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Sunday, August 25th, 2019   |   142 comments

The Curtain Falls On TEL’s Rocky Horror Show … But Board Deputy Chair Mayor Mullet and CEO Little Patty Aren’t Clapping …


… more likely crapping themselves, because they have some very difficult questions to answer about why they hired the man they say mis-used company credit cards to such a pivotal role for our city’s progress.Michael McMillan was a known tax dodging failed businessman from Rockhampton. Could this be the bottom-of-the-deck issue that brings down this house of marked cards?

That’s not the mayor’s only worry … Jenny Hill’s re-election hopes took a massive blow this week when Peter Lindsay proclaimed she can’t be beaten. Now there’s an endorsement from hell. The ‘Pie stops cackling long enough to take his regular look at the mayoral race that isn’t – yet.

And a round-up of a wide variety of other matters that popped up during the week.

But first …

The Messiah As Maniac

Any lingering doubts – and there are hardly any – about Donald Trump’s mental health were completely dispelled this week.

Only his equally unhinged followers – even those few here in Townsville who really should know better – could still believe that this man is fit to hold the powerful office in the world. or any office, for that matter.

It started out bizarrely enough. It seemed someone had laced his regular early hours KFC snack with angel dust, when out of nowhere, he suddenly tweeted that he was going to buy Greenland from Denmark. This bit of theatre of absurd came out of nowhere, and caught everyone – including the Dames –  off guard. But once everyone realized he wasn’t joking, the Danish PM Mette Frederiksen wasted no time in kicking the insulting thought-fart into the long grass, dismissing it as ‘absurd’.

Trump immediately tossed his rattle out of the pram, cancelling a planned visit to Denmark because he thought the rebuff was ‘nasty’. Bentley was bemused as anyone at this weird episode and has treated it with all the dignity and gravity it deserves.

diddums flat small

This looniness prompted many a meme and buffoonery around the place, with the Magpie chiming in with his in blog comments.

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 4.48.37 pm

But unbelievably, Trump’s descend into lunacy took a steeper dive the very next day … we will report on that a little further down, we have our own local lunacy to report on first.

No Credit On The Cards For Mayor Mullet or Townsville Enterprise …

… or for Bulletin editor Jenna Cairney.

NB In reporting this, I will use correct names and titles and keep any usual smart-alec comments to a minimum, because this is a serious matter which could and should have much greater consequences than the sacking of one person.)

This lobbed out of the blue yesterday (Friday) afternoon.

TEL McMillan statement

When TEL CEO Patricia O’Callaghan released her curt announcement that she had sacked her director of Policy and Investment Michael McMillan for some unspecified credit card misdemeanours (or worse), she may have hung herself out to dry with her subsequent claims of rigorous policy probity. Especially her claim in the Bulletin that ‘We take our policies and procedures very seriously.’

Is that so, Ms O’Callaghan? Really?

Without doubt, there must be valid reasons that McMillan was peremptorily fired. There’d better be, or Townsville ratepayers, who prop up this busted-arse organisation will have to foot a hefty damages bill. But there are some very important, indeed incriminating evidence of negligent governance on behalf of Ms O’Callaghan, Mayor Jenny Hill and the entire TEL board. They should – indeed they MUST – explain why McMillan, a known tax dodging failed businessman from Rockhampton was appointed to his lucrative TEL executive role in the first place. Once on board, he was the executive who led the Hell’s Gate Dam feasibility study, in charge of a budget in the millions.

The decision-making process involved in hiring must be made publicly available, because although Ms O’Callaghan honks on about TEL being a private organisation responsible only to its members, Townsville ratepayers prop it up annually to the tune if $750,000 of public money. So will you tell us just how seriously you took your policies and procedures in the this particular recruitment instance, Ms O’Callaghan?

Let’s make a couple of things clear. TEL’s CEO and board cannot say they didn’t know of McMillan’s background, even if it was after they hired him, because, among others, The Magpie told them quite clearly in June 2018. (You will need to scroll down to the relevant item.) And as an organisation that you’d expect stays across matters in the region, TEL’s ever alert staff surely didn’t miss this even earlier item in the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin, just months after McMillan scurried north.

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 8.10.28 am

The first question we need answered is very simple really. Where was the due diligence in checking this job seeker’s background? Or did TEL – including the board, which would surely have sign off on such an important position – know all this and went ahead and hired him anyway? Even more interesting would be to know if McMillan made the approach himself, selling himself on his government background.

If either of these possibilities is correct, why would that be?

Well, let’s see. Could it be something to do with the fact that McMillan was/is deep into the Labor Party’s featherbedding job network – among other factors, McMillan ran as Labor’s candidate for Rockhampton mayor in 2016, but was trounced by the current incumbent Margaret Strelow. (Lucky Rocky!!!) And two of the greatest exponents of ‘jobs for the Labor boys and girls’ in this town are Tony Mooney and of course  Jenny Hill. Hill is not just the deputy chair of Townsville Enterprise but also as the mayor, she also votes in council on how much ratepayers money goes to the TEL each year. And one could reasonably suggest that would encourage other board members to keep her on side for their own advantage, and agree with any ‘suggestion’ she might make regarding job vacancies.

The Magpie asks these questions because you can be absolutely CERTAIN that the Bulletin will not.

But no matter, they are questions to which the Townsville public deserve answers.

Jenna Cairney May Care To Answer A Couple Of Questions, Too.

Fat chance, we know, but we’ll ask anyway.

jenna Cairney

Why is it , madam editor, you can’t even now bring yourself – your paper – to report accurately on McMillan’s background? Any journalist – ANY REAL BLOODY JOURNALIST, JENNA – would see this as a story needing to be told. Even now, in reporting his sacking, for some reason you cannot bring yourself to broach such a salient aspect of McMillan business background, you glide right passed any mention of irregularity by either McMillan or Townsville Enterprise. Why could this be?

Again, you can’t say you didn’t know (but if not, why not?). Let’s be serious, you and your lot read this blog every week, certainly not with admiration but occasionally you pick up some information that you act on. So if Mr Google didn’t tell you about the tenuous business background of McMillan, then The Magpie sure did.

Jenna, you keep tediously honking the false claim that your paper claims to look out for our interests – ‘We’re For You’ must surely join the pantheon of other such lies like ‘the cheque’s in the mail’, ‘this won’t hurt a bit’ and ‘Of course the meal is delicious, darling’.

Well, here’s your big chance to prove you’re not just another News Ltd charlatan, Ms Cairney … ask the mayor and O’Callaghan about the issues raised here and inform those whose interests you say you hold so dear … your readers.

Plenty of opportunity for a few idle questions, surely the three of your are having another slumber party soon.

A Sad but Telling Townsville Metaphor

A glossy veneer over the rotting reality.


IMG_0343Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 12.03.02 am Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 12.05.12 am

The Mayoral Stakes: The Mullet Gets The Endorsement From Hell

Peter Lindsay

Peter Lindsay

During the week, former TCC councillor and MP for Herbert Peter Lindsay told the Bulletin that Jenny Hill would not be beaten in the upcoming council elections.

“The next thing that you should know is that anybody who stands against Jenny at this time is wasting their time, utterly wasting their time,” he said. “She won’t be beaten; she hasn’t put a foot wrong, there’s no reason to change the mayor, other than it would be better if the mayor was of the same political colour as the Federal Government.”  he told the Astonisher.

As always with Prince Peter, translation from between the lines is required – and always has been for anything he has ever said. So let’s have a look at this, he gives himself away so easily as a yesterday’s man bitterly seeking relevance. Let’s ignore the blatant and deliberate bullshit that ‘she hasn’t put a foot wrong’, , a boast you could not apply to yourself Pete, where you have applied your Gucci to your gob yet again. Also, forget the delusional ‘there’s no reason to change the mayor’, which only adds insult to ignorance

Two matters to consider here. First of all, there is no challenger at the moment, so it’s a bit silly to make such statements without knowing the alternative. Sam Cox has been flitting in and out of the shadows, trying to land as lightly as a butterfly with sore feet into the political fray. It now seems he is highly unlikely to make a run, perhaps slowly realising he has damaged any hope he had with his knock-kneed prevarication and penchant for windy fridge magnet philosophy over solid suggestions of an restorative agenda. Whoever goes up against Mayor Mullet – and it’s pretty sure someone will, even if at the last minute – they cannot campaign on the many sins of the incumbent … people want to know what action an alternative mayor will take to take back Townsville from the self-interested forces which now hold sway.

The second matter to consider in Lindsay’s statement is that he is arguing from a two-party traditional basis, he knows no other imaginable system, which is why he is yesterday’s man. He is a fairly typical throwback who cannot imagine genuinely independent mayors and councillors with a genuine interest in the betterment of their community. Local government is the one level where this sort of independence can flourish, because a truly independent council is actually in a strong bargaining position to get concessions from the state and federal governments of the day. But should a council be in the pocket of a ruling party in Brisbane or Canberra, and they can forget you for three years because you’re ‘in the bag’.

Council campaigns don’t come cheap, but the relatively recent development of crowd funding – which is legal within certain sensible restrictions – opens up all sorts of possibilities.

The fun is yet to begin.

Speaking Of Not Getting The Message

Labor types are still hyperventilating about their Queensland losses in the Federal election, but they don’t seem to have learned much. Albo this weekend addressed the faithful in Brisbane, telling the LNP Queensland was traditional Labor turf and to piss off, he was going to regain all that lost love. He noted that regional Queenslanders in particular had turned against Labor, and he hoped they’d be wooed back through the work of something called Queensland Labor For The regions. So The Magpie had a warbling chuckle when he checked out Queensland Labor For The Regions on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 8.37.30 am

Look at the address on the lower right. Strathpine is 14 kilometres north of Brisbane. Getting a cosy wanted feeling from Labor yet, country bumpkins?

Some Other Matters Looked At During The Week.

Same fate suffered by George Pell.

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 9.35.34 pm

An Invasion Of Privates

The government’s planned laws to curb the selfish excesses of protestors will ban the use of various devices the pompous little shitheads use to shut down public thoroughfares … including super glue.

Not surprisingly, protest leaders – all members of the ‘outrage generation’ – ain’t happy. Galilee Blockade spokesman Ben Pennings slammed the proposed laws. “Most of our members are grandparents. Will police start strip-searching them looking for super-glue, just because they want to protect their grandkids” 

The thought of young coppers pulling down granddad’s Ku Fung underdaks (a 80th birthday gift from the grandkids, on fresh a month ago) could lead to some instructive exchanges when codger and copper discuss items found in the search.

Officer: So what’s an old geezer like you doing with a packet of these?


Grandad: Well, when I was a youngster, protesting got the adrenalin going so much for all of us that sometimes me and the girlfriend got so hot and bothered we’d rush off into the bushes in a horny fever, if you know what I mean. So I thought it might be the same even now for us seniors and I might get lucky in all the excitement.

Officer: (After a long silence). Ummm, OK . BUT can explain why you’ve got a tube of this, sir?


Grandad: ‘Son, as you will learn one day, there comes a time when Viagra just isn’t enough.’

Officer: Sorry to have bothered you sir. Try to have a good … ummm … day.’

Back To Trump – You Can’t Argue, He Really Is Off His Rocker

Trump’s attempt to buy Greenland from Denmark and his petulant cancellation of a state visit there when he was rebuffed was the launch pad for a number of other bizarre announcements in the past 72 hours. The most catastrophic of these was his order that American companies operating in China leave immediately and find other manufacturing countries like India. It has been pointed out that the president doesn’t have the power to make such an order, and its the sort stuff only dreaded socialist countries do, interfere in the free market,  but it has created dangerous turmoil anyway.

Then on Friday, we were treated to one of the most disturbing rants we’ve yet had from this specialist in disturbing rants. The media were simply dumbfounded as Trump, without any prompting or provocation, scattergun attacked a wide range of targets.

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 11.18.10 pm

This from the Guardian reporter and the driveway media conference.story: What followed might have swept away all previous Trumpian benchmarks for incoherence, self-aggrandizement, prevarication and rancor in a presidency that has seemed before to veer loosely along the rails of reason but may never have come quite so close to spectacularly jumping the tracks. Over an ensuing half-hour rant, Trump trucked in antisemitic tropes, insulted the Danish prime minister, insisted he wasn’t racist, bragged about the performance of his former Apprentice reality show, denied starting a trade war with China, praised Vladimir Putin and told reporters that he, Trump, was the “Chosen One” – all within hours of referring to himself as the “King of Israel” and tweeting in all caps: “WHERE IS THE FEDERAL RESERVE?”

Even previous supporters are now considering what actions are available to them to rein in if not outright remove this deeply disturbed man from office.

But it was his Greenland adventure that captured the most attention during the week, because at least everyone could have harmless fun with that subject.

sbr081819dapr sb081919dapr 16_228750 Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trump and Greenland 47_228757 13_political_cartoon_u.s._trump_denmark_little_mermaid_statue_copenhagen_-_chip_bok_creators 17_political_cartoon_u.s._trump_greenland_buying_brooklyn_bridge_scam_conned_-_mike_luckovich_creators 3_political_cartoon_u.s._greenland_report_trump_cold_white_melting_-_david_fitzsimmons_cagle 20190820edstc-a Nick Anderson cartoon 5_political_cartoon_u.s._trump_king_of_denmark_greenland_hamlet_shakespeare_-_bill_day_cagle_0 1_political_cartoon_u.s._trump_migrant_crisis_family_separation_devil_on_shoulder_satan_-_christopher_weyant_cagle jd081619dbp 16_228720 19_political_cartoon_u.s._trump_sinking_economy_ilhan_omars_fault_-_mike_luckovich_creators


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  1. Mike Douglas says:

    Investigative Journalism seems limited these days and for some reason when these blow in supposed experts ie Adele Young , Stephen Beckett and others Townsville seems to roll out the red carpet . Such high caliber that a quick search reflects their background and strangely with their so called prowess, they can’t seem to find a job other than the Labor Gravy train . Whilst I wouldn’t want to cast aspersions google search the current T.C.C. Ceo re consultancy with another Council as its in the public domain .

  2. Cantankerous but happy says:

    This latest TEL debacle just highlights the low level of business acumen we have here in Townsville, that a person like McMillen gets a look in, and that a lightweight like Patricia O’ Callaghan runs the show. I have said it for many years, Townsville is “ business light” and it’s worse than ever at the moment, it’s not a good sign when those people supposed to be leading will never be anything more than followers.

    • TEL me another story says:

      There is actually plenty of intellectual grunt operating around town in places like the Chamber of Commerce, Regional Development, MITEZ and other groups. They just stay out of the crazy political orbits of TEL and TCC. Perhaps as a city we need to let those who volunteer their time to build our future actually have a run at it.

      The demise of “Slick Mick” (I like that moniker, pity it came so late) with TEL started long ago, surfacing during the infamous Mayoral delegation to Canberra where he managed to turn off federal politicians and bureaucrats alike with his arrogant, uninformed and superior approach. There were a number of places which asked TEL not to bring him back.

      • The Magpie says:

        That summation seems to be at odds with itself … how can groups like the Chamber, Regional Development and MIETZ – particularly MITEZ – stand by and twiddle their thumbs, scuffing the dust and gazing at the sky without making any commitment to scrubbing out this particularly noisome Augean stable. How can these groups and others loftily decide they are above politics, when in fact, they are eunuchs if they don’t engage? Is there not a modern Hercules among all those organisations you have mentioned to take on the long overdue clean-out? ‘Intellectual grunt’ always requires political patronisation.

        • TEL me another story says:

          The answer to that is simple – these and others (both group and individual) are not at all twiddling their thumbs, but are getting on and doing work that needs to be done – keeping out of the spotlight rather than engage with TEL and TCC.

          A case in point is John O’Brien and MITEZ who have quietly beavered away to bring Copperstring back to the boil without any involvement from Jenny and her friends.

          Another would be the State Development Area which has quietly progressed despite inaction from those who would benefit most.

          Just because it isn’t being played out on the pages of the paper or in murky alleys like this doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

          • The Magpie says:

            Ahem … first allow The Magpie to say – and he is sure he speaks for the regular gang of back street hooligans who people these comments pages – how flattered we all are that someone of your clearly exalted status, social perspicuity and deep analytical ability would condescend to offer a comment here in this ‘murky alley’. But one must say you do a really nice line in irrelevance and argumentative deflection.

            These groups you mention are, by your own admission, ‘twiddling their thumbs’ politically, but not once did The ‘Pie hint that they weren’t getting efficiently on with their allotted tasks. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive, often impossible to separate, and it would best to remember the axiom ‘you may be done with politics, but politics will never be done with you.’

            But let’s be clear … you are saying that people on projects that involve public funds should be allowed to ‘get on with it’ without the distraction of eing required to regularly inform and explain their progress to those who pay their wages … i.e. the taxpayers. Mate, are sure you don’t work for TEL, that is straight out of their communications playbook? Your phrase ‘being played out’ suggests some sort of power in reportage of facts to direct and amend projects in and of itself. Which is just simply a crock – it is a basic reality that ‘getting on with what needs to be done’ cannot happen without crucial political input, for good or ill. If an accurate factual report stirs up public dissatisfaction, that’s called democracy and accountability in action, cf WFTAG.

            And how sad is your dictatorial suggestion that these and similar organisations ‘not engage with the council or TEL'(which is an ersatz political institution whether we like it nor not – which The ‘Pie doesn’t))make a conscious effort to nullify any input, checks or balances from elected representatives of taxpayers.

            But rest assured, Bozo, when a matter of public importance falls short because of irresponsible council governance against genuine community interest, this murky alley will be lit up with klieg lights.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            You prove my point, TEL, nothing but govt or semi govt begging by varying degrees of organisations and associated individuals, no serious business people are involved, no one with the $$ in their own pocket or the CEO of a large company making a decision to invest, rather we just have more of the perpetual spin that occupies this towns attention of things that are going to happen, or might happen, or just another busted arse dreamer with no money and too much time on their hands.
            Today there was a post on LinkedIn about that horse thing up at Rollingstone way, with the person enthusiastically advising that the project has been 30 years in the making, 30 years, only in Townsville could there be someone willing to tell the world that a project has taken 30 years of planning, by that measure it will take 100 years to build the bloody thing, what an embarrassment.

          • The Magpie says:

            “That horse thing up Rollingstone way’? Got a link to the comment? Are we talking about the proposed Chinese-backed equestrian resort at Bluewater? Hope Pete Newey’s got his heart pills handy.

          • Cheers time says:

            Cantankerous you like to sit here criticising. Enlighten us with what you have contributed to NQ or where are the serious $$ u have invested. Or are you just a blowhard hypocrite.

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie can’t speak for Cankers, but reckons he’d consider enlightening you with information that may reveal who he is … if you tell exactly who you are.

            (BTW, like almost all commenters, The ‘Pie hasn’t a clue who Cankers is.)

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            Geez Cheers time, I have enough people in this town who think I am an arsehole without adding to the list, what have I contributed to NQ, nothing, where are my personal dollars invested, not here, but I have never misrepresented myself and told someone that they are, and I have never sort the limelight with some grand plan that I don’t have any funding to even commence. I am just doing my own thing, and I stay in the background by necessity, as an adviser to some very large national and multi nationals who trust my judgement I have some input as to if, how, where and when they may seek an opportunity across Northern Australia and I can tell you this amateur hour spin cycle that Townsville keeps pumping out is a joke, the business community in this town needs to focus on projects of genuine substance and give the media grandstanding a rest.

          • No More Dredging says:

            Cantankerous, I’m interested in your view that the only people who are worth listening to in investment circles are the ones not involved in the ‘begging bowl’ – “nothing but govt or semi govt begging by varying degrees of organisations and associated individuals, no serious business people are involved, no one with the $$ in their own pocket or the CEO of a large company making a decision to invest”. I wonder how you feel about those large multinational mining companies that have latched on to the $500 million being dropped by the Q government into various locations around the Mount Isa to Townsville railway? For example:

            Queensland will contribute $30m towards the freight terminal’s construction, with the Port of Townsville putting in $18m.
            “We will provide QR with $20m each year starting, from 1 July, to reduce rail access charges and will work with industry on implementation arrangements.
            Then there is the ‘royalty holiday’ stuff – “Under the agreement, New Century can elect to defer royalties for a period of three years and repay them over the following three-year period.”

            Do you class these cases in the same ‘bludger’ category as, say, the Adani airport? How do you work out what’s sucking on the public tit and what’s responsible government subsidisation?

          • Cheers time says:

            Cantankerous thanks for the context. I don’t see the national and multinational companies lined up investing in Townsville – maybe you need to do a better job. Yes the town does have some lightweights but so does every city and as the saying goes – you don’t know who is swimming naked until the tide goes out. I am only a small businessman but even I know who the lightweights are. The region has produced some great business people that have also given a lot back to the region (think Tony Ireland driving the V8’s, David Carmichael and George Colbran with the Crocs, Lancini /Goicochea / Regan / Mclean and co with the Cowboys and these are just sport related examples). And the new generation are coming through like Luke Anear and Safety Culture growing a software company from a local garage into Silicon Valley. Why should they roll over for some multinational (who use lobbyists, PR etc and are generally tax avoiders / very slow bill payers). You seem to suggest the panacea for our weakened economy is multinationals over locals. The reason we are doing it tough is the mining companies shutting mines after building Townsville as a FIFO base and the QNI collapse – all driven by national and multinational company agendas and no local conscience. Most local business people don’t seek the limelight because there are too many people out there ready to cut them down should they pop their head up. This is one of the greater tragedies of Australian business culture. No wonder there are no mayoral candidates putting their heads up.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            All good points Cheers Time, and the people you quoted did wonderful things for Townsville, made plenty of money, spent a lot of it locally and had a great regard for their community, but at the risk of having a severe slap across the head from everyone in this town, I don’t believe the people you mentioned weren’t great business people, they were people good in their businesses, and very successful at what they did, running local distributors and franchises, but they never had any input into what cars would be manufactured next year or what burgers were going to be promoted next, they simply sold what head office told them to sell, and had a licence that restricted anyone else from selling the same thing nearby, that is the tale of most of the businesses in Townsville, market takers, not market makers, following the market, not leading the market, and now that markets are changing many of these businesses struggle to survive, because the can’t adapt their business, they simply dont know how. As you mentioned though Luke Anear is a good example of what Townsville needs more of and Darryl Holmes has done very well introducing a profit share type business model that has created a $100 million plus market cap business based here in Townsville, that’s what Townsville needs more of, anyway good luck to you in your business.

          • No More Dredging says:

            Cantankerous, something to say about past and current success stories but what of the future? What do we do about the Hells Gate dam scenario that is predicted, from the get-go, to be uneconomic:

            “Modelled water costs are well above those seen in established irrigation areas that have viable economic scenarios growing broad acre crops (for example the established horticulture areas such as the Murray-Darling Basin). This is not an unexpected outcome – this greenfield site was never intended to compete domestically with Murray-Darling sourced produce, while the 2014 study that concentrated on sugar cane showed that traditional broad acre cropping was highly unlikely to be internationally competitive.
            A critical message from this study is that delivery of an attractive investment proposition requires expansion of export quantities to the ASEAN and European markets for high value crops, and/or a substantial increase in grower returns for traditional broadacre cropping.”

            Should we have doubts about TEL’s chosen consultant SMEC – a wholly owned subsidiary of the Singapore government (like Singapore Airlines, SingTel etc) – or is government involvement entirely appropriate even if it looks like “sucking on the public tit”? So much of Townsville’s (and Australia’s?) private investment is contingent on parallel government investment that it’s hard to separate them. Should we even try?

        • Cappuccino in hand says:

          Pie, TMAS is speaking with experience – don’t know who he/she is but …. I can vouch for the view. MITEZ and others if it’s ilk include TCC as members but they rarely show up or participate. You will get plenty of off the record opinions from Mayors North, South and West who are incredibly frustrated trying to get TCC to pull its weight. The arrogance shown from TCC from Mayor down when they do bother to show then disappear early or look completely bored is noted by the others. A couple of the councillors will stay for hard partying if the grog is free. It is at the core of the problem.

  3. The (Mostly) Civil Engineer says:

    Thanks for the Download on Slick Mick’s background. I had foolishly thought that as he stood against an incumbent ALP Mayor and assumed that he wasn’t an ALP candidate – silly of me.

    I wonder if Chiododo is the only one of the ALP blow ins left standing?

    Has anyone with greater insight and research ability than me ever listed all of them who have been parachuted in to town by Jenny Hill in payment for the campaign support she received from the party?

    Once we sluice the last of them from the bottom of our boots we might be able to get the city moving again.

    • Plannit Townsville says:

      Still plenty more ALP blowins still standing some of which are:
      Lesley Cameron bestie of Adele Young and GM of something or other
      Scott Morehead GM Townsvill Water … brother of Evan Morehead
      Teisha Peterson good mate of Stephen Beckett and Customer Contact Team Manager
      Michael Bissell former colleague of Chiododo in the NT and GM of something in Maintenance
      David Harvey mate of a consultant and recommended to Adele. Here to retire. GM ICT.
      Inga Davis. Was in NT with Chiododo, Adele and Bissell. Appointeded by Adele to RUN City Deal. Now running Water Project.
      Stacey Coburn. Ex mines and a consultant at QLD Health. Appointed as GM HR. Now Director of Business Services.
      Greg Constantine. Really have no idea what he’s supposed to do. Ex NT. Mate of Adele.

      • Critical says:

        Agree with Planitt heaps more ALP blow-ins that many good staff question how they were appointed but fly below the public radar and yet hold positions of power and influence in council decisions. You need to look at positions that hold the titles of General Manager, Team Leader, Coordinator or equilivant to sort through these blow-ins or friends. Stephen Becketts old sections of Community Engagement, Public Relations, Media and Community Programs is full of them. Next Council needs to have a clean out of these levels.

      • Alahazbin says:

        September 2016 must have been a good month for these labor blowhards. Most of them appointed to their positions. Looks like the wheels are starting to fall off the gravy train.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Now that is starting to make sense, the common thread is all these worthless failures come from the NT, where the economy is a worthless basket case just like Townsville, so after totally screwing the people of the NT they are invited by the Mullet to come to Townsville and screw even more people and wreck our economy, still that’s what 60% of the brainless tossers in this town voted for.

        • Mundingbird says:

          Hear,Hear, maybe you should run for Mayor!

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          Yep, and having visited Willows Shoping Centre and observed the army of fit, athletic, articulate, engaged, rocket scientist, that inhabit that joint, you think there will be any critical analysis, and any hope for Townsville at the next local elections ? We’re fucked!

  4. Just Say'n says:

    This weekend marks a year since Scott Morrison was elected as the new leader of the Liberal Party and Prime Minister.

    Following his replacement of Malcolm Turnbull, Morrison was expected to lose the Federal election and hand the prime ministership to Labor’s Bill Shorten.

    We all know the outcome of that prediction.

    On the 18th of May 2019, Australia dodged a bullet – how good is that!!

  5. Rumpy Pumpy says:

    Horse thing ??

    More like housing estate

  6. Spooka says:

    It is with no surprise I note that TEL is still as inept as ever and still full of Amoeba’s attempting to justify their existence. As a person that has a lot of previous experience with this muppet show, it’s quite disturbing to see it still exists. Now, Peter Lindsay, what a disgusting grovelling piss-weak excuse for a human being, a traitor of the highest order, in the distance past he and Frank Tanti assisted the ACCC, Jeff Prosser, Peter Costello with what was in all probability, one of the biggest commercial frauds this country has seen, a coverup of the highest order to the tune of potential $300 million, yes, $300 million. A few others involved in the cover-up, Ted Lindsey, Townsville’s natural laxative Mike Reynolds, and Jeff Smith to name a few. Ah! they will say, who’s back from the grave?

    • The Magpie says:

      That’s a bit like the telephone book as literature …lots of names but not much plot. But if you care to drop in some details – not for publication nescessarily – feel free.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Yea, as Willy Shakesphere once said, “To lead on with honest trifles only to betray in the greatest consequence. ” Or something like that. Meaning: you have given a few hints, now give us the juicy details!

  7. Mandingo says:

    Perhaps Mick can go and work for Townsville airport as a security guard? The airport always seems to be in trouble, either upsetting Qantas or failing security tests. Strelow’s Rocky Council just punted the Rocky airport manager so maybe she will turn up at Townsville airport and work for Kev! Rocky likes to send all their deadwood further North.

  8. Stillnotalocal says:

    When the Townsville Business Development Centre CEO Sharyn Brown was allegedly found the have indulged on the corporate card to the tune of $40k plus, the Council rep on the Board at the time, Maurie Bores-me-to-death, immediately stood down, distancing himself from the alleged (still ongoing mind you) drama….. will mullet do the same???

  9. The Magpie says:

    Well, well, well …

    Dear Ms Cairney,
    Is there a spotter’s fee on the way?
    The Magpie

    But they can’t help themselves down there, with Teabag McCormack whibbling on with a knee-jerk phrase …

    … that should actually read ‘The Bulletin can now, eventually, finally, after two and a half years of trying not to, reveal ….’

    Note the date below … and the fact that this was mentioned twice in The Magpie’s Nest within the last year or so.

    Warble, warble, warble …

  10. Rowdy says:

    About TEL. One of the Townsville Bulletin articles said “…before moving to SMEC international as a development/ government reform manager.”

    Didn’t TEL award SMEC the multi million dollar Hells Gate Dam study?

    I am sure there is no link.

  11. Frequent flyer says:

    On tv news tonight Jenny Hill suggested that the soon to be disused Willows footy stadium could be the site of a future retirement home.
    Has a deal already been done?
    And does it involve a Cowboys big wig who is rumoured to be retiring soon?
    Come on Mrs Celefaine, give us some long overdue transparency.

  12. John Stich non-stop dancer says:

    There are processes in place to supposedly check a persons integrity, financial status and work history prior to being employed by most Government departments, at local, state and federal level. At the very least, old mate should have declared his failed business dealings. However, the fact that his financial shenanigans didn’t get flagged during the pre-employment period when checks and balances are being undertaken would indicate that it was ‘jobs for the Labor boys’, hence his being hired, no matter what. But it’s all gone pear shaped and the cat is out of the bag. The Mullet and other Board members who approved his hiring must be held to account.

  13. Polythene Pam says:

    ‘Pie, on a serious note – Mike Reynolds is often a subject of your blog, however on Sunday his wife Janice Mayes died – a highly liked and respected member of our legal profession – vale Janice and condolences to Mike and her family and friends

    • The Magpie says:

      That is very sad, I knew Janice during my court reporting days – an instantly likeable and very capable woman, and we were friendly despite my public opinions about Mike in his professional capacity. She showed a great aptitude from the moment she came to the Bar. Sincere condolences to Mike and all who knew and loved her. Vale.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      This is indeed sad news. Janice was one of the finest members of our local legal professionals. My condolences to Mike, her family and friends.

  14. Mike Douglas says:

    Cheers Time , nothing like sticking your neck out on this blog but your comment “you dont see national or international companies lined up to Invest in the Ville ” needs balance . Lion (Kirin ) new Diary Farmers $20 mil distribution centre Shaw +Micro Brewery Anthony Street , the billionaire U.S. oil guy who bought the truck servicing Garbutt, $2.5 bil Singapore defence deal, billions in renewable solar, wind within hours of the Ville with 9,000 containers thru the Port , the Ville $20 mil upgrade ,Korean Zinc $200 mil Solar +Expansion . Naif funded Airport upgrade, Port upgrade , Haughton River $500 mil, Mater upgrade . Townsville cbd and River Quays in the past years add another $20 mil upgrade the list goes on . Townsville being a hub for exports the Chinese $100 mil abattoir for Hughenden will now doubt be exported . Outlets like Ottos 2nd outlet at the Precinct just dont pop up, how much would the interstate centre owners have spent . On a per capita population Townsville is attracting a lot of interest ,sustainable industries including the fertiliser processing plant Yabula .

    • The Magpie says:

      Eh? Do ‘Diary Farmers’ distribute tasty morsels from the private journals that they somehow farm?

    • Critical says:

      And how many of your quoted projects are 100% privately funded and how many are either 100% government funded or rely upon government grants to go ahead. The publication of $ figure for each category to be published here would be appreciated.

      • Mike Douglas says:

        Critical, some of the projects have been completed but also I didn’t include many others like Adani , Strand developments, Defence airport runway widening and lengthening , Upper Ross shopping centre upgrade and numerous more .You require it all put in summary for your validation ? . Remember Singapore defence deal is Singapore Government $, Naïf funding are loans . A quick summary would be $5-6 bil and estimate of 20-30% government funding and the rest private . Feel free to provide your summary and estimate in $ value .

        • Critical says:

          Mike I was actually trying to find out if anyone had keep a record and had calculated where the funding associated with these many projects was coming from as you can never trust the information in the media or from government and a lot of the figures quoted In these sources doesn’t include associated infrastructure upgrade costs e.g. roads, powerlines and so on.

          • The Magpie says:

            Hmmm … polite inquiry, Crits … where would anyone get the information to keep such a record for these matters if not from the dastardly media and the even more dastardly gummint?

  15. Just Say'n says:

    In an article in today’s Curious Snail, Renee Viellaris says the following about the next State election;

    “The LNP’s best chances are in Mundingburra, Keppel, Redlands, Aspley, Mansfield, Noosa, Springwood, Whitsunday and Mirani”.

    Obviously, she forgot Thuringowa and Townsville

  16. Tragic says:

    Does anyone know if Bill Shorten had a hand in coaching the Australian cricket team?

  17. Alex DeLarge says:

    Goodness me. Nothing more needs to be said.

  18. One legged tap dancer says:

    Attention Jenny Hill, Scott Stewart, Aaron Harper and Coralee O’Rourke.
    Watch this and hang your head in shame:

  19. Wily Wombat says:

    Expect to see “The Kid” Chrisafulli challenge for Party Leadership soon. Can he risk Frecklington winning office next year. In what should be a two term Government, this would put him in the Cabinet for 6 years, but not in the position he craves.
    Will the LNP stomach a woman as their Premier. I think not. Interesting times ahead.

    • The Magpie says:

      You have, shall we say, a courageous understanding of political strategy, Waddler. So you see a scenario where The Freckle, who has been consistently and effectively taking it up to the Premier and her House of Drones, and hasn’t as yet made any gaffes so the Premier hasn’t been able to lay a glove on her, and you’re suggesting the party would consider turfing her out on election eve when the govt is in all sorts of ethical and practical confusion, an endure all the inevitable electorally destructive shit storm that would create. And besides, The Kid is in it for the long game and is no dill … which he would be were he to follow your scenario. And take from The ‘Pie, boyo, the LNP would back Ronald McDonald’s wife if he was as sure thing as Frecklington is.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      4 year fixed terms from next state election Wombat

  20. Darth Sidious says:

    Pluckachook is digging her party’s grave. The Trad ‘house’s near railways’ issue plus many other Labor failures and ‘pub test faikures’ has put her party on the nose. It should be as ‘easy as pie’ for Deb’s Freckle to walk straight in with a majority win next election. Let’s hope so….

  21. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I always feel sorry for the poor people who end up in Townsville on a cruise, but they are nothing compared to these poor souls who will end up in Townsville for this conference. Imagine paying to go on one of the field trips listed, particularly the Reactivating the city centre field trip or the evening economy tour, lets hope the bus is licensed for them.


    • No More Dredging says:

      Cantankerous, after a pub crawl from the Strand to the stadium and City Lane then a photo op with a TBully cameraman at the marina or cruise ship terminal the mayor will have a perfect video clip for her election campaign. The interests of the junketeers will be irrelevant.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Edited by yourself I am sure with all the empty shops with For Lease signs deleted and homeless people rounded up and removed. How’s that picture of Jenny on your wall going, blown her a kiss this morning?

  22. TheOtherGuy says:

    Believe it or not…

  23. Grumpy says:

    Oh, dear. Jenny putting the slipper into the homeless and the charities who provide the poor bastards with a feed and clean clobber. Who is she trying to impress? Judging by the comments on the ABC Facebook page, she may well have kicked her own arse.

    • The Magpie says:

      Now here’s a first you never thought you’d see … a wealthy, career Labor leech qualifying for honorary membership of the IPA. Not only putting the boot into the homeless, but also blaming their plight on those who devote themselves to showing the these people some humanity, like clean clothes and the chance for a shower.

      What twisted motivation inhabits the mind of someone in a putative position of community leadership to try to blame selfless humanitarians who offer some comfort for the dispossessed? And even if these samaritans didn’t exist, the problem in terms of numbers would not change.

      And note the subtle racist dog whistling in Hill’s words, suggesting that living homeless in a park is chosen as a lifestyle by some.

      This is beyond disgusting, even allowing for the lack of intelligence and general humanity Jenny Hill has displayed in the past.

      • Ducks Nuts says:

        I do like the Mullets statement that she’s going to visit agencies and put them on the mat. Now the lady mayor is going to go all Wrestlemania on the charities. What a fucking idiot.

        • Critical says:

          While no one should be homeless, many people in Aitkenvale and Rosslea will applaud the Mayors comments. It is all very well for those who live in suburbs which are impacted by these homeless people and the actions of government funded agencies to go tut tut the Mayor shouldn’t be saying this but I’m certain that your attitude would changed if you were impacted. Rosslea residents living near the Yumba Meta 40 unit complex watch each day as buses pickup on drop off so called homeless to and from South Townsville and Aitkenvale and at the same time have to put up with their behaviour along Bowen Road and adjacent streets and riverside parklands. The anti social behaviour is so bad at Coles Rising Sun and adjacent businesses that customers are now shopping elsewhere and staff feel unsafe. It should be remembered that these welfare agencies are going to react to comments like the Mayors and mine but reality is that they have to because their survival relies on the government handout dollar. Living in one of these areas, I hope that the Mayors comments and actions make Palazurk and her three useless local idiots do something to return our suburbs to be great places to live again.

          • The Magpie says:

            Top critical analysis there, Critical … only you should be Mullet’s spin doctor (maybe you are) for what you don’t say. Your take on things is thinly disguised racism. The use a genuine and undeniable overall problem with out-of-town aboriginal park people to batter a sector of people (only some of whom are indigenous) is indefensible – many have been disadvantaged or fallen foul of government policies that have allowed our day-to-day social landscape to become a dangerous mine field that can turn ordinary lives upside down in the twinkling of an eye. And the simple answer from a simple mind – a trait you share with our mayor – is to place the blame for this particular social clusterfuck on the selfless workers, many are volunteers, to return a little dignity to the genuinely homeless. You and the mayor are saying stop giving them some humanity and they’ll all spruce up by themselves and return to fulfilling and non-annoying life styles.

            That would be really shallow if it wasn’t the bottom of the barrel.

          • I’ll be plucked says:

            That’s a bit Critical, Pie, but nonetheless true (your response, not Crits ‘anal ysis)!

      • Sam1 says:

        Looks like the re-election campaign has started.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Well she does have form in this regard, remember the RSPCA takeover and the now high rates of dogs being put down since the council took over. The homeless and poor of the town should be wary if the Mullet suggests building a homeless shelter at the Bohle.

  24. Genital origami says:

    Watching Mullet slip the boot into the homeless was one of the worst political moments I have seen in a long time. Officer Plod was quite the consummate gentleman, explained how the boys and girls in blue are working with organisations that assist the homeless, he even acknowledged that not all homeless people breakthe law. Plus the boys in orange helping out the less fortunate with free washing services etc. But oh no, not Mayor Mullet, the brainless alpha male lookalike stuck it to the homeless folk. What a disgrace. Isn’t Council meant to assist their community? 200+ days to go! Bye bye Mullett

  25. Mike Douglas says:

    It’s well known around the Ville that Mayor Mullet is financially inept just look at the Councils debt then there is going against the CEOs advise and using Councils cashflow to buy the cbd office building then running out of cash to pay wages . Stockland and Juniper ( radical bay ) and other developers simply can’t throw millions $ when they won’t sell or lease and get acceptable returns which they currently get in other markets . So much for T.C.C.,s push for Townsville to be Australia’s first mentally healthy city . I guess this doesn’t apply to the disadvantaged / vagrants . Let’s face it , the Mullet, the Impailer and cohorts have done more for the mental health industry in the Ville by axing staff , stuffing business and town planning . Watch Aaron’s Harpers face in the video when he suddenly realises he has been ambushed by the Mayor and many of these failures are State Government responsibilities .

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Video? Which video? I see no link.

      • The Magpie says:

        Look for all that’s been said, The ‘Pie will sum up this way … it’s easy to see what Jenny Hill tried to do on the ABC interview, and that’s let the electorate know that she was aware that there were concerns about the homeless and itinerate problem in the suburbs, particularly around Aikenvale. Which frankly is fair enough, indeed required of a civic leader, and done in the right way, should be applauded by everyone including The ‘Pie. But she just can’t help herself, the famous Hill hubris took over and she committed three fatal flaws in her campaign message (and that’s all it was, you wouldn’t be hearing any of this two or three years out from an election.) First she labelled charitable workers as ‘enablers’ in a blanket statement, and she was going to put them ‘on the mat.’. A responsible, less up-themselves leader may have said she would discuss with the organisations the possibility of not operating in certain areas, and ask that they operate only in designated locations – that would remove any perceived block to police using move on laws in places where no charitable help was available, and would also allow authorities to focus scarce resources on a narrower area.

        Secondly, the political wisdom of a public figure like Mayor Hill, a wealthy middle class bogan, making a public political campaign point (do not mistake it as anything else) by attacking selfless charitable groups is bad enough, but having the misplaced self-importance to say she would ‘have them on the mat’, like they are naughty schoolchildren, is Trumpian in its arrogance. And as empty as anything Trump has said.

        And the third matter is that she did not ‘workshop’ her message with the police and other groups who were sure to weigh in on the issue. The senior police officer said in so many words that she was wrong to say what she said. Mayor Hill could’ve easily have made a strong showing as a thoughtful and resourceful leader by reaching a well worded consensus with the other groups, rather than attacking them. But maybe she didn’t consult deliberately … that would’ve spiked Jenny’s guns, and blunted her real message … an empty ‘talkin’ tough’ vote-catching message, smearing selfless workers helping the disadvantaged, about an issue she has no authority, power or credibility to tangibly address … that’s up to her Labor pals in George Street.

        And btw, don’t fool yourself that those expensive new CCTV cameras have much to do with this … that was just a false equivalence excuse to put the boot in. And judging by the reaction here in comments, it has worked a treat. So running scared for other innumerable sins, she yet again demonstrates an accomplished, callous politician … as a person, though … well … an empathy free zone would perhaps be the kindest thing one could say.

  26. Cockie says:

    I have to agree with Mullet on this, to me it reminds me of the kerfuffle years ago about the woman providing food for the pigeons in the mall, the more you provide for them more will come. How many of these “homeless” have homes provided for them, but choose to blow their (our) dole money on grog and drugs and live in the parks etc. Federal and State government departments need to grow some intestinal fortitude, forget political correctness, and get those with homes provided by us the tax payer, back to those homes. I noticed when units were provided in Rosslea there were people dragging mattresses out to the banks of the Ross River and having all night binges most nights of the week evident to the early morning jogger, by the empty beer cans and casks, and sleeping people. Authorities need to man up and ensure this type of behaviour is curbed. Sure there may be some genuine homeless who do need assistance, and these people should be identified and helped back to a “normal” life.

    • The Magpie says:

      Absolutely 100%, Herr Cockie, but you didn’t mention the next step in your excellent plan … internal passports!!! If they haven’t got a Mullet/Alaphabet approved visa to be out and about, meeting with their friends, enjoying a comfortable, enviable lifestyle our mayor says they have chosen, then into the paddy wagon, get photoed and fingerprinted at the station before being return to the home they reject in favour of a dirty mattress and dangerous company in the parks. Law abiding folks like yourself won’t object to ensuring you have the correct documentation at all times, ready for the inspection and approval of the local council officers filling a great jobs sector created by the council.
      Cockie, The ‘Pie would nominate you for mayor on that platform alone … only trouble is, the incumbent has pinched your ideas lock stock and barrel.

      • Just Say'n says:

        I reckon there’s merit in this. Might help solve some of the problems.
        From the Curious Snail today:

        “In Bundaberg people on the welfare payments dropped 8.7 per cent, or by 502 people, to 5277 recipients in the past year, while in Hervey Bay there has been a 10 per cent fall to 3482 recipients. This compares to a five per cent drop of people on Newstart or Youth Allowance nationally.

        Senator Ruston said the region was “punching above its weight” with the significant reduction in people relying on welfare payments.
        “We believe the cashless debit card is supporting people to demonstrate personal responsibility for their finances, helping to encourage financial independence and addressing intergenerational welfare dependence,” she said.

        The card quarantines about 80 per cent of dole payments so they can’t be used for drugs, alcohol or gambling”

        • The Magpie says:

          Indeed, that is a responsible program bedevilled by the politically knocked-kneed, who have rendered it pointless because of their self-interested cowardice. Because making much of the results of this trial is a complete nonsense that ignores the fact that many that make up that reduction SIMPLY LEFT FOR A JURISDICTION WHERE THOSE RESTRICTIONS DID NOT OPERATE. Whether certain sections of our political correct society like it or not, some of the pleasures, pastimes and non-essentials of life are available only to some, and fortunately, that is the majority of Aussies. But when that majority offers – as they should in a reasonable society – a helping hand through taxes to people who have ‘fallen through the cracks’, then that majority has the right to have such checks and balances in place as you have discussed. It would be an effective response fair to everybody if it was introduced overnight and nationally … The ‘Pie cannot think of a single argument against it.

          But that would take a measure of political courage singularly lacking in modern Australia.

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            I would support the cashless card to all welfare recipients. After all it is taxpayer money, issued for a specific reason. Further, there should be some sort of a sunset clause to the benefit. I have a couple of distant young relatives on new start (I think that’s what it is.) While they are financially uncomfortable there is no sense of urgency to get a job, any job, or any useful vocational training. As things stand they will probably make welfare a lifestyle, and that should not be possible.

          • No More Dredging says:

            Dave, if you want everyone on Newstart to be so uncomfortable they actually suffer, what hope do those who are perhaps over 60, tired and worn out or simply unable to get a job no matter how hard they have tried for a few years, have? One size does not fit all – but I suppose you aren’t sure what it’s name even is.

          • Dave of Kelso says:


            Read what a wrote and do not extrapolate for your own purposes. GOT IT!

            I gave a real life example of a couple of young folk who, with seemingly endless welfare, and fuck-all interest and ambition may (and hopefully not) spend much of their lives free of employment living off the taxpayer. Sunset clause required!

            You NMD introduce a completely different issue of the older unemployed worker. Different issue completely you fuckwit. Can you not appreciate the difference? You truly are an idealistic irrelavance.

          • No More Dredging says:

            Dave, in your first you wrote about “making welfare a lifestyle”. You are running with the mob, old mate.

            The trouble is, both your young bludger/s and my old bludger are on the same ‘unemployment benefit’ – Newstart – that is the issue. It’s the same benefit with the same conditions for everyone who receives it. There’s no nuance, no personalised assessment and mostly no compassion – perhaps you’ve never dealt with Centrelink? You reckon there should be a “sunset clause” – presumably meaning that if the unemployed person, young or old or fucked up in some way, doesn’t get off their arse and get a job right now (after six months or a year or whatever) then they should be denied the dole forever? No exceptions. My old mate will then, pretty smartly, be homeless. They’ll be sleeping rough down the park with Jenny Hill stomping around telling them to go back to where they came from. You’ll be there in your nicely pressed shirt, long socks and tight little stubbies, egging her on no doubt. Nice.

          • The Magpie says:

            While The ‘Pie certainly doesn’t wish to dwell on your moist and fevered imaginings of Dave’s fashion fail, the old bird will agree with one point, Dredger … a ‘sunset clause’ is inviting a spike in homelessness and all the attendant costs of containing it, but far more importantly, it will give a big percentage of those ‘cut off’ an incentive to crime. Indeed, little choice if you think about it. And then we’ll be back in the vicious circle of the victims becoming the victims of the victims becoming etc…. and people like Jenny Hill in charge of our moral obligations.

  27. Hercule Poirot says:

    I would presume that the gormless little CEO at the airport would be rubbing his Gonads together regarding the $315. million loss Last F/Y for Virgin Australia.. Better bring up the $3. tax Again and A Lounge for Virgin I would gather that the Rebuild may be delayed.. Time to shift the chairs again…

  28. Dave of Kelso says:

    At the risk of being shouted at, and called some sort of ‘ist, or ‘phobe, I am horrified to find that, on this one occasion, I agree with Mayor Mullet’s position on the ever present vagrant problem made worse by the bloody bleeding hearts. I could quack-on a lot more, but I won’t, and so bleeding hearts, let the shouting begin.

    • The Magpie says:

      Dave, the problem here is using an attack on those you call ‘bleeding hearts’ neatly avoids addressing any real solution to the underlying problem. Removing the ‘bleeding hearts’ as you call them (damn glory and wealth seekers that they are) will not change a single iota the presence or the problem … and the solution to that lies at much higher level than local government. The ‘Pie too would’ve agreed with the mayor (for only the second time ever) if she had have put the heat on her pal Anna to meaningfully address the situation, but when a wealthy upper middle class bogan decides – for crass political campaigning reasons – to attack one of the few sectors of society that give us hope for humanity instead of the real state government enablers of the problem, then it doesn’t go much lower than that. A wealthy retirement to Malta would do no end of improvement to all Townsville’s problems.

      Have a think about it.

      PS And the one time The ‘Pie agreed with Mayor Mullet? When she said in a speech a couple of years ago ‘I’m no genius, but …’

  29. Aitkenvale shopper says:

    The Mayor’s comments were appalling and made even unpalatable considering that many of the park dwellers only moved out here when TCC and police did a big purge of the inner city in the lead up to the V8 an NAFA events.

    I can understand wanting to clean up for visitors, but to push people out into Aitkenvale (already a dumping ground for government welfare recipients) then complain they are here is just disgusting.

    • Achilles says:

      Unusual place for a document to fall into NQ Gal

    • tenacious D says:

      Are you sure this is not a secret script for Utopia? (ABC TV)

      • NQGal says:

        Sometimes I think that Utopia is one of the most factual shows on TV. Last week’s showing of props from big announcements that never became a reality was a cracker.

        • The Magpie says:

          The ‘Pie can never watch that wonderful show without recalling his days at the GBRMPA, where – as related here previously – we had a meeting to decide if we should schedule a meeting about something or other. The ‘Pie received sad heads shakes of disbelief – ‘the poor lad doesn’t understand’ – when he suggested ‘Well, we’re all here anyway, why not have the meeting now and get it over with?’ The only sad difference to the federal public service and Utopia is that in real life, these featherbedded bludgers know they are pointless holes in the air and think it’s one big joke. On us.

          • Alahazbin says:

            Pie, No doubt anyone who worked large organisations can relate to ‘Utopia’
            I used to sit at meetings with wry smile and give certain people around the table names of the characters. And they matched up pretty close.

  30. Derek and Clive says:

    Hercules Poirot, Mr Gill shouldn’t be rubbing his hands too quickly. Virgin will likely cut back some Townsville flights, or wet lease the route to Alliance. Either way, come May next year whatever airline(s) are servicing Townsville will be playing the hardest fee negotiation game in record. And if flights are cut then Mr Gill’s bucket of profits gets cut. Virgin hasn’t made a profit in almost a decade and has been managed by deadwoods. The Mullet would fit in well there.

    • Hercule Poirot says:

      Derek & Clive Thats correct Alliance have in the Progress of Operating wet lease Aircaft to Cairns from Brisbane & return on Behalf of Virgin. Qantas currently own 19% of Alliance and have applied than to purchase over 50% Decision is before some Government body. Virgin also own a percentage of Alliance also (% Unknown) Virgin are hardly in a position to invest more Alliance . Alliance a very well run Airline is stretched for more Fokker aircaft (70 &100) but have a huge amount of spare parts..

      • The Magpie says:

        Mate, mate, mate … purleeese … your information is, as always, valuable and no doubt accurate, but if it is important enough for you to go to the trouble of posting it here – for which The ‘Pie thanks you – can you not make an effort to check what you’re writing. For instance, who can make head nor tail of your opening four words … The ‘Pie can’t. And the rest seems to be written in such a rush to inform us, your words seem to be falling all over themselves in a bit of a jumble … a bit of punctuation and grammar checking would be appreciated. The ‘Pie doesn’t apply this dictum to all posts of lesser importance, but, hey c’mon.

  31. The Magpie says:

    An Englishman prides himself on thoughtful analysis, forthright clear expression of his conclusions and excellent grammar.

    Hugh Grant is an Englishman. As is Boris Johnson.

    From twitter:
    Hugh Grant


    You will not fuck with my children’s future. You will not destroy the freedoms my grandfather fought two world wars to defend. Fuck off you over-promoted rubber bath toy. Britain is revolted by you and you little gang of masturbatory prefects.

    • Boris’ wayward quiff says:

      Another self opinionated actor who seems to think he is an expert in world politics.

      One would suggest that his grandfather fought two world wars to keep Europe out of Britain.

      If he bothered to step outside of his ivory tower, and talked to people of his fathers and grandfathers age he might just understand why the referendum ended up the way it did.

      • The Magpie says:

        You pose a question in there, to wit, who is an expert on world politics?
        Multiple choice answer: a) Everyone, or b) no one.

        • Boris' wayward quiff says:

          One would suggest that a man who has held the position of Political Columnist, Mayor of London (twice), Foreign Secretary, and now Prime Minister of the UK would have more “skin in the game” than someone who has only acted as PM in romantic comedy some 16 years ago.

          Oh yes, they are both actors, however one is more successful that the other….

          • The Magpie says:

            Well, of course, The Magpie would have to side with the journalist … unless Boris ever worked for the Townnsville Astonisher. All the other positions he beat Ronald McDonald for. But Mr Grant is entitled to make his comment like anyone else … the fact that he’s got a squillion twitter followers and the majority opinion on his side is besides the point.

      • Guy says:

        Actually funny enough recently I discovered how one of my grandfather’s brothers died on the western front. KIA he was at somekind of position when a shell came in a went off near him, the shrapnel didn’t kill him but the shock wave , some soldiers moving up to his position had seen the explosion. When they got to him his body was untouched. The other brother I think was MIA. In my grandparents house WW1 was never spoken about.

        The problem with Hugh is that he’s obviously not ever done it tough, the waves of cheap labour, deconstruction of the education system ( 1970s labour party and finally the nail in the coffin Thatcher – Thatcher was in my estimation the most destructive of all prime ministers), the deskilling, de -industrialisation of Britain which led to the unemployment crisis and stagnation – hugh hasn’t had to deal with it.

        I’d say most native working class Englishmen will be glad to be out of europe.

  32. Cantankerous but happy says:

    “ The Jenny Hill Effect” . 503 bankrupt in Townsville in 12 months, meanwhile project after project abandoned due to council incompetence and Mayoral interference, no wonder she is trying to throw out a few diversions to occupy the headlines.

    • Election on the way says:

      Are there headlines being printed??? All what you say is true but average joe ratepayer wouldn’t know because there’s no media (apart from here) who ask or even bother to question this woman. There’s no diversion if there’s nothing to divert. How come this hasn’t been talked about for the last 7 yrs, yes I included her leadership in last council too. Maybe she dosnt want Elton John to see drunks on his way to the airport because his concert was cancelled due to stadium not being ready????

      • Mick says:

        What happened to the diversionary centre at “The Bohle” .

        “The Reverend Charles Harris Diversionary Centre is located on Abbatoir Road. It is a 50-bed facility to provide a place of safety and monitoring for Indigenous people affected by alcohol as an alternative to being held in the Townsville police watch house.”
        State Government funding previously, perhaps more in future especially in early February 2020. Just before the event in March????

  33. Genitalia Hill says:

    What will ‘she whoeth hath bad hairstyle’, The Mullet, do if Virgin cut back flights? Will she engage in dialogue with the new CEO, exercise her Mayoral charm and plead with them not to cut or reschedule the Townsville route? Or will she put on some deodorant, brush the mullet and launch into a tirade against the airline with such veracity that it would make a Townsville Houseo blush? Will have to wait and see.. chuckle chuckle.

    • The Magpie says:

      She will no doubt pout the new CEO on the mat. But hey, would that ‘ferocity’ and what the hell is a Townsville Houseo?

      • Genitalia Hill says:

        Sorry pie. A ‘Houseo’ is generally an unemployed bum, usually a family of Houseo’s, who have mullets or rats tails (incl the little kids), dress like grubs and trash their housing commission home. You can tell their home by all of the crap in the front lawn included a busted old Commodore with dents and spray painted patches all over it. Mother is usually around 30 stone, doesn’t wear shoes but wears only one floral dress or a pair of mooseknuckle pants, with some teeth missing. She dreams about having heels that arent cracked and no longer having to use a garden hose to wash her arse because she can’t reach around with the toilet paper. Dad is a heavily tattooed skinny dude with black jeans, a rats tail and an old Metallica shirt. He has most teeth missing. He dreams of owning a HSV, but will only ever get one if he steals it.
        Description complete!

      • J.B says:

        Pie, I think it was a documentary about parts of Townsville aired on SBS for a couple of seasons hosted by Paul Fenech.

    • Mundingbird says:

      Cracka comment,I love your name,Genitalia,pissed myself laughing,my kind of warped humour…..!!!

  34. Dread Pirate Roberts says:

    Cankers, I’m struggling to reconcile this comment.

    Peter Lindsay said something to the effect that Jenny Hill hadn’t put a foot wrong and she will be re-elected at the next LG election.

    Who’s telling the true story here?

    Cankers, is Lindsay wrong or are you way off the mark?

    • The Magpie says:

      Prince Peter is just being mischievous because he’s pissed off with the LNP who don’t agree that he is the fount of wisdom he imagines himself to be. Anyway, not sure how he would know anything about the dainty treads of our first lady … he’s hardly ever in town nowadays, tripping the globe on the taxpayer dollar.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Stinky Pete is still having his little hissy fit because he thought he was an LNP equivalent of Graham Richardson and could bag elements of his own party and get away with it, well he isn’t and he didn’t, so they told him to fuck off. What really annoyed him was the fact that no one locally stood up for him and demanded he be allowed to stay, rather just a deathly silence and now he has a bitterness that just won’t go away, so any opportunity to throw some shit back at the people who abandoned and embarrassed him would not be wasted.

  35. Guy says:

    As I’ve said before

    The only way to revive Townsville is to make power and water here CHEAPER and plentiful. Cheap water and power will bring industry to town and the jobs with it.

    Recycling ALL water will keep water from being lost to the ocean. It can be sold to industry or with additional treatment be pumped back into the drinking water system ( yes – even hormones and other chemical can be destroyed).

    • Election on the way says:

      You lost your chance at council 12yrs ago guy, give up already. Go and glue yourself to the roads down in Brisbane with the extinction mob. That way we can use your fines to put to better use. The only way to revive Townsville is get rid of hill!!! Just ask the 500 odd bankrupt business since she became mayor with a majority.

      • Guy says:

        I’m sorry the other side was irresponsible with money, they kept jacking up the rates , taking massive loans and giving many people headaches. As a resident I can’t risk voting the other side, it would be nice to have a bit of choice in elections but given the options it’s problematic.

        • The Magpie says:

          What other side? No, no, The ‘Pie withdraws that, you poor mutt.

          • Election on the way says:

            I might add that the other side were so bad with money, apparently, that they had negotiated with state government at the time to manage the financial predicament the council was in when Mooney was in power to avoid being put into administration. If we keep going back in time to les Tyrell as guy does. Just very unfortunate that there are too many people like guy who are completely fucked in the head and run with the old saying, keep making the same mistake over and over again and expect a different outcome. I am labor.

          • The Magpie says:

            BNe more comforting if you were ‘Townsville’.

  36. Mangrove Jack says:

    I was also appalled by our Mayor Mullet attacking the Charitable organisations and volunteers that help out those that are not as well off as a lot of us.

    I don’t agree with people having to live in the parks or on the streets, and do believe that a lot more is needed to be done to rectify the situation, and it is obvious that the help will not be forthcoming from her.

    I do wonder if she is not getting in early to start the removal of those she considers to be “on the nose”, from the adjacent areas to the new Stadium area, so that come Feb/Mar or whenever that Media attention will be focused on the opening events, there will be no unpleasant images for the media to see.

    I did see mention somewhere how that Aboriginal Reserve on RRRd in Cranbrook has been an long term under-utilised asset that could have been used and developed to significant advantage to addressing the homeless issues in Townsville, both for indigenous and other homeless. Perhaps it is time that this parcel of land is reviewed for its future use and purpose.

  37. Genitalia Hill says:

    If the Mayor or the Premier want to hold onto their respective powers, try getting the insurance companies to drop insurance costs to Brisbane averages. We get belted with high insurance costs due to being in a ‘high risk zone’, same with Cairns. Yet TC Althea was the last ‘major’ damaging cyclone to hit the city, back in 1971!!!! We are being gouged. Brisbane receives more damage each summer from thunderstorms, yet pay lower premiums. High insurance premiums are a detraction and at times preventative block to new businesses starting up in Townsville. Let’s see a premier or mayor grow some fur on their plums and take on and force insurance cost cuts. Such a brave and skilled politician would receive many of those glorious votes at election time. One could even say, heaven forbid, that they are ‘doing their job’ and actually serving the electorate!

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