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Sunday, July 17th, 2022   |   65 comments

Slipshod Solicitor: Legal Foghorn Barry Taylor’s Emanate Legal Cops Another Kick In The Goolies In Court

The identity of the offending solicitor isn’t clear, but as the firm’s principal, Taylor has to wear the approbation anyway. What is clear was the sizzling dressing down from the bench … at one stage, even the word ‘extortionate’ was mentioned and competency questioned.

What the hell is going on down in the Bulletin bunker? Under new iditor Craig Herbert and new sports iditor Nic Darveniz, the Astonisher really is astonishing, moving into weird territory for an outfit that boasts it sets the news agenda for a community they clearly know fuck all about.

And on the international scene, some hilarious notes on the imminent departure of BoJo the Clown.

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Want A Million Dollar Aged Care Package?

Easy. Become an ex-Prime Minister.

It’s the perennial beat-up story for slow news days, but it’s again doing the round this weekend … the largesse we generous taxpayer bestow on former national leaders.

It’s the usual politics of envy story designed to get us punters in a lather of faux indignation. Each year around this time,  the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority reveals how much we’re kicking the can for our former first fellas – and one former non-fella. But it does allow the airing of popular nick names … the most travelled – by a long shot – is Kevin Rudd, to the point where Kevin 07 has become Kevin 747. But even his peripatetic gadding about doesn’t cost as much as sulky Malcolm Turnbull, who wounded pride is soothed by our gift of $370,000 in the last year … and for all the years to come. John Howard is next on the list a $350,000. All up, the taxpayer ponies up about $1.5million to keep our not so dearly-departed-leaders in silk cravats.

And today, the Astonisher couldn’t resist dubbing our present PM Airbus Albo, but admitting he was actually working for Australia in his travels. The ‘Pie has never understood why the average Aussie regards politicians flights to overseas engagements are some sort of jolly … that’s only ever been the case in one instance, and look what happened to him. Aloha.

Albo’s got his hands full whether at home or abroad, and Bentley for one reckons it sure ain’t some holiday.

Xi vs Albo

And While We’re Talking About Leaders New And Old …

Boris Johnston’s forthcoming departure from Downing Street has been met with almost universal approval … and universal hilarity. Unlike Trump, it was BoJo’s own party that ultimately gave him his marching orders, but it also gave him the opportunity to remain in office until  ‘a smooth  transition of leadership’ is achieved. That is of course, bullshit and the Tory process of two months to elect a new leader is as dangerous as it is damaging. And just who will be left standing on the party’s abattoir floor when it’s all over is in no way certain, it’s a field as big as the Melbourne Cup but with the quality and breeding of the Bong Bong Cup. As the viciously funny Marina Hyde said in the Guardian:’ Boris Johnson has said he will leave Downing Street with his head held high. But by who?’  Such jibes have been widespread, such as the satirical headline: ‘Boris Johnson Resigns to spend more time trying to find out who his children are.’

And of course, there has to be an Aussie connection.

Screen Shot 2022-07-09 at 9.31.18 am

But it left to Blackpool branch of the famed waxworks museum Madame Tussaud’s who underlined how the mighty have fallen, removing Johnson’s effigy and placing outside the local employment exchange.

Boris Tussauds Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 10.41.44 am

Has The Bulletin Gone Even More Barmy?

Looking at the pages of our purportedly local paper over the past couple of weeks, singer Joe Jackson’s famous lyric kept echoing in The Magpie brain –

‘Cause if my eyes don’t deceive me,
There’s something going wrong around here’.

Last week, we reported on the mysterious non-coverage of the blockbuster Cowboys-Broncos game, arguably one of the annual sporting highlights of Townsville. New Editor Craig Herbert and new sports editor Nic Darveniz have followed that up with the most inane coverage of the V8 SuperPests. Year after year, we have been regaled with silly headlines and outrageous lies about the events success, and what a wonderful adornment to our economic well-being is this collection of high speed advertising hoardings. The actual cost to ratepayers remains under wraps in Walker Street but the annual Bulletin blitz of bullshit has been constant … until this year. The coverage wasn’t just muted, it was mysterious. Last Monday, the morning after the final race, we got this front page:

Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 11.03.42 pm

This the morning after this national motor race had wound up in a blaze of fumes and noise, but it seems an allied music event on the SATURDAY night was the latest available news. The claimed coverage inside the paper didn’t so much enlighten as confuse. On page 5 we got … more Hilltop Hoods.

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 10.02.13 am

The only mention of the racing itself was one single line advising us that Shane van Gisbergen had won the opening race …. ON SATURDAY. That was it … so over to the back page, and a headline appeared to have no connection to anything.

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 10.05.22 am

The ‘Madi’ who obligingly supplied the anchor for a very weak pun turned out to someone race fans had probably never heard of, a female driver having a whiney whinge about some minor tangle in one of the lesser races.

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 10.04.44 am

And that bit on the right hand side …

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 10.04.24 am

… was all sum total of the coverage of the actual event. Oh, unless you scanned the link that was provided on the page for a full report on the racing … but if you did, you’d have to be a subscriber to the Bulletin to see anything.

Then on Tuesday, this …

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 9.26.51 am

The rip-roaring success judgement came from the Supercars event manager, which is like asking Jenny Hill who is Townsville’s greatest ever mayor. And even by Tuesday, despite the nano-second instant-info tech age we live in, no crowd figures were available. Which is perhaps understandable, because the television aerial shots clearly showed an extremely sparse crowd on both days, making it hard to lie about.

But that’s not the only way the Bulletin seems to have gone off the reservation, here is a strange new emphasis on Australian Rules footy. maybe that’s because the new editor is late of Melbourne. Nothing wrong with Aussie Rules (your writer is founding member #14 of the Sydney Swans way back when) but the amount of coverage seems out of whack big time. That view  of this trend in the paper was confirmed when we got this front page on the weekend paper …

Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 1.41.52 am

…  but it gets stranger, because  this was allied to one of the silliest ‘Best of …’ lists that this paper has insulted us with … so joining Townsville’s Best Fish’n’Chip Shops and Best Hairdressers etc  is … ta da … the 50 top ‘deadliest’ women goal kickers in the local AFL. Which prompts the question : ‘Pardon, what?’

Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 10.24.41 am

As a marketing exercise to woo more permanent readers and subscribers, this is simply … oh, what words fits … let’s settle for ‘demented and desperate.’

Absolutely bonkers.

Big Bazza Gets Another Belting From The Bench

Big Bazza Taylor

Big Bazza Taylor

Barry Taylor’s Emanate Legal – and his go-to land valuer – have copped a right savage bollocking from the bench for their claims and conduct of a matter in the Land Court of Queensland. Even the word ‘extortionate’ popped up. Now, although this is a word not always unassociated from Taylor’s legendary enthusiastic self-assessment of the value of his services, that was not the case here. But the outcome of two recent hearings is something you’d hope no one would notice . Bad luck on that score.  Bazza and Emanate  endorsed their valuers quite incredible submission – different valuers may  often disagree to some extent, but this was a doozy.


Grazier offered $2,200,000 for a small parcel of land taken over by a mining. lease.

Grazier says no, engages Barry Taylor’s Emanate Legal, who wheel in their go-to valuer, who says $7million would be a more the go.

Miners says no, it goes to court, then appeal, and grazier ends up getting $550,000 – and a scrotum shrivelling legal bill, including a costs order which will be in a ‘think of a number’ category. The grazier in question  and could very well never see a cent of his compensation dough. Taylor could now be sweating bullets, because he’s been sued … and settled out of court … in a previous and somewhat similar multi-million dollar matter. Given the outcome and the judges comments, this latest client might be considering that path, too. The details of the matter, about a parcel of land out the back of Mackay, are of limited interest to our happy band of readers (except you, Bazza, know you’re a big fan, so hi, enjoy), but when judges rip into both instructing solicitors (i.e Emanate) and expert witnesses in no uncertain terms, it’s time to get out the popcorn and the beer. And in the end, it was a double whammy in consecutive appearances for Emanate and their hapless client.

So here’s a nutshell summary of the facts you need to know to follow this little drama.


Back in 1998, a grazier leased land adjacent to a mining company’s workings for an accommodation camp. That lease ends next year. In the meantime, the now owners of the mine, Hail Creek Holdings, took out a mining lease over the accommodation site land, but the parties are unable to agree on what is fair compensation for the area. The grazier’s son and now owner of the property, Ian Michelmore, was dissatisfied with an offer of $2,200,000 from the mining companies. So the matter headed to Land Court of Queensland, Primary Member Gwen Stilgoe presiding, to determine how much the mining company should pay cough up.

Mr Michelmore engaged Emanate Legal, who in turn wheeled in not one but two barristers, Thompson QC and Morzone, QC, and expert witness, valuer Chris Caleo, who The ‘Pie is told is a Taylor favourite expert witness in such matters.

They were up against some heavy hitters in the applicant, Hail Creek Coal Holding Pty Limited, Marubeni Coal Pty Ltd, Nippon Steel Australia Pty Limited, and Sumisho Coal Development Queensland Pty Ltd. Their instructing solicitor, Allens, deciding just one barrister, Clothier QC was required to see off their opponents.

So Michelmore and Emanate figured it was a choice between $2.2 mill and $7 mill. There was the expected back and forth between the parties and Member Stigoe considered the matter and subsequently delivered her findings -the mining company would pay just  $530,530, which included an extra 10% because of the compulsory nature of acquiring the land.

But Member Stilgoe has a few choice observations about Mr Caleo’s professional conduct in the matter. First there was a murky question hanging over some invoices Mr Caleo had provided to the court. When someone on the bench repeatedly uses the words ‘odd’ and ‘concerning’, you know things aren’t going to end well. Take it away, M Stilgoe. (Edited extracts of the transcript).

“I note that there are invoices which purport to bill Mr Michelmore for work (another valuer) did prior to 2014.It is odd that Mr Caleo did not invoice for work done between 2014 and 2018 until 2021. It is odd that Mr Caleo has not earlier invoiced for the work he has done. It is concerning that Mr Caleo has, apparently, invoiced for work not done by someone from his firm and, therefore, not payable to his firm. It is odd that Mr Caleo did not issue invoices in the normal course of his engagement by Mr Michelmore, particularly in light of the considerable sum he did, eventually, invoice. It is odd that Mr Caleo issued this invoice just prior to Mr Michelmore submitting a late claim for compensation for loss and expense .

I took the unusual step of warning Mr Caleo about the potential ramifications of his answers about this invoice. After that warning, Mr Caleo chose to claim privilege.45 Mr Clothier QC put to Mr Caleo that the invoice was false and was generated specifically to put to the Court as a competent of Mr Michelmore’s loss and expense claim.46 Mr Caleo chose not to answer.  (and claimed privilege).

Considering all these factors, I am concerned about Mr Caleo’s capacity to give the Court independent advice. Therefore, I have no confidence in Mr Caleo’s evidence, and I can give little or no weight to it.”

Member Stilgoe could not have made her opinion plainer if she had climbed down from the bench and swiftly delivered a dainty Manolo Blahnik to the Caleo family jewels.

But, dear reader, if you think that was that, then you don’t know Barry Taylor. So …


… and if you do know Barry Taylor, it will not surprise you to discover Emanate helped Mr Mitchelmore to decide to appeal Member Stilgoe’s ruling.

So, with the platinum hands of the solid gold clocks these chaps use to keep track of their billable hours merrily ticking away, off went messers Thompson, Morzone and Emanate’s unnamed solicitor to the Land Appeal Court. Clothier QC did not return for the miners, so his place was taken by a another barrister Holt QC.

One wonders if Bazza’s heart – such as it is – sank a little when the presiding beak turned out to be Crow J … the very same Crow J reported in this blog who delivered Bazza a major tickleup for some seemingly similar shenanigans in Rockhampton a year or two ago, which let Barry to make an expensive out of court settlement bto avoid further censure by the court. Justice Crow was joined by Member Isdale and Acting Member Preston of the Land Court. It was Preston who delivered outcome agreed between the judges. There were quite a few interesting observations along the way, including a bit of a Legal 101 for the benefit of Emanate. It was a tricky business for a layman to wade through – and The Magpie will no doubt be corrected by his betters if he errs. But let’s give it a burl, as they say at bush weddings.

First, Acting Member Preston took Emanate to task over their lax and uninformed application for a simple extension of time to appeal, a request opposed by the mining companies. It was made clear that the relatively simple processes and limitations of making an appeal for a time extension was badly botched by Emanate. On top of that, Member Preston shot down some of the feeble reasons offered for failing to file in time.


Mr Michelmore’s explanation for the delay was that his solicitor mistakenly believed the appeal period to be 42 days, as provided for in the Land Court Act rather than 20 business days, as provided for in the  Mineral resources (MR) Act. Apart from baldly stating in an affidavit that he had this mistaken belief, Mr Michelmore’s solicitor did not explain the source of his mistake, or the steps, if any, he took to check the relevant legislation or the Land Court’s website to ascertain what was the applicable time period within which the appeal The solicitor did not explain why, as an experienced legal practitioner who practises in the Land Court, he did not refer to (the relevant section)of the MR Act. Had the solicitor examined either the MR Act or the Land Court’s website, he would have ascertained that the appeal period is 20 business days. Had Mr Michelmore’s solicitor examined the statutory provision conferring the right of Mr Michelmore to appeal against the Land Court’s determination of compensation under s 281 of the MR Act, namely s 282(1) of the MR Act, he would have seen that the applicable appeal period is 20 business days. Equally, if the solicitor had examined the Land Court’s website he would have been informed expressly that the applicable appeal period for an appeal against a compensation determination is 20 business days, not 42 business days for other appeals to the Land Appeal Court.

There followed a Law 101 exposition of what should’ve been the solicitor’s task, which concluded by the judicial boot being put in unmercifully:

“In these circumstances, the solicitor’s explanation for the delay is not reasonable. Viewed objectively, a solicitor in the position of Mr Michelmore’s solicitor could be expected to apply reasonable care, skill and attention to ascertaining Mr Michelmore’s right to appeal against the Land Court’s compensation determination … and the time and manner within which such an appeal needs to be brought. This would require examining the applicable legislation conferring the right of appeal and specifying the time and manner in which the appeal is to be made, namely s 282 of the MR Act. For confirmation, a competent solicitor would also check the Land Court’s website on the appeal period. Doing either or both of these, could not have led the solicitor to form and maintain the belief he said he did hold as to the appeal period being 42 days rather than 20 business days. The explanation for the delay is therefore not objectively reasonable.

Then came a wonderfully fair ‘give with one hand, take away with the other’ judicial compromise, which basically said Mr Mitchelmore should not be disadvantaged because he had a dud solicitor.  Member Preston wrote:  The cause of the delay is the conduct of Mr Michelmore’s solicitor, not Mr Michelmore. Mr Michelmore was entitled to rely on his solicitor to ascertain and take the necessary steps in the time period for appealing the compensation determination. The solicitor’s mistake as to the time period for appeal is not one with which Mr Michelmore should be saddled.

So the long and short of it was the time extension was allowed, the appeal was considered and then swiftly kicked out of court.  There have been more lengthy and dignified bum’s rushes out of pub doors. Acting member Preston found, with the full agreement of his two fellow adjudicators, that everything Member Stilgoe had reasoned was all ticketeyboo, and ordered that Michelmore pay mining companies costs of both proceedings.

You can see the transcripts of both actions here and here.


Mr Mitchelmore will need every penny and probably then some now that he’s copped a costs order. If you want to do some guesstimates, QC’s in these matter come at between $10,000 and $15,000 a day, because folks in the minerals game have a lot of loot. So in effect, Mitchelmore is up for the cost of three QC’s time, the miners solicitors bill and, of course, Barry’s shy ask … and no, Mr Mitchelmore, do not expect Barry to give a discount for dud advice and copping a costs order … it doesn’t work like that.

At least Rabeah Krayem, whom Barry persuaded to (unsuccessfully) sue The Magpie over some unsustainable bullshit, will have the cold comfort of knowing he now isn’t the biggest rip-off in Barry’s Mug’s File.

More Bang For Their Buck

Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 5.09.51 pm

The ‘Pie notes there is a new industry player in Townsville in the form of Nitro Sabir, a WA explosives company. The mining and exploration website Industry Queensland tells us the company will be housed in a million dollar facility at the Brookfield Explosives Reserve on the Flinders Highway. The company has backed their business judgement that their services will be in considerable demand as mining exploration and operations forge ahead in the region – presumably without any feasibility studies to see if a feasibility study into the feasibility of the expansion is …well … feasible..

General Manager Christine Everett said Nitro Sabir had noted a lack of competition in the market in this region and ‘were looking to shake up the market.’ Which would be a good slogan for this company. “Because we don’t have the hierarchy that other companies have, we’re able to make quick decisions, and nothing’s too complicated for us. We always like to find solutions for the customer,”  Ms Everett told an Industry Queensland reporter.

With this mind,  Magpie suggested to a mate that perhaps  Nitro Sibir services would be ideal to ready a site he had in mind for a new and urgently necessary operation. But the mate disagreed.

‘Nah, mate, they wouldn’t be interested, all they’d find would be a useless deposit of fossilised deadwood and coprolites. Besides, they wouldn’t be allowed to operate in an urban area, and Walker street is right in the middle of the CBD.’

Ah, well, just a thought.

It’s Getting o The Pointy End Of The July 6 Hearings In Washington

There’s been more damaging evidence that might compel a hitherto reluctant department of Justice to haul Donald Trump into court on a variety of charges. One such charge could possible be … in layman’s terminology … treason. But separate state hearings in New York are looking into trump’s murky business world too. That was just one of the myriad ofn compelling subject matter in this week’s US gallery.

Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 1.21.58 pm Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 10.48.41 am Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 10.53.20 am Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 10.51.07 am Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 1.19.37 pm Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 1.20.25 pm Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 1.18.56 pm Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 1.17.50 pm Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 9.35.43 am Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 1.21.40 pm Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 1.22.16 pm Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 10.17.58 am Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 11.26.57 am Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 1.23.29 pm Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 1.24.17 pm

Finally A Reminder How Time Makes Tiny Changes To Our Ambitions …

jesses's grilll ...

For The ‘Pie’s young whippersnapper readers … i.e. anyone under 30 … who may not get the humour, this might help.


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  1. Dave of Kelso says:

    Dear ‘Pie,
    This and previous Townsville Councils work to minimise opportunities for many businesses.

    I am on the road again, as are a vast number of Grey Nomads (GNs), thousands of us. RV friendly towns do very well from the GNs who need groceries, booze, fuel, and visiting attractions.

    Council provided RV camps fill to capacity early. Yesterday Childers was full, with Gin Gin and here as pictured at Calliopie River almost there as well.

    Most GNs are self contained, not needing the facilities or expense of a caravan park. If there is no RV camp your GNs with their money will drive on by, such as Townsville.

    I believe there is economic value for Townsville, and the more local businesses to establish an RV camp at the Upper Ross Dam Park. 72 hrs limit, self contained only, no tents, cars or minivans. 72 hrs is enough time to see a bit of the town, shop, and move on. There is already toilets and a dump point there so the development has already been done.
    For most local elections I have promoted this to the local candidates to no effect.

  2. Mike Douglas says:

    Has Councils Toxic turnstile culture caught up with them with T.C.C department managers using their linkedin profile to advertise jobs . Just how many vacant positions at Council and are staff being paid referral fees like the mines to fill the roles ? . Rumours persist just over 50% of last years capital works have been completed . Councillor Fran posted the “Yes Minister ” policy on her fb page about Council planning department and what Councillors cant do to assist ratepayers in their divisions. With all the thing Councillors cant do what do they actually do?

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      Mike not only was last years capital works not been delivered, which in itself is not unusual, but the % not delivered is. This year’s capital works program, which is bigger again than last years, was approved, in full, no questions asked.

  3. Alahazbin says:

    With reference to Trump and possible treason charges. 50% of Republicans do not want him to nominate for the next Presidential election.

  4. The Beak says:

    Not a bad gig if you can get it; be a so-called top gun legal man and charge top dollar only to lose the case (numerous times). Winner winner chicken dinner says Baz, get paid mega dollars regardless of the outcome. What a muppet.

  5. The Magpie says:

    Blessed relief at last …. maybe. Still depends if the premier will keep her vword.

  6. wildcolonialboy says:

    Greetings from deepest, darkest Victoria Magpie, where we’re expecting a positively balmy temperature of -2 on Wednesday. Like you, I am more than a little nonplussed about the Bulletin’s sudden infatuation with the local AFL competition. I covered it for three years in the late 1990s for the Bulletin and while the people who ran it were wonderful, salt-of-the-earth characters with a deep love of footy, they really were pushing a large boulder uphill in terms of attracting any great interest in a rugby league-mad city. Twenty-five years later, I doubt even transplanting Leigh Matthews, Ron Barassi and Kevin Sheedy into Townsville could generate much interest.

  7. Palm Sunday says:

    Mike, you and Cr Fran seem to have an issue that is: With all the things Councillors can’t do what can they actually do? It seems that councillors (or anyone else for that matter) can’t get private briefings from Council staff about what is happening with particular development applications. This does not mean that councillors are excluded from meeting with constituents and seeing Council and other documents that are provided by them. In other words, if you can’t climb or barge over the administrative brick wall (some of which exists legislatively for very good reason), find a way to go around it. It’s not illegal, it’s just hard work. That’s a councillor’s job isn’t it? It’s what they are paid a proper salary to do.

    • The Magpie says:

      Ergo, some of that brick wall exists for NO good reason?

    • The Beak says:

      NMD/Elusive Butterflog/Palm Sunday (all the same idiot) , you are a complete cockhead. Now that you have finished popping up for air, go and get back under the Mayors desk.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      Here’s the thing, Palm Sunday, when Councillor Molachino, Councillor Soars or even Councillors Cook, requests a private briefing, council staff oblige, no worries. Staff don’t fear that by providing these Councillors with information there will be retribution from senior management. But should Councillors Fran or Blom, request a private briefing things go a little differently. Panic breaks out. Staff are briefed on what they can and can’t say, that’s assuming they can say anything at all. And there’s an overwhelming fear of backlash from senior management if they say the “wrong thing”.
      So while the what you say sounds good in principle. The application of this is very different.

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        Indeed, I was recently told by a council officer that had to present a report to a standing committee meeting, that prior to the meeting they were briefed by a senior manager and communications staff on what to say should a particular Councillor ask any “difficult questions”.

        Surely the only requirement would be to answer honestly and openly?

  8. Regular reader says:

    Totally agree that the Townsville Bulletin editor has lost the plot – if he ever had one.
    The Cowboys are a big deal not only in Townsville but everywhere the paper is sold, but the coverage is pathetic. It looks like they don’t have a sports reporter covering the team anymore. Given the Cowboys popularity, especially this year entrenched in the NRL top 4, a reporter should be going to every training session and every game but it seems they now rely on reports from other News Ltd newspapers in the south and even then they often fail to publish a report on games. You can read more about the Cowboys in the Daily Telegraph than in the local paper. The absence of a report on the Cowboys win over the Broncos in front of a full house at the stadium, as mentioned in this blog, is impossible to fathom. At the same time they continue to have stories that are more than a month old on their website. Then there’s the racing coverage. Non-existent for local racing even though the club is building up to its biggest event of the year. The Townsville Cup is just a couple of weeks away but you wouldn’t know there are races being run and won if you relied on the paper.
    The race results are also a joke. Results of races run at tracks right around the country are regularly published without the final race of the day, even though those races are decided before 5pm. Three times recently they have printed the same results for 2 different race meetings in different states. That’s some feat, getting a horse to win in Victoria and again the same day in NSW.
    The paper has become a dogs breakfast and certainly not worth the price, unless you need to line the cocky’s cage.

    • The Magpie says:

      And maybe it’s just The ‘Pie who doesn’t get out all that much nowadays -literally – but he was mightily surprised to learn that the annual show had come and gone. Could be wrong, but do not recall seeing a single word about bit in the Bulletin.

      • wildcolonialboy says:

        It does beg the question Magpie, do they even have, for example, a chief of staff who would normally be all over something like the Townsville Show and how to cover it in depth and recognise its role as a big event on the local community calendar? Once upon a time the Bulletin had an editor, deputy editor, chief of staff, chief sub, sport editor, business editor etc. I now genuinely wonder how many of those roles are actually filled there anymore.

        • The Magpie says:

          After a fashion, they have all but a chief sub … or if they do, we sure he or she would prefer not to be named, might not be good for their future prospects. But of course these titles … including editor … mean nothing any more, in an age where work experience kids can get by-lines for writing drivel that would look bad on social media, let alone a mainstream media publications, and marketing agendas decided in Sydney govern the editorial chair.

  9. Regular reader says:

    What’s happened to those crowd figures for the V8 Superpests.
    One could be excused for thinking that if the numbers were even average, Jenny Hill and her sidekick puppet Cr Greaney would be raving about what a great event it was., but they have remained strangely silent. Then there’s the question about why the Bully editor hasn’t had a reporter chase up the southern promoters for the crowd figures, which they promised would be released last week. A mate who moves in local entertainment circles claims that the promoters must have a sweetheart deal that ensures council covers shortfalls in crowd attendance. In other words if the crowd numbers are down the council pays extra to make sure the promoters maintain their profit margin. He also remarked that the V8s would be better off running 3 rock concerts instead of car races.
    To clear this up perhaps Jenny Hill or Cr Greaney can enlighten us as to just what deal the Superpests have with the council.

    • The Magpie says:

      Adding to the confusion were a few words in the Hillside Hoods story that the audience accessed the concert by using their entry tickets to the racing. Not sure if there was independent sales of concert tickets, but even if there were, why mention that aspect if not to boost the impression of greater overall attendance?

      PS Hill and Hood, bacon and eggs, fish and chips, natural partners.

      • NQ Gal says:

        There were no separate tickets for the concert so you needed to have either the weekend pass or a Saturday only ticket. I know a lot of people (me included) who bought the Saturday ticket just to see the concert. Race – what race?

  10. The Magpie says:

    No discretion, no respect.
    OK, so the question was asked, but why the social media bloviating frenzy of outrage towards Cam Smith … the man who just moments before had experienced the greatest moment of his life … succinctly tried to give the journalist some urgently needed perspective. So The Magpie joined in.

  11. The Magpie says:

    Fresh out of ideas, on the skids and starting to realise it …. so the Bulletin drops any pretence of information leadership, notes the falling number of letters to the editor, and falls back on …Facebook.

  12. Prince Rollmop says:

    Unbelievable! This ukulele playing fucktard tells his Hillsong friends NOT to trust governments? So why are we paying this inept fool a taxpayer funded existence?


  13. Prince Rollmop says:

    And another article from the ‘grub files’. More Ipswich Council dirt unveiled. These parasites live like Kings off the poor ratepayers back. Interesting how political grub and current serving Councillor Paul Tully accompanied his mate Pisasale on the extravagant rort. The same bloated Paul Tully who recently voted to keep Pisasale’s name on infrastructure around Ipswich.

    How the fuck can any community have any measure of trust in any level of government? Bring on a national ICAC.


    • The Magpie says:

      You’re warblinbg the Magpie’s song, Soused Herring. Wonder where Jenny Hill and one or two of her chums stayed while visiting (apparently) the Magnis folk in America.

      • Prince Rollmop says:

        If there were any decent investigative journalists in Townsville they might find some interesting stuff. But no doubt it’s all under lock and key and the only glimpse into her shenanigans will be in 50 years time when some kind of statute of limitations comes to pass. Townsville’s journalists are too busy blowing Gerry Harvey and don’t have the time for proper journalism. Presstitutes for Murdoch.

        • The Magpie says:

          Not so fast there … it could be that the Coaldrake report will have some major ramifications for that statute of limitations. Even at local government level … and especially if Labor keep their word and make integrity investigations at the Federal level. Can’t have the Feds and State under the microscope and not local level … which means there will also be a good look at the LGAQ.

  14. Bee sting says:

    The arrogant Tully has responded by saying he did nothing wrong and he won’t resign. $5k per night accomodation and this arrogant prick says he has done nothing wrong! 41 years this useless parasite has been sucking on the taxpayer and ratepayer teat. Resign you pathetic trough swiller.

      • Prince Rollmop says:

        So this investigation relates to just 1 Council and 1 trip abroad. How many other Councils, including TCC, have incurred outrageous costs or expenses, so that bloated, rorting Councillors can enjoy so-called work trips abroad?? FFS. No wonder Tully is such a fat pig, gorging on life’s delicacies to excess because he has the ratepayer paying for it! Why aren’t the journalists investigating the Hill/Adani relationship and examining her trip abroad, looking at every dollar spent, and the actual reason behind the trip, and what benefits were gained by Townsville?

        – A national ICAC is urgently needed.

        – The removal of Government COI escape clauses needs to be overhauled.

        – The removal of Governments abusing the FOI process needs to be overhauled.

        Every solitary cent that a Government spends should be traceable, contain accountability, be met with rigorous scrutiny. The methodical and systematic abuse, manipulation and rorting of money by politicians for personal gain or pleasure needs to end. The gravy train needs to have made its last stop.

        • The Magpie says:

          While the ‘Pie agrees wholeheartedly with all that, there would need to be a cost/benefit analysis of such oversight …. how many $150k p.a shiny bums would be needed to keep track of it all? Seems we mugs can’t win.

          • Prince Rollmop says:

            True Magpie, true. But often it is the public, the occasional investigative journalist, or an ‘insider’ who spills the dirt on a politicians rort. So in theory if the COI clauses were mostly removed and FOI blockages removed out of the way, it would make it easier for non-government individuals to do fact checks.

            For example any hypothetically; Mayor Hill is invited by Company X to accompany them on a trip to Malta, Spain New York to look at rubbish processing facilities they own. Incidentally, Company X have been awarded the contract to build Councils brand new $100m waste facility in Fryer Street North Ward. Everyone knows about this ‘work trip’, and now we want to know EXACTLY how much it is costing the taxpayer, details such as flight costs, accomodation, incidentals, vehicle hire, all of her credit card transactions, the whole box and dice. We should be able to see those exact details. Why should they be held under COI? Why should they be shelved in a basement for 50 years excluded from FOI requests?

            So technically our Bureaucraps and political shysters will always get away with some rorts because the fucked Westminster system has allowed them to game the system for the past century. But wouldn’t it be nice if under the umbrella of governance and transparency we could see all of the details?

            I know I know, it’s a pipe dream, but it’s my pipe dream so anyone who doesn’t like it can find there own fantasy (one that doesn’t involve a purple doona and Clive dresses in a mankini)

          • The Magpie says:

            Christ, you’ve alarmed the residents of Fryer Street … in fact all of North Ward … with your mention of the waste disposal site …. there’ll be a few heart attacks if they miss the word ‘hypothetical’. A nice touch of drollery.

        • Grumpy says:

          Didn’t Greaney slouch off on a ratepayers-funded holiday to China a few years ago? Pure greed.

          • The Magpie says:

            Don’t know, did she?

          • Achilles says:

            As I recall it Councillor Greaney held a fashion show with the winner receiving a trip to Chinese cities twined with TSV.

            To the best of my knowledge she did not accompany the winner. However she did accompany the Mullet and TEL mob on a sister city jolly to Korea and Japan in 2015.


          • The Magpie says:

            Yes, Mooney refined that particular sister city rort, which did absolutely SFA for either burg. A sushi trough. Come the revolution and The ‘Pie’s the boss, that’ll be among the first things to go. Happy to risk mass protest matches along Walker Street from concerned citizens.

          • Grumpy says:

            Thanks, Achilles. I couldn’t recall the specifics.

          • Palm Sunday says:

            Magpie, when the time comes that “The ‘Pie’s the boss” and Sister Cities, especially in Asia, get canned, the loudest protest will come from Cairns and the Gold Coast, not Townsville. If D. Crisafulli is minor premier and tourism minister of minor state queensland by then, you will be on his hit list. Business wants government to promote tourism. So Crisafulli will promote tourism.

          • The Magpie says:

            You’re a sadly confused person, aren’t you, dear? Been getting into the mayor’s drinkies’ cupboard?

  15. Two Dick’s says:

    There’s another dick rising through the public tit ranks! Milton (not to be confused with the monster) has been nominated by Labor as the Federal Speaker, to be ratified by Parliament next week.

    Two Dicks now, one the Qld State Treasurer and the other the Fed. Circus Speaker. Since things come in threes, is there a third lying in wait out there……???.

  16. Critical says:

    WTF is goin on. Warning sigb on William Anglis Drive has been flashing Caution for the flood way on Glendale Dr and orange warning lights at Glendale Drive flood way to warn people that the bridge is flooded have been flashing for over a month . What the fuck is TCC doing to fix this problem. No wonder people ignore flood warnings when TCC can’t get it right in the dry season.

    Says a lot for Cr Suzy Batkovic pride in the city as I’m certain that she’s driven through William Anglis Drive in the past month. Is she just there to collect her huge salary and does nothing or what.

    Seems as though TCC employees have lost all confidence in anything being repaired if they can’t take the effort to report the problem from their TCC work computer.

    • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

      There might be a flood, so we are just being proactive.

      Hang, on, there was never a flood and it certainly wasn’t our fault.

      Nothing to see here, just move along.

      • Achilles says:

        You are damned forever you heretic, what do you mean there was never a flood, its in the bible so there must have been one.

        Jenny proved it when she moved in mysterious ways whilst wearing her mystical garb and tried to hold back the waters, ….. the waters were not listening.

  17. Regular reader says:

    Can Jenny Hill please tell ratepayers how much they paid for the thousands of empty seats at the Aston Villa v Brisbane Roar game in Townsville last night.
    Paying ridiculous money to subsidise a nothing soccer game in rugby league heartland makes one wonder whether the promoters were the same mob who inflict the V8 Superpests on us every year.

    • The Magpie says:

      What was the crowd figure?

      • Hee Haw says:

        7468 no other comment necessary

        • Critical says:

          And how many of these were free tickets resulting from the last minute panic to get bums on seats to make attendance at the White Elephant Stadium look good.

          Lesson to be leant from this and other events, don’t buy a ticket to these smaller events at White Elephant Stadium until the last moment because it’s highly likely that there will be heaps of free tickets on the day of the event to get bums on seats.

      • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

        Sorry. That would be commercial-incompetence.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Why ask. “Commercial in Confidence”

    • Palm Sunday says:

      Regular, is it a fact that the Council pays promoters to bring their sports product to the Stadium? Or is that just a wild assumption?

      • Alahazbin says:

        PS, Why should council pay? It is a state owned facility. It is up to QCBS to get the events.

      • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

        Dear Weekend Wanker,

        It’s common practice for TCC to make a contribution from the Major Events budget to “attract” these wastes of oxygen to Townsville. It’s an expensive way to get the Mullet and her minions tickets and a media story – but I guess you’d see that as money well spent.

        Perhaps ask the boss when you get out from under her desk.

      • Grumpy says:

        You don’t know this?

  18. Regular reader says:

    Sunday flipper, that’s why Jenny Hill is spending $39 million of our money on entertainment this year. Whatever happened to promoters putting on events that actually made money? Why are ratepayers propping up events like the soccer and the V8 Superpests while basic things like potholes are ignored. I counted 15 in one street this week, and they’ve been there for more than 3 months. No potholes in the V8 street circuit though. Nice one Jenny.

  19. Critical says:

    At long last Queensland Police have been allowed to give the community some crime statistics.

    I wonder how the release of these statistics was allowed to happen and I bet that the three useless overpaid idiot Townsville based Queensland MP’s and Mayor Idiot are now ducking for cover and wishing that the statistics weren’t released.

    THANK YOU Queensland Police for your hard and relentless work in desperately trying to keep our community safe. We take our hats off to you.

    Now can we have the statistics on how many of these scum actually received a sentence inside either the Townsville Correctional Centre or the 5 star Cleveland Luxury Holiday Resort for Nanna Anna’s and the ALP government’s Protected Species.


    • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

      I would like to see comparative figures for the previous five years for comparison rather than a single stand-alone dump. Is this better or worse than before.

  20. Tainted Tom says:

    Another one from the files of the religious fucktard Mayor Tom Tate. Another day, another story about a rorting deceitful Councillor.


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