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Sunday, June 2nd, 2024   |   419 comments

Great Moments In History: When Told He Was Too Wounded To Continue Fighting, Field Marshal Troy ‘The Black Knight’ Thompson said ‘Ha, Tis But A Flesh Wound’.

The Queensland Premier, the Townsville City Council, the RSL and the Townsville community tell him to resign,  but the con man mayor Troy Thompson says he’s not going anywhere (an apt phrase, if you read it correctly.) The ‘Pie looks back on a tumultuous and indeed historic week in the annals of this city.

The Bulletin has been prominent in the slow-motion expose of moral and actual dishonesty, but don’t keep polishing that halo too vigorously, editor Cas Garvey, you won’t be winning any Walkeys.

Despite the uproar the council goes about it’s daily business unhindered, mowing lawns, pick up wheelie bins and giving the Townsville Bulletin tens of thousands of dollar in pointless advertising.

And computer illiterate like The Magpie will no longer be taking the Lord’s name in vain, with the the ultimate computer software update … the internet to get a new patron saint.

Also, a slight change to the US cartoon gallery this week: we’ve included the best of a flood of photoshopped opinion about the outcome of some old court case in New York.

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Troy Thompson is Now In Full Denial

He apologised to the ‘military’ for lying, but not one single  word of apology for lying to voters. 

Screenshot 2024-06-02 at 12.12.12 am

After committing hari kiri on national television,  Thompson has shown absolutely zero awareness of the stark reality now facing him. But devoid of any decency or honour, he says he intends to continue the cheap soap opera of his mayoralty to the bitter end – an end which unfortunately, could take some time.

The simple timeline of the week started when he did a couple of brief interviews promising that all the questions regarding his past would be answered in ‘a three hour interview on 60 Minutes’  … he meant A Current Affair,  and if the interview did take some hours, it was clearly a professional hit job by people who knew what they were doing, especially editing video. Admissions of things already here and in the broader media were half-admitted but excused on various grounds – non-payment of worker entitlements in a failing company, but managing to pay his former wife and employee a $35,000 severance package was waffled off.

Perhaps the most telling ‘the dog ate my homework’ excuses was the recurring theme was that much of his hazy background was due to over 100 concussions he had suffered over time. He counted them?

Again, this was a lie in the classic sympathy-seeking con man mode … and was about as subtle and false as Marie the mother and mother-in-law in Everybody Loves Raymond. He seemed to be trying for some sort of subtle link to his football playing days, – school and local level –  when he claims he was a local hero to some.  But medical evidence suggests with that number of concussions, you’d have a problem dressing and feeding yourself,  let alone managing a multi-million dollar city budget. If in fact you were still alive. And it’s doubtful with that many concussions, you’d be able to keep count, but he apparently did.  Yet still couldn’t remember his Army number, or appearing in a Gold Coast court on fraud charges.

The segment of 10 or so minutes was a classic example of ‘enough rope’  interviewing. No aggressive hectoring by the interviewer, just polite unreeling a little more rope with every question. And a rare thing for ACA … they let many of the incredibly daft answers hang in the air without a sudden knife thrust follow-up question, it was all left there for their audience themselves to evaluate.

And evaluate they did, indeed, one might say they evaluated the brains out of it. So dismayed with the inane reasoning and again the avoidance of proper respectful answers,  everyone was wondering what the hell now,  the locals were asking what happens next – knowing something had to, but what?.

The answer wasn’t long in coming.  First, the morning after the interview was aired, the  Bulletin summed up Thompson’s performance  in one of it’s best and most succinct possible headlines.

Screenshot 2024-06-01 at 9.13.40 pm

Editor Cas Garvey’s clinical dissection of the Hindenburg of an interview may have been the final straw for all the 10 TCC councillors. That afternoon, an historic moment took place in the council forecourt – just the day after the interview was aired.  In an open letter to Thompson from all the councillors, read to the media by Clr Suzy Batkovic: they didn’t request, they demanded the mayor’s voluntary resignation, or they would pass a no confidence motion at they next council meeting on Wednesday and seek ministerial intervention.

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 3.30.42 pm(In the confusion of the afternoon, it was first thought there was one unnamed councillor standing with Thompson, but that ended up as a full majority. The caption was right at the time, not the Bulletin’s fault.)

Saturday’s paper was even more to the point than Friday’s.

Screenshot 2024-06-01 at 9.19.35 pm

But Thompson, who obviously sees himself in a different light to everyone else. displayed his utter disconnection from the impact of events with a point blank refusal to step down and that he would ‘discuss the matter’ with the councillors at the next meeting (Wednesday.)

And at the time of writing, that is where the matter stands.  There is an unreliable rumour about the place that Ticketek has tried to get sole rights to sell tickets for Wednesday’s council meeting, and were very pissed off when told it was against the law. Maybe if they spoke to the mayor, he might be able to swing a deal.

One Nest reader’s thought on the matter … disregard the photoshopper trap: wristwatches.

Thompson Screenshot 2024-06-01 at 9.55.27 am

Brickbats And Bouquets For The Bulletin

After being caught wrong footed by the election outcome – let’s face it, we all were – the paper eventually cranked into gear and started some digging. There was good and persistent reporting, and a lot of well-reasoned editorials  from editor Cas Garvey.

But the sad truth is that she had to be goaded into it by the stunning idiocy of Thompson in telling the paper to get fucked, he wasn’t talking to them because he didn’t like their questions – and figuring the masses would be behind him about the ‘bloody medja’. Even that confrontation could’ve run its course without any explosions … but then,  the dimwit (possibly egged on or manipulated by his MyPlace mates, cookers one and all,) signed his own death warrant when he decided to attack the one single thing that News Ltd really cares about in Townsville … ad revenue. Thompson suggested he would call for a policy to stop council’s lucrative advertising schedule in the paper, and just use social media. That immediately attracted the interest of certain southern executives,  and Garvey was told to let loose on him.  Which she did.

But two things we should note.  Remember this?:

Screenshot 2024-06-01 at 10.11.15 pm

The Magpie based that on information received and investigated a few days before publication and the Townsville Bulletin received the same information from the same source four days before it was partly published in the Nest. And the Bulletin’s reaction to the revelations … absolutely fucking nothing, not a single mention in the week leading up to the election. Wasn’t important, eh, Cas? Check the acreage of newsprint on the matter since then, m’dear.

So the only way anyone would know that the man they may vote for who was carrying some pretty heavy baggage, was to read about it in this modest-sized blog of a few thousand readers. Editor Garvey spent the final crucial week, along with reporter Chris Burns, virtually acting as Jenny Hill’s campaign manager. They probably figured they didn’t need to actually inform readers about anything much to do with Thompson, because he was gunna lose bigtime, right? They’re still smarting from this hubris.

That was a shameful misjudgement and a dereliction of the duty of  the community’s only newspaper. And much of the subsequent grandstanding in the editorials was as much to do with Garvey covering her misjudgement tracks as they were about the nitwit Thompson.  One particularly galling tactic by the editor was to continually suggest this only really came to light and worthy of her indignant wrath more than a month later … on Anzac Day.  Always a good tabloid heart tugger. The Magpie had forecast the medal issue days beforehand, and our gal, alerted to a possible left hand chest vacancy decided that might be worth running with. And one wonders if Thompson had been better advised and a bit smarter, could he may well have held back the strident criticism in the paper while he embedded himself in the job, making moves to remove him more difficult and divisive in the community.  And quite possibly, striking a Hill-like deal with the paper. Instead he panicked,  not intelligent enough to know that you don’t try to shut down the media with an arrogant dismissal. That simply invites what he has ended up getting.

This is not The Magpie setting himself up as some stable genius and oracle,  more deploring the absence of basic journalistic obligations and awareness in the Townsville Bulletin.

So guess what, Cas, you have maybe made a cross for you yourself to bear – by proving that when pushed and goaded, you and some of your team are capable of very good reporting,  so we now know you can do it.

So it is reasonable to expect you to treat other issues in the same manner.

We’ll be watching.

While We’re With The Bully

There is an issue that has been broached The Nest and often incomments over the past couple of years about the amount of money the council spends on advertising in the Bulletin. The question is always are we getting value for money?  Take this weekend’s paper for instance … two double page spreads, which even with good customer discounts would be well over $10,000.

Screenshot 2024-06-01 at 10.11.29 am

Screenshot 2024-06-01 at 10.10.54 am

Maybe worth a discussion in these striated times when money’s increasingly tight, but not as a bellicose threat or spiteful intent to anyone, just a possible belt tightening on behalf of the ratepayers. Both these examples are in fact better suited to social media and the council’s own websites.

That said, the Bulletin is a very necessary entity in a city of such potential as ours, and I will always say what I think professionally about what I perceive as its shortcomings but its necessity to a growing city will never be questioned here. That’s why The ‘Pie has repeatedly warned that the money-hungry News Ltd may turn it into a Courier insert. That would be of great detriment to us all.

Seems Harpic Has Inspired Others In The Fight Against Crime

Looks like Aaron Harper has got the backing of the Pensioners’ Party.

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 5.56.05 pm

They Glow Up So Quickly Nowadays, Don’t They?

Ah, that Pope Frankie, what a cool guy. Perhaps having checked the papal accounts and realised funds aren’t what they used to be,  the canny Frankie has fallen back on the sure-fire miracle business for a boost but with a modern twist.  He’s gone after the millennials to swell the coffers, declaring the internet is to get a new patron saint.  The current patron of the keyboard is St. Isidore of Seville, who was tagging and doxxing folks back in 600AD, so pretty obvious the church needed to upgrade to a new IOS version saint.

And quickly found the required update.

Screenshot 2024-06-01 at 3.05.47 pm

Carlo Acutis, who died from leukemia at the age of 15 in 2006, was the perfect  figure around which to weave a miracle narrative.  A internet ‘influencer’ he was obviously the gold standard of the breed, said to be responsible for a terminally ill South American patient who was denied the desired ecstacy of meeting her Lord just yet by fully recovering. Then a while later he was at it again, this time credited with fixing an Italian girl’s mangled brain injuries suffered when she fell of her bicycle.

That was good enough for Pope Frankie,  who waved through the beatification at warp speed, the final step before sainthood, which usually takes decades and all sort of arcane carry-on (cf Mary McKillop).

All uplifting for the faithful, but kinda depressing for those who care about the human condition and dignity.  I mean, FFS, really? And of course it is infradig to ask the obvious question: if young Carlo managed to reverse those terminal cases, why couldn’t he cure his own leukemia? And if ‘God’s will’ is the answer, what was God thinking, it’s like pulling a star forward off after he scored a couple of ripper goals in a rough match.

In America, It’s A Start, But There’s A Long Way To Go

Guilty. As. Hell. On all 34 charges of fraud and election irregularities. Donald Trump, already in the history books as the greatest grifters ever to infest the Oval Office, gets another first in its pages as the first American president to become a convicted criminal.   He will be sentenced in a few weeks time, and while prison of up to four years is possible, it is highly unlikely.  But should that happen, under some of the world’s loopiest loopholes, he could run for office from jail.  If that unlikely scenario unfolds, he’ll have another reason to be unhappy … he will be the second, not the first, candidate to do so. That’s exactly what Socialist Party leader Eugene V.Debs did in 1920 (he got 3% of the vote) – was pardoned a year later and died in 1926.)

But while Trump is in full whiney voice about the verdict, he has reason to be pleased.The Republicans claim that within 10 hours of the verdicts being handed down, his campaign received $60million in donations. That’s their claim anyway, which reminds one of that old saying about fools and their money.

A change to our US gallery’s usual format. Included this week are the best of the flood of photoshopped opinions. And on the same theme. we’ve chucked in a couple from the funnymen at our own Aussie The Shovel. Enjoy.

Screenshot 2024-06-01 at 10.46.04 am Screenshot 2024-06-01 at 10.45.04 am unnamed

Screenshot 2024-06-01 at 10.50.30 am Screenshot 2024-06-01 at 10.49.22 am Screenshot 2024-06-01 at 10.50.56 am

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 11.41.08 amScreenshot 2024-05-31 at 10.27.44 am

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 11.07.03 am

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 10.49.16 am Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 10.47.14 am Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 10.46.38 am Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 10.29.45 am

Screenshot 2024-06-01 at 5.37.17 pm

GOiebpTWEAAQXc9GOq74FuXsAA_478And A Few Closing Thoughts …

441674042_10164346174511679_7557690720166457413_n441527948_10164353961211679_3183423954903052260_nAnd at least there are some official with a delightful sense of humour while still getting their message across. Make sure to read the fine print. Beep beep!!


And that was the exhausting week that was.

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  1. Local Yokal says:

    Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

    Thompson was walking the corridors of Walker Street (between doing the ACA interview and it being aired at least) saying that he’d ’smashed it’.

    – Army / SAS – Lies
    – Uni degrees x 2 – Lies
    – Liquidation – pre election ‘everything worked out great it was nothing’. ACA $9m debt, $250k owed to employees, yeah I paid my ex wife $35k – then she paid it back to me.
    – Fraud Charges – not published anywhere until ACA but another troubling issue.
    – Receiving donations from prohibited donors.
    – Personally Bankrupt 2007 – 2010
    – 2 x AVO’s taken out – troubling
    – One Nation Disendorsement – Lies
    – Being a Townsville Rate Payer – Never has been.

    Still to come
    – Cancer Survivor – ?
    – Worked for the US State Department – ?

    The claim that this is a Labor party hit job holds no water, there are 4 councilors who are labor members but that leaves the other 6. It also doesn’t explain advice to Troy himself by the new Interim CEO that he should resign. This after calling back in Tony Bligh into Walker street to give advice on the current predicament. LNP local Phillip Thompson and Independent councilors Kristian Price and Andrew Robinson as well as Dep Mayor Jacob’s have also told him to go but yeah Labor and Rupert made him go on TV and admit to his lies.

    This guy can’t believe he isn’t able to conman-talk his way out of this. Labor / the Bully / a dingo stole my baby / I’ll release everything in full / no one deserves to know when I polished my boots / that’s my tin foil hat, I folded it myself. I appreciate the support from the community and all the unnamed Defence force heads.

    What a Pelican.

    He took 2 donations (declared on the ECQ portal) from prohibited donors. It’s illegal to make or accept donations from prohibited donors. He’s cooked on at least two counts with each count bringing a maximum penalty of $50k and 2 years jail. The other stuff (lies and embellishments) are trivial compared to the whack he’ll get over this. The other failings will kill him with the general public but this will hang him.

    He’ll be stood down in a few weeks after receiving a show cause notice on why he shouldn’t be stood down. Stood down on full pay until the CCC investigation reaches its close. He won’t resign or he loses his weekly pay packet as well as the LGAQ legal support. Once stood down his future FB daily diary updates a will bit thin. Woke up at 5:30, started crying, kept crying, cried myself to sleep – repeat for 8 months.

    The LGAQ will pay his legal fees but if he’s found guilty he has to pay them back. A case like this will cost $150k – $200k. This will be the first testing of the laws passed re prohibited donors. The CCC will not act lightly, big fine and some time in the big house is in Thompson’s future.

    The CCC will take 8-12 months to come to a verdict. Once a guilty verdict I see another Bankruptcy another name change happening soon after.

    Australia will not be big enough for Thompson to hide or be employable at any stage in the future. This scandal will hang around his neck for the rest of his life. He could take on the First Ladies last name and maybe call himself Troy Blythe. It has the added benefit of the big gesture he’ll need to pull out to hold onto her.

    Quote from ACA after being asked if there are any other skeletons in his closet. “I hope not but if there is I will own them.” Two minutes after being asked about his two fraud charges in 2007 where he said ‘I don’t know anything about that’ but quickly admitted to them to try and explain them away straight after the interview. This guy still thinks he can talk his way out of his lies, good luck in the witness box Troy, you will sweat like Prince Andrew, oh hang on you can’t sweat.

    Wednesday’s council meeting should be interesting.

    • Iain Gorman says:

      He needs to be monitored closely. Very unstable person that no doubt feels victimized due to his lifelong history of deception. He needs to be watched.

      • The Magpie says:

        The’Pie had a fleeting similar thought (a selfish one,in a moment of grossly over-estimating his own importance) but in the end, took comfort in the old saying: Talkers don’t do and doers don’t talk’, a favourite of coppers who can’t solve a particular crime.

    • Not running for mayor says:

      You absolutely nailed it Local except in one area. TwoFaces diary will read “5:30 get out of bed and confirm I made another $1000 doing fuck all – easiest con ever!”

  2. Grumpy says:

    In fairness to our talented photo-shopping fellow nester,, he was actually quite correct as TwoNames does, in fact, wear a watch on each wrist, One being a Micky Mouse watch that presumably tells the time as well as remind him when to take his medications and, on the other, an expensive piece of woo-woo that he shamelessly promoted after becoming mayor. This ~$2K piece of garbage allegedly emits magic frequencies that cures everything from dandruff to death. No legitimate scientific basis for this sorcery is provided, of course. If you want to buy one, please contact the official distributor in Townsville, who happens to be none other than his current squeeze, the Child Bride, It actually does not work.

    • The Magpie says:

      Shades of Peter Brock and his magic crystals. Anyway, one thing the watch doesn’t do is short circuit dismissal from office.

    • Stinger says:

      Grumps, how do you know the watch doesn’t work? Did you buy one and get stung??? :)

      • The Magpie says:

        His clairvoyant told him.

        There’s the old English teacher’s example of the difference between intelligence and knowledge: knowledge tells you a tomato is a fruit, intelligence tells you not to use it in a fruit salad.

        So intelligence is sometimes all you need to make self-interested protective decisions,like not buying loopy watches, backing horses at 150 to 1, buying the Bulletin, or running for mayor with a fabricated background.

  3. Prickster says:

    Who are the two prohibited donors?

    • The Magpie says:

      It;s in comments somewhere … John Honeycombe (father of), no idea why he is ‘prohibited’ from donating, don’t think he contravenes any particular rule, but someone will no doubt enlighten us and another developer … the latter is a big no-no under the amended legislation.

      • Burnt Brows says:

        I could only think that John somewhere along the line may be a Director or similar of the development company?

        • The Magpie says:

          In all his years beaking about the place (all up, 34 if you must know) never heard anything adverse about John. Son Peter has come in for some ineffective sniping over the years, but not Dad.

          Now The Pie supposes he’ll be inundated with libellous rants as other oldtimers shadow box across the fields of local history.

          • Jatzcrackers says:

            You’re a 100% spot on Pie. Mr Honeycomb senior was always, known for his integrity along with his business acumen and kindness (largely known but rarely disclosed) to locals. Unfortunately, most of us, including Mr Honeycomb senior, don’t have a lot of control over our offspring once they reach 21 years of age.

      • Not on your Nelly Bay says:

        The legislation forbids donations from a property developer or their “close associates”. This includes spouses but not parents. Unless Mr Honeycombe Snr has some form of interest in his son’s business – as a director, 20% voting power, or has a business related to that of his son’s, I think he would be in the clear.

        As for the other donor, that business offers house and land packages – so I’m thinking that they’re more likely to be caught up in Two Names’ shenanigans than the Honeycombes.

  4. Ben Rumson says:

    Ha, Tis but a flesh wound.
    Always look on the bright side of life.

    Had the Astonisher published the T. Thompson truth in a timely fashon, an informed electorate may (I said may) have re-elected the Mullet and her team. That would have been an unparalleled disaster for Townsville.

    The way I see it is that buffoon T. Thompson is the circuit breaker that put an end to the disaster that was the Mullet, and his circuit breaker is being tripped by the entire community and media making way for the election of a competent and worthy candidate, I hope.

    This time around we need the electorate and the media to be fully engaged, good luck with that.

    So, looking on the bright side, the T. Thompson show will be welcome entertainment, we will get a proper Mayor and in a few years or so there will be the hit stage show T. Thompson the Musical.

    • The Magpie says:

      A very intelligent analysis, if The ‘Pie may say so.

      The musical will be ‘T Thompson, a melodramatic farce in three acts – stood, elected, punted.’

      • Burnt Brows says:

        Had anyone googled “Troy Thompson” like I did, they would have (near the top of the search) seen Townsville Magpie June 20th 2021 which even back then outlined plenty of grubbiness.

    • Overlord says:

      If there’s another mayoral election no doubt you’ll see a raft of proxies directing their preferences to the two main contenders. The whole point of proxies is to:

      Splinter the vote

      Knock out any independent mayoral contender

      Funnel votes to two main contenders

      Jenny Hill didn’t bother creating a proxy candidates and thus lost the election. A fourth candidate would have split the vote enough for her to win by funnelling votes away from thompson who won by a tiny sliver of votes, it was no landslide. Labor voters ALWAYS vote labor no matter. Even if they are directly negatively affected by Labor policy that:

      Aids and abets criminality,
      Exploding crime
      Exploding inflation
      Exploding homelessness
      Exploding rent, rates and every metric that makes things worse,

      They will continue voting even as cold seawater swirls around their ankles

      Any other voter will evaluate the candidates leading to ” independent ” votes / proxy votes.
      Card carrying nationals/ liberals are mythical creatures. Liberal has become a byword for political dysfunction.

      Labor will easily win the mayoral vote if it can create at least 2 proxy candidates to funnel potential liberal/ independent votes into a black hole. The stupidity of the Australian voter should never be underrated.

      The Labor electoral machine is a well oiled juggernaut, well organised, and motivated. When they lose its because of factional infighting and bad strategy/ obvious idiotic policy.

      The liberal electoral machine is positively dysfunctional – they win by chance rather than by strategy. Motivation, confidence and strategy is low. They sweep into power only when Labor collapses under idiotic policy that creates untold harm and generational damage that nothing can fix.

  5. Doug K says:

    Still trying to get an answer on whether a current councilor would have to resign to be able to run for mayor.
    If that is the case I don’t think any of the current bunch would risk their ratepayer funded salaries and allowances, so it looks to me like there’s going to be a big field of mayoral candidates come the inevitable election.
    Frothy Molachino will probably have a crack at getting back on the public teat.
    Same could be said for Messagebank Walker, who by now must have seen the writing on the wall. I wouldn’t be surprised if he resigned before he’s voted out at the coming State election, and have a tilt at the mayoralty.
    We can also expect some new candidates now the threat of victimisation is gone.
    Hopefully we’ll get an honest, trustworthy mayor next time around. After all, we’ve had a long run of duds representing us in State and Local Government.
    Surely there’s a retired businessman/woman out there who’s still young enough to give it a shot.

    • Not on your Nelly Bay says:

      No resignation required at all Doug – the most recent examples would be Whitsunday when Willcox was mayor, then was elected to federal parliament. A few of the incumbent councillors at the time (Jan Clifford and Moscow Mike Brunker) ran, didn’t need to resign, were defeated, and served out the rest of their terms as councillors.

  6. Past TCC says:

    I’m not one to cast judgment easily after the time I spent in council watching all the back room bullshit that happens that the public never sees. But I will cast judgment on both the mayor and the councillors for there actions. The mayor, just like his predecessor, is a liar full stop. He must go. But the councillors are just as bad given that hill was let loose over 8 years and has truly fucked this great city. Now after all this time they actually speak. Well fuck me if they want my support given they had countless opportunities to rid hill of her secret deals that have cost millions to us ratepayers. And that is a fact. All I’m saying is you want to fuck the mayor off because he lied to everyone about his record after a couple months, and should, but you sat back and said absolutely nothing while corruption was taking place. How quick are they to go to the CCC now? Old big bird is definitely a follower not a leader and I can say with authority from dealing with her she is just an opportunist. 4 years Suzy where were you?

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, take your point, been said continually here in The Nest, but aren’t you perhaps a teeny bit hypocritical, Past TCC? Could we not ask your own (correct) judgement of them of you yourself … now after all this time,YOU actually speak? With all the knowledge you claim – and The ‘Pie doesn’t doubt that you saw, heard and knew much that wasn’t above board …why didn’t you speak out?

      Tough call though it might have been, wouldn’t the hassle have been worth it in light of the damage you saw being done? Over many years. It’s not just politicians who need to be called out for remaining silent in the face of wrongdoing.

      • Contributor says:

        You must have a short memory, Pie. All the senior staff at TCC were regularly purged by successive Mayors and CEOs. Why would someone with a family and a mortgage raise their head and speak out?

        • The Magpie says:

          Then why would they now? Not a good look.

          • Past TCC says:

            I never said I didn’t. Nor did I not try via social media posts or through the media. Media was bought by the mayor so I had no success. On more then 2 occasions I had raised issues in confidence with the bulletin about issues with the pipeline for example and nothing was ever said. Written to the CCC also only to get the response of there’s nothing we can do so go contact your local state members. Dead ends.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            The media was never bought. They were just given better, pre written stories that didn’t require then to stick their neck out and do actual journalism.

            I remember a story was about to break that was detrimental to council and Adele Young contacted the paper and gave them a whole load of shit on Clive Palmer.

            And if you only went to the paper with heresay and rumours nothing would ever happen because they had an obligation to contact council for comment and without fail, a rewritten story would fall in their lap, requiring no investigation.

          • The Magpie says:

            100% correct.

          • Damn tailings says:

            Kinda reminiscent of the whole Weinstein saga with highly successful actresses coming out after his arrest to say he did the same to them.
            They could have exposed him sooner but took it on the chin (pun) at the time to avoid the drama.

    • The Unflinching Finch says:

      Maybe if a couple of hairy nut males would have stood up instead of a female doing the heavy lifting, we wouldn’t be here.

      • Jeff, Condon says:

        DT shows what a complete fuckwit he is. He wouldn’t have the guts to disagree with anyone in this blog, let alone risk his job.

  7. Blunder Bus says:

    Maya Angelou famously wrote – when people tell you who they are, believe them. – The first time. Or sumsuch.

    Upon reading the Facebook page of TN, I noticed some residents who voted for him were still willing to get into bed with him. I’m at a loss to explain that, he’s told us all who he is. He can’t change that nature, that level of lack of integrity is baked in early in life.

    Is that a level of pathological decision bias or Stockholm syndrome? Normalising this dishonesty and just sweep it under the carpet with the statement ‘at least Jenny is gone’ is beyond me. Is that the standard? Mediocrity is the new quality standard. Far out.

    • The Magpie says:

      Heardtell a while nbackk Thompson was out on a date, that progressed so nicely that in the end it was agreed to take the next step.
      ‘Your place or my place,’ he asked.
      ‘My place, because my place is MyPlace’, she replied.

      And the rest is history.

  8. Mike Douglas says:

    Who pays if the City has to go back to the polls for a Mayor then again If a Councillor wins their division . Labor local branches are leaking Union funded polling confirms what we all know that Aaron and Les are duds so any chance Team Hill current Councillors will be called off the bench ? . Scott Stewart , financial benefits retiring as a Minister vs MP in opposition ? . Meanwhile , if current Councillors want any credibility they need to step up and make hard decisions and reduce or cancel funding to Council entities / sponsorships and stop using ratepayers as ” cash cows ” to avoid being labelled Team Hill mark 2 / Team Hill lite .

    • Mad Jack says:

      In conversation this morning at the markets, with someone who knows much more about this than I do, it was lamented that the Townsville ratepayers are up for $.5Mil per by-election. That is what I was told.

      • The Magpie says:

        Well, are they? The ‘Pie thinks a more accurate but still misleading word might be ‘taxpayer’. The council doesn’t fund elections, does it? And there’s a kitty sitting there idle for such matters. Not somethingThe ‘Pie will be rocking furiously.

        • Hee Haw says:

          Couple of things which may make the reply out of order to other comments but… Councillors can stand for Mayor in a By Election without giving up their position as councillor and if they lose then simply return to the table as before.
          Secondly TCC would be paying for the costs of a By Election but not $millions as it would only be a By Election for Mayor not all 10/11 positions.

          Totally aside I expect the TT will have a sudden stress related medical episode requiring him to go on sick leave indefinitely and still getting paid, which will then lead to a claim of some sort on the council and by default the ratepayers.

        • Not on your Nelly Bay says:

          Magpie, the deal between the LGAQ and Queensland Government about 15 years ago was that the ECQ would run elections (no longer the Councils themselves who could be seen to be fudging numbers), on the proviso that they’d bill back the cost to each Council. Same goes with council by-elections.

          In short, we the ratepayers (luckily not the Mayor himself, who is NOT a ratepayer), will foot the bill for the Two Names disastrous experiment and the electoral fallout.

  9. On Two Wheels says:

    Great blog as usual.
    Just one point on running for office while in prison, the great Bobby Sands stood for parliament and won while locked in prison in Ireland. He actually got more votes than Thatcher.

    • The Magpie says:

      Yep, but that was England (Ulster).

      • Inspector Clouseau says:

        Pie, as you would be aware, Trump can still run for President despite what has happened. If he is imprisoned he can still run and/or occupy the office of President. That’s America! It is unlikely he will be imprisoned and will continue on his ‘merry way’!

        • The Magpie says:

          FFS, seriously, don’t you actually read the blog? There a whole paragraph on this very thing.

          But what you don’t know, and this makes the US laws a mockery of rationality, he become President again BUT as a convicted felon, he cannot vote and he cannot own a gun. How unAmerican is that.

    • Grumpy says:

      Pushbike – the “great” Bobby Sands??

  10. Kenny Kennett says:

    Russell, given you have so much praise for TwoNames (previous weekly blog), how about you and your accountant mates fund TwoNames defence? Or perhaps a bit of advice on how to get by on a thousand bucks a fortnight?

  11. Jenny says:

    I hear that Thompson was scheduled to attend the MIRRA meeting on Maggie Island yesterday but didn’t show. Cr Greaney and Minister Scott Stewart did though.

    • The Magpie says:

      Probably the smartest move he’s made of late.

      And c’mon, is that really you, Jen Jen? Thought you were on hols.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      How was the bong party over on Maggie, Jen? Knocked you out for a few days, hey!

  12. #NotaLaborsupporter says:

    Re : TT’s cancer claims

    Supposedly close members of TT know the cancer claims are bogus. Hardly a surprise there. Though the story goes that when concerned others in Tsv quizzed the family members at the time of TT’s admission to hospital for cancer treatment they responded in a quizzical yet matter of fact manner that TT was admitted for gastric banding or some similar procedure.

    • The Magpie says:

      Given this pic posted while he was out on yet another guzzlefest, gastric banding might be the answer. For all his faults, he certainly looks in good trim over the past few months, the pic might have been taken a while back and he was stupid enough to post it recently. However, speaking from experience, cancer could have the same effect.

  13. The real ziptied helmet says:

    It’s funny because I saw a post on Turd Thompson’s Facebook page, the total comments were around 150. Then I came and checked them a few hours later and the total comments were down to 90. Hahah, whoever is managing his Facebook page Must be working overtime to delete all the negative comments. They must be going through mice like Troy goes through excuses for being a lying shitwit.

    He knows the end is near, but he’s digging in as long as possible. He’ll end up having to be walked out of Walker Street because he won’t be going on his own.

    • The Magpie says:

      Look this has to be said and it most certainly isn’t some sort of defensive of Thompson. Why would anyone not delete abusive, scatalogical or simply disagreeable comments from one’s own social media site … being on social media is not supposed to be like walking around with a sign on your back saying ‘kick me’. Taking down disagreeable, untrue or just plain abusive comments – on anyone’s FB page – is logical and reasonable. But most certainly can be taken, in certain cases, be seen as clue to character if polite and reasonable criticism is removed … Yes Harpic, we’re looking at you, too. You don’t just make statements, you actively invite people to speak their mind, but you then judge any even mild criticism to be LNP-inspired.

      You’re as cracked as Thompson.

      • The real ziptied helmet says:

        Me as cracked as Thompson? You’re so contradictory sometimes. One minute your defending him next minute your calling him out. I’m pointing out the fact that he’s deleting legitimate posts that aren’t abusive and are in fact legitimate questions about his issues. You always have a go at me, wahh wahh, poor me.

        • The Magpie says:

          Here’s a fresh hanky.

          The comment was a general one (if you got to the end of it) and an observation The ‘Pie has wanted to make for a while.

          Jesus,mate, not just as cracked but as touchy, too.

        • I’ll be plucked says:

          Zippy, don’t take offense, just take it! The Pie does that to pretty much everyone who posts at some stage! Nothing personal, it’s just how Magpies behave, they just love to swoop and peck! :)

          • The Magpie says:

            That’s the job description, as every Aussie has always known.

          • The real ziptied helmet says:

            Yeah good point. I get it. It’s just all the concussions I’ve had over the years.

      • Echochamber says:

        Twonames has mentioned a few times that his Facebook page is monitored by “Administrators”, although not the ones he’s used to. I do wonder if these are ratepayer funded TCC staff and if so I’m not sure I’m ok with ratepayer funded staff censoring other ratepayers, and probably claiming overtime to boot given the current workload.

        Alternatively is it likely to be his missus, which then has me asking is it appropriate for a private citizen to have access to the official mayoral account and be able to publish comments, because there have been a few doozys of late. And if not him writing them can we add them to the list of fraudulent utterances.

        As an aside, beyond hocking watches that allow you to time travel do we know if his missus works for the council? I ask because a week or so ago he(?) posted photos of them manning the Council stall at the markets and she was wearing a polo shirt that was exactly the same as his but didn’t appear to have the Townsville City Council logo on it. So if she works for council she should get her uniform right, or if not don’t sit on that side of the table and wear a shirt that might give people the impression you work for the council.

        Although, it probably proves these two are made for each other. He associated with people in the SAS so thought that made him part of the SAS. She associates with him so thinks that makes her part of the Council.

  14. The real ziptied helmet says:

    By the way, another great article Magpie. You’ve got a bit of a talent for writing I might add You should start a website where you write articles each week about what’s happening in the city.

  15. Nostradamus says:

    I doubt that Twonames/Two faced liar will turn up for the TCC Council meeting on Wednesday. It will be far too much for his health/mental health to cope with.
    I predict he will voluntarily stand down, stay on the payroll for doing nothing and await the CCC outcome.
    The CCC, given the seriousness of this matter, need to be given the hurry up to prioritise the investigation.

    • The Magpie says:

      In a one Facebook reply (where a certain M Weatherup gets a mention but to another poster) TwoNames hints that he has plenty to say, which to me can only mean he’s going to try and discredit those of us … the Bulletin, ACA, the Nest et al – who have outed him. Seems there’s every chance this could end up in court for very unexpected reasons … like defamation.

      • wig says:

        The truth is not defamation

      • Fat Bastard says:

        But isn’t defamation only valid if it’s proven the statements against him are false? Which isn’t the case, they’re all true. What lawyer would honestly say he’s got a good case and chance of winning?

        • The Magpie says:

          You’ve got yourself all atangle there, Clive. The ‘Pie was referring to what he might say about those who have brought him down. Sounds like he’s ready tomistakenly think the councillors will give a shit why his past was exposed. He’s such a discombobulated prick, he’s likely to make a wild spray that is slanderous. And expensive, it could cost him a lot of watches.

          • Fat Bastard says:

            Ah yes I see what you mean. Agreed. Wow, so much more drama to come, stay tuned.

        • Grumpy says:

          FB – I can immediately think of a lawyer who would take him on, subject to an appropriate deposit “on account” Malcolm, can you guess to whom I refer?

      • Ducks Nuts says:

        The wild sprays and allegations he has made on his Facebook page against Batkovic, the Labor Party, ACA, the RSL etc are lining up nicely for a defamation case. He’s doing a lovely job of hanging himself.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Pie, I see on his FB page, he went to the circus today. Must be after some hints how to run the council.

  16. The real ziptied helmet says:

    Troy’s latest FB post a few minutes ago, https://www.facebook.com/61555765074895/posts/pfbid0WviV5ZoLbXPYrnC5smrzcbrFw7dPzhB55dXm7QR7Rsz2tp3YrTRUs1FPnXCbdfccl


    What a great day, with people on the Strand coming up to chat to me, and asking plenty of questions.

    With regards to the media driven content, I cannot comment on matters now with the CCC. I will say however, that not everything is as it’s been portrayed.

    A ratepayer asked me, with all the Australian and State Government new projects based on renewables, why should ratepayers pay? Isn’t it the State and Federal Governments who are pushing it, so as ratepayers we should not have to pay or suffer consequences. It should not be a Local Governments responsibility, nor at the cost of ratepayers.

    Another asked why Townsville City Council feel it needs to undertake big projects that then limit its ability to meet the local demands like maintenance.

    There was plenty of sentiment toward Team Jenny Hills poor administration, or lack of it, and the legacy it has on current council.

    These are the questions and concerns that I am receiving on a day to day basis. As a proud public servant it is my duty to work for the community and ratepayers. Whilst the media is attempting to distract your Mayor, it is not working, as it is about delivering outcomes and removing poor legacy issues.

    I want to hear from you. What are your genuine concerns about our city and what do you want to see achieved by your elected members?

    #haveyoursay #ourcommunity #townsville #questions #communityconsultation #concerns #thestrand #iwanttohearfromyou #ourcity #council

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      If he was genuinely interested or concerned about the Townsville community he would step down and fuck off. This media circus of his own creation is damaging to the city, and the council. The man has no humility and his behaviour is embarrassing. This paranoid delusion that it’s an ALP plot to remove him from office is getting tiresome. I’m not an ALP member and I’ll cheer when he’s gone.

    • Grumpy says:

      Seven posts over the weekend so far. Ruthless censorship of all critical comments – except those with aggressive responses from one of the faithful. Just a hint of the deluge to come before Wednesday.

    • Not standing for mayor says:

      This is probably news to the people who run the TCC Community Engagement and the “Have Your Say” website.

  17. Not on your Nelly Bay says:

    Very apt that Two Names decided to take the girlfriend to the Hudson’s Circus on Friday, after a torrid week for our war hero/footballing sensation/businessman extraordinaire mayor.

    The dimwit actually thought it was a good idea to put it on Facebook too. I’m starting to believe he’s had a litany of headknocks, it’s the only way to explain being so fucking dumb and tonedeaf: https://www.facebook.com/MayorTroyThompson/posts/pfbid0xrYEJJVxF4XJ2tnuzTarVLoSZTNMjkwwgGQWxYfoSxtWeeRkgxcEk7HmBo6xTP6Hl

    • The Magpie says:

      The Globe of Death a ‘personal favourite’? Full on empathy, one would think.

      • Not on your Nelly Bay says:

        Two Names probably fancies himself as a trapeze artist… up there, walking on a tightrope, everything in the balance…. personally, I think Two Names is a… uh… different type of artist.

    • Burnt Brows says:

      The Circus is his haven. Birnbrauer feels safe amongst fellow clowns.

    • J.B says:

      Obvious question -was he part of the show?

  18. Prince Rollmop says:

    As I said in the last blog, Thompson is severely demented. Politics at play? Mate, Troy, YOU played politics when you left your fellow Councillors in the dark as you made decisions off your own back (or at least tried to).

    YOU blindsided your fellow Councillors by lying about your work, personal, and business history, which was ultimately uncovered, and you embarrassed all of them. You have also disappointed those who voted for you and trusted you.

    YOU still refuse to accept that YOU are the one at fault here, that you have done wrong. You are deleting social media comments, putting out your own posts (and again not considering your fellow Councillors). What will it take for you to learn? Are you really that dense?

    The manly, decent, and moral thing to do is to resign immediately and allow your fellow Councillors and the community to heal and get on with things. Maybe some day you will personally learn from the mistakes of your past, but at the moment it doesn’t appear that way. Just go….

  19. Mad Jack says:

    Not being on Facebook I had a look at Mayor TN Facebook via the link in comments. Good grief, TN has his fans, but then, so does Trump.

    “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” And they vote :-(

  20. Not an advocate but…. says:

    Sooo… look, me knows these laws, and one can say they ain’t been contravened by Major Thompson in this instance… but his ol political adversaries would wish to high hell that it was this easy to get rid of their opponent… it’s not.

    Should ye ol’ Mayor SAS give it up? Yeah bloody oath…. Must he? Nope.

    Is it enough that he bullsh1tted himself through life? Nope… he needs to have been actually breaking the laws for him to be ousted…. He hasn’t.

    Who gives a shite if the councillors don’t want him…. That happened to Jenny Hill years ago when Team Last were in… so much backstabbing happened during that administration.

    Most of this city will vote Giggles out in October because he is a dickhead… does that mean he should resign now? Nope.

    This is a complete hit job by Labor and as much as uncle Troy is a total W⚓️… and bullshite artist, he is in and he will remain in unless he grows some morals and realises that he probably should resign.

    Especially as half of the people who voted for him thought they were voting for Phil Thompson or Troy Townsend…

    • Grumpy says:

      NaA – I really can not see how this can be a hit job by the ALP. You have fallen for Thompson’s scam. You can hardly suggest ACA or a Murdoch newspaper is going to do Labor’s bidding. I believe that the initial outrage came from the public, astounded that he won. The Bulletin, knowing that it missed the boat before the election, picked up on the sentiment and went feral. This was not helped by Thompson taunting and threatening the paper. In fact, the dickhead’s hubris and triumphalism post-election put people who matter right offside almost immediately. His swaggering disdain for election promises further deepened the hole he was digging. During all this further concerning information regarding a dodgy and dishonest past became very public. But you’re right – none of this is instantly fatal. Someone has already pointed out that his main danger comes from the banned donations issue.

      But, consider this, if he survives, he will have a completely hostile council to deal with. Jacobs will, in fact, be the real power. Thompson will be neutered and unable to direct policy or direction. At what stage will the council become so dysfunctional that the Minister will step in, sack the lot of them and appoint an administrator pending fresh elections? Self-interest shall ensure all of them will want to avoid this situation.

      My immediate social circle is, with very few exceptions, steadfastly centre-right. Every one of them detests this unlikable prick, is appalled by his behaviour and wants to see him gone.

      • Throbbing Hemorrhoid says:

        Grumpy, your detailed critique of Thompson is thought-provoking, but there are a few areas that warrant further consideration:

        Bias and Assumptions: Your strong language suggests a personal bias against Thompson, which could affect the objectivity of your analysis. Additionally, while your social circle’s views might be representative of a segment of the community, it may not reflect the entire electorate’s sentiment.

        Role of Media: While you argue that ACA and Murdoch outlets wouldn’t act on Labor’s behalf, media can have their own biases and motivations. The timing of the Bulletin’s intensified coverage might be influenced by various factors beyond just missing the initial story.

        Council Dynamics: Predicting a hostile council and Jacobs becoming the real power is speculative. While plausible, it’s based on assumptions about councillor behavior, which can be unpredictable.

        Legal and Ethical Considerations: You rightly highlight the banned donations issue, but it would be useful to clarify the legal ramifications. Also, while Thompson might not have broken laws that would oust him immediately, the broader issue of ethical governance and public trust remains significant.

        Political Strategy: Your point about the council’s self-interest in avoiding dysfunction assumes rational, long-term thinking. However, political dynamics can be unpredictable, and actors sometimes make short-term or emotionally driven decisions.

        Your insights are valuable, but it’s important to consider these nuances to fully understand the complex situation.

        • The Magpie says:

          And so your saying in reaching his conclusions, Grumpy was unaware of these matters to take into consideration, but didn’t think it necessary for a windbag lecture of the bloomin’ obvious. Tad insulting, bumptious and presumptuous, no>?

          Well, at least you’re a literate prancing pony.

          • ABS says:

            Throbbing Hemorrhoid is not literate at all. I put Grumpy’s post into AI and asked it to write a rebuttal and this is what it spat out. Sound familiar?

            This critique of the original post presents several valid points, but it also fails to acknowledge the nuanced arguments and evidence provided in the original analysis. Here’s a rebuttal addressing the key points:

            Personal Bias and Assumptions: The critique begins by accusing the author of falling for Thompson’s “scam” and implies a bias without addressing the substance of the analysis. However, the original post presents a detailed critique of Thompson’s actions and their potential consequences, backed by evidence and reasoned argumentation. Dismissing the analysis as mere bias overlooks the valid criticisms raised.

            Media Influence and Political Bias: While the critique questions the influence of media bias, it fails to acknowledge the complexities of media dynamics and their potential impact on public perception. The original post recognizes that media outlets may not directly serve the ALP’s interests but highlights the broader influence of media narratives on public opinion. Ignoring this aspect oversimplifies the relationship between media, politics, and public discourse.

            Council Dynamics and Speculative Predictions: The critique dismisses predictions about council dynamics as speculative assumptions. However, the original post carefully considers past patterns and power dynamics within the council to make informed assessments. While acknowledging the speculative nature of such predictions, the original analysis provides a reasoned evaluation of potential future scenarios based on available evidence.

            Legal and Ethical Considerations: The critique acknowledges the significance of the banned donations issue but fails to engage with the broader implications of ethical governance. The original post emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations beyond mere legality and explores the potential impact on public trust and governance. Ignoring these broader ethical concerns overlooks the full extent of the challenges facing Thompson’s leadership.

            Confirmation Bias and Social Circle Influence: The critique concludes by referencing the author’s social circle, suggesting unanimity in their disdain for Thompson. However, personal anecdotes should not override the evidence and reasoned analysis presented in the original post. While acknowledging the diversity of perspectives, the original analysis provides a comprehensive examination of Thompson’s governance and its implications.

            In conclusion, while the critique raises some valid points, it overlooks the depth and rigor of the original analysis. By engaging with the substance of the arguments and evidence presented, a more constructive dialogue can be fostered to better understand the complex situation surrounding Thompson’s leadership.

          • The Magpie says:

            The long way of saying ‘go fuck yourself’.

          • Throbbing Hemorrhoid says:

            You turds can’t prove anything. It was purely coincidental.

          • The Magpie says:


        • Grumpy says:

          pita- I shouldn’t, but I can’t help but respond to your rambling, self-indulgent and otiose post.

          In short:

          1. I despise the bastard. Of course I’m fucking biased;

          2. My friends also say they despise him. My point being, they are not ALP supporters;

          3. I think I made it clear that the Bulletin was bullied, taunted and provoked. Their bias and editorial dislike is unsurprising;

          4. My predictions regarding possible councillor actions are based on observations to date. As PK said, “Always back self interest”;

          5. Legal stuff – I spent a lifetime giving legal advice, so do your own research or sign a Costs Agreement. You can start your reading with a succinct post here some days ago;

          6. Go fuck yourself, you pious prick.

          • ABS says:

            Don’t exert yourself replying to TH, Grumpy, they’re using AI to generate comments. They’re nothing but a time waster.

          • The Magpie says:

            Indeed. Such sus comments will be published only if they meet the standards of MI .. Magpie Intelligence.

          • Damn tailings says:

            Stand by for the cookers AI response to this post, Grumpy

          • Throbbing Hemorrhoid says:

            You’re a bunch of nasty old bugger,s aren’t you. You are the self indulgent ones but you’re so ignorant you can’t see through you’re own hypocrisy.

          • The Magpie says:

            Well, that certainly wasn’t written by IA … certainly not a trace of ‘I’ in there.

          • Bullshit says:

            Hemorrhoid you got busted (no pun intended) fair and square take some responsibility for your actions. That might be out of favor with our mayor but not society at large.

          • Grumpy says:

            Bum Grape – *your

    • Not running for mayor says:

      Yay the cookers are back! We missed you guys, was there an emergency meeting over the weekend to develop new talking points?

  21. The real ziptied helmet1 says:

    This is the actual ziptied helmet btw – I did not write “Twonames has just announced his formal resignation. You beauty!” Some one is trolling me again.

    Turd Thompson saying he’s not going anywhere and is comparing himself to embattled Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate who Thompson claims has been unfairly hounded for 4 years. Sounds like Tate was investigated by the CCC for good reason. Thompson claims most CCC claims result in nothing happening and is completely down playing his situation.

    This is a reply he gave to a fb post

    fb post: https://www.facebook.com/MayorTroyThompson/posts/pfbid0WviV5ZoLbXPYrnC5smrzcbrFw7dPzhB55dXm7QR7Rsz2tp3YrTRUs1FPnXCbdfccl

    His comment response comparing himself to Gold Coast Mayor’s CCC thing: https://imgur.com/a/KG3VGKy

    • The Magpie says:

      Sorry, where is that comment about TwoNames resignation by a fake ziptied helmet? The ‘Pie can’t find it.

      • The real ziptied helmet1 says:

        FFS Malcolm, I can still see it, why can’t you, too much red wine?

        • The Magpie says:

          Mate, just asking, because the comment hadn’t and hasn’t been published … and won’t be. So how can you see it if it is not your comment.

        • The real ziptied helmet23 says:

          This is a fake comment yet again. This is the real zip tied here. I keep having to change my name slightly so he won’t see my unpublished comments.

          He can see my unpublished comments, in fact anyone can see unpublished comments from anyone, if they put the exact name of someone in the Name field of the comment section, then post a fake comment. That then sets the comment author cookie in their browser to the same Name and thus being able to see any unpublished comments for that username. Or if they’re tech savvy, they just edit the specific ‘comment author’ cookie in their web browser to match the username of another poster.

          I don’t know, maybe I should give up and let him keep trolling me. It’s too hard without your website being able to have users sign up with their emails which then assigns a unique id to them. Otherwise, your web developer could create a unique id that gets set inside another cookie which each computer gets, that way the other user won’t be able to copy it. I dunno.

          • The Magpie says:

            There is a web site build being designed which will take this matter into account, but it’s not exactly a hill to die on … no one knows who is who (including The ‘Pie) and while it would be nice to have your own thread with your own basic view, The ‘Pie has decided to use his limited time to just publish comments whose content is suitable for the subject.

            Sorry, The Nest does not have the money to start dicking around with fancy solutions.

          • The Magpie says:

            Thanks, have filed all that info, good to have on hand to pass on to a friend who will understand it … The Magpie hasn’t a clue. Didn’t bother publishing it, not much point, only of use to The ‘Pie.

            But appreciated.

          • Dis Troy says:

            Perhaps there is room for two helmets?

          • The Magpie says:

            Thanks for inviting a fuck-up, OED.You a MyPlace ratbag, by any chance?

  22. I’ll be plucked says:

    Hey Past TCC!

    Big Bird is an 8ft 2inch yellow bird who lives on Sesame St. Also is a male!

    Batkovic is not 8ft 2, isn’t yellow, lives over Annandale way and is not a bloke! You’ll have to come up with a better name for her old mate, this one don’t fly! :)

  23. Throbbing Hemorrhoid says:

    “Great Moments In History: When told he was too wounded to continue, Field Marshal Troy ‘The Black Knight’ Thompson famously said, ‘Tis but a flesh wound.’ Fast forward to today, and our mayor still refuses to step down. Apparently, his plan is to outlast the controversy by sheer force of delusion and denial. Who knew the real lesson from Monty Python was a political strategy?”

  24. Island Voice says:

    Seems council can’t find the money that was allocated in last year’s budget for a bog house block in Picnic Bay? Seems the new toilet block is in this year’s budget estimates? MA Greaney reckons she’s looking for where the money went. Does any of your readers have any ideas?
    Surely Council can’t just lose $500k???
    Maybe Jenny might know?

    • The Magpie says:

      Why not, they have before. $700k went missing out of the budget a couple of years ago. According to the Mullet she doing some sleight of hand between projects to prop up some bad projections or something like that (no,she wasn’t silly enough to try and pinch money, just manipulating funds to cover incompetence.)

    • Maggie Moggie says:

      The figure is probably closer to $800k for a new toilet block – but then who’s counting? Certainly not council!
      I was unable to attend the meeting on Saturday but have heard Cr. Greaney asked Scott Stewart for some money to fix the road over the hill to Picnic Bay. TCC has had 3 attempts of fixing the road – all botched jobs yet the contrator was paid for every attempt. Any wonder the money just keeps getting shuffled around.

      They can not blame Mr. Two Names for that, so the Moggs reckons all councillors that served under The Mullet, a vote of no confidence by the residents of our fair city be given to them.

      But on a lighter note it warmed the cockles of the Moggs heart to hear that MIRRA are opposed to the proposed new cat laws council wants to introduce. over here on the island.
      It makes sense why ban something that already has to be kept indoors?
      Denying residents their much loved companion pets.

      • The Magpie says:

        Two things arise from your meowing Moggie.

        or public information, who was the contractor, it is most certainly not C in C? If it’s who The ‘Pie suspects, will be red face time.

        And on the cat question, your point about cats being kept indoors is well taken, with the proviso that if they get out and kill some local wildlife, that they are euthanised at the cost of the owner. Sort of like the way parents of executed murderers in China are sent a bullet shell and a bill.

        • Maggie Moggie says:

          Word around the traps is the work carried out on the road over the hill to Picnic Bay is Commercial In Confidence. Why pay when the job wasn’t done properly let alone 3 times?

          As for us Moggie’s here on the island we are safe at home.
          Interesting to note we do not have Magpies over here on the island but the little Magpie- larks have been spotted. You should come over to the island Pie and bird watchers could note the sighting.

          • The Magpie says:

            ‘Word around the traps’ is the unhelpful ‘over the backyard fence’ type of rumour. The ‘Pie cannot see that a legally let tender for roadworks should be a secret from ratepayers.


          • Burnt Brows says:

            I don’t know if it’s as simple as this, but a google search leading to TCC website says BMD Constructions? https://www.townsville.qld.gov.au/about-council/news-and-publications/media-releases/2023/july/council-continuing-road-upgrades-on-magnetic-island

          • The Magpie says:

            OK, sounds likely but to be sure we’re not dissing an innocent company, any Maggie Magpie readers got any pix of whatever it was that was botched. Talk is cheap … unless it’s defamatory, then it’s expensive.

          • Maggie Moggie says:

            Found this media release
            investigating road pavement between Nelly Bay and Picnic Bay

            Council investigating road pavement between Nelly Bay and Picnic Bay
            Date published: 8 February 2023

            Townsville City Council is continuing to examine solutions to the deterioration of sections of the road connecting Nelly Bay and Picnic Bay on Magnetic Island.

            Starting on 13 February 2023 and scheduled to take four weeks to complete (weather permitting), the assessment of the road pavement will include a geotechnical investigation, laboratory testing, assessment and engineering recommendations.

            Mayor Jenny Hill said that the deterioration of the road pavement on sections of Nelly Bay Road and Birt Street is a longstanding issue, with Council working to find the causes and a solution.

            “Council is using the expertise of contractors and its own technical team to resolve the issues with the pavement,” Cr Hill said.

            “The examination of the road pavement at 10 different locations will include the surfacing, base material and sub-grade, so our team will investigate all layers to find the root causes.”

            Chairperson of Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee Cr Kurt Rehbein said work has been done previously to find a solution, but the work starting on 13 February 2023 will examine underground issues and not just the surface.

            “During previous assessments of the road’s condition, Council engineers examined possible geotechnical issues that may be causing the road’s deterioration, but no obvious signs of slope failures or ground movement were observed,” Cr Rehbein said.

            “We’re determined to find a solution to the pavement deterioration problem, so we’ll increase the number of testing sites along the road if necessary.”

            The road between Nelly Bay and Picnic Bay is a vital transport link on Magnetic Island, therefore the Council has made further examination a priority.

            “It’s a major thoroughfare for island residents and tourists, so a single-lane partial closure will be implemented to avoid undue disruption,” Cr Rehbein said.

            “The problems with the road connecting Nelly Bay and Picnic Bay have caused frustration for people who rely on this route.

            “We appreciate the understanding of residents and tourists as we undertake further examination of the road pavement.”

            To ensure safety for road users and pedestrians during the partial road closure, a traffic management plan and controls will be in place.

            For any enquiries about the partial road closure, residents can call Council on 13 48 10 during business hours or contact us online.

          • Jenny says:

            Burnt Brows, can’t you read? Your link to a TCC announcement about various roadworks on Maggie Island (in Arcadia and Horseshoe Bay FFS) is not relevant to the Nelly/Picnic Bay hill boardwalk/stormwater pipe/ road surface fiasco. Completely separate issue. BMD had nothing to do with it.

          • Jatzcrackers says:

            Maggie Moggie, my Dad loved cats ! He had 17 buried in our veggie patch !

        • Maggie Moggie says:

          Not sure if you publish this but after some investigation found this:

          The standard of island roads have always left a lot to be desired but it looks like the problems with road began in 2021 around about the time these works were done:

          Townsville City Council has received funding under the Queensland Government’s Transport and Tourism Connections Program to undertake transport infrastructure projects on Magnetic Island. These works aim to support and connect Queensland’s tourism industry.

          As part of this funding allocation, Council plans to complete the remaining linkages needed to connect the existing Nelly Bay walkway to the existing Butler Street walking track in Picnic Bay.

          This project will improve the safety of all road users by separating vehicles and pedestrians or cyclists in accordance with current Australian Standards.

          Key messages for the Nelly Bay Pedestrian Link construction:

          Council has awarded the Nelly Bay Pedestrian Link contract to CES Civil. Works will commence on Monday 18 October 2021 and are expected to be complete by the end of December 2021, weather permitting.

          A section of Nelly Bay Road will temporarily be restricted to one-lane traffic throughout the works as illustrated in the accompanying traffic management scheme.

          Mobile traffic signals and traffic controllers will be onsite during work hours. Work hours are 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, and 6am to 2pm on Saturday.

          Car parking at the lookout point above the Base Backpackers to the apex of Nelly Bay Road and the walking track to Rocky Bay from Nelly Bay Road will be closed throughout the works.

          The walking track from Butler Street to Nelly Bay Road will also be closed throughout the works.

          Pedestrians will not be permitted to travel within the works site during work hours.

          Then in May 2022:
          Townsville City Council plans to undertake follow-up maintenance works on the recently completed Nelly Bay Pedestrian Link.

          As part of these works, Council intends to:

          provide further erosion control measures to address scouring at the apex of the hill and bush track steps
          lower the project information sign to minimise glare to oncoming traffic
          replace the mesh wire along the pathway’s handrail where required.

          A local contractor, CES Civil, will deliver these works on behalf of Council.

          Council has scheduled these maintenance works to commence on Tuesday, 3 May 2022, and expects, weather permitting, the project to take six (6) days to complete. Work hours will be 6 am to 5 pm.

          As illustrated in the traffic management plan, during these works, traffic flow along a section of Nelly Bay Road will temporarily become one-way and guided by portable traffic lights.

          The bush track from Picnic Bay and the linking pathway will be closed during the day whilst works are undertaken.

          Council will continue to update residents as these works progress.

  25. Doug K says:

    Thanks Pie for the heads-up on councilors not having to resign to run for mayor.
    That being the case I reckon a few will give it a crack. What have they got to lose apart from suffering a dented ego.
    Jacob will run because he’s a wannabe bigwig. Suzy might also throw her hat in the ring. The fact that she, and not Jacob, fronted the media with the call for Thompson to resign suggests that, without the mayor involved, she has the backing of a majority of councilors.
    And then you’ve got Ann-Maree “Gushing/Food Trucks” Greaney.
    She’s already an overachiever who thinks she’s destined for bigger things, although her failed tilt to become Deputy Mayor must surely have poured some cold water on her grandiose ambitions.
    Strewth, we could end up with a Melbourne Cup field.

  26. Mike Douglas says:

    Based on a comment that Councillors can run for Mayor and if they lose still revert back to being Councillors . Surely the Councillors wouldn’t be paid during Mayoral campaign ? . interesting to see how many current Councillors run for the top job . Case against current Mayor re developer donations . Back in 2018 Team Hill were caught not declaring $22,000 in donations from Wingate and other developers .

    • The Magpie says:

      And received a Labor-approved slap on the wrist, if memory serves.

      • Prickster says:

        So Twonames is likely to survive then.

        $20k for developer donations, $7k for breaching section 182 of the LGEA for misleading material during an election, all of which his supporters will raise via gofundme.

        He certainly isn’t going to bow to pressure, and any action from the State Government is unlikely in the year of an election.

        • The Magpie says:

          Au contraire, mon frere, in fact, definitely the opposite. If Labor doesn’t want to lose by a bigger margin in all three seats, it will do nothing about this shyster. And remember, the WHOLE state is looking at this so the effect of doing nothing will have consequences well beyond Giru.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            Also, Labor implemented the anti corruption legislation in Queensland and the new Local Government Legislation so it’s in their best interests to apply it.

          • Prickster says:

            I’ve seen plenty of things in this town I thought were a lay down mesire only to be blindsided. So, reminding myself of a few of these things I’m going to run with the complete opposite of what I’m thinking & say – Twonames will be cleared – sighting this is all hyperventilated politically motivated conjecture is built on some isolated gotcha moments in a fastpaced election campaign. Where his very small team of true believers were taking on powerful entrench political forces where little guys are trod on by politically linked businesses, and backroom deals. He’ll say sorry (cop a small fine, do some training) but he’s the one only in recent history to walk the streets to take in the crime problem in the city.

            Happy to be proven very wrong.

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie will endorse that if the ratepayers can nominate the route of some of his midnight crime fighting walks.

          • Jenny says:

            Magpie and Ducky, surely the Labor Party can’t orchestrate the outcome of an independent CCC investigation? Can we be that cynical?

          • The Magpie says:

            In Queensland, sure can.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            Jenny, in Qld, history tells us, that whichever party is in power, can orchestrate whatever outcome they would like. Qld is very good at that.

            However, with Labor very keen to look like they are enforcing legislation they enacted and be tough on crime, and Thompstain slagging off at anyone and everyone but particularly the ALP, Thompstain is more likely to get evicted. And at this rate, it’ll be by the police.

          • The Magpie says:

            Police? It would be far more appropriate if it was a squad from the SAS.

            The danger with that is Thompson would almost certainly get a nasty bump on the head getting into the car.

          • Jenny says:

            Magpie, I guess Gordon Nuttall and Paul Pisasale are exceptions to the rule? I think we sometimes have unreal expectations about what corruption inquiries can do.

          • The Magpie says:

            Both suited the image of tough on wrongdoers. Both deserved it but so do [plenty of others.

  27. The Magpie says:

    Humpty Dumpty Thompson is falling in mid-air right now, but he doesn’t know it.

    It looks like Troy Thompson obstinate refusal to stand down in the face of overwhelming evidence of deceit and dishonesty is based on a too-clever-by-half barracks room lawyer belief. Probably advised by a couple of MyPlace cookers as media gurus (Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, maybe?) Thompson is smug about remaining in the top job because he thinks all the investigations into his lies happened only when he was a campaigning candidate, and therefore beyond the scope of the Office of the Independent assessor (OIA) and must be handled as a CCC corruption matter by a lengthy (and for Thompson lucrative) investigation – lucrative because he would remain on full pay, getting a thousand dollars a day for the duration.

    Seems that claim is about to hit Humpty’s ground zero.

    Fresh allegations have been made in further official complaints to the OIA … who it seems can act in a swifter manner than the CCC … offering incontrovertible proof that Thompson continued lying about his background, particularly his military service while in office after he became mayor.

    The ‘Pie has seen and read the highly detailed timeline of the complaint and the links, audio and quotes confirming of the continued lying to the ABC and the Bulletin after he was sworn in.

    This then puts the OIA and Thompson firmly on centre court for a face-off with no delaying referral necessary if the IOA agrees with the complaint. Which would likely result in swift removal from office. Well, swift-ish … the IOA is still a bureaucracy, but with a shorter line of sight to targets than the CCC.

    These fresh complaints have now been lodged.

  28. Bar Fly says:

    I heard that the people of Magnetic Island appear to like the Mayor. The rate payers association had another meeting with him on the weekend.
    Very strange. Must be desperate!

  29. Longtime Lurker says:

    Pie just a thought… it’s obvious now that Townsville is headed for a new by-election for Mayor once the current incumbent departs the scene (a number of possible ways this could manifest but inevitable just the same). What hasn’t been canvassed so far is that given a number of our sitting councillors are likely to stand, if one of them gets up, there will have to be another by-election (some weeks after the first) to fill that vacancy. More cost, more delay, more confusion and more negative, national publicity for Townsville. All because this charlatan wasn’t unmasked (outside this forum) prior to the election. A very poor reflection on Townsville’s media. They say voters deserve tbe leaders they elect and most of the time I agree, but in this case a large portion of the blame rests squarely on the amateur, myopic, lackadaisical approach of our local champions of the press. Every editor be they print, TV or otherwise should hang their heads in shame. TT almost got away with it, but was only allowed to get this far had tbe only because the fourth estate activley abdicated and shirked their responsibility.

    • I agree says:

      Yes, where was the Bulletin before the election? Sounds like a joke over there. It was noted they had received adequate documentation about Troy but chose not to write about it.

      Also, despite Troy being called out and hounded for lying and having a dodgy past, why doesn’t this extend to other politicians who lie all the time?? Pretty hypocritical. Why did the councillers not speak up when Jenny messed up. How can this not be a Labor hit job. THey seem to be protecting their own but pouncing on this opportunity to go after troy.

      I’m not defending troy, he needs to go, but merely pointing out the hypocrisy in politics.

      • Ducks Nuts says:

        Let’s just focus on the corrupt, clearly incompetent and proven liar we have as Mayor. He needs to go.

        Then we can focus on electing someone with integrity.

        And we can only hope, that voters learn to do their due diligence prior to casting votes. We can’t keep blaming newspapers for our own apathetic approach to politics whilst we the voters, continue to elect shit humans like this.

        • The Magpie says:

          Yes. It seems someone has loosened a few bolts on the railway track down which the Bulletin train is hurtling.

          First, online, editor Gas Carvey gets herself all alather with this …

          … and then this …

          … and culminating in this …

          This is a question everyone is asking, fair enough, but the story is a disgraceful and immature mish-mash of fact, fiction and anonymous speculation, and goes absolutely nowhere. That sort of licence belongs only in avian blogs on social media. It certainly has no place on the front page beyond selling newspapers … punters have to buy it before they find they have yet again been sold a pup.

          Analytically, it is gossipy populism masquerading as a deep dive into community angst. And for all it’s self-important waffle about business insiders, there is not one single quote or name to verify this fairytale … as the story itself says, ‘..no one will go on record …’ Attribution is one of the crucial elements to news reporting. Besides, anything claiming to be a serious news report would NEVER begins with ‘The word on the street is …’ Column opinion piece-fine, editorial-maybe, but a news story-NEVER. And the phrase ‘it is understood’ should always be handled with great care.

          And the same unprofessional and truly pointless drivel goes on. Maybe we don’t hear from ‘insider businessmen’ (whatever they are) but The ‘Pie is perhaps being a bit harsh, because we DO hear from Leslie of Mundingburra, Sharon from Kirwan, Mikaylah also of Kirwan, Liam from South Townsville and Phil from belgian gardens. All but one wants him gone, Phil says …he just needs some time to prove himself’.

          WHAT? Troy Thompson has already proved himself … and that is precisely why he has to go.

      • White Mouse says:

        “Where was the Bulletin before the election” you ask. Well they were busy prostrating themselves before The Mullet.
        Fran O’C would have been seen as a serious contender for the Possum Robes and had she continued with her campaign, the media might have paid more attention to the mood of the electorate (and published whatever dirt was fed to them by TCC insiders).

  30. Toy Thompstain says:

    I noticed on Thompson’s Farcebook page that his daily duties commenced at 5:30am this morning instead of 5:00am. A sleep in this morning?

  31. Kenny Kennett says:

    Question: if by some chance there is a by-election for Mayor, will TwoNames be able to contest it again? With a possible 3 or 4 Councillors contesting and possibly splitting the left vote, perhaps TwoNames faithfuls still have enough votes to get Troy boy back across the line (cue X-files music). He just needs to tell the truth this time.

    • The Magpie says:

      Guessing only, but depending on how the give him the heave ho, it wouldprobably come with sanctions about running fo any office again.

      But an interestingvstatistic would be to see how many would vote fo him again after all this. Maybe 3%.

  32. Lab Rat says:

    The late great Movie Producer Samuel Goldwyn had a saying. “It’s a lot easier climbing up a greasy pole than staying there.”
    And so it will prove with Twonames tomorrow.

    • The Magpie says:

      There is a next phase in this saga that should now start to come into focus, and there is enough evidence already to dispel arguments that this is a wild conspiracy theory …. the role of Thompson’s main fluffers MyPlace.

      One can only hope that editor Cas Garvey has closely noted this part of a letter to the ed today and will that she will bring her new found zeal to investigative journalism to bear on this facet of the Thompson disaster.

      Already well outed in the Guardian and to a lesser degree elsewhere, MyPlace is openly concentrating on local government elections, and in a matter The ‘Pie has not had time to investigate yet, is said to have influence within the current Bundaberg council, as well as various elected individuals in Victoria. In fact, there are a couple of newbies on the TCC that should be examined a bit more closely.

      The Magpie reckons this moist little mob of wild-eyed heavy breathers is in for a bloody big shock soon.

  33. I’ll be plucked says:

    First signs the oxygen thief Twonames/Two Bit is folding/realising the game is up. See his post this morning, once again blaming everyone else but himself, for his lies and fabrications.

    He got one thing right in the post, his mental health and the health of his family members would be under great strain over this!

    SOLUTION is obvious: STAND DOWN AND LET THE INVESTIGATIONS RUN THEIR COURSE for your sake and the sake of our beloved community!

    • The Magpie says:

      Well observed,Plucker. And here is the disjointed,panicked drivel of which you speak, a complete dismissal of any reality and any responsibility. (Unfortunately, The ‘Pie has not found a format to post the actual video, but maybe that’s a good thing. It is more interesting to parse this in terms of the Trumpian tactic of deny reality, make up your own morals and mythology, and try to convince people that the bright morning sun is actually the moon.)

      • Ducks Nuts says:

        Hahaha and Kristian Price has liked Thomstains full length “let’s show the truth and dig myself a deeper hole” interview. Thanks to Heather Blythe, for pointing that out. I’m sure the other councillors will appreciate you showing your colours.

      • Bullshit says:

        FFS everything he admitted is enough reason for the councillors to lose confidence in him and for the community to ask him to resign. We don’t need to wait for the outcome of any other process.

      • Grumpy says:

        Christ. And he called the Councillors’ letter “poorly written”? This is obviously an attempt by the Child Bride to show how clever she is.

  34. Kenny Kennett says:

    Latest Mayoral crap on TwoNames FB along with an 38 min audio recording of his ACA interview. A lot more of an unexplained talkfest like when he was asked about his cancer. Ducked around what cancer it was, said the doctor told him to get his affairs in order, no mention of chemotherapy or cancer type. I call bullshit. How do we know he tells lies? He opens his mouth.
    The other part of his vernacular is his ‘we’ pronoun all the time. Is he referring to him and his lady friend or perhaps the My Place comrades? When he uses it, it’s more than just going to a circus or out to lunch; it’s like his lady is his deputy Mayor and they are making big (TCC) decisions between them.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      For any non mentally impaired person watching that interview, all it’s done is dig Thompstains hole deeper. Townsville has excellent cancer treatment facilities. Even for fat bastards. However for elective stomach and oesophageal surgery, aka gastric banding he may have needed to travel to Brisbane.

      Also,he blatantly lied yet again, about not going near his LinkedIn page for ages. It had been updated during the electoral campaign to say “Troy Thompson for Mayor” something he only began in 2024.


    • Grumpy says:

      Kenny, I forced myself to listen to it. Damned if I can see how any of it contradicts the actual broadcast or vindicates him in any way. I think he is relying on the fact that his supporters don’t have the attention span to concentrate that long.

      • Ziptied helmet says:

        Grumps, that full release interview makes the clown look even worse!

        Some of the stuff he says, I mean, I swear he’s taking the piss. He’s got to be seriously trolling everyone in the town.

        I swear to god, there is no way a fit and proper person would be this stupid, this oblivious to think that, how he’s carried on, so far would convince anyone with a shred of sanity that he’s in the right and everyone is against him for no good reason.

        • The Magpie says:

          You only just realising all this?

          • Ziptied Helmet says:

            Well, no, but I had to give it time to be sure. However, you are privvy to a lot more information that your general readers are. People send you things that don’t, and can’t, be published sometimes. So it’ would have been easier for you to know for sure that Troy was a shyster a long time ago. It makes me wonder if your blog wasn’t around, would this situation have blown up as much? I think you have a pretty decent influence on things

          • The Magpie says:

            I don’t.

  35. The Spade says:

    Let’s call a spade a spade! Twonames, you are a self-incriminated, two faced, lying c..t! Step aside and let the community move on from your con.

  36. Kenny Kennett says:

    The city needs a leader with smarts. Somebody who knows business and a proven track record understanding how to go about it. I know of a guy who reads the Magpie and probably makes more than what the Mayor position offers, but loves the region and making the tough decisions. So how about it Micheal Kopitke, would you be interested?

    • Mayor Pick Me says:

      Pick Me is ready to stand and deliver, Ken!

      • The Magpie says:

        But at the moment our X marking the spot would be for Mr/Ms/Mrs/They/Them/a Cat, because we don’t know who you are.

        don’t be a tease, The ‘Pie will vote for you, honest injun.

  37. Lab Rat says:

    Now the Fkwit is calling for the whole council to begone and he will dissolve it. This guy is next level stupid.

    • The Magpie says:

      Following that rant, The Magpie is now seriously weighing up whether to ban further conversation or commentary here about Thompson … the man really is quite ill and is so mentally unstable, it would be difficult to bear knowing one had a hand in him visiting the cutlery drawer.

      Nah, bugger it, The ‘Pie could bear it, if the alternative is not to stand up for our city.

      Carry on, Nesters.

  38. Mayor Pick Me says:

    I will run for Mayor in the by-election. You should elect Pick Me because:

    I have no skeletons ( only mine which is clean)

    I have no DV history (but I did yell at my mom a few times when growing up)

    I have not served in the military (I thought about it, but then, nah)

    I have never had a real job (but neither have many wanna be pollies)

    I read newspapers and watch media (but I make my own mind up about what I believe)

    I’ve never had concussion (and therefore would not use that as an excuse if I was caught out)

    I have told porkies, (but they were only little ones)

    I have no business experience (but I do go shopping every week and know how to budget)


  39. Echochamber says:

    And according to his latest Facebook page his favourite treat is fudge. Which should come as a surprise to absolutely no one as he he’s been fudging the truth for years.

    No need to get up, I’ll see myself out.

  40. Bill says:

    The claim that the Mayor alone can dissolve the council is pure fantasy.

    Only the Minister for LG can do that.

    • The Magpie says:

      And here’s something well worth viewing.


      The ‘Pie was pleasantly surprised with the articulate, even-tempered, excellently analysed request for Thompson to go – seriously, it is the politest and well argued ‘fuck off’ you’ll ever hear. But the old bird, who was in blissful ignorant of this blokes oratory gifts, was flabbergasted that it came from Clr Brady Ellis.

      Very ‘light under a bushel’ stuff, and The ‘Pie is now wondering was this his job application for the soon to vacated mayor’s office. Not the worst application, that’s for sure.

      • Bill says:

        What a good decent man.

      • Prince Rollmop says:

        Absolute gold Brady! This shit show has a way to go yet. Well done Twonames, you’ve certainly put Townsville on the map. What a clusterfuck. Untold damage being done.

        More beer, popcorn, and a comfy armchair please. Tomorrow will be a hoot!

        • The Magpie says:

          Do they do a pat down weapons search in the council,like they do across the road at the courts? Just askin’.

      • Inspector Clouseau says:

        Interesting that Batkovic and now Brady have led the councillors charge. No sign of Food Trucks Greaney or Old Fella Jacob, AS YET, on the front foot…….. :)

      • The Magpie says:

        And by the way, Kenny, The ‘Pie checked with Michael K, who flatly said he has absolutely zero interest in local government and definitely won’t be running.

        just quietly, if he’d run, The ‘Pie would’ve voted for him and so would plenty of others.

        • Why Not says:

          This is the problem, good people like Michael who aren’t running for local government. We need people like that running our city but they have no interest, so we’re all left with the dregs.

          • The Magpie says:

            Bit unfair, as The ‘Pie understands it, MK has been been active in the Chamber of Commerce and many business seminars, events and projects.

      • Bullshit says:

        I notice he updated the livery on his truck in a recent Facebook post.

    • The Magpie says:

      The only thing dissolving around here is TwoNames remaining brain cells. It’s a truly isiotic suggestion which just on its own, displays all the reasons why this total fuckwit is unfit for office.

  41. Prince Rollmop says:

    Twonames is up to his old tricks of posting food pictures to Faecesbook again This time it’s photos of him at Fudgeville. Well Troy, don’t eat too much or you will put all that weight back on. And speaking of fudge, you’ve certainly fudged all of your work history and education records so it’s ironic that you have become a walking billboard for all things fudge.

  42. Not on your Nelly Bay says:

    Another doozy of a post from our very stable genius Mayor, attending the opening of a new fudge shop. If there’s an opportunity for him to stuff his face with sweet treats, our chunky hunk in chief is there!

    Considering how Two Names has been fudging his military career, business acumen and academic record, I feel sorry for these fine business owners having their shop besmirched by the ringmaster of the Walker St circus:


  43. The Magpie says:

    Don’t know if you lot are a fan, but this bloke is one of the best satirists around … the work that goes into each and every one of his productions is a thing to behold, and the singing jokes are gold standard.


    • Dazza says:

      Thanks for the Randy Rainbow post, usually come up in my feeds but have been travelling and internet connections not great.

      Missed all the mayoral news until saw his face late last week on a Courier Mail and catching up here.

      But when asked where from I said North Ward and not Townsville. When my mates asked about it I said I voted for Harry Patel to get his deposit back.

      Wisest vote I have done in awhile.

  44. J jones says:

    Uh oh no daily diary from Two Names Trump today

    • The Magpie says:

      5.30 Michelle Says time to get up

      6.00 Michelle c’mon got your coco Pops waiting

      6.30 Michelle says to stop burrowing under blankies

      &.30 Get up after Michelle threatens me with garden hose.

      9.00 ariive at Walke street

      9.30 Council meeting starts – surprised that the council has not been dissolved.

      10.30 What happened in the last hour is all in the past, I don’t want to talk about it, just want to look ahead

      11.00 CEO says he wants to see me, there a call from Brisbane he says I have to take

      Rest of the day free.

      • Grumpy says:


      • Alfred E Neuman says:

        Monday morning, early.

        “Get out of bed Willie, you have got to go to school”

        “No, the kids all hate me”

        “No they don’t, get out of bed Willie, you have got to go to school ”

        “No, the teachers all hate me”

        “No they don’t, get out of bed Willie, you have got to go to school ”

        “No, everybody hates me”

        “No they don’t, get out of bed Willie, you have got to go to school, your the School Principal remember “.

  45. Sad Face says:

    I’m kind of sad because Troy won’t be around for much longer which means all of the drama will die down. Then what will we do? It’s going to be boring :-(

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      No it won’t mental one! We’ll have Old Man Emu (Jacob) to get stuck into, as well as Food Trucks Greaney and that Ribena bloke, Baby Moon and a host of others! Things are just warming up! :)

      • Smiley Face says:

        Well that does turn my frown upside down :) ! Definitely look forward to it. I might even have to sling a donation your way for your efforts.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      It won’t be boring. Councillors will be jockeying for the Mayor position and a new permanent CEO is to yet be appointed. Then you have all the skeletons that might be unveiled within TCC with the departure of Bligh and other managers. I reckon, unfortunately, this story has a mile to run yet.

  46. Mad Jack says:

    That puff piece in today’s copy of the Astonisher surveying locals on their opinions of Mayor (but not for long) Thompson had all the credibility of the Romper Room Magic Mirror.

    If your memory does not go back 60+ years, watch the link for the magic mirror, a similar process used by Astonisher stenographors for interviewing, from their comfortable office, mythical people, in the far flung outer suburbs.


  47. Pat Coleman says:

    Collins Class sub waste, French Phantom sub waste, The Naval ships that didn’t fit together bungle, the army landing craft bungle, the Taipan and Tiger chopper failures, the illegal Iraq war and subsequent need to bomb Syria money , the 20 year Afghanistan restoration of the Taliban money Leppington triangle money, water Rort money, PWC Rort money, all the other tender Rort money…….I think I found the GBRMPA funding , plus a couple of hundred billion more. My teeth hurt.

  48. #NotaLaborsupporter says:

    When is an ordinary meeting of Council an extraordinary one? Tune in to the live stream at 9:30am to find out.

    If what’s likely to be narrowly beaten in demand or ratings by tonight’s State of Origin let’s hope the TCC IT crew have sufficiently increased the resources required to ensure those interested can watch this morning’s live stream.

    Let’s also hope our city can soon put this sordid mess behind us whilst doing so with good governance upheld by well balanced leaders.

  49. Hee Haw says:

    Is it just a coincidence that the live stream of today’s meeting doesnt seem to be working? At least not for me

    • The Magpie says:

      That and the other similar complaints, including The ‘Pie, is well worth a conspiracy theory.

      • Jeff, Condon says:

        ABC also had the 504 error.

      • Jeff, Condon says:

        Perhaps now that the dust and the dried bulĺshit flakes are coming to settle on the earth in the yard, it is time for the ‘Pie to slide off the yard’s top rail and mosey over to reveal the information he said he was unable to disclose prior the election.

        • The Magpie says:

          That’s all in the past, it is a private matter and no one’s business, I have moved on, and only wants to look to the future, and a transparent, honest and financially sound Nest. I will not be taking any further questions on this matter, beyond coaching readers around to my way of doing things.

          And you and the Townsville Bulletin can kiss my black and white cloaca.

          Psst … wanna buy a magic watch?

  50. Parky says:

    I jumped on line early at 9:15am. Couldn’t gain access and a message of 504- Gateway Time-out kept being displayed. Nothing that TCC does, works.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      …including most middle and upper management

    • Ziptied helmet says:

      The web server hosting the live stream was most likely overloaded with traffic due to the increased interest in the meeting. A 504 server response is a common web server response code for timeouts. It couldn’t process all the requests in time.

  51. The Magpie says:

    Hey, anyone out there managed to get a council meeting live stream?

    The ‘Pie keeps getting 504 gateway error. Has it been blocked, has it crashed (by overwhelming popularity this morning, or just a problem linked to The Nest’s website platform (WordPress)?

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      The Gateway is suffering from concussion and can’t be accessed! :)

      • The Magpie says:

        100+ hits and it can’t remember to link us in. Something poetical about a TCC failure like this and on this particular day. Accident or not?

  52. Grumpy says:

    He squibbed. Fucking coward!

    • Nostradamus says:

      As predicted Pie, the chicken shit has not turned up to the meeting. TB running the story.

      • Jenny says:

        “Tory Thompson”. Labor plot?

      • Prickster says:

        Freudian slip by the Astonisher – “Tory” Thompson.

        This will play well for the conspiracy theorist who believe the ALP is behind these shenanigans.

        • The Magpie says:

          Yeah, but The ‘Pie is in no position to sling mud on that, he himself is fat fingered when in a hurry. Still …

      • The Magpie says:

        HE’S GONE.

        Council moved no confidence motion in absentia, passed and Thompson effectively dismissed by council, CEO to advise him of same. OBVIOUSLY THE PAPER WORK ONLY JUST STARTING, BUT HE CAN’T SURELY COME BACK FROM THIS.But then, it is Queensland..

        However, The Magpie is deadly serious when he now says that those in Thompson’s immediate circle should stay physically with him constantly, it is possible he may take extreme measures, his ravings of the past few days are clear danger signals.

        • Not standing for Mayor says:

          Fair point. In all of this it is easy to forget that he is a deeply disturbed person who is worthy of our sympathy and needs support and treatment.

          • The Magpie says:

            Fuck sympathy, he is a con man and fraud who tried to game us big time. But there is no death penalty in Australia for anything (except most marriages) so The ‘Pie just does not wish him any harm. But that is totally a matter for him and his ‘friends’.

        • Tropical Cyclone says:

          for once I agree with you. This is not a sport and could go very pear shape very quickly, for all involved and for many public comments. Im surprised at the lack of consideration given to some people’s comments. Unfortunately, I have seen something like this before and it did not end well. I can’t believe some of the comments are coming from adults.

          • The Magpie says:

            Perhaps, but as Thompson would claim to know, the military’s view would be ‘self-inflicted wounds’.

          • Tropical Cyclone says:

            He would and it was. The bloke told bullshit at a job interview. Unfortunately for him, it was a public interview. He got sprung, he has to go and it will be done. But that’s the only price he needs to pay. Just my opinion. i would hate to see something happen and the city then look nasty and callous. It’s right he goes and right the minister steps in it’s good we now have most of the information. I have never participated in a feeding frenzy. I’ve gone at individuals but not as part of a pack.

          • The Magpie says:

            Sorry,mate, you can’t hold exclusive rights to ‘go at individuals’, and if others are of the same critical opinion, whether you like it or not, you are then part of ‘pack’.

            You’re being a bit precious, Trops. When someone puts themselves into public life, they can expect some forthright character readings, but when you are in that spotlight caught trying to cheat ratepayers and an ailing city, you get whatever you deserve.

            Other decisions are then up to the individual and a circle of friends and partners.

            It is the greatest fallacy of ignorant modern culture that everything has to be someone else’s fault. The ‘Pie for one will not be having any guilt trip associated with this matter.

          • Prickster says:

            Talking responsibility – How about Steven Miles just step up as Premier and make a decision to boot TwoNames out, rather than trying to gaslight TwoNames out of office.

          • The Magpie says:

            Tell you what, if they just leave Townsville twisting in the wind, and won’t have the decency to allow this city to start clawing back its place in the sun, that is simply a PS to their death warrant around here next October.

            The point now is, why are we required to wait for the CCC outcome, the unanimous council have booted him, and that alone, even without all the other stuff, would be sufficient to dismiss him. Then we could leave to ponders whether there will be any criminal sanactions made against.

            Seriously, does ANYONE seriously think that somehow he can return and work with 10 councilors who so comprehensively arseold him?

            Even he must know that, and his tactic is to see if there is a chink in the armour of the law that will get him a fat paycheck off the public purse.

          • Not standing for mayor says:

            There was a suggestion that the LG OIA could take action because TwoDogs also made the same lies AFTER he was elected and became Mayor. That is lying as a Council official, not as a candidate.

          • Marmaduke says:

            This is a great plan that could never be abused: just have the rest of the councillors vote individuals out and keep voting out their replacements until they find one they prefer. They should have tried this with Fran O’Callaghan.

          • Bit late now says:

            The CEO can’t dismiss the mayor or any councillor., he/she has no power to do so. The premier has spilled the beans on what state government can’t do as well. A vote of no confidence is just a grandstand and holds nothing in the form of any punishment. If all of what you are all saying was possible then Jenny hill would have been tossed out by Townsville first or ray Burton when they had control of the chamber. The ccc won’t find anything illegal because if they do then they will have to go through every single politician in the state about what they promised, what they said on there credentials. It’s just the way it is and that’s why miles is absolutely fucked at being able to do anything to Thompson. Like I said if it could be done hill would have never lasted, interesting that nobody was interested in using change.org to petition hill to be replaced. This is just reality weather you like it or not.

          • The Magpie says:

            Don’t know who you think suggested any of the matters in that load of self tuggery. And no idea what your point is.

          • Jenny says:

            Magpie, you asked “why are we required to wait for the CCC outcome, the unanimous council have booted him, and that alone, even without all the other stuff, would be sufficient to dismiss him”. Trouble is, unless all the ts are crossed and is dotted exactly correctly, there will be no end to a dismissal. The CCC should be able to soberly line up all the ducks so that the responsible minister gets it right first time. TCC can still function with one councillor down, even if not ‘out’.

          • The Magpie says:

            More and more you are revealing yourself, Jenny, and The ‘Pie strongly suspects you are a cohort of the MyPlace variety and an Thompson apologist arguing arguing his case to he can get his $4000 a week while awaiting an outcome. You sound very much like you’re getting a cut.

          • Jeff, Condon says:

            Each case is investigated separately and couldn’t lead onto further inquiries unless complaints were submitted.

          • Grumpy says:

            BLN – life for you would really be shitful now if you were a Blues supporter as well.

          • The Magpie says:

            The Magpie is awarding himself … and no one else … a rare pass to talk about sport, and even then,just about rules.

            The RL send off rule must change, certainly at SOO level. Sending off certainly should remain a part of the rules, but at this the highest level, surely a replacement must be allowed if the victim of the infringement can continue playing or if not, a replacement is made for him – this is argued just at least at SOO level. 80,000+ paying customers who fork out big dollars to be at a SOO game, and the millions watching on television are cheated of a balanced contest and invariably end up with a hollow victory. No sour grapes here, same logic applies if the situation was reversed, so crowing now may soon turn into squawking next time around. Rugby league is not a merely game,it is a big, big, business and one that depends largely on the goodwill towards supporters as well as players which is engendered by administration of safe but fair rules.

            While there will be endless arguments about whether Reece was sliding and falling backwards before he was hit is neither here nor there … probably worth a send-off … but the unwanted change to the whole complexion of the game should have been avoided.

            As The ‘Pie said at the outset, this comment is a self-indulgence as the curator of the Nest, and he will be very selective in publication of responses that stray of the core issue. Boofheaded jocks will not be accommodated.

          • Burnt Brows says:

            In my opinion of fairness, I think if a player commits a dangerous and illegal tackle which rules another sides (arguably) best player out for the entire match, then a send off is not totally unwarranted.

          • The Magpie says:

            You’ve missed the point, Careless Barbecuer, there is no question that such a player should be sent off. The’Pie is asking if he should be replaced in top level matches such as SOO.

          • Grumpy says:

            Because we’ll be back in the old days – “Bruiser, you go out and do a bit of GBH on that annoying little guy”

          • Jatzcrackers says:

            Pie, that suggestion was discussed at length around our television last night and the attendees included some past NRL/Aust rugby league players, thus have been in the front line.
            A sensible change suggested with a send off offence, particularly if the player nailed couldn’t continue, was to have the send off only apply to that half of the game the offence occurred.
            Take outs like the one we saw last night usually happen in the first 10 minutes or so when everyones full of energy/mongrel to inflict as much defence as possible.
            If the offence happens in the second half of the game, the offender is off until FT and his/her (yes, I know) team play one man down.

          • The Magpie says:

            The core question is the fair balance of the game that the public has paid to see. It’s a bit like a darts player being penalised to two darts only (for poor dress sense, maybe) in a crucial match.

            Mind you, if it was for childish attire, they’d all play with two darts.

            AND BTW, why are there no female darts comps on telly?

          • Jatzcrackers says:

            Don’t you start !

            Signed: Sisters of Love United in Sport.

          • Inspector Clouseau says:

            One huuundreed and eighty! :)

          • Pedant says:

            People also paid to see the most talented players strut their stuff… how’s that work if the opposition simply targets the best of them, loses the mercenary who does the job to a send-off, then gets a replacement player?
            That’s not “balanced” and it’s certainly not what the paying punters came to see.

          • Flight says:

            coz there’s no pricks

          • Jenny says:

            It was pretty obvious that Walsh was deliberately targeted by NSW to be neutralised (just as Thurston used to be). He was subjected to an attempted high shot by a different NSW player just moments before the one that actually got him. If SOO players, coaches and particularly captains, can’t control themselves in a team effort then they deserve to be penalised as a team. There’s a separate issue around keeping the numbers even after a send off. A selector could put a ‘neutraliser’ in the run-on side whose job is to immediately go and smash someone, even if it means they get sent off, knowing that they can still be replaced. That would not make sense.

          • Kenny Kennett says:

            Have 2 send offs – 10 in the bin plus a full game send off where the offending player goes the remainder of the game BUT can be replaced after 20 minutes has past since the offence.

          • Grumpy says:

            Tamworth? That’s in NSW, no?

          • The Magpie says:


          • Inspector Clouseau says:

            Perfect score in darts Pie, three triple twenties! Commentators ‘go wild’ when they are calling and a player throws that! Referring to your darts post :)

          • Prince Rollmop says:

            The opinion of Miles and even the CCC are fairly irreverent in the big scheme of things. Whether Twonames can be sacked or not, doesn’t lie at the heart of the issue. The issue is that he deliberately lied, obfuscated, and embellished his history, and got caught. People voted for him based on his work history, education, and honesty. The people have been robbed. He cannot be trusted with anything he says. He has lost credibility and the support of his Councillors of whom he also bulshitted to. How can other government agencies, the business community, and the ratepayer believe or have confidence in his abilities if he tells lies and mistruths every step of the way?

          • Jeff, Condon says:

            FFS we know all that. Its been repeated ad infinitum. Now, it is time the matter finalised so we can get on. Whittering endlessly about the past won’t change it.

          • Damn tailings says:

            Maybe TT is trying to ward off the state gov’t by going on with this BS labor conspiracy. If they do step in; his claims are proven (LOL)

            Plenty of fodder on FB at the moment; I just really can’t understand the level of stupid amongst the supporters. They’re lauding his integrity during the interview.

            Got to be taking the piss, surely.

          • Non Aligned Worker says:

            The ironic part is that if he said nothing pre election he probably would have won . I can vouch that my vote was an anti Mullet vote. I didn’t follow, or know about his bullshit campaign and outlandish claims.
            So if he stayed quiet, breathed hot air into a few ambiguous policies he probably would have won anyway.
            They always say, don’t give away too much information because it will come back and bite you.

          • Grumpy says:

            What a righteous individual you are? Hardly pretentious, what?

          • Jatzcrackers says:

            Tropical, you have to be fucking kidding ! This con man wasn’t asked or begged if he’d like to do the job. He’s a political animal already with history, well and truly in the public eye, and saw an opportunity to pick up $250k a year from Townsville taxpayers after providing a total bullshit resume.

            What the hell happened to accountability ? What if the job he applied for was one that carried life and death decisions ? The bloke has an ongoing major problem bullshitting and bumbling his way along AT OTHER PEOPLES EXPENSE !

            Fools like you are half the problem with the world today as you turn a blind eye to an individual’s basic accountability with other humans around him.

            He bullshitted, as he’s done multiple times before, and tried it on at the big dance and promptly got nailed. He put himself in the firing line and now has to cop the repercussions of that.

            If you want to dish out a hand wringing ‘we shouldn’t be so hard’ on this professional conman, save it for the real people, police, first responders, nurses, ambos and defence personnel who go to work everyday, risk their lives and do what others wouldn’t do, including you !

          • The Magpie says:

            Phew, time for a camomile tea and an Iced VoVo, mate.

          • Non Aligned Worker says:

            Magpie. Maybe a sentiment of the pro Troy anti Mullet voters? and I prefer to settle down with a nice Shiraz!

          • Wanted says:

            Bah humbug. Stop your sooking. It is what it is. Nobody wants Thompson to top himself so settle down there TC. But he chose to play in the big sandpit and now he is having a sook because the other kids have decided to kick sand back into his face. If he didn’t how brutal public life can be, he knows now.

          • Tropical Cyclone says:

            hahaha, look you are all big boys and can kick sand in the face of anyone you like. I always try to be fair if not reasonable. He must leave the office and it should be quickly. But as I said he told bullshit at an interview and forgot it was public. On a scale of things, I would like to see people get their Kama for it is very low. In a firing line for real, if i had to pull the trigger. I would put a great many people in front of him. but do and say as your conscience sees fit.

          • Thunderhead says:

            Tropical Suckclone, you are an idiot. You were obviously the smallest runt in the sandpit and regularly had sand kicked in your face, hence you now putting on your big boy pants and trying to kick sand back at the adults. Give it a rest, go take a nap and drink some herbal tea.

          • Tropical cyclone says:

            Thunderhead not sure how you came to all those conclusions. You go for poppy Smurf hahaha

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        He puts up a Wednesday comment at 3am about his favourite moment in State of Origin. Whether he was up at that time or had it timed to appear at that time, who knows; but nothing about the public beheading in Walker street. And then he has a no show. Great way to keep the media away from his mum’s house, eh?
        I bet those who paid big bucks for front row seats are demanding their money back (KK winks). So for $1,000 a day we get hours of online messages of thanks to his my place followers (3 hours per day), meetings with State members (he admitted they were no shows every time), lunch with photos and stories about food, meetings with his assistant (would you like sugar and milk with your coffee Troy?), other superfluous diary meetings, blah, blah, blah.
        Anyway, the TCC have said that they will post the recording of the meeting on their website after it’s finished…minus the Mayor.

      • Jatzcrackers says:

        As you predicted on the Nest earlier Pie, this professional con artist has pulled the ‘I’m having a break for mental reasons’ line ! this fool obviously realised some time ago that he invited himself into a card game with high stakes and that he was shown up like a roo in the spotlights !

    • Not on your Nelly Bay says:

      Probably the most sensible thing he’s done, albeit a weak dog act. For fuck’s sake, just go man.

  53. Alfred E Neuman says:

    Before 9.30 had the live stream up with statement Meeting Starting Soon or similar. 9.35 refreshes page. Nothing but a time out error message. Trying to phone TCC now. Will advise outcome.

    • Alfred E Neuman says:

      To my surprise phone answered promptly.

      Answer: the web site is struggling due volume. Council is aware. You can view the video after. Have a lovely day.

    • The Magpie says:

      Even if he didn’t turn up, and the council meeting in a recess at the moment, can they pass a no confidence motion in absentia? Hee Haw, you’d know, maybe.

      • The Magpie says:

        Live stream reported back on. Apparently, going ahead in his absence. Motion moved by Phillips, seconded by Robertson. Council just suggested those who can’t live stream to try the council’s FB page.

  54. Jenny says:

    Did manage to get an agenda but no live stream.

    5/06/2024 Ordinary Council
    Opening of Meeting

    Acknowledgement of Country
    Prayer to be delivered by Pastor Tony Hallo of the Worship Centre
    Apologies and Leave of Absence

    Confirmation of Minutes of Previous Meetings

    Disclosure of Interests and Confidentiality – Statement by Acting In-House Counsel
    Disclosure of Interests
    Mayoral Minute

    etc, etc

  55. Lab Rat says:

    Twonames No-show. What a fkwit.

  56. No spine says:

    I’m genuinely shocked that the snake oil salesman didn’t turn up. That really seals the deal doesn’t it, shows how weak he is. All talk and no action. It’s been a slow political death over the past few weeks, but now it’s complete. He was challenged to a gun fight and he ran in the other direction. What an embarrassment. Will he do a post on Facebook and claim to have a sore throat and didn’t want to spread the germs? Or was he hampered this morning when he hopped out of bed and lost his testicles?

  57. Unhinged says:

    Troy Troy Troy where are you mate? Did you sleep through your 0400 alarm clock? You are missing out on all of the excitement.
    Ha ha ha ha, farewell, it was nixing knowing you.

  58. Circus fan says:

    Everyone might be free from making a decision if the Councillors do not approve the mayor’s leave request we will only have to wait about 3 months for a by-election notice.

    From the local government act:
    Section 162 Local Government Act 2009 Chapter 6 Administration
    [s 162]
    (1) A councillor’s office becomes vacant if the councillor—
    (e) is absent from 2 or more consecutive ordinary meetings of the local government over a period of at least 2 months, unless the councillor is absent—
    (ii) with the local government’s leave

    But this potential vacancy will be void if the Minister suspends the mayor. So if the minister can hold off on reporting and the councillors deny the mayor leave.

    Should keep the circus going a little bit longer.

    • The Magpie says:

      Now the unanimous no confidence motion has been made, we need to know what Brisbane can now do, and how quickly.

      • Jenny says:

        The minister is unlikely to do anything while there is a CCC investigation underway.

        • The Magpie says:

          Not sure if that is correct. The vote of no confidence has perhaps changed the game and the avenues open to her.

          • Jenny says:

            Minister Scanlon will take her time:

            “Scanlon told Guardian Australia it was important “that Queenslanders have confidence in their local government representatives”.

            “We are continuing to monitor this situation but the CCC is the appropriate entity to investigate these matters,” she said.

            “I will consider any options that may be available to me once the outcomes of this investigation are known.”

          • The Magpie says:

            Should we assume that your Scanlon quote was made before today’s no confidence vote, and before Thompson ‘voluntarily’ standing down for mental health reasons? Would these not be relevant factors for the minister to move swiftly.

            However,all that to one side, the council under caretaker Jacob will probably operate in a holding pattern while the matter is concluded and a new mayoral election called. At least there won’t be Adani airstrips, Magnis Lansdown bullshit or calls for a Qantas boycott. The North Rail Yards will continue to moulder away in the sun and the CBD cityscape will still enjoy the other Jenny’s legacy of tumbleweeds blowing through the Flinders Lane fiasco.

  59. Prince Rollmop says:

    Just posted on Twonames Facebook account during the Council meeting;

    After arriving to the office this morning at 5:00am, and finalising preparations for the Ordinary Meeting, I sought in-council advice, and I have decided to take a “Leave of Absence” until the conclusion of the CCC investigations.
    I’m still Mayor, just taking a break for mental health reasons and also allowing for the investigation to take place without further pressures. I say this as there will be creative stories reported. It is great to see so much attention at the doors of the chamber, and with the obvious sense of interest within the community. I will not be commenting further on these matters, other than DAY 57, is a day of rest for your elected Mayor.
    Thank you for the well wishes and ongoing support, perhaps media can find a new toy to kick, it would be appreciated if the news reporters could respect mine and my families privacy at this time, and not bang down the door, as they did yesterday afternoon.

    So there you have it, he is claiming ‘mental health’, and emphasising that he is still the Mayor. FFS what a shit show. LAME

  60. Past TCC says:

    I laughed at the front page of the newspaper today. “ we deserve better “. Well all you needed to do was elect Jane arlett all those years ago and we wouldn’t be here today with this bloke. If he goes because of lies then hill should be thrown in prison because of all her back room deals especially with the labor donator Wagner group. That was one of my CCC complaints that was also knocked back. Thompson is a crook but compared to hill he’s a nobody in the world of lies and deception. If we are going to send him to CCC then the remaining team hill councillors should also go as accessory to the crime.

  61. The Magpie says:

    Well, TwoNames, hope you book yourself into a top notch spin spa for treatment … you can afford it, with the ratepayers $1000 a day you’ll still be receiving until you do the honourable thing … or more likely the honourable thing is done to you.

    No dignity, no decency and no guts right to the end. And still raving.

  62. Dazza says:

    Hello Mr Magpie.

    It seems likely any by election for Mayor would be cost efficient if it were attached to the same date as the State election.

    An acting Mayor can be appointed or the deputy steps up to the acting mayoral until this date.

    But alas if a current councillor was to run and win an election for the vacant division will be needed.

    This would very likely be postal vote as occurred elsewhere in Queensland.

    • Not standing for Mayor says:

      We could just do it this weekend Dazza, and get it over with. Its not rocket science.

  63. I’ll be plucked says:

    Food Trucks Greaney was running the meeting when it reconvened – has she been nominated acting Mayor, or………

    • The Magpie says:

      Nope.Jacob automatically fills that role until the new election is decided.

      • I’ll be plucked says:

        Well she was in the chair and running the show!??

        • The Magpie says:

          Jacob recused himnself from the chair in the correct grounds that since TwoNames had madethe albeit false allkegations about a Labor party plot (FFS!) he Jacob as a member of the party was not an approprite person to run a neutral chair. he knows his stuff, does our Angry Ant.

          • I’ll be plucked says:

            Thanks Pie, explanation appreciated. Old Man Emu (Jacob) now the acting Mayor………that should be interesting to say the least!

          • The Magpie says:

            Not likely to do further damage, but the no confidence vote should mark the long march back to credibility, stability and progress for the city.

          • Bob Roberts says:

            Yeah he takes his job seriously. I assume he’ll be acting mayor during the leave of absence but we might end up with a game of thrones situation!

          • Grumpy says:

            Bob – what? Dragons and incest?

  64. Wanted says:

    Wanted: 1 x pair of testicles. Owner asks that if found, please return to Troy Thompson via TCC’s customer service desk.
    Thank you

  65. Lab Rat says:

    “Brave brave Sir Twonames,
    Brave Sir Twonames ran away”
    In keeping with your Monty Python theme.

  66. Kenny Kennett says:

    Interesting that FB shows the following message on the bottom of the comments section of his latest post about taking leave:
    “Mayor Troy Thompson limited who can comment on this post”
    Now that’s open and transparent

  67. Inspector Clouseau says:

    I think Jacob (Old Man Emu?) and Kurt Ribena are in a spot of bother for their obvious early support for Twonames and the ‘jockeying deals’ they did, Jacob for Deputy Mayor and Ribena for his LGAQ rep. reward.

    Guilt by association, definitely. Wonder if they’ll recover from that?

  68. Bob Roberts says:

    I expect Two Names Thompson will soon be in the market for a third name. He’s fucked now if anyone googles him.

  69. The Magpie says:

    Why in God’s name would you print a story like that, it promotes all the wrong attitudes so rife on social media. As with further publicising boast posts of juvenile car thieves, the Courier and the Townsville Bulletin are complicit in serving the purpose of criminal idiots and grubs.

  70. Alfred E Neuman says:

    ‘Pie, nothing is going to happen quickly. Copied from ABC News.

    In a statement, Local Government Minister Meaghan Scanlon said she would not take action until the CCC probe was completed.

    “It’s important that Queenslanders have confidence in their local government representatives,” Ms Scanlon said.

    “We are continuing to monitor this situation, but the CCC is the appropriate entity to investigate these matters.

    “I will consider any options that may be available to me once the outcomes of this investigation are known.”

    • The Magpie says:

      Got a time on that statement?

    • Jeff, Condon says:

      She took on the portfolio because, “Nothing will happen”. After Labor’s previous fuckups, they will distance themselves and hope it will all just go away.

      David Crisafulli also pointed out there are so many grey areas in the QEA so, it’s time to get them blacked in.

  71. J jones says:

    Oh my what a mess some lies has created.

  72. Kenny Kennett says:

    Apparently channel 7 have an interview with the Mullet about Two Name’s demise on the Queensland News tonight- not the local news but they possibly have it as well.

  73. Cheesecloth says:

    So Thompson claims he took it under advisement, at 5:30am this morning, not to show up for the Council meeting. Seriously, TCC legal were at work at 5:30am? Fuck off. These people do as little as humanly possible. It would be a miracle if they were at work by 8:30am (then time for a wander around the office, talk about sport, grab a coffee, drop a pretend shit) and then hop in front of the computer. I call bullshit on the supposed turn of events.

  74. J jones says:

    At least old mate can sleep in tomorrow

  75. Jeff, Condon says:

    Nostradamus got it dead right

  76. Hee Haw says:

    Comment from Sunday morning

    “Totally aside I expect the TT will have a sudden stress related medical episode requiring him to go on sick leave indefinitely and still getting paid, which will then lead to a claim of some sort on the council and by default the ratepayers.”

    It stuck out like dog’s balls and so it came to pass

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie believes Mike Brunkner had that strategy up his sleeve had things gone seriously wrong for his misadventures.

  77. The Unflinching Finch says:

    haha, now that michael pugh clown is being exposed for the criminal that he is, in the “tough on crime” party.

  78. Ducks Nuts says:

    Oh Gawd… Thompstain is the gift that keeps on giving. I woke this morning disappointed that my morning update on his daily activities was missing. However, he has now surpassed all expectations by posting yesterday daily activities and slagging off at the councillors and self congratulatory account of how he has saved Jabiru park. What a hero he is. (Only 3 edits so far)

    Buy the way.. well done to all councillors, except Kristian Price you two faced fucking weasel.

    • ABS says:

      In his latest Facebook post, Thompson has violated the code of conduct for councillors in Queensland, specifically:

      3. Ensure conduct does not reflect adversely on the
      REPUTATION of the local government
      For example, councillors will, at a minimum, conduct themselves in the following manner:
      3.1 When expressing an opinion dissenting with the majority decision of the local
      government, respect the democratic process by acknowledging that the local government decision represents the majority view of the local government.


      His comment:

      “Most disappointing was hearing the media and Councillors smugness in what they think they achieved by changing the meeting rules to instil their own power, not a democracy, sadly, more dictatorship like”

      • Ducks Nuts says:

        ABS, he’s made a number of comments on his Facebook page that have violated the code of conduct. Unfortunately you have to read the shit on his page as most are in the comments. He’s batshit crazy.

      • ABS says:

        Since I posted this, he has edited his 11.30am diary entry to remove the relevant section. He forgot to remove a similar statement in the comments:

        “Mayor Troy Thompson
        Mick Cullen I feel by using a rule change to remove me is not a positive democratic solution. We were voted in for 4 years, and my councillors chose to remove my right to serve, by using rule 6.8.8, as reported. They then can choose a non elected chair etc, not overly impressed, very disappointed”

        I did obviously screenshot both of these


  79. Nostradamus says:

    Well all, Twonames is lining up for a compo claim for bullying. Read his missive on his Mayor site today. It’s a plain as his Pinocchio nose!

    Will claim loss of income and opportunity (% of what would have been his 4 year salary; pain suffering ect ect)! Of course the defence will be he brought it on himself, he has admitted to lying (and has done so before and after being elected) and has misrepresented himself to the public. There may or may not be a settlement. The saga continues.

    • Bob Roberts says:

      Bullying has very specific definition and everyone has been pretty careful to give Twonames enough rope to hang himself.

      • The Magpie says:

        Perhaps not the best analogy under the circumstances, Bob.

        But he has now decended into bully bluster, with scarcely veiled but empty threats of revenge. … because no matter whayt he thinks he can reveal about iothers by way of retribution will not alter one single millimetre the truth of hos wrong doing.

        He’s toast, and it would be surprising if he remains in Townsville … unless he’s under a court we don’t know about to do so.

        • Not standing for Mayor says:

          Everything he’s now doing is an echo of what the Trumpistan President is doing and saying. F*king unbelievable.

  80. Dread Pirate Roberts says:

    It appears the TT saga rolls on and on.

    ACA have just posted this:

    Newly elected Mayor Troy Thompson has found himself under scrutiny after exaggerating his military record.

    Now, he’s on leave and under investigation, leaving his council in shambles.

    TONIGHT on A Current Affair, we’ve uncovered more concerning allegations.

    #9ACA | Watch LIVE 7pm

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      That was hilarious. Can’t wait for them to find evidence that he’s tried to get the selfie taking, fat shake pusher, watch selling, hashtagging, idiot employed by council.

  81. Inspector Clouseau says:

    A Current Affair are reporting they have uncovered more about Twonames and will be airing it tonight at 7pm. What now??? :(

  82. Motorist says:

    Dear ‘Pie, you did open the floodgates.

    Twas in the late 1960 in the Sunday Mail there was a cartoon about the game the night before involving Artie Beetson and another player, who’s name I have long forgotten, but let us call him Bloggs.

    It went something like this, ” And so Mr Beetson, what are your feelings about Bloggs repeatedly attacking your fist with his face?”

    The game is not the same:-(

  83. Jeff, Condon says:

    Last one: I hate to admit it ‘Pie, but you were correct about TN being a conman because in front of the whole country he has pulled off the perfect grift.

    Ratified unanimously by TCC councillors, he has been granted leave of absence for his mental health until the CCC completes its investigation, submits its report to the Govt and it is released to the public. Similar investigations have taken 12 months to complete.

    In effect, he’s been given $200K to sit on his arse for a year and do nothing. A masterful con.

  84. J jones says:

    ACA back with on more on Two Names – this time it’s domestic violence issues

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, not so fast. Maybe there’s a great redemption story to be told here, it’s been done before in other places … baddy makes good, turns life around … and all that guff.

      And a criminal past make him better or worse than any other politician … except he got caught, they didn’t.

  85. Bill says:

    This has been the most extraordinary week in Local Governments’ post war history .

    Unparalleled, and incredibly embarrassing.Everyone i speak to in Brisbane , just say WTF in disbelief.

    The fundamental messages are ,that there is no pre-election scrutiny now that MSM newsrooms ( public and private) has been gutted , that and to never trust fringe right wing groups like My Place. They are seditious and publicly promote anarchy and chaos.

    Well done to the Magpie, displayed all the finest traits of journalism .

    • Bob Roberts says:

      This was a failure by the media and by Thompson’s opponents. If team Hill had taken him seriously they’d have been able to drop a thermonuclear bomb on him from orbit.

  86. Achilles says:

    Looks like Scomo and Payne are more “fortunate” than Troy, as they will not be investigated in the Robo-Debt debacle. Cost Billions and ruined many lives, several to the point of suicide.

    Apparently its in the too hard box.


  87. Achilles says:

    Looks like Scomo and Payne are more fortunate (maybe better connected) than Troyless.

    There will be no further investigations on the Robo-Debt debacle, which ruined many lives, some even committing suicide


  88. The Magpie says:

    Seems that Jenny has again managed to open some floodgates … the exodus from Walker street is in full swing. And it is one thing we can’t blame on Troy Thompson specifically.

    A reliable source tells The ‘Pie approximately 60 staff have left Council since the election result. So many so soon has led to reasonable conjecture that many were positions protected by Team Hill, and with a new Council line up not controlled by Mayor Mullet, it looks like some saw the writing on the wall.

    Another less reliable source has whispered down the MagpieFone that the temporary ceo has uncovered major project blowouts which have a considerable impact on city finances and could set Townsville back years.

    It is interesting to note that in a TV interview, Jenny Hill has not ruled out a second run when a new mayoral poll is called. While such a return would be unlikely, it would be a last roll of the dice to keep a lid on financial mismanagement under her previous rule. Probably a bit pointless, even if she won, the new councillors seem to be feeling their oats, and her stranglehold on the aerobics class of hand raisers is probably gone forever.

    Maybe Prins is is also enjoying a quiet pucking of the sphincter, too.

    • Bullshit says:

      I think another reasonable concern might be that staff are worried about being employed by a council lead by Troy Thompson.

      But you’re right – the councillors, even the former team hill ones, would not be as docile even if she returned.

      • The Magpie says:

        The reality is at the real decision making level, it is the CEO who runs the council. Skilled CEOs have a whole armory of weapons in the Local Government regulations that can delay, sidetrack or outright deny a policy decided in council. Which is why Jenny Hill went to such lengths to ‘buy’ the best she could find. And it’s also why she fell out with Adele The Impaler Young, who, having finished her allotted task of eviscerating the staff (and then hiring many back on contract at a net financial loss), started get ideas ‘above her station’ as decided by The Mullet.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      I’d be looking pointedly in the direction of those senior staff in charge of the capital budget and capital projects and asking questions about the capital budget process, and how contracts are managed. And the capital budget review process and WHY recently capital budgets were just rolled year on year and approved in full with limited review even though they could never be delivered.

    • Not standing for Mayor says:

      From my observation it is a little from column A and a little from column B. There is a flow of previous unqualified sycophants leaving along with people who were just bad at their jobs but were protected by working for people who just didn’t care. The root causation is the same that people no longer have protection from above for their incompetence. No one seems to be leaving because of TwoDicks and we are all sitting back and enjoying his circus.

  89. Doug K says:

    One important benefit has come from the Troy Thompson circus: the Magpie has tripled his bloggership. Long live the Pie!

  90. Grumpy says:

    TwoNames in his latest post said that he handed back his keys and cleared his office out on Wednesday. That seems a bit final. I mean, who clears out their office and hands their keys back when they go on temporary sick leave? He’s gone – and he knows it.. I wonder if he also handed the keys back to that fancy new 4WD that was given to him? Willing to bet he didn’t and intends to hang on to that last show of prestige.

    • OED says:

      That may be a requirement for security reasons.

      • Grumpy says:

        OED – nonsense. My previous employment was a hell of a lot more security sensitive than being a titular head of a local government. I didn’t have to hand in my access cards or clean out my office when I went on leave – even LSL for five months. Guess my organisation had confidence in me…

        • Bullshit says:

          To be sure, you weren’t taking a leave of absence for mental health reasons while under investigation for misconduct.

  91. Fake Elusive Butterfly says:

    This weeks blog has descended into silly comments that barely makes sense. Haven’t you old timers got something better to do, like helping the community?

  92. Used car salesman says:

    Thompson is a complete shyster. His history to date gives ample evidence of that fact. He will absolutely bow out of Council and launch legal action against anyone who has allegedly bullied him. It’s how these parasites make money.

    • The Magpie says:

      Nothing is ever certain in civil litigation, but The ‘Pie will bet his greying tail feathers that if such a fantastical matter ever did get to court (it won’t), his lawyers first gambit would be to ask for a move of venue … there isn’t a hope that a local jury could be found that wasn’t biased … one way or the other.

      • Prickster says:

        He’s Not the Messiah – He’s a Very Naughty Boy.

      • #NotaLaborsupporter says:

        TT is certainly a shyster though one thing I imagine to be true is that very few lawyers will be willing to litigate a defamation matter on behalf of TT without significant funds paid into their trust account. They’d require this prior to starting any work at all.

        Therefore I am also willing to wager the Pie’s greying tail feathers that TT won’t stump up big money of his own accord (to litigate) when his ride on the TCC gravy train appears to be coming to a premature end & where his prospects are poor.

        TT of course could turn to his supporters & crowdfund though wouldn’t that be a hoot when they’re all found to have incredibly short arms and rather deep pockets.

  93. I’ll be plucked says:

    What additional we ‘learned’ from the ACA coverage last night re Twonames/Two Bit:

    There were 7 DV charges and a warrant for his arrest was issued. Is this why he checked into the mental health unit, to avoid arrest?

    Apparently he tried to get his current beaver appointed to a job at TCC. What job/position I wonder? Was it a position under him (ouch, I know :). ).

    The rest we knew about – lies re military service, educational qualifications and suspect business acumen. IS THERE MORE TO COME???…….

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Just heard on 7 Local news that Food Trucks Greaney is stepping into the acting Deputy Mayor position (as Old Man Emu Jacob has stepped up to Mayor). Self-nominated? Don’t recall a call for expressions of interest in the Council meeting, followed by a discussion and possible vote………? Real TRANSPARENCY at work AGAIN? Losers :)

      • Ham fisted says:

        There will be some behind the scenes jockeying for the Doodah and Deputy Doodah positions. The Councillors smell blood in the water.

        • The Magpie says:

          Don’t think you quite have your head around the process, Miss Piggy. The mayoral position will be decided by the voters when a new election is called in the coming weeks. The 10 councillors have absolutely no impact on that outcome beyond their individual votes at the ballot box. Once that is decided, the councillors (who remain the same unless it is one of them who has successfully run for mayor) will then vote in an open meeting for the deputy position.

          If a current councillor runs and is elected mayor,down the track, a further election will be held in that division to select a new councillor. If a current councillor runs for mayor and loses, they return to their duties as a councillor.

          • Arse Bandit says:

            “When an election is called in a few weeks”.

            Really? Even before the CCC complete their investigation and find that Troy hasn’t actually broken any laws? Sure, he’s definitely lost some integrity for misrepresenting his military service and tertiary education, but until he’s found guilty, they can’t kick him out. Besides, why is Troy not afforded the same fairness under the laws than every other politician, who has lied and gotten away with, is??

          • Achilles says:

            I wonder if Troyless, will try the teary “I’m so sorry, please forgive me, I really can do this job”.
            “I don’t want to have to apply as a checkout kid at Macknackers”.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Camp Quality volunteer for 14 years??

  94. Ducks Nuts says:

    Must be the week of politicians (inc ex pollies) behaving badly


  95. Local Punter says:

    I reckon Labor moles and known Labor affiliates rolled Thompson. They did it so that there will be a by-election and Jenny Hill will run for mayor and get reelected. This has been a strategy masterclass and well worth an award.

    • The Magpie says:

      Wasthere lead-based paint in your baby nursery? That is simply the silliest drivel on this subject yet.

    • The Unflinching Finch says:

      If you’re a “punter,” pack it up, save your hard earned..you’re floggin a dead horse.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      HA HA HA. That is some funny shit Punter. Tell you what, if you take off the tinfoil hat and throw away the meth pipe you will see the real world a lot more clearly. Time for you to return to MyPlace and make sure that old Thompson is being taken well cared of.

    • Bullshit says:

      Genius plan to lose an election in order to win one.

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