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Saturday, May 26th, 2018   |   120 comments

Rupert In Retreat? It’s Looking More And More Like The Townsville Bulletin Has Been Flogged Off

*A Bulletin senior staffer is reported to be prattling all around the place that the paper has been sold. Believe him? You decide.

*Up at Bluewater, seems there’s a lot more going on concerning wannabe property speculator David Wadley. He seems to make a habit of locking gates to people’s property … and demolishing houses. Possibly illegally.

*The Magpie thinks he may have stumbled across a hidden reason why the Queensland Government vetoed any NAIF money going to that Adani rail line.

*Let’s do a little concatenating … or for those who don’t like The ’Pie show-offy big words, the more simple definition … join of the dots. Some old names surface in the latest mining push up this way.

*And reading all Jenny Hill’s claims of big things to come – so unquestioningly printed in the Bulletin – is a bit like sitting on the toilet wondering if there is anything of substance still to come after the initial big splash.

But first …

Has It Or Hasn’t It? The Bulletin Guessing Game Goes On

 Bulletin logo

The ‘Pie wrote last week that there unconfirmed reports that the Bulletin was one of the regional mastheads that had been sold by News to an unidentified buyer, supposedly a financial services outfit. This dovetailed with the recent announcement by from News HQ in Sydney that they were unloading some of their non-metro mastheads.

Now The ‘Pie is told – fairly reliably and from more than one informant – that chief photographer at the Astonisher, Scott Radford-Chisholm, has been spreading it about that the paper indeed is, or is about to be, in new hands. The only additional information available to The ‘Pie is that the buyer is vaguely described as a ‘foreign shelf company’. Apparently there has not been any general announcement to all staff (typical) and the only ones told are those who – in the very ambiguous phrase – ‘will be affected by the restructuring’.

When all is revealed, the price will be interesting, since the paper is still being given away in the thousands at servos, coffee shops and weekend sporting events like this one today.

Screen shot 2018-05-26 at 10.40.43 PM

Puts The ‘Pie in mind of one of the oldest shaggy dog stories in Australian journalism. Yarn goes that some years ago, Rupert asked son Lachlan what he wanted for his birthday. Young Lachlan replied that he wanted a cowboy outfit. So his father bought him the Sydney Telegraph. Boom tish!

The NT News Revisits Darwin Origin Of The (Local) Species?

Let’s hope that if the NT News is among the papers sold that any new owner doesn’t change the paper’s screwball approach to its front pages. This clever take on the royal wedding in the Sunday edition  was as unexpected as it was funny.


That’s classic old-style Australian humour. But even small stories we might otherwise have missed get the front page treatment (and no link intended to the above).

NT News

Hmmm, does that mean the other 70% have sex with their pets while their partners are in the room?

Think That’s Tacky? Try This.

Sam Weir, ed CM

Courier Mail Editor Sam Weir

This bloke is the iditor of the Courier Mail, and he says his name is Sam Weir, but in true News style, we think it’s a speling mustake – the name seems to be missing a ‘d’ at the end. Really, what sort demented thought process would allow this into the online Courier.


CHECK OUT THE FAMILY HOME ??? FFS, why? It would be bad enough if it was the actual South African house where the hideous event took place, but even in the voyeuristic world of the tabloids, what sicko fascination are readers expected to harbour, to contemplate a place only remotely connected to a family murdered in South Africa? The crime didn’t take place in the Gold Coast home, the just lived there for a while, so what lurid imaginings does Mr Weir(d) expect his readers to conjure up.

It’s certainly a concise comment on Mr Weir(d)’s opinion of his readers tastes and intellect. The sad thing is, he’s probably right.

Seems Joh Taught Labor A Thing Or Two – Looks Like Queensland Incorporated Is Alive And Well …

In another joining-the-dots exercise, The Magpie may have come up with the real reason why Anna Alphabet blocked Federal money for Adani. You’ll recognize some old familiar Townsville names in this plausible little conspiracy theory from regular visitor to the Nest called Memory Man..

Blair athol mine

Terracom is revisiting its Hughenden coal prospects with a view to shipping it through the port of Townsville. Terracom was once called Guildford Coal. None other than the esteemed Mayor of Townsville, his eminence Tony Mooney, was Company Secretary for quite a while. Now, his sidekick-cum-retired Minister of the Crown Craig Wallace is deputy chair. (And from the other side of the political divide, accomplished political chancer and long time former LNP member for Herbert Peter Lindsay was chairman for a stint.) 

In times past, these folk tried to get a sweetheart deal with the Port of Townsville, to line the pockets of major shareholders like Craig Ransley, by shipping Hugheden coal through Townsville. Ransley hired Mooney back in 2008 after the Tyrell victory turfed him out of office. Eventually, Mooney found his way onto the Board of the Port of Townsville. Wallace was in Cabinet by then, and no doubt urged his factional buddy Paul Lucas (then Transport Minister, with responsibility for the Ports) to give the plum sinecure to Mooney. 

Here’s another twist: Ransley was also major shareholder in Humanis Group, the employment and recruitment outfit that hired none other than Mooney-Wallace mate Rabieh Krayem to be its last CEO. Last CEO because, under Rab’s watchful eye, the ASX-listed Humanis Group died, going down in a screaming heap to the tune of $14 million. 

Interestingly, if readers are interested in dots being joined, Krayem was also appointed to the Board of Townsville Port. Readers can go back through the Port’s annual reports to get all the timeframes.

Here’s the last dot: former Labor Mayor of Brisbane Jimbo Soorley is also on the Board of Terracom. It’s a pretty cosy bunch, and who’d bet against the idea that Wallace, Mooney and Soorley are all greasing those in the Corridors of George St to swing a Mates Rates deal for Terracom? 

Seems Queensland Inc is indeed alive and well.

But if The Greens Protest This Mine, A Nasty Fate Awaits

Green hell

“As an additional torment, our fire and brimstone are fuelled by coal.” Courtesy The New Yorker

Townsville Has Its Own Shut The Gate Movement

But unlike the southern Shut The Gate alliance gamely (and successfully) fighting big mining interests, the local version is the sole preserve of a tinpot real estate operator who appears to specialise in locking people out of properties.

David Wadley

David Wadley

According to Cameron Richards, David Wadley is involved in the bullying and intimidatory behaviour towards his mother, the 76-year-old widow and Rollingstone property owner Sandra Richards. Mr Richards believe Wadley was one of an organized group who locked Mrs Richards out of her property … at least for vehicular access … in an attempt to force her to sell up at a low price.

This has been reported in detail in previous posts, and there are expected be further developments in the near future.

But the reports brought forth all sorts of complants about David Wadley’s activities in the area, The Magpie will concern himself with just one, since it is backed up by a sworn affidavit, the statement witnessed and signed by a senior police officer.

The matter concerns a property at Toolakea Beach at Bluewater.

More than 20 years ago, several Vietnam veterans built some fishing huts on Crown or council land (it isn’t clear which in the statement) near the beach, to enjoy quiet getaways and fishing weekends. The huts had a phone line connection, and were always left clean and tidy.

Mr Bowater said over recent years, the hut holders had paid at least $40,000 in lease payments covering use of th access route and lease payments. This money was paid to David Wadley Commercial. Council rates were paid by the hut people.

For the past 11 years, the access had been an informal and friendly agreement, but three years ago, when new owners took over, without warning, explamation or discussion, a locked gate was installed, forcing hut visitors to access them via the beach only. But five of the huts were on public land that was the subject to an easement on the property Mr Wadley managed.

Mr Bowater says that when he and a party of five adults and four children arrived at the site during school holidays in September 2015, demolition of the five huts on the easement was underway, and by the next day, the debris had been buried in a specially dug excavation. (Mr Bowater’s hut was not affected, as it was on public land. The next day, Mr Bowater said he saw David Wadley escorting what he describes as ‘the Asian owners’ of the property at the demolition site, which by then was back filled and levelled.

Mr Bowater says that given his long experience in he construction industry, he knew what safety precautions should be taken for work of this nature, but none was provided, despite the proximity of not just adults but also children. But of greater concern was that Mr Bowater later learned from the council that that there had been 600kgs of asbestos removed and dumped. He was unable to get details from the council of how this was carried out.

The evidence of how the huts operated clearly suggests that Mr Wadley was responsible for the property and any activity on it. But there does not appear to be any of the stringent safeguards required either for demolition work or for the involved and lengthy process of removing asbestos. As a real estate agent, David Wadley would’ve have known of the requirements

It is known that the Tiong companies have property interests in the area, some of it for the proposed equestrian centre, but The Magpie has been unable to ascertain if Mr Tiong was the person seen inspecting the demolition site with Mr Wadley.

Speaking Of Names …

Juliana Tiong and Adele Young

TCC Procurement Officer Juliana Tiong and TCC CEO Adele Young

Interesting to note that the Adele Young appointed TCC Procurement officer last year was Juliana Tiong.

The ‘Pie is advised that the name Tiong is fairly common in parts of China and in Chinese communitis in Asia. But given the ‘culture of secrecy’ operated by the council, idle speculation of any link between a TCC employee and the growing holdings of the Tiong companies north of the city is inevitable.

The ‘Pie is advised that the name Tiong is fairly common in parts of China and in Chinese communities in Asia. But given the ‘culture of secrecy’ operated by the council, such idle speculation of any link is inevitable.

Anyway, Ms Tiong commuted from her Melourne home for a few weeks before saying she was unable to continue in that manner because of family reasons.

Incredibly, she was kept on to do her vital procurement work for Townsville’s needs – from her home office in Melbourne, 2500kms away. That’s a neat reversal on the adage of acting globally, thinking locally.

Oh well, if our local paper is sub edited in Brisbane, or Sydney, or New Zealand ,,, or Mumbai … ‘spose it’s OK for a senior Townsville Council executive to live not just out of town but in another state.

The ‘Pie has not heard whether Ms Tiong is still with the council, but a check of updated CV on line for her business makes no mention of a contract with the TCC. Wonder why that is? Shame?

Anyway, the good news is that Mayor Mullet will be ruling us from farther afield than that, she is off to the States on a jolly junket with a couple of council types. The Mullet probably figured we wouldn’t actually buy the argument that we ratepayers had a crying need for her attendance at a technolgy conference in Chicago (remember her last USA jolly courtesy of IBM … and whatever came out of that one wonders?). So she revived that wheezing old chestnut about a battery factory about to be built in Townsville, and she’ll be dropping in for tea and blandishments on the US proponents of the battery scheme.

So what’s the bad news? She’s coming back, that’s what.

And The ‘Pie Also Wonders If This Is True …

Clr Mark Molachino

Clr Mark Molachino

A Magpie chum tells the old bird that Councillor Mark ‘Frothy’ Molochino is still operating his training business, and has been seen at airports at Cairns and Darwin. Aren’t there rules forbidding being a councillor having a business or other work? The chum thinks so – ‘ I understand that you should not have a job or operate a business outside your full-time council job’ he says.

Our informant adds that unverified information suggests that Frothy also accepted funding from the CMFEU to fund his campaign, which to date has not been declared. With the call for audits on the CMFEU; could the outstanding dollars be a problem?

You Can Take The Journo Out Of Politics, But You Can’t Etc….

As ex-Katter spinmeister, veteran Astonisher reporter-at-large John Andersen has some well connected political contacts, and has brought us his share of scoop-ettes over time. He is also a wide ranging bush basher for the paper, bringing the country to town in his column every Saturday. So we can only assume his mind was more on political races than country races when he had this are lapse of concentration today.

Screen shot 2018-05-26 at 11.23.39 PM

Unless of course, the good burghers of EWAN have decided to give the LNP poobahs a hint of their preference for a pre-selection candidate, dedicating their popular annual races to the Jones boy. Even if so, don’t think it will do any good, Ewen Jones has been sent to the naughty corner and that’s where the money says he’ll stay in this particular race.

And It Wouldn’t Be A Week Without The Trumpet.

Yes, the world’s greatest blowhard bullshit artist (this writer and Barry Taylor excepted) has had an interesting week. First it seemed to be a case of ‘Drat, there goes the Nobel Peace Prize’ when The Prez scotched the much touted summit with the North Korean fellow maniac.

But in the public mind, issues tend to converge for president Trump, as Larry Pickering points out.

Pickering pulls out

Meanwhile, just in case, at the airport …

Screen shot 2018-04-26 at 2.09.24 PM

Waiting for God(knows what)

But in a week when a controversial Abortion Bill is being hotly debated, it has been suggested that Trump didn’t always ‘pull out’.


And Finally …

What’s this, Prince Harry playing for the Broncos? Or was this just a candid morning after the wedding night pic?

Prince Harry look alike Korbin sims


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  1. Litewait says:

    Mr Pie keep up the good work always enjoy reading your work on Sunday morning. 6 papers delivered to home for $3-00 per week, not much profit in that surely. Cheers.

  2. Cantankerous but happy says:

    That Mark Molachino epitomises every wrong with Townsville at the moment, a grovelling parasite with very little talent or skills to add to our city, rather another in the long list of failures who have infiltrated the town, drain the place to their own advantage ensuring their nose in the trough continues whether they are voted out or not.
    I think you will find that as a director of a business he is technically doing nothing wrong in attending meetings on his business behalf and he is not being paid directly to provide the actual training and if these meetings are in Cairns or Darwin no perceived conflict of interest as opposed to any dealings he would have in Townsville, the issue would be if he was doing this on council time, and considering these full time councillors have fuck all to do anyway who the hell would know.

    • The Magpie says:

      But Cranky, we run into old Mr Language Person here … full-time means … full-time i.e
      occupying or using the whole of someone’s available working time, typically 40 hours in a week : a full-time job.

      Now if Frothy has done no wrong in finding time to gad about the country and still do his 40 hours for the ratepayers (ha!), so be it. That simply means that the rule is wrong.

      Of course, the greatest example of why holding public office and managing private commercial interests is a slap in the face to any community is America’s confabulator in chief The Trumpet. He has single-handedly sanitised the morals of the Mafia and enshrined thievery by public office into something that a big chunk of the sheeple meekly accept. And Mayor Mullet must be thankful that a large proportion of this town is peopled by sheeple who don’t care to look too closely at her perceived conflicts of interest.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Very true Pie, I think also local govt is the least scrutinised of the lot, we were all told years ago the reason for paying full time councillors is so these conflicts of interest were less likely to occur and councillors wouldn’t have to rely on second incomes to pay the bills, fat chance of that happening. Most of the businesses these people run are pissy two bit operations that could never sustain a full time manager so they just keep them running in the background, it’s a joke, but until the rules are defined and clear it will continue to happen.

  3. Dave Nth says:

    Queensland Inc in fact lives on & has flourished for years in a different guise without any spotlights on it. We seem to hear about Sir Joh a lot and hear periodically from the aging Fitzgerald about Conservatives but precious little on what your reader has touched on. I reckon 2 things probably play into this one being the ALP are better at the navigating grey areas as Mackinroth proved adept at the art of and modern politics giving rise to the incestral nature of spin merchants crossing between the media and offices of Premier/Cabinet which have overwhelmingly of the one party in the last 20 years. Maybe one day it will blow up, maybe not but seeings the CCC studiously looking the other way about Townsville but looking into other councils I am not hopeful. ALP figures in this town seem to be like the Cheshire cat that ran the Comm Games, covered in teflon…

  4. Hee - Haw says:

    The bulletin article on the cost blowout at the stadium, firstly it’s an article from the Courier not even the Bully then, we all knew it was going to blow by $50 mill, and lastly when I went to school 50/250 mill was 20% not 30%. Damn facts get in the way every time.

  5. No more dredging says:

    Surprised that Memory Man failed to notice that another prominent Labor Party figure and magpie favourite is currently a ‘non-executive director’ of the Port of Townsville. So when the quarrying of around 8 million tonnes of rock at the Pinnacles begins, and when the transport of said rock, in around 250,000 thirty tonne truckloads, hits Kelso and Riverside Drive on its way to the port expansion site, you’ll be able to identify ex-mayor, ex-port authority chair and ex-parliamentarian / Speaker Mike Reynolds as one of the facilitators and notice how silent they and the local media are about this coming blot on the suburban transport landscape. Nothing of course compared to the blot on the Cleveland Bay landscape if a coal stockpile and loader, ala Abbot Point, is constructed out on the 152 hectare reclamation planned to stick out a further kilometre from the existing port infrastructure.
    When your favourite Labor leader, local, state or federal, touts the port expansion as a triumph for container shipping or car carriers or ‘getting trucks off the Bruce Highway’, look again. It might just be a trojan horse for enabling large coal export ships to enter the port of Townsville. If that happens, wave goodbye to the jewel in the crown of Townsville tourism – Magnetic Island’s beaches and fringing coral reefs – now mostly dead from dredging impacts and harbour excavation. The 11 million cubic metre dredging plan to deepen and widen the port access channel and provide martial for the reclamation will necessitate a major increase in maintenance dredging and all that dredge spoil will be sea-dumped in Cleveland Bay – yes, despite all their trumpeting about no dredge spoil dumping, all of Townsville maintenance dredge spoil, currently up to 650,000 cubic metres per year, is dumped between Magnetic Island and Cape Cleveland – and is carried on wave and current straight across to the Island. Treasurer Scott Morrison’s $150 million for the ‘port access railway’ just a fortnight ago is the most recent dot to be joined to the long line.

    • Kelsie Johnson says:

      Have they started blowing up rocks at the Pinnacles Quarry already? Is that why my Kelso friend’s house’s windows have been rattling every time he heard explosions on 26.5.18. Will they be compensating Kelso house owners for cracked concrete? Now we know why Aaron Harper MP was spruiking 35 MILLION DOLLARS on his big billboard being spent on the Riverway Duplication Road that is taking 19 months to build 3 kilometres, holding up emergency vehicles and sending businesses broke. Nurses have to work shift work but not road workers they can only work during the week and not weekends or nights when the road is less busy.. The company that won the tender must be making an enormous profit because the number of road workers working on the Duplication is minimal. Kelso Solar Farm said it employs 300 locals plus others who all have to travel through this bottle neck and they haven’t upgraded Upper Ross Riverway Drive nor Kelso Drive for all this traffic. Does Aaron Harper MP care? Obviously not, he is too preoccupied with photo shoots…

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Not sure about the 25th but our windows have been occasionally rattling for years. It is when the Australian Artillery are conducting live fire training. This I welcome as do I the sound of small arms fire from the Mount Stuart Training Area as it is evidence of out taxes being well spent, as opposed to some other things on which they are squandered.

        Not keen about the quarry or the gravel trucks. What direct action could be taken without inconveniencing other road users?

      • Non Aligned Worker says:

        Pinnacles Quarry road comes our on Harvey’s Range Rd so no need to worry about the a Riverway Road debacle.

        • No more dredging says:

          NAW, I think you’ll find that a special decision of Council about the development of the new quarry specified that a new road access MUST be constructed into the back of Kelso to link up with Riverside Drive.

          • No more dredging says:

            NAW, if you look for “Council gives approval for Port quarry proposal” (or similar) you will find a press release from 26 April 2016 which includes:

            “As part of the proposal, the port will construct a private road to haul the rock from the quarry onto Riverway Drive, and then to the port via the ring road to avoid utilising Granitevale Road.
            The State Government has also announced $30 million in funding to duplicate Riverway Drive between Gollogly Lane and Allambie Lane which will improve traffic flows for the Upper Ross.
            Today’s approval has provision for the extraction and haulage of a maximum of 500,000 tonnes a year.
            The quarry, which is on land owned by the Port of Townsville Ltd, will also be subject to a range of State and Federal environmental conditions.”

            I think it’s been pretty clear for more than two years. This port expansion thing is an entirely in-house government financed and facilitated proposal – apparently worth about $1.2 billion. The terms of reference for environmental, social and economic impact were drawn up by the state government, assessed and approved by that government against standards created by the same government and the whole thing will be constructed using federal and state taxpayer money – whenever it can be dragged out of whichever treasury is the most promiscuous on that particular day. The Port of Townsville Ltd is a wholly-owned (or is that ‘coal-ly owned’) government corporation with two or three government ministers as sole directors. In effect, they can do what they like, account for it in any language they like and spin any message they like to an ever-accepting, blindfolded electorate that seems unable to focus on anything further than a millimetre from the hip pocket nerve. We’re a bit like some of those ant colonies on Attenborough’s nature show on ABC last night.

          • Non Aligned Worker says:

            I was talking about the existing Pinnacles Quarry , owned and run by Gromac. I didn’t realise we were getting a second quarry.

          • No more dredging says:

            Oh yeah, this is a big step up, NAW. Notice how there’s state money to upgrade the Riverside Drive just in time for the 250,000 truck journeys? Notice how the port expansion plan was contingent on nickel ore imports and mining exports and cruise ships but when they went all pear-shaped the government simply abandoned cost/benefit analysis and business plans because they were never really interested in that ‘economic analysis’ bullshit. The QG has the ducks all lined up, already. They will pay all the costs for coal mining and silver/lead/zinc export expansion and the dumb taxpayer can go fuck themselves. Scott Morrison dropped another $150 million federal money into the sand pit a fortnight ago – what’s the bet that dough gets thrown at the port expansion? The port expansion that is completely unnecessary given that Queensland Nickel’s space is now available, car carriers and quite large container ships have no trouble accessing the port and there is simply no demand for large bulk carrier access – unless Queensland taxpayers allow our state government to subsidise and otherwise facilitate the grotesque non-taxpaying freeloaders from the mining and refining sector who have been diddling locals for decades – and silently polluting the Townsville waterfront with complete abandon.
            Of course you had no idea the Port had a huge quarry waiting to open at the Pinnacles. Of course you (and thousands of other Townsvillains) had no idea of the scale of the proposed development and the likely impact on Cleveland Bay and Magnetic Island, let alone the rest of the GBR. No matter which political party you support, at whatever level (local, state or federal), every single local member, all state leaders, the PM and the leader of the opposition, have all been silent on the impact of the Townsville Port expansion. It is a disaster waiting to happen – completely consistent with the disasters that have already blighted the GBR right under the nose of GBRMPA, AIMS, JCU and any other institution, private or public, that claims that government regulation will protect the public interest. From Gladstone to Magnetic Quays to the floating hotel and Tarca’s wantonly stupid Fantasy Island, the government sponsored liars, cheats and bullshitters have walked all over regulation, environmental protection and economic analysis. They don’t even pretend to care any more. Watch this space in the next few days when Pauline Hanson double somersaults yet again on corporate tax cuts. Political principles are gone, it’s everyone for themselves and the taxpayers will pick up the tab.

          • Non Aligned Worker says:

            So where is the new quarry located?

          • No more dredging says:

            NAW, it’s hard to find out precisely and I’m not familiar with the Pinnacles area – the private Pinnacles Quarry (near Kelso and the Ross Dam) and the Pinnacles National Park are miles apart but it seems as if the Port of Townsville quarry site is just off Granitevale Road upstream of Alice River.

    • Reefer says:

      Enjoy the stench of corruption

      Even when Abbot Point was built in the early 1980s there was much less dredging than that of the current Port of Townsville.
      Most of the Abbot Point dredging ‘story’ was propaganda from a variety of Groan groups to kill Australia’s coal industry and most everything else outside cities.
      Why is there seemingly no comment from The Groans now? Are they savouring the riches coal brings to Brisboring to build bridges so they can get to West End quicker?
      According to Dept of State Dev the Townsville dredging of 11.48 million cubic metres of sediment mud.
      The same source says the Abbot Point Growth Gateway Project involves dredging 1.1 million cubic metres of the seabed sand.
      Now many will remember the stink made about Abbot Point dredging?
      In the future, Townsville will enjoy the stench of sulphate mud.
      Along with the stench of corruption.

      • No more dredging says:

        Reefer, the sea approaches to Abbot Point are completely different from Cleveland Bay, as I suspect you already know. The Abbot Point coal loader is in deep water – only the berths and swing basin need to be dredged. Townsville port is shallow, shallow, shallow requiring a 14 kilometre dredged channel and at least annual maintenance dredging. The spoil from that annual maintenance dredging has been dumped in the shallows of Cleveland Bay for a hundred years and is now spread all over. It’s been monitored and measured, we know where the spoil ends up.
        Abbot Point is different in another way. The terminal is located within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park whereas a large portion of Cleveland Bay is (in effect) excised from the Marine Park so that industrial activities such as sea dumping, which would otherwise be banned, can be licenced and thereby pretty much avoid active scrutiny. There’s an interesting, eye-opening and detailed ‘History of Dredging in Cleveland Bay’ available on the ‘net.

  6. Kelsie Johnson says:

    No wonder we call Annandale resident Councillor Molachino the Upper Ross Phantom, he is obviously too busy with his own self benefitting business interests. Voting for a team was one of Townsville’s biggest mistakes. Magpie we hope you use your marvellous investigative journalistic skills to find out why there was so much secrecy about the surprise choice of plastic pipe for the Burdekin water pipe. Water Task Force Brad Webb did not even recommend it. We were all told that local jobs was a priority. Why was no one given a chance to investigate the 1.8 metre diameter plastic pipe before the choice of tender by Counil was made? If Council was transparent as promised there would be no smell about this decision of freighting 36 kilometres of pipe from Adelaide to Burdekin on our potholed highway. Hope no innocent road users die during this mammoth transportation of unproven water pipe.

  7. Noose says:

    Hopefully, they’ll sell Scotty the shooter as well.

  8. The old peterbuilt says:

    The story on the stadium cost blow out in the Sunday Mail blames the cost blow out squarely on the CFMEU and the strangle hold it has on the project. The paladuck government was left to negotiate working and industrial conditions with the union. For fuck sake , talk about blatant recycling of tax payers cash. NMD is spot on about the port expansion. I’ve been quoting those tonnages on transport of rock to others and nobody seems to care but watch the upper Ross area scream when it starts trucking past their places.

  9. A Keen Eye says:

    Here’s another one from the 2016 Townsville Council donations vault . It irked me why Townsville Demolitions donated $5000 to Arlett/LNP. (Gabriel Stathooles Declared on 30/6/16)
    https://www.ecq.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/62807/Townsville-Demolitions-Pty-Ltd.pdf . As it turned out they got approvals and contracts for the removal of many government owned buildings . They wanted to transport them to 142 Glenn Road Woodstock and store them there . They also wanted to do it at least 6 times a year for other contracts. The Council objected and it went to court in 2014 https://services.dsdip.qld.gov.au/appeals/documents/213%20of%202016/9124_1_213%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20of%202016.pdf
    They said it cost around $30 000 to do a demolition and usually $15 000 to do the transport . At Par 12 of the court filing above TSV Demo’s said in part “The cost of storing these objects on urban industrial land would be cost-prohibitive. The cost of a movement is in the order of $15,000”. Now , if you want to find what the council said you have to go to the Minutes 27/2/18 https://www.townsville.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0038/48899/27.2.18-OC-min.pdf . To keep this as short as possible click that for relevant dates. . I simply refer you to the words “Conditions package” and the 5k by an “aggrieved party” to a council team who’s friends from the previous council had sway. Is this what they mean by “The price of doing business”???

    • Just Curious says:

      Just curious A Kern Eye have you done any research on ALP donations and the sweetheart deals with the unions and developers. Plenty of cannon fodder for you there. Look forward to your findings.

  10. OldCynic says:

    Haven’t heard much for a while from the council re the mooted purchase of that unsellable residential block on the side of Castle Hill. We’ll know Jenny has welcomed the old team back when that goes through. (Forgive me if I missed it, have only just rediscovered the Magpie.) Remember the good old days where the CJC found Townsville events to be dubious but technically not illegal.

  11. Non Aligned Worker says:

    TCC webpage of Contracts awarded above $200k is still bogged down at contracts awarded prior 23 January 2018. Why is there no publcabtion when the site says it will be refreshed monthly? No transparency there.

  12. The Magpie says:

    Oh great … just watched he ABC News and there’s another notch we can proudly add to our civic belt … we have been dubbed the Domestic Violence Capital of Queensland. And property owners in Kirwan will be thrilled to know that their suburb was narrowed down as being at the epicetre of the multiple distress calls in the city.

    TEL couldn’t have done it better.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      Poor old coppers are so busy chasing stolen cars and arresting the 12 year old perpetrators only to see them back again doing the same thing the next day they don’t have time to chase up on DVO breaches. Another proof of a failure by our current Polly’s.

  13. Pinky says:

    To my knowledge the pinnacles are actually designated national park. The quarry is either just outside of the national park boundaries or they are hollowing out something deemed worth saving. Either way creating a huge quarry right next to a national park is brainless – there are better places to dig out stone rather than create an eyesore. One reason they have never encouraged people into the park is that they would object if they saw the damage being done. No complaint from the greenies means they must be in someone’s pocket.

    • No more dredging says:

      Pinky, when you write: ” Either way creating a huge quarry right next to a national park is brainless – there are better places to dig out stone rather than create an eyesore”, are you coming from a “greenie” perspective or a resources developer perspective? Or is it that you mistakenly used the first three words of your missive at the beginning of the piece rather than at the end?

  14. Mike Douglas says:

    Northern Beaches residents should urgently be contacting their T.C.C Councillor by email( proof of communication) + Qld Environmental department about any illegal dumping of asbestos due to concerns over community safety. Re militant CMFEU getting their claws into the stadium and driving costs up 20%, what do the people of Townsville expect voting in a Labor Mayor,3 State Labor MP,s and a Labor Federal Member?.Once these people get on the gravy train there is no stopping them as they line up board positions on Townsville Port, Super boards, Beattie and Bligh have made a career out of it. Australian tax payer,the gift that keeps on giving.

    • No more dredging says:

      Exactly, Mike. But what did we (the electorate) expect when we threw out Bligh (for precisely the sins you identified) and mass voted for Campbell Newman instead, only to find that his government was even worse, although in a different way. At the moment we are practising ‘nuance’ in an attempt to avoid the wild swings. The federal by-elections coming up elsewhere in the country will give some sort of indication as to how this nuance-training is working out. I won’t be holding my breath.

      • Mike Douglas says:

        No more Dredging ,your so called expertise has no bounds in regards to your interpretation that the Newman Government was so bad.Business, who are the employers and investors in the State welcomed the Newman Goverment because they didn’t cowtail to the Unions and actually made decisions too fast for many Qlders .Current Palaszczuk Government has the worst relationship in Australia with business source Sensis survey. If possible NMD can you add some source and reference material to ensure we get informed comment and not ideology.

        • No more dredging says:

          Mike, the only ‘source’ that really counts is the results of the State Election. Since ‘business’ (however you define it) does not get a vote, it’s kinda difficult to know what ‘it’ might think, but it’s hard to demonstrate that anyone had much time for Campbell Newman after a couple of years of lever-pulling..

        • Concerned says:

          Well said, Newman was on the right track but could and did not sell his message very well. If he policies were adopted and implemented we would be a lot better of than we are now.
          People just did not understand and did not want to loose the handouts of our hard earned taxes that they are used to from the beattie bligh error, and now Puddleduck

          • No more dredging says:

            Yeah, right, Concerned, “People just did not understand”. But they understood how to fill out a ballot paper and they threw out every last vestige of the Newman government in Townsville. Now, why would that be? Come to think of it, ‘the people’ had a pretty good look at the Arlett proposition and made up their minds about that too.

          • The Magpie says:

            Not only did the people make up their minds about that, so did Mayor Mullet, who was dragged kicking and screaming in the fold and repudiate her ‘Water crisis? There is no water crisis’ and has run ineptly with it ever since.

          • No more dredging says:

            And it still works for her. Hill polled 60% of the vote compared to 36% for Arlett. Arlett had campaigned on borrowing money for pipeline duplication as an investment, Hill was looking for a grant. It was a straight out political gamble and, like it or not the 101,000+ Townsville electorate went with the grant application and a wish and a prayer that the wet season would come. The wet season did come and for Hill the political water crisis is definitely over.

          • The Magpie says:

            You love your merry little jests, don’t you NMD? ‘Political water crisis is definitely over’ – chortle, wheeze, gasp, slap thigh. Plastic piping manufactured 3000kms away, bugger all local jobs despite promises, no explanation of how this decision suddenly appeared and was approved out of the blue – now the matra is and will be buntil March 2020, ‘political crisis, there is no political crisis.’

  15. No more dredging says:

    ‘Pie, the Nest is in the news again. A headline in The Conversation says:
    “Airport-dwelling magpies get in less of a flap about planes, and that could be good or bad”.
    Now I know your mind if not your entire body, spends plenty of time at the airport, and not only in the lounge and bar area. This article suggests that you should keep your guard up:
    “Our new research focused on the Australian magpie. This species is ubiquitous, familiar, relatively large and frequently struck by aircraft. The Australian Transport Safety Authority reported 513 magpie strikes betwen 2006 and 2015 (5.9% of a total of 8,717 strikes). This puts magpies in the top ten most struck bird species”.

  16. The Magpie says:

    Let’s start the daily comments off with a belly laugh.

    Try not to choke on your soy chai latte when you read the last line and realise this was written by the man who was the Editor In Chief of the Australian from 2002 to 2016.

    ‘Fake news’ lifts the anti-Trump papers

    The Australian – Page 26 : 28 May 2018
    Original article by Chris Mitchell

    Roy Morgan Summary
    Both “The New York Times” and “The Washington Post” seem to have an ongoing agenda against US President Donald Trump. It would seem that neither paper is yet to accept that he won the 2016 presidential election, and both are continually opposing him on policies such as taxation and foreign policy. A recent opinion piece in the New York Times even referred to Trump as a conman. It cannot be good for democracy when newspapers actively pursue political agendas, particularly when it involves publishing fake news.

  17. Ad man says:

    Has anyone else noticed the number and size of TCC ads in The Astonisher in the past few months?
    Public notices which in the past would be published in classifieds in black and white and as small a size as possible are now oversized display ads in full colour in the news pages of the paper.
    For the first time in memory we ratepayers are also paying for full page, full colour ads at around $5500 a pop at a time when you can buy such an ad on special for $800.
    Wouldn’t have anything to do with the Mullet’s declaration of the Astonisher as a “preferred supplier” aka “charge whatever you like”?
    Also noticed that the Astonisher’s marketing department, now based in Sydney, reads the Magpie blog. Recently I pointed out that advertising its “get a free tablet” subscription deal in the paper was preaching to the converted.
    Out of the blue last week I received a flyer in my letterbox pushing the tablet deal.
    The Pie should send them a bill for marketing advice.

    • The Magpie says:

      That invoice will have about as much luck as the ones sent to Mayor Mullet for consultancy services.

  18. The Magpie says:

    Memo Iditor of the Townsville Bulletin Jenna Cairney:

    You are a disgrace, professionally and personally. Hang your addled head in shame.

    What possible rationalisation can there be for you running this story, which not only dog whistles to rednecks by demonising welfare recipients but also unfairly erodes the property values of those you try to entice to advertise in your dying paper. You are a disgrace, Ms Cairney.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Well said Pie, Not only a disgraceful story with no reader or community value at all but a fucking lazy story as well, to lump people together by postcodes that runs across 5 or 6 suburbs is just ridiculous and will do nothing but offend people regardless of which side of the ledger they sit, just a pointless story.

  19. Cynical Cricket says:

    Dear Ms Jenna Cairney,
    Thank you for the story on welfare in today’s Townsville Bullshit.
    You have driven my valuation down to bargain base prices. Which means my rates bill will now nose dive.

  20. Rusty Nail says:

    FFS NMD. You make so much sense until you start quoting from the Green Handbook – then your arguments go to shit. You’re obviously an intelligent individual so how about stay on the subject for a while.

    • No more dredging says:

      Rusty, the subject was raised in the headline: “Seems Joh Taught Labor A Thing Or Two – Looks Like Queensland Incorporated Is Alive And Well …”

      Where’s your contribution?

      • No more dredging says:

        Rusty, your silence is typical. What a piker. So here’s a bit of red meat for your delectation:

        In 2013 the Port provided a ‘business case’ for its proposed gigantic expansion. It stated that the “key projects driving the expected trade growth” were:
        1. Introduction of the coal trade (2013) expected to ramp up to 8 mtpa by 2016 resulting in a total trade throughput of 33.4 mtpa by 2024/25.
        2. Throughput expansion to nearly 7.5 mtpa of nickel ore for Yabulu which is planning to double in size and diversify into magnetite.
        3. A further 16.5% growth from expansion of other magnetite projects.
        4. Legend Paradise (fertiliser) and Ivanhoe Merlin (copper) contributing another 20% increase in throughput.”

        That was the plan in 2013. As we now know, none of these things happened. That is, Rusty, the government-backed EIS business case was complete and utter bullshit. In fact, since 2013, total port trade has declined from around 13 mtpa to about 8 mtpa last year. Yet the port and the government that owns it are still arguing that port trade is being compromised by inefficient infrastructure i.e. they want to deepen and widen the channel and reclaim new wharf facilities because, well, because they can and they have the money (maybe) and they don’t have much time left because the impact on the GBR is becoming oh so obvious. They’ve acknowledged that the change in dredging strategy is because of the threats to the World Heritage listing of the GBR (remember when Greg Hunt and the idiot Christensen backflipped at Abbot Point?) but they have no intention of changing the maintenance dredging strategy which is what is actually damaging Cleveland Bay and Magnetic Island. So tell me, Rusty. What do you believe is the ‘business case’ for the Townsville port expansion? Show us your facts, I’ve shown you mine.

        • The Magpie says:

          Delectation? Delec-bloody – tation?

          Just who do you think you are, big word man, The Magpie?

          • No more dredging says:

            ‘Pie, a few years ago my ageing mother-in-law gifted me a 1955 edition of the 1933 ‘Oxford Universal Dictionary on Historical Principles’, a weighty tome that makes an excellent doorstop. Wordsmith that you are, I thought you’d be excited that I have gone to the oracle for the juice on the word Magpie (he he he!). Coming out of Oxford, England, it’s not surprising that there’s mention of “a common European bird . . . distinguished for its chattering voice and thievish habits”. Then there is a 1632 reference to “an idle or impertinent chatterer” and a “derisive term for an Anglican bishop”. My personal favourite is a 1794 reference to “a kind of potato”, although “a variety of domestic pigeon” is up there. Interestingly, the word magpie is also used to describe “a shot from a rifle that strikes the outermost ring but one of a target, and is signalled by a black and white flag”. Deep and wide it seems.

          • The Magpie says:

            Sounds about right.

        • Wry Whiskey says:

          Channel enlargement is just the excuse for a shiny new waterfront precinct packed tight with failing franchises and high rise dog boxes.

          • Mr Fantastic says:

            Yep. Its all about selling dog boxes in the “CBD” and ticky tacky boxes in the lesser regions. With other industries collapsing and no one giving two hoots, there’s nothing to sell except the dirt we stand on.

  21. One legged tap dancer says:

    It seems the Astonisher isn’t the only regional paper protecting the local mayor in return for advertising spend.
    In case you missed last night’s ABC Media Watch, check this out.
    (Click on the tv image to see how the Queensland Times turned a blind eye to the corruption at Ipswich City Council)
    But the goings on at TCC will never be exposed because the Premier is besties with the Mullet.
    So the corruption and backroom deals will go on indefinitely. Until we get a change of government in Queensland anyway.

  22. BB367 says:

    I like what I see about Phil Thompson – going up for the LNP preselection for Herbert. Young, married with a newborn, has served his country and now supports those who continue to serve. What a breathe of fresh air. He will outshine Cathy O’Toole with that selfless background.

    • The Magpie says:

      Not that The ‘Pie minds, but is BB367 your LNP membership number?

      • I'll be plucked says:

        Had a google Pie – a couple of options – bb367 is a brand of surgical scalpel blade and also an Indian transformer toy, with a similar first name as the Adani head shyster………

    • Peter Sandery says:

      Mr Thompson will have to be both very smart and perspicacious to win the election if he is relying on his party’s Brisbane based “experts” to direct his campaign – they have a very poor record and have shown a decided bias SE Queensland trait in both ideology and campaigning – they say they are for regions for example but blatantly demonstrate by their actions that they are not. This malaise does not rest with the LNP but goes to the Federal sphere as well.
      Mr Thompson seems to have the right type of bona fides and I wish him well but to succeed he will have quickly learn from the likes of Kautilya and Macchiavelli if he is to be successful.

  23. A keen eye says:

    THe Lnp want to privatise all our ports. This means ownership by foreign governments. They also do this for utilities such as power and like labors AWH Obeid mates want to do it for water. No area is off limits. The Isaac shire thinks it so normal they have outsourced to adani including legals.if you join these people and claim to be a patriot you should be kicked out the back of a C17 over the continental shelf. People who then can’t out run the sharks have no one to blame but themselves. In the truest conservative tradition, people should take responsibility for their own actions.

  24. The Magpie says:

    Genuine question of little or no value:

    Is Federal Minister Kelly O’Dwyer a recovering stroke victim? Her skewed mouth has always made one wonder. No mention of anything like that when googled. Not that it matters, just that Magpie’s are curious birds (and take that any way you like.)

    • The Magpie says:

      Come to think of it, admirable if she is, making it into her present position with an extra hurdle to overcome.But that will never make up for the fact that she’s a former bank executive, just like her boss, Malfeasance Talkbull..

      • I'll be plucked says:

        Who would you prefer as PM Pie? A former banker, an alleged rapist, or………

        • The Magpie says:

          Personal preference would the Tasmanian nympho, if she ever back into the Senate.

          BTW you realise how deeply we are in the mire when she started to be the most sensible one on several topics (her very public fantasy sex life doesn’t fall into the category.)

  25. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Whilst out and about around Townsville yesterday and today gathering data I can report that the suburbs listed below have a very low rate of readership of the Townsville Bulletin,

    All of them.

  26. East Ender says:

    I see the mentionings of looney mooneys name being thrown around again, Pie what makes you think he is only in it for himself? (sarcasm) The site where the old Stuart drive in once stood was in the wings of becoming a water park by a southern developer. Looney mooney told said developer in the finish if you want to build it you have to take town water, water we have sweet 4#ck all of. Mr developer said we will use recycled and bore water for our water park operations hence reducing developer/owners costs to run it,Developer said Screw you and walked.(STILL NO WATER PARK THAT WOULD BRING PEOPLE TO BROWNSVILLE) little at that time was i aware that Looney Mooney had a vested interest in Rocky Springs aka Elliot Stinks development, it was an attempt to make the water park developer basically fund through consumption a water pipeline to Alligator Creek / Nome which would include looneys Rocky springs development, later the cost was taken on by each resident to the sum of $25k per household attached evenly over several years to those residents rates notices. AIMS also has tapped into this pipeline from Alligator Creek funded by the Nome / creekians. And nobody on cape cleveland rd can tap into it, it is exclusively for AIMS who uses as much as they like? Looneys development is now in full swing and conveniently the last water payment in the rates was last rates notice just in time for Elliot Stinks to turn the taps on to the liquid gold with a half arsed highway upgrade( BMD buddys)(6 months late) and intersection to boot. The plum jobs in the district by the labor cohorts knows no abounds but riddle me this, would i be naive in thinking that it will be a long time before the said Bruce gets an upgrade or will the 40000 homes between Billabong Sanctuary and Roseneath get built first. In the meantime it would simply resemble the shit fight of the northern beaches for many a year to come? Just joining some more dots. Love the Blog Pie. EE.

  27. The Magpie says:

    Tut tut, such language … and in a headline, too!

  28. The old peterbuilt says:

    East Ender. Just to clarify a couple of points. When AIMS was built a 100mm a/c water pipe was laid from townsville to AIMS. How do I know this. I cleared the line and dug the trench as well as the undertaking of clearing for the line for the power. The line was upgraded a few years ago to accomodate Elliot springs, alligator ck and serene valley. Alligator ck had to pay for the privilege but serene valley did not because they already had a reticulated system put in by the developer fed off a bore field and maintained by tcc and were already paying full water rates but I believe your point is absolutely accurate. If mooner hadn’t been involved rocky springs those areas would have whistled Dixie for a very long time before they got town water.

  29. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.


    Miss Lou

  30. A keen eye says:

    There appears to be no CCC surveillance in Yankee land . in fact they would get rather annoyed. Good place for a qld pollie pow wow. All you have to do is by cheepo phones.

  31. The Magpie says:

    Like many Aussies, The Magpie doesn’t like the Manus/Nauru refugee ‘solution’ (itself an ominous word historically) and it is right that we debate it and seek better more humane solutions while maintaining border integrity. But that debate should be amongst us, judgements from outside are so often the pot and kettle situation. Especially when the USA sticks its bib in. This is how they handle their own illegal immigration situation … and it makes Manus look like Paradise Enow.


    • Tenacious D says:

      That photo, a lot of the comments (some very nasty) and a google search shows it is from 2014, but, the kids were unaccompanied minors.

      To equate this with the current policy of removing kids from existing families, so that as John Kelly put it “they will be fostered or whatever” coupled with losing 1500 kids, makes using this photo is very disingenuous.

      I dont agree at all with the policy, but using this photo only damages the cause.

  32. Doxie says:

    Can anyone please tell me who funds the “Orange Sky” project? Must have cost a bit to send it over to Palm Island and then run it for however long they were there: lots of power, water and cleaning stuff, et al. But then, it must cost a bit to run at any time, any place. Do those men that seem to be the providores get paid, or do they volunteer their lives? Just askin’………..

    • The Magpie says:

      It’s a charity – a world first – founded in Brisbane a few years ago and now nationwide. Essentially provides free mobile laundry services to the homeless. The ‘Pie has missed the story you seem to refer to, but taken at face value, it raises the question that given both the indigenous culture and the massive public monies poured into Palm island, there are homeless people there living on the streets? That sounds strange.

  33. The Magpie says:

    Look, The ‘Pie knows he’s had the odd harsh word directed towards The Townsville Bulletin, but credit where it is due … it is heartening to see that they are taking in work experience Year 7 kids who are educationally deprived, to teach them to become the journalists of tomorrow. But should the paper allow them to write apparently unsupervised headlining material online.

    • Kingswood says:

      Far out this story is cringe worthy. What I fail to understand is that if he feeds this crap to his dog anyway, wouldn’t fido have happily munched the neck? Did the journo ask that deep and meaningful investigative question? My neighbors chook escaped and all they found was the head, feathers and a very happy great Dane at the other neighbors. I’d have rather seen an advert for funeral plans than read this train wreck….I look forward to the next article which shows someones Aunt has discovered her Kleenex box contains 1 less than the advertised 100….

      • The Magpie says:

        You’ve touched a Magpie nerve … don’t get me started on tissue manufacturers!! Bastards!! Since the throat op, tissues have suddenly come into The ‘Pie’s life big time (don’t ask). And now I’m sure there was a board meeting that went something like this:
        Old Bastard 1: We need to boost our turnover by 5%. Any ideas?
        Young Bastard(in a polka-dot bow tie and red braces): I know!!! Let’s first of all fold the top tissues over to one side, so when the user opens the central slit, they will have to use the tips of two fingers, and invariably grab several before being able to pop on up in the slot. Have the top four or five all bunched together so they go everywhere when they’re pulled out. Studies show the user would chuck at least half these away in disgust/anger. And at regular intervals in the stack, fold several clumps together so thy don’t appear in the slit, and the two-finger exercise is repeated three or four times during the life span of the contents.That will lift our sales by at least 10%!
        Old Bastard: Brilliant! Son, ever thought of becoming a banker?

  34. Wry Whiskey says:

    So what happened to my post from yesterday? Surely not too abstract for you? I gave you the tip about why the channel is being pursued – it got nothing to do with a business case. It’s the waterfront. See today’s Astonisher…

  35. Old tradesman says:

    When they build the new artistic impression of the proposed waterfront precinct, are the people going to park in the creek, or will they just travel there in Les Walker’s new water taxi?

  36. The Owl says:

    Went on the TCC website looking for more detail on the waterfront wish list and found absolutely nothing.
    When this pie in the sky idea was first floated way back in 2015 you could go online and see exactly what was planned in each area along the creek.
    So much for TCC being more transparent.
    Why would developers want to build restaurants and apartments along Ross Creek when many Palmer St eating places are struggling to survive (Jam, Grill’d and the 2 steakhouses excepted), and the planned apartments next door to Table 51 have been shelved due to lack of interest.

    • The Magpie says:

      It’s all part of the ‘look over there’ smarm offensive, Mayor Mullet trying to look progressive by pitching all these blue sky could/should/maybe stories.

      Have started a could/would file to show just how ‘it’s the vision thing, stupid’ (apologies to G Bush Snr) is just that: ‘stupid’. And by that, understand it would be great if this was ever to come to pass, but the chances of that are zero with the Mullet mob in Walker Street.

      But the sheeple love her, god bless ‘em.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      In Yeppoon today, what a beautiful part of the world but the dumb bastards down here have built a lovely big lagoon right on the beach with kiosks and shops, restaurant space right on the beach overlooking the islands off the coast, just opened last week along with a beachside stage with sloped grass seating, picnic areas, shade structures, 2 seperate kids play areas all along the beachfront, what a waste, they have all this lovely swamp and mangroves nearby that they could have built it on,, that’s where people really want to be, pack of amateurs down here.

    • Kingswood says:

      Too right hoot hoot. It feels like a repeat of the early 90s recession all over again, lots of plans with bugger all being built. BTW Pie, on the red eye flight this morning there were at least 3 very large fuel or chem tanks being pulled out by an excavator and crane behind the taxi rank. Is this where you mentioned a while back that there were ‘issues’ in that area?

      • The Magpie says:

        Could be but don’t know the layout of the base. The ‘Pie’s information was that toxic slurry tanks were buried if not under right adjacent to the kindergarten or pre-school on the RAAF base … not quite sure where that is, but the information came from a very creditable source (as reported at the time) and The ‘Pie is now keeping an eye on possible removal of said tanks.

        • Achilles says:

          These tanks were the storage/feeder tanks that fed underground to the operational tanks that were/are buried just behind the kindy on the RAAF base side. Their location enabled easy top-up and no need to enter the base.

    • Wry Whiskey says:

      TSV is in an economic hole. Regardless, waterfront land remains a premium. The footy stadium is a $200M kick starting incentive. The creek is the link from stadium to casino. However, to make it work, you need to rejig the pieces of real estate and spruce the place up to maximise a return on said $200M. Touch of Salt can’t do it by themselves…

      So, move on GBRMPA and other low renters from their water frontage (and State/PoT land), revamp ferry terminal and then boot out existing dirty port users to the yet-to-be-built outer berths. Only allow clean users, like cruise ships, up the creek. Channel widening and reclamation never required a business case – its simply so new berths can be built – with the cost to be recovered from users.

      Now, replace all above with high rise units, office towers and cafes – on 99 yr leases to the right folk. Link with board walks, and maybe drag out the old bridge proposal to join Strand with south TSV (to really maximise return to State). All done mostly on TCC and State land. Still need to get 3 planning schemes to align (PoT, TCC and State).

      Public consultation has been ongoing for some time. Had your say? Sorry. Now I’m just being facetious.

      • No more dredging says:

        WW, “The creek is the link from stadium to casino.” Technically it’s true but it’s a bit of a stretch to think that all that real estate will be revived in one fell swoop. A lower bar would be a pedestrian bridge from the stadium to the CBD and straight to the front door of the Cowboys poker machine emporium in Flinders Street.

        • Wry Whiskey says:

          NMD, that’s why we have plans…the port redevelopment wont be overnight either, but it will come. The Townsville City Waterfront Priority Development Area (PDA) actually stretches to Reid Park. As I said, dont view the channel as a single item. It’s a necessary evil in much grander plans, barely being seen and discussed by mere citizens.

          • No more dredging says:

            WW, maybe the port expansion will come but I notice this arvo that plans to expand coal loading facilities at Newcastle have been shelved in the face of a downturn in exports. If there’s no coal exports realistically proposed from Townsville, no nickel ore imports likely and no big deal on offer in the mining and refining sector, you’d have to wonder why the QG would be falling over itself to spend upwards of a billion dollars – unless they are on a promise – a promise to get the dirty work done in Cleveland Bay before the whole world works out the high impacts such dirty work will have on the GBR.

  37. The old peterbuilt says:

    The article in the astonisher listing all the projects that are going to send us to boomsville. I estimate about 40% are well underway or just about complete so I can’t see any tidal wave of prosperity on the way

  38. The Owl says:

    News Ltd are obviously doing their best to improve the Astonisher’s circulation to improve its appeal to a buyer.
    Caltex service station in Railway Estate is now offering a free paper with any purchase, including petrol, snacks or drinks.
    But the giveaway might not have the cosmetic effect (think sale of the ownership of the paper) the editor is hoping for. Of the four people who were served while I was there only one took the free paper.
    But like all the giveaway papers blowing in the wind at sports venues around town.
    What’s next, a free tablet with every free paper?

  39. BARNaby says:

    Jaysus, what do I have to do to be left alone? Drones ova my joint, paparazzi stalking, folks peering through my windows, have to take at least another couple of weeks off and 150k for my story – when’s it all going to end?

  40. Kenny Kennett says:

    So Barnaby has requested 11 weeks leave to deal with his private matters that he has put out there for all to know…for $150k. But he isn’t getting the media money is he? It’s all for little Seb. Now that’s $150k that Barnaby and Vikki don’t have to rake out of their own pockets in years to come.
    But my main beef is, how does Barnaby get 11 weeks leave on full pay? Then he gets his Christmas break and others as well including time that he had to take when this story originally broke. Come on Barnaby, time to stop sucking on the public teat and start sucking on the one that got you into trouble in the first place.

    • The Magpie says:

      One of the best pieces to put it all in perspective is here …

      … with both deservedly being fed into the woodchipper.

    • No more dredging says:

      Kenny, not sure where you get your “11 weeks” news from but the Guardian is reporting this afternoon that Joyce will be back at work in a fortnight:

      “Barnaby Joyce says he will return to parliament for the final sitting fortnight before the winter break, contradicting advice from the Nationals whip that he would take medical leave until the end of June.

      Perhaps in response to speculation in Canberra that the beleaguered member for New England might be preparing to quit, Joyce took to social media to confirm his intentions for an early return to the capital, and to inform local constituents that his electorate office would function normally throughout his period of leave.”

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        NMD, I got it from the ABC. He originally requested it but obviously didn’t get it approved.

  41. Kenny Kennett says:

    OMFG, why did I switch onto Sky news? Just in time to see O’Foole spend 15 minutes in the limelight in Parliament reading off a pre-prepared speech. 4:15 – 4:30pm a timeframe I should’ve spent reading a Dulux colour chart. She told us all about the hard work she’s done to establish the Defence Force Reference Group. Blah blah blah. 15 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. She’s no doubt looking to secure as much of the Defence Force vote as she can before LNP preselection is confirmed. Well with a lower house attendance of 5%, half of whom she had put to sleep, there’s sure to be a Labor party gold star awarded for that speech. Now let’s see what the Astonisher has in store for us on this piece of political perfection.

  42. A Keen Eye says:

    On ch7 local last night , Jenny Hill was heard to say that once the PDA was approved , the approval process will be “TICK AND FLICK” should be on their facebook video here . But you can get the film from ch7 for $82.
    https://www.facebook.com/7NewsTownsville/videos/1771839406195471/?t=0 .

  43. Mike Douglas says:

    In true “ Yes Minister” fashion our Mayor Mullet and her P.R. Spin Team are going to do a marketing campaign( at rate payers expense) to change negative perceptions of the regions dry Tropical landscape. Nothing to do with changing the negative community attitude about Mayor( Townsville doesn’t have a water problem) Mullet and her Councillors inaction that put the Town into this position in the first place. How much longer will they persevere with the “
    Look over there nothing to see here” strategy and treat the community like idiots.

    • Critical says:

      She’s got a lot more to do to change the perception of Brownsville than the Dry Tropical Landscape. What about the violent and criminal actions of the protected species or the bogan and obese images of the place.

  44. Realist says:

    A mate who rents an apartment at Solaris in Palmer Street told me yesterday that the Impaler recently moved into that complex. Not sure if she’s renting or buying but she has 3 cars and 2 motorbikes in the car park. Doesn’t sound like someone who is planning to leave town anytime soon.

    • Achilles says:

      Its on the right hand side of the Real Estate section item 3 of subscriber Exclusives. Its an error by KE its a pun about the CEO of Townsville Horse Racing, she’s a blond, I’ve emailed you the pic

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Sounds like she has a car yard business on the side !

  45. Airline says:

    Well c’mon Gill ‘Rhymes With’ Dill Tell us all. What Charges JETGO owes Townsville Airport?

  46. Larry says:

    Good stuff, thanks again for all your hard work Pie.

  47. Hee - Haw says:

    I see Jet Go just Let Go

  48. two bobs worth says:

    I see in todays Astonisher that the CEO at Hinchinbrook has resigned – maybe Adele Y might see that as an opportunity……?????

  49. Concerned says:

    Hey Magpie
    If you thought the Taxpayer and Ratepayer was funding / financing your favourite paper have a look at the ads in todays paper from council and state government paid for by our rates and taxes.
    There is even a duplication of the pipeline tender ad.
    What a joke when you think about how much these ads cost (todays ads I would estimate not much change from $10 – 12k) and how ineffective paper ads are when compared with elec advertising/social media.
    I am aware that it is a legislative requirement to advertise in a local paper but come on, one council ad (Doing Business with Council) on the same page each week, with one header, one footer and a list of all council business.

    • The Magpie says:

      You ungrateful wretch, you … one moment you’re howling for transparency and the next, you’re complaining when you get clarification of how to communicate with the council (i.e pick up phone, dial council, talk to nice person who solves your problem, end of story).

  50. Non Aligned Worker says:

    So how much is being paid for the 36 km of 1800 diameter FRP pipe for the pipeline? Anyone?

    • Hee - Haw says:

      Interesting that the awarded tenders have been updated , finally, but the pipeline seems to be MIA from the list.
      Probably commercial in confidence……not

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