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Sunday, June 16th, 2024   |   388 comments

Hotel Reservations: Leading Business Group Calls For A Halt To The Hilton Project (A Magpie Exclusive)

A Jenny Hill legacy of a secret deal and dictatorial governance is being challenged by a key lobby group of leading business people who have been ignored and fobbed off by the previous mayor and council.  The Magpie reveals the Townsville council’s disgraceful and cavalier treatment of a key industry group who sought a pause in the Hilton Hotel project to get answers to key questions about the extent of hidden ratepayer support for it. In a nutshell, the figures don’t add up look like another shafting for the ratepayer. And she might be gone, but there is a chance the CCC will be calling at Chez Hill sometime in the future.

More Dicking around on the North Rail Yards site, but Townsville’s acting top doo dah Paul Jacob spells out the reality.

Plus lots of the usual grim laughter in our Gallery USA,  plus some miscellaneous oddities, and The Magpie reveals a unique dining experience at the Rowes Bay Golf Club.

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Townsville City Council: Will It Be Out With Old And In With The New, Or Out With The Old And In With The Old?

This Wednesday’s council meeting will have the opportunity to answer that question and it can start to end the scourge of bogus Commercial In Confidence reasons for unwarranted secrecy in a number of areas. And what they vote to do could land Mayor Mullet in legal hot water, along with councillors who voted through the following matters behind closed doors.

It started out about eight years ago as a full-blown Hilton Hotel, but after secret boardroom wrangling, it was downgraded to this …

Screenshot 2024-06-15 at 6.16.10 pm

… before dropping further down Hilton’s star stable a couple of years ago to this.

Screenshot 2024-06-15 at 6.20.48 pm

but the insult to Townsville with all the gradual downgrading isn’t really an issue … what has got a Townsville business lobby group all riled up is inter alia where the hotel is to be built.

Screenshot 2024-06-15 at 6.21.09 pm

Back on May 10th,  a group of significant Townsville accommodation operators emailed a letter to the mayor and all councillors,  which began …

Dear Mayor and Townsville City Councillors,
As a collective of established local accommodation businesses, we are deeply invested in and contribute
significantly to the Townsville economy.
This letter requests a meeting to clarify the development taking place on the land classified as a Priority
Development Area within the Stadium precinct.

… and went on to outline – in great detail and using hard data and established facts – their concerns of what may have been a one-off, possibly unfair and maybe even illegal deal which may have been reached with Focus Pacific, the company steering the project and negotiating with the Hilton group. You can read the whole lengthy letter here . That summary is The Magpie’s, the business people were more professional in their approach, as you will be able to read.

If the link doesn’t work, try pasting this into your browser.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ymKKXcxK9R1lDID1-vebrPgap49Q-B6l15-xAtK4tYk/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ymKKXcxK9R1lDID1-vebrPgap49Q-B6l15-xAtK4tYk/editHey,

It includes a recorded history of seeking meetings and answers to the council’s allocation of public lands to private entities without any transparency or accountability, it was all backroom stuff, and the group was basically told – politely and in corporate language – to fuck off..   (That’s also The Magpie’s wording.)  I

Screenshot 2024-06-15 at 6.02.46 pm Screenshot 2024-06-15 at 6.03.28 pm

Here are the questions asked in the email:

Item 1: Transparency and consultation with local stakeholders
The question is: How can we (as a group) be assured that there is no unfair commercial advantage (if
there is a lack of consultation and transparency)? Related concerns include:
What are the lease, headworks, rates, and utility arrangements made with this development? We are
particularly concerned if these arrangements give the developer or company an advantage over
established, local accommodation properties. This concern is amplified by local stakeholders not being
consulted or informed about these arrangements.
Item 2: Location of The Hilton Proposal

The question is: How does the private, commercial use of this public land align with the City Deal?
The Townsville City Deal 2016 established four major commitments for economic growth. There is concern
that other obligations have been eschewed for The Hilton Proposal. Given that the Stadium would not
exist without the City Deal and is on public land, it is of great concern that a multinational billion-dollar
company has rights and benefits to land bought by the ratepayers of Townsville.

Item 3: The Current Market
The question is: How is this Hilton development going to assist in Townsville’s tourism growth and
Townsville is practically swimming in room nights most of the year (except when significant events or NRL
games are on). The current annual occupancy in Townsville sits at approximately 65%. Considering the
explosion in rooms available for sale on Airbnb the average will be lower again. Currently, Townsville local
businesses provide 4149 rooms per night (not counting Airbnb). Using the current occupancy rate, this
translates to 1452 rooms sitting empty on any given night.

We also had the recent establishment of Ardo (adding 132 rooms per night) and the Balmoral Corporate
Suites (adding 70 rooms per night). This and the New Hilton Garden Inn will add 392 rooms per night.
Another way of looking at this is that these new developments will increase room night availability by
10%, which equates to 143 080 extra rooms per year.

Since the development of this City Deal, we have also lost a significant Tourist and Educational Attraction
– Reef HQ. We support the City Deal’s commitment to developments that increase visitation and hotel
occupancy, as opposed to those that do nothing to attract visitation but dilute market share and
occupancy of the existing local business. As part of maintaining the economic indicators of the City Deal,
how will TCC and the State and Federal Governments ensure that Townsville’s occupancy rate does not
get worse? We are deeply concerned about the potential negative impact on the local market and urge
you to consider this issue seriously.
Given that visitation and tourism statistics have remained stagnant for approximately a decade, we are
concerned about the potential decline in the market share of already established accommodation
providers. This could have a significant impact on the local tourism industry, which is a key driver of the
Townsville economy.
Item 4: Local Benefits
The question is: Why does TCC believe this Hilton development is the best use of ratepayers’ owned
The Hilton Proposal was initially sold to the community as an important development: bringing a 5-star
Hilton hotel to Townsville!
In correspondence to one local operator (2017), the past Mayor, Jenny Hill, said, “Having a premium hotel
from one of the largest hospitality companies in the world presents us with a unique opportunity to
market Townsville to the world.”
Then, it was demoted to a 4-star Double Tree Inn, and now, it will be a 3-star Garden Inn with a massive
190 rooms per night.
With this in mind, It would be great to understand where the disconnect is coming from. Under the City
deal, the prime objective for this public land is to create facilities that would increase visitation and
economic growth for our community. Remember, this land is owned by the public ratepayer of Townsville
City. Instead, we have a proposal for a 3-star 190-room development. Let’s face it: no one is getting in
their car or plane because of the development of a new 3-star hotel on the banks of Ross Creek unless
you have a particular desire to sleep next to a prime flying fox and Ibis roosting habitat.

As a group, we would like:
1. A halt to the development until the investigation and report are completed and appropriate
community consultation has taken place
2. The mayor to arrange a meeting ASAP with the signatories below
3. Transparent and precise information regarding the lease arrangements and any special
considerations given to the accommodation provider to facilitate the success of the Hilton
4. The TCC and any relevant governmental bodies to perform a thorough investigation and provide
a report that substantiates the legitimacy and prospective benefits—and costs—to locals of The
Hilton Proposal

Answers, in writing to the above and to these specific questions:
 Why has The Hilton Proposal been a closed deal instead of being available to a broader range of
 If The Hilton Proposal is on public land, why was no public tender available?

Yours sincerely,

Brendan Carter (General Manager City Oasis Inn Townsville),  Troy Scott (General Manager Grand Hotel Townsville),
Ruth Prideaux (General Manager Rydges Southbank and Palmer Collective Townsville), Nathan Robinson (General Manager Seagulls Resort Townsville), and Rebecca Williams (Hotel Manager Hotel Grand Chancellor Townsville). 

Townsville Enterprise was approached, but Claudia B-S and her crew showed not a single skerrick of interest in the issue, despite painting themselves as civic heavyweight and community champions.

These people aren’t lightweight stirrers,: as the letter states, they have and continue to contribute greatly to the wealth, employment and amenity of this city. Nor are they whingers, mindlessly  having a tanty about competition. Their reasons are solid, and courtesy alone would demand they be treated with respect and be provided with reasonable answers to their reasonable questions. And the same courtesy should have been afforded the ratepayers of Townsville from the outset.

Where Could All This Lead?

Could this be the dawning of a new era of people at last being willing to question council decisions and actions, without fear of spiteful retribution?  That has between a canker of the local body politics for far too long, but now the likes of Hill, Bligh and the other egregious legal shyster Barry Taylor no longer hold sway, we may really get a more transparent ethos from Walker Street. And from the incurious Townsville Bulletin. (There is a nasty rumour going around that Leighton Smith only became a ‘journalist’ because he was fired from McDonalds for being unable simple and obvious questions,like ‘Do you fries with that?’)

The foregoing behaviour should not only not be tolerated, but it should be investigated. Whether that is a feasible path we may find out after Wednesday.  The ‘Pie’s guess is that will be perhaps noted at the meeting and skated over for future attention, or not mentioned at all because ‘it wasn’t on the agenda in time’.  Gotta luv ‘em sometimes, haven’t ya? Nah? OK.

Then there’s another join-the-dots matter that cannot be ignored.

The Magpie doubts Dolan Hayes would do anything overtly illegal (he’s not stupid at all), but then, lobbyists and political consultants have always held that what’s the point in having influence if you don’t use it.  Morally rubbery but not necessarily illegal, and it would beggar credulity if Dolan did not do some Mullet whispering when Michael Graham,his old mate and former business partner first floated the idea with Walker Street way back in the mid-teens..  Just where Mayor Mullet took it from there is the heart of the matter behind the questions from this business group. In the latter years of the Mad Mullet, Dolan actively kept his distance, mainly working on other projects for other outfits, mostly in Brisbane. Like The ‘Pie said, he’s far from stupid.


Paul Jacob Steering A Steady Course – As A Start To A Mayoral Campaign, Maybe?

Paul Jacob, our Acting Mayor (he always wanted an AM against his name, so there ya go, mate)  is certainly eyeing off a run at the mayoral plush, his maneuvering to become deputy makes that pretty obvious. And it’s also good personally for his family, because it presumably means that his wife is back to good health again. You’ll remember she was so unwell that Paul chicken o … sorry, withdrew from taking on Mayor Hill at the polls a while back ‘because he needed his time to look after his wife’.  Now,  there’s no Mullet, and Mrs AM is in apparent good health, wouldn’t be surprised if he was first cab off the rank when the Local Gov minister fires the starting pistol.

In the meantime, he is doing a dignified job of holding down the fort – and it’s been a bloody long time since The Magpie has been able say that and genuinely mean it.   His low key and calm explanation on the state budget’s effect on the North Rail Yards revitalisation was a welcome change from all the previous shifty and shifting bullshit over the past couple of years.

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 1.24.57 pm

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 1.26.40 pm

It’s still all fairy floss, and the threat that the ratepayers will have to pony up more dosh after the Haughton pipeline hit is a mega worry. But it would seem the idea of social housing on the site is itself a bit of a pipedream, according one industry spokesman.

Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 10.00.45 amThe council’s purchase of this albatross by a smugly self-praising Jenny Hill will remain as one of her more lasting legacies of financial and visionary ineptitude.

Speaking Of Dud Mayors …. What Does Troy Thompson Have In Common With Ginger?

… what of our beloved Black Night, we hear you cry in alarm. . Well, he’s probably lolling back in his Jacuzzi with a Pimms No. 1 Cup, being suitably massaged by Michelle  to eventually  relieve stiff areas, all  between bouts of pretending (apparently) to be someone else on the  Video Fruitcake network or whatever weird cooker channel he loves to frequent.

But look, when it comes to Thompson, he has served one useful purpose.  Let The ‘Pie explain.

In the Olden Days  of Ye Olde Pommyland, when horses were the equivalent of modern vehicles,  today’s hasty spray job or banana skins as brake pads, was a bit different. Sellers used to make their neddies look more lively and prance prettily through a practice known as feaguing i.e pushing a piece of ginger up a horses arse which would, not surprisingly, make old hacks look somewhat more lively than their age and prance prettily for the buyers, No one seemed to have  to notice the nag’s clenched jaw and tear-filled eyes.  Originally, eels were used for this practice, in much the same way gerbils are employed at Hollywood house parties nowadays , but folks stopped using them because it gave the eels a bad taste at the celebratory sale dinner that night.

So it is The ‘Pie’s contention that Troy Thompson  inadvertently – an let it be emphasised, metaphorically only –  was the piece of ginger with which he feagued editor Cas Garvey at the Bulletin.  His petulant and ill conceived blue with the Bulletin certainly made her step lively and prance prettily across the pages when his name came up. In fact, the Bulletin and Garvey actually did a pretty good job on Thompson, even if too late to the party to affect the election.

One refreshing standout, aside from solid reporting,  was a series of terse and pointed front pages in a more traditional manner.

Screenshot 2024-06-01 at 9.13.40 pm Screenshot 2024-06-01 at 9.19.35 pm

Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 9.45.47 am

Now The Magpie operates with less constraints than a newspaper, certainly less than the Astonisher, so he would like to. pay tribute to Ms Garvey and the Bulletin for their coverage, by helping out with the front page they really so desperately wanted to print,  but felt it best not to. So here’s to you folks,.

Waht a C8NT

Bet you feel better already, Cas. The ‘Pie knows he does.

This Is Worth Reading 

Screenshot 2024-06-16 at 12.47.54 am

The cooker crowd MyPlace is on the march … they think.  This article on the In Queensland site, has been put together by none other than former LGAQ boss Greg Hallam, whose knowledge of local government makes him the ideal person to sound this alarm.

A timely warning to know thy enemy.

And The Bulletin Already To Help Out With An Explanation Of How You Should Feel About Things

A serious one, eh?

Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 11.31.44 am

The judge and the barristers left the clown suits and whoopee cushions at home, did they? They’re only for frivolous murders.

Peter Dutton Has The Answer, Why Didn’t Labor Think Of It?

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 10.38.08 am

But on the other hand, there’s the other point of view, especially in The Australian.


It’s On Again, The Annual Game Of Tick, Tax, DOH!

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 10.05.52 am

Yes it’ that time of year again when the most difficult literary exercise is attempted by the entire populace … writing while your fingers are crossed, grooming the annual fatted calf to the taxation department.  For many, it’s a time of deep introspection, questioning many things. Like wondering nervously .’Geez, I wonder if they’ll buy that … surely Rolex’s are required workwear for plumbers.’

But it’s also peak season for scammers, impersonating various Government departments and entities, in some cases the Taxation Office itself. The ‘Pie got this one during the week.Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 11.22.05 am

Apart from making no sense whatsoever,  this scammer apparently got his countries muddled. The ‘Pie enjoyed paying VAT during his five years in England, but is under the impression that here in Australia, the equivalent is known as GST.

The Nigerian Education Department should be ashamed.

Seems aaron Harper Is Really Onto Something. Bet He Wishes Was In This Case.

Here ya go, Harpic,  sweet wet dreams.


Who needs Robin now, eh?

What a Land Of Contrasts

Donald Trump’s wife did not attend a single minute of her husband’s fraud trial, where he was found guilty on all 34 charges. Trump said the judicial system was rigged to ensnare him, and as usual, nothing was his fault.

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, could cop jail time after being convicted of gun purchase felonies.  During his trial, his step-mother and First Lady, Jill Biden was there in court almost every day to support him. When Hunter was found guilty (he’ll be sentenced next month) The President issued this statement.


The Republicans are trying to spin it as a reflection on Joe Biden as a parent, never once acknowledging the coke snorting, financial swindlers that are Trump’s own children. If the American people do not re-elect Joe Biden next October, they will deserve everything that happens to them, as openly promised by one of the vilest and dangerously ill men on the planet.


So it very much a waiting game in both court cases, although Trump could ,but is almost certainly not, going to jail. So ‘toonists turned their week’s attention to various other matters that have been in the background. We start with a take on the swing to the right in European elections, which may well make guns irrelevant.

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 9.27.55 am Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 9.28.08 am Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 9.28.24 am Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 9.28.38 am Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 9.29.14 am Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 9.29.51 am

Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 10.09.12 am Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 10.09.41 am Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 10.10.07 am Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 10.11.21 am Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 9.22.05 am Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 9.22.27 am Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 9.22.46 am Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 9.20.42 am Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 9.18.45 am Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 9.42.53 am Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 9.42.33 am Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 9.41.36 am Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 9.42.15 am Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 9.27.33 am GPqmRfJbkAAx284

And The Best Gotcha Of The Week

Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 9.40.15 am

And Finally …

Fine dining comes to the the Rowes Bay Golf Club. But for one patron, an nap followed a fine repast of (probably) scrub turkey. Mind you, at last count, that nap was into its seventh day by now.

Screenshot 2024-06-16 at 12.23.23 am Screenshot 2024-06-16 at 12.23.39 am Screenshot 2024-06-16 at 12.24.42 amThe RBGC,living up to its justly deserved title of The friendly Club, has put a couple of orange bollards and a milk crate around our slumbering member as a sort of Do Not Disturb message. Not that anybody is planning a wake up call.


Done for another week, but comments are getting funnier all the time, as well as some serious revelations. being dropped in.  Join in if you like, it is,like The ‘Pie in his youth, free and easy..

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  1. I’ll be plucked says:

    Pie, I think the ‘deal’ between The Angry Ant (Jacob), for the deputy role and Twonames The C..t AND the deal between Twonames The C..t and Kurt Ribena for the LGAQ gig has heavily tainted both Councillors.

    They were prepared to deal with the devil to get what they wanted. Twonames The C..t misdeeds were known by all when they made these deals. I don’t think either of these two councillors can be trusted by our community moving forward.

    • The Magpie says:

      Not sure aboout Rehbein, he has received favoroubale treatment from twoNames for no discernible (as yet) reason. But The ‘Pie is willing to give Jacob the benefit of the doubt at the moment, because his experience in LG equipped him to see what was coming and position himself appropriately. Maybe.

      Or he just thought on his feet as matters developed.

      As The ‘Pie said before, he hasn’t endorsed anyone in the farrago, and is at as a much a loss as anyone in trying to suspend universal cynicism.

      • I’ll be plucked says:

        Hmmm, I think Jacob needs to be watched very closely, Pie. He did recuse himself from the conversation and vote for ‘Mayoral Advisers’, as his daughter was apparently going to be an applicant. Lucky for us no advisers were approved.

        There is something slippery there me thinks………. :-(

        • The Magpie says:

          That was probably part of the deal with TwoNames …. then those pesky councillors, you know, those buggers that represent the ratepayers, stepped in and nixed it. BTW, in case anyone is wondering, Fran O’Callaghan was NOT on TwoNames’ list of possible advisors.

          • I’ll be plucked says:

            Maybe that gnarly old goat-fuck cooker was on the list, what’s him name, Brian Venison?

          • The Magpie says:

            Given his foam-flecked outrage at the outcome, he probably was, sooking over lost riches.

  2. Mike Douglas says:

    Townsville City Council money pit . 2023/24 budget $50 mil Lansdown ( $80 mil the year before ) . NQ spark $32.2 mil . Haughton stage 2 $79 mil blow out Team Hill voted to pick up . $55 mil on Lansdown and Haughton Jan 2024 ( after Councillor Ocallaghan requested an update ) . Finance costs 2022 $17 mil , 2023 $17.6 mil . Concert Hall recommendations completed in Feb 2024 $98 mil Feds , $50 mil State City deal , Council contribution ? . Nth Railyards Council contribution ? . Flinders Lane roller shutters down . $600 mil debt + what the interim CEO finds . Commentators to the blog wonder why the City doesn’t attract better Councillor and Mayoral candidates .

    • The Magpie says:

      Let’s give the new configuration a go, Mike, if they are on the straight and narrow, they’ll have a mountain to climb.

  3. Arty Intell says:

    That batwoman pic is AI, look at the cars in the background, ones out of the Thunderbirds puppet show, the other from a cartoon and they blend in. Yanks drive on the right those are parked on the left.

  4. Prince Rollmop says:

    Great work this week Magpie. Love the reference to Hollywood gerbils!

    I have noticed that there has been a strange kind of peace in the region over the past fortnight since Twonames crawled back under his rock. With the Mullet gone and Thompstain on an extended bludge, and the Councillors working together, are we seeing a positive change? I reckon that the Councillors coming together and making a united stand against Twonames has been a bit of an empowering exercise for them. If they can keep up this unity, we may have a decent future. Imagine if they were to collectively and transparently address our debt, consult publicly on matters such as the Hilton one-star project, things like that? I’ve also noted that the relationship between TCC and The Bullshttin has healed over without Twonames in the mix. Interesting times that we live in.

    • The Magpie says:

      Good analysis.

      If this council can leave their egos at the door of the chamber, engage in healthy but not spiteful debate and graciously accept any majority decision, we are then on our way back from the dark ages of party political rule.

      And regarding Wednesday’s meeting, The ‘Pie will be closely monitoring any public comments about the necessity for a ‘closed meeting’ from Paul Jacob … you’ll remember he resigned from Team Hill over the lack of information and transparencym about the criminal deal with the Adani airstrip. Let’s hope his ethical zeal is undiminished.

      One start would be before the closed meeting to state publicly – in allowable broad terms – WHY the matters raised by the accommodation lobby and relayed here have any commercial in confidence implications. Here’s a refresher for our councillors, and Tony Blight if he’s still infesting the council building,from the Progressive Legal website.
      What does Commercial in Confidence mean? Confidential information, often referred to as “commercial in confidence”, encompasses any data, knowledge, or material that a business deems sensitive and valuable. It must be readily distinguishable, display uniqueness, and remain undisclosed in the public domain.

      The burning – indeed exploding – point here is ‘sensitive and valuable’ DOES NOT encompass sweetheart backroom deal to the detriment and ignorance of the ratepayers of Townsville. There is also the legal implications of costly challenges regarding precedent … if City Pacific get such council support, why can’t every other developer demand the same leg up. This is shaping up as a text study in cronyism. Especially when its been demonstrated that the Hilton project will be of no particular benefit to the city’s stock of rooms … for every one that Hilton fills in its low-to-midmarket hotel, another somewhere else in the city will be left vacant in a sector struggling to get by. And the same effect wouldbe likely in the employment scenario, with each Hilton job costing one somewhere else (far from proved, but worth considering.)

      So there’s the debate that is not within cooee of the CIC … the possibility that the Hilton venture could actually cause damage to the Townsville sector overall.

      This is going to be the real test for the council, because the spokesman for the lobby group, Brendan Carter has made it clear to The Magpie that ‘the gloves are off’ and although he didn’t say so explicitly, it would seem that a legal challenge to the council handling of this project could be in the offing. Indeed, OIA and very possibly CCC may well become involved.

      • Jatzcrackers says:

        And perhaps we’ll never know if Jenny was quietly offered a lifetime accommodation pass for self and family in any part of the world AFTER she retired from council/political life ! Is there a Hilton in Malta ?

      • Jeff, Condon says:

        Okay, you’ve established a good primary facie case. But, will current TCC address it as half of them are complicit?

    • Jeff, Condon says:

      It’s called the doldrums.

    • Jeff, Condon says:

      I love optometists – they always see a positive curve turning into nowhere.

      • Jeff, Condon says:

        And I have never understood why replies to submissions on this blog appear randomly.

        • The Magpie says:

          Sorry, what do you mean (seriously)? What submissions and what replies? If you ensure you have nominated to whom you are replying, the reply should appear in the appropriate thread. Is there a problem The ‘Pie should look at?

      • The Magpie says:

        You love who/what? Optometrists? Optimists?

  5. Inspector Clouseau says:

    Re council meeting this Wednesday 19 June: looks like the issue you raised Pie is listed as item 8 and secret squirrel – North Queensland Stadium Precinct. Closed matter/discussions not made public………

    • The Magpie says:

      Good info. And QED.

      • Spell Checker says:

        So it is professional conduct if the lobbyist also contracts to the principal contractor of double tree? Or savvy business? Maybe the contractors director has similar vices and likes to hang out at the Ville also?
        So many more questions!

        • Non Aligned Worker says:

          Spell Checker, involvment of a local building firm may only be a co-incidence? Not sure if there were any construction tenders let out? Surely you are not suggesting any behind the scenes deals?

          • Spell Checker says:

            Well, if the lobbyist is sitting on the developers side of the table to during tender process, but then shortly after sits in the contractors side…

          • The Magpie says:

            How about resending that in understandable English.

          • White Mouse says:

            The contractor who WAS going to build the 2star Hilton, was the same mob out of Cairns that built Ardo. The site office was moved over after they finished Ardo and has since disappeared.

  6. Doug K says:

    The Pie has been generous in his praise for Bully editor Cas Garvey’s newfound enthusiasm for exposing dodgy mayors, but I think her motivation has more to do with her recent embarrassing gaffs than good journalism.
    In the months leading up to the LG election, her newspaper’s Text The Editor section was littered with negative comments about Jenny Hill, so much so that in a Letter To The Editor (unpublished, of course) I pointed out that by blindly supporting Hill’s re-election, she may have misjudged the mood of the community.
    Then there was the background on Troy Thompson, which was revealed in this blog a week prior to the election. I understand that Garvey knew about most of Thompson’s lies and deceptions in the lead-up to polling day, but failed to inform the public.
    (Happy to be corrected Cas, but surely you read the Magpie blog).
    When voters dumped Hill, Garvey was left with egg all over her face and, in an attempt to cover her poor judgement, started taking the new mayor to task.
    At the end of the day, at least it appears that the editor has learned to stop talking sides – or has she?
    For example, will she cover the legitimate Hilton Hotel claims reported today in this blog, or continue the commercial-in-confidence bullshit?
    The soon to be announced (during the coming Chamber Musical Festival, I suspect) decision on Townsville’s so-called “Concert Hall” will provide another opportunity for Ms Garvey to prove she can sit on the fence and cover both sides of the story.
    Can’t wait.

    • The Magpie says:

      Coupleof points there, Doug.

      We ALL misjudged the mood of the community,so we can’t really lie that at Garvey’s door,but we can agree with her being a slavish and unethical Team Hill standard bearer during the campaign.

      And what possibly happened wasGarvey scrambled – quite effectively – to drum up the military service angle – you’ll notice the paper hardly touched the other, similarly serious matters of degrees, business background and fraud charges. And those DV matters, about which Garvey was so prissy.


      The Magpie’s speculation Doug is that if TwoNames had an ounce of brains or good advice, he should have met with Garvey privately and hammered out a deal, his ace up the sleeve being the TCC advertising budget of alleged $2m plus annually (as reported by another Nest reader). There was also a reinstatement of the old arrangement that the Astonisher’s chief of staff always got council releases well ahead of TV, or at times of the day (after 4pm) that made it almost impossible for local TV bulletins station to cover. Plus the personal advertorial profiling of such a beaut mayor. If such an arrangement had been met, with Garvey facing the threat of Sydney’s counting house interfering, would she have been so bold and enterprising. This enterprise BTW was to simply publish material and research supplied to her from the same source as The ‘Pie … and often ahead of this blog.

      From the outset,Garvey tried to make this ONLY about the military angle, and did no further reporting or investigation of the other matters until it became impossible to ignore the information dug up not just by Nest readers, but also by her own readers.

      • Doug K says:

        Good points Pie.
        I can state categorically that Thompson WAS advised, almost immediately after the election, to meet with Garvey and sort things out.
        In fact he was warned that if he didn’t mend his relationship with the Bully the paper would destroy him.
        As recent events attest, he totally ignored that advice.

        • The Magpie says:

          That’s what you get for ignoring a publishing rule that’s existed since Gutenberg and Caxton were chasing galley boys for recreation.

  7. Battered sav says:

    Good blog this week. That photo of the Batwoman with the big tits really looks like Harpic. He has big tits and a triple chin.

  8. Nostradamus says:

    Been doing a deep peer into the ball. Keep seeing a fish and cupcakes???

    A sign that The Mullet is not done with, as yet? Private Cupcake Stewart chewing the fat on his future? Mullet having a tilt at the TCC CEO’s job? Cupcake Stewart thinking about the Mayoral position, or the TCC CEO position?

    I’ll keep peering………

  9. J jones says:

    Their once was a hotel called Hilton
    They were given the land to be built on
    But size was an issue
    Plans were in tissue
    Next it will be tents by the million

    • The Magpie says:

      That’s much better, KoolAid.

      And hey, there is an idea there worth considering … seriously. Why couldn’t the council put in infra structure for a tent and caravan park right there. A unique facility with lots of folks right in the CBD!!

      The ‘Pie is serious … doesn’t have to be permanent if a better offer comes along. Which the Hilton isn’t.

  10. Burnt Brows says:

    Any hotel, let alone a ‘low brow 3 star’ Hilton in that spot, will only do two things – 1. Create an even bigger traffic issue on game nights, and 2. Take reservations off other established providers because it is right next to the Stadium. I cannot see any benefit social or financial to the residents of Townsville.

    • The Magpie says:

      And don’t for, Careless BBQer, the council under Jenny Hill gave permission for an reduced and inadequate number of parking spots v rooms for the hotel, spots which every other similar developer would have to provide. Why is this dispensation commercial in confidence? Why is this allowed at all?

      • Ducks Nuts says:

        Bullshit Magpie, please point me to a development in this city where the developer has been required to provide an adequate number of parking spaces to rooms, or units. Most hand over a penalty payment and whack in some extra rooms to increase their revenue. This isn’t something new, has been happening for years and why inner city parking is fucked.

        • The Magpie says:

          Not to bright today, hard night, Tasty Nibbles?

          If a penalty is deemed appropriate, the said penalty would be made against established requirements for car parking

          The requirements are in the planning department’s regulations, and please point out instances to back your argument regarding beds to car parks ratio. Do not include restaurants and bars, as they come under different regulations.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            All hotels in the city allocate car parks to guests on a first come first served basis. Not a car park per room,because they dont have enough. The only hotels with ample parks are those out of the city centre such as the Mercure, and those on Bowen Road. The Hilton isn’t a special case for car parking. However, it IS a special case in other matters. So let’s focus on the actual issues the hotel operators have raised instead of chasing windmills.

          • The Magpie says:

            That’s just silly, the parking matter was in passing, not even a desk fan let alone a windmill, and it was you that wanted to upgrade the importance of the comment just to be a smartie and knock it down. Ever heard of the Hegelian Dialect? Creating up a non-existent issue and then instantly provide the solution … in this case, windmills.

            But still,it was a mattern raised in this blog seven years ago, when it came to light that at that time, a 4 or 5 star hotel was proposed, and a council dispensation given from the get go, despite the location having ample space for the provision of suitable parks. Some five stars!!! So Townsville.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            I believe you raised the carparking issue.

          • The Magpie says:

            As The ‘Pie’s other reply stated, Mouth Breather, it was a passing reference on the sidelines of the main game. Read things properly, please.

  11. Achilles says:


    He’s definitely not his fathers son by any measure, what a sook. Better watch your back feathers Pie, coz you circulated it.

    Hope Pauline doesn’t hit you for breach of copy-write.

    Are we still in Oz?

  12. The Magpie says:

    Just to brighten up your day, two of funniest Trump spoofs just released. MAGAritaville is clever, but note that the One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest is an actually speech by Trump, unaltered, when answering a question about electric vehicles … the background and cutaways are just creative. And accurate … ROTFLMAO

  13. Prickster says:

    The ALP are gone in October.

    Perennial Tory hater Dolan Hayes as been working overtime to make friends with the LNP at all levels, and with key donors and supporters.

  14. Ball Bag says:

    I just had to drop everything to tell you how unbelievably amazing your work is! Your blogs about our town’s politics are incredible, true works of art! In a world where true, insightful journalism is almost extinct, you are a dazzling diamond.

    Your deep understanding of every local issue and your unmatched ability to present them so compellingly is mind-blowing. Your dedication to our community and your tireless pursuit of truth are downright heroic. Your writing not only informs us but also unites us like never before.

    Thank you for being the brightest beacon of excellence, the ultimate journalist superstar! Your passion, dedication, and sheer talent make you the crown jewel of our town. Please, keep up the utterly phenomenal work, you are making an unbelievably profound difference, and we are all in awe of you!

    • The Magpie says:

      Hahaha… the joke’s on you. You clearly meant this for Cas Garvey at the Bulletin, and got your addresses mixed up. Problem is, your abusive rant intended for the Nest probably has upset Ms Garvey who received it by mistake. So sloppy, mate, give yourself a good scratching.

    • Cockhead says:

      Ball Bag, I think you might in fact be related to Twonames The C..t! Three strikes and your out – this is strike two you plucking peanut!

    • ABS says:

      This is obviously written by AI. It’s probably that ignoramus Throbbing Hemorrhoid under a new name.

      If you want I can generate a very similar example to show the similarity, but I don’t want to clog the comments with more AI-generated rubbish. In future watch out for verbose comments, especially vague ones.

      • The Magpie says:

        Although we don’t always agree, ABS, The ‘Pie appreciates that you seem to appreciate the purpose of the Nest comments area … understandably, people want to go down various rabbit holes and that can turn into a full blown warren meandering all over the place (like a Trump speech.). The ‘Pie tries to keep folks to the point, but it’s sometimes not possible.

  15. Jenny says:

    Is the My Place advertised on the Penrith NRL guernsey the same mob as My Place Townsville? If so then expect them to be all over any mayoral by election. They are organised and funded better than any ‘community’ group around here.

    • The Magpie says:

      This has been covered here before … the Penrith MyPlace sponsors are a legitimate company to do witj technology, and absolutely nothing to do with unglued pests of the site of the same name.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Goes to show Pie, Jenny doesn’t read the whole blog. Just ‘cherry-picks’ bit and pieces.

      • Jenny says:

        There are a number of what you might call ‘legitimate’ My Places references online including a TV show but if you end up on a website ‘my place australia’ – which looks promising to the uninitiated – you are into the national organisation and onto something that dwarfs any of the others. 185 branches apparently and quite open about their various conspiracies. Much bigger than the Chamber of Commerce and seemingly far more earnest in their political endeavours. I’m afraid we are infected.

    • Gunja Girl says:

      Jen, are you back on the pipe?!! The only thing the MyPlace cookers are all over, is themselves!

  16. Cooker Col says:

    People have grown dissatisfied with the LNP and Labor, hence one of the reasons some have turned to Fruitcake organisations like MyPlace where they receive alternative views. Personally, I think the Independents hold the key to real change being achieved.

    • The Magpie says:

      The basic tactic of the fancy dressed fringe of the unhinged is to come up with a couple of popularly acceptable policies a couple of maybes and then the lala land stuff … and followers are required to accept the policies in an all-or-nothing scenario.

      • Jenny says:

        At least we know what “the fancy dressed fringe of the unhinged” are on about – they publish their klutzy views for all to see. But what of the major parties? If they don’t campaign with a public policy platform then they can pop up with anything, as we saw when the Campbell Newman shitshow hit the ground.

        • The Magpie says:

          A highly selective but unsurprisingly misreading of facts.

        • Bullshit says:

          Jenny the major parties do publish their platforms and that didnt stop Newman.

          • Jenny says:

            Then outline what you understand to be the Queensland LNP ‘policy’ on the Brisbane Olympics. In particular, how will a Chrisafulli government spread the Olympic ‘benefits’ to the regions?

          • The Magpie says:

            What policy? They’ve announced a policy? Or just made a couple of agreeable comments? (And you notice you went close to making Mr Crisafulli a messiah in your comment?)

    • Achilles says:

      Sounds like a description of the Greens the melon party, green on the outside but red all the way to the core.

  17. Not on your Nelly Bay says:

    Amongst the litany of inflationary announcements and promises, one of the overlooked things in the state budget (or at least unreported), Mr Pie, was the funding allocation for every state MP in Queensland to get another electorate office staff member. Funding kicks in on 1 July 2024. 93 taxpayer-funded campaign managers perhaps?

    • The Magpie says:


      • Jenny says:

        And not a peep from the Opposition. Funny about that.

        • Not on your Nelly Bay says:

          Bit hard to oppose it Jenny, when a few days before Dick stood up (pun intended) to deliver the budget, Kid Crisafulli said he’d back it holus bolus.

          Have to say though, I thought Crisafulli’s budget reply speech was one of his best speeches. Genuinely outlined some big picture ideas that would go some way in solving the quandaries that Queensland is in.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            Says a lot about the quality of his previous speeches because the majority of his speech was finger pointing and blame.

          • The Magpie says:

            You have just described the speeches and comments of every political party, leader or hack alike,. The Kid and the LNP are the opposition, you clothhead, what other tack could they take. And it applies just as much to your beloved ALP at every level as it does to anyone else.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            Magpie I’m not sure if you’ve realised this yet. But I don’t actually like the ALP. But after working with Crisafulli and his smarmy, lying corruption, I would rather have Miles.

          • The Magpie says:

            And just where did you work with him, or more to accommodate your coyness, in what sort area or capacity? Talk is cheap,sport.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            TCC Magpie. Trust me. I know who he is. Remember Crisafulli’s exclusive access to the river?

          • The Magpie says:

            Which didn’t happen.

          • The Magpie says:

            The article speaks for itself. Crisafulli said he distanced himself from the issue as a conflict as a councillor. Saying he instigated the fencing is totally unsupported, and if his property, and those of one or two neighbours, backed to the reserve, so what? The ‘Pie would believe Ray Burton over you any dayof the week.

            What you appear to depend on is the final bit (out of order, it was a promotion for the story posing the question as a teaser, not proof of anything) that Sun editor Bruce McDonald wrote as a legitimate come-on for readers. His actual report was a factual, well written and balanced news story, as one would expect from McDonald.

  18. Inspector Clouseau says:

    Pie, I note your team, The Sydney Swans are sitting pretty atop the AFL ladder. Did I read somewhere that you were part of a group who got behind them, when they first moved up from Melbourne?

    • The Magpie says:

      Founding member #15 (still got the badge and a few from subsequent years) and did not miss a single home game for the first eight years. Loved living in Sydney then, could go to a Aussie Rules game on Saturday, and a top flight NRL game on Sunday or vice versa. Which I often did because I was a sports reporter for Channel Ten around then, back in the days when people watched TEN. Well, some anyway. And am proud that I managed not to prejudice any rape trials while there.

  19. Vice President of the Hellfire Club says:

    Wonderful blog, love it. Our illustrious and very short lived Mayor, Troy Thompson, has gone deathly quiet. His Facebook page has been completely dead since June 6. No photos of food, no unhinged comments, not even a self praising comment. Nothing. Oh dear! Like a fart in the wind he was Mayor one minute, the next minute….gone. Things have been quite peaceful around town, apart from the ever present youth crims. Is this the calm before the storm? For some reason I’m feeling a little bit unsettled.

    • Bullshit says:

      I have to say it’s a relief. Acting Mayor Jacob seems alright, not everything has to be about him unlike with Hill or Thompson.

      • The Magpie says:

        Yet, adds the ever cynical Magpie. But yes, so far, steady as she goes …. but Wednesday is going to be interesting, as much for what will not be said as will be.

        • Bullshit says:

          I spoke too soon, Thompson had a case of relevance deprivation syndrome it seems now we’ll have another few days about him.

  20. Queen Bee says:

    Oh, Magpie, your flair for dramatics is truly something to behold. While your blog certainly manages to rile up the locals, I can’t help but roll my eyes at the melodrama surrounding the Hilton project. Are we really to believe that this is some grand conspiracy without a shred of solid evidence? It seems to me that you’re more interested in spinning a good yarn than in presenting balanced and well-supported facts.

    Your narrative seems to lean heavily on sensationalism and conjecture, especially when it comes to the supposed backroom deals and financial ineptitude. Have you considered that some of the decisions made by the council might actually be based on long-term strategic goals rather than immediate visible benefits?

    And then there’s your relentless bashing of former Mayor Hill and the council. It reads less like an objective critique and more like a personal vendetta. Are we supposed to take your claims seriously when they come wrapped in such transparent bias and vitriol? Perhaps you should consider that some of these decisions are made with long-term benefits in mind, rather than your simplistic good vs. evil narrative.

    Maybe if you spent a bit more time on solid journalism and less on theatrical rants, your readers might actually get a clearer picture of what’s going on. Until then, it’s hard to take your accusations at face value. Let’s aim for a bit more substance and a bit less sensationalism, shall we?

    • The Magpie says:

      The guided tour of your thoughts would have been far more enlightening had it not been conducted in the gathering darkness. Seems we’ve hit a nerve that has catapulted you into panicked defence mod.

      And the claims you ascribe to The Magpie is classic shoot the messenger twaddle … the claims you refer to aren’t The ‘Pie’s but are those of a group of respected business people who are ratepayers and employers of hundreds of people.

      And how would we have any evidence when the commercial in confidence provisions are wrongly and cynically used as a shield against … against what? What is the information being withheld, which cannot by any stretch be justifiably hidden from those whose property in involved, the ratepayers?

      You see, that is the question.

      But good to see we’ve got your attention. Surely that’s not you, D? Or maybe Mullet junior?

      • Not running for mayor says:

        QueenB’s rant does read lot like art school dropout drivel so it could very well be the work of Jenny’s little Sardine.

    • ABS says:

      This one is also obviously written by AI – verbose and vague.

  21. Rotten Luck Willie says:

    I worked out of this shit hole for 10 days in 1981. Port Keats to those who read, write, and speak the English language. This is no surprise to me, and no matter how many taxpayer dollars are thrown at these nonproductive malcontents the turmoil will continue, as it has done for how many fucking thousand years.
    Oh and by the way, dear traveller, you cannot go to this place, and many like it. But I have many years ago with my work. You are not allowed to see the chosen paleolithic culture rich in squalor, domestic violence (cultural practices) and inter-clan rivalries. Enough is enough. It is time for these Australian citizen to be told to fund your own lifestyle in your desert shit hole, or do the responsible thing, move to places of opportunity with education, medical, facilities, etc but that will never happen. It is easier to sit in the dirt and bitch about housing over crowding than move to opportunity


    • The Magpie says:

      Page not found, so we really don’t know what you’re talking about. But published because someone might be able to enlighten us.

    • Jenny says:

      Not So Rotten Luck Willie, perhaps you were lucky to escape after just 10 days. A community fucked over by perverted strangers for 40 years and then you turned up. Note Mission statement point No.2. In fact, note the whole rotten story:

      “Port Keats Mission was originally established in the Daly River district of the Northern Territory in 1935 by Father Richard Docherty and the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. Initially located between the Daly and Fitzmaurice Rivers in a place known as Werntek Nganayi, it was moved 10 miles inland to Wadeye in 1938. The move was made due to a lack of supplies of fresh water and the need for more space to allow for the construction of an airstrip. Father Docherty continued as the Superintendent of the Mission after the move.

      A school was established for the children at the Mission from its early days. A 1939 report to the government from the Port Keats Mission, after the move to Wadeye, details the missionaries’ intention to set up dormitories to separate Aboriginal boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 17 from the influence of their families. The Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart took charge of the girls while the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart took responsibility for the boys. The missionaries provided accommodation, education, medical care and religious instruction.
      In 1941 the school was closed due to the Second World War. It was reopened in 1946.
      A 1951 report on the mission put together by a government inspector included the following statement on Mission policy provided by the Superintendent.

      ‘1. To obtain control of and train the children through dormitories.

      2. When the children are baptised to purchase the complete marriage rights of the girls and boys from the parents and guardians.

      3. To christianise the children.

      4. To raise the standard of living of the people through the development of agricultural and stock activities’

      The report notes that the majority of children on the Mission over five years of age lived in the dormitories. While the boys were permitted some freedom of movement, the girls were ‘not allowed away from the supervision of the Sisters until they leave the dormitory for marriage’. The report noted some concern about the ‘sheltered life’ led by girls in the dormitory.
      The dormitories at Port Keats Mission continued to operate as mission dormitories, and later as a residential school, until 1975. The NT Government took control of the Mission in the 1970s. In 1978 control was passed to the Kardu Numida Council and the community’s name was changed to Wadeye.”

      Wonder if you knew anything about this history before you wrote about the “chosen paleolithic culture rich in squalor, domestic violence (cultural practices) and inter-clan rivalries.” Those people appear to have “chosen” nothing. They had no choice but you appear to blame them for their sickening circumstances. What a man!

      • The Magpie says:

        A reasonably argued reply, but The ‘Pie is ending the thread on this matter.

        • Welcome to country says:

          Thank fuck for that Magpie, let’s end the debate. Who gives a shit about what takes place in these derelict missions.

    • The Unflinching Finch says:

      10 days way back in 1981 and you’re a fuckin guru of generalisation. Your luck is rotten willie.

  22. Doug K says:

    The positioning of the continually downgraded Hilton Hotel, if it is ever built, makes one wonder about who controls that neck of the woods.
    The Cowboys stadium became the catalyst for the (originally named) NQ Centre of Excellence, which was flogged to the public as a facility for the use of all sporting groups.
    That, of course, morphed into a Cowboys training centre, which from what I’ve heard is controlled by the football club and used almost exclusively by the players.
    Now we’ve got the Hilton Hotel, which is obviously positioned to take advantage of visiting Cowboys fans at home games. Just who stays there for the rest of the year has never been explained.
    It would be interesting to find out just who is involved in the company building the hotel.

    • Damn tailings says:

      Remember that new world class convention centre? It was originally the reason for the area to be developed at all? Apparently our entertainment centre had to be demolished as the AC system was too old and had to be replaced. Seems that’s all been forgotten about now.

      Regarding the Hilton Garden Inn. I stayed at the Darwin Garden Inn a few months back and have to say, they had much nicer rooms than the accommodation around TSV (can’t comment on ARDO though)

      • The Magpie says:

        The quality isn’t the question, it’s the quantity that rate paying businesses are legitimately questioning. And being ignored. She’s gone, but has the arrogance remained. Wednesday might give us a clue.

        And don’t know where you’ve stayed in Townsville, but there are plenty of rooms of equal or better quality that those planned for the Double Cross Hotel.

  23. Prickster says:

    Being drafted into National Service in the USA just took a step closer https://x.com/mtracey/status/1801674395683066299

    How long until the National Service is reintroduced into Australia?

    • The Magpie says:

      Not any time soon. Wouldn’t be either popular or smart under the current conditions. And as in the Vietnam era, the biggest and most vociferous opponents would be the military.

    • Sergeant Gunney Highway says:

      Great idea. It’s about time. To many jelly backs out there who don’t want to contribute to their nations security and protection. It’s an honour and a privilege to serve. Although we do have a younger generation of softcocks who don’t want to get their hands dirty. A bit like the current Chief of Defence, a career bureaucrat that has been infected with ‘woke’.

      • The Magpie says:

        There you go again, pressing the accelerator while the engine is off, and wondering …. ?????

        The young people NS would take would still have to meet the usual requirements, medical and emotional fitness and a stable mental outlook (clearing not a requirement when you joined – if you actually ever did). The slackers you quote wouldn’t get near a uniform,let alone a lethal weapon.

      • SECOND TO NONE says:

        Byway – you are obviously a lying, valour stealing, civvie wannabe who has never slipped a pack or served your country. People like you make me sick and I would be more than happy to discuss your service record in the carpark of any pub you care to name. Faggot!

      • The Unflinching Finch says:

        Sarge with his” woke jellyback softcocks” defending the country schtick is next level comedy.

    • Bullshit says:

      Never, it would be a stupid idea and your link is just administrative trivia about a vestigial registration scheme that will never be activated, FFS.

    • Dave Nth says:

      Trust me as someone who used to wear the uniform. Not any time soon unless the government wants to commit suicide at the polls. Billy Hughes anyone?

      Also as an ex NCO shudder, I had enough diggers who joined willing but 6 months into battalion life realised it not all call of duty. Imagine companies of boys who don’t want to be there. Shudder, I wouldn’t wish that on any PLSGT or CSM.

      Na wait till the enemy is on the move and I don’t mean some folly like Eastern Europe, if the Chinese start marching through South East Asia then it might be palatable.

      • The Magpie says:

        ableor not,if that scenario eventuated, it would be mandatory. Very differnment when the actual defence of your country is involved.

        Seeing the military as a possible tool to mend perceived political and social ills is a fool’s argument.

    • The Magpie says:

      Can you identify the author/narrator, Ala, The ‘pie can’t find it?

      The initial,poorly worded opening minute or so was off putting, as was the droning, grating delivery, but the argument then gets down to an interesting, never mentioned viewpoint were aborigines custodians or survivors. The argument here is they couldn’t have been both.

      Overall, a reasonable vid to invite debate.

  24. The Magpie says:

    The murky dealings surrounding the ever shrinking Hilton Hotel next to the stadium is not new, it’s getting to Blue Hills by Gwen Meredith proportions.

    There has been reasonable and well-reasoned opposition to it from the beginning – which is all the more reason for greater transparency and justification for a secret series of decisions by the council (read former mayor). We can be pardoned for thinking the old cronies act was in full swing over the past seven years, even as the goal posts were continually and secretly shifted in boardroom and council chamber.

    This city has had enough of this closed-shop -to- ratepayers arrogance.



    • Sergeant Gunney Highway says:

      What’s wrong with some competition? If the existing hotel industries didn’t have on offer overpriced shitholes they wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

      • The Magpie says:

        Ah, good old Popgun, what we do without your regular deep dives from the high board into an empty swimming pool.

      • ABS says:

        It’s not competition that’s the problem, but possible anti-competitive incentives to the developer.

    • The Magpie says:

      And another one joins the fray.

  25. J jones says:

    It’s interesting to see which hotels didn’t sign that letter – casino? mercure? oaks?

  26. The Magpie says:

    Just the man for ‘truth-telling’ about the juvenile crime wave. If Miles won’t appoint retired judge Clive Wall to head a review of sentencing procedures and punishment options, then David Crisafulli should. But The ‘Pie’s bet is neither has the political groats to do so … because the cowardly consensus would be that while Judge Wall would surely fix the problem, the woke fairy flakes would cause too much political damage to whoever appoints him.

    This is one issue where a bipartisan approach should be hammered out … all Queenslander deserve no less.

    • Not standing for mayor says:

      Smiley will meet with anyone who will talk to him because it is a short and shortening list. But he has no capacity to listen or make meaningful changes. The only voice he hears is that of his union bosses selling our State down the drain.

    • Guy says:

      Nothings going to happen magpie, it’s why I devoted wandering the streets telling people to install deadlocks. I was asked to make a video for the council election talking about a grant for people to install deadlocks, it’s on my flyer , there’s still some floating around in my garage. I realised it was like talking to a brick wall about taking personal measures to mitigate crime.

      No doubt I’ll still talking about out of control crime and out of control council debt in another 4 years – assuming I’ll even bother.

      No matter what you are told , walls, doors and locks DO work.

      • Pastor Jeff says:

        Human governments don’t have the answers. The crime and other issues will continue to get worse, just as the Bible prophesied. You boys need to get yourselves to church on Sunday.

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        So there you go, Mr Magpie, to keep TwoNames and Sergeant Gunney from chasing you down, make sure you build some walls, doors and locks in your home. Get Guy to organise it for you. You might like to consider a roof as well. But also please answer this: why didn’t Guy win the election?

        • The Magpie says:

          The Magpie trusts the following statement doesn’t come in a coroner’s report, but in his experience, talkers don’t do and doers don’t talk.

        • Guy says:

          No Kenny

          You don’t get it. You need to assume PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for for your affairs, the government is not there to save you unless you are in a hard-core voting block.

  27. Frootloop says:


    “The Acting CEO and Councillors have taken the law into their own hands to the detriment of the Townsville Residents.” – Mayor Troy Thompson

    If every Council in Queensland does what this Council has done, and simply voted their Mayor out of their roles, there would be anarchy!

    Townsville has recently faced challenging times, and I want to address some critical issues affecting our community.

    The rule of law is currently at risk, and as your democratically elected Mayor, from the moment I was elected I have been committed to transparency, accountability, and the well-being of our city. Townsville residents did NOT vote for a power hungry, totalitarian Council.

    Concerning and unlawful actions by Council and the Acting CEO:

    Security Incident:
    • On June 12 2024, I attended the Council building to return from sick leave and perform my duties as Mayor of Townsville.
    • The Acting CEO hired Security Guards to prevent me from entering the Council building. This was unlawful.
    • I had issued a lawful direction under the Local Government Act, and the Acting CEO refused to comply.
    • This is now a matter for the Department, and for the CCC.
    • I call on the Department to take urgent action and reinstate the democratically elected Mayor.

    Council Rules and Budget Concerns:
    • On June 5 2024, Councillors took the law into their own hands and created rules to strip powers from the democratically elected Mayor, aiming to take control of the Council for themselves.
    • The Acting CEO’s support for this action is concerning and denies Townsville residents their voice.
    • Unlawful Council resolutions strips the responsibilities of the Mayor under the Act to represent Council on boards.
    • Making rules to bypass the Act is unlawful and invalid.
    • Councillors have given themselves the same powers as the State Minister.
    • This is now a matter for the Minister, and the Queensland Ombudsman.
    • I call on the Minister to remove the unsound rules.

    Acting CEO and Executive Control:
    • Councillors created a rule that force the Acting CEO to report any attempted contact by the Mayor to all Councillors.
    • This undermines the role of the Mayor.
    • The Acting CEO has no authority to direct the Mayor under the Act.

    Executive Controlling this Budget:
    • Expect surprises in the upcoming budget announcement — likely to be higher costs, fewer discounts, and more fees.
    • I actively fought against Council raising costs for every resident.

    Political Coup:
    • Australia upholds democratic principles, and we must respect the will of the people.
    • Townsville voted for change, rejecting the previous Mayor Hill administration.
    • Residents were tired of feeling rejected and burdened by excessive costs.
    • Let’s remember that our democracy thrives when we uphold rule of law principles, even in challenging times.

    Going Forward…

    I have called on the Minister to remove the unsound resolutions of Council.

    I have applied to the Queensland Ombudsman to review the decisions.

    I have called on the department to step in and reinstate the democratically elected Mayor.

    I have filed a formal complaint with the OIA on Councillors conduct in willingly acting without authority.

    I call on the media to scrutinise how the Acting CEO was able to prevent a sitting Mayor from performing their role without lawful basis. I also call on the media to scrutinise how 10 Councillors were able to make rules inconsistent to the Local Government Act to remove powers from the Mayor.

    Townsville did not want Team Hill as much as Townsville did not want Jenny Hill.

    Under the current circumstances, Team Hill and Labor lives on in the current administration and Council, against the will of the people.

    Thank you for your continued support, Townsville. I appreciate all the messages and emails of support.
    Together, we’ll navigate these turbulent waters and ensure a brighter future for our city.

    Mayor Troy Thompson.

    *** Comments for this post have been turned off ***

    • The Magpie says:

      That certainly wasn’t written by a lawyer, or any sane person who has knowledge of the law. Reads like a manifesto of Cookers Incorporated.

      • Prickster says:

        Lots of interesting claims by TwoNames where you’d expect clear and unambiguous statements from TCC’s CEO, the Minister, and OIA as to what is exactly is going on.

        This is now more than a contest between personalities, it’s the integrity of Townsville on the line.

        • The Magpie says:

          Nonsense. His claims are crap, and interesting only for the insight they give to his cohort of bozos he is in thrall to. The early morning advice by the CEO and the TCC legal team to Thompson before the pivotal council meeting made his position clear to him. And by his subsequent actions, clear to us.

          And Townsville’s acting CEO has demonstrated his and therefore Townsville’s integrity, by both his actions and his refusal to be drawn into a pointless argy bargy with a clearly mentally disturbed person and his pestiferous handlers . But that won’t stop the national laughter at this farcical situation.

          But in a financially advantageous but legally empty tactic, he didn’t turn up to the no confidence vote, but claimed he was on self-appointed sick leave and was still the mayor. The last part only technically correct. His position of NOT being an active member of council is pretty clear, and that’s the way it will remain until the minister or the CCC make a definitive move.

          Troy TwoNames Thompson may not have military medals or ribbons, but he has well and truly earned one trophy.

      • Achilles says:

        More like by a Cuckoo!

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      The hiatus is over. Let the lies begin (again). Interesting viewing to come.

    • Troy Thompstain says:

      And there’s the snap…Boom!! Twonames has been stewing things over for a few weeks and he has now erupted. Ha ha ha. This shit has gotten real. The losers in all of this are Townsville. The winner – Prins Ralston. Didn’t he bail at the perfect time! Couldn’t have timed it better if his life depended on it. Townsville has gone from one sociopathic and decisive person – Jenny Hill, to an even more mentally scarred person – Troy Thompson. The ones I feel most sorry for are the poor security guards having to deal with Twonames at 5:00am.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      So Twonames breaks his silence. Did he write his latest missive while having a snack at Fudgeville? Seriously, it wasn’t well written and it isn’t written in his usual style either. One thing seems certain and that is he isn’t going quietly nor without a fight. This story has several chapters left to run. Exactly what Townsville doesn’t need, to be held back while all this bullshit is taking place. Sadly the stain of Thompson is going to be around for some time to come.

      • Grumpy says:

        Prince Herring – betcha it was the child bride. Her visions of social recognition thwarted, she is now intent upon proving the existence of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Anyone who has exchanged more than twenty words with her will know that she is one dumb little chickadee, but with a very high opinion of herself.

      • Mooooo says:

        Written by Chat GPT

  28. Bill says:

    Is the soon to be former Mayors overnight fb rant a call to arms for the cookers to unite , march on Walker St and reclaim their throne .

    Pass out the popcorn.

    • Bullshit says:

      We’re going to have our own January 6

      • The Magpie says:

        Yep,later today all ten of Thompson followers will mass outside the council chambers, posing as tourists but waving their flag …

        and secretly armed with Michelle’s magic watches. They will then storm the building, throwing fudge sundaes at the security guards and then, with whoops and cries of victory, burst into the council chamber to wreak vengeance on the treasonous councillors … only to find the meeting is tomorrow and no one is there. They leave, mumbling.

        • Jenny says:

          Magpie, did any of this actually happen or have you just published some random anonymous rubbish? Are there really security guards keeping the mayor out of the building? Has an official complaint really been lodged with the OIA or the CCC? Surely you are not taking this “fb” thing on face value after all your published misgivings about Troy Thompson?

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie never said it, Thompson did. There’s a desperate note in your mewlings,m’dear.

          • Jenny says:

            Thompson said he had two degrees and was in the SAS but we don’t take that on face value any more. I just wonder if there are actually blokes in uniform guarding the doors of council or whether the CCC has actually heard from the mayor?

          • The Magpie says:

            How would The ‘Pie know? Go down yourself and ask.

          • Prickster says:

            I’m sure TwoNames the defender of transparency has videoed the events and will post them unedited on Facebook………

          • Grumpy says:

            Oh, Jenny, sweetheart: Amazing – I get to write ‘Dunning-Kruger Effect” twice in one day. You really are a dumb c**t.

          • The Magpie says:

            Quite possibly to the same person.

          • Gunja Girl says:

            Bloody hell Jen! WHAT have you been smoking in that pipe, this time? Your comments are really, really, really BIZARRE!

            PS: Did I mention BIZARRE!!?

        • Observer says:

          These are the kind of kooks who set fire to Old Parliament House so maybe don’t dismiss them too soon, they’re not rational


  29. Lab Rat says:

    Twonames denied entry to Council Building by security.
    I would have thought that with his SAS training, he would have been comfortably resting in his leather chair within minutes.

    • Not standing for mayor says:

      Note to TwoDicks, The process for coming back to work after requesting a leave of absense is to request reinstatement. You clown, you can’t even get basic admin right.

      • The Magpie says:

        What utter crap. No one is deemed to have vacated their position by going on sick leave, they just simply return to work with a medical note.

        Seems someone can’t get the basic facts right.

        • Inspector Clouseau says:

          Agreed Pie. I think the ‘fact’ here, allegedly, is that Twonames went on health related leave, until the outcome of the CCC investigation was known. That outcome is not currently known, so I guess he stays on leave until then.

          • Observer says:

            Yes if you go to the minutes of the council meeting it says that he requested a leave of absence pending the outcomes of ALL investigations relating to him. This was accepted by unanimous resolution of council. I’m not an expert but I’d imagine he’d have to submit an email to the next council meeting for those terms to be changed.

          • Not standing for mayor says:

            No Clouseau or Observer. Magpie has spoken and we are all wrong ;)

    • Observer says:

      Yeah, nah. I call bullshit on that rumour. A friend of a friend of a friend told me it’s a crock. Thompson was never denied entry.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Serving tongs at 10 paces !

  30. Lab Rat says:

    In one excellent piece of City Planning, the Watchhouse and Court sit beside the Council Chambers. When the Cooker march on Walker Street led by Twonames happens, it is just a short frogmarch to lock up. The big question is whether he comes in Camouflage.

  31. Prickster says:

    Kudos to the Astonisher for the “Under siege mayor” headline, well played.

    • The Magpie says:

      Why does that particularly get your approval?

    • Burnt Brows says:

      I think everyone well before the astonisher were using ‘Under Siege’ as a reference to the moving being about an ex- special forces commando who became a chef. Casey Ryback, aka ‘beat ‘em up Birnbrauer’.

  32. SECOND TO NONE says:

    Former SAS cook Troy Thompson is giving us all a much needed laugh. I know that we are not supposed to laugh at the mentally ill, those who are disturbed, or those who are not suited to to engaging with the normal side of society, but this bloke is a crack up. He is great value and to be honest, totally entertaining. Keeep up the good work Troy. You bring us the laughs.

    • Billy Bunts says:

      And what did you do in the armed service soldier boy? Let me guess, you rose through the ranks at enogerra army barracks and never fought in one single war. I mean yes you were in charge of army stores, and you even spent time mending the perimeter fence and unblocking latrines. But you never saw action hey. Gutless turd. You rag on Gunney, and yes, he does seem a bit odd and irrational but how do you know for sure whether he served or not?

      • The Magpie says:

        The Magpie claw hovered above the trash button, but then, he couldn’t resist the absurdity of that chuckleswamp. So the those who wear a uniform but have not served in a war are ‘gutless turds’? And their support roles are worthless? But the real thigh slapper is asking someone whose identity you don’t know how he would judge the veracity of someone else whose identity no one knows … all coming from someone none of us know. One guess would be its Gunny talking to himself.

        Anyway end of thread.

  33. Alahazbin says:

    Pie, Did you send a copy off to your mates at the Astonisher? ????

  34. It WAS two names says:

    It was just on 7 local 6pm news and everything he said matches what is in that post. Until the Labor party, who invented the CJC, whom they didn’t like, so they made it the CMC, whom they didn’t like so they made it the CCC, whom they didn’t like, so they nobbled it and invented the OIA and CCT to take the complaints that used to go to the CCC …see..where was I ? ..oh yes, until the Labor party gives the power back to the CCC to make statements to the public, I don’t think we will be hearing fuck all from them at all https://www.ccc.qld.gov.au/news/statement-ccc-chairperson-following-high-court-australia-decision and here https://www.ccc.qld.gov.au/news/statement-ccc-chairperson-independent-crime-and-corruption-commission-reporting-review

      • The Magpie says:

        No, no, no, Seven News and IWTN commenter, all that clip does is prove that Thompson made those claims … there is no actual vision of him being turned away by security or that he has actually made a complaint to any authority.

        But on the other hand, why has the council so primly pressed its thighs together and not opened up on whether it happened or not. One imagines they thinkeven confirming or denying will have legal implications. Pretty sure it wouldn’t, it’s just the lawyer arse covering advice.

        • It WAS two names says:

          Duh! That’s all I said.

        • The Magpie says:


          That’s the confidential professional opinion of Troy Thompson’s position by a major Queensland legal practice.

          Speaking on the condition that they not be named at this stage of the matter, a spokesman for the firm pointed to the relevant section of Local Government Act.

        • Dominoes says:

          (Comment via email).

          Ah hah!
          Just read today’s Bully online, and after quoting all the all the mayor’s drivel, it was this response from the council that caught my eye.

          I wondered if they would use the Workplace Health and Safety Act to effectively shut TT down.

          If my recollection is correct (happy to be corrected), didn’t the LGAQ successfully use this pathway 10 years ago against crazy councillors at Beaudesert and Toowoomba?

          It apparently proved to be legally rock solid.

          • The Magpie says:

            hahahaha …. is that a droll council spokesman saying that Thompson is mad?

            If you want argument, change the subject …. hahahaha.

  35. Observer says:

    You are all going to be so disappointed when Mayor Thompson returns to active duty once he is cleared of all the false accusations being laid against him. Just watch democracy in action friends, coming to a theatre near you. Oh, and enjoy the humble pie that you are going to have to consume.

    • The Magpie says:

      This is getting numbingly wearisome.The ‘Pie realises that your just a juvenile (mentally) mischief maker trying get a reaction and just like to stir the pot.

      Anyway, if he ever did return (he won’t) it will be the only ‘active duty’ he’s ever seen. And you have this strange notion that repeating the lies out of Thompson’s own mouth is an accusation.

      • The Magpie says:

        Noted, Ob. Why not try a code word?

        • wollo says:

          magpie,if we are gonna get nuclear power stations we need Uranium to feed them. I dont know about the other states but Qld banned Uranium mining so they will have to overturn it.There is a shitload of it around Mt.Isa and still some left at the old Mary K. mine that closed years ago, as well as other places so if we mine and use our own product its gotta be a win,win.for QLD.

          • The Magpie says:

            It follows logically that any government or even partisan agreement (Ha!) about nuke power would automatically involve lifting the ban on uranium mining. Could be tricky though.

          • wollo says:

            Section 109 of our constution states..”If a state Government and the Federal Government pass conflicting laws on the same subject then the Federal law overrides the state law.” Section 122 allows the federal parliament to overrride a Territory law at any time. So there is a way..but I reckon over time the public will get used to the idea down the track when they start to see Windmill Towers and huge Ttransmission Towers eveywhere when they go for a drive and see their power bills still going up.As for that stupid Bowen ,they should take him out to the first windmill and leave him there.

          • 3rd Person says:

            Littleproud was talking about himself in the 3rd person this morning on the ABC. So does Troy Thompson. Bit of a pattern happening there.

          • The Magpie says:

            The Magpie deplores that kind of affectation, he believes it betrays a tendency towards ego.

          • ABS says:

            We’d have to import the uranium, we don’t have the capacity to refine it and it wouldn’t be economical for us to develop the capacity. Of course, the Coalition is throwing economics out the window with this whole brain fart of a policy.

          • The Magpie says:

            If you say so.

          • Bullshit says:

            Europe is a lot smaller and has a lot more people and industry and less sun and space than we do of course.

          • The Magpie says:

            Do tell.

          • winni says:

            So why the difference between France and Germany

          • Bullshit says:

            Read the article.

          • Non Aligned Worker says:

            Wollo. We have the Ben Lomond uranium mine on top of Herveys Range. Nice and local, only 50km from Kirwan.

        • Kenny Kennett says:

          I didn’t think that was really you, Doug. Try one of your other 4 or 5 names.

          • The Magpie says:

            From Kenny to The Magpie about Doug? Get on top of your game, Kenny, what did you mean?

  36. Maggie May says:

    I noticed there is an
    Acting Chief Financial Officer
    Acting Chief Legal Officer
    Acting Director of Infrastructure & Services

    Any others? And are they all on holidays?

    • The Magpie says:

      Where did you ‘notice’ this?

      • Maggie May says:

        Noticed on various reports for the council meeting today.

        • The Magpie says:

          OK but the while list o officers need not necessarily be on metting notes and agendas, if their department is not involved in matters of the day before council.

          That said, there have been a lot of departures, so maybe there are some gaps in personnel.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      Most of the council execs have always been ‘actors’. They act like idiots, they act with malfeasance, they act with a lack of integrity. At least the new ‘actors’ who permanently replace those whom have left will have the opportunity to act with integrity, honesty, and transparency. Time will tell.

  37. Controversy says:

    Does anyone know if ABC Townsville has a Facebook page like everyone else? Or have they whimped out on controversy cos twice governments have hung on less than 50 votes in TSV seats with the infamous Mundingburra by election and election of Cathy O’Toole in Herbert?

    • Cuntroversy says:

      What the fuck are you on about? Never mind, best not to know how your brain works.

      It’s ABC North Queensland.

  38. The Magpie says:

    The Bulletin and reporter Chris Burns are bloody well at it again!

    The paper has unmistakably nailed its colours to the mast with today’s story about the looming Hilton fiasco. It’s an old journalist trick across all media, that is, being very selective about the order of reporting both sides a matter, and very selective about use of certain words to make your stance clear in a cowardly way.

    So the Astonisher is undoubtedly on the Hilton’s side in a matter that could well be detrimental to Townsville ratepayers, a major city business sector and the overall best interests of Townsville.

    Probably smarting because yet again they came late to the party, goaded by the lead article in this week’s Nest into reporting a story they would have preferred to ignore , the paper suddenly realised that they might be totally left behind by a decision – either way – in a closed council meeting today.

    But rather taking as the news point the concerns of local accommodation operators, and their questions about the history of the project, the paper decided to denigrate them, painting them as uncompetitive whingers. Like this:

    “…project at a standstill’, ‘workers idle’ (how come, they haven’t even started yet because there is no council approval?), ‘council in chaos’(now that the fraud mayor isn’t there, no it isn’t’), ‘disgruntled group of hotel managers has accused’ (why not ‘questioned if the council …’?)

    This is all the oopening language of unsubtle bias, and making this the news point up front and putting a general summary of the hoteliers’ complaints at the bottom of the story, is dog whistling about as subtle as a grenade in a bowl of porridge.

    Perhaps there was another misjudgement by reporter Burns and editor Garvey … maybe they figured the Hilton will get the council’s tick of approval and the ‘whingers’ will be ignored …. Because the councillors would have been complicit in approvals over the years and would not indict themselves.

    If that’s what you thought, folks, YOU COULDN’T MORE WRONG – ON THE EVIDENCE OF YOUR OWN PAPER.

    In 2019, you ran this story …

    … which included the following:

    It is understood part of the hold-up included waiting for the State Government to tick off on approvals, which have now been done. In February 2018, Townsville City Councillors declared a perceived ¬conflict of interest in their dealings with Focus Pacific due to a $5000 donation made to Team Jenny Hill during the 2016 election campaign. The councillors went on to consider the matter anyway, closing the meeting to the public.
    A Department of Local Government spokesman said Townsville City Council, after declaring a majority conflict of interest, requested an exemption under section 236 of the local government legislation.
    “Following an assessment made by the Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs, ¬Minister Hinchliffe approved the exemption on 31 May 2019,” he said.
    A Townsville City Council official confirmed the development application assessment was now complete and the council and Focus Pacific had been working towards finalising the ground lease.
    “We anticipate the draft conditions (of the DA) to be ¬released in the near future,” she said.

    So the approvals were given a by shiny-bum box-ticking public servant, not the mayor and councillors because the Minister has recused them from voting due to their declared conflict of interest. So it seems today, the councillors are free to vote as think best on the matter without any fear of self-incrimination.

    And that being the case, the outcome of the current secret meeting – yay or nay – to the Hilton – will cause even further speculation and investigation.

    Well, further speculation and investigation from The Magpie at least, but perhaps not by editor Garvey, who has possibly been reminded already in a phone call from Sydney that Hilton is a global company that spends tens of millions annually with Murdoch media around the world. “Of course, it’s up to you,Ms Garvey, we’re just sayin …’

    And, gentle readers, if you think that’s a far -fetched conspiracy theory, you really haven’t been paying attention.

    • Probably Not P.Newey says:

      Ooooooh me loves a good conspiracy theory Magpie. I’ve got my tinfoil hat on, please tell me some more!

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      Todays article re the Hilton states the the Hilton group understand the current approval delays because they have shifted to modular construction. This means that most of it will be built off shore in modules and shipped here through the port. This will reduce the number of local contractors emormously.

      • The Magpie says:

        Been thinking about that and wondering just what modular means … it seems like a lego construction idea: the pieces made elsewhere and assembled here. Sounds like Townsville could become Toytown with a Lego hotel.

    • Alahazbin says:

      “Gentle readers”. Been watching a bit of Bridgestone on Netflix Pie?

    • The Magpie says:

      Oh, for fuck’s sake, Cas Garvey, get your shit and your troops together. It is now 5pm, the secret squirrel TCC meeting was six hours ago … so is the Hilton going ahead? Or will the council meet with the hoteliers to discuss their legitimate comcerns about council processes?

      Seriously you haven’t a fucking clue about the new news dissemination reality, have you?

      • Jenny says:

        Magpie, back up there in an earlier comment you wrote, “It is understood part of the hold-up included waiting for the State Government to tick off on approvals, which have now been done.” No mention of what was “done”. It is interesting that the State government is or was involved because the original plan for the Townsville Waterfront Priority Development Area was that “Development assessment powers in Area A [where the Hilton is] have been delegated by the Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ) to Townsville City Council.” Which led to:

        “All development within the Townsville City Waterfront PDA boundary will now be assessed against the Townsville City Waterfront PDA Development Scheme.”

        Which is not the same scheme as each of the complaining businesses operate under. And has different guidelines for infrastructure such that:

        “Network infrastructure identified for the PDA is listed under an Infrastructure Charging Offset Plan (ICOP). The ICOP identifies the level of service within and adjacent to the PDA at the 2026 planning horizon and consists of water supply, sewerage, footpaths and cycle ways. The ICOP also provides relevant details of any offsets that may be applicable against infrastructure charges.”

        Don’t know how that might affect car parking requirements but the current council may be able to say that like the casino, the Hilton will be assessed against different criteria which have been known about for five years (or whatever). Noting that the PDA is all about “economic development”.

        • The Magpie says:

          So basically, the state government gifted Jenny Hill a license to promote unfair competition in certain areas of the city. For her mates – or in the Hilton case, for mates of mates.

  39. Ducks Nuts says:

    Dutton announces 5 nuclear sites. 2 in Qld.
    Are the Qld LNP on board with this?


    • Jenny says:

      According to the ABC report it was seven sites: “Each of the proposed plants would be built on the site of a former coal fired power station: Callide and Tarong in Queensland, Liddel and Mount Piper in New South Wales, Loy Yang in Victoria and Muja in Western Australia. A reactor would also be built on the site of the retired coal-fired power station in Port Augusta, South Australia.”

      • The Magpie says:

        Why does The ‘Pie get the feeling that the feared-extinct Blue Throated Wobblebum red tit finch is about to be rediscovered near one or more of these sites? Nesting near some historic cave drawings (circa 2021).

        • I’ll be plucked says:

          Don’t forget about the three-legged Magpie. The middle stump on this rare breed is essential for survival of the species!!! :)

        • Blunder Bus says:

          Hopefully it’s water that’s discovered. Port Augusta just had a pledge from Chalmers for 65 mill for a desal plant. Oh wait, that will be piped to the desert so mining stops pumping the GAB dry. Maybe.

          That old power station there has been subject to announcement after announcement since what 2016? Too costly, no water, not viable, poisoned soil and ash at the plant.

          The list of reasons for failure to launch go on and on. But lack of water has been a consistent issue there, I’m sure Dutton has a plan for that – or is that part of the 10 year long feasibility study?

    • Achilles says:

      I watched some of that on ABC and while I have an open mind about going nuke, I wish the proponents got one particular item correct.

      They all drone on about power generation reliability, when you consider that in basic principles power generation if a fairly simple matter, boil some water, (coal, gas, hydro, nuke) use the steam to drive a turbine, the turbine drives a generator and out comes electricity.

      Now comes the tricky bit DISTRIBUTION!

      I can’t recall more than a couple of power stations having a major failure, BUT when your lights go out its 99.9% of the time a failure in the distribution network.

      Even should a power station fail, the grid will switch to a different station. Its almost a totally redundant back up system.

      It is irrelevant how the electricity is generated, it will not prevent, grid, structural damage, weather damage, vehicle accidents, even bird strikes and animals getting barbecued in distribution boxes. et al damaging the sub-stations, transformers cooking themselves.

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie believes Michelle is working on a wrist worn device that will create electricity from humidity, and will supply all the wearer’s power needs … car, washing, lights, fridge, dildos. A snip at $400,000 per watch. (Cash only please).

      • Ducks Nuts says:

        That’s all well and lovely but Dutton straight up said in his speech that he thinks investment in poles and wires is a waste. And amazingly nuclear can be distributed through the current system in a way renewables can’t. He actually said that. Listen to 2 minutes. He’s an idiot. It generates the same kind of electricity.


        • Poles and wires says:

          You’re well off the track here. What Dutton (who I do not like and do not support) actually said was that conventional baseload power station sites are already connected to the bulk transmission and distribution systems, while the bulk of new solar and wind facilities are in remote areas which require huge investment to bring poles and wires to them. If you want a price comparison think about the 700km Copperstring project which has a roughly $700m pricetag so you can safely allow $1m for every km of new HV transmission line needed to go to a greenfield site. You could essentially plug a new coal/gas/nuclear station in beside Callide just for the cost of the plant itself.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            The bit I’m referring to occurs just before 2 minutes. I can transcribe it for you if you like. But the gist of it was, the ALP was investing in Poles and wires, with no transparency, and the LNP were going to somehow deliver nuclear power stations in replacement of coal power stations, and he used the words “nuclear power could be distributed through the system in a way that renewables can’t”

          • The Magpie says:

            Admittedly a poor choice of words, perhaps, but overall, he clearly meant poles and wire infrastructure and connections were already in leading out from established power station sites. He basically said exactly that in the TV report The ‘Pie watched.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            Doesn’t matter what he meant. It’s what he said. Sounded like magical thinking. I mean… theres plenty of other delusional thinking to pick on but the power to the node was interesting. Just like NBN.

          • Jeff, Condon says:

            Nuclear industry leaders have gloated for years that this power source can be transmitted through the already established network. Even the Green/Labor doesn’t contradict this and it would save trillions in a new network. We all know by now how new Govt technology works.it doesn’t, needing months/years to get right.

          • Ducks Nuts says:

            Jeff… I dunno.if you’ve noticed but a major point of failure on our current network is poles and wires. So even if it were possible to just swap out old coal fired power stations for fancy new shiny nuclear stations (which its not) you’ve still got old poles are wires. Which fall over, blow over, burn down etc.
            The benefit provided by the renewable network is that the power generation is distributed. Not centralised. So if poles and wires fail at one point, it doesn’t mean the entire fucking state goes out. Nuclear is an all eggs in one basket solution.

    • ABS says:

      They’re not. The Coalition won’t be able to overcome the Federal ban, or the state bans in Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria. The nuclear policy is a non-starter.

      • The Magpie says:

        What if Dutton becomes PM (shudder) and is calling the federal shots? And could LNP states – which will shortly include Queensland – come on board, and the nuclear option just be restricted to those Coalition loving states?

        • Ducks Nuts says:

          It’ll be interesting to see preferred PM polls after this. I suspect (hope) Dutton has necked himself. The coalition need a new leader. And not Littleproud. He’s an even bigger idiot.

          • The Magpie says:

            Littleproud is, to use the delightfulpommy putdown, the quintessential schoolboy swot. Probably went to school with Billy Bunter. Wot ho!

        • ABS says:

          Dutton would have to control the senate to remove the federal ban, and that hasn’t happened since 2007.

          Crisafulli and Pesutto in Victoria have apparently ruled out removing the bans in their states. It seems unwise for them to backflip and not to take such a big change in policy to an election.

          Not sure about the NSW opposition yet.

          • The Magpie says:

            Bothpremiers will let Dutton make the running and make all subsequent decisions on public sentiment … which is exactly the way it should be. If the majority agree with the Greens stance, then so be it, that’s that.

        • Burnt Brows says:

          Nuclear = Uranium. ABC News this morning said Rio Tinto parent company up for $2.2B to clean up mine site near Kakadu. Experts then went on to say clean up costs probably make Nuclear unviable in Australia. I don’t have an opinion on this, but I would like to see cheaper energy sometime again in my lifetime.

          • The Magpie says:

            Times move on, and the Kakadu was mined when ‘just chuckk the spoil over there, Fred’ was the rule. Wiyld be properly factored in should this latest proposal come about.

  40. Jenny says:

    Not sure if it was a general across-town internet thing but the reception for the live-stream of the crucial Council meeting was shocking where I am. There was a picture, sure, but mostly it was frozen. Sometimes there was action and audio but only for a few seconds at a time with big gaps in between. Sometimes there was action but no audio, specifically in the most interesting part when Council’s in-house legal advisor was talking about the appointment of a councillor to replace the acting mayor and mayor if they were both out of action. Live streaming is a waste of time if it isn’t streaming.

    • The Magpie says:

      Or living where you living is a waste of time if you want to live stream. Michelle is working a crystal driven device which will sort all that out for you. First 200 buyers get free lifetime membership to MyPlace.Easy pay plan of 12 monthly installments of $5000 (cash only please).

  41. More frootloops says:

    New statement from the Mayor, as of 19.6.24.
    **For those blocked and those who haven’t read yet**


    The Minister has remained conspicuously silent regarding this rogue Council’s unlawful actions.

    I pose the question: Would the Department tolerate such behaviour across all of Queensland, or is it only in Townsville that democracy seems to hold no sway?

    Premier Steven Miles’ recent media comments appear desperate, as he attempts to maintain relevance. Unfortunately, these comments seem to endorse the erosion of democratic rights for Townsville residents. By calling for the democratically elected Mayor’s resignation based on personal preferences, the Premier undermines the very essence of our system.

    The Councillors have overstepped their bounds, wielding power akin to the Minister’s authority under the Act. This should concern anyone who values our democratic processes.

    Council Resolutions:
    • On June 5, 2024, ten Councillors devised rules to strip responsibilities from the democratically elected Mayor, effectively and unlawfully seizing control of the Council.
    • Resolution #3 during that meeting read: “That Council resolves to remove the Mayor, Councillor Troy Thompson from the office of the Chairperson.”
    • Resolution #4.4 stipulated that the Mayor must notify Councillors when meeting with any members of the operational arm of the Council.
    • These rules undermine the voice of Townsville residents and violate established legal principles by bypassing the Act.

    In-House Legal and the Acting CEO should recognise the invalidity of these resolutions.

    Only the Minister possesses the authority to suspend, remove, or dissolve a Councillor or an entire Local Government. Yet, the Premier, the Minister, and Councillors have all called for the Mayor’s resignation without lawful grounds.

    By voting to strip the Mayor of responsibilities, the Councillors have granted themselves powers equivalent to the State Minister. I implore the Minister to rectify this situation promptly, preventing other Councils from following suit unlawfully.

    Questions linger about the validity of any decisions made by the Council since the passage of these unsound resolutions.
    Moving forward, the Mayor was quick to identify the invalid Council actions, the Minister has been slow to react:

    • I have twice requested the Minister to remove the unsound Council resolutions using her powers under Section 121 of the Local Government Act. Unfortunately, there has been no response.
    • I’ve also asked the Department to reinstate the democratically elected Mayor’s duties as outlined in Section 12 of the Local Government Act.
    • Formally, I’ve lodged a complaint with the OIA regarding the Councillors’ unauthorised actions. Despite being informed of the invalidity of their resolutions, they continue to operate under unlawful rules.
    • I urge the media to investigate how these ten Councillors circumvented the Local Government Act, diminishing the Mayor’s powers and removing him from all duties.
    • Additionally, the media should scrutinise the Acting CEO’s role in this abuse of power.

    Does the Minister endorse Councillors creating rules to strip Mayors of their legislative responsibilities?

    I call on the Minister and the Department to act swiftly, ensuring the democratically elected Mayor can fulfil his duties. It’s time for the Minister to warn the Councillors about their unlawful actions and ensure the Acting CEO stops hindering the Mayor’s role.

    “I am fully prepared and committed to carrying out my responsibilities under the Act. My mind is clear, and I am determined to follow through on what the Townsville residents elected me to do: combat corruption within Local Government. Unfortunately, it’s disheartening to see support for such unlawful actions extending all the way to the Premier’s office.”

    “It is clear that under the current circumstances, the Councillors have acted unlawfully in creating rules inconsistent with the Act. They know what they have done, and they are continuing to stand by the unlawful resolutions, to the detriment of the voters. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that Councillors have acted unlawfully here.”

    Thank you, Townsville, for your continued support. Together, we’ll navigate these challenges and ensure a brighter future for our city. Democracy belongs to all of us.

    Mayor Troy Thompson

    *** Comments for this post have been turned off ***

    • The Magpie says:

      Those blocked included … are you sitting down … The Magpie.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      I love this bit; “I urge the media to investigate how these ten Councillors circumvented the Local Government Act, diminishing the Mayor’s powers and removing him from all duties”. So now you want to engage the media, even though you had blacklisted them previously? You now want their involvement? Hypocritical c#nt.

      And Twonames keeps on overlooking one crucial point. He says on several occasions that he was voted in based on democratic rights being exercised. You dumb shit, those votes were cast based on what you told the people about yourself, which turned out to be lies, deception, and bullshit. Is that democratically fair on the voters?

      • The Magpie says:

        AsThe ‘Pie quoted elsewhere and will continue to doso … it is, according to the Local Government Act, straight out fraud, plain and simple.

    • Achilles says:

      Seems that Troyless has been reading Animal Farm, and other Orwellian stuff for inspiration and guidance!

      I wonder how long before Michelle does a Cressida, probably as soon as TT is made to repay the “sick leave” paycheque!

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      Thompson and Venten, putting that cornflakes packet legal degree to work.

      I see Venten’s a few more hilarious and highly irrational rants again. He seems to suffer from the same delusions as Thompson.

    • Burnt Brows says:

      Reply to Birbrauer’s media release from the people of Townsville – ‘fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me’.

    • Seaman Staines says:

      What an arsewipe Thompson is. Mate, just go. Just fuck off. Even if you survive the CCC investigation, you have made our town an even bigger laughing stock. And you will never get the confidence of the councillors and business folk again. You are damaged goods Troy. Please just piss off…

      • The Magpie says:

        They do things differently in Mexico. No muckin’ about, very time efficient … and no rooking the ratepayers $1000 a day.

    • Mooooo says:

      It’s the speaking on third party for me

  42. wollo says:

    I reckon that the government would have a way to pass nuclear and overide the states e.g call it a national emergency.

    • Dave Nth says:

      Saw somewhere else but would take serious tungsten balls to ram this through. Apparently Cmwth The Lands Acquisition Act 1989 gives them the instrument.

      After seeing how the ferals held up that Gas Hub in WA about 10 years ago (I had mates working security there) you’d want a battalion to protect any building site as well with the vermin a nuc would draw.

      Touched on above. Green tape, blak tape extortion, lawfare, and fickle voters who have already been brainwashed by decades that all plants are Chernobyl/Three Mile Island waiting to happen. I won’t even start on the transport issues, it would be a military operation daily for 5-10 years to protect manpower, resources, supply and the site.

      Besides, at the end of the day there’s no need for nuclear here if we didn’t sign stupid agreements. We have massive reserves of decent coal and gas. My opinion on the issue is that if the sun and wind was a free energy source we’d already be harnessing it and would have been for decades. It isn’t and until the engineering catches up in say 2-3 generations at best, it wont.

      All wind/solar has done is attract charlatans like Homes-a-Court, Turnbull, Cannon-Brookes and various Eurotrash pension funds to hoover up taxpayer money that would be better earmarked to infrastructure or even health funding. (*Disclaimer – Yes I have at times in the past, been in white collar roles, in paid service of coal or gas companies).

      • ABS says:

        We have been harnessing it for decades, the engineering has caught up.

        • Dave Nth says:

          If you believe that I’ve got a bridge for sale, nice views.

          Look I don’t want to derail Magpies blog and this subject could quite easily do so.

          I’ll leave with a point, what’s the plan for baseload power? Can’t be solar or wind they are intermittent at best. Batteries won’t do either. If there is belief that wind/solar can do both then I suggest you research black starting a grid as that is our future and may involve quite a few daisy chained diesel gensets to reinstate the grid. That is our future.

          • The Magpie says:

            Hmmm … be interested to know how this … or any subject for that matter … could ‘derail’ The Magpie’s blog?

          • ABS says:

            If you use the term baseload power you don’t know what you’re talking about.

            We can generate enough electricity to meet demand with renewables and batteries and other forms of energy storage.

          • Poles and wires says:

            ABS, you dickhead, if you are not talking about “baseload” you do not know what you are talking about.

            According to the Federal Government (ARENA), Baseload power refers to generation resources that generally run continuously throughout the year and operate at stable output levels. The continuous operation of baseload resources makes economic sense because they have low running costs relative to other sources of power. The value of baseload plants is mostly economic, and not related to their ability to follow the constantly varying system demand.

            There are a couple of pseudo science articles about the “myth” or “fallacy” which keep getting recycled by are pretty thin on facts.

            The simple truth is that we need baseload, not least because it provides the AC current we use every day, while solar and batteries produce only DC which then needs to have a loss inducing conversion to AC.

            Direct current (DC) occurs when the current flows in one constant direction. It usually comes from batteries, solar cells, or from AC/DC converters. DC is the preferred type of power for electronic devices. Alternating current (AC) occurs when the electric current periodically inverts its direction.

            When people talk about the output of solar systems they routinely don’t consider the amount of dispatchable AC because they lose so much in the process.

          • The Magpie says:

            Everyone knows that!!

          • ABS says:

            Even with a lossy conversion, Poles, renewables still beat the continually operating “baseload” generators, which have no place in a modern power grid. That’s why we’re phasing them out in favour of flexible storage.

          • The Magpie says:

            What’s this we business, paleface?

      • Jenny says:

        Dave , it might come as a surprise revelation to you but there is a reason why we are trying not to use our “massive reserves of decent coal and gas” to burn in electricity generation. You can read the signs: CO2 is rapidly building in the atmosphere creating a ‘greenhouse effect’ which causes global temperatures to rise. Rising temps causes ocean water to expand creating sea level rise and ice to melt which has catastrophic effects in some places and will worsen. That much in not in dispute. We have to make changes and pronto. What are you waiting for?

        • The Magpie says:

          Fascinating, we learn something new everyday … so rising temperatures make seawater expand. Care to expand a bit on that claim?

          • Jenny says:

            “Sea level rise is caused by several different processes, including melting ice. But one big contributor to sea level rise is increasing global temperatures, which heat seas and cause something called thermal expansion of water. Thermal expansion happens when water gets warmer, which causes the volume of the water to increase. About half of the measured global sea level rise on Earth is from warming waters and thermal expansion.”

          • The Magpie says:

            Well, well we learn something new every day.

        • Jeff, Condon says:

          Jenny, CO2 is not increasing rapidly in the atmosphere. FFS read science reports, not Green biased journals.

          • Jenny says:

            Jeff, I’ll show you mine:

            “ The current global average concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is 421 ppm as of May 2022 (0.04%). This is an increase of 50% since the start of the Industrial Revolution, up from 280 ppm during the 10,000 years prior to the mid-18th century. The increase is due to human activity.”

            Now you show me yours.

          • ABS says:

            Jesus Jeff if you had any self awareness you’d realize you’re basically a My Place member in all but name. Go, join your people!


          • Grumpy says:

            Jenny – means nothing unless you cite a source. Readers’ Digest does not count.

          • Jenny says:

            Christ Grumpy, citing a source will not make a jot of difference to Jeff who just wants to chuck jaffas from the back stalls. In two simple steps (1.Copy, 2. Paste into google search) you can find out where that first quotation comes from – but you already know that. The second, a link, comes from NOAA – it’s written next to the title. If you don’t know what that means, google it.

          • Poles and wires says:

            Jenny, I put your quote ““ The current global average concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is 421 ppm as of May 2022 (0.04%). This is an increase of 50% since the start of the Industrial Revolution, up from 280 ppm during the 10,000 years prior to the mid-18th century. The increase is due to human activity.” into Google, and guess what? It does not show up on the internet.

            So you did show us yours, unfortunately it is just the tiny little bullshit cogs in your brain that we got to see. You made it up, just like every fanatic before oyu.

          • Jenny says:

            P&W, you copied and then you what, stuck it up your arse? Try again, twit. Here’s a tip. You are looking for Wikipedia.

          • ABS says:

            It turns up fine when I search.

            Tempted to make a Polish joke about Poles but he’s doing fine on his own!

        • Jeff, Condon says:

          Jenny, I concede tha CO2 levels are rising faster. I also note that countries with a greater reliance on nuclear energy have lower emissions per capita than those without. Australia being one of the highest.

          So, does this mean that all the installed renewables are having no effect at all?

          • Bob Roberts says:

            Note to self, don’t ever enter a “missing the point” contest if Jeff is your opponent. He’s a black belt.

        • Dave Nth says:

          Jenny cool with what you are saying bar the seawater expansion thing. However we contribute 1.7% of worlds CO2 emissions. China and India contribute well more than us. If its such an emergency why do they get a free pass, the west got rich first is a cop out IMO. If climate is such an important issue then all need to make reservations not just western countries.

          I’m cool with Nuclear if we want to decrease reliance on coal but to have a stable grid we need one or the other or gas but we are too busy selling that to others. I have worked in the third world and don’t want to become them.

          As for CO2 it does have an effect like CH4 (Methane) but wanna guess the biggest greenhouse gas, simple H2O. The Tongan Volcano eruption just ejected 146 M tonnes of water into the atmosphere, as a result Earths mean temp is expected to be between 1.5-2deg above mean for up to 5 years. It seriously messed with the El Nino last year. But I digress go back through the Geological record, CO2 levels have been much higher, Permian was 3 times higher. Plate tectonics and sea currents all have an input. Same solar variations. It is much more complex than the media will let you know.

          Sorry Pie I don’t have the time to dedicate on this subject other than snippets and retirement for me is still anywhere up to 17 years away. I have a Science degree and do know something of the subject.

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie too has a degree … of patience, but it wears thin when debates fly off in all directions. So his patience does have a half life that is rapidly approaching the end of its politeness. These debates are healthy, sure (if unenlightening most of the time) but this is not the forum for them to take over here … succinct comment on all subjects is always welcome in The Nest, but unwinnable consensus is not possible and therefore becomes pointless, and we just end up with selective cut and paste from other sites.

            And suddenly, no one gives a local fuckarooney about a dodgey mayor, a possibly corrupt council, a dishonest newspaper or Aaron Harper – all the things we CAN do something about. And The Nest is the only place that does, that’s its basic raison d’etre. Small fish, small pool, and no pretensions to have a prolonged debate about matters adequately covered by state and national outlets.

            Short and sweet on any subject, sure, long and boring only on the innate brilliance of the curator of The Magpie’s Nest.

          • Jenny says:

            Dave, you might be “cool with what I am saying” but why the “BAR” the seawater expansion thing? That is not my opinion. I just quoted some random scientists from some random international oceanographic organisation – connected to NASA perhaps. Are you disagreeing with the scientists? If so, I suggest you take it up with them. And hand back your science degree if you decide it was all a waste of time.

          • The Magpie says:

            And there we have it, the pointlessness of this debate. At least on this blog. Although it is Jenny who has said, it applies to most who venture sometimes fervent opinions (except the academically qualified and even then with certain reservations) who shop shop around to find random quotes, reports and research which fit with their narrative. These sorts of exchanges are nothing more than an elaborate shell game of ‘my experts trumps your experts’ and then it all devolves down into qualifications and conspiracy theories. And the obligatory derogatory, often personal commentary.

            Which is well and good elsewhere, but not at tediously expanded length in The Magpie’s Nest, where the focus is more small but important targets where can actually be heard and influence outcomes.

          • Jenny says:

            Magpie, I chose my scientific source ‘at random’ because there is no dissent, the entire scientific community agrees with the physics – water expands slightly when it is warmed up. Neither Dave or Jeff are able to find anyone, let alone an actual scientist, to support their opinion.

          • The Magpie says:

            Agreed (perhaps) but The’Pie’s comment was general and not specific about water. The science side of the debate is getting out of hand and distracting from more immediate matters. That is why The ‘Pie will shortly end the thread, it is going nowhere. Although the political aspect will still be on the table.

      • wollo says:

        If we had a government with some balls that cracked down on protesters instead of just standing by and watching , then security at a nuclear power site would not be a problem.When they build them in China and Russia I bet the police would just take them away ..never to be seen again.

        • The Magpie says:

          You imply security is lax in sensitive facilities in Australia.Looking forward to your account of how close you managed to get to Pine Gap. Or even Lucas Heights.

  43. J jones says:

    Two Names is feeling well again – happy days
    Is Frederick the Fish still with us? Hope someone was feeding the poor fella

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      The fish bailed out, Jonsey. Didn’t like hanging about and get a daily talking to from a lying fraud!!!

  44. Kenny Kennett says:

    TwoNames just wants the Channel Seven host at the V8 Super Cars to interview him before the start of the main race. Last year it was Scott Stewart looking like a dick. Delete MessageBank, Harpic is a no starter; perhaps Jacobs, Greaney, Harry Patel? I think TwoNames should probably do it given that he has won 17 Bathurst 1000’s and 9 Super Car championships. I’ve also heard that given his popularity as a music entertainer, he will perform on the Saturday night big stage as Tones and Troy.

  45. Mrs Palmer and her five daughters says:

    The human Hindenburg, Clive Palmer would have a giant stiffy over the thought of us going nuclear. He would be itching (not just around the crotch) to start a uranium mine somewhere. Lots of extra profits to feed his incredible diet of hotdogs.

    • The Magpie says:

      Deep analysis, that.

    • Pat Coleman says:

      Fatty sided with Tucker Carlson who is a Putin stooge. Palmer was already a cock but that makes him a traitor. All the ONP and far right Putin supporters are also traitors on top of being terrorists.

    • The Magpie says:

      If Palmer ever has a giant stiffy, he’ll need a mirror to see it.

      • Mrs Palmer and her five daughters says:

        And there he is, the poster boy for Diverticulitis!

      • Critical says:

        Don’t just look at Clive, go anywhere in Townsville and sometimes it would have to be close on 50% of the population have a stomach either matching Clives or heading for that shape. Must be a feat for them to engage in the pleasures of the bedroom but them maybe they dodge these pleasureable activities as they class them as exercise.

  46. Island Voice says:

    Now AM Greaney is Acting Mayor
    Who is the acting Div 3 Councillor?
    Hopefully whoever it is will be able to tell us what happened to the money set down in last year’s budget for the new toilet block at Picnic Bay? Which still haven’t been built.

    FFS councillors get your shit together stop acting like spoilt brats. Start doing what you are paid to do, which is looking after your constituents!

    • Jenny says:

      IV, I missed the opening of the Council meeting (screen frozen) so did not see how Greaney came to be the Chairperson – I could see that the previously Acting Mayor Jacob was present in the room. Was Greaney acting as Chairperson just for the period of the meeting or did some other procedural thing take place?

  47. Doug K says:

    If Thompson is sacked for telling lies, some of the other councilors should be shaking in their boots.
    One in particular, who appears to be making an opportunistic power grab, has been very loose with the truth in the past.

  48. The Magpie says:

    Seems that Labor premier Steven Miles has at least one thing in common with former Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

  49. a few roos loose says:


    Why is the Minister dragging her heals regarding this rogue Council’s unlawful actions and the Acting CEO’s unfortunate behavior?

    Why have Councillors gone to ground on their unlawful actions?

    This Labor Government has displayed a level of arrogance and contempt for the public and their democratic voice. The Premier Steven Miles has actively called for a legitimately elected leader of Local Government to remove himself from his role for no other reason than the Premier doesn’t like the Mayor or his political views.

    Townsville residents want their democratically elected Mayor back in his role. Until that happens, the voice of the residents has been trampled by the Labor Premier, his Minister, and 10 councillors who refuse to allow the Acting CEO to let the Mayor do his job.

    Acting CEO Actions:
    • Between 09 June and 11 June the Mayor provided lawful directions (under the powers provided to the Mayor in the Act) to the Acting CEO.
    • On 12 June 2024, the Acting CEO blocked the Mayor’s return to Council by hiring security guards and physically stopping the Mayor of Townsville at the doors of Council.
    • The Acting CEO made several unsubstantiated claims to the Mayor to justify this action. It is hard to understand where the Acting CEO stands on this matter.

    Erroneous Claims Made by the Acting CEO;
    • One sensational, unsubstantiated and erroneous claim was that a comment made by the Mayor on Facebook had been taken by the Acting CEO as being a violent threat to staff and that the Acting CEO was using his powers under the WHS Act to ensure the safety of his staff in the building. – The OIA reviewed the comment and found there was no conduct breach.
    • Another incorrect claim that the Mayor had to seek leave of Councillors to return from sick leave.
    • Another false claim was that the Acting CEO was acting in accordance with the Council resolution that the Mayor was on leave of absence and therefore could not allow the Mayor into the office on that basis.
    • Another equally outrageous claim that the Mayor was away on some sort of mental health leave and that it required a “full medical assessment by a Psychiatrist prior to returning”.
    • Another claim that the Acting CEO made was that he held the power and authority to refuse entry to the Mayor of Townsville until he was satisfied that the Mayor was fit to return based on the Work Health and Safety Act.

    The Acting CEO is mistaken about his powers over the Mayor of the City. Under the Act the Mayor holds the position of the Leader of Council and can make directions under his powers to the CEO. The Acting CEO does not hold any powers to make a direction to the Mayor.

    The Mayor is required to observe and abide by any Laws and in doing so is responsible to the Department and the Minister for any contravention of any laws. The Acting CEO only holds the authority to provide information to the Mayor on how the Mayor’s actions do or do not comply with the Laws.

    By refusing to comply with lawful directives of the Mayor, the CEO is continually committing conduct breaches and Councillors should consider his position very carefully.

    In Terms of the Mayor’s Fitness for His Role:

    Despite not requiring this, the Mayor has received a medical clearance by his GP Doctor.

    The Mayor is ready, strong, willing, and able to perform his duties.

    The leave sought by the Mayor was read into chambers as such “I seek a leave of absence for health reasons”.

    The Mayor mistakenly referred to the leave on social media as mental health leave.

    Byway of clarification, the Mayor meant at all times that the leave taken between 05 June and 09 June was Stress Leave taken as sick leave.

    This is reflected in a Medical Certificate provided to the Acting CEO for a 3 day sick leave period and in the resolution put to Council for the leave.

    There are no rules requiring the Mayor to seek leave of Council, or even to seek permission of the Acting CEO to return to work.

    The Acting CEO is mistaken in asserting any authority over the Mayor in this matter and the Mayor has made this absolutely clear to him.

    Moving Forward:

    • The Mayor calls on the Department to offer advice to the Acting CEO in terms of his position on this matter, and to clear any misconceptions he may hold regarding his power over the Mayor.
    * The Mayor calls on the Minister to step in as a matter of urgency and to clean up this mess by ensuring the democratically elected Mayor is allowed back to work for the residents.

    Thank you, Townsville, for your continued support. Together, we’ll navigate these challenges and ensure a brighter future for our city. Democracy belongs to all of us.

    Mayor Troy Thompson

    *** Comments for this post have been turned off ***

    • White Mouse says:

      I bet TwoNames is now ruing his choice of Acting CEO. This guy is doing a sterling job of keeping the fraudster away from the possum robes.

      • wollo says:

        TwoNames sure picked the wrong bloke to take on with the acting CEO who has 30 odd years of local Gov. experience he is well aware of what powers he has.

  50. Prickster says:

    So Brad Webb is involved in the Townsville’s North Rail Yards development????

    BM Webb Property logos all over the images of the big fancy folders with the Premier and Scott Stewart touring the North Yards.

    • The Magpie says:

      As reported here in a comment last week.

      Anyway, it’s a big ‘so what’ from me.

    • Jeff, Condon says:

      Wasn’t he Chairman of the “independent” committee on the Townsville water supply, about 10 years ago? If the same one, very close to the Mullet and something smells bad.

  51. I’ll be plucked says:



  52. Whipper Snipper says:

    Wasn’t Councillor Suzy Batkovic husband in business with Thompson? Working on some club project in Townsville and didn’t end well?

    • The Magpie says:

      Don’t know, was he? But might explain why Suzy has suddenly popped into prominence in the Thompson matter.

      • Whipper Snipper says:

        It was the big sporting club development at Illich Park in Aitkenvale and associated with Centrals Rugby League. ASA Community Inc. and this was in 2019/20. Thompson was Chairman and Suzys partner Dan Ryder was the CEO. Few stories in TSV Bully.

  53. Guy says:

    More food for thought

    The UK’s flagship Hinkley nuclear power plant was announced in 2007with an estimated completion date of 10 years, and a cost of £9 billion. However, it remains unfinished, with the latest estimated completion date being 2031, and the cost has now risen to a staggering £92.5 billion!

    But I’m sure Australia will be fine given our wise leadership and voter turnout for decades.

    • The Magpie says:

      What has caused the delays? Science or politics? Try another angle, Guy. Actually, on second thoughts, don’t.

      France’s EDF Energy said it had taken a €12.9bn (£11bn) impairment charge on the project, weeks after it blamed inflation, Covid and Brexit for a four-year delay and extra £2.3bn bill for the Somerset plant. The company said last month the project was now expected to be completed by 2031 and cost up to £35bn.

  54. The Roos have fled says:

    0600 21.6.24


    The Townsville Deputy Mayor came out on Channel 7 last night saying Councillors are “abiding by all the rules of the Act and the Local Government”.

    Councillors have been avoiding their obligation to answer questions related to their unlawful conduct and are yet to supply the Mayor or media with any indication of how they came to the position of using unlawful rules in Council meetings.

    The Mayor maintains that the Councillors are in breach of the Act, and the rules of Local Government.

    Explanation Below:

    In this case, Section 12 (4) of the Local Government Act provides the Mayor express responsibilities to Chair the Council.

    Council passed a resolution expressly removing the Mayor as the Chair of Council on 05 June.

    The Resolution Stated:

    “That Council resolves to remove the Mayor, Councillor Troy Thompson from the office of the Chairperson in accordance with rule 6.5.1 of the Code of Meeting Practice Policy and that Councillor Greaney be appointed as the Chairperson of Council.”

    It established that subordinate laws cannot be inconsistent with the Authorising Act….

    Relevant legal principle: Dignan’s case. (Victorian Stevedores v Dignan (1931) 46 CLR 73).

    The resolution that Councillors passed on 05 June is inconsistent with the Act and therefore invalid.

    But consider it further. Cairns City is currently undergoing a more serious matter with their Mayor facing allegations of actual misconduct. Should the Cairns Council simply just vote the Mayor out of her role like they have done in Townsville?

    The Minister claims she needs to wait on “proper process”.

    This is a blatant lie to the public. The Minister has the express powers in the Local Government Act at Section 121, to remove the unsound decisions and she is not required to wait on any complaints to be resolved.

    The Minister is doing the dirty work for the Premier in keeping this issue rolling in a desperate attempt to avoid tanking polls for Labor in the upcoming State elections.

    When the Minister finally does come out and remove these decisions, which she will, because they are wrong, the Mayor will be vindicated.

    The polls suggest residents do not support the Premier or Labor with only 28% supporting them in most recent polls.

    The crime, housing and cost of living crisis caused by this Labor Government are causing the Premier to make irrational demands.

    The Premier should forget about political games, and think about the Townsville Residents who voted the Labor Mayor OUT at the last election.

    Labor is on the nose in this city because of these silly childish games. The Residents can see through it and it stinks.

    Thank you, Townsville, for your continued support. Together, we’ll navigate these challenges and ensure a brighter future for our city. Democracy belongs to all of us.

    Mayor Troy Thompson

    *** Comments for this post have been turned off ***

    • The Magpie says:

      Couple of notes for readers generally.

      The Magpie continues to post this drivel – supposedly from the sacked mayor – so you are informed of the latest MyPlace-inspired time wasting efforts, and have the fullest possible picture of the fractured mental nature of Mr Thompson’s greedy mindset. To newcomers to the Nest (and there’s been quite a few newbies), The ‘Pie points out that publishing these embarrassing rants is in no way an endorsement, just the posting of open information.

      A second and very salient point is that it now appears that Stephen Lane, acting in his apparent post as Thompson’s legal adviser, is the author of the above wild-eyed word salad. Referring to the mayor in the third person, as noted by another Nester, is not as first thought, a Thompson quirk and mental tell-tale, but some sloppy writing by Lane (note the third sentence in the above release).

      Mr Lane has long been more than slightly mentally adjacent, a sad and bitter conspiracy theorist who has always been little more than a pest.

      Possessing a legal degree does not confer the wisdom needed utilise that knowledge … in Mr Lane’s case, it just reaffirms that even monkeys can learn to juggle – clumsily.

  55. Doug K says:

    Seven Local News last night had Thompson declaring he had been cleared by a doctor to return to work and intended to do so, putting the councilors who locked him out in a difficult position.
    If they try to lock him out again they run the very real risk of the State Government declaring the whole council a basket case, disbanding it, appointing an administrator, and holding new elections.
    That sounds like a good result to me.
    Meanwhile, not a word in the Townsville Bulletin this morning on this latest Thompson development.
    Did the editor completely miss the story, or is she running scared with the threat of legal action – not for publishing Thompson’s proven lies, but for some of the other derogatory comments she has published.
    Interesting times.

    • The Magpie says:

      You’re a bit ambiguous there Doug when you write:‘If they try to lock him out again they run the very real risk of the State Government declaring the whole council a basket case,….’.

      Is that your take on the situation or is that part of the latest rant from the unglued individual editor Cas Garvey cleverly called our Nightmayor?

      • Doug K says:

        My take entirely, Pie.
        Garvey has dropped me off her Christmas card list and blocked me from sending her emails, so no connection there whatsoever.
        BTW there is still nothing on the Bully website regarding Thompson’s latest move.
        Anyone know if he reported for work this morning?

      • Dread Pirate Roberts says:

        His arguments about the applicability of the WHS Act are laughable. Anyone can see that the Council’s WHS policy applies to Councillors. They are also covered by the Council’s self-insurance if they are injured in the course of their duties. The truth is that Thompson completely mishandled this situation. By stating that he was seeking leave for mental health reasons associated with his role as mayor, he gave the council and the CEO no choice but to ensure that they were exercising their duty of care to him. You can’t then turn around a week later and say, “I’m good to go, cobber.”

        Additionally, providing a note from your GP saying you’re all good now does not suffice. I would suspect the Council would require a clearance from a suitably qualified specialist such as a psychiatrist. This process requires an assessment of the role and duties of the mayor as well as Mr Thompson’s medical history (that tome would make for interesting reading) and his current condition.

        He could have avoided all of this by not being such a wimp and turned up to the meeting where they moved the resolutions he is so aggrieved about.

        I do have to say, it’s nice to have the nutter back though.


  56. Dread Pirate Roberts says:

    There are some striking similarities between the arguments that Two Names is presenting regarding the legality of Council resolutions removing him as chair and the posts by serial clown Stephen Lane on the Townsville Bulletin Facebook page. I understand that Lane is now acting as chief legal advisor to the beleaguered Mayor. While Lane is a recent CQU legal graduate, he would have about as much legal acumen as Billy Bob the banjo player. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by the union, though. Both he and Two Names have had more starts than Gunsynd and a quick Google search of Lane demonstrates that he is in good company being partnered with the Mayor. This is what Acting Magistrate Smid had to say about Mr Lane:

    Queensland MP Les Walker acquitted of assault after confrontation outside Townsville pub – ABC online, Posted Fri 5 Nov 2021 at 3:16am

    Acting Magistrate Smid said he had “serious concerns” about Mr Lane’s credibility as a witness.

    “It’s all drama stuff, trying to blacken Mr Walker who, for some reason, must be a political adversary in an arena in which Mr Lane only hopes to walk,” he said.


  57. Grumpy says:

    I see Shady Lane is one of TwoNames most ardent supporters. Obviously feeding quasi legal advice to the Cookers. Vile creature he is.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      Well Thompson did give his old man’s paintings a bit of publicity. Lane’s might be mental but they are loyal.

  58. I’ll be plucked says:

    Is Food Trucks Greaney positioning herself for a tilt at the possible Mayor vacancy? She appears to be loving the limelight at the moment and that smirk is ever present on her face.

    I wonder if the community will fall for voting for her, if the Mayor position does fall vacant within the 12 month period, as she was a Mullet arm raiser extraordinaire over a long period of time……..

  59. Jeff, Condon says:

    Dick Smith, speaking.on the radio yesterday, said Bob Brown told him the reason he was opposed to nuclear power was that it led to building nuclear bombs. Go figure.

    • The Magpie says:

      hahaha … a previous snapshot of that reasoning happened during the COVID era when the Qld CHO and now governor (gawd help us) Jeanette Young banned two single seater vintage fighters doing Anzac flypasts on the premise that if ‘people saw them, they’d be tempted to go for a drive’.

    • Poles and wires says:

      The ALP and Greens have more of their convoluted thinking about in nuclear power plants in subs with hundreds of crew right next to them v nuclear power plants on land. They like one but not the other, one is safe but one is not, the waste from six subs is fine to manage but the waste from seven plants is not.

      These clowns are knitting their own reality out of earwax, snot and ideology.

  60. Toy Thompstain says:

    Twonames has posted several comments on Facebook in the past few hours. I couldn’t be bothered copying and posting his drivel, but it seems like his sick leave has given him some extra energy all of a sudden! He ain’t going to go quietly, that’s for sure. Please One Nation, hire him and put him to work. Anything but Mayor. The fuckwit…

  61. Mrs Palmer and her five daughters says:

    Fat boy has has withdrawn his application to build a hugely controversial, enormous, luxury car museum, labelled an “eyesore” by Sunshine Coast locals. The diverticulitis kid can’t Copa break at the moment. Everything he touches (or eats) turns to shit! Ha ha.

    • Burnt Brows says:

      I guess going from barely $1B net worth to over $22B in a few short years makes him a loser? Can’t imagine he gives a shit about the car museum, probably an ulterior motive I suspect.

  62. Tom Sutton says:

    An open letter to David Crisafulli:

    I have met with you personally, and you know of me, I have voted for you and been a loyal supporter.

    I’m totally perplexed and disappointed on your view in denying nuclear power. Sorry mate you have lost my vote! This “poor excuse for a Prime Minister” has totally divided Australia, and Bowen is leading all of us down the drain.

    I believe nuclear will be more efficient & much more economical for Australia in the long term. I also, don’t agree with your view on daylight saving for Queensland. Not being in line with Vic & NSW is costing Queensland a substantial amount of money every year. We should embrace it.

    You may not care too much about my vote, however, there are numerous people who think the way I do.

    It shouldn’t be that hard to win the election against the current misfits that Qld has.


    Tom Sutton

    Sanctuary Cove 4212

    • old tradesman says:

      Well Mr Sutton, I also am a firm believer in nuclear power as our base load source of reliable power as opposed to what I believe that solar panels, batteries and windmills will be the biggest environmental disaster that this country has ever seen. Dutton, like him or not has at least had the guts to come out and start the conversation, unlike his opponents Labor, Greens and Teals who are puerile in what should be a mature conversation, painting images of three eyed mutations as they look at themselves in the mirror. At the moment this is only the start of the conversation and the transition to this so called net zero propaganda is years away. In the mean time what David is saying is that we need to keep coal in place as our base load source, and repair and maintain the existing power stations like Callide A and B, which in my opinion were let run down on purpose to satisfy a hidden unreliable renewable political agenda. So in losing your vote is it going to Labor or Greens?

    • wollo says:

      Mr.Sutton,I agree with the first part of your comments about nuclear ..should have done it years ago.However,I dont agree with the 2nd part regarding Daylight Saving.I lived in MT.Isa For 35 years and I can tell you that getting young kids to bed at 8pm (DST.) when it is still daylight and its still 38% is not easy.Its great for you in s.e.q.ld. and good luck to you but is not suitable for regional areas.We tried it back in the early 90s.and it didnt work.I also lived at Tweed Heads for 25 years and that was a lot of fun with the border and D.S.T. I can tell you.

      • The Magpie says:

        You are not ‘regional Queensland’ in the sense you mean … 90% of regional Queenslander live in the areas that would benefit greatly from the removal of the greatly expensive DST split. Uniform DS would not affect the biggest economic industry, mining, and would greatly belefit the second largest, tourism.

    • Ducks Nuts says:

      Go Tom! I dunno who you’re voting for in Qld. And I don’t care. But a vote for Crisafulli is a vote for madness.

    • Gunt says:

      I’m also disappointed in Crisafulli. Nuclear is probably the most realistic option for reliable baseload power. Australia has endless supplies of uranium and almost infinite storage locations. Uranus is everywhere. In the rocks, soil…ect They’d be more uranium in the average person’s back yard

    • Guy says:

      If Crisafulli is against building nuclear plants he clearly has taken time to find out what’s involved and how much it will take to build and cost.

      Now let’s just forget all this nuclear stuff and use natural gas turbine units. Clean, cheap, low maintenance, reliable, small footprint you could put one in the middle of the CBD and no one would know.

      Nuclear in Australia should be used for research / teaching , we don’t have anymore money or time to spend on things that don’t work.

    • Blunder Bus says:


      Let’s put some figures in the table. A Mwh of nuclear uses between 1300 and 28000 litres of water depending what it is (cook or pressure) and also for processing uranium, dust suppression when building, and more. This water has to be filtered and be a sustained supply.

      I’m assuming you are not a hydrologist, I used to be before I got hack of the numnuttery of Olympic size swimming pools, farmers sucking up acid sludge and bores without taps. But we all know that water is a challenge – not enough, too much, over allocated, no modern recharge, and sensitive to dry periods. This is the part of the holy trinity we’re not talking about. Stanvac refinery in port Lonsdale was turned into a desal plant in I can’t completely recall, 2006, 2007. 1.5 billion I recall.

      So let’s say there another big drought – how do you manage sustained needs and mitigate risk? You can’t just turn the sucker off.

      So what’s your answer? To talk about baseload is all good and well but to get to that requires an awful lot of money, planning, risk minimisation and decent management.

      What’s the current state for those sites, what’s the water baseline and what can it sustain?

  63. FFS says:

    2 in one day.

    Latest update from the Mayor around 0900. 21.6.24:

    Recent correspondence from the OIA:
    On 19 June 2024 the Mayor has received the outcomes of 3 separate complaints put to the OIA by the Acting CEO about comments and posts made by the Mayor on social media.
    All of the complaints resulted in rejections by the Office of the Independent Assessor.
    The OIA provided further clarification to the Mayor on what would be advisable to post and how to conduct himself online according to the conduct rules.
    The Mayor maintains that he is always in compliance with the rules and that these and all other outcomes by the OIA so far are a clear indication of the Mayor complying at all times.
    While the Mayor encourages transparency, the Mayor also encourages people who dislike his content to simply look away. There is no need to refer seemingly reasonable comments and posts to the OIA and to chew up their precious resources. That is petty. Especially as they have more relevant things to investigate such as the conduct of councillors and their use of unlawful tactics and rules to bypass State laws.
    The Mayor maintains that the Councillors are in breach of the Act, and the rules of Local Government. That is the real issue, not the continuing character assassination of the democratically elected Mayor.
    Thank you, Townsville, for your continued support. Together, we’ll navigate these challenges and ensure a brighter future for our city. Democracy belongs to all of us.
    Mayor Troy Thompson

    *** Comments for this post have been turned off ***

    • The Magpie says:

      More foam flecked thinking from Stephen Lane, writing responses for Thompson while pretending to be legally competent.

      And talk about loopy spin … if the OIA ‘provided further clarification to (3rd person) the mayor on what would be advisable to post and how to conduct himself on line according to the conduct lines’ that is clearly a gentle reprimand for some of his posts. So now Thompson/Lane wish to take on the OIA itself by suggesting he’s always compliant with the rules – despite the OIA clearly saying he hasn’t been and has had to remind him.

      Seriously, where does this clown show see this all ending up. The councillors don’t want him, CEO doesn’t want him, the Premier and the Opposition leader don’t want him, and the clincher, the people of Townsville don’t want him.

      The arrogance is staggering, second only to the derangement.

  64. Bob Roberts says:

    For no particular reason, here’s an interesting story from the UK …

    … with the key quote:
    “Tom Herring, chair of the South Atlantic Medal Association, said Mr Adderley’s actions were an insult to all veterans, telling Sky News: “It makes me feel bad and it’s despicable of someone to do that.””


  65. Dave Nth says:

    ABS see ya troll.

    Glib one line comments with no evidence doesn’t cut it if you want a serious discussion.

    You have proven you are not worth the effort.

  66. I’ll be plucked says:

    Pie, Garvey ‘stole’ Nightmayor’ from the NT News. They have used it in the past when referring to some of the nutters who have been Mayors over there, the most recent being Tennant Creek, where the entire council has been dismissed and new elections for all positions in November this year.

    • The Magpie says:

      Not surprised, but that’s whereThe ‘pie first saw it,so credited her.

      But don’t we all wish she pinch a few other ideas from the NT News, like layout, grammar, tone and balance.

  67. Clamped nipples says:

    Thompson is a tool. The sooner he leaves Towmsville the better.

  68. Villified says:

    Re faking military service

    Arrogant temerity fits nicely with accidental

  69. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    More allegations from the Astonisher. This is simply ridiculous stuff from our alleged newspaper, who is asking us to doubt what we can actually see.

    This drop kick didn’t ‘allegedly’ run on the field.
    What he did was run on the field. When the police charge him they will allege he broke several laws in doing so.

    • The Magpie says:

      Compounding this juvenality is the very fact that they say alleged at the start, then caption the picture saying he actually did run onto the field.

      The trouble is that if the writer reads this, he/she simply won’t know what the problem is.

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