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Saturday, February 8th, 2020   |   190 comments

We Had Hoped For A Messiah, But All We’ve Got So Far Is A Naughty Little Boy

Or a petulant one, at least. Sam Cox’s lacklustre and super-relaxed mayoral campaign took another dive during the week when his judgment came into question. And just when circumstances seem to put him in the box seat.

Clive keeps it in the family … Palmer’s little band of fancy dress fringe dwellers grows by one, and Mayor Mullet is temporarily sidelined by circumstances … it is shaping up that whoever gets in in March, we will end up with a mayor who takes office because of the failure of others, not the their own claims.

And freefall! The Bulletin’s weekend flagship does a Hindenburg. The latest readership figures make for grim reading.

But first …

The Magpie’s close-up acquaintance with sharks is restricted to his fondness for flake and chips when a teenager in Melbourne, flake of course being the genteel euphemism for shark, coined to avoid unnecessary distress to the digestive system at the thought of eating a man-eater.

The Australian public has long had a sensible view that sharks are best avoided and not to be kept as pets, but we continue to visit their habitat in increasing tens of thousands, then somehow seem shocked when our our most basic primal fear is realized when, somehow, someone manages to become Meals In Flippers – a sort of Scuba Uber Eats.

So the chum of the drum-line issue has been again chucked in to our social waters to attract a feeding frenzy of competing ideologies. But an uneventful coexistence can only come from the human side, because sharks don’t hold committee meetings or pay a range of bureaucrats to set their rules of engagement – which are basically ‘I’m hungry – oh, there’s a person – “BURP,” pardon me”. And The ‘Pie has always been of the opinion that he will advocate the wholesale culling and killing of sharks when they start eating people in Pitt Street.

But Bentley has the whimsical idea that sharks are becoming more like their human prey everyday, and may be developing their own protocols.

Shark Drums SMALL

Flagship Sinking

bulletin logo

The latest set of readership figures for the Townsville Bulletin is hardly the welcome wagon gift the paper’s new editor would want, but they spell out the task ahead of Craig Warhurst. This is the latest year-on-year numbers from the Roy Morgan group.

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 6.07.11 pm readership figsScreen Shot 2020-02-06 at 6.07.24 pm

(See the full stats from around the country here, if your of that turn if mind.)

Cold comfort that the Bulletin fared better the Cairns Post.

The Bulletin remains super coy about its on-line subscription numbers, certainly a case a being modest because they have much to modest about, but a print plunge of 33% is in no way offset by any digital take-up. You can be certain of this, otherwise, the Astonisher would be astonishing us with its braying triumphal blather. And actual circulation figures, which were always fiddled within very lax rules anyway, are no longer made public, so our only glimpse of the Bulletin’s health comes through readership figures, and logical deductions made from their own previously trumpeted yardstick.

Not long ago, News executives insisted that eight people read every single paper printed, and used this metric to support the laughable and discredited EMMA measurement system invented by the print industry led by News because they didn’t like the Roy Morgan figures. Using that rib tickling stat, it seems to mean that the average number of papers printed Monday to Friday is just 4500, while Saturday’s is around just 4000.

The ‘Pie doesn’t believe this manufactured malarkey, but it seems certain that the average print run has more than halved in the past five or six years, and is now somewhere below 14,000.

No wonder advertisers are deserting the Bulletin in droves.

But A Top Headline  From The Astonisher 

A story about mushrooms popping up all over the place following the rains.

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 9.20.45 am

The Mayoral Quagmire

With a mixture of tragedy and farce, the Townsville mayoral race has taken a couple of unexpected swerves in the past few days.

sam cox

The largely invisible Sam Cox made an interesting call on this blog during the week, in a manner which calls into question whether he possesses the personal resilience required to be an effective mayor. He was always shy about popping his head over the parapet, afraid of ‘another flogging’, but to his credit, he did finally put his hand up and began a stuttering campaign of sorts.

But last Wednesday, The ‘Pie published a comment from Pat Coleman regarding financial support for various parties, and he had an unremarkable look at the strong Cox family support for Sam in the past. Pretty innocuous stuff of little account, and one of the very rare (about 1 in 30) comments Mr Coleman gets published here. The ‘Pie, and probably anyone else who bothered to plough through the personal obsessions of ‘our Pat’ thought little of it, but not Mr Cox.

He went off like a frog in a sock.

So much so, one wondered what prompted his over-defensive and justifying  rant, mainly to do with past campaigns. The ‘Pie won’t bother reprinting both comments, to the uninvolved, it was just a normal blog comment spat, but they are still there if you can be bothered to go back and have a look.

But Mr Cox had his dander well and truly up, and decided that The Magpie needed some advice about the suitability of hosting Mr Coleman’s comments henceforth, and The ‘Pie to henceforth cease printing ‘fake news’. This he provided in both his reply rant and in a couple of personal angry texts.

Hiding his astonishment, The ‘Pie replied.

The Magpie
2,839 approved

Submitted on 2020/02/06 at 2:03 pm | In reply to Sam Cox.A strange much ado about nothing. Engaging with Mr Coleman is always a lose lose game not to be indulged in by serious people.
NB Printing the opinion of others in comments does not constitute fake news, or most often, any news at all for that matter. But Sam seems unusually and unnecessarily jumpy on this matter for some reason.
And in a sadly amusing sidelight, Sam fired me an angry late night text about publishing the comment which ended with the intriguing line ‘ Don’t expect too much more from me if you allow (that sort of thing) in your blog.’ Not much more from you, Sam? You mean an end to that Niagara Falls of sparkling policy pledges, innovative solutions to chronic problems and a financially responsible plan to repair council finances that you and your back room greybeard smother The ‘Pie in daily? Just don’t know how I will cope.

All water off a Magpie’s back … AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN OFF THE BACK OF A CAMPAIGNING POLITICIAN. And that’s the nub of this matter … it raises questions about Sam’s real ability to handle what is often a rough and tumble job, requiring patience and restraint. Hair trigger outbursts can be costly in public life, sometimes damaging to the community represented, and he has exhibited a tissue thin skin from the outset, wanting public approval and acclaim even before declaring himself a runner. (He didn’t get it, but ran anyway). One now wonders about his claim to be able to work effectively with whoever is elected to council.

This is all a shame, and it really does appear that he and his campaign manager are depending way too heavily on an expected Anyone But Jenny Hill vote.

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 9.52.16 am

Mayor Mullet’s campaign appeared to be on autopilot despite her taking an understandable break of a few days following the tragic accident in which she was involved that claimed the life of a motorcyclist. Nothing like having a newspaper with a bulging file of incumbent bromides and photo ops.

Now, while The Magpie will not himself nor allow others to speculate here on the accident, there was one note of concern when the police said they were preparing a brief of evidence for the coroner. According to a legal chum, such a coronial inquiry could take two or three months to set up, and that would take us well past the council election. One would think given the CCTV and red light camera evidence, witness statements and evidence remaining in situ, the least the police could do is drop the aloof arrogance and make it plain if any charges are to be laid, or any offic ial reasons offered as to cause. That would not only be fair to Mrs Hill, it would be fair to the electorate whose vote may affected – either way – in an information vacuum.

Not that the police hierarchy in Brisbane  or the Palaszczuk Government gives a dog’s toss about Townsville.

And That’s An Attitude Shared By Fatty Palmer

We all await with bated breath to hear Greg Dowling’s policy on recycling, it is likely to be a strong one, since his string puller Clive Palmer is VERY big on recycling. Proof this week when a new team member was announced for Mr Dowling.

Martin brewsterScreen Shot 2020-02-08 at 9.04.39 pm

Yes, this is the recycled Martin Brewster, former Palmer Party senate candidate, Yabulu executive, and Clive’s nephew. Mr Brewster’s daughters also did or do work for Mr Palmer. So no pressure there stopping Mr Dowling being good to his claim that he is his own man.

Mr Brewster was described by someone who knows him as a good bloke, big on hockey, but as Procurement Officer at Yabulu, ‘he had a ring through his nose, and Clive was holding the chain.’ He will join the gaggle vying for the retired Verena Coombe’s divvy 6 council seat. His campaign is set to take off, but staying upo thgere can be a problem, even foir an RAAF reservist.

upside down Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 10.02.03 am

Just as well Dowling doesn’t display any of Sam Cox’s delicate sensitivities, and is happy to be seen as a straight-up purveyor of political porkies, the main one that his half a million dollar man Fatty Palmer has no influence over him.

You obviously think we just fell off the back of the turnip truck, don’t you, Greg?

Lights, Camera, Action …. Introducing Cecil B …. deBatty?

Businessman Philip Batty

Businessman Philip Batty

Regular Nest readers will be aware of the great contribution to this blog made by Magpie mate Phillip Batty. He is tenacious in pursuing the council and the current mayor for their casual approach to rules and ethics. His research skills and his tenacity in this area are well know, but this Australia-spanning executive for a catering corporation has brought those qualities to an unexpected venture.

Now living at Airlie, Phil says not long ago he had an idea to boost the slightly battered tourist trade down there. Not one to ask others to do the hard yards, Phil set about realizing his idea – he knocked on doors, expounded his idea, persuaded, convinced and cajoled – and people enthusiastically bought it, without exception, offering whatever assistance they could.

Now all this sounds like a bit of amateur fun, but amateur is not a word one associates with Phillip Batty – he is the creator, producer, and organiser of a promotional production that beggars belief.

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 10.03.27 pm

The idea was simple enough (aren’t ideas always) – promote Airlie as a romantic wedding destination. And the best way to do this is to stage a real wedding, with some added pizazz. You can feel the sand between your toes just watching it, and that is EXACTLY how to sell this part of the world to those down south. This is the complete version which can easily be edited into a variety of attractive shorter messages. Post it on if you like it.

Airlie 2Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 10.04.26 pm

And if you mistakenly believe this is an old mate giving a chum a bit of boost, think again, how this was all pulled together defies explanation. Phil says the level of enthusiastic cooperation from all quarters – clearly evidenced in the end product – was the key.

Comparisons Are Odious They Say, But ….

Perhaps it is inevitable to put Phil’s imaginative effort beside the feeble, confused and inept efforts from Townsville Enterprise, but the numbers tell the sad, sad story. In the past two years, TEL has posted a total of 17 videos, which have attracted 79,300 views.

In just the first 24 hours of its release during the week, Phil’s Airlie video has been viewed at its full length of 10 minutes and 17 seconds an incredible 170,000 times.

Much more by now, no doubt.

TEL, Hang your heads in shame, you blood sucking burdens on the public purse. We give you $750,000 of ratepayers money every year, and for what?

There’s A New Dimple In Heaven Tonight

Another hero of the 1950s, worshipped every Saturday arvo in the Capitol Theatre, Brisbane Street, Tamworth, left us this week.


Vale Kirk

But The Anti-Hero Lives On

The Tangerine Anus is now really on the loose. Trump has already shown that he feels his totally expected acquittal on impeachment charges – courtesy of Republican Party treasonous infamy – has given him licence for any sort of excess that takes his fancy. Rumour has it he will be starting with a famous landmark in New York.

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 2.47.21 pm 8_99 14_45 16_33 5_151 3_173 Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon - tt_c_c200131.tif 13_49 7_115 10-hires

17_0 9_97 GOP outrage 5_155 NuevoDocumento 2020-01-29 19.33.03

 Royal Plan Bnoname1 noname2


That’s it this time around, and if it’s a bit scruffy around the edges, The ‘Pie apologies, he lost three days this week to medical matters, and would just like to say we should be very grateful in Townsville for the selfless talent of the Emergency Department at the University Hospital … they were and are simply brilliant. Hope to get back into a more varied menu next week.

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  1. Dave of Kelso says:

    Sharks in Pitt Street hey? Then check this out. You will want to see the full movie. The quality of the show is truly unbelievable.


  2. Bing4814 says:

    One of the reasons I could never be a politician is my skin is not thick enough or maybe the doonas are there for the insulation as their skins not that thick but she found a way to absorb the magpies beak every week LOL. To anyone thinking of it, if you can’t handle the heat stay out of the kitchen. Maybe not your time this time Sam ?

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      It is his time. His response, although not being a good political move, shows he is human and protective of his own. That’s what this city has been missing for a long time – a leader with a conscience. Les Tyrell was the last person like that who led with his human side. And before you respond Guy, stfu. And speaking of stfu, Pat Coleman is a society dud who will rock the boat to get his jollies. Pat sees nothing when he looks in the mirror as does the doona laden Mullet. I want a Mayor that I can walk up to in the street without being fobbed of for self gain. Thanks for showing your human side Sam. Now get stuck into it and win the robes then get this city back to where it should be.

      • Critical says:

        Fully agree, Les Tyrell was the last Mayor with conscious and sense of fair go that this city had. I remember that he, and his councillors, always acknowledged council staff and if he had the time, stopped to have a few words with them not like Mullet and her mob of councilors and senior management. Les had one hell of a job after amalgamation of the Townsville and Thuringowa City Councils and the Townsville Water Board but always had respect of council staff and the community. He was a loss to this city when he retired from public office on the grounds of ill health.

  3. Mike Douglas says:

    Pie, thanks for sharing Phillip Battys tourism campaign for Airlie beach when in comparison Townsville City Councils initiatives is setting up another board “The Townsville Events Board which Townsvilles acting Mayor Les Walker says will combine Council with leading industry experts to bring “Strategy to life and build Townsvilles reputation as an events hub ” . If theres one thing that Team Hill has been good at is Strategy / Consultants which has put the City in the position its in . Team Hill has bought the Impailer /Screaming midget with $750k payouts /Jamie Durie $800k and how many millions $ on Strategy plans and consultants . Pure Projects were appointed to provide a review of the cbd and designated PDA and re-activate the Town Centre . Stadiums Qld has an Events Manager, State Government has a consultant trying to re-activate the cbd , Pure Projects have been paid to activate the cbd and the Council wants to activate another committee/board “Townsville Events Board “. Its pretty clear when T.C.C. uses the word activate / hub its ratepayers $ down the drain .

  4. No local sport for you says:

    Magpie, word on the street is that the weekend cameraman for Seven has been made redundant.

    A job not to be done by halves, Seven went on to flick the other 4 weekend camos from all the regional markets in Queensland leaving the news landscape bare from 5pm Friday until 8am Monday.

    This means, by default, that Nine won’t get to use the Seven created content on Monday as that agreement is now in the porcelain out tray as well.

    This leaves WIN as the only network to cover weekend sport/breaking news on Saturday and Sunday with any sort of relevance or diligence.

    Our local bloke with Seven has been behind the lens for over 8 years in the north apparently and the cuts were “purely for economic reasons” because “nothing happens on weekends anyway”

    A dark day for regional television and definitely the beginning of the end for regional broadcasting.

  5. J Jones says:

    Has Sam Cox got rocks in his noggin? He’s got to do more

  6. Faux pas says:

    Sam Cox doesn’t have the ticker to be mayor

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      So which of the other two are you going to public endorse? I would not touch either of them with a barge pole.

    • Fishframe says:

      Did I read somewhere that the Cox family has property out next to the proposed Woodstock development area? Maybe that could be a reason he was titchy about donations from family as per Pat Coleman’s post?

    • Just Say'n says:

      FP, unfortunately I have to agree.

      As I have said on this site before, Jenny Hill will be re-elected as Mayor and Donald Trump will be re-elected as President of the USA.

      Not as sure as I was about Puddleduck getting the boot, 50/50 with the Freckle is the way the Mail is reporting it.

      Old saying says we end up with the politicians we deserve. Townsville has obviously done something very wrong in the past.

      • Fishframe says:

        I had a premonition that Jenny Hill stepped down and decided not to re-contest. Be interesting if it come true. I might be psychotic – or is that psychic?

        • The Magpie says:

          messagebank as mayor?!? The whole city will become a bus ‘hub’ … nobody goin’ nowhere.

        • I’ll be plucked says:

          Since you asked, I think psychotic with some of the stuff you manage to come up with Fish.

          • Fishframe says:

            I’ll Be Plucked – you were in the room next to me in the old Ward 10B. I know it.

          • 10B says:

            No Fish, you’re wrong. I was the only one in there, you weren’t there and neither was that Plucka unit. I had the joint all to ‘my-selves’.

        • Dave of Kelso says:


          How did you come by this premonition?

          Were you deep in mediation, on the grog, or taking in the collective wisdom of the Magpie’s blog?

          • The Magpie says:

            Or all three?

          • Fishframe says:

            Dave of Kelso – it was a late and stormy night, I was walking back from a secret TRRA meeting in the carpark opposite Council Chambers. We had a great one using binoculars looking into Council to see what the cleaners were up to. On the way home, I was wearing my steel saucepan as a hat which I found to be highly conductive in a lightning storm. I took the full blast of a direct strike and was teleported into a fifth dimension where Jenny Hill was my granddaughter. She disclosed to me that she was abdicating the throne and handing back the keys to the executive wash room. I believed her. I woke up the next morning on the floor of Molly Malone’s.

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            That is good enough for me.
            I trust that you will fully recover from your injuries. I wish you good fortune.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Is that you Mullet?

  7. Just Say'n says:

    How lucky are we to be blessed with a predictive service like the Bureau of Meteorology?

    BOM Dec 11
    “There will be no relief for drought-ravaged regions over the summer, with Bureau of Meteorology officials telling a meeting of state and federal ministers there would be no significant rain until at least April.”

    BOM Jan 2
    “January rainfall is likely to range from average to drier than average in eastern Australia… In February this pattern is likely to weaken, and although there remains a slight dry signal in parts of the east, much of the country shows no strong tendency towards either wetter or drier than average conditions for February to April… The positive Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) has weakened.”..

    On the 30th Jan, BOM issues an urgent weather warning stretching 1000km from the NSW south coast to southern Queensland.

    I s’pose this is all part of climate change as trumpeted by all of the climate warming alarmists.

    I prefer to believe it is exactly as described by D Mackellar who wrote in 1905 “
    “We see the cattle die –
    But then the grey clouds gather,
    And we can bless again
    The drumming of an army,
    The steady, soaking rain.”

    Climate change? Pigs arse.

    • Greta’s (tm) puppeteer says:

      How dare you!

    • Linda Ashton says:

      Modeling for weather is fairly accurate most of the time. This year’s early, unprecedented, extended fire season, was predicted very precisely by scientists eg. Ross Garnaut (2008) and 23 fire chiefs tried to warn the government in April last year. That did not end well. Part of climate change impact is that global weather patterns are now more unpredictable and extreme. In Oz we’ve had years of drought, months of infernos nation wide, shocking air pollution, huge dust storms, hail and flooding, some events simultaneously in close proximity. The rain is welcome but flooding is not, especially with toxins in burnt debris eg. chromium, from extreme flame temperatures that change soil chemistry. At Warragamba Dam devices have been installed in an experimental attempt to reduce contamination. Water quality monitoring will need to identify new risks. Nothing will prevent mud from lost topsoil clogging up rivers and dams, which will further disturb ravaged habitats. The real evidence for climate change is not in computer models. It’s what we are seeing on global news coverage every week. “Unprecedented” is the new normal. I’m reading articles atm where scientists are concerned the coronavirus (& others) which have always been present in animal meats, has mutated due to increasing months at higher temperatures. Rapid permafrost thawing in Siberia has released a long dormant anthrax strain from reindeer carcasses, causing infections. No single weather event or BoM prediction can capture the bigger ugly picture. A question for CC deniers…. Is your opinion about the risk and to humanity from coronavirus consistent with your views about the risk from climate change and if not why not?

      • The Magpie says:

        Now that was kinda inevitable … coronavirus has been caused by climate change. Just took longer than anticipated.
        And Linda, me old prune, stop rattling in about climate deniers … of course the climate is changing, of course things are getting a bit more extreme as we go through the planetary cycles, no one is denying climate change, the debate is what is causing bit. And again, that simply comes down to who you believe. Considered opinion is difficult against a background of shrill invective

        • City dweller says:

          The fire’s were NOT unprecedented. There have been much worse fires in Australian history. And it’s been recorded. Im sick of hearing about climate change being the cause. It isnt. Its called lighting. The abos knew it for 300000 years.

      • City dweller says:

        Linda you did do a good job on water issues ill give you points there. But your first word sums up everything thats wrong with the left ideology in the world and the people who believe it. “MODELLING” theres a model for cyclones, a model for bushfire, a model for climate change, a model better economy in Townsville from TCC ( LOL). A model for virtually everything that’s Fucked in the world but none of them work!!! Modelling is the practice of showing off something that you like to look at but aren’t really going to buy. Much like all climate change.

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          City Dweller nice try, but all you did was show your naivety about modelling. There are excellent financial models for the stock market, models for investment returns, risk models for projects. There are models for almost everything a good capitalist requires. Modelling isnt a greenie leftie thing. Modelling is for determining the best, or worst scenario based on criteria and constraints and to inform decision making.

  8. Regular reader says:

    The Townsville Bulletin published two stories on Saturday that had me in fits of laughter:
    “The price of your Monday to Friday edition of the Bulletin increases by 10c to $2 on Monday. Saturday’s paper remains the same.
    “We do not make these decisions on price lightly but unfortunately the cost of producing quality (sic) journalism in print format does not come cheap”
    The story goes on to say: “News Corp is the only media organisation that continues to invest in properly covering the stories that matter to Townsville. We are the only serious journalism organisation in town.”
    Page 44 (News Business): Headline – NEWS CORP TAKES A HIT
    “The firm said overall revenue dropped 6 per cent to US$2.48 billion for the quarter, with revenue from its Australian news mastheads…. down 9 per cent compared with the same quarter a year ago.”
    From what I’ve heard, there is not one experienced, ethical journalist left in the Townsville office. Ando, who still writes a column once a week, was put out to pasture with a golden handshake, Shari was replaced with a cheaper, less experienced and less talented model, and Ray Anderson has pulled the plug and left the newspaper industry completely. I understand that Tony Raggat is still there (hard to tell by the number of stories he contributes), but getting him to even ASK the hard questions (in particular when it comes to mayor Jenny), is akin to getting Donald Trump to confess.
    The only things left worth the price of the paper are the Saturday contributions from Ando and Shari, Letters to the Editor, and Txt The Editor.
    A good example of why readers are deserting the Bully in droves is its coverage of the NQ Cowboys.
    In days of old an experienced sports reporter would attend Cowboys training sessions to pick up stories such as injuries and players changing positions – even the odd no-show of players who slept in or had too good a time the night before.
    Now the Cowboys pump out a media release every day – always about something positive – and all of the media, through laziness or lack of staff, serve up the same story that day on radio, that night on tv, and in the paper the next morning.
    Joh used to call it “feeding the chooks”
    If the Townsville Bulletin is to survive the new editor will need to reverse the paper’s policy of protecting advertisers and the big end of town (Jenny Hill, Townsville Council, Kevin Gill, Little Patty etc) and bring back investigative journalism (Jamie Durie/Carey Ramm fiasco, Council’s $500 million+ debt, TEL results, Lansdown Industrial Precinct, $18 million Adani airport etc).
    Given the inexperienced team of kiddy journalists he has at his disposal, and the company’s policy of advertising over editorial, I wish the new editor the best of luck.

    • The Magpie says:

      Hey, any chance of running for council … mayor preferably. You could be a shoo in. But not sure what you mean about Shari being replaced … she is there every week and getting bolder and bolder and wiser and wiser every week.

      • Regular reader says:

        As I understand it, Shari used to be full time editor of Eye magazine, but was replaced and now only writes her Saturday column.

    • The Stockman says:

      Agreed. The Townsville Bulletin is actually the most boring of reads.
      Even the lefty loony publications are fun.

  9. 48 Days says:

    Personally I’m voting for Sam.
    I’m voting for anyone who is not Team Doona and not Team Fat Clive.
    I’ve had enough of the self congratulatory you tube clips on Townsville Disaster Information. No Jenny. You fucked up the flood recovery. I witnessed it. I’m sick of seeing the town get more and more run down. Maintenance is no longer a priority for this council. I’ve seen signage for projects years old still in place. It’s lazy and sloppy. We’re all being taken for a ride at our own expense.

    • Fishframe says:

      48 Days – are you Sam Cox sneaking back in under a new name? Just asking because I’m keen for Sam to get back on here and comment.

      • The Magpie says:

        Sam isn’t barred from making comment here. No comments are barred by name, just content (eh, Pat?)

      • 48 Days says:

        Errgh fishhead you really are an unoriginal idiot. No. I’m not Sam.
        I’ve worked in the Mullet run council. She and her buch of pansies have fucked, rooted and screwed the city. It’s imperative that we have a change. To clean up the mess. Both inside and outside the council chambers, in the council’s administration and in the city itself. Im sick of seeing graffiti, unmown pathways, parks, traffic islands, and puvlic spaces. Im sick of seeing the suburbs fall into disrepair while the focus is being put on flogging the dead horse of an inner city back to life. I’m sick of seeing this city constantly holding the begging bowl to the state and feds requesting money for one more stupid project that hasn’t passed a proper feasibility study.
        That’s why I’m voting for Sam and not the stupid Mullet.

  10. I’ll be plucked says:

    Clearing the pipes for the week – Hey Mullet, ALP ‘members’ Private Cupcake, O’Rort and the flusher , you can all go and pluck yourselves.

    Collectively you have all managed to drive our beloved city into the sewer and the sad thing is you all think you are doing a great job! You have failed us, you have no ideas to build us back up again and if there is any honesty or moral fibre left in your beings, do the right thing and stand aside/get out of the way/pluck off!

    Thank you.

  11. Pat Coleman says:

    Just on the point of recycling. Lefties gotta avoid applying for work at RE-group in the Bohle

    Who’s on the board ? Non other than former CTH Environment and Defence Minister Robert Hill http://www.re-group.com/about/

    LIBERAL ROBERT HILL. He would be able to- if he was so inclined , to get access to your private info


  12. Regular reader says:

    Just a word of warning – I have accessed the Magpie blog twice today and both times Norton advised me it had protected me from a “malicious cyber attack”.
    Someone out there might be trying to cause trouble.
    Any guesses as to who?

  13. Linda Ashton says:

    Re the Mayor’s accident.
    This was a very sad event for all concerned.
    I think Sam Cox did the right thing putting his campaign on hold, out of respect, unlike the noisy one. Bulletin reporting was appropriate except for one gaff. It appears the deceased rider was to appear in court the next day. Why on earth would any reporter actually include in their story, police confirmation that all charges against him were to be dropped ??? (Jan 31 MM).

    • The Magpie says:

      Agreed Linda. As a journo, The ‘Pie can understand the temptation to rush to print with the deceased court details, but where restraint and judgement was required, we got a callous nudge nudge wink wink story. The total disregard for the deceased family was, one supposes, about par for the course for this headless chook of a paper.And the Bulletin editorial suggesting Jenny hill was being treated with ‘contempt’ in some quarters was gratuitous nonsense, undoubtedly planted there by the mayor’s media people taking advantage of the paper having no editor at the time. Low stuff all round.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Pie your point about police not releasing some sort of statement regarding the accident is an interesting one. QPS members statewide were sent instructions from the Police Commissioner not to be involved in any campaign activities at all during local Govt elections, no photos with candidates, don’t be part of any policy announcements etc, I hope this hasn’t lead to a reluctance of police to follow normal processes for fear of being seen to having some involvement or influence in the campaign.

        • The Magpie says:

          While you make an interesting point (a directive as it should be in the normal run of things) you can bet your arse that if it had some material interest for the position to be come clear in this matter to say, Palaszczuk, some tits would be twisted down in Brisbane. But Jenny’s on the Labor outer just now, so they will be calculating what is the better path. Wild speculation? Nope, 50 years in the news business says that’s how nit works and always has.

  14. Faux pas says:

    If Les Walker ever becomes mayor you know it’s time to sell up and leave town. Townsville will never recover from that

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Democracy is going through a rough patch at the moment.
      There is Boris “Getting BREXIT done”, and Donald is “Making America great again”.
      In the event of our clown rising, what would Mayor Messagebank (perish the thought) do?

      • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

        I wonder if “Mayor by Messagebank” might actually work?

        He’d never turn up, never have an original thought, potentally be asleep somewhere, only be active in the Alligator Creek Sausage Sizzle groups – perhaps other councillors with some intestinal fortitude and a couple of braincells to rub together would then be able to get on with the job of running the city?

  15. One legged tap dancer says:

    I remember a time when the so-called “Big End of town” included astute businessmen like Graham Jackson, Richard Power, David Carmichael, Tony Ireland and George Colbran.
    Now we’ve got self-titled “city leaders and decision makers” like Patricia O’Callaghan and Kevin Gill.
    Throw in a council that puts the CBD, Got ‘em Adani and Jamie Durie ahead of maintaining basic services and roads, and a local paper that provides more coverage of “Townsville’s Best Fish & Chips Shop” than the city’s crippling $500 million+ debt and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.
    Hope the new editor has got the balls to start asking questions and clean up the mess.

    • Lachlan Murdoch Not says:

      The new Iditor will be a rehashed version of Jenna. One Iditor doesn’t make the paper what it is, because the Iditor follows instructions from their superiors. They run what they are told to run, depending on what political bias the newspapers owners have. I’ve seen it many times around Australia in the regions. For example a paper will run an article on the LNP and disable comments. But then they will run an article on Labor with comments allowed. Most comments will be negative, or vice versa if the paper wants the political party to look favourable. That’s how the system works – biased reporting and ‘fake’ news. That’s why newspapers are dying, the TV news is dying, because it is all fake and spun bullshit. Blogs are the only alternative. They are not foolproof to bias, but are generally pretty accurate.
      Viva Le Magpie

    • J Jones says:

      He Won’t

    • Fishframe says:

      One Legged – I strongly agree with your comments. Especially the ‘self titled’ leaders bit. Puppets with very limited skills who have never even run their own business, let alone been successful in one. I can’t stand what TEL puts out in the media. They should only be a Tourism Bureau at most because they cannot grasp even the basic fundamentals of business economics. Gill needs to be transferred to an airfield near Muttaburra. Chamber of Commerce full of pretend leaders as well but every single one seems to have a political agenda. Jenny Hill and her merry band of bozo’s also think they’re leaders – if I was in charge I’d move all their offices out to the Townsville Dump with no windows or fly screens.

  16. Alahazbin says:

    Hi Pie,
    This a ‘letter to editor’ that Tony Manning sent into the TB last week. With the latest revelation that the State government has withdrawn funding for their version of BFD2, I thought it would have prudent to publish the letter, but no! I have Tony’s permission to put the letter on your blog.


    Yet again the north Queensland Region has been let down by the State Government’s failure to proceed with full Stage 2 raising of the Burdekin Falls Dam.

    Townsville has lost many iconic tourist attractions, its industries are suffering and small and large businesses are closing.

    Many State and Federal government positions have been relocated to Brisbane and Cairns and the city has suffered a net population loss of the order of 11,000 people in recent times.

    Historically the region has lacked a guaranteed, affordable supply of water which is stifling development.

    Electricity prices are crippling further development.

    The lack of action, the lack of commitment and vision, is preventing the regions from realising the enormous potential to become the export food bowl for Asia, for the world. When Australian producers can access affordable and reliable water and power, there will be massive economic growth for the benefit of all Australians.

    50,000 plus new permanent jobs in the Burdekin, Townsville, Charters Towers and Richmond would be a realistic expectation.

    The Townsville Region currently lacks Political, Business and Civic leadership with a long term vision to ensure its future.

    Affordable water and power is critical to promote Regional Development and Townsville.

    A visionary project that already has much community support is full 14.6m raising of the Burdekin Falls Dam, 500MW Hydro Power Station and a Gravity Water Pipeline to supply water for Intensive Agriculture and Aquaculture projects and guaranteed, affordable water for Townsville.

    Burdekin Falls Dam Stage 2 is far more cost effective than Hell Gates Dam.

    It will store 6,840,000ML compared with 2,110,000ML, it can generate 500MW run of river hydro power compared with 15MW for Hells Gates, it has a cost (excluding hydro) of the order of $1b compared with about $6b or more and can be completed in a timeframe of 2 to 4 years compared with 15 to 20 years.

    Stored water from the Burdekin Falls Dam Stage 2 would have a Capital Cost of the order of $146/ML compared with $2,843/ML for Hells Gates.

    There is no comparison. Given the political will, Burdekin Falls Dam could proceed now and be completed in the term of the next State Government.

    Notwithstanding, Hells Gates Dam is a good long term project but not at the expense of Burdekin Falls Dam Stage 2. It should be seen as another part of the overall Bradfield scheme.

    If linked to a full Gravity Pipeline to the dam, with many off-take points, the area has potential for numerous large scale intensive aquaculture and horticulture projects. Continuously exporting fresh fish and produce would create a need to develop an International Freight Airport located between Townsville and Charters Towers.

    With proper management it would allow Ross Dam to be dedicated to flood control and for water to be gravitated direct 24/7 to a Water Treatment Plant at Woodstock minimising evaporation losses.

    If Government will not proceed with this “Nation Building” project, is it time to let the project out to private enterprise? There is an abundance of funds looking for worthwhile projects to invest in.

    We need a few modern-day Ted Lindsays. In the 1970s and 80s he, with others, was instrumental in getting the Stage 1 Burdekin Dam built. They fought hard for many years and won.

    Tony Manning
    FIEAust, FAICD (retired)

    • J.B says:

      That letter makes so much sense.
      What possible excuse would the bulletin have for not publishing it?
      I still remember Joe saying on the radio at one of the opening ceremonies – there you go Queensland, you’re drought proof! you just need to tap into it.


    • Bentley says:

      Thanks Alahazbin for the Burdekin Falls Dam figures. This is the second time our useless leaders have backed down on this scheme. I have it on very good authority that Stage 2 was fully funded years ago, when the powers-that-be decided to spend the dollars elsewhere. What hope have this country and it’s inhabitants, when it is being sold off, mismanaged, its natural resources locked up by the green-left, and all the while the voters are distracted by the never-ending procession of sideshows. A dog gets more factual information by sniffing another’s bum than we ever get from politicians and the media. Tasmania had a better system of power generation 50 yrs ago, with a mix of coal, hydro, and pumped hydro, until Bob Hawke and Bob Brown interfered. The Greens want renewable – build dams starting with the Burdekin.

    • 47 Days says:

      And let’s not forget that all the land required for BFD2 has already been acquired. Unlike Hells Gate.

  17. Trevor Roberts says:

    Hi Malcolm I sat down with Tony Manning recently and discussed dam management during the floods last year including issues down stream such as the sheet pile barriers left under the old Bowen Road Bridge. Tony believes these barriers may well have caused the water that flooded homes in my area to rise as much as 400mls higher than if the space under the old bridge was clear. If that space was clear that could have been the difference my neighbours and I being flooded and our houses staying safe.

    As discussed in the letter you’ve just posted we discussed the failings of using the Ross Dam for both flood mitigation and water storage. Water storage seriously impacts on the dams ability to deliver meaningful flood mitigation.

    The extra pipeline we are building to a weir is selling us short. We deserve the gravity fed pipeline from the Burdekin Dam. We deserve stage two of the Burdekin Dam for all the future building reasons set out in Tony’s letter. The state needs this more than we need another tunnel in Brisbane.

    I will be taking this matter up and will be sharing on my campaign Facebook page my discussions with Tony Manning in the coming weeks. We don’t need Hells Gate yet and it doesn’t stack up against stage 2 of the Burdekin Dam.

    • City dweller says:

      Are you reading Linda? Maybe you should have been using tony to further your cause. As i said i do think you did a good job but this brings to light that the so called water task force basically fucked up and we got a plastic garden hose (second pipeline) instead of what is clearly a better and more cost effective option. As for you Trevor, i think you may have lost your election campaign because you make FAR FAR to much sense. We cant have smart people in politics just dumb fucks. Im sure i said before on the blog your settling for a lower post in council. I would urge anyone to look at trevors favebook page as i was surprised at how well its been put together and its rasing concerns with what Townsville is wanting. Lets hope you have success in getting in and then able to bring these ideas to reality. Unfortunately i dont have you to vote for all i have is alan sheret and the brunett greaney.

      • Alahazbin says:

        I don’t think Linda has reading at all. A couple of weeks ago I submitted LTE at The Bulletin calling on all parties to get behind BFD2, WFTAG included. The silence has been deafening. The Bulletin edited the letter and made it a direct poke at Phillip Thompson.
        By all parties, I mean TEL TCC Three State MLA’s Other Federal MHR’s & Senators et al.

      • Trevor Roberts says:

        Thanks City Dweller. I’m trying to talk to the right people so I can speak about issues and make sense. Thanks for your comments.

        • Guy says:

          Townsville needs to start recycling ALL of its water. To my knowledge the current council has embarked on water recycling.

          Building lots of dams and spending money on BFD version 2.0 is a good idea but it requires lots of money we probably don’t have any more. Brisbane is trying to bring the Olympics to QLD , dams and water security are a low priority. The sooner we understand NO money will be forth coming, the sooner we can move forward and start Plan B : water recycling.

          An omniprocessor can take black water and turn it into distilled water and electrical power costs 1.5 million American dollars. You can dump RV waste into it as well ( the more the merrier).

          If we were able to put that distilled water back into the water system we’d save serious dollars as soon as that 1.5 million dollar system was turned on. Enacting plans and studies for some unspecified time in the future doesn’t make real savings in water savings and costs in the present doesn’t make any sense considering QLD is already over extended.

          Water recycling is critical to townsvilles future. What’s more likely : finding a few million for water recycling that can be bought NOW and built NOW or trying to secure billions for projects that will take years to build even if you started now ? ( building dams and pipelines could happen 5 years, 10 years , 20 years from now or maybe never) . It’s why I didn’t support the pipeline , it’s a waste of money, we still have to pay for that water from sunwater and whole sections still need to be upgraded. We could have have saved a fortune.

          QLD state finances are a basketcase of loans we can’t afford to pay off. I have been warning people trying to make people understand for around ten years that we must stop borrowing money and must start paying that back that debt
          – now. We must stop borrowing money and live within our means. Water recycling with the omniprocessor should be part of that money saving strategy.

          Stop borrowing money.

          Start recycling water.

          • Kenny Kennett says:

            You forgot the Soilent Green, Guy. So when are you nominating or are you just going to do what you can to support the Mullet in the hope of freeing up some room in the trough for your snout to fit? Keep reading Animal Farm comrade.

  18. City dweller says:

    I also noticed Mooney has started advertising. Queens rd had a ute with his face along with the mullet on it and have seen smaller posters on sticks in peoples yards. Ive seen alot of things from Corey Davis too. Lets hope Townsville votes with there brains. And to my surprise even Sam Cox has started to sink the boot into the mayor on his facebook page. Be very interesting next 4 weeks.

    • Muff diver says:

      Sam Cox has started to sink the boot, City D? I need to look into this, I’m on it and will let you know when I get to the bottom of it.

      • City dweller says:

        He had a stumble when he called the mayor asleep at the wheel in a post but frim what ive seen hes actually putting things up that have meaning to Townsville. Not like the ridiculous 2hr parking for CBD. Hes hit back at the 18.5million for ADANI, fiasco fkr game day at football and the Woodstock decision. And looks like hes attacking the bulletin too. Still nothing on floods. If he starts getting into her about that then hes got a better chance

    • Old Tradesman says:

      Did you notice where the same ute was parked on Kings Rd, it had a photo of Mullet and Liam as team Hill, but if you have a closer look there is a council sign saying ” Parking is prohibited on the median Strip. Another point is that the Astonisher has the little headlines like Hill to get new restaurant, Dolan is working overtime.

    • Critical says:

      And the ute is illegally parked too. The back of the ute is less than 1 meter from edge of bitumen and is parked at right angles to road pavement and unless otherwise indicated by signage or by other means, this vehicle should be parked parallel to roadway. Wonder if the TCC or police will take action.

  19. Gull says:

    Shame about the Bulletin when all’s said and done because every community needs a strong local voice to keep the bastards honest. You’re our only hope Pie. The Bully put in a new $52 million printing press nine years ago, capable of printing 75,000 copies AN HOUR. Now the print run is finished almost before it starts. Not one of Rupe’s best business decisions.

    • Scientician79 says:

      That printing press always struck me as an odd decision, even back in 2009 papers were in decline worldwide suffering from the effects of the digital age.

      I figured it was an economy of scale thing because if I recall it prints all of the North Qld papers not just the Astonisher.

      And as pointed out by Regular Reader above the only factual statement in that blurb is the price rise itself. They haven’t been a trusted source of journalism, or held anyone in this town to account for quite some time.

    • Lachlan Murdoch Not says:

      Gull, 9 years is a long time. Lots has happened since 2011, mainly the world has woken up to how the news is controlled by wealthy elites with personal agendas. People also now realise that the papers are full of biased bullshit ‘fake news’ stories. And don’t forget, the papers contain more ads and less stories. To get any honest factual reporting these days you need to go online and search out the right blog, otherwise everything else is as real as Mariah Carey’s tits! Oops, sorry James.

  20. Snitch says:

    Afternoon ABC news at around 530pm stated that the mayor has returned from leave after the accident. At the end of the report it said police are investigating the accident still and who had right of way. One would think and assume with all the publicity and traffic camera vision as well as witnesses it wouldn’t take so long to determine if the mayor was/wasnt at fault. is there a reason for this? Is it because a death had occured as aposed to a normal accident. If so that is a reasonable conclusion. Or does she have a case to answer for?

    Ill understand if this does not get printed if it is still not in best interests. But it has been reported which does leave with respect unanswered questions i feel.

  21. Hee-Haw says:

    There is a very simple way for the Mullet to stop any speculation, and that is all it is so far, that she had alcohol in her system at the time of the accident which is to put out a media release saying so. It does not impact the investigation at all, it is an absolute fact as mandatory breath testing and blood testing would have been done with immediate results given to Ms Hill at the time.
    If I was in her shoes I would stop any such speculation right now

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      That is so right HH, the rumour mill around town is rife with all sorts of allegations and theories, none of it in the Mullets favour, why not put a stop to it if there is nothing of consequence. My immediate family work in the QPS and even at stations around town the speculation occupies coffee and lunch conversations, but no one is game to ask. Traffic branch tend to stick to themselves anyway, it’s part of what they do, but normally some info gets out, but this time nothing, very very strange.

    • Fishframe says:

      That is the bit that ‘smells’ of being unusual. Don’t the Police often make statements over toxicology reports in fatal accidents, whether positive or negative?

  22. I’ll be plucked says:

    Tous les politiciens du travail sont des trous du cul!

  23. One legged tap dancer says:

    Indeed something is looking very odd indeed about the Jenny Hill crash.
    Buried on page 8 of today’s Townsville Bulletin is a story quoting police and main roads saying:
    – Crash investigations could take up to 12 months
    – It is too early in the investigation to advise if charges will be laid
    – There is apparently no traffic camera footage of the collision apart from CCTV footage from the adjacent Maccas restaurant
    – A camera doesn’t exist at the intersection where the accident took place.
    So how long does it normally take for a decision to be made on police charges?
    And what does the Maccas CCTV footage show?
    And if the Maccas footage is inconclusive, why haven’t the police come out and said so?
    Surely the police aren’t treating this any different to if Joe Blow was involved in the crash.
    The way things are shaping, if Jenny Hill wins the election, then gets charged by police at a later date, we will likely end up with Messagebank as mayor by default.
    The LNP opposition should be all over this.
    Crisafullofit, are you out there?

    • Fishframe says:

      I think she would lose a lot of voters if this were still up in the air come election time.

    • City dweller says:

      Guilty or not, and i believe firmly in innocent until proven no matrer what tbe charge. However this is a credibility issue that should be brought to public attention. Too many labor party members have been protected over the years who were eventually found guilty and stayed on the public purse. Dont worry i havnt forgotten about sir joh, but you get the drift. This has an effect on voting and i say its open season now on tbe mayor if she dose not explain herself. Not put out a press release 2 days before the election. 12 mths to investergate is bullshit. Like a comment earlier how many people saw it?? Heaps so if 20 people all say the bike hit her then thats good enough for me but as it sits theres been no word. History says theres something going on we dont know about. I hope im wrong in fairness to democracy.

      • The Magpie says:

        At the outset, The Magpie said the would not be commenting himself, or allowing others to do so on the causes of the accident. And that holds true, about 30 comments have bitten the dust, unlike the Bulletin which today published a comment clearly and without evidence, laying fault. But he did not anticipate the lumbering bureaucratic time lines or the simple expedient measures that both Mrs Hill and the electorate deserve from any government agency in this matter. Police silence from the most arrogant and insular branch of the police force (traffic) may as a general rule protect all parties until the snails have done their job, but wider social concerns can easily be addressed without compromising any parties – unless of course alcohol was involved by one nor both parties. But even then, we in this poor bloody neglected ill-represented city have a right to know, the outcome affects all of us.

        • Bing4814 says:

          Like her or dislike her the trial by social media will try and convict her ion one side and the other side will exonerate her. Media should leave well enough alone any other person involved wouldn’t make the paper every other day. Let the investigation run its course, when released it can be scrutinised all day then.

      • Hee-Haw says:

        I am not speculating either way but the longer there is no word then the speculation will grow. The Bulletin could ask the Mayor ONE simple question, well a two part question, did you undergo mandatory breath and blood alcohol testing and can you confirm that there was no alcohol in your system?

        A simple answer of “Yes of course I was tested and no there was no alcohol in my system” would put an end to all this.

        A refusal to answer will pour fuel on the speculation. Simple really.

  24. The Magpie says:


    It should be ” Voters Will Not Know The OutCome Of The Fatal Crash Before The Election.”

  25. George Gently says:

    Well of course in my experience, innocent until proven guilty is the norm. However, it would assist this high profile person if she would make a simple, brief public statement (written release I would suggest), which confirmed that, of course she was breathe tested as a matter of procedure and that result was negative, or within the legal limit. Pretty simple really!

    • Fishframe says:

      On the ABC radio today Jenny Hill made a statement. She is a very seasoned campaigner so I listened with interest to the words she used. She referred to the traffic incident as an ‘Event’ as opposed to an ‘Accident’. Probably nothing, but my ears pricked up when I heard her say that.

      • The Magpie says:

        But was she asked the crucial question which would clear up widespread speculation … was she breath tested and given the all clear?

        • Last Drinks says:

          The day after the accident, it was in the Bully that Mrs Hill was given the mandatory drug and alcohol testing and was cleared. There was a Police statement to that effect. Do you honestly think that this would not have been done?

        • Fishframe says:

          No! It was a statement as opposed to Q&A. Funny that.

          • The Magpie says:

            But when one thinks about bit, alcohol would seem to be out of the question, especially if Mrs Hill is still driving around – one assumes she is. The cops would not be silly enough to hold off such a charge just because she’s the mayor, heads would roll instantly if the became the case. So it can only be two things to be determined, and we have non way of knowing anything about either … the possibility of texting or using a hand held mobile phone … and /or the status of the lights.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        An Event? Who is the TCC Events manager?

        • L Berry says:

          Dolan – every utterance is being carefully stage-managed

          • The Rolling Eye says:

            word on street is dolan is excluded from 2020 campaign. brisbane lackeys running this one

          • The Magpie says:

            Doubt that … Dolan would be out of it only because he wants to be, and besides, what Brisbane lackey? Surely not Labor interfering with our ‘independent’ mayor’s campaign.

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        Similar to the word play TCC use to describe what happened 12 months ago….we had “an unprecedented monsoon event” not a flood…..

  26. Snitch says:

    Ann maree greaney now has her ute out advertising. On Gregory st nth ward. The most glaring difference between hers and others like liam Mooney, molachino and walker is that there’s no picture of her. But there is a picture of jenny hill. Wonder why? And how come she hasnt got a trailer withh TCC logo on it?

  27. Frequent flyer says:

    The Bully has a story in its online edition about Mrs Hill speaking out about the “event” but we won’t known what she said until tomorrow, thanks to the paper’s online policy.

    • The Magpie says:

      You’re not missing much, just carefully worded sentiments.

      Thanks to The Magpie’s online policy, her statement as reported by the Astonisher is:

      “Firstly for all the family and friends of the gentleman that passed away, I want to pass on my deepest condolences and sympathies.”

      “It’s been a tragic and very distressing event for everyone involved. I want to thank the members of the public that assisted on the scene on that day, as well as the paramedics, police and the firemen. I also want to thank family friends and community who reached out to me and provided support through that time.”

      The Bulletin added Cr Hill declined to make further comments on the incident, including the state of her own mental health, deeming it “inappropriate” at this time and said she would not be speaking about it while it is still under police investigation.

  28. Critical says:

    Just been told that the Take back Townsville Ministerial Meeting is on at 6.30pm at the Jubilee Bowls Club, Burdekin Street, Mundingburra and that it’s a public event.

  29. Fishframe says:

    Good point on her driving around Magpie. Hopefully the new car is purchased locally as in Townsville this time. Here she is on Seven News Facebook with a makeover – softer hair style, pale blue power suit, softly spoken.

  30. TheOtherGuy says:

    Not a single comment today?

    • The Magpie says:

      Nope, weird. About amazing record reader numbers last three days. Go figure, as the young people say.

      • TheOtherGuy says:

        The comment about Mullet with a makeover was the last thing people thought before it went dark.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        And here is me thinking that a great calamity had descended on the Pie, or that he was being distracted by extremely good fortune.

        • The Magpie says:

          Putting aside the fact that extremely good fortune often results in great calamity, The ‘Pie is inquiring into the unusual matter.

    • Fishframe says:

      So no Government intervention shutting the site down? I was surprised at no comments so have been busily making some extra foil hats for Magpie readers. I was sure we were being silenced by big brother.

      • The Magpie says:

        The Magpie believes there is a misunderstanding, this blog bis more impotent rather than important. be of little interest to anybody to bugger around with much, one would think.

  31. TheOtherGuy says:

    So there is at least one comment today.
    Has anyone every heard of any other fatal accident that has taken 12 months to complete? Especially when there are purportedly witnesses? Seems very odd.

  32. Cantankerous but happy says:

    So Paul Taylor is the new Deputy Commisioner for regional Qld, according to the Astonisher Mr Taylor advised he will need to build bridges with the community, schools and parents, did the Astonisher not think to ask how he will achieve that whilst living in Cairns.

    • The Magpie says:

      Does notn intend to relocate, is he staying bin Cairns?

    • The Magpie says:

      From the Astonisher today:

      “The new Deputy Commissioner of Regional Queensland, Paul Taylor, will land his boots on the ground in Townsville next week saying he had big plans for the region. He will be permanently based in the city and be responsible for policing across all of regional Queensland.”

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        The position he occupies now was technically based in Townsville, at Mundingburra Station, but you would seldom ever find him there, this new role is the same, and he is well known to not like Townsville, and resides in Cairns, flies to Townsville when required, as he has done for a few years. In the early days he would make sure he was here a lot because David Crisafulli demanded it, but then that changed with the new Govt.
        I don’t mind if he lives in Cairns, that is his business, but then don’t start the community bullshit and the “we” and “us” when talking about things in Townsville, its hypocritical and not genuine.

  33. Mangrove Jack says:

    Noticed a comment from Arron Harper on his facebook page,
    Aaron Harper MP: “We changed the Legislation last year. Section 48 of the Youth Justice Act is explicit. Courts can hold offenders in Custody if the pose a serious risk to the community and or are likely to re-offend. Time for the Courts to implement that!”

    So, being curious, I looked it up, https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/pdf/inforce/current/act-1992-044 and responded to our local member..

    Aaron Harper, I’ve cherrypicked through Sect 48 and fail to see how the legislation has been hardened up, given the exceptions allowed. Perhaps you could be more specific, if time permits please..

    Section 48 Releasing children in custody in connection with a charge of an offence
    (1) This section applies if a court or police officer is deciding whether to release a child in custody in connection with a charge of an offence or keep the child in custody.
    (4) Also, the court or police officer may decide to keep the child in custody if satisfied that, if the child is released, there is an unacceptable risk that—
    (a) the child will not surrender into custody in accordance with a condition imposed on the release or a grant of bail to the child; or
    (b) the child will do any of the following while on release—
    (i) commit an offence;
    (ii) endanger the safety or welfare of a person

    48 AD When children may be released from custody despite unacceptable risk
    (1) This section applies if—
    (a) a court or police officer is deciding whether to release a child in custody in connection with a charge of an offence or keep the child in custody; and
    (b) the court or police officer is not required under this or another Act to keep the child in custody; and
    (c) the court or police officer is satisfied there is an unacceptable risk of a matter mentioned in section48(4).

    (2) The court or police officer may decide to release the child if satisfied the child’s release is not inconsistent with ensuring community safety and is otherwise appropriate having regard to any of the following matters—
    (a) principle 18 of the youth justice principles;
    (i) if the child is an Aboriginal person or Torres Strait Islander—the desirability of maintaining the child’s connection with the child’s community, family and kin;
    (j) if the child is under 14 years—the particular desirability of releasing children under 14 years from custody due to their vulnerability and community expectations that children under 14 years are entitled to special care and protection.

    Schedule 1 Charter of youth justice principles
    18 A child should be detained in custody for an offence, whether on arrest, remand or sentence, only as a last resort and for the least time that is justified in the circumstances

    I wait hoping that Aaron may be able to show how the loopholes in legislation have been closed and that it is clearly the Judicial systems fault we have the crime wave that we have.

  34. George Gently says:

    No comments yesterday Pie? Not possible me thinks. Is someone tinkering with the site???

  35. J.B says:

    How much did Lancini get the government to pay for his stadium?
    Some people are concerned about having to walk and not just be able to park out the front but, that is what we are talking about — a change of culture here

    • The Magpie says:

      Having read that warts and all, accurate commentary by those interviewed (Nice to see even the toothless tiger of local ABC finally catching up with The Magpie after all these years), the questions looms: why weren’t all these questions addressed realistically before the final decision was made? Given the problem only now being addressed, particularly traffic and the ill-advised and wildly over-touted bus ‘hub’, the venal self-interest of some parties is as astounding as the sheer incompetence and/or corruption of others.

    • Fishframe says:

      The Stadium – it looks lovely and has certainly cleaned up that unused piece of land which really was an eye saw. It will probably push the value of my CBD office up, happy days for me. However, when the majority of Townsville’s population and growth is North from Thuringowa onwards, how did approval get granted to place it in the CBD? Town Planners should be sacked. Townsville’s working class lives out of the CBD – it would have been far more sensible to construct it in the growth corridor. Once the Cowboys start playing games, I suspect many people will attend, it over time I think a lot will protest and start watching it on TV even if they have to pay a sports subscription. I’ll buy one if everyone in my street chips in, we can watch all the games and more in my garage. Bring your own beers and steaks……..

      • The Magpie says:

        No one seemed to work out that a sports subscription is actually cheaper than to middle priced tickets to every game.

      • George Gently says:

        Ok Fish, your address please so we can all front to yours for round 1 2020. As others have noted before, you do make some out there and ridiculous comments. GG

        • Fishframe says:

          GG, you’re under a season starting 3 month ban for that ludicrous comment. Be nice to me for three months and you will be rewarded with a fold out seat in my garage for round 7. Still bring your own beers and steaks.

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        Disappointed Queen fans leave Dunedin show early with complaints about poor sound quality – NZ Herald

        This article raises an interesting question about our new stadium too. The stadium in Dunedin, like ours, was designed and built primarily for hosting football matches, not for the acoustics required for concerts. I wonder if perhaps our stadium will have the same acoustic issues. I suppose the test will be the upcoming Elton John concert.


        • The Magpie says:

          You old silly, WW, you seriously don’t think they build a stadium such as ours without first testing all aspects of its operation, like traffic, parking, public transport, impacts on local business and of course, suitable sound design for concerts.

      • Dave of Kelso says:


        You are most kind.

        I hope there is lots and lots of safe car parking at your place, or a bus hub on your footpath.

        We certainly don’t want to walk any distance.

      • NQ Gal says:

        Putting a new stadium out in the boondocks would have been an even bigger problem as there isn’t the infrastructure to handle it. Remember when Dairy Farmers first opened and ALL the traffic had to exit onto Harvey’s Range Road?

        Brisbane’s working class don’t live in Milton and Paddington any more, but that doesn’t stop them travelling into the city area to go to Lang Park.

        • The Magpie says:

          That’s a slightly confused comment, Gal … haven’t heard any talk at all about a NEW stadium out in ‘boondocks’. The original location had its problems, but hardly of the magnitude that looms for this white elephant. SAnd sure Smiling Dairy farmer had its problems re traffic, but again, nothing like what lies ahead … and unlike Brisbane, Townsville DOES NOT have the public transport infrastructure to meet the needs of this disgraceful planning disaster. And convenient reports about Smiles having concrete cancer, and would cost more to rebuild than to move is all so much hot cock … don’t think any such reports have reached then publkic eye. But it seems there are those who believe, not without reason, that we all just fell off the back of the turnip truck.

        • Dave Sth says:

          IMO you are a tad unfair to the old stadium. I
          never had a problem driving to Kirwan in the past, when we move back north I won’t bother trying with this one though mainly due to access.

          Have been in town this week staying in Palmer st & have been past Lancini Stadium a few times, getting to & from is going to be horendus. I am in transit atm moment but intend to post on some observations as soon as I get home on the whole city & desperate need for new blood.

  36. Just Say'n says:

    I reckon Pauline Hanson struck a chord in the North when (speaking about the closing the gap report) she said yesterday’

    “(There are Australians) who have had a gutful of the billion-dollar handouts with very little to show for it.

    “If you want to close the gap – start taking some responsibility for your own people. As the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

    “We’ve provided the schools – it’s now up to you to send your own kids to school.

    “We’ve provided the jobs – but it’s up to you to turn up when you’re rostered on – not when it suits.”

    Senator Hanson said it was also indigenous Australians’ responsibility to “stay off the grog and the drugs”.

    “Far too many Aboriginal kids are fearful of their alcoholic parents and family members who prey on their vulnerability,” she said. “And those Aboriginal children in my home state of Queensland … remain vulnerable to sexual assault and a life of petrol and paint sniffing under the current weak plans by our federal and state governments.”

    I reckon a One Nation candidate in Thuringowa would be a shoo- in next election. Move over Mr Harper.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      We have had one before. Ken Turner. Pre social media. days and he was prevented from communicating with his electorate as the Asstonisher refused to print or follow up on 99% of his media relrases. All part of a campaign to shut down One Nation.

      None of the mainstream media have stated that the kiddy crims are mostly Aboriginal. As I have said before, if a problem is not correctly and fully identified a wrong solution will result, and we have had lots of those over the years.

  37. Regular reader says:

    I’m still getting a message from Norton alerting that they have blocked a malicious cyber attack every time I call up the magpie blog.
    Something is going on!
    Has Dolan got hacking skills?

    • The Magpie says:

      Doubt it would be Dolan, he has always been of the opinion that The ‘Pie is an amateur in the political game and is probably boosting Mayor Mullet’s chances, rather than diminishing them.

    • Achilles says:

      I had a similar “annoying” pop up every time I logged on several months ago. I am using Firefox, and I found it did not “pop up” if I switched to MS Explorer. But

      Explorer is painfully slow so I stuck with Firefox. However an update was uploaded about 6 weeks ago and tadaah! Spyware was zapped. so the gremlin was in the Firefox.

  38. Old Tradesman says:

    I see that our fearless deputy mayor the one and only Les Messagebank, made a very profound statement yesterday while attending the new Flinders Lane site, he stated, “watch this space” about some new developments in Flinders St. Is the space he is talking about between his ears?

    • City dweller says:

      The artist hasnt painted there impression yet and message bank walker was caught off guard when the reporter asked a question. Or he could have got a shop for lease mixed up perhaps.

  39. Tenacious D says:

    Has anybody notice the ABC TV signal getting weak?

    My TV gets the commercials no problem, but the ABC conks out? TIA

    • Dave of Kelso says:


      We can see the Mt Stuart TV towers from our place. For almost 40 years at this time of year, (hot and humid) the ABC signal gets fuzzy. Occasionally Ch 10 (when there was one) would ghost over Ch 2 completely.
      Get used to it. This is another example of Canberra’s love of, and attention to Northern Australia.

  40. The Magpie says:

    OK, Astonisher, three things we know about you for sure …. weaknesses in both maths and grammar, particularly Word Comprehension, and an over fondness for what you perceive to be clever headlines.

    But having re-read this story, would you care to enlighten us as to what tenuous link in any language this headline has to do with this story?

  41. Alahazbin says:

    I see Clare Armstrong on the Pie’s mate Typo Gleeson on Sky News tonight. Now working for the Financial Times in Canberra. Certainly hope she asks the tough questions unlike some of the puff pieces she did at the Astonisher.

  42. Frequent flyer says:

    Given the Townsville Bulletin’s latest readership figures it no longer reaches the multitudes, and hasn’t done so for some time.
    So why do advertisers still pay for ads that reach less than half the local population?
    Either they are dumb, or are prepared to pay for protection.

  43. Mike Douglas says:

    Pressure continues on the Queensland State Government and treasurer Jackie Trad ahead of the October election when the the Queensland Auditor Generals report reflected the State spend was +11% vs revenue +6% and the bloated Queensland public service exploded by $1.5 bil . Based on current trend of spending Qlds debt is forecast to hit $91.8 bil by 2022/23 and based on the way Labor handled Queensland Country Bank stadium the cross river rail Brisbane cbd project could blow out from $5.4 bil to $10bil . Our dopey member from Thuringowa showed his understanding about finance adding his support for Jackie Trad because she gave his electorate $100 mil . You know Labors Qld mantra when a project blows out in costs “we delivered on time on budget ” .

    • Fishframe says:

      I think it fair to assume Trad will be ‘stepped down’ as Treasurer prior to State Election. Labour power brokers have reached their limits with her.

      • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

        Premier’s comment certainly read like it was a semaphore for impending jettison of the Trad-gic toxis waste.

  44. NQ Gal says:

    The Astonisher has finally published Tony Manning’s letter regarding stage 2 of the Burdekin Dam.

    • Girl Power says:

      Trad is toxic. However, Nanna Anna and her quest for all girl power refuses to cut loose the deadwood. Proves how stupid and out of touch this femme fatale outfit is. Labor are gone in 8 months, and Anna is only hastening their demise. The Freckle has become equally stupid and incompetent and she toonis imploding. As for local guvmint we have the Pink Doona Baglady who has outstayed her welcome and so hopefully in 40+ days time she too will be relegated to the history books. You can almost smell the change in the air, and currently things smell like Fatboy Clive and twins Mensink’s farts. QLD is shit!

    • Alahazbin says:

      Only after it was sent in by me a second time. A phone call to me about my letter asking if I had permission from Tony.
      A phone call to Tony and an email from Tony.
      Only took a week.

  45. 43 Days says:

    I see Team Pink Doona setting up shop in Aitkenvale, on the corner of Ross River Road and Charlotte Street. Right in crime central. It’s disappointing to see someone painted the shop orange.

  46. I’ll be plucked says:

    Channel 7 local news stoops to an all time low!

    During a piece on Valentines Day, they ‘advertised’ a male stripper who is offering his services to single women, named Dancing Dave. His prices start at 50 bucks for a ‘Private’ walk on the beach holding hands and progress upwards from there.

    Pluck me, no wonder the world is a mess when this is what we are served up on a local news channel.

  47. Fishframe says:

    Had a laugh driving down Railway Avenue today. Residents outside their homes checking out the new giant 1/4 Hour No Parking Signs for when Stadium events are on. If anyone thinks they can find a quiet parking spot and hike one or two km’s to the games will be sadly disappointed. Looks like you either have to be someone important or get a lift in.

    • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

      Perhaps Jenny could replace her beloved Commodore with a people mover and provide stadium transport to the disadvantaged?

  48. Leaky Cabinet says:

    Trad is gone, done, dusted, swept aside, deposited on the sideline. Not too long now!

  49. Election woes says:

    This is the worst contest of ideas I’ve ever witnessed during a council election. No matter who wins we are going to get 4 more years of stagnation and squalor. Appalling!

    • Critical says:

      Time to start seriously studying the real estate market here and in other desirable places to live, then join others who have sold up and flee the place.

      • The Magpie says:

        The Magpie is in the privileged position of not owning property or assets, and is therefore sticking around pro tem, taking a lesson from the regiment of ultra loyal soldiers who would follow their bumbling general anywhere … out of curiosity.

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