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Sunday, October 17th, 2021   |   150 comments

The Magpie Gets A Smack On The Botty: And, Boy, Is His Arts Red.

 Townsville arts mavens paddle the old bird over his positive remarks on Jennifer Bott’s Concert Hall Report. So much so, your correspondent this week is a Humble ‘Pie. BTW that ‘confidential’ report was somehow left up on the council website, but after it was published here last week, it has now  disappeared.

Just how deeply has the Nous tick buried itself in the Queensland body politic, and not just local government hereabouts? New accidental info is somewhat alarming. No wonder Nous principal Prins Ralston can only afford to be a part-time (but full pay) CEO for the Townsville Council.  Bloodsuckers.

Almost to good to be true: News Ltd abruptly goes green, but it looks like they’re hiding a more glowing agenda … Does Rupert wants reactors, not solar panels. The Magpie examines the windmills of the Murdoch mind.

….and just when you thought he couldn’t get loopier and could do nothing to shock, Donald  J Trump gives us a jaw-dropper … he tells Republicans ‘don’t vote’ in the next Presidential election. (Not a joke, he actually did.)  The J is for Jenius.

Plus our regular US gallery.

JCU is rid of Ridd … The ‘Pie reckons justly so, and it’s nothing to do with science.

And a story from America that sounds silly, but is it? Why the creation of a trillion dollar coin could solve the twisted ‘debt ceiling’ row. Truly fascinating.

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Now an editorial note: The first and only ‘trigger warning’ The Magpie is ever likely to issue.  If you are gay and have not yet accepted the fact that gayness is accepted by a vast majority of the populace, that you are no longer special or can claim victim status, and can therefore be the subject for gentle ribbing …  or if you are just one of the woking dead wowsers looking to be offended on someone else’s behalf … do not read the opening article. Otherwise, you may be in danger of finding it for what it is … childishly silly, playground grubby, harmless … and funny.  Laughing with, not at. And remember Salam Rushdie’s dictum: no one has the right to NOT be offended.

Is It A Bird?  Is It A Plane? No, You Thilly, Ith Thooperman!

Yep, the Man of Steel has become The Man of Thteel. Next month, he comes out as queer.

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 3.56.02 pm

But for old timers, there’s some reassuring news … it is still Clark and Lois, not Clark and Louis. Lois stills wanders through the comic pages with a dreamy smile on her face even though they are both now in their 80s – a smile that has understandably been there since the day she wedded and bedded her Man of Steel. (A pause while I leave you to your thoughts, gals.)

No, it is their strapping young lad, Superboy, now 17 and asking questions, who is now assuming the mantle of Superman, after Dad, we have been told, suddenly departed the planet on a mysterious space mission (maybe looking for Jeff Bezos’s social conscience.) But those question junior is asking are not the obvious ones, like how the hell can I defy gravity and fly? Or how can I leap tall buildings in a single bound?  Or how do I have a pee if I’m busting? No it seems he is asking himself he if would be willing to take it up the chutney from a new found pal. Or vice versa, not sure how things are worked out, or in, amongst like-minded folks.

And, being true to his basic nature, he is following in the footsteps of Batman’s sidekick Robin, who came out as gay a couple of months ago.  Early next month, Superman Jnr will share a kiss with  Jay, his new squeeze, a kiss being the genteel equivalent of tapping the lid of the chutney jar to loosen it.

Bentley has looked ahead to a guest appearance by our latest closet crasher at the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras.

mardi gras COMP

Making sure it is not the original Superman (or for that matter, not the original Robin either but the third incarnation of the character) is clever marketing by DC comics, who don’t want to alienate two generations who have grown up with the straight version. DC are, perhaps optimistically, counting on understanding ‘modern’ parents who were brought up to a different drum and whose kids had Superman sheets on their beds.

So who will be next to be loud and proud in the DC comics pantheon? Well, it seems to be no secret Wonder Woman is already on DC’s liberated list, but that sort of makes sense. You’ll remember her backstory is that she came from an island inhabited exclusively by women (an idea drawn from the real Greek island Lesbos and its historical myth), and that her favourite saying is ‘Suffering Sappho!’

But The Magpie would’ve thought an obvious candidate for a Mardi Gras float would be – sorry to be the one to break the news to you, Nardia – Mandrake the Magician … from the outset he has swirled around in a gorgeous silk lined cape, hair oiled and middle parted in the best Cabaret tradition, snapping his fingers and going ‘Poof!’

Some thing Else That Has Just Gone  ‘Poof”: That TCC Concert Hall Report Featured In Last Week’s Nest.

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 2.57.45 pm

But The ‘Pie had a speed read of the report (and has copied every page for future reference) and last week, wrote that it appeared ‘thorough, professional and well done’.  Well, turns out that it was to be The ‘Pie getting ‘well done’ … as in roasted.

Bad call apparently. Although given the date of the report (2017) would mean Bott’s terms of reference were dictated by Mayor Mullet and, back then, Adele Young, The ‘Pie accepted that Bott would not be allowed any meaningful examination of the long proposed, detailed and  fully costed Townsville Performing Arts Centre (TPAC) cultural cluster centred on the existing Civic Theatre. But The ‘Pie accepts he didn’t make this clear, and understands the stinging but polite email he received on the matter.

Hello Magpie,
Just a comment on your claim that the Bott report was “thorough professional and comprehensive” it was no such thing and I don’t know how you would have arrived at that conclusion.

Simon McConnell.

Mr McConnell has been the main public spokesman for the TPAC group, which The Magpie knows knows that many people have spent untold selfless hours over the past six years putting together their detailed proposal, which Mayor Jenny Hill has dismissed out of hand. It doesn’t suit her ‘vision’ (or perhaps that of her rapidly dwindling number of backers) for the CBD.

Following Mr McConnell’s opening salvo, there followed a constructive exchange of emails, which The ‘Pie has edited into a reply from Mr O’Connell for reasons of space and to drop extraneous details and comments. The ‘Pie indicates where he has made comment and all emphasises have been inserted by him.This is the basis of Mr McConnell’s objection to last week’s comment:

  • Bott had a brief – it is stated on page 3 – she was supposed to determine feasibility, explore usage and revenue, research concert hall models and present development scenarios.
    In fact, the report produced no estimates either of capital or operational costs and no estimates of either existing or potential demand – these are the things that would define the feasibility of a proposed facility. 

She researched seven halls, six of them were regional performing arts centres based on a drama theatre not a concert hall.   The seventh was a very large metropolitan recital hall with no relevance to Townsville.The only actual justification she gave for her recommended facility – a 1000 seat concert hall with a 250 seat black box, a large foyer and a bistro – was that it could help lessen the Civic Theatre’s large annual operating deficit – with not even a hint of the large annual operating deficit of the hall she was recommending!

•     Bott did address TPAC (page 27).   She failed entirely to acknowledge its basic premise i.e. that we need a small theatre, a medium sized theatre and an outdoor theatre nor did she even note that TPAC included a concert hall! Her sole argument against TPAC was that (as she saw it) it did not contribute to the aim of revitalising the CBD. (Magpie comment: this clearly indicates that the mayor’s imposed terms of reference were pre-loaded against any reasonable consideration of the TPAC proposal.)
•     At the time I wrote a response to the Bott Report (see http://www.townsvillemusic.org.au/contact-us.html )   This response goes into considerable detail as appropriate to a substantial report that was commissioned and subsequently adopted by TCC.
•     We have recently produced a substantial document of TPAC supportive information.  This also included an independent and exhaustive costing (appendix III).   This supportive information is due to go on the TPAC website( http://www.tpac.net.au/) in the next few days

All of this is driven by the TPAC Steering Committee which is chaired by Trevor Keeling and includes representatives from each of the TPAC partner organisations. I am just a spokesperson from that group.

The ‘Pie accepts that he did not have the time to pursue this matter as thoroughly as he should have, and is now happy to present TPAC’s facts. In fact, that’s the way this blog works. However he had some further questions, to which Mr McConnell supplied these answers:

We submitted TPAC for his advisory committee’s consideration, and have also met with both him, Scott Stewart, Les Walker and Aaron Harper in the last ten days. (Magpie comment: Suppose one out of four ain’t bad.)

Re Bott- she did not say TPAC would enhance the CBD but objected to TPAC on the grounds that it would not do so – we consider this to be ludicrous.  

Re the V8’s – they are undoubtedly only a short-term event; however, they do not affect TPAC.   The proposed resultant 5 venue performing arts centre it creates would need at least two shut down periods a year for maintenance, staff training and staff leave and the enforced week or two closure for the V8’s would help rather than hinder!

Re artists impressions – refer to the TPAC document at www.tpac.net.au which includes a fly around visual, the full plans and multiple computer-generated images.  

And The Magpie leaves the final word on this issue to Mr McConnell, whom he thanks for his time sorting all this out.

We are hopeful that the Philip Thompson $100M for a “Concert Hall” will be a game changer which will start with the promised business case study which we understand to be specifically required to dig deep and go back to first principles.   That is to say it should carry out the basic independent research of needs, costs and options which TCC has completely failed to carry out and which the Bott Report also failed to do.

And Speaking Of That Failure, Here Is A Timely Bit Of News.

It’s from Victoria but hits local echoes worth looking into.

The Victorian Ombudsman has released a report into an investigation into allegations of collusion with property developers by the Kingston City Council. The reports headline and opening paragraph says it all.

Council’s poor planning decision-making let the community down, Ombudsman says
Corruption is not the only explanation for poor or incomprehensible decision-making in planning, in which communities feel let down by those who are supposed to act in the public interest, Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass says.
And the closing lines highlight that it isn’t always corruption per se that causes problems and divisions within a community.“I am tabling this report not to expose any serious misconduct but because the community deserves answers, where possible, about what has happened in their neighbourhood and why.”
The investigation did not substantiate that the Senior Planner and the two councillors engaged in corrupt or improper conduct as alleged.

That’s in Kingston City, Victoria … here in Townsville, if it isn’t corruption, it is a pig-headed egotistical mayor who is famous for not being inclusive, and more damningly, not listening to good advice.

JCU Allowed To Get Rid of Ridd.

Peter Ridd Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 6.39.30 pm

Peter Ridd

Several news outlets have described the High Court’s Ridd decision as an attack on academic freedom … and some even say on freedom of speech. The Guardian says Australians ‘should be alarmed’.

This is absolute self-serving knee-jerk blather.

If Ridd had had his arguments internally without a wholesale public smear of colleagues and an affiliated institution (AIMS), deeming their work untrustworthy, why should not be expected to resign? Before dumping on them? In this way, he may have earned that which he so desperately yearned for,  the status of martyred whistleblower, and all the other flapdoodle that accompanies such matters.  What did this grandstander hope to achieve by this behaviour, he cannot for minute think his course was one that would get his desired outcome. just what that outcome is unclear, in any case. I have no idea … most people haven’t … about the veracity of his claims, but to keep working and continue being paid side by side with the professional people he has publicly rubbished is asking that he be allowed to be a major destructive disruptor without penalty.  That’s like communists using the rules of democracy to try to destroy democracy.  The Guardian itself says this ruling is nothing to do with the science and is a procedural matter in a contract, but then suggested all Australians should be alarmed at this ruling against academic freedom and free speech. Absolute twaddle .  Rather than be alarmed, all Australians should feel even further protected from these self-promoting disruptors, of both right and left.

News Ltd Goes Green … Glowing Green?

Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 10.50.38 am

Well, didn’t Rupert catch us all on the hop this week. Ol’ King Coal suddenly went all huggy green, and now we are being bombarded with an orchestrated Road to Damascus justification for this sudden and overwhelming conversion. Coordinated green-is-good bumf up to six pages every day have been slathered prominently across all News mastheads and platforms. Just a tad late by a couple decades, according to some.

The jokesters had a field day.

Former critics say it may be a day late and a dollar short, but there it is, no edging in with a few hints, just wham bam thank you, Greta. But in fact, were the hints leading up to this green tsunami? Various News commentators across a number of outlets have been have been skirting around the word ‘green’ and ‘renewables’, and have for months instead been using the hot button word ‘nuclear’. Like this as far back as June from Sky’s Chris Kenny. And he was just one of a dozen.

In his  weekly column for News, written under the pseudonym Vicki Campion, uranium and nuclear champion Barnaby Joyce wrote:

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 10.10.20 am

And all this talk just happened to coincide with Smirko’s decision about nuclear subs.

Is it unreasonable to suggest that Rupert couldn’t give a dog’s toss about domestic energy, renewables and striking up a conversation with an ironbark, what he is mounting is a push for is an nuclear-armed Australia, and the energy question is just a stalking horse?

If the News Ltd conversion to green renewables and maybe nuclear power plants seems too good to be true … you’d better believe that it is exactly that.

The ‘Pie doesn’t buy that that’s the end game.

Has There Between A Staff Problem Between The Gals At Santa Fe Gold?

 Craig Warhurst 41EfRWH8w

It seemed the Astonisher iditor was calling for cooperation down on Via Vomitorium’s most popular but totally misnamed ‘gentleman’s club’. He seemed to be appealing to the club’s pole dancers to work in harmony.

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 11.29.26 pm

But no, turned out to be a classic typo – he apparently meant ‘pollies’.

But could’ve been worse, he could’ve said ‘pull together’, a not unknown activity at Santa Fe Gold. So The ‘Pie is told ahem.

But the thought of mayor Mullet, ‘Memory Blank’ Walker, and Harpic in thongs twirling the night away has a certain wistful if stomach churning  fascination.

Call The Flick Man, There’s A Nous Infestation

This from a reader a couple of days ago.

Hi, Pie,

So I decided to start reading the much anticipated Yearbury Report.  You know, the “Strategic Review of the Integrity Commissioner’s Functions”? This was supposed to sort out any concerns about lobbyists having unfettered access to Ministers of State Government.

 No wonder our Premier has referred to it being the panacea to all of the questions on the role of lobbyists in her government.  The report is a toothless as Les Walker on a Sunday morning.

I was only on page 1 when I had to do a double-take when I read:

The contribution of Sally Cutts and Kaitlyn Cole, Nous Group, who were engaged to provide administrative and research support for the review is also gratefully acknowledged.’

Footnote: To provide the Reviewer with administrative and research support, the Department of Premier and Cabinet identified Nous Group from the standing offer arrangement for professional services QGP 0050-18. The administrative and research support undertaken has been at the direction and under the supervision of the Reviewer. The content of this report, its findings and recommendations are those of the Reviewer alone.

But of course, no influence there, we are only talking about fucking lobbyists. To even make the point that Mr Yearbury wasn’t swayed in his findings raises that very question – why mention it at all, suggesting a possibility?

Its amazing how some names just keep popping up isn’t it?  Perhaps I am getting too cynical in my old age. The lobbyists no doubt will give generously of their time gratis to help the Integrity Commissioner make the recommended update to the Lobbyists Code of Conduct. This update is to address the conflict between lobbyists and their role when hired by and advising  political parties.  

What bollocks, like an updated Code of conduct for lobbyists will stop them!  Our boy Dolan is but a babe in the woods  when compared to Evan Moorhead and his ilk. At least in the Joh days, the crooks took bribes in paper bags and had some character and flair. This is just a grey, plodding invitation to corruption, so don’t expect it to change, even with any change of government.

Simple Solutions Aren’t Always Simple, But Here’s One Is Apparently

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 9.15.19 am

Yep, this sounds downright stupid, or fake information, like something that Trump would’ve been likely to tweet after his fifth 3m Coke.

Mint a trillion dollar coin? What for? Well, in the world of economics, a world that makes Malcolm Roberts seem sane, they do things differently.

See what you think.

And Joe Biden Says Thanks …

For all the bad press Biden is getting about his perceived mental fragility, he clearly still has more marbles than his predecessor.

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 9.37.19 am

When Trump told an audience of his mentally fractured followers during the that if his claims of a stolen election aren’t proved, Republicans should not vote in the 2022 mid-term elections, or in the 2024 Presidential election. No really, he did. Read about it here.

But brain farts aren’t the sole province of the ex-mobster president. Education wars in the classrooms of America have exposed the dazzling inanity of uneducated petty pooh bah officials school across the country. Here’s the doozy of the week.

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 2.46.07 pm

An alternative view to the Holocaust? Seems Mein Kampf is going to make a comeback.

But there were plenty of other things to keep the nation’s doodlers doodling.

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 12.10.10 pm Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 12.08.01 pm Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 9.36.11 am Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 9.33.40 am Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 12.07.19 pm Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 12.04.30 pm Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 12.07.10 pm Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 10.48.02 am Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 9.38.06 am Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 9.36.54 am Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 9.36.08 am Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 10.50.38 am Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 10.51.22 am Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 10.49.35 am Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 10.08.17 am

Finally, some Miscellanea …

Here’s a good question … indeed a very good question

Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 12.39.18 am

Will they dare make one rule for the goose, but not for the gander. Will jailed multi-millionaire and child porn fancier Ron Brierly , a New Zealander by birth, be deported when he’s finished his spell in jail for trying to import child porn images? Given the disgraceful misapplication of the law in recent times, this will be an test for Smirko’s Mateocracy.


If this is meant to be racist, it has failed, because it isn’t. It is a very clever way to frame a point, and all it really needs is a comma after the word Sikh.


The ‘Pie well remembers his guffaw at a North Sydney pub when he saw the toilets adorned with pix of hunting dogs, with the men’s called Pointers and the womens called Setters. Seems whimsical whizzer names and signs are still the fad around the world. The middle one is the cleverest, and  The ‘Pie admits it took him a while to get the last one … and will leave it at that.

funny-creative-bathroom-signs-5 funny-creative-bathroom-signs-13 funny-creative-bathroom-signs-16

The ‘Pie’s friend friend Alan alerted the old bird to this starling incursion on his name by a South Australian winery …

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 9.44.27 am

Should The Magpie sue? Perhaps not, at least they have the last wine priced right as far as value goes … five times is about right for anything with that name.

And The Best Til Last …

Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 5.00.18 pm


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  1. Mike Douglas says:

    Pie , thanks for your continual commitment seeking transparency in the Ville vs T.C.C.s ” commercial in confidence ” . If the Victorian Ombudsmen believes the Kingston Council has let the community down where does that leave T.C.C. ? . No transparency on water security on Haughton stage 1+ 2 . Continued failed strategies and the Mayors cbd obsession effecting residential property prices . Failure to hold their labor mate State MP,s on crime and its effect attracting people to relocate to the Ville and our Mayor as a board member of LGAQ has locked many Townsville businesses out of Councils work with non transparent LGAQ “local buy ” whereby suppliers $ go back to a entity our Mayor is a board member and is remunerated . In regards to the editor of the astonisher , would you take any notice of someone who in charge has seen a monopoly paper reduce staff and office from half a floor to fit into an old coffee shop .

  2. Dave of Kelso says:

    It is pleasing that the Townsville Performing Arts Center proposal is getting an airing. I encourage all to visit the web site and study the plans and take the fly through. You too Phillip Thompson please.

    Compared to a stand alone concert hall, the synergy achieved by the TPAC will be self evident.


  3. Terry Who says:

    What will be provided by a Performing Arts Center that isn’t already provided at the Civic Theatre? I can’t understand why such an additional facility is required. And didn’t the TCC just spend a mont on refurbishing the Civic Theatre?

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Terry, Terry, Terry,
      Please go to the TPAC website. All of your questions and concerns will be answered there.


      • Critical says:

        How about some transparency and accountability from the faceless TPAC Committee who have put up this website. Who are your members of this TPAC Committee and their CV’s as their names do not appear anywhere on this website. This group of people are demanding that government spend millions of dollars on a project that will probably become another little used piece of infrastructure which will financially cost Townsville ratepayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational and maintenance costs each year and yet don’t want the community to know who they are, what their expertise is and if they have any existing or potential conflicts of interest.

        • The Magpie says:

          ‘Faceless TPAC committees’? You, HypoCritical, will say you are not, but you display all the weaselly disruptive tactics of a Mullet troll, not at all interested in sharing any vision or constructive dialogue for this city, but just a Jenny elbow hanger and lickspittle. And you have th disgusting gall to attack a group of locals citizens who give up their private time and sometimes their money to be part of a great vision of the future for the city …. something you have never gone near in your sad fucking miserable selfish life.

          As a matter of fact, is this you, Critical …?

          … one Jonte Verwey, a pudgy junior Labor blow-in from Brisbane given some bullshit job with the mayor’s office to get you out of Brisbane’s hair, where you are regarded as an annoyance when you’re regarded at all? In the unlikely event that it’s not you Jonte, but when you inevitably read this, you’ll like to know that The ‘Pie is reliably told that the thing the mayor likes best about your advisory capacity is that you are smart enough to keep your pudgy little gob shut and just trot along behind, because madam couldn’t give a fuck about your opinion or advice. Makes you just like everyone else, except you’re getting public money for it.

          But if that’s not you HypoCritical, it may as well be. FYI the TPAC Steering Committee which is chaired by Trevor Keeling and includes representatives from each of the TPAC partner organisations. Mr Keeling and Simon McConnell are hardly faceless in this community, unlike you who are, and since you’re so desperate to uncover some Lancini-like malevolent figure in the background, the relevant partners … the Eisteddfod Society, the Townsville Music Centre, the Barrier Reef Orchestra and Australian Concert & Vocal Competition … all have reps on the steering committee, but since they may change from time to time, perhaps that is why they are not listed.

          But your working on Jenny’s dime, HypoCritical, so do your own fucking research, you make the call to all the partner organisations and get back to us with the names you so desperately want to ‘out’.

          Fucking destructive muppet, whoever you are.

          • Bagwhan says:

            Boom! Both barrels, love it Pie!

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            Thank-You Dear ‘Pie,
            When I read Critical my blood pressure became life threatening, you superb reply has returned me to reasonable health.

            On a serious note, is there no despicable depth that the mullet (No longer entitled to a capital m) and her faceless trolls descend. I suspect the answer is no as the Astonisher will not investigate and her fan base are focased on their next dole payment.

            Bring on the cashless card to Mulletsville.

          • Prince Rollmop says:

            The name ‘Jonte Verwey’ sounds like the medical term for a sexually transmitted disease. Nonetheless, this tubby little toad is just a kid who can’t get a real job. He’s done the usual and been given a helping hand to jump into politics after leaving school. A little faceless man who has worked in policy and advisory roles. Nothing noteworthy about his career other than he has had his tongue up more asses than Elton John! He is obviously a second rate fucktard if his career progression is to move to Townsville to be the Mullets advisor! Ha, how sad. Either way, he has been the Mullets footstool for around a year so judging by his track record he will be moving on soon…

          • Critical says:

            You certainly stuffed up there. Lived in Townsville for nearly 40 years when the city functioned with well maintained infrastructure and streets, clean green gardens and public spaces, the streets were swept, community services such as library services, discounts to seniors etc were delivered Voted first for ALP twice in my life, December 1989 and in October 2020 but LNP second. Never voted for Hill or any of the ALP cronies while I have I’ve in this city and I can’t stand the woman and will be jumping for joy when she gets booted out. But can this city afford this proposed piece of infrastructure when TCC cannot deliver clean water, when the cities streets are a mess (look at McKinlay and Landsborough Streets in your suburb of North Ward or get out and drive around Hermit Park, Rosslea, Mundingburra and Aitkenvale, gutters and streets flood because streets are no longer swept, garden beds are being ripped out eg Bowen Road, because council cannot afford to repair sprinkler systems accordingto a council employee (welcome Brownsville). The concert hall might be wanted but is it needed (look up the difference between a want and a need) at this point in time.

          • The Magpie says:

            Given your anguish at the economic damage a concert hall will do to tatty Townsville, got a thought or two about the stadium? Or the grossly misnamed centre of Excellence next door? Or maybe the money that was and still is poured into the V8 SuperPests for very little return if any? Of course, the irony in all this you remain a faceless person, a condition you are happy to wrongfully sneer at others. So we will take your biography for all the worth that self praise deserves.

            Care to come out? After all, if it’s good enough for Clark Kent’s kid ….

        • Simon McConnell - TPAC says:

          Did not actually see “Critical”s outburst until this morning and have passed it on to Trevor Keeling who may well reply on behalf of the TPAC steering committee.
          However, you have yourself probably replied adequately and the key point is of course that neither I nor the committee members are hiding behind pseudonyms and are happy both for our news to be known as our views and for these views to be criticised.

          Indeed, we welcome debate and constructive input.

          It is input from many people that resulted in the TPAC concept being revised in 2017 and it is still far from perfect but crucially it would give us the performing arts facilities that we most need and would do so at the lowest possible cost of construction and subsequent operation.

          • The Magpie says:

            Thank you, Simon, perhaps the message may be getting through that TPAC is an example of a constructive debate and workshopping of ideas in a collaborative manner that any progressive society would embrace. It’s a message egotistical dullards like Hypocritical and Mayor Jenny Hill should adopt … and good fuckin’ luck with that.

          • Addled says:

            Magpie, while you were publicly spanking yourself for not pursuing the TPAC/Bott matter as “thoroughly” as you should have, you seemed to completely lose the plot in naming and shaming that person who you decided was the anonymous “Critical”. The usual suspects have joined the pile-on without having a clue who the real or anonymous person is, seemingly oblivious to the cancel culture they and you are cheerleading. I have never heard of the named individual. You seem to think he should never ever be heard from (on any subject) simply because you believe he made the same mistake you made – being less than thorough in backgrounding the TPAC/Bott matter.

          • The Magpie says:

            If the fog ever lifts, The ‘Pie was taking Critical to task for referring to known, selfless community members who contribute to the TPAC project as ‘faceless’ people – which they are not and he is. As for Mr Verwey, the latest Labor import to bloodsuck on the TCC payroll, his activities have long come to the attention of this blog, and it was high time he got a touch up for his negative, leech-like presence in this community.

          • Addled says:

            Magpie, last week when you referred to the Bott Report as “a thorough, professional and comprehensive report already done and still current, done by an independent expert”, you appeared not to have any knowledge of the TPAC report let alone the people behind its existence. This week you are all savvy with the TPAC thing and want to throw rocks and carping commenters over there into some melee in the mayor’s PR unit as some sort of distraction. That’s the cancel culture you have so often railed against. It’s unbecoming. The person you insist on naming might one day be a worthy target but you lower the tone of the whole Arts Funding Debate by dragging that unsavoury red herring across the TPAC’s Grand Verandah and onto the Concert Hall stage. No wonder the relatively unknown, selfless community members who contribute to TPAC’s deliberations keep a low profile.

          • The Magpie says:

            We live and we learn. Or some of us do.

          • The Magpie says:

            Christ!! another Jenny elbow hanger, how many of you buggers are on the payroll. You make it sound as though the mayor and her media skulkers have nothing to do with the TPAC proposal, when in fact, Jenny Hill and her flawed self-aggrandising alternate ‘vision’ is at the very heart of the rejection of TPAC proposal. It’s hardly a distraction when drawing attention to the trolling ordered by the mayor, a good old political ‘let loose the dogs of war’ tactic, unleashing of foaming rabid likes yourself. And a hallmark of the politically-motivated troll – because that is exactly what you are – is the ad hominen attack plan, which adds nothing to the debate, and the merits or lack thereof. That’s why the other extreme, slavering rabies victims like the arch fascist Tropical get deleted … they have nothing to add but personal abuse, which is of bugger all interest to others who read this site.

        • Guy says:

          I agree

          Wasting hundreds of millions on art is a waste of money. I think ive outlined exactly what art is, its history and ethos in the past but being so radical in thought it never made it into this blog. You have to keep it simple here because it either confuses people or makes them angry.

          The fundamental flaw is we think art is something that lives in a large box, a box worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Townsville already has venues where large audiences can go. I’d prefer clean water out of the tap and a functional sewer system before vast amounts of money gets spent on the “arts”.

          Just imagine if we spent hundreds of millions of dollars of grant money on the existing sewer system instead of art.

          • The Magpie says:

            And therein lies the Great Guy Fallacy. Let’s put aside the self-stroking pomposity, mate, (all readers here are simple? Easily confused? Intemperate? Are you still smarting in disbelief that you application to the diplomatic core was rejected?). Let’s examine your deep thinking analysis – and The ‘Pie will guarantee that ‘radical’ is not the word most readers would apply to your gabble.

            Proper stewardship would give us BOTH ‘water and lifestyle’, it is not an either/or situation. Clean water, a functional sewer system, and proper health and education systems, are not ratepayer/taxpayer privileges, they are ratepayer/taxpayer rights. And when a population has what nowadays are these supposedly mandatory requirements, they have every right to look to some public expenditure of their rates/taxes on other quality-of-life issues, like sporting facilities and the arts – with arts supporters vastly outnumbering the Cowboys and V8 slack-jawed fandom. If the arts equivalent of basing a senior NRL team here, let’s say an Australian art collection featuring McCubbin, Tom Roberts and Arthur Streeton – or say a travelling Renoir exhibition – came to Townsville, in a suitable venue, it would attract 10 times the visitation that a Cowboys game and the V8s fume-fest say they cater for. Whack a Pavrotti into the stadium and there would be a lucrative black market for scalpers, not a seat spare in say a three concert series. (Yes, we know he’s now in a celestial choir, but you get the drift, someone of world class calibre). A Brisbane or Sydney production of ‘Hamilton’ or ‘Moulin Rouge’ would have a cancellation waiting list a mile long.

            Have you checked attendances at local theatre productions, Guy? The strong support for these talented productions are not proud mum and dads along to see their youngsters strut their stuff, they are ordinary folks who like this sort of thing.Thousands of them.

            Then there’s the weirdness, Guy, you poor, sad little mutt. The’Pie, and he imagines all readers here, have never thought of that art liveing in a multi-million dollar box. The only box The ‘Pie imagines is the one in which your mind lives, and the lid has nailed shut.

          • Grumpy says:

            Guy, you show yourself to be an uncultured philistine of the finest water. Unsurprisingly so, perhaps.

            Whilst in Brisbane on business the other week, I had the opportunity to stand a metre in front of Bouts’ “Virgin and Child”. I also saw original paintings by Constable, Renoir and Monet. A mesmerising display of art from the New York Museum. Even if you are not an artsy-fartsy type, the display was breathtaking. I know of many people who travelled from Townsville to see the exhibit. Thousands would have attended if it were shown locally.

            We have no chance of ever seeing anything similar in Townsville, at least not whilst we have bogan idiots running the joint and anti-arts dullards such as yourself attempting to set priorities.

          • The Magpie says:

            Thanks, grumpy, saved me the trouble and much more eloquent than anything The ‘Pie could offer.

          • Guy says:

            Its called priorities magpie and being an adult rather than throwing a tantrum.

            I’m pointing out that some people have real problems. Let’s sort out some real problems instead of throwing away untold millions on guff.

            As angry as it might make some people – let’s sort out the water system first. Weren’t you complaining about sewer water invading residential property recently?

          • The Magpie says:

            (Sigh) Yes, Guy, The ‘Pie was bemoaning that fact, but how does that affect your wild-eyed interpretation of the issues? To put it in terms you will understand (a Bertrand Russel condensed quote doesn’t readily come to hand, so let’s adapt LBJ’s characterisation of Gerald Ford) – a competent council can chew gum and fart at the same time (LBJ said Ford couldn’t).
            Doing one thing does not automatically signal neglect or postponement of another. But you … in total naivety regarding the public funding system – suggest that Townsville miss the opportunity for an economy boosting, enhanced reputation project for the city while we fix some water supply problems. The question, as has been said before, is not one of either/or, it is one of urgency and priorities within a given maintenance area. Both matters can be done at the same time.

  4. Interested observer says:

    With the performing arts on the agenda at the moment I was encouraged to hear that Jenny Hill actually went to see the brilliant Priscilla musical at the Civic Theatre last weekend.
    But the boys at the pub reckon she got her dates mixed up, turned up for a V8 Supercars race, and decided not to waste the time and effort of getting dressed in her purple doona, and wandered over to the theatre so see what the fuss was all about.
    Given her new-found enthusiasm for the arts, perhaps the North Queensland Opera and Theatre Company could offer her a part in its next production.

  5. Interested observer says:

    What about My Fail Lady, starring Jennifer Hill.
    That would sell out.

  6. One legged tap dancer says:

    Terry Whatshisname, the Civic Theatre (outside covid times) is booked out year-in, year-out, meaning Townsville misses out on a lot of touring shows, and local productions needing more than a 200-seat capacity have nowhere to go.
    The performing arts community is sensibly not asking for another 1000 or 2000-seat theatre, but a 500-seat venue to suit the needs of smaller shows.
    Here’s a prediction: Before the coming Federal election, Phillip Thompson will announce that the $100 million he has promised for the purpose-built Concert Hall will be enough dosh to build both a Concert Hall and a new 500-seat theatre.
    Everyone will be a winner, except of course Jenny Hill, who thinks The Arts refers to paintings of V8 Superpest drivers.
    Gotta love Phil Thompson – finally a politician with a brain.

  7. Tropical says:

    The Guardian says Australians ‘should be alarmed’.
    This is absolute self-serving knee-jerk blather.

    Magpie, that is what The Guardian dishes up on daily basis.
    Rubbish, crap, biased drivel and misinformation also should get a mention.
    It is a publication published by morons for idiots.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      And purely for our edification, what are your news sources Tropical?

      • Tropical says:

        Duckless Nuts
        My news sources are The bulletin, well some news, The Courier Mail, Daily Telegraph, The Age, Sydney Boring Herald, Daily Mail Online, and many others online that I will not bore you with as I do not want to strain your brain.

    • Achilles says:

      Great to hear an open mind, (being empty space between ears) without bias or generalisations, pity you can’t read articles that use words of more than four letters or two syllables.

  8. Snowpeas says:

    IBAC’s Anti-corruption probe this week heard through an “unmuted” microphone, “Why did you do it?”, while MP Anthony Byrne was being questioned. When queried, Adem Somyurek’s QC told the Commissioner, he had made “An involuntary expression of horror”.

    Top QC’s earning their dough.

  9. The Magpie says:

    In Queensland, we have another glaring example that what’s good for the gander ISN’T good enough for the goose – particularly if that goose is a judge in the upper echelon’s of our court system.

    Every day in this state, across the nation and indeed across the world, we are harangued, chided and exhorted to ‘follow the science’, sadly a necessary persistence for the small but noisily disruptive percentage of the developmentally delayed among us. And we are told, correctly, that that small percentage pose a risk to our well being, and that of our families.

    And most of us do as we are advised – follow the science – by those trained and educated in specialist fields well beyond the ken of the average person.

    But the most blatant ‘one rule for them, a different rule for us’ is on display in our courts every day, but no more than in the Brisbane Supreme Court a few days ago.

    Justice Paul Freeburn, QC, is a newly minted judge of the Supreme Court sitting in Brisbane. He was appointed to the bench in May this year.

    And before we go into the matter at issue, The Magpie makes it clear that he does in no way suggest that Justice Freeburn is in any way mentally deficit, nor to The ‘Pie’s knowledge, displayed any emotional fragility. But that doesn’t make his decision-making any less dangerous and cavalier. Especially when Justice Freeburn does not think he is under any compulsion to ‘follow the science.’

    This story appeared in the Courier Mail today.

    A hepatitis C positive rapist who was jailed for 16 years for an attack on a stranger will be released from jail despite a court foreshadowing that he posed “grave risks” to the community.

    Richard Lawrence Robinson, 51, will be released from jail on Wednesday on a 10-year supervision order after a ruling by the Brisbane Supreme Court.
    Sixteen years ago Robinson was found guilty of raping a 55-year-old woman after he broke into her Caboolture house through an upstairs window.
    He threw a cloth over the woman’s face before forcing her to perform sex acts on him.
    At the time of the brutal crime, Robinson had already served 12 years in jail term for the 1989 rape of another woman.

    Richard Lawrence Robinson will be released from jail this week after spending 16 years behind bars.
    “The February 1989 offences involved grabbing a woman, dragging her into grass, punching her in the head, hitting her on the back of the head with a piece of wood, threatening and then raping her, twice,” Justice Paul Freeburn wrote in a judgment handed down on Friday.
    Ahead of his full-time release date this week, a Brisbane Supreme Court held a hearing to determine if Robinson should be kept in prison or released on a supervision order.
    Psychiatrist Ness McVie gave evidence that Robinson would pose “high risk of reoffending sexually” against women if let back into the community.
    “This risk would not be moderated by a supervision order as he would be likely to be extremely difficult to manage on any order due to his anti-social attitudes, his inability to engage with any treatment, his severe personality disorder, and his ongoing substance use,” Dr McVie wrote.

    “If he were to reoffend sexually, this would most likely be the rape of an adult female.”
    In his judgment, Justice Freeburn acknowledged Robinson posed a “grave risk” to the community.
    He said the risks were heightened because there was no evidence that Robinson had shown any insight or remorse for his offending and had not engaged in any treatment.
    But Justice Freeburn agreed with the expert opinions of two other psychiatrists that the risk of reoffending could be “practically managed by a supervision order”.
    “A supervision order is not risk free,” Justice Freeburn said.
    More Coverage
    Hep C rapist jailed‘You could see bones’: Gruesome injury as car crash sparks mass street brawl
    “However, the proposed supervision order has strict conditions. He will be subject to curfews and monitoring. He will be banned from consuming alcohol or taking drugs.”
    Robinson will be subject to the strict supervision order until 2031.

    The ‘science’ here is an expert opinion from a qualified psychiatrist. That two other psychiatrists were willing to take the risk to the general public is of no matter – they too clearly had reservations – the question was simply does Robinson deserve to be released into the community in any sort of arrangement? His behaviour in jail and priorly strenuously argued against release in any way, shape or form, as you yourself, Judge Freeburn, said in your perverse judgement. What an amazing and unjustified decision.

    Justice Freeburn is no doubt still feeling his way after just a few months in the job, all new judges are watched closely by their peers when they take the bench, and newbies are nervous not to blot their copybook. But how can he openly declare that Robinson is a ‘grave risk’ to society, and that ‘risk was heightened because there was no evidence that Robinson had shown any insight or remorse for his offending and had not engaged in any treatment.” And even then, he granted a supervision order that he himself said was ‘not risk free’.

    But that risk isn’t to you, Justice Freeburn … it is to the women – and possibly children – of the society you administer laws to protect. ‘Not risk free’, chum, will be of great comfort to the next woman this mentally deranged, serial offender bashes, terrorises and does over … if she lives to enjoy said comfort. You can only hope the victim will be of a philosophical turn of mind, and just sigh and say to the nurse, ‘Oh, well, the judge did say there was a risk … just my bad luck, I guess.’ And there is no risk to you, Justice Freeburn, if there is another victim. You will not face any sanction for this cavalier dicing with the well being of others, the safety of people you don’t even know.

    Here’s the ultimate question, not that you would deign to engage with a member of the hoi polloi … why? Simply, why?

      Why take the risk you freely admit exists

    ? How to you conclude that this man … who went to prison before for sex crimes, was released only to be re-imprisoned when viciously reoffended against a total stranger, a man who has shown no remorse or understanding of his offending – deserves his freedom more than women in the general population need your protection?

    This is akin to a pilot at the end of the runway saying’ Hmmm, left engine is sputtering a bit and the right one is over-heating, but what the hell, let’s give a whirl, power up.’

    The big difference is, Justice Freeburn, unlike the pilot of a crashed aircraft and his powerless passengers, you will not pay any penalty for what will be not an accident but a foreseeable, preventable event.

    • Addled says:

      Correct me if I’m mistaken here but hasn’t the guy served his full sentence? It’s one thing to be let out early (for ‘good behaviour’ or whatever) but if you have gone the full distance you have to be released.

      • The Magpie says:

        Nope, mistaken, I’m afraid, under Queensland law, real bad baddies can be kept in jail after their sentence is complete – but only the basis they would pose a threat to the community and in all likelihood reoffend if released. Farden comes to mind and the various battles in and out jail involving him. That premise of re-offending is precisely what The’Pie is protesting.

        As the story says: Ahead of his full-time release date this week, a Brisbane Supreme Court held a hearing to determine if Robinson should be kept in prison or released on a supervision order.

        • Addled says:

          I guess we employ judges to decide who the real, real baddies are. And if the community is not satisfied the A-G can always step in.

          • The Magpie says:

            No not really, but haven’t got the time right now.

          • Sue Ridge says:

            The AG seemed to have missed the opportunity to “step in” recently when the 17 year grub was found guilty of raping a fellow student at a party and the sentencing judge decided that he shouldn’t have his future ruined by a custodial sentence. If memory serves me correctly, the same judge is the genius that keeps overturning the Townsville Magistrates on their sentencing of child crims.

          • Amanda Reen says:

            Anna-Joh in the Courier Mail calling out Mackay for its low vax rates. She blames George Christensen for the slow take up. Funnily enough, according to the Qld Health data, also reported in the Courier, Mackay will hit the target double dose before Townsville. Strange that Anna hasn’t given the City ruled by her BFF, Jen Jong Un the same treatment?

      • Grumpy says:

        Addled, you are wrong. Quick to misrepresent stats when it suits you, but too fucking lazy to do some basic research.

      • Guy says:

        The wolf does not change its fur

    • Judge Judy says:

      Well, if the released rapist does reoffend I hope the victim is one of the Judges relatives. How the fuck these Beaks can make such fucked up decisions defies logic. The grub rapist in question deserves a life behind bars, fuck him. Rot in jail mate.

      • CallingOutYourBS says:

        Given the judge’s relatives have nothing to do with this grub being released, what an awful, vengeful thing to wish upon someone. It’s possible to think someone made a bad call without wishing harm upon innocent people you know.

        • The Magpie says:

          Spot on.

        • Judge Judy says:

          Who cares what you think. I’m simply saying that IF this grub reoffends because the Judge has released him, I hope the victims are relatives of the Judge. Poetic justice. So as to clarify, again, I do not wish that kind of crime upon anyone, including the Judges relatives. So many times the Judges get it wrong and these parasites reoffend against the community. People suffer because of fucked judicial decisions. It has to stop.

          • CallingOutYourBS says:

            “I do not wish that kind of crime upon anyone, including the Judges relatives”

            “I hope the victims are relatives of the Judge. Poetic justice.”

            Mate, literally two quotes from you, in the same response. Please think before you type.

            Again, it’s perfectly acceptable to be disgusted by a person’s actions yet not wish for others to be hurt as ‘punishment’.

            It’s also perfectly acceptable to realise you went too far, acknowledge it, and change behaviour into the future.

            Have a lovely evening. And I wish you AND your family well :)

          • The Magpie says:

            RUOK JJ? Is English your third language? Time to hit the books again, especially Grammar and Parsing For Idiots. Start by looking up the words ‘contradiction’ and ‘oxymoron’.

  10. Mike Douglas says:

    Some positive news at 4KIG with Dave Daily first morning as breakfast announcer . Dave is very supportive of his sponsors so let’s hope some $ shift to the struggling station so it doesn’t need to be propped up .

  11. Prince Rollmop says:

    Pie, interesting point that you raise regarding Nous. They provide consultancy services for more than one state government. But here in Queensland they have close links to Labor politicians as State level and also local government level and the LGAQ. TCC’s part-time CEO, Prince Ralston, is on numerous Boards which includes corporations owned by Queensland government, which are stacked with Labor ‘mates’. It’s not a coincidence that the Prince and his beloved Nous seem to pop up everywhere that a quid is to be made from state or local government. It’s all cleverly orchestrated in a way so that certain people are well looked after, yet still appear to be at arms length. I guess it keeps the pesky CCC at bay doesn’t it.

  12. Go Blues says:

    Another win for the mighty Blues and their Premier who has out manoeuvred Qld’s lame duck.

    Yahoo international travel back from November 1st, with not quarantine for those arriving who are vaccinated.


    • The Magpie says:

      Our premier may need to have some fancy footwork and order some draconian quarantine measures, otherwise she will need to explain why she has just gifted – with our money – the Wagner family an airport hotel/recreational facility at Wellcamp. Palaszczuk makes Mayor Mullet’s Adani airstrip scam look like chickenfeed.

      • Go Blues says:

        Pie it’s only blokes like you who hold pollies to account and remember the bullshit “commercial in confidence” dodgy deals, everyone else just seems to forget.

        • The Magpie says:

          Not quite true, there are plenty of folks incensed by the CinC misuse for b lanker secrecy, The ‘pie just maintains a blog where they can use their information to try to hold the cowards and rorters to account.

  13. Dave of Kelso says:


    I look forward to this most reasonable reform being introduced to Townsville.

    • The Magpie says:

      Judge Clive Wall not only suggested this but more than a decade ago, he did exactly that, demanding that the parents of two Charters Towers kids who set a park vagrant on fire ‘for fun’ be accountable for their children’s actions. He ruled they be fined and/or sanctioned. Of course, he got some flak from some quarters but it seems like the only way forward now. Wonder if any other judges will have the guts? How about it, Greg Lynham?

    • Rickshaw Ricky says:

      So Dave of Kelso, you actually like us Chinese’s folks now?

  14. Mike Douglas says:

    Amanda Reen ” Jen Jong Un ” for our Mayor is simply Gold .

  15. Alahazbin says:

    Upon reading some of Addled posts on here, I have to ask. Is he SBG’s younger brother?

  16. The Magpie says:

    Oops! The dangers of giving something the ‘flick’.

    Not sure what Harry is indicating his Astonisher cartoon today … but it is certainly astonishing.

    ‘The ‘Pie had a similar problem back in 1995 when working on VP50 … we used an old press to print a program of events which included ‘Flicks of the Forties’ … and the jam-up of letters in ‘flicks’ wasn’t helped by the illustration of Betty Grable in a swimsuit.

    • Al says:

      Betty Grable in a swimsuit is a much better sight than anything that cartoon can conjure up. With all due respect to some of the “passengers”.

  17. The Leopard says:

    Hey Guy, what’s with the wolf not changing it’s fur? That’s our domain buddy – BACK OFF!!

  18. Mark says:

    Australia is about to be fucked by the Greens, who wants cut spending on Defence by 50%.

    Can you imagine Townsville with half the defence spending…..? Holy shit……..?

    About time for the Labor party to rule out doing anything with the Greens. Because as we know a vote for Labor is a vote for the Greens.


    • Al says:

      John O’grady said “They’re a weird mob”.. !!!

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      You are being a bit hard.
      Everybody needs a party to vote for. If it were not for the Greens, who could the woke intersex vegan tree hugging crystal healing compost culture dreadlocks fashionista upside down yoga yin yang rainbow rocket scientists, and disaffected Labor and Nationals vote for.

      Now, if you have more money than sense, no moral compass, and don’t mind being thrashed in the High Court (well done WA, Clive you are a dick-head) you could set up your own party and vote for it.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Yes Mark, true. AND, according to Guy ‘a wolf never changes its fur’! :)

      • Guy says:

        Its my interpretation / translation of Roman sayings

        Bertrand Russell does the same thing ( I think ) with his translation on the monument to the Spartans at thermopylae , the original inscription is unwieldy so it’s condensed to

        ” stranger take word to Sparta, here we lie obeying her orders”

        Far more poignant than the original inscription in antiquity.

    • Guy says:

      People who vote green mean well but have never fully understood the length and breadth of their proposals ( neither have the greens in parliament). You can throw “animal justice ” political entities that hoover up well meaning but naive votes to do untold collateral damage by voting without applying critical thought.

      Unfortunately voting green or any unity/ justice/ you get the idea parties the main game is to return mankind to a pre-historic state; limited resources, a Paleo diet with few making it past 30.

      • The Magpie says:

        And you as El Supremo.

        • Guy says:

          Sometimes you just have to walk away magpie

          I couldn’t even make people realise that locking their doors will stop people breaking in.

          The doom of empires and all that, theres a flaw in human psychology that feeds into a loop positive or negative. They dump a lazy hundred million into art yet baulk at throwing the same amount of money into most basic requirement for life. It’s only when one day when the water stops coming out of the tap or won’t go down the toilet that focuses the mind on reality.

  19. Cantankerous but happy says:

    How about News Corps latest little con job, Ad Lite, where you pay extra and don’t get as many ads, who the fuck would fall for this stuff, could you imagine all the exemptions and caveats on that proposal, it would be like Foxtel that has watered down its obligations in regards to advertising to the point it’s just another commercial television network.

    • The Magpie says:

      Sounds interesting, got a link? Was it in the Astonisher?

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Was a pop up on news.com.au website, pay a fee and get less ads, trying to offer something like YouTube does I suppose but with YouTube it’s zero ads, you know what you are paying for.

  20. Trailblazer says:

    Having just moved to Townsville I was looking online to find out more about the town, and I stumbled upon this blog (or should that be ‘flog’) I must say, what a spiteful angry and hate filled load of shit this site is. The person who writes the blog, is a flog, and most of those submitting comments (excluding myself) are floggers.
    Get a life you has-beens.

    • The Magpie says:

      We always appreciate and are accustomed to a blow-in generously advising how we should conduct ourselves. Especially someone so deeply embedded in our history and knowledgable about the ‘spite, anger and hate’ inspired by the rorting leadership of the city.

      PS Which branch of the Labor party are you hooking up with?

      • Paul says:

        Good to see a visit to the Magpie’s Nest is part of the TCC induction for staff new to town.

      • Trailblazer says:

        Old mate Magpie, you will be shocked to know that I’m not into any politics. You can say to me whatever you want, it doesn’t change the fact that you and your little posse are all a bunch of silly old faggots. Once this ‘blow in’ has extracted x amount of wealth from your dopey community, I will be out of here and back living in a proper city, a city where the Mayor doesn’t look like trailer trash from that has come from a town fulled retards.

        • The Magpie says:

          hahahahaha …. and this from the bloke (presumably) decried the blog as ‘a spiteful angry and hate filled load of shit’. But full points for honesty, outing yourself as a homophobic, ageist, carpetbagging leech.

          BTW we retards would’ve said ‘filled with’ not ‘fulled’.

    • Lord Howard Hertz says:

      Try the TRRA website … FYI that would be the Townsville Residents and Ratepayers Association … it will give you all you want to know, especially if you have an interest in the imminent Chinese invasion, why masks are tyranny and the real estate prices on Mars.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      Trailblazer, please go to the nearest fire station and ask them to hose you down, THEN, start again if you would like to be welcomed to our community. Your call!

    • Al says:

      And where did you blaze your trail? From your ring to where?

    • The Cursed Penny says:

      Why don’t you go home to the utopia you’ve come from ?

      No one cares about whingers from the big city

  21. The Magpie says:

    Murdoch Miracle

    book of St Chrispoher Chapter 1, verse 1:’Verily, I say unto thou, on his way to Damascus, Rupert saw a neglected piece of uranium lying by the roadside ….’

    The humble ‘Pie is never one to say ‘I told you so’, but ….

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Nuclear, clean? Sure, the reactor does not belch smoke, unless it is melting down, but it does produce waste. It is really really nasty, lasts for a really really long time, and nobody wants it in their back yard.

      On the plus side the depleted uranium makes really really good armour piercing anti-tank projectiles.

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie has long favoured nuclear power for Australia – it’s a bloody big back yard Dave, and not prone to earthquakes. And we would supply our own uranium. regarding waste material, worth reading up about thorium.

        No there are only two differences between The ‘Pie and Rupert Murdoch – The Magpie has always been open about his endorsement of nuclear power (as if any could give a fuck) whereas News Corpse is even now just hinting at it.

        The other difference: oh, just a few billion smackeroonies.

        • Guy says:

          You need small modular reactors.

          Nuclear in the firm of gigantic infrastructure is a mistake. They can be made inherently safe on small modular form ie the local yokels that eventually gravitate into responsible positions through friends and family run are unable to cause an explosion. The most they will be able to do is disable and wreck it and then be promoted into another well paying position.

          Rolls Royce is currently working towards SMRs

          The problem is the waste. Maybe you could use an old mine shaft away from aquifers to store the waste for eternity ?

          • The Magpie says:

            Guy, you seem to be the literary equivalent of the worst-ever major in the army, whose men would follow him anywhere – just out of curiosity. Your comments are posted here and read by all with the same sort of motivation.That second sentence is a clear pointers to the dangers of posting comments after midnight.

      • Guy says:

        With small modular systems the entire unit fits into a silo. When the fuel is spent the entire unit can be lifted and taken away for processing ( it all stays contained). A new unit gets lowered into place.

        Large power stations nuclear or otherwise require LARGE workforces which can succumb to union movements which can switch the power off. As a child of 1970s britain I remember the unions switching off the power for no other reason than switching off power. Critical industry should never be allowed union movements inside them because they often do untold damage and sabotage.

        Small modular nuclear will do away with the need of a large Labour force, its why building vast solar arrays is attractive – no labour unions can get their foot in.

        If some major damage happens to the machine an new one can be slotted into place.

        Building a monolithic power station will cost at least 1 billion and will take years to construct. SMRs will take months to build and commission and cost much less to maintain over the life of the machine. Larger installations suffer problems across a vast industrial site hundreds of pumps, valves that all need maintaining.

        If the monolithic powers station stops working half the country goes dark. If an SMR goes down others will ramp production – you have redundancy.

        • Steve, Belgian Gardens says:

          “SMRs will take months to build” (plus 10-20 years of development by which time we’ll be at 90% renewables)

  22. The Magpie says:

    Surely Dolan Hayes would be a shoo-in to get the top nod …he even got a botched-job jenny across the line last time.

  23. Aldo says:

    “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.” – Aldous Huxley

    Looks like the Palaszczuk Government’s first move is to kick the shit out of anyone who raises a question, and Barcaldine Mayor Sean Dillon is in their sights over comments he made being critical of Queensland health’s vaccine rollout for the region.https://inqld.com.au/news/2021/10/20/meet-the-outback-mayor-accused-of-misconduct-after-daring-to-criticise-qld-health/

    The ordinary vaccination numbers in regional Queensland are proving Sean Dillon is right to be critical of the all powerful Queensland Health.

    • The Magpie says:

      Whether he’s right or wrong is totally irrelevant, it is the question of an elected official right to criticise other areas of government, especially when voicing concerns for those elected. The ‘Pie cannot in his wildest imaginings see the OIA coming down this, it strikes at very heart of what we pretend is our democracy.

  24. Dog Park Rape Culture says:

    I am disappointed in you Magpie after reading your rant about Peter Ridd. I thought you were a champion of transparency and you certainly aren’t above a bit of ridicule aimed at those in authority.
    I don’t know how well this saga was covered locally as I refuse to read the Bulletin but for those interested here is the link to the High Court judgement:


    Your words Pie “If Ridd had had his arguments internally without a wholesale public smear of colleagues and an affiliated institution (AIMS), deeming their work untrustworthy, why should not be expected to resign”
    The High Court found that Ridd was fully entitled to make the criticisms of the science that he made in the way he made them and that the University was not justified in censuring him for it (Para 64).
    Ridd only got into trouble after this censure by not adhering to the confidentiality provisions in the University complaints process and if you read the judgement the High Court hints that he could have won the case if he argued it differently.
    I am sure you would appreciate the significance of the fact that costs were not awarded against Ridd.
    I don’t know if Ridd was right or wrong either but I have seen no attempt at a scientific rebuttal and JCU didn’t go anywhere near the science in its argument. I suspect he may be spot on.
    There is plenty of bullshit coming out of academia and Ridd deserves praise for questioning the science where it is warranted. JCU”S integrity has taken a major hit.
    The judgement actually makes it safer for academics to call out the bullshit and I hope a few more have Ridd’s courage.

    • The Magpie says:

      Your points are reasonable and reasonably made, although The ‘Pie sticks with his view that it was the manner of how Ridd chose to have his fight was wrong – no matter how you wish to interpret the judgement on that score. No peer to peer tit-for-tatting, but deliberately dragging the argument down into the gutter of sensationalist journalism and social media ignorance. Social media’s reaction as far as I can see, was all along political lines. And why would JCU argue the science openly or otherwise, that was never the issue as far as they were concerned. Be nice for Ridd if had been able to suck them in, it would’ve achieved his desired goal, but alas for him, his web became even more tangled when they chose a different path, and pinged him on process. It all begs the question of who was the bully here, and we will have our own opinions on that.

      A few other points: not awarding costs cannot always if ever be seen per se as a tick for one side or the other, and it seems a reasonable outcome here. all lawyers will argue otherwise, but they’d be wrong.

      And what a funny fellow you are (him/her/you/it whatever). You say “I thought you were a champion of transparency and you certainly aren’t above a bit of ridicule aimed at those in authority”. This whole blog was founded on and thrives on well deserved total skepticism of authority – it’s just in this case, we mildly disagree. But if you’re speaking of The ‘Pie’s frequent references to boofademics and acadills, well, boo-bloody-hoo. But on transparency, if you are saying that my judgement on the matter argues against transparency, you’d be wrong, chum. If you think Ridd’s manner of arguing his case in such a way before a largely ignorant public is transparency, we part company in a big way – The ‘Pie finds it no more than a sly attempt at arrogant bullying and shows complete disrespect for colleagues and the institution in which all work.

      One final matter: you do not appear to be a circumspect comm nter in one aspect. You’re unpleasant choice of acronym sadly detracts from the otherwise sensible if debatable points. Just so you know, try posting an email on the JCU site, and see how long your reproductive apparatus remains intact. On any government site or even, god help us, Text The Editor in the Astonisher, you would get your arse kicked til your nose bleeds. But The Magpie, God bless him, has let it remain for others to make their own judgement – like, you know, in the interests of transparency.

    • Addled says:

      DPRC, you say that you don’t know if Ridd was right or wrong but you have seen no attempt at a scientific rebuttal [of his arguments]. You may not have looked or Ridd may not have taken up invitations to rebut the arguments of others. As I observed a couple of weeks ago, in the IPA Publication “Climate Change The Facts: 2017”, Ridd wrote that “Due to the remarkable mechanisms that corals have developed to adapt to changing temperatures, especially the ability to swap symbionts, corals are perhaps the least endangered of any ecosystem to future climate change – natural or man-made.” Several coral scientists, on numerous occasions, have put forward arguments in the opposite direction. Ridd has made no attempt to contradict them within the scientific community and they probably regard him as a novice because he won’t argue the science in the science forum. He’d prefer to go on Sky after dark and blather on with idiots who haven’t got a clue and don’t care about the science. So he gets his comeuppance. It ain’t rocket science.

  25. Snowpeas says:

    Townsville City Council and entourage may at times appear uncouth but spare a thought for the Newcastle Mayor who had to scold a Councillor for appearing “unclothed” on a zoom conference this week.

    It was apparently not the first time said Councillor has been in hot water, after he referred to a female colleague as “a big chunky woman and got legs like Blocker Roach, she’s a big unit” (NCA NewsWire 20/10/21)

    Goodness me……think Madam Mayor has her hands full.

  26. artsaficionado says:



    • The Magpie says:

      Oh, no you don’t, artsaficionado, not on this blog … and not even a nice try.
      So others know what The Magpie is in about:
      artsaficionado has sent in a small novella of a comment regarding the TPAC/Bott concert hall debate. Astoundingly, for this neck of the woods, it is articulate, coherently presented and – god bless your little cotton sox – grammatically virgo intacta. Well, almost virginal. The comment explores the pros and cons of both sides of the coin, in the sort of detail that makes one wonder at the author’s source of knowledge.
      So why isn’t it published? Simply because of this ingenuous line: The TPAC website does not contain any information about the people behind the group. It’s one thing to dismiss the Bott report, but there needs to be more transparency around their background and professional experience so that the credibility of the multiple voices in the conversation can be weighed accordingly. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one but they think each others stink.

      And The Magpie agrees with you 100% in this case … but if you demand that the TPAC protagonists bare their bums to the public, you should, too.

      So The Magpie will publish your comment in full – despite its challenging length – if and when you are willing to put your own name to it – hopefully with a few biographical highlights to bolster your view. Especially if your reference’s experience column includes the words ‘consultant to the Townsville City Council’.

      • artsaficionado says:

        It is a very interesting and in my opinion, contradictory position, to allow comments and discourse from Dave of Kelso and Snowpeas and Judge Judy but not artsaficionado.

        The reason I raised the need from more transparency around the TPAC group is because they are positioning themselves as a voice of authority on the matter. They are conducting a public campaign, and this was simply constructive feedback and questioning in response to this.

        No one else needs to supply a biography when commenting on your blog so I don’t know why I am any different.

        I am certainly not a consultant for council. That place leaves a lot to be desired.

        I am just a resident who has read the Bott report, read TPACs proposal and response and is articulating thoughts in response to this.

        • The Magpie says:

          Dave of Kelso, Snowpeas and Judge Judy et al DO NOT CALL for identity exposure of others. You do. Goose and gander, matey. And you would position yourself as a voice of authority on the issue, given your pending comment – which perhaps you are. So one has to ask why so coy? Let’s not play silly buggers and pretend that there isn’t a major party political element in all this, plus the flawed visions of a pig-headed, egoistical mayor.

          • artsaficionado says:

            Novella II

            The whole thing is a poisoned chalice.

            The Federal and Local Government are never going to agree on anything.

            I worry that the arts community are just being used to win LNP votes in the lead up to the federal election. My prediction is that it will get caught up in the bureaucracy and just end up as another report to add the the pile and nothing will eventuate. They will blame either the arts community for not reaching consensus (had heard whispers of this already) or TCC. Is this just another act in our political war games? Only time will tell, and I hope I’m proven wrong.

            For a venue like what TPAC is calling to truly work (setting aside the question of location) you need an independent organisation managing the place or some serious cultural change within council. Cairns arts venues are council run and seems to work ok, while Brisbane Powerhouse is a council owned asset run independently, so I guess it depends on who is inside council.

            Why did Riverway Arts fail? TCC were in charge weren’t they? And just look at how those recent Civic Theatre renovations turned out… Not a good track record.

            TPAC group do raise an excellent point in that the Bott report had a very narrow scope.

            Arts venues that are presenting houses only are predominantly activated of a nightime (Morning Melodies aside). That’s where the gallery or First Nations Cultural Centre is a good idea to boost visitation and use during the day. In terms of building a vibrant creative community it would be good for the space to be a hub and house local arts companies like Umbrella, Big Eye, AFCM and TheatreiNQ etc. There could be also be a small co-working space for independent artists (useful offering and another income stream). The interests of both community and professional practitioners need to be considered.

            It’s a shame this wasn’t considered when developing the North Rail Yards. It could have been modelled off Technology Park / Carriageworks in Sydney (with an space with the right acoustics for instrumental music which Carriageworks lacks). Incorporating something like this at the breakwater site slated for a new hotel next to the Ville is another missed opportunity perhaps? That ocean-front location would be a total vibe.

            Perhaps I’m not articulating the nuance of my point clearly enough…. there’s two documents you are referring to which I also looked at – the Bott Report; which from memory included bio, and the TPAC website; which doesn’t include info about the steering committee. My point is that in comparing the two, one is lacking a bio about the authors. All I was saying is that they should add some details on their website to give some indication about who they are so the lay person can compare the pair.

            You also said it yourself, there is a bit of a sting to their approach. And hook, line and sinker I entered stage left also bringing some wild Scorpio energy. What we need is a calm, constructive and collaborative energy for this debate. I also quite frankly don’t want to get stuck in a conversation about an AFCM menu from days gone by.

            For what it’s worth, your refusal to post my original comment has had one benefit. I’m a bit more fired up and engaged than I was before. Plus there were some good points in Novella I and it would be nice for them to see the light of day. If and when I produce my own public manifesto on the topic of arts infrastructure in Townsville, I’ll be sure to include my bio and even throw in a pretty headshot for you.

            What’s the going rate for a council consultant anyway? If their staff salaries are anything to go by it seems like they might have money to burn.

          • Simon McConnell - TPAC says:

            The TPAC steering committee consists of Trevor Keeling (chair) who has had a 40 year career in the arts, most recently in Arts Administration; Dr Mark Smith (ex officio member acting as secretary; Simon McConnell (rep. for the Townsville Community Music Centre); Mr Chris Dal’Osto (Australian Concerto and Vocal Competition); Mr Noel Price (Townsville Eisteddfod) and Andrew Ryder (Major ret.) (Barrier Reef Orchestra). All have had extensive experience in the arts, especially music. Note however that any or all of the reps can change as they are whoever their respective committees choose to deputise to do the job. The committee’s sole job is to handle enquiries, manage the website, Facebook page etc and to generally handle any matters concerning promotion of the TPAC concept.
            I would add that the aim of all of us is not to get TPAC built but to get the performing arts facilities we need built – that is – a small theatre (about 200 seat) a medium sized theatre (say 500-600) an outdoor theatre (2000 capacity amphitheatre) and at least one venue with the right acoustics for live music and voice. We also believe that these facilities should be gathered together, that is to say built as a Performing Arts Centre as this gives us a festival and a convention facility as well.
            We are happy to support any scheme that will give us the needed facilities but maintain that the TPAC concept is simply the most logical and financially affordable way of doing it. To build the individual needed venues separately would be very costly indeed and to fail to build them together quite unnecessarily misses the opportunity to create a festival venue that could attract multi-venue events.
            The whole point of developing the TPAC concept (and remember it is a concept not a construction plan) was to address the performing arts facility needs of Townsville in a clear, detailed and costable form. It was hoped that this would stimulate debate and also perhaps lead to action. We welcome any amount of constructive criticism and have already revised the concept significantly in 2017 to incorporate valuable input. But the truth is that almost all feedback has been very positive indeed.

          • The Magpie says:

            EXCERPT FROM A FURTHER LONG COMMENT BY artsaficionado
            Perhaps I’m not articulating the nuance of my point clearly enough…. there’s two documents you are referring to which I also looked at – the Bott Report; which from memory included bio, and the TPAC website; which doesn’t include info about the steering committee. My point is that in comparing the two, one is lacking a bio about the authors. All I was saying is that they should add some details on their website to give some indication about who they are so the lay person can compare the pair.

            Well, there we have , they have declared themselves.

            So you are?

  27. Interested observer says:

    My missus reckons I should take legal action against “Trailblazer” for defamation.
    She says I’m definitely not a “faggot”, I’m not “old” and although I might be dumb I’m not “silly”.

  28. Nickster says:

    At what point does Mayor Jenny Hill come out and break the legs of the grifters at Magnis, and kick them out of Lansdown?

    Yesterday they released another market update detailing the developments in New York, and no mention of Lansdown. wcsecure.weblink.com.au/pdf/MNS/02438284.pdf

    This announcement is just more lipstick on the pig.

    • The Magpie says:

      That link doesn’t work. try again. Interesting.

      • The Magpie says:

        OK, seems there is a technical problem The ‘Pie isn’t smart enough top solve, but it seem to lie with the WordPress platform the blog uses. A friend emailed in the same link and it opened from the email, but even transferring that link to the comment (it was identical) and trying to open it there didn’t work. case of FIIK.

        Here’s all four pages anyway …, and the second photograph looks dodgy as hell. Why is this mob talking about holes in fucking walls, and nice new factory ceilings?

        These are the people who have told mayor Jenny Hill they are going to build a $billion+ mega-employment factory at Lansdown. And the mayor made the running for her pop-up Lansdown eco-park with this concept.
        Really, will the Bulletin ever have the guts to front the mayor on this utter bullshit?

        • Addled says:

          This Lansdown thing has gone way beyond the Townsville Mayor and the Townsville Bulletin. If the federal and state governments are putting up $24m between them, and more to come, then someone is doing some due diligence somewhere, not here. Last month as Phil Thompson was spreading fairy dust for the Concert Hall he was also barrowing CityDeal bucks out Woodstock way:

          “A further $12 million would be allocated to enabling infrastructure to support the Lansdown Eco-Industrial Precinct – matching the Queensland State Government’s commitment, while $2 million would fund a feasibility study into the supply of re-used water for the growing green hydrogen industry in Townsville.”

          Jenny Hill doesn’t have to do anything.

  29. Large says:

    Not sure I understand the problem – they seem to be constructing a dry room in an existing building and have made a hole in the wall to bring large plant in?

    Then again I could be missing something.

    • Addled says:

      Nickster wants the mayor to break their legs. Morrison and Palaszczuk want to lay down the welcome mat just beside the Haughton pipeline. Phil Thompson’s not sure if he wants to be seen there or not. Tough call.

      • Mike Douglas says:

        Addled . Politics , perception , fact . Lansdown has entry and exit issues which is also effecting Driveit opposite with TMR at one stage saying and overpass is required . Are the State + Feds $ funding the roadworks ? . Politics , State Government knock back Phil Thompson’s $195 mil Haughton pipeline stage 2 . Perception Labor’s Molachino and Stewart do a media stunt with a map showing where the pipeline will go . Mayor Hill joins the ruse to avoid embarrassing our 3 State MP,s by declaring Haughton stage 2 ” commercial in confidence ” . Fact , Qld budget short $110 mil on haughton stage 2 .

        • Addled says:

          Mike, if you won’t acknowledge the $85m in THIS YEAR’S budget for Haughton2 there’s no point reminding you of the possibility of more money in NEXT YEAR’S budget to finish the thing. Even I can see that a half-broke state doesn’t want to borrow all the money in one year when there’s no urgency – Ross River dam has plenty of water to supply Townsville for the time being. Are the State + Feds $ funding the roadworks that might be necessary at the Lansdown Eco-Industrial Precinct intersection? Good question. I don’t know the answer. But the federal member who has kicked in $12m recently should have some idea. If you can’t get straight answers out of the mayor or state members why aren’t you crawling all over Phil Thompson with questions about Commonwealth CityDeal involvement with Lansdown? He’s supposed to be the smart guy in the room.

          • Old Tradesman says:

            Addled, you seem to know everything Labor, what would you spend the $85m on?

          • Addled says:

            No Tradie, not everything Labor, everything on the public record. Apparently the $85m is being spent on preliminaries – plans, designs, land acquisitions, whatever. I don’t have a clue. But they’ve just installed 30+ kms of Haughton1 so they have a pretty good idea what comes next – ie. next year. But the Haughton water supply doesn’t make the battery factory or the nickel/graphite refinery thing happen and it also doesn’t explain the $24m infrastructure investment. Phil Thompson might be able to help though.

          • Addled says:

            Something else, Tradie. Because a main road intersection to an industrial area doesn’t necessarily require an overpass, witness Webb Drive in the Bohle, the probable issue at Lansdown is the railway level crossing. Not sure what current rail traffic exists on the Mount Isa line – mostly mining products and inputs coming to and from the port I guess – but the possibility of a massive increase due to coal exports out of Townsville would be pause for thought if Lansdown gets going. Guildford Coal out Hughenden/Pentland way established an MOU with the Port a few years ago for just that purpose. What’s the bet that the ‘missing link’ rail connection direct into the Port of Townsville features in Inspector Barnaby’s UOMe to Morrison? Then Galilee Basin thermal coal can be stockpiled and ship loaded direct out of the newly expanded, massively dredged and reclaimed Townsville port. Labor, Liberal and Nationals united with a plan to compete with Abbot Point all courtesy of taxpayer-funded coal mining subsidy. You know it makes sense.

      • Nickster says:

        Addled, there is a stark difference between between the politicians and the mendicants at Magnis.

        Let’s not forget they gladly took taxpayer funds when the Queensland Government Approved a $3.1M Grant for Townsville Battery Plant Study in 2018, and what do we have in return.

        The Mayor has good grounds to tear up any agreements, deals or favors she has with Magnis as they seem to have moved on from Townsville. I’m sure Magnis will find out soon enough the USA takes a radically different approach once carpetbaggers are exposed for what they really are.

        • Addled says:

          Nickster, someone is about to take another $2m from Phil Thompson (or whoever from Canberra) for a “green hydrogen” orchard study – possibly at Lansdown. Don’t ask me who’s tipping the pork barrel upside down but there’s sure a lot of dough slipping and sliding around the waterfront – and that’s before Inspector Barnaby drops the UOMe on Morrison pre-Glasgow.

  30. HiBeam says:

    The more I see of Magnis and Frank Poullas the harder I clutch my wallet!

    Try this for pure unadulterated waffle. 40 ums to the mile


    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Nowhere did they mention operations in cheap and gullible third world locations like, emm, errrr, Townsville.

    • Dave Sth says:

      Yup and a mate this week told me he has to pay a spectator fee to go to supervise his children at the pool but can take them roller skating or to somewhere like Chipmunks and pay zero for himself. Not only that I get charged differential rates because I have no choice but to work away interstate however hold on to a property I would lose 30% on if I sold tomorrow. Rock hard place.

      If the Council was doing a good job and rates were lower I’d be a lot more ambivalent to the extras added on. They aren’t and there has been an ongoing smoke screen from Newscorpse and the state for a while now.

      The Mayor isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but has some rat cunning politically and use to the Brisbane puppet masters, otherwise she wouldn’t be there. She got fleeced by Lancini with the stadium so what makes you think Magnus will be any different?

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