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Saturday, July 1st, 2017   |   151 comments

Why Jenny Hill Won’t Run For Mayor In 2020

In a cynical act of sheer self-interested political chicanery, Jenny hill is selling Townsville down the river for the next decade, knowing she won’t be here to be accountable. High flown hyperbole? Look closely at the numbers related to the Townsville City Council budget.

Rates relief from Mayor Mullet? Not at all, but Ben Bogan grabs the candy striped jacket, boater and cane to become yet again the Mullet’s buffoonish song and dance man …

More beads and blankets for we trinket loving natives as council money is wasted on an irrelevant wish-list report of little or no value … and The Astonisher shows its contempt for Townsville on its front page.

And REVEALED (as they say at The Astonisher) – the latest favourite song that has legal foghorn Big Bazza Taylor merrily whistling all the way to the bank …

And the best advice Donald Trump has yet received …

But first …

On Tuesday, in a classic ‘Look! Over there!’ exercise in distraction, Mayor Mullet brought down one of the most astounding, asinine and mendacious budgets in living memory. It is her and CEO Adele The Impaler Young’s, no one else’s, her aerobic class of councillors meekly went through the motions as led.

And an insulting document it is.

Adding to that insult, the mayor’s PR machine, the Townsville Bulletin, did a better job than usual in making complete idiots of themselves when the paper went into shrieking ecstasy, doing zero analysis and going for cheap misleading front page …

Screen shot 2017-07-01 at 9.04.08 PM

That is, quite frankly, disgracefully deceptive and deliberate bullshit. That can be seen just on the basis that the mayor and the Astonisher are saying rates would’ve risen by 5%, but we’re not raising rates so there is a reduction of 5%. The Bulletin has always been more than shaky in the maths department, but this is simply inane rubbish. If it’s not, why not decline a proposed 100% rate rise, and claim a 100% reduction.

There was so much jiggery pokerie in the way the numbers were kneaded, plumped up and moved around, the average poor put-upon dolt had no hope of making sense of it.

Fortunately, The Magpie has 1) Bentley and 2) intelligent readers. First Bentley who as usual nails it …

Rates Puzzle

… and boy, did the commenters let fly.

Kenny Kennett 

June 27, 2017 at 8:55 am  (Edit)

So Jenny Hill has turned the rates circus into a Benny Hill scenario. At a quick read of the Astonisher (please don’t laugh), my ‘Gross General rates’ which don’t include water, sewerage and waste will freeze saving me 5% (of gross general rates ONLY). I presume that’s what the increase was going to be?????? BUT, where I normally get 15% discount by paying early, I now only get 10%. So if my rates were $2000 last year and I paid early, this time they were going to be +5% ($100) less 15% ($315) equals 2100-315=1785. But with the changes they will now be $2000 (no increase) less 10% (discount reduced to 10%) $200 equals $2000-$200=$1800 plus increase in water, sewerage and waste of 2.1%. I call bullshit Mullet, what a crock of shit!!

… and …

Waz CEOC number 1 

June 27, 2017 at 1:21 pm  (Edit)

This is bullshit of the highest order devised by the Mullet. Anyone without a calculator can work out they are wrong. As Kenny said, general rates are just a portion of your bill. Separate the utilities and that’s where your rise is. People inTtownsville must be dick heads because they believe the last 2 councils were gouging us in rises. General rates are cheaper here in Townsville compared to others but they contract out utilities. Rubbish, water, sewage and even tip fees. But because ethey see 1500-2000 on your rates bill, they think it worse then anywhere else. Other councils you would get 4 separate bills aside from rates and probably pay nearly 3000 for same services, but ours are in house.

As far as discount well there never is a discount really and decrease your early bird rate is an increase. I agree with Kenny on his assumption that he will pay more this year if he pays earlier. This is a vote grabbing stunt helped by the paper and if this was done by previous council it would be a full 6 pages from the paper to discredit then. Instead we get a front page story that we have sacked 300 people so we saved money aren’t we great. There is a bigger increase this year then any year under Tsv First. 2.1% plus 5% less early bird rate.

Ezra Pound Axe King 

June 27, 2017 at 9:54 am  (Edit)

Even if the ‘rate cut’ was genuine, I would prefer a functioning council that knows what it is doing that the 5%. It appears that we’ll get neither.

The Wulguru Wonder 

June 27, 2017 at 10:44 am  (Edit)

I know this is a rhetorical question….but why isn’t the Astonisher all over this TCC budget rubbish and calling it for the bullshit it is?


  • The Magpie

June 27, 2017 at 10:48 am  (Edit)

hahahha … but seriously, now?

So there you have it, a mayor and council CEO who are either financially illiterate or charlatans worthy of investigation, aided by a paper that is generally just illiterate … and certainly a charlatan.

But How Is This For A Little Devil We Have Found In The Detail?

The Astonisher won’t do it, so The ‘Pie will: analyse some of the council projections produced during the week.

First up, have a look at this from the budget papers …

Screen shot 2017-07-01 at 2.48.46 PM

You se the borrowings tootle along at modest numbers, never more than $30M, through to EOFY 2021. This  offers boasting rights to Mayor Mullet for her idea of fiscal probity as she faces the electorate in March 2020. Then little more than a year after she hopes her honeyed words have plonked her back into office. BAM, thank you ma’am, borrowings in 2021/22 suddenly skyrocket to $74,5 million, more than the previous three years combined. And 2022/23 is even higher, which would have every chance of wiping out at a single cynical stroke any supposed savings made over the current council. And apparently borrowing nothing in 2024/25 is a strange contortion.

Now consider this chart, showing the projected growth of rates and utilities charges – especially 2020/21.

Screen shot 2017-07-01 at 2.49.42 PM

While The Mullet will campaign on a moderate increase in rates over the previous term, note where the real slug will be. Utility charges go through the roof LESS THAN SIX M0NTHS AFTER THE COUNCIL ELECTION, up from 3% to just short of 5%. And climbing from then on.

The boffins who put together these projections certainly know their ‘rithmetic, but it seems to The ‘Pie that they must urely base their calculations on information of forward plans provided by Jenny Hill.

Jenny Hill

Like The ‘Pie says, as she fumbles along and public disillusionment snowballs, it is increasingly likely that this financial vandal will realize the jig is up and decide this would be a good election to lose. But rather than have yet another defeat on her political score sheet, she will stand down, to either run for the Senate (vaguely possible but the party might baulk at her dismal track record), or much more likely, on the state Labor ticket in one of the local seats which by that time will have been lost to Labor.

She will obviously stand down from Walker Street for heroic party reasons and not be cause she is frightened of facing the music when the electorate finally wakes up to her treachery against Townsville.

A Case Of Murdoch Mediocrity: We Get A Slap In The Face From The Townsville Bulletin

The paper has made much of the latest dreary waste of money, a ‘vision’ by a mob of southerners for Townsville from an outfit called Pure Projects. Pure something else springs to mind. This money sink-hole report aimed at acting as a distraction to the week’s real news of the budget and the census details (we’ve lost almost 10,000 according to last year’s figures, so even more by now).

Now, those who even bother to glance at the Bulletin in newsagents have come to expect overkill, but this …


… is not only overkill, it shows the lazy Bulletin unwilling to accept the new reality of social media and the web. That illustration is for a project that WILL be built … in Cairns. As in …

Screen shot 2017-07-01 at 1.15.01 PM

So easily found out. And anyway, single glance shows that the idea of this happening on the Strand is impossible … it’s a bloody canal estate, for Christ’s sake, a fantasy that bit the dust when swindler Craig Gore tried it on more than a decade ago.

But thanks for shopping local, Bulletin.

Then, There Are Some Papers That Treat Their Readers With Respect.

Like The Valley News, which inadvertently slipped in an extra ‘s’ on its masthead.

 Righting mistake

And get community affection in return. .

Classy friendly handling of a boo-boo.

Why Legal Waffler Barry Taylor Is Singing A ˜NewTune

Big Bazza Taylor

Big Bazza Taylor

All those who know Big Bazza will attest he always has a smile on his face, a kind word for all and a quick witty remark for all occasions. Added to his famous bonhomie now is an old tune he now whistles as he merrily goes about his business. The song is Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi, and Baz particularly loves the lines:

They paved paradise

And put up a parking lot

With a pink hotel, a boutique

And a swinging hot spot

Because Bazza looks to be on his way to bluffing the council to shower him with ratepayer money when and if they shell out for his property on Castle Hill Road at the back of Yarrawonga.

Castle Hill block

It’s that flat piece of barren ugliness that has been sitting there for two decades because Baz miscalculated the market and missed out on the killing he was hoping for – on-selling a piece of visual intrusion on the public consciousness that he had bulldozed his way through the courts to achieve, back in the days when his mate Tony Mooney was mayor. The ‘Pie is told that things got a bit tense back then, and there was talk of suing the Bulletin over stories that suggested this was not something the community approved of, but that was before Bazza had the editor of the day in his pocket.

Now, this patch of desirable dirt is going to auction next month, But Baz has said he will consider a competitive offer from the council, presumably because he is so community minded, which is great for someone who can hardly wait to permanently move down to his $10million pile in Noosa.

Of course, Baz’s idea of a ‘competitive’ offer is unlikely to align with either the council or the market, so it will be interesting to see the outcome. But here’s an interesting conjecture. The ‘Pie has heard that the council is considering the suggestion in the Pure Projects report of bringing the ferries back into the middle of town (they should never have left) and the council is interested in regaining the old ferry terminal site … which just happens to be the site of Bazza’s legal office. The creek-side location, presumably leased from the Port Authority,  is just one of numerous properties he holds around town, and is said to be his favourite. But Baz knows business is business, and it could be a good bargaining chip to do an all-in on both sites in question.

Besides, Mayor Mullet owes him for all his work ‘convincing’ local businesses to reluctantly back her initial mayoral bid.

But Baz has always been lucky in business around town. The story aroiund town is that back when his mate Mayor Mooney masterminded the Strand makeover, tenders were called for the supply of sand for the beaches. A tender was let, but then, for reasons that no one has been able to explain to The Magpie, the tender were declared null and void, and was put out again. This time, the  new winner was a company connected to Baz. Gosh, talk about luck.

As he divests himself of local encumbrances, one thing is for sure: Bazza will have to reconsider his asking price on his motel-like home on Castle Hill. When it briefly went on the market about a decade ago, he was asking in excess of $8million. Might need a bit of a re-think there, Bazza.

One to watch

The Best Advice Trashy Trump Has Ever Received


The US’s child-President should have his tweeting rights revoked after this week’s deeply troubling tweet about a female TV woman. Even Republicans are up in arms about his trashing the ‘dignity of the office’. No? Really?

But amid the furore of the latest episode of presidential juvenilia, a church sign at Woodstock said it all in a brief sign.

Tweet unto Others Amen to that, but the Devil in the White House ain’t listeni.

Bankers And Those Others

It seems impossible to know who the crooks are nowadays. But Larry Pickering reckons he knows.

ATO steal

And Finally

It all has the opportunity for a gloomy outlook, and The ‘Pie loves to leave you smiling. He doesn’t enthuse about magicians very much, but this is great fun.

That’s it for this week, plenty to talk about if you want to comment on anything, whether it be mentioned here or not, so join the feisty comment arena throughout the week. And if you’re in the mood, a donation to help with blog expenses would be much appreciated, donate button is below.

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  1. Guy says:

    Oh yes , planned borrowings are meaningless, we in the watchgroup worked that one out under the tyrell council, something like 120 million borrowings disappeared before the election then reappeared afterwards.

    The only reliable figures from the QTC are now secret along with the entire QLD state loans.

    • Monorail! Monorail! says:

      The Purile Projects report made for very entertaining reading, especially considering that there are many things they suggest that people have been suggesting for a long time, and that TCC was incredibly close to getting a bunch of them before they lost all reason and trashed the King/Queen st redevelopment. How much did Council pay Plural Projects I wonder?

      I had a good belly laugh at some of the listed comments too. The one about if Townsville didn’t have the Cowboys they’d have nothing to do? I mean, really, FFS. Where did they find this particular mouth-breather?

      Probably Walker Street.

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        Yes, a classic Simpson’s episode….all you have to do is swap Pure Projects for Lyle Lanely and Jenny Hill for Mayor Quimby from the episode and you have our current flimflammery from the Transforming Townsville report in a nutshell….(and Messagebank would be Homer…)


        • Lord Howard Hertz says:

          Hey, that Lyle Lanely bloke looks (and sounds) just Like Ben Bogan English! Can’t fool me, mate.

        • The Magpie says:

          brilliant. A must watch!

          • The Wulguru Wonder says:

            I’m sure the last bit….with Lisa and Lyle in the classrom….is exactly the same as the meeting between WFTAG (Lisa) and the Water Task Force/Mullet (Lyle)….

    • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

      That’s funny guy because QTC also have the recording of all the borrowings under mullet which is right now not 7yrs ago. Not really sure why you keep harping in about trellis and tsv first there all gone. Wouldn’t take much for you to ” door kno k ” treasurey to see how many times before and after last election mullet borrowed money to pay wages. I think you forgot to mention that little secret. I’m wondering when your watch group will start yelling again because your mullet mayor is bringing in pay per litre water soon. Same system that you all had a bullshit town hall meeting for to have a go at les. Can’t wait to see what you say that day.

  2. The old peterbuilt says:

    The old bird is on the money again. Well done as usual for making my suspicions come to life. On another matter has anyone noticed how little advertising has been done for the Townsville show and the v8 s. Doesn’t really mater, I’m sure the astonished will report on record crowd numbers as usual.

  3. Mike Douglas says:

    Timing is everything yet Mayor Mullet and her team ran with the TCC budget,Pure Projects Townsville 2.0( water park,arts hub),Water taskforce recommendations in one week whilst many residents are on the bones of their arse.I have never seen such resident backlash to TCC in social media or The Astonisher online or division against Mayor Mullet and her Councillors and Ceo. Aspirations are important but TCC,s debt is $367 mil and on the highest watch by the Qld auditor General and for TCC to make $133,000 surplus in 17/18 but $30mil the following 9 years in simple fiction.Elliott Springs house and land packages as low as $322,000 is hardly going to assist the Townsville house values or Townsville householders net wealth which has dropped over 30% since 2000 the majority of years with labor in State Government and Mayor Mullet in Council.Disgraceful waste of tax payers $ this week goes to Cathy Otoole who had two full pages in the Astonisher telling us she is “Townsvilles voice in Canberra”.If you looked at her social media facebook it looks more like “Labors Voice in Townsville”.Lots of positive Federal Government initiatives to assist business and the community but all you get is Cathys sycophant regurgitation of Labor Policy and supporting Labor and not Herbert when she votes in Parliament.Townsville deserves better from our 3 layers of Government.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Yes I see the Toole has become quite comfortable in the Qantas Lounge in Townsvile, gets there very very early for flights also, I have walked in before a flight up to Cairns and the Brisbane flight is still two hours away, yet here she is with husband in the corner, nothing like free processed ham and sliced cheese to excite a real lefty.

    • Mooney Street Blues says:

      People are leaving in droves. In my sector, it’s the under-40s, which is bad news for us long-term. We have an aging workforce in an area typically youthful, because the opportunities are fading here. Unlike what these Pure Project reports say, it isn’t entertainment people leave town for, it’s simple opportunity. Fat lot of good a busy nightlife is if you can’t afford to enjoy it. Can we start with the basics, Pure Projects, like employment and infrastructure, before we start banging on about how bored the millennials are?

      • Critical says:

        And I’m told that many TCC staff who didn’t put their hand up for the last round of voluntary redundancies didn’t because they have mortgages and families but are searching for jobs elsewhere in the state to get out of council and Townsville. They can see no bright future in Townsville and opportunities elsewhere.

        • The Awful Truth says:

          Spot on Critical. Also many are on maximum term contracts and were unable to apply for redundancy.

        • Dearie Me says:

          You are correct Critical. No one in their right mind would want to work under a regime such as this. Staff morale is at an all time low.
          Mullet no longer runs council. And hasn’t done for some time. Unfortunately until the councillors grow a spine and realise that old adage of united they stand we are stuck with the impaler as the unofficially appointed Mayor. And when she finishes destroying the city, and sending council broke, she will pack up her cronies in a stock car, do a victory lap and hoon out of town to the next target.

  4. Sandgroper says:

    Congratulations, Bentley. Your cartoon perfectly sums up the work of fiction that is the TCC budget.
    Mike Douglas is also spot-on with his comments about the blizzard of rosy reports issued at the same time as this dodgy exercise in creative accounting. This is standard PR practice to draw attention away from a turd that is sitting front and centre.
    It’s really heartening this early in the commenting week to see every contributor to The Nest scoring goals. Hopefully, the downtrodden masses are starting to realise what a bunch of duds they have running the show.

  5. Ezra Pound Axe King says:

    We at Pure Projections note that puerile profanity pervades the plebeian populace when it comes to Councl’s predisposition to a prerogative of purportedly pleasing and panoramic perspective . Perhaps professionalism will propagate people of the principal populace now that our promising prolix and prose of our projected pure planning report purports pleasing, if peripheral, propaganda

  6. Non Aligned Worker says:

    I note that the Pure report does not emphasise the security issues that still need addressing in our CBD and adjacent areas. They do talk about safe corridors but leave the solution “to others”.
    This is something that hasn’t been solved since 1998 (sorry but I don’t have a lot of knowledge before I arrived in the ‘ville) but I do have a lot of stories based on some solutions implemented earlier … but let’s not go there!

  7. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Yours faithfully,

    Miss Lou.

  8. Bentley says:

    Please tell me that Brad Webb’s pragmatic short term solution to the water crisis is not, I repeat, NOT going to be aligned in any way with this council!

  9. FF says:

    As there is no lounge for the Virgin business class travellers how about giving them a voucher for a beer or coffee or sandwich? Would be thoughtful of the airport don’t you think?

    • The Ferret says:

      As it is the airline that builds or outfits the space leased to it by the airport It would be Virgin who would have to pay this cost.
      Why would the airport have to give the voucher? Should that not be the responsibility of Virgin?
      Now you have a reason that Qantas is balking at the $3 levy as it would provide space for their opposition
      Townsville Airport should just get on and apply for a loan via the NAIF and refit the airport.
      They can recover the money via the new shop fronts and larger business class lounges without the traveler having to pay the levy
      We all know we pay through the nose when buying a beer or food at the airport anyway

  10. Woodduck says:

    Leaving Townsville was the best thing I ever done, scored a good job, cheaper to live and good fishing. My daughter and son in law moved here last month, and both of them found jobs also. People are starting to realise that there are better job opportunities elsewhere, with cheaper housing, rates, etc. Townsville is stuffed, and I don’t see it ever recovering from the years of mismanagement. The capital of North Queensland, Ha.

    • Simon Templar says:

      What, precisely, shall be the actual benefit to the ratepayer of smart water meters?

      Serious question, so don’t disrespect it with glib answer directly from the IBM brochure.

      They are very expensive and unreliable, so I hear.

      If all they are going to tell us is when we use our water, then what’s the point?

      BTW, strange that they should start becoming back in vogue now that Ms Hill is in unfettered and absolute control of council. No pesky questions to answer abut overseas junkets paid for by IBM.

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie has no dog in this fight, but in a matter of semantics, in one breath, saintly one, you ask not to be disrespected with a glib answer, then glibly say they are expensive and unreliable, ‘so I hear.’ And again, with no particular point of view except language (The ‘Pie knows bugger all about smart meters) your point about what they do sounds a bit like ‘don’t get bank statements, all they do is tell you how much you’ve got’ …since you put the money in yourself, you should know anyway.

      • Water Water Everywhere says:

        Smart Water Meters (expensive) or Automated Meter Readers (cheap) have quite a lot of benefits, to the community and the individual.

        For a start it would help pinpoint and fix the estimated 20% leakage in the reticulation network, this does not include any leakage after meters or in irrigation systems (council or otherwise).

        Council tested these automated meter readers(AMR) 4 years ago and found that those with such a device reduced their water use by approx. 10% and that they would actually be cost positive after 3-4 years (with a 8-10 year life).

        Mackay Council has rolled out 40,000 of these AMR devices and have gone from being in the top 5 water users to the bottom 5 water users.

        What that means is that we do not need to spend $200M on a pipeline just yet, and we can all have green lawns and gardens because we can actually understand how much water we use and how much we need… (bare in mind that your run of the mill sprinkler uses up to 25L per minute and floods your garden at 50mm/hour – not a good thing when your clay soil can take up 5mm/hour)

        enough of my 2 cents…

        • The Magpie says:

          WHAAATT? There was The ‘Pie was going along with you there, thinking good information, which in fact it may or may not be, but was pulled by instantly by the rude shock of the ‘we do not need to spend $200M on a pipeline just yet’ line. Just yet?? That is EXACTLY the type of reasoning, prevarication and lack of vision that finds us in the dire situation we now face. We do need a solution to be started RIGHT NOW, and desirable or not, water meters is not one of the possible solutions. A good comment for the most part that ended being worth … well, 2 cents.

          • Water Water Everywhere says:

            I do understand the Pie’s view (and many other for that matter) that a pipeline is the solution – but if the idea is that the pipeline(s) will be turned on so the water can be used for lawns then I am afraid the Pie and others are on the wrong track – Burdekin water is and will always be premium water that will go along with water restrictions. And that is not just due to pumping costs (which can and should be offset with solar) but the annual cost of allocation (I do not recall the exact figure but it sits somewhere between $1 and $2 million)and the per ML cost of the water if pumped.

            I am all in favour of green lawns and lush gardens – they can be achieved with vastly less water than most would think. I.e a healthy lawn needs approx 25mm/week during the warm months (when grasses are not in their dormancy period as they are now). Let’s say your lawn is 200m2 that would result in 5,000 L per week, this would need to be applied best in one or two good slow soaks.

            I fear this is going to far in terms of details… part of the problem no doubt is how we water and what we water.

          • The Magpie says:

            Again, The ‘Pie must disagree with your strange emphasis on lawns (which are a waste of personal garden space anyway – they should be vegetable gardens taking that water). The ‘Pie’s emphasis is on the council’s admirable or otherwise push for new sub divisions like Elliot Springs et al, which will be sorely needed when we get over this current massive road bump, and the supply and availability of suitable water for household and public needs in these spaces along with existing needs. No number of water meters will help one single bit to this end and yet again deferring or delaying the inevitable will be an irresponsible disaster which will hobble any resurgence in the growth of Townsville.

  11. The old peterbuilt says:

    The positive for the mullet with smart meters is their ability to be scanned eg from a passing vehicle. Discussions have already taken place in walker st re/fitting scanners to garbo trucks and thus do away with meter readers. The disadvantage for rate payers is that they are inaccurate and will cost millions to install and mark my words the rate payer always pays. This soft cock approach by mr Webb looks like he was given the answer and told to arrive at it.

  12. Guy says:

    The purpose of water meters is to increase water pricing.

    The only people that make money are the people supplying the meter. Water rates will have to rise to pay for the water meter, installation and maintenance. Then you have the cost of extra admin to be involved with it.

    My own theory was that all things considered was that council management has been planning to privatise water in townsville for a number of years. To my mind it started under tyrell when the CEO increased water pricing. The idea of increasing water pricing is to show potential buyers that the customer base can and will pay more for water.

    It makes sense. You sell water off to a private company and use the money to pay off council debt in full and / or take further loans. If you sold water in townsville you could easily take a few billion in loans. It explains why the tyrell went on a loan taking splurge – they figured they could raise water pricing and eventually absolve themselves of any responsibility.

    No doubt if the current council went down this route a new water group would emerge and eventually over throw the council but i’ve washed my hands of such things now.

    • The Magpie says:

      Guy, you’ve forced The ‘Pie to edit your comment, not for any other reason than relevance to the issue under discussion … and besides, there didn’t seem to be any link between your travels in Turkey and the water issue in Townsville. There’s a lot of latitude given to the commenters here, but discretion and common sense is still required.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Indeed, and going by the angst and anger at the water meeting a couple of months ago a general theme prevailed, ” I am paying for an amount of water and will use every drop I am entitled too” not sure if telling someone what time of day they are using their water will have much effect on that attitude, but then again if the Mullet isn’t to interested in going around again and the the rest of the councillors are happy to look for another job then they have nothing to lose.

    • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

      So you have washed your hands because now mullet is bringing in what you idiots did to tyrell all those years ago. We had bets on inside council when we heard about the meters and your group came up in conversation. What was the question? Will there be uproar from water watchers about this? Given mullet stood in front yelling about stopping this proposal only to bring it on some years later herself, but have your group magically disappear when the same questions and rallies should be brought forth. Just goes to show you were full of shit then and piss and wind now. You comment on here thinking that we really are listening. Magpie puts your comments up so we can laugh and see what a wank the labour party are really having at the moment. You should be ashamed of yourself for bringing this on townsville, but that said it’s costing you heaps so that’s my karma. Remember I got a lot of your rates as a redundancy and I sit back now thinking how did I stay there that long with clowns like you helping mullet.

  13. Scientician79 says:

    In relation to Smart Meters, they are sold on the basis of more transparency for users which may help with Water Conservation in the home. All about timely information is the theory, similar to the electricity smart meters.

    Not sure I subscribe to the theory, especially as a unit dweller not much I can do to use less water.

    The real benefit is, as already pointed out above, decreased labour costs because you shift the reading work to an already existing team. Quite an irony that this labour council is so hell bent on decreasing job security.

  14. Scott says:

    Having a look at those increased borrowing figures for 2022 and 2023- I wonder if that may be intended for the new water treatment plant at Toonpan to meet increased demand. A figure of $100 million has been mentioned elsewhere as an estimated cost and that increase over two years wouldn’t be too far off.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie highlighted the figures because there wasn’t any plain language (or any language he could see) explanation for them. Which just about sums up a major poblem … lack of transparency and communication from the council (read mayor). All too tricky by half.

  15. The Magpie says:

    Here’s something to file away, for future reference when there is more council chook talk about battery farms.

    This from the Astonisher April 15.,

    The council has also made some key appointments, such as chief procurement officer Juliana Tiong, who previously worked at Hewlett-Packard and General Motors Holden.

    ‘That’s what it’s about, getting away from traditional local government thinking and bringing in people of industry with new types of thinking,” Cr Hill said.’

    Well, Ms Tiong is now working for the council from her Melbourne home, but Mayor Mullet has clearly nailed her privatisation colours to the mast.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Now the precedent has been set, I might apply to become CEO of Townsville Enterprise and run the show from Perth. Shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes’ work a week to improve its current performance so I could still enjoy my slothful retirement.

    • Ms Peacock says:

      It would be interesting to know how many of the new top jobs have gone to locals? There are some very talented people about town with metro and international experience who have come home to be closer to aging relatives. It would appear that there is a conscious bias – if you are local were one is immediately overlooked. Oh and if you haven’t worked with the CEO somewhere else before don’t bother applying……

      • Dearie Me says:

        Oh Ms Peacock
        I’m not sure employing your special friends is what’s called a conscious bias. I think that comes under an entirely different category.
        Not one of the newly appointed senior executive management team are locals. Happy to be corrected on this…..
        Very few have local government experience and it’s showing.
        However a few of the newly appointed special forces surrounding the mullet and impaler are quasi locals and were appointed for their very handy connections to the Labor party. Yes local government….free from party politiking…it’s all about the community…pfffttt

  16. The Third Reader says:

    I was speaking with a very prominent Rockhampton based businessman over the weekend and we got onto how pathetic our councils were and the current depressed state of our respective cities. I almost embarrassed myself, spitting a mouthful of beer in the middle of the gathering when he said he would gladly swap our mayor for theirs. Holy shit how bad must things be down there, and who would have thought there could be worse than the Mullet.

    • Sam1 says:

      Both mayors are Labor. Enough said.

      • Critical says:

        What political party did Diedrie Comerford, ex Mackay Mayor, belong to.
        She selected a CEO sacked him and now the Mackay City Council is facing a legal challenge and she was on the interview panel for the current Townsville CEO.

  17. The Magpie says:

    Donald Trump isn’t the only one being shown up as immature AND DANGEROUS by tweets … TCC CEO Adele Young is so thought disordered she suggests that high unemployment in Townsville gives us a desirable edge.

    A senior Townsville businessman says this is an example of the immaturity of Miss Young.

    ‘This confirms she is away with the fairies and will slash and
    burn anything in her way.A CEO’s role is to build a culture that delivers a
    safe,happy,effective,harmonious workplace. To comment “the only good thing about high unemployment ‘a ready willing and available workforce” I see this as a FIFO attitude “fit in our -uck off”

    The Councillors and Mayor must rein this attitude and culture.’


    • The Ferret says:

      Wow ………………….
      Front page news in the local rag tomorrow?
      Obviously this woman has no heart and no idea

      • Alan Stibbs says:

        Any negative comment by staff and you are out.
        Do you think that HR Manager left for family reasons.

        • The Magpie says:

          So here’s the chance to ask the question some opf us have been contemplating? Did straight arrow and throughly professional Tony Chopper Wode jump, or was he pushed? Through all administrations, including Tyrell and the Townsville First ascendancy, Chopper always did his job as ethically as that role can be done, even if it did sometimes frustrate reporters sniffing around for what often wasn’t there. All the more admirable as he is a Labor leaning man.It will be ingeresting to see what happens to the Media Unit now, which at the moment is staffed by a very competent crew (let’s face it, there is only some much they can do). Are we going to get our own version of Sean Spicer? Oh, wait a minute … we’ve got The Impaler. haven’t we?

    • Head desk says:

      Well Pie that fits nicely with rumours going around council last week where the CEO was supposed to have said something along the lines of how she doesn’t give a f$&@ abou staff, they can all leave and she’ll just hire new ones. Seems to be the mentality anyway with over 200 gone so far. Sadly once again we hear no screams from the Astonisher about the burden this is creating in our economy, and the number of families leaving town.

      • The Magpie says:

        Indeed, it is now at the stage where the Bulletin’s silence on this issue amounts to self-condemnation … the arrogance has reached the level of gross insult.

      • Oldtimer says:

        Young’s slash-and-burn modus operandi mirrors that of another woman who ran a chainsaw through the staff at the Townsville Mater Hospital more than a decade ago. She was imported by the board to do the dirty work and left soon after she had caused considerable misery with what seemed to be arbitrary dismissals solely to reduce numbers.
        It would appear there is some truth in the old saying, “The female is deadlier than the male.”

        • Critical Carer says:

          The woman in question was thoroughly detested, even by we who kept our jobs. This was a dark period when the Townsville Mater Misericordiae (Mother of Mercy) Hospital sadly failed to live up to its name and reputation.

    • TweedleDee says:

      We have lots of pluses in our favour.

      Houses are dirt cheap- vendors can’t give them away. Rental vacancy rates are soaring- no problems getting accommodation. Shops are deserted- no need to push and shove. Most service businesses are able to respond instantly- they have no other work to do.

      Our gardens are dead- think of all the saved labour in not having to water or maintain them. Then there is all the money we save on car maintenance after our cars are nicked and written off. Similarly our house contents.

      You can save a lot of time by not ringing the Council- they don’t return calls or emails anyway. And the paper only takes a minute and a half to read.

      Really our cup runneth over.

  18. Sandgroper says:

    Hello, you ugly, hook-nosed stepsisters. Don’t you feel ashamed for stealing the glass slipper from our little Cinderella sister city, Cairns?
    Should we rename Premier Puddleduck as ‘Princess Charming’ for her gracious bounty?

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Yes, I guess old sleepy Bob Manning just ain’t as connected to the Labor arse cheek as the Mullet is, makes one wonder though how much influence egg head Curtis Pitt has in the govt, can’t even pork barrel his own electorate and he’s the treasurer, when Jackie Trad lets him.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Cairns certainly lived high on the hog when Keith De Lacy was Queenland. Treasurer and the local Member. Things were different at the last elections and both sides were forced to top up the Townsville trough (this alliteration thing is catching) in an effort to capture what were nominally marginal seats.
      Just wait and see what happens if a similar situation applies in Cairns next time around. All sensible conversation will be drowned out by the oinking chorus.

  19. Achilles says:

    Looks like the wheels are becoming a bit wobbly on the train track for Adani and Anna Palatruck. Adani’s begging bowl was rattled in India with zero results, as has been prophesied at the nest ad nausea-um.

    From today’s The Australian: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/latest-news/qld-govt-rules-out-adani-loan-for-mine/news-story/81c2bee1f8f6f807ae7a033f3d7917c9

    I inquired from some colleagues in India where I had worked for a few years and none could reply to my inquiries about the viability and credibility of Adani for some time due to uncontrolled laughing.

    It seems that Adani is synonymous with Christopher Skace and more aptly Adnan Khemlani, you could probably include Clive Palmer inc. in that mob.

    • Ronny Rotten says:

      The consensus among business scribes is that Adani is trying to keep the Carmichael fiction in play to avoid writing the project off its books, which could bring down the entire house of cards.
      There has been so much written to this effect that I can’t believe the feds or state would contemplate shovelling in money to prop up such a shaky edifice.
      What you can bet on is that all concerned will continue to give lip-service to the charade to maintain public hope and optimism in the lead-up to elections.

      • Non Aligned Worker says:

        Money is there. Will come from China to pre empt their projects that will follow. Surely you can see that? China still have lots of carbon credits to burn under the international agreements.

        • Ronny Rotten says:

          That’s an interesting and logical scenario, NAW. I would like to see a hard-nosed economist (cue Warwick Powell) comment on the possibility of China bailing out the Indians.

          • Dr Who'ed says:

            Why would China need to buy Australian thermal coal at this scale? Their current China import standards would make much Galilee Basin coal non-compliant. Besides, China has hundreds of coal mines mothballed at the moment due to low coal prices. While it is true that there are HELE plants being built in China, the rate of growth is declining and planned plants are being cancelled all the time. China has capital, for sure, but they don’t waste money on duds. They have had too many in Australia recently.

          • The Magpie says:

            Aww, c’mon, where’s your spirit of conspiracy? China might fund Adani just to create turmoil in the populace without having to give donations to political parties. And the idea was finance, not purchase.

  20. Critical says:

    So a total of 220 TCC staff have taken voluntary redundancies on top of the 60 plus forced redundancies in October 2016. Morale must be at rock bottom at TCC at this rate of exits and certainly ratepayers must be getting worried about the level of corporate knowledge left in the organisation.

  21. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Interesting load of shit in this mornings Astonisher as usual, a $14 million saving for TCC after a change to procurement policies, really?? Did the paper bother to ask for further detail about this wonderus saving, not a word. TCC has streamlined its tenders etc into larger tenders but less of them, and they won’t allow part tenders, you have to price the lot. That means many manufacturers who would supply certain products direct can no longer do so, so now the council is buying our products through 2nd or 3rd tier distributors at a very good margin, in some cases double what they were paying previous, more proof Adele Young is way out if her depth and has no idea of how business works, maybe she got a cheap rate on advertising in the paper, what a bargain that would be.

    • Terry Smith says:

      Perhaps we are seeing the payback for the Council placing the Townsville Bulletin on the “Sole Supplier list” at their meeting of Sept 2016. As a result purchases from the Bully no longer have to comply with the Procurement policy and Local Government Regulations. If only there was a journalist here or from out of town that would investigate.

      Whilst they were doing that that might like to have a look at the value of contracts that have been awarded since the election to a certain construction group that made a donation to the Team Hill coffers. An incredibly fortuitous serious of events. As a nod to transparency (or a two fingered salute) the Council minutes each month dutifully note the the conflict and the fact that regardless of said conflict, the Councillors believe it in the public interest that they participate in the discussion and vote on each contract. It’s great they are looking out for us.

      • The Magpie says:

        Sorry, haven’t a clue what your point is about the Bulletin … all joking aside … no really … how can the only newspaper in town NOT be a sole supplier. But of what? Advertisements/ Well, doh … And where’s the advantage, can you expand on that? Serious question, The ‘Pie just doesn’t get your point, spell it out for the dense old bird.

        And since you are inviting others to make certain implied allegations about a construction group, YOU name them … then you and The Magpie (as publisher) will take equal risk. Or is this just kite flying, Terry? Facts and figures and they’ll be posted here.

        • Terry Smith says:

          The issue with the Bully joining the sole supply list is that up until they were on the list they are subject to the procurement process of all suppliers, ie having to get purchase orders under certain limits and tenders over upper investment limits.

          The reason you have those sort of checks and balances in place is to ensure probity in public expenditure.

          I’m not sure how long the Bully has been the sole provider of advertising services for the Council for – I would suggest quite a number of years, but removing them from the procurement process and tender obligations removes a level of transparency as to the amount of money being spent on services with the supplier. More importantly, what the advertising was required for? Were there other options for placing advertisements or notices?

          The timing of the change in process is what tweaked my conspiracy nerve. In an age where advertising and mass communication is moving away from the printed format and with the ever declining circulation of the Bulletin, I question why the removal of the ability to see what contracts are placed with the Bulletin has occurred. How effective is the advertising if a very small section of the community actually see it?

          Is it the best utilization of ratepayers money? Is it an efficiency measure to remove the need for the Council and the Bulletin to step outside the procurement process? I’m sure that is the argument and rationale relied upon. perhaps it assisted in the rationalization of staff?

          The cost/benefit analysis of the relationship between the Council and the only newspaper in the City goes beyond a mere examination of cents in the dollar. The question is constantly raised in this blog about the failure to hold the council to account. Why not keep everything out on the open and avoid the perception of collusion?

          As to flying kites, whilst I appreciate the beauty of the wind powered craft, I stand humbly castigated for seeking to entice others to make implications and to join dots. Moving forward I will take off my tinfoil hat, go back on my meds and stop jumping at shadows.

          • The Magpie says:

            Please don’t, you’ll spoil the fun. And yes, when you think about it, in this day and age, the only place that tender information nees to be is on the council website. However, guess the law would have to change for that, so wait another 10 years and it might happen.

        • Tenacious D says:

          One fun fact regarding the council and contracts, I have been well informed that contracts for providing trade services to council is due by end of July, another by end of August. Person at council designated with this task insists that the only way to find out when those tenders come out is to buy the Saturday Bullshitin.

          Would there be something in the Local Government Act that would prevent the council forcing a business to purchase an unwanted product in order to attain valuable information about tendering to council?

          This information should be publicly available, and free.

  22. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    TCC are sneaking through a few increases in charges without any comment from tbe Astonisher…a 34% increase in the release fee to get a dog or cat out of the Council pound for example, going from $125 to $169….slightly more than the rate of inflation!

  23. The Magpie says:

    Just for a change (don’t gasp) The ‘Pie decided out check a recent comment. It was floated that the TCC shake-out had done away with dog catchers. Asked the council if it was true or false, and promptly received this reply:

    ‘False. Council will still be picking up stray and roaming animals.

    Technically, we haven’t had ‘dog catchers’ for the past 10 years or so – they’ve been Local Laws Officers responsible for investigating complaints and issues like overgrown allotments and abandoned vehicles as well as dogs.

    Under the new structure, the Locals Laws Officers become Compliance Officers (18 positions) – still catching dogs and the other stuff and adding water patrols, development and field assessments. There’s also 5 Patrol Officers, including on Magnetic Island who will mainly focus on proactive campaigns and education.

    RSPCA will continue to operate the city’s pound, as before.’

    Sounded a bit strange, so The ‘Pie, as publisher, stands corrected.

    • Simon Templar says:

      Dog catchers be catching dogs.

      Now, who is going to rein in the bitches?

    • The Awful Truth says:

      The workload of the newly titled compliance officers has increased while they take a pay cut. The job description is now written so that no one person will ever be able to do every single job mentioned in the job description, therefore nobody will ever reach the top pay level.

  24. The Rolling Eye says:

    Assertions about mullet sprouting wings an flying coop towards a senate tilt are misguided.
    Quite deft at self inflicting haemorage of both pals and punters, it’s no surprise she can’t convince anyone otherwise.

  25. Warwick Powell says:

    Adani did make it known that they are seeking funding from equipment vendors in China and Korea.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      Both China and Korea (KEPCO is a good example at Bylong Coal NSW) are very interested in our coal market and prepared to invest.
      Note I am not saying that this is a bad thing.
      They are looking at their long term supply strategies.
      Long term in their plans extend much longer than a State or Federal time frame.

  26. Critical says:

    Just heard TCC Chief Financial Officer gone. WTF.

  27. Ms Peacock says:

    I was a big Jenny supporter; however sadly like many others I’ve been speaking to lately I am no longer . I voted for Jenny not this CEO. Jenny it’s unlike you to be managed or bullied and that is what appears to be occurring. Time for the councillors to show there substance and start managing the CEO. The success of any business is its people. There is a big problem if the captain of the ship doesn’t value the workers in the engine room. How is it good management of our rates paying out Redundancies and then refilling the same jobs? I supported the nous report but you lost me with this poor implementation and farseical show of a “recruitment process”.

    • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

      Well miss peacock I hope your happy that you had ear plugs and blinkers on when you voted for mullet. Even before the election this that has happened to us ex workers was clearly stated by tsv first but the dick heads in townsville listen to lies. As for the hand raisers they won’t have the guts to say no to mullet

    • Dragnet says:

      Ms Peacock, the CEO is working for the Mayor. The Mayor is loading the gun and the CEO has been left with the job of firing it.

  28. J jones says:

    The man with the golden touch, Rabbit Crayon, has been made chairman of a possible A League second division

  29. Waz CEOC number 1 says:

    Watching paul murray last night having Bogan English on stage now I understand why we all think he’s a dick head. He didn’t get a chance to kiss the mayor arse thank God. But then we get the mullet herself on late in the show. Trying to be funny by calling ipswich a Bogan city and telling the whole country that the ex mayor of that city who’s under investigation by CCC is her mate. Wow now it’s confirmation that’s she’s a complete idiot. This is what represents us everywhere she goes townsville. Might ad that no labour representative there so she would have felt very uncomfortable all night. Then says to paul you should have asked me to be on the panel. 2mins was enough to show she’s an idot imagine 10 min of it. Just shows the difference in interlec from Hansen to her. Hansen much more astute. And mullet wants to be in Senate. After her comments last night townsville just went backwards

  30. Mike Douglas says:

    Where’s Cathy, you know Herbert’s voice in Canberra!.Her Facebook page says she is away but Parliaments not sitting and she doesn’t have a portfolio.Can we do an audit of Qantas clubs across Australia.Surely with all the issues in the Ville and not even a year since Cathy was elected she isn’t on a delegation somewhere on the taxpayers purse.Also noticed Adele the impailer has toned down her Twitter since the Pie outed her outrageous posts.Who isn’t monitoring the Pie?.

    • The Magpie says:

      Have heard that The Tool is on an overseas parliamentary junket but haven’t been able to confirm. Maybe she is just on a private o’seas holiday, first time she’s been in the dough deep enough to afford onbe. Maybe she took bro-in-law Snooze and family for a family jolly.

  31. The old peterbuilt says:

    You got that right critical. The story goes that he was used to help with the budget and do some of the dirty work and then knifed. I’m told he is in his 50s with 8 kids. I’m sure he will find something else but it must be a worrying time. He was the last manager from the previous administration. As luck would have it his replacement is an ex Beattie/ Bligh staffer. As an ex employer,manager I understood that positions become redundant not people and I think just renaming those positions as tcc seem to be doing should be investigated by the relevant authority.

  32. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Well it was a nauseating couple of hours on Sky news last night with Paul Murray, I am normally a bit of a regular but the show is sliding downhill fast. An opportunity lost to actually have some different perspective as he decided to trot out southern ring in Ben Bogan on the panel, dribbling on about the same shit he does in the paper everyday, still blaming Clive Palmer for the fall of Townsville, not mentioning the 8000 construction jobs that have been lost in this town since the Mullet took over, and then putting up Adani as the great saviour, but the best of the night was when he got the Mullet up on stage to give her insight into things where she advised the major parties are disconnected from the everyday voters, WTF? You are a member of the Labor party, you are the problem. Biggest cheer and best performer was Pauline, I reckon she might just snag one of the Townsville seats, my pick would be Thuringowa, depending on candidate.

  33. Christ! says:

    More jobs for the ALP boys

    From the CEO today:
    I am also pleased to announced the appointment of Stephen Beckett as General Manager, Community Engagement. Stephen has extensive experience in both Government and private sector.
    He has most recently worked as a senior manager at advisory firm Next Level Strategic Services. Previously he has held positions including Manger of External Relations at public sector super fund QSuper, and served as Deputy Chief of Staff, to Premiers Anna Bligh and Peter Beattie.
    Stephen will commence duties on Monday July 31st

    • Dearie Me says:

      Well.. with the impaler is setting up a Ministerial office with all her newly appointed advisors. And the Mullet a Prime Ministers office.
      Pie I think you’ve got it wrong! There’ll be no tilt at the mayorall role, or the state, or the senate. They’re aiming for bigger and better things. We’re going for our own version of Hutt River Province instead. The Mullitality of Townsville.

    • Ronny Rotten says:

      Would that be Chopper’s old job? Talk about stacking the deck with Labor blow-ins!
      Sadly for the local economy, this influx of new residents won’t come close to replacing the number fleeing this frenzied orgy of political cleansing. It will also degrade the region’s average IQ.

    • Spin Check says:

      I thought Ben English was the Council’s Community Relations Manager?? But seriously…… stephen beckett is the husband of Brisbane City Councillor Shayne Sutton. Both card carrying members of the ALP with no connection to Townsville. Now that he’s been appointed as the community relations manager for council is he and family up and moving to Townsville?? A question the Bulletin will ignore but it’s a legitimate public interest question. Will there be a byelection in her brisbane ward or will Stephen be a fifo community relations manager? One position you would assume must be Townsville based…..

      • Sandgroper says:

        Now there’s a story that needs fleshing-out if the Bulletin’s editor wants to retain any shred of credibility.
        How about one of you pose the question of coverage in a letter to the editor? My comments go directly to delete heaven.

        • The Rolling Eye says:

          A selection of strategic roles in the ville are being fleshed out by southeast queenlander of the labour ilk. So blatant ya dont even need a finetooth comb to tease them out of the wormwood.
          It’s a bit of a slap in the face after muletts half baked ‘buy locall/hire locall’ at th last poll but the appontments are out of the shady ladys hands.
          Factional bigwigs have given the local cluster of monkeys a rollicking an offered to tolerate them a little longer if they bend over and embrace th truncheon.

          • The Magpie says:

            Hey, you spyin’ on The ‘Pie … that’s this week’s blog you’re talkin’ ’bout, bro. Read and marvel.

  34. Waz CEOC number 1 says:

    Another well known director has been shown the door with his contract not being renewed. Keith parsens has and was one of our best directors. Sad to see him go. Mullet your the Bogan not the people from ipswich

  35. Grumpy says:

    It seems that our once-glorious council has now become a trough into which B-grade, otherwise-unemployable Labor apparatchiks have come to insert their snouts.

    The worm shall turn. Inevitably.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Very true Grumps, then if we are lucky enough to get a change in Mayor and council at the next election it will cost a fortune to punt all these Labor failures to the streeet, the unions won’t be so silent when it’s the party faithful being shown the door, they will scream and threaten industrial action for sure.

      • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

        The unions can threaten all they like but I can tell you that there numbers as far as front line workers, can be counted on one hand. So many had left the unions and for good reason. Have they saved any of the 300 gone so far. They won’t find anyone to strike when they get the middle finger salute. The old days where the garbos would stop the collection because nobody wants full bins everywhere. Good luck with that only 3 are in the unions out of 40plus. Get the garbos on side you can negotiate anything. Not anymore, I know a few and if any one gets called a scab they would actually wear it as a badge of honor to piss unions off. Shame I won’t be there to cast my vote next time. Hopefully state election or CCC will sort mullet out

    • Jack Flash says:

      You’re on the money with that assessment, Grumpy. It almost seems like a pogrom against local people in favour of imported Labor stormtroopers who will mindlessly obey the edicts of Mullet and The Impaler.
      It’s the local equivalent of The Night Of The Long Knives and Ben Blow-in is playing the role of Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.
      As you predict, it will end in tears.

      • Chips Rafferty says:

        Sadly, Ben Bogan has neither the English proficiency nor the general political nous of that particular Nazi. Not that we want any more Nazis in power, what with Trumpy and Pauline running around like maniacs.

  36. The old peterbuilt says:

    Where are the tcc positions being advertised or is Thelma and Louise just appointing whom they like?

  37. The old peterbuilt says:

    Am I looking in the wrong place or has there been no court list in the bullsheet the last couple of days. Perhaps the crime is finished in the ville or maybe the beeks have all gone to the v8s . I also notice today they talk about the rental market heating up due to the resurgence , turn the page and its doom and gloom for the unemployed..

    • The Magpie says:

      Maybe the housing market is boosted by all the ALP carpetrbaggers moving into TCC jobs?

      • Oldtimer says:

        More locals moving out than carpetbaggers moving in. As Top says, the stories appear contradictory.
        It would be interesting to learn if there has been a sudden spike in the number of properties for sale as long-term residents flee the’Ville.

    • Polythene Pam says:

      Court vacation.

  38. The old peterbuilt says:

    I can tell you old timer I’m not going to flee the ville in its time of need. Firstly I’ve got far to many frequent flyer points with dan Murphy aitkenvale to leave so I’m going to devise a plan where I will seduce both the mullet and impaler in a limb entwined moisture laden threesome and bang some sense into them so we can return the jewel of the north to its former glory, might need a little chemical assistance though. On that note a mate of mines wife told him to go and get some pills to help with his erection so he came back with diet pills she knocked him out

    • The Magpie says:

      Sick … in the old original sense OPB. Ever thought of dashing out a couple of Mills and Boon reads? Actually seems more a horror genre thing.

    • Achilles says:

      That description conjures up something akin to the opening scene of Macbeth, maybe you could get The Pie to hold the camera for an “exclusive” exposé?

  39. Terry Smith says:

    Hats off to the Magpie and commentators and the great nicknames of Townsville’s finest. I think that the Magpie needs to add a “Dramatis Personae” section to his site so we can keep up. My two new favourites from this weeks comments; “Rabbit Crayon” and “Thelma and Louise.”

  40. The old peterbuilt says:

    Apologies about the descriptive narrative boys and girls but on Fridays and some other days ending in y we open the fridge in the shed early and the old peterbuilt gets excited. All have a good weekend, can’t wait to see what delicious little titbits the old bird brings back to the nest tomorrow.

  41. Grumpy says:

    Due to the disappointing scope of the Riverway Drive “duplication ” – it should extend far beyond Allambie Lane – local residents are now referring to poor dumb Aaron Harper as “Halfway Harper”.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      This project has been claimed for the last 6 years as an accomplishment by local, state and federal members. Let’s hope they don’t do a half arsed job of it and keep the bike and walking tracks open.

    • Dutch Reverend says:

      Yep. Those that live in that neck of the woods know that the traffic jam problems are in the western side of Allambie. Boof head knows this full well but has never had the brains or balls to say so. But we know full well that he is “Getting things done for Thuringowa”

  42. The Magpie says:

    Pedant’s Corner – or Pot Calling Kettle, Dept of:

    This morning, Shazza Tagliabue gladdened this old heart by confirming that The ‘Pie is not the only one to fuck up in print …. it’s a rare thing from her and her subs, which makes it noteworthy. Not that she can match the dependable regularity managed by the Magpie.

    From today’s column: ‘Avoiding an attack doesn’t only spare my dog and I from a terrifying experience …’.

    Me am surprised.

  43. Stu says:

    I predict that once the LNP gets in Mayor Mullet and The Impaler will be led out of Walker Street in handcuffs.

    If the angry mob of sacked council workers don’t burn these two witches at the stake.

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