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Saturday, July 22nd, 2017   |   125 comments

Upping The Ante: Bazza Taylor Pulls Out The Bazooka And Advises His Client Rabieh Krayem To Seek $300,000 Damages From The Magpie.

And in the process with his chums down at The Astonisher, does Mr Krayem more damage than The ‘Pie ever could. This interesting little legal excursion, upped by an extra $193,000 since last week, could not have been designed better by Blackadders cunning Baldrick.

The Astonisher’s amazing case of asnomia – inability to smell anything – as the paper blunders on with backing the battery project, ignoring legitimate background questions. And the mayor and CEO continue to refuse to answer questions on the subject that the ratepayers have a RIGHT to know …

A reminder of damning evidence of just who we’re dealing with at Adani … bet you won’t see it in the Astonisher …

Looks like we have another FIFO council executive, but the real fun is the rumour about how he got the job …

… and the Townsville Bulletin’s moving to news offices. They won’t say where but The ‘Pie reckons he knows … he’s even got a photograph.

But first …

The Spice Of Life Is No Longer … Sean Spicer Makes An Honest Man Of Himself

The entertaining Sean Spicer has quit being The Trumpet’s mouthpiece, and there are many, including The ‘Pie who will miss him. Our PM ‘Trumble’ will also have a wistful thought or two. The Spice Boy was a cringing laugh a minute, with perhaps his crowning moment when he declared that ‘not even Hitler sank so low to use chemical weapons’. That took care of the next Jewish vote then and there.

Sean Spicer

His departure gave the Guardian the opportunity for headline of the week, heading their story ‘Sean Of The Dead’.

So the stupefying Washington parade marches on, covered so much elsewhere The ‘Pie isn’t too fussed, but Bentley is a keen observer of human behaviour, and detects that there is a marital power play going.

Ultimate Power fin

Her favourite song is from La Boheme – Your Tiny Hand Is Frozen.

Your Council At Work – Not.

These comments during the week tell a dismal and dangerous story about the turmoil at the Townsville City Council … speaks for itself.

Damage Control 

July 18, 2017 at 12:26 pm  (Edit)

I’m reliably advised that:

TCC has still not sent Food licence renewals or dog registration out, with both due payable by 30th June. Franchise operators are concerned that the Franchisor audit requires a current food licence. TCC after numerous requests have stated that current licenced will be extended by 60 days.

This is basic stuff. Systems, processes and resourcing must be in total turmoil.


  • The Magpie


July 18, 2017 at 12:30 pm  (Edit)

Now the chaos in council is becoming dangerous to the public, and to business confidence.
The council has admitted there is a delay but has offered no explanation for this costly situation (dog registration renewals are in a similar position).

It will take just one incident involving the public during the 60 day period and then, hello CCC, and goodbye a big slab of ratepayer money on legal fees and damages. Great job, Impaler, Mullet.

Has Council’s FIFO Force Gained A New Recruit?

Recently, The ‘Pie told you about this fellow, one Stephen Beckett.

Stephen Beckett

He is the newly appointed manager of Community Relations. But word is, don’t call him on the weekends. Apparently the ratepayers have to stump up for him to jet in on Monday’s and out again to Brisbane/Gold Coast on Fridays.

And the story doing the rounds, for which The Magpie cannot vouch but it comes from a usually reliable source with well placed Brisbane contacts, is the strange manner of his appointment in the first place.

Source says:

Beckett is bragging in Brisbane that the Council approached him to seek his suggestions for the role. He told them after a while that he didn’t have anyone, and that in truth, only he could really do the job properly. At that stage, Council (so the story goes), slid an envelope over the table making an offer to Beckett. Beckett opened it, and responded that he could not possibly do the gig for the dollars on offer. At this point, again so the story goes, Council then slid the next envelope over with a bigger number …

No, nothing illegal in that. Maybe, But something’s definitely on the honker if it’s true.

Humble Pie: Flattered To Be Followed Up Three Days Later By The Astonisher

After last weekend’s investigation into the fading likelihood of a you beaut battery plant being established here in Townsville, the Astonisher was dragged kicking and screaming to acknowledge there may be a wee problem, with the prime mover company suspended from Stock Exchange trading.

Battery catch up

But hey, the paper associate editor Mayor Mullet must have gone ballistic, because a couple of days later, we got this unqualified bit of flapdoodle.

Screen shot 2017-07-21 at 9.10.13 AM

Flapdoodle indeed.

Here’s the dictionary definition ‘feasibility study’

an assessment of the practicality of a proposed plan or method.

So in order to lend this struggling concept a hand, the paper tells us there will be a feasibility study into whether a feasibility study is … well, feasible. And hey, no one need worry about the outcome, jobs ‘could start’ start at the Woodstock site within 9 months.

And still they wonder why no one … that is NO ONE – believes a word they write

But Let’s Face It, A Gal Needs All The Help She Can Get

Mayor Mullet would have welcomed a boost to her campaign of ‘say something they’ll soon forget’ method of PR. She needed it with the revelation during the week that the much ballyhooed idea of an underwater art gallery she is claiming as one of her brainchild’s was actually that of sacked arts supremo Shane Fitzgerald. He apparently put it to the sock puppet CEO of TEL Little Patti O’Callaghan while still at the Perc Tucker, who apparently loved it, but when she put it to Mayor Mullet as her own plan, was loudly rubbished for her trouble. Ideas must belong to The Mullet.

But now, the mayor is touting her credentials as a visionary arts genius, pushing the idea like a runaway bulldozer.

Moving Times At The Astonisher

Word is that the Astonisher is about to break its lease and vacate its Flinders Street West address because it is now too big for the already ‘downsized’ staff, with more scheduled to go soon. It is said the new digs will be somewhere in the city.

So here’s an exclusive from The Magpie … he reckons exactly where the Townsville Bulletin will take up residence, and thus at least be transparent and honest about its operations.

Even have a photograph of it.

Walker St Council building

At Least The Dudley Do Nothings Are Being Honest – By Accident

Recent check of the TEL website brought up this bit of brutal honesty.

Tel Wpork in progress

No Such Backdown On The Adani Mob Though

Both the Astonisher iditor and trainee iditor Damien Tomlinson have been banging on selectively and single-mindedly about the reputed benefits of the Adani Carmichael mine – not a downside in sight, according to these bozos – here’s a reminder of what they refuse to report, although the ABC reported it in January.

Screen shot 2017-07-22 at 6.48.23 PM

And here is the killer part of the story about these corporate twisters.

‘In August 2015, the Federal Environment Department wrote to Mr Janakaraj seeking “information about environmental history of [Adani’s] executive officers” as part of its assessment of the Indian company’s proposed $16 billion Carmichael coal mine in central Queensland.

The letter, obtained by the ABC, asked the company to provide information about any executive officer who “has been the subject of any civil or criminal penalties or compliance-related findings, for breaches of, or non-compliance with environmental laws…[and] information about his or her roles both in Australia and in other countries”.

But in its response, Adani failed to disclose the Zambia incident and Mr Janakaraj’s role with KCM at the time.’

Simply put, all the evidence shows that the Adani mine is a dud, with high corporate risk to the Australian taxpayer and to the environment, particularly the invaluable water table. The Townsville Bulletin, Mayor Mullet and various southern urgers chasing a vote or a dollar insist it’s a goer, in the vain hope of electoral value for the handful of jobs for Townsville … and even they are highly questionable.

Gosh, The Magpie Feels Thrice Important Today, Because …

  1. Someone feels he’s worth suing, because someone
    thinks he has $300,000 (last week they thought he only had $107,000)

2. That the Bulletin thinks the issue so important that in the electronic edition it has put the story behind the Premium content wall

  1. and that the Bulletin has chosen to give The Magpie blog a free publicity kick – for what that’s worth, given the Astonisher’s sinking circulation.

Weatherup and Krayem

Yup, Bazza Taylor has advised his client of choice Rabieh Krayem that his entertainment value to this blog is worth $300,000. The ‘Pie was served with another neatly typed letter which is full all sorts of legal stuff, but the covering letter was pure Bazza The Bazooka Taylor. One line The ‘Pie particularly loved was the one that read, Quote: ‘In addition, we expect also that Weatherup will not turn attention to Krayem’s legal adviors, family or associates.’

Well, Baz, old mate, abandon hope all ye who enter this blog.

The first reference means Bazza himself, shy petal that he is, who has had some fixation about being mentioned publicly, despite being active politically behind the scenes. He also has threatened to sue The Magpie himself on more than one occasion, but has never done so, because he’s never had cause. Gleeson has also always been asking him to do so, but Bazza has always declined, presumably for the same reason. But now it seems he has put Krayem up to acting as his stalking horse, because he can’t achieve his cherished goal of legally bashing the old bird in his own right. Emanate must be doing it on the house, because can’t think Rabieh, smart businessman that he is, would waste money to defend a reputation that is hardly dented by anything said in this blog. That’s if he’s got the money anyway, and Barry Taylor’s justly famous enthusiastic charging policy would make sure he’d need plenty of it if he is actually paying.

Bet he isn’t.

The second reference in the sentence is to Vanesa Gleeson, his solicitor/associate and wife of workplace bully Peter Gleeson (now of the dying Sunday Mail, having kept his job despite having cost his employers close on a million dollars in legal costs for the action he caused The Magpie to win for defamation). Mrs Gleeson was hired by Baz the moment the Gleeson’s hit town when he was appointed editor of the Astonisher, thus making sure that Taylor had the editor of the local paper obligated to him. And that no mention of him would be made in its pages. The Magpie discovered this when Gleeson refused to allow a harmless mention about Bazza’s $10million Noosa home he purchased a decade ago. and to which he shortly hopes to retire.

The third reference is somewhat weird and calls into question Mr Taylor’s psychological well being. He keeps insisting, with absolutely zero proof, that The ‘Pie has a secret agenda, including attacks on his wife. For the record, you rude boofhead, as The ‘Pie proved to Typo (to no avail) you were mentioned a total of seven times in eight years, and your wife but once only, and then only to name her as a director of one of your companies doing some sort of tech deal with the Mooney council administration. You claim the same about your kids, the number and names of whom The ‘Pie knows not and has NEVER mentioned them. Nor would he, unless they break the law or offend against the community.

Since you made these claims to a third party in a letter to Gleeson, who was The Magpie’s boss at the time, it is The Magpie who should be suing you for reputational damage. But mate, The ‘Pie’s a generous old bird and will settle for a small apology and a weekend by the water at your Noosa pad (when your away).

The reason The Magpie is even more convinced this is a set-up was Krayem’s statement to the Bulletin that this wasn’t about money, it was about his reputation. Mate, any barrister will tell you libel suits are ONLY about money. That usually boils down to who has the most but ironically in this case, it’s who has the least i.e nothing.   That would be The Magpie, any recent enhancement of the bird’s bank account has evaporated. As it will for you, if you are actually paying Taylor and crew.

Good luck.

But Baz And His ‘Client’ Have A Problem Of Unexpected Consequences

The current Bulletin regime ain’t too chuffed with the Magpie humour either, so thought they’d prominenty report the story. They were never going to miss it, what with the iditor of the News Ltd Sunday tabloid being married to the plaintiff’s solicitor in this matter. But it doesn’t seem to have occurred to them that by detailing what Krayem complains of, the Astonisher has thus widened the audience to the matters about 50-fold. And given the blog an almighty boost. Good thinking folks, The ‘Pie salutes you, and he hopes the Sunday Mail does likewise.

Journalistic jackasses.

Final note

The cost of ignorance can be very expensive. Next week it gets dearer. The Bulletin goes up to $1.60 weekdays and $2.60 weekends.

Don’t forget to join in the comments fun during the week and have your say. And if you care to, you can help maintain the blog with a donation, the how to button is below.

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  1. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    You’ll win.

    Always Yours,

    Miss Lou.

  2. Waz CEOC number 1 says:

    FYI pie I tried posting comments last week about Jacobs smiling for the paper in front of a pile of rubbish (whoops recycling) and guess what? No comments let through. My second comment was if you don’t prunt resonable comments about stories I’ll send it to the magpie. Again deleted! Third comment was very nice and I explained that I have screenshot my comments to prove that what I said was not nasty but you will let other similar comments in not mine, this is not freedom of speech. Deleted again! This was all done around 3am in the morning and comments were deleted inside the 5min window. Yes I have no life at 3am! Then I see we can’t comment on your story Friday?, what a surprise! I say go get them and hopefully this will start a chain reaction right up to mullet. It’s a big hope but councils everywhere are being investigated with people like RK in there midst. Reminds me of a song, the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire townsville has no water let the mothere fucker burn!!!! Good luck pie. Sounds like they need it more than you.

    • The Magpie says:

      Yes, perhaps yet another tractical error from our ‘opinion leader’. Perhaps they should have allowed comments to be RECEIVED but not printed … they would’ve at least got an indication of the situation. But perhaps they didn’t need one.

  3. Hercule Poirot says:

    I notice Courier Snail 22/ July Craig Gore has Resorted to begging (sic) for Government-Funded legal aid as he fights Allegations that he has swindled Investors out of $800000. He legal Team have withdrawn from representing him on 15 charges including fraud… Will he sue me if i call him a Con-man

  4. Mike Douglas says:

    If you think the issues at TCC are just not sending out food licence renewals and Dog registration think again.To a bewildered audience on Paul Murray live Mayor Mullet spoke of her respect for Paul Pissale and how she wanted to emulate what he had down in Ipswich.Does that mean highlighting possible corruption within Council?.Where does that leave TCC Councillors?Suggest they read the TCC Councillors indemnity Policy as if they are proven to be dishonest, fraudulent,criminal or malicious or any items under the crime and corruption act 2001 they lose their legal rights or support from TCC.Not that I am suggesting any illegal conduct but a defence like” I just did what the mayor and CEO told me” won’t cut it as a defence for Councillors under the act.

  5. The Magpie says:

    Our mayor’s economic credentials again on display here. In 2015 she happily sold land at Lansdowne to live cattle exporters Wellards
    Now we’ve news that Wellards is reporting a $65m this past financial year.
    … is that now where they want to battery plant to go?

  6. SPQR says:

    The dangers of re-publication by a plaintiff of defamatory matter is an early topic in Defamation 101. I wouldn’t sweat this too much.

    • The Magpie says:

      As The ‘Pie unbderstands it, if a document is filed with the court and available to the public, no re-publication repercussions can apply, but what The ‘Pie was pointing out was that the Astonisher massively broadened the audience for what Krayem complains of, and make many scoff even harder.

      • Scientician79 says:

        The Astonisher and Mr Krayem are clearly unaware of the Streisand Effect.

        So named for when Barbara Streisand tried to suppress pictures of her home, only for the suit itself to become an international news story with a far wider audience than it ever would have had prior to the law suit.

        • The Magpie says:

          And give rise to ‘The Streisand Effect’ becoming the universal saying for such consequences. Are we about to see ‘The Magpie Effect’?

          • Theotherguy says:

            In an interesting dispute between two solicitors, one solicitor referred to the other as “Dennis Denuto from Ipswich” in an acrimonious divorce dispute. When “Dennis” commenced proceedings for defamation, he also complained that after he had lodged his claim “the matter was referred to in newspaper reports, professional journals and on a website that has a received more than 4000 hits.” The learned magistrate said of this: “It was the plaintiff who, by making the claim, called in an airstrike on his own position. Once the pleadings were filed in the court they were public documents and liable to be published through various media.” Happy to provide the public link to this decision.

  7. Old bastard says:

    So Barry Taylor, sorry Rabieh Krayem, is pushing ahead with defamation action against the Magpie despite the likelihood of opening a huge can of worms involving the reasons the two of them were dumped from the Cowboys by News Limited.
    Rabieh will, of course, claim he was sacked because he was booed off the field at a home game – true story, its even in the Cowboys 20th anniversary book.
    But there could be a story of national interest behind the sackings which may involve matters like NRL breaches and even trading whilst insolvent – at that time and not now I hasten to add.
    Should all of this be revealed by witnesses, compelled to tell the truth under oath, the Cowboys can expect a visit from the NRL (after they’ve finished with Manly) and ASIC.
    News Limited would also be directly involved in all this because they had company representatives on the Cowboys board at the time. Bit of a worry, that.
    I can’t wait to see Rabieh, Bazza, Lozza Lancini (who was on that sacked Cowboys board but the only one who survived) and former News Ltd executives squirming on the witness stand, especially if certain documentary evidence is produced in court.
    As for the Astonisher, I also note that we readers are not permitted to make comments on Saturday’s story. But no surprise there as comments are never allowed on stories involving the iditor’s good mate Rabieh Krayem.
    Probably worried that the number of comments might crash their website.

    • The Magpie says:

      Bazza thinks he’s got that covered, telling Magpie sources (not that he knows that) that he has it covered so those matters cannot be part of the action, and he sets the terms of reference. If he thinks that, he really is a honking goose.

    • Young bastard says:

      Don’t let it stop at the cowboys. Try Townsville and NQ Football. They have plenty of stories where he never stood by his word. Apparently Murray stadium was going to be fully resurfaced with car park and new fields 3 years ago. Instead it’s an eyesore !

  8. Moderate Mike says:

    As the council dives ever deeper into what can only be described as mayhem from mismanagement not to mention potential corruption from flawed recruitment processes that are collecting party hacks from across the country, you have to wonder at the future impacts of the destructure.
    How do you describe something that has had its frame or skeleton removed? Is it a jelly fish, or perhaps a squid? I overheard someone call it Humpty Dumpty a few weeks back and that sounds pretty close to the mark. So while we have the Dudley Do-nothings and now Humpty Dumpty, I reckon it’s time for a bit of deep poll.
    With what is being done to residents, not to mention the reported 400+ staff that have been shown the front or chosen the back door, maybe Mullet should be renamed Jilter and Impaler would be better called Enola Gay (for those not familiar with the end of WW2, check Hiroshima). But remember Enola Gay was really only pursuing the orders of Truman and much the same can be said in the case of Humpty Dumpty.
    All this sort of puts Jilter in much the same pig pen as the infamous Clive. The sad part is that those of us that pay rates now seem to be funding those that own dogs and all those businesses that need food licence, and there are a few other services going down the gurgler that will become apparent as time passes like who’s checking the liquid industrial waste? No-one apparently so how does that impact on the delicate balance needed in the city’s sewage treatment plants and what will that cost to fix?
    It would be funny if it wasn’t the truth.

  9. Conspiracy theorist says:

    Wonder if this defamation suit is not just about Rabieh Krayem but more about an attempt by Taylor, Mayor Mullett, TEL and The Astonisher editor to shut down the Magpie blog?

    • The Magpie says:

      Without a doubt there is a sideline cheer squad – think of Mullet, Impaler, Little Patty O’C and Bogan in knee length white boots and powder blue sequined gym slips, high kicking outside the court – and now try to erase that image from your minds. But they are pretty dense if that’s the case … as all savvy social media people know, trying to shut down adverse comment sites is like whack-a-mole, bash one and another instantly pops up.

  10. China says:

    As this TCC circus roles on and the scams, rorts and incompetence is forced out into the light of day (by your good work)
    Where are our pathetic silent concilours? Are they so controlled by Mullet that they can’t question this rot?
    They are supposedly proud locals with the best interest of this town forefront, FIFO execs at ratepayers expense what utter bullshit
    Sell out the locals and then shaft them for good measure with incompetence, but don’t question any of this, don’t upset the mullet, impaler or there hangers on, sit on your hands until your told to raise them.
    You councillors undoubtedly read this blog so stop letting this rot continue in this once great town, show some balls and do the right thing for Townsville and not yourselves for a change!
    Sorry for the rant Pie, but I’ve had a gut full of these freeloading bastards.

  11. Concerned citizen says:

    The blame for the mire that this once great city now finds itself in sits squarely with Townsville Bulletin editor Ben English.
    He has chosen to climb the social ladder by doing sweetheart deals with the big end of town instead of ensuring the paper performs its duty to keep the bastards honest. It’s no longer about what’s good for Townsville, it’s about looking after his mates and those who scratch his back.
    History shows that whenever this happens it is the ordinary people who suffer.
    One would think that News Ltd would step in and do the right thing, but in letting English run the paper to suit his own personal agendas they are endorsing his actions.
    History also shows that you can fool all of the people some of the time but……

  12. Alacan says:

    There are three distinct sounds one can hear at the Reid Park Precinct .. Sound One last for 4 days out out 365 .. the other two sounds you can hear clearly 361 days out of 365 .

    Sound 1 .. the v8 event sound

    Sound 2 .. a pin dropping mid pit lane

    Sound 3 .. a cricket calling from somewhere deep in the rafters.

    Oh well .. time to mow the footpath ..

  13. Critical says:

    Someone said last night
    It takes two dogs to run an Australian hardware chain
    It takes one clown to run an international hamburger chain
    What the hell does it take to run a small organisation like TCC.
    The mind boggles!

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, there’s a little contest form you folks. BUT keep it nice, no things like ‘two bitches’ and no ‘c’ words, like ‘competent’, ‘compassionate’ or ‘caring’, like said, keep it classy heh heh heh.

  14. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I have visions of the court case between RK and Pie descending into something similar to the last 2 episode of Seinfeld, I don’t know if RK will want a long line of people parading through the court or even affidavits from people over many years from his past, many he will have forgotten about and will no doubt be surprised, and as you say Pie good luck with trying to limit the period of reference for evidence, I am sure there would be a couple from as far back as the Cronulla leagues clubs days who may have a little story or two to tell.

  15. Alacan says:

    With all the text written around leaks and the Insiders this morning musing on about leaks I had an epiphany of sorts.

    But I rest comfortably knowing that the new fifo heads of state at tcc would be on to it .. given the level of the once ?pervious damb dam and the the inability of dougy to deliver us our wet season .

    I m talking , well texting, about tracking utility consumption at our facilities including water use .. at our pools, precincts, public amenities in parks etc. you know watch trends and look for spikes and other exceptions ..

    You’d have to think that places such as the waterpark and well I guess riverway also might be contenders for potential leaks along with our network of water pipes , hydrants, valves etc

    But as I say .. since we hear nothing about loss of valuable water through our network and facilities that all is good and we can sleep well in brownsville .. I wonder what the water task force found ?

    • Dearie Me says:

      I don’t imagine there was any real requirement for the Water Farce Force to investigate actual issues and find solutions. Like TCC councillors before a council meeting, the Farce Force was probably given a set of hymn books from which they were instructed to memorise and repeat on command.

  16. Non Aligned Worker says:

    So who is the council FIFO Richard Holiday? No title but seems to make all of the TCC tender decisions. Never see his name mentioned…ever. Who is he and where does he fit in with the Impaler and Mullet?

  17. The old peterbuilt says:

    Free drinks and fingered food, I just love those travel company invitations. Went to one such event last week. Got talking to a couple and one of them is a relatively new employee at tcc and having come from a multinational can’t get over the shambles at tcc. Even more interesting was the story coming out of top floor walker st is that the mullet is hell bent on going ahead with the bulk rubbish pickup so to make a hero of herself and intends to fund it through a sneaking increase in the waste component of your rates. That way she keeps her promise not to increase the general rate. A couple of councillors are said to be outraged not that they have grown enough balls to front the mullet. Now this is all just he said, she said but it will be interesting to keep an eye on the rates notice.

  18. The old peterbuilt says:

    Power generation. A subject I have had little knowledge of. Many years ago I helped a young lad who was struggling with direction and motivation and he is now in a senior management role in a qld coal mine. I am glad to say he still keeps in touch and was in town on the weekend so we chewed the fat. He tells me that they called a meeting with there power risk management provider. These guys purchase power in bulk at the right time to control costs. His GM said I have one simple question and I want a simple answer what the fuck is happening with qld power? Answer. The qld government own all the generation facilities and the cost of generation is around$50 per unit including a sensible margin, Anna alphabet has screwed it up to $150 Per unit . Why? Why put the public and businesses state wide through this. They need the cash and are desperate and are struggling to make interest payments . Heaven forbid should a state labour gov default.. it all got funny when Anna and her energy minister decided to play politics and called on the Feds to reduce power costs nationally so the fed energy minister said what a good idea, let’s start by getting the accc to investigate Queensland pricing. He tells me it will take 2 months for the report to be finalised but they believe the shit will hit the fan. As a matter of interest the mine spend $10000 a day on power.

    • Peter Sandery says:

      The reason why these organisations are struggling to meet interest payments and will continue to pay more than they should for finance into the fore-seeable future is, in my opinion, because of Ann P’s brilliant of siphoning off State debt into GOC’s – recall that sleight of hand action of a couple of years, something about which the LNP has been silent about.

      • Sandgroper says:

        Peter, governments of all colours have been using GOCs as cash-cows since time immemorial. Two major energy providers were my past clients and they were routinely stripped of profits, leaving them nothing for capital works that would increase efficiency and reduce costs.
        Governments routinely bleat that consumers are not prepared to pay the true costs of power generation and distribution, but these costs are inflated by obsolete equipment and ideological idiocy.

  19. The old peterbuilt says:

    One last post for the day. Last week my bride caught me saying nice things about the old moll on this blog and has threatened me. If my body is found on a jogging track please ring the police and tell them I was murderd and my body was dumped there. Never been on a fuckin jogging track in my life. Cheers

    • The Magpie says:

      You’d be out-running Usain Bolt if you came across Old Moll. Without giving to much away OM is a tad gender confused and in a slightly creaky (and creepy) state.No tain’t The ‘Pie.

      • Old Moll says:

        ‘Pie, how could you be so cruel? Prepare for the scratching at your door by my high-powered team of chihuahuas from Emanate Legal.
        On second thoughts, think I’ll just send aound a few of my fellow Rebels MC members.

  20. Gonzo says:

    Pie, Brilliant blog as always. I think you should sue Krayem for defamation. You would win and he would have to stop these outrageous claims. Cheers.

    • The Magpie says:

      That’s a thought Gonzo, but The ‘Pie has some pity in that direction, because he is convinced that Krayem is a patsy, persuaded into this action by Barry Taylor (with the urging of Peter Gleeson) because they haven’t got a case themselves, and even if they did, would not have the guts to come after me for fear of the inevitable fallout. Sooling Typo’s missus onto me is like being savaged by an Attack ChiChihua.

      besides mate, if in the unlikely circumstance that Krayem is actually paying Barry for this action (highly doubtful), there’d be no point in suing him … knowing Bazza’s reputation for – shall we say – enthusiastic charging, he wouldn’t have any money left anyway.

  21. The Magpie says:

    Observation of the week comes from the Haggard Hawkes word website.

    ‘This week, the BBC announced that they had cast actress Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth incarnation of Doctor Who, and some people thought that casting a woman as a centuries-old time-traveling alien from the planet Gallifrey who travels the universe in a phone box stretched the realism of the story too far.’


  22. Mike Douglas says:

    After her trip to Singapore( no updates yet) expanding Townsvilles opportunities, Townsvilles voice in Canberra Cathy Otoole is now in Northern Territory as part of Northern Australia Joint Standing Committee.Herberts “voice in Canberra” will be attending enquires and public hearings to assist to stimulate Tourism in the Northen Region.How lucky are the constituents in Herbert to have her!.

  23. Sandgroper says:

    Great blog this week, ‘Pie, and Bentley’s cartoon brilliantly summarised what many are thinking about the relationship between The Trumpet and his First Lady.
    Despite her seemingly glamorous life of luxury and privilege, I cannot help but feel sorry for a woman married to such a misogynist oaf.

  24. Bentley says:

    I note, with a surge of hope that common sense will make a resurgence, that the 2nd stage of Tully Millstream is under consideration. Lets see what the Greens can do to sabotage it this time round. Surely the electorate realises by now that affordable power is critical to The North, that dams are infinitely cleaner and more efficient than battery banks and coal fired stations etc., and will give the greens very short shrift. And further more, the feasibility study has already been done.

    • Critical says:

      Why is it that Townsville people, or should that be bogans, are hell bent on destroying the environment for the sake of their own percieved short term selfish ideas and not think of future generations. Adani to destroy the reef, the habitat of an endangered finch and increase global heating, a battery making plant in the Ross River Dam catchment and now the Dill is sprooking more induztry in the catchment, increasing the size of dams on the Tully River to destroy world heritage listed rainforest and so the list goes on.

      • The Magpie says:

        Controlled and judicious development is always the goal, so people with enough brains to balance it all are sorely needed.

      • Oldtimer says:

        It’s fanatics like you, Critical, who have turned Tasmania into a Third World mendicant state and turned off the lights in SA.
        All development is not bad. As The ‘Pie rightly remarks, balance is the key and stage two of Tully Millstream ticks all the right boxes.
        FFS, with people like you in charge we would still be living in caves. I wager you are either a current or retired academic or ‘public servant’ pen-pusher who has never had to battle for bread.

        • Critical says:

          Oldtimer – I grew up in FNQ without electricity
          until the ’70’s, no reticulated water, thunder box down the backyard, party line phone and so on so I did know so I do remember what times without power were like and how we lived in harmony with and respected the environment and banded together in hard times. Yes I do have a university education and have worked in remote communities across Queensland where people battle drought and a lack of a range of services that you would say that you’re entiltled to whenever you want them and complain if there’s the slightest problem with the service. Solar farms have been approved for the Burkekin, the Upper Ross (and how this mob complained) and a mate who has recently been out west tells me that they’ve started building the Hughenden solar farm. All being with very minimal environmental damage and bringing power to Queensland.

          • Rusty Nail says:

            Bringing power to Queensland during daylight hours, mainly around mid-day when the sun is highest (and least power is needed), and at great cost. Good hey.

  25. Rhonda says:

    Excellent read. Hope Bazza loses and you continue your blog .

  26. Midnight Unicorn says:

    So Pie,
    When will the ever so lovely Gentle Manipulator of Pineapples and Chaos be held accountable for all the people persecutions and executions at the Walker Street Abattoir?
    Its all on her watch as the most senior people person (cannot possibly use the word professional) in the room. Either she is for it and as culpable as the other leaders or she is opposed and just a puppet for those same leaders.
    Guess that is what happened when you are mysteriously plucked from an obscure coal mine…and don’t let the intervening “consultancy” job cloud that understanding….

    • Peter Sandery says:

      Are you referring to those Townsville voters who voted for the mayor and her councillors at the last election, Midnight Unicorn?

      • Midnight Unicorn says:

        No not at all. Voters always get what they ask for. Its a wise caution “Be careful what you ask for, for fear you may get it.”

        More importantly, the ends will never justify the means.

  27. Sir Ossis O'Fliver says:

    Do give away newspapers count in the circulation/distribution figures that you publish regularly?

    Every unit at Carlyle Gardens had a bulletin delivered yesterday free of charge. Do not know if this largess extended any further but could be one way to inflate the figures significantly.

    • Peewee Herman says:

      They most definitely do. Hence the reason they give away at least a thousand each Saturday at junior soccer. And they probably count every single person who walks past the piles of papers as readers.

    • Hercule Poirot says:

      That’s fitting Sir Ossis O’Fliver Give the Newspaper out free of charge the day the cost increases 20 cents

  28. The Magpie says:

    The Magpie intermittently makes merry with media which wilfully misuse, mis-apply or just plain misunderstands the term the term ‘alleged’ in stories.


    Mrs Kippen was stabbed to death in her home a year ago, an unnamed man who had been paroled only hours earlier has been charged with her murder. The circumstances of his parole have prompted a review and overhaul of parole procedures in Queensland. He hasn’t been named or identified, identification is presumably not at issue in any court proceedings, and anyway, what other alternative, be it the accused or someone else, is there than murder? Manslaughter? Accidental death? And so what possible risks does WIN run? Technical nicieties aside, public media have a responsibility to avoid unnecessary callousness and distress to innocent families.

  29. Concerned citizen says:

    Was having a chat with some old mates yesterday and the subject turned to what has happened to Townsville.
    We started comparing who was in the key roles when the city was booming and who we’re stuck with now.
    Consider this. TEL Chairman Graham Jackson (now Kevin Dill), TEL ceo Richard Power (now Patricia Puppet), Mayors Tony Mooney and Les Tyrell -yes I know they weren’t perfect but…(now we’ve got the Mullett), Townsville Bulletin editors John Affleck and Mick Carroll (now Ben Bogan).
    No wonder the city is going down the gurgler.

  30. Sandgroper says:

    Interesting to see that the TCC cultural arbiters’ taste in public art leans more towards giant metal crabs than a classic bronze of a homeless Jesus.
    As the average Philistine, I would find them equally worthy of public display.
    I’m an atheist but find it offensive that the Catholic Diocese’s offer of such a significant piece was spurned on what appear to be flimsy grounds.

    • Greg! The Stop Sign! says:

      Sandgroper, note that they didn’t print a photo of said sculpture with the article. There’s a good reason for that, it’s a piece of shit. Google it. I wouldn’t want it either!

      • Sandroper says:

        Did as you suggested, Greg, and think the sculpture is very evocative and moving. Just goes to show there is some truth in the old saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

        • Greg! The Stop Sign! says:

          Yeah it moves me, too. Moves my bowels. Mate you can throw a rock in the air and hit a better artist, this guy is a hack.

        • Hurtle Duffield says:

          My question is, couldn’t someone local have been commissioned? My understanding of this matter is that this fellow is Canadian, with no connection to Townsville whatsoever (indeed, he has never been here), and he has made an unlimited edition of this piece. Take a look at the acquisition policy (it is on TCC’s website) and you shall see that there are reasonable grounds for turning this down on the basis of it having zero connection to the objectives of said policy.

          I’ve not seen it, but I have heard from friends whose opinions I trust that it is not exactly advanced. Lets buy local, please, the economy needs it right now.

          • Grumpy says:

            If you really want to see some self-indulgent, pretentious meaningless garbage, you need go no further than here:


            What’s the bet Shaune and Justine know each very well indeed? $20K, no less.

            i saw Larking interviewed on the ABC last night. An absolute tosser, full of his own self-importance and talking absolute shite.

          • Les Miserables says:

            Soft target, Grumps.

          • Sandgroper says:

            Hey, Hurtle, the Jesus statue (valued at $60K) was donated FOC to the city. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth…

          • Ronny Rotten says:

            Grumpy, thanks for alerting us to that photography prize. Here’s a chance to make a bundle by snapping a picture of Granny’s yellow-stained bloomers we found at the bottom of her glory box.

          • Grumpy says:

            Easy target, you mean.

          • Hurtle Duffield says:

            True enough sandgroper, but there are, as always, costs beyond the costs. Maintainence, storage, etc, collections are an expensive investment, so you can’t just say yes to everything. If Aunty Sunday painter from Belgian gardens wants to gift her watercolours of the sugar shaker to he collection, they must ask themselves whether this is a worthy investment. Ie, has Aunty Sunday painter contributed to the culture of Townsville outside annual the show art awards, and is it actually of artistic worth. If the answer is no on both counts, like homeless Jesus which I have since googled, then too bad cobber, see you next time. And this statue? It’s ok for a tafe student, but we can do better. If the church wants it so bad, by all means, take it on, and foot the maintainence bills while you’re at it, fellows.

          • Mooney Street Blues says:

            That alleged $60k value, minus the cost of the bronze, and the fact that this Canadian shlockmeister has a captive audience in the very large catholic population around the world, is not worth so much at all. You get what you pay for, and they’ve been trying to palm this off to TCC for years. There are fifty odd of these all over the globe. Rare as a dumb comment from trump.

    • Greg! The Stop Sign! says:

      PS I am not into the crab either, but my understanding of that is it is not being ‘gifted’ to the city. The Jesus is- or was.

    • Spanked Arse says:

      Please define ‘significant’, Sandgroper. Catholic or not, it’s been turned down by a panel of experts. That’s good enough for me.

      • Sandgroper says:

        Finding a panel of art ‘experts’ in Townsville would be as unlikely as finding three wise men. Who was the panel chairperson? Jeff J?

        • The Magpie says:

          Or 40 virgins.

        • Glum Chunder says:

          Jeff j would not qualify by any stretch. Pretty sure he would tell you that himself sandgroper. And believe it or not we do have some people who know what they’re talking about in this town. We have a far better art scene than we deserve, despite the mullet’s best intentions, and they can’t afford to fuck around.

          • Homeless Jebus says:

            What’s everybody in a flap about? They said no. Maybe the church wants it. Let us move on please.

          • The Magpie says:

            Well, call The ‘Pie cynical, but a few things to remember. First of all, the church in question pays for a lucrative little monthly insert in the Bulletin, and therefore gets it’s point of view sounded the loudest. And the new head God-bother is always a handy bloke to have on side – if he’s yet forgiven them for not one but two diabolically stupid punning headlines about his arrival.) Then there’s the ever increasing evidence that the Astonisher is gradually accepting the bleedin’ obvious that the council is on the nose big time. Not yet willing to give up on The Mullet, but only because they have absolutely no idea who might go up against her in the next election (The Magpie has a good idea but he ain’t saying.) So we get this storm on a park bench, and The ‘Pie agrees wholeheartedly with you, HJ, duty done Astonisher, get on with other fibs and spin.

  31. Simon Templar says:

    Since we are talking about slimy little grubs, I was at friends’ place for dinner last weekend. After more than a few bottles of decent red, the topic somehow turned to Storm Financial. None of those present were in a state to remember what Storm was called before the forced name-change. The ever-helpful Dr Google was consulted.

    The Wikipedia article was first place on the search results.


    They was framed!

    Author! Author!

    • Ronny Rotten says:

      Looks like there is an opportunity for all we scoundrels to restore our reputations per medium of Wikipedia. That’s the problem with relying on a medium which can be so easily manipulated.

      • The Magpie says:

        Well, maybe, but Wikipedias’s value is far outweighed by its detriment, and you will note there is a prominent cautionary note that th ‘facts’ in the post are in dispute (Christ! are they ever!) So Wikipedia is a valuable tool if you recognise its shortcomings.

  32. Bentley says:

    Critical, with respect, I must point out that even the mighty Bob Brown has admitted (on Q & A) that his successful campaign to stop the Franklin dam was flawed and that it should have been allowed to go ahead. You might like to let the Magpie readership know how you personally would propose storing energy on the scale provided by large dams. It is obvious that generating electricity is easy. Storing it for the times that the sun don’t shine and the wind don’t blow is not.

    • TweedleDee says:

      The technical solution to storing renewable energy exists, and could be implemented immediately at low economic and environmental cost. It is called pumped hydro. See https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2017/02/australian-scientists-say-hydro-storage-is-the-key-to-100-renewable-energy/

      Imagine several relatively small reservoirs (rather like stock dams) constructed on the slopes of Mt Stuart, or on other high points around town. These are connected to a low reservoir (Ross River dam would do nicely) via pipes fitted with hydroelectric turbines and pumps). When the wind blows or the sun is shining, surplus renewable energy pumps the water from the low reservoir to the high. At night, or when renewable energy is not available, the water runs back down, generating energy for the town.

      Before you ask, it does not need much water to power a town like Townsville through its overnight low generation cycle. Pumped hydro is a tested technology nearly 100 years old- it is extensively fitted to the Snowy Mountains scheme. It is cheap, and it works.

      Why is it not fitted everywhere, on every hill and hillock near a town.
      Good question. Would it be something to do with campaigns and secret funding of politicians by fossil fuel companies?

      • Andy Analytics says:

        Whilst I agree re political campaign funding (of both major parties) is a significant contributor to both major parties support for Old King Coal and am a big supporter of renewable energy and storage, I suspect Tweedle Dee has not done any costings on this nor assessed the potential loss of water given our geography and present water situation.
        Rough costings for pipe across easily accessible ground is in the water task force report (& WFTAG) so we would be talking a multiple of a 9 figure sum to build new infrastructure not including his “reservoirs) which need to minimise losses so not on decomposed granite like most of Mt Stuart unless they are both sealed and protected from evaporation. With our gold plated supply chain for electricity, Townsville is not short of it and recent reports have highlighted that building large scale energy supply towards the extremity of the national grid in Qld is not very smart.
        All that taken into consideration, if we use some existing infrastructure like, say Paluma Dam which is very high, (about 850m AHD) and pump back up the pipe from the outlet (about 300m AHD) if the pipe is in a good enough condition to take the pressure, then it is worth considering. Other places especially in the wet tropics also look promising including Koombooloomba which already has hydro down into the Tully River and Barron Gorge in Cairns although I’m unsure if there is a pipe there. With battery production scaling up and prices dropping in a model similar to solar panels, you need to weigh up all alternatives. Heat and chemical storage are other options that need to be compared on cost and efficiency,

      • cobalos says:

        It is also called uranium

  33. Critical says:

    Mullett, Palachuck and their Socialist friends have lied to us again as Adani shifts up to 200 Indians and their into the city to do the design work for their railway etc. What a slao in the face for Australians who apparently aren’t good enough and we were told that Australian workers would be used. Wonder whzt type od visa that lot are coming in on as we got told 257 visas wouldn’t be issued.

    • Scientician79 says:

      And isn’t interesting how the completely out of touch Astonisher pumps that up as a positive article for the rental market.

      Completely missing the real story – Adani bringing in staff to Townsville to fill there local office. So much for the 150 new jobs that were promised.

      Oh well maybe some of the families that left town, and can’t sell there homes because of our dire real estate market, will be able to rent to some Adani employee.

      Hardly the bounty of employment the politicians promised.

  34. The old peterbuilt says:

    Has the break and enters and car thefts ceased? There seems to be very little reported in the bullsheet lately. Or maybe that’s a deliberate strategy.

  35. Conspiracy theorist says:

    What happens if Adani doesn’t raise the finance to build its mine, the battery factory goes flat, and ratepayers wake up that the council’s vision for a lagoon on the Strand is simply copying the ones in Cairns and Airlie Beach.?
    Will the Mullet step down as mayor?

  36. Sandgroper says:

    Noticed the stadium start-up has been fast-tracked. Get ready for an election announcement, folks.

    • Hee-Haw says:

      Not wishing to “rub salt into the wounds” but it appears that the new stadium will have to rely on town/potable water for the turf due to the salinity of the available bore water in that location.

    • Critical says:

      Don’t forget that the ALP State Conference is in Townsville this weekend so prepare for a weekend of bullshit news. Bogans got to toe the party line you realise and not print any adverse news about the lack of action by the useless ALP members and its numerous policy failures, why do you think it doesn’t print the crime stats sny more or the daily Qld Police email now doesn’t tell us about overnight crime.

  37. Internet 101 says:

    Sounds like you’re a popular guy Pie.
    Your friends, RK and Bazza are delusional? This blog is getting bigger by the day mate.

  38. Watcher says:

    Mayor Mullet was on TV news last night predicting that the 80 Adani employees who are arriving and looking for accommodation will be here for the long term. She said given the long life of the mine, these people will be Townsville residents for decades.
    So why are they all looking to rent fully furnished apartments or houses?
    Doesn’t sound too permanent to me.
    Adani is no closer to securing the finance to build the mine so these 80 employees are either on short term job contracts or they haven’t heard about Adani’s track record.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Be nice to see local real estate rental companies give some numbers of rental properties that Adini employees have actually rented recently. All of this ‘looking’ to rent 80+ properties could be just more of the usual wish list and confirmed numbers are conspicuous in their absence !

  39. Cantankerous but happy says:

    BITRE stats for May released last week for Townsville airport, no word from the astonisher, guess after the month before freeloading on the misery of people escaping Hamilton Island the sudden return to reality was a bit too much, but there is no escape, the figures go from bad to worse. Overall YTD is passengers are down 1.1% or 14,000 passengers despite new services to Toowoomba coming online late last year and increase to Rocky/ Gold Coast, overall our busiest route TSV – BNE is down 1.9% and TSV- SYD is down 2.4%.

  40. Bentley says:

    You’re on the money Tweedledee. Pumped hydro is a neat solution provided you have a reliable rainfall to compensate for evaporation. I believe that Tully has a reliable rainfall. Tully Millstream must also have an existing transmission system. If it is also suitable for solar (or wind) pumping, then that is a bonus. You may be interested enough to Google the Kidston Mine pumped hydro project. There are a few progressive minds about, outside of politics.
    And on the subject of conspiracy theories, do any of the readers out there know who funded Bob Brown, Norm Sanders et al in Tassie?
    There was a very large group of activists getting their expenses from somewhere in the early ’80s. (We know Centrelink funded Rent-a-Crowd.) Perhaps looking for those who profited would provide a suspect or two, such as Bob Hawke and the Labor Party. Who knows? It was a long time ago.

  41. The old peterbuilt says:

    I was told a long time ago by one of peter ables men who held monthly meetings with the man that at the same time steel mills were closing in Wollongong and Newcastle and thousands of jobs were lost bob hawke as prime minister was outraged at the job losses was also in partners with ables in a company that was importing steel. One can only assume that since that time the hypocracy has been refined and taught to the rank and file. One could be forgiven for believing the new Mafia reside in Canberra on both sides of the house. I think this country needs a benelovent dictator to pull it back from the edge.

  42. The old peterbuilt says:

    Benelovent is not a word I would associate with either of those two

  43. On The Bright Side says:

    With the Indian hordes apparently about to descend on Townsville, furniture stores should be having a field day as desperate house and unit owners seek to transform their unwanted mortgage millstones into furnished rentals.
    Let’s just hope this is not just another Astonisher beat-up designed to paint a rosy picture on a crumbling canvas.

    • The Magpie says:

      One of the most frustrating aspects of the Astonisher is its own blurred focus of what it was to portray. Silly childish hopes on one side and numbingly real statistics on the other, they haven’t a clue where they are. The positive stories would be a responsible and uplifting aspect of the paper if it wasn’t so wildly overstated, and pushed by hidden agendas of appeasing advertising dollars.

    • Battling Bertha says:

      The only stores in Townsville doing a roaring trade are the charity op-shops.

      • The Magpie says:

        Not true, and too, too negative. seriously. If we have 10% unemployed, we have 90% employed, and we are still functioning as a community at a reasonable level, despite problems. Talking up the downturn is as bad as the Astonisher’s ‘emperor’s new clothes’ everything is really sunny campaign.

    • Achilles says:

      Re the “hordes of Indians” maybe better resurrect John Wayne, he knew how to handle them……….

  44. Waz CEOC number 1 says:

    Well now I’ve heard it all!! I know some have laughed at what I’ve said here and elsewhere in the past and I try to not provide bullshit just to beat up a story. Otherwise credibility becomes non existent. Reason I start my comment like that is because today whilst chugging a beer with ex employees like me, One told me that the CFMEU are going fund and run corolee orourke against mullet in next mayor race. Couple of things I thought straight away was she is already a state member. So does this mean they know she’s going to loose? Next council election is 2yrs away so does that also mean that it might not be a running against mullet but replacement in a by-election if she resigned to be dropped into a Senate seat. All conspiracies yes but the mullet has always thought herself higher then what she is. And low and behold the labour party conference here at the same time this gets spread. Coincidence? Just thought I’d share this because obviously the unions need a yes person in the council and orourke could fill that role in her sleep. They might be thinking that if the names I’ve been hearing might actually get up as mayor which will undo all the impalers work and they loose there power. One wonders

    • Alex DeLarge says:

      You know, after reading that less-than-flattering report on Coralie this morning, I thought something may be up. Why would Bogan deride Coralie? Particularly under the by-line of Jenny’s favourite little marionette Domanii? Not only today, but someone has been quietly slipping the boot into Coralie for a while now. Meetings with the premier that didn’t happen, overseas jaunts etc etc.

      I don’t know if Jenny has the pull at state level in the party to secure a Senate ticket. She has made quite a few enemies in the upper echelons and union honchos must be internally seething at her IR record. Her hubris is at an all-time high now and she obviously doesn’t care whose toes she is stepping on. There could even be some citizenship issues that she is not willing to (or can’t afford to) remedy. However, she may be able to jag a nomination for Mundingburra. Is it possible that the recent press is aimed at the local party faithful and designed to white-ant Coralie even further (she is doing a damn good job self-destructing as it is)?

      Coralie can’t run on her record, because what there is of it is appalling. Jenny will ride her current wave with the help of Bogan and Malcolm’s mate the spinmeister. The LNP candidate is an unknown millennial try-hard. She would be odds-on to win if she ran.

      The ALP look to be still on track to take the next state election with the help of the flaccid LNP. Anna Alphabet was an accidental winner last time and there would be quite a few in the party who are convinced they could do a better job. Jenny may even see herself as an alternative/compromise premier – don’t laugh, she is that far up herself.

      Or am I overthinking the whole situation?

      • Alex DeLarge says:

        Just to expand…a citizen of a non-EU country can only own one property in Malta (with the exception of properties in defined areas). Dual citizens OK.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        You are spot on Alex, word I am getting is the split in the ALP gets bigger by the day and some are expecting some brawling in Townsville this weekend. O Rourke is from the left and is in hard with Trad and the like of Grace Grace, the puddleduck doesn’t trust her and the relationship ain’t too good, as you say Mudingburra will be one to watch and depend very much on who one nation pick as a candidate.

    • Dearie Me says:

      Have heard that there is a senate vacancy coming up and that Mullet is being prepped to fill it. She would cause less damage to the community there at least, and continue to be just as useless.

  45. Hee-Haw says:

    The Singapore junket that’s not a junket according to TEL seems to be taking just a few of the guilded few on our dollar one way or another.
    It seems Mullet and the Impaler both get a seat plus Kevin Gill, Sock Puppet, Bridget Woods (TEL) , Sandra Harding to name but a few and at $6 grand a pop but definitely NOT a junket.

  46. Dave Nth says:

    On QF978 last flight of night in yesterday, if I was a conspiracy theorist I would think Gill is making things deliberately unpleasant for Qantas passengers as he can.

    Not long after Qantas refused to agree to the passenger charge security stopped allowing people to the gate which my young ones even though exhausted at that time of night loved seeing me come out of the gate. Allowing families to the gate a small sacrifice I’d say not like we are going to linger after the aircraft arrives…

    Then the parking inspectors stopped moving people on in the pick up area at that time of evening (and other time I have noticed recently), my other blowing up about all these people parked but not picking up.

    Now the ante looks like it has been upped, last night security wouldn’t let passengers use the toilets by the QF Club told them to go through the arrivals hall (never a problem in the past), parking inspectors lounging round the arrivals hall while half a dozen Hiaces for a visiting darts team all parked in the 2 minute set down not being moved on and my other said by the time I had my bag and was waiting they were all over the road greeting each other while she was trying to get through.

    Normally I wouldn’t trust the Government to run a chook raffle, I regretfully now think even they would do a better job than QAC…

  47. Ricky says:

    A good entertaining week. You’re full of news, unlike the Bulletin.
    I am sorry to hear you’re being sued by someone who obviously doesn’t or never had a career. Keep up the good work.

  48. Alacan says:

    Beattie and his gravelly voiced treasure at the time have, one thinks, cost ratepayers dearly throughout qld ..but I could be wrong .. right ?

    The apparent cost of churn associated with amalgamation , deamalgamation for some , ccc enquiries, EAP participants, lost levels of service , lost corporate knowledge and in some cases destroyed families and livelihoods. Could be huge and if so probably unmeasurable … but I could be wrong .. right?

    We need another journo like Masters to help us understand in Qld. You’d have to say that would be right.. right ?

    You’d have to be forgiven for woundering If fairwork laws apply in Qld Local Government these days .. but I could be wrong .. right ?

    . Also the apparent jobs for the boys at face value could rival the best of them .. but I could be wrong right .. ?

    So what’s right anymore .. left certainly doesn’t look like left .. right doesn’t look right . Our belief that some representing us who we thought were all for one Australia might , well might not be right .. we need the high court to rule whats right.. and we are left with a mess to make right.

    Remember once when risk was lessened when you looked right then left than right again.. before crossing the floor .. I mean road.. dependability and predictability are so buggered .. right?

    Makes marching to a beat confusing and right out of step.. left right left right .. you just wouldnt now what foot to place first .. and I suggest we just don’t anymore What’s left I say ..

    So rightoh time to go .. some left overs in the fridge to discard of now .. not many to go .. just a few left from the past.. Wounder how long the change team in TCC and one or two of the old guard doing the bidding of the impaler have left to go before they get the right royal dcm. But that wouldn’t happen .. right?

  49. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Ten million dollar save water education campaign being launched by TCC. Would pay for 294 days of pumping at $34K per day. Wonder how many of our council FIFO’s will have their snouts in that trough?

  50. Mike Douglas says:

    Did the Premier of Queensland check with Linda Ashton WTAG about the $10 mil and water reduction training Jamie Durie?.I read the WTAG column in the Daily Astonisher and really Linda, do you think a solution on water wouldn’t be found without your group?.Great you are engaged in the discussion and offering a platform for the people but couldn’t your site be used for water wise training and spend the $10 mil fixing leaks on the current pipeline.Is Premier Palaszczuk claiming the $10 mil Jamie Durie training scheme to the Feds?.

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