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Sunday, July 30th, 2017   |   114 comments

Adani Delivers A Low Blow And Pulls The Race Card

It’s not because some Australians question the wisdom of giving billions of Australian taxpayer dollars to a company judged very dodgy even by its own government , it’s because we are racist against Indians. Apparently. What a race to the bottom from these shysters.

Mayor Mullet’s economic mayhem … it’s now just getting plain silly …

Karma might be Buddhist in origin, but the Catholic Church is learning about in spades …

Why Winne’s in the pooh in China …

And why did the Astonisher reporter cross the road?

But First …

Cardinal George Pell is back in Australia to answer numerous unspecified charges of paedophilia, and says he welcomes his day in court. The one thing The ‘Pie can say for him is that he is no Christopher Skase, holing up in the Holy See, which he probably could’ve done. He will face his accusers and cop whatever the outcome may be. But Bentley sees it as karma of sorts, turning the tables on years of abuse.

running of cardinals fin small

A Text Book Case Of Reverse Racism

It’s a standard strategy …

Adani message

Launch an ad campaign across all media saying how you beaut you really are, then quickly follow up with a PR strike calling into question the motives of those who would naysay your claimed benevolent efforts. But Adani couldn’t sink much lower than trotting at an Indian-born Australian executive to accuse holus bolus all opposition to the Carmichael mine as having a racist agenda.

Adani protest

Muthuraj Guruswamy, Adani’s general manager of corporate affairs in Australia, disguises his part of the ‘we’re you beaut but you’re racist’ campaign under the guise ‘just wonderin’, you know, just sayin’ like’, but it is a clear ploy but a dud one if ever the was one. Because it is clearly aimed at the Green-led opposition to Adani – and Mutty old boy, you might find the ethnic mix in the protest marches knocks down your racist agenda somewhat – the comments at the same time tend to target ANY Australians who have their doubts about giving a highly questionable company, which just so happens to be Indian – billions of taxpayer dollars and deals of deferred royalties.

It’s a stock standard ‘silence by bullying’ PR strategy, hoping that anybody who has questions about this project to shrink away for fear of being labelled racist.

The Magpie has had his small say about the highly suspect Adani company, questioning their motives and suitability for Australian taxpayers subsidies, but NOT because they’re Indian, but because they ARE highly suspect. On their record, their own government want no part of them, and are looking closely at some of their dealings.

But maybe Mutty Guruswamy is right. Because mate, if you are opposed to the Australian freedom to protest matters of community concern, allow The ‘Pie to fall back to an earlier era’s catch-cry and suggest ‘if you don’t like it here, fuck off back to where you came from’.

Not that you can expect any sober examination and balance on the matter from the Astonisher or local TV for that matter. The Townsville Bulletin has three whole pages devoted to Adani advertising (including the premium-priced back page) and a front page strap. And we all know there’s no biting the hand that tickles the financial fun spot down at News.

Fool Me Once, Shame On You, Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

Wonder how many Astonisher and Courier Mail readers had that feeling when the election season  thought-fart story broke about a series of charging stations for electric cars would be established between Brisbane and Cairns.

The ABC teased a little but didn’t lie …

ABC electric

… but both The Courier and the Townsville Bulletin ran the same story under the deceptive and juvenile headline.

Screen shot 2017-07-30 at 9.26.58 AMAnd revolutionise the way we receive our news.

Clearly given the decades of debate about the parlous state of the Bruce Highway, this is just cheap deception – childish deception that is generally only seen on low level ‘alternative facts’ click-bait sites that sell advertising by number of viewers and have no regard for factual matters. You don’t expect to see it on establi … oh, wait a minute…

Crew Of Planet Rupertania Retreat To The Mother Ship

The Astonisher, feeling the pinch of its own ineptitude over the past few years by alienating itself from its bread and butter (i.e the community), have been forced to break the lease on their current offices and look for new digs (as reported here last week). But News has managed to save even on moving costs. They’ll just pick up their keyboard s and walk across the road to the press hall site. They can now play happy families, watching as the presses start finishing earlier and earlier as the issue runs gets shorter and shorter.

It is a sign of the times, certainly, but hastening the end with a Trump-like regard for the truth is a strange business tactic at best, and disgraceful journalism at worst.

The Economic Dullards Are At It Again.

This is completely unfathomable … both the story itself and that it remains unchallenged by the paper – well, not really, we know why.

Industry lure

Some cold hard facts.

The State Development Area of 4,915ha was declared in 2003 … 13 years ago. It is empty. Still very empty.

state development varea

And now, we have this nonsense from a council desperate to look like they are doing something.

Glad to see the Bully ask the hard questions like:

Given the State Development Area has been around for 13 years and nothing of note has happened there, what makes Council think there’s even the remotest possible need for this exercise?

What point of difference does this council propose for the Woodstock rezoning that will set it apart from the State Development Area?

If the SDA has been such a roaring success (NOT) what makes this mob think they will succeed where the State has failed?

Will council propose to give this land away, or use it has a virtual currency via equity swaps?

Come one, come all, promise us a pre-feasibility study and we will tip in the land. Rather than waste time on this sort of nonsense, they’d be well advised to get the basics sorted, like getting dog registration bills out on time, or food safety bills out on time.

And whatever happened to that regional saviour – the supersize feedlot for Wellards live cattle exports down at the area? Do you think Wellards used our Mullet to boost its share price? Didn’t do them much good … Wellards recently announced it was down the tubes for $65 million for the half year.

Did our Mullet take the bait, hook, line and sinker? It would seem so.

But It Seems To Be Becoming The Norm in Mulletdom

Sadly, the comments from the Mayor on any economic matter shows how shallow she has become chasing what she perceives as a populist agenda, and how little real world business nous she has. She says Clive Palmer should sell up and move on … for a dollar. Why would he?

This is from April last year. It reports that Council is pursuing Queensland Nickel for unpaid rates. At a business lunch at the Townsville Club in (from memory) May 2016, the Mayor joked that if the rates go unpaid, Council has the lawful authority to confiscate the property in question and liquidate it.

So, one wonders:

  1. Is this action still pending?
  2. If not, did Council receive full payment of rates in arrears plus interest (charged at 11% pa)?
  3. Or, was some other settlement reached with Queensland Nickel to drop the matter? If a settlement was reached, will Council advise the community on the terms of the settlement?
  4. If the action is still in train, can the community be updated on its status, and expected timeframe for resolution of the matter?
  5. Can Council advise the community on the legal status of creditor priority, particularly in reference to where Council stands against other creditors?
  6. Will Council release its legal advices that went to its decision last year to pursue Queensland Nickel for rates in arrears, and any subsequent advices since? (No doubt, Council will claim legal privilege.)
  7. As this matter has (possibly) been in train for over a year, what legal costs have been incurred by Council in the pursuit of this matter?
  8. More than that: Why would anyone in their right mind buy it when (1) there are two liquidators all over the refinery and its various companies, (2) where there’s so much uncertainty generally as a result of the mountains of litigation around Clive, (3) when nickel prices haven’t picked up to where they need to be for the refinery to be profitable and (4) where there’s so much risk of being hung out to dry on future environmental remediations despite having no responsibility for past actions (under much more lax regulations).

If the Mayor thinks it’s such a good deal, confiscate the property and sell it to recover unpaid rates. … oh yeah, one problem, who’d buy it?

 There’s That Pot And Kettle Syndrome Again

As for being responsible for people getting the chop, Clive’s failure resulted in 770 losing work (a result of a combination of excess – remember the Mercs to staff, and the overseas holidays and the $3m staff party? – and a collapse in nickel prices) … the mayor is responsible for close to 500, most departing with their deserved generous pot of gold courtesy of the ratepayers. Pots and kettles indeed.

Can’t Get The Bills But Can Still Stick The Boot In

Ya just gotta love ‘em for their chutzpah. The TCC can’t get their dog rego’s out because of the Walker Street staffing chaos, BUT they can still manage a surprise slug on pensioners. We wrinklies used to be allowed free dog rego, but all of a sudden – with no explanation – we are now told that we will be charged $10. Most are pensioners, which triples or quadruples that slug on what for many is their best mates and companions.

Watch water charges closely, folks, rates freeze will have to be made up somewhere.

What with late dog regos, food licenses and some rates notices, it is increasingly being realized those in charge in Walker Street could not find their own arses with a mirror and two hands … even if you threw in a torch to help.

Adele Young’s Hero? Donald Trump?

It’s a stretch but plausible, in terms of empire building. As the TCC CEO hacks her way through the staff ranks, she seems to match The Trumpet’s efforts.

Trump so far has fired or driven out his:


* Deputy AG

* FBI director

* Communications director

* Press Secretary

* Chief of staff

As the world watches and wonders, though, it would seem reasonable to believe the end if nigh for Donald The Menace. He could pretty much do what he liked if the undrained swamp of Wall Street was happy, but that’s starting to tank bigtime and jobs are still disappearing through broken promises and unworkable deals.

That’s when he’s in real trouble … which is NOW. Stand by for ‘ka-boom!’

Not that that has stopped him starting on his next ‘terrific’ project.

mt rushmore

China Sends Winnie The Pooh To The Naughty Corner

In the US, not much The Trumpet can do when folks make merry with his image and compare him a more famous Donald.

Donald upside down

But try making merry with your leader in China and your parents will be receiving a bill for the bullet – old Chinese custom.

It all started with Trump’s predecessor, Bazza Obama during a meeting with China’s Xi Jingpin.

winnie the pooh

Chinese bloggers took up the idea with enthusiasm, including this when Xi met his traditional enemy, the Japanese leader (and looked none to chuffed about it) …

h 2

… and it would seem this was too much bear for the censors to bear.

_Xi in car - winnie96970665_4587b36b-011f-4007-b16f-34389d385aec

This was unbearable ridicule of the country’s leader, and might also make Winnie a mascot of subversives. Which is clearly what A.A.Milne had in mind when he created Winnie back in 1926.

Now They’re In Real Trouble

Apparently, despite their medieval teachings, the islamic terrorists know what everyone else knows … the female of the species is the deadliest … just don’t mess with momma.

So it appeared that canny Philippine Prez Duterte  had pulled a masterstroke against one terrorist group, when we read …

Moro Islamic Liberation Front

Alas, not so scary after all – just another acronym lost in translation. It stands for the somewhat more boring Moro Islamic Liberation Front. A big let-off for the terrorists.

But The Green’s Now LKnow How To Recruit

The inimitable Paul Zanetti reckons we all learn by our mistakes, and the Greens are no exception. They now have a rigorous background check, as Paul discovered when he went down in the woods one day.

Greens aliensThat’s it for this week folks, sorry about the unavoidable delay. Do join in the banter, jolly japes  and slanging match that is the comments section, which goes 24/7, it’s great fun, so have your say. And a donation to help the blog along would be a great help. Thanks, how to donate button below.

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  1. Crow says:

    There is some grumbling at the TCC about the appointment of a celebrity gardener who’s job it will be to get us to save water…somehow. Plant plants that do not need watering perhaps. TCC folks suggest that this could and should have been handled locally and could have been done better. More money flushed down the storm water drains?

    • The Magpie says:

      Dunno about you, but The ‘Pie finds the very ‘pat-on-the-head’ suggestion that we need some flash harry to tell us the bleedin’ obvious – what does he know that we already don’t, and why is it worth $10million – patronising and insulting. This is just floundering election-looming nonsense.

      But The Short Un’s onto something … he has cottoned onto the fact that all the talk in pubs and dinner parties – here in the ‘Ville and around the country – is the screaming need for a republic. Christ, you’d think malcolm was paying him.

      • Scott says:

        Premier Puddleduck tells us to buy QLD and then gets a NSW hasbeen male stripper to “advise” Townsville – hmmmm

  2. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Great post Pie, further to your article about the inept Mullets economic crudentails is the fact that by constantly putting up the Woodstock area as a refuge for all sorts of dodgy industries she denies the chance of the area becoming a major agricultural region in its own right. It is not inconceivable that the Haughton irrigation scheme could be extended North to include Majors creek across to Woodstock and north towards the flats. The constant threat of having heavy industry move into the area has already had a detrimental effect on values and investment in the region for no gain whatsoever, except for hair brain schemes to trot out to the astonisher to add to its list of pipe dreams that never come to fruition.

  3. Mike Douglas says:

    All that work in manpower and lanscaping but Jamie Durie has hit the mother load with the $10 mil from the Premier to train Townsville people on how to use less of the water they have been charged for and can’t use.Forget the fact $10 mil at $34,000 a day would give us 294 days of pumping.Even if we pumped 100 days we would get 3 years until alternatives were completed.As for TCC and the dog registration charges,40% increase for non desexed dogs is a disgrace!.Disenchanted dog owners should be calling or emailing their Councillors.

  4. Alacan says:

    im guessing no reply to your other list of questions pie. The QLD Ombudsman might be the next step.?

  5. Old Hack says:

    This week’s droppings were well worth the wait, ‘Pie. The delay was presumably to allow you to recover from the dry-retching brought on by Shorten’s cringeworthy, Jenny-boosting, Queen-bashing, class war rant to the faithful in Townsville.
    On the international scene, in light of China’s purge of Winnie The Pooh, I wonder if The Trumpet is contemplating a ban on Donald Duck?
    As for Adani’s Mutty Guru Swami (no relation to our own beloved correspondent) throwing the race card on the table– this is a perfect illustration of the depths to which these twisters will sink. It’s also an indication of the ethical values held by the former political operatives handling the PR campaign.

    • The Rolling Eye says:

      Rankour and file hey?
      Could always count on the labour party to rat out on its own… and we love you for it.

  6. Media Observer says:

    See that we now have Paul Murray as a (presumably) regular comnentator in the Bulletin. This is just a further indication of the News Corpse drive to homogenise all its mefia outlets in to cut staffing costs.

    • Interested Observer says:

      Isn’t Paul Murray writing for a southern newspaper. Always worth a reprint up here when your own paper is falling apart. We don’t have any reporters left at the Astonisher only blind billy goats be led around by the nose.

  7. Conspiracy theorist says:

    A few questions arising from this week’s blog:
    1, Where is the electricity coming from to power all these electric/battery cars? Wouldn’t be a coal fired power station by any chance?
    2, If Adani can buy the Astonisher editor with a few full page ads, can we believe anything we read in the local rag?
    3. If Adani sees the need to spend hundreds of millions to improve its image, how bad is its standing not only in Australia but internationally?
    4. What company would spend millions on PR when they still don’t have the finance to build the mine, and still no $1 billion Australian Government “loan” to build the required railway infrastructure?
    Hey Ben Bogan, how about doing your job for a change and publishing answers to thee question?

    • TweedleDee says:

      I can comment on question 1. The charging points will use whatever power is available, which could well be solar panels.

      For example my electric powered car recharges from the solar panels on my roof. I plug it in every day when the sun rises.

      • Non Aligned Worker says:

        Average range for most electric cars is max 160 km. Tesla can go to 400+km depending on how they are driven.
        Charge stations in the SE corner are planned to be around 100 km apart.
        Rocky to Mackay charge station is 300 km, Mackay to Bowen is 200 km, Bowen to Townsville -200 km, Townsville to Tully- 200 km, Tully to Cairns – 150 km. So unless you own a $100K Tesla the recharge stations aren’t close enough together for a normal off the shelf electric car to travel Brisbane to Cairns using these recharge stations. Note that Tesla have already installed some charge stations up and down the coast for their car owners (free) use. I wonder if Anna will also take credit for them as well?

      • Sandgroper says:

        Pardon me if this is only of interest to car lovers, but I recently witnessed the humiliation of some bombastic Tesla electric car spruikers.
        They brought two of the latest sports models (with professional race drivers) to my car club’s last track day to mix it with an array of Porsches, Lambos, hot Beemers, Jags and AMG Mercedes.
        They were blindingly fast — one of them almost blew me off the track when it whooshed past in the first lap — but, to my surprise, I had caught and passed it by lap three.
        Turns out that the heavy braking at the end of the long, downhill back straight at our home track had generated so much energy that the batteries overcharged and the car reverted to “limp mode.”
        There were a few red faces as they packed up and went home.

        • Non Aligned Worker says:

          Agreed. Electric performance figures are great but with extra push on torque acceleration etc. greatly reduce the overall durability of the power source. Electric is a great idea and is developing but is waiting on the next generation of battery storage.
          Not to be discounted as an alternate source of transportation but waiting for the next breakthrough.

        • mudcrab says:

          Where, in Townsville, did this happen?

          • Sandgroper says:

            Barbagallo Raceway, Wanneroo Park, Western Australia. I’m a long distance commuter who loves Townsville but has grandkids in Perth. ‘Nuff said.

  8. Watcher says:

    Was enjoying breakfast at Jam Corner on Sunday morning and at the table next door a few comrades nursing hangovers from the Labor Party gab fest the day before were discussing the issues that need to be addressed in Townsville.
    One, apparently a local, suggested Labor could win all three local seats at the coming election if they provided a long term fix for the city’s water crisis and more affordable power.
    But that was quickly brushed aside by a bloke wearing white slacks and white shoes (yes, its true – they still exist) who said he had been talking to a taxi driver after he arrived in town and the driver said the most important issue was croc culling.
    Well, the whole table lit up with enthusiasm, with everyone trying to add their two cents worth to support the taxi driver’s policy.
    To sum up the conversation, the bloke in the white slacks and white shoes said culling crocs would be a winner because “its sexy”.
    Now I agree that there are too many crocs around at the moment, but is culling them more important than water security and affordable power???????
    Fair dinkum, what hope have we got?

    • The Magpie says:

      Are you nuts? ITS A REPUBLIC, Watcher AN AUSTRALIAN REPUBLIC, the talk is of nought but that … … Bill knows its the end of all our problems … he said so. Wake up, mate.
      Anyway, reckon we’ll be culling a few mullets at the ballot box soon.

      • Kingswood says:

        Realistically, the only chance we’ve got of getting a coal fired station plus ample water security up here is if the Chinese invade us…

        Though I should have enough fuel for the next 50 years to boil the old copper downstairs for a warm bath and cup of tea if they give me all the hard copy fesibility studies for the above….

  9. Regular reader says:

    Front page of today’s Astonisher should have had Coralee O’Rort and her two Labor mates choking on their cornies.
    One Nation’s plan to scrap the multi billion Brisbane tunnel and put that money towards affordable power and water security will ensure that we are rid of our three drones come the election. Regional seats will give ON the balance of power in the next State Govt and the other good news is that Pauline Hanson cannot become Premier

    • Sandgroper says:

      The ON plan will certainly put a fox into Labor’s chookhouse. Somewhere among Pauline’s ragtag bunch of dimwits lurks a real strategic thinker — and it sure ain’t the redhead. The only problem is that it will also make it hard for any LNP candidates because they must toe the party line to shore-up their southern seats.

      • The Magpie says:

        What has amazed The ‘Pie is that it has taken someone – anyone – to come up with this strategy of the bleedin’ obvious. The only danger in sight is a split ON/LNP voite, allowing the disgracefully self-serving incumbents back into the George Street trough.

      • Alahazbin says:

        The Feds canned CRR (and rightly so) because they don’t want to fork out $5.6 billion and they won’t fork out for any other project anyone comes up with. After all it’s all been promised for Snowy River Hydro Scheme.

  10. Memory Man says:

    Nothing like an anniversary to refresh our memories, eh? Here, the Bullsheet reports (10/08/16) that a Brisbane-based mob, Calcutta Group, were commissioned by the clever dicks in Walker Street to run a market sounding process in relation to the rail yards.


    This follows hot on the trail of the failed EOI campaign run in 2013, over the same block of contaminated dirt on the edges of the CBD. There’s been total silence ever since … wonder why? That’s because the market sounding came back with a resounding “no interest”. Walker Street’s economic gurus couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, let alone run a city.

    So, some questions for the geniuses in Walker Street –

    1. Did Calcutta Group prepare a report or reports on the processes and outcomes of the market sounding campaign? Will Council release this to the public?

    2. How were the Calcutta Group selected to run this campaign?

    3. Who in Council was the responsible manager and executive for this campaign?

    4. How much money was spent on Calcutta Group for this market sounding?

    5. In preparing the campaign, was Council and / or Calcutta Group aware of the reasons why the 2013 EOI campaign failed to unearth a proper submission from the market? If so, will Council release the background briefing documents that accompanied the brief to Calcutta Group for public consideration?

    6. What Council assessments have been conducted since the site was acquired in relation to its development potential and issues impacting on the economic viability of development of the site? Will Council release any and all evaluation documents related to the North Yards site and its potential development?

    7. Prior to acquiring the site, what due diligence did Council do in relation to the site? Will Council release the complete due diligence file that it completed prior to acquiring the site, for public consideration?

    • Old Hack says:

      All valid and important questions, which will be greeted with profound silence from the news media and the council. It’s shameful that the press, radio and television outlets in this town have become lapdogs rather than watchdogs.

  11. The Magpie says:

    Pot Calling Kettle Award Of The Day:

  12. The Magpie says:

    At last, he admits it … Astonisher iditor Ben English clearly declares that the paper’s policy is NOT about journalism, objectivity or – God forbid – truth.

    This email has just been circulated to the Townsville Bulletin iditorial staff from their boss, Ben ‘Bogan English. Note the last two pars in particular.

  13. Regular reader says:

    Sounds to me like “Andrew” has been getting family and friends to hit on him, sorry his stories.
    Big question is where is the ad revenue coming from to support the online edition.
    Big local advertisers have woken up to Mr English and his bullshit figures and now prefer to spend their ad dollars with TV and the thriving Duo mag.
    Without national advertising like the Adani “trust us” con job English would no longer have a job.
    That’s why he protects them by printing only positive news.

  14. Watcher says:

    Saw a car today with a sign on the side saying Townsville Bulletin The Voice of the North.
    Can’t even get that right. Surely it should read The Voice of Adani, Jenny Hill and TEL.

  15. Cantankerous but happy says:

    The regular role of jobs from LinkedIn coming through the emails as usual, I usually don’t pay much attention but one caught my eye, Project Manager Townsville working on a $42 million project in the aviation industry, full time position Townsville based, sounds interesting, maybe numbskull Gill has finally reached an agreement with QF on the airport upgrade, maybe QF have told them to get rooted again and the negative publicity has lead to QAL to fund the project regardless.

  16. Miss Lou says:

    Good evening,

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    With Fondness,

    Miss Lou.

    Regards to Bentley.

  17. Watcher says:

    Some observations from today’s Astonisher.
    Tony Raggatt who is championed as the papers Business Editor, has contributed just one story in44 pages. His 2 page Business Daily section contains 4 stories none of which are written by him and obviously come from somewhere down south. Obviously nothing is happening in Townsville apart from the small businesses that are going broke and shutting down on a daily basis, but that would be bad news and would go against the editor’s positive spin policy.
    Chris McMahon, who is regarded by the editor as his senior journalist, also has just one story.
    What do these blokes do all day. Maybe they should try asking some hard questions of Adani the council and TEL. Heaven knows they might actually get a story worth reading.
    Then there’s the story about a local police officer being seriously assaulted by a drunk at the Townsville Cup on Saturday, finally printed in just 4 paragraphs at the bottom of page 3 on Tuesday, 3 days after it happened.
    This story was the biggest talking point from cup day, and was highlighted in both WIN and Ch 7 local news on Monday night but the Astonisher completely missed it. Too busy covering more important things at the cup like fashions on the field.
    Editor Ben Bogan must be proud.
    Knowing News Ltds policy of rewarding failure stand by for the announcement that the Astonisher is hot favourite for News Ltds newspaper of the year and Raggatt and McMahon are vying for reporter of the year.

  18. The old peterbuilt says:

    Water wise. Quite a few people in the nome alligator ck area scratching their head and less than happy with tcc and the developers of Elliot springs. Tcc have allowed them to put down a water bore because you need water for dust supression and compaction etc when building roads. Not only does this put stress on the water table and everyone else’s bores but it is being done in an absolutely wasteful manner. They are pumping out of the bore into an open dam and the water trucks pump out of the dam. How much is being lost to evaporation and seepage. Am told there is only one water truck operating at the moment but that will ramp up to three. At least they should pump into a holding tank. Locals are also having a giggle about the advertising ” panoramic views and wide open spaces”. Yeh right , blocks from 370m and houses from 160m. At least it’s good to see some work being carried out. It’s going to be entertaining to see who can trump one nations plan for our power and water, none of which will happen.

  19. Memory Man says:

    The Mullet says she admires Paul “the prancing pony” Pisasale and the way he ran Ipswich – which included his ‘development corporation’ brainchild. Around the same time, Mayor Mullet announces that she is going to set up a ‘development corporation’ for TCC.

    Should there be alarm bells jangling about now?
    Pisasale looks like he used the Ipswich Council development corporation to curry favours with developers.


    Here’s how it worked.
    Council land gets transferred to Council development company (hmmm, already sounds familiar), then a few months later gets sold. A year or so later on, it’s onsold for 3-times, and not long after that approved for development (not out of the ground yet, but a few folk made some handsome play money on the way through). Pisasale was a director of the Development company from day dot, and was the beneficiary of free digs and “massages” courtesy of the developer that the land was originally sold to.

    So, as Mullet sets up her development corporation, we are completely entitled to know:

    1. Who are its directors going to be – will there be more than one?
    2. Will land be transferred from general council ownership into ownership by this corporation?
    3. What kind of legal entity will this corporation be – a $500 “Pty Ltd” shelfie?
    4. Will council put working capital into the corporation? If so, how much?
    5. Who will the corporation CEO be? How will this role be filled?

    • Jack Flash says:

      “Prancing pony?” This little guy sounds more like a Shetland stallion.
      Looks like the Brisbane Times is mining the mother lode with this saga. Can’t wait for the next instalment.

    • Sandgroper says:

      This idea of the council setting up a ‘development corporation’ is eerily reminiscent of the dark days of Brian Burke and WA Inc. This was a period when politicians with delusions of grandeur used public resources to fund hare-brained schemes proposed by shonky snake-oil salesmen (think Alan Bond, Laurie Connell, et al).
      Needless to say, it all ended in tears.

    • The Magpie says:

      A modest’Pie humbly lowers his eyes, examines his fingernails (claws) and doodles circles in the dust with his foot in embarrassment at getting such highly qualified support for what he has been saying for for six months … this is the opening par of the Brisbane Times story:
      ‘A $1 billion concessional loan to the controversial Adani Carmichael mine project in Queensland’s Galilee Basin could expose taxpayers to a high risk of losing their money, according to an independent business analysis.’

      They PAY people to work this stuff out?

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      Wow, a negative report form a company commissioned by the Australian Conservation Foundation. Get real. I bet Adani have a report produced showing the opposite. All humbug and bullshit.

  20. The old peterbuilt says:

    It started as just more hearsay, wishful thinking by some, a rumour but the latest coming out of TCC is that some managers are telling staff just to keep under the radar and don’t attract attention to themselves because the Impaler will be gone in 3 months. Was this the plan right from the start … bring her in to do the Mullets dirty work then go, or have the unions and labour realised what a disaster this has been for their pr? Or is someone taking note of the many complaints and an inquiry is underway? Will there be dastardly deeds exposed in the Gotham of the north? Will The Joker kapow us with an early election before the enquiry into electricity prices gets a chance to short circuit her plans. It’s all to much for the old peterbuilt to think about. I’m going to the bat cave (shed)to check on the home brew.

    • The Magpie says:

      On the announcement of her appointment, The ‘Pie surmised that this was a short term ‘hitman’ move by Labor. Thus the Impaler tag. Time will tell.

    • The Rolling Eye says:

      Local chatter has it that maul-let’s tally of local supporters has gone from negligible to nought.
      Ever the isthmus, ‘our’ Jenny!

  21. The old peterbuilt says:

    Are you having one of those ‘ I told you so ‘ days old bird ?

  22. Concerned citizen says:

    A few weeks back a blogger warned of problems with Townsville’s water supply and the possibility that the low level of the dam was posing a health risk to residents.
    It was suggested that we boil our drinking water, which we as a family did, just in case.
    A week ago we decided that it wasn’t worth the effort and started drinking water straight out of the tap again.
    Two days ago my partner developed stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting and went to a doctor.
    Diagnosed with gaudia (severe stomach bug), the doctor said a course of medication was needed to nip it in the bud, but warned that the medication was almost impossible to get in Townsville.
    After five phone calls we finally found a chemist that had just two doses left, so we drove halfway across town to get one of them.
    This has to be the cover up to end all cover ups. Not a word about it in the Astonisher and nothing from our caring Mayor Mullet.
    If all this adds up, and I suspect it will, Townsville is on the verge of a medical crisis, which has been concealed from the public by the council and the Astonisher for reasons only the Mayor and the Editor can explain.
    So the question is, at what stage will they admit there is a problem with our potable water supply and do something about it?

    • Trollhunter says:

      Water treatment and supply is heavily legislated for and regulated by entities outside Council. Water suppliers (TCC) must adhere to the Water Supply (Safety and reliability) Act and must conform to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (National Medical Research Council). The Department of Energy and Water Supply (DEWS) and Queensland Health monitor, verify, and audit all systems and water quality results. It would be impossible for Townsville City Council to cover up or conceal widespread illness in the community.

      Waterborne illnesses such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia are notifiable illnesses (by doctors) to Queensland Health who track clusters and liaise with health care professionals and water suppliers if they feel a waterborne incident/event is occurring. A health warning would be made publically available if this was the case. If these doctors have concerns i.e. if they feel there is a cluster of illness they must notify Queensland Health or the Office of the Water Supply Regulator, DEWS to have these concerns dealt with in an appropriate manner and follow the correct protocols.

      So even if people do not trust Townsville City Council they must be made aware that there are numerous safety nets in place, with someone looking over their shoulder at all times, so that waterborne health incidents do not occur.

      Even though the Dam is at a low level, a quick look on the TCC website shows it contains approx. 47,000ML of water. Also we do not drink the water directly from the Dam there is a Water Treatment Plant at Douglas that is more than capable of treating the water.

      I think I will take my advice from medical personnel and the water treatment and quality engineers and scientists before I take the advice of a blogger.

      It must also be noted that Giardia is not solely a waterborne disease and can be contracted through swimming, daycare centres, public toilets (people not washing hands appropriately), and from animals.

      • The Magpie says:

        Which prompts The ‘Pie to point out that he published the original comment, a) to allow the person to relate their story, and although not personally agreeing, decided to leave their conclusions in, in order to attract exactly a reply like yours b) and in the knowledge that The ‘Pie does not have the readership to cause even a small ripple of panic (although Barry The Foghorn Taylor seems to disagree with that when The ‘Pie talks about one of finest businessmen and community stalwart the old Rabster.)

      • Rusty Nail says:

        Isn’t this the same reply that appeared before under the pseudonym “Joe the Plumber”?

        • Trollhunter says:

          Nope …. not joe the plumber …. I posted something similar in response to a post a few months back from a gentleman with the same worry.

        • Jack Flash says:

          And both Joe and Trollhunter seem to know their stuff, unlike the pack of serial dickheads commenting on stories in the Astonisher.
          We have a sprinkling of dunces, but this blog provides much more well-informed feedback than the rest of the local news media combined.

          • Rusty Nail says:

            They both certainly do use some big words and tell us all what should happen all being well. Have to feel though for the poor partner of Trollhunter who actually got sick, which just happened to be when they stopped boiling their water – funny that. Why would Trollhunter make that up do you think?

          • The Magpie says:

            Don’t think there is any suggestion he made anything up. Why would you think he did, given your opening comment?

  23. Old tradesman says:

    To watcher the Townsville Cup was probably a great success, however we will have to wait to see the final results where the Cleveland Bay Handicap an iconic historical race was not sponsored by the usual people namely xxxx, where did the sponsorship money come from? However did the Local Rag report the fact that the new committee have turned the best built track in Australia, in a period of nine months, to having to be closed down for 7 odd weeks for repairs due to to theirs and Racing Queensland’s incompetence. More to come. Goodbye to the Townsville Amateurs.

  24. Dutch Reverend says:

    Why is it that the Adani adverts that are running on TV are authorised by R.Watson ? The only time I recall adverts being authorised is when they are political. I could be wrong and would appreciate any clarification from the pool of knowledge out there.

    • Scientician79 says:

      It also repeats the 10,000 jobs claim which has been disproven so many times now it’s not worth going over again.

      I saw it for the first time last night, just made me angry, I also wondered why it ended like a political campaign ad with the authorised by and spoken by tag.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Ron Watson from Adani say they are “logistics company”. They own Abbot Point 100% and once they get ownership of the railway line they won’t have to open a mine. Just charge all the other mines to deliver and unload at Abbot Point

  25. Rusty Nail says:

    Today’s front page story (PKO) was from Facebook with a few historical issues thrown in for good measure. Investigative journalism at it’s best, yes?

  26. Watcher says:

    My post yesterday about the lack of output from Astonisher “business editor” Tony Raggatt with just 1 story in 44 pages on Tuesday had an instant impact with 3 stories written by him in todays rag. Thats still not up to scratch for a senior journo but its a start.
    But still no answers to hard questions.
    So is Raggers under orders from the editor not to rock the boat with the protected few like Adani, TEL, TCC, Townsville Airport, JCU etc or has he gone over to the dark side?
    Come on Tony start doing your job or at least be brave enough to admit you’ve been gagged.

  27. Surely says:

    They cant be serious surely????

    Voice of North shortlisted for ‘best newspaper’

    I left the north some time back but still have a strong interest in the development of the region and the to-ings and fro-ings of the powers that be (or wannabe).
    I followed the bird’s warblings in the good old days and now enjoy this blog as a generally (?) erudite reflection of the news that the ‘voice’ inexplicably and inevitably fails to disseminate to the greater hoi polloi of Townsville.

    I was, sadly, a subscriber to this august organ in times past but have since joined the seething, sceptical multitude who deplore and despair of the race to the bottom of the media pool the ‘voice of the north’ is engaged in (and winning by some considerable margin).

    The nomination is either a too-subtle effort to indulge in some sly ‘take the piss’ self-parody for the benefit and amusement of the feathered one’s followers, or the most ironic article it has ever been my displeasure to read.

    What poor, blind, misguided, dyslexic, slathering fool thought them worthy of nomination? I mean surely they wouldn’t nominate themselves then boast about it would they? Would they?

    • The Magpie says:

      The rules may have changed, but all initial nominations have to be made by the publication itself, usually countersigned by the editor. Which makes the boast in previous times that The Bulletin had been nominated for awards on multiple occasions a hoot in itself.

  28. Kenny Kennett says:

    The Astonisher provides us with a wonderful story about being shortlisted for Newspaper of the year. I needed a laugh today and got it after reading this bullshit online. So too did the ONLY ONE commenter who wrote this message:

    Award for worst paper would be more appropriate.

    Take away the adverts and the predictable front page pictures of people looking at the sky and what’s left?

    Nothing like letting this sort of comment pass the publish test.

  29. The Owl says:

    Re yesterdays Astonisher story on the rape scandal at JCU.
    If we needed proof that the editor is running a protection racket, the contents of this story provided certainty.
    JCU vice-chancellor Sandra Harding was lauded for being ahead of the game, but didn’t this rape occur last year and what has Harding being doing since she returned from holidays in February. Does it really take six months to sack staff who have been involved in committing and covering up such a serious offence.
    If you check the JCU website you will find that at least one of the staff who was directly involved in the cover up is still in his senior roll. A mate who works at JCU told me it has all been swept under the carpet but Harding gets away with telling the Astonisher the university would not comment on individual disciplinary action. What did this bloke get, a slap on the wrist? He certainly hasnt been demoted or sacked.
    Instead of sweeping scandals under the carpet what we need is a couple of new brooms to clean up JCU and the Astonisher.
    Reporter Victoria Nugent also needs some urgent retraining in basic journalism.
    At a time when 52% of JCU students say they have were sexually harassed last year this is the best we get from our local newspaper?
    As for being a contender for Newspaper Of The Year maybe they should add some new categories to the awards like Disgrace Of The Year or Worst Editor Of The Century or Most Biased Reporting. The Astonisher would be odds on favourite for all of those.

    • Sir Ossis O'Fliver says:

      Now come on.
      50% of a reported 10% odd of the total population response is only 5% of the total available population.
      Total over the top journalistic and acadill/boofademic sensationalism as usual.

  30. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Absolute proof that the astonisher is reading your blog Pie, my post here on Monday about the project manager role at Townsville airport duplicated today in the paper, coincidence? hardly, how many articles about a job do you normally see in the paper, award winning stuff I guess.

  31. Watcher says:

    No surprise that the Astonisher has been shortlisted for newspaper of the year. 2 of the 4 PANPA board members are News heavies Michael Miller and Damian Eales. Miller is chairman. It’s like those readership figures that are manipulated by News Ltds own company to show 6 people read every copy of the paper – a world record!

  32. Sandgroper says:

    ‘Pie, won’t we all miss The Mooch addressing the US press as Donald’s mouthpiece? I have not laughed so much since George W’s dyslexic performances.
    Fair dinkum, if you tried to pass-off recent events as a script for a TV comedy series you’d be tossed out of the producer’s office.
    Watch Samantha Bee’s ‘Full Frontal’ show for the most biting and hilarious political satire you will ever see. I suspect The Trumpet is looking for a CIA boss who will treat her with extreme prejudice.

  33. The old peterbuilt says:

    Interesting to see the bolt report on sexual harrassment in universities. He is saying only 10 percent responded so how do they arrive at a 51percent figure. I am assuming the report was funded by federal money and if so they should be held to account. If there has been one case of illegal sexual behaviour it’s one too many but it’s shit like this that a growing number of people have had enough of. A national media industry with no crediabillity and a growing number of so called experts with their head in the trough. I suggest we rise up and overthrow the country. Oh shit what time is it, sorry got to go and add some sugar to the next batch of home brew. Cheers

    • The Magpie says:

      Listening to this as a headline on the ABC Radio y’day – ‘University students say 50% of them have been sexually harrassed’ – the Mr Language Person in the old bird supposes that the 50% was the lower half of them.

      • Sir Ossis O'Fliver says:

        These days with the pc crowd running the show, “not tonight Josephine” is in fact sexual harrassment.

        • The Magpie says:

          And The ‘Pie noted with some amusement that ‘staring’ was one of the types of harassment. Given the complainants the old bird has seen on TV, that would be ‘staring the other way’. Anywhere, in fact.

  34. Guy says:

    Water borne parasites such as giardia and crypto are normally removed when the suspended dirt in water is removed, rather than during chlorination.

    From my limited experience and training water from a treatment plant is good if the water is cyrstal clear and has retained a level of free chlorine in the tap water.

    Sydney had this problem back in the late 90s.

    If you are scared either boil the water or buy it. As a general rule i don’t drink tap water anyway because they add an unnecessary waste product from fertiliser plants and aluminium refineries into the water supply to “help” people. It sits in solution up about 2ppm ( same as chlorine in pool water)

    Developed world water treatment plants remove almost everything that will make you sick or kill you.

    Despite this water borne parasites are known to pass through treatment plants regardless but exist in much lower concentrations.

    You can buy reverse osmosis systems but should take care to remineralise the water as drinking it long term may cause health problems

    • Kingswood says:

      Or, it may or may not rain this weekend and you could put out a bucket….

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      And all of a sudden, Guy flies in with a ‘yesterday’s’ comment. Now Guy, perhaps you should get that reply in quicker or reference your reply so we know what the fuck you are talking about. I also note that there’s always water involved in your comments. May I suggest you start drinking tap water as it will toughen you up for the next time you take on those nasty candidates in the next council elections. No doubt with your knowledge (or lack thereof) you will be shortlisted on Coralee O’Rourke’s mayoral team. They need someone just like you with limited experience and training but able to baffle with your bullshit.

      • Guy says:

        I look in now and then

        There was a subject i thought i’d throw a comment into.

        I’ve actually run a small water treatment plant and even had training believe it or not, its quite an interesting subject. I think i do remember that you need to adust the pH of the water before flocculation ( the process that removes the dirt)

        Ive had my own pool business many years whilst a student before i did my apprenticeship, so theres a little knowledge there about water chemistry that is applicable. No doubt the langlier index would be applicable to how long free chlorine would be in the tap water.

        I don’t understand why you are so angry

  35. Rusty Nail says:

    Sorry ‘Pie – should have been Concerned Citizen, not Trollhunter, referenced in my post earlier this afternoon.

  36. The old peterbuilt says:

    On the today show early this morning Pauline Hanson stated that the Muslim vote now influences 14 federal electrol divisions and that without the greens and Muslims the labour vote would collapse. This approach by labour is as short sited as their fiscal policy. Labour will only have the Muslim vote until the Muslims have enough numbers to run on their own and then god help us. Just goes to show that shorten and his cfmeu mates will take it in any or all orifices to secure power. Now after such a statement I’m sure some will accuse me of being racist but you see my heritage is from the coming together of an Englishman and a yuggera woman. I have no ill feeling towards any race but have an absolute hatred of the cult called Islam.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Record number of births in a Northern suburbs hospital in Melbourne last month. It’s happening…or was the pollen storm around that time an aphrodisiac fairy dust for horny muslims? At that rate there’ll be no virgins left to service the dopey terror cells when they get their comeuppance. It is a problem and when they get the numbers in areas like local government, be prepared to see the ban on amplified ‘calls-to-prayer’ at Mosques lifted and in no time at all our suburbs will sound like we’re living in the middle of Istanbul. Currently they can’t do it by law but when they get the green light you’ll hear it twice for 2-3 minutes 5 times a day starting at around 4:30am -even longer on a Friday.

    • Old Hack says:

      Well said, Top and Kenny. A pattern is emerging in Australia that mirrors what has already happened throughout the world — creeping Islam taking over municipalities and regions through weight of votes.
      Throughout Britain and Europe there are virtual ‘no-go’ areas for non-Muslims — and these enclaves are spreading like the plague.
      Enoch Powell was vilified in England during the 60s and later when he predicted, with astonishing accuracy, what would happen when the nation’s borders were thrown open to all and sundry. He was referencing immigration from backward Commonwealth countries, but the same picture of reverse racism is emerging with the current wave of so-called religious refugees.
      These people despise true democracy, but exploit it to achieve their aims.

    • Achilles says:

      You’re spot on T.O.P. Swedenistan and parts of Germany and France are already “suffering” this take over by stealth (subterfuge) by using our most treasured institution namely democracy as a means of destroying it.

      Our pollies the loony self-righteous left and ideologues are making the rope by which we will hang ourselves.

    • Tenacious D says:

      Wow Mr P, that comment really made the right wing flap!

  37. The Magpie says:

    Memo Mike Douglas:

    Have you proof that that is the case? Can’t publish your comment otherwise.

  38. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Concept drawing for the proposed 7 storey Hilton in today’s rag only has 6 storeys even if you count the ground floor as 1. Wonder where the picture was lifted from?

  39. The old peterbuilt says:

    Have been waiting a long time for someone who actually knows, to explain the connection between global warming and co2. I’ve been looking for facts so that rules out politicians and the screech of greens impersonating cockatoos. This guy appears to be a scientist and is worth a look. The link is.

    • I-Hope says:

      Dear The old peterbuilt,

      in case you are genuinely interested in the science these are two very accessible sites that deal with the real science:


      The Berkeley Earth project is particularly interesting as it was set up and funded by global warming sceptics (including Charles Koch) and supervised by a skeptical and eminent physicist (Muller). Their conclusions include (http://static.berkeleyearth.org/pdf/berkeley-earth-announcement-jul-29-12.pdf):

      “the average temperature of the Earth’s land has risen by 1.5°C over the past 250 years. The good match between the new temperature record and historical carbon dioxide records suggests that the most straightforward explanation for this warming is human greenhouse gas emissions”

      “Some of the scientists on the Berkeley Earth team admit surprise that the new analysis has shown such clear agreement between global land-temperature rise and human-caused greenhouse gases. “I was not expecting this,” says Richard Muller, “but as a scientist, I feel it is my duty to let the evidence change my mind.””

      Like it or not we are in serious trouble with our climate going forward in the next 20-30 years.

  40. Dutch Reverend says:

    Is there any committee or board that Kim Jen Ill isn’t either sitting in or chairing? Sounds to me like someone has trust issues.

  41. Watcher says:

    Regarding the proposed “luxury” Hilton hotel proposed for the Cowboys stadium precinct it is actually a Double Tree by Hilton and not the luxury Hilton hotels you see in Brisbane and Sydney. The Double Tree brand is a down market version of Hilton.
    Nonetheless, any new hotel or business is welcome in this dying city.
    But the the new restaurant that opened down on the Strand this week won’t be around for long if their online menu is any guide.
    A dozen oysters will set you back $45 and and a steak $46.
    Where do they think they are, Noosa or the French Riveria.

  42. The old peterbuilt says:

    $45 for a steak , shit , go to the alligator ck bowls club and get a good feed and half pissed for that.

  43. The old peterbuilt says:

    Had a little talk with a lovely lady friend in the last hour and I was singing the praises of the old pies nest and she agreed that a lot of the content was relevant but felt we were all a bit negative towards the mullet and Ben bogan. I agreed that if they do something positive I will highlight it and so I am going to finish the week with a couple of positive thoughts.
    1. There is a real chance of some good rain on the weekend. That’s positive
    2. The batch of home brew I just pulled is smoother than the inner thigh of a Lakimba virgin. That’s positive
    3. I wrote the recipe down this time that’s positively smart
    All have a good weekend

    • The Magpie says:

      Tel you’re lady friend that The ‘Pie will always be negative towards liars and swindlers out for their own gain and not the community good. And The ‘Pie has offered gratis an excellent (the judgement of his southern peers) script for a television commercial for Townsville, along with other positive suggestions, the main one being that an entertainment/convention centre should be paramount over a football stadium. And there will be another positive for sure in tomorrow’s blog that could so easily and positively acted upon – which, since it isn’t the Mullet’s idea, it won’t happen.

      • Dearie Me says:

        C’mon Pie… Mullet doesn’t have ideas. Most are stoken and rebranded, that’s why they are fishy. The rest are ones she’s told to have by the Impaler.

        And Peterbuilt tell your lady friend that hiding from the bleeding obvious and pretending things are rosy when they aren’t is far worse than voicing your unhappiness about the situation. Those who are responsible for good government of the city should act accordingly.

        • The Magpie says:

          Now that you mention, one supposes that by all the overly-optimistic ‘positivity’, Jenny and the state members are in a way admitting that they are responsible for the true state of affairs.

        • Sandgroper says:

          As it happens, the concept for an excellent television campaign devised by The ‘Pie to promote Townsville tourism was stolen and bastardised to push the Mullet’s stadium agenda.
          I lost all respect for a certain Mullet adviser following that piece of plagiarism.

  44. The old peterbuilt says:

    Well, well , looks like the old nest got stirred up while I was in the shed having a cold one. Good to see at the end of the week. Off to Canberra next week for a last post ceremony at the Australian war memorial, then to give a little talk on a book I had published couple years back after which the bride and I are off to Alaska and Canada . I will be watching from afar. As miss Lou says always fun, always entertaining. Cheers

    • The Magpie says:

      Safe journey, but stay with us anyway, as one can nowadays.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Have fun and keep us posted on your travels. Like Mutty from the other side of politics, you bring plenty of humour and commonsense to the conversation.
      By the way, where is Mutty? Has he cranked up the old bus again?

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