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Saturday, November 4th, 2017   |   204 comments

You’d Think Ronald MacDonald Was Running This Campaign. Slogan: You Wants Lies With That?

Well, want ‘em or not, you’re gonna be getting a massive side serve of them over the next few weeks.

It’s not even a week old, but it’s already an election campaign of codswallop and old cobblers. A real porky fest; The Magpie looks at a couple of humdingers.

Also, Mayor Mullet sinks deeper in the mire of her own making, entering the spirit of the times with her own eye-watering fairytale justification.

And has our old mate The Rabster aka Rabeah Krayem run into further business strife? And has the Fair Work Ombudsman been asked to look at the situation regarding this ‘leading Townsville businessman’?

And more on the perils of headline writers: the importance of punctuation.

But first …

Now She’s Just Trying To Bluff It Out


Mayor Mullet is rotating in those famous ever decreasing circles until she disap … well, that image doesn’t bear contemplating.

On Tuesday, well aware of the massive blunder she has made, everybody’s mayor declined to do the professional and decent thing and receive a petition of 51,000 signatures from people protesting her unilateral decision to gift Adani $18.5million of ratepayer money to fund half an airstrip at the proposed Carmichael mine , 400kms away. She airily dismissed those people … at least 8000 of whom pay her wage through their rates … as mere ‘keyboard warriors’, whatever the fuck that actually means. But Bentley has a good idea of the situation, inspired by th maypr’s trite and dopey explanation ‘it’s dog eat dog out there’. Rover the Ratepayer ain’t a happy pooch.

Dog eat Dog But put on the spot of the ABC’s 7.30 program, this was her astounding explanation that we weren’t to worry … a bank guarantee!!! Here’s a transcript of the report.

Adani coal mine: Townsville City Council under fire for pumping $19m into airstrip

Townsville City Council is seeking a bank guarantee from Adani to refund any losses, should the Carmichael coal and rail project not proceed.

Mayor Jenny Hill told 7.30 she would like construction on the airstrip to start this year, despite Adani not yet securing bank finance for the $16 billion project.

Jenny Hill

Not in the ABC transcript report


“What we will be doing with Adani is we’ll be asking them to provide a bank guarantee,” she said.

“So if the project falls over, if their project doesn’t get financed, we’ll get our money back.”

Despite signing documents at the media conference, Ms Hill said her council was still in commercial negotiations with Adani.

She cited this as the reason why council had not publicly released its independent (KPMG) cost-benefit analysis of the deal. “Once we’ve signed all the deals, once we’re able to make announcements, we’ll provide information accordingly,she said.

Would that be the same method you used from the same KPMG who did a report on the CBD stadium which you released AFTER it was a done deal, and a sit turned out, a report that concluded that such a project was a massive money sink hole that would not deliver the CBD commercial turn-around promised by you the mayor, the Astonisher and Laurence Lancini.

Listen, dearie, think about what a bank guarantee is. In essence it requires the bank to be satisfied that the guarantee they are providing can be secured by something from the person/project they are vouchsafing. If Adani’s Security is good enough for a bank to act as a guarantee against, then why isn’t a bank willing to finance the airstrip?

The ‘Pie wants the name of that bank if it actually materializes … the old bird wants it finance some mining leases over 80% of Magnetic Island.

And will the Chinese step in with some readies to back the scheme? maybe, that will bring a whole new can of worms to this already messy mad Hatter’s picnic.

Adani has been on the record as seeking funding from equipment vendors from both China and Korea. This isn’t news in and of itself. From an industry practice point of view, vendor finance isn’t uncommon either. Reports have recently resurfaced in the Indian press , which may have given this a kick a long, with the Chinese apparently indicating that they would contemplate debt funding provided that they were guaranteed the construction contracts and other works. What seems interesting out of this is what implications this arrangement may have on any employment arrangements that Adani may be negotiating or entering into with local authorities, or any of the local employment claims that have been used by local politicians – mesmerised by this financially dubious deal – to justify the provision of Australian public subsidies to the Billionaire. It is this latter implication that is the real story. A sub-plot here is that Adani is clearly struggling to get standalone funding support.

And believe it or not, folks, that is suddenly Anna Alphabet’s stand on the matter, with her Friday backflip promise to ensure Adani gets no public money for its rail line. Funny though, although this bombshell covered the best part of three pages in the Bulletin, there was not a single quote from mayor Mullet on how this might affect the ratepayers multi-million dollar gift to the Indian grafter.Guess what? They ALL know they’re in the shit with this untenable situation.

The Campaign So Far

“Language matters,” writes Rebecca Solnit, in her recent essay The Case of the Missing Perpetrator. “It is the truest, highest purpose of language to make things clear and help us see; when words are used to do the opposite you know you’re in trouble and that maybe there’s a cover-up.”

 Somebody care to tell that to the bedraggled crowd shuffling around Queensland wheedling for votes. A timely quote, but is more the law of unintended consequences, of matters not quite thought through, that is bedeviling all sides of state politics.

Tim Nicholls

It ranges across the board, from that grinning moon-faced mound of shining insincerity Tim Nicholls, to the nervous eye-darting of Anna Palaszczuk, seemingly worried who’s standing behind her and if her shoulder-blades about to be the recipient of some factional cutlery. On the sidelines, the Greens are enthusiastically sinking deeper into irrelevancy just when they had a chance to make a difference (more public holidays, less power for landlords), and One Notion’s continues its devotion to offering simple solutions for simple people to a background of banjo pickin’ and moonshine.

The Magpie is used to be lied to by politicians … well, after all, he is an Aussie – but easily the biggest lie of all so far goes to Premier Alphabet. She said on TV last night when challenged about her support for the Adani mine that if they didn’t adhere to the strict environmental rules and other conditions, she would ‘’CLOSE IT DOWN, THAT WOULD BE IT.’


Purleeese, pull the other one, it not only yodels but if you really meant that, it will sing the whole liberetto from La Boheme for you.

Try This Scenario.

Labor fall back into office with a minority government with the help of the Greens, the Adani mine gets underway, employing a couple of thousand people, and then all of sudden, it is discovered – oh, the horror – that the rare habitat of the Red Rectum Knobthrottler pink parrot has been illegally and deliberately destroyed by the installation of Got’em Adani’s private helipad.

Outrage is widespread across several Brisbane southern suburbs and at Wendy Tubman’s regular vegan BBQ at Pallarenda. The Greens lean on Anna.

The Premier is swift to act, firmly telling the CFMEU she now has now choice – because it was an election promise – and the whole Adani operation is to be shut down. That’s it. The CFMEU says it regrettable but they understand and support the premier’s action. 2000 people are now out of work, and property values plummet from Rocky to Townsville, Mayor Mullet announces she starting a “Jenny For Canberra and PM’ movement, and Little Patty O’Callaghan suggests it was TEL’s idea, nice to know the Premier was listening, She takes Adani to court for this heinous disregard for threatened Aussie wildlife, and spends tens of million only to find that Mr Adani is now Clive Mensink’s neighbor on a tropical island where there is no extradition treaty with Australia,.

‘Oi know this will throw many out of work, and wreak havoc with several regional economies, but we must protect our native species.’ She tells Parliament to universal cheering.

Would you like the overture from La Boheme now, madam?

Tim ‘Baldrick’ Nicholl’s Cunning Plan

Two of the daftest ideas belong to the wannabe premier. In what could best be described as the ‘herding cats promise’, Not-So-Tiny Tim says he will trial a 10pm curfew for under 16s in Townsville. Sounds great, Mr Baldrick, tell us how it works.

“Young kids found roaming Townsville streets will be collected by police and looked after at a local emergency accommodation shelter until they can be safely returned to their parents.

“The shelter will be staffed with a counsellor and nurse to ensure the wellbeing of the child, while ensuring the community is protected.”

Ah, right, gotcha. A counsellor and a nurse, eh?. But a question, Not-So-Tiny, how are you going to ensure the well being of the counsellor and nurse when they decline to let any of the little snots leave, as they most certainly will? Oh, right, you’ll give the police curfew powers to pick them up again. And bring them back. Oh, goodo, hadn’t thought of that.

And ‘safely returned to their parents’? Wonder why half these kids are out there in the first place, couldn’t be anything to do with the parents and home life in the first place, could it? In a situation that the kid may have good reason to not wish to return to. But of course, the coppers can then take somewhere else, where they’ll hopefully stay until the matter comes to court as the social engineering grinds on and on.

But wait, there’s more.

And welfare payments will be stopped if the kid goes into detention, and won’t resume until he or she is back out again. This part is really unclear. Does that mean that monies the parents get for child support will be stopped for as long as the little dear is being cared by the taxpayer? Question: you mean this isn’t the case already? Are we all fucking mad?

Or do you mean those parents on welfare will get nothing while the kid’s inside smashing up the joint. If the parents are on welfare, and then aren’t, that means they don’t have any income, and hey, gotta eat, bro’, and have a drink or two. No money? Guess I’ll just have to go out and take some from someone.

Thank you, Mr Baldrick, we shouldn’t be ungrateful, why, you’ve even promised a helicopter we can share with Cairns. Trust all crims and car thieves are good sports, and stick to the helicopter roster, behaving themselves until it’s back in town.

As the saying has it, Jesus wept … indeed, even more than that.

Jesus wept

A Rumor, If True, That Even The Astonisher Might Get Off Its Arse For

Information from readers is, like Mr Gershwin’s woman in Porgy and Bess, a sometimes thing. So the following may be true, or may be not true, but astounding … and actionable … if it is. And The Magpie publishes on the basis of the persistent and varied reports of the arrogant behaviour bordering on mental instability of Adele Young since she arrived.

TCC CEO Adele Young

TCC CEO Adele Young

Waz CEOC number 1 

November 3, 2017 at 6:52 pm  (Edit)

Around lunch time today I got a Facebook message from a friend in water telling me that the CEO has taken leave again until the 27th of November. Reason why? She is apparently running the election campaign for the premier. Now I know that this might be old news or people suspect it a while ago knowing her background. But I thought a CEO was to be apolitical. This brings up a lot of questions in regards to decisions made by her in financial matters as well as allocated works projects or contracts to those who could potentially be Labour voters and donors. Her job is in Townsville city council. The CEO’s schedule BEFORE the election was called was full up until last Friday from the previous Thursday. Then on Friday everything is cancelled or reschedule until … wait for it, the 27th of November, the Monday after election.

Her leave was only granted on the Friday when there was growing strength in the likelihood that Anna will call it on Sunday. This is told to me by others yes and I know how Chinese whispers works but this is to coincidence to ignore.

Bears watching. But surely, not even The Impaler …..???

Just A Small Thought

One of the great ironies about the council chaos is that it has been created by a Labor Party cabal led by someone whose management style and even mental stability is questioned daily. But there can’t be any coherent response or protective action for staff. Because the very mechanism that inspired the formation of Labor more than 100 years ago … an effective and responsible union presence, has been effectively sidelined by Labor party political predators.

Has Rabeh Krayem realised That Barry Taylor Has Played Him For A Sucker?

Rabieh Krayem

The silence has been deafening.

Ever since we replied to an oafish and amateurish bit of attempted bullying from Rabiah’s Enema Legal solicitor some weeks ago, we haven’t heard a dickybird from them. Bazza The Legal Foghorn is carefully guiding his somewhat hapless protégé, Venesa ‘Mrs Typo’ Gleeson, as she bumbles the matter along, but The ‘Pie gets the sneaking suspicion that the veil has fallen from Rabiah’s eyes.

You will remember The Rabster is suing The Magpie for alleged insults to his exalted business standing in Townsville (stop laughing, this is serious!), and only $300,000 smackeroonies will salve his wounded pride. It’s a sure bet he was talked into this foolishness by The Foghorn, who has some mental blindspot regarding this blameless old bird, including twice – once very drunkenly – threatening to sue but failed to specify what regarding. Having nothing on which to beat The Pie’ feathered nonce, he shopped around seeking someone he could fool into thinking it was a good idea to sue someone who is virtually penniless. After one or two knock-backs, Rabiah fell for it

Seems The Rabster might have had this all brought into sharp focus when his latest gig as office manager of U2E (means You To Employment) hit a pretty severe business speed bump. Rabeah stood down up to 15 permanent part time folk in Charters Towers Road call centre in April, telling them they would be able to return on July 1. A week or so before they were due to return, they were informed by text that their contracts wouldn’t be renewed, and were eventually paid out.

The ‘Pie is old that at least 6 former workers have complained to the Fair Work Ombudsman, and have been directed to mediation.

According to one worker, RK spent almost every minute on the phone talking about the Northern Fury, his soccer entity ditched by the national body. The worker said he seemed to do little to assist the employment business, as activity dropped off markedly. There were some bizarre practices alleged in the operation of the call center, so come on, Rabiah, man up, old fella, and add this to your claim of legal whinges, The ‘Pie for one would like to know more about what went on out there.

Be assured of a packed court room when it gets there, seems there’s many people around town interested in your … ummm … welfare.

When Headlines Get Out Of Hand

Well, it wasn’t the Astonisher …

1st hand job

But sometimes, there are professions where poor hearing is a major problem.

Hearing test

And Finally …

Let’s take a break from all the inefficiencies and cock-ups of world and spend a few minutes being mesmerized by this video, where no such imperfections exist. Watch how a Tesla car is made from go to whoa … then remember this boast about automation closer to home.

Autonomous mine


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  1. Bandit says:

    I’m in Myanmar but still have house back home….. Fucking great to see you are still doing your thing Malcolm….stick it up them

    • Bandit says:

      Especially that aware of space Robbed and cryem …when did he succeed at anything? Cowboys, Fury?? Why does he getting employed?

      • The Magpie says:

        That will be the subject of a very fascinating court case, or so he and his blowhard lawyer, Barry The Legal Foghorn Taylor of Enema Legal say.

  2. Mike Douglas says:

    Whilst Rome( Townsville) burns Mayor Mullet and the Impailer are fiddling!.Fiddling the ratepayers by working on Labor’s State re- election in media announcements, pressuring Councillors and hiring more Labor stooges to bolster their ranks compliments of TCC ratepayers.Unless the Councillors can push back and seek more accountability they will be tainted with the same brush.Its dog eat dog out environment out there.

  3. Waz CEOC number 1 says:

    I guess being 17hrs away I can not worry about anyone chasing me for my comments. I’ve read comments as readers traveling the country and still feel a lota love for townsville otherwise I wouldn’t give a shit. My last comment to you was edited and I probably should have cooled off before I wrote it. In saying that I do think of the ramifications of social media comments if they arnt true. If mine are ultimately that then I will stick my head up my arse apologize and leave for good. The reason why I went hard is because the 2 clowns running the council and city need to be investergated. Any information I get that brings that closer of course IL use it. Too many really good people have been lost to this arrogant political game. If my comments from others are labeled BS because I still care I can’t help what they feel. I look like the idiot if I’m wrong and you replied to my original post and I completely agree with your information. But this is the labour party, Medicare scare, no water crisis, Jane arllett will sack you all if she gets in. As with anything I’ve ever said anywhere, if my comments are false then have them proved wrong publicly. Damien Tomlinson must still be reading so where’s his response. Only silence can asume I’m right??? Another good read today especially RK just another labour surporter getting what he deserves. Your case keeps getting more water tight. If pluka is listening I “STILL PAY RATES” in townsville so I still have an intrest apart from what’s happening to my friendsin council.

    • The Magpie says:

      Edited a bit of your original post for two reasons: pointless abuse with no amusing value helps no one, and also it detracted from the serious matter you raised. And your contribution is always welcome without the foregoing, but The ‘Pie will never adopt a policy of say qhat you like, throw up any rumour, without any evidence and if you’re wrong, say sorry. If that’s the case, we’re still waiting for Mayor Mullet to apologise to Dale Last (in her first mayoral race) for her final hours claim in the Friday Bulletin (too late for an effective reply) that rates would go up 17% a year under a Last council. And just enough fuckwits believed her to let her scrape in and begin her disastrous reign. Keep that in mind.

  4. The Lone Ranger says:

    Well hello!!!!!!
    In today’s Sunday Snail, hidden at the bottom of the page, there is a small 4 paragraph story which will have Mayor Mullet reaching for the valium.
    It reads:
    “The lending of government money to Adani is not as popular with north Queensland voters as first thought, leaving Labor MPs comfortable with the Premier’s decision to veto the $1 billion deal.
    It is understood that Labor research showed many people did not like the concept of a public loan via the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility to fund Adani’s 310km rail project. With One Nation yesterday also restating its position against a loan, it means Adani will probably have to put up the funds itself.
    Thuringowa Labor MP Aaron Harper said feedback from his electorate was that the loan was not needed.
    Townsville Labor MP Scott Stewart said he had similar conversations when door knocking in his electorate yesterday.”
    So 2 of our Labor MPs have finally got out of their offices and heard what the real people think. Bit late, but better late than never.
    Wonder if Mayor Mullet will now do some door knocking and get the message about what ratepayers think about her $18.5 million gift to Adani which, at this stage, looks like being gonski.
    Now, where IS that bank guarantee.
    Some serious questions should be asked of the mayor by the Astonisher, but don’t hold your breath – unless of course the editor has also got off his/her arse and some door knocking.

    • The Magpie says:

      As they say, timing is everything in politics, so if Premier Alphabet had not made her flip flop opposing Adani funds on Friday, wonder if Stewart and Harper would have reported the same response (no matter what it actually was}. But it is sad when virtually NO ONE that The ‘Pie or his mates have spoken to is anything less than outraged by the idea.

      • Redhead says:

        Hence why Paul Jacob may well win his state seat. If a Council election was held today, he would be the only one to be returned. The NAIF and the ratepayers funding of a overseas business are one and the same in the minds of the voters. Just plain stupid.

        • The Magpie says:

          So pleased to see that at least you understand what The Magpie has been saying for more thgan a year (nationally) and ad infinitum locally for the past two months.

  5. Upagumtreeperson says:

    I remember in the early nineties when there were moves in Ayr to establish a vigilante group. The situation of shop and home break ins had become so bad that locals were seriously planning to take the law into their own hands. Nothing has changed and the idea of curfews will not work either. Do the police or support groups have the resources to patrol a city of 185,000? My solution is to give all parties concerned a good thrashing whilst clothed. Teach all concerned that citizens deserve better from the offenders. Next, put all at-risk children into the strongly run homes where they may get the chance to learn a trade and to get an education. My late brother-in-law and his best friend were in an orphanage and learned trades and both went on to serve in the armed forces in WW11. Oh but this would not suit the do-gooders because the parents or guardians of these children would loose benefits. I do not see an answer. Jesus is a friend of mine and would weep at the situation regarding young people today. The problem has always existed and requires firm leadership. I have lost faith in the major parties so who do I vote for?

    • Rusty Nail says:

      Excellent question that last one, possum. No hints in this weeks Magpie column either. Mind you, red wine is way better than moonshine but banjo pluckin’ can be quite enjoyable if done properly – or invigorating even.

      • The Magpie says:

        To re-work a familiar line, the definition of a gentleman is someone who can play the banjo but doesn’t.

        • Achilles says:

          Many moons ago I heard a classic definition of a gentleman by a grumpy old bloke in the UK; Gilbert Harding.

          The definition of a gentleman is a person who gets out of a warm bath to use the toilet for a pee.

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          I understood that the definition of a gentleman was one who did not urinate in the shower. When my then 8yo daughter inadvertently overhead this she stunned us with, “Then there must be precious few ladies.”

    • Tokyo_Joe says:

      I have the answer and it struck me as I watched the President of the free world drive past this arvo in the massive motorcade … build a wall. Not a big one. Just enough to cover North Ward. Passport required to get in. With police check. Exclude all Labor Party wankers. That will drive up real estate values and keep me happy. Then I couldn’t give a shit about politics and mayors and feral kids. Why didn’t you lot think of this before me?

  6. Cantankerous but happy says:

    The Mullet poked her head down Rowe’s Bay Golf Club way Sat lunchtime as an invited guest of the club to celebrate its 50 year anniversary thing the club had organised, why the fuck anyone at the club would invite her is beyond me but old hopeless as usual was late and full of apologies as everyone sat around in the midday sun , “election commitments” she cited, just fucking hopeless.

    • The Magpie says:

      As if golf wasn’t hard enough.

    • Achilles says:

      How can she have “election commitments”? She’s not running for (I wish it was from) office.

      This admission of using ratepayers salaried time to play “parrot parasites” (Polly tics) is an affront to all.

      She’s supposed to be apolitical; yeh right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Upagumtreeperson says:

    Is that story from the Pratt Tribune real? Pratt? Really? What about the ‘hand job experience…’hands on experience’…and watching a snake eat a mouse? Really? I think the story was made up? The journalist was ‘Gale Rose’.. really. Something fishy.

    • The Magpie says:

      It’s real and so is the Pratt Tribune. Just one reference of several.

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      The Pratt Tribune
      Type Daily newspaper
      Owner(s) GateHouse Media
      Publisher Randy Mitchell
      Editor Conrad Easterday
      Founded 1878, as Pratt County Press
      Headquarters 320 South Main Street,
      Pratt, Kansas 67124, United States
      ISSN 1048-3675
      Website pratttribune.com
      The Pratt Tribune is a tri-weekly newspaper published Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in Pratt, Kansas, United States. It is owned by GateHouse Media.

      • Upagumtreeperson says:

        Well I was the silly prat who thought that The Pratt Tribune was unreal. You cannot win them all. I still think the darling Rose was having a laugh.

        • The Magpie says:

          The ‘Pie admits there was something Beetoota-ish about it, but Rose the reporter probably didn’t write the headline, that may well have been done at the last minute by someone on their last day. it’s a bit of a tradition in journalism, which is why Rupert has those decided to be surplus to requirements demeaningly frog marched out the building by security.

          • Old Hack says:

            Best-ever parting shot by a sacked sub was: COURT BLOW FOR GAYS

            Sometimes, of course, it’s plain carelessness. I once headlined a story about a PNG houseboy, who was working several jobs to accumulate enough money to wed the tribal lass of his dreams , with this howler: BOBBY SAVES HARD FOR A BRIDE

  8. Unbeliever says:

    The craziest business decision I have ever heard is paying $18,500,000 of ratepayers’ funds to joint venture an airstrip, 400 + kms away in another LG jurisdiction when the mining project involved isn’t funded and hasn’t yet scratched the surface of the mine area. What’s the rush???? The 20 “high flyers” who gave their support to the Mayor must surely realise that their decision to do that now makes them appear fucking idiots!!

  9. Memory Man says:

    If the Queensland Integrity Commissioner concluded that the Premier was conflicted on the Adani question because her partner had worked on their Naïf loan application, I wonder what the Commissioner thinks of our good Mayor receiving gifts from Adani (in the form of plane tickets and entertainment) and then railroading through a reciprocal gift of $18.5m of ratepayers’ funds … incidentally, the seriously bad pun is 100% intended!

  10. Concerned citizen says:

    Headline in tomorrow’s Townsville Bulletin:

    • The Magpie says:

      Much bigger international story about to break. GUATAM ADANI OUTED AS HISTORY’S GREATEST SERIAL SEX OFFENDER. Prosecution Alleges Indian Billionaire Tried To Inappropriately Touch More Than 100,000 Townsville Ratepayers. Mayor Jennifer Hill Charged With Aiding And Abetting.

      • Tokyo_Joe says:

        Pie that’s actually funnier than you banjo joke. This is an entertaining read tonight while I wait for dinner date. Smiley here.

  11. Scientician79 says:

    Interesting position Mayor Mullet now finds herself in.

    Out on a limb without the backing of the Labour party, both State and Federal level are now saying no government funds for Adani.

    The locals aren’t supportive of our money being gifted to an Indian billionaire, and the survey’s are now starting to back that up.

    So now what? Play the small target game, go into hiding and hope people move on to some other issue? Guess it all depends on whether papers are actually signed, or negotiations are still on-going.

    I’ll be here on the sidelines with my popcorn watching her try to untangle herself from the wringer she has well and truly gotten caught in.

    • The Magpie says:

      The negotiations are not complete, and that is the (totally bullshit) reason neither the KPMG report that promises $90million a year for 30 years into the local economy (really, come on now) and the mayor hasn’t given a pledge that Adani will come up with the bank guarantee that we mug punters get our money back if the whole thing implodes.
      at least jenny says things ar still on going, and who is The ‘Pie to doubt the word of community leader.

  12. News Views says:

    You can tell “Smart Choices” Tim is back in the saddle big time with his weasel words this week announcing three new dams for NQ. “We will deliver a reliable water supply for Townsville” – we already have that – every time I turn the tap on water comes out – it never fails – each time in fact ! Who Knew? Everyone except Nicholls it seems!

  13. Garry from Garbutt says:

    Greatly admire the passion with which you have pursued Mayor Mullet, Maggie, but she’s dead in the water so any continued attacks may be considered to be ‘animal cruelty’. Fascinating thing about the petition is that it was one of Mayor Mullet’s comrades who attempted the delivery. Maybe he’s part of an extremely far left faction and that’s not kosha!

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie will take your comment (the bit about animal cruelty) at face value, but one of this arch twister’s favourite fall back certainties is that people around here have stunningly short memories. Maybe not this time on all the issues she made a right royal cock-up of (airstrip, Qantas, the Hive, stadium, importing the Impaler etc etc etc) but The ‘Pie for one will continue to point out the truth because the Bulletin won’t and the kiddy TV newsrooms have too many bedwetters.
      Besides, Mayor Mullet mightn’t be too bothered … there are those completely scurrilous and no doubt unfounded rumours that there was a time when our lady mayor enjoyed a bit cruel and unnatural punishment.

  14. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    The whole Adani veto announcement is a complete farce.

    Adani and the Carmichael mine have been a hot topic in the press and political sphere for 3 to 4 years now.

    Anna is now asking us to believe that she didn’t know her partner was working on the loan application and it was not even mentioned once over the toast and Vegemite at the Casa Palletjack breakfast bar – “by the way I’ve been asked by the boss to give a hand on the Adani loan proposal….do you think might be a problem for you?” This simply defies belief.

    And the Premier also needs to revise her understanding of how to resolve a conflict of interest  (whether real, perceived or potential).

    It is resolved by removing and excusing yourself from any discussion, consideration or decision related to the matter under conflict, so  that it is dealt with impartiality and on its merits, and is seen to be done so.

    Deciding to vote down or veto a proposal is not removing yourself at all and indeed is still actively involving yourself in the decision. It is not in any way a resolution to a conflict of interest. If anything it just opens up the potential for those impacted by the veto decision to claim abuse of process and bias.

  15. Gonzo says:

    Great post, Pie! Jenny Hill seems to be beating Malcolm Turnbull as the least-likely-to-win-the-next-election politician! And terrific coverage of the Queensland election: another two pollies who shouldn’t be running for office (they should be running from office!). Keep up the good work!

  16. Sir Ossis O'Fliver says:

    Mayor Mullet, the Impaler, Puddle Duck, Adani, what a ginourmas cluster f**k has been created. Can only end in tears and whose tears will be determined by who can cover their arse best.
    Any guesses?
    The thick plottens.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Cover their arses better? Hmmm, mathematically speaking that would depend on size me thinks – the size of the blunders they have to cover and then, of course, the square centimetres that have to be covered in their pants………

  17. Gnome from Nome says:

    The Wulguru Wonder…… you have nailed it exactly!!

  18. Narbloc says:

    I don’t normally nitpick it’s spelt McDonald’s, cheers hope you are well

  19. Mike Shearer says:

    Dear Mayor Jenny Hill,

    I remind you that Jeyakumar ‘JJ’ Janakaraju, Adani Mining CEOis on record as stating: “When we ramp up the [Carmichael] mine, everything will be autonomous from mine to port. In our eyes, this is the mine of the future”. Doubtless you know that “autonomous” means done by robots. So:
    will the robots live in Townsville and pay rates?
    will they be drug tested?
    how will they fit into aircraft to fly to our airstrip?
    where will their controllers live? How many of them will there be?
    Does Adani’s 30-years guarantees regarding FIFO workers cover robots?

    Yours faithfully etc,

    Very Angry Ratepayer

    • Buttered Parsnip says:

      Where will the controllers be? Somewhere like Bangalore – the Silicon Valley of India. Certainly not in Australia. Definitely not Townsville.

      I used to work in a senior-ish role in a big mine in PNG, and I would to wonder how the locals felt with all the foreign devils coming over to plunder their wealth for the money equivalent of axes and beads. Now I am starting to get the idea.

    • Dearie Me says:

      How do these controllers communicate with the autonomous mine?
      Dial up? It is a remote area after all.
      Or is the Australian taxpayer providing some state of the art communication system (obviously not NBN) so the trucks don’t collide?

      • Buttered Parsnip says:

        They can be run from anywhere on earth.
        Rio’s iron mines in the Pilbara have trucks, diggers, trains and (I think) blast hole drills all programmed and controlled from Perth.

        When I was a young worker in the Pilbara – the train crews were the kings with their all powerful union. Now those roosters are feather dusters.

        This would be Adani – but more so!

        • Dave Nth says:

          Yup on RT apparently a big hanger somewhere in Perth controls all the autonomous vehicles. Also BHP is getting into this in a big way, Priority Rules as of November is in place on all their Bowen Basin Mines, basically for the uninitiated means big trucks have right of way at any intersection regardless of traditional road rules…

      • Tokyo_Joe says:

        Adani is using a low cost comms company. The good news is it’s local. The bad news is (if you happen to be working on the site near where the 120 tonne trucks rumble) there is a high possibility of failure. The Pilbara is one of two major regional hubs for our BIGGEST Telco. Things work there. The other? Little ol Townsville. Punching above it’s weight again. But rudderless as we have no idea how to harness the good bits.

      • Scientician79 says:

        They’ll establish they’re own comms network – or use existing infrastructure that Telstra or some other company has in place.

        You think big companies use the same network that us plebs have access too?

  20. Colin Foley says:

    The Wulguru Wonder is nearly right – all Australians need to be educated in the true definition of A Conflict Of Interest; so they can recognize it in public life and, rather than have it waved away by the perpetrators, force the correct, ethical protocols that must be followed when faced with it.

    The honour-less politicians and businessmen just love it as it is, a meaningless pacifier of the unwitting public.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie went to the trouble of checking CinC out, and unfortunately, there is a Catch 22 … in basic English. Someone can withhold information simply by claiming that it could be commercially damaging from competition. With the Adani airstrip, this is arrant nonsense, and an insult to the intelligence of even the most basic business person. But it is symptomatic of our backwater status when it comes to media that Jenny Hill can just duck and weave, decline an interview, not reply meaningfully to inquiries or complaints and basically give us all the finger.

      She will do to remember that the voters finger writes and moves on, and all her piety nor wit, shall erase a jot of it (sorry Omar). The thought that the arrogant Goth that is Jenny Hill has piety or wit is either sadly laughable or laughably sad.

  21. Achilles says:

    What gate has Jacinda Ardern drawn for the Melbourne Cup??? I can just see her chumping at the but!!!

  22. The Old Fella From West End says:

    My question is whilst this Adani disaster is occuring; where is the major puppet master of this town, Capt Snooze ? Has he dropped the strings that used to make our Mayor dance to his and his masters tune. Surely he has not given up his very important task of guiding our Mayor to greater things simply because she has totally run off the rails. His silence is golden.

  23. The Magpie says:

    have received your test message Alacan.

    • Alacan says:

      A liitle closer to home..

      Wife and I took grandchild for time on the Strand last week.

      Plan was pizza at one of the picnic settings, watch said g/child do chinups on the exercise equip, time in playground and walk along the pathway.

      All in all good evening had by all… however.. division councillor and CEO.. you should hang your head in shame… yet again.

      The once well presented picnic settings are dirty, mouldy, etched with graffiti .. a real pig sty for those with their snout in the trough and not fit to be used .. Goes to Amenity, Hygiene and Asset Management

      The softfall under the exercise equipment is hard as … no soft landing there, is filthy and is missing in parts.. ripped up and gone …and has large tree roots lifting it adding further risk to our kids well being .. Goes to Amenity, Asset Management , Safety and Risk Management and dare i say it, is far far beyond any defence that you could possibly mount madam councillor and Ceo should a child be injured or worse under your wicked watch. I suggest you cast your collective minds back a few years team.. jenny might be able to shed some light on history as you Adele will have no corporate memory .. and help you better understand what can and has happened in playgrounds in Tville and on the Strand.

      Pathway security lights are out at the play ground and other points along the pathway as well as the in-path blue lights are out in many places

      So this level of service is just so much better Impaler .. thanks for that ! .. as you now demonstratably put our kids at risk .. add that to your CV . Councillor .. grow a backbone and bring standards back to what you,as once an officer of council, was a worthy contributor to.. take em on and represent the ratepayers .. good pr if nothing else and i expect councillor , that is an area of your expertise.

      Geez $18M would go a long way to the putting the jewels back in the crown.

      • Sandgroper says:

        Townsville looks more shabby every time I visit. It’s time to concentrate on the little things that foster civic pride rather than fantasising about grandiose , ‘maybe’ schemes devised by high-priced consultants with no skin in the game.

      • Tokyo_Joe says:

        If my (above) plan to ring fence North Ward gets up it includes an exclusion zone for all children 16 and under. Therefore no Liberal Party inspired curfew required. That will fix the problem of magpie shit on the tables as no adult would ever bother using them. My plan improves by the day.

  24. Buttered Parsnip says:

    Mr Magpie that is a great rundown on how bank guarantees work.

    Can I add that for this purpose it must be unconditional – which means it must be able to be drawn at any time – which means the bank would require Adani to back the guarantee with liquid assets or a line of credit for the life of the gaurantee.
    BUT – if that is the case they DO NOT NEED the Tsv/ Rocky gift. WTF

    • Swinger says:

      Unless of course, their “NEED” is for as much money as possible in their bank accounts.

      If Jenny wants to give tens of millions to them, why not?

  25. Cantankerous but happy says:

    The council have reopened their notice window for the Hive project after a technical glitch, which sounds a little strange to me, I think the Mayor has been copping a bit of flack over the issue on here and also on some construction forums for stuffing up a $450 million project and thought it best to re-evaluate the whole thing, particularly with the gilded few leaving her high and dry and aren’t building a thing, if anyone is interested in having their say on the Hive development a link is below.


  26. Scott says:

    I guess the original news of the Queensland government’s decision re: NAIF loan facilitation refusal, must have pretty much flown under the radar. This was originally decided back in May of this year as per this ABC article. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-05-27/adani-coal-mine-in-doubt-over-qld-stance-on-federal-loan/8565940

  27. Memory Man says:

    The mouthpieces for the Gilded Few have certainly got their knickers seriously twisted over this one. Adani, the NAIF and Premier Alphabet’s decision to not launder the subsidised loan to the Billionaire.

    The Chamber’s Mike Kopittke is frothing about having received calls from investors about it, but alas doesn’t really say much about what these investors may have been looking at doing and what this latest event implies for them. Incredibly, Kopittke wants folk to believe that somehow investors hadn’t previously treated the whole Adani Fiasco as a high risk proposition replete with all sorts of uncertainty … not the least of which is that fact that Adani itself hasn’t been able to raise the funds (yet), have deferred funding closure on at least two occasions -now to March 2018, have stated that they see the operation as increasingly automated if it does proceed, and have had a seriously unclear stance regarding whether NAIF monies are even needed. Add to this the serious doubts about the long run trajectory of the seaborne coal market and you’ve got a project that is not easy to bank. In these circumstances, it’s been a risky proposition from Day 1. And it remains so.

    Little Patty’s interventions have a tinge of spoilt brat about them. She rushed out a video yesterday, in which she tells the viewer that the NQ community has done all it can to get the project over the line … blah, blah. What a load of tripe. Only two groups can “get the project over the line”, and they are those that control the purse strings and the regulatory stop/go. The last I checked, Little Patty’s Dudley Do-Nothings occupy neither of these positions.
    Here’s an idea for Patty: convince her Board to establish a “TEL Adani Benevolent Fund” and launch it to raise capital from the community. If it’s such a sure fire great idea, she could lead the charge with an investment contribution herself, and the Gilded 20 could tag along with say the first M.

    And last but not least, the poor old Mullet. She’s in the paper urging Adani to start construction straight away. She’s obviously forgotten about one important factor: the project remains unfunded. Yep, that’s right – unfunded. Yet, given the risk, given the uncertainties, she’s dived head first into paying for an airstrip the Billionaire himself won’t commit to. Yep, that’s smart.

    Mayor Jenny Hill said Adani had previously stated the project was not reliant on NAIF funding.

    “We urge them to start work as soon as possible,” Cr Hill said in a statement yesterday. “The council is committed to ensuring up to 900 long-term jobs were secured for the city through its investment in the infrastructure in the Gallilee Basin. My council has supported the jobs Adani will deliver Townsville including getting the company to set up its regional headquarters in our city.”

    Less said about The Bullsheet’s failure to put the Mullet on the spot over the Labor Party’s stance on not providing public monies to Adani and her own egregious disregard for ratepayers’ funds, the better.


  28. Surely says:

    Morning Pie and what a wonderful week we have coming up. With the Mullet impossibly wedged between her own ambition and State Labor’s dumping of Adani, one wonders how she can possibly continue to spin her $18.5m punt as a positive. Surely even Dolan will just walk away?

    One also wonders just how the local gormless Labor member’s feel about being kicked to the curb by the Left in their haste to prop up the delectable Jackie’s seat?

    We of course won’t know the final washout until after the 25th but it is entirely possible that in order to save one seat in the south east (Jackie-kin’s) they have sacrificed up to eight regional seats and quiet possibly more. But of course for the pragmatic Labor Left its not about winning this election, its all about who’s the Leader when they contest the next one.

    And speaking of Leaders losing their seats, I do hope the Bully remembers to ask who will be PHON leader after the dust settles, given that both Dickson and Roberts are extremely unlikely to win. Will it be a captains pick by Pauline, or will the members get to choose as is the usual convention?

    • Swinger says:

      Forget Jackie Trad’s seat.

      Anna P is more clever than she seems. Local polling shows that public money to Adani is deeply unpopular in Townsville, exacerbated by the council contribution. Even the Magpie said last week that he will vote for Labor (probably for the first time) over the issue.

      Anna has wedged Tim into supporting a deeply unpopular position. So it is vote for LNP ($1Bn taxpayers’ money to Adani) or vote Labor (Adani finds their own money).

      What will you choose?

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie was roundly, and indeed quite fairly, told off for his little entertainment about voting for Labor for blocking the Adani money. But The ‘Pie will do as 100% of the electorate do … donkey vote, cause whatever X you mark, that’s what you’ll get.

  29. Mugwump says:

    Sounds like labour is standing opposed to each other.

    Yet our labour “Independent” cough cough Mayor is using our ratepayers / taxpayers money on an airport that her labour comrade and also premier states is not warranted or needed.

    Things will be getting heated in their own camp, just see if the opposition play their cards right on this one.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Can Harper please explain why the Labor Government has not applied for any NAÏF funding for any worthwhile project in QLD (Adani excluded)
      If you go through electorate by electorate, I’m sure there are some schemes wanting to get going.

  30. Swinger says:

    I see that America’s National Rifle Association has murdered another 27 people in Texas.

  31. Concerned citizen says:

    As predicted in this blog The Astonisher has failed to take Mayor Mullet to task by addressing the elephant in the room – what is the current situation with the mayor’s $18.5 million gift of ratepayers money to Adani for its airstrip.
    For example:
    – has the money been paid to Adani yet?
    – which bank has provided the watertight guarantee that the ratepayers will get their money back if the mine doesn’t go ahead?
    – if our money hasn’t been handed over will it be retained by council until there is some certainty about the mine actually going ahead?
    – with Adani reportedly employing hundreds of staff/workers why has there been not a single Adani ad in the employment section of The Astonisher for at least 2 months?
    – is it true that most of the people working for Adani in Townsville at the moment are from India?
    – if so, where are the jobs for the locals?
    Fair dinkum, there is no need for the new female editor to come to Townsville. The paper is already being edited by a female – our cunning and conniving mayor.

    • The Magpie says:

      Any enterprising person out there able to visit to Adani offices and get a happy snap on their phone of the Indian workers, if that is in fact correct? And no that’s not racist … it’s relevant.

      • Grumpy says:

        I would relish the challenge. However, I hear that they do not have the usual business reception area. You have to be approved for access. Turn up unannounced and all you see is an empty reception area or a security guard.

  32. Hee - Haw says:

    This from the TCC website:-

    For more information, please contact Corporate Governance on 1300 878 001.

    So after being on hold for quite a wait when asking why my questions to the CEO had not been responded to this is the exact quote I got
    “as a result of our restructure Corporate Governance doesn’t exist anymore”

    Did it ever? is the question coming to mind

    • The Magpie says:

      Figures when you read this.

      Corporate governance is a broad-ranging term which, amongst other things, encompasses the rules, relationships, policies, systems and processes whereby authority within organisations is exercised and maintained.’

      Well at least they ain’t lying when they say it doesn’t exist anymore … its been replaced by impaler-mullet governance.

  33. Igor says:

    Judging by the perceptive comments today from Memory Man, Surely, Swinger, Mugwump, Concerned Citizen and others, Townsvillians are becoming increasingly aware of the failings of our council and the various bodies charged with the growth and welfare of the region and its people.
    But isn’t it a shame the so-called Voice of the North hasn’t yet sniffed the air and discovered that the winds of change are becoming cyclonic?
    Let’s hope Queensland voters are smart enough to kick out the Labor drones without giving PHON and KAP ratbags the balance of power. Tim is only marginally better, but we can take heart that he won’t last long as leader.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, yes, there’s always that … The Freckle on Not-So-Tiny Tim’s shoulder is obviously a lady in waiting, but remember Kid Crisafulli will be elected back in this time, and he has some runs on the board from a previous incarnation as local govt pooh-bah and is a likely contender for the next opportunity. Unfortunately, that will only come about if Labor win this time, otherwise, Not-So-Tiny will be moon-facing us all for a while to come.

      • Peter Sandery says:

        The other point, oft missed in this type of argument, Pie is that it matters not a jot who is the leader if the “Good and The Great” still pull the strings of the Party in he way that they have since at least 2008 and, I have been assured by others, since well before that.

  34. Sandgroper says:

    Still laughing after reading 41-50 of “Townsville’s Most Influential” and seeing the downgrades. Can’t wait to see some more noses being disjointed.

  35. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Miss Lou.

  36. Momentus says:

    ‘Stone the Crows’ always wanted to know the meaning of that saying Magpie. Am I getting close? Rockie Mayor Strelow is now an independent for the State election after Anna P would not give her a leg up for the Labor Party candidacy. Where does that leave our Mayor and are we still sharing the cost of that ‘out back’ airport with Rockhampton? Meanwhile does anyone know how the rate payers in Rocky feel on this great deal as do TSV rate payers? Does anyone really think Anna P knew nothing of this shared arrangement and now says the rail line must be Vetoed as the boyfriend has a conflict in decision making on Adani. As if …no it’s not Green preferences and some votes is it? ‘Stone the Crows’.

  37. The Magpie says:

    A REAL answer to the problem of youth drug taking.

  38. Bentley says:

    Further to Alacan’s comment, I understand the necessity of trenching in CBD paved footpaths. What I don’t know is why the lads doing the work would remove the pavers, do whatever they had to do, take the pavers away, and then bituminise the surface, instead of replacing the pavers. The resulting uneven, ugly patch is not only a disgraceful display of workmanship, but a trip hazard, which has the potential to cost the TCC (us) significant damages. I guess the pedestrian who really does need to watch where he or she is planting his or her feet will not then notice all the empty premises. Maybe that’s the idea?

    • Droopy draws says:

      Bentley, I thought the same when I was wandering down Flinders St West a few weeks ago but assumed it must have been State money being spent to set up the steple chase course for the upcoming Commonwealth Games?

      • Scientician79 says:

        I’d assumed they weren’t done, and the bitumen was a temporary cover until they can come back and finish the work?

        One side of the street is bare cement with witches hat’s artfully arranged around trip hazards, maybe they are trying to make it a feature – Flinders St Ephemera.

  39. Achilles says:

    Latest out of touch with reality comment from Trump.

    Trump: Texas shooting is a ‘mental health problem,’ not about guns
    8 Hours Ago | 01:19

    President Donald Trump said Monday he believed the Texas church shooting was caused by a “mental health problem,” and not because of a problem with domestic gun laws.

    When asked whether U.S. gun control measures could have been the key to the Texas shooting, Trump replied, “Mental health is your problem here.


    Martin Bryant had the same problem too, with about the same casualty count too, so John Howard took steps to separate unwell people from firearms, and everyone from unnecessary military type weapons. QED

    Gawd ‘elp USA this President is a one man cluster fuck

    • The Magpie says:

      Donald Trump making commentary on ‘mental illness’?
      That like Mayor Jenny Hill making commentary of ‘fiscal integrity’.

    • Swinger says:

      Apparently in America, they treat people with mental health problems by shooting them with a gun.

      Cures them right away.

  40. Concerned citizen says:

    Took my grandkids to the children’s playground on The Strand last week and it too is a disgrace. Bird shit everywhere especially on the tables they expect kids to eat off. If we go there again will take a cloth and some cleaner to ensure the kids don’t get sick from the filth.
    Maybe that’s the plan. The mayor and the impaler have worked out that if you allow amenities to get grubby enough the public will clean them instead of having to find council staff to do the job.

  41. 4812 says:

    The ABC and balance is an oxymoron. Of course the ABC has a leftist bias why else would Michelle Guthrie email all staff to stop being biased on the SSM vote. She should have also included climate change and asylum seekers. The media are sadly now a participant in news stories – rather than reporting from a neutral position.

    • Swinger says:

      The problem with commenting on bias in someone else is that you are commenting relative to yourself.

      I suspect that ACTU head Sally McManus or Bob Brown would find the ABC shockingly right wing.

      I find the ABC does a good job of presenting the facts, and of labelling opinion as being that- only opinion. And I am no leftie (except perhaps relative to 4812).

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie didn’t see Ms Guthrie’s missive, and therefore does not know exactly what it said. So did she say where the bias was, towards the ‘yes’ or towards the ‘no’? And if it did, how did you to reach the conclusion that whatever Ms Guthrie’s view, it was proof of ‘left wing’ bias? Since when did SSM become a Left v Right issue? Oh, sorry, The ‘Pie gets you now, your formed that opinion because your were informed by the unbiased fact reporting of Miranda Devine, Andrew Bolt and Shari Markson. Do apologise, how thick of the old bird. And of course, Ms Guthrie herself worked for more than a decade at executive level for Rupert Murdoch, so she is clearly well versed in balance and how to detect bias.

      • Peter Sandery says:

        What I find difficult to equate the ABC with unbiased or fair and balanced if you like is its refusal to appoint anyone to positions of authority who have anything but a leftist view of the world. “Pie you imply Murdoch is biased and he well might be, but I don’t think even you would call Kristina Kennealy, Peter Beatty, Andrew Speers et all who all appear regularly on SkyNews, as right wing – perhaps it’s my age but I can’t see the equivalent on any of the ABC outlets.

        • The Magpie says:

          Don’t know anything about Speers, but The ‘Pie most certainly would call the other two you name as right wing, although they try to disguise the fact. Along with Richo, handy for his blistering attacks on his own former side.

        • Mike Shearer says:

          I’m confused about this left-or-right-wing thingy. Consider the people who’ve made this society of homo [in]sapiens what it is today. Which wing did these people fly on: Churchill, Pankhurst, Lincoln, Pasteur, and thousands more like them… you get the picture. Which wing does Murdoch, Packer, Putin, and thousands more like them fly on? The manipulators who now own 95% of the world’ s wealth – lefties or righties? It seems to my befuddled aged thinking that it’s been the so-called lefties who’ve made the most positive differences and the righties who’ve been the most destructive. (Or were Hitler and Stalin secret lefties?). The only bias in the ABC that concerns me is the predominance given in the national news to car accidents, sexual peccadilloes, and celebrities, and too little to activities and accomplishments of true national and international significance. Is that due to left or right bias, or just pandering to the LCD.

          • Grumpy says:

            Stalin a “secret leftie”?

            Want to try that one again?

            Pol Pot? Kim Jon-un? Castro?

            Don’t forget that Hitler considered himself a Socialist – although the hardcore Greens and Animal Rights Activists would be the closest modern equivalent to the Nazis – in fact the 1930’s Green Party flocked to Hitler.

        • Swinger says:

          I struggle to detect left wing bias on the ABC. Using Peter S.’s argument, I regularly see people like Tony Abbott, Peter Dutton, Eric Abetz, Tim Wilson, etc giving their views on the ABC- all well known lefty ratbags (not).

          I don’t recall an ABC journalist espousing a leftist position, or any other position.

          I fear that the lack of the ABC vehemently espousing Right Wing positions is seen as Leftist bias by Right wingers, and Left wingers see a similar failing of not talking up Left Wing positions.

          Hasn’t EVERY government in the past (Labor of Conservative) condemned the ABC for bias? Sounds like they are doing their job.

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie broadly agrees with you Swinger, but the old bird has been a little put off by newbie Canberra chatterer Andrew Probyn, whose physical on-camera presence of excessive facial expressions and jerky arm and hand movements resembles something out of Toy Story. In an effort to enliven his commentary with ‘everyday-isms’ – especially closing ‘zingers’ – he gets perilously close to editorialising.
            As for Leigh Sales, she does what any good journalist should do … take an investigative, probing line which questions the interviewee’s statements and stance She is not one to bat Dorothy Dixers across the interview net to anyone, prime Minister or poser. Thus she manages to upset half the audience one night and the other half the next … which is exactly the desired result of good interviewing.

          • Sandgroper says:

            Andrew Probyn did a good job as political editor of The West Australian where he was kept in check by a great editor, Brett McCarthy. Unfortunately, Probyn’s pommy leftist streak and penchant for theatrics have come to the fore since he was headhunted to replace Chris Uhlmann at the ABC.
            It will be interesting to see which way Uhlmann heads now he is trying to fill the very big shoes left at the Nine Network by Laurie Oakes. Hopefully, he will grow into them with balance and dignity.

  42. 4812 says:

    I don’t want the ‘opinions’ of ABC journalists!! They are not highly paid by the poor old taxpayer for their personal opinion. They are paid to give a balanced view of the news of the day. Report the facts. Keep their own personal views out of it.

    The email from Michelle Guthrie is proof positive they have a left bias.

  43. The Lone Ranger says:

    Oh shit!
    On the front the front page today the Astonisher claimed the Adani coal mine was “back on the rails”, reporting that Labor Treasurer Curtis Pitt had reversed Anna Alphabet’s veto of funding for the Adani rail line.
    Was amazed that it wasn’t mentioned in any online or tv news service today.
    But on Ch 7 tonight, Pitt said he supported the Premier’s decision not to support the $1 billion Federal Government loan.
    So how did the Astonisher get it so wrong?
    Was it just a cock-up or did they make up the story out of sympathy for the mayor?
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s front page.

    • The Magpie says:

      The Astonisher is being run by kiddies at the moment, who won’t let go of the bags of lollies they’ve been caught trying to shoplift. Since when … anywhere … does a treasurer overrule a premier or a Prime Minister? And The ‘Pie loved the line in the story that they received a reply to their emailed questions ‘two hours after a deadline’. You arrogant little pricks, like your deadline matters more than a government minister making sure you have the right info.
      Time for another kindy nap, kiddies.

  44. Cantankerous but happy says:

    It was pathetic today to watch a farmer give it to the Premier in Nanango today over Jackie Trads vegitation laws that Labor will introduce at the first chance they get, not pathetic from the farmers perspective, he like many will be very nervous about a majority Labor Govt, it was pathetic that not one person from the National Party has run hard with the implications of this legislation, this was once bread and butter stuff of the Nationals, the Freckle herself was at the same race meeting, not a word, too worried about upsetting the Liberals in marginal seats in Brisbane, the current Nationals are now nothing but a pack of subservient cowards to the Liberal party, they should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Peter Sandery says:

      Backs up my earlier comments about the “Good and the Great” and their arrogant influence over the party and all he follow it, Cantank.

  45. Sir Ossis O'Fliver says:

    Have the names of the 20 eminent and senior business people who wholeheartedly endorsed Mayor Mullets loan to Adani for an airport ever been made public?
    Would just like to know so I never make a purchase from or provide credit to any of their businesses.

  46. The Fitzgerald Inquiry says:

    So finally, over a year after the very silly, very ill informed TCC move of making the manager of Gallery Services redundant, we have a new ‘Creative Director’, one Lee-Ann Joy. A bit of google reveals not so much, but many are hoping that this is the leadership needed to restore rapidly sagging optimism for the cultural life of our city. For those not in the know, this position was announced by the Mayor the day after Eric Nash, former Gallery Services Curator, walked in disgust. Jenny’s bright idea was to re-tool the (lower paid) curator job to incorporate some leadership and reporting responsibilities. Sorry, mate, no extra pay, though.

    This comes after what was labelled yesterday as another Gallery Services ‘restructure’, with Gallery Services being re-shuffled away from Libraries once more and back with Performing Arts (ie the Civic Theatre). All’s well that ends well right? Probably not. This comes with Jeff Jimmieson being offered a redundancy or lower-rung job (read: ‘thanks for doing the dirty work for the last year old mate, now piss off kindly’) and the design team being shuffled over to Walker Street with the others.

    Now this may not sound like a big deal, but what it means is a signalling of a) a likely TCC downsizing of publications, education and public programming (three important things the design team helped a lot with), and the timing is pretty rank in itself. This happens at a time where, of the three most senior staff in Gallery Services (left standing) are either on leave, or on maternity leave.


    Of course, today there was much back-pedalling about the term ‘restructure’, as TCC realized they had not actually gone through appropriate processes to actually call this a restructure.

    We’re in it deep. Even if this new Creative Director is excellent, we’re still gonna see walk outs and resignations. Get ready for the actual sticky wicket.

    • Jung Talent Time says:

      As long as they keep pulling the scab off this open wound, it’ll keep everyone good and angry up until boring time, so in its way this is a good thing.

      In its way.

    • Slave to the economist says:

      All of this feels far too deliberate. The tortoise speed of recruitment (the position was not advertised for a year after Fitzgerald was shafted), even interviews took nearly two months more to get underway. This is a strategy to downsize the gallery by tiny increments.

      It is a common tactic in the arts. Cut some key players out (usually those that will stand up for themselves), cut the budget, and demand more programming with less resources. Those left implode under the pressure, or they walk. Then the puppet masters can cite bad numbers and poor performance, and do whatever they wish.

      We have already lost some of our best and brightest (somebody mentioned Eric Nash earlier, a young man with a future. That future is, now, not here) and we will lose more. What is this Mayor actually doing for us? She’s hamstrung the arts, she’s fired half her staff, she’s throwing money at dodgy and dumb enterprises, and we have five different water reports telling us the same thing.

      Oh, yeah, but we have a stadium for this one sport people like. Woo.

      • Dutch Reverend says:

        Last I heard Eric Nash moved to Melbourne where there is a genuine appreciation of art and how it is an economic driver. I doubt he would ever return to Townsville, which is more the pity.

        • Ezra Pound Axe King says:

          I heartily agree, Dutchy.

          • Dumb 'n' Bass says:

            I for one look forward to seeing what this new Creative Director is all about. From what I understand, she has a pretty interesting skill set. Hopefully she has a good sense of leadership and direction to go along with it!

          • The Magpie says:

            And one hopes the freedom and respect to exercise those skills … a freedom and respect not afford to Shane Fitzgerald. So let’s home she’s got the ovaries to successfully battle this stifling retrograde bureaucracy.

          • Aussiemandias says:

            That’ll be the toughest (and most draining) part of the gig, I reckon!

          • Whatareya? says:

            Was anybody else at the CQU launch last week? The one where Jenny Hill went ‘off script’ (always a bad idea) and made a racist joke in front of the Indigenous elders? It made my skin crawl.

          • The Magpie says:

            What was the joke – not necessarily for publication?

          • Whatareya? says:

            It was a joke made in very poor taste. One of the Indigenous elders was giving a speech, and part of this speech mentioned a harder time when the family could only buy dog meat from the butcher. Jenny piped up with something about her own horse, and if it turned out to be a nag it could be butchered for her family. This was met with absolute silence, stony stares from everybody in the room. We have a cartoon version of a redneck for a mayor.

  47. Memory Man says:

    I simply don’t get why the Townsville Chamber of Commerce singles out one industry for a need for support. Mining employed between 1,500-6,000 people in Townsville between 2009 and 2016 … the peak was 2012-2013, very rapid peak then a return to the “old normal”, that is less than 5% of the labour force. Mining will get more automated, not less. Tourism employs more people and delivers more wages into Townsville than mining employment. That’s the numbers from the REMPLAN model that TEL subscribes to. Extractive industries isn’t bad per se, though I think it badly needs to renew its social license. But there are heaps of industries that offer more long run growth potential …

  48. Waz CEOC number 1 says:

    I read your top 50 most influential people again, what a joke. Number one is a footballer who didn’t play all year with injuries, 2 is a woman who sacked 300 people to pay for a 30mil road to land planes on. Then you have your ceo who’s still in Brisbane running the election campaign but I still see nothing in the paper to even say she’s gone or on leave. If that were ray burton it would have been reported. I stand by what I’ve said earlier. I’m waiting to see a copy of the local government act to see if staff are prohibited from being political.

    • Peter Sandery says:

      Try AustLII website or if that’s too hard google Queensland State Government Laws, Waz

      • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

        Thanks Pete I’ll have a look. I been waiting for a staff member to send it down. That way I don’t need to sift through all the other stuff. Plus I didn’t know what sections to read over.

        • The Magpie says:

          Please be sure to advise us here Wazza.

        • Alahazbin says:

          Was CEOC NUMBER 1 & Dearie Me seem to be close to the action at TCC.
          What’s happening in Fleet Sevices circles?
          Has old mate in charge of procurement still working the system? Ingratiating himself with the new hierarchy to maintain his lifestyle.

          • Critical says:

            I’m told that there are a number of string rumours floating around TCC that the Impaler’s next move to reduce staff numbers and costs is to tender out all parks, gardens and open space maintenance and the work done on all council machinery and vehicles at the end of the current EB agreement. Let’s wait and see.

          • Dearie Me says:

            Guess that depends on who old mate is.
            Unfortunately the higher up the food chain you go the further the hands are in the public purse. Self promotion and lifestyle maintenance are now very important council matters. So whatever old mate is doing or has done would pale into insignificance with what is really happening higher up.

          • Mundingbird says:

            It is common knowledge that he organised supply tenders on a handshake or through mates,not via LGAQ or Local Buy,as they were meant to be,with many kickbacks along the way,like tyres for his race car etc etc.
            So many people knew,but nothing was done,he is/was a protected species,and frankly,that sucks…!

      • The Magpie says:

        Had a quick trawl through all that. But best to remember that is it far from PROVEN that The Impaler is doing as suggested, on leave to help labor in the state election campaign. If anyone can progress that rumour with proof, we will be getting somewhere. And if it is bullshit, proof of that is equally important.

  49. Memory Man says:

    Well, well, well. … so, Queenslanders don’t want to publicly subsidise a Billionaire. The question for the Mullet is simple: why does she think Townsville’s long suffering ratepayers should, on the back of savings achieved through mass redundancies at Council, subsidise the Indian Billionaire?


  50. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I think the argument regarding a left bias in the ABC would be most easily identified in the number of ABC staff and particularly journalists seeking preselection with the Labor party over the years as opposed to those seeking pre selection to the conservative parties. I have no doubt the ledger would be heavily skewed toward Labor, and in recent times some Green nominations as well, whilst I am out of the loop these days I was involved quite heavily in the Nationals for many years and can’t recall an ABC journo ever enquiring about standing as a candidate, although some no doubt would have during conversations in the back rooms with party heavyweights in Spring Hill. However there is a long list of ex ABC journos having stood for ALP pre selection for many years and many went on to contest seats both federal and state, win many of them and one even become a state premier.

  51. Vladimir Nikolayevich Petrov says:

    Can anyone confirm the rumour that council has appointed a new library manager, with no position description for the job, no position vacant advertisement, no job interviews, at $100K plus a year. Other staff across council have had to apply and interview for their jobs, but some are just dropped into roles. Fair and transparent? Merit based? Not in this council

    • The Magpie says:

      TCC is starting to resemble a not-so-benevolent dictatorship in many ways, but a smart one: they know that the average sleepwalker out there doesn’t care a hoot about such niceties as job placement protocol.

    • Alahazbin says:

      MERIT -“Mates Employed Regardless of Itelligence & Training.

  52. Memory Man says:

    Things are rapidly descending into farce. Actually, it’s been farcical for a while. This is just another Groundhog Day of Townstopia Farce.

    1. Our wise Mayor now tells us that depending on the make-up of the parliament the future of the Adani project is “anyone’s guess”. So, with this amount of uncertainty, you’ve got to wonder what kind of fool would rush head long with $18.5m of ratepayers’ money to subsidies a billionaire.

    2. The much trumpeted battery factory is now in need of a handout, so it seems … $3m this time. How was this number arrived at, one wonders. This report tells us that Jolly Not so Tiny will look at the project and evaluate its feasibility, if he becomes Premier. So, this would imply that right now there’s insufficient information upon which a feasibility could be determined, and as such no way of knowing why and whether $3m is warranted. So, given this, why would a council rush into a land-for-equity in a startup before feasibility was determined? Same dumb reason, I suspect, that explains the folly on the airstrip.

    3. Our Dear Leader couldn’t even tell the public the value of the land-for-equity deal on the battery factory deal, and yet already has the hand out for more public money already. This is verging on recklessness.

    4. Bill Moss (from the battery project) concedes that the project progress in Townsville is proceeding slower than elsewhere. You’d think a half-decent reporter would be wondering what that observation means, and perhaps ask the bleedingly obvious question: why? And then, just maybe, ask “slower compared to where else, and whether this impacts the project’s feasibility?”

    • Old Hack says:

      The article is full of unanswered questions. Let’s hope the new editor kicks some arses and we start getting, at the very least, some “half decent” reporting.

  53. Old tradesman says:

    The digital print of the RAG has, number 20 to 10 of the people that changed Townsville, His Radiance #20, Les Walker #16. Clearly finger down the throat material.

    • The Magpie says:

      Now, now, there can be no argument they both had a role in changing Townsville … indeed, The ‘Pie is planning his own ‘Most Influential’ for this Saturday.

      • May the farce be with you says:

        All of our representatives- state, federal and local- need to wake up to themselves and ask whom they actually represent. Aside from the stadium, what has improved? What has been built for the future? What has been helped?

        • Sceptical Sally says:

          But will the stadium be an improvement or just another albatross around the necks of ratepayers?
          Seriously, it’s only a replication of what we already have and mostly can’t fill.

  54. Dave Nth says:

    Nice reactive management at the airport again. See it has taken them a month to put up signs in the arrivals area and through security about the closed toilets at baggage claim for newly arrived passengers that may feel the need. Competent management would have foreseen this problem and signposted it before the works started, guess they must have had a few complaints…

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Yes Numbskull Gill and his band of no hopers at TAPL have simply no idea. This week I have travelled through Townsville, Cairns, Darwin and Brisbane airports, Cairns are utilising their millions in Govt funding to secure flights to the Middle East, Qatar look like they might fly into Cairns in 2018; Darwin have been given funding from NT govt and are trying to secure direct flights to China, Townsville were given $10 million from the Qld govt and are spending it on bitumen for the apron, pack of dickheads.

  55. Memory Man says:

    Top shelf idiocy.

    Her Worship Mayor Mullet has been hoisted on her own petard, methinks.

    Here is she in the AFR opining that government could fund the entirety of the rail line to nowhere (even though she says Adani could fund it without the naïf) “if the business case stacks up”. 

    What? Come again, madam? “If the business case stacks up”? Surely, having committed to funding the billionaire’s airstrip at ratepayers’ expense, she’d have a view on whether the business case stacks up! 

    If she doesn’t know whether the mine’s business case stacks up, then why commit to flushing 18.5-large down the proverbial dunny? 

    If her decision to gift the billionaire $18.5m was because it would deliver a return, she must think the business stacks up. That being the case, what’s with the stupid comment in the AFR? 

    If it doesn’t stack up, then she’s a dead-set beyond-redemption dill.

    So what is it? Whatever it is, class dunce comes to mind.

    • Grumpy says:

      Dolan must be abed, seriously ill.

      This ain’t going to make him any better.

      The woman is certifiably crazy.

      • The Magpie says:

        Being a betting bird, The ‘Pie will take any money that Dolan Hayes has had fuck all to do with mayor Mullet going off the reservation so spectacularly. mr Hayes and The ‘Pie do not always share the same ideological position, but one thing is for sure, Dolan Hayes is no dill, and if he’s gone to bed, it is so he doesn’t have to take the panicked calls from the crazy woman.

      • Ronny Rotten says:

        Herding cats is notoriously difficult. Dolan must be getting heartily fed-up with his role as head pussy-wrangler.
        And I wouldn’t bet against you on that matter, ‘Pie.

  56. Dave Nth says:

    Interesting movements in CNS, looks like the Council there gets a bargain $300K to our $700K. Don’t know squat about their politics but wonder if a similar style purge is being attempted there as happened with TEL… Had to link Tele, CNS Post article locked the normal News Ltd trick of using google to get around doesn’t work…


  57. Dutch Reverend says:

    Wasn’t the TCC propped up recently to the tune of $20mill which we were told would be used to make many improvements to parks etc. Well we’ve had a few trees planted (without the aid of Jamie Durey) and half a mill on the Strand water park. Where has the rest of the money gone ? Pie, can you also refresh my memory ….. did Puddleduck also extend a further $32mill ? A lot could be done with $52mill or even $20mill such as ….. ???

  58. seagull says:

    couple of weeks ago……..

    Dear Cr Hill
    Thank you for the reply regarding my previous email to Cr Doyle.
    Would you please further explain what “safeguards and additional guarantees” Council has negotiated to protect
    Townsville Ratepayers / TCC monies spent in the Galilee Basin to build an airport.


    Dear Mr seagull

    Thank you for your email on 27 October 2017 requesting additional information.

    Council will have a secure bank guarantee if the mine does not go ahead and Adani has committed to pay a rebate for any job shortfall below the agreed target.

    Thank you again for your email.

    Yours sincerely

    Cr Jenny Hill
    Mayor of Townsville
    P 1300 878 001
    F 07 4727 9050
    E email hidden; JavaScript is required
    W http://www.townsville.qld.gov.au
    Townsville City Council
    Walker Street
    PO Box 1268
    Townsville QLD 4810

  59. Kenny Kennett says:

    Ah yes that cunning plan again. Surely Dolan has come up with this one. Jenny Hill simply needs to confuse the fuck out of the community and nobody will know what is going on. Then the Mayor says: “not my fault if the community misunderstood what I meant. If anyone needs a scolding, it’s the Impaler and the Astonisher for it’s fake news.”

  60. Concerned citizen says:

    The Top 50 Most Influential is in today’s rag and Lozza Lancini won’t be impressed.
    Everybody knows he runs this town – actually rules it with an iron fist – but Mayor Mullet is No 1 and Lozza is down from No 3 to No 7.
    He obviously hasn’t been spending enough on advertising in The Astonisher.
    The rest are the usual suspects, such as Sandra Harding (No 6 ) who disappeared overseas when the shit hit the fan with the sexual harassment case at JCU, then did nothing to curb the endemic problem on the campus. She also sat on her hands and let Central Queensland University take over the mantle as North Queensland’s top educational facility. Anyway, doesn’t she live in Cairns these days?
    On the subject of Townsville residency, how the hell did Adani snake oil salesman Jeyakumar Janakaraj get a run at No 11?
    Has he moved to Townsville to oversee recruiting for the 900 jobs Mayor Mullet has paid $18.5 million for? If so, he hasn’t been too busy – still no Adani jobs advertised in The Astonisher.

    • Droopy draws says:

      In today’s rag??? I haven’t seen any of this so called list all week… (only seen 3 papers though) but from years gone by I thought there was a whole double spread of who’s who in the zoo…..

      • The Magpie says:

        Big colour lift-out today.

        • Droopy draws says:

          Ta Pie. Obviously someone lifted it before I flicked thru it over my morning coffee….

          • The Magpie says:

            As The ‘Pie has suggested in this week’s (yet to be published blog) he completely agrees with Jenny Hill at #1, but for reasons well removed from the cringing hand-wringing Ebenezer Scrooge reasoning of the Bulletin. As for many of the others, The ‘Pie suggests they sue for being held responsible for the busted-arse state of our poor city.

  61. Alahazbin says:

    Just had a laugh at the Top 50. The Guilded few get a run. Poor old Linda never got a gong for her efforts.

  62. Achilles says:

    With apologies to Basil Fawlty

    Oh! shit Donald Trump is headed for Vietnam……Someone, anyone tell him “Don’t mention the war.”

    But if he does mouth off and piss off his Vietnamese host, the host can slam dunk him with “Who won the bloody war anyway?”

  63. Swinger says:

    Does anyone know where the LNP/ Townsville Bulletin plan to locate their coal fired power station in North Queensland?

    Where is the coal coming from?

    How is it getting to the power station?

    • The Magpie says:

      And why, oh why, do an ‘artist’s impression’ of it? Doesn’t matter if run on recycled Bulletins, it’s still just a fucking power station FFS.

  64. Sandgroper says:

    Today’s ‘revelation’ of Townsville’s Top 10 provides proof positive that bullshit baffles brains. It also cements the Astonisher’s position as the nation’s most cringeworthy newspaper.

  65. The old peterbuilt says:

    Just received an email from the LNP explaining that the anti adani group are going to cold call 100000 voters in the next few days and we need to mobilise against them and to please donate to the cause. I’ve informed them as a townsville rate payer mayor mullet looks after all our donations. I hope one of you ladies or gentlemen hasn’t been drinking and spilled the beans as to the location of the tractor shed.

  66. Droopy draws says:

    Does anyone know if our beloved mayor has been in town this week?
    I’ve attended two function in the past three days that she was obviously invited too attend and on both occasions passed the ball to ‘fill in’ councillors.

    Actually, only in the past week or so at an end of year school presentation night we had the pleasure of another rubber neck attending ‘on behalf of…’

    All three events were significant ‘end of year’ gatherings that, if I were the leader of this place, I wouldn’t miss for quids.


  67. seagull says:

    from todays AFR …….

    this may make it more difficult to “backdoor” subscriber firewalls in the future
    & may be why the bullsheet revamped their site which seems to be loaded & slower than ever on this machine………

    Thomson was referring to Google’s decision about a month ago to end its first click free policy, which required publishers to provide a minimum of three free articles per day via Google Search and Google News before people were shown a paywall.

    Google is replacing one click free with a new system called flexible sampling, which allows publishers to decide how many, if any, free articles they want to provide to potential subscribers.

    Read more: http://www.afr.com/brand/chanticleer/google-makes-peace-with-its-most-vehement-critic-20171110-gzj21n#ixzz4y4JDfk4b
    Follow us: @FinancialReview on Twitter | financialreview on Facebook

  68. Alahazbin says:

    Hey Pie,
    Maybe just an oversight, but my comment about Pudlducks darting eyes compared to Vince Lester and a comment about the Isa/T/Ville rail line are still awaiting moderation.
    I know it’s a busy job, sorting the wheat from the chaff.

    • The Magpie says:

      Can’t find it, presumably didn’t receive it although there is one in there abt the Isa rail line. Resend.

      • Alahazbin says:

        My comment re the Isa/T,Ville rail line was that the next State Government should make the upgrade a priority and not get into bed with NT for line to Darwin. Remember who now owns the Darwin Port and whose economy they will be helping and you bet Andrew Robb would be in the Fed’s ears as he now works for the Chinesse since leaving parliament after getting the CFTA up.

  69. Wry Whiskey says:

    Hey Pie,

    Be a good fella and chase up #puthemajorslast will you? Anything spawned from Herveys Range is likely to be suspect, especially when the address is Rifle Range Road. Be a good sport and shoot everyone an answer as to which organisation is gutless enough to hide behind a slogan.

    • The Magpie says:

      How about you be a good fella, put down the jug of corn likker and do the chasing yourself, The ‘Pie has a blog to get out. One suspect is someone with enough money to match a Hervey Range sense of humour. Anne ‘Attila the Hen’ Roebuck, ex Bully workplace pychopath and family live out that way … so maybe … nah, she certainly didn’t have a sense of humour.

      • Wry Whiskey says:

        Oh come on, how hints do I need to drop. SPORT, SHOOT, ORGANISATION.

        • The Magpie says:

          Tres droll, as they say up on HR Road.

          • Wry Whiskey says:

            Droll, maybe. Deliberately deceptive behaviour from our friends who like to shoot things, yes. Not sure how they thought they could hide behind their vague musings to simply being “a Collective Action Group” – especially when 5 mins of googling the names/addresses on their website lifts the veil.

  70. Alahazbin says:

    What’s happening?

  71. Igor says:

    What’s happening? Townsville’s fucked!

  72. The Magpie says:

    Maybe, Iggy, but wouldn’t it be better to talk about how to ‘unfuck’ it rather than accept the negative status quo? Like get administrators in an d the Mullet and the Impaler out?

  73. Igor says:

    Mate, it sometime seems we are just lonely voices in the wilderness. When the major news media are complicit in this giant con job — and the majority of boofhead ratepayers seem to be blinded by the bulldust — it’s going to be difficult to get investigators to take notice.
    That being said, I reckon the 50,000-plus petition has ruffled the calm waters and caused a fair bit of sphincter-tightening among the Gilded Few.
    You’re dead right about the need for administrators, so I guess we just keep battling.

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