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Sunday, July 31st, 2022   |   95 comments

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder – But So Is Bullshit

It is surely time we stopped the cultural cringe of deferring to an elite few  – most of whom The Magpie reckons must be on the spectrum – and have a group of sensible local people having a bigger say in our made environment. Let’s start with that risible piece of expensive junk just unveiled on the Strand. The ‘Pie has a much better idea.

Australia loses one of it most powerful and eloquent voice of  our national conscience.

Are pedestrians going to be banned from the Denham Street Bridge?

Who said our new federal parliament won’t be inclusive across party boundaries? After Pauline Hanson went walkabout over the welcome to country ceremony, you’ll never guess who has backed her up.

And it wouldn’t be a week without a headline cock-up from our friends at the Daily Astonisher.

The Magpie has just been informed that there’s to be technical changes to the platform that carries The Magpie’s Nest by the end of this month, changes that will likely cost money for what techno whizzes apparently call a re-built. Any financial help to cover this unexpected development will assist in ensuring the continuation of this weekly missive. The Donate button is at the end of the blog. Be appreciated.

Onward for now.

The Man Who Sang A Nation’s Shame Has Died

Archie Roach has died, aged 66.

Archie Roach is dead , and so Australia has lost the most powerful voice of its national conscience.

As Australia readies to vote on a constitutional amendment to give aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders people a permanent parliamentary voice, the man who spoke for a generation’s pain in simple, searing story-telling , passed away peacefully in hospital in Warrnambool this weekend. He was surrounded by family and friends when he finally succumbed to a long illness.

He was 66.

Archie was of course much more than just a single song, but in this 2016 version when he was honoured at the Aria Awards, the searing simplicity of his iconic ‘They Children Took The Children Away’ is for me the most meaningful rendition his globally acclaimed history telling. If you’re not ready for it, the very last line is a jolt that brings tears to the eyes.


Pauline: A Country Member?

When the One Notion leader went walkabout out of the Senate ‘welcome to country’ ceremony, loudly quavering that she has never and never will recognise any part of the country as belonging to a particular aboriginal group, things followed the usual script – cue outrage left of stage, with claims of ‘ignorance’ and ‘racism’ cue wailing chorus of the Dutton Singers over on right stage singing Hanson hosannas under their breath, and John Q Public centre stage, wondering where the hell all this had suddenly come from. Like a fading firework, for the ADS-stricken media, this damp squib was expected to have a half-life of a day at most. That is, until this newly minted senator popped up as the sputtering secondary sparkle of this dying skyrocket.

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 7.16.03 pm

NT’s Liberal Country Senator  Jacinta  Namoijinpa Price, the former deputy mayor of Alice Springs, told a radio audience she ‘sympathised with Pauline’.

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 9.23.27 am

Senator Price said ‘We don’t want to see all these symbolic gestures, we want to see action.’

Hanson herself took a different tack, believing that Acknowledgment of Country perpetuated racial division.

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 7.13.26 pm

‘Like many non-indigenous Australians, I consider this country belongs to me as much as it does belong to any other Australian, indigenous or otherwise,’ Hanson said.

The ‘Pie reckons many Australians are happy with these ‘Welcome’ ceremonies, especially before sporting events, because it gives them an extra couple of minutes to get a beer from the grandstand bar or the kitchen fridge. And The ‘Pi thinks there is some condescending paternal indulgence among the white crowds watching on with a ‘c’mon, let ‘em have their moment’ ambience. But Bentley’s pretty much over all the ceremonial palaver surrounding the opening of Parliament.


It Wasn’t All Sweetness And Light In The NRL, Either.

More fire than smoke, with West Tigers spitting chips over their loss to the Cowboys last weekend. And it ain’t over yet, the fat lady hasn’t even gargled, because Wests have lawyered up to get the two match points back. This challenge was heightened when the NRL admitted it was a wrong ref’s call in the last seconds of the game that allowed the Cowboys to get home by a point. But then was adamant that the result was to stand.

But if the outcome was gleefully accepted around this town, trust the good old Astonisher to lose it wrestle with grammar at the last minute, with this head-scratcher headline.

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 9.05.28 am

Think they mean the legal action is against the Cowboys, not the bunker call against the Cowboys.

And just to annoy those better read on this sporting  matter than The ‘Pie (i.e everybody),  there is one question that he hasn’t seen addressed or answered: how could the Cowboy’s make a ‘challenge’ when no ruling had been made to challenge? The challenge involved in rugby league is exactly what it says … a challenge to a ref’s ruling. Certainly, the linesmen have always been able to draw the ref’s attention to matters of illegal play – that’s part of what they’re there for – but if it’s upheld that the Cowboys had the right to appeal, then the rulebook is going to have be hastily rewritten. Otherwise, it will be a stop-start jerky affair as one side has the right to challenge the actions of an opposing player or team which has not caused the ref to stop play.

A Tale of Two Cities – Again

Up in Tinsel Town, Cairns was organising some more tinsel …

Cairns Gallery Precinct Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 5.13.22 pm

… while down here, we were getting this …

he Magpie
10,272 approved
email hidden; JavaScript is required
Submitted on 2022/07/27 at 10:55 pmThe latest stunning attraction to attract hordes to our city …. and it only cost $90,000. It’s an absolute steal … whichever way you look at it.Artist-Christopher-Trotter-and-Ann-Maree-Greaney-at-the-newly-installed-artwork-on-The-StrandClr Ann-Maree Greaney (centre) was there for the unveiling, with budding prankster and practical joker Christopher Trotter (he called himself an artist for this clever spoof on the council) and his practical joke which won last year’s Ephemera $90,000 prize will now be permanently on display to further Townsville’s reputation as the Laughing Stock of Australia.

Mr Trotter deadpanned that the sculpture was a nod to Townsville’s past and North Queensland’s environment and lifestyle. (But of course, how could that be missed? Magpie)

“There are subtle hints related to the region all around the artwork,” Mr Trotter said. “The body is inspired by a box jellyfish and made from an old hydraulic tank to signify Townsville’s involvement with the mining industry. (And sewerage farm, too.)

“The propeller on top of the sculpture is in reference to the military presence in Townsville, and the artwork is made to look like an introduced or foreign species to reflect the biosecurity threats North Queensland faces. (But of course, so obvious.   But are you sure that propellor isn’t off the top of your cap, Mr Trotter? Magpie)

“Different people have been able to identify with different elements of the sculpture, and it is great to see a broad cross-section of the community have really engaged with it.” (Well, yes, if you mean a large section of the community is cross with this expensive nonsense.)

But Clr Greaney was spot on when she said “It is proving to be a bit of a conversation starter.“ The ‘Pie doesn’t doubt that, but being ever mindful of the delicate sensitivities of his readers, so will not put into print the general drift of those conversations.

OK, Smartarse, So What Would Be A Better Outcome? You Ask

Short answer is probably ‘just about anything’,. But look, put aside all the windy flapdoodle by the cognoscenti, this is more than just about some grumpy joke concerning a bit of hobby welding being cutting edge ‘art’. No, there is a more serious question, particularly in a city desperately trying (or should be) to create a positive and attractive profile. There is a wider responsibility that should both curb this stupidity and foster a greater vision with more relatable artworks. The Strand is a wonderful palette on which to create a memorable experience.

Several Aussie cities have profited in the tourism sector from permanent outdoor sculpture parks  – Ballarat (busts of all Prime Ministers), Newcastle, Port Macquarie (koalas) and Katoomba has a wonderful garden of metallic animals made from miscellaneous spare parts. So if that sort of money is floating around, why not make The Strand a Sculpture Walk, featuring imaginative pieces to join the silver borders and wonderful turtles already there? Those existing pieces have always reminded The ‘Pie of the start of a good idea that was abandoned early in the piece for whatever reason.

And certainly, the choices should be populist, humorous, eye-catching and understandable enough for people to get the playful humour. Here’s an sample of  what could be 20 or so art works dotted along The Strand permanently, which would attract visitors and imprint the experience in their memories. Natural beauty with clever, memorable art.

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 11.58.58 pm

b68289bb63e6f6d71160dacec17a1ff7 Sculpture wild boar Car-parts-sculptures-made-by-Australian-artist-James-Corbett-6 Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 12.04.05 am fb2590eba1e9c78830febffb38507a09 Sculpture owl Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 12.05.35 am Sculpture bin chicken images


Larger works would be probably necessary than those illustrated,  but you get the gist. Some of the above examples are from overseas artists, but then again, so are the underwater sculptures and the tidal colour-changing statue near the fishing jetty. And there are several Australian artists working in this sort of sculpture here in Oz. But perhaps the best part of a visionary, promotable, recognisable collection is cost. There are multiple sources for funding of this sort of project. Let’s say two million dollars – not even enough for a Castle Hill café – would go a long way achieving this sort of attraction Especially when you see such wasteful ill-conceived projects like the $6m+ ponied up to the mayor’ mates, the Wagners, for a few metres of a boardwalk to nowhere. Or this crowning idiocy …

Walker St stairs IMG_1987

Castle Hill stairs under construction last year

… a stairway to the goat track on The Hill, which, in a symbolically apt location, is at the western end of Walker Street.  Unlike outdoor art, this expensive piece of pork barrelled infrastructure has hardly had them flying in from all points of the compass to …. walk up some stairs. Since their inception, The Magpie in his frequent passings, has not seen one single person using these stairs. Nor have several folks who work nearby (yes, I asked.)

Two Inclusions That Must Be In Any Such Strand Statue Collection

The story of the early morning and evening life on the The Strand, beautifully told without words. This one at the start at say the Tobruk Pool …

Sculpture  Walking The Dog 722ae91048b460257788c2a5f0f0ec8e

… and this one at the Rockpool end.

Sculpture shitting dog download

Speaking Of Pedestrian Matters

There have persistent rumours coming into The Nest over the past month or two that plans are in the works to close the Denham Street bridge to foot traffic. Despite efforts, The ‘Pie has been unable to verify any information regarding this possible change. Walking across the bridge the other day, it was noted that the footpaths are indeed too narrow for comfort or safety, with traffic whizzing by within centimetres if walkers are two abreast or passing those approaching.

Is this something to do with Mayor Mullet’s recent witterings about a new foot bridge from Central Park to Flinders Street East – which seems an inane impossibility as a duplication of the existing Victoria bridge.

Anyone know anything?

The Stars And Gripes Forever

The evidence against the mobster president Donald Trump continues to mount, but Justice Department inaction to date has anxiety also mounting that this deeply evil traitor will never face a court for any of the multiple crimes including insurrection for which there is enough damning testimony and emails to justify a trial.

But Americans also have other multiple anxieties, with petrol prices, inflation and of late, questions about whether Joe Biden will make it to the end of his term. If the worst happened, alarmed Americans shudder to think of Kamala Harris in the Oval Office. She is widely considered nowhere near up to the job.

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 8.54.50 am Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 9.29.23 am

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 8.51.26 am Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 12.38.28 pm Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 10.43.18 am Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 10.41.59 am Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 10.42.20 am Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 10.59.12 am Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 10.57.54 am Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 8.53.07 am Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 8.52.48 am Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 8.51.44 am Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 8.54.06 am Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 9.28.14 am Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 10.08.52 am Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 10.06.47 am Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 10.07.10 am Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 10.04.58 am Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 10.04.43 am Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 9.29.53 am Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 9.27.21 am Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 10.18.13 amAnd If George Orwell Were Around Today ..

Orwell reading 2022 FYi9MwOUsAA8djT

Finally …

Always trust your doctor.

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 10.43.47 am


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  1. Achilles says:

    Great selection of “sculptures” BUT why 2 Magpies? 2 Magpies do not a summer make!

  2. Alahazbin says:

    Cairns Regional Council EOI.
    Site Master Plan and New Gallery Design and
    Construction – closing time 4.30PM, Friday 19 August 2022
    Now there is job that would get Steve BG out of town for a while.

    • Ma Kelly says:

      AND Bin, out of my laundromat. Has been in here staring at the spin dryer far too much in the past month!

  3. On Two Wheels says:

    A nice art installation on the Strand would be 5 old cars (Partington Wreckers could help out here) piled up on the beach and set alight every night. This art piece could be titled “ One Night in Townsville “

    • The Magpie says:

      Given the natural arc of events in Townsville, that bit of performance art is on it’s way, be patient.

      • NQ Gal says:

        Some performance art was done to yet another Townsville sports field last night. More money that a club doesn’t have to try and replace the damaged turf.

  4. The Wonderer says:

    Before they think of banning walkers from Denham street bridge the first thing they should be banning is all those stupid scooters that whiz across it everyday, think they should be banned everywhere but while the council is getting $1 per day per scooter hired or not that’s not going to happen any time soon, Why would they want a foot bridge to Flinders Street East to see what? the only thing to see early in the morning is pigeons plus avoiding the vomit down to Wickham street, amazes me how that coffee shop is allowed to have tables and chairs on the foot path serving food is beyond me, the council only scrub the footpath up to the Mad Cow and no further, anyway the Council know what they are doing just ask them and they will tell you.

  5. Mike Douglas says:

    Pie , couldn’t agree more on the eyesore art Council has plonked on the Strand . A reflection of Councillor Greaneys disconnect to the community ” it’s proving to be a conversation starter ” . Speaking of Council disconnect I see they approved $50,000 for a festival this week that in previous years seemed to rely on corporate sponsorship . That I guess is funded out of Councils $39.5 mil Culture , lifestyle , wellbeing budget that Councillor Ocallaghan queried , why so much . Based on the fact local charities are being inundated with request for food and accommodation just not sure whose wellbeing Council are referring to ? .

    • Dave Nth says:

      Was on the Strand the other day, IMO what’s there looks tacky. Thing is with the view especially on a beautiful day like the other day wonder if these “artworks” are actually ever noticed?

  6. The Magpie says:

    Archie Roach is dead , and so Australia has lost the most powerful voice of its national conscience.

    As Australia readies to vote on a constitutional amendment to give aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders people a permanent parliamentary voice, the man who spoke for a generation’s pain in simple, searing story-telling , passed away peacefully in hospital in Warrnambool this weekend. He was surrounded by family and friends when he finally succumbed to a long illness.

    He was 66.

    Archie was of course much more than just a single song, but in this 2016 version when he was honoured at the Aria Awards, the searing simplicity of his iconic ‘They Children Took The Children Away’ is for me the most meaningful rendition his globally acclaimed history telling. If you’re not ready for it, the very last line is a jolt that brings tears to the eyes.


  7. Jatzcrackers says:

    Pie, Perhaps Mullet is raising the issue of the current bridge walkway being to skinny as a way of having old mates Wagners design and build a wider walkway attached to the outer side of the bridge in question.
    Of course the new walkway would be owned by Wagners and TCC (see rate payers) get to lease it back at an eye watering annual rate !
    Would fit in with her other crazy idea of Wagners installing the creek side walkway to nowhere.
    On another note, it’s rumoured that Wagners have added art to their building portfolio as they’ve heard that local councils are paying exorbitant amounts of money for welded together junk !

  8. Regular reader says:

    Regarding the closure of Denham Street bridge to foot traffic, a mate who moves in State Labor circles says its going to happen, but only if Jenny Hill can get funding from the State or Federal governments.
    He says the footbridge will actually go from the Flinders Street East nightclub precinct to the rear of the Yacht Club.
    The introduction of those pesky scooters has added a new level of danger to walking across the Denham St bridge, so the closure of the bridge to foot traffic and construction of a new pedestrian bridge seems to be common sense, something that Jenny Hill and her puppets haven’t shown much of in the past, evidenced by those $4 million Castle Hill humpies, the Palmer St dog’s breakfast, rejection of Federal funding for that long overdue pipeline, paying $6.2 million to the Wagners for 280 metres of boardwalk, erecting an ugly piece of junk on The Strand, paying millions for underwater artwork that is fast turning into coral blobs, etc, etc, etc, etc.
    But don’t hold your breath waiting for the new pedestrian bridge to be built. The council is broke so taxpayers and not ratepayers will foot the bill. Given that our Mayor seems to be out of favour with both Anna and Albo, maybe pedestrians will be charged a toll to cross the bridge,
    We live in interesting times.

  9. Critical says:

    These f**king scooters have taken over the city, seen them parked and abandoned on Bowen Rd, in Pimlico and Aitkenvale, at JCU and Townsville University Hospital. Wait a second JCU and TUH are in Douglas, isn’t that where Jenny lives, next thing we’ll see her using one of these f**cking things as transport to 103 Walker Street. That’d be great publicly for the city.
    Still can’t work out why the ALP protected species hasn’t destroyed these scooters yet.

    • The Magpie says:

      Jenny scootering to work? Good news for motorcyclists.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, couple of points. The scooters you see aren’t abandoned, their contract of usage dictates they can be left wherever the rider ends his/her/its/theirs use. The companies have regular location monitoring patrols which seem to work ok. But it clear they aren’t policed properly, and helmets seem to be considered optional (they’re not). And the pedestrian scooter mix should be clearly defined. However, that our much put upon police should have this extra burden of duyu doesn’t seem quite vfair … maybe an added buser charge could be imposed to fund a private rolling patrols to ensure proper useage. But sadly for your point of view, they are madly popular, as even you say, they’re everywhere. And considerately used, they seem to suit the Townsville conditions.

      Be interesting to know if the little snots have made a dent in the numbers of scooters around.

      • Achilles says:

        Pie I am surprised that you are discriminating by restricting your address to only the his/her/its/theirs clique.

        What about dogs, cats, sheep, extra terrestrials, TCC elected persons, ranggers, TV
        Personalities, cyclists and any other singular or composite groups of aggrieved rent-a-crowd zombies?

      • Critical says:

        Agree that the users of the scooters aren’t policed properly but the police are way to busy repeatedly catching the ALP Protected Criminal Species.
        Your point about the use of helmets is particularly true. Sitting on the Strand a few days ago and I noticed that very few wear helmets correctly. The grand prize for stupidity has to go to the adult male who was riding a scooter with a young child, maybe 6 yes old, and a toddler in a child carrying pack on his back and none of them wearing a helmet. A woman yelled something to him about helmets and the kids safety and got told to Get f**ked for her concerns. Typical Boganville.

        • The Magpie says:

          Bet there was no consultation with the coppers when scooters were introduced here, and across Queensland. Talk about unintended consequences, more work and public blame for the poor bastards …, really who’d be a copper nowadays..

          And another aspect on the helmet issue … seriously, would you pick up a helmet that has been used by previous riders who may have all sorts of unwanted and possibly dangerous exotica hitching a ride in their hair and scalp … and put it on YOUR head? As they say in court, that may explain but it never excuses.

  10. Prince Rollmop says:

    That metal statue of the dog dropping a turd belongs on the wall of Madam Hills Walker Street office. It will remind her of what she does to the TCC staff and the ratepayers every day.

  11. I’ll be plucked says:

    Seven local news, State Health Minister re RAT tests – ‘……., 5 fwee tests, for the next fwee months for concession card holders’.

    Fwank you Minister! :)

  12. Critical says:

    Does anyone know how close Townsville is to breaking it’s record for stolen vehicles this calendar year.


  13. Regular reader says:

    If anyone needed proof that the leader of our three local ALP drones Scott Stewart is just one of the Premier’s puppets, have a gander at our Minister for Kiddy Crim’s latest piece of ALP propaganda, his Budget Newsletter July 2022 which has been stuffed in letterboxes all over the city this week. The front page headline reads “DELIVERING FOR TOWNSVILLE GOOD JOBS, BETTER SERVICES, GREAT LIFESTYLE” (that lifestyle bit is hilarious considering the thousands of people living in fear of the little grubs who now control the streets). Also on the front page is “A MESSAGE FROM THE PREMIER” which claims “The 2022-23 Queensland State Budget is all about providing for good jobs, better services, and a great Queensland lifestyle”.
    Is Stewart a puppet or parrot? Either way he’s like his newsletter – a waste of taxpayer money.
    Predictably there is no mention of crime. According to the ALP crime is under control and not worth even one sentence in the 4 page bullsheet.

    • Palm Sunday says:

      Regular, if you are one of the thousands of people you claim are “living in fear of the little grubs who now control the streets”, why the fuck would you want to read more about it in a propaganda pamphlet from your government member? The Bully is full of it, the TV news regularly covers it and the ‘Nest is awash with realistic comment that the government doesn’t have a clue, so what possible hope do you have that a local member will have anything constructive to say? Bin it like the rest of your junk mail. It’s bad for your mental health.

    • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

      Easy to tell a puppet from a parrot. A puppet has something shoved up it to make i useful while a parrot just flies around preening itself and shitting on people.

    • Old Tradesman says:

      That is why he is called Private Cupcake, soft and doughy and full of shit.

    • Critical says:

      And the same propaganda sheet from idiot Walker has hit letterboxes too. Thought the statistics on the additional nurses, doctors, police etc that his sheet told us were a bit dodge at first sight and ghen saw the small print Since 2015. Bloody dickhead was even a State MP then.

  14. Sticky Fingers says:

    Mr. MP., please tell me who would would seek publicity and talk to the Press just to prove what an absolute halfwit he is?
    Aspiring “politician” Clynton Hawks would!


    Mr. Hawks “ sprang into action”…now that’s got to be Quote of the Week…to find his $20 door lock from Bunnings…”I’ve been meaning to get that deadlock” … had been opened with a $5 pair of pliers from Bunnings… “Now where is that security screen door?”… and then, shuffled around in his jammies to discover that his three sets of car keys, that he’d hidden on the coffee table and kitchen bench were gone…as was his you beaut ute!

    He then further sprang into action to enlighten the Press that … “Usually, I’m on the other end of this issue, speaking about crime”
    What a role model!
    Wonder if he had insurance?
    Probably not!
    The scary thing, Mr. MP, is that 6500 people voted for this dolt at the recent Federal election.

  15. Achilles says:

    Just saw Jo Biden announcing that they have just bumped off the leader of Al Qaeda after about 20 years of trying . He then went on to boast about America “never backs down, never runs away” et al.

    He needs a reality check; who ran away from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan? and is now shitting itself if China decides to use ” The Peoples Liberation Army” if Pelosi lands in Taiwan.

    He seems to think he’s Jack Kennedy squaring up to Khrushchev over Cuba. No fool like an old fool!

    • The Magpie says:

      fair point, sort of, but the historical question is more not of running away, but going in in the first place. All three conflicts you mention were intervened on lies and to prop up corrupt but friendly regimes.

      • Achilles says:

        Couldn’t agree more, I always remember Colin Powell knowingly lying with his blurry supposed ariel pics of vehicles claimed to be indisputable evidence that Saddam had mobile WOMD. Yet Saddam had already refused Al-Qaeda sanctuary in Iraq

        Poor bastard knew the pics were bogus but Dubbya, Rumsfeld and Chaney ordered him, so a peaceful (well not war mongering anyway) country was smashed back to the dawn of civilisation.

        This, while the US was insinuating itself into Afghanistan the base of Bin Laden when it launched the attacks on the USA.

    • Prince Rollmop says:

      ‘When they want to distract you from what’s happening at home, they take you to war’. America is collapsing economically, morally, and in every other sense. The country is broke, the peoples spirit is broke, as a nation they are broken. The military industrial complex demands money and they control the politicians. The politicians want the people to be distracted from the ineptitude of their leaders and the parlous state of their nation, and war is how they do it. They’re playing a high stakes game with Russia and the next scrap will most likely be with Iran. Then there will be a confrontation with China over Taiwan.

      Politicians of all persuasions are deplorable scum. They take our fucking money and piss it against the wind. The sooner there are western uprisings they better. Viva le revolution.

  16. The Magpie says:

    It has been said that the Townsville Bulletin often doesn’t even know what day it is … and it would seem today is one of those days. Here’s the front page …

    … and certainly, a clever headline for locals in the know – since naming rights for the former stadium belonged to entrepreneurial dentist squillionaire Daryl Holmes. But then we run into a bit of trouble for our $2.50 cover price.

    Interesting yarn, for sure but stenographer Daniel Shirkie forgot to check the bits of the government media release he was cutting and pasting into his story. So today – which, Daniel, is Wednesday – we got “Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is set to announce on Wednesday that FK Gardner & Sons have won the contract to demolish the once proud stadium.’
    It’s a trap as old as the hills, which subs, when they existed, were always alert to, because there was a time when it was a bad look for the paper to be sloppy and out of date. But that was then, and now is now, and just to prove the point, the Bulletin layout guys got into the act. We are told to go to page 7 for the full details … which are actually on page 9.

    The ‘Pie hears the Betoota Advocate is getting nervous about the competition from our Daily Astonisher.

    • hear dear says:

      Has anyone done a check to see if the directors or associated owners of the company doing the demolition of the old stadium are in anyway related to the guys from Toowoomba who regularly get government contracts

      It appears that although the company seems to be from Mackay they have business names in Toowoomba

      • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

        According to the list at work, FKG Group (previously FK GARDNER & Sons) has its head office at 275 McDougall Street, Toowoomba. Just down the road from those norty Wagner Brothers.

        There must be something in the water down there.

        Apparently there are no people north of Brisbane with any ability to knock down a concrete structure or build a walkway.

    • Critical says:

      Police Station to be completed in 2024, how convenient just in time for the next State election in October 2024. I can imagine a big PR opening event with Paladuck and Harpic and the other useless idiots spooking about what they have done in their fight against crime in Townsville.
      Idiot Walker takes the opportunity here to announce an additional 50 police officers to the Northern Police Region this financial year giving some people the impression that these officers will be based here and not realising the size of the Northern Police Region which includes Mount Isa. Not everyone fell for your propaganda you idiot.

      • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

        I reckon we can be sure that our state cousins won’t be able to demolish the stadium and rebuild the police station in 24 months so it won’t be ready to be a jewel in the frown of the next election campaign. It will be twice as expensive and twice as long a schedule. I don’t think even concept plans exist yet.

        • The Magpie says:

          Don’t know if it was intentional (but here’s your chance to claim it was) but ‘jewel in the frown’ about an election campaign is priceless.

          • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

            Yeah, yeah, I like fully intended that. Not at all just clumsy fingers on a phone screen.

  17. Prince Rollmop says:

    Ha ha. And now Minister Ayres falls on his sword. This is great. However, and very sadly, not enough of these crooks get caught out for these sorts of stunts. I imagine Ms Brown will be the next head on the chopping block. Whether the guillotine falls on Perrettet’s head remains to be seen, but probably unlikely. A national ICAC would be able to aid the rough these corrupt ‘mates rates’ appointments. Bring on a national ICAC.


  18. Dataman says:

    Prior to yesterdays .5% increase in interest rates the price of home / unit / townhouse had dropped .5% in July in the
    Ville. Units worst impacted YTD down 4.7 %

  19. The Magpie says:

    This truck, seen working on a pathway leading to a footbridge in Douglas (the mayor’s lair), really does need a bit of explaining. It surely can’t be the LGAQ’s notorious Local Buy rort, even they like to keep it at least in Queensland. So how come we have a Sydney crowd getting this sort of contract? When there are such businesses in Townsville falling out of the trees – well, you know what I mean. It could be that the truck was purchased down south by a local and the signage hasn’t been changed yet. But it would be worth knowing.

    • NQ Gal says:

      Would not be a surprise. A few years back (after sacking a large number of TCC staff) maintenance of parks & gardens was contracted to a business attached to Melbourne council.

      • The Magpie says:

        While The ‘Pie hasn’t details of what work is being carried out, it surely cannot be anything that a local contractors couldn’t do. This at the very least deserves an explanation, given our LGAQ fawning mayor’s blather about Local Buy.

  20. Tenacious D says:

    Looks like QLD plates

  21. The Magpie says:

    They’re at it again. This time the Courier chooses to make an ignorant galah of itself with that word News Ltd journalists clearly do not understand. Those who are on their emailing list got this breathless mystery alert a short while ago.

    Gosh, could be a shooting, but hey it only alleged by somebody, wonder what gunfire could’ve been mistaken for? So we go to the story …

    Ah, so it wasn’t an alleged shooting, it was an actual shooting. With all the usual accompanying adjectives to help us make up our minds that we are shocked and distressed.
    Look, The ‘Pie knows he goes on about this, but the arrogance of deliberately repeating an ignorant mistake in the wrongheaded belief it is some sort of legal shield is doubly wrong – because it also casts doubt on the source of the information, in this case, the coppers. In effect, it suggest the source could be lying. If there had been any doubt that what happened involved gunfire , sure ok, but alleged is not only unnecessary when you know the facts, and relaying the fact that a shooting occurred does not in the remotest way incriminate anyone named or unnamed.
    It’s bad and insulting journalism created by lazy, incompetent buttock clenching in-house lawyers.

  22. Palm Sunday says:

    A submarine slipped into the port this morning about 7.30. Don’t know whose it is. Last one I saw there was an American nuclear-powered one many years ago. Naturally there’s media silence.

    • The Magpie says:

      It’s all hush hush but the Liberal Party had talks with the Chinese, and they’re returning Harold Holt.

    • Tinfoil Terry says:

      Perhaps the Submarine has arrived to offer protection to Townsville residents from the out of control juveniles? Just don’t leave the Sub parked at the Port for too long as the little shits might steal it. Has anyone contacted Pete Newey to ask him why he thinks the Sub is here?

  23. Strand Ghost says:

    Thank God the 3 local members have the crime in Tville under control , we had 7 units broken into last night 3 vehicles stolen here in the complex that i live in here on the Strand( not mine) but i seen the people who were crying this morning that found that these ferals were inside their units while they were sleeping and 3 of them now don’t have cars!! Good work Les, Aaron and Scott you do this city proud.

    • The Magpie says:

      if what you say is true – and you’re track record suggests it is – then that HAS TO BE on the front page of the Astonisher tomorrow.

  24. Regular reader says:

    The front page of the Astonisher? Surely you jest. You have to lose a loved one in tragic circumstances, or be struck down with some rare disease to make the front page these days. Anna and her 3 local puppets spend enough money on ads to guarantee their protection from criticism over the out of control crime wave that has turned Townsville into a dangerous place to live.

  25. Where_is_the_money says:

    Has anyone noticed the new building opposite the Kirwan Tavern along Thuringowa Drive? It is a flash looker. All up, it would be hard to get change out of $1 million.

    According to my mate, the building belongs to a NDIS Service Provider by the name of Access Support Services Inc. Apparently, the term Service Provider is used to describe an organisation that sources staff to help the disabled with their day to day living needs and assess to the community.

    Personally, I like the NDIS concept. Helping those less fortunate is a worthwhile use of taxpayers’ money.

    But when I look at that new building, I wonder if this type of spend is necessary. Would the funds be better spent on constructing housing for the disabled instead of flash digs for a few managerial staff who contribution value in this supply chain is questionable?

    • Palm Sunday says:

      W_i_t_m, I looked up the firm you described. This is what they say about themselves:

      “Access Support Services Inc. is an incorporated association run by members, and directed by a Board of Management. We provide support services in Townsville and Ayr

      Operating in Townsville since 1989, the service was formed following an identified shortfall of appropriate services in Townsville. The staff and students of James Cook University recognised that the needs of individuals with profound disabilities, and their families, were not being met. Negotiations began with the Department of Community Services and Health for funding for a group home providing full-time accommodation for five people.

      Originally called “Supported Accommodation Townsville Inc.”, and later “Accommodation Community Care and Essential Support Services Inc.”, Access Support Services Inc. now employs people on a full-time and part-time basis led by a CEO, who with the assistance of the finance and administration personnel, oversees the agency on a daily basis.”

      You question whether their new office building is “necessary” without seeming to know what they actually do or how many clients and households they manage and go on to make the impertinent remark that the office is occupied by a few managerial staff whose contribution value in this supply chain is questionable? How could you possibly know this?

      • The (barely) Civil Engineer says:

        Weekend Wanker, you again go off prematurely.

        The original post didn’t say anything about whether the organisation was worthwhile, just whether the elaborate new building was the most appropriate use of thinly spread public money. How many share houses could have been built with that cash and could the organisation lease an existing property to spread the cash further?

        • Palm Sunday says:

          Engineer, I made no mention of “worthwhile”, I wondered out loud how WTF could know whether the people who work there contribute anything. He doesn’t have a clue and you obvious know even less. For example, WTF’s “mate” reckons the building belongs to a NDIS Service Provider. Does he mean they “own” the building or could they be leasing it? He doesn’t know and neither do you. So perhaps the organisation is completely above board, spending its money sensibly and providing a service without peer in Townsville – except some ignorant dickheads who haven’t got a clue gossip about shit without any actual facts and imply that there might be something suspect about it. It’s no wonder they have so much difficulty creating any kind of positive media presence. But don’t you worry, you’ve already moved on. Fuckwit.

          • The Magpie says:

            The Magpie has always kinda hoped that those – i.e you – who make a quite debatable point that “some ignorant dickheads who haven’t got a clue gossip about shit without any actual facts and imply that there might be something suspect about it” could actually make a better contribution to the issue if they actually provided answers to back up those accusations. The Magpie’s not your mother, and isn’t about to do research on your behalf. Because, as it stands, Sunday Self-Pleasurer, those who you describe may in fact be right, and you say be wrong. In which case, your description apply to -ta da- you.

      • Critical says:

        The joke amongst many NDIS clients and their families is that the “I Love NDIS” logo that many NDIS service providers display on thir buildings, car, marketing materials, web and other social media sites actually means “I love NDIS because it is the latest lucrative government cash cow for us to make a profit from”. My understanding is that the logo was intended as a way for clients to say that they loved NDIS because of the positive changes that it made to their lives. Bill Shorten, you’ve got one hell of a job on your hands to refocus NDIS to its original intent and make NDIS client focused.
        Many older people feel that aged care has already headed the same direction as NDIS and will quote the recent fee increases which apparently some service providers won’t provide calculations on to back their argument.

  26. Strand Ghost says:

    Morning Magpie
    The story is true about break-ins on Strand as i have spent most of yesterday dealing with Bodycorp, police, locksmith, tenants and owners, we have 3 elderly woman who live alone in complex who are terrified now? young girls who were crying and were very emotional after they found out someone had been in their units, it’s not just about the 3 cars and wallet’s (2 were vehicles that were used in their jobs)that were stolen from a complex that has never had any problems before in the last 20yrs but everyone is scared that they will return at sometime.
    This is the first time i have it happen so close to home so i now know what half of Townsville have had to go through in recent yrs. The police said it’s basically happening somewhere in Tville everyday.
    I don’t know the answer but these 3 clowns that represent us need to get a new career as their hopeless at the one their doing now!

    • The Magpie says:

      Solid info, Ghost. And not a word in today’s Astonisher(motto: Y N T …Yersterday’s News Tomorrow), so watch for the big catch-up in the Weekend Bulletin.

      • Old Tradesman says:

        Last weekend the Magnetic Island to Townsville swim was conducted I believe, not a word written anywhere, instead we look at a new object on The Strand made out of Simsmetal scrap.

  27. The Magpie says:

    Pauline Hanson opposes apartheid. Opponents and supporters caught off guard by this inexplicable back flip.

  28. Papa Giuseppe says:

    Did my ears deceive me or is it correct to say Jenny Hill is going to lobby the state government to introduce legislation to give local governments the power to take over vacant private properties?
    If this is correct, then this lady is showing clear signs of a dictator and I can not believe the media didn’t question her.
    I wonder if she will ask to get special legislation introduced to exempt both hers and the Qld Premier’s apartments at Sunrise Beach (which i have heard are in the same complex) from being seized from the local government down there should, or if they are vacant.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      I heard this about a week ago. It seems too radical to be true but it is the Mullet we are talking about. Can anyone confirm if this story is idle gossip or based on fact?

  29. Basil and Barbara Buttocks says:

    Yikes, the crooks are now running wild in North Ward and in units on The Strand. Nowhere is safe from these feral thieves! We’re shitting ourselves – we could be next! :(

  30. The Magpie says:

    Our Police Minister has a ‘road to Damascus’ flash of intuition.

    “I don’t think anyone thinks that it’s acceptable that cars are stolen.

    A genius of insight, nailing one of his ‘thinks’. With a mind like a steel trap, Minister Ryan pounced on obscure statistics, hidden from view on at least 40 state and national new sites, TV new/CA bulletins and newspapers, that rated Townsville third on the NATIONAL hit parade for the most stolen cars per thousand registered (3.1%). Only Brisbane and the Gold Coast beat us to top honours – and HA! Look at Sydney, down in 9th – can’t win anything you mob.

    Sadly for Mr Ryan, it was only a partial Damascus insight, because traditionally, such moments of revelation lead to radical changes in the person’s beliefs. That is a bit beyond this goof, who went on the parrot:
    “Obviously, the community wants action, the government wants action, and that’s why the government is acting around additional police resources, additional intervention programs for those involved in criminal offending, to break the cycle of offending but also stronger bail laws.”

    We’ve heard it all before, and we are still wanting – and waiting – for ‘action’.

  31. The Watcher says:

    Positive Property Funds Manager George Markoski ( who I notes
    lives in West Lakes South Australia and I doubt has set foot in Moranbah ,
    Mackay , Townsville and is a keyboard warrior) warns rising interest rates
    could exacerbate weak conditions in ” no go zones ” by squashing buyer
    demand and pulling prices down in Burdell , Mount Low , South Townsville .

    What does he mean by ‘no go zones’?

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