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Sunday, August 22nd, 2021   |   169 comments

A Magistrate, A Mayor And An Editor; It Was  Lewis  Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland Tribute Week In Townsville.

All three led a discovery tour down a rabbit hole into some sort of parallel universe. Magistrate Ross Mack played Humpty Dumpty, Mayor Jenny Hill The White King, and Astonisher iditor Craig Warhurst suddenly morphed in the Mock Turtle.

All that to one side, mysterious things happen on our roads every day … one such instance that makes you wonder about the mental working of council authorities is evidenced in a couple of photographs from down Ayr way.

But the Burdekin Council will have trouble matching the TCC for fairy floss and flim flam: no solar lit avenue for our stadium, the council inexplicably decides to shelve the already paid-for plan, but hey, Clr Murray Soars dons his pink tutu to sprinkle some fairy dust on Maggie Island, but his enlightening news  actually looks suspiciously like minced tripe fresh from the TCC media department word abattoir.

And upside down and back to front … Townsville Bulletin editor Craig Warhurst tells it how it is … and or isn’t, depending on your point of view.

Plus our weekly gallery of American penmen, and a few larfs along the way.

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Now onward.

Yesterday, Saturday, Was Dingbat Day For Anti-Vaxxers

Protestors attended rallies  around the country, railing against vaccines, masks, slavery and apparently how defeating a pandemic will end our days on this planet. Some of the arguments actually served to make that an attractive possibility.

Anti-vax protestors 5f53e0a7b4b428dce4747759266f2772

The day unearthed a rich vein of mental instability running through society, kindled by red hot social media fuckwittery.  Like other vegetables, this particular variety of home-grown turnip offered scientists, politicians and ‘thu medja’ some colourful character readings. One totally discombobulated foamer in Brisbane suggested those at the rally were the courageous ones, because  proof of their stand was that there were no counter demonstrations opposing them. Well, no, Mr Turnip, BECAUSE those opposed to you  were indoors wearing masks, and that in itself tells you what the vast bulk of the population thinks of your anti-vaxxing bedwetting.

A particular rant was about mandating the wearing of masks but Bentley thinks any mask mandate opens the floodgates of creative thinking and individuality.

Masks assorted fin small

And another point of view aired during the week.

Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 10.46.35 pm

But of course we face other problems, too, as The Shovel points out.

Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 1.26.57 pm

Magistrate Humpty Dumpty Gives Mayor Mullet The Green Light

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”
“The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”
“The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.”

Lewis Carroll: Through The Looking Glass



The Magpie feels it necessary at the outset of discussing this matter that he is aware there there will be howls of derision about ‘biased and jaundiced reporting by a known critic of Mayor Hill’ from the ‘move along now, nothing to see here’ crowd. So to be clear, the following point of view is based on language, interpretation and evidence, not on supposition or some bizarre sort of political point scoring. Even when police officers sternly say ‘move along, nothing to see here’, you can guarantee that , there is plenty to see,  although it may be none of your business,.  However, in this case, it is our business.

There can be no doubt that motorcyclist Darryl Lynch was an accident going somewhere to happen, and his contribution to his own death is not in dispute. What is in dispute is the mayor’s actions, and the extent she was instrumental in the accident. Crucial are the decisions she made to place her vehicle in the place where Lynch smashed into it. So let’s just stick to the language as revealed in court. Hill admitted she was talking on a hands free phone with a senior council bureaucrat when she came to the amber light and began her turn, in her words,  ‘to duck down Alfred Street’.  ‘Duck down’ clearly infers she was in a bit of a hurry, in fact, impatient. And a phone conversation of that nature would reasonably be one of consequence that required consideration. Possibly mental distraction.

But in his ruling, the Magistrate Ross Mack went all Humpty Dumpty when he  said ‘while her actions exhibited some impatience, they did not demonstrate a lack of care or attention on Hill’s behalf.’

The definition of impatience includes ‘frustration, exasperation, annoyance, pique’, something all drivers experience at one time or another. And clearly in everyday English, must mean someone IS demonstrating a lack of care or attention when the person is impatient.

Then there is the matter of the rules regarding amber lights.

The final line of this video is the pertinent one … continuing to cross the path of on-coming traffic if it is safe to do so. The very act of crossing on-coming traffic lanes requires greater judgement than simply racing straight on through an intersection when you deem it is unsafe to suddenly stop on amber. And such judgement would be greatly impaired if you are talking council business on a hands free phone, and you’re in a hurry. In other words, it would impair your ability to take the care and attention required of all road users.

But Ross Mack has made his ruling, and that is that. The Mayor’s top-dollar legal shill will have no doubt advised her that a civil suit by the family is almost certainly not a possibility,  given it would take ten of thousands of dollars to seek a jury’s opinion that may very well differ from the magistrate’s.

District Court Judge Clive Wall once famously said in another matter ’it is a fruitless task to try and work out what goes through a magistrate’s mind’. Ross Mack has confirmed the good judge’s view.

The Wash-Up

For those folks seething with clenched fists at the foregoing. Please note that like Bob Dyer’s Pick-A-Box, quiz of the ‘50s and 60s  ’The judges decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.’ Magistrate Ross Mack has his say, Jenny Hill’s golden dollar legal shill has had his say, she has already started taking cheap political potshots with her say (see the following), and now The Magpie has had his say. End of story.

Like They Say In Las Vegas, Winners Talk and Losers Walk … Or Can Suit Themselves.

“I see nobody on the road,” said Alice.
 “I only wish I had such eyes,” the King remarked in a fretful tone.“To be able to see Nobody! And at that distance too! Why, it’s as much as I can do to see real people, by this light!” The White King in Lewis Carroll’s:Through the Looking-Glass

 Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 6.36.05 pm 

An interesting claim when you consider that Mayor Hill did not enter a plea until the very last moment in the long-drawn out process, which may well be the advice of her legal megaphone, but that still leaves the question why did he think it necessary to make no plea if she was so convinced of her innocence?

Of course, by her own evidence she knew no such thing, anyway, but hey, her turn to talk.

Understandably, Jenny Hill had been directed by counsel to remain silent throughout the process, but within hours of the verdict, she had given the Courier Mail her first interview on her ordeal. And an ordeal it assuredly was, and would be for anyone, there can be no doubt about that … apart from counselling and the spectre of a ruinous rip-off legal bill, the moment another human died in an accident involving her will be with her forever. It’s a lonely thought.

Jenny Hill at accident scene Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 11.37.28 am

But boy, was this gal ever quickly back into her cheap political point scoring mode, and she was suddenly making herself the victim.

Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 6.40.19 pm

Calling on the mayor to stand aside while the matter was decided – a view that The Magpie also took, but he doesn’t matter – is not cowardly at all, it is simply a call to do the honourable thing for a public figure who is charged by police. She gave not a single thought to the reputational damage for this city she was adding to her already considerable scoresheet in that area by not standing aside.

And there are certain people and groups particularly in her own beloved Labor Party, who will be rolling on the floor laughing at her patently absurd claim that she’s always played the ball and not the person. She has always been and remains one of the most vindictive and vengeful political players on the local scene. But all that said, she is a survivor, and as one Labor insider told the The Magpie, ’There can be no doubt she has always been one of the luckiest politicians ever in Queensland.’


So Now She Can again Face A Worry That Just Ain’t Goin’ Away


Sooner or later, the electorate is surely going have had enough of the Walker Street Hermit Kingdom arrogance. Here’s the latest ‘don’t you worry your pretty little head about that’ from the council. The solar walk to the stadium, already funded by the Queensland Government, has been nixed with no real reason given.

Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 7.32.55 pm

Absolutely no explanation beyond a vague ‘we deem it is not the right time’ to complete the project. Why isn’t it? The money was there. And it’s a time when we need jobs the project promised.

And someone else was on to this mob gongoozling shape-shifters long before The Bulletin picked up on the story.

Fran warning on trees Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 11.24.14 am

But hey, let’s not be churlish, the poor old TCC media folk have been flat out like Les Walker on a pub floor handling the other big lighting news news – at least Magnetic Island is getting some decorative lights. But talk about losing a pound and finding a penny. This from comments on Friday, in reply to a reader who doubted the worth of our councillors.

The Magpie
7,794 approved
email hidden; JavaScript is required
Submitted on 2021/08/20 at 8:50 am | In reply to Cheech and Chong.How dare you, sirrah!!! These are the selfless folk (for the usual selfless fee of $120k per) who are on the job 24/7, as we were informed by the iditor of the Astonisher Craig Warhurst recently.

And as proof to repudiate your churlish assertions, here hot off the press is a media release from the council this morning from one councillor, who doubtlessly toiled into the early hours composing exciting information for us to excitedly share in our excitement. And The Magpie warns that he will not publish any sniggering comments about this being buzzword bullshit of the highest order, denigrating the skill and vision it takes to hang some fairy lights in trees.

Date published: 19 August 2021

New innovative and sustainable lighting has been installed in trees along Picnic Bay’s dining strip.

The project includes warm white lights in the trees adjacent to the bay, and brighter coloured lights in trees close to the Picnic Bay Hotel, beer garden and mall.

Council Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability Committee chairperson Maurie Soars said the lights are safe for the trees and people and have been installed to encourage more use in the area.

“The installation of this lighting in areas like Picnic Bay is a way for Council to enhance our open spaces and showcase our natural environment,” Cr Soars said.

“These were some of the most highly rated values for liveability in Townsville, as indicated by residents in our Liveability Survey.

“These lights are locally produced, programmable, ultra-low voltage, and human and plant friendly so there is no risk to the trees or to the children that play in the trees.

“We’ve had similar lights on the trees at The Strand for some time now and they’ve done really well in that space, so I’m glad we could try them on the Island too.”

The absurdity of this as some sort of proof of Townsville liveability – whatever the hell that is – got a couple of immediate replies.

Parson Blossomnose
7,794 approved
Submitted on 2021/08/20 at 9:04 am | In reply to The Magpie.Question for Clr Maury Soars.

What method did you use to quantify that “We’ve had similar lights on the trees at The Strand for some time now and they’ve done really well in that space….”. How does a light do really well, except for not going out? Do they grow a few watts from their happy environment? Do they turn fluorescent in their delight?

Don’t get me wrong, Maury, I reckon your worth every cent of your $120k, keep up the good work.

Select comment Lord Howard Hertz
7,794 approved the TCC also clean up the messy stains on the footpath when one of the children playing in trees falls out? Or will they have to leave the ‘evidence’ until the court case is finalised? You know the one, where the city councillor is sued for encouraging children to climb trees.
Submitted on 2021/08/20 at 8:59 am | In reply to The Magpie

But Council Mysteries Aren’t Restricted To Townsville

A regular Nester recently discovered that the Burdekin Council also moves in mysterious ways.

Hey, ‘Pie, this is just nuts but what would I know, around three weeks ago as I was driving back from Townsville and just getting on the overtaking lane north of Brandon I noticed at the other end of the overtaking lane something white flying up in the air, as I went past this object on the side of the road I noticed this mattress and the roof of a pop top caravan, but the vehicle that lost it was nowhere to be seen, I looked in Ayr but no luck so god knows what these people thought when they wanted to set up camp.

So just over a week ago I seen these workers at the mattress as I drove past, I thought they must be going to remove it but no I was wrong, when I came back from Townsville there was a star picked and notice.

IMG20210814123247 illegal

The notice ‘Under investigation’ My question is what and how are they going to investigate this, DNA old jiggy jig stains, hair, finger prints on the roof light which is still attached????

And when they finish their investigation what will happen? Oh I know they will send out a couple of burley blokes to pick it up and dump it, which I thought they should have done a couple of weeks ago, how much is this costing ratepayers

I want to throw in a couple of pillows and a blankie there,so it can be a new REST AREA before you get to Sandy Corner, should work.


Saturday 21st:

It’s still there today I go up to Townsville every day except Sun for work.

IMG20210821065047 IMG20210821065007

I’d like to be there when they pulled up to camp for the night, ‘ hey Debbie pop the top up while i get a beer’  ” Hey Brad it’s gone where did you leave it’ ‘ don’t be stupid Debbie it’s got to be there just switch on the inside light’ 


He Meant To Impress But We Were All Just Depressed

Craig Warhurst Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 11.30.59 pm

The Magpie fluttered along to a North Queensland Club lunch dring the week, to listen to what guest speaker The Daily  Astonisher’s  iditor Craig Warhurst had to say. It turned out to another of the week’s Lew Carroll tributes.

  • “Reeling and Writhing, of course, to begin with,” the Mock Turtle replied, “and then the different branches of Arithmetic—Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision.”Lewis Carroll: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • “Contrariwise,” continued Tweedledee, “if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.”Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking-Glass

And both those quotes accurately sum up what we heard about our current Townsville Bulletin, which Warhurst had the temerity to say ‘we’ when mentioning the upcoming 140th anniversary of its founding.

The Magpie must first say that Craig infuriatingly is one of those people you instinctively want to like … a shambling, affable sort of bearded bloke, smiley, friendly, personally charming everyone – including many of the more elderly club members who have given new literal turn to the term ‘Townsville’s movers and shakers.’ He even came across to say hi to The ‘Pie.

But it turned out that, to his own detriment, he is completely without guile. His speech, all read from copious notes – which had obviously been vetted by management , and backed by some quite unintelligible Power Point graphs,  offered us a dystopian vision straight out of the pages of Orwell’s 1984, and even hinting at the darker excesses of Huxley’s Brave New World.

Craig believed he was bringing the good news of Murdoch World to his audience, explaining that journalists now are equipped with banks of video monitors dotted about the news room which tells them how many people read various stories from the day before, or even sometimes, in real time. He went on and on lovingly about this technology, which he proudly told us, tells him what stories he should print or otherwise promote based on the level of interest shown in the algorithms. His journalists standing within the paper lived or died with the reception their stories got and directed them on the path to greater readership. This went a long way to explaining – although no oine asked – why such matters as ‘Townsville Top Ten Sexest Crims’ and more recently, ‘The 50 top Tinder pick-up lines’ which began with one that asked’ Give me a hundred reasons why I should stop cumming in my sox.’ Consideration for your podiatrist, perhaps?

In other words, readers ‘edit’ the paper – particularly the online content – their tastes in what they wanted to read, not what they needed to know.  It all shows up in the stats and then this sealed loop is completed when similar content is fed back to them.

Social media in other words, is now indistinguishable from this News Ltd template. And they see absolutely nothing wrong with it. There was certainly no hint of the social responsibility – or restraint – embedded in traditional news organisations.  Mainstream media – at least in the Bulletin’s case – has turned the accepted logic upside down in the chase for dollars – the Bulletin gets its ethics, its morality and its judgement from the yardstick of social media, instead of leading those who wished to be accurately informed rather than bombarded with adjectivally laden inaccuracies and grubbiness.

This system is also clearly used to discourage negative feedback comments, an exercise in ‘de-selecting’ rather than ‘selecting’. Reader Doug Kingston send this into The Nest:

Was checking out the Bully website today and this popped up:

“Welcome to My News

Stories and features have been selected for you. It includes local news, most viewed, your perks and a feedback survey, to help us better your experience moving forward.”

For obvious reasons I read all the Cowboys stories on the Bully website and often make comments on them – normally negative.

But lately there are no Cowboys stories on my screen when I check out the website.

Could it be they are NOT “selecting”Cowboys stories for me?

If so, is it censorship, or protectionism?

Indeed, Warhurst foreshadowed in the near future a new system where subscriber’s individual content will be curated to fit their likes and tastes. Presumably, one of the measurements will be blocking content if negative comments are made on a subject, which of course does not mean they are not interested, just disagree. It’s called public debate, and it seems the Bulletin wants none of it.

When question time came around, at the lunch, this point was even more eloquently put by former general manager of the paper Max Tomlinson, who knows a hell of a lot about journalism and papers (even if he is shaky in other areas like gender equality.)  He warned that this ran the danger of  creating a ‘silo mentality’ to the detriment of exposure to wider general knowledge. Warhurst had no counter to this, but The ‘Pie suspects that was because he doesn’t see any danger whatsoever in the Sydney hatched plan of one-size-fits-all. Or doesn’t want to, he professed how happy he is with his Townsville gig – and why not for a bloke who guilessly told his the first seven years of his working life were spent vas a hairdresser.

One area he was like a cat on a hot tin roof was when any questions of marketing or money came up … it was almost comical how he ‘ummed and arred’ as he repeatedly cast nervous questioning looks towards the table of his senior executive, sent along as his minder. She in fact stepped in verbally a couple of times to give some smooth non-answers to data questions she preferred not to share.

One interesting point was that we learnt that the Bulletin now has 18000+ digital subscribers … but there was no indication of just how disastrously print figures are faring ….  important because it is the printed publication on which the paper still justifies its local advertising rates. Craig bravely would have us believe – and said so – that even if all the Harvey bNorman ads disappeared overnight, the paper would still be in good shape.

All in all, Craig Warhurst is one of those damnable people who are so personally likeable that it is truly sad that he is such an malleable oaf … but it’s easy to see why Holt Street installed him.

Stopping Crime The Generational Way

Nothing stirs the general public’s emotions as the ill treatment of animals  ….

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 9.25.16 am

-… stories like this result in loud calls for de-knackering of the perpetrators. Well, it seems that is the sentence handed down to a Toowoomba couple who apparently face a childless future.

Puppy breeder ban Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 6.32.21 pm

Presumably the sentence will be enforced by the compulsory wearing of a human version of a dog’s anti-lick collar … but just where it will be worn is difficult … and unpleasant … to visualise.

America’s Withdrawal Symptoms

The disgraceful and short-sighted treatment that Australia has meted out to those Afghans who risked their lives to work with our forces – for many it is a literal death sentence – is echoed even more strongly in the USA. It is a shameful chapter in both countries mismanagement of an orderly wind-down. It I the first real political setback for the Biden Administration. And it is cold comfort indeed just imaging just how much worse it would have been under the previous Mobster President.

Biden will have trouble getting off the hook over this.

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 12.37.42 pm Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 10.14.18 am Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 10.14.37 am Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 9.12.31 am Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 8.15.00 am Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 9.14.07 am Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 12.37.42 pm Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 12.35.15 pm Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 8.16.33 am E8uFeAOXoAAWJc4 Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 8.10.15 am Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 8.14.36 am Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 12.36.51 pm Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 10.15.57 am Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 12.35.37 pm Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 9.11.40 am Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 8.04.14 am Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 8.13.25 am Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 9.17.59 am Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 9.15.25 am Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 9.13.57 am Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 8.10.32 am

For Our Many Legal Readers


And The Brighter Side Of Ageing

 Allowed to park PHOTO-2021-06-09-17-31-069

And Lock Down Art

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 10.14.56 am



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  1. Mike Douglas says:

    If ever you needed further proof who is controlling the messaging in the City go no further than saturdays first exclusive interview on the front page of the Townsville Bulletin . Seasoned PR professionals are shaking their heads at the Mayors strategy with the majority saying ” return to work and play it down and act with empathy ” would be their advise but in a sign of another politician misreading the community it was an opportunity to promote themselves . With 10 mths or less out from a Federal Election an opportunity to rebuild persona and the party . When you get to the $8 mil rain forest lights its amusing the papers editor claims that his journalist was the reason T.C.C. came clean when in fact it was commenters on this blog , Fran and Phil who ask the questions and we still dont know whether the Council has saved their $1.5 mil portion or moved it to another project . T.C.C.,s spokesperson , interesting not one Councillor was available , “its not the right time ” for not doing the rain forest will provide property owners with vacant tenants in the cbd to use the same excuse when Council comes knocking to update their shopfronts . Scott Stewart has shown he has learnt the ” its not my fault the city has lost $6.5 mil and 120 jobs ” by throwing T.C.C. under the bus replying that it was up to Council to manage the project .

    • Old Tradesman says:

      Question to Scott Stewart, where has the $6.5m gone? Could it be Cross River Rail’s bank account.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      TCC councillors are nothing but a bunch of beggars and grifters, apart from Fran none of them have achieved any business or management success at all in their worthless lives, just a pack of failures. If any Govt agrees to fund anything to TCC it should be on the strict basis that funding is only paid at completion of the project, no project no money, and it must be directly spent of the project, not siphoned off to fill budget deficits or other projects, these people have absolutely no idea of accountability.

  2. Prince Rollmop says:

    Jenny Shrill’s attack on Phil Thompson was not unexpected as it is a reflection of her character – a nasty vindictive putrid human being. That said, both Phil and Fran have found the Mullets weak spot which is ‘honesty’ and they are exposing her weekly. From embellished budget numbers to promises not kept, to fictitious projects to waste of ratepayers money, they have got her number and she sure as hell isn’t happy.

    I’m looking forward to more of Fran pulling apart Council spending and putting it under the microscope. And I’m looking for ward to Phil continuing to expose the Mullets lies and deceit while he continues, in the most bizarre way, to continue to get funding to support our great city. Something the elected Mayor is incapable of doing!

  3. Dave of Kelso says:

    Great blog dear ‘Pie. Should be compulsory reading for all politicians, public servants and voters.

    The matter of the on line Asstonisher selecting articles that the reader may “like” and shielding the reader from important but contentious issues reminded me of Zaphod Beeblebrox from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and the sunglasses he had.

    In Douglas Adams own words,

    “Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses have been specially designed to help people develop a relaxed attitude to danger. At the first hint of trouble, they turn totally black and thus prevent you from seeing anything that might alarm you.”
    ― Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

  4. Interested observer says:

    Not sure whether a report on the Cowboys latest loss has failed the “selection” test for publication due to Townsville Bulletin social media monitoring, but there is no story about the game on the paper’s website this morning.
    In protest, I made the following comment under another older Cowboys story:
    “So where is the report on last night’s game which resulted in the Cowboys 62nd loss in the team’s last 90 games over 4 years?
    “There is a story in the Sunday Mail that you could use until the Cowboys positive spin department provides the usual sanitised media release.
    “It reads, in part:
    “lacklustre Cowboys”
    “Cowboys halves Scott Drinkwater and Tom Dearden failed to fire in combination once again. Dearden has now lost 25 straight games as a starter and Cowboys fans must wonder why the club let Jake Clifford, who is on fire for Knights, leave.”
    “Bet that doesn’t get a mention in the Cowboys media release.
    “Surely you realise that by playing down the continued failures of the Cowboys you have led them to believe that losing is ok.”
    I also bet my comment remains “PENDING” indefinitely.

    • Snowpeas says:

      IO As an astute reader commented on the TB Chatroom page this week: If they’d stop referring to themselves as “cows” it might help – next they’ll be calling the Titans “Tits”.

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie has consistently refused to use the term Cows, and has used the diminutive ‘Boys’ … although Wendy Woke will be upset that we are not being sensitive to those players who would prefer their cenrte of excellence was named Brokeback Mountain.

    • Mask of zero says:

      I do agree with the mask issue and the slow down of transmission of any virus. But what I don’t like is that no doctor will entertain myself as a genuine person with issues to obtain a mask exemption. Without going into my medical history I find it very concerning that the medical industry (doctors) just simply say no you don’t enough problems to warrant it because they don’t want to be the ones getting fined by a state government that clearly has scared the shit out of people to the point where I have to literally walk into a shopping centre with a rash on my face to prove that I am a very limited few who really have an issue with a mask. I have written to Qld health asking for an exemption and they say go to a GP, they then say you can’t come into our practice without a mask or we can’t see you. The whole place is completely fucked and when I look on tv around the world and see other countries with everyone with no masks on it really pissed me off. Especially as a fully vaccinated person. What is the point of being vaccinated in this country when if you get Covid you are treated like ones who haven’t been vaccinated. This Covid will become seasonal and every year like the flu it will come and go. Vaccinate and open up. As for the protest yesterday they are anti Vaxers and deserve what they get.

  5. Tropical says:

    “The disgraceful and short-sighted treatment that Australia has meted out to those Afghans who risked their lives to work with our forces – for many it is a literal death sentence – is echoed even more strongly in the USA.” This crap and BS.

    More than 240 people have now been evacuated through Australia’s involvement in rescue flights.

    The government announced it would accept a further 3000 Afghan citizens fleeing the conflict-ridden country.

    The Australian government has now issued 690 visas to local Afghan employees and a further 3000 humanitarian places consisting mainly of women and children.

    • The Magpie says:

      Too little, too late, with no foresight.

      • Tropical says:

        For Christa sake Australia was never informed that Biden was going to abandon Afghanistan. Nobody new. This demented incompetent should be charged then shot.

        • The Magpie says:

          Agree … right after Trump.

        • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

          Australia was never informed about the withdrawal agreement that Trump famously signed?

          • Tropical says:

            Trump signed an agreement so effing waht.
            That agreement allowed for 2500 US troops and air support to remain.
            Biden pulled the lot you moron.

          • The Magpie says:

            Aren’t 2000 going or have gone back in pro tem?

          • Tropical says:

            By the way I read the LTE and TTE in the Bulletin with a black texta in hand.
            Ther is nothing better tha redacting your daily BS printed in the Bulletin. It’s the same as the letters where the usual woke idiots hallways get printed and sane people are ignored by that dope of an editor.

          • The Magpie says:

            The Magpie will take that as a vote of gratitude, because he often saves you the trouble of having to read a lot of stuff from Steve of Belligerent Gardens on here. Mind you, Steve owes the same debt of gratitude to The ‘Pie for all the deeply psychotic stuff you try to post here, but goes immediately to delete heaven.

          • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

            Tropical, the agreement did not include provision for 2,500 troops to remain in the country indefinitely, there was always going to be a full withdrawal. Maybe you should read the actual text (unless you redacted it as you apparently do with any inconvenient truths.)

        • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

          For what it’s worth, ABC has been reporting over the weekend that all the allies knew about the quite public deal between the Taliban and US to hand power back. Australia closed our embassy and began to evacuate people in May. So to pretend we didn’t know is silly. We knew, we just chose not to do anything.

          • The Magpie says:

            No, we ordinary decent Aussies with a clear sense of obligation to allies did not choose to ‘not do anything’ … that was our Prime Minister’s decision.

            A shameful stain on our national character, a character thousands have died for it down the decades.

          • Tropical says:

            Tell that to the UK and NATO allies thhat got caught short at the US sudden departure.
            The UK Parliament has condemned Biden for his disgusting action of withdrawing without a coherent ext strategy and no warning.
            It was nothing short of total incompetence by Biden.
            And I would not trust a single thing that comes from the socialist communist ABC..

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        This is a great shame on Australian and the Morrison government. They had from April to start repatriation but no! Bloody bureaucrats taking advantage of a leadership vacuum. I want to voter for another party, but to my frustration Morrison and Mob are still the least worst of what is on offer.
        I hope that Phillip Thompson has the chance to grab Morrison by the ears and get this message through to him.

        Are you reading this Phillip?

        • The Magpie says:

          Big back flip this evening, forced by media exposure at the morally bankrupt decision by Morrison not to grant 100 Afghans who worked as embassy security visas ‘because they were contractors, not employees’ FFS – like that fucking mattered! Anyway, the outrage has forced Morrison to now direct that these 100 will get visas, but in a weak attempt to save what’s left of his face, their visas will be granted ‘under another humanitarian program’. This whole abandonment clusterfuck is a massive stain on our national character and such actions go against every value Australians proudly boast.

  6. Snowpeas says:

    Re: readers “edit” the paper, particularly regards online content. Was I the only reader who had my online comment deleted for saying I had been booked by a law officer for proceeding through an amber light when it was “safe to do so” and told by the law officer at the time it was illegal? How subjective is the Moderator on “negative feedback comments”?

  7. Alacan says:

    I recall when Bob Hawke tore strips off Richard Carlton years ago in a TV interview .. and thought the response by Hawke was appropriately cutting

    Watching David Speers continually interrupt as he is apt to do whilst trying to solicit an answer from Scott Morrison this morning on Insiders I couldn’t help but be impressed by Morrison’s tolerance

    Does Scomo dodge and dive and obfuscate.. you bet in my opinion and that style of his in itself is equally as frustrating particularly the smirk

    I reckon that Speers had crossed the line of good probing however and is downright contemptible of the position of Prime Minister .. Cassidy could cut thru in a way that I am yet to see Speers achieve

    Really important topics this morning to be sure .. Speers should have done better .. Morrison needs to do better .. the viewing public were worse if for the efforts by both this morning .. in my humble opinion that is ..

    • The Magpie says:

      The Magpie well remembers watching that famous exchange live, when Hawke gave an interview fresh from back stabbing Bill Hayden in a leadership tussle. Carlton’s question was a ripper, which as close as I can remember, was ‘What’s it feel like to sit here with blood on your hands, Mr Hawke?’ – A gob smacker, and in truth, Alacan, Hawke had never been so thrown by a question ever, and his answer was more fumbling and personal than cutting. As for Insiders, given it away when Cassidy left, in much the same way that can’t watch 7.30 when Tingle is in the chair.

  8. Ralph says:

    Mal, I have looked at the Queensland magistrates court web site to see if Jenny Hills court case can be appealed and from what I read it can’t be appealed, surely this is wrong.

    • The Magpie says:

      Sorry Ralph, know you meant well, but have edited out most of your comment, as said in the blog, The ‘Pie is not going to start over raking the coals over the decision any further. However, this remaining point is fair enough. As far as that goes … and any expertise on the matter is welcome … could only ever be re-opened in the light of new evidence being discovered. Which one safely assumes is not going to happen. However, the Lynch family could sue the mayor civilly, and have the matter put before a jury – similar to the OJ Simpson matter in the US. …. but that won’t happen either because to do so would cost a small fortune up front to do so.

  9. Sergeant Gunny Highway says:

    To hell with Afghanistan. A shithole of a country in the desert. They should be grateful for the 20 years of liberation they got as it’s the most they have had in hundreds of years. More Afghani’s have been trained by the coalition than there are Taliban so they have nobody to now blame but themselves. Somebody should just the nuke whole effing place. We wouldn’t miss it.

    • The Magpie says:

      No doves of peace likely to shit on your shiny uniform, eh, Gunny?

      • Sergeant Gunny Highway says:

        Peace? Never in human history has there been peace, and never will there be. Soldiers have a job to do and it’s a brutal job. Emotions need to be left out of it. We served in Afghanistan, we left, and that’s the end of it. Move along people. We now await our next call of duty. Iran? China? Russia? Pick a shithole, there is so many. Who knows which one it will be, but I can’t wait

        • The Magpie says:

          Neither can we for your call-up.

          • Sergeant Gunny Highway says:

            That’s right. Someone has to ensure that you sleep safe and well at night. There are boogey men out there and we keep you folks safe from them.

          • The Magpie says:

            Yeah, Gunny, guess you’re right, The Magpie for one shit himself when a while back, the Afghan Taliban announced plans to invade Australia and disturb our safe sleep.

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            I am relaxed and comfortable that you will protect us and keep us safe at night. I hope you are referring to the real and present danger of the thieving snots that house break, steal cars and endanger the motoring public. You know the ones, they are protected by the Puddleduck labor government where not an ankle GPS bracelet has been applied. I wish you success in your mission.

        • Achilles says:

          Taman Shud

      • Last Drinks says:

        Afghanis is the currency. Afghans are the people.

  10. One legged tap dancer says:

    If the family of the deceased motorcyclist wants to launch a private action against Jenny Hill, I for one would be happy to contribute to a go-fund-me appeal for funding.

  11. Nickster says:

    Pie, vaccinations are important but juveniles with inflated egos like Deputy Premier Stephen Miles do nothing but feed the antivaxer rhetoric


    What is scary is how comfortable we have become with quiet erosion of individual beliefs and the lack of tolerance of other points of view.

    • The Magpie says:

      There is a not so fine line where ‘tolerance of other points of view’ go beyond reasonable expression and are accompanied by actions that pose a possible health threat to the community. But yes, your point about ‘a little boy called Smiley’ is a valid one.

      • Nickster says:

        CHO Jeanette Young needs to be accountable for the climate of fear that feeds the antivaxxers, her continued comments fuel those who favour vaccine hesitancy.

        This coupled with the government’s reluctance to openly and transparently share the scientific health advice will breed conspiracy theories. But maybe the advice is Commercial in Confidence

  12. The personator says:

    Someone has really got to do something about all these wanker private security people putting checkers on their vehicles like wannabe coppers.

    Cops used to go after them but not no more?

    Wtf is that all about?

  13. Old Tradesman says:

    When are the three useless one’s, Private Cupcake, Harpic and whatever his name is Walker going to come clean, firstly the ankle bracelets are not being fitted with a review next year on their use, and why is they activity at the bail house on the corner of Gulliver St and Ross River Rd, I thought it was closed down.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Geez Tradie, you’ll be waiting forever for Private Cupcake, Harpic and Messagebank Lettuce-Leaf Walker to come clean about ANYTHING old mate!

      Perhaps when pigs start showering daily we might see a move in the right direction………

  14. Scotty from Bullshitting says:

    Old Smirko was interviewed on the Insiders are kept obsfucating his response as to whether he stuffed up months ago by not ordering enough Pfizer. He kept dribbling on about ‘hindsight’ and other lame speech and as usual there was no acceptance of accountability. He also wouldn’t answer the question on whether he agreed with how the Yanks pulled out of Afghanistan. He kept deflecting and even brought up how previous Australian PM’s have held discussions about Afghanistan over the years! What a proud and arrogant piece of shit he is. Fucking unbelievable.

    • Old Tradesman says:

      Smart Arse, maybe you haven’t read the latest where you need a booster of Pfizer every three months and Astrazeneca, or whatever it is called today, once a year, sound familiar, you Labor twit, Astra costs $4, and made in Australia, and Pfizer $44 a hit especially with Jeannette Dung’s husband tied up with Pfizer.

  15. Gomer Pyle says:

    Great to see and hear our Federal member in action and calling the dodgy TCC practises and the state Labor Govt to account.

    Between him and Councillor Fran it should be an interesting ride between now and years end. Go you good things!

    PS – Gunnery Sgt Carter, GET STUFFED bully boy!! :)

  16. The Magpie says:

    OK, let’s all take a break from all those sticks and stones for a moment, and have a laugh as we remember a truly inventive comedian,English
    Sean Lock, who died last week from cancer. He was just 58.

  17. Critical says:

    This article may generally refer to Cairns crime rates but if you tap onto the links, you can find out where your Townsville suburbs stands in the crime ratings for this insurance company.


    • NQ Gal says:

      Critical – this is a post code based list, not suburb. Unfortunately the entire Townsville area only had 10 postcodes allocated to it and when you take out 4819 (Maggie Island) and 4813 (Lavarack Barracks), it leaves a lot of suburbs grouped together. You might live in the best part of Aitkenvale, (4814) but you share the postcode with Heatley and Vincent, so results are skewed.

      Even worse is the 4816 code which covers Balgal Beach in the north to Alligator Creek in the south and Pentland to the west. Imagine being lumped into a high risk cyclone area when you are 180k from the coast!

  18. Interested observer says:

    Stories you won’t read in the Townsville Bulletin number12.364:

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Todd Payten: “The coaches have been doing a really good job. Morale is good” !
      Whatever you’re smoking Todd Payten, stop it now !
      Your chance of surviving next years season is dependant on it !
      The Cowboys board/management needs to have a good clean out while we’re at it !

  19. Tar and Feather says:

    Once again ch7 has refused to call out the far right as, well, far right.

    Their story on those anti vaxxers on the strand did not even ask a simple question , that is “why does the far right in Australia and Canada use the red ensign?”

    Not asking that question meant the cocksuckers not only normalised the far right but cocksucking to keep their so called journalism jobs.

    Google this “use of the red ensign by the far right”. It takes only a minute you herpes ridden knob gobblers!

    • Da Mob says:

      Interesting moniker – Tarring and feathering is a form of public torture and punishment used to enforce unofficial justice or revenge. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarring_and_feathering) – that appears to describe the leftist woke group – if you don’t conform with our new normal then we will exact our revenge.

      It’s a flag, it has been co-opted by a group of people who you obviously disagree with so you get your feathers ruffled. It’s no different to the Southern Cross flag or even the rainbow flag that seems to have been hijacked by different groups.

      Move along now, nothing to see.

      • The Magpie says:

        Two points: Tar and Feather was actually asking, in his/her/its uncouth way, WHY the red ensign is used.

        And The ‘Pie notes no outside entity ever seems to want to co-opt this flag to boost their cause.

        • Da Mob says:

          Perhaps you should re-read the post oh untarred feathered one.

          The tarred and feathered one was querying why the media, in this case Channel 7, failed to call out the far right involved in the Strand protest and then proceeded to insist that the use of the Red Ensign was a symbol of the far right.

          Perhaps the linguistically challenged sticky avian plumage holder doesn’t realise that by ignoring the use of the Red Ensign that the media refused to give them a platform to “sell” their message to a greater audience?

          • The Magpie says:

            Have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, but will defend your right, until The ‘Pie deems otherwise to say it. Heh heh heh.

          • Grumpy says:

            Mobster, to which flag do you refer to as the “red ensign”? There is only one – and that relates to the merchant navy.

            Never heard/seen it being used a a symbol of anything else.

  20. Ducks Nuts says:

    So it seems TCC is having some more significant management movement.
    Danny Lynch – booted. Should’ve been sooner but better late than never. His replacement, Seren McKenzie, a woman with an impressive resume. Be interesting to see how the boys cope with that. Hopefully she’s smart enough not to get herself tangled up with Stacey Coburn’s targeted staff removal program, unlike Danny.

    The world’s most incompetent General Manager of Water and Waste, Scott Morehead, has handed in his notice and is off to WA. I doubt he will be missed.
    With some luck TCC will employ someone to replace him who actually knows what the fuck they are doing and can tell potable water from shit water.

    The departure of these two has brought small smiles of hope back to the faces of staff in the division who are struggling with the toxic culture and constant crap. Here’s hoping the new management brings an improvement.

    • Madam Nagoa says:

      How is newbie manager Snot Mason settling in? Seems like a fairly switched on bloke that knows how to connect. I’ve heard that his Royal highness prince Ralston gets along with him ok. Perhaps this is the dawning of a new era in the Ville.

      • Ducks Nuts says:

        Don’t personally know the guy. But I hear he’s good to work with and he’s sharp as a tack. Historically these aren’t great qualities to have at TCC but maybe things are changing.

  21. Contributor says:

    Great Media Watch on the ABC tonight, doing a brilliant expose of the Townsville Bulletin’s Tinder obsession and their subsequent removal of offending articles after queries from the ABC.

  22. Disillusionment says:

    Well Walker st Wallis have scored landing an $2mil in ratepayer bootie, quite a windfall. One wonders how it will be spent.

  23. Sergeant Gunny Highway says:

    Well we’ll, the US have asked for more time after August 31 to evacuate people from Afghanistan and without real shock, the Taliban have said no. What a fucking embarrassment. Now the US have to ask permission, and then get another slap in the face with a ‘no’ answer. You couldn’t make this shit up. Seriously, they should’ve pulled out and then levelled the place with a series of B52 bombers. You know the kind of bombs I’m talking about. Turn the entire place back into an inhabitable desert for the next 2,000 years.

  24. Nickster says:

    A mate sent me a photo from his local Brisbane coffee shop this morning that said;

    “Please wear your mask – it’s not like we’re asking you to wear a Cowboys jersey”.

  25. The Magpie says:

    When he embarked on his blogging quest, The Magpie knew it would be a long haul flight and that there would be very few navigational aids to confirm he is on the right flight path. But the week has yielded two positive confirmations of way points he aimed for and has now passed.

    We’ll leave one until the weekend Nest. But last night on Media Watch, the Townsville Bulletin got its due come-uppance three weeks after The Magpie had raised the issue in his blog which was duly picked by Media Watch. They followed it through to what the old bird thinks was its inevitable conclusion.

    The end result of the Media Watch interest was:

    You can see the whole sorry tale of more Townsville-boosting grubsville gone national here … the relevant bit starts at 13.14secs … or is that sex.


    Now one wonders if iditor Craig Warhurst got his arse deservedly kicked until his nose bled, or just a ‘nice try, bad luck’ from Holt Street management?

  26. Skeletor says:

    The news article was a disgrace. It actually wasn’t news at all. It was just a filthy story designed to generate interest and titillating reading. Craig Warthog won’t be punished because he was only carrying out the wishes of his Masters down south. The same smutty stories also appear in other regional newspapers around the country that Murdoch owns. It is indicative of the sand ending of a once essential service – local news. These days the paper is absolute shit – pages of Harvey Norman adds, articles biased in a way that they don’t reveal the truth about local political matters, and so the list goes on.

    Craig, enjoy Townsville while it lasts. Your shitty rag is dying and once it dies off, Uncle Rupert will move you on also.

    • Tropical says:

      If you do not like the Bulletin then do not buy it or subscribe.
      If fools like you keep buying the Bulletin it will survive in some way shape or form.

      • The Magpie says:

        So despite its prominent position enabling it to disseminate information, The Bulletin should not be criticised – which in itself necessitates subscribing to it or buying it? Gosh, don’t tell Media Watch … oh, just forgot, you being on the fancy dress far right, you wouldn’t understand what Media Watch is … it being on the great leftie conspiracy factory the ABC which you would NEVER watch.

  27. The Gimp says:

    Chief health officer Kerry Chant has warned NSW that masks may still be needed ‘for years’ to battle COVID-19. Woohoo. How exciting that would be! Fuck Wuhan

  28. Tom Sutton says:

    Seriously !
    Can you believe this ?
    I have had an ASIC RED CARD for many years, they ask the same questions every two years and apparently do a criminal check each time,
    and we pay for this process.
    The card allows one to go airside, basically anywhere in the airport. Other colours define what areas one can work in (same process).
    NOW THIS ??? What have they been doing all this time ???

    Criminals grounded
    THE federal government has closed a loophole that allowed serious criminals to use Australian ports to import illegal goods.
    Newly introduced eligibility criteria for people holding aviation or maritime security identification cards (ASIC or MSIC) means serious criminals will no longer be able to work in the most sensitive areas of airports, seaports and offshore facilities.
    “We’ve made sensible changes to ensure that people with serious criminal convictions are ineligible to hold an ASIC or MSIC,” Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said.


    • Flyboy says:

      And I’m sure that’s really going to prevent bunker style meth labs and rural land, drug smuggling yachties, shitbox light aircraft flying beneath radar coverage from FNQ to PNG, corrupt coppers and corrupt government agencies, right?

  29. Anna the Antivaxxer says:

    Looks like our fucktard Premier Anna has locked Queensland into being the last State and or Territory to reach 80% second dose vaccinations.


    Annastacia Palaszczuk never gets tired of playing politics with the lives and livelihoods of Queenslanders.

  30. The Magpie says:

    Frankly, The ‘Pie is surprised he made it this far.

    • NQ Gal says:

      Even more surprising is that Keith Richards is still alive – he has never been shy about his drug and alcohol use and abuse.

      Vale Mr Watts – a jazz muso at the heart of one of the greatest rock n roll bands.

      • The Magpie says:

        Watts still alive? How can you tell?

        But tell you what, I want to be there… but standing well back … when they cremate him.

    • Polythene Pam says:

      No, he was the sensible one (with great taste in Saville Row suits) – it was Keith Richards you always had to keep an eye on and frankly I am surprised he is still here ( but happy he is)

  31. The Magpie says:

    Credit where it’s due, especially when its a rarity. Top headline, a not too groan-worthy pun encompassing the guts of the good news story and its upbeat nature.

    Now we breathlessly await iditor Craig Warhurst’s claim that bringing these rugby headliners to Townsville was all the work of the Bulletin …. after all, as he told the NQ Club lunch recently, it was the Bulletin that was solely responsible for bringing SOO 1 to town. At least the audience of shaking movers had the good manners not to laugh … well, not out loud or immediately.

    • OWL says:

      I’d guess the Rugby roadshow is the reason for hotel quarantine being shut down for the next 2 weeks. (No room for compassionates or other approved cases at the inn. Reapply in 2 weeks.)

  32. Old Tradesman says:

    Townsville had another achievement this morning, scoring number 371 out of a possible 372 rating for the highest crime rates, Townsville’s illustrious crime fighter Mundingburra MP Les Walker said it was concerning but it was good to see a downward trend, unbelieveable.

    • The Magpie says:

      That story is prime proof of the saying about ‘There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.’ The Bulletin yarn cherry picked numbers to be crunched for some very specious conclusions to be reached. The actual juggling of stats and reasoning of the reporter is nigh on unintelligible. And all based on a report by a single insurance company, hardly an uninterested party in painting a dire picture.

      Mind you, this a type of horsefeathers is a speciality of the paper and its iditor. If you are one of the handful of folks who read the iditorial, you may recall this recent effort.

      The ‘Pie wouldn’t mind a small wager that Giru (pop 354) has probably done better. Even Gumlu, maybe?

  33. One legged tap dancer says:

    Hang on a minute Editor Warhurst.
    How can you claim credit for getting the State of Origin game in Townsville?
    Surely know Jenny Hill has already claimed credit for that…and Scott Stewart,,,,and TEL.
    The real here (only in this case) is Mr Covid, who for obvious reasons doesn’t get a look-in.

  34. Tropical says:

    Poll: Majority Of Voters Blame Biden For ‘Mismanaging’ US Exit From Afghanistan

  35. Snowpeas says:

    I’m sure there’s fun to be had with the ABC piece today regarding NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro’s claim that Canberran’s were behind COVID fragments found in sewage at Merimbula while the ACT Chief Minister Barr responded, sewerage detection wasn’t so sophisticated as to tell whether “it’s a Canberran’s poo or someone else’s”. Spellbinding stuff!

    • The Magpie says:

      Indeed. There’s so much shit floating around Canberra at any given moment, you wouldn’t know where it originated.

  36. Moment says:

    Trump, does have a way with words,
    “Everything WOKE turns to shit’’

  37. Interested observer says:

    What’s with this “bad” Pie.
    They word is mistake.
    Not up to your usual standard. Have you gone across to the dark side?

  38. Cantankerous but happy says:

    So our prize dickhead of a Mayor complains about the federal govt not doing enough to grow the north’s economy whilst councillors and herself are rejecting an application for a child care centre that the planning dept recommended be approved, this town is truly fucked.

    • Mike Douglas says:

      You got it Cankers , and the Child Care centre was shovel ready unlike Mayor Hills taskforcenq projects and rainbow chasing . Could you expect more from a Mayor and Councillors who can’t put up $8 mil in rain forest lights .

      • The Magpie says:

        It’s past 10am so time for a conspiracy theory. But before we go there, anyone know how division councillor Sue Blom voted on the mayor’s determination to nix the project?

      • Alahazbin says:

        Cankers & Mike,
        Looks like it could be off to the Lands Court. TCC haven’t been to successful in that court. I don’t think Tony Bligh won a case.

  39. Grumpy says:

    Joh – Theiss Bros. Anna – Wagner Bros.

  40. Gotem adani says:

    Good morning all Townsvilleians! Yes I’m back but I’m not very happy. Today I find out that our premier is helping build a quarantine hotel in Toowoomba. In conjunction with my good friends who are going to build my airport soon, the Wagner’s. I am a little concerned because I asked my accountant to check my bank balance this morning and 2 transactions of 18.5 million has come out. I ask you all to please ask your local politicians if they can investigate this for me because I’m still stuck in India. I believe mr walker is your best person to take this fight up with the premier, he’s an old drinking buddy from when he was in the council. Now I know you might think my history is a bit dodgy but we all must move on for the 12000 jobs I promised you. I need my money back

    • The Magpie says:

      Humour is so difficult, but keep trying.

      • I’ll be plucked says:

        Agreed Pie, humour is difficult. Gotem’s commentary is about as funny as a bad fart in a lift full of people.

        • The Magpie says:

          But that is funny … if you’re the farter.

          There is a story of myth and fable about (I think) the late uncouth journo Jim Oram. After the five-bottle steak lunch and he was ascending in the crowded News Ltd lift, Jim unburdened himself of a silent but deadly, almost gag-inducing reminder of his expense account. A swell dressed and carefully groomed 60-ish woman could not hide her distain for Oram, moving away and muttering’Oh, for God’s sake’. When Oram got out at his floor, he turned as the doors were closing and said to the woman’ Don’t worry, madam, they’ll all think it was me.’

  41. The Magpie says:

    So the fix is in … Premier Joh Palaszczuk has announced that the Wellcamp quarantine facility at Toowoomba to be built by the Wagner family company AT A SECRET COST – C in C of course.

    The Commonwealth funded Pinkenba facility in Brisbane will still go ahead, and Smirko Morrison has played Anna Joh off a break, welcoming her decision to spend state money with one of her party’s major donors – well, he didn’t quite put it like that, but that’s what he meant.

    • The Magpie says:

      And just to remind you of the absolute insulting absurdity of Anna Joh’s ruling of secrecy, here’s a reminder of C in C.

      Commercial in confidence
      A classification that identifies information that, if disclosed, may result in damage to a party’s commercial interests, intellectual property or trade secrets. You must not disclose any information marked ‘Commercial in Confidence’ without permission from the party who supplied it. This type of information is protected through confidentiality agreements.

      Will David Crisafulli please ask the premier next question time to broadly outline (without giving anything away of course) just what possible intellectual property, commercial interests and/or trade secrets (FFS, a rort cannot be held to be a trade secret, can it?) would be revealed with the exposure of the Wellcamp facility’s cost?

      Or have the Wagners got the LNP covered with a handy cross-donation into that party’s coffers also?

      Christ, Queensland!!!

      • So there says:

        Just watch the feds deny landing rights, after all aviation is a federal responsibility

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        This definition omits one very important word, which I have inserted for you, (and also one erroneous word, intellectual, which should never be applied to political parties, so I’ve also removed it).

        Commercial in confidence

        A classification that identifies information that, if disclosed, may result in damage to a political party’s commercial interests, property or trade secrets.

      • Westie says:

        I think you might be holding the wrong end of your stick. Under the original proposal, my understanding is that it would not cost the government anything.

        It is to be funded by Wagners, who will recover their investment from the “guests” who will have no option but to pay what is asked to stay for two weeks. A captive market, so to speak.

        No doubt the Queensland Government has specified minimum conditions and standards of quarantine, and have to enforce them.

        • The Magpie says:

          Better see someone about your ‘understanding’, it’s on the blink.

          From the Courier story this morning:

          “Ms Palaszczuk said construction started on the 1000-bed quarantine hub today. It comes after an agreement was struck with John Wagner and the Wagner family, which owns the nearby Wellcamp airport.

          Wagner Corporation will build the facility, with the accommodation modules to be manufactured in Queensland. The Queensland Government will operate the facility once it is up and running.”

          • Alahazbin says:

            Pie, Probably halfway through construction it will turn into a Hotel.

          • The Magpie says:

            Thought much the same, only when all the panic has die down and we’re returning to some sort of normal.

          • Westie says:

            I for one think it is a good idea to have additional Howard Springs style quarantine facilities.

            I am not sure how your quote from the Courier suppports your allegation of corruption. It says who does what, not who pays for it.

            Is this blog sponsored by liberal powerbroker Alan Jones by any chance? He is great mates with Wagners- not.

          • The Magpie says:

            And so does The ‘Pie …. one that is close to all, emergency service, like, hmmm, let see … maybe Pinkenba near the Brisbane Airport, where the quarantine facilities ‘customers’ will come from. Of course, folks will have to be shuttled to Wellcamp Airport (with appropriate landing fees and other standard charges for staff etc). And you’re ‘who does what, not who pays for it’ is beyond comprehension – Anna Joh (well you and me, actually) will pay the Wagners an unnamed, hush hush sum to build it, and then the government will operate it, whether contracted out or not. Does this remind you of any other project the Wagner lads have been involved with … like say, a failed attempt to get public funds to build an airstrip for the Adani mine, and then operate it, charging the people who built it operational fees?

            when it’s all done and dusted and quarantine is no longer required – yes, that will happen, and it really can’t be too far away – , the Wellcamp owners will have a nice little hotel facility available, turned over to them at a knock-down price (you don’t actually see it going out to tender, do you, you sweet innocent you?).

            The bottom line in today’s developments is how does Anna Joh justify spending Queenslanders money on this venture – apprently with no competitive tendering, which could be illegal – when the Commonwealth is building one that costs the Australian taxpayer, not the Queensland taxpayer exclusively. And if you seriously believe there isn’t some sort of payback deal involved, well then, welcome to Queensland, you’re obviously a newcomer.

    • Mates rates says:

      Not a surprise really. The owners of Queensland, the Wagner boys, always get what they want – airports, highways, quarries, quarantine facilities, you name it, our kings of concrete are involved. Anna will be wet with excitement.

    • Grumpy says:

      That was one one of the most smug and cynical displays I have ever seen from these two. The arrogance of them both was breathtaking. The way Anna sashayed up to the camera was a repulsive display of hubris. I have truly been in two minds about this woman up until now, but no longer. A smirking, posturing, artificial creation of paid image makers. She makes Russ Hinze look like an honest injun. Wagner himself is too unsophisticated to look anything other than the gloating, overfed wombat he really is.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        She is a truly putrid human being, you would have a hard time finding a person more disgusting person than Anastasia Palaszczuk .

        • Nickster says:

          Nice to see Wagners have donated more to the ALP than the LNP over the years according to ECQ disclosures.

          Finally Wagners’ loyality to the ALP has been repaid.

          CCC where are you?

          • The Magpie says:

            Even if they aren’t, this deal makes the Wagners look like business shysters. Anna Joh tells us ‘don’t you worry your pretty little heads about how much money you taxpayers are giving them, that’s our little secret.’ How long is this state going to put up with this … from all sides of politics. C in C? Cynical in Connivance?

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Jackboot Puddleduck running roughshod. That a quarantine station is required somewhere is one thing. That Puddleduck did not consult with, or even inform the Federal or Local Governments smacks of pure political bastardry. It is a wonder she did not give the bird during her media conference.

  42. Flower pot men says:

    I find it interesting how the Toowoomba Mayor knew nothing about the announcement until he heard it in the media. Disgusting Palasczuk arrogance. And to have vehicles already working on site this morning was a sneaky fucking move aimed at embarrassing Scomo (who is an embarrassment anyway). This cow is going to support this project, and waste taxpayer money running the facility, all because the LNP proposed something different to he Labor idea. And it will cost us money because although the Wagner mafioso own the building, QLD government will foot the management costs. Those costs will no doubt blow out and not be fully recovered by the ‘guests’ fees because Labor can’t run a chook raffle at a profit.

  43. Strand Ghost says:

    Maybe Jenny might be the next CEO of the new facility at Wellcamp as nobody does CIC better than her??

    • Airline says:

      I though Kevin Dill Would be a prime contender for the Position of Airport Manager At Wellcamp Airport. He Has F””””” up every other Position he has Held.. He’s Still Shown as CEO Townsville Enterprise but we have heard Nay from him for over 9 Months?

      • The Magpie says:

        Don’t think Gill was ever CEO – good God, they’ve got enough executive trouble – he was and probably still is chairman of the TEL board, there to do the mayor’s bidding.

  44. Interested observer says:

    The child care centre developers are obviously new to Townsville.
    Can someone please tell them they need to enclose a brown paper bag with their application.

  45. Snowpeas says:

    Note the trending results of today’s poll in Courier Mail:
    “Is the Premier right to go it alone with Wellcamp?” – of 9,672 voters, 22% say “yes” and 77% saying “no”.

  46. Snowpeas says:

    Re Wellness camp: in today’s Courier Mail, the Editor writes “smacks of political chicanery”. C.M 27/8

  47. NQ Gal says:

    I was under the impression that the Wellcamp Airport was developed primarily as an international export hub with some domestic tourism benefits. It is therefore not set up with facilities to service international passenger arrivals.

    The Australian government could put a nix on the whole project by not providing immigration and custom staff. I doubt Joh-Anna will want the great dirty hordes to arrive in Brisbane / Gold Coast and then have to bus them 3-4 hours to get them to Toowoomba.

  48. Bimbo says:

    So Anna Alphabet announces a zero virus day and very excitedly announces, among other things, that dancing will be allowed again from 4pm today down south with a huge smile on her dial and a little jiggle.

    She thinks she’s on a roll and any pissy tid-bit she can throw and crow about will add to her ‘popularity’! What a moo-moo!!

  49. Will someone slap Smiley says:

    So it looks like Nanna Anna has been called out – after smiley announced that the deputy premier of NSW had “reached out” (puke) to discuss moving the border, Gladys has come out and basically said stuff you!


    Your spin doctors are failing Nanna

  50. Tenacious D says:

    Les was heard but not required to attend today, not attending next one either..

    But what is this?

    In court, Mr Walker’s lawyer told Magistrate Viviana Keegan the matter was subject to case conferencing.

    Anybody know what “case conferencing” is?

    • The Magpie says:


    • TheOtherGuy says:

      “Case Conference” means negotiations, (including discussions as to whether or not negotiations will take place) between prosecutions and defence to discuss issues in dispute in order to bring about an early resolution to proceedings, which negotiations may result in, but are not limited to the amendment, substitution or withdrawal of charges and/or the agreement as to a factual basis of sentence and submissions on the sentence range;

  51. Ily says:

    Some good news shows that humans are a hard species to kill.

    This analysis demonstrated that natural immunity provides longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalisation due to the delta variant.

    Looks like the human body is evolving faster than political debate, and we will survive regardless of which side of the political fence you sit, or the lack of action from our elected leaders.


  52. Interested observer says:

    Where can I get a bet on the charges against Les Walker being dropped?

  53. Snowpeas says:

    Mmmm… wondered about Anna’s new stylist when fronted cameras this week with glamorous new look – she has reason to be happy. Poll in today’s Courier Mail: “Premier Annastacia’s salary will jump $30,000 to $427,500. Is she worth it?” – Voters 1175= 7% “yes” and 93% “no”. Pay rise next week also for Steven Miles from $351,788 to $376,000. Cabinet ministers from $327,705 to $350,000. (C.M. 28/8) We’re all in this together.

  54. The Magpie says:

    Thanks for your analysis, Ghost Who Talks … err, sorry … Walks, but let’s wait for the outcome, shall we? Unfortunately, your unsupported character reading smear ventures into a realm not suitable for publication.

  55. Ghost Who Walks says:

    So let me see if I understand Magpie. It’s OK for your ignorant, odious and vitriolic acolytes to a smear a “Puddleduck” or a “MessageBank” or a “Sw-Hill” or any one of the TCC Councillors or the Prince”. And it’s also OK for these contributors to your blog to consistently post their ‘unsupported’ claims that are so often so wrong as to be tragically comical. But it’s NOT OK to turn post an alternative narrative? Your supposed to a newsman extraordinaire. Edit the flamin post to protect those whose precious sensibilities might be offended

    • The Magpie says:

      You clearly do not understand, you thick dolt. Criticising the actions or behaviour of someone in public office or in the public eye who hold sway over public opinion is a long honoured democratic practice. Treating private citizens in the same way, especially without presenting any proof, is just gutter level smearing and axe grinding. And, since you are anonymous, legally dangerous for the publisher of this blog. That would be me. The blog comments are edited to protect people from the biased, inflamed and actionable ‘sensibilities’ of folks like you. Got it?

  56. Denise says:

    Magpie IWish you would stop calling my son an accident waiting to happen. I’m sure you realise how hurtful that is to read. Tell me what do you call someone who caused my son’s death. And walks away scott free thanks to the 3clowns .I wish my family could of had legal representation on that day we weren’t aloud .reason was apparently police charged her so we had to rely on them to do their job!!! Love you Darryl (Normie) for ever in our hearts and our thoughts.

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