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Sunday, February 2nd, 2020   |   192 comments

Newspapers Behaving Badly – Another Week Of Disgrace And Dishonour For The Townsville Bulletin.

In other words, just another week like any other, except the Astonisher seems to have plumbed new depths with sloppy and irresponsible reporting on at least two fronts.

But rejoice, the Daily Astonisher is getting a new editor at last. But just a sec …  hold the champagne while we ask are we in for more of the same.

Despite the week’s events, everyday life continues in the ‘ville, so we again present clear proof that all Team Hill council candidates are all breaching the new electoral laws, and have been for almost two weeks.

And is Team Hill celebrity ring-in Suzy Batkovic having second thoughts about a run for council. There’s evidence that could be the case.

And coronavirus – pffft, forget it. There’s a far more concerning epidemic that strangely, no one is talking about . But The Magpie does.

Plus our weekly gallery from America, where the Tangerine Anus is about to get a free pass to do whatever he fuckin’ likes.

But first ….

Amid the mayhem and disappointments that have been testing us here in North Queensland, the rhythm of established seasonal cycles that we love about the place continues undisturbed. No on feels strongly about this than Bentley, who reminds that is a lot of good stuff … and barra … out there.

Barra Season fin small

Is Suzy Batkovic Getting Cold Feet About A Run For Council? The Evidence Suggests She Is.

Suzy Batkovic images

Here is a fact that you might like to consider.

Since the team Hill line-up was announced on the 9th December,  Nanette Radeck has made 49 posts on her Facebook  Div 2 page, Liam Mooney has made 29 posts and Suzy Batkovic has made ZERO, NOT A ONE. Certainly not that The ‘Pie can discover.

Now by any measure that’s a funny way to campaign if you genuinely want to represent the good folk of Division 6. Or perhaps Ms Batkovic is relying on her celebrity as a much admired bastketballer and Olympian. If that’s the case, perhaps a chat with Nova Peris might set her straight on that score.But then again, perhaps she is being very cautious because she is involved through marriage with Clr Margie Ryder, who has her own unique approach to the use of her council FB page. We’ve never really worked out what the hell this is all about, but looks a bit sus as a way to use a council fb page.

Ryder FB 2Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 4.15.39 pm Ryder FB 1Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 4.15.06 pm

But Clr Ryder seems to have a pretty relaxed attitude towards the council/outside work divide all round. The ‘Pie has been  beaking around in this area. A trusted source sent this in to The ‘Pie.

When she came to Townsville, Margie Ryder was touted as quite the Entrepreneur as the

owner/manager of her own Events/Promotions Company, Mad Maggie’s.  When she

became a Councillor, she immediately became the “go-to” girl for all their

“events”.  That was until someone realized that in her position, this

shouldn’t be happening.  So she apparently made one of her office girls “the Boss” – sorta

like Les Walker is for jenny Hill – but it was still all too tricky

and she pulled the plug on that after all the events she was organizing

finished. HOWEVER, for whatever reason, it all didn’t work as she’d hoped it

would in her new position as a Councillor. She actually told a close friend of mine one day that

she’d “done my arse on all these effin’ events” and that she couldn’t keep

going on along these lines.

And someone who is joined at the hip with her says that she’s

closing down the Company (Mad Maggie’s Promotions) and that it will no

longer exist in another couple of months.

Be that as it may, The ‘Pie was more interested in the business which Clr Ryder says she still works, Rydweld . Not only works for, but part owns. Now this outfit is run by Clr Ryder’s husband and his brother, and is one of the great success stories of NQ busienss, employing 40 people and expanding rapidly. And The ‘Pie certainly has nothing untoward to say about the company per se – indeed rising from its humble Julia Creek beginnings to its burgeoning little empire now based in Townsville, it is an outfit to be lauded and admired.

But a small point. Clr Ryder, a bit of a gusher on social media, tells us this in her bio of one of her interests:

Part Owner

Company Name


Dates Employed

Jan 1994 – Present

Employment Duration

26 yrs 1 mo


Townsville, Australia

She aparently is in charge of HR and does the books. A sterling record, but The ‘Pie has noted that there is at least one TCC rubbish trailer, used for internal council work moving stuff to the dump, sports Rydweld mudflaps and certainly appears to be one of the company’s sturdy products. The reasonable conclusion would be that somewhere along the line, Rydweld Pty Ltd has won a tender from the council – unless of course the council is buying second hand assets.

One sincerely hopes that all necessary conflict of interest matters were duly declared, for Rydweld, and for Mad Maggie promotions.  No reason to think they weren’t but one is sure that Mayor Mullet, in her new-found transparency policy, will clear up any doubt for us.

But Is All This For Nought?

Our old mate Phil Batty is quietly persistent in his indignation at politicians who flout the regulations, even the new one brought about by the Belcarra electoral reforms. And he continues to scrutinise some telling omissions by Team Hill, and if he’s right – he certainly seems to be – as reported last week, the whole team is campaigning illegally.

Phil fired in this email during the week.

Just checked the register of local government groups on the ECQ website https://www.ecq.qld.gov.au/candidates-and-parties/candidates/registered-candidate-groups

No Team Jenny Hill registered. As you will see at the top of the page “From 20 January 2020, all candidates who wish to contest the 2020 local government elections must register their group with the ECQ before they can conduct group campaigning activities. “

Hard to argue the facts I think

Mr Batty is not going away.

Is The Uniquely Talented Greg Dowling The Rudest Man Alive?

Greg Dowling Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 8.59.02 am

If he is to be taken at his word (which is worth whatever the average politician’s word is fetching on the market these days), Mr Dowling tells us that he hasn’t spoken to Clive Palmer since Christmas. Yet on January 23rd, Fatty Palmer ponied up a cool record $400,000 to Mr Dowling’s campaign to become Townsville mayor.

So Mr Dowling, someone drops a lazy $400k in to your lap, and you don’t even say ‘thank you’? Not even a ‘ta, mate, buy ya a beer’?’ Or perhaps, since you are so startled by this totally unexpected generosity, you might have said ‘What the hell’s that for Clive? I’m my own man, mate, I’m no puppet. Keep it.’

Mr Dowling has had a long, deep and abiding interest in Townsville politics, going all the way back to …oh, maybe … right back to January 15th, when he suddenly announced his candidacy for the scarlet robes trimmed with possum fur to a gaggle of gawping media in the Flinders Street building recently bought by Mr Palmer.

Note that date January 15th.

Because two days before (yes, for those at the Bulletin struggling with the maths, the 13th), Mr Palmer made a donation to the as-yet unannounced Dowling of a piddling $2833.33 (probably change from the $5000 note Fatty with which he paid for lunch). Fatty then suddenly had an attack of conscience at his meanness, and the very next day – (NB Astonisher jounos – the 14th) and again before Mr Dowling has declared – another Palmer Minerology envelope  was dropped in with a cheque for $100,000. Still not a murmur of appreciation from you, Mr Dowling, you churl? You didn’t ask him what it was for, since you hadn’t revealed your plans at that stage?

But Fatty was obviously still worried about Mr Dowling running out of corflutes and Kleenex to wipe away messy baby vomit, the result of attempts to kiss now traumatised bubs.  So he topped up his no-strings-attached admiration for this failed burger flipper with a lazy $400,000.

So Mr Dowling, you are telling us with what passes for an ex-footballer’s straight face that Palmer makes the largest political donation in Queensland history, and you don’t even give Fatty a call to say thanks?

Well that makes the public’s choice very simple, mate. You are  either the world’s most ungrateful, ungracious ingrate who ever lived, or … you’re a liar.

But don’t despair, Mr Dowling, you are off to a flying start in your latest foray into politics (we won’t mention your flogging in the federal election in Herbert for Clive’s United Australia Party). You’ve already managed two massive porkies – as above, no contact with Palmer, and that he will have no influence on your mayoralty, should you win, a victory the bookies have at similar odds to a tsunami in the Sahara – AND you have outright plagiarised Sam Cox’s slogan ’Time For Change’. Clearly in your case, that would not be ‘small change’, you only deal in stuff to the order of half a mill or so.

Anyway, best of luck to you, and to Townsville, should you attain the plush of Walker Street, Mr Dowling. We will all watch with hypnotised curiosity what you will do to right the city’s financial position, bringing to the task as you will a very special talent from your past. The ‘Pie is told you had a McDonald’s franchise up north somewhere that went belly up … The ’Pie is lost in admiration, Mr Dowling, it takes a VERY special talent to fuck up a Maccas’ franchise.

So While We’re Here …

So on the numbers, what are Mr Dowling’s chances of beating both Jenny Hill and Sam Cox?

If last year’s federal results are anything to go by, about the same as Ivan Milat getting a posthumous award for gallantry.

While Phillip Thompson trounced the incumbent pretender Cathy O’Toole 58,36% to 41.64%, little attention was paid to the also rans, but it’s fair to say Mr Dowling for the UAPP was lucky to beat a couple of candidates from the fancy dress fringe of politics, ending up with just 5.8% of the vote, well behind the Greens (7.31%) KAP newcomer and now Team Hill turncoat and  council candidate Nanette Radeck (9.8%) and less than half One  Nation’s southern blow-in candidate from Bundaberg Amy Lohse (11.9%).

The Virus That Dare Not Speak Its Name

This coronavirus business is causing all sorts of business problems, but one affected company has got it sorted.

Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 4.25.00 pm

While it is axiomatic that because just a few major stories dominate the daily news cycle in this modern world, some very important issues are passed over with barely a fleeting glance. Such is the case with the current alarm over the coronavirus. Even more distressing is that because wannabee journos all have their eyes on the big glittering prizes, vital connections are not made between two minor and seemingly unrelated stories that could have just as large an impact on the world population.

But The ‘Pie’s beady eye is not to be denied, and he suddenly sat up when he read this …

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 11.23.18 am

Delving into his memory as The Magpie hacked his way through these thickets of revealing information about this alarming trend, he suddenly made a  vital connection of which everyone should be aware.  Because this story only scratches the surface, and following through, it goes to very centre of the driving force behind Extinction Rebellion.

A New Captain For Our Ship Of Fools

Always nice to annoy the Astonisher by getting in first (not difficult but still fun), especially when it’s about their own. This time, The ‘Pie managed to tell the staff who their new editor  will be a day or so ahead forcing management announce their decision.

craig warhurst Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 9.14.35 pm

It has all the earmarks of same old, same old, but Mr Warhurst looks a decent enough bloke, and one ray of hope … his background has remained regional and it may bbe that that his preferred lifestyle, so he may try to dig in here, and over time, get to see the city from a positive and constructive point of view, and not be stampeded by vested political or business interest.

But his appointment sometime this month goes to show the cynical contempt in which News Ltd HQ in Holt Street, Sydney holds the failing cash cow Bulletin. In late November, Holt Street instituted one of their regular editorial shuffles, Jenna Cairney off to infest the offices of the Hobart Mercury, the bloke from Mercury to the Courier replacing someone who has gone to Melbourne, and so on. So who’s getting the Townsville gig? “We’ll tell shortly’, was the dismissive response from Holt Street. Clearly not important enough to feature in such plans. ‘Shortly’ in the case was more than two months, during which time the paper was clearly without experienced responsible editorial control. This was clearly in evidence over the past week on several fronts, as will be shown in a moment. But News Ltd’s disdain for the Townsville market is evidenced in a familiar and deteriorating trajectory. It is seen a training ground and stepping stone for ‘young thrusters’ , allowed to make the cock-ups, bad judgements and mistakes in a captive market before moving on to greater things (Carroll, English, Heywood) or being found out as duds when elevated elsewhere (Peter Gleeson) What management is now asking is that a bloke who has ‘worked his way up’ – in regional areas, that means standing closest to the door when someone leaves -  from photographer to chief of staff to editor of a bunch of Sunshine Coast throw-overs will grasp the intricacies and background of various on-going issues in Townsville, give his ear to the power elite and the monied of the local market, and act accordingly. Or maybe not.

Only time will tell if he’s going to be a local hero or just another climbing News Ltd blow-in boofhead.

The Astonisher’s Woeful Week

It all started early in the week when the Bulletin, ever desperate to stem the steady outflow of readers,  made one of their most thoughtless calls ever – unwittingly seeking to boost their readership of paedophiles. It all started with this facebook post from the click bait manager at the Astonisher.

Bulletin kidsScreen Shot 2020-01-28 at 1.02.58 pm

First name, year and SCHOOL!! The Magpie was just one of many who were appalled at the stupidity, which was matched only by some very, very dumb parents, who irresponsibly provided the requested information. Just putting up photos of kids on such public platforms carries obvious risks, but providing this sort of information in one go advises all manner of grubs where to stalk and lure kids by calling their name. It’s happened, believe it.

The Magpie immediately posted this warning.




Bulletin kidsScreen Shot 2020-01-28 at 1.02.58 pm

 It’s a wonder they require a map of the school’s whereabouts as well.

This is much, much more than a laughable WTF. Has these dangerous clowns desperate search for readers switched off every warning sign that is triggered instantly in every trained journalist?

First name, year level and SCHOOL? For god’s sake! This is not just an error of judgement, it is criminal irresponsibility. Senior police and officers who deal with the grubby underbelly of paedophile filth deplored this call by the paper.



But despite outrage spreading across social media, and the Bulletin being told in no uncertain terms what people thought of it, IT IS STILL THERE DAY, SIX DAYS LATER (as of last night). And to top it off, after a flurry of vigorous protest in their comm ents, the Bulletin took down the comments. So much for ‘We’re For You’.

Water On The Brain

But the clear lack of editorial judgement was highlighted again the next day, when the paper ran this pic.

Kid on weirScreen Shot 2020-01-29 at 9.33.11 am

Sad to say the culprit this time is The Magpie’s congenial former colleague Evan Morgan. Evan is a fine photographer, but it seems sometimes he lets his desire for that ‘great shot’ overcome his judgement. But even if Evan didn’t encourage his subject onto the weir wall, it is illegal under council by-laws anyway and is clearly prohibited on multiple signs. So the Bulletin is happy to encourage behaviour which is both dangerous AND illegal.

Aplins weir sign0

This is the paper regularly wagging its finger at us about the dangers of kids playing in floodwaters, but apparently it’s OK if its a cute shot. The Astonisher showed no judgement in featuring the boy on the weir, but what do they do the next day?  They ran this.

Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 8.32.12 pm

They’re juvenile idiots down there.

Then Came “The Accident”.

Early on Thursday morning, while the mayor was driving to work, there was a collision with a motorcyclists who subsequently died in hospital.

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 9.52.16 am

Now full points here for the paper’s quick and timely posting of the bare early facts and photographs supplied by witnesses. The first couple of early updates were spot on, too. But then the wheels started to fall off, loosened by the paper’s over-enthusiasm and unfamiliarity with a truly major story. Without actually crossing any boundaries, the reports started to insinuate blame, garnered from various statements they had gathered. This sort of speculation is one of the biggest no no in journalism … or use to be. It carries fearsome legal penalties if the wrong thing is said.

But then the following day, the Bulletin crossed the line – twice. First in a completely gratuitous editorial, written by who only knows, there was a truly strange statement which angered The ‘Pie into this observation in comments.

The Magpie  January 31, 2020 at 9:15 am  (Edit)

Honestly, what the fuck is up with the Townsville Bulletin? Seems their new iditor hasn’t arrived from the Sunshine Coast yet, so who knows who writes the iditorials. Whoever wrote today’s trite effort sounds like a junior journo.

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 9.08.24 am

But that piece of patronising twaddle included this jarring line:
“Whatever the circumstances surrounding the crash, clearly Cr Hill would have been left shocked by the incident. She does not need to be treated with contempt in this situation.”
Just who is treating Mayor Hill with contempt? Not Sam Cox, who out of respect for the situation has voluntarily called a pause in campaigning. Not the Magpie blog, a known vocal opponent of the mayor politically but who has openly sympathised with the gut wrenching feelings she as a person must be experiencing. And not even those few commenters to the blog (unpublished) who ignored The ‘Pie’s directive that the subject was off limits while its under investigation. Not one of those unpublished comments made any ‘contemptuous’ remarks about the mayor. If in fact you are referring to comments you received at the paper, why would you publish them? And if you didn’t, why make such a statement?

So it can only be the Townsville Bulletin, in its official editorial voice, again misjudging what they think is the public mood, and demeaning the dwindling readership of this disgraceful and community-damaging paper.

Should The Paper be Re-Named The Townsville Daily Dog Whistle?

But worse was to come, when the Bulletin revealed that the day after the accident, the dead man was due to appear in court on drug charges. They gave chapter and verse of his history and released his name. While this is wholly irrelevant to the accident investigation, it was a classic bit of dog whistling to every front bar barrister and pompous dinner party Hooray Henry, who would quickly snort as they drew totally unsupported conclusions about fault. The court appearance should not have been mentioned until the police forensic crash officers had completed their investigations. It was callous unprofessional reporting of the pants wetting kind, with no restraint or thought for the dead man’s family. It was a lousy attempt at trial by media through insinuation and wink-wink, although the circumstances surrounding the accident are far from clear on the facts known so far. Indeed, when the conclusions are announced by the police, the Townsville Bulletin and its headless chook editorial kiddies are going to look very stupid if finds do not agree with their insidious assessment. But why should they worry about their credibility, that horse has long left the stable door squeaking in the wind, and has probably died of old age by now.

Innovative Business Initiative …

A Townsville gym appears to have started classes for those who wish to know the correct procedure and appropriate pose to adopt once you have read the Townsville Bulletin.  The classes are clothed, of course, but the instruction is aimed at a more casual situation in the privacy of your own home.

Gym shit Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 10.34.44 am

What? Where? Oh, There

Photo of the week.

stadium sign IMG_8025

To The Point …

A picture they say is worth a thousand words, so in the interests of sparing you folks a thousand pompous word of bluster and indignation from The Magpie, he will borrow a ‘toon from Harry Bruce in the Bulletin, which sums the old bird’s feelings exactly regarding a shameful rort.

Harry Bruce on scomoScreen Shot 2020-01-30 at 11.44.04 am

Brexit – The Reality


And In America, The Godfather Would Be Envious …

In a few days, the Tangerine Arsesole will be handed a licence to continue to have the world live on the brink …. it is hard to believe.

4_176 7_113 5_146 gv012520dapr Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon - tt_c_c200126.tif 8_95 2_199 15_42 5_148 8_96 Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon - tt_c_c200129.tif 1_220 4 Exposing the coverup 14_43 8_98 15_44


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  1. Bing4814 says:

    I think Trumps opponents have made a grave error. Instead of spending the last five years finding an outstanding candidate to go against him they spend most of the time whining about the outcome, alienating the voters they wanted to attract and with the impeachment perhaps made a sort of mater of him. Probably be elected another 4 years now with a bigger majority ? Same in Australian politics. The opposition be it local state or federal needs to groom someone who is viable as the alternative leader of council, state or federal governments. That said. Get rid of the state tier of government and things may start to happen a lot sooner.

  2. Bing4814 says:

    Currently in beautiful Cairns for a week. Townsville has a long long way to go.

  3. Mike Douglas says:

    Who ever becomes Mayor can they remove the shackles of the Councillors and see the return of engaging , communicating and actually responding to residents in their divisions . Mayor Mullets micromanagement and self interest of the dinosaurs at LGAQ has resulted in most areas (other than the stadium ) of Townsville unkept , unwelcoming and some like the ghetto . Accountability and outcomes from the Council Committees and reduction in spin doctor and rainbow chasing . How many people make up T.C.C. pr and marketing ?. Also in response to questions about Clive Palmers $500k donation shouldn’t comments that “ we are up against it , we are the underdogs “ by the deputy mayor confirm Philip Battys claims about Team Hill re-election mantra being illegal ?.

    • Philip Batty says:

      It is an offence against Section 183 of the Local Government Electoral Act 2011 on multiple counts. And plenty of other contraventions too equally illegal.
      “Political Party” anyone?

    • Philip Batty says:

      I just realised I misread your post or the points raised, there is NO question of fact ZERO uncertainty here about illegality of the Team Jenny Hill campaign and that of EVERYONE of the candidates in the team.
      The only question here is what action if any will the ECQ take to uphold the act and to make sure that all other candidates have not been disadvantaged by these breaches and/or the public have been illegally misled by the illegal acts of Team Jenny Hill.
      We will see how wide the Magpies readership goes when we see the term “political party” disappear from the Team Jenny Hill Facebook page in the next few days. Also we know the bulletin will not ask any such questions now as it appeared here first putting it off limits, another telling fact if nothing is said.

      • NQ Gal says:

        The page is authorised by Jenny Hill. Are there penalties for authorising something that is illegal?

        • The Magpie says:

          Of course.

          • Kenny Kennett says:

            And the Mullet and big Suzy have been doorknocking together in Annandale. The Mullet must see Roberts as a big threat.

        • City dweller says:

          So if the mayor is door knocking with Suzie surely people must see that this is what would be the outcome for the next 4yrs if they vote for her. “If you ask me a question the mayor will be happy to hold my hand as she answers”.I looked at the boundaries of that division – I wonder if they will both go door knocking in Condon? Jenny was the pink doona on???

  4. Frequent flyer says:

    The Townsville Bulletin has changed its motto. “Yesterday’s news tomorrow” has been replaced with “Last week’s news next week”.
    Last Sunday, 26 January, the Bully’s big sister newspaper The Sunday Mail revealed that the new Lancini stadium was in line to host a rugby test between the Wallabies and Fiji. I’m no rah-rah man but that is a BIG deal, considering the only sporting event listed for the new stadium this year (apart from Cowboys games) is the NQ Games opening ceremony.
    Our local paper finally caught up with the news, running a bag page story on the possible sporting coup yesterday – six days later!!!!
    Today the Sunday Mail scooped the Bully again with an inside tour of the new stadium. Keep an eye out for the Bully’s catch-up next Saturday.

  5. Gull says:

    Nothing worse for a local newspaper than being beaten on its own patch

  6. The Magpie says:

    About bloody time. Should leave parliament altogether.

  7. upagumtreeperson says:

    Magpie, I have a private campaign against the misuse of words and phrases used in the media and politics. I cringe when I hear ‘escalate/ed’ and the phrase ‘back-to-back’ instead of consecutively. It is never a result but an ‘outcome.’ I am disappointed with the spoken and written words used by journalists. I listened today to a young bloke giving news on Sky news who inflected not only at the end of each sentence but also at the end of each phrase. The correct speech pattern is to not inflect only on a question or statement and to give most important words equal stress. I do not know what student journos are taught at Uni but the standard is not like it was in the past.

    The rule is that an inflection is used at the end of an exclamatory statement or while asking a question. Magpie what can be done to stop the poor standard of journalism. Should I take my medication and hope it goes away?

  8. Dave of Kelso says:

    Dear Pie,

    Recommend you gain and maintain the initiative. Write to Mr Warhurst, introduce yourself, forward to him your examples of the piss-poor journalism displayed in the Astonisher, and ask him if these examples are, by his standards, satisfactory or not. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. What do you reccon?

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      You could send to him a link to The Townsville Magpie blog heheheharrr….

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie’s inside info is that he’ll be looking at the blog soon enough … if it’s one thing the paper hates is the examiner being examined. They still haven’t shaken off the arrogance they are no longer the only game in town, and they monitor the blog and comments religiously – inasmuch as frequently exclaiming ‘Jesus Bloody Christ’.

    • Bentley says:

      Hmm…if we take on the grammar, spelling, etc., of the journos, we may have to lift our own game somewhat. Waddayareccon?

  9. Corey Davis says:

    Hi Malcolm – thanks for the kind words in previous editions of the Magpie. I have been a follower for a while, but this is the first time I’ve commented.

    I feel passionately about this city and have become frustrated with the lack of transparency afforded to our residents in recent years. As a born and bred Townsvillian, who has lived here my entire life, it’s my belief that local government is best served through a cross-section of independent candidates and should not be the domain of partisan politics. What I would like to do, however, is drive better solutions for Division 9 and Townsville as a whole. And yes, this extends well beyond the boundaries of just the CBD. I, like many others, have become jaded with the spin – and the lack of accountability – from our recent councillors and believe they need to return their focus on what actually matters to local residents. Let’s start with an effective maintenance schedule, improving our many rundown amenities and beautifying our city and suburbs including our parks. We want our children to feel happy and safe and part of that is providing parks, equipment and amenities to assist with their community inclusion. While crime may primarily be a State Government responsibility, I believe TCC needs to find a more meaningful way to engage with the State Government to push for better outcomes for Townsville. This is something I feel strongly about, and if elected, I will make this a priority. Most importantly, I’ve decided to run because I want to provide a strong, independent voice, which has sadly been missing from our chamber.
    Regards, Corey Davis.

  10. Critical says:

    Recently in Cairns and made a comment to hotel reception about the Cruise Liner at the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal and she told me that the 2020 schedule had 56 cruise liners docking in 2020 and a further 17 larger cruise liners birthing off Yorkeys Knob. She showed me the schedules which are distributed by Ports North to all hotels and tourism businesses. She also said that a number of naval ships also dock throughout the year for resupply and shoreleave for seaman.

    Being curious, I went onto the Ports North website to find out that there are 80 cruise liners scheduled to dock in 2021.

    https://www.portsnorth.com.au/marine-tourism/cruise-ship-schedules/ She also mentioned that the Cruise Liner Terminal gets busy with functions and other events.

    Had a look at that website and again she was correct.


    What the hell is going on with the Townsville Cruise Liner Terminal that was opened with much fanfare TEL and TCC trumpeted how it was going to bring multiple cruise liners to Townsville. It appears that the Townsville Cruise Liner Terminal is a total waste of taxpayers money and lies idle.

    Yes Bing you’re now living in the right city as Townsville continues to decline into economic shambles thanks to Mullet, TEL and their associates.

    Only hope is that the local government elections give us a business and community orientated council and that council gets a new CEO who has the guts to stand up to any opposition to change by council staff.

    • Fishframe says:

      Many issues with cruise ships at Townsville Port. Location, facilities, berthing size restrictions, channel depth, smell from cattle, air quality, CBD which looks like a ghost town, and probably a few thousand I can’t think of right now. The volunteers really do try their best and our limited tourism operators also do the best with that they can offer, but overall Townsville is just not a celebrated tourist destination for either domestic or international travellers.

      • The Magpie says:

        Always handy to remember history. The ill-fated cruise ship terminal was a Bligh Government sop to the city when the SDA in front of the now Ville was the target of white shoe scumbag Craig Gore. He wanted to build a totally inappropriate canal development there with his super dodgy English mates (a lord was in there somewhere) but thieves fell out, but Anna Blight suddenly realised she would be up against the Commonwealth in the form of GBRMPA, and decided not to push the issue.

        BTW super grub Gore finally goes on trial on multiple fraud charges in April after all the legal dicking around for the past two and a half years.

    • Pedant says:

      …a further 17 larger cruise liners birthing off Yorkeys Knob.

      Now that truly would be an attractor for tourists and econuts.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      I am told most of the cruise ships visiting Townsville is for the primary purpose of refuelling, Townsville has the heavy oils facility these ships need, Cairns does not, so its more a case of have to call in to Townsville rather than want to for the ships that visit, and most that visit Townsville have been or going to Cairns anyway. But it does highlight Cairns ability to grab an opportunity, they are struggling to hold and maintain some of their international airline routes but are finding other ways to get the people in, a cruise ship with 1500-2000 people on board is equal to 6 flights or thereabouts, and the fact that you can board or end your journey in Cairns on some of them is an added bonus, meanwhile in Townsville sweet FA except for the smiling little Pattie telling us all how good things are going to be.

      • The Magpie says:

        Logical, The ‘Pie thinks you ‘are told’ incorrectly, Cankers. Logically, surely these cruise liners could plan their coastal schedules to avoid an unwanted and -let’s be honest – reputationally unattractive servo stop over. Because logically, we’d see a queue of dozens of liners – all those many that don’t come here – lining up for the pumps at Townsville Port. The bunker facility is and always primarily a prudent defence facility.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Yes most would but that’s why only a few drop in out of the many that would cruise past, capacity or schedule means most don’t have to.

          • The Magpie says:

            The less that ‘drop in’ and allow passengers to disembark (they’d have to if there was a cattle ship in at the same time), the less people to sail off to spread shit and derision on our sadly mismanaged city.

        • Stevie Dore says:

          Magpie, you are correct in stating this is not factual. Only a handful of cruise ships have ever taken on fuel/oil in Townsville, and even then its carted in via semi trailer, they don’t use bunkering services from the pipeline.
          Townsville has the added disadvantage of requiring tug boats to assist their vessel into port, at an added cost of about $10,000 a pop. Even with channel widening, this will remain.

  11. NQ Gal says:

    Martin Brewster has just put his moustache forward for a council position. What is it with Fatty Palmer reusing failed nay soundly thumped past candidates?

  12. Frequent flyer says:

    Talking about misuse of the English language, the worst I’d heard was “my bad” instead of “my mistake”, but the latest leaves that for dead. Reading news online at the weekend and saw a story headlined “Jetstar drops new fares”.
    I naturally assumed the budget airline was discontinuing existing fares but no, Jetstar was actually announcing new fares. FFS how can you use a word that means the opposite of what is happening?

    • The Magpie says:

      This is a new abomination papers have unthinkingly adopted from show biz, where the term originated, as in ‘JayZ (or Barry And The Custards or whatever) drops new album this week’ – clumsy bastards. No one seems to see the drawbacks of sentenes like this real one ‘Netflix dropped new Kelly Gang movie yesterday.’ So drops means ‘issues’ or ‘reveals’ or ‘unveils’. The annoying part of it all is it is so unnecessary, even in our new woke wonderland of peace love and vegetables.

      BTW have drearied his way through ‘The True History Of The Kelly Gang’ – it is anything but, they should be had up for false advertising – The ‘Pie advises this is a movie so woke it is a coma … it is the most self-indulgent, poorly acted (except for Russel Crowe, who has a minor part) load of trendy tosh of history rewritten to suit the trending young greybeards of the hipster cult. Someone gave the director a drone for Christmas, so we do get the occasional arresting and imaginative aerial – end of praise. Like cliches, this load of old cobblers should be avoided like the plague.

  13. Mangrove Jack says:

    With all of the work going on in Illich Park in Aitkenvale, I thought it was going to be along the lines of the project that was put forward approx 2010, that it would include housing and improved sporting and community facilities including parkland. As that was a Townsville First project, looks like it got canned and replaced/repackaged to be this;

    Currently though, there is one very big hole in the park that is fairly full of water.

    • NQ Gal says:

      There are however, plans afoot to have a restaurant, bar and gaming lounge at the site – all for the community’s benefit of course. Just what we need – another pokies palace to suck money out of the economy.

  14. Maree says:

    I absolutely loved this read.
    First time I’ve indulged as I never knew you existed.
    I look forward to reading more.
    Well done.

  15. Dave of Kelso says:

    Shit-hot and good riddance! This little obstructionist little barstad smug in the fact that he would never be responsible for drafting a federal budget.


  16. Achilles says:

    How they get the job done in China. Propose/ Design/Build all in 10 days.


    Of course they’ve had plenty of practice building entire islands on coral reefs throughout the South China Sea. Strange that there were no protests from the usual suspects i.e. Sea Shepherd (The Steve Irwin) and/or the Greens!

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      And and given Chinese quality control, what will the building be like in 1, 3, 5 years time, let alone the operational systems on opening day. On day one will it be a true hospital or a bloody great holding facility?

      • The Magpie says:

        Ring Pete Newey, he’ll have a thought or two on this.

      • Achilles says:

        My point was two fold, firstly just having a decision making process in place for emergencies (we still haven’t evacuated Aussies from Wuhan), and second getting on with the job expeditiously.

        You may have a point, but I live and work on major construction projects throughout China and SE Asia generally.

        I would have agreed with your cynicism/skepticism in the recent past, but as with many shoddy practices throughout this region, a proper understanding to deliver robust quality fit for purpose edifices has/is emerging.

        The only place that I have recently encountered deliberate “cost cutting” diabolical practices is consistently in India.

        • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

          From the bits I’ve read, this is a temporary structure with a planned life of three years after which it will probably be abandoned like the one built elsewhere for SARS. There’s no point in having a major hospital somewhere it is not needed.

          Just goes to show what can happen when government isn’t afraid of its own shadow and sets strong priorities.

          • The Magpie says:

            Which is very easy to do when you’re a communist dictatorship, comrade.

          • RobNW says:

            Last June my grandkids primary school in Brisbane had a wing with 8 classrooms burn down on a Friday night. (Was eventually concluded it was started by a faulty charger).

            By Tuesday the kids were back at school in new rooms. The debris was cleared away, rooms built, water and power on, outside areas grassed over. It was a combined Education Department/private business effort. It can be done even in Queensland.

  17. Phillip Batty says:

    Is this campaigning with ratepayers money?

    • The Magpie says:

      It certainly is, an d made worse by the mention of the ‘next couple of months’, because in a couple of weeks, these three turkeys will be part of a council in caretaker mode, which means it cannot pass any meaningful motions (sorry about the wording there) or initiate any agendas prompted by their ‘gidday chats’.

      Arguably under the new electoral legislation, this is corruption by misuse of ratepayer funds … minor admittedly, but they don’t get to choose, they have to be aware of and obey ALL the laws.

      • Philip Batty says:

        What the “next couple of months” line says to me is, we will be here until the election then you can all get f$&*#$d for the next 4 years

        • Philip Batty says:

          Note the Facebook page where that was posted, the Team Jenny Hill campaign page, you know the Political Party page

      • Achilles says:

        Looks like they all share the same dentist, their nashers are identical (eye dentical)

    • Critical says:

      The QLD Electoral Commission won’t find out about this unless someone makes a complaint or brings their attention to it information. Any takers?

    • Phillip Batty says:

      Bugger me, there all at it now – note the date also falls in the caretaker period.

      • The Magpie says:

        While this is still very wrong in so many ways – other candidates cannot raid the ratepayers coffers for this sort of campaigning – The ‘Pie understands that the last council meeting before caretaker mode kicks in is February 25.

        • Philip Batty says:

          Far be it from me to disagree with the wise bird but the caretaker period is set down to begin on Saturday 22nd February 3 days before the next council meeting, and the very day Margie is proposing to meet, although her Facebook post is certainly confusing at it says Toomulla this Saturday 10-12 yet the poster says Toolakea on the 22nd between 9 and 11. Can’t even get that right what hope is there.

          • The Magpie says:

            Drat, you’d think The ‘Pie would know better than to cross swords with Batty The Barbarian (politically that is).

          • City dweller says:

            Phill have you made a formal complaint yet?? If not im willing to put one in. Are two complaints better or do i need not bother? Thanks fir your efforts at bringing this to our attention.

  18. Al says:

    Messagebank had a deep and meaningful yap on ABC radio this afternoon. Nothing notable, except, it appears, he can answer some questions

    • The Magpie says:

      Sadly, if its not Paula The Mauler Tapiloas doing the asking – and it hasn’t been for time now – The ‘Pie doesn’t bother much with local ABC anymore.

  19. BARN-aby says:

    I’ll be the Federal Nationals leader tomorrow- welcome back me!!!

    • Snout in a trough says:

      What a mess. Brigitte gone, leaving the Cardboard Cutout McCormack or Beetroot Head Joyce as the likely contenders for the DPM role. Then we have Di Genetallia resigning, Mad Bob Katter stepping back and the dysfunctional Townsville Council shenanigans as well. Meanwhile, the Pink Doona wearer has taken leave while Fatboy Palmer keeps stuffing wads of cash into Flatnose Dowlings pockets!! Seems like the theme of American politics has taken root in Australia. A freak show on steroids.

    • BARN-aby says:

      How good is that?!! I lost. Phuck me.

  20. The Magpie says:

    Dear Dave of Kelso,
    Thank you for the photo of your kitchen ‘on a good day’ you say. However, no, it does not qualify for Tatty Townsville, it’s not even in the race. On a scale of relativity, it is a pristine temple of gastronomy next to the health inspector’s nightmare that is The Magpie’s kitchenette.

    (NB Dear Landlady, just joking.)

  21. Mike Douglas says:

    It’s clear there are major issues on transparency in Councils in Queensland when yet another Councillor , Hinchinbrook takes a half page in the Herbert River Express claiming “ lack of transparency “ , “ misguided development programs that don’t stack up “ . Sound familiar ? . How many sacked Councils , Mayors doing time or under investigation will it take for Queensland local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe to act and put in place tougher accountability guidelines for Councils in Queensland .

    • Hedger says:

      Mike, the corruption charges against Councillors is endless. They are about to sift through Moreton Shire Regional Council a d the word in the street is that the cockroaches are scattering in all direction. Townsville Council is no different. They are pissed with the Belcarra ‘scope’ and how the screws are being tightened almost to the point where in the future a councillor wont be able to take a shit without someone knowing about it! Good!! The issue is also about wasting our money. It is not illegal for Councillors to be given cars to use, placed on courses which is paid for by the ratepayer, go on overseas ‘study’ trips and so on. All legal, but yet a waste of our hard earned money. It’s a rort and most who become Councillors are in it for the gravy train. ‘Good corporate citizens concerned about their community my ass’!

      • Guy says:

        Moreton shire council was one of those council’s that caught my eye about ten years ago when the Queensland treasury corporation still released its clients list – it was heavily in debt.

        Ipswich council was another.

        Any council taking massive debt is suspect. The debt taking in Townsville happened under Tyrell watch just after 2008 , then came the soaring debt, soaring rates and water tax ( remember that?)

        Where’s there’s smoke theres fire.

        • 53 Days says:

          While you are kinda right Guy. Jenny has had two terms to sort out the debt and she hasn’t fucking done it. She’s only made it worse and the city looks worse than ever.

          • Guy says:

            I know the hill council HAS been paying down the debt but very slowly, it’s to be expected, the previous council went nuts with borrowing money.

            What makes me concerned is what comes next – will a new council go nuts and start borrowing in an unsustainable way? The NFLR , the net financial liability ratio of council’s is recommended to be no more than 60 percent ie what is borrowed shouldn’t be more than 60 percent of what the council has in “assets ” , money on hand etc ( what the council actually has). Currently the NFLR is riding around 90 percent. The voters who pay their own rates bills need to ask council candidates about the debt level and make an informed vote.

            Focus now needs to be on paying down debt, reducing further borrowing, and maintaining what they are responsible for.

          • The Magpie says:

            Where do we find the proof of your claim about the current NFLR? No doubting, but would like some paperwork for future reference. Link or cut’n’paste.

        • Insider says:

          I understand that the very high level of debt came to light when the two councils were forced to amalgamate in 2008 along with NQ Water, which up until the amalgamation had been effectively used as an entity to fund the Townsville Council debt. It’s never improved in the decade since then.

        • Just Say'n says:


          How long will it take you to get over Tyrell?

          Honestly mate, you sound like an embittered old man tilting at windmills.

          What really happened? Did Tyrell call you a dickhead or something worse?

          I know the electorate didn’t want you. I don’t remember your campaign but if it was full of the invective laden rubbish that you post here, I can understand why.

          • Guy says:

            I don’t think I’ve ever met Tyrell.

            It’s nothing personal and disgruntled ratepayers are a natural consequence when you start taxing them to death. When you personally start paying rates then when things get real, before that point the expense is an abstract concept.

            My main voter base was working class , by the second time i went banging on doors most of them had gone – relocated. I seemed to attract personal boots on the ground support from people entering the last years of their life three of them I know of passed a few years ago.

            Looking through Jordan Peterson’s philosophy I’ve just decided to start looking after my own affairs rather than take the reins of the horse – it’s already bolted and few are interested in hearing what I’ve got to say. When you start talking about personal responsibility, responsible financial management you are talking to a brick so why bother talking to a brick wall ?? I use this space a soliloquy.

            Exit stage left.

  22. Critical says:

    More grant $$$$ to TCC, this time for illegal dumping.

    I could make some comments here about dumping 11 Councillors and 4 useless MP’s that have electorates within the TCC boundaries but I resist.


    • The Magpie says:

      BTW Crits, didn’tpublish your nother comment about strong vAustralia … don’t see the relevance of something like that from last year, and with a change of President at the CofC.

  23. Philip Batty says:

    City Dweller
    I have made a formal complaint about several things not specifically about these facebook posts and followed up today for a reply. I think the more people complain the better and the Manager of the Funding and Disclosure Team at ECQ is Matthew Thurlby and the email address is email hidden; JavaScript is required the more the merrier I say

  24. Critical says:

    Thought I’d send this as it provides a lot of information in one place.

    Friend who works in health industry says to also carry alcohol based gel hand cleanser and make sure that you use copious amounts after refuelling your car and wipe off excess using paper towels at bowser. How many hands touch a petrol bowser pump each day and who knows where they’ve been. However, don’t leave hand gel in the heat of your vehicle as it decreases the efficacy of the gel so go buy a small hand pack, might be a bit more expensive but cheaper than getting something from a petrol bowser pump.

    Also use the wipes available at places like Coles to wipe down the shopping trolley and shopping basket handles.


  25. Philip Batty says:

    In fact here are the questions I have posed to ECQ, why don’t a couple of hundred Magpie readers all copy and paste these into an email and send them to Matthew, maybe then he will take things seriously.

    please address the following concerns I have about the activities of “Team Jenny Hill” the incumbent Mayor of Townsville and leader of the Team Jenny Hill campaign for the upcoming elections in March this year.

    My first issue is that on the Facebook Campaign page for Team Jenny Hill is that is states the Team Jenny Hill is a “Political Party” I cannot find any such registration on the ECQ website to confirm that and I believe this is a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts in order to influence the electorate.

    Could you please confirm a) That I am correct in my view that no such Political Party exists, b) what penalties are available for this misrepresentation and c) what action you propose to take in this matter.

    If the above is correct then Team Jenny Hill appear to be campaigning as a group of candidates which leads to the next issue I have.

    My reading of your website and fact sheets lead me to the conclusion that:-

    Campaigning as a group is prohibited prior to the group being registered as such with ECQ yet clearly the groups are currently campaigning as such in breach of this legislation.

    As an incumbent Mayor the disclosure period for Jenny Hill begins 30 days post the previous election and any expenditure must be disclosed in real time from that point. No disclosures are yet shown in this regard. Clearly the team have already incurred expenditure on this campaign.

    Also any donations which have been made have not yet been disclosed.

    Can you please review with some urgency my concerns above and let me know what action is available to you on these “integrity” matters and what action you propose to take.

    • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

      You’d hope that all of the non-Team Doona candidates who have formally nominated would use the new mechanisms available to them to make these complaints direct to the relevant authorities.

      People might say they want to run a “clean” campaign but they are not even in the same competition if the other guys are cheating even before kick-off.

  26. One legged tap dancer says:

    Channel 7 appears to be following the Townsville Bulletin’s lead in looking after big advertisers to the exclusion of all others.
    A story on Ch 7 News last night revealed that Clive’s nephew is running for council in Division 6, against Team Jenny Hill member Suzy Batkovic. No mention of former Townsville First councilor Trevor Roberts, who is running as an independent and is rated a real chance of beating Curl de Mo and the retired basketball star.
    Greg Dowling (cashed up by Clive Who?) is buying a truckload of expensive tv commercials, and Jenny Hill has heaps of ads booked for the final weeks of the election campaign, and to date are the only candidates getting any exposure with Ch7.
    Meanwhile independents, who don’t have to big budgets to pay for tv ads, are being treated as if they don’t exist.
    Everyone associated with Ch7 News, including the news readers, should hang their head in shame.

    • City dweller says:

      Considering Trevor Roberts has been active on his facebook page and looks like hes getting around alot already might just tip the scales his way. Batkovic has done sweet fuck all anywhere and this nephew nobody’s ever heard of. All very good ponits one leg, but might be interesting to see who will preference who anywhere around Townsville. Sure as dog shit turns white that clive will preference anyone thays running against team hill. My money’s on clive attacking hills candidates and her rather then any independents. I could be proven wrong again but everyone knows he hates her. And ive seen more then a dozen comments on various pages saying clives spent all this money for nothing, but hes got the government he needs. Im thinking Townsville wont fall for his ads and vote for him rather but vote for inderpendents over team hill! Just my thoughts.

      • The Magpie says:

        This is unforgivable, thayt five weeks after the teenager died that authorities (whoever is responsible for the Jezzine site) hav e not made some change to ensure this doesn’t happen again. The ‘Pie does not suggest that all teenage risk takers … particularly like skateboarders … can be shielded from every one of their potential hazards, but the fact remains that this did happen on this spot, and nothing has been done to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. if nothing else, one would expect some respect for the dead boy and his family. And The ‘Pie for one would not like to be the responsible person should lightning strike twice, may it never happen.

  27. fwyp says:

    I am a once-a-week visitor to Jezzine. I have been hoping that someone would remove that square bollard following the skateboard tragedy.

    But as of yesterday (3rd February), it still remains with its “pointy” end towards any skateboard or wheelchair traffic coming down that steep path.

    The person who originally designed it should be counselled. But the person who has left it there for a month after the tragedy should be penalised.

    • Fishframe says:

      You could even throw some old car tires over it until someone decides how / when to remove it. It would be far safer.

      • The Magpie says:

        A redesign with safety in mind for the bollard an the wheelchair one near-by would be the responsible way to go.

    • 53 Days says:

      Did you report it? Because otherwise they probably don’t realise it’s a hazard.

      • The Magpie says:

        That is the most stultifying curious comment yet. Are you suggesting that a death, and a widely publicised one at that, may have escaped the attention of the authority bin charge of Jezzine? A bizarre idea that they need someone to report the fact that the hazard is still there. duty of care and all that.

        • 52 Days says:

          Am suggesting exactly that. They’re that stupid they wouldn’t have thought of removing the bollard. Too busy arse covering for insurance and trying not to look culpable.

  28. Achilles says:

    On its paywall web site the TB claims it has “ousted” several drug dealers over the past year.

    Meaning of ousted in English
    past simple and past participle of oust

    to force someone to leave a position of power, job, place, or competition:

    The president was ousted (from power) in a military coup.
    Police are trying to oust drug dealers from the city .
    Last year’s NCAA winners have been ousted from the tournament.

  29. Data diver says:

    Just looking at the gibberish which council is transparency. 13 items of behaviour and misconduct from staff still not resolved since 2017-18! Bullying and rorting culture is still rife in Walker St


  30. Follow the money says:

    TCC’s net financial liability ratio is 89.7% for 2020. To be sustainable it needs to be below 60%. Above 100% is essentially insolvent. Townsville is broke and broken

    • Frequent flyer says:

      Can’t believe nobody is concerned about the level of city debt – $500+million, and that’s just what Mayor Hill is prepared to admit. We ratepayers are going to have to pay it off, sooner or later. Another 4 years of Team Hill and we WILL be insolvent

      • The Magpie says:

        4 years? You are a starry-eyed dreamer.

      • City dweller says:

        One can only hope the LNP get there fingers out of there arse and get some worthwhile candidates for state election this year. Then if they win can open up this council and whats been going on. If the CCC has any credibility TCC wont be far behind the most recent investergations frim down south.

      • Fishframe says:

        I guess the question that comes to my mind is that with the TCC being $500m in debt, effectively all rate payers are $500m in debt. What could that do to property prices?

  31. Charlie Wulguru says:

    Just this morning, major work has begun on the facade of the old Dimmey’s Arcade in Flinders Street. Are we going to loose our most famous tourist attraction? Wonder who is paying for it.

  32. Pat Coleman says:

    Despite Deputy mayor Walker saying that individual candidates are understood to fund their own campaigns See the CH7 Townsville News Clip 31/1/2020 https://www.facebook.com/7NEWSTownsville/videos/205782553886797/?t=0
    – and that under the law a team has to have a joint bank account and party agent , today 4//2/2019 Roy Currie of the XRS Business centre on Denham st made a donation of $1320 to Team Jenny Hill

    XRX Business Centre Team Jenny Hill
    04-02-2020 $1,320.00

    This shop is smack bang in the middle of “corruption corner” . Where in a 100 mt Radius you will find most of the Rocky Springs Bribers

    Previously , Teams jenny Hil’ls Councilor Maurie Soars got $5k from his wife in January
    23-01-2020 $5,000.00

    Google Denise Soars Townsville

    If you remember, and I can jog your memory by going to the realtime at https://disclosures.ecq.qld.gov.au/Map , Sam Cox also had lots of money coming from family members in 2017 too . Don’t know where they are getting the money from either . But last year got $950 from John Honeycombe who also donates to the LNP and whos name sounds much like Peter Honeycombe who is banned from donating on account of being a developer

    Samuel Cox
    14-11-2019 $950.00
    Samuel Cox
    23-11-2017 $1,000.00
    Samuel Cox
    20-11-2017 $2,500.00
    Samuel Findlay
    Australian Labor Party (State of Queensland)
    15-11-2017 $500.00
    Samuel Findlay
    Australian Labor Party (State of Queensland)
    22-10-2017 $500.00
    Pauline Cox
    Samuel Cox
    22-09-2017 $2,000.00
    Pauline Cox
    Samuel Cox
    25-07-2017 $9,350.00
    Pauline Cox
    Samuel Cox
    31-05-2017 $2,000.00
    Pauline Cox
    Samuel Cox
    13-02-2017 $5,000.00

    John Honeycombe
    Liberal National Party of Queensland
    09-08-2019 $5,000.00
    John Honeycombe Liberal National Party of Queensland
    06-03-2019 $65.00
    John Honeycombe
    Liberal National Party of Queensland
    08-02-2019 $5,000.00
    John Honeycombe
    Liberal National Party of Queensland
    23-11-2018 $800.00
    John Honeycombe
    Liberal National Party of Queensland
    23-11-2018 $300.00
    John Honeycombe
    Liberal National Party of Queensland
    30-07-2018 $990.00
    John Honeycombe
    Liberal National Party of Queensland
    14-11-2017 $1,000.00
    John Honeycombe
    Liberal National Party of Queensland
    25-05-2017 $1,000.00

    • Philip Batty says:

      Now this gets more bizarre with every day that goes by.

      It seems Team Jenny Hill is now a registered group with the ECQ (3/2/20) and the first donation has been received as per Pat’s latest post. This does not however absolve the team of illegal campaigning prior to this date.

      The Nanette Kim Radeck is listed as a member of Team Jenny Hill yet she is receiving donations in her own name (and presumably bank account) on the 21st January ($1500) The rules state a single bank account for all donations is to be used for any registered groups.

      Lets see if the ECQ have any teeth and the will to use them or can you simply ignore the law and do as you please.

    • Sam Cox says:

      So Pat your point is?
      My family personally donated and so did some Burdekin Cane Grower group’s when i ran in the Burdekin because i helped and supported an industry to get a Federal Code of Conduct personally because Barnaby Joyce dumped them to side with a multi national. ( look up those donations any you will see what i mean) I was once part of that district and industry and knew what i was talking about unlike some. John Honeycombe is a long time friend and donated to my Mayoral campaign because i think he thinks its time for change. Really you are suggesting what?
      The others are Labor donations so don’t know why you put them in the mix?
      New laws make all donations public so its not like you uncovered anything dark there! Btw In my opinion the exclusion of Developers only, is just straight out discrimination to an industry and will achieve little. I am not involved in party politics so does not concern me but believe me without those companies like many others prepared to invest their dollars we would have an even slower economy ( if that’s possible in tsv ) and less jobs, just my view. If thats a problem why was the current Mayor trying to cut equity partnerships deals with battery plants in council any different ( was in Ipswich apparently until they got caught) or giving $18.5m to a billionaire mining company 600klm away we wouldn’t own was ok as long as it is rate payers coin being put at risk. Seriously you point again is what?
      Well some like you will never be happy and have chips on your shoulder with people trying to make a difference because you probably just think its all easy and you have all the answers.
      Seriously Pie if you let that stuff on your blog make sure it’s something smart people want to know not dumb.
      If my family chose to back me all the bully to you if you don’t like it Mr Coleman.
      I am the only real ridgy didge Independent running, so Vote for Change Pat or get in line with whichever party you back and think should have a say in local government.
      Remember democracy is better then the other option, we are lucky we live in one and very little is achieved by those that sit on the side lines in my book. This blog I thought was better then to have you make up some Fake News story that something is a miss and post it. If its Fake News you want, believe everything Team Hill try to make us all believe like nothing to see here other than a huge debt.
      Cheers for that.
      How about next time just provide the link and people can see for themselves the facts
      You gave me a laugh which is always healthy, so thanks again patty.

      • The Magpie says:

        A strange much ado about nothing. Engaging with Mr Coleman is always a lose lose game not to be indulged in by serious people.
        NB Printing the opinion of others in comments does not constitute fake news, or most often, any news at all for that matter. But Sam seems unusually and unnecessarily jumpy on this matter for some reason.
        And in a sadly amusing sidelight, Sam fired me an angry late night text about publishing the comment which ended with the intriguing line ‘ Don’t expect too much more from me if you allow (that sort of thing) in your blog.’ Not much more from you, Sam? You mean an end to that Niagara Falls of sparkling policy pledges, innovative solutions to chronic problems and a financially responsible plan to repair council finances that you and your back room greybeard smother The ‘Pie in daily? Just don’t know how I will cope.

        • Fishframe says:

          Only just read the post properly again now. Quite an outburst and has me now thinking a bit more about it.

        • Disinterested says:

          Sam Cox has run the most lackluster mayoral campaign that I’ve ever seen. I’d be amazed if he gets above 15% of the vote. Probably closer to 9. To have such a glass jaw after such a woeful attempt at politics is somewhat amusing. I’d personally like Sam to announce he is quitting and give some clear air to someone – literally anyone but Clive’s candidate and the current incumbent – to have a proper crack.

      • City dweller says:

        While i and probably alot of other bloggers agree with you Sam with some of your points in your reply, I must say that if you had put as much effort into policies thay we all are wanting to hear instead of wasting your time with pat you might get more support. Floods??? Not a word from you. 2hr parking? Who gives a shit. Youve told us your still working as to why you cant campaign as much, thats fine we understand its hard. But to not point out the things that are concerning most of Townsville and really going after the mayor on certain fronts just falls on deaf ears. This blog has given you more then enough ammunition but none of it has been used. It is called the magpie for a reason. My suggestion for you is maybe think your nect move and dont bite the hands that are helping you. If thats how your going to react to something that most of us didn’t even give a fuck about, especially from pat coleman, then maybe your not the person for change. You sound like Aaron Harper!!! Remember we are all rate payers. Cool off have a snickers.

      • The (Barely) Civil Engineer says:

        Sam, are you likely to use the new complaint reporting system to put the spotlight on the irregularities of Team Doona as discussed at length here and in other forums?

        Failing to lodge as a team before campaigning
        Failing to use a single and transparent bank account
        Using TCC resources for overt campaign purposes
        … the list goes on.

        You are one of only a handful of people with access to this system, so please (I think we all beg you) to do it.

      • Fishframe says:

        Earth to Sam, come in Sam Cox. Pat is really going after you on the TRRA Facebook group, Over. You need to urgently respond, Over. Do you copy Sam? Over. Are you on leave? Over. If you can hear us, but are not being allowed to speak, please send Morse Code message.. – .. – – …. – . – … – . -… Over and Out.

  33. Stevie Dore says:

    Five ships at anchor of Townsville. As always, plenty of berth space at the nearly-empty port. Me thinks they are quarantined for for the Carona virus.
    Sick crew on board?

  34. Epicaricacy says:

    Word going round town is that Simpo has been sacked already and has come crawling back to Townsville begging for a job

  35. Zebu says:

    Could it be that the ships are anchored out of the Port waiting for the Mt Isa Rail line to reopen for product to arrive and it is far more economical than paying Port fees

    • The Wulguru Wonder says:

      Zebu you are spot on correct there. If there is no product to load it is cheaper to pay the ship owner a demurrage fee to hold the ship at sea than bring it into port.

      The western rail line is still closed and I believe some sections are still not accessible to inspect the extent of damage.

      If the Queensland Government would spend the equivalent of just 10% of the cost of the Cross River Rail or or proposed Olympic Games on upgrading this absolutely vital piece of infrastructure it would have huge economic and social benefits to North Queensland and the entire State of Queensland.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        The Qld Govt spend money on Nth Qld, that’s a laugh, all we get is what Puddleduck the beggar manages to beg from the federal Govt, it’s a joke. This is something the LNP should be all over, but asleep at the wheel as usual in Townsville.

  36. Donald says:

    My fellow Australians. Waddya know, I’ve been acquitted. I must admit I thought I was fucked there at one stage but tenacity and putting a rocket up the senate republican’s arses saw me prevail.

    It truly is a great day in American history. If Pearl Harbour was a “day of infamy” then my acquittal is a day of famy.

    I will be the only impeached President to be re-elected. That will be a day of covfefe.

    Let’s Make Australia Great Again (or just Great if it hasn’t already been great)

    • Nancy Pelosi says:

      Gents, I will be enquiring as to whether Mr President has colluded with Townsville Council over matters pertaining to him trying to influence Mayor Doona over her clothing attire.

      More to follow…..

  37. Alahazbin says:

    The Astonisher fails again. This time, Matthew Benns piece on Commission into Veteran suicides.
    The heading says “No military person at top, warns warriors” Go on to read piece and both men are in favour of a non military person to head commission.

    • The Magpie says:

      To be fair, it is a poorly chosen ambiguous headline, but is not incorrect when considered in terms of language.

    • NQ Gal says:

      The Astonisher also mentions Phil Thompson as being a “former” veteran. He is a former soldier, but once a veteran, always a veteran.

  38. One legged tap dancer says:

    Guy, your contributions have added a comedy component to this blog.
    How can the council be paying off debt when it is continually rising?
    Google “common sense” then give yourself an uppercut.

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      G’day Dancer, well, common sense actually isn’t that common old mate and seems to be less so day by day!!’

  39. Mike Douglas says:

    You have to give it to Aaron Harper simply for comedic value . Here’s a member facing re-election in October whose Government has failed on Community crime + safety , unemployment , growth , debt and he wants to play politics attacking Philip Thompson . Aaron quotes “ the people who speak to me “ , well Aaron you only listen to sycophants because you use tax payer $ for your staff to delete any comments on your Facebook page that disagree with you so how is that democratic ?.

    • George Gently says:

      Mike, he actually listens to head-nodding, stroking, SIKOpants!!! I look forward to Harpic’s obliteration in October.

    • NQ Gal says:

      I think Harpic is conveniently forgetting that most of that $2 billion is actually federal money that gets filtered through the state government, including $100m for the stadium. Not the Feds fault that the state government allowed the project cost to blow out by $50m to keep the comrades in the C ME FU on side.

      As for having a go at the Feds for the Haughton Pipeline – hello – State Government has just pulled funding for any upgrade to the Burdekin Dam for the foreseeable future.

      When will the 3 noddies stop being Brisbane’s reps in Townsville and take a meaningful stand for the residents who want action on crime.

      • Alahazbin says:

        NQ Gal, It’s a good thing that this useless state government dropped their funding for the Burdekin Dam. What they were proposing was a ‘Mickey Mouse’ scheme if raising the the wall 2 metres with 50mw hydro. The only sensible scheme is raise the the wall the full 14.5 metres with 500mw hydro and gravity feed pipeline to Townsville for about $1.5 billion.
        If they can built Cross river rail at a cost of $5.6 billion which is not needed for 30 years, they can do this.
        In this election year watch the carrots get dangled before the voters eyes.

  40. Dave of Kelso says:

    In the interest of balance, let it be known that I am happy to vote for Sam Cox for Mayor.

    Keen to know who the candidates are for this Division.

  41. Dave of Kelso says:

    Do we need any more than this link to warn us not, under any circumstances, to trust the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP sent the police to warn the Doc not to spread fake news!


    These are the people who want to build our 5G communication network, and have the Port of Darwin for the next, what is it now? 95 years. Highly likely they ‘own’ at least one Fed politician. (By tbe way, where is Shanghai Sam now?)

    I just hope distance is enough to protect Nth Qld from coronavirus, until it gets into PNG, and pops over into TI.

    Then the sky really will be falling, assisted by the CCP.

    • Trevor C says:

      Dave of Kelso, might want to have a Bex and a lie down… you seem to be running a higher scandal/radical racial temperature higher than Newey and his TRRA believers…. get some perspective here if you need treatment:


      • L Berry says:

        Trev, I found the comments to the paper by the real scientist a little more convincing. Looking at the other works by this guy, it’s hard not to conclude that he is a bit of an apologist for Big China.

        • Trevor C says:

          L. Berry, I didn’t see the article to be about the science actually and I didn’t post it for that, since there doesn’t seem to be that much dispute at scientific level in the real truths…. this virus is new, science is scrambling to learn about it, better treat it and mitigate its spread and mortality rate.

          The article made two points to me:.

          1. It’s not at all surprising that and as usual governments (as in ALL of them, not just China) are bumbling along playing catch up and being affected before, during and will after by their own cultural differences, economic ability to act, structural restrictions and governance issues.

          2. that for some reason people are emotionally and irrationally reacting to this one differently and seeing it as an excuse to unleash underlying xenophobic behaviour.

          When innocent people or animals are sick and dying, I just think we should try a little harder to focus on what is really important and hold back the usual negative biases that lead to so many other crappy outcomes for the world every other day, that’s all.

  42. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    AFLW kicks off tonight and the boys in a few weeks time….what’s your prediction for your beloved Swannies for 2020 Mr Pie?

    Here’s mine: GO THE DOGGIES!!!!!!

  43. Iain Patrick Gorman says:

    Please continue updates on the fatal accident that Jenny Hill was involved in. Either there was a green arrow that gave her right of way,or, it was a green light and she failed to give way. Apparently its going to take the police the same amount of time it takes them to arrive anywhere in townsville, about a year. WTF? Is it the Chris Hurley crew running the investigation?

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