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Saturday, June 17th, 2017   |   176 comments

Townsville City Council Descends Into Chaos – A Key Appointee Walks Out Because Of ‘Toxic Atmosphere’.  

And all staff are emailed a voluntary redundancy offer and any remaining morale is snuffed out. Where to now, and why has this happened? The ‘Pie examines possible reasons.

Townsville drip feed – Anna Alphabet ‘s water promise that’s all steam – aka hot air The promise to ‘fix’ Townsville’s chronic water supply problem has descended into cheap politicking that is an insult to this city.

Also, have that lovable old lawyer Barry Taylor and former Bulletin editor Peter Typo Gleeson used a third party in an effort to achieve a long cherished goal … suing The Magpie for libel without having to face the witness box themselves? It sure looks likeit

And the Aussie newspaper that sparked international outrage by placing inappropriate ads next to the week’s most tragic story … but were they mistakes?

But first …,

A Classic Political Drip Feed

It is always mean spirited to say ‘I told you so’ but sometimes it cannot be avoided.

So it is with the Bulletin much trumpeted claim that Anna Palaszczuk was going to ‘fix’ Townsville water problems. Some fix. Big numbers are being twisted and molded to morph into the shape-shifting political landscape

Screen shot 2017-06-17 at 10.43.15 PM

The Magpie predicted it would be A grade bullshit, and so it eventuated. All the premier has done is pledge $225million – it’s a bit much to say ‘allocate’ because it is over 4 years, for most of which she probably won’t be around – to fund an as yet to be determined ‘water security’ of unknown nature and cost,  with no timelines projected. The word ‘security’ leaves a lot of leeway, too. It is an election campaign promise, pure and simple, and is notable for lacking any sense of urgency or directive for the Water Task Force to speed up its leisurely pace of investigations (no wonder its initials are WTF).

This is the classic game-playing to stop the initial momentum of the Water For Townsville action group displaying any of the real community insistence that the matter be addressed promptly. That group now appears to be the pointless plaything of a few retired duffers who are fast going the way of that other high-pressure group, the Townsville Ratepayers Association.

Of course, this perfectly suits Mayor Mullet’s tactic of lots of talk disguised as achievement and progress, while she waits her chance for a shot at the Senate.. Bentley again nails it.

drip feed

Meanwhile, She Let’s The Council Go To Hell In A Handbasket

Two things were reported here during the week which you did not see elsewhere.

The first was the resignation of a key executive who had been head-hunted from WA. This from the rolling commentary last Thursday.

June 15, 2017 at 1:33 pm  (Edit)

A top Adele Young recruit to Townsville City Council marched out the offices yesterday. He will be paid out to the end of June.


Mike Schuman

Mike Schuman joined the council in February as its first Chief Information Officer, with responsibilities for covering customer and frontline officer mobility, digital enablement, front-of-house and BI solutions. The position reports to the CFO, and the function encompasses 111 staff. And no doubt a lot of other buzz words.

He formerly worked for the WA police and for Woodside.

Two weeks ago, The ‘Pie is told, Mr Schuman went to the mayor and Young and said he couldn’t work under the present ‘toxic’ atmosphere that had been created among staff, who were fighting among themselves because of the intimidation and fear created by the handling of the council restructure.

He was told his comments had been duly noted but yesterday, he abruptly departed, The Magpie informant says that the word has already gone out to the Australian IT community and it will now be hard for the council to find a replacement.

Unless of course Mayor Mullet mate that nice Mr Adani has a cousin to fill the spot on a 457 visa.

And then on Friday, the entire staff – office and outdoor – were emailed an offer of voluntary redundancy.

Again, how comments reported it on Friday (edited for length).

townsville logo

Interested Observer June 16, 2017 at 2:50 pm  (Edit)

The word coming out of the City Council today is that every single employee has received an email and has been offered redundancy. It seems this whole restructuring of the council is clearly not about streamlining the organisation. It’s just about numbers.

Didn’t the CEO tell us there was an imbalance between office staff and field staff and the office staff had to go. Now it’s all in and anyone from parks, maintainance, waste or anywhere else can go if they like. If enough of the field staff take the offer does the CEO go back and sack a few more from the office staff to get this bullshit balance.

Add to that if you have more than four weeks leave the Mullet and her mate have offered to pay out any excess in cash with 27% loading. 10% more than the standard 17%.

This council has paid out an absolute fortune in redundancies. There can’t possibly any savings from the sackings so far. The end result of this chronic mismanagement is the mayor has been forced to borrow more money to pay wages. The cupboard is bare.

Is there going to be anybody left to run this city. Where is the Townsville Bulletin in all this? No where to be found. The Mullet has become the councils version of Clive Palmer and not a word from Ben Bogan and the rag.

To which this reply was posted.

  • Waz CEOC number 1 June 16, 2017 at 4:22 pm(Edit)
  • Word travels fast on this blog. Well I shortened my name as I’m now former employee of the council. Interested observer must know someone in council because this email was released today. I’m taking the money and running. 21yrs and 86000 dollars of all of your rates paid to me. Thank you Townsville! Good luck with the fuck wits you voted in. I must say though it was nice to see people who worked in the council who surrounded mullet like a bad smell giving her information before the election to beat Arlett are now gone. I laughed very hard as they pulled the knives out of there back as they walked out the door.
Yeah it’s not nice to put people down when they are suffering but to the idiots who sucked up to the Mullets, you have helped destroy a great employment supplier in North Queensland. Even the workshop apprenticeship numbers have been hacked apart. What future has this council got if we aren’t employing younger people to continue our work.
Hill is a vote chasing succubus.. Do you realize that you not just let her sack 300+ people out of a job but also put pressure on the rest of the family they come from. Not many people who have been made redundant are less than 30yrs of age without kids and a mortgage. This has a flow on effect with everything they spent money on.
 As for front line employees not being sacked well the next option that has been talked about is full contracted services. Think you’re paying too much at the tip – wait until she sells that off. Rubbish collection gone, and the best will be when she let’s water go (if the dam was full) along with sewage. Your household budget will be destroyed..
I won’t say suck eggs. Townsville because I grew up here and love the city but I’m going somewhere where I know that developments like the Gleason project won’t be rejected by half wits and Labour. Enjoy your smaller stadium and new beachfront behind the dam wall. Can anyone list her achievements?


The ‘Pie was subsequently informed yesterday of this detail. “Source at TCC tells me redundancies are open to anyone to apply but they’re only looking for 18 more to achieve desired reduction of 144, and they’re not accepting applications from those deemed necessary. He also confirmed the leave loading boost on cached in annual leave but said it’s only on annual leave and one time offer for 1 week only.”

That’s a great way to handle a situation. What if everyone applied for redundancy? Then CEO Young would have to choose who stays and who goes rather a universal offer. She obviously hasn’t the confidence … indeed, guts … to act like an executive in charge of her agenda, and make the hard choices.

No doubt many she will direct to stay in her dragon’s den actually want out. Great way to run a city … into the ground.

So What Did The Bulletin – Our Community Opinion Shaper And Leader Of Civic Debate – Have To Say About All This?

Short answer – nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not a dicky bird. At any time.

The ‘Pie is not joking when he says many readers here were waiting to see what the paper would report on these matters. After all, the loss of a top executive because of what he describes as a toxic atmosphere among council staff, and then what on the face of it could be a financially debilitating redundancy offer from the CEO, would surely be the stuff of a screaming from page. And it’s not as though they could’ve missed it The email was sent on Friday and revealed early afternoon on this blog, plus The Magpie’s Facebook and Twitter account. All of which are monitored by the Bulletin.

Well, we got the screaming front page, but it wasn’t about this matter.


So if they knew about it, did they choose to ignore it, or were their inquiries fobbed off with an oily suggestion that The Magpie is a tosser who makes things up’.? Either way, they were MIA.


Iditor Ben Bogan English Declares He Is An Important Person – Indeed Very Important.

He was described in the paper as a VIP guests at some bang-bangs up on high range.  But it would seem his importance has its limits within the confines of the Bulletin office.

Since modern newspapers were created, editors have jealously guarded their two most important pages from the invasion of too many ads … those being pages 2 and 3, always the most viewed for the leading stories. But it would seem Bogan is an irrelevance to the real masters of the Bulletin. This was the unprecedented offering on Friday pages 2 and 3.

Page 2 and 3 friday adverorial

But hey, it seems to be a News Corpse thing, and Typo Gleeson is held in even lower regard down at his Sunday Mail. This is what we got from him as a hard hitting front page last Sunday.

Screen shot 2017-06-17 at 10.56.41 PM

They seem to realize that front pages are supposed to entice readers to buy the paper. Paying money for ads is pointless if you don’t have people read them.

Not rocket science is it?

Was This A Mistake Or Appalling Bad Taste?

Ads have always been the bane of layout editors. Back in the 1950s, a London daily was ostracized when it’s from page story about two nuns being raped and butchered by Mau Mau terrorists in Kenya was beside a front page ad for popular Three Nuns tobacco, whose slogan was ‘I prefer Three Nuns’.

Well, this is worse. From Thursday’s West Australian,

Screen shot 2017-06-17 at 11.05.47 PM

Making it worse still, there are not one but two advertisements that are in appalling taste. This was on the opposite page.

Screen shot 2017-06-17 at 11.07.17 PM

But there is another question mark here. The one selling cremation services is from a company with a notorious irreverent humour about choosing to be cremated. Surely this could not have been purposely contrived. Could it

The Poms are distinctly not amused … and neither is The Magpie.

It Appears The Dies Irae – the Days of Wrath – Have Arrived.

Well, they has for Rabeah Kraymen, Barry Taylor and Mr and Mrs Typo Gleeson.

Last week, The ‘Pie told you that Big Bazza Taylor had two new colorful clients … you can now make that three – Rabeah Krayem. He has sooled his Emanate Legal partner Venesa Gleeson onto The ‘Pie, representing Krayem. Seems the Rabster is a tad upset with a number of mentions he has received in this blog, indeed he is even claiming he is a bit of a laughing stock around town and has been belittled socially. Cripes, didn’t know The Magpie was so widely read, let alone influential in shaping opinion. Maybe he was just reflecting opinion?

But let’s join a few dots here … a lot of this may only be coincidence but you be the judge.

The matters complained of go back only a year or so, and the Rabster’s claim only thudded onto the doorstep last weekend. The reason for the delay seemed strange until we got to the final page of the letter of demand.. where we read ‘Damages: Further Having regard to Krayem’s personal and business reputation, the gravity of the allegations made, and the publicity given, Krayem is clearly entitled to substantial compensation as well as a published apology. To this end, the quantum of damages are in the order of $107,000.’

Heh heh heh, nice one Bazza, Typo (oh yes, Typo is in there too, he’s always been on at Bazza to sue the old bird, with Bazza resolutely (and smartly) declining to do so on the sensible grounds that The ‘Pie has no money. Now they are laboring under the delusion that The ‘Pie is flush with funds, but that is their rror, so don’t tell ‘em.

The letter arrived last Monday, June 12. Talk about coincidences … It just happens that this is just a day after Typo and his missus were spied visiting this house in Noosa.

Screen shot 2017-06-17 at 11.17.18 PM

Screen shot 2017-06-17 at 11.16.56 PM

Now it’s been suggested this could be Bazza’s $10 million pad he purchased 8 or 9 years ago. Story is he actually tore down the property and rebuilt. The odds are that it is his place, since Typo and missus wouldn’t be in Noosa without seeing his old punting mate and her boss. But even if that isn’t the, the Gleesons were there in Noosa on Sunday, June 11, so The ‘Pie is surmising that somehwhere that day there was a war council, giving the green light to service of the letter of demand. Now The ‘Pie could be wrong, but one would seriously doubt that Rabeah Krayem would embark on such a fruitless enterprise AND choose the gouging charges that Barry is famous for.

So The ‘Pie must confess to admiration at the subtlety of the action … subtle as a grenade in a bowl of porridge.

This is where things become somewhat circular, so a bit of background. In order, The Magpie has a mild altercation with a neighbour, is put on good behavioud bond, Astonisher prints a reasonably accurate account of the court proceedings, which is then passed on to the Australian columnist Sharri Markson– there is every good reason to believe it was passed on by Peter Gleeson. The giveaway is his enmity for his constant critic The ‘Pie, which has led him into the error of making an untrue and spiteful embellishment to the original story. The ‘Pie sues, goes through an hilarious Supreme Court trial (a full account at a later date) and wins damages of $107,000, which after churlish and petty delays, is paid into the solicitors trust account.

Note the amount. There’s another coincidence, it’s exactly the same as Bazza and Mrs Gleeson want for their long time pal, Rabeah.

And what a coincidence that Mrs Gleeson was tapped to handle the matter. It is not unfair to believe this appointment may go some way to buffering Peter Gleeson from Holt’s Street’s wrath when his little attempt at spiteful payback cost News close to a million dollars for a legal marathon. But she’s probably doing it pro bono anyway for the foregoing reason.

Now it is certain that Bazza know a thing or two about charging – scrub bulls have frequently been mentioned in this regard and even led to the Bulletin to dispensing with his services many years ago. So he would know better than most that The ‘Pie did not receive that stated amount of money, legal bills must be settled. So the words ‘in order of’ in the damages demand will allow the Rabster to be advised by Bazza of a revised amount, when he finds out how much The ‘Pie actually has. Or had.

Now, look, Baz, The Magpie doesn’t want to be unfriendly, but while he could tell you to the cent how much he has left, he isn’t going to. You’ll just have to spend some of Rabeah’s dough to find out.

And then it’ll be too late.

But look, tell you what, big fella. Let’s say as a gesture of goodwill – without any admissions and without prejudice – The ‘Pie agrees to pay your client on a pro rata basis equal to his News Ltd damages. Now let’s see, the nationally distributed Australian has a readership of 351,000 (more if you believe their own counting by emma but let’s not be too generous). Simple maths tell us that equates to $3.28 per thousand readers. The Magpie’s Nest on the other hand, has a measurable readership of around three thousand. Now, just to round things out and not tax anyone’s advanced mathematics here, The ‘Pie makes an unconditional offer to pay Rabeah $9.84 … ah, hang the expense, let’s sportingly round it up to a full ten bucks.

Awaiting your call.

Really They Are So Thoughtful

The fat-faced goof-off Damien Eales who rejoices in the title of News Chief Operating Orifice – err sorry, Officer – has the smooth oiliness to buzz-talk us with a straight-face that News Contact Centres are being centralised ‘to serve our customers better … through consolidating teams, we can build scale and expertise.’ Always good for a laugh, ol’ goofball. Somehow he neglects to mention that in the initial Sydney-Melbourne ‘consolidation’, 120 jobs will be axed. Queensland (read ‘consolidated to Brisbane’) is next.

This is like the paedophile priest telling his young victims they should be happy with the fiddling ‘because they are being touched by the hand of God’.   Only in this case, News customers are being given a willy fluff by the withered hand of Rupert.

And Finally …

Recall any of the numerous times Jenny Hill and/or The Astonisher has described the new CBD stadium as ‘world class’? Well, here’s something they can read when they takes off the clown nose and polka dot suits.

One good idea there for us, though … Tottenham’s new stadium will in corporate its own microbrewery. So fitting our crime capital image, how about a meth lab for our new CBD entity?

cremation ad

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  1. popcorn says:

    Sorry to hear you’re being sued.
    Bazza probably needs the win to keep his opulent garden pretty?
    It’s seems all rather entwined? What a grubby lot they are . Are you sure that’s not Typos’ mansion?

    Your readers understand your importance to Townsville by keeping the information flowing.

    Keep us informed. Thank u.

  2. Waz CEOC number 1 says:

    Thanks pie for printing my post, I didn’t expect that but hopefully some people now know what’s going on. Mullet can’t hide now because alot of things can be confirmed. This is not a witch hunt even though there are 2 in play. I wrote that Friday because of how much good has been destroyed by these women. And as alot of us thought she didn’t get her magic number of people to take the money. So to put you and your readers onto a different plane of thought, as my two mates in another department told me at golf, if front line workers like me and them took redundancies to make up the numbers, will that mean that sevices will not work effectively. My example is. You say they need 18 more to make 144 right, we have 38 drivers in waste that collect rubbish for us so they are very noticeable when missing bins. Let’s say 10 take what I did, how will the bins be collected and will they recruit drivers to put in the vehicles left vacant?? There are still houses being built and the city growing so you need more drivers and trucks not less.

    This is a real possibility of happening so how would a service as important as that to the city cope with a large number of missing people. Who gets to decide who stays and goes, that’s the offer so can’t be refused. My department is the same if 10 plumbers leave the only option is expensive contractors like I said in my last post froday. What a fucken mess if all that fell into place. Let’s see if that bloke guy recce from your Facebookpage has an answer for these questions.

    • Guy says:

      (This comment has ben edited by The Magpie for length.)

      I got an anonymous call before last election asking me what i thought about privatising the rubbish collection ( i only suddenly remembered this a few days ago). I couldnt tell him, because without having any facts or figures and he couldn’t tell me if privatizing the rubbish collection would actually be cheaper. From what i see from my front door the existing crew seems to be doing their job so unless there were actual , practical gains to be made by privatizing why would you bother?

      I also received a letter from a union ( can’t remember which one) asking me to sign some bit of paper guaranteeing people’s positions, which in principal is good but in practice allows terrible people to run amok doing untold damage without facing any ultimate reprimand. I did call the union and explained my position and couldn’t lend my signature to this.

      To my knowledge the redundancies were always on the cards due to the amalgamation of 2008. Few people protested the amalgamation. The whole point of amalgamation is to streamline the council process and presumably the workforce. Its a terrible time, people are losing their jobs left, right and centre. Personally i believe that townsville has reached its lowest ebb and things are starting to pick up. I was told recently that mackay is about to pick up in a major way ( presumably leading to a pick up here – something is better than nothing)

      The problem with the old council was that no one was listening and no one was accountable.

      • The Magpie says:

        And this one is listening?

      • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

        Well there you have it pie I called it Friday with my rant about guy recce on your Facebook page and here he is now. The great apologiest for the mullet bagging the former council for the problems again. When will these left idiots realize that they have caused the problem not the ones guy keeps going on about. I believe beatie and anna1 caused amalgamation. But yes we need to find somehow from the last council that they are to blame, again!!!! Anyone would think by guys analysis that the local government election was just last week. They were booted out nearly 2yrs ago. problem is yours to own now guy we know your eyes are open take off your blinkers.

  3. Waz CEOC number 1 says:

    Sorry about this pie I forgot to make my main point in my last post. If the number of staff take redundancies from front line and then need to be replaced then mullet still needs less people from somewhere in the council. This strategy is doomed if it goes the way I suggested.

  4. Mike Douglas says:

    Pie, even with all 3 levels of Government in disarray the Ville is rebounding off the 4,000 ndis related roles in Townsville and employment agencies have up to 100 full time jobs on their books and are scaling up for the impending projects.What about the possible $2 bil lithium battery plant with support by Bill Moss in the Australia yesterday. Speaking of disarray if Coralee Orourkes reachpol results weren’t bad enough using the Government private jet to return to Townsville( dropping off Boofhead Bill Byrne in Rocky) just for some press photos with the mayor mullet and Brad Webb was a slap in the face to pensioners struggling to put heaters on and business burdened at the same time as Ergon and Energex increased profit $200 mil.I deposited a few sheckles into the pies donation tin( hopefully it landed)only a few as I am an honest businessman not sending companies to the wall whilst feathering my own nest.I also miss out on Government boards or gravy trains and seem to be permanently on their ” do not call register” as I am not a sycophant and openly comment on their failings.The Astonishers budget review was a howler and looked straight from Palaszczuks PR book.How can the astonishers review be so different to the Courier Mail or The Australian who found the holes in the details and canned it?.

  5. Historian says:

    Very interesting news about Barry Taylor assisting Rabieh Krayem in suing the Magpie for defamation.
    I don’t know what evidence they have, but surely they have considered the possibility that during the trial Rabieh will be put on the stand to establish his credibility and standing in the community, and quizzed under oath about the reasons he was given the boot from the Cowboys and other matters of interest from his colourful past. I understand that back when Rabieh departed the Cowboys that News Limited, who were involved in the ownership of the club at the time, found “dead cats” and even a “dead tiger” when examining the books.
    The Pie might even feel the need to subpoena the News Limited heavies who were involved to give evidence about what caused them to dump not only Rabieh but also Barry Taylor and other board members – in fact everyone except Lozza Lancini.
    That would not please News Limited chiefs, who just happen to employ the other party mentioned by the Pie – Typo Gleeson.
    So all this explosive exposure for what – whatever is left from the Magpie’s defamation win against News Limited?
    Given the Pie’s taste for top shelf tipple, and lunch at a quality restaurant, I’m tipping there won’t be a bean left by the time the case is over. Incidentally Michel’s Restaurant might want to stock up on caviar and Dom Perignon champagne.
    I’m also tipping a quiet withdrawal of Rabieh’s defamation claim. A juicy court case during which some very dirty laundry will be aired will do more damage to Rabieh and Taylor than any Magpie comment.

    • The Magpie says:

      That’s what The ‘Pie was alluding to when he suggested Bazza used a third party so he could avoid the witness box himself. Oh, and the Rabster claimed The ‘Pie never contacted him fpor comment when he got a mention. That’s true but by the same token, he never contacted The ‘Pie to complain. Not once.

  6. The Magpie says:

    From today’s SMH story:
    ‘Seven percent of all American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows, according to a nationally representative online survey.’  
    So where do they think chocolate comes from?

  7. Wally the worker says:

    Can’t wait for the Rabeh vs Magpie defamation court case.
    They’ll need a court with an oversized gallery to fit in all the interested observers.
    Anyway, how can you defame anyone who already has a bad name?

    • Old Hack says:

      They’ll also need a very long corridor for the defence witnesses to line up. In the unlikely event it happens, I’ll be in the queue.

  8. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I just find it so amusing that perineal failure Krayhem would want to sue someone thinking they are making him look like a hopeless moron, I am always amazed these people are so removed from reality they don’t know how much the community actually thinks that, but then again when you are sitting on the verandah at Richos having drinks with Bogan and the Mullet it would be easy to think you are entitled to some sort of love from the public as you gaze across their rooftops.

  9. Ozzie John says:

    I am bloody well going to sue you as well Maggers. Just because you an irritating old bird.
    All I have to do is find an honest lawyer and its on.

    • The Magpie says:

      I’m afraid The ‘Pie has cornered he market there, and has the only honest one available around here.

      • AF says:

        That’s a bit rough but I’m sure yours has advised you of the limitation period for defamation actions.

        • The Magpie says:

          To expand on The ‘Pie’s previous statement, all the OTHER honest ones are too busy in Townsville.

          Whew, think that’ll fix it.

  10. Quincy says:

    Regarding the proposed legal action, are you sure you are not (like the jilted bride to be) taking seriously that which was poked in jest?

  11. Terry Smith says:

    Word on the street is that the real reason Minister O’Rourke flew home was to see her brand new Grandchild. Seems like a more legit use of taxpayer resources than photos for the Astonisher. You wouldn’t bother to drive up Nathan Street to be in that rag!

    • The Magpie says:

      ‘More legit’ to stiff the taxpayer to see a grandson, Terry?Listen sport, The ‘Pie will do the jokes around here heh heh heh.

  12. Momentus says:

    It sounds like it’s been ‘KAPOW’ at the Council this week. We also lost BATMAN (Adam West)
    Maybe a few sayings from Batman to think about. “Let that be lesson in future, be careful from who you accept free lemonade’ while ”A reporters’ lot is not easy making exciting stories out of plain, average ordinary people like Robin and me.” and Robin ”Holy priceless collection of Etruscan Snoods.” Batman “Come Robin, to the Bat cave! There’s not a moment to lose”

  13. Cantankerous but happy says:

    BITRE stats for April have been realeased, and as previously posted on your site Pie the low life’s who run our airport and their parent company Qld Airports Ltd should hang their heads in shame as they benefit from the people trying to escape the Whitsunday region after cyclone Debbie. To issue a media release glowing in the lift in passengers at Townsville airport lead by a considerable lift in the TSV-SYD route is a disgrace. BITRE stats indicate no significant level in increased flight activity vs April 2016, a lift in load factor from 72% to 82%, the route TSV-BNE was exact on 2016 numbers, a noticeable improve on the trend decline of 5% for this route. What is abundantly clear is that charter services from Hamilton Island and tourist trying to leave the Whitsundays after cyclone Debbie were directed through Townsville, for numbskull Gill to claim any sort of corporate competency on the back of other people’s misery typifies the low standard of leadership in this town currently.

  14. Crow says:

    Can we all just grow up and get on with life.

  15. Interested Observer says:

    A lot of people went along to the Water Task Force public meetings just to be conned. We are now waiting with baited breath for Brad Webb to announce some sort of finding that means absolutely nothing.

    A new dam at Hells Gate is mega bucks. A project that this pretend group with no real authority would not be allowed to recommend. A gravity fed pipeline all the way from the Burdekin Dam to our duck pond is over a billion dollars so that will not be recommend.

    We now know what the Labor Party is offering. 100 million from little Bill Shorten and 225 million from Anna Alphabet spread over the next term of government. If she gets reelected. Total 325 million dollars if you ever see it from either of them. Nothing of any merit yet from the LNP.

    What is the likely cost of the duplicate Haughton Pipeline. About 300 million dollars and the longer you take to get started the more expensive it gets. So what do you think will be the likely announcement?

    So the real purpose of the Task Force was to cover for the Mullet lieing to us when she told us we don’t have a water crisis. The council is about to bring down a total work of fiction called a budget with not one word of speculation from that crappy rag the Townsville Bulletin.

    No doubt the back room Labor brokers will be trying to spin us a load of lies about the budget and the Water Task Fotce findings. It’s completely clear the only policy they really have is still a rain dance and we as a population in this city have proved that if it rains we are dumb enough to think our problems are solved.

    Are we going to see the hard rubbish collection get a run? The Queensland Audit office already has our city council rated as a serous risk of not being able to pay its bills following the last budget. The rubbish collection should send us over the edge,

    The morons voted for this and deserve what they get the rest of us suffer with them.

    • The Magpie says:

      The Magpie vainly tried to show the Water For Townsville Action Group that this is what would happen. Shame the group’s leadership turned out to delicate little dilettantes with zero political nous, but at least they and a lot of very good people TRIED to do something.

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        Completely agree Magpie. The lack of political nous and their inability to realize when they are being played for suckers has been a concern of mine for a while, as per my posts from March and April…

        The Wulguru Wonder April 9, 2017 at 6:39 am
        You may recall my post from March about WFTAG’s political naivety……hopefully my concerns are misplaced..

        The Wulguru Wonder March 12, 2017 at 5:31 pm
        I share your concern about WFTAG unwittingly being drawn into the political game, Magpie. Lately they seem somewhat besotted that the Mayor has had a couple of meetings with them and that one of their “technocrats” has been invited (they state) onto the City Deal working group. (But no mention of this in the statements on the weekend about the composition of the group).

        I think WFTAG have to be very careful. They are dealing with specialists in the dark political arts here, who are experts in the trinkets and beads and shiny baubles approach and making the unwary feel they have been taken into the inner circle of influence when they are just being used as a shield to deflect blame and make it appear that a predetermined or politically driven decision has community support.

        I would much prefer WFTAG to remain as a completely independent community advocacy group rather than be formally involved in the City Deal working group in any way.

  16. Interested Observer says:

    The Water for Townsville group has good intentions but are completely out of their depth in the world of politics. When they were invited onto the Task Force group they puffed up their chest, became full of their own importance and lost their real power as a large lobby group prepared to use their political power and independence.

    But as you said you repeatedly tried to warn them. With a state election in the wind now is their chance to use that power but wonder if a mob of University boffins can figure that out in time. If they don’t they will be lost.

    • The Magpie says:

      The horse has bolted. They didn’t even tumble to the right focus … convincing those that signed up … and impressive rapid numbers they were … that they should use their vote as a lever, or indeed a hammer. They were too busy looking outside, and were then seduced with ridiculous ease with political players who didn’t even have to try too hard to take advantage of their leadership’s desperate desire for acceptance and bragging rights. And ego.

      Oh, well, they had some nice picnic outings

  17. Guy says:

    Townsville council’s problems start around the amalgamation. The watchgroup ( that started up a few years later after the council decided they were going to tax the hell out of water -no mention of pipelines then) quickly came to the conclusion that indeed the council was already in a black hole before 2011. The council was and had been taking horrendous debt without anyone twigging that they were causing a disaster. It was mooted even then that the council was borrowing money to pay the debt they had.

    After 8 years or so the entire council has finally been changed lock, stock and barrel. Given the problems caused by the previous council the present council is most likely running around trying to resolve problems caused by the previous council.

    • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

      Don’t forget to take your blinkers off guy and give a mention of what was left by Mooney prior to amalgamation. Something tells me the mullet has sent you. Given that it sounds very labour like reading maybe the “MULLET” herself has joined us here???? Very specific history time frame you have listed. Especially not mentioning anything that the labour council has done wrong. Try 200mil bill last council had to foot to upgrade Cleveland bay treatment plant which still needs fixing at the next stage. Wonder where that’s in the next budget. Don’t forget your hard rubbish promise

    • The Ferret says:

      The present council is solely responsible for this years budget
      Mayor Mullet made many promises that we are still waiting for, how is your kerb side clean up going?
      Purchased water she did not need to as we already have a 10 thousand megalitre allocation per year, but she bought an additional 22 thousand megalitres at a cost of $12.4 million
      Will be watching with great interest when she hands down this years budget in July Guy

    • Critical says:

      Guy remember that the ALP in various disguises has sat in the Townsville Mayors chair for all but 4 years since 1980 so must take responsibility for much of the situation that Townsville now finds itself in i.e. spiraling debt, no secure water supply, a deserted and crumbling CBD and generally unkempt and untidy city.

  18. Interested observer says:

    Guy I wouldn’t ordinary respond to that great load of rubbish because most people see you for the fool you are. However it’s time to set you straight. Tyrell inherited a budget that was in such a mess that the new council after just two months in office were told fix it or an administrator would be put in place.

    Along the way Tyrell and his council built major projects securing significant funding from both the state and federal government at the time. Creating jobs and investment for this city st a very difficult time right in the middle of the GFC.

    Along the way they balanced the budget that courtesy of Mooney was 56 million dollars in deficit. If you don’t understand what a deficit is put simply it means extremely poor money management and living off a credit card.

    You build nothing without debt. The whole rubbish about the debt position has always been a Labor tactic that many such as you swallowed. Tyrell and later Townsville First balanced the city’s budget.

    With the significant help of a real CEO in Ray Burton they put in place ten year financial management and ten year asset management plans so they knew exactly where they were heading.

    The debt position is entirely manageable and necessary to take the city forward. It should be now but for the financial suicide mission of the Mullet made up of a rates freeze and hard rubbish collection.

    Never once was money borrowed to pay wages by Tyrell or under the watch of Townsville First. There is nothing to rescue by this council but there is going to be a hell or a mess by whoever follows this lot of under performing rabble. Thank god you were never elected to council.

    • Guy says:

      Just to put the brakes on any conspiracy theories the last time i ever spoke to jenny hill was outside kelso school at the election.

      I just put my opinion forward as a spectator now.

      All i’m doing now is hoping for the best

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        Despite what the former Council employee number 1 would have you believe about my opinion, I support the previous Council as they were very responsible with the decisions they made. They knew they had to make some hard choices to get the city back on the right path but unfortunately they fell on their own sword. Most of them were good business people with their heads screwed on right. Sure they made some unpopular decisions but they were responsible decisions (possibly except the water policy). My posts last week are not asking the past reps to stand up and go again for office, I am simply asking them to speak up. There’s no cost to say what you believe. I’m sure they are sitting up shaking their heads at what’s happening now. I was told many a story about some of the goings on in Mullets neck of the woods from members of the council. Unfortunately I can’t repeat them as they are hearsay. Our former reps could have more solid evidence and experience which may bring down this idiot for the sake of the city. Unless it’s a case of leaving her alone and letting her cut her own throat. And Guy, you are an absolute dick.

        • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

          Again kenny you need to choose your words better just like me! What you said last week was basically please help. Trouble is they already tried and now someone else to have a go. They had the courage to stand instead of sit back now it’s your turn. Nobody listen to them before why would they now. Let townsville suffer

      • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

        Conspiracy theories only come from people who make up stories and get found out by the truth. Unfortunately for you on this blog people, like me, actually worked and know what goes on inside. So far none of your labour stooges have had the guts to put there bullshit here to be judged. You keep pointing yourself to either being the mullet herself or one of the current sitting councillors.

      • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

        In actual fact you give yourself away a bit by saying the last time you spoke with the mullet was at a school last election. Funny that’s the last time all the councilors spoke to her too because nobody knows who they are because she has removed them from speaking there minds or to media. Wonder how you all sleep at night in the labour council knowing what you have done to the workers in townsville

  19. Scientician79 says:

    Mayor Mullet doesn’t seem to appreciate that this is still in many respects a small town and Council is one of our largest employers. This means there are many people who know someone directly impacted by the impaling that’s been going on.

    This was one of the factors Campbell Newman underestimated when he took the axe to the State Public servants, they and there friends and family all vote.

    All the favourable Astonisher coverage in the world won’t help counter that.

  20. Realist says:

    All you bloggers who are promoting Townsville First as a shining example of how our council should be run, take a cold shower.
    What short memories you have. They were involved in mismanagement and corruption and were tossed out with good reason.
    Unfortunately their replacements have been an even bigger disaster.
    Surely with all the recent redundancies and record unemployment there are enough good people around to pull this once great city out of the mire.
    The trick will be getting Townsvilleans to vote for independents instead of blindly following ALP (aka Jenny Hill team) and LNP (Townsville First) how to vote cards.
    We should be demanding that the next local government election be conducted in individual divisions, allowing people to vote for the right person to represent their suburb, rather than the scattergun approach adopted by the ALP and LNP in recent times to prevent independents running an effective campaign.

    • The Magpie says:

      All good points, although The ‘Pie trusts you were not referring to him as a Townsville First ‘shining light’ booster. He tended towards them for blocking some of the dafter and financially irresponsible ideas of the Mayor Mullet, but really, when it came down to it, they were a bit like the Water For Townsville mob … they had the power but not the political nous to know how to use it. They effectively ran the council on a head count, so yes, they must take a chunk of responsibility. However … and its been said here before … one reason The Mullet got up was because of the relentless Astonisher campaign about alledged council fighting … it was actually Mayor Mullet whinging that she couldn’t get her way, refusing to recognise she was a minority mayor and needed to negotiate and box clever – her disgraceful insult to the voters for the majority over refusing to even talk about the budget was a move of which we are still feeling the back tow. Yes, yes, asking a bit much for her to give up a lifetime of adversorial politics at the expense of responsible outcomes, but then an’ all, we’re talking about someone supposed to have the city’s … and not her own … interest first and foremost at heart.

      • Interested Observer says:

        A chunk of responsibility for what? What should Townsville First have done?

        • The Magpie says:

          Townsville First … as The ‘Pie pointed out here … were REACTIVE and rarely if ever PROACTIVE, despite having the numbers. They were mesmerised by the ‘block Jenny at all costs’ mentality, while she returned to the favour in spades, running to a compliant Bulletin about those nasty TF bastards. And the paper wasn’t interested in finding the facts, just promoting a largely mythical discord. Townsville suffered for the lack of shared vision. THAT is thei chunk of responsibility.

      • Realist says:

        Did you arrive in Townsville yesterday or are you a former Townsville First councillor in disguise?
        Huge favours were given to certain developers and for what reason? Because they were better developments than the ones that got knocked back?
        A friend who had a residential project he was involved in knocked back told me that unless you used a certain solicitor, who charged an exorbitant fee, you didn’t get approved.
        Then there was the case of a block of land acquired through dubious means.
        Of course this is not corruption, just taking advantage of power.
        If you check the records you will see there was a “chosen few” when it came to approval for residential developments in Townsville.
        Probably still exists today as the “chosen few” have a knack of getting on side with every council.

    • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

      Independent councilors will just bring the mess like we have in the federal senate. Not promoting tsv first they don’t exist anymore, just stating what they did. Mullet needs to go. Very simple minded thoughts you have. As far as corruption, what do you mean? If you know something then CCC is where you should be not magpie. State your claims because I can tell you as fact there was no corruption and if there was mullet would have got them with this dumb arse state government. We all hide behind fake names but saying someone is corrupt when we are doing just that is a dog act.

      • The Magpie says:

        Saying a particular named person, or an identifiable individual is corrupt without proof is a ‘dog act’ for sure … several disparaging mentions have been deleted before certain comments have been published herte (somewhat different rules apply to elected officials because we move into the realm of politics). Suggesting unidentified people are corrupt and sometimes be a positive thing in the community interest. However, even then care should be taken not to tar everyone with the same brush. The Magpie does his best – not always perfect, he knows – to follow these rules.

      • Dutch Reverend says:

        As with the last local election they run dummy independent candidates that are simply there to hand over the preferences. Nothing more, nothing less. It is actually a blight on the QEC & AEC that this can actually go on. If a candidate has any form of party membership, they should not be allowed to run as independents.

      • Realist says:

        Couldn’t do any worse than the past two councils.

        • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

          Two words destroy’s your argument about your comments reguregarding certain favours to devolpers in last council. “Laurence lancini” more questions there then sale of the century. Your obviously another person with no idea what or how things are done to give work to developers. If you have corruption proof take it to the labour run CCC and don’t become an accessory to the crime. If you have information say it because the mayor was in charge of the council. She had the power to overide a vote to borrow money to pay wages. Something that was not disclosed to counselors until after transaction. Now how is that not corrupt or against local government policy. Where were the funds meant for wages spent and on what. You are talking millions and mullet has recently done it again. Do you need more proof.

  21. The Magpie says:

    Hello Impaler … just the word for you and mate Mullet.

    The Magpie has always believed there is a word for everything in this universe, and so it was serendipity that while contemplating the unreported (by the Astonisher) carnage at the council, that the word ‘demonocracy’ popped up out of nowhere.

    It is the latest offering on the recommended and excellent Haggard Hawkes word site, which reported: ‘The most popular tweet this week over on HH was the word ‘demonocracy’, defined as “a government of demons or monsters”—although according to the Oxford English Dictionary, it’s a term you’re more likely to find “in extended use with punning contrast with democracy, referring to cruel or wicked political regimes.”


  22. Clarity says:

    Sad to see two of the brand new executives (CIO & CPO) leave after such a short time. They were both a breath of fresh air and brought great experience and direction. The mood is depressing.

    • The Magpie says:

      Although most those of us who love Townsville will stick through thick and thin, we cannot expect professionals drawn from the national stage to tolerate this sort of village pettiness and party politicking. Greg Hallam ought get off his ever-expanding arse and take a hand in this.

  23. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I have to admit that much to my own disappointment I too have lurched into the not giving a fuck category , I look at some of the simpistict morons around me and don’t care about their problems, from businesses that I deal with telling me how bad things are right through to my Labor entrenched inlaws crying poor, I just don’t care, and many I talk too feel the same. After arriving here with a company nearly 30 years ago and then going out into a business of my own for a while I have always seen a potential in this town that many didn’t, but I think we have wound the clock back 20 years, and all those gains have been wasted.

  24. Tony Parsons says:

    Hi Pie,

    Can I say first up, that I have wrestled with the idea of putting a comment on the blog now for some time. But what has transpired in recent weeks at Council and some of the comments since last Friday have drawn me to the keyboard.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing and yes in the term of Council from 2012-2016 there are definitely things that could have been done differently, I accept that. But any decision I made over that 4 year term were one’s that I believed were in the best interests of our city. I never made a decision when voting at council that my underlying thought was, “this will help me get elected”. What we have now is what the mayor wanted from the get go and that is total autonomy.

    To KK thank you for your support over 3 election campaigns, that is truly appreciated. I am still here but for me to make comment in any forum would have been seen as sour grapes and me with an axe to grind, a point that was made in prior comments. The people of the city voted the mayor and her group in and that is something that those of us there had to deal with. Life goes on and I have moved on, I am still involved in the community and still love and care for our city dearly.

    To Realist, really, is that the best you can do, accuse us of mismanagement and corruption, none of which is true. Ask those that are still working there now how well the operation is being managed.

    To the people who believe that 10 independents would work on Council, you are dreaming. Could you imagine the budget process taking place with 10 independents and a mayor. It just wouldn’t work, too much self interest to achieve anything.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, helllooo Parsnip, thought you didn’t love the old bird anymore!

      Most of your comments speak for themselves, and having known you in days of yore, the ‘Pie cannot disagree with you stated motives for public service (i ou were corrupt, you sure were inept about it).

      But Perhaps you’re a bit confused at the end there. What people are suggesting it seems is a council independent of the major parties … like Townsville First was. The ‘Pie is certain if the right people banded together with some backroom political nous and demonstrable front-of-house selfless interest in Townsville, we would soon be free of the current assinine game playing. Such a team (as you will painfully remember) will be at the mercy of whoever the latest southern blown-in News put in charge of the Bulletin, but thatr iis ra[pidly becoming irrelevant. It will be even more so in the near future for reasons that cannot be disclosed yet. Stay posted and don’t give up.


    • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

      There you go kenny happy now?

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        It was nice of TP to make comment and I would expect him to comment with such dignity. I hope it’s not his last. I also hope that more of his fellow past Councilors come to the blog with comment. As for you past emp 1, may you have plenty fun filled nights playing with your package!!

        • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

          Sunshine coast looking so good this time of year kenny. I definitely won’t be going near ipswich. Im pretty sure mullet went down to see the former mayor with a group when tsv first was in and he looked corrupt then. Why did the mullet choose to see what that council was doing.

  25. Gonzo says:

    Pie, I sincerely hope you manage to win your second case in a year over what seems to be a trumped-up attempt to get some money back. Be careful as the blokes involved seem to be people you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley or a court room.
    Good luck!

    • The Magpie says:

      Those involved wouldn’t have the personal guts to walk down a dark alley, they would get a third party to do it for them, so any mugging will have to be done in court.

  26. Little Lady Boy says:

    I for one am not the least bit surprised by such an all encompassing offer being made to the entirety of the Council workforce. Case in point is the position I personally held in council for a period of 10 months in which I was employed on full-time basis with a salary of $70,000 per year plus benefits.

    Whether I was there or not would have made no difference whatsoever to the running of council nor to the speed and efficiency in which it was run. Furthermore, they could have had a completely unqualified school leaver doing the same job I was doing and it would have had little impact to the service. I often found myself twiddling my thumbs with a SEVERE lack of work and yet every week I would still receive my cushy salary.

    If I were still sitting in that position today I would be the first to grab that redundancy offer with both hands and run for the hills in the blink of an eye knowing full well that my position would not be missed. The culling of certain jobs throughout council is an absolute must and I am confident that the level of service would remain unchanged and this can only help the $$ situation with these levels of savings

    • The Magpie says:

      Maybe but a bit of a selective argument … not everybody was as bone idle useless and willing to pick up public money for doing fuck all. Some of those going actually valuable work and have done loyally for years.

      • Little Lady Boy says:

        Nor do I suggest that everyone is bone idle useless but nevertheless my point is completely valid and I for one think it is a total waste of rate payer money.

        The reality is is that there are plenty of people in council that are more than happy to sit there and do fuck all as you so perfectly put it. Me? No. I was constantly asking my superiors for work to fill in the gaps and assisting others with work where I had the skills to do so in an effort to stay busy. But it certainly didn’t help when those same superiors would take days to get back to me with any kind of meaningful work.

        So yes while I agree that there may be some valuable and hardworking employees being unfairly treated, these “nothing” jobs do need to be addressed in an effort to save rate payer dollars. I can guarantee you that there are some that know their employment is too good to be true and these people will be the first to put their hands up for a voluntary redundancy because in the back of their minds they know all to well that sooner or later senior management will cotton on to the fact that these positions are not required.

        • Fingermark says:

          I have to vouch for LLB here and suggest he is not a plant, rather a former employee stating the obvious. As a rate payer it certainly gets the blood boiling when you wonder just how many other such positions exist and suck the life out of the budget and also our local economy. Being a small business owner and employing staff we only have positions to fill the work, if the work is not there position gone very simple equation and beggars belief why those in charge at council can’t have accountability as it is real money being thrown around and it should be able to be justified. Love your work LLB glad you have found your calling elsewhere and no doubt not twiddling those thumbs anymore!

          • The Magpie says:

            Whoa, what have we got here … someone calling himself Fingermark sticking up for someone called Little Lady Boy … is his site morphing into something very modern?

            On a more serious note, at the most generous reading, there was – indeed it was admitted at the time – some featherbedding caused by amalgamation and a less jarring plan could have been implemented by Mayor Mullet and her hatchet handmaiden. Tyrell probably would’ve worked out a more humane attrition program had he been around long enough (he wasn’t allowed to do anything in the first 2-4 years, by govt direction – in a decent time frame, but Jenny ended up in the thrall of Labor and their callous jackbooting tactics.

            In the end, if anyone is deluding themselves that all this will end up in better services and even a reduction rates, is guaranteed to see exactly the opposite.

    • Dutch Reverend says:

      LLB sounds like a plant

      • Sandgroper says:

        Plant or not, Dutchy, government at all levels is full of featherbedding drones who collect whopping salaries for (as The ‘Pie so eloquently puts it) “doing fuck-all.”
        When I had a business in Townsville, the council was full of these parasites. Many of them couldn’t make a go of it in the real world so latched on to the public teat. Others were crawlers who sucked up to those in charge, while a few were political appointees parked in the council until a state or federal seat became available.
        It’s way past time for a big clean-out. The only problem is that the parasites will probably remain while the unconnected are consigned to the scrap-heap.

        • The Magpie says:

          There were plenty of them down at the GBRMPA in the early 90’s too. One dept head were regularly voted himself a handsome perfomance bonus spent most of his time on his big game fishing boat or illegally using GBRMPA ground staff to do house renovations, with the collusion of the then finance chief. The dept head got out just ahead of investigations and headed – where else? – the Gold Coast, where he may still be infesting the place. The finance bloke also quickly departed for places unknown.

          • Sandgroper says:

            The statutory and quasi-government bodies were full of them in the 90s. Believe it or not, the most dedicated and efficient organisation in those days was Townsville Enterprise Limited.
            TEL had a powerhouse board that set policy, but didn’t micro-manage. Day-to-day operations were handled by a competent CEO backed up by talented divisional managers and dedicated staff.
            Another key to its success was a panel of expert consultants who all loved Townsville and believed in its potential. They provided invaluable advice and guidance in their areas of expertise without thought of personal gain.
            The result was a lean, mean marketing machine that kicked a lot of goals for North Queensland and was copied by a number of Australian municipalities.
            One has to ask: “Where did it all
            go so wrong?”

          • The Magpie says:

            Was there a board and how did it perform?

          • Sandgroper says:

            Yes, there was a board, led for much of that period by Professor Ted Scott and later Graham Jackson. Tony Mooney and Les Tyrell were both on the board, which ensured bi-partisan support from local government.
            The board provided well-defined policy guidelines and strategic support, but gave the executive officers plenty of room to exercise their imagination, expertise and initiative.
            Best of all, the board actually listened to the advice of various consultants — in areas ranging from public relations to tourism services — and threw their considerable weight behind lobbying state and federal governments to ensure a fair deal for North Queensland.

          • The Magpie says:

            Ah, happy days, happy days.

  27. Miss Lou says:

    You certainly ruffle alot of feathers around town.

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.


    Miss Lou.

  28. Heavy & Hung says:

    Who is this Matt Delargen that’s running for Mundingburra? Anyone know his story?

  29. J jones says:

    Just lighten things up a bit – boobies :)

  30. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Was not the amalgamation of councils originally done to streamline the administration and make them more cost effective? So if previous councils had not streamlined the various departments we would have a before amalgamation status quo.
    Now that they have chopped the heads, surely we can expect rate reductions?

    • The Magpie says:

      Now look here, others have been warned … The Magpie the one who makes the jokes around here, sport. ‘Tho have to admit, that ain’t a bad one.

  31. Woodduck says:

    If that clown Rabbie is trying to sue you for making him look like a moron he’s got no chance. He does a good enough job of that himself. Typo is a coward who tries to use his position to bully people( pies daughter)Long story short, Id pay good money to give both of them a smack under the ear.

  32. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Lengthen the runway! The Dudleys and a few other freeloaders are organising a trip to Singapore, I am sure we would see Singapore Airlines A380’s full of Singaporeans flying into Townsville after their trip, if we just had a longer runway.

    • Airline says:

      It’s not just about the length of the Runway You also have to consider the Pavement Limitations ie Strength of runway at Touch down point and Strength of Taxiways >>>

  33. The old peterbuilt says:

    Big news in the bullsheet yesterday. Tcc to spend one million upgrading dirt roads. While I was reading the story I got a call from old mate in tcc construction telling me the works budget has been cut for next year from 40plus million to just over 20 million. Hope you haven’t been waiting for an upgrade of your street. More smoke screens by the rag. And I thought that haze was from cane fires.

  34. Bulletin subscriber says:

    Before anyone laughs at my name, yes I subscribe to the online paper. Im old and to be honest I read both this blog and the paper and make my mind up what I think is true and what’s not. I just tried posting something online asking questions I got from here so a bit of cut and paste for an old bloke but pretty simple, no swearing or bad names. But I found after 5min period my words were not published. Yes I’m not surprised but other comments got through before without fail so I posted again thinking I made a mistake.

    Still no comments printed. I asked how much money was spent on redundancies if we saved 14mil. Also if a truck driver was to take a redundancy then really that man/women needs to be replaced leaving the CEO with the same problem of not making the numbers of 144. I then told them that I would take my subscription out because I wasn’t happy my comments weren’t printed as they need the money. Well I guess this silly old bastard has been ripped off you might

  35. Bulletin subscriber says:

    Sorry Mr Magpie I pressed enter too quickly. I didn’t finish my sentence. What I wanted to finish with was the fact even if you pay you still don’t get exclusive use. Im thinking you already know that but like I said I’m too old (lazy lol) to go get the paper nowadays. Anyway keep up your good work it’s refreshing to read from a former journalist who actually knows how to ask questions about topics and dosnt mix words.

  36. The Gnome from Nome says:

    I agree with “Dutch Reverend” that LLB is a plant! The way the words have been composed and phrases used suggests that mullet or impaler have directed the services of a lawyer or qualified HR person to try and justify their actions with some fanciful mythical employee’s “I’m getting paid all this money for no work, please make me redundant ” experience.

    • The Magpie says:

      Should that be the case, and The ‘Pie’s blog dashboard information maintains commenter anonymity – there must be a VERY interesting in-joke behind the pseudonym … but ever the PC warrior, if incorrect, The ‘Pie apologises to a justifiably sensitive LLB.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Not so sure it’s a plant because a friend of mine was in a very similar position and spoke of identical circumstances. In fact I thought it was her posting. The difference is though that initially it was not positions targeted, it appeared to be people. If you didn’t tow the Mullet’s line you were gone. If you weren’t politically matched, you were on your way. The biggest concern is how it was done and for what reason. The current way certainly doesn’t build a stronger and more efficient Council. It just cuts spending; or does it. It’s all very sad and ultimately it does so much damage. I must say that I liked the two separate Councils as there was always a competitive spirit between them and when it came to major decisions and committees, both councils were generally represented by both mayors or their chosen reps.

      • The Magpie says:

        And handy to remember that the re-sanitised oilster Peter Beattie rammed through the disputed and resisted amalgamation without debate as a final finger to his political opponents before heading poolside in LA for a taxpayer funded holiday as Qld rep in LA (LA for fuck’s sake!?!)

    • Fingermark says:

      Gnome from Nome take it from the fingermark you are off the mark re LLB being a plant, but on the money with the phrasing quality/standard. Agree with the Sandgroper way over due for a big cleanout…keep up the great work Pie someone has to keep the Bullsheet honest they have been smoke and mirroring this town for way too long!

      • The Magpie says:

        It is a Sisyphian task, News Ltd just roll that stone of honest responsibility back down the bloody hill again.

        • The Magpie says:

          But continuing that thought, maybe The ‘Pie and his merry band of commenters are having an effect on the Astonisher. Indeed, it would appear we have forced the paper into the admission of our effect in today’s iditorial, decrying anyone who exercises their democratic right to disagree with the city’s current ‘leadership’ … stop sniggering!

          What is this, the Townsville Daily Soothsayer, predicting the future in the hope that it won’t happen?

          After an opening three pars of empty homilies of which the writers of Yes Minister would be proud – written probably by the iditor-in-waiting Damien Tomlinson – the idirorial gets as close to talking about The Magpie and his merry men as the will allow itself

          Quoth the Astonisher:
          ‘There are (sic – should be ‘is’), however, a very small minority of whingers here who are happy to bag from the sidelines anybody who has the temerity to try something different. In this regard, our city is really no different to many other regional centres. There will always be those more suited to sitting up the back of the bus and ridiculing the driver than getting behind the wheel themselves.’

          OOh, dear …

          As if that wasn’t enough of a giveaway – suggesting that Father knows best and no one should exercise their democratic right to disagree with others who are using public money for an unrealistic hope and prayer of a freebie. Indeed, ridiculing the driver is exactly what The ‘Pie and his far from ‘very small minority’ will continue to do, when the driver is actually a hijacker from Holt Street who has taken over the bus and taking us unwillingly to places we don’t want to go.

          Note the small sob in the use of the word ‘ridiculing’. Poor pet, upsetting you is it?

          But then comes the clincher, which is such a dumb giveaway that Max ought to take you over his knee, young Damien (or you Bogan if it is you, which The ‘Pie doubts).

          Try this on for dopey ‘I’m shitting myself, he’s going to be nasty to me’ blub: the caps are The ‘Pie’s)

          ‘There WILL be those, FOR INSTANCE, who WILL decry plans to send a delegation of business and political leaders from here to Singapore next month.’It’s a tiresome old complaint. ‘Junket!’ they (WILL) exclaim.’


          By simply predicting what someone will say so is admitting that there will be opposition to what even they know is just another ‘junket’. Somehow, the Astonisher figures by getting in first – predicting opposition – will nullify any future detrimental comment. Without any coherent argument why this is a good thing, except the usual Bulletin/TEL blue sky policy of floating castles in the air,

          Which raises the questions about who is paying for it? If Townsville Enterprise is paying for any of it, themselves or others (fat chance) THAT is ratepayer money from the $750000 dropped into the Dudley Do Nothing’s annual begging bowl.

          But all in all, folks, you should be flattered – The ‘Pie knows he is – by the attention from our fearless unbiased and intelligent opinion leader and shaper.

          The Astonisher wants ‘junket’ consigned back to the baby’s high chair. If so, it should come with a side serve of Bulletin iditorial … only baby could swallow that pap.

          • Old Hack says:

            FMD! And this juvenile crybaby has the temerity to complain about “whingers.”
            He or she doesn’t have the wit to realise this poorly-written piece of fluff merely reinforces the opinion that the Singapore excursion IS a junket, pure and simple.
            Nice to know we “very small minority” are getting the Astonisher’s knickers in a twist.

          • Lord Howard Hertz says:

            Even the headline on the story itself seems engineered as an anticipated deflection of expected criticism.

            And in the story itself, it would appear that Michael McMillan was not dopey enough to bring up the question … although the phrase ‘business junket’ is in quotes, it is certain that reporter Rachel Riley asked if t was a ‘business junket, thus introducing the topic.Which Mr McMillan played with a straight bat of old bromides. Come to think of it, she probably didn’t ask the question at all and the angle, forced on them by you, you nasty bird, was drempt up later back at the office…

            Dead giveaway. You’ve got ‘em on the run, mate.

  37. Little Lady Boy says:

    Both “The Gnome from Nome” and “Dutch Reverend” sound like the same kind of people that would also believe in conspiracies such as Chem Trails and the fact that 9/11 was an inside job!

    I can assure you all that I am not some special undercover agent sent here and positioned in council to act on behalf of the Mullet. The lady is a moron! I am simply of the opinion that there are plenty of people and positions in council that we are rate payers do not require and the removal of such positions would have no impact on the way in which services were run and provided.

    The way the my words have been composed and the phrases I have used are because I am just that… A degree qualified lawyer! Don’t hold it against me. I don’t like them either!

    • The Magpie says:

      Christ, that surely can’t be Tony Bligh. He is or was far from idle when the ‘Pie knew him, so did you work for his dept? ( The ‘Pie doesn’t really expect you to answer that … well, certainly not in the affirmative.)

      • Little Lady Boy says:

        I will happily answer your question! I was not in the legal department during my time at Council.

        • The Magpie says:

          fair enough.

          • Scientician79 says:

            The problem here is to equate your experience with that of other hard working employees.

            No one would have a problem if the restructure was about getting rid of the roles you describe, but as the Pie points out with one example (of which there are many many more) some of those shown the door were hard working and the level of service we ratepayers receive is going to suffer as a result.

            And it’s pretty clear from throwing the doors open to everyone on Friday they don’t have a clue what they are doing when it comes to this structure.

            It’s just a numbers game to balance the increasingly shaky books.

          • Aussiemandias says:

            There were some absolute irreplaceables shown the door last September, and an immediate wave that followed them out in the weeks that followed. I am sure a few turkeys were also axed, but from my point of view, those who are gone have not been, and probably cannot be, appropriately replaced. They have left gaping holes in my sector, and there are many more to come when the next lot of contracts are not renewed.

    • Jung Talent Time says:

      … But 9/11 WAS an inside job!?

      Just because you’re paranoid don’t mean they’re not out to get ya!

    • Dutch Reverend says:

      You flattery of me as a conspiracy theorist is quite wide if the mark. However, I must compliment you on your concise phrasing.

    • Grumpy says:

      A law degree does not a lawyer make, chum.

      • Little Lady Boy says:

        Yo Grumpy! I have no idea what you are trying to say? Can you please clarify your point?

        • Sandgroper says:

          If you need an explanation, Grumpy has made his point.

          • Little Lady Boy says:

            In what kind of world are you living in where the statement “A law degree does not a lawyer make, chum” makes sense?

            You are both idiots! However, I think you will find that “A law degree does not make you a lawyer, chum” makes a little more sense don’t you think?

            In any event… A Law Degree, A Post-Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies, being admitted as a Lawyer to both the Supreme Court and High Court of Australia as well as having worked as a Lawyer would all be pretty good indications don’t you think?

            So sit down, shut up and stop acting the fool

          • The Magpie says:

            Yup, sounds like lawyer attitude … a barrister actually.

          • Sandgroper says:

            Great dummy-spit. More likely working as a barista.

          • Old Hack says:

            Our ‘Little Legum Baccalaureus’ is obviously proud of his/her degree. Equally obvious is the fact that he/she is not well-versed in the English language and has certainly not read Shakespeare.

          • Little Lady Boy says:

            A barista actually….

          • The Magpie says:

            Umm, look everybody, is this going anywhere? (Sigh)

      • Grumpy says:


        I’ll see you and raise you a post- grad degree, specialist accreditation and forty years post-admission experience.

        Oh, and before anyone gets too impressed by this little wanker, admission to the High Court is virtually a rubber-stamp job after admission to a State Supreme Court.

        BTW…you are also a fucking philistine. Google “One swallow does not…”

        • Moulted Eagle says:

          Surely not a philistine, Grumpy? Working the coffee machines must have exposed LLB to the cultured discourse of the latte-sipping set.
          BTW, Sandgroper should get the Sherlock Award for deducing our fledgling legal eagle’s current occupation.

        • Little Lady Boy says:

          40 yeas PAE… Explains a lot

          • Ronny Rotten says:

            It explains the gradual accumulation of experience and wisdom that garners respect and leads to higher office. But to reach this stage, a lawyer has to begin the journey with a modicum of intelligence and a touch of humility — attributes you appear to lack.

          • Little Lady Boy says:

            You must be one of the very few that does in fact respect Lawyers ! Kudos !

  38. Realist says:

    Just when we thought it was safe to read this blog, Tony Parsons returns to enlighten us about what a great job he and his Townsville First mates did whilst on council.
    Oh please – why do you think you got dumped by the voters?
    The worrying thing is that it appears Mr Parsons is warming up for a comeback.
    Bring it on mate – can’t wait to remind the voters about your misdeeds including skipping an important council meeting to care for your seriously ill wife, only to jump on a plane and fly to Melbourne to call a Crocs basketball game for local radio. Yes, I’ve still got a copy of that Astonisher front page.
    That was not only deceptive in the extreme but also plain dumb.
    As for corruption, try this for starters from the Astonisher in November 2014:
    “SEVEN Townsville City councillors have been hit with more than $11,000 in fines for failing to disclose potential conflicts of interest.
    The councillors have also been forced to publicly apologise for the breaches, expected to occur at today’s full council meeting.
    All seven Townsville First councillors, who hold the majority on the council, were the subject of a Regional Conduct Review Panel after the group failed to declare potential conflicts of interest regarding businesses that donated to their election campaign.
    The Review Panel found the councillors breached their responsibilities and failed to declare all potential conflicts of interest.
    “At best, the failure to declare these conflicts of interest by councillors Blom, Parsons, Veitch, Lane, Roberts, Eddiehausen and Gartrell amounts to irresponsible recklessness,” the panel’s determination reads.
    “At worst, it amounts to deliberate corruption.”

    • The Magpie says:

      It is as you say, but you happily play down the word ‘POTENTIAL’, dumb as you say, but no criminal behaviour reported or prosecuted. And one thing that is overlooked again by your fair and unbiased self, mon ami, is that all those you gleefully name came from the business world, and were new to the political shenanigans of the likes of Mullet and Messagebank. It is certain they had contacts that they thought nothing of, given their backgrounds, unlike – with the very honorable exception of Boo Hoo Doyle – couldn’t run a Bunnings sausage sizzl, not honestly anyway. But folks like you are happy to paint them as Pirates of Caribbeanan commandeering Townsville the Black Pearl City Council.

      At least you’ve nailed your colours to the mast, old mate,

    • Pot'n'kettle says:

      Well Realist, even you would have give Parsons some points for not hiding behind a fake name and pushing some hidden agenda. Wouldn’t you? Eh, Eh?


      • Kingswood says:


        That’s now going to be my word of the week…

        Using it in a sentence…

        ‘As a PC heretic, I couldn’t give a Tosswomble’

    • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

      Realist you wanker you just done yourself in. Everyone knows they got finned so what. I got finned for speeding guess what I paid it just like they did does that make me corrupt because I knowingly broke a road rule but didn’t get away with it. It’s a fine for doing the wrong thing and that’s the punishment, you think the tribunal would have investigated corruption in the first place. If you still have that copy of the bulletin then mate after all this time then you have problems. Do you still have news reals of captain cook being assassinated? Tony put his name up let’s see yours. Drawing the long bow. I’d hate it if you were a lawyer because you wouldn’t won any case

  39. Kenny Kennett says:

    Looking at some of the new posters, the increasing reach and the narrow mindedness of some of the comments, it won’t be long before the readership of this blog will overtake the Astonisher. Yes, I know, that wouldn’t be hard.

  40. Old Mudpicker- The Happy Socialist says:

    Oh “Pie, so The Rabster is coming for you. Having been involved in local football for nearly 50 years, I can tell you that out of all the people I have interacted with in that time as Player, Coach and all manners of Club Officialdom, Rabid Krumb is the least appealing and has, in my very humble opinion, done the most damage to the the beautiful game in Townsville in my time.
    I will gladly donate a portion of my meagre wage to any fighting fund you may need. It won’t be much as I am a poor but happy socialist, but may be enough to put some froth in the Old Birds beak.
    Don’t let the bastards beat you. Remember the old Paul Keating motto. ” Retaliate First”

  41. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Just browsing through Seek and having a look at who’s doing what and where, Downer EDI looking for people for the Upper Ross Solar Farm, interesting though they list positions under both Townsvile and Brisbane, then as you read on it notes the positions are available FIFO out of Brisbane as an option, looks like the jobs bonanza the Ville was expecting might not be.

  42. Aghast says:

    Thought you would be interested to know that the TCC Procurement Manager Juliana Tiong who was employed from Melbourne, was being flown to and from Melbourne every week for work in Townsville. But she left recently as her son was not able to manage without her apparently, only to be employed by TCC as a contractor to work from home in Melbourne. I’m at the coalface and watching this abhorrent behaviour continue.

    Keep up your good work – Townsville Bulletin is clearly in bed with the Labour Party hence zero reporting in the paper.

    • Cast Netter says:

      News of any job cuts anywhere has always been headline news, copious amounts of experience either marched or allowed to take redundancy would be news in most places. What has been the cost to ratepayers to keep this from them. Surely there’s a bloody good story for a keen young investigative jurno. Might even be a best seller. All the best for the future for those who have departed or are soon to depart.

  43. Victor You-Go says:

    Interesting specially since I left Townsville and moved south because there was no employment opportunities available in Townsville. Strangely enough, we seem to be importing women executives from down south starting from Brisbane to Melbourne. Name it and you have it there, JCU (BNE), Small Business(SYD), TCC(SA, MEL) While I support women in the workforce, these seem to have pushed Townsville a couple of notches down from a nice and happy place to a stressful place to be while each one of them have only bettered their own financial situation. The same strategy, redundancies first to clear those that are not with them and then a downhill ride.

    There has to be someone or a committee that makes these decisions and what were these people thinking? Just about themselves?? Well, running a ghost town will be fun.

    • The Magpie says:

      And of course in that line up, Little Patty O’Callaghgan from Mt isa. Well, there’s a lot of big smoke out there.)

  44. Mike Douglas says:

    Mayor Mullet economics! today’s daily astonisher Mayor Mullet stated that 17/18 TCC there will $14 mil in savings and $14 mil in effeciencies delivering $133,000 surplus.Take out the supposed deficit in the 16/17 budget of $6.71 mil( will it be worse?) where has the other $18 mil gone?.First it was” Townsville First are holding me back”, then “TCC has $200 mil in the bank”.Based on Mayor Mullets first year of her own team and $6.7? deficit and the measly $133,000 next year how credible is Mayor Mullets forecast of $30 mil in surpluses over the next 10 yrs.

  45. The Magpie says:

    If you thought Jaws was the scariest thing in the water, how would you like to see this coming at you?

    The Trump-kini is said to be all the rage at US pool parties this northern summer.

    Hmmm, any photoshoppers out there? We need a Mayor Mullet version.

  46. The Magpie says:

    One photograph worth a thousand words?

    • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

      Do you accept pictures of stolen cars??? Oh sorry maybe you haven’t got enough room on your server to download them. I know I tried sending them to our member who says he has achieved everything in thuringowa in 3yrs mr harpie. But his Facebook page couldn’t accept them either. I only had 2377 pictures. Not sure what the problem is. Maybe I should ask the sacked IT guy from TCC

  47. Dave Nth says:

    On Tony Parsons from the above. I have leveled criticism in blogs before at him but from my dealings with him as a rate payer to local Councillor I concur with the Pie. Always struck me as someone who prepared to listen or act even how small the issue was with the Council or the area. We definitely lucked out with the present angry ant rubber stamping for the guilded few & Mullet.

    Observation in Mackay the other day, was driving through Pagent (Their equivalant of Garbutt) on the way to the Airport and even with the mining downturn the difference to Townsville is marked. There are a few places up for rent/sale but the sheer scale of activity going on compared to up our way could back up what some commentators here are saying. Those with money see Townsville as a risk at the moment.

  48. Waz CEOC number 1 says:

    So many stories to try to back The Mullet this week in the paper. We have yet again an origin story, imagine the NRL bringing it here after getting 82000 people last night. Then today, the cost to rate payers is enormous because of vandals. Chalk that up to Palletchuck! Even horse lips O’Callogan from TEL gets a story. When do we (sacked workers of council) get our news story in the paper considering it would be news anywhere else. A point made to me last night about why Mullet didn’t get her pic taken when LNP just solved our water problems; as the mayor she represents our city no matter who is in charge. And then keeps party lines about this stupid waste of money task force. LNP just trumped you, Mullet, now the water crisis we ‘didn’t have’ will get fixed. Would have been nearly finished if we voted Arlett. Id still have my job too

  49. The old peterbuilt says:

    Was told yesterday that the council has over 300vehicles and water alone has 85. Apparently the impaler wants to cut these numbers dramatically which I agree with. A good place to start might be with managers who purchase vehicles of choice and then take them on annual leave. There is plenty of waste and unnecessary spending in tcc and the impaler has my support in bringing it under control. I hope she approaches this with a steady and balanced strategy and not like the slash and burn carried out on tcc most valuable assets it’s people

    • The Magpie says:

      Agood place to start would be with the mayor herself, and asn inquiry as to just where she bought her latest vehicle? You’ll remember this champion of ‘buy local’, on installation to office – bought her bright red high end Holden in Brisbane, saying it was the best deal for ratepayers. It was subsequently revealed here, without any murmur of disagreement from The Mullet, that she took her ratepayer-funded business to Brisbane as a payback against Tony ireland, who had once refused her request to do a repair job under an invalid insurance claim. Even when the Ireland group agreed to match the BRisbane price, which wasn’t much cheaper anyway … and the ratepayers ended up with a $1500 bill to ship the vehicle here. The vehicle wouldn’t need a rear vision mirror, this woman is so two faced.

      • The old peterbuilt says:

        The incident and information quoted by the pie obviously took place prior to my knowing of the existence of this blog. I am pleased that the pie had and still has his finger on the pulse. Do not mistake my support of sensible cost control as support of the mullet or unconditional support of the impaler.

    • Joe the Plumber says:

      Quoting the number of vehicles in Townsville Water without detailing the quantity and type of staff that use them is exactly where the slash and burn mentality starts. Let’s hope you don’t lose your water supply and are told the crew is waiting for the taxi to arrive!

      Regarding the managers, it is called salary packaging and is used by many businesses and Councils. The private use component is costed and forms part of their salary value. Take away the car and you have to pay them more cash – and still have to provide a car for work purposes.

      The daily cost of a long term rental car is less than the hourly rate for most staff. Cutting vehicle numbers can easily become false economy.
      In the long run all of these staff and operating budget cuts will impact the level of service – but Mullet and Impaler will no doubt be long gone before that becomes obvious.

      • Interested reader says:

        Dear plumber where I live in R/E there are a couple of Water employers in my street. They seem to come home often during the day and have fun gunning their utes/ trucks around the corner. I would love to know if they actually do any work!

  50. Interested Observer says:

    Early this week I raised the question about the likely findings from our useless Water Task Force. Just what would they present as the solution. We know the Labor Party are offering 225 million dollars over four years and along with the Mullet are all hoping it rains next wet season and we all forget we have a very real problem.

    The only thing you can build with that kind of money is the duplicate pipeline promised by Arlett and her team at the last election. A promise made to take us into the future while the Mullet told us we didn’t have a water crisis.

    LNP’s announcement yesterday that they will put up 225 million dollars and will start work on the duplicate pipeline from the Haughton with 100 days of being elected makes the Water Task Force a none event.

    Despite this the Mullet is in the media saying we should wait for the Task Force decision because they have all these great ideas to look at most of which cost way to much and will never be considered by the powers that be anyway.

    The Water Task Force and Anna Alphabet’s promise stretched over four years is nothing more than a delaying tactic while they pray for rain.

    The LNP have given us a clear plan. They have told us exactly what they are going to do, how much they will spend and when they are going to do it. That when is straight away. No more stuffing around with useless task forces. But will the people of this city be smart enough to vote for a clear way forward or will they once again fall for Labor’s smoke and mirrors plan taking us no where.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Also don’t forget the words ” water management” was part of Labors funding, for those of us in the industry that means some knucklehead has convinced the people on the taskforce it is a good idea to spend a fucking fortune on a new water meter fleet with data, or as some call it smart meters. These meters cost around 4 times the cost of a standard meter and produce lovely little graphs that tell you when you used your water, handy hey.

  51. The old peterbuilt says:

    Their is a gentlemens club in Brisbane called the viper room, not that the top has been there even though they have parking for b doubles. Every Friday night they have the smoke and mirrors show. It’s just like tsv and qld politics. Pay your money and get screwed.

  52. The Magpie says:

    Suddenly The Magpie doesn’t feel quite so alone … seems it’s a News Ltd thing with columnists who don’t toe the line.

    This is a bit of a read, but well written …. and a bloody shame. Go Alice.


    • Dutch Reverend says:

      I read the article. Very good snapshot of the current state of journalistic standards. One where the 5 W’s have been replaced by the PMR’s (political media release) and churned out verbatim, without any question of their validity or accuracy . Gold Coast CC doesn’t sound any different than TCC. Sad, isn’t it ?

  53. Non Aligned Worker says:

    The positive that comes from this is the opportunity and need for objective impartial reporting. (Used to be called journalism).
    The “Bulletin” family are basically shitting in their own nest. The readers contrary to opinion are not idiots. The push to force readers on line opens the door for alternative on line news and forums / blogs.
    Bully will be gone from here within 24 months except for a national on line report.
    I will miss the smell of the paper and black ink on my fingers after a good read!

  54. Wounded Bull says:

    Good on Tony Parsons for expressing his views here. However his view that a group of independent councillors would produce too much self interest to work is a joke… isn’t that exactly what TSV 1st did? Besides isn’t that what a divisional councillor supposed to do….fight for their area? Also I think it’s laughable to compare an independent divional councillor with the current federal senate local government isn’t about formulation of policy effecting the entire nation it’s about representing your area,

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Let’s hope that Tony Parsons is just one of many former councillors and community leaders prepared to comment on their past roles and the direction the current administration is heading.
      There is no doubt that an axe needed to be taken to the wasteful and overblown structure that has grown like a tumour before and since amalgamation, but there appear to be elements of politics and payback in the current surgery.
      Politicians at all levels always trumpet a commitment and love for their community as their motivation in seeking office. To prove their sincerity, now is the time to speak out.

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        Totally agree. Nobody expects them to stand again for Council and/or office at the State or Federal level but it would be nice if they could give comment on a deteriorating Walker street office. I guess the thing standing in their way is the flak they and their families would receive from the Trolls and grubs that have nothing better to do. On another note I can’t help wondering what the outcome would’ve been if Tony Parsons had continued the rumored path and stood for Mayor. Would the voters who despised Arlett have chosen him over the Queen of Kaos?

  55. Woodduck says:

    I see Gill and the Astonisher still trying to drag Qantas to the table, asking anyone who supports the $3 tax to comment. They even had that boxhead Steve Price commenting, talk about scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

  56. Cantankerous but happy says:

    The locals are giving it to numbskull Gill in the comments section of the astonisher today, what gets me is the comments regarding the airport over time have consistently been majority against numbskull and has levy, yet the astonisher is still kissing Gills arse and backing his flawed stance against QF, guess when you are one of the few businesses who still advertise in the irrelevant rag you get something in return.

  57. Non Aligned Worker says:

    After all of the Astonisher articles Gill confesses that Qantas offers are “commercial in confidence” more twists in them reporting than the road to Paluma.

  58. The Gnome from Nome says:

    What justification is there for a private company demanding that their infrastructure additions be paid for by other outside parties? It’s just ludicrous !!

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      A good journalist could follow the bullsheet reporting from Qantas refusing to be involved in the expansion to the “commercial in confidence” deal offered. Lots of gaps in the reporting of stories and Gill comments I think.

    • Sandgroper says:

      The Bulletin’s one-eyed coverage of airport matters is becoming very tedious.
      Today’s editorial accuses Qantas of hampering the growth of Townsville tourism, then uses a throwaway line to dismiss the fact that Gill’s masters are not prepared to spend a razoo on an upgrade that will greatly enhance their bottom line by expanding their opportunities to charge exorbitant rents on facilities providing overpriced goods and services.
      As a regular traveller within Australia and overseas, Townsville Airport is still one of my favourites in terms of easy access and egress. That’s a lot more important than gold-standard coffee and cake, particularly when you have a crook back and just want to get the hell out of there.

      • Scientician79 says:

        Agree 100%

        I’m a frequent traveller for business and I don’t want a bunch of shops clogging up the airport, I just want to get in and out as quickly as possible.

        As a suggestion, if they are worried about how tourists perceive the town. Might be worth the brains trust working with Townsville Taxis to avoid the issue of shift change causing a backup of people standing around an empty cab rank.

        When four flights all land at the same time in the afternoon there are no cabs in sight and you end up with a potential 45 minute wait, if not longer. Locals are used to this stupidity, but the few tourists who make the trek are sure to remember that, no matter how many fancy shops there are in the terminal.

        But that would involve thinking outside the box and acknowledging people don’t want to be in the airport for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

  59. Mangrove Jack says:

    Listening to ABC Radio this morning, Grant Bell has Rabeah Krayem on and seemingly speaking as if he is still the main man in the North for the Round Ball sport of Association Football, in particular the Northern Fury?

  60. Hee-Haw says:

    Rumour from a good source says Qantas are about to pull ALL staff out of Townsville Airport and sub all ground handling and check in to third parties. Maybe a little payback for the bagging Qantas have been getting from the guilded few.

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