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Sunday, November 8th, 2020   |   145 comments

DEMOCRAZY Biden Slowly Getting It, Trump Quickly Losing It

The bizarre burlesque that is the American presidential election has us transfixed. The global dismay on all sides with Donald Trump’s alarming descent into demented comi-tragedy holds our attention like The Joker in a Batman movie. The latest update shortly.

The ‘Pie has an insider exclusive or two: Mayor Mullet gets huffy when publicly told a few home truths at a special luncheon on Thursday …

… and yes, it’s been confirmed – Prins Ralston, the man whose Nous company designed and engineered the scything of hundreds of council staff under Adele Young, is on the short list to become the new CEO of the Townsville Council.

The PR clanger of all time … Adani changes it’s name, but someone at HQ who thought up the new moniker is getting their arse kicked til their nose bleeds …. It’s a corker of a cock-up and a big belly laugh.

And The Magpie takes on Twitter … and wins. Only a tiddler of a skirmish, but worth it.

But first …

‘An Obese Turtle On His Back Flailing In The Hot Sun, Realising His Time Is Over.’

A political judgement that will live on in lexicons of record for centuries to come.

Sure The Magpie’s Nest likes to be primarily about local issues – and we have a few of them this week – but let’s face it, there is only one story we’re all gripped by right now. Bentley’s got it covered.

election bout SMALL

At the time of writing, Biden seems set to indisputably win the election and become the 46th Prez of the Land of Bars and Gripes. But even that prospect has been overshadowed by the public spectacle of a person, once supposedly the most powerful man in the world, slowly succumbing to mental disintegration. Trump’s disconnect from reality has caught everyone wrong-footed and shocked, with most US television networks cutting away from his wild baseless claims of self-proclaimed victory, a rigged election and court challenges.

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper summed it up in the most memorable fashion, when he told viewers as the camera suddenly returned to him in the studio’ “That is the president of the United States, that is the most powerful person in the world and we see him like an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot Sun realising his time is over. But he just hasn’t accepted it and he wants to take everyone down with him, including this country.”

That will be quoted for decades if not centuries to come.

We’ll have more reaction in our regular US gallery a little later.

A Special Townsville Lunch Had An Unexpected Item On The Menu This Week … Roasted Mullet

Graham JacksonScreen Shot 2020-11-07 at 11.01.31 pm

Graham Jackson

Unexpected was the word of the day, because Townsville’s favourite son Graham Jackson was thrown a surprise lunch by 100 or so of his friends and admirers on Thursday. Graham believed he was just having a family luncheon and was by all reports pretty stunned to a room with over a hundred friends and colleagues giving him a standing ovation. A wonderful and well-deserved gesture for someone who has been a champion advocate for this city for so long.

But whoever did the seating arrangements seemed to have a sense of humour, or more perhaps a sense for dramatic possibilities. Plumped down together at one table were former mayor His Radiance Tony Mooney, the current incumbent Mayor Jenny Hill, developer and builder Laurence Lancini, and car salesmen Tony Ireland and David Carmichael.

Mooney and The Mullet hate each other with a passion (more on that in the next item), Jenny has vented her spite on Tony Ireland because years back he refused to sign a false insurance claim when she pranged her car (she doesn’t seem to have much luck in the world of cars). Her first move years later when she first became mayor was slug the ratepayers with the cost of buying her Holden in Brisbane and having shipped up here, just toi get back at Ireland Holden (a local business BTW).

And Laurence Lancini told a high level business group two or three years ago that he could no longer do business in Townsville while she was mayor because of her personal interference in planning decisions. So the pleasantries over bread rolls was no doubt through gritted teeth.

But the unexpected struck a third time then a former Townsville business bod, no longer of these climes but here to honour Graham, gave an interesting little speech in which he roasted Jenny Hill in no uncertain terms. He was very vocal in lamenting how the city, and particularly the CBD, has gone backwards under her leadership of the council.

Shortly afterward that icy blast, the mayor decided to leave early and clumped out. Possibly tapped on her shoulder and reminded of another appointment by her driver?

And As If She Doesn’t Have Enough Problems …

… it seems life in the office may be about to get a bit more interesting for Clr Hill.


Prins Ralston

It has now been confirmed to The Magpie that his recent suggestion was right … Prins Ralston, the man who devised the savage culling of TCC staff when head of the Nous Group in Melbourne, is on the short list for the council CEO gig.

It has been reasonably suggested that his candidature has been engineered by Tony Mooney. And former Mooney go-to media advisor Dolan Hayes – who has worked for Ralston in the corporate area – probably has a finger in this particular pie as well.

Be all that as it may, even the thought of Ralston as CEO could have an interesting effect on staff morale in Walker Street. To be fair, that effect could be either way, unless Ralston isn’t finished with his slashing and burning agenda, which was left unfinished when Mayor Mullet won a bitch-slapping contest with Adele The Impaler Young and saw her off to wreak her unique management style on the the Palm Island council.

Now someone like Ralston may well be his own man, he is certainly successful in his own right in the corporate world, we are told, (apart from being involved in a failed job-finder business involving Rabieh Krayem) but one would hope should he get the nod, that he has a well crafted reassuring words ready for the troops.

And anything connected with His Radiance will have Mayor Mullet – who is forever living in his shadow – flinching at everything.

Not sure if this scenario is going to answer the challenges that increasingly beset our city, but, shit, what’s it got to do with us, we’re not part of the Power Elite.

The Magpie Gets The Twits

There’s been a lot of guff lately about social media and its attempts to police some of the more outlandish and vile comments made on it. But Twitter’s automated sweep for key words which result in immediate account suspension catches many people unawares and infuriated.

Including The ‘Pie.

It started when the old bird thought he’d post a silly comment in reply to this photograph – much lauded as artistic – which he saw as one of those psychologist’s ink blot tests.
Hitler birdsScreen Shot 2020-10-14 at 12.04.45 pm

The ‘Pie’s comment was ‘looks like Hitler hit in the head with a baseball.’

Then, lickety split, Big Brother was on the case.

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 10.36.35 am

This really gave The ‘Pie the twits

Now the easy thing here would be just to delete the ‘offending’ tweet and move on. But The ‘Pie was so pissed off, he appealed this deeply stupid ruling, and asking ‘Are you people fucking mad?’ and decided that he could live without Twitter.

The standard reply was immediately forthcoming ….

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 10.37.40 am

… and it seemed like that would be lost in a maze of Twitter bureaucracy for a few weeks. Now explanation about what naughtiness was involved, but  it is a fair bet that the Twitter twits have included the word ‘Hitler’ in their blanket bans, the automatic flagging without the ability to judge context.

Well, The Magpie has to say that he was surprised to receive the following reply within 12 hours which gives a big uptick to Twitter.

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 10.36.23 am Gawd, wonder what would’ve happened if I said the US election was rigged.

It’s A Language Whoopsie Worthy Of The Townsville Bulletin

Adani sign

But this time, it is Indian mining company Adani, which has learnt the hard way that singing your own praises leaves you open to hitting the wrong note and falling flat.

And, boy, have they ever. This story landed last Thursday.


Adani changes its name to Bravus Mining & Resources in Australia

Stop Adani organisers will be forced to scrap placards and rethink protests after the controversial mining company changed it’s name yesterday.

Adani will now be known as Bravus Mining & Resources in Australia.

Chief executive David Boshoff said the change was to mark the 10-year anniversary of the company’s operations in Australia.

He said Bravus was Latin for brave and courageous, a description that suited the company, to get where it is today.’ “It has taken a lot of courage for us to see this through … the brand name reflects that,” Mr Boshoff said.

Unfortunately, Mr Boshoff may well now be Mr Pisstoff, because he’s made a right berk of himself. Several Latin professors have piled in on this schoolboy howler.

The correct word for ‘brave’ in Latin … in the sense he means it … is ‘fortis’, best known in the much quoted phrase ‘fortuna favet fortibus’ – fortune favours the brave. But what makes matters worse is the ‘bravus’ actually means ‘crooked’, ‘deformed’, and ‘mercenary assassin’. And scholars believe it may have been derived from ‘barbarus’ – meaning ‘barbaric’, ‘foreign’ and/or ‘uncouth’.

Which, come to think of it, seems pretty apt for the Adani corporation and it’s shifty founder ‘Got’em’ Adani and his murky operations in India and SE Asia.

For those interested in language, here’s The Guardian’s story on the Adani blooper.

‘It’s Not History, It’s Now Just Histrionics’

Marina Hyde in The Guardian

meerkats image011

As we all wait in front of the TV for the next instalment in Trump: The Breakdown Reality Show, the satirists are making the most of the orange Sunset.

mrz110420dapr cjones11032020 245216_rgb_768 245231_rgb_768 Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 10.45.55 am PHOTO-2020-11-07-06-53-32 cjones11092020 20201104edshe-b lk110620dapr wu201104 cjones11082020 20201104edbbc-a 245064_rgb_768 lk110320dapr

If ever the was a signature piece of music for the Trump presidency, it would have to Ravel’s Bolero …


The insistent repetitive drum beat getting louder and louder with a meandering theme motif becoming more pronounced perfectly matches the sinister gradual stepping up of the outrages on decency, law and democracy over the past four years, seeking to create a new ‘normal’ of the bizarre. It all ends in the climax of jangling, jarring dissonance, so descriptive of Trump having a public breakdown.

For The Magpie then, this has been the last four years in the USA.


The end of a week like no other, and know one dares even guess what the next one holds. But, despite global matters, The ‘Pie will remain with his core mission of reporting on local and state matters as a priority, but YOU can talk about whatever the hell you like in comments, they run 24/7. And The Magpie is seeking your help with a donation or two, subscriptions to sites and services connected to the blog are a continual drain in The Nest. The Donate button is below if you feel you can assist.

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  1. Ces Pot says:

    Why can’t Trump go to the White House anymore?

    Because it’s For Biden

    • The Magpie says:

      That is along the lines of the tweet that’s floating around, in which the genuine Trump tweeted ‘If Joe Biden wins, I will leave the country and you’ll never see me again’, to which Biden is said to have replied ‘Bi Den.’

  2. Dave of Kelso says:

    Dear ‘Pie,
    Your comparison of Bolero and the Trump presidency is not incorrect but I very much prefer to associate Bolero with Torvill and Dean at the 1984 ice skating championship. Almost erotic.


  3. Mike Douglas says:

    I think comments from successful business identities that have left the Ville on how far it has gone backwards would be like “water of a ducks back ” to a Mayor who thinks charging Motel owners $60k + pedestal tax when there occupancies are majorly effected by COVID is acceptable . Instead of a “brain drain ” from the City of University graduates leaving Council needs to monitor “wealth drain” because weekly occurrence you hear of locals cashing up and heading south . T.C.C.,s debt to revenue must be redlining as the Council had one of the highest ratios pre COVID and deputy Mayor Molachino disclosed 3 mths of COVID was a $10 mil hit to Council and debt has grown so does that explain the supposed debt collector appointment on its late ratepayers ? . How successful will it be for T.C.C. to put the begging bowl out to a State treasurer who admits the State Government is borrowing to pay public service wages .

    • Critical says:

      It’s true that the majority of 2020 uni graduates are leaving the city because of a lack of jobs and future career paths. Those graduates who are lucky enough to get a job here are only getting that job because another person has seen the light and left the city because of a lack of future career opportunities. The continuing mismanagement and clear lack of future direction of this city will ensure that this trend continues. When will the cities so called leaders like Mayor Mullet, Little Patsy O’Callaghan, the Chamber of Commerce and so on get a grip on reality and lead the city into the future.

      • The Magpie says:

        While The ‘Pie agrees, isn’t it a bit harsh to pile that only on to Townsville. Universities don’t, and nor do the city’s they are in, expect to have many many graduates absorbed into the local economy (larger places like Sydney and Melbourne excepted.). The purpose of a uni education is surely the freedom to seek work and adventure anywhere. So the lack of jobs may not be the cause of graduates heading off, more the call of the wild, so as to speak.

  4. The Magpie says:


    Know all those weekly cartoons featuring your man that you hate with a passion? Well, not to worry, you won’t be seeing many more of them.

  5. Guy says:

    Despite what you’ve seen in the beloved mainstream media, voter fraud HAS been carried out – no scrutineers allowed to watch votes being counted, mysterious votes arriving and suddenly despite the trend bidens lead shooting ahead of trump in a split second. Vote ballots have been found dumped for weeks now.

    Then you have biden’s links to China, his junkie son and all of the kickbacks.

    Its unlikely the yanks are going to take this laying down, especially as democrats are already raging about having truth commissions and gathering “lists” to actively destroy ALL 50 million trump voters/ supporters etc.

    • The Magpie says:


      You know all this how? All US media, including Fox have reported this demented claims are utter bullshit.
      Beddy byes, Guysie Wysie, grown-ups are back in. charge.

      • Gym Junkie says:

        Who cares about voter fraud. It’s happened everywhere, including in Australia before (simple as misleading voter cards or as sophisticated as the Adam Somyurek branch stacking rort). It will happen in every country that isn’t communist or dictatorship because it’s human nature. Overall to me, it appears the US wants Biden slightly more than Trump (it’s like a Holden Vs Ford thing), so they should let Biden be President and get on with life.

    • Monroe Document says:

      Guy, I hate to disappoint you but basically every politician is a crook. Biden, Trump, Clinton, Obama, all crooks. All of them do what Wall Street and above tell them to do. Nobody comes through Congress without doing crooked deals and making millions of illegal dollars along the way. It will make little difference who is president, they are all shitbags.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      And here I was thinking Guy would be a leftie. When in fact he’s just a loonie.
      One has to wonder what part of the Web you’ve been on to get these loonie ideas.

      In Pennsylvania the whole vote counting process is on security cameras and big screens for transparency. Democrat voters voted by mail because they didn’t want covid. And Trump told his supporters not to postal vote. There’s no conspiracy.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      You betcha Guy the Spy. Biden and Tyrell are at it together. And next is the announcement that Thuringowa will become the 51st USA State with Tyrell as the Guvna. And Putin’s reported Parkinson’s is actually RSI contracted from filling out all those fake ballots.
      Thank you for the Sunday laugh Agent 69.

    • Cracker says:

      Somewhere, a village is missing an idiot.

  6. TCC (Townsville Clusterfuck Center) says:

    Must agree that now Labor has been returned to power Nanna Anna will be rewarding many past, present and future Labor acolytes with plum roles. If ‘Prince’ Ralston gets the job as TCC CEO that will $500,000 per year, plus his $150,00 per year as a Director at Gladstone Ports Corporation, then his other business interests and director acticities, an easy $1m per year and then some. Oh my, The trough really is full to overflowing for some piggy wiggy’s.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      acticities? Did you mean atrocities?

      • The Magpie says:

        Nice try, yuk yuk, but think it might have been ‘activities’.

        But this is an appropriate time to remind commenters that only on rare occasions does The Magpie have the time or inclination to correct typos and grammar in comments. God know, he makes enough himself, hurriedly replying to the many issues that land daily in the Nest. So it’s up to you folk to protect your reputation to be taken seriously by checking your stuff before sending it in.

        This Magpie non-subbing policy will change when the government brings in a 25-hour day.

  7. NQ Gal says:

    Unfortunately there are 73 days before the inauguration. I wonder how many more taxpayers funded golf games he can squeeze in?

    • The Magpie says:

      The world would be happy if he squeezed in 73 rounds … keep him away from further fucking around.

    • US Joe says:

      The media has called the result but remember that the Electoral College still has to vote and that doesn’t happen until December 14th – this is where the result is decided.

      So while it is unlikely that Trump will get up, it is not unheard of for the Electoral College to go against the popular vote. In 2000 Al Gore won the popular vote, but Bush won the Electoral College.

      Keep the bubbly on ice for now – to paraphrase Bette Davis, fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy month or so.

      • The Magpie says:

        Hillary Clinton easily won the popular vote in 2016, but Trump won the electoral college. No way this is going to be overturned. Karma can be a bitch, right?

        • US Joe says:

          ain’t it just – the fat lady is certainly warming up, but I think there are a few more surprises in store before she lets loose with a tune!

  8. Frequent flyer says:

    Go easy on Guy – he needs help and a new lunatic to worship.

    • Guy says:

      I just think we need free and fair elections.

      Its a radical idea – ain’t it ?

      I’m just messing wiv ya, Queensland doesn’t have any electoral security, I found that one out when I actually put my hand and started doing something instead of mouthing off on this blog.

      Maybe you should try and do something constructive as well ?

      • The Magpie says:


      • Ducks Nuts says:

        C’mon Guy. You only had to read the Shepherdsen enquiry to know elections aren’t free and fair. Particularly not in Townsville.

      • One legged tap dancer says:

        Don’t hold your breath waiting for Mayor Mullet to be exposed for her Adani trip and resulting support for millions in ratepayer funding for the Adani airport.
        The Mullet is protected from scrutiny by her mate Premier Anna, and her newspaper, the Townsville Bulletin.

        • The Magpie says:

          And the LGAQ, which no doubt has a direct line to Councillor Conduct Tribunal (CCT).

          Given this Strelow finding (very vague for the public at the moment) will the CCT now investigate all those mayors who travelled with Anna Alphabet to be brown-nosed by Indian mega crook Got’em Adani? Surely this is goose and gander stuff?

          This Strelow business is pure star chamber rules … without a lot of hoo ha and requests for what should be in the public domain anyway, , we cannot be privy to whatever reasoning the Tribunal made this highly selective and apparently arbitrary decision. Strelow may have been compromised, but surely there has to be proof other than the ‘pub test, sure looks like it’ drivel. Will the councillors who gave unanimous approval for the innocuous d ay triop now also face sanctions for the same unsupported reason?AND not a single mention in the Astonisher … which is astonishing not. Iditor Warhurst is so often happy to lazing foist on us space-filling irrelevance lifted from Cairns, Mackay, the Whitsundays, but not a significant LG story from Rockhampton? Another epic fail (and yes, the story broke well in time for the Bulletin to cover it last night.)

          • The Magpie says:

            Thanks, Peking Jewels, have incorporated in the following comment.
            Well, well, well, look who was on the same Adani flight that cost Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow her job.

            So do we now find that Mayor Jenny Hill, who received the exactly same highly dubious ‘benefits’ as Strelow and the other mayors, is exonerated from any suspicion of being influenced by her self-interested host simply because she ticked the right bureaucratic box in time. A woman who pledged $18.5 million to her Indian billionaire host for an airstrip at his Adani Carmichael mine?

            This stuff is worthy of Kafka at his terrifying best (try The Trial).

            But back to the Strelow matter. The Council Conduct Tribunal ’summary of decision and reasons’ is here.


            Now first, let’s be clear about one vital aspect … the Councillor Tribunal did not order that Strelow resign as mayor, instead they imposed a mass of bureaucratic and intentionally demeaning obligations on the mayor for what amounts to a box-ticking error. Margaret Strelow resigned rather than make what she considered a dishonest public apology – a ’confession’ if you will – that she engaged in misconduct. The wording makes it clear, while not saying so directly, that the Tribunal decided in its own arcane wisdom that such misconduct MUST have been intentional.

            Unless The ‘Pie misses his mark, the fan is on fast and the bucket is about to be tipped on to it. There certainly going to be some selective sophistry about benefits and who got them, but read this eyewitness account of what it’s all about (but keeping in mind that InQueensland News is the LGAQ-funded publication). and then The ‘Pie will ask a question that may be overlooked.


            Now here’s one aspect that needs airing: wasn’t there some kind of political biffo between Strelow and the Labor Party about candidature pre-selection? The ‘Pie is called away on personal matters for a a couple of hours now, but if one of you citizen journalists could have a look into this angle and file a report for fellow readers, The ‘Pie would be very grateful.

  9. Dazza says:

    I wonder if all those Trump “the election was rigged” Supporters will get much traction in the Republican Party since they gained house of rep and kept senate and governor seats. Did the Democratic Party forget to “rig” those elections as well? There is no seperate presidential voting paper you vote on so many positions and races from federal to state to local all at the same time. Let’s hope until noon Jan 20th 2021 the trump is sedated by the secret service because he is in office till then!

    • NQ Gal says:

      Trump doesn’t care that other republicans may have been returned using the same “illegal” ballot. If the postal ballots were coming back in his favour, there wouldn’t be a problem with them.

  10. upagumtreeperson says:

    If the media did not have COVID and the U.S. race for the white House, what would they report on? I am over it.

  11. upagumtreeperson says:

    Magpie, what was Adani thinking when they changed their name. Quite true that bravos/us is not the appropriate name. What office girl decided “that would sound good,’on advertising. Makes one wonder who runs the ship, er mine, er company.
    Could have used Bravo, cry of approval or bravura meaning and brilliant or ambitious performance. The Adani office girl did not think it through. Quite a laugh, eh Magpie. But then what’s in a name, eh? Who really cares? I don’t.

    • The Magpie says:

      Hey Tree Rooter, wheres ya bin, haven’t heard from you in yonks?

      • upagumtreeperson says:

        Magpie, I am always lurking in the shadows of the tree. In life I am a spectator, watching, thinking about how I can contribute. I also like gardening, particularly composting. I can give readers some clues on how to decompose material for the benefit of human kind. The world would be a cleaner or more productive place if we composted more. Any comments? Oh, time for my medications!

    • Achilles says:

      The Adani manager who advised the board of his insiteful new name. reminds me of when I worked for a humorless Singapore conglomerate.

      On checking my diary I noted that my secretay had confirmed an appointment with a delegation from Israel including lunch with the chairman and senior exces of a Company called Speculum.

      I chose to ignore the appointment as it was April 1st, but was surprised that a Singaporean would have a good smattering of Latin and a sense of humour.
      [spec·u·lum /ˈspəkyələm/ noun: speculum; plural noun: specula
      a metal or plastic instrument that is used to dilate an orifice or canal in the body to allow inspection.

      Late that evening I got a right bollocking from my CEO for not attending, it was nigh on impossible to explain the matter over the ‘phone; so we did so on the carpet in his office the next morning. And YES that was the Companies real name, Fortunatley they refused to deal with me and it was left to a local to explain the “issue”.

  12. Agent 86 says:

    Anyone seen my shoe? I need to use the phone to dial Biden on the secret squirrel line. Last time I had it was when I was spooking The Donald………

  13. Helen Reddy says:

    Why would you assume it was an “office girl?”

  14. George McFly says:

    Another airport halfwit gone. Cairns airport’s CEO, Norris Carter has pulled the pin suddenly. Seems he can see the writing on the wall as far as finances go. They are dropping like flies around the aviation industry. He did a good job cleaning out the management shit up there, maybe someone could offer him a job at Townsville airport? Tourism is dead. Businesses are dead. But the COVID zealots and hysterical fuckwits who worry that COVID is as dangerous as Ebola are helping to the fuel the death of the worlds economies.
    P.S Bye Bye Donald you fuckwit. Don’t bang the door on the way out.

  15. The Turd says:

    So Malcolm Turnbull is set to lift the lid on the Canberra culture of “boozing and screwing staff” in an explosive episode of Four Corners tonight that the Morrison Government has tried to stop going to air. Ha ha. Sociopaths like Turnbull and Rudd just can’t help themselves. Sore losers. Pentecostal Scotty from Marketing will be horrified. And Inimagine the Beetrooter and his 50 cent bride will cop a tarring again. And to think that our Honorable leaders in Spamberra have been up to some naughty shenanigans! Surely not?

    • The Magpie says:

      Yeah, don’t quite see what the problem is … except it relies on the fact that Canberra denizens are just like everyone else.

  16. A taxpayer says:

    As long as those in Canberra are screwing each other it means they’re not screwing us!

  17. Realist says:

    It’s has been a tough few weeks for the self funded retirees reading and contributing on this blog
    But at least the asx is up and hitting record values

    • winni says:

      Hey Realist,
      Did you work on the system all your life and do didley squat to create jobs and generate wealth
      Self funded retirees are the success story
      unlike you jealous bastards who do fuck all
      go crawl into a dark hole and get bitten by a red back

  18. The fat Indian says:

    Interesting that (now ex) Rocky Mayor Margaret Strelow has resigned over misconduct finding re Adani trip. Didn’t Jenny Hill go on the exact same trip and fail to declare it? Haven’t seen anything up on the local rag’s website yet

  19. The Untouchables says:

    So after being investigated for misconduct over the Adani airport shenanigans Mayor Margaret Strelow of Rockhampton has fallen on her sword today and resigned! Does that mean the Mullet is going to gain some additional spotlight over the Adani con job? Good to see the conceited moose being squeezed out, 20 years is way too long serving on Council and this is what happens, Councillors become full of themselves and pretty much do whatever they want whenever they want. She was the fucking Mayor, not Queen of England, as she thought. Bye bye Margie, tootlepip.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      One wonders what else Margaret Strelow has been up to. All she had to do was properly declare her Adani trip and everything would be legitimate. There was no requirement for her resignation. Behaviour like this only creates more questions.

  20. George st says:

    It has been noted in Brisbane that the daily media conferences held by the premier , health minister and cmo prior to the election have been replaced by silence
    Prior to the election a daily media conference was conducted with the announcement of new cases, warnings to get tested and information regarding covid detection in sewage
    This has all stopped
    Now 10 days later there is nothing, no case updates , no requested for treatment and no whining Steven Miles
    If you still don’t believe the election was won on the back of a over hyped scare campaign you will live in
    ignorance forever
    Queensland was conned

  21. Grumpy says:

    Must admit to a certain level of schadenfreude in watching that unpleasant, smug prick Bashir getting his comeuppance.

  22. Dave of Kelso says:

    So, ScoMo has invited one J.Biden to visit Australia
    next year.


    I can just see the US President and his entire admin and security detail thougherly enjoying their two week lock-down quarantine at Howard Springs. After all, it’s rock bottom science.

    • Genital origami says:

      But but they are politicians so that means they are different to the rest of us shit kickers, much better people and they get special privileges. And how many millions will this cost us just to have one silly old fucktard who has spent 48 years sucking on the public teat? And for what purpose? NONE!

  23. Russell says:

    Surely TCC meant “activities” (look at your keyboard)

  24. The real Philip Batty says:

    Just to remind people of the debacle I had with TCC and others over the Adani trip and subsequent non declarations, also to pose a question to see if ANYONE believes the final answer.
    After asking the CEO of the council 13 times if Mayor Hill had declared on her register of gifts the $1500 hospitality from Adani and then if she had declared a real or perceived conflict of interest in the meeting where the Adani Airstip and the $18 million dollars was discussed.
    The TCC CEO and lawyers refused to answer and instead threatened to charge me if I kept asking.
    Then the CCC investigation into this and other matters like the lack of any tender to award the $18 million to Wagner’s went nowhere. The second and third enquires plus freedom of information applications all went nowhere too, denied and redacted for almost years.
    Then TO MY SURPRISE and disbelief it seems a handwritten piece of paper turned up when Mayor Hill declared the $1500 in May of 2017 but not correctly entered into the system. Funny how any one of my 13 questions to TCC could have been simply answered if this document ever existed at the time, and the first 2 investigations by the CCC had been provided with this document then I could have been saved a good deal or time and expense all leading to nowhere.
    How many readers would think that this document had miraculously turned up 2 and a half years later. Go figure.

    • The Magpie says:

      And the courts aren’t much better … the Adani move to keep the details of the agreement between Townsville and Rockhampton over the airstrip rip-off meandered through the courts until now, any inquiry is either duck shoved around or we’re told ‘not yet decided’. When will it be available? ‘In due time’. If ever.

      The situation is simple … if an above-board arrangement was made, there would be no reason not to release the details (first person to mutter commercial in confidence will be sent to the naughty corner). The Right To Information commissioner said details should be made public, Adani and Jenny Hill shat themselves and off to court they went to block being found out, where the matter now stays.

      It doesn’t get much more corrupt than this.

    • Pat Coleman says:

      Hidden in p21 of the 2016-17 Federal Alp return https://transparency.aec.gov.au/Download/ReturnImageByMoniker?moniker=64-XJAR2

      It was at the time, and after it was exposed , supposed to be declared under the local government electoral act.

      Adani donations were illegal foreign donations under the Qld Electoral Act s269-270 and s275 307-08

      • The real Philip Batty says:

        Pat, far be it from me to get into a protracted debate with you but the reference above to the hospitality Mayor Hill received from Adani was nothing to do with electoral donations. It was her obligation to disclose that she had been personally afforded this hospitality from Adani on her TCC statement of interests and the her obligation to declare a real or perceived conflict of interest as a result at any meeting discussing Adani and the airstrip proposal.
        What you refer to while valid and should be scrutinised is not the same at all.

        • The Magpie says:

          Fear not, Batty One, you may allay any fears of you or anybody else getting into a protracted debate with Pat on this site. While Mr Coleman has research skills and occasionally provides an interesting link – out of hundreds – he has zero knowledge of presenting an argument in any concise and readable manner. He has on occasion submitted ‘comments’ to this blog that rival War and Peace in length, and like the Tolstoy plots, has a cast of characters more confusing than Russian patronyms. But y’all can enjoy Pat’s babblanche on his own website, the link of which The ‘Pie hasn’t got (no Pat don’t bother).

          • Pat Coleman says:

            Doyle, cop, Illegal foreign Adani donations to LNP. Doyle LNP , Crissafulli LNP , Crissafulli and Doyle crooks, magpie backed Doyle and Crissafulli, Magpie backed crooks, magpie hypocrite.

          • The Magpie says:

            Hey, that’s rap, pure rap. Didn’t know you were a musical poet, Pat.

  25. The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

    This from the Astonisher:

    Townsville City Council will hold a by-election to replace new Mundingburra MP Les Walker.
    The State Government announced today that it will introduce and pass a bill to retrospectively amend the Local Government Act.
    Any vacancies to any mayoral or councillor positions that have recently arisen will need to be filled through a by-election.
    It’s unknown when the by-election would be held.

    I guess that resolves the Walker, Strelow and potentially Hill problems for LGAQ.

  26. George st says:

    Correct. The rocky mayor was not the alp favoured candidate this time around . I think they were hoping she would retire gracefully
    The government let the tribunal run its course
    The rocky mayor has responded in kind and tipped the overflowing bucket of shit onto the state government
    Hinchcliffe is now damaged goods for the rest of the term and will be quietly shuffled out of photo opportunities . Expect a mid term move for him to the senate
    Weak two. Stuff up one
    With more embarrassment on the horizon

  27. NQ Gal says:

    Now that Scott Stewart has been given a ministerial portfolio, is he going to be promoted to Lance Corporal Cupcake?

  28. Genital origami says:

    Today in many industries, businesses and organisations where there is a risk or corruption, capture or malfeasance you are only permitted to stay in that position for a small tenure, say 3 to 4 years, then you are moved along. It makes logical sense. But not in local Government where you have Councillors who have been born and raised in a small community and then go on to spend 20 to 30 years on the Council. That is a massive integrity risk and it has been proven many times that these long serving trough swillers. Are often into dodgy practises. The system simply has to change, and organisations like the LGAQ who for better terms acts like ‘The Godfather’ over a group of Council mafia groups. It’s bullshit. Should Frau Strelow have walked? Who knows. But after 20 years as a Mayor/Councillor you can bet your life that there are unfounded skeletons in her closet.

    • The Magpie says:

      Don’t agree. Looks more like the public ping pong of political payback. (NB This comment is an entry for Alliteration of the Week.)

  29. George St says:

    The Rockhampton mayor Strelow brouhaha is actually about two important issues

    Firstly , the original amendments to the Local Government Act and the subsequent decision to change the Act and apply it respectively . Its a big policy stuff up by a Minister who is more peacock than competent manager

    I will bet Rockhampton to a brick that if the second place runner was an ALP endorsed candidate amendments would not be passed

    I think the second issue is a bigger concern , That is the existence and behaviour of these Tribunals and Boards dishing out decisions into alleged actions and behaviour

    This particle tribunal has been unduly influenced by O Rourke the local state member , an idiot in search of a village . Their decision , if appealed to higher courts would be found to be erroneous lacking in due process and highly possibly incorrect in law .

    This type of incorrect application of the law and misuse of power is common in these tribunals and Boards . They exist in a lot of regulated industries and occupations ( construction, racing ,real estate , maritime services, teaching . law , nursing and many more )

    The creation of these kangaroo courts have been applauded by left leaning governments and championed as enforcing community expectations and holding the community to account

    Bull shit

    In most instances they are all about small minded people getting pay back for some perceived issue and building up and reinforcing the ego of poorly educated and inexperienced ( but well rewarded) shiny arsed public servants

    However very few of us have $ 200 000 to spend on legal fees to follow through with an appeal and most cop the shame and fine and move on

    Good on Mayor Stretlow tipping the bucket of shit on the government
    I hope she runs again and sticks it up the shiny arses here in Brisbane

    • The Magpie says:

      And if you haven’t seen it, George, this story in InQueensland is an informative and considered piece but as The ‘Pie will be doing with such links in the future, it is always best to remember that this news site in funded inter alia by the LGAQ, and the writer in this instance is a former LGAQ media person – declared admittedly – so we should all be aware of nascent hidden agendas. But The ‘Pie heartily agrees with the comments about commercial in confidence, and believes that this is an area so abused by what is supposed to be open and transparent councils that it should be reviewed as a matter of urgency. Not that you could expect the LGAQ to push this one too hard, because it might expose the depth of the Local Buy rort.

      • George St says:

        A great photo of the beautifully follicled Pickle tickler

        I do like the last sentence
        God save us from those with good intentions

        I would add god save us from those that are claiming to act for the greater good , it is usually their own good they are pushing

  30. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Amazing what happens when you leave Townsville, Chris Vitale and Paul Gedoun got tired of building NRAS homes for bogans in Townsville so packed up and headed south years ago, yesterday announcing a $400 million hotel/residential development at Burleigh Heads, just wonderful. I find it appalling that selfish small minded losers in this town discourage people, especially young people from leaving Townsville to find something better in some feeble attempt to save the joint from its systemic failures, I on the other hand encourage anyone to leave at every opportunity they get. I would like to see the govt pay for people to leave regional towns to seek a better life for themselves, if it doesn’t work out they could always move back, I doubt many would, but we need to give our young people every opportunity to make something of their lives.

    • Dr of Truth says:

      Cantankerous – yes a good story, but please, there is a whole lot more to this story. All I will say.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Thank you for your substantive, insightful and valuable contribution, dickhead, next time you feel you have some thought provoking comment to make why dont you stick your fingers up your arse so you can’t use them on a keyboard, WTF is the point of writing that.

      • Mike Douglas says:

        Yes , the old Townsville “Tall poppy syndrome ” . The moment someone is successful try and cut them down by posting some unsupported claim . Dr of Truth , may be TRRA facebook page is more suited to your unsubstantiated claims . TRRA must hold the record for the most people that have mud slung against their name with no actual outcome on those claims .

        • Dr of Truth says:

          Wrong in all respects. I have indirect business ties with them. There is no tall poppy syndrome. The point is that they didn’t leave Townsville for any of the reasons Cantankerous suggested. And if you think they no longer contribute heavily to Townsville’s economy, go do some research on property holdings, businesses and share holdings. And Mike, happy for you to retract all insinuations of TRRA and mud slinging as that is not the case.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            “Indirect business ties” so you are a 3rd party pissant who heard a few rumours from someone who thinks they know, otherwise you would back up your claims with some factual detail, you’re a dickhead.

  31. L. Ron Hubbard says:

    Scotty from Marketing is in trouble for interrupting Anne Ruston while she was being asked about the Parliament House rooting ban. The Pentecostal Morrison, obviously a man of high integrity with strong Christian values, was offended by the term ‘bonk ban’. It seems the colloquialism ‘bonking’ is a naughty word. Some of the Magpies female readers will be jumping for joy seeing Scotty being called a misogynist. Here I was thinking there are bigger issues in life at the moment. I was obviously wrong. I wonder how much bonking takes place in TCC’s chamber?

  32. Nosey says:

    Special Council meeting held yesterday to discuss a Human Resources matter, looks like the CEO announcement is imminent ……… How exciting

  33. last drinks says:

    “Middle Age” Crisafulli leader of LNP. One of Newmans Ministers and just as idiotic. Under the blowtorch for 4 years will dull his shine a bit for you on the right. Oh, he is a good whiner all right. Until, you go looking for something there and you find there is no there there.

    • The Magpie says:

      Have noted the total lack of specifics or even highly selective facts. Won’t be publishing any more unfocussed slurs unless backed up with some semblance of credibility. And ‘middle age’ now a sin, is it?

      • last drinks says:

        “kid ” no more. If you didn’t publish the unfocussed slurs, the blog would be quite small in comments. I guess the next 4 years will tell.

    • L. Ron Hubbard says:

      ‘Last drinks’ – that’s what old people have before they croak it old girl, no wonder you are jealous of Crisafulli. The Kid will be an energetic young leader. Out will come the long awaited broom and he has 4 years to put together clean out the dross, reunite the team and put together some robust strategies and future planning. And he will likely appoint people based on their genuine skills set, not because of minority groups pushing ‘girl power’ or ‘rainbow power’. Best candidate wins and sexuality or gender has no impact. Congratulations David.

      • The Magpie says:

        Totally agree with your comment, but The ‘Pie wishes, for deeply personal reasons, that you would change your name.
        Hubbard’s Scientology hokum nearly killed my mother 50 years ago. Hubbard was a science fiction writer who is on record as saying ‘if you want to make real money, invent a religion’ – and so we have robotic vermin infesting the place now. Scientology is NOT a religion, it is simply extortive exploitation of the either emotionally vulnerable or the soulless willing to demean themselves long enough to get to the position of being one of the exploiters.

        While this description fits most religions, the empty nihilists of Scientology have lifted it to a terrifying art form.

  34. Bob the Builder says:

    The LNP rebuild can now commence. Meanwhile the Labor party are already breaking promises and lying through their teeth. The bloated Polak can’t be trusted.
    Too bad for NMD, ECQ and last drinks, you must be so angry that a man has replaced the Freckle as leader ha ha ha.

    • last drinks says:

      Actually quite happy that Crisafooli has at last come out of the shadows and exposed himself to the spotlight. What will happen when the great hope actually turns out to be a great dope?

  35. The Magpie says:

    Unless of course, they involve some sort of parliamentary corruption condoning illegal orders.

  36. Elusive Butterfly says:

    So, David Crisafulli is the new QLD LNP Leader.
    The Plump Polish Premier must be quivering in her high-heels.
    Afterall, Mr. Crisafulli is quite the achiever.
    Here are the top 10 outcomes he achieved for Townsville while Deputy Mayor and the Member for Mundingburra.

    1.Kept Labor honest when Mooney was in power.

    We await further achievements over the next four years!!

    • The Magpie says:

      Helped you out a bit with number 1, Harpic Voter,, you obviously have a touch of Old Timers, you left the rest blank. Oh, what? A joke? Oh chortle wheeze and slap the thigh. Even if The Kid did nothing, that’s twice as much as Harper, O’Rort and our resourceful trough minister have ever done.

    • Bob the Builder says:

      Elusive butterfly, NMD, ECQ, last drinks, same stupid person.

    • George st says:

      I was having a quite drink in a brisbane pub and the kid walked in for dinner with his LNP colleagues
      I did meet him
      He was polished well dressed confident articulate but short
      In fact a bloke I would want to have lunch with and talk about our problems and issues
      First time I met him and now in no doubt he will appeal to the Brisbane surbanties that they need to impress
      He is the real deal. More impressive in person than Newman or Beattie
      He said nice things about the magpie and I can now understand the hype
      The LNP group including Deb appeared a team and comfortable together
      If they can find a few scandals ( well when they find them). Ap and her team are in trouble
      I think the kid. Purdy and the member for Currumbin are the people to watch
      Btw his father still reads the blog

  37. Elusive Butterfly says:

    Okay! We’ve established that Crisafulli did buggerall for Townsville while his snout was in the public trough, but he was at least thoughtful.
    So thoughtful, in fact, that he bundled up his family, after getting flogged in Mundingburra, and, moved to the Gold Coast.
    As you do!
    Apparently , he reasoned, his wife, a milliner, would sell more hats on the Gold Coast than in Townsville.
    As you would!
    Now, that’s a “thoughtful man”….but not one I’d want in my foxhole when the going got tough!

    • The Magpie says:

      You’re a small minded disappointed idiot. But we love you – you make some of us know we’re not the saddest sack around here.

      Your comment is just silly.

    • Al says:

      Still demented, I see

    • Grumpy says:

      EB – “Flogged”? I think not. DC’s primary vote only dipped by 2% , which was pretty insignificant, given the overall swing against the LNP state-wide. It was only because of Palmer’s treachery and the mouth-breathing bogans that flocked to him at the time (how did that work out for you, boys?) Regardless, it left us with that dumbfuck O’Rourke. Regardless of gender, you have to admit that woman was clinically stupid and unfit for any public office.

      • The Magpie says:

        Chris, if that’s the case, what does that say about Aaron Harpic? oh, that’s right, he’s clean round the bend.

  38. Elusive Butterfly says:

    “Just silly” huh?
    I think you’ll find, on record, that, Mr. Crisafulli said he moved to the Gold Coast in order for his wife to sell more hats.
    But then, the good people of Mackay have fond memories of David and his wife…as, no doubt, you remember Mr. Pie??
    As does the “small minded, disappointed idiot!!”

    • The Magpie says:

      So you appear to want to make a serious point about a humorous reply to a silly question … The Kid moved closer to the centre of power so that eventually, he could (1 become LNP leader, and (2 the Premier. The ‘Pie always did find it funny that Tegan referred to ‘Mackay is full of bogans’ – The ‘Pie’s oh-so-droll southern chums wondered why she had singled out Mackay.

  39. Dave of Kelso says:

    Re The Kid Crisafulli; Some people are a bit harsh and too quick off the mark.
    He has been in the job for 10 seconds and some are coming down on him like a ton of bricks.
    How about waiting to see his form in his new role inside and outside the parliament.

    • The Magpie says:

      aww, c’mon, Dave, let the Labor trolls and other losers display their trembling bottom lips a bit, will take the attention away from the fact that they know they’re in BIG trouble and have soiled their undies.

  40. Chook poker says:

    So, if the State Of Origin was played last Wednesday night in Sydney, and next Wednesday in Brisbane, how does the 2 week quarantine work? Oh, that’s right, the election is over!

  41. Elusive Butterfly says:

    I think you’ll find, Mr. Pie, that Ms. Crisafulli did not refer to the good people of Mackay as “bogans”, but rather, “ugly freaks!.”
    Now, that’s not very “Premier-like” is it?

    • The Magpie says:

      That is wrong, or at least it certainly wasn’t quoted anywhere, but the ‘bogan’ comm ent was. Tegan talking to the paper when she said Mackay-ites were ‘bogans’ after a visit to the races down there. The Kid was a little shame-faced when The ‘Pie broached the subject with him, but being the committed family man he is, refused to disparage Tegan for her ill-judged public assessment.

  42. Alahazbin says:

    So Corporal Cupcake says he has mining in his DNA because his grandfather worked at Mt Isa Mines.
    Shit! I have 2 great grandfathers on my dad’s side and one on my mother’s side all involved in gold mining. I must piss gold. FFS.

  43. Weary Dave says:

    G’day Pie & Others … long time reader, first time poster … blah, blah, blah … had the pleasure of dealing with David Crisafulli when I was an employee of TCC … believe it or not he used to actually take calls from residents and listen to their concerns/issues … he would then look at the TCC org chart & staff/dept role summaries to determine which department / manager was the most suitable or qualified to deal with the issue and try and put the two parties in touch with each other via the CEO in order to work towards a positive outcome … fckn crazy concept I know :-) … he’ll only do good for QLD

    • The Magpie says:

      There is a little more history there, that led to another celebrated Magpie nick-name.

      One of Les Walker’s division 10 constituents rang The ‘Pie when he was at the paper maybe around 2006-ish, saying he had been forced to ring Clr Crisafulli for help with a matter he had tried to get Walker to assist with, but his messages went unanswered several times. Checked around, rang Walker’s number half a dozen times over a couple of days for no answer, and spoke to The Kid, who confirmed several Division 10 people had contacted him with similar situations. Crisafulli managed to fix all the problems raised, although none were in his bailiwick, and that’s when The Magpie first wrote about Messagebank Walker, a name he loathed and still does. Back then, he even complained to the editor, Mick Carroll. After talking to The ‘Pie about the complaint the next day, Mick suggested we all sit down and chat about, so in my presence he rang Walker … twice. And guess what?
      The editor’s final word to The Magpie about the nickname. ‘Go for it.’

      • Weary Dave says:

        “Mick suggested we all sit down and chat about, so in my presence he rang Walker … twice. And guess what?”

        fckn gold :-)

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