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Sunday, April 14th, 2019   |   124 comments

Queensland Health Is Putting Lives At Risk At The Townsville Hospital Through Cost Cutting … The Magpie Has Evidence of A Dangerous Crisis.

Red tape has clashed with medical practice as the government’s priorities create a shameful and potentially fatal situation for some patients. It was just good fortune that one man didn’t die this week. The Magpie details a disgraceful situation, one which the Bulletin and local members know about but have chosen to ignore.

TEL on the move? Are The Dudley Do Nothings leaving Wishing Well House for the decrepit delights of the CBD strip? Is TCC eyeing off the sale of a prime slice of real estate? Could be, but if not, why not, The ‘Pie asks?

And two very notable events in the journalistic world this week, which DO NOT involve the Daily Astonisher (well, we are talking about journalism, aren’t we?)

But first …

The Queensland Minister for Health, Steven Miles, who seems to have a fixated ‘she’ll be right, mate’ smile whenever facing the media, has to answer some disturbing questions about just ‘how right’ his department actually is.

Queensland Health has long been the problem child of the Queensland Government, but now it would seem cost saving is putting lives at risk. If this sounds like a sensationalist claim more suited to the pages of Townsville Bulletin, The ‘Pie offers the following first hand account of one patient whose stress at inadequate treatment almost ended in tragedy.

Richard Bingley56947196_268740137367172_5321782839899848704_n

This is Richard Bingley, a clearly stressed and worried renal dialysis patient at the Townsville Hospital, who contacted The Magpie during the week with the following comment. (Mr Bingley has given permission for his name to be used.)


April 7, 2019 at 8:36 pm

I wish the TD Bulletin would start to report the news. I’m a Renal dialysis patient at the unit. I have complained to the hospital, my local member of Mundingburra, the member of Herbert about the lack of funding, chair space, staffing and lack of equipment (1 working blood pressure machine between 15 patients for nearly three years).

Last week we patients were all advised outlying units were closing and the hospital unit will be running extra shifts to cover patients coming in April. As a result no patient will get more than 4 hours treatment at a time regardless of clinical need. One patient tops the scales at nearly 190 kg and needs to remove about 50 kg (probably 6 months of treatments)of fluids accomplished by dialysis. He was on 5 hour runs up until last month. Now he is limited to 4 hours per run. Those who were on 4.5 and 5 hour runs last week are now on 4 hour runs. My charts say I’m supposed be be doing 5 hours. But 4 it is. Along with my three monthly review which was last carried out in May 2018. I wrote to the newspaper, I was interviewed over the phone. They said they had to speak with the chairman of the board. Then nothing. Big investigative reporting that led to the likes of the Fitzgerald Enquiry will never happen anymore. I always thought that it was the media’s job to keep the bastards honest. But seeing the ads taken out by all the politicians of every persuasion, even Clive half page adds and I can see why they don’t want to bite the hands that feed them now.

Now all that last part is as it may be, but The Magpie believed that the core issue was serious enough to be taken further. So The ‘Pie asked Richard if he had any further contact with the Bulletin. He replied:


April 7, 2019 at 8:59 pm  

I wrote to the editor who in turn had a reporter call me Thursday 28 March after complaining to the editor after having a cardiac review cancelled for the fourth time in two weeks. Seems letters to anyone aren’t worth the paper they are written on. I remember as a kid my recently passed grandmother if she had an issue with anything in this town she wrote a letter to Ollie Scott Young or Jack Wilson and things got done. Now the letters seem to be filed in the nearest bin or with email the bin icon. I’m done with writing the letters. No doubt euthanasia will be legalised shortly and that will be an alternative treatment offered to me to ease up the chair shortages.

So great to see that Mr Bingley has retained a sardonic Aussie sense of humour, but alarmingly, his situation soon became no laughing matter. On Thursday, this man who had had his cardiac review cancelled four times in two weeks, contacted The ‘Pie again.

As I said, I’ve complained to the hospital, to the Member for Mundingburra, to the Member for Herbert, and to the The Townsville Bulletin about the lack of communication between specialists at the TTH and cost on treatments and cancellations of cardiac reviews. Well this morning on dialysis I chucked a heart attack. None of the BP or ecg machines in unit working. Hour and a half later on the table getting blood clots removed and stents put in. Will be in for a week and maybe open heart surgery later. Hope the hospital saved heaps with the cutbacks because will cost them lots more now. They quote Ryan’s rule. Doesn’t apply to TTH though apparently.

The ‘Pie admires Mr Bingley for his tenacity and matter of fact, if disappointed, acceptance of a situation not entirely of his own making, and which should have been foreseen by medical staff. And he has kept his wits … and his phone … about him when he followed up with this.

And now in recovery what do I look up at. A mouldy dusty cubicle! The mould is clearly noticeable, and is near air vents.

Bing 1Bing 2 Bing 3

This can’t be good! But I will say the trainee University students are doing a great job … I see the trainees more than nursing staff

The Magpie has now sent off all his correspondence with Mr Bingley to Ros Bates, the shadow Health Minister. Will keep you posted, and hang in there, Richard, banish any dark thoughts, you can’t nail the bastards if you give up the ghost. It seems it is the medical and political bureaucrats who need their arses being kicked, before someone does actually kick the bucket because of their misdirected priorities.

Does Mayor Mullet Have A Cunning Plan For TEL?

Seems the Future Cities layer of gabfest bureaucracy is actually part of the new council Development Corporation, created, as our mayor has told us, to:The city will have a dedicated public entity with the sole purpose of activating council owned land in the Townsville PDA and other strategic areas. It will open up major new opportunities for public and private investment in and potentially even partnerships.”

Exciting stuff, just like the Ipswich Council Development Corporation, which was such a roaring success … well, certainly exciting, anyway. We’ll keep an eye on all that as times goes by (BTW has anyone heard who will be the two ‘independent’ directors helping the mayor and council CEO run this corporation? The board will oversee the corporation’s new GM Brett Brogan, who hails from … go on, have a guess … the Northern Territory!! It was an appointment recommended before NT Labor blow-in Adele Young flew the Walker Street coop.)

The corporation will have $150m of Fed money to splash around between now and 2021, but, really, we all know enough is never really enough, especially if you have council of secret culture fame rumoured to be in serious financial strife. It seems the corporation may handle the $200million promised by the Feds and State for flood recovery. This seems a bit out of the terms of reference for the corporation, and will bear watching closely.

The ‘Pie recently noted in this blog that if a sign of the Future Cities Flinders Street office was accurate, that inquiries of the Future Cities staff could be handled at the TCC Inquiry Desk at Walker Street, why was the council spending money on premises in Flinders Street to do the same job with extra staff. Seems a new sign appeared shortly after that post, re-worded so as not to give that featherbedding game away … and it included a very interesting addition.

lights on still no one home

The recent flood will be the excuse for many a change … the mayor has already said some projects will have new timetables putting them back (probably to see some results just before March next year), although it is not clear why, one would’ve thought bringing them forward rather putting them back would be a natural outcome of flood relief re-building money.But as excuses go, it has occurred that maybe this is the excuse to start a move of TEL off one of Townsville’s prime bits of real estate. This would allow the council to flog it off, and alleviate a little of its financial strain, maybe pay of a bit of its $370million in debt.

The council-owned Enterprise House

The council-owned Enterprise House

TEL have taken up residence, because Wishing Well House aka Enterprise House down on the Strand has water damage of some sort, the extent of which is not known, and probably won’t be determined until Mayor Mullet decides if she needs to make some use of the damage to put it on the market ‘in the ratepayers interests’. But of course.

But rather than sling off in his usual negative manner at the plan, The ‘Pie asks why not? Having this site taken up by a boardroom of self-seekers and a management run by a wannabee fashion plate, is a shameful waste of public resources. Rented premises make a lot of sense, and hopefully for a restructured, down-sized and more accountable TEL organization.

Well, an old bird can dream, can’t he?

The Message Is Not Getting Through o The Messenger.

During the week, the Astonisher ran a story that wins the week’s Codswallop Cup hands down.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 12.20.02 am

The story was so muddled, you really didn’t know what was going on, but when this prize bowl of tripe was put up on Facebook, no less than 50 comments completely rubbished it as nonsense, and in fact, called out all the details listed by ONE SINGLE PASSENGER as compete rubbish. Even the story itself couldn’t avoid quoting the Storm team management as saying they knew nothing of any incident.

Now this puffery is nothing new, and yes, The ‘Pie knows you are probably getting tired of him coming down on the paper so much, but when 50 people take the trouble to point out it was utter bullshit, and had quite a few unkind words for the paper itself, you’d think the iditor might make a note to tighten things up a bit and have a quiet word with the reporter.

But no clarification, let alone an apology for taking money under false pretences.

But One Murdoch Regional Paper Know How Apologise in Style

This from the Northern Territory News shows a welcome concern for the truth.

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 4.40.37 pm

Another Murdoch Paper Was Sorry, But For A Very Different Reason

And the global story has a Townsville connection you won’t be hearing about in the Bulletin.

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph has finally got it’s come-uppance, and what a price … yet to be calculated but certainly in the millions.

geoffrey Rush

Actor Geoffrey Rush won his defamation case against the Telegraph for what some of what the judge characterized as “… a recklessly irresponsible piece of sensationalist journalism of the worst kind. The very worst kid … and was not credible or reliable”. Well, it is a Murdoch tabloid.


Although Rush, who won his defamation case, for being called King Leer on the front page and accused of unproven sexual misconduct, the initial award is just $850,000, but that ain’t the end of it by any measure. All parties will be back in court in a few weeks on a matter punitive damages and costs … and given Rush’s stellar standing in the arts world, that is sure to be in the millions, probably a record.

And this wasn’t some sort of parish pump story that Rupert could shrug off in his distant eyrie. Have a look at the collection of media heavy hitters that (all gleefully) ran the outcome.

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 10.28.16 pm

And the Townsville connection?

Astonisher iditor Ben English

Daily Telegraph and Former Astonisher iditor Ben English

Why, the iditor of the Telegraph, the man who, although he didn’t sanction or originate  sanctioned the now multi-million dollar front page, but now has to carry the can,  is none other than former Astonisher iditor Ben Bogan English – he had succeeded the guilty party and Tele editor at the time of the Leer gaffe, Chris Dore currently editor of The Australian. Bogan will be pushing shit uphill (plenty of shit around the Tele nowadays) to try and get some cred back for the paper. Hasn’t been a good year for Mr English, what with this coming on top of his being named in the list of 36 journalists facing jail for breaching the Cardinal Pell suppression order.

Should The Bulletin be Charged With Aiding And Abetting?

Early in the week, a commenter pointed out this For Sale ad in the Astonisher.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 12.49.51 pm

It is clearly marked as a possible scam and that it shouldn’t be published. OK, so whoops, they’ll spot that lickety split, won’t they? Actually, no they won’t … and didn’t. That ad ran all week. Could be legally interesting if things go down a certain path.

Don’t Feel Sorry For Julian Assange


The creepy smug smirk is now gone as he gets to know his new room mate Big Lenny McCoitus, but Julian Assange still has his supporters, who greatly oppose his possible extradition to the United States where he could face klife in jail (the death penalty is unlikely but technically possible).

Assange by Steve Bell3061

Which is fine, but The Magpie takes great exception to those who honk on that his arrest is ‘a threat to journalism and the media everywhere.’

Assange and his Wikileaks outfit are no champions of the sort of free speech real journalists fight for. And he and his cohorts sure ain’t journos of any worth. (Perhaps by Tele standards but nowhere else.) Assange’s claimed ethos of ‘radical transparency’ is not journalism in any way, it is just indiscriminate dumping of purloined information. And while there may be an argument for such a libertarian ideal, it must be done with discipline, awareness and responsibility. To do that, all such information must be sifted through, for veracity and above all, protect innocent parties. Assange’s failure to do this is monumentally hypocritical.

When whistleblower Chelsea Manning provided to WikiLeaks a trove of classified material, it is best remembered for what has been termed the ‘deliberate collateral murder’ video from US Apache attack helicopters opening fire on a group in Bagdad, knowing some to be non-combatants  (they were journalists). Assange made great virtue signalling mileage out of this state-sanctioned murder of civilians (it wasn’t a mistake, it was a deliberate panicked action by the American gun crews).

But what is not recalled so readily is that Assange, without and care or scrutiny, simply dumped the entire trove of leaked material on line, for anyone and everyone to see, including diplomatic exchanges. By doing this, he facilitated in the murder of several people – especially in Afghanistan – people who had been giving information to allied forces.

As respected journalist Peter Greste, former jailed victim of Egypt’s corrupt junta, argues ‘journalists must work with responsibility and respect – it has never been about opening up a hosepipe of information regardless of the consequences’

You Cannot Immunise Against Stupidity

Bentley is still on a break, so here are a couple of great ‘toons about current matters of import. Those anti-vaxx nitwits just keep doubling down, happy to put others at risk because of their misguided zealotry. But many are having none of it.

Vax 2

The New Yorker had The ‘Pie’s favourite take on the dangerously loopy arguments of the anti-vaxxers.

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 9.10.38 am

…and the not so subtle …

vax 1vax 353_222951

A Reasonable Question

There are plenty of readers who gurgle on about The ‘Pie’s ‘obsession’ with Donald Trump. They feel it is misplaced to keep hammering away him, which The ‘Pie feels says more about then than it does about this historical mutant . So by way of considered and polite discussion, read the following and then answer one simple question.


Question: remind you of anyone?

But nevertheless, matters continued apace in Trumpistan, with redactions, black holes and a new US tax form.

4_141 141_223848 lk041019dapc 9_74 1_182 89_223850 penalties23_223706 sk040819dapr

Finally, The Saying Of The Day

Bruce McIvaney

Sports commentators rarely come up with a serious and considered quotable quote, but Bruce McIvaney managed it this afternoon, with his closing comment after the wildly emotional scenes at Randwick after Winx final victorious run.

‘When you see all the emotion here, it is not be cause we won’t be seeing Winx again … it is because we have.’

Bruce recently revealed he has cancer, so when the shadow falls, the same can be said of him.


That’s it for now, but those comments are belting in at such a rate that The ‘Pie is feeling a bit like a boxing referee. Have your spar with others or just make your point, pun or political prophecy, whatever you want to say (within reason). And it is the time when a few subscriptions are coming up which are necessary to keep informed to write this stuff, so a hand with a donation if you like The Nest will be always appreciated. The how to button is below.

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  1. John says:

    (Edited) So let me Get this straight, Bing has been bagging the ALP for the past 3 or so years and constantly calls anyone in the alp bludgers useless etc etc but expects them to give him free hospital and medical, pension and is a big time LNP man – which they only wants to privatise hospitals in Australia lol. Sorry Bing but I have seen your comments in the bully and here and if I had any knowledge that your the Bing that complains endlessly and constantly calls people names I would ask you to leave and get your beloved LNP party to donate to your cause.

    Having my own terrible experience at the Townsville Hospital, I know first hand what it’s like and yes I made some complaints but I also remembered it was FREE and I paid a tiny tiny amount through a thing called taxes but we all have budgets we have to stick to. Hypocrisy knows no bounds when you slag off a sitting member of any party and then all of a suddenly want their help.
    If Cathy has seen your texts and comments I hope she deleted your email.

    • The Magpie says:

      So you’re basically saying that subsidised hospital care should only be for ALP voters?

      • John says:

        No mate im not but people need to realise that there are budgets and cost cutting can be the result of what bing is seeing. I do my best to never go to hospitals because they are never run properly and countless people go in and never come out for simple operations.

        What pisses me off is people trying to cut their tax and the end result is what we see here, TAX is not a bloody dirty word. I cannot, i repeat, cannot stand puddle duck but Newman was without a doubt the worst f()cking premier we ever had and slashed and burnt public services in hospitals and tafe to an all time low and also sold a shit load of public lands and then contracted services out at twice the bloody price!.

        Also getting tired of scumo talking about tax cuts, as we can see we need more tax to pay for shit and its as simple as that, the population are getting older and it will only get worse.

        • Chappy (JP) says:

          John, I think your comments about Bing are pretty bluddy ordinary. He is obviously a very sick man and these sorts of comments only add, not subtract to his problems. If you read his complaint he is also advocating on behalf of all those on the short of the stick in there, some of which I’m sure are labor supporters. I wonder what they think of your facetious comments. PULL YOUR BLUDDY HEAD IN.

          Also I think you should get tested for Alzheimers. You obviously don’t or perhaps chose not to remember the years long waiting lists from the Beatie and Blyth administrations that Newman had to fix. Would suggest it may not be a good idea to go public for that test – the sooner the better.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Regardless of what political party is in government, if this is how they are operating a renal unit or any other critical unit for that matter. It is a bloody disgrace.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      You smell like a die-hard ALP man, ‘John’……….(no pun intended)!

    • Old tradesman says:

      So dear Johnny let me get this straight, The first thing that you should be reminded about is the the hospital is Labor State Government controlled, led by the one and only, the inept Mr Steven Miles who likes to refer himself as Dr. a total fake news title, he wouldn’t even be able to remove a band aid.
      Your rant is typically Labor “Mediscare” inspired in trying to justify the inefficiencies and trying to perpetuate the Myth that the LNP intend to privatise hospitals.
      At the moment I have a condition that requires advices from both the TTH and my private medical specialist. I have total admiration and praise for both the staff and medical personnel at both sectors. I feel treated as royalty. My specialist who works in both tells me that he can see 15 patients in his private clinic but can only see 4 in the same time at his public sessions.
      He tells me he is thinking of giving away the public side due to the red tape imposed on the hard working staff by the paper shufflers.
      Didn’t Anna And Jackie employ an extra 22,000 of them at great cost to the Queensland taxpayers, thus we have no money left for basic maintenance, the analogy of Labor be it State or Federal and chook raffles comes to mind.

    • DEADTOOLE says:

      Well Johnny boy it has been said here in no uncertain terms that between the lines, you are a complete TOOLE!! No the spelling is correct the letter missed is ” O “. True tp your labour roots. 25 years before Newman came to Town the QLD heath system ran perfectly fine apparently then the worst premiere ever completely fucked it along with the crime rate decreasing and fixing the bike laws to name a couple of other screw ups he made. You may as well be related to a race horse with your blinkers on tight. I can’t remember Newman spending millions on changing a hospitals name because of sour grapes, yeah that’s part of the health system by the way. His greatest blunder was that he was too quick for his own good and didn’t need to do things to the extreme instead of a balanced approach. Dont hide behind the ” I hate puddle duck” crap your just trying to make put you are a swing voter in labour colours. Everything about labour stinks but people still are stupid enough to vote for them or even preference them which is why most of the time they win government and the idiots in the LNP can’t see it. I’d go back and read a report by a man called Fitzgerald to give you some more balance before your next comment please. I havnt got the space not does the magpie have the time to go over my recounts of history of 25yrs of labour in QLD before a measly 3yrs of Newman.

    • NQBing4814 says:

      Never fear John. I’m shaking death so I don’t burden the likes of you any longer. Thank you for your concern

      • John says:

        First comment i see from bing this morning on the bullys website. If you think you can tackle crime any better then stop typing and put your self up for election. that goes for all you know it all keyboard commandos around here. Good to see you are alive and kicking anyway old fella.

        Bing 4814
        10 hours ago
        And what do the three comrades who represent the Great Southeast Kingdom have to say about crime in Townsville ? Nothing as usual.

        • NQBing4814 says:

          My father was a police officer served 22 years and was injured in the line of duty which cost him his career. Thank you for asking John. Getting a bit personal now.

          • The Magpie says:

            Indeed, a bit too personal both ways, fellas. Move over to Facebook if you want to continue, not here, please.

        • NQBing4814 says:

          Oh and John just so you know. Nearly half the patients on dialysis are indigenous who are also being cut back with treatment. Stand by for that fallout. I’m just a squeaky wheel. Awaken the sleeping indigenous giant and the proverbial will hit the fan and splatter to the four winds.

  2. MickNQ says:

    I might have had more admiration for Assange if he’d been stealing information from China or Russia. But he knew they wouldn’t muck around with Extradition treaties. Now for that prat, Edward Snowden, hiding out with that Paragon of freedom, Putin.

    • The Magpie says:

      Don’t get The ‘Pie wrong on this … it was Assange’s glory-seeking lack of discrimination that should be condemned, because it cannot be argued that America committing a war crime, Chelsea Manning’s original spur to become a whistleblower, should have been covered up. It was just the lazy and deadly self-satisfaction of an indiscriminate info dump for which Assange should be held accountable.

      • No More Dredging says:

        ‘Pie, where do you stand on the matter of the American and British mainstream newspapers who actually published the stuff that Assange acquired? Do you think they have a case to answer too or is it all down to Assange? If those media outlets do have a case to answer what specifically is it and who is making the claim? Did they not sift through the information to check its ” . . . veracity and above all, protect innocent parties”? They reckon they did and that no one anywhere died as a result of publishing. But maybe they got that wrong. Maybe there are victims in Afghanistan or Iraq that haven’t been mentioned in despatches. How would we ever know?

        I agree that Assange is smug etc but if he dumped a load of secret tosh from Townsville City Council or TEL on your desk I’m sure you’d hold your nose and publish just as soon as the next Saturday night came around. Wouldn’t you?

        • The Magpie says:

          The ‘Pie will allow real journalist Peter Greste to answer your first questions … this from his excellent dissection of the issue.

          QUOTE:”When The Guardian and The New York Times got hold of the cache of files that Edward Snowden downloaded from the US National Security Agency in 2013, they spent months searching through it to pick out the documents that exposed the extent of the NSA’s surveillance operations. Then, the newspapers took months more to release those stories in a cascade that was as explosive as it was impressive.

          In 2015, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists got hold of more than 11 million documents leaked from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. But the ICIJ did not simply publish and be damned. Instead, it compiled a team of journalists from 107 news organisations across 80 countries, who then spent more than a year going through that vast trove. They carefully dug out evidence that confirmed corruption, tax evasion and the evasion of international sanctions by some of the world’s most powerful business and political elites. It was long, hard and expensive work, but it was also journalism at its finest, fulfilling its watchdog role by fearlessly holding the powerful to account and doing its best to protect the privacy of those who were doing nothing wrong.
          Julian Assange did none of that, so he cannot claim to be a journalist or hide behind arguments in support of press freedom. The distinction matters because of the way the digital revolution has confused the definitions of what journalism is and its role in a democracy. Assange went further. Instead of sorting through the hundreds of thousands of files to seek out the most important or relevant and protect the innocent, he dumped them all onto his website, free for anybody to go through, regardless of their contents or the impact they might have had. Some exposed the names of Afghans who had been giving information on the Taliban to US forces” UNQUOTE

          And regarding The ‘Pie’s attitude to a mass TCC document leak … there would be no indiscriminate ‘dump’publishing, it would depend entirely on the community interest of the information and its right to know. For instance, The ‘Pie would most certainly publish the KPMG alleged Commercial In Confidence (bullshit!) report that did some fantasmargorical manipulations into the future to conclude that giving Adani $18.5million for an airstrip was a justifiable council investment (the old bird hopes to do that one day) … but if there were, say, internal memos detailing a private staff health issue, say, or even REAL Commercial In Confidence documents, the contents of which could damage the interests of certain businesses, the answer is no, they would not be published.

          PETER GRETSE again as quoted in the blog: It has never been about opening up a hosepipe of information regardless of the consequences.

          • No More Dredging says:

            ‘Pie, I don’t dispute the Peter Greste viewpoint (or yours) on the 2013-15 revelations but Wikileaks and Assange were on the boil long before that and major newspapers were publishing material that had been leaked to them exclusively – i.e. material was not “dumped” onto the internet at that time. For example in the matter of the 2011 Guantanamo files, which revealed amazing material about US torture and abuse in its prison system (from Wikipedia):

            “The New York Times said it received the documents from an anonymous source other than WikiLeaks,[10] and it shared them with other news outlets such as NPR and The Guardian. WikiLeaks suggested on Twitter that the source might be Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a former associate.[11] WikiLeaks noted that “our first partner, The Telegraph, published the documents at 1:00 AM GMT, long before NYT or Guardian.”[12] Reuters speculated that the original source of the leak may have been Chelsea Manning, a United States soldier then known as Bradley Manning, who was detained for allegedly having leaked other material to WikiLeaks.[13][14] The Guardian reported that “the Gitmo files are the fifth (and very nearly the final) cache of data that disaffected U.S. soldier Chelsea Manning is alleged to have turned over to the WikiLeaks website more than a year ago.”[15] Before the time of Manning’s alleged leak, WikiLeaks was already being reported and rumored to have these documents.[16]”

            The newspapers were the ONLY source at the time. No one else had access and teams of journalists from these newspapers did the work. So the American and British newspapers who published this embarrassing but not lethal information were doing a public service – don’t you think?

          • The Magpie says:

            Of course they were, but you are being purposely ingenuous here, that has nothing to do with the original point you implied that newspapers were just as liable/culpable as WikiLeaks for publishing picked over parts of information supplied. They were not, which, one thought, was explained clearly enough. … the point was that the newspapers did what they were professionally trained and meant to do, with caution and regard for unfair consequences – again, as explained . Throwing a whole bunch of irrelevant cut and paste words into a comment doesn’t cover up the weakness of your argument … it is simple … newspapers and real journalists did their job with material supplied to them by WikiLeaks, then Assange decided to throw Manning’s purloined material open to all, including terrorists … resulting in the deaths of several of those assisting our troops.

            Surely that’s clear enough.

          • No More Dredging says:

            No it’s not clear enough. The newspaper reports about America’s arrogant murderous activities in Iraq and in Guantanamo caused absolute outrage in that country which persists to this day. This material was not dumped onto the internet by Julian Assange, it was published by America’s mainstream media straight into the face of the American public. They hated it. But it was their own media which published it. So if they really want a scapegoat for their outrage why should it be Assange? No one knew anything about it until the American media dumped it in the laps of the American public. That’s why I suggested that the media in that country is just as culpable as Assange. Of course, the gutless American government and politicians are so feeble and hypocritical they are not prepared to take on their own media – in fact not prepared to take on anyone who might bite them back.

          • The Magpie says:

            Sorry, Dredger, we can only conclude that you have some cognitive problem when it comes to reading simple English. And The ‘Pie just doesn’t really have the inclination to walk you slowly through what is clearly being said … the US say they want Assange particularly for revealing the identity of informants who had been pledged confidentiality in aiding the US military, but they really want him for 1: the Apache gunship war crimes he revealed, and 2: being an all round indiscriminate snitch responsible for the murder of at least two people (in Afghanistan). And you’re dead wrong if you think the marmalade-haired maniac won’t take on the media … he has done so every day since he declared he was running for office. He would relish it, particularly his arch enemy, the NY Times, but The ‘Pie is no expert on the laws governing Freedom Of The Press as constituted in the US. And one presumes, neither are you.

          • Grumpy says:

            NMD. Did you ever visit the Wikileaks website at the time all this occurred? I can recall there being direct unfiltered links to ALL the material. If that’s not dumping, then what is?

          • No More Dredging says:

            Grumpy, no I didn’t. But at which time exactly?

          • Grumpy says:

            Can’t recall the exact date, of course. It was well before the rape allegations surfaced. I recall not accessing the files because they were so large and downloads in those days were limited.

  3. Polythene Pam says:

    Spot on about Assange, ‘Pie – he’s certainly no Ellsberg

  4. Mike Douglas says:

    Have Labor Nationally and Queensland hung Cathy Otoole out to dry ? . Deputy Opposition leader Tanya Plibersek stated that Labor would revisit Adanis Federal Environmental approval conflicting with Cathy Otooles commitment . One would imagine unless State Labor approves Adani before the Federal election Palmers United Australia Party , One Nation, KAP preferences will go to Phillip Thompson .

    • The Magpie says:

      And as a by-product of this issue, there seems to be an elephant in the room (an Indian one, of course): how much will we be up for in compensation for the monies Adani has already spent if the mine does not go ahead? The issue has passed the tipping point now, and from a purely economic point of view, it should proceed because it would otherwise … particularly in light of the expense of sovereign risk considerations … be a legal and financial quagmire. Half a dozen hospitals and a score of new schools will flow down that particular plug hole now that that tipping point has been passed. The ‘Pie has been happy for the opposing sides to dook it out among themselves over the desirability of the Carmichael mine, notwithstanding that the proponents are crooks, just so long as no taxpayers money went to a private rail line or ratepayers money to an airstrip. Mayor Mullet’s rosy and non-measurable predictions of jobs for Townsville has always been seen to be vastly over-stated, but her self-interested witterings on that issue have been of no import or impact to the actual yes/no issue of Adani. And The ‘Pie always found her idea of the council making money out of drug testing FIFO workers at the airport was an ironical comic sidelight, considering the amount of dope existing around the council table.

      • Mike Douglas says:

        Spot on Pie and Tanya Plibersek has made things worse saying “she is concerned about an Indian Company opening a mine “. So it’s ok for other mines to open just not Indian ?. India is Australia’s 4 th biggest export market and Australia India Business Group are not happy .

        • The Magpie says:

          Always wondered how long it would take for racism to enter the argument. There is little doubt that Gutam Adani is a shifty corporate crook – the evidence is all laid out in the Indian press … but the fact that he is Indian is incidental. After all, we’ve got Clive, and he’s no indian … he’s a cowboy.

  5. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Qld Health is trouble because the Labor party treat it is their own employment factory to make the numbers look good, the problem is all they employ is paper shufflers, thousands of them to occupy chairs and look at computers all day. It is not just paramedics getting into arguments in public hospitals, many specialists who work in both the public and private systems are increasingly telling the public system no more as they are tired of the lack of equipment and staff to support it, which only compounds the issue. So good luck to you Bing, hang in there, now that you have gone public you will probably have some union hack pay you a visit to tell you it’s Scott Morrison’s fault the Townsville hospital is fucked, there is not enough equipment and he was suppose to stop by and clean that mould last week, that bastard.

    • upagumtreeperson says:

      I would like to know how cantankerous but happy knows so much about the public health system? Worker? Inside sources? Please quote facts not hearsay. You sound angry. I object to the use of swear words in public dialogue. No need for this. Can you express yourself clearer without expletives?

      • The Magpie says:

        My dear old tree rooter, if it’s OK with you, The Magpie will curate the language on this site. You are entitled to make your distatse known – and believe The ‘Pie when he says you’re not alone, and you wouldn’t want to know what doesn’t get through … but the blog tries to allow as much freedom of expression as is reasonable. Besides, there are very few taboos nowadays and The ‘Pie understands how confronting certain words can be, since he well remembers dad’s hefty clout around the ear when he first said ‘bloody’. He was 8.

        • upagumtreeperson says:

          I take your point Magpie but I do object to lack of word usage. Why swear when more suitable words could be used. It is public forum after all.

          • The Magpie says:

            Who is the judge of the most suitable word, taking into consideration context and intent, whether it be humorous, sarcastic or caustic? So the question is why not swear if the writer thinks it is the most apt phrasing? The ‘Pie has always believed that words should be devoid of shock value in and of themselves simply because they’ve been deemed taboo by strait-laced convention … and it’s just about reached that around now.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Straight from specialists actually, both as a patient and on the golf course. As others have noted many work in both systems and some feel a sense of community by continuing to work in the public system, particularly in regional areas, even though they could earn more by only working in the private system, but when the public system becomes so cumbersome and poorly organised why would they bother.

  6. SPQR says:

    Who does it remind me of?
    Clive Palmer.

    In respect to your severe bout of TDS;
    What do you think of the news that unemployment in the US is now at its lowest in 49 years?

    Who was President way back then?
    Oh yeah Richard M Nixon. Another fruit bat eh!

    Oh for such a fruit bat in charge here.

    • The Magpie says:

      The news about US employment is great … all built on the foundations put in place by Obama. And Nixon, who did many good things, including opening up dialogue with China, went because he was a crook held to account by a more moral national mood.

      Trump is surviving on your style of selectively blind ‘whataboutism’, for which you should be thoroughly ashamed … or concerned for your own stability.

      And your summation – you want either Hanson or Palmer as your PM.

      • Peter Sandery says:

        Would like to see some proof of how Obama managed to change the US’s unemployment rate over the last two years, ‘Pie.

        • The Magpie says:

          FFS, Pete, don’t you have Google? As said, it was because of economic factors that were shaped during his administration. And why do you and so many others bristlen at giving Obama where he deserves it?



          • Peter Sandery says:

            I have ‘Pie but unlike many I also consult far wider sources then Google, a group who, with most of the MSM failed to recognise that Trump was going to win the Presidential election and continue to flog the now disproven Russian Conspiracy.

          • The Magpie says:

            In this day and age you CANNOT consult more widely than Google … it is QED that all the information you have from whatever source with whatever bias is on Google. However, happy to be corrected, if you will reveal this secret (what else can they be) that aren’t on Google.

            And bit of a weak attempt to deflect and distract from the original point on which you were comprehensively wrong (although you cutely couched it as a question). Obama DID lay the groundwork for the current jobs figures of the United States. FFS what’s wrong with admitting that, he’s not coming back so you can come out from under the bed, diddums.

  7. Concerned says:

    Townsville Hospital problems and Tony Mooney?

  8. One legged tap dancer says:

    My quote of the year regarding the mighty Winx came from her jockey
    Hugh Bowman after her final race.
    Looking back on what has been a traumatic 12 months in his life, including illness, injury, death, and a suicide involving family and close friends, Bowman said:
    “But at the end of the day she’s just a horse. I think what’s happened in my life over the last 18 months has helped me keep things in perspective.”
    Read the full interview here and have a box of tissues handy:

    • The Magpie says:

      And how Aussie was it that the male rider tried to give his lovely lady a post-ride kiss and cuddle and she head butts him, splitting his lip. Domestic violence?

  9. J jones says:

    Went into the cbd for the first time in ages on Friday.
    My god, it’s a debacle. Truly depressing. Very few signs of life apart from City Lane.
    Closed shopfronts absolutely everywhere.

  10. upagumtreeperson says:

    Problems with the Townsville Outpatient’s Department? In 31 years using Queensland Health Service I, or any family members have yet to find fault with the system. That is not to say that it is a perfect system and I feel for people like Mr Bingley who have no other choice but to use the public system. That does not mean that dialysis patients may not meet similar problems privately. Mr Bingley complains about one vital signs machine to 15 patients is inadequate. I would disagree because the units are used at specific times when there is adequate time for use between patients. The mould is on the ceiling and out of reach of patients. I am confident that it has been noted and will be attended to in short time. Cancellations of cardiac reviews may be due to the lack of specialists at that time or due to emergency situations within the hospital. Private or public systems will have problems but based on the experience of myself and family members we find very little to find fault with the public health system. I feel for those who have to endure hard health times. Patients expect top service from their health system, however we know that Murphy’s Law operates everywhere even in the private system. As citizens of a wonderful nation we can only hope and pray that those who govern us will continue to provide the best health system they can. All associated with health systems are dedicated to provide the very best for their patients at all times often under difficult situations. May the Queensland Health System continue to provide the very best for its citizens.

    • The Magpie says:

      Thank you, Mr Palaszczuk, for those self-serving observations.

      • upagumtreeperson says:

        Hey, hey Magpie, I’m not Mr Alphabet. I am entitled to report the story as I see it. I have never had a problem with the health system under either government. Give me a break, Magpie. Hang on, talking of breaks I had better not. I have a sore knee which the system is helping me to repair.

        • The Magpie says:

          OK, and neither has The Magpie … he has been looked after magnificently over the past three years leading up to and following his throat operation for cancer … and still enjoys excellent on-going after care and treatment.

          But just because you and I haven’t had a problem with the system DOES NOT mean that there are areas of systemic failure in other areas of the system that should not be highlighted and revealed. That would be a very narrow blinkered view of any organisation, especially when lives could be at risk – shortened dialysis times are a real concern, along with vital broken equipment.

          It’s like saying because The Bulletin flawlessly prints it’s comic strips, the rest of the paper is beyond criticism. Of course, hard to tell where the comics start and finish … Page through to the sports zoo in The ‘Pie’s guess.

          • upagumtreeperson says:

            Magpie, I am not suggesting that problems do not arise. I speak from personal history. I mean it.

  11. Frequent flyer says:

    Actually it sounded more like Tony Mooney.

    • upagumtreeperson says:

      Please do not be so disingenuous. I meant what I said and I am definitely NOT Tony Mooney! Ask my wife!

  12. Gonzo says:

    Pie, A great blog post. I hope the story of Richard Bingley’s horrible encounters with Townsville Hospital gets a wide readership and something is done about him his fellow dialysis patients. Thanks for sharing this developing tragedy. The Astonisher continues to astonish without giving an apology, and I agree 100 per cent with you about Julian Assange. He masquerades as a journalist and has facilitated the deaths of a number of people. And please, don’t sack Trumpistan. Trump and Assange are birds of a feather: narcissistic birds! Keep up the good work!

    • Gonzo says:

      PS Sorry, Pie. I should have added “something is done about him AND his fellow dialysis patients.” Cheers.

  13. Chappy (JP) says:

    Bing this one is for you given the negative comments.
    Laborite:- Defn.
    A Red Kryptonite like element found mainly in Australia’s urban areas but strangely having its most debilitating effect in the regions.
    A similar but more narcissistic Green form can be found in nature, (identified largely by Black Throated Finch habitat) but its toxicity has little effect on city dwellers as long as there is no more dredging.
    Superman might have had the city press on his side (Clark Kent), but at least you have a Magpie :-) .
    Best Wishes.

  14. Frequent flyer says:

    Chaos at Townsville Airport today with just one of the 2 security scanners working.
    Long queues to get through security and flights delayed. Wonder who Mr Gill will blame this time.

  15. seagull says:

    Election promises for Townsville must be actioned

    Promises made during the election campaign must be put in place immediately by whomever takes government and ‘nothing less’,

    Townsville Enterprise has demanded.

    the pollies must be quaking in their boots at the thought of Patricia chasing them around with a stick or something demanding action … LOL

  16. Lucifer's love child says:

    Assange’s problem was he publicly linked himself to exposing the war crimes of american troops. Do you remember just recently when aussie special forces were caught cutting the hands off dead enemy combatants ??

    There are reasons you have LAWS in war – total war means barrages of nuclear, chemical , biological weapons striking miltary targets and civillian populations. You aren’t allowed to mutate the bodies of combatants nor shoot civillians – its very clear. Iraq still has depleted uranium floating around everywhere.

    When the rule of law disappeared from the battlefield ( not to mention the flimsiest casus belli) its only natural that someone like assange would expose it.

    • The Magpie says:

      Perhaps that too, a very unwise poke at that particular bear, but it is abundantly clear that he was a mostly sloppy glory seeker careless of his responsibilities with an phoney idealist agenda.

    • Grumpy says:

      All well and good, Spawn of Satan. But what happens when one side doesn’t even recognise when there are rules?

  17. Pat Coleman says:

    Based on the principle of “follow the money” I will have a cracking guess from the list of the usual suspects as to who would get the TEL land .

    Pure Projects
    Eaton Place

    I understand that it was Lancini that built the luxury units for “The Beige People” (cos thats the colour of them) behind TEL’s backyard.

    Pure projects as compo for not getting the units for the lagoon white elephant (was never about swimming) cos Cameron Milner was slinging a bit of dosh on their behalf before they got dropped or vice versa.

    With the “Eaton Place” Unit developers , what the GovStrat Laundry lobbyists want they get

    With Maidment , the Jenny Hill Gang owes them for that secret donation at the 2016 Election On 22/11/2016 and recently approved and varied their Breakwater development ( ” in the Townsville Council Minutes Item 11, the Matter of Townsville devlopers -Maidment Group’s Sanctum development came up . The entire council declared an interest because they had said they received donations from Maidment . This is at p 8 of the pdf file and p9146 . They Voted anyway at p 11pdf /p9149 , and p16 pdf/ p9154 . At p 20 pdf/ p9158 to p 23pdf / 9161 , and at p53 pdf / 9191 to p56 pdf 9194 It was recommended by Councils Planning officer that the preliminary approval be rejected on 23 grounds and it was passed because of the donation https://www.townsville.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0015/26106/OC-mins-22.11.16.pdf“)

    With Honeycombes , they are ignoring the developer donor ban so money could be donated in another state and forwarded via federal secretariats to launder it .

    • Pat Coleman says:

      Note :That date of 22/11/16 goes inside the bracket. It the date on the minutes not the date of the donation.

  18. Critical says:

    Does council actually own the land where TEL is or is it actually Crown Reserve in Trusteeship of the Council. My understanding is the ANZAC Park and the land where the bowls club stands is Crown Reserve and this land is at the end of ANZAC Park so may have been surveyed off and leased to current occupants. If it is Crown Reserve then council is limited in what the land can be used for. If it’s crown reserve then Anna Alphabet could take the block back and use it for CBD Housing Commission units (e.g cnr Walker and Blackwood Streets or Cnr Wills and Denham Streets) or some other use. Better check out the legal status of the land.

    • Hear Deah says:

      Would be a great place to put the Aitkenvale Youth Foyer, close to recreation, training and job opportunities in the Hospitality Industry, and on bus route to city Uni, and the suburban areas when required. A location like this would provide the youth in the hostel with self esteem and inclusion living close to all that is exciting in our wonderful city.

  19. Kingswood says:

    Haha, it’s Monday and they’re still printing the scam caravan advertisement….

  20. Cantankerous but happy says:

    So the tossers at Grill’d burgers aren’t going to serve meat burgers anymore, what a pack of fuckwits. I know that I am not their core demographic but a few of us stopped in occasionally at their cafe in Palmer St for lunch but now of course we won’t. You have to wonder just how big the market is in a place like Townsville for a vege burger, I would imagine very small but time will tell if their big grovel to the vegans is a sound commercial decision, looks like another empty premise on Palmer St coming up, what the hell are they thinking.

    • The Magpie says:

      Cankers, me old dear, a job awaits you at the Astonisher … or even the Telegraph. Your opening rant is just plain WRONG, and all because of one crucial word- ‘anymore’. Read the story mate, it’s for one day only. And it’s on their head if they go under … not that it will make one iota of difference to the Townsville ‘experience’.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Yep, should have read the whole story but it actually emphasises my point, the headline covered all I wanted to know about it, it’s lunch FFS , why complicate it just to appease a minority, lots of other places to go where I don’t have to think what day of the week it is.

        • The Magpie says:

          Now you’re on the money.

        • John says:

          Dont worry CBH, i see a lot of people just reading the headline with out reading the article and then form an nonfactual argument but remember, reading stuff on the astonisher is as trust worthy as using it to wipe your arse and expecting it to be clean afterwards.

        • The truth says:

          I think you’d be struggling to know what day it was if you didn’t have a calendar

  21. Frequent flyer says:

    Talk about red herrings. All the news in the Astonisher is about the refs failing to stop the game for 30 seconds when 2 Cowboys players went down injured.
    No mention of course of the hapless Cowboys losing all but one of their games so far this season. But the sports editor is happy to swallow the chook feed from coach Green, who sees the latest loss as a positive ie not as bad as previous thumpings.
    Sounds like Lancini is still calling the shots at our local fish wrapping paper.
    He is undoubtedly one of News Ltds most influential advertisers.
    Hope the new general manager, a local lass with a bit of starch, makes a stand and at least tries to stop the rot.
    Good luck with that Suzy.

  22. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Townsville is finally catching up to Cairns on something.


  23. The Magpie says:

    Eyeroll of the week.

    About bluddy time, I’ve ben frsh out of stols, tbles and ned a longesute.
    Interesting to note that at least two pairs of eyes saw this cock-up, it appeared elsewhere as well.

  24. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Hey Mal,
    Must have been a while since I sent you a photo (yeah I’ve lost the link), saw and photographed a good one today.
    Can you send me the link to send it to?
    I’ll let you decide if its worth putting on the blog.

    • The Magpie says:

      Send in comment with your personal email address – it won’t be published and The ‘Pie will give you an address to send pix to. The ‘Pie is not going to publish his private email address, smarties can work it out anyway but putting it up in the plain light of day will invite every whack job in town to start sending stuff … and the blog gets enough from whack jobs already, all usually deleted.

  25. Dave of Kelso says:

    And this is why liberal democratic democracies and Pacific Micro-nationations must be bloody cautious about the Chinese and what they pass off for ethics.


  26. Mike Douglas says:

    At last a journalist with ticker ( please note Astonisher) pushing Bill Shorten for an answer on how much electricity prices would be under Labor’s 50% renewables target and Bill came up Short . Shorten also made a gaffe saying Labor would make no changes to Super when of course there are . Shorten simply doesn’t seem to be over the details of Labor’s policies .

    • John says:

      Terrible is it not. Here is a good indicator of who the highest taxers really have been in the last 40 years, dont believe the libs as being the best economic managers hahahaha.

      • Mike Douglas says:

        So John, your logic is that Bill Shorten (possibly Australia’s next PM ) shouldn’t know the details of his policies and be honest about the impact to the community and business because other parties don’t tell the truth then attach a graph . Electricity has a major impact on business , jobs, family budgets .Living Standards in Queensland have declined for the first time in 30 yrs .

      • Grumpy says:

        OK. End of argument. A graph on Imdur, without context or validation settles it once and for all

        Whack job.

  27. Pat Coleman says:

    ABC reports High Court just upheld the Qld real time disclosure , developer ban and disclosure threshold of $1000 . It will publish reasons later . Its Spence v Qld . Upholding the previous case of Awabdy in the Court of Appeal case below

    Electoral Commission of Queensland v Awabdy [2018] QSC 33 (1 March 2018) https://www.queenslandjudgments.com.au/case/id/306566

  28. Sir Rabbittborough says:

    Was.just on Wintsv and 7 local news that QPS Commissioner Stewart, Ass. Comm. Paul Taylor , and Police Minister Ryan were here officially opening the new copshop next door to the watch house and court in Walker st.

    With the increased cop traffic that will be generated in Walker st , and the immediate proximity to the short cut, I hope Comm. Stewart warned all coppers…especially Ass. Comm. Taylor NOT to use the watch house driveway as a rat run to Wills st.

  29. seagull says:

    well .. I’ve heard the bullcrapper called a few things, but this is a new one …

    “Being a live beast there are a myriad of things that the digital platform can offer that you won’t find in a newspaper”

    Here, we are well aware of things you won’t find in THAT newspaper …

    actual news !

  30. The Magpie says:

    OK let The Magpie be the first to call it … and condemn him as a negative conspiracy theorist if you will – you won’t be the first. But the first sign is there.

    The Parisian authorities have been very quick … one would say with indecent and panicked haste …,. to declare that the Notre Dame fire was ‘definitely accidental’ … BUT THEY SAY THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT CAUSED IT!!! An oddity to say the least.

    Here’s a conspiracy theory for you … authorities DO KNOW what caused it … arson of one sort of another, and the roster of restoration workers in the building prior to the blaze will be looked at in detail. The authorities fear … which some justification… that if they announced it was arson immediately, with public grief, anger and dismay running so dangerously high in a population renowned for its volatility, there would be bloody chaos, especially by right wing groups who would automatically blame the country’s militant Muslim minority.

    And such almost certain mayhem could not be contained within the borders of France … so perhaps when the cause is made public, it will either be a Watergate-style exercise, or authorities will hope if they have to announce it was in fact arson, some of the heat will have been dialled down, unlikely as that may be.

    Good luck, world.

    • Chappy (JP) says:

      I think you’ve nailed. This it is not the first church to burn or be vandalised in France lately, all kept very quite by the world media, why?
      Why have a lot of these churches survived world wars and revolutions, and suddenly there is a flurry of incidences, what has changed?
      Everywhere there are CCTV cameras, yet no prosecutions apparently, why?
      Rhetorical questions only, but the words, PC, World and Gangoolies spring to mind, if only I could think how to put them into a sentence.


      Anyway Happy Easter ……no surely not….. there couldn’t be a connection could there?

      • The Magpie says:

        Just to be clear … The ‘Pie spoke of likely consequences but not of likely suspects … France has more than its fair share of violent whack jobs, and not all of them students of the Sorbonne. Could’ve been any number of groups, but we all know where it will go if sadly The ‘Pie is right.

  31. The Magpie says:

    The first story raised a lot of questions … this second prurient bout answers them … at least about the Courier Mail.

  32. Hee-Haw says:

    Some confusion here I need help with.

    This from A TCC Media Release yesterday 17th April 2019

    “Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said Council was committed to delivering on its commitments to the community, despite the unprecedented monsoon.

    “The pipeline project is about ensuring water security for our city well into the future,” Cr Hill said.

    “Despite the unprecedented monsoon, Stage 1 of the project is scheduled to be complete in March 2020.”

    This from a TCC Media Release 24th April 2018

    “Council has committed to building the pipeline within 26 months, which is due to be complete by December 2019.”

    Can someone please explain to me how these can both be true or explain to TCC what the meaning of “Despite” is.

    Apparantly Despite means “without being affected by; in spite of.”

    So, without being affected by the monsoon we seem to have moved the completion date by 4 months???

    • The Magpie says:

      Probably written by Anthony Simpo Templeton in the TCC media unit … he was trained by News Corpse.

      • The (Mostly) Civil Engineer says:

        Running completely to schedule (version 15, revision 2) – facts only get in the way.

        I note that they are still struggling to reach agreement with some major landowners in the southern section and am told that less than 2km of pipe (all within TCC-owned land) has actually made it into the ground after more than a year. At this rate of progress it will take almost 20 years to complete.

        • Non Aligned Worker says:

          Mostly. TCC have only awarded 2 of the 4 installation tenders. so even if the current contractors were finished, it is only half done.

        • Achilles says:

          Obviously the TCC team on the pipeline project have no idea on how to negotiate. They still haven’t got all of the land acquisition nailed down, which means the landowners have them by the balls and can set their price and TCC has nothing to bargain with.

          Maybe this is why they’re always “Commercial in Confidence” read Incompetence, coz they haven’t a clue when it comes to planning and negotiating.

          I work in SE Asia running out new telco networks nationally, and land acquisition is first cab off the rank as the whole thing is stuffed if less than 100% acquired, and these people really know how to play hard ball. Bit like a missing link in a chain.

  33. Guy says:

    Make the pipeline a compulsory purchase by the state in the way they make compulsory purchases to build roads.

  34. Alahazbin says:


    I see the council has changed the name of the ‘Perc Tucker Gallery’ to Townsville City Gallery.
    How disrespectful! Not even any community consultation. The best labor mayor this place ever had. You can tell the council is being run by incompetent baby boomers, know it all Gen Y & X’s and Millenials who have no idea. Have I missed anyone?

      • The Truth says:

        You are an idiot – learn to read or just amuse your cows with your stories.

        • The Magpie says:

          Constructive comments always appreciated here.

          • The Truth says:

            OK, my remarks may have been a little blunt and they could have been a little more constructive, but you know……………………………………………………………

            it is The Truth

    • Alahazbin says:

      It is on their Facebook page. Now called Townsville City Gallery. Announced this morning.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Looks like it is a name change for their Facebook page. Perc Tucker Gallery still is as it is.

        • The Magpie says:

          Yes, they talk about ‘galleries’ plural. Look, you need to check these things a bit more closely, and these comments were published as a cautionary tale … God knows, Mayor Mullet and her cohort have supplied enough rope themselves without alarmist poorly researched and easily refuted stuff like this which damages the credibility of the blog as an alternative source of reliable information (well, when not being satirical). Please take note also, Stockman. The’Pie is busier than an AFL executive counting heads as it is, and can’t be top of all comments all the time. Please assist.

          Anyway, if Jenny Hill was trying to eradicate the names of all the previous GOOD Labor mayors the city has enjoyed, there’d be some inconvenience ahead for residents of Mooney Street.

  35. DEADTOOL says:

    Did anyone else notice the letter from tapiolals in the paper about the Adani mine? Down the bottom are all that support the letter published in the paper. Now this letter really is aimed at the labour party as all have control over this. The comments published by the bulletin clearly find none of them have the balls to say they are, especially Harper, Stuart, orourke and the TOOL. but 2 things stand out. Our betroved mayor of disaster who’s having an each way bet by her comment. And if you look at the list of companies right in the middle is of course, THE TOWNSVILLE BULLETIN!!!! I’m guessing they are still trying to be there for you as there not says? Very clever insert of there logo to fool people into thinking they are listening.

  36. Memory Man says:

    So, the cat’s out of the bag. The Townsville battery factory needs more taxpayer funding to work. It got $3.5m to do a feasibility study from the State; it got some form of land gift from the Council; and now, the Mayor wants the federal government to chip in tens of millions for infrastructure. What this tells us is that the business case is looking pretty shaky, because if it wasn’t why would the mayor be calling for a taxpayer handout.

    Sure, it’s her general style – take public money and give it to a handful or private investors or billionaires – but surely she can’t be that gullible. Or is it just desperation?


  37. The Magpie says:

    Good news for finger weary word pedants, fed up with going back through text to change ‘ize’ to ‘ise’, all the while muttering through gritted teeth something about bloody American cultural imperialism. It turns out that ‘ise’ is the newcomer, for reasons not totally clear, and no less than Prince Charles uses ‘ize’ because it is orginal English.

    Even the word bible Oxford Dictionary says either one is OK.


  38. The Truth says:

    Andrew Johns:

    “”I wasn’t offended, personally, I couldn’t care less what Israel’s beliefs are,” Johns said.

    “If he does leave rugby union, I wouldn’t have a problem if he came back to rugby league.”

    I agree and that’s

    The Truth

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