarden theatre site (demolished 1991), both in Sturt St are still not built on….

        • The Magpie says:

          Haven’t been down that way for some time, but isn’t the old Wintergarden site part of the redeveloped Lancini Woolworth’s overall site?

          • No More Dredging says:

            The Wintergarden was about halfway between the police station and the (now) Events cinema on Sturt Street. The last performance I can remember there was the Daly-Wilson Big Band (sponsored by Benson and Hedges cigarettes), no idea of the date – possibly late 1970s. Excellent show though.

          • The Magpie says:

            Right, gotcha. The brief passing memory of some years ago placed it in the wrong block.

          • Kingswood says:

            no, wintergarden on sturt was between police station/ old umbrella studio site and existing 1940s flats/shops. At the rear of the newish state government high rise. Knew it well, have a row of seating from the winter garden, plus the 1920s soft drink bottles under the boards when they demolished it in 1990/91. Now there’s a place that shouldn’t have been demolished, unlike the rail sheds….

          • No More Dredging says:

            Kingswood, I think we’re talking about pretty much the same location but you’re correct – a bit closer to the police station than I remembered. I recall that as the question of demolition came louder the number of mentions of ‘asbestos’ increased. At least we know the ‘use by’ date had long passed – the building had been vacant and unusable for years. It was either renovate, at vast expense and to what end, or demolish.

  39. The Owl says:

    The Impaler herself says the Most Influential ratings were the cause of her sudden departure. Perhaps the Mullet can clear this up.

    • The Magpie says:

      Where did she say that?

    • Dadaaaaa! says:

      When the The Impaler started at TCC she also told the TCC marketing team she was the “Pre-eminent marketing person in Australia”

      The woman is delusional.

      If she’s so great why was she in Townsville trying to rip off ratepayers when she could be running an international marketing firm….

  40. Cantankerous but happy says:

    And the big Labor suck continues at the Townsville Labor Hospital; Labor’s Mandy Thompson will take up a position of CEO of the Townsville Hospital Foundation in January, the Labor party might as well move its office out there and hold its meetings in the ER, what a insulting joke, all this sort of thing does is turn people off being involved with or supporting the TGH because it’s just a collective of Labor party hacks feathering their own nest, what a disgrace.

  41. Inside TCC says:

    Looks like Carols by Candlelight will include raincoats, wonder if a wet weather plan was considered or if our blow in Brisbanites didn’t deem heavy rain a real possibility in December? Reid Park supertent (hugely expensive but necessary) was surely taken out of the budget by Mr Midget

  42. Alahazbin says:

    And another thing. I see the Astonisher is giving the little retards that are stealing our cars and doing all the break ins from Cairns to Mackay fake names in the court hearings. Their excuse would be be to give the human touch. Won’t change my mind about the little barstardised.

  43. The Magpie says:

    In all the years of covering courts and crime, here and elsewhere, The ‘Pie has NEVER before seen fake names for juveniles. The obvious question is why? This is sheer amateur hour … but WTF would The Magpie know, Jenna and the Juniors are running the show.

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